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>> No.53375002

Who's the best recaster of FW shit while still have high quality/decent prices.

>> No.53375003 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

1st for Sisters a qt

>> No.53375006

Fingers crossed for Orks tomorrow!

>> No.53375012

Fourth for Tyranids are a turn 1 guaranteed assault rapetrain in nu-edition

>> No.53375029

Honest fucking question, how will any CC army that relies on small numbers of high power units compete in 8e? Like fucking Custodes. How the fuck are they gonna compete against Genestealer spam? Or Deathwing/Ravenwing in any combo. That shit is royally fucked because other CC armies like Nids just got ridiculously powerful.

>> No.53375039

Nth for rough riders

>> No.53375047

>How the fuck are they gonna compete against Genestealer spam?
Other CC units aren't really supposed to compete against Genestealer spam. you're supposed to shoot them. Genestealers don't have guns.

>> No.53375049


Tons of Attacks and high S/WS/T/Saves

>> No.53375060

OK, but only if Mechanicus can take all the Tyranid biomorphs and apply them to their units to represent a Genetor army, and the Guard can take Tau or Ork guns to represent a Gue'Vesa or Digganobz army.

I do like these ideas, but speaking as a 30k Mechanicum player where everyone else can take our Cybernetica and make them better than we can by giving them Legiones Astartes rules, it feels like unbelievably one-sided favoritism when the other factions just take your shit without recompense. Mech can cope because they have other options, although it still stings, but I imagine the Guard players are already salty about giving up their iconic tanks and having GSC Outflank them better and buff them up.

>> No.53375067

Have your custodes shoot them before charging ? I mean custodian spears have bolters built into them for a good reason after all.

>> No.53375085

>walk into local Games Workshop™
>its another "everyone is playing 2000+ point games with fully unpainted armies" episode

>> No.53375105

Tell them that they are scum and walk out

Then walk back in and buy what ever you came to buy from there

>> No.53375121

This actually happens regularly?

>> No.53375126

How i can use this cool guys in csm/daemons army?

>> No.53375128

>it feels like unbelievably one-sided favoritism when the other factions just take your shit without recompense
That's kind of the point of the factions that do that. Genestealer Cults infiltrate your PDF forces, Chaos corrupts, and Orks loot anything not bolted down, including stuff that was bolted down seconds ago up until they ripped the bolts out.

>> No.53375129

I play salamanders right now are framers and meltas about the same? I know my drop pod BBQs aren't gonna be as effective but ultimately from what we know it's not a new other than that yeah?

>> No.53375137

>genestealers charge my ten man Rubric warpflamer squad
>ten die on overwatch
>lmao 2+/4++

>> No.53375148


more like they are ashamed, that sisters getting squatted, even after the good sales of veridyan and new celestine

>> No.53375151

As Mutilators ?

>> No.53375152

Flamers are better against some targets, much worse against others.

Meltas look to be generally better than before.

Drop Pods are heavily nerfed, however.

>> No.53375157


Nurgle/Tzeentch daemon prince.

>> No.53375167

Of just use a tzeentch flamer squad for half the points most likely.

>> No.53375172

>>ten die on overwatch
Just did the math, it's more like eleven.

I sure as fuck won't be charging those guys with my stealers any time soon.

>> No.53375176

>how about you get your own things ?
>implying Orks aren't the OG of Looting other factions' tek
Seriously Guardfag, the Orks have been stealing your tanks and stuff for 30 years, both in fluff and on the tabletop.
Bringing back actual Looted Vehicles instead of bland "Looted Wagons" (which are mostly still just Orkified Rhino/Chimera Chassis when it comes down to it) isn't just justified by previous editions of the game, but also 30 years of 40k lore!

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because the guard is it's own faction, if you let everyone pick and choose what parts of the guard he wants then you're invalidating the guard as a standalone army
chaos has renegades , tyranids get genestealers
both of those have unique drawbacks and advantages compared to the guard, as it should be , they are well worked out unique armies.
orks on the other hand get generic vehicles , if they want to convert them from imperial kits be my guest i'dd love to see the result but don't go around asking for a vendetta or a chimera because they're better than your transports/flyers

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How big are those? Warp talons?

>> No.53375193


Hey, I can dream.

>> No.53375198

I dont think they match dp height

>> No.53375199


Rough riders,

Is it just me that feels a sexual innuendo on hearing those words every time?

>> No.53375202


Not to mention that warhammer live game where Sisters destroyed that cheesey Tzeentch daemons list.

>> No.53375210

Are you the Chinese homo?

Dark Angels are gay by the way

>> No.53375224

Where did it get the ork?

>> No.53375225

As expected from a top mid army. Their main problem is the lack of models

>> No.53375238

besides as you say , looted shit is orkified and rarely remains the same in function as it's original imperial counterpart, i'dd be all for giving those looted vehicles more options to represent the different stuff they could be looted from, but the point remains the same

>> No.53375240


>Walk inside
>Buy the shit you need
>Dont form eye contact

There you have it.
There is nothing else to do in geedubya stores since they are anal about third party miniatures and conversions why even bother with them other than buying stuff from them?

>> No.53375249

>third party miniatures in 2017

>> No.53375261

Follow up math, the 9 remaining genestealers, having lost their bonus attack for 10+ models in the unit, will then kill about 3 Rubrics. Don't have the Broodlord stats to account for his contribution.

That is pretty fucking rough.

>> No.53375268

you mean that game where they confirmed that plastic sisters are NOT coming?

>> No.53375270

I think its more like Drednought

>> No.53375276

I turned one into a daemon prince

made him standing on the floor though by breaking it's legs a bit

>> No.53375278

>third party miniatures
You're cute

>> No.53375283

He doesn't type anything like that guy

>> No.53375284


There is absolutely no reason why they would release sisters.
They will sell pretty well, there is a huge demand, of that there is no doubt.
They are probably waiting for the selling spree of the chad marines to die down to start another selling spree with the sisters release.

I wouldnt produce two exciting releases one after another because people need to fill their wallets and excitement has to buildd up more after one wave.

>> No.53375289

whats warpflame profile thought to be in 8th?

>> No.53375292

Z or CCON are the most popular from what I hear. I don't have their emails tho.

>> No.53375297


Time stamp?

>> No.53375300

>thought to be
We have it already, anon, where have you been
D6 auto-hitting attacks, S4, D1, AP-2

>> No.53375304

Warpflamer profile already came out along with the Rubric Marine profiles.

>> No.53375306

>Orks and their BS 5+
>"and make them better"

I mean. I don't see how a looted Punisher will be better in Ork hands.

>> No.53375307


It's S4 -2 D6 autohits. No dumb "Chaos is fickle xDDD" rule.

>> No.53375321

>le lol so randumb xD
What did Wrath of Fagnus mean by this?

>> No.53375323

Why are they so goddamn adamant about not releasing plastic sisters? I don't get it, people bought the absolute SHIT out of the plastic models they've released, why are they turning down a guaranteed sale?

>> No.53375343

>Where did it get the ork?
It started out as an Ork, but ge(and the Painboy working on him) went a bit overboard with replacing his body with otha git's limbs.

>a key element of being an Ork player should be completely dumbed down to one single vehicle with "options" instead of taking Imperial kits and Orkifying them
>My response is pic related
Considering previous Looted Vehicles operated with the same weaponry as the old Imperial guard/Space Marine just with a BS2 and very limited vehicle selection, you can both choke on the barrel-end of your lasguns.

Orks CAN AND WILL loot your vehicles and use your own guns against you, and you're gonna zoggin' like it!

>> No.53375344

Paint em blue and give it a beak and you could have a cool tzeentch daemon prince, or paint it all rotten and green stuff organs rather than skulls in his belly and you could have a nurgle daemon prince.

>> No.53375350

Paint him red and give him some Khornate symbols/pauldrons?

>> No.53375360

Limited resources. They can't develop new kits for every faction. So they focus on the faction that sells: Space Marines and Space Marine accessories.

>> No.53375361

twitch /videos/138631208

at the beginning

>> No.53375391


>that pic

Do red ones cum faster?

>> No.53375392

>anal about third party miniatures

I've never got this attitude, why would they let you hang around their store without contributing to the upkeep whilst actively promoting a competitors product?

>> No.53375395

don't get it

>> No.53375403

>20 posts in
>someone's already crying about plastic sisters
get squatted you bitch.

>> No.53375409

>why they would release sisters.
>why they wouldnt

Dammit, i jinxed it havent i.

>> No.53375410

I mean, I get the point, and it works with Orks because the vehicles take slight penalties for that, so you don't feel like you're being constantly beaten at your own game. Chaos already has evil versions of a lot of Imperial stuff, they don't need to get every minor Guard vehicle and they have Renegades for that anyway, who take a mix of penalties again albeit at less cost.
Genestealers should not be able to outtank the Guard with outflanking Russes and Chimeras with cheap lascannons in them, however. Factions that take other people's stuff need to be somewhat penalized for it, not buffed, as the price you pay for getting access to new combos and such.


Yeah, that's fine. I was just saying that they should be careful with that kind of thing or make it more widespread overall, since at the moment Renegades and Heretics is pretty much Guard, but better in every single way because they get Guard toys, cheaper, with chaos support and such.

I would be totally fine if they spread the "basic" options out a little, though. Give Admech Chimeras and Goliaths with the Lasgun Arrays/Demo Charges stripped out and a 20pt price hike or something in payment for Doctrinas, give Sisters a similar kind of thing with the old Inq chimeras so they can fire five meltas out of a transport, give Orks Rhino-class or Goliath Rockgrinder transports as an alternative to Trukks for shooty squads, fucking EVERYONE gets the Arvus Lighter, all that jazz. Just don't farm out one or more faction's unique toys and such to multiple other armies without penalties.

>> No.53375412

But this is a single faction that is still almost entirely metal. I may hate Shitcast, but it's better than fucking metal.

>> No.53375413

>please tread on me
A reference to the famous libertarian flag with a rattlesnake saying "DON'T TREAD ON ME"

I don't get the other one.

>> No.53375421

I get the last joke, but I don't understand the point of the first 6 panels at all

>> No.53375424

I play DEldar, cunt
Fuck off back to /r warhammer

>> No.53375429

A few guys playing with random models, that allow my consumer to play does not hurt.

Now if every bastard just play and buys nothing then there is a problem

>> No.53375433

we need to float their fb page with sister images

>> No.53375447

>the famous Revolutionary War era flag that was co-opted by lelbertarians


>> No.53375450

>Genestealers should not be able to outtank the Guard with outflanking Russes and Chimeras with cheap lascannons in them, however.
Why not? It's perfectly fluffy for them.

Their drawback is that they don't have access to all the same equipment as pure Guard, they only have a limited selection of tanks.

>> No.53375453

>rhino rushing is back
>berzerkers now best cc troops in the game
>mfw enemies of khorne will waste their overwatch on angry rhinos before they are charge by the new improved 'zerkers and cut to pieces

>> No.53375461

That would require to have multiple Facebook accounts.

There are like 10 SoB players. Usually very old people

>> No.53375463

Sad fuck

>> No.53375469

No, that's retarded and obnoxious. There's plenty of people asking in the articles about Sisters, they'll have to either do the faction focus or tell us they're squatted

>> No.53375471


>gw cant beat this in year of our lord 2017

still talking shit about third party miniatures ?

>> No.53375475

>that ghoul-looking motherfucker
Was The Major an aspiring Champion of Khorne?

>> No.53375486

>berzerkers now best cc troops in the game
>their stats didnt even revealed
I know khornates have small brains, but this...

>> No.53375488

Depends. I'd get annoyed if I got shit for my (90%+ GW models) conversions got flak

I use kit bashed guardsmen (Conscripts mostly) and Inquisition Acolytes.

Most are GW, but my Conscripts are a mash up of some 3rd party bits (mostly weapons)
>Chaos Cultists, Bloodreavers, Empire Swordsmen, Brettonia Peasants with 3rd party autoguns

While my Guardsmen use 3rd party gask masks (rest is Cadian) and my Vets in Carapace use Catachan + 3rd party chest for extra beef.

I've had no issue, but would annoy me if they got pissy

Same as for my Daemons my furies are the Angel Minnows from Maelstrom's Edge because the offical models look like shit.

>> No.53375489


>> No.53375514

Now look at the top quality resin model from GW.

>> No.53375517


>he didn't see the FB post

>> No.53375519

>le ebin Reddit meme
nobody cares about sisters but sisters players, and 3% of people in 40kg are sisters players. So there's about 8 of you cunts and you're just constantly whining. I genuinely hope you get squatted, tired of hearing your shit.

>> No.53375521

Exactly. An ENTIRE army. That would be like 4-5 kits.

They could use that to make those valuable kit resources to make Marines instead.

>> No.53375527

Shame buying them is so difficult.

>> No.53375533

I've heard generally nothing but positive things from Alpharius, but I can't confirm because I've not made an order yet. CCON is also supposed to be good, but I haven't ordered from him either.

Sylvia White is so-so.

Z has tons of options like individual parts such as assault packs and weapons, and while his prices are cheap, his quality can be hit or miss. Most of the stuff I got from him was good, but some stuff was actually I usable. However, I sent him an email and have replacements coming with my next order.

MI is a personal preference at the moment because she is very easy to order from, has a great selection, good prices, and has pretty good quality, though not perfect.

My next big order will be Alpharius because ive heard pretty great things.

>> No.53375540

does he still produce?

>> No.53375542

>baited a strong enemy far from the battle
>had traitors infiltrated
>almost doesn't fight himself
The Major was a great character, but no Khornian.

>> No.53375543

Maybe you give me a link to this post?

>> No.53375544


>Just as expensive but not as nice sculpts as the original metal minis

I dropped a retributor in my last games and she broke through two floors of a ruin.

>> No.53375549

Anon, shh. Don't make us look bad. Besides, GW said in fb comments they'd probably be one of the best, he's going off of that

>> No.53375564

I would like to just once have a 40k thread without SoBstories shitting the place up. You guys have waited over 10 years already for an update, can't you just shut the fuck up and be a LITTLE more patient until they announce it? Genestealer Cult players waited TWICE as fucking long as SoB players and you didn't see them bitching in every thread for eternity all the way up through every edition until they finally got a release in October, fucking did you?

>> No.53375566

As I said already, I play DEldar
You are very clearly reddit, and I will once again ask that you fuck off back there

>> No.53375569

I play orks and guard and I'd like to see sisters more, they have a fucking cool aesthetic.

If you want to play goodies vs baddies herowank fuck off to AoSG.

>> No.53375571


They should then pay a pile more points for the ability to outflank their enemies with Demolishers and Chimeras loaded with cheap as fuck lascannons and double-shot missile launchers, as well as representing the difficulty of infiltrating the Guard and maintaining tanks as opposed to just having them assigned. If they do already, sorry, but Chimeras and Russes are a huge part of what most Guard players have in their arsenal, so getting unambiguously better ones with better support and army rules is a little bullshit.

It's perfectly fluffy for my Admech to roll with every vehicle under the sun and then some, doesn't make allowing Vanguard to take Raiders or getting BS7 superheavy artillery is a good idea.

>> No.53375584

On what turn did the SoB player table your waac army?

This is a safe space anon we can talk here safely

>> No.53375592


>> No.53375598

Which army do pedophiles play?
SoB or Orks?

>> No.53375602

Anon they don't even get Demolishers, for one thing.

>> No.53375605

To order from MI, can you just use the website or do I need to go hunting on the subreddit again? Looking to get myself some Heresy Mech for less than £80 per troops choice and not dealt with recasts before.

>> No.53375609

I mean, conversions are fine at my Geedubs if theres atleast 60% of the model made from Gw kits, and that the "GW" is clearly visible.

>> No.53375610

Middle one should get lashed with a bullwhip to the soles for reloading the bolter like a fullretard.

>> No.53375613


>> No.53375614


Because no one is playing with 100 percent non-gw miniatures. And no one is going to stop buying your overpriced shit because some fancy model your opponent is wielding has caught your eye and you decided to buy it.

Also most civilised stores offer food and beverages for sale during your game time. If you buy those from them you have more than helped the game store during the time of your stay.

>> No.53375617

Can confirm that old Looted Vehicles weren't "buffed up" in comparison to normal Imperial counterparts.
I used to run a Looted Basilisk (because my Orks are a mostly foot-slogging army and I needed some long range fire support for them against my usual opponents, which were Tau at the time), and it was a big risk-reward unit for me since the Earthshaker cannon was devastating WHEN I rolled to hit, but being an artillery piece meant I either ended up hitting the enemy, nothing, or my own boyz. The fact it operates on the same BS2 because it's crewed by Orks is a real down-grade from Imperial tanks.

>Just don't farm out one or more faction's unique toys and such to multiple other armies without penalties.
Oddly enough, the old Ork Looted Vehicle rules did exactly this. For example, Orks could never loot a Baneblade. Strongest vehicle we could take was the Space Marine Land Raider, and that's still hampered by the Ork's BS2 skill.

>> No.53375620

Dark Eldar or Tau.

>> No.53375625

I'd say tau since weebs tend to be pedos

>> No.53375628

The fact they ship miscast/warped items is terrible

>> No.53375629

First GSC got nuked from 3rd unlike SoB that where in 3rd since the start.

Also there is no SoB release this year, we are getting a new xeno army.

>> No.53375631

Eldar or Tau.

>> No.53375633

Well, RIP my Kataphron squad illegally, then. My fuckup, sorry. Should have checked the GSC book.

>> No.53375665


Use the site, then email her with the order number asking for PayPal. They should get back to you within 24hrs.

>> No.53375666

>mooommmm! I told him to go back to reddi t and he just made fun of me! I better keep saying it.
You said you play DE, I don't think so, because again nobody but sisters players cares about sisters.
if you did play DE, that's nothing to be proud of, d.e. players are generally the very weirdest people at the store.
get squatted cunt.

>> No.53375673

Don't have a link. Here is the pic that was posted here an on B&C.

>> No.53375674

>implying Orks are pedophiles
Why doncha 'ave a seat sir...

>> No.53375681

I want the new fucking rules to know what to fucking buy to reinforce my armies.
And give me that Necron Focus already.

>> No.53375682

>It's perfectly fluffy for my Admech to roll with every vehicle under the sun

And risk angering the machine spirit in their legs? No. No. They replaced their fleshy legs with robo-legs and robo-legs walk.

>> No.53375686

What do we currently know about allies in 8e?

>> No.53375692

Awww, reddit grognard triggered by strong women.

>I-I think sisters should be squatted
Um, sweetie, no.

>> No.53375698


>> No.53375699

>GW just trying to sell edgy teenagers some plastic crack

>> No.53375702

So where's all the loli tau art at?

>> No.53375706

So more like Tzeentchian in that he likes to shape the battlefield to his will, layers and layers of trickery, etc

>> No.53375713

>a redditor would be triggered by feminism

>> No.53375723

Almost nothing.

>> No.53375729

Tinfoil in me says that they are trying to move out the old aculpts before unveiling updated models.

>> No.53375736

what a doublenigger (you) are
I'd like to see SoB get updated kits and I play nids

>> No.53375743

So it goes without saying Primaris marines will be costlier and have a better stat line than normal marines, correct? They're not scrapping old marines all together right?

>> No.53375753

They have a love hate relationship with it.

Satan calm down. We know you get scared by women but please have some dignity

>> No.53375754

>autist thinks only sisters players like sisters
I bet you play Taudar

>> No.53375761

Imagine getting BTFO this hard.

>> No.53375763

Yes and yes.

Although old marines will probably get very few if any updates, ever again.

>> No.53375771

>t-they are only pretending I swear!
Alas, the tears of the degenerate witch.


>> No.53375772

No such thing.

You take a detachment and fill them with what you want. But one Key Word must match.

So you can do an Imperium detachment and take Guardsmen as troops, Celestine as a HQ, and Marines. But you can only use stratagems that your entire army shares

>Example above can only use Imperium stratagems

While if you took Blood Angels and Ultramarines you can use Imperium + Astartes Strats

And if you took only Blood Angels you can use Imperium, Astartes, and Blood Angels Stratagems.

>> No.53375775


Point on the doll where the WAACfag touched you

>> No.53375776

Its average Alpharius, nothing to see here

>> No.53375781

We'll probably see the Blood Angels and the Necrons bro-fisting each other again.

>> No.53375783

Oi, you gits ready for Summah!?

>> No.53375791

You seem to be quite knowledgable about reddit. Gee, I wonder why?

>> No.53375793

>pedo taufag identified

>> No.53375795

Look at this fag and laugh.

I have Ultramarines and I wish everyone to have models from at least models from 2010

The fucking bitches are going to have 21 year old sculpts

>> No.53375796

He killed my Blasterborn from across the table

>> No.53375798

>magos biologis in charge of backwater forge world delves into psychology/sociology to try to figure out how serfs tick to better motivate them
>makes shocking discovery: cute things are cute
>begins experimenting with Theory of Moe (named after an assistant); machines with more human/feminine aspects tend to increase productivity and morale, reduce mistreatment of machine spirits
>begins sequestering and indoctrinating young girls into local Machine Cult and Skitarii en masse, relying on Hive World imports for labor as prole population swings towards completely male
>invasive biomechanical reconstruction arrests physical growth; as (the appearance of) injury increases coefficient of Moe, warplate is scaled back in favor of subdermal plating, respirators are replaced with mechanical lungs and nasal filters, and artificial muscle compensates for smaller stature
>new Skitarii deployed in limited engagements, favorably edited data uplinks are screened to test audiences with favorable results
>recorded exploits (and later, daily lives out of combat) of Skitarii become cornerstone of forge world propaganda, with vidscreens erected everywhere and in every hab-block
>seeing what could have been their sisters or daughters fighting to protect them, and increasingly desperate for the touch of a woman, manufactorum output and registry for auxilliary forces explodes, fear of the Xeno subsumed by hate, to the point where recruits have to be turned down in droves to maintain production quotas
>Skitarii slowly allowed to retain more personality and autonomy/receive less training to increase Moe appeal and drama; Maniples are supported by forge world auxiliaries, and, in sufficiently dangerous situations, doctrina imperatives turn them into cold, analytical assassins/berserk killbots
>when bandages/cosmetic flesh/metalsculpting can't hide aging or disfigurement, Skitarii are recycled and replaced

reposting for opinions on qt skitarii: slowly working on drawfaggotry

>> No.53375805


>> No.53375816

So nids and orks are screwed for allies for another edition then.


>> No.53375819

Could you explain the first bro-fisting so I know where to read up?

>> No.53375822

I wasnt me, anon. And i really like how everybody happy with 8e

>> No.53375824

Same shit the faction focus promised

Berzerkers will remain shit because only the champion gets a useful Power weapon and i bet they won't ever fix their costs

Until we know what chain-axes do, 'zerkers are still assumed to be dog-shit

>> No.53375825

So even if I just take Celestine as a guard HQ I lose out on strategems? That's fucking gay.

>> No.53375826

You're not doing them any favors by pointing out they like to touch little boys and girls in naughty places that have to be shown on a doll

>> No.53375833


It is not as bad as it looks.
If you have any firearm(or replica) with a mag you can try that.
Since the bolters are so fuck huge and heavy she may not have stabilised it by holding it with one hand and may have had to brace it on her upper leg to hold it steady.
As for the mag , if you consider the fact that mags are picked up from the backpacks behind the power armor there can be some sort of a mechanism that requires you to use your finger to release the mag ( like a latch) . When you pick the mag like that yo uare going to hold it that way when you bring in front of you in a fast mag change.
So actually it is a well thought pose.

>> No.53375838

Getting trigger this hard.

Dark Angels are gay!

>> No.53375841

This fucking guy lmao

>> No.53375843

>srsly thinks reddit is anti feminist

lol nigger wtf are you doing

>> No.53375844

I want to come back to the game for 8th, is it acceptable to play necrons? They are my favorite but are they seen as powergamer shit by the community still?

>> No.53375846

>nid players
>wanting allies
Fuck off with that shit.

We have GSC now anyways.

>> No.53375852

Maybe there's a Stratagem Xenos or something

>> No.53375856

And you guys laught when I said Admech is literally tau but for closeted imperialfags that can't come out and join xenos.

>> No.53375858


No idea.

Agreed, asshole only sent the minis after a paypal dispute.

>> No.53375863

I want to step into the hobby and start my first army but I'm not sure if I should choose Tau or Nids. I like their aesthetic and the basic lore background of both factions is appealing for me. Which other books than codices should I read to sink into their fluff?

>> No.53375867

DE players are always on the extremes. I knw one guy who's completely normal, real nice and polite,, a bit nerdy, has an awesome paintjob on his DE, etc...
And then theres the other guy who looks like a crack addict, plays like shit, complains about his armes being too weak, but is pretty much worse to play against than the worst WAACfags we have at the store. He smells like shit, his models are either grey, sprayed black or look like they were dropped in a painting pot, and in the meantime he's garnered a reputation for using weighted dice.

I mean, how the fuck are you supposed to enjoy your game when this dude complains about my nids being "TOO STRONK, OP" while he summons a 250 point bloodthirster into combat with my walkrant.

>tl;dr Dark Eldar are pedo's

>> No.53375869

Not really, no. Besides the fact that everything is about to get rebalanced anyways, Necrons haven't been top tier in ages, they've been more like the gatekeepers between the bottom of top tier and the top of mid tier.

>> No.53375872

>Wanting to ally nids with anything

Neck yourself dickhead.

>> No.53375880

lion el homo haha
a fucking gay poet

>> No.53375884

>j-just ignore gw theyll be shit because I say so!
Top fucking kek what army do you play?

>> No.53375894

Naturally, the Tau sent spies to investigate as soon as they caught wind of it.

>> No.53375904

>says the triggered tumblrina
My sides

>> No.53375910

That's the joke

>> No.53375914

faction keyword system
so far we know for sure that "imperium" can be used as the base for an army, but you can only choose from the base 3 stratagems (force org charts basically) if you do same will probably apply for chaos
whether xenos will be a faction keyword remains to be seen and there's also no word if cross faction keyword alliances will be possible yet

>> No.53375917

Maybe. She might just have Imperium tag. So she can be added and have no issues. Or might have a rule to be an exception.

>> No.53375918

Itz gonna be a WAAAGH!in' good time, I tellz ya!

>> No.53375921

>witchhunting this hard for a witch that's already gone
I think it's time to stop posting.

>> No.53375926

Am i the only one who likes old TS helmes more than new? Especially sorc helmet

>> No.53375933


I like the idea, make it happen.
You are still a faggot though.

>> No.53375935

Mr closet homo chinaman!
Did your ban expire?

Are you ready to recive the Dark Angels genseed up your bum?

>> No.53375936

IIRC, it was in a BA codex update by our spiritual liege, one of the little entries about past battles had "Dante teams up with Necrons to beat a Tyranid Hive Fleet".
It was later expanded and rectonned many times so it was at best a desperate alliance and at worst the Necrons manipulating the BA.

>> No.53375952

I actually got 3rd place at a tourney with Orkz

I'll drop a couple pics I took of my games

>> No.53375956

Really? Decurion necrons handed me my ass as Tau most of the time

>> No.53375958

Well we are talking about SoB the Witch Hunter codex

Gay DA chinaman is basically a meme now for turbo autism

>> No.53375967

>muh chink DA boogeyman
Top fucking kek sure everyone who triggers you is that ONE specific shitposter XD

>> No.53375971

They're might be a detachment that lets you mix key words, but with penalties.

>2 HQs, 4 Troops mandatory
>nominate 1 HQ in this detachment, so long as he is alive all units gain the faction tag <Unlikely Allies>

>> No.53375986


>> No.53375987

>old marines(see named characters) can be upgraded to chadmarines
what do you think ?
i'm pretty sure it's just so they don't piss of every marine player in existance by saying their marine models will be useless in 2 editions

>> No.53375988

No, witchhunting as in randomly trying to offend irrelevant posts in the name of hunting down a boogeyman.

It's pretty common on hobby boards for some reason.

>> No.53375990

I need some advice.
I manage to snag pic related for like, less than 10 dollars. It came with a 60 mm base and it's pretty fucking huge, bigger than the regular Great Unclean One.

I intend of doing some minor conversion work, like putting on him a mark of Nurgle on his back and sprinkling him with Nurglings and painting him in a diseased green tone. Do you think this mini would pass as a "Great Unclean One"? I'll have to paint it's axe to be disease ridden as well.

>> No.53375995


>nobody but tau players cares about tau.
>nobody but ork players cares about orks.
>nobody but tyranid players cares about tyranids.

>> No.53375998

>never loot a Baneblade
Reminds me of my first ever experience with Superheavy vehicles. A friend of mine with six billion armies traded me an old metal Inquisitor for a bunch of Kataphron and Dunecrawler guns, then next match he rolled up with this abomination of a Baneblade hull sprayed red with unpainted 'Cron, Admech and Ork guns mounted all over it, plus beer barrels and assault ladders, before firing seventeen separate weapons at my War Convocation that I was using one of his Knights to run. I eventually managed to stab it with a Reaper Chainsword and a squad of Rusties, but I'd so lost track of all the guns it had he could have bolted a Deathstrike to it midgame and I wouldn't have noticed.
Fucking Kustom Battle Fortress, man
And before you asked, I took WarConvo to try out max Canticles, but took every upgrade (and I mean EVERY possible upgrade) at full price anyway. I narrowly won after two scattered Rangers shot Grukk in the face after he tanked pretty much everything I had that turn aside from them.

Also of note is the Killsaw Mek that killed a squad of Rusties, the Knight Warden's last HP and my Dominus singlehandedly before being showered with Stubber shots from my main gunless Dunecrawler.

>> No.53376005

I PLAY Khorne you fucking mongoloid

I want berzerkers to be not utter shit more than your memeing faggot self. I want all combat units to be worth fielding.

But i have no faith they will pull it off, keep sucking the GW chode if you insist, i expect nothing but the same shit-tier units we always get

>> No.53376012

How much Lions cock do you suck daily in the Rock gay club?

>> No.53376017

The only thing I want to ally as Orkz is my Renegade Knight I bring as an ally

>> No.53376021

I think it's less to do with that and more >"we'll have to remake an ENTIRE new legion of Marine characters as we kill off the old ones."

>> No.53376050

Definitely has potential.

>> No.53376054

and this is the best one I took by far, but thats it, I always forget to take pics

>> No.53376055

go nuts , though seeing armor on a nurgle deamon feels out of place

>> No.53376061

I guess ill just reply to the first one because you samefagged pretty hard.

Dont care about feminism one way or the other, i play IG, and im really just sick of seeing sisters players crying every thread

i get it, you cant get your fapfic/waifu army in plastic. I cant do anything about it, so why are you telling me?

oh, its just because you like to bitch?

get squatted cunt

>> No.53376070

I think it would 100% work if you actually put the work in modeling and painting him

>> No.53376076

>This mad over plastic toys

Top kek, stay butthurt faggot.

>> No.53376083

Sure thing you false-flagging tzeenchcuck. Your demoralization tactics won't work on this one berzerker. They've already said TWICE that we will rip&tear the living shit out of everything they put in front of us, even more so now with the transport buffs.

Stay mad forever lmao

>> No.53376086


>> No.53376094

I'm sketching out a 40k short story, and I'm not much of a 40k guy, so I just had a quick question about scale.

Is an IG regiment from a homebrewed planet with around half a million troopers, 6k artillery pieces, and about 700 tanks in the right ballpark for an "average" sized regiment that would be entrusted to clean up an ork resurgence? I can't seem to easily access material that goes into that kind of fluff.

>> No.53376108

Look at >>53375967 the fucker is triggering hard.

At this point he is asking for it

>> No.53376114

>he still thinks I'm the chink homo
Stay in your fantasy world to avoid being even more btfo top kek

>> No.53376124

That reads more like Cheetahfag than DAfag.

>> No.53376128

Bump this

>> No.53376136

that sounds reasonable, 40k keeps it vague on purpose desu

>> No.53376147

>Laughing burna boys

Come get some stealers.

>> No.53376150

Confirmed for homo china!
Oh my god he is back guys!

Well they are both fag. So there is that

>> No.53376163

>15D6 auto hits just on overwatch

>> No.53376164

They say 'omg it's going to be so powerful srsly guys' about every fucking unit people ask about.

Also you can't move transports and charge and you don't get charge bonuses for charging it of transports.

>Move rhino up near enemy
>Sit there for my whole turn while I move back, blow it to shit which gibs a bunch of your red marinelets


>> No.53376168

Trying a bit too hard there buddy. Maybe you'd fit in better on a site with usernames instead since you're so obsessed with recurring identities?

>> No.53376170

Shields made of meat and dakka.

>> No.53376175

I'll make the armor look rusted and the skin on his back rotten. I agree it's a bit weird though, this is why I'm a bit scared it won't look proper.

>> No.53376176

>Oh my god he is back guys!
I don't think so alas, there was already enough to trigger him hard, he would have gone full ballistic.

>> No.53376179

lifta droppa rules state when you hit a vehicle and the models fails their save it gets thrown 2d6 and explodes right?

I know it has to be 4W or below, but thats the rule as I understand

>> No.53376181

This should be easy. If you are a girl or girl (male) go for nids. Otherwise go for tau.

>> No.53376183

>everyone who triggers me is the gay chink!
back to the kitchen bitch lmao

>> No.53376189

>transport buffs.

>Okay Khorne-khuck, you can charge outta your little tank...
>..But only if you don't move first!

Khorne BTFO as always

>> No.53376199

>when you try posting right at the start of Designated Shitposting Hour

>> No.53376206

you shoot GS, also remember I isnt a thing anymore just get the charge off on the bugs and you'll squash them with a unit like Custodes

>> No.53376230

it fucking sucks dude, I feel like it's just trolls trolling trolls, but then I remember that there are motherfuckers genuinely stupid enough to type this shit out and mean it

>> No.53376232

>17.5 dead 'stealers

Best bet is to charge a different target and then 'sweep' them in combat with your 3" pile in.

>> No.53376236

I'd say Nids, because I prefer their mini and their lore.
In the end, you should pick the one you prefer the models and fluff above else, I know that's why I still enjoyed playing my army even when it was shit-tier.

>> No.53376237

Good point, I get PTSD flashbacks from 3e because of fucking I6 stealers

>> No.53376243

Khornate always start friendly fire for no reason?

>> No.53376244


>> No.53376245

I'm going to laugh when SoB get their faction focus. Anti-SoB and SoBfag will suffer greatly

>> No.53376249

>Facing eldar
So did ya win that particular match anon?

>> No.53376255

OK then. Much obliged.

>> No.53376273

How are GSC played usually? I like their models and they give me a sort of Lovecraftian cult vibe, but I'm more used to tanky shooting armies.

>> No.53376274

I see a fox in your opponent's crotch

>> No.53376279

B-but Anons, I will decide by myself. I just want to read some more books about Tau and Nids and I need titles

>> No.53376286

GW already confirmed it so no need to shitpost or autisticly screech about it

>> No.53376293

>We need dem bolts

But seriously where is the gaurd love? Having X unit from X imperial sub faction also be included in guard isnt enough imo.

Also not leveling them up makes no sense in fluff marines are great and all but the line is the guard.

>Hey Robby G we got your Chadmarines ready to roll now how about the Imperial Gua....
>Naw im good
>But there is literally millions of guard for every marine if we could upgrade them logis....
>I said im good.


>> No.53376298

You could always check older codexes, and I think Shield of Baal is BA vs Tyranids, and Tau also have a campaign with them.

>> No.53376301

thats exactly how it works, nothing like tossing a dreadnought through the air lel

>> No.53376302

>turn 1
>move entire army of rhino'd zerkers until charge range
>wait 4 next turn
>charge the rhinos to eat overwatch pulling anything within 3" into combat
>charge with zerkers and rip the living shit out of your screaming army
my sides! knew you didn't play khorne for shit

>so asshurt he had to false flag
top fucking kek

>> No.53376311

Tau codex, both older and newer ones. Taros campaign. Fire warrior. New warzone: damocles books are ass.

>> No.53376313

for tau you open any fanfic website/deviantart oc

>> No.53376333

>Not third party minatures in 2017

Its like youre scared of awesome.

>> No.53376334

Careful mentioning Tau, the autists immediately start flinging shit about that local WAACfaggot that spams riptides

>> No.53376336

that's because half of the factions in 40k are imperium, and can all take allied detachments of each other

>> No.53376339

>you will never be that skull

>> No.53376340

the ad mech does NOT WANT their things to be user friendly.
they dont want anyone but a magos working on their machines.
they dont want anyone but a magos commanding skitarii
they dont want other armies to fight better alongside skitarii.
you dont understand the ad mech, 2/10 apply yourself.

>> No.53376341

>but you can only choose from the base 3 stratagems (force org charts basically)
What? Stratagems are not Force Org Charts, the Detachments are the Force Org Charts. Stratagems are the special abilities you can activate during the game by spending Command Points.

We already know for a fact that Chaos is a Faction Keyword and that Xenos is not.

>> No.53376354

>Best case scenario
>Entire army still gets no charge bonuses

Top khorne cuck.

>> No.53376356

They are gonna be old to drink their sadness in the US. That is truly fucking sad.

>> No.53376363

Use the Mawloc to soak up the overwatch maybe.

>> No.53376366

Luckiest little skull in the world

>> No.53376367

yeah my bad , used the wrong word

>> No.53376368

>wanting models of different styles in your army that makes the whole thing look inconsistent

>> No.53376370

Tau were only slightly better than Necrons unless they were running Riptide Wings. The Top 4 were Eldar, Tzeentch Daemons, Space Marines and Dark Angels.

>> No.53376375

I just asked a question, no need to shitposting mate
Well, I just want to read some more stories about armies I want to pick. Luckily most LGS players are fine with both new Tau or Nid player. Actually noone runs them in my area

>> No.53376377


>> No.53376380

Yup, my Big Mek stompa ate his Wraithknight alive, and my lifta droppa actually hit so I threw his tank through the air and killed some of his bikes with it

Only really scary thing he had was the bikestar that was invisible the whole game, but I just killed everything around it until it was the only thing left

what crippled him more than anything was his lack of commitment to moving up, he had a solid footslog list, but he stayed back out of cover and as you can kinda see in the pics, I came up so fast at him he didn't have time to get inside a forest or behind anything. If we had a different deployment things would have been harder on me tbqh

>> No.53376382

>they don't know how to fix their stuff
>better just keep faking it
Cogboys were a mistake.

>> No.53376393

I'm new to painting and I was wondering if I should thin my paints when painting the main body of a vehicle.

The warhammer TV guy is always saying you should thin your paints but when he paints a rhino he never does it with the main color.

>> No.53376398

how many wounds do you reckon rhinos will have? it seems each HP translates to about 3 wounds in vehicles to compensate for lascannons doing D6 damage
i'd be surprised if they have less than 6 wounds

>> No.53376404

>no charge bonuses
>i literally can't read
Top kek either that or so assblasted he has to play dumb. Zerkers make their own charge instear of joining so they get all their bonuses.

You literally cannot get more smug than I am right now.

>> No.53376408

>Orks get your own thing
>Looting is orks own thing

>> No.53376409

Just ordered Roboute off eBay. How pleased will I be with this guy on the table?

>> No.53376410

cult ambush, basically you either win via tabling (charging your deepstriked units) turn 2 or you lose.

>> No.53376413

You'll probably take 3 Wounds (assuming 6+ to Wound) from Overwatch and only have a 27% chance to make charge. (Assuming you're charging from DS.) And if you fail your Genestealers can still be overwatched.

>Best be is to shoot those Burnas and call it a day.

>> No.53376415

Thin them, but I would recommend you to buy a spray paint for vehicles

>> No.53376421

ALWAYS thin your paints.

Always. ALWAYS.

>> No.53376423

> thin your paints
I always read this as "thin your pants"

>> No.53376429

Maybe the same as the necron one but with higher toughness?

>> No.53376430

Then why the fuck are people so butthurt over Tau if they aren't even the top 4?
Yea i understand riptide spam is bullshit, but enough to doom the entire playerbase?

>> No.53376435

Considering even the fragile Harlequin transport skimmer got 6 I would say 6+ is a safe bet for Rhinos, yeah.

>> No.53376442

T7, 8W, 3+ (maybe a 4+)

>> No.53376447

No, the obnoxious fucking players such as yourself doom the playerbase.

>> No.53376451

tell me about it. im painting up a Chaos Hellcannon that is failcast and its more crooked than a dog's hind leg... meanwhile today I just got a pewter Hellcannon in the mail and its 100% better than the fail cast in every shitting way

>> No.53376452

That model has the most disappointing butt.

>> No.53376453

Mainly a few very loud shitposters specifically on this general.

>> No.53376456

>Not wanting the options and models to give your army consistent style.

>> No.53376470

Woops meant T6** not T7.

>> No.53376474

I'm thinking 8W toughness 7 yeah. That does make them a LOT more durable than currently which i'm very pleased with, got 4 rhinos gathering dust from my maelstrom of gore days

>> No.53376479

>buying anything before 8th ed is out
It's like pre-ordering a AAA video game...

>> No.53376481

Most of the posters here probably aren't old enough to remember Clippy.

>> No.53376485

I want plastic sisters, I play Crons.

>> No.53376486

You can refund this in origin and steam

>> No.53376489

The big thing is that it's pretty easy to make a good Tau list without even trying and to play it decently.

This poses problems in casual environments, where other armies have to be more careful with how they make lists and play.

Thus two players of the same low skill level will generally lead to Tau coming out ahead.

Add Riptides on top of that and it's annoying to try and deal with for the average player.

>> No.53376495

Hmpf, I guess I'll wait to see their rules in 8th, but at least it'll be a change of pace.

>> No.53376509

extra armor?
dozer blade?
smoke launchers?

>> No.53376513

Toughness 6 sounds more correct. Dreadnoughts is AV 12 and T 7 Starweaver is AV 10 and T 5

>> No.53376516

A whole bunch of reasons. Taufags tend to be insufferable weeaboos (not all of them, but it's a pattern), their plot armour in the lore is just as often insufferable, many people don't think their aesthetic fits the 40k universe, their playstyle can be annoying and considered cowardly or unmanly even if you beat them, their most abusive units are easily the equivalent of the top 3 army shit even if the rest of the army as a whole is not, and so on. They're just easy to hate on for the widest variety of reasons and many a WAACfag Tau player has earned the scorn.

That said I know a couple bro-tier guys who play Tau, it doesn't make you an evil person, it just makes the already annoying guys much more hateable.

>> No.53376517

I could be wrong but thats the only way I've seen them played. Also, people give them nidzilla support usually.

I don't mean to discourage you but they are one of my least favorite armies to play against. The games over one way or the other turn 3. Other people don't seem to mind though.

>> No.53376527

Yer gunna get krumped with the rest.

>> No.53376535

Jesus that's sad.

>> No.53376540

Tau are just a grating faction to play in general for anything that wants to get into melee with them

>> No.53376543

dread is only t7? that is strange
I thought it would be tougher than the cron barge because it's not open and a lot less delicate

>> No.53376552


No problem. Enjoy. Just a fair warning, though. China crack is more addictive than a stud crack.

>> No.53376557

>melee race

>> No.53376572

Open topped seems to determine save instead, being 4+ instead of 3+.

Necron barges were also weird with the special rules for their armor.

>> No.53376573

what's that?

>> No.53376576

Necron stuff is stronger than you would expect due to being made of bullshit magic necronmetal tech.

T7 for a Dreadnought is the same as the Kastelan Robots of the AdMech and higher than a Riptide, so it's pretty solid.

>> No.53376578

They have a functional codex that plays true to their lore without being shit or overcosted. Unlike 90% of the armies in the game. Bitches be bitter and jealous.

>> No.53376581

More addictive than plastic crack*

if you like stud crack, I mean...

>> No.53376582

Here's the long one:

Theory 1: Hating Tau Says More About The You Than the Tau

Statistically, most of us are average players. That’s how averages work. And then a bulk of us (and I would include myself in this category) are below average players. The Tau’s wheelhouse is being a middling-good army. That means lots of us are playing at or below the level where the Tau can be expected to do well, and relatively few of us reach the rarified air where we’re good enough that they’re no longer a threat.

Theory 2: The Tau Are Somehow Unfun

There are mechanics in the Tau codex I’d define as “unfun” – things where really only one side of the battle is enjoying things, rolling dice, etc. The flexibility of the Tau in countering certain mechanics in the game (anything cover related, anything with a vulnerable rear armor value, etc.) can trigger a feeling of helplessness. And that’s not fun.

Beyond that, because of the synergy in the Tau army and their weakness in melee, Tau success is very front-loaded. There’s lots of killing while the full army is up, marker lights are abundant, and units can support each other. So for the first few turns, the Tau roll dice, and their opponent removes units.

Then, if their opponent survives that, the tables start to turn. When the Tau crumble, in my experience, they start crumbling fast. Which means that un-funness switches. Tau are being removed in droves, and then the final tally ends up being much closer than it felt like earlier in the game. And while in a game sense this might be balanced, two or three turns of unfun on both sides doesn’t average out to a fun game.

TLDR: They shitstomp bads and don't play by the same rules as everyone else.

>> No.53376590

Your new army-wide keyword.

>> No.53376607

Some games might go like that, but Tau do have melee options. Deepstriking also changes up that formula

>> No.53376616

with the new edition rules grots might actually see the field as something other than objective fodder now

I can already see myself having a blob of them in front of my boys to absorb charges and then counter charging with my boys, maybe they'll give rules to the little shits like in the old days to make them give a cover save to everything behind them

>> No.53376625

There are plenty of shooty armies though

>> No.53376632

A guy I know is planning a lost consisting of 400 grots and ghazgul.

>> No.53376635

That model has the most disappointing hair.
Seriously, it is so long that callidus would probably trip on it.

>> No.53376639

>they dont want anyone but a magos working on their machines.
>they dont want anyone but a magos commanding skitarii
I'm pretty sure I didn't imply either of these things, anon

>they dont want other armies to fight better alongside skitarii.
They're the Admech's personal army, sure, but I just re-read the Skitarii codex, and I don't remember seeing anything suggesting they're not able/allowed to coordinate with other Imperial forces.

Also, deviating from the Cult doctrine is neither unheard of or even particularly uncommon, particularly the farther you are from the grasp of Mars; Enginseers are forced to do so on the regular for pragmatic reasons, and literally just BEING a Magos Biologis is to stand in defiance of one of the Cult's most central tenets (re: the weakness of the flesh)

>> No.53376642

>That said I know a couple bro-tier guys who play Tau, it doesn't make you an evil person, it just makes the already annoying guys much more hateable.
Old-school Orkfag who played a lot back in 4e and 5e days here.

Two of my best friends growing up were both Tau players, and they were pretty bro-tier about the whole thing. So yeah, the more annoying Tau players really drive me up the zoggin' wall because of my prior experience with Tau players.

>> No.53376643

>Theory 2: The Tau Are Somehow Unfun
>There are mechanics in the Tau codex I’d define as “unfun” – things where really only one side of the battle is enjoying things, rolling dice, etc. The flexibility of the Tau in countering certain mechanics in the game (anything cover related, anything with a vulnerable rear armor value, etc.) can trigger a feeling of helplessness. And that’s not fun.
>Beyond that, because of the synergy in the Tau army and their weakness in melee, Tau success is very front-loaded. There’s lots of killing while the full army is up, marker lights are abundant, and units can support each other. So for the first few turns, the Tau roll dice, and their opponent removes units.
>Then, if their opponent survives that, the tables start to turn. When the Tau crumble, in my experience, they start crumbling fast. Which means that un-funness switches. Tau are being removed in droves, and then the final tally ends up being much closer than it felt like earlier in the game. And while in a game sense this might be balanced, two or three turns of unfun on both sides doesn’t average out to a fun game.
The issue is also that the weak armies in 7th edition usually can't even get past that initial point to where the Tau start losing. So they never even see that as a thing, while the Tau who lose to good armies feel helpless about competent melee, so their whining looks especially bullshit and entitled to the aforementioned weaker guys.

>> No.53376654

Looks like you are the one short on reading comprehension khorne cuck. If you disembark and then charge on the same turn you get no bonuses. Unless you have your little red smurfettes sit there for a whole turn? Kek.

>> No.53376657

Because they are weeaboo commie faggots.

>> No.53376662

lel, I have about 200 grots and I fielded them all once along with boy footslog

all in all I had 400 models on the table, my opponent pretty much shat himself

>> No.53376673

This basically. They're heavily skewed pubstompers. Also they're the poster child for the "monstrous creature problem" or perhaps "vehicle problem" of 7th.

>> No.53376683

yeah but most of them don't just get to fly away 12 inches after I got the charge off

>> No.53376697

Noted. Converting a lot of stuff because it's a custom Magos Genetor army anyway. Still do need an Archmagos, two squads of Thallax and any Ursarax and Myrmidons I might use.

So make and send off order on website, then email asking for a PayPal invoice for Order #X using the email adress on the website. Seems simple enough.

>> No.53376712

> Be captain of the Steel Confessors 2nd Company
> Actually interred within a Contemptor, I ascended to becoming one with the omnissiah a mere eight centuries ago. And before that I served the lords of mars with twelve-hundred centuries of glorious battle in the name of the omnissiah.
> Hear about how we have some of these newfangled "Primaris Marines" getting drafted into my company.
> WTF, My company is made entirely of dreadnoughts, since when do the newfags get to stomp around with my fellow ascendants?
> A set of about six strange new contemptors end up stomping into my office(more like an auditorium.. My office is big enough to entertain an entire company of scouts), they're a full two heads taller than me. And trailing a whole gaggle of rather giddy looking techmarines.
> Mfw

>> No.53376733

>if you disembark then charge on the same turn you get no bonuses
>Units now disembark at the start of the Movement phase, before the Transport moves, but can then move, shoot and fight normally in that turn
>so shitter-shattered he starts making shit up
we are still fast as fuck
we still tear you a new one in combat
we still make you astronomically butthurt
praise khorne my nigga
best edition

>> No.53376759

Fix. Bayonets.

>> No.53376771



>> No.53376782


Yea. It's possibly the easiest order besides ebay. I think you have to make an account, too. Just make sure you follow the right link.

>> No.53376784

Nobody knows

>> No.53376785


>> No.53376791

>mfw Tyranids main problem even when they were a top tier army was always killing metal bawkses
>mfw in this edition people are going to charge their metal bawkses INTO ME instead of me having to chase them down

>> No.53376809

What about them?

>> No.53376821

All we need now is someone posting 'BRAAAAAAAAAAAP' and we'll have a proper shitpost.

>> No.53376834

One of the big thing is they ignore key parts of the game. (Cover) which for some armies IS their durability (Dark Eldar spring to mind) and also their counterplay / flexibility (which isn't bad, but it's ridiculously good.

>Any suit can buy Skyfire and/or Interceptor

Most other faction's Anti Air is dedicated AA and dead weight otherwise. Not Tau.

Interceptor is strong vs. anyone who uses reserves.

Combined that with the move-shoot-move that suits can do and you can literally be unkillable as your units just keep running out of LoS.

But keep in mind Tau aren't the only one who have this problem.

>also they were "weak" in melee yet in 7e they (suits) hit Marines on 4+ while Wound them on 3+ vs the Marine who hits on 3+ and Wound on 4+.

>> No.53376855

Prepare to get rekt. BftBG!

>> No.53376866


>> No.53376867

I'm a Marine player and I would like to see plastic Sisters too, and new units for them
And you should too, since that would mean they have no reason to complain anymore

>> No.53376887

I'd rather they get squatted, that would be hilarious. Though I wouldn't mind them getting models as long as they stfu.

>> No.53376889

But how you survive your charge in flamers?

>> No.53376899

Good post

>> No.53376907

> Later that week
> Chapter master calls up a "Storytime" with the 10th company
> Uuuuhhgghhhhh
> Gather all my dreadnoughts in a fuck-off-huge building. Even the new "Redemptors", who arel ooking around with their simulacrum-heads with what I could almost swear was childish glee. Everyone sits down, various weapons systems pointed up in the air.
> The newfags are totally confused.
> I explain to them that part of our duty as Ascendants is to occasionally entertain the new 10th company scouts with tales of past glories. We are also to impart battle-wisdom onto them.
> About a hundred or so of the aforementioned scouts all rush into the building. There's also about fifty of the new primaris marines included.
> Everyone sits down in little circles around my Ascendants
> The newfag "Redemptors" immediately start explaining to the other newfag primaris guys some totally alien concepts like cover, concealment, and proper marksmanship.
> One of them ends up recounting the story of how he died. Apparently he fell off a twenty-story building, but he survived long enough to crawl into cover. He even took out a squad of orks before finally bleeding out.
> Most of their stories are unfortunately about inane shit, like the different kinds of flowers they've discovered, or how adorable the tiny human children can be.
> This day can't possibly get any more entertaining

>> No.53376911

Was it ever confirmed you could take a full squad of flamer Rubrics?

>> No.53376918

Y'all fags do realize that if Sisters go, GeeDubya no longer has a good business reason not to find a way to bullshit in female Space Marines, right?

>> No.53376926

It was a question faggot.

>> No.53376934

Can I do jack shit with these figs, /tg/? The Gretchin already counts as an ammo runt. I'm moving soon and therefore think I'll lose any boyz/gretchin I buy, could I do a shitton of counts-as and play Kill Team of Shadow War with these?

>> No.53376937

some PLEASE add them to that pic with three other greentext

>> No.53376941

>the ad mech does NOT WANT their things to be user friendly.
>they dont want anyone but a magos working on their machines.
Seriously, they are EXTREMELY touchy about anyone working on their machines. They refused to let the Black Templars use the Ordinatus Armageddon for fire support in the battle of Helsreach because "it wasn't consecrated by the proper High-techpriest and should've been left to slumber beneath the ashy sands of Armageddon". Hell, they threatened blow it up via Titan weapons fire when the Black Templars decided to say "fuck it!" and powered up the machine anyway.

>> No.53376943

Yes. Any of them can replace bolter with flamer. And dont forget about rotor cannon for every 10 models

>> No.53376950

Actually they do, you're just making shit up. Cry all you want SoBcuck, I'll either be relieved or laughing my ass off when GW finally decides what to do with you.

>> No.53376952

i don't understand your post

>> No.53376963

To be fair letting BT close to anything is crazy

>> No.53376969

You're a fucking rotor cannon.

>> No.53376984


>> No.53376991

But anon marines got squated first.
SoBfags won already

Welcome your new Primaris Marines overlords

>> No.53376996

Fuck off rotor cannon

>> No.53377004

What I'm asking is, could I play basically ANYTHING with these figures? Not looking for fullblown 40K or Apocalypse or whatever, Kill Team or Shadow War: Armageddon actually seem more fun.

I'm a total newfag when it comes to tabletop, I got interested via Dawn of War and wanna play Orks, but I don't have any troops or fast attack yet.

>> No.53377018

He's done you m8

>> No.53377019

buy a box of ork boyz then you can play 40k or swa

>> No.53377030

Whats wrong, nigga

>> No.53377032

That sounds neat as fuck! I'll definetly need to charge with something beefier than a metal box to soak all that -2 fire.

>> No.53377045

rotor cannon rotates
assault cannon assaults

>> No.53377047


>> No.53377049

Buy a Start Collecting and you are ready to go

>> No.53377054

>>being this much of a fucking rotor cannon
Fucking rotor canons

>> No.53377089

Sexual assault cannon was renamed to blastmaster because the former name was too straightforward and lame.

>> No.53377106


>> No.53377107

Essentially my problem with Tau. I play with a core of six players and we all treat playing our Tau friend with a sense of dread. He's a great guy, but his army blasts the hell out of us by turn 2 and then it's just a game of "catch the suits". Even he tries to alter his lists to keep it from being too strong, but as it is, we can't ever win against him unless he has ungodly bad rolls. At which point we steamroll him in melee.
Feels bad on both sides, honestly.

>> No.53377113

Kill yourself you stupid fucking rotor cannon.

>> No.53377135

You are one bored motherfucker.

>> No.53377146

You are one dumb rotor cannon

>> No.53377159

My group had 2 guys with Tau, me and another guy. Everyone dreaded his Riptide, even though I'd noticed that over the course of many games it usually just ended up missing a lot after his 1 squad of pathfinder died leaving him without markerlights. My own army was more infantry based, so while I had a lot of markerlights and was ignoring cover, it was with much smaller and shorter range guns.

>> No.53377174

i remember the first time i played against a lash daemon prince

it wasn't that bad when played around

>> No.53377191

Are there thermobaric weapons in 40k?

>> No.53377209

If I want a Helbrute that can do some tank busting and melee, what weapons should I give him? Autocanon and regular power fist? Multi-melta and a thunderhammer?

>> No.53377223

A thunder hammer and a rotor cannon.

>> No.53377237

Multimelta is good if you want it close for tankbusting. Thunderhammer vs power fish might depend more on the new edition, though both should be solid

>> No.53377251

Autocannon not a rotor like assault, nigga

>> No.53377271

No it's called a rotor cannon. Shut up and sit down you dumb rotor cannon.

>> No.53377276

That and more, their virus bombs make all living matter rot into flammable slurry and a extremely explosive gas that primes the entire planetary atmosphere to go at once.

>> No.53377281

Not explicitly identified as such.

>> No.53377286

Sorry, you rolled all 1s to hit and your rotor cannon exploded.

>> No.53377301

So, Thousand Sons might be playeble now?

>> No.53377306

I have waited for a prim arch model since 95'

>> No.53377319

Fuck off you stupid fucking rotor cannon.

>> No.53377343

If you pick maximum of rotor cannons

>> No.53377363

Oh god I should not have asked while that meme was in apotheosis

>> No.53377365

Get in a there and start offering lower points games with your fully painted army! Trust me, someone will take you up on it and will enjoy the shorter play time. They'll like your painted army and that will give you something to talk about and so long as your not preachy or self-important about the issue inevitably you'll inspire at least a few players to paint themselves. But none of that is going to happen unless you start offering an alternative to status quo.

>> No.53377373

You guys know of any company that makes white wash? I want to get a Salamanders army for the cool rules but i don't want to field a army of dindu nuffings.

>> No.53377377

Go away rotor cannon, rotate elsewhere.

>> No.53377381

primaris marines could have been made in an easier way by making ogryns into space marines

>> No.53377394


>> No.53377405


I didn't know Helbrutes could use 'rotor cannons' -- is this some Forge World rule?


My idea would be dreadnoughts marching along with a semi melee army, armed with a melee weapon to do some decent close combat while also being able to knock out a Leman Russ if required.

>> No.53377406

Right now TS biggest issue is they're expensive.

We haven't seen points yet, but juding they have the same Power Level (TS are 8 due to 6 for Rubrics +2 for Sorcerer) as Primarius Marines and fight to fight look balanced. I'm hoping.

>> No.53377408

I define my gender as rotor cannon. Respect it

>> No.53377416

You WANT to snap fire a battle cannon every time you move in 8th? Okay....

I'd prefer special rules based on what faction you looted the vehicle from. Becomes a skimmer if you steal from eldar, gains toughness from imperium, becomes a monstrous creature with better Melee from Tau or Tyranids, etc.

>> No.53377423

Nope they come with rotor cannons by default.

>> No.53377431

What's your pronoun?

>> No.53377444

Good post.

>> No.53377465

Welp, time to leave this thread to die

>> No.53377472

>becomes a monstrous creature with better Melee from Tau

>> No.53377477

>Good post.

>> No.53377480


quality shitposting, really adds to the discussion

>> No.53377493

it was really bad this time of the day yesterday aswell

>> No.53377516

Most likely. If the marine powerlevel to points is anything to go off of then Rubrics got a major drop in cost, probably around 105 points starting and 78 points for every 5 extra rubrics.
They also lost SnP, which is great for them, and they're garunteed to have a useful power on the aspiring sorcerer.
That, plus the bonus to their saves, with a 2+ against most non-dedicated anti-tank or MC weapons, will most likely make them quite playable, possibly even rather good.

>> No.53377519

>I'd prefer special rules based on what faction you looted the vehicle from. Becomes a skimmer if you steal from eldar, gains toughness from imperium, becomes a monstrous creature with better Melee from Tau or Tyranids,
>Not understanding the value/hilarity of blowing the fuck out of IG/Tau with a looted Earthshaker Cannon from the other side of the table, even if it ends up hitting your own guys on accident.
Your idea is cool too though.

>> No.53377551

Some sort of old legend that held the might of the orks back i think.

Its over now anon we can heal.

>> No.53377554


Not sure if you're serious.

>> No.53377590

Have you seen the battle reps where orks played perfect games and still get stomped by tau?

Tau may be a middling army with potential to be high tier, but lets not pretend part of the problem is their ability to delete low tier armies with little options to counter play or even defend.

>> No.53377624

don't press that button waagh was the best rule ever

>> No.53377646

Female space marines when?

>> No.53377656 [DELETED] 

Nah rotor canons have much better rules.

>> No.53377661

Female numarines are already confirmed.

>> No.53377663

>two buddies playing. Tyranids vs. Tau
>Venomthrope + Nightfighting gives Tyranidbro a 4+ in the open and 2+ for those obscured.
>Taubro. "I see your Venomthrope and shoot him with Markerlights." 3 hits. "I use the Markerlights to give my Riptide +1 BS and Ignores Cover." S8 AP2 Large Blast from 72" deletes Venomthrope removing it in a single shot, no saves allowed, and scoring First Blood.

>> No.53377675 [DELETED] 

Kys rotor cannon.

>> No.53377676

MM/fist works reasonbly well and is cheap.

>> No.53377683

There are already chicks in power armour, which are even still capable of being raped by genestealers. Isn't that like the ultimate wet dream to shlick to, or have I seen too many GSC Breeder comments.

>> No.53377692

I just wished it to force you to flat out the full distance, not just.
>Damn I pressed it. Guess I'll flat out a cool .0001"

>> No.53377695


>> No.53377697

When Apple closes.

>> No.53377708

Look at this bait - so cute

>> No.53377712 [DELETED] 

Why would anyone be aroused by the tought of human women being raped by xenos? This is a whole new level of cuckery.

>> No.53377717

pls dont react to this shitty meme

>> No.53377731

>play against tau
>leave venomthrope in the open where both markerlights and riptide can draw a line-of-sight to it
Do you play without terrain or is your nid gf just retard?

>> No.53377733

>Why would anyone be aroused by the tought of human women being raped by xenos? This is a whole new level of cuckery.
Agreed. Diggas are MUCH more acceptable.

>> No.53377764

So you admit you're a fucking rotor cannon.

>> No.53377771

I wouldn't know, but appearently women exist that get aroused by the idea of being bred by tyranid nasties.

Besides, I think pretty much everything imaginable is a fetish at this point. Best not to think too hard about it.

>> No.53377776

Extra heretical.

>> No.53377785

You're a fucking rotor cannon.

>> No.53377787

> fucking

>> No.53377804

I seen so much hentai about this. An even a porn with fish in girls ass. Is okay

>> No.53377813

Please don't bring that attention whore out.

>> No.53377822

>Extra heretical.
But less heretical than fucking filthy knife-eared whores like a certain Emperor-wannabe is right now.

>> No.53377840

that's some tip top trollkino right there semfam

>> No.53377845 [DELETED] 

GSCfag got banned for shitposting m8. It's fine.

>> No.53377864 [DELETED] 

Rotor canon yourself, rotor cannon filth.

>> No.53377867

That's 40k as all hell, though. The inconsistencies are part of the aesthetic of the whole setting.

>> No.53377897

Ksons were playable after gathering storm.
Still buttfuck expensive, but the availability of 2++'s made them easily mid tier.

>> No.53377948

>cheetah anon and GSC whore in one thread
Let the shitest posting begin!

>> No.53377953

Holy crap, best news I've heard all day. That crap shitted up threads so hard and fags fell for it every damn time.

>> No.53377956

My respect has not diminished.

>> No.53377967


>> No.53377990

is that guy on the back going to try and stab an ork with a chainsword?

>> No.53378013

>When you miss the shitfest

>> No.53378021

Fucking right he is.

>> No.53378028

>Using a pewdiepie .gif
You're part of the problem anon.

>> No.53378044

It wasn't that much of a shitfest. Mods caught it in time.

>> No.53378061

That's even worse.

>> No.53378083

How boring. I enjoy the autistic meltdowns

>> No.53378086

And god bless them for it. I'm tired of those two faggots ruining threads.

>> No.53378113

This went up and got deleted soon after.

8th ed release date?

>> No.53378124

Should I be using the 25mm bases for Necroid warriors or the larger ones they came with? (32mm) I was thinking I could use the 32's on my immortals and 25's for warriors for some distinction but I dunno if this is allowable

>> No.53378126

>TFW you thought one of your favorite recasters were out down by GW but really they made a secret club that you were just invited to

Feels good, man. Best part is that it's not china

>> No.53378139

At least that obnoxious cheetah poster was mostly ignorable. But as soon as that other fucking attention whore started shitposting, fucking legions of white knights came out to crap up the thread.

>> No.53378166

I just wanted to know if she was into vore.

>> No.53378184

If female marines are ever confirmed you will know without a doubt. That shit would get spammed to death.

>> No.53378186

Probably true, everybody and their mothers guessed early June for the release.

>> No.53378194

doesn't seem too practical

>Chainsword at full speed spins off the target and snaps free of the marine's hand
>gets stuck in the back of nearby dreadnought

>> No.53378200

>June 16

Yeah that sounds on the mark

>> No.53378207

Sure. Fits with the already existing rumors and the GW employee directives about vacation time and such.

>> No.53378211

don't chainswords magically bite into the target instead of spinning off

>> No.53378217

99% of it is faggots who can't stop taking the bait. This entire website has gone downhill in a bad way in that regard. I don't know if it's newfags or people just stopped caring but it needs to stop.

>> No.53378224

They're mono-edged, it's not that difficult.

>> No.53378238

I'm looking at the archive right now

I honestly don't understand the reason for deleting those posts if not as preemptive strike in fear of another shitstorm like the first

>> No.53378242

Did you miss the guy in the center with a power sword in hand reeling back to punch the Ork in front of him? This is 40k - if you wanted sense and practicality you came to the wrong game.

>> No.53378249

If it 'went up and got deleted' why are all the details blacked out?

2/10 shitposting.

>> No.53378252

I guess "a wizard did it"

Looking at the picture the way he's holding the chainsword and the dents steer I'd say It would at least rip open the ork outwards and the guy better have berzerker grade armbraces to hold that

>> No.53378256


wtf lol

>> No.53378258

How will my babies fair in 8th do you think

>> No.53378261

The worst thing about Primaris is that beakie helms will look odd on them due to the gorget.

I wonder if the assault pattern of the armour will have a beak.

>> No.53378279

I have old screenshot from hots to paste images and post on boards

>> No.53378280

>The worst thing about Primaris is that beakie helms will look odd on them due to the gorget.
They're not supposed to have beakie helms. They come with a Mk IV style helm.

>> No.53378282

Necron Warriors are one of the models I would put on 32mm bases.
From experience I can tell you they don't fit on a 25mm base at all. They're even worse than space marines in that regard.

>> No.53378283

The guy in the center is alright in my book, I just hope his head force field is strong enough to deflect projectiles. Safety first!

>> No.53378293


You can't care about them that much with them still being resin coloured.

>> No.53378299

Because it's from reddit.

>> No.53378306

no ID
you charge you hit first
almost nothing will wound you on a 2+
most things will wound you on a 5
weapons that do multiple wounds each

>> No.53378316

You could trim the gorget.

>> No.53378335

He's actually grabbin the axe of the ork he's killing

>> No.53378338


That's my thought. I'll try some conversions on a couple and see how it looks.

If it looks off I'll stick with the tacticus helmets.

>> No.53378340

Agreed. It's just someone saying 'GSCB b&' and GSCB saying 'Nope'.

That's literally it.

>> No.53378353

It's the butthurt janitor.

>He does it for free.

>> No.53378362

I think one of the biggest problems is that people apparently seem to think its fun to take bait, and fun for everyone else in the thread. I imagine its a perversion of hearing about /b/, /v/ and /pol/ and people making the assumption you go to 4chan to bait and be mad and everyone will laugh along with you. Hell, since we're anonymous it could just be one asshole thinking he's hilarious to post a cheetah then pretend to be mad at himself. Add to that how easy it's become to evade bans and threads can be ruined for days at a time by one person shitposting, then others piling in because its the done thing on 4chan.

>> No.53378363

I got them just as 7th came out and then stopped 40k until now. Currently setting hobby room up to fix that.
That would be nice

>> No.53378369

Wonder if it is the one that hates women. (The Vietnamese mod)

>> No.53378402

Shitposting is fine, it really is a 4chan tradition. It's just fucking gay when some faggots ruin an otherwise ok thread.

>> No.53378412

>Vietnamese hates women
>Chink can't accept to be gay

It's pottery

>> No.53378418

It's not the battlesuit, it's the sissy blue man inside that's the problem. Put an ork in that Machine and watch the stompin' commence!

Also, being better at melee than a vehicle isn't exactly an accomplishment.

>> No.53378423

Yeah god forbid he actually do his job and ban an attention whoring tripfag from taking a dump on the thread.

>> No.53378457

The boxes come with the 32mm anyway so I'll have the correct amount at least

>> No.53378466

Why does so many people here dislike tyranids?

I mean, ure, they don't have the most interesting characters or stories, but I really do like theyr doomsday-alien-race theme

Also, the minis are mainly cool

>> No.53378469


Call me skeptical.

>> No.53378476

Nobz in a Naut is good in íth.

>> No.53378477

because they're shit in game

>> No.53378480

>taking a dump on the thread.

>> No.53378483

It's not so many people. It's mainly Carnac, and maybe one other fag.

>> No.53378520

The fucker has ban cosplay post of 40k.
Male versions ok, female version ban!

At least ban everything for being cosplay not just pick and choose

>> No.53378529

You constantly shitposting through your clenched teeth like a fucking manchild about how TRIPFAGS RUIN THE THREADS REEEEEEEEEEEEEE is way more obnoxious than the single post GSC Bitch made today. I think you need to calm down anon.

>> No.53378530

Minis are cool. I want daemons in this style

>> No.53378566

>Banning shitposters isn't his job.

>> No.53378576


Standard super evil doomsday plot device, no characters or stuff to follow or possibility of any non conflict interaction with other factions
Don't want them squatted, just don't care for a faction that exists as a DOOM OF GALAXY thing and nothing more

>> No.53378577

Most people do, in fact, like the tyranids.

It's a very few people who either are chaosfags autistically screeching at every threat for the protagonists that isn't chaos; people who got butthurt by tyranids waacfags running flyrants and/or hating on the generally considered underdogs tyranids for the sake of being contrarian.

oh and then there're people like Cruddace that got butthurt more than 10 years ago for losing against tyranids.

>> No.53378603

how does this fucking gun work
none of the barrels are in line with the breech

>> No.53378621

Dont ask questions. its wh

>> No.53378643

I'm not ready to process this.

>> No.53378656

Dark age patterns, don't as

>> No.53378659

You think the artists they hire to do the art for their guns know anything about guns? They live in the UK where you get baton'd for carrying an overly sharp kitchen knife.

>> No.53378661

it rotates cause its rotor cannon and its what rotor cannon do

>> No.53378677

shut up you rotor cannon

>> No.53378690

what the fuck

>> No.53378707

Advanced space science.
Many such cases

>> No.53378713

Basically, no.

40k basically requires two troops choices, which is a minimum of 20 models.
Kill team requires one troops choice.

SW:A needs less than that, but still probably more than five infantry for an ork force. Also, you're extremely unlikely to find anyone willing to let you count any of those guys as boys in a SW:A game.

Absolute best case scenario, count the warboss as a boss nob with a kombi-weapon and every generic upgrade for 300 points or so, the three nobs and the big mek as boys with choppas and a bunch of upgrades for another 500 or so and if you find the most laid back opponent possible, you could maybe call the killa kan a spanna boy in eavy armour with a rokkit launcha and have a barely valid kill team list.

>> No.53378734

Lol what the fuck how the hell does that magazine feed the bolter shells through. Mean I know 40k is stupid, but that's pants on head retarded.

>> No.53378739

Well it wouldn't as is, but the same applies to alot of the 40k weapon art. You're better of thinking of them as sketches in a similar vein to medevil bestiaries rather than a technical drawing

>> No.53378750

>Official truescale marines coming out
>they look awesome
>but have dumbass fluff

Well, at least I don't even bother playing so whatever.

>> No.53378751

> minimum of 20 models.
you mean 10?

>> No.53378761

I can't believe the thread is full of shitposts like this and no one says a word, but as soon as the genestealer grill shows up and makes posts that are actually vaguely relevant to 40k we get like 3 virgin MGTOWcuck faggots REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing and slamming report button

>> No.53378776

Respect rotor cannons, nigga

>> No.53378792

what do you mean it's just a bulpup boltgun

>> No.53378799

reported for rotor cannon

>> No.53378802

It looks cooler in the art.

>> No.53378805

thats because it's an organic meme instead of being forced shitposting

>> No.53378823

it looks logical at this art cause you can draw straight line for bolt.

>> No.53378836

That's a different shape. note how the rear of the gun is in line with the rest of the gun rather than 4" lower.

>> No.53378847


>> No.53378852

You can not defend this - the art is fucked

>> No.53378870

>some 12 year old saying "shut up you rotor cannon YOURE a rotor cannon" isn't forced shitposting

>> No.53378912

Looks fucking ghetto man. ALright, I accept that you can beat up your kid brother's elder during your weekend family 'tournement'.

>> No.53378920

Whats happening to kill team in 8th? Any news or info?

>> No.53378952

Wahafag cant see more than 3 colours©

>> No.53378965

here's another from the same day? I dunno why I'm bothering with bait

>> No.53379130

Its personal info, how new are you?

>> No.53379294

Also don't forget that the BARREL is wider than the actual area the bolt shells are supposed to go through. Meaning the only logical solution is that the bolter shells are TELEPORTED into the firing chamber.

>> No.53379356

Did someone magnetize their bases to transport an army in metal cases?

Which size of magnets did you use?

>> No.53379572

I just can't care for NPCs.

>> No.53379717

>if I keep posting this every thread with no evidence to back up my claims PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE ME

>> No.53379747

That huge spergpost doesn't help your case much.

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