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We're currently working on Expansion 4

This summer one knight can make all the difference Edition

Here's the current worklog:

-It's Getting There

Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Setting, or Video Games welcome here!

Everyone is welcome.


Imgur Album - http://imgur.com/a/maXHJ
Tower Girls infinity Chan Board - https:// infinity ch.net/twgrl
Booru - http://tower-girls.booru.org/
Brushes, Fonts, and Templates http://www.mediafire.com/file/k83sgc5t5dfvv3s/Towergirls_Files.zip

Spreadsheet Princess - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12IcT_vwIHKAMz-ghvB3fgHTr7DkHvjrbu4Hzlw4XCIU/edit#gid=0

Games & Tabletop Rulebooks:


http://towergirlsquest.tumblr.com/ (Gats)
http://towergirlschivalryedition.tumblr.com/ (Eversor)

if you'd like access to the discord or have anything you wish to talk about privately involving towergirls, editing, etc, please contact Brumus here:

A) [email protected]
B) "Tired Knight" on Steam

Last Thread: >>53261779

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1st Cadian-chan

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shes a good gal

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Who you picking brumus?

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Rock the boat!

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Really?, That's genuinely surprising

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So anons, how many Princesses have you come up with / made?

Who has made the most?

>> No.53351690

>The most
Anon, obviously. Although IIRC, Phi and Cheescake might rival them in count.
I've made 1 and they got dumpstered.
I've contributed important details to quite a few Gen 4+ tho.

>> No.53351712

Who got dumpstered?

>> No.53351724

Gemini. They got replaced with the /trash/ statue Shamelesss came up with. Which is so objectively better that I'm not even mad.

>> No.53351731

They recently had stats 2.0 posted for her

>> No.53351743

Yeah, I'm always there, Anon.

>> No.53351757

I've requested some fusion that have been made.

>> No.53351796

I made Orphan, Book, Secretary, Levia (old design), and Jabberwock (art). Eversor and Red upgraded 3 of them to look more modern (and fix whatever the fuck I was going for with Levia).

>> No.53351864

I like Jabberwock, I appreciate her

>> No.53351897

I did placeholder art for most of the original expansion gen (which had 8 extra princesses for each of the then existing generations), as well as some gen 5 princesses. Although most of those were based on other people's ideas. I think the ones I came up entirely myself were Demon, Merrow (although she only got that name after Gats redid the sprite), Rock, Stygian, the three Elves, Hudra, Leech, Jiang-Shi, and Sorceress (although with her I did have a very basic prompt from some anon). Also I came up with Lillend but didn't do any art for her.

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Pretty good list of princesses there

>> No.53351952

How many have they made?

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Well, I am pretty new to Towergirls but in the last thread I posted a list of Stationgirls ideas. I think a lot of people created way more than me though.

>> No.53352183

I am very new to these shenanigans, but I think I accidentally made a "usurper-queen" when I started doodling the Deep Ones soldiers for the Mermaid princess.

>> No.53352498

quite a fan of Demon princess. Love her design, and she's quite important to my run/build. I hope she gets included in the revamped stuff

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who'd ya think I was more akin to?

>> No.53353739

>who'd ya think I was more akin to?

Tyranids or a genestealer

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So will helmets be mandatory on the Space Aces?

>> No.53353837

i want to impregnate this dragon thing

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Ive made a few, cant recall them exactly though. To early in the morning

>> No.53354093

where does one post art of them? I'm not part of the discord yet, so I don't know where to post.

>> No.53354113


In the thread or on the booru

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Don't mind me, just an anon posting the Ace votes from the last thread.

Ace with 4 votes.
>Jedi Ace

Ace with 3 votes.
>Heroine Ace

Aces with 2 votes.
>Hacker Ace
>X-COM Ace (either classic or modern)
>Space Pirate Ace
>N7/Spectre Ace
>Marine Ace

Aces with 1 vote.
>The Ace of Spades
>Klingon Ace (or Warrior Ace)
>Wasteland Knight in patchwork power armor
>Robot Ace I
>Robot Ace II

Aces with no votes.
>Mace Ace
>Super Soldier Ace
>Mercenary Ace
>The Thing Ace

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I contributed to Cactus and P'orc. As well as a bunch of others that nobody really remembers.

>> No.53355783

I did the original art for Gator, Symbiote, and Giantess, and helped make them as well.

I have no idea how Gator princess ended up breast obsessed, but I aint complainin' one bit.

>> No.53356032

Outside of the Princesses of other anons or cameo ideas, I've only made full stats for two, maybe three Princesses. The rest are incomplete or vague ideas that have yet to be fully fleshed out and may be nothing more than just a name.

>> No.53356323

SO, I assume were waiting until the chart is finished to update the imgur album with the most recent designs?
Just curious Since the art's just generally better, And the Re-designs of Lotan and Squid (The current/most recent one) are pretty great too, and I wanna put our best foot forward to attract new anons and Namefags.

>> No.53356347

Oh, speaking of which,i never got to vote. I'll put on a vote for Hacker and for Space pirate.

>> No.53356365

>new anons and Namefags

>> No.53356384

Brumus posted an updated imgur last thread, though imgur jpeged the hell outta them

>> No.53356525

Rate my WIP

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>> No.53356600

Can't wait to see your daedra princess

>> No.53356601

I'm liking it.
>Dragon break in the intro paragraph, but dragonbreak in line 2
>2nd sentence of intro paragraph, yougn should be young
>Rule 4, downry should be dowry
>Rule 5, downry should be dowry again
>Argonian Quote, with a knight should be of a knight

>> No.53356675

Thanks, I'll fix it
The list of princesses I was thinking of didn't include a deadra prince(ss), but maybe i'll change it.

>> No.53356704

I'm not especially affluent with the lore of 40k, but I did some poking around when I wanted to see what sort of Astarte would be most likely to accept siding with xenos. The general consensus was that they would be grudgingly tolerated at best and likely for only a brief period. This is meant to be a Towergirls take on it, so keeping it that close to the canon source in terms of building the universe isn't necessary. I understand that the difference in power is tremendous with what I'm about to suggest, but I think making the player a Custode rather than an Astarte should be considered. It would make them having direct ties to the Empress much more plausible while avoiding the xenophobic conditioning that is more or less unanimous among the Astartes.

I'm actually curious to see how the point system ends up working out, but I'm concerned by overall complexity with which the rules suggest this chart will operate under. I feel that having the items accessible through a combination of both points and stats creates unnecessary bookkeeping for the player, and having a separate page to tell the player the specifics of what will happen if they choose certain characters detracts from the spirit of Towergirls where the player is left to forge their own story from said choices. I would recommend that things be structured in such a way that the player will only ever need to look at the one chart for details surrounding the girls and not require that they keep track of more than their points and the individual cards/items they are selecting with those points.

>> No.53356721

A few other things I noticed of less import were the repetition of a few likes and dislikes (Eversor Assassin and Plasma Gunner, Rogue Psyker and Nurgle, Felinid Specialist and Taldeer (though I do like the difference in wording), Chaos Cultist and Shadowseer, and Malal and Shadowseer) and Nurgle and Tzeentch all but sharing the same positive trait, and it occurred to me that having the dashed line separating the Power and Love/Lust items from the Tech item no longer seems necessary, but those are relatively minor details.

>> No.53356723 [DELETED] 

>tfw people likes my space pirate suggestion enough to vote for it
Makes me wanna write up something for Space Pirate Ace just in case. What type of space pirate are we looking for? Honorable or ruthless pirate?

>> No.53356800

I know what I'd like to see if ruthless is what people want.

>> No.53356810

I did some silly drawings

>> No.53356836

there were no nips in this picture either, but censured due to the shape being there, just so mods don't get mad.

its >>53352183

>> No.53356866

>tfw people likes my space pirate suggestion enough to vote for it
Makes me wanna write up something for Space Pirate Ace just in case. What type of space pirate are we looking for? Honorable or ruthless pirate?

I deleted my post because I thought there was a typo, but there wasn't. My bad.

Now that I think about it, Space Dragon could be a good choice for a future boss princess for Stationgirls.

>> No.53357017

kitchen princess is best princess

you know this too be true

someone pls post i have none

>> No.53357028

For a second I thought Sir Knight was in drag

>> No.53357156


>> No.53357602

http://sta.sh/0uzxc9tn6s7 I made 40 out of 44 here

>> No.53357661

Tau waifu has higher tech than Necron.

How can you be so wrong?

>> No.53357670

Can I cast for Pirate and Robot?

>> No.53357845

If I may ask, what are the princesses that will appear in The Elder Scrolls Towergirls?

>> No.53357875

Lookin good!

Could be the hardcore versions once you're done with what you had planned

>> No.53357971

Depart, foul creature!

>> No.53358017

What's that from?

>> No.53358463


Schwig if that is you leave you jew

>> No.53358479

Robot 1.0, Robot 2.0, or both?

IIRC the important difference is that one's an older model and the other's a newer model (similar deal as the Robot Princesses)

>> No.53358483

Shwig, if that is you, my condolences for finding yourself working for crazy people.

>> No.53358572

1.0 I guess.

Though I question why you would have one and not the other. I mean, why bother with calling 2.0 that of you aren't gonna have his prior model?

>> No.53358621

I suppose one could just erase 2.0 mark if 2.0 is picked and 1.0 isn't.

>> No.53358674

I was thinking of maybe the ten main races + dwemer, falmer, ayleid, goblin, chimer and the setting-flavored dragon princess.

>> No.53358888

I wanna cut her with a flaming scimitar!

>> No.53359208

Ooh, looks interesting. can;t wait for more.

>> No.53360459

>> No.53360928

Not bad so far, look forward to seeing more.

>> No.53361098


>> No.53361820

It is funny to see that tabletop rules are in a pastebin, and there is the (Not updated in a while) thing.

I would have updated mine (Lewd Adventures) more often if i had some feedback but so far i got none, so i thought that it was better to just put it on indefinite hiatus.

Anyway, have some Dragon Queen Closeup (since there is DP 1 in the OP), to cheer you up

>> No.53362752


Maybe you can try again

>> No.53363509

Not the worst sprites ive seen

>> No.53363726

Well, since you've already got the lusty argonian maid, here's some I would like to see
>Spider daedra
>Flame atronach
>Female Sheogorath

>> No.53364392

Ooh, if we can suggest Princesses, can I ask for a werewolf princess? Don;t think we've had a were-wolf yet.
Also at least one Draugr Princess, though knowing Skyrim, there's 20 more just like her...

>> No.53364527

Lycan princess is a thing, 4th gen I think

>> No.53365262

Wight princess is the same thing as a Draugr

>> No.53365318

did some drone stuff for stationgirls

>> No.53365387

Those are adorable and would make great stickers.

>> No.53365648

Honest question here, no trolling or anything of that sort.
Why do some people hate schwig?

>> No.53365713

He's been associated with some pretty big falls, like Broquest, Breeding Season, and apparently some Warhammer related stuff? Though im unsure of that one

Basically peeps dont trust him since he seems to bring death to whatever he touches, deliberately or otherwise

>> No.53365757


He is a Jew in every sense of the word, Stereotype or otherwise

>> No.53365759

SPurple is generally considered a piece of shit because of what he's been involved in, specifically failed project after failed project.
The two biggest being Broquest, which people could let go since it was a free project full of ideas guys and Breeding Season, a full-blown monetized project that, irrelevant of what actually happened, he was at the heart of the problems, either in fixing it or fucking it, nobody knows the truth, but his names and art-style are the equivalent of saying "Your project will fail, you piece of shit."

>> No.53365760

Vast majority of the time it's been other's faults and he otherwise shits out art like a good art jew.

>> No.53366263

Mostly this

I actually really like Schwig's artstyle

>> No.53366358

Hi all, with the addition of these Princesses I have finally surpassed having created 100 Princesses. As such, I have created a special two dragon set. Dracolich and the Faerie Dragon created in a proposed Gen VI style.

Loony Feywild Kingdom’s
Faerie Princess

+ Definition of quirky
+ Unusual collection of magic
+ Color changes with surrounding moods
- Insufferable trickster
- Easily mistaken for a male

Crown Aura: Empathically see a Princesses’ feelings.
Familiar: Sprite – Able to navigate even the spaces of the Feywild.

Love: 5
Lust: 5
Wealth: 5
Power: 0

<3 Crossdressing
<3 Role Reversal
</3 Restrictions

Lust Bonus: Pixie Dust – Change a person’s inner gender identity.

“Used to a topsy-turvy kingdom where she reality follow a different set of rules.”

Deep Crypt Kingdom’s
Dracolich Princess

+ Exists between life and death
+ Timeless and free from worry
+ Enjoys digging up old cultures
- Prefers to be alone
- Cold

Crown Aura: You and your kingdom can ignore the passage of time for a period.
Familiar: Murder of Crows – Ever-present sentry that reacts to approaching death.

Love: 1
Lust: 4
Wealth: 5
Power: 5

<3 Necrophilia
<3 Sleep Sex
</3 Impregnation

Lust Bonus: Luxury Casket – Create lifeless puppets of any species.

“Ruler of a kingdom of undeath where corpses reenact their previous lives.”

>> No.53367023

Could you put dp3 face on the dragon, then the pic will be perfect

>> No.53367224

Just for you anon

>> No.53367234


>> No.53367432


>> No.53367539

This is perfection

>> No.53367579

Reman Princess!
Pelinel Princess! With Clank jokes
Vivec in a dress!
Mane Princess!
Starlight/Magna Ge Princess!
Nordic Tongue Princess!
Tsaesci Princess!
Guar Princess!
6th House Princess!

>> No.53368360

Warhammer Psyker when?

>> No.53369039

>> No.53369830

>> No.53369955

>God tier
Dragon princesses
>High tier
Monstrous princesses
>Fluffy and comfy tier
Furry princesses
>Boring tier
Human princesses
>Boring tier 2: electric boogaloo
Rubber forehead princesses (imp, all elves, etc.)
>Unbelievable overshit trash tier:dumpster edition: director's cut: not featuring Dante from Devil may Cry because he won't touch this shit
Kemonomimi princesses (dog, cat, and the like)

>> No.53369976

working on a "Oni Princess" and I'm wondering which of the color-schemes looks the best?

>> No.53369988

Both. At once.

>> No.53370027


Both with the Red being the brutish one and the blue being the smart one and if you can only pick one then pick red because Drinking fighting oni are mostly red

>> No.53370039

To add to


If you will do noth, you can give one of them a different hairstyle/horns.

>> No.53370106


>> No.53370300

I'm not super good with hair, but I like the idea. will this be enough to mark them as "different" yet the same?

>> No.53370374


That could work

>> No.53370396

+: Twice the fun
-: Your kingdom budget is now alcohol budget

>> No.53371270

I'd imagine her hair would be pulled into a bun of some sort

>> No.53371672

I'm not sure if I should/need to add anything else in particular?

>> No.53371732


They need to be shrunk down a little so that they can properly fit

>> No.53371740

You guys are getting close to SB&HJ levels of .jpg artifacts.

>> No.53371742


Forgot to mention they also are missing some sort of crown

>> No.53371894

moved down, added crown.

I apologize, I'm not really used to using digital art, and the template images in the OP "brushes fonts and templates" are very small. the original was far smaller than this one, so I enlarged it best I knew how.

>> No.53371912

also, the "brushes and fonts" part can be removed, because there was none of that in the file I downloaded, atleast.

>> No.53371921

Thanks for keeping the tally mate. So updated the tally with some more votes from discord

>Ace with 4 votes.
>>Jedi Ace
>>Hacker Ace
>>Space Pirate Ace

>Ace with 3 votes.
>>Heroine Ace
>>Robot Ace I
>>Robot Ace II

>Aces with 2 votes.
>>X-COM Ace (either classic or modern)
>>N7/Spectre Ace
>>Marine Ace
>>Wasteland Knight in patchwork power armor

>Aces with 1 vote.
>>The Ace of Spades
>>Klingon Ace (or Warrior Ace)

>Aces with no votes.
>>Mace Ace
>>Super Soldier Ace
>>Mercenary Ace
>>The Thing Ace

gonna get to work on them in the next day or so. any monsters you want to see? I kinda want to get some creatures on the station

>> No.53372091

more Onis eh? well some oni girl lover is gonna be in heaven

>> No.53372128


Parasite monster I guess? or a shapeshifter?

>> No.53372769

I could yes, as long as there is people interested.

If there is some interest i can pick it up again, but the point is that as long as i don't get feedback i can't see what is working and what not, or what you want to be implemented in the rules. That's all.

>> No.53372907

Did we have another Oni?

>> No.53372953

I checked through
and couldn't fine one.

>> No.53373674


Well don't forget to ask at the start of the next thread

>> No.53373889

Oh it was me, i did one, she has card stats too, but im at work right now.

>> No.53373924

well shit, I guess I should've made something else, then

>> No.53373967

Sorry to add on but my chart also plans on a red and Blue Oni

>> No.53373990

Aw its always fine to create buddy, make whatever you want, everything is free game, if you want to make a goblin, make a goblin, if you want to make a skelenton, make a skelenton, etc!

>> No.53374032

I beleive shes going to be used for the expansion sheet...gen 4 or 5.

I made a blue one too, but she was a bit of a whoopsie.

>> No.53374053

You can't say that without showing it. Let us see the whoopsie.

>> No.53374151

We can always have oni princess 1, oni princess 2, oni twin princesses...

Maybe even make a small "fucked up succession" stuff going on. Nothing wrong with different takes on same theme as long as it's a popular theme.

>> No.53374261

Ill find the other when i get home, the whoopsie was because, i referenced a fanart of ogre princess, and made like...a altnerate costume version of ogre princess by an entire accident.

>> No.53374416

I just wish I'd known about it beforehand, especially since the other Oni looks much better than mine.
feels like I've sorta wasted everyone's time

>> No.53375087

don't be hard on yourself there's hundreds of princesses remembering every one is hard

>> No.53375714

How about some of the combat-orientated genotypes that Hive Princess and her race are capable of producing?

>> No.53375922

Insect Ace?

>> No.53375977

Some kind of a mindless and hungry monster that's seen only through blade tipped tentacles? It lashes out at anything that makes noise in an effort to eat.

>> No.53376151

Maybe some Mutant (Alien) Mole or something in that direction.

>> No.53376320

I got more feedback on my goofy image than my Princess ideas or the fact that i passed creating 100.................

>> No.53376407

I forgot to say congrats, sorry Phi. Congrats.
It's just the image mockup is adorable.
As for the maidens, I'm neutral about them except for Pixie's Lust, that's garbage.

>> No.53376734

I was trying to go for a Persona 4 Naoto style

Plus I figured if we are trying to do Towergirls that cover everything it would need to come up eventually

>> No.53376942

>[email protected]
I don't know who this dude is, but he needs to check his email more often.

>> No.53376967

sorry, havent had the chance in a while

>> No.53377003

Home now! here is the whoopsie!

>> No.53377080

Ogre's long lost sister.

Or, maybe Ogre is the lost one.

>> No.53377100

How many people do you get on the Discord?

>> No.53377176

quite a few regulars

>> No.53378146


>> No.53378333

Hate to ask but anyone willing to commission a princess or 2 from red for my chart, progress has been very slow lately

>> No.53378371

Slow > none.
Sorry, no.

>> No.53378499

it's next to none one princess every two or so weeks from one person is not exactly good progress sorry if that sounded bitter but it's best not to leave the load on that one contributer

>> No.53378650

>one contributor
Nigga, 1 per 2 weeks is good progress compared to /trash/ right now. I know you want the thing, but it's your personal project and they're giving of their own money.

>> No.53378754


>> No.53378817

Stage bosses, along with Drake

>> No.53378865

wyvern is not a dragon

>> No.53378940

stop sperging Blank

>> No.53379751

Sorry there's not much of a change from the previous update, but here's the final Alien Princess piece. Gonna keep working on the other stuff I said I would, but starting on the Goat Princess request.

>> No.53379796


Ayy lmao

>> No.53379869

Original requester

Thanks she really turned out well

>> No.53379888

thanks doc

>> No.53380507

I have made kobold 2, troll, jotun, tiki, homunculous, tengu, ghoul kirin hag oni, pumpkin, despot, Asura and devil

>> No.53380547

also a past rendition of boss, and being responsable for the monstrosity of what gemini became

>> No.53380637

Let us not speak of that double trouble. That's in the past.

>> No.53381690

Ever's attempt at a new Flayer

>> No.53381715

and a dark clothed edit, for the more Illithid clothing option

both large improvements in my opinion

>> No.53381772

I like the lighter clothes. It's enough contrast to set apart the skin and clothing. Also, I welcome the removal of bald.

>> No.53381990

Is all of Gen V being redrawn?

Did Fan Gen I and IV get finished?

>> No.53382028

I think it'd be cute if one of the crows was hanging off of her horn loosely.

>> No.53382126

I remember you!

>> No.53382205

I like the lighter colored version, myself, but flayers aren't exactly known for dressing brightly, so the darker one makes more sense to me. Will agree that they're both much better than the original version.

>> No.53382214


Now it looks like a benis

>> No.53382978 [DELETED] 

well ace is done


>> No.53383011

Ow. That hurt my ears.

>> No.53383023

heh never said it was a good voice

>> No.53383046

here, without the terrible mic voice

>> No.53384106

>> No.53384344


>> No.53385568


>> No.53385617

Idiot question; is there anything stopping one from simply making their own princess chart with blackjack and hookers? Like just coming up with a bunch of princesses, any theme, doodling them on one's own, etc.

>> No.53385641

No, not at all.
Making your own charts seems to be a popular thing as of late.
>Now we got Brumus' 40K chart, the /trash/ gen, Blank's Gen, that one guy obsessed with Human Princess being a Thot whom i forgot the name of, and Undertale gen
>Plus any I forgot about
>All being worked on at present in addition to the main charts

>> No.53385705


That's the thing about tower girls anon you can find and create your gen and bring it to life

>> No.53388123

>idiot question
There is no idiot question, just dumb answers or lewd questions.
And there is nothing wrong of doing their own charts.
As long as you dont force it as canon or sperg if someone adapts some things from your chart.

And i guess we all here are happy if someone does something neat or interesting.

>> No.53389476

>> No.53390447

go right ahead, it's incentivized if anything. Though dont be surprised if you irk a few folks by editing their waifu

Naga learned that the hard way

>> No.53391425

>> No.53392250

Yeah, that was a shitstorm.

>> No.53392406

What happend?

>> No.53392758

Naga edited human princess cause he hated her
he just attacked human princess to the point that some went rabid

>> No.53393290

>> No.53394476

any juicy bits of autism?

Come on, anon, don't leave the audience hanging.

>> No.53394504

I think it's more that he was being super fucking dumb in general. Just look at his posts in the archive.

>> No.53394861

He renamed her to thot princess, edited a shitty dog nose on her, and basically said she was boring. Imagine if a /r9k/ robot was attempting to make a gen and you'll get the idea. He also made some other stupid princesses like a Rastafarian one, but it was mostly him pulling princesses from other gens and editing them into oblivion

>> No.53394955

Her smugness mocks me. It's strangely attractive, yet annoying.

>> No.53395007

Power and wealth should be switched. These gals are clearly broke(and drunk), but mighty strong.

>> No.53396418

>> No.53397606

>> No.53398696

Are there any records of marines getting romantic in the fluff? Or even someone getting sappy with them?

>> No.53398726


>> No.53398892

Dont change Kitsune / Phoenix / Giantess too much

I know they are not the normal towergirls proportions but I really like them.

>> No.53399049

I prefer the old one. It was bald and had a complete dress

>> No.53399053

Looking at those three, I'd have to agree. Minor changes would be best.

>Some of Kitsune's tails wrap around at her feet and/or shoulders, maybe a little ornate design on her bland clothes
>Phoenix gets softer feathers, nothing overly detailed yet similar to Harpy
>Giantess' hair is given more volume, as to look less flat

All I'd want to see.

>> No.53399899

We arent changing them, we only changed the ones with outdated art

>> No.53399921

though we did change giantess to be standing rather then on her side

still looks the same though

>> No.53400319

Didn't eversor do one where she was laying down again too that was updated?

I like that much better for her, lets you know how giant she is

>> No.53401310

>> No.53402562

>> No.53403167

I like the darker one, new "hair" is cute to.

>> No.53404174

>> No.53405165

Wernt some textet changes as well? To make them more variet or if it was unlogical?

>> No.53405658

Hey i saw this ages ago,
did some do art for it?
If not can i get some

>> No.53405752


We haven't started working on the cameo gen yet

>> No.53406916

>> No.53407130

Looking forward to cameo gen. I might have a few ideas for it.

>> No.53408187


Be sure to check out the thread from time to time so you don't miss it anon

>> No.53409050

I do check out the thread from time to time, don't worry.

>> No.53410006

>> No.53410622

I still think it's great that certain ideas will get done, I honestly didn't expect that guy to get a red riding hood princess. But hey there she is

>> No.53410734

>> No.53411466

Wasn't Eversor the one who updated them in the first place?

>> No.53411699

Always found it strange how blue was the 'main' head.

>> No.53411715

Of course, she's the one with the most brains.

>> No.53412661

the standing version was the most updated actually

basically it was agreed the side profile made her look a little off in comparison to most of the other sprites, and having her standing would give the player a chance to decide her height in a similiar manner to amazon

both her and cactus only really changed in their pose/position, but flayer and Jiangshi were updated visually

>> No.53412865

>tfw like Macha, Tau, Necron and Cultist the best

>> No.53412906

were gonna update the rules as well, to allow for "buying" waifus outside your chosen faction

though it'll cost more, plus we're try to cut down the rules to the one page

so happy times for those that were hoping to multi stack different faction waifus

>> No.53412936

Macha is bae

>> No.53413005

>It was agreed

By who? I saw nothing but people who didn't like the change as much

>> No.53413256

It does make her look more like a towergirl now that I see it.

>> No.53413547

Oni sister reporting in

>> No.53414545

Amazing work Red!

>> No.53414684

You guys are amazingly creative, I love trying to put an image to an idea.

I do very much prefer the standing pose. The portions feel much better.

Give this man a medal folks, we got some winners here.

>> No.53414742

Cover the nipples with giant versions of those Japanese coins with holes in the center, and Red would be 10/10

>> No.53415445

I think one of Blank's other princesses already does that. Might have to just settle for Red Oni being a 9.9~/10

>> No.53417166

>> No.53417525

Oh hey, this looks familiar

I much prefer the laying down version and will be at least photoshopping her into my personal version if she is changed.

>> No.53418233

Same, laying down version is way better.

>> No.53418423

Glad to hear about the compressing of the rules and the expanding on waifu selection. Are there any other changes currently be considered, or is everything else more or less grounded at this stage?

>> No.53418880

I'm loving these designs

>> No.53419822

>> No.53420416


>> No.53420434

Where the fuck did whoever put the flowers in her hair find flowers that big

>> No.53420449

>just as plan

>> No.53420467

Maybe they're some of those stinky rainforest flowers type things, whatever they're called

>> No.53420529

Corpse flowers? I'm not sure even those would be big enough. Also, they don't look like that.

>> No.53420542

Rafflesia Arnolia.

and those are way bigger. Perhaps everything is big where they made her.

>> No.53420563

Scratch that, I was thinking of these. Corpse-flowers might work for the purple ones, if you take the stamen out.

>> No.53420599

>Perhaps everything is big where they made her
What if Giant Princess is like an insect in scale in her home-land?

>> No.53420797

What if the planet is just a giant?

>> No.53420972


>> No.53421993

Prelim WIP on the Goat Princess. Going for a ancient Greek look here, considering that shes a goat.

>> No.53422109


Neat, Are you taking any more requests after this one or will you take a brake?

>> No.53422122

Well, I was going to continue, given that my semester just ended, so I'll have the time to keep doing requests, just not anything far more elaborate than what I've done so far

>> No.53422133

could I request art of Yurei princess?

>> No.53422136

Which one was Yurei princess again?

>> No.53422159

yurei japanese ghost
some Yurei like kids and give them candy
some are the one from the grudge

>> No.53422170

Oh I haven't done a horror Princess so far, so yeah, I'll do it. Also, I haven't forgotten about the Bug Prince, so all the people that voted on his head design, keep a watch out

>> No.53422172


Well after your finished and if you feel like it, I'll like to request art of centaur princess because she has so little art

>> No.53422194

I'll see what I can do. I tend to forget requests easily, since each piece takes a chunk of time, so once I finish all the stuff I've got on the table check back in. Basically, keep an eye out and re-request if I seem to have forgotten

>> No.53422235

>I'll see what I can do. I tend to forget requests easily, since each piece takes a chunk of time, so once I finish all the stuff I've got on the table check back in. Basically, keep an eye out and re-request if I seem to have forgotten

Thank you so much anon and keep up the good work

>> No.53423126

One last update before bed

>> No.53423476 [DELETED] 


>> No.53423489

>> No.53424699

One of the best things to come out of the warhammer gen was that it made my warhammer images on topic so that I have more images to bump the thread with

>> No.53426462

Could you do some Knight Princess?

>> No.53426474

Stoic and pleasant.

>> No.53427894

>> No.53429178

That's not the real Mimic P! That's just a fake Mimic faking to be Human Princess!

>> No.53430437


Mimic can be anyone or anything, so who knows?

>> No.53431816

>"She could be in this very room! She could beyou! She could beme! She could even be-"

>> No.53431839

I want a tower made entirely of mimics. Every brick, door, chest, vase, enemy, and window. Everything is a mimic. All of them as cute as Mimic Princess' "dress".

>> No.53432311

>nobody just slipped Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium in there

The real Imperial waifu.

>> No.53432407

Maybe in Gen 2.

>> No.53432491

Also no Inquisitor. What's the deal with that?

>> No.53433013

Gen 2?

>> No.53433088

Should still do that MTG gen you mentioned way back when.

Then again we have a bit on our plates already.

>> No.53433302

Absolutely needed. The Ciaphas Cain joke aside (I mean do it, it'd be hilarious) the omission of an Inquisitor from the Imperium lineup is weird.

>> No.53433732

Ciara Cain would be a pretty good name.

>> No.53434785


>> No.53435934

I miss ficfic, hope he comes back one day

>> No.53435977

did some more roughs
Marine ace and viral marine

>> No.53435996

And viral changeling

>> No.53436490

Man, that'd be good too.

>> No.53436716

Not green enough

>> No.53437037

more alien monsters

>> No.53437052

>> No.53437150

Slow day, but I am enjoying these things.

>> No.53437468

Good heavens why am I always a huge sucker for stockings and garter

>> No.53438591

If we believe, surely we can make him live again.

>> No.53438606

Final Update on linework before I color. Bonus points if you know what garment she is wearing!

>> No.53438642

These alien designs look really good.

>> No.53439649

are there any more of these?

>> No.53440205



>> No.53440634

Really digging the ancient Greek aesthetic. Looking forward to this, I wanna see her in color

>> No.53440722

Oh man, I hope you make that really shear.

>> No.53441290

Hopefully Heroine Ace will find a way to defeat that tentacle monster.

>> No.53441855

Hopefully Heroin ace will stay clean after rehab

>> No.53442138


>> No.53442920

>you versus the guy she told you to not worry about
Jokes aside, Space Ace and Marine Ace are looking great so far.

>> No.53444164

lady ace and mod bob the robot

>> No.53444182

and doc

>> No.53444268

I really like that Heroine.

>> No.53446769

>> No.53447830

Could this be a fitting concept for Robot Ace 1.0?

>bulky and big robot built for some Great Vague War, was abandoned in some war-torn wasteland
>inactive for many decades after the Great Vague War until its reboot finally got through, with the side effect of granting him some degree of self-awareness
>seeking a purpose in robolife, he attempts to be a defender of the galaxy by saving princesses, even if he accidentally destroy almost everything standing in his path

>> No.53449035

there will be a second when when that ones all said n done, though it'll be much later

right now were doin the final grammar n stat changes, after that the rules, then the background and title art

>> No.53450257

>> No.53450576

robo v1.0 and 2.0
>>53447830 lemme know what you think. I tried to go as retro as i could think

>> No.53450604

big image but more enemies

>> No.53451134

Update on Goat Princess. Coloring has begun

>> No.53451438

They're pretty good. I especially like the gunshot hole on Robo v1.0 (I think it's a gunshot hole), since it implies that Robo v1.0 has been involved in and seen some shit, which is appropriate for an old school war machine. Oh, and he's adorable.

It is mandatory for princesses to say "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto" whenever they're rescued by these dashing robots.

>> No.53451551

I like both of the Draggers and the Happy Time Defense Shotgun.
Holy behh.

>> No.53451691

>Robo Ace v2.0
Looks like I found my Ace.

CAST supremacy.

>> No.53452680

10 more posts and then I will make the new thread as usual

>> No.53452786

A new batch of figs i commissioned! I figured i would share what is coming my way to yahs

>> No.53452858

Damn man. That's some good shit.
>Your special Gobbo boy
>Dog Princess is that tall

>> No.53453038


Looks neat but no not Eversor magician. Why?

>> No.53453468

Another update

>> No.53453683

Have you showed trash?

>> No.53453704

Don't worry, we know.

>> No.53453733

No, not yet

>> No.53453944

a few more posts

>> No.53454238

2 more

>> No.53454313

Here, let me get that for you.

>> No.53454364


Thank, I'll make a new thread at page 8

>> No.53454660

>> No.53454797


>Someone likes my little girl and now she finally has some fan art

I feel proud,

>> No.53456035



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