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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Familiars edition: Any cheesy or cool way you've used your familiars? What's your favorite familiar?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW (embed)

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj (embed)

Old Thread: >>53332879

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Familiars are one of those things I don't like, I feel they're either utilized too well and too strong, or just ignored.

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You pick up the compy or nothing at all.

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G-greensting scorpion?

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"Lets give wizards improved initiative. For free. That stacks with improved initiative."

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My character is engaged to his Lyrakien Familiar but it's not weird they've known each other a long time Since she was a Caterpillar in fact.

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Would that be considered robbing the cocoon?

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Trip Quads speak the troof

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So, they got really familiar.

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What the fuck, why were confessions last night so heavy?

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Friday Night

Alcohol had probably been imbibed

I'm still paranoid they're about me

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On that very subject, is the Ley Line Guardian Witch worth it?

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Of course they're about you, we love to talk about you.

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Bloodrager w/ Aberrant Bloodline, Aberrant tumor, and a Protector Familiar

Conglaturations you now have like 50% more health and it regenerates

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>Cancer makes you stronger

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Is there an official Unchained Fighter?

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Nope, just the optional Stamina and Advanced Weapon/Armor Training stuff.

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>What's your favorite familiar?

Are tiny dragons That Guy territory?

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The Ceru familiar is super cute and those rerolls it gives can be great too! Poison... Constant Detect Magic... And fast healing 2 so it can run away and heal up if it happens to get hit! It's a shame there aren't any pictures of them anywhere. Truly, it's the perfect pocket pachyderm.

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I want a tiny dragon that lives in my purse!

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Should I be a Blood Arcanist going down the Psychic bloodline

How do I fluff this

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My DM recently opened my eyes to what it's like to have no idea what it means to be a good person. I mean, have no cognizant understanding of what virtue is, via a baleful polymorphed intelligent undead.
I have found myself preaching morality to a frog. What am I doing with my life?

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I'm thinking of making a Tiefling Empiricist Investigator for my next character ... Anything I should keep an eye out for?

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Starting anywhere below level 4

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haha it hurts because its true

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But luckily I get to make the same level as my previous character was, that is L15 + 2 mythic tiers.

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What do you do with prisoners?

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But why?

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What races are scaly besides Kobolds and Lizarfolk?

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Werecroc skinwalkers

Tieflings with the "Scaled Skin" trait, or Raksasha-blooded tiefs.

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What bussines would you recommend to open in a city, if you have the favour of the count?

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Playing an Artificer in 3.5

I created a Remorhaz Effigy that is Gargantuan(due to 17hd). I also created a Wyvern Effigy that is also gargantuan and it also is lightning immune and breaths lightning due to a blue dragon corpse. Then i created a prismatic golem and crafted a scroll of wish and wished for them all to be combined and it has been granted.

What the fuck should i name this monstrosity?

I was caling the Remorhaz just Rem and the wyvern Ridley. I am so bad with names.

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Mister Cupcake

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Depends on your character's inclinations, really.
My current pc will kill the ones who are dangerous, maim the ones that are not.

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It's called a Psychopath anon, and if it's got no idea, you'll never get through to it.

They are neither good not bad, they just are. They function on a different level that does not involve empathy with other sentient beings.

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You guys know any skill related to bird-watching?

Mine would release alsmost consistently for the specific reason that she doesn't find an use to murdering them. Even if they're part of an enemy army or something like that. "There's always gonna be more coming."

She doesn't give much of a shit.

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Gives them a peck on the cheek and a slap on the bum as he releases them while ensuring that if they ever do anything evil he will be there to cut his throat open and proceed to caulk it with sea salt, hoping the process is extended until the guy dies of sodium overdose.

He'd never do that because he doesn't care, but it's a fun way to intimidate people.

Perception, survival and knowledge (nature)

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Several high profile lewdgames are on the verge of breaking up, Rory is a bad person in general, a certain someone caused a huge panic across all cabal games with a ridiculous stunt and has been nonstop dramatic, and many people in lewdgames are starting to feel unsatisfied or neglected because only certain people are getting lewd attention.

It's been a rough week and I think that a lack of quality games is to blame. Lewd is not a substitute for quality.

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>He'd never do that because he doesn't care
>Has such a specific and thought out way of killing someone
Somehow...im not sure i believe you

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*unsubstantiated bullshit*

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Then don't, it won't change factual statements whether or not any anon believes it or not.

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What confessions?

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The break-up stuff is most definitely bullshit, but I think anon has a point about the effect of Rory shutting down TSS. There seemed to be a good number of people excited for the game and it's a bit of a shock to have it shut down because of a few shitty memesters and some anonymous pricks shitting on games like they do with every game.

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Someone asked for unfiltered confessions in the last thread and got like 30 replies.

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Oops, >>53339213 was supposed to be >>53339228.

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I don't like the games getting broken apart, but the constant shilling of games and "memeing" of characters is pure cancer. It's not hard to figure out why they'd attract such negative attention.

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Hopefully EotFC will be able to at least ease the pain of the salty anons with huge chips on their shoulders.

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I don't think there are really that many salty anons, just people who don't like what /pfg/ games have turned the general into.

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Saturday is a good day to write applications!

I promise that I am less autistic than I seem to be.

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T-there's also pilgrimage to the demonlands!

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Especially since every character is technically accepted!

Make a hyper-cute character, people! Even if you don't get in, someone who got in might waifu her!

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Thanks for the plug.

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Wait this sounds like a bad idea.

Couldn't you troll the game by creating really awful joke apps?

Like what happens if BOSS DICK gets an app here.

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Anons who hate games come in two flavors:
1) Those who hate the idea of /pfg/ games and the culture they've brought into "new /pfg/". These anons always shout about how "games are cancer" and "old /pfg/ was better" and "generic waifu shit".
2) Those who are salty as hell that they didn't make it into a game. These anons attack specific players/characters that they think had weaker applications than their own with things like "Valeriya is a whore", "Kyras only got in because he turboshilled" and "Captain Slow is an unoriginal hack who stole every character from GoT".

PotD looks like a fine game, but it's business as usual and those that don't get in are still going to be salty. EotFC's everybody gets in setup could be a workable solution to this salt.

>Couldn't you troll the game by creating really awful joke apps?
Protag obviously isn't going to be accepting EVERY application, but appropriate apps will still make an appearance.

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Here's a substitute image without what appears to be a doberman choking down a gigantic flaccid wiener.

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What was the picture?

The DM implied she'd(?) reject joke apps.

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You should troll the game by making an extremely beautiful alley whore fixed up to masquerade as a high-class courtesan, like Theodora or... Fuck, that Shakespearean play of the same concept!

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So apparently you can't hate the games unless you're a bitter oldfag or a bitter reject. Surely it can't be because the culture the games brought WERE, in fact, cancerous.

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And /pfg/ was cancerous before, and will be again

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Ah, yes, the old Mythweavers strategy of 'You're not getting in the game, but I'll use your character! That males up for it, right?'

>> No.53339969

I have no idea what makes people get excited about that. That doesn't sound good to me at all, it sounds like thievery.

>> No.53339988

>That males up for it
The Patriarchy?

>> No.53339993

It isn't a good thing. Apparently there were a number of games that never even started, and the person who was "running" it would brag about all the free characters they managed to steal from people who just wanted a game.

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What historical dates are best for inspiration for homebrew map/setting?

>> No.53340052

The period of the 30 Years War, so the 1550s.

>> No.53340064

At least they're upfront about it, 90% of Myth-Weavers campaigns end this way.

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>mfw I've pretty much given 90% of my characters that never got picked for a game a role in my setting, so that perhaps I get to play them for a while when/if they interact with the PCs.

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Running my party through the Castle Calaelen section of the Rappan Athuk expansions and tonight after encountering Gorl the Gnoll they:

>Reduced him to 1 HP which triggers his attempt at surrender (He does not speak common)
>Took him outside in the rain past the corpses of his fallen allies then fired a gun in the air when he growled at them
>disarned him before dragging him around the castle to the a semi-friendly Goblin NPC to try and get him to translate(the Gnoll doesnt speak goblin either)
>after failing to find someone who could speak gnoll sent him out of the castle into a storm with naught but a compass and an idol of Lamashtu

I feel bad for the Gnoll. They killed his bandmates, took his stuff and kicked him out of his place of employment(and later killed his employer)

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That sounds cute! Tell us about some of them.

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Except the original cancer was in line with regular old fashioned 4chan cancer.

What we have is much fucking worse.

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PLD Story Time, To the end of the Martel Mine, and Beyond!
>Escaping with the tome, the girls come face to face with one last thread, Sigmund's killer
>The Nightwalker Logan blocks their path, swinging around his moonsilver blade and Sigmund's gun
>Thinking herself clever, Cashmere weaves a spell, attempting to dominate his mind
>Initiatives are immediately rolled as Logan responds with a double salvo of moonsilver bullets
>Gloriana's impassioned pleas do nothing for the nightwalker, but sways the heart of his subordinate amidst the melee
>Taler (controlled by Tem) rips away the rifle from Logan, fleeing beyond the girls
>But Logan is no easy prey, having slain the last Troll King himself
>A glimmer of hope is seen however, when the rabble rouser old man asks for the tome...
>In a flash of magic, he's gone, replaced with another; a golden lion in the shape of a man!
>Caught between the combined might of Gloriana's strength, Cashmere's magic, and Lysander's berserker rage, Logan continues fighting
>Run through by Lysander's Lance... he doesn't die. Dark magic mends his flesh, bringing him back to his feet
>Bon-bon is cut down
>Lysander is cut down
>Gloriana is run through!
>But the might of a paladin of Iono is not to be taken lightly...
>Seizing an oppurtunity given by the turncoat, Gloriana's greatsword plunges through his heart
>Logan finally falls, being given the eternal rest that Nightwalkers never find
>Sigmund is avenged!
>A Tome is acquired!
>Our heroines (and Lysander the Golden Berserker) have just angered the powerful local noble family
>Thinking quickly, Cashmere tried to claim that Lysander was the true demon and that she exorcised the spirit (complete with a phony illusion thereof) from his corpse to allay suspicions and explain away the events of the evening
>What a mess!

>> No.53340162

PLD - The Martel Manor Epilogue
>Thankfully, the Dean of the local institute for magical studies, an attendee at the Martels' shindig, is most interested in our heroines (and Lysander's "carcass.")
>she's putting them under house arrest at her campus to research Tome phenomena and other oddities for six weeks
>Beats the heck out of doing hard time!
>Our heroines return to the home of the serving girl Joan's family, and Gloriana has a touching reunion with her wholly platonic, buxom young friend
>Joan offers a plot of land on their property to lay Sigmund to rest
>Gloriana digs a grave and tries (and fails) to remember the song her mother sang at her oldest brother's funeral. Tears are shed into the open earth
>Cashmere imagines how many might die before their quest is through, and it terrifies her
>She uses magic to access the final memories of Sigmund from his cloak, which she was wrapped in after being rescued, giving him a neat IC epilogue
>Gloriana recites prayers to the True Gods as she buries him, and keeps his rifle as a memento, to return it if she should ever find any family of his someday, and to wield it in his quest in the meantime.
>Respects: Paid

>> No.53340170

PLD - The Mar College of Magickal Studies arc begins
>The Nightwalkers are going to college!
>New scenes, new faces, and downtime for weeks!
>they meet Cat, their tough but cute bodyguard/jailer
>Bon-Bon takes leave of the party
>Cashmere and Gloriana kiss for purely academic reasons
>and then the party finally meets two new player characters, Ashlyn and Cierra.
>they're in the company of Eiro Martel, the same noble braggart from that inn all those weeks before
>before the mine, before the manor, before the manticore, before trolls and terror, when Cashmere was still innocent and hope still glimmered in her eyes
>he's working with the Knights Inquisition, and they're hunting an ancient spider golem that's run amok and begun consuming monster flesh!
>and he "rescued" these two girls and brought them to his favorite Nightwalkers as a pretense to grill all of them on this golem business, to gloat, and to eat the heroines' (and Lysander's) pears!
>Gloriana and Lysander struggle mightily not to strike him
>Cashmere plays the role of Sensible Suzy and hides her paranoid fear of mischief
>Ashlyn suspects a conspiracy with no factual support
>and Cierra is released from a burlap sack, hissing and thoroughly draked
>Gloriana lays hands upon this irresistible new girl immediately, and her sad tale is unveiled once her corruption is purified
>For more Cierra adventures, download the Drake Hunt DLC!
>Eiro feels the overwhelming need to interrogate the poor girl about the events surrounding her traumatic violation.
>and the bastard is still eating their pear
>Smug and satisfied with what he can gather, Eiro takes off without getting punched, and the new iteration of the party is united at last!
Stay tuned next week!

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Thanks for posting these! Was a fascinating read.

>> No.53340224

Fuck you for posting these! Was a terrible read that is contributing to the cancer rending this general apart.

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It's a very fun game

>> No.53340245


>Thirty Years War.

But that's in 1618.

>> No.53340247

So both PtD and EC both look to be character centric games and imply an app period where the DMs will work with players through the app period instead of keeping it impersonal looking.

Do you think this will be the new game trend?

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File: 129 KB, 703x960, tmp_16696-leti-liu-12647176-10207133247763862-6091256254488809443-n19972887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They usually get turned in for a bounty. Most places don't take too kindly to bandits and brigands and usually put them down.

The ones that don't have a standing bounty on them or new recruits the authorities let us take as servants usually get branded and Reduced Person if they're cute. I'm willing to allow a tiny Maid around, but it's up to the other players to take care of them.

>> No.53340260


Depends on how popular the games are.

How long did it take other games to amass a large pool of applicants?

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File: 1.77 MB, 986x1000, bonfire.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53340296

Then 1618, still a very good year for campaigns!

>> No.53340346

How cute is Ashlyn?

>> No.53340366

Cute, but you'll have to wait for them to see the pic

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File: 1.51 MB, 1280x720, new-expansions-announced-for-crusader-kings-2-and_g83x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you prefer: Early/High/Late Middle Ages, Renaissance, or Early Modern for a setting? What do you think work/is best?

>> No.53340393


Did Bonbon finally die from paying the troll toll

Is Ashlyn going to inherit troll debt

>> No.53340398

Viking Age, High Middle Ages and Age of Reformation (1517-1648.)

The first because it's an age of simultaneous stability and flux, the second because lol medieval, and the last because it's a combination absolutism with effective firearms.

>> No.53340416

Renaissance to Early Modern for Pathfinder, SPESSSSSS for Starfinder. Once you can use even the lowest tiers of magic items, society as a whole should move up.

Obviously, people who think Pathfinder simulates any of those time periods is WRONG and is merely copying an aesthetic. Simply put, the only way to make SO MANY magic items weird and wonderful is if everyone emerged from their magical disaster shelter 20 years ago.

>> No.53340423

>tfw bonfire-chan won't love you back

>> No.53340446

Can you put Bonbon's troll toll logs up again, please?

>> No.53340449

I think the player wasn't having fun as Bonbon.

>> No.53340470


Was it because of troll mutations? Or was it just the personality?

>> No.53340491

bon-bon didn't get any troll mutations.

The corruption rules got changed specifically because she didn't. The offer was made to retcon some fun stuff to her, but she chose fresh blood instead.

>> No.53340508

I thought she got Troll tier Regeneration?

>> No.53340509


Is that the whole codification of "You either get pregnant or mutated" thing?

>> No.53340551

Who should be the Ottomans?

What about the Mongols (or what's left of them after the balkanized)?

>> No.53340556

That happened at the same time, but no. It was ruled that if you get brought into lewd from the negatives, you heal till 0, then gain Level*gained health in corruption, which doesn't grant xp like "transfers" do.

>> No.53340596


I don't get how this could be a source of un-fun.

>> No.53340626

Not getting transformations because you got captured before you could even get close to mindbreak was un-fun, for the scope of this game anyways.

Dainty clown girls giving birth to troll-kin sounds painful though!

>> No.53340669

Who wants to bet that Lysander abandons Ashlyn to some monster loving?

>> No.53340681


Lysander's logs are literally the only logs I want, don't hold out.

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File: 324 KB, 800x800, tmp_16696-1495194539876961040832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take it to the Discord if you want to talk about this stuff. Let people who have legitimate Pathfinder questions ask them without throwing up

>> No.53340691

Acquiring all the PLD logs would be fine.

>> No.53340711

No logs have been made. Vult overstretched himself with Lewds. He still needs to do Catmere log. He's got a backlog of logs. This is what happens when you rape a PC literally every session.

>> No.53340723


I keep getting conflicting info about the Lysander encounter.

>> No.53340801

Kiss didn't happen Ikid don't spread your slander

It was a blood ritual

>> No.53340802

How is nonstop rape supposed to be fun, considering he doesn't want the PCs to get "used" to unwanted monster cock?

>> No.53340821

Would it be unreasonable to ask a GM to wave the deity/alignment requirement on bladed brush.

I don't really see why you need to worship Sheyln(or anything for that matter) to be able to use a glaive in one hand.

>> No.53340838


Also why doesn't this seem to count towards Gloriana who has already fallen in love with her doggy daddy

>> No.53340849

>I demand 4chan of all places cater to my delicate sensibilities.

>> No.53340860

No, but there are plenty of venues to jerk off and talk about ERP shit.

/tg/ is not the board for it.

>> No.53340891

You realize that the lewdest thing posted was girls kissing, right?

>> No.53340898

Should I app to PotD first or EoFC? I'm getting the feeling that the large focus on characters these games have will make me take a lot of time for the app, also I don't know if I can do both.

>> No.53340900

That was Vuuuuuult

>> No.53340908

And bestiality.
And someone getting fucked by drakes that ate out her asshole
And a clown giving birth to troll babies.

Even if the lewdest thing posted was "two girls kissing" guess what, not for /tg/. You want to look at purest love, (You) take it to /u/.

>> No.53340913


Pilgrimage GM here.

You don't need to agonize so much over your app to my game. I want a general idea to get to know your tastes. If things need to be worked out, we'll talk.

I've already talked to a couple of folks. Don't be shy.

>> No.53340917

Get your PotD character squared away first, it's much more important to have that one refined properly.

>> No.53340922

Hinders pickpockets.
Keeps track of finances.
Admonishes you for overspending.

>> No.53340923

Neither because both campaigns look boring as hell.

>> No.53340933

What kind of campaign interests you, brohomie?

>> No.53340936

t. murderhobo

>> No.53340940

No, silly, she fell in love with her husband (though she was willing to share him with her friends!)

Corruption of the soul, Anon.

>> No.53340942

Thats almost as bad as handholding

>> No.53340943

EoFC is set to be slammed by celeb apps, your odds of sneaking in under the radar are much better for PotD.

>> No.53340951

Apparently you "want it" only after you're mindbroken, which seems to happen after you're consumed by corruption aka first pump or overhealed.

>> No.53340959


Probably lewdshit.

>> No.53340962

In 5e my warlock picked a pseudodragon because I was so tired of seeing imps as the optimal pick. Also he hates fiends.

>> No.53340977

I'm excited for MFM handholding in Blingmaker.

>> No.53340985

Who did your Warlock pick as their Patron then? An Outsider?

>> No.53340988

I hate lewd shit actually. It's why I didn't apply to Overlewd because otherwise it would have been my dream campaign.

>> No.53340989

aaaaaaaa The kiss didn't happen!

>> No.53340991

If a PC isn't super into murder, is into lewds, but still doesn't have a home, are they a lewdhobo?

>> No.53341008

That's a fuckvagrant, anon.

>> No.53341011

Oh so you're a edgy faggot?

>> No.53341013

Ensoulment GM here. One of the reasons so many of the apps currently made for my campaign are so short is that I've encouraged discussion between us and the players are asking for advice on where to go from their start. So, basically,

Apply to both! I've intentionally moved the app close time for Ensoulment back a few weeks to not step on PotDs toes by both of us recruiting at the same time.

>> No.53341014

So an Evil aligned Kingmaker game?

>> No.53341024


Are ancient dragons high enough in the power scale to serve as 5e warlock patrons?

>> No.53341037

Kinda. probably more centered around dealing with/uniting the monster races against the forces of Good and all that jazz.

>> No.53341038

So both games are light on the backstories before talking to the GM?

>> No.53341043

I think none of this post was about logs, and all of it was about WILL YOU SHUT UP ABOUT WHOEVER VULT IS AND HIS STUPID FRIENDS?

>> No.53341051

I want to apply to your game, but I don't know if the concept I have in mind would fit.

>> No.53341060

It sounds like rejected players will be able to participate themselves, not just that their character concepts will be used by the DM.

>> No.53341077

A true murdohobo player wouldn't give enough of a shit about the campaign premise TO find it boring.

>> No.53341078


I've specifically noted that we won't solidify things until session 0 because I want you all to have ties to each other, both positive and negative, and have room distinguish themselves and shine, while being able to develop over the course of the journey.

>> No.53341081

I want to apply next week. I'm super excited,just on a trip right now

>> No.53341083

I don't give a fuck about other games' logs, but I have the decency to let other people enjoy them and move on because it only takes me 3 seconds to move past it and its fucking pathfinder logs in a pathfinder general.

>> No.53341101

ERP isn't Pathfinder. There is nothing about those logs inherent to pathfinder.

And it's not just logs it's discussion about logs.

>> No.53341102

I'll look it up, bit the only ancient dragons I'm aware of are Bahamut and Tiamat. I'd ask in 5e General for that.

>> No.53341114

>implying it hasn't already happened
They went "stargazing," Anon! Without a chaperone!

>> No.53341116

but I'm heading to work and wont be back for eight hours so you might not get a prompt reply.

The most important part of an app for Ensoulment, for both my attention and the likelihood of recruitment, is your character philosophical center, the ideal, belief, even aesthtic, the SOMETHING they will be pushing upon the world through the massive, adventurous PR campaign that is the, at least beginning, of the princess' Ensoulment project. If you can get that part down, and write a little bit of backstory to create a basic but clear image of your character and support that SOMETHING, I'll definitely be watching your app.

And I will always respond to PMs yes.

>> No.53341126

I hate everything
Just because something isn't 'inherent to pathfinder' doesn't mean its not pathfinder related

fuck me I don't even know what something that is 'inherent to pathfinder' is.

>> No.53341132

Can we get an example of a philosophy?

>> No.53341142

I hate that Swordlord is so weak, because I like the fluff behind it. I want to play a suave duelist!

>> No.53341143


>> No.53341146

So just play a fucking warlord.

>> No.53341161

So we can go full Metal Gear with our apps?

>> No.53341179

The Undying Light, which we refluffed as a powerful being living on the positive energy plane. But there's also Fey and Old-god patrons, and the fucking Hexblade patron which is literally a weapon.

Honestly, maybe. You can take Grazzt as a patron, and he's just a very high-leveled demon lord. They'd have to fit into one of the patron categories, though.

>> No.53341185

PttD doesn't allow for that, and EoFC is conditional.

>> No.53341186

You don't happen to make games that don't have a premise?

>> No.53341192


>> No.53341203

So play a Rubato Bard or another dex-faggotry-initiating-archetype

>> No.53341222


>games that don't have a premise

What does that even mean?

Four murderhobos meet in a bar and fuck around until THAT GUY causes the group to explode?

Let's tell some damn stories. Why is Vult the only one that gets to tell a story in a custom setting, goddamnit?

>> No.53341227

Mohist Paladin is an idea

>> No.53341263

He's not?

WWW happened at literally the same time in an old west setting complete with gods, various religions, races, the whole shebang. it happens on the same day of the week as PLD. Nobody gives a shit about WWW because the entire thread is busy jerking off over PLD.

>> No.53341265

DHB's fighter got permitted, so it's worth trying to ask about the warlord.

>> No.53341284

...It means a story of people that got their own objectives, as opposed of starting in ultra-specific "save-the-world" situations?

And could you shut the fuck about about that "Vult" imbecile?

>> No.53341287

So shit Char Gen on top of a shit premise.


>> No.53341309

How wet does it scale on the Mohist meter?

>> No.53341310

Really? Thanks for the prompt, anon.

>> No.53341319

What does it take to make someone like you happy?

>> No.53341336

Not shit Char Gen or a not shit premise.

Alternatively an end to all this faggotry or it's banishment to the Discord. Both would put a smile on my face

>> No.53341344

oh, so you're just here to complain.

>> No.53341356

When we don't talk about rape for five second, Anon gets pissy.

>> No.53341360

I've been in those campaigns, but it usually requires the Players to do a lot of the work upfront. Provide their motivation, a detailed backstory for the GM to plunder, and a very good list of what they want to do.

I've had good results with it thanks to /mlp/

>> No.53341376

You said that before, but what does that mean? As in, what's your ideal chargen and ideal premise?

>> No.53341385

I can provide that, I'm -

>I've had good results with it thanks to /mlp/
Listen, as long as you're not an OBSESSIVE AUTIST and so it turns out this is only a red flag and a thing you enjoy on the side like a normal, functional human being, okay

But just so you know I never saw that actually happen

>> No.53341409

I could tell a story about the session I ran IRL last night. The party got tricked by a gnome wizard into wandering into an ancient, partially-flooded mine full of curses so she could ambush them with cultist allies.

>> No.53341439

The /mlp/ group has been happening for years. We made our own system on top of playing Pathfinder, DnD, Fantasy Craft, Cyberpunk 2020, and a bunch of other games.

Go ahead and provide the rest, I'm intrigued and would like to know more.

>> No.53341447

20 or 25 pointbuy
Path of War/psionics/DSP content
Spheres of Power I can take or leave.
Legendary Games content, particulary for the Vigilante and Kineticist
Kineticists of Porphyra.

The latter two I can take or leave as well.
I don't know man. I just know what I'm not interested in playing/playing as. That does probably sound petty/catty but I'm not good on pulling campaign ideas out of my ass at the drop of a hat.

>> No.53341459

There were already games that had this

If you didn't apply or didn't get in, its your own damn fault

Stop whining.

>> No.53341477

I mean if you were hosting a game that isn't MLP, and that's fantasy, I'd apply, with a "premise" like that.

>> No.53341482

An ancient dynasty comes to a sudden end when the crown prince murders his father and all of his siblings, and flees the realm in the company of a mysterious woman.

>> No.53341491

So what are good ways to get a Rubatto bard polearm proficiency? Preferably at first level, and without using a feat(or at least not the EWP/MWP feat).

>> No.53341496

> or didn't get in, its your own damn fault
So you're one of THOSE elitist faggots.

>> No.53341503

inb4 the ioun faggot

>> No.53341514

Heirloom Weapon.

>> No.53341516

be a half elf and get the one race trait that gives you an EWP

>> No.53341524

Confirmed then, git gud.

>> No.53341527

>how do I get poficinecny without doing the things that get me proficiency.
The only answer is heirloom weapon I guess.

>> No.53341543

I'm going to make an NPC for Ensoulmemt this week end!

>> No.53341547

Fuck off back to the discord faggot.
>implying skill has anything to do with it.
Well I guess knowing how to tickle people's dick counts as a skill, if you're a faggot. So you might be right.

>> No.53341548

But I still need a bit more to wrap my head around it.

Do you want a Sandbox campaign in Agrabah?

A Kingmaker campaign where you work to rule a place and/or run it?

Are you done of vanilla Dungeon Crawlers, where you are hired to clear a Fallout Shelter, I mean dungeon, of it's mutated inhabitants?

Do you want to be a Sky Pirate, or an Undersea Privateer?

I'm running a sci-fi campaign now, I can handle a lot, but I still need some directions. I've had one player want to play as a clone in a Cyberpunk campaign

>> No.53341552

So is this the ideal a Rubato must aspire to?


>> No.53341556

Go for it anon. I want to hear about it! Don't forget to give us a brief rundown of your chars and what shenanigans they've gotten into before this particular session.

>> No.53341567

Man, you are fucking SALTY

Maybe you should learn how to dicksuck a little

too bad you won't find me in the discord to dicksuck, fuckboy

>> No.53341579

Rory, stop.

>> No.53341589

Don't be retarded, Rory is a discordfag.

>> No.53341591
File: 933 KB, 200x200, deal with it dr cox.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There are people in this thread right now who are salty as fuck that PLD is going better than their game
Oh, I'm laffin

>> No.53341613

I'm not seeing any salt over that, its just someone whining that 'why does vult get to tell the stories why isn't anyone else!'

and the answer is because the thread only cares about PLD because its basically a lolcow of a game.

>> No.53341614

I mean not really. I only ever bothered applying to like one /pfg/ game, saw the results, and decided that the juice honestly isn't worth the squeeze. Still kinda salted about that game, but I'm just sort of annoyed really.

>> No.53341622

Mate I could create a new company from the amount of salt you've put out in this thread alone, /pfg/ saltmining inc.

>> No.53341629

>tried once and failed
>convinces himself it's never worth it to try

a true fox and the grapes case.

>> No.53341637

Like, I like to make characters that sort of have "nothing" to do at the time of game or don't have their great story ambition in mind already, that way they can adapt and take all the choices they want about the situation. They'd easily just travel around and discover the world they live in, until they heared about someone's problem and decided to involve themselves. They don't get up one day and say "Okay today I will start a quest to found my own Kingdom". They might foment the idea after a while of adventuring, but I prefer when they slowly start to push their fingers in people's pies, more and more until they got their two fists and one face into the cream, and then start thinking "Y'know what I might go back home and right some wrongs".

You know: you start doing some flavour stuff, roleplaying, till maybe you make a friend or an enemy, shit starts happening, more on page 2.

>> No.53341638

Is DHB's unchained fighter any good? I want to use the crossbow master archetype.

>> No.53341658

>nobody ever lies on the internet

>> No.53341661
File: 109 KB, 550x767, 1431851197410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What magic items should an unarmed unchained monk look for? Belt of Physical Perfection, Amulet of Mighty Fists, maybe a Monk's Robe (probably not at higher levels), Cloak of Resistance, and what else?

>> No.53341668

The reason PLD gets a lot of stories is that other games straight up aren't sharing even when asked about. PLD talk isn't solicited any more than most games, but even the Blingmaker posting only comes down to two of it's players flirting a lot.

I mean personally I don't mind PLD posting, but context.

>> No.53341669

Etan when??

>> No.53341687

Oh please, people are constantly going WHEN DO WE GET THE NEXT RAPE LOGS because shit is always memes, like the scat memes

Fuckin hell.

>> No.53341689

>the Blingmaker posting only comes down to two of it's players flirting a lot

Franze is a beautiful person

>> No.53341690

I mean, with each new app period I'm proved to be more and more correct.
What salt is there to be had? Like I don't find the new campaigns to have interesting premises or good char gen. And I'm generally annoyed with the inevitable deluge of waifu faggot and bullshit that's going to come and go with this app period.

>> No.53341697

>I-i-i didn't want to play your campaigns anyways, s-stupid /pfg/!!

>> No.53341705

This. I save all the good logs for private use. The thread only gets the meme stuff.

>> No.53341727

It's not hard to see why, when even FotJR/SotJR went on silent mode.

>> No.53341742

I very much did want to play in the campaign that I got rejected from. I have no trouble admitting that.

>> No.53341751

And what campaign was that?

>> No.53341756

Which campaign broke your heart anon

>> No.53341757

Well, think about it this way. If you play with a bunch of shitters and deliver higher quality RPing, you'll gain a reputation for being a solid player and you'll be more readily accepted into better games.

>> No.53341767

Just pay attention. PLD posting always starts from a post out of nowhere or in response to a question unrelated to the game. People do ask for logs, but that isn't special. People haven't dumped from Overlewd, RotJR went quiet even though it gets the most clamoring for, LoBaF shipping posts almost always go dead.

I don't believe in board culture shit so PLD can stay but there's really no doubt that it has the most needy players on /pfg/. Minus Rory.

>> No.53341797

Its all born from Vult being an attention whore himself, though we've known that since before PLD was a thing

>> No.53341811


I thought Cent posted their Emilia logs a while back

>> No.53341815

>Constant shitposting about both games every week
>Autistic tinfoil hat theories about the legitimacy of either group
>Endless demand for certain pairings even when the games still have yet to finish the first book
>nothing worth shitposting about happening in the games themselves
>seriously the SehtLiss thing blew up in-thread and it was fucking nothing IG

>> No.53341827

>Wist and IKiD
Nigga wat? Do you not have any filter between your mouth and that nugget of shit corn kernal you call your brain?

>> No.53341840

This trait is a pain in the ass and your GM can wreck your build forever if he wanted to, just cuck it up and get the proficiency feat.

>> No.53341843

Now why would i incriminate myself like that? I've probably said too much as is.
That would.
A. Require getting into a game in the first place
B. Imply playing in a campaign I'm not relly interested in, this hobby requires not insignificant time investment.
C. Seems needlessly manipulative.

>> No.53341844

Don't forget Rory witch-hunting FotJR

>> No.53341851

Its not like you're gonna apply again, so just tell us what game broke your heart.

>> No.53341853


Ring of Protection, Amulet of Natural Armor, Ring of Force Shield, Ring of Ki Mastery, Necklace of Ki Serenity, Deliquescent Gloves

>> No.53341866

Minds can change, I like to stay flexible.

>> No.53341881

How would anyone know it was you when most games have 20+ if not 30+ applicants, many of whom are unique

Besides its not like making a new roll20 is hard

>> No.53341885

>nothing worth shitposting about happening in the games themselves
Surprise Gnoll out of nowhere players could nothing to stop.

>> No.53341890

>your GM can wreck your build forever if he wanted to
How so?

>> No.53341910


By using the errata because HW is bullshit way over the optimization scale for a game and all it takes for HW: Errata ver. to be a dead feat is to disallow upgrading that specific weapon or breaking/stealing that weapon.

The errata'd stuff is fine. Kinda. But it's the same kind of social contract thing that a Paladin player needs to have with the GM.

>> No.53341915

It's hilarious that you mention the two most popular personality players in the game, in contrast to the three who are so background that they're never even talked about beyond their characters.

>> No.53341916

I have my reasons.
>How would anyone know it was you when most games have 20+ if not 30+ applicants, many of whom are unique

You underestimate the power of autism.

>> No.53341925

Ok, so you're just lying

>> No.53341931

You can tell me why I'm wrong, I don't know them, but I'm telling it how I see it. The PLD players are always calling attention to themselves, if you think a post is Gloriananon she'll usually confirm it with a picture whether or not you ask.

Maybe they're funposting or whatever, I'm not going to stop them and I think badwrongfun guys are way worse than PLD posters, but I think if the PLD crew was really just enjoying themselves and didn't care who heard them, they wouldn't spend so much time defending the game.

>> No.53341943

There are other players? I thought it was just those two losers and that faggot?

>> No.53341946


It's true, I've seen people basically forget about Lysander and Bon-Bon even existing. Which is sad.

Then again, they also don't go around screaming about LOOK AT MY LOGS, LET'S FLIRT WITH EACH OTHER IN THE THREAD WIST/IKID

Wist and IKiD both revel in the attention, which isn't unusual for people into noncon. The whole point of being a sub is to be given attention, so of course they're cancerous.

>> No.53341953

I highly doubt that, if only because of his hard-on for one of the players in it.

That one fucking thing was the only thing shitpost-worthy from Friday and it was dissected backwards, forwards, up, and down for WEEKS.
The bonus Shayliss scene even got overshadowed, probably to much relief

>> No.53341958

Believe what you want, bro.

>> No.53341965

Why two different neck slots?

>> No.53341971

The party has been running around the Land of the Linnorm Kings, and consists of:

>Pallastrius Culmerane, TN male human Fighter (Eldritch Guardian) from Varisia, this child of two professors at a prestigious mages' academy, who although fascinated by magic and well-learned found his natural talent were more suited to swordsplay
>Vivian, Pallastrius' Mauler familiar, who appears to be a fox but is actually a pooka who was cursed with a powerful polymorph as a punishment for being too violent and barbaric (when the party levels up next they'll hit 7th and Pallastrius will take Improved Familiar to "break" the curse on Vivian
>Camen Ray, TN male half-elf Brawler (Steelbreaker), the product of some pirate-on-lass action who has lived nearly his entire life at sea and is very unlearned in the ways of the world outside of piracy (a history he tries to keep secret from the party)
>Thrilda Thornwalker, TN female dwarf Ranger, an ex-bounty hunter who grew sick of making money off other peoples' heads and got the idea in her head that she needs to make amends for her past with good deeds; at the start of the campaign she was a recovering alchoholic, but she has since relapsed in response to needing a drink after nearly being drowned in a lake of blood by a horrifying man-lion monster
>Likzap, TN male kobold Sorcerer (Sage Bloodline)/Unchained Rogue planning to prestige into Arcane Trickster, a spy working for Boiltongue (White Estrid's "pet") who was sent to the town of Frembrudd where the campaign started to investigate certain rumors about a monster that was the campaign's opening hook; he has a very lofty opinions of dragonkind, particularly linnorms, and often goes on to anybody who will listen about the mighty "blood of the linnorms"

It should be mentioned that the party's average CHA score is 8.

Also accompanying the party is Freydis of Hermea, LG female human Slayer, an older NPC monster hunter who independently found the cult the party is hunting.

>> No.53341972

No he was definately doing it, the retard going 'gnon-consentual gnoll gnonsense' over and over like it was a funny joke was him.

>> No.53341978



>> No.53341981

Dude, I manage to pick out certain people from the original RotJR room in the thread sometimes, don't underestimate the power of anon autism.

>> No.53342003

That's not really witch hunting, that's just parroting a shitty meme

>> No.53342006

Neat. Got any more of their notable exploits?

>> No.53342012

when you keep bringing it up so you can post your 'totally funny meme' over and over like an attentionwhore, it is witch hunting, even if its Rory's ego making him be a whore.


>> No.53342019


This sounds pretty nice.

Are these the guys who are gonna be running into the "Cave of Barbarians Who All Stacked Death Curses"?

>> No.53342028

I understand you, bruh. I really do.

But I can't.

As a GM, I need MORE from you.

A setting, some place to light a fire in my mind as a GM.

Some backstory stuff for me to use as kindling.

A moment or an even to spark SOMETHING.

I've had Doctor's who've been hurt by Shadowrun teams, a Feychild exploring a ruined world, but they all provided more for me.

You need to upfront even a little bit more. A Mercenary between jobs, an Explorer looking for the next big temple, something.

Otherwise, you get my Special Surprise.

>> No.53342033

That mention of Gnon reminded me of a choice quote from a certain guy.

"Nick is the guy in that terrifying border region where he is smart enough to figure out several important arcane principles about summoning demon gods, but not quite smart enough to figure out the most important such principle, which is NEVER DO THAT."

>> No.53342039

Isn't singling out Wist and IKiD basically a confession that they're needy?

>> No.53342049


Yes indeedy they're needy

>> No.53342088

I didn't give a shit about PLD even as far back as its inception, but it seems like kind of a chicken-or-egg situation at this point. It's hard to tell what's really the thread's fault and theirs anymore.

>Wist and IKiD make characters for "the monster rape game"
>Wist and IKiD make two of the most heavily overmemed characters, either because of name recognition or just anons randomly latching onto them
>Wist and IKiD have two of the more disturbing rape scenes in the game's run
>Wist and IKiD post the logs of those scenes to 4chan, apparently of their own volition
>Thread blows those logs out of proportion to be even worse than they are
>Wist and IKiD--mostly IKiD apparently--drive the memes even further to taunt the thread

>> No.53342096
File: 20 KB, 275x299, 1490316217717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53342115

If they're really so needy, why wouldn't they just PM someone? I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd give them the attention they desire, and half the time IKiD drops in on the thread it's just to flirt or cutepost.

This smacks more of just teasing an easy target. They're not the subs with Vult as a lazy dom--they're the doms tormenting a thread full of subs.

>> No.53342118

Blame it on girls being girls and attention whores.

IKiD counts as a girl (male).

>> No.53342121


IRL women were a mistake.

Lysander's player is a woman, right?

>> No.53342128

anyone have a pathfinder character generator?

>> No.53342135


>> No.53342148

They could have been SMOOCHING, anon. A girl getting smooched by TWO guys!

>> No.53342151

You want to be popular, not easy.

>> No.53342155

I assume people are probably male unless proven otherwise. But it does become clear, after enough time talking to them, who's a man, who's a woman, and who's just a man pretending to be a woman.

PLD seems to be mostly women

>> No.53342164

Pathbuilder is what I use when I'm on mobile

>> No.53342175

Every day I'm more convinced that /pfg/ is mostly women.

>> No.53342180

How do you determine these things? Where can I learn your secrets. Like I get inklings, but I want learn how to be more precise.

>> No.53342189

Fair enough, though the more cancerous gnollposting wasn't the shitty one-off "puns". It being the only thing people seem to remember especially so. On one hand I hope something else happens that overshadows it, in the other it's probably for the best if those groups fade into obscurity.

>> No.53342195


I think they're all confirmed women except for Vult and maybe IKiD who nobody seems to know anything about.


A woman online will not be able to shut up about how she is a woman online.

>> No.53342204

I'm actually willing to bet, aside from CaptainSlow, Vult picked apps solely on if he knew the player was female or not.

>> No.53342212

Really? Everyone's assumed I'm a man for the longest time and I've just rolled with it.

>> No.53342213
File: 213 KB, 944x847, dwarven_soul___first_gloaming_by_ce_e_vel-d5y23sr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks anon, have a dwarven coin

>> No.53342222

>A setting, some place to light a fire in my mind as a GM.
Oh I can do that too. Just, not here, you know?

>> No.53342224

Patterns of "speech", general reactions to events, who they gravitate towards (like tends to go with like). For instance, Wist and QANON are both girls and tend to basically cling to each other like magnets.

It's not an exact science, of course.

>> No.53342225

This seems paradoxical.

>> No.53342233


This is basically confirmed.

>> No.53342237

I'd also bet that, actually.

>> No.53342238

>'gnon-consentual gnoll gnonsense'

What the fuck is that?

>> No.53342244

I use to greentext this campaign to /pfg/ every week, but I stopped because nobody seemed to care. We're somewhere like ~25 sessions in now, which has taken the party from level 3 to level 6 and across several of the Ironbound Islands in the Land of the Linnorm Kings as they travel towards the Mordant Spire and deal with cultists along the way.

Notable exploits include slaying a legendary wolf-like monster that had been skulking in the woods around Frembrudd for decades, saving a different town from raiding ettins, confronting a hideously transformed cult leader in the cavernous basement of an abandoned Thassilonian cathedral, accidentally murdering a shopkeeper to keep him quiet on what's come to be called "Diplomacy Island" OOC, and getting randomly 'ported over to the First World temporarily because ancient gnomish monasteries aren't a great place to just hang out at.

The last of those is also one of the most recent events in the campaign; the session before last was the party escaping from the First World and returning to the monastery to continue their work.

Sorta, they actually did that just last session except I decided not to have all the Barbarians stack death curses. The cave was still full of curses, though, and the party is walking out with... seven curses, or so? Only two of them are actually harmful though.

>> No.53342253

>Patterns of "speech"
What patterns of speech? I need details.

>> No.53342270


Have you ever READ Wist's posting?

Like it is some 100% basic bitch word usage.

IKiD comes off as a cuteposting guy, though.

>> No.53342287

A gnoll was introduced into RotJR to galvanize the heroes into action so they wouldn't spend their days getting comfy. It's a game with 18+ content, so it's not hard to guess how this was done.

The fact that even a devout Lamashtan would cross that much of Avistan to end up in Sandpoint raised a lot of contention in both the thread and the discord server. In the end, it hardly mattered--neither group was really too broken up about it OOC.

>> No.53342301

Not really. Hence why I asked for details/examples/places where I can learn more about this.

>> No.53342304

That sort of shit is legit sad.

>> No.53342308

You are certainly investing a lot of time complaining about all the games being bad, even though EotFC offers a chance for rejected players to play anyway, you say its premise and Chargen are shit, you tried once to get into a game and failed, so you can therefore never make it because it would take too much time and investment and you don't feel like learning how to make it. Whenever anyone asks "why don't you do 'x' to solve your problems" you come up with some excuse about how anything you do won't work, it's pointless to even try, etc. Go and find a lesser-known game, write up a good character, if you're bad at writing, learn how to get better. If you seriously can't find any games out there that you want to play in, then I guess you're out of luck, but sitting in /pfg/ bitching about how much you hate /pfg/ sounds like a pathetic alternative.

>> No.53342329

by PMing them, dork.

>> No.53342331

To be fair, I could assume that Wist is just a non-native English speaker or using the online etiquette of another country.

Likewise, IKiD could be a man or woman. The handle implies male, but if it's that firmly gendered it could also be a smokescreen or just a woman being incredibly chuuni.

>> No.53342341

By the Blade of QANON, I shall smite thee for thine slander of Wist!

>> No.53342350

It's probably Startoad, the guy just likes to whine and reject any actual advice because improving things takes work.

>> No.53342351

Chuuni women are cute, though.

>> No.53342354


I was waiting for it.

>> No.53342358

This meme is getting pretty stale, anon.

>> No.53342361

Damn straight.
Goes without saying that Rinka a best

>> No.53342365

A statement like "a woman online will not be able to shut up about how she is a woman online," doesn't exactly allow argument. Besides, you're the one bringing it up in the first place.

I haven't made any mention of my gender on the discord, and ignored brief speculation when it came up.

>> No.53342384

Posting on 4chan barely takes up anytime or effort.
>you don't feel like learning how to make it.
That implies there's something to learn and it isn't just shilling and luck.

>> No.53342389

Rinka is a fucking nerd and needs to give me her lunch money.

>> No.53342393

What game has StarToad applied to?

>> No.53342395

I wonder what the Blade of QANON is. Would it be a greatsword? A sabre? Or worse, a jian?

>> No.53342398


Anon, there will be an episode of Maury fucking Povich to see who the father is in nine months

>> No.53342409

>Somehow--don't ask me how--Svetlana Leveton is the father.

>> No.53342410



You have to . If you want a campaign that fits what you like, you have to throw out some ideas. Maybe not your exact idea, but something close. Maybe someone here will take it up or something similar.

>> No.53342411

probably none, because they are a "do nothing" kind of person.

>> No.53342416

Absolutely best taste.

>> No.53342418

That implies that a character like Brian-fucking-McNero would EVER make it into a /pfg/ game.

Okay. If you deny that there's anything you can do about your situation, that justifies you spending your time doing the exact opposite. Makes sense.

>> No.53342433


>> No.53342434

>don't ask me how
Look in your heart, anon, you know exactly how.

>> No.53342437

SMASH THE [email protected]

>> No.53342438

Six got into a game and that was almost as bad as Brian.

>> No.53342445

I'm now convinced it's strategist Startoad complaining

>> No.53342446

You are only proficient with that specific weapon. In terms of upgrading its not so bad with masterwork transformation so bows will still function, but you are fucked if you ever needed say, silver weapons for mithral current or if your weapon gets stolen/sundered into dust. Suddenly, the idea of dropping your weapon so you can full attack with a spare is out of the table because the threat of one of the scrub mobs picking it up and fleeing forever is very real.

>> No.53342452

Except one of the men is a Tiefling and the other's an Aryan?

Don't need a paternity test to tell who the father of Hellboy is.

>> No.53342460


>> No.53342469
File: 98 KB, 600x500, 1446775763284.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Describe your party comp and your mates.

So the party composition is:

-Gnoll Alchemist - with Mad Scientist Roleplay, enjoys cooking exotic stuff and regular stuff - NG

- Goblin magic item crafter - another mad scientist roleplayer, lives in the inquisitor backpack, he is asking the DM if there is a way to craft a laboratory inside the inquisitor backpack - N

- Kitsune Soulknife - He want to be a Jedi - N

- Human Inquisitor - Drunk bastard worshiper of Cayden Cailean, grumpy as fuck and wants to help people when its possible. - CG

- Ellan - Cryptic/Monk -Was a worshiper of Cayden Cailean with the Inquisitor, they had a tavern together, but went a bit mad when he stared at some bizarre old god gibberish - LG

>> No.53342474

But 4916 is actually hilarious and well crafted

Nero is a legit donut steel OC

>> No.53342482

Six was funny, though, or if you didn't find her funny, she was at least a joke.

Nero McBrain seems to have been made with complete seriousness.

>> No.53342487

I miss Doug.

>> No.53342488

>party is hunting the cult of Auganok, a nascent demon lord who favors the wild savagery of beasts to civilization, espousing that the weak exist to be preyed upon by the strong and that by eating the flesh of your enemies you can take their strength into your body
>they have a map of the Ironbound Islands which shows several active cult locations, pilfered from the first cult encampment the party stumbled across
>at a gnomish monastery called the Shay Citadels, where gnomes undergoing the Bleaching go to understand and hopefully survive their transformation
>the monastery's towers are made of a strange, milky-colored crystals that shift in hue, sitting at the base of a waterfall in a lush valley
>the crystals (and thus the towers) periodically shift to and from the First World, hence how the party temporarily got stranded in the First World
>having returned to the Shay Citadels, the party goes to speak with one of the head monks (taking care not to actually enter any buildings this time) and ask if she has seen any cult activity
>The monk recognizes the name Auganok and promises to help purge the goddess' influence from the valley IF it is present, but tells the PCs she hasn't seen any cultists before suggesting they go speak to Etora, a gnomish wizard living at the top of the valley who has an eagle eye view of what happens within it
>Etora tells the PCs that she HAS seen strange figures skulking around at night, and that whenever she mentions them to the head monks they brush her concerns off, indicating to the PCs that somebody has to be lying to them
>Trusting Etora, they learn from her that the cultists seem to come and go from a cave behind the waterfall

Amusingly, when the party first saw the cave the players guessed the cultists would be there but decided to check it out later, then ended up on a two-session road trip taking the scenic route through the First World.

>> No.53342499

Nobody cares or ever will

>> No.53342503
File: 41 KB, 528x960, neromcbrainirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53342505

Pendragon has shared every session and no one incessantly memes that shit over multiple threads like PLD fucking does.

>> No.53342506

First time pathfinder gm here. Im going to be running a strange aeons campaign with an intro to the system for my players using the beginners box plus the gallows of madness module to get them into the feel of the thing. Anyone have any suggestions?

>> No.53342511

Hello, I'm Doug.

>> No.53342514

Stop I don't want to dig this deep again

>> No.53342518

Ignore that other anon. I think it's very interesting. I'm sorry I wasn't around when you were posting the other greentexts. It seems like a fun campaign.

>> No.53342521

It doesn't always show. The kid sometimes just gets sorcery later.

>> No.53342522
File: 2.43 MB, 400x200, working.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the writers block is going away

>> No.53342523

Ban paladins and other fear immune classes

>> No.53342524

Wait, isn't the First World not great for non-Fey life?

>> No.53342525

What is the First World? I forgot and my phone i

>> No.53342526

When you're flipping over rocks, don't be surprised at whatever slithers out.

>> No.53342528

Can you join?

>> No.53342532
File: 121 KB, 524x492, 1435726040078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53342541


Gnomes are interplanar refugees from the fey realm that they call the First World.

>> No.53342542

Seeing as how someone specifically asked for logs, you are objectively wrong.

>> No.53342546

Hard to run a horror game if chars are immune to fear

>> No.53342548


It's where the fae live.


It's perhaps the single worst place non-fae could ever be.

>> No.53342550

Read the AP. The entire AP. Make sure that you allow yourself ample time to edit it to fit your group if there's something that seems like it's going to get boring, slow, or too tough.

If you want to run Strange Aeons as a horror campaign, use house rules to mitigate fear immunity and add insanity mechanics. Going through Horror Adventures or maybe a bit of the old 3e Ravenloft conversion books might help.

>> No.53342552

What is the point of spooky campaigns when some faggot can't be spooked.

Its like one of those faggots RPing characters that are fearless and never cowed by the most terrifying of things because muh grizzled badass.

>> No.53342558

I wouldn't be surprised, he's pathetic like that.

>> No.53342559

I'm sure they regret it after seeing that banal wall of text

>> No.53342565

The Abyss is worse, at least with the First World you might get a big fat horse dick.

>> No.53342574

Strange Aeons is based on CoC which is all about a bunch of hapless (albeit heroic) murder hobos and half the fun of the games involve PCs getting spooked and even going to the extent of playing along.

Suddenly throwing a fear immune faggot pretty much cheapens the experience and reduces it to another beast slaying campaign.

>> No.53342577

>Fear immune characters facing horrors
>They confront it, but in doing so, must accept the truths that the abyss speaks to them

>> No.53342578

I don't know... Can I?

>> No.53342583

Limiting options in a starter game is already a bad idea.

Unless the players are veterans, then no problem.

But if everyone is fresh to the world, it can be a letdown.

>> No.53342589

Is Fear Immunity meant to represent an incapacity to feel fear, or the ability to never be affected no matter how scared you are?

>> No.53342613

Isn't there a "madness" mechanic? Or its just all about of being spooked?

If is the only core mechanic, welp, no paladin, clerics, spells allowed.

>> No.53342615

That just leaves more questions, like who's the bull, and who's the cuck?

>> No.53342623



Just because you're immune to fear doesn't mean you can't despair. It doesn't mean you can't be paralyzed by choices.

You just need a more sinister thing than something that threatens the Paladin himself. You need to attack his ideals and threaten him with falling from grace by the sheer oppressiveness of a situation.

This gives you immense opportunities for both heroism and failure, as long as you're not an asshole who actually makes the Pally fall from grace.

>> No.53342626

Depends on GM and player interpretation, but the thing is that it's going to be problematic for a horror game either way.

If you're immune to the mechanics alone, you're basically the one guy in the party who basically gets a free pass through most of the horrifying traps or monster abilities.

If you're immune to the feeling of fear as well, you're going to be alienated from the experience unless the GM has a really good way to pull you in despite your character explicitly being unafraid/unaffected.

>> No.53342629

Basically turns you into Kratos which sounds like fun until you realize that it makes the PC involved look like a prick.

>> No.53342646

>Starter game
Just run a couple of modules

>> No.53342648

Basically, being fear immune doesn't prevent SAN loss.

>> No.53342657

First off, y'all need to fuck off back to imagefap or /gif/ or wherever you came from.
Second, if both of them were involved with full knowledge of the threesome, there's no cuck.
Third, if neither of them are married or in a committed relationship with the woman in question, there's no cuck.

>> No.53342697

Not on 4chan no not doing that in public not here of all places.

>> No.53342718

I mean ignoring the horrid, horrid anachronistic art with the fucking UNION JACK. The character seems kinda average Writing definitely a bit below average, it's not My Immortal.

Back story could use a one over but it doesn't seem to be HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK tier bad. Most of the horror seems to come from the fact that you've doxed the poor fuck.

>> No.53342720

I was thinking a san stat based on each lowest attribute stat. Each time a character encounters something spooky related to that stat they make a save and suffer modfiers if they fail

>> No.53342722

So you're saying the girl really did get spitroasted or DPed by the two guys? That's a lot of man for one small woman!

>> No.53342726

I'd say base it on their lowest mental stat, it wouldn't make as much sense for their lowest physical stat.

>> No.53342735

Well, sort of.
The threesome kind of turned into a twosome partway through.

>> No.53342746

It's mostly the fact that the player has used the character as is while applying to a lot of roll20 games without making any effort to adjust him to fit the tone of the campaign.

>> No.53342761

I've only got about 10 sessions left in my homebrew campaign and I want to try out Pathfinder. Post something SIMILAR to what you want or some other vagueries. Maybe I'll run it here or inspire me to do something.

>> No.53342765


>> No.53342776

QANON! QANON! Say I'm cute.

>> No.53342781

New thread:


>> No.53342794

Explain, I need details.

>> No.53342810

"What started as a threesome turned into me watching them have sex."

>> No.53342814

>not an estoc
You disappoint me, QANON.

>> No.53342818



>> No.53342829

How do you start a threesome but (quite literally) pull out of it halfway through?

>> No.53342834

What if they're all married to each other?

>> No.53342847

Because they pulled out of you. And started putting it in each other.

>> No.53342851

Fail a fortitude save

>> No.53342858
File: 353 KB, 977x697, yandere service with a grin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53342859


>> No.53342869

QANON, my liege, have I served you well?

>> No.53342888

They decided to cut out the middle-woman and go full homo, duh.

>> No.53342889

>Andrik and Kyras are more into each other than whatever girl they were sharing


>> No.53342893

Pilgrimage and Ensoulment are both dominated by male apps. Have all the waifucrafters already been picked up?

>> No.53342908

>tfw not considered a waifucrafter

>> No.53342912

Broodie unleashed their waifucrafting skill upon Pilgrimage, surely there's more out there though

>> No.53342920


Wait, I thought sleep wasn't into male/male.

Was I led astray?

>> No.53342931

Pilgrimage and Flower will only be complete when Wist, IKiD and Sappy make their characters for it.

>> No.53342937

Ensoulment was clearly an otome game from the start
Pilgrimage has Mehetabel and Bellum, though.

>> No.53342945


I'm 100% fine with an ALL MANLY BROS party.

I don't think it'll turn out that way, but I'm not opposed to the idea at all.

>> No.53342946

Pilgrimage also has Anyabelle

>> No.53342953

Sappy was asking questions in the Ensoulment LFG, so there's definitely going to be a top-tier waifu in there.

>> No.53342959

tfw Pilgrimage is exactly the game you've been looking for, but you're having the worst case of crippling writers block in years.

>> No.53342969

Are you me?

>> No.53342978

Let me help you anons! whats wrong with you!

>> No.53342993

Didn't you read that Seht/Kyras piece?

>> No.53342997


Don't be afraid to throw something out even if it's just a huge WIP.

I don't mind giving feedback. Other anons have asked for advice, and I've been giving small reviews already.

>> No.53342998

Sappy had one good thing once. Hardly inspiring.

>> No.53343005
File: 78 KB, 462x462, 1346903812889.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>whats wrong with you

>> No.53343009

>so there's definitely going to be a top-tier waifu in there
Did you see her app for TSS? I'm beginning to think that Valeriya was more of a fluke than the trend.

>> No.53343012

What do we need for ultimate Otome?

>> No.53343013

Start thinking about how you would shape your country's culture if you had the opportunity to.

>> No.53343017

Look man, Sappy had one good Waifu

They're not a seasoned waifucrafter, I'm willing to say they have potential.

>> No.53343033

Which character was it again?

>> No.53343039



>> No.53343059

>Implying he didn't know it was a bamboozle and didn't just submit a hastily written character for the attention

>> No.53343069

It was the human daughter of a vampire clan, I think? She was super cute and had waifu potential, but just wasn't a good mesh with the game theme.

>> No.53343074


>pocket rocket

>> No.53343090

Is this some sort of samefag bullshit?
Pretty sure most of pfg agreed the character was out of place as fuck.

>> No.53343109

I'm saying what pfg is saying, she's cute but totally out of place for a Jungle adventure.

Shame about it being a bamboozle, I was looking forward to tan lines.

>> No.53343168

I think people are adopting the wrong strategy here, they are trying to seduce the princess, forgetting that she is aloof and uninterested in most things, probably including sex and romance.

What is she interedted in? Pretty dresses. Boyband meta is a trap, Ballgown meta is where its at.

>> No.53343201


The true path to success in an otome meta is to be some form of manipulative and abusive.

Emotional abuse = <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 please say even crueler things to me, master!

>> No.53343339

Thank you Anon. I appreciate it.

>> No.53343775


>> No.53344978

t. a lazy and worthless player with no drive and fuck all to contribute

>> No.53345001

You learn this by observing human beings in their native environment.

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