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>> No.53336391

An attempt at setting up an Arbites team as an option and having them have a role rather than just being generic.

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Interesting. Any particular reason you went away from the Necromunda rules for arbiters? I'm seeing riot shields and power mauls only available for specialists and leader.

>> No.53336712


Mostly a massive change in role from the necromunda rules.

In Necromunda they were the elite faction. They ignored a lot of rules that other factions needed to deal with (They couldn't starve, they got cybernetic replacements easily) and got a heap of gear that other factions needed to scrimp and save to have a chance to find (Carapace armour for example).

However in a game with Space Marines and Nid Warriors, they couldn't really fill that role and I felt that needed a refocus to give them a role they could have.

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If you recall, in Necromunda you had a team of ten, but you could only bring five of them for each mission. I'm not convinced they couldn't fill an elite team role in swag as well.

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I'm not really sure what they'd reasonably bring in an elite role in Shadow War that other factions don't bring better versions of. Power armour and Flip Belts are kinda hard to out-do.

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what in the blue hell would of team of Arbites be doing deep down inside the bowels of a hive city on besieged Armageddon??

>> No.53336999

The same thing they do in any hive city. They're the police ffs.

>> No.53337003


Because they live in said hive city? The Arbites are the last line of defence for any hive city.

Heck, the Enforcer books go into a lot of detail about how the Fortress of Justice is designed to be able to hold out even if the PDF itself rises up in rebellion.

Why wouldn't they be there?

>> No.53337027

They'd be a different flavour for sure. Everyone in an arbites team have access to power mauls and riot shields. That along with shotguns with executioner rounds, the cyber mastif handler and one potential special/heavy weapon makes them pretty unique. Personally I am not craving rules for arbites, but if the rules are well brewed I'd certainly allow them in our private campaigns if anyone wants to run them.

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My concern with that is that it doesn't give you much in the way of actual choice if you go with arbites getting everything from the start. Forces like Grey Knights and Tau have a bit of that issue and it makes them a tad dull on the progression front.

Or did you just mean the entire list having access to all the toys?

That and they are on the more elite front as it is, being very good at both shooting and melee. 2A specialists and Riot Formation means that they'll often beat space marines in melee combat (Even if they'd prefer to shoot Harlies).

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Read up on how arbites worked in Necromunda and judge for yourself. They never progressed. You'd have a team of ten units from which you picked out five for each mission (six if you chose the cyber mastif handler and dog).

>> No.53337199


I know how Arbites worked in Necromunda. Not progressing is not really a fun mechanic and the '10 pick 5' doesn't really work well with a game with some rather unimpressive injury tables and a generally higher power level.

The 'They have plenty of resources so they don't worry about buying gear' also feels rather out of place when Imperial Guard and even Grey Knights need to purchase gear.

I like the Necromunda Arbites but I don't think a 1:1 translation would work well for Shadow War.

>> No.53337664

Of course not a 1:1 translation but staying as close as possible at the very least.

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Mek with Kustom Mega Slugga, after a stellar performance last game, he has the model he deserves

>> No.53338642

That's outstanding!

>> No.53338680

Anyone planning on getting some games in against their cats this weekend?
Are any of you actually cats?

>> No.53338954

My cat and I have been arguing about the faq. It's third party stuff as we all know but my cat claims it's official. Stupid cat.

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I won lads, and came second with my model and scenery painting.

Anyone else been playing at their local GW store?

>> No.53339279

I have, but the stupid inner circle event occupied the entire store and prevented me from winning last week.

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Nigga, I'm gonna need pics of dat shit

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Is there a tactica anywhere for this? I have really no idea where to start building my team

>> No.53339529

What army are you playing? We can probably give you some direction.

>> No.53339565

If your opponent is normal guys: Pin them
If your opponent is not normal guys: Kill them with plasma
If your opponent is bugs: Kill them with plasma and also krak grenades

>> No.53339655


And if your team lacks plasma?

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>> No.53339678

This is why it's important to say what kill team you're playing.

>> No.53339701

Kroot homebrew.

>> No.53339712

Change team, or use an other weapon, priorities are in order
>high impact
>multiwound and/or sustained fire
>high str & penetration
If you need more special weapons, like orks do, consider trying to suicide your leader and promote a specialist in his place, if it goes badly your leader might get a bunch of 'what doesn't kill you' instead.

>> No.53339749

>guy made a thread earlier
>made it first
>people completely ignored it


>> No.53339803

>suicide your leader and promote a specialist in his place
I don't think it allows you to take one more specialist. Your new "specialist-leader" doesn't change his type, he's still a specialist, and he still counts as such when counting your total number of specialists.

>> No.53339805

What do you have?
7 ws4 s4 guys with bolters and 2 knives each, 3 with sniper rifles?

>> No.53339840

>They become the new team leader, losing their previous role
It definitely does work, but, you know, then you're playing without a Leader, that usually has better stats and special gear (the promoted leader could buy the gear, obviously)

>> No.53339921

Oh okay, didn't remember the exact wording. Thanks.

>> No.53340233

>call the game Armageddon
>No rules for the most important Chapter in that conflict

>> No.53340385

>Chaos team, Mark of Chaos Undivided only
>Novitiates/Cultists get scout armor, shotties, and nades
This also confirms that Templars ARE Chaos.

>> No.53340562

Disgustingly heretical.

>> No.53340592

Simply don't use cultists.

>> No.53340632

Only related thing I could find was in the FAQ.

>Q. If a leader dies in battle, in the post-game sequence another member of the kill team takes the role of leader. But the rulebook says that if you have a leader you can't have another one. If my Scout Sergeant dies, and another Scout takes his place, does this mean I can't recruit another Scout Sergeant for the rest of the campaign?
>A: Yes.

Nothing there about specialists, although I would assume that you actually can't recruit another one; you're new "leader" is still a specialist and still takes up one of those slots.
But I dunno. The rules for this aren't well written, to be honest.

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I think >>53339840 was quoting the basic rulebook but I can't check because atm I have a really crappy connection.

>> No.53340726

Do you mean the one that is three days old? Link?

>> No.53340765

If you're playing a KT like guard or Tau you pretty much outright benefit from losing your leader.

>> No.53340797

If you tell us what faction you play, or how you prefer to play, we might be able to help.

>> No.53340842

If my special weapons operative becomes my new leader, does it gain the special abilities of the leader as well?

>> No.53340883

Yes. Unless you're talking about stuff like aspiring champion special rules.

>> No.53340976

I was thinking of the voice of command ability of my veteran sergeant.

>> No.53341246

They don't.
They just take the place of your leader. No stat upgrades, no special rules.

>> No.53342557

So it's really not such a good idea to suicide your leader.

>> No.53343164

Cultists dont get shit. Thats not totally true, i had a great time with three axe wielding maniacs against Guard but hey

>> No.53343514

Possibly because the picture is not recognisably swag.

>> No.53343592

Depends on the team.
Orks, Skitarii, and Sororitas don't lose any special rule, only a model with some stat upgrades.
The new leader will be worse in melee, less resilient (that's a big deal), and for the humies even less of a leader, but think of the dakka.
3 rokkits, or 4 arquebuses, or 3 heavy bolters. That changes the playstyle of the faction.

>> No.53343694

Also Nids and Marines... 3 venom cannons? 3 plasmaguns?

>> No.53343846

>4 marines vs 12 orks
>The raid, saving a kidnapped marine
>marines kill two orks and get detected
>proceed to butcher all 10 Orks
I lost all my games against him before, but then my leader got the disarm skill and Ws+1.

A bit weird my leader got better by being beaten up, but in the end he managed to stop a charging nob with a power klaw dead in his tracks.

>> No.53343925

It was never a good idea to let leader die in the first place. Most Leaders have higher Ld than everyone else, and Ld can't be increase through advance. You want to control when to bottled out, not getting bottled out more often.

For team like Necron or Nid, everyone have Ld 10, but only Nid Leader can roll Guerilla Skill which have the skill that give +50 supply point, very good for them.

Also if your leader is slain you can't recruit or rearm until after next mission.

>> No.53343962

Sure, but the example above of factions that would benefit was guard and Tau.

>> No.53343978

Yeah I'm sceptic towards deliberately getting rid of your leader. Sounds like a dumb thing to do.

>> No.53344023

Forgot to mention that all Guerilla Skill are great, reroll Hunt (to avoid the "lose 1 guy" result), reroll failed ammo, reroll serious injury...

>> No.53344436

Looks like the Tau Pathfinder box has everything someone needs to make a whole Kill Team. 10 Pathfinders and 3 Drones. That might make them the best budget Kill Team for SWA.

>> No.53345032


>> No.53345123

Is the mini balanced enough to stand on it's own or do you have to have the grot there to keep the mini from tipping over?

>> No.53345140

Apart from spec ops.

>> No.53345189

Their spec ops are bad anyway.

>> No.53345222

Looking for input. Putting this GK list together. This version would be campaign entry. I figured I could upgrade gunner's weapon

>> No.53345894

played my first few games

gauss blasters are scary
inquisitors are tough cookies
don't be in the same hemisphere as an eversor when the red mist hits

>> No.53346441

Debating if i should take incinerator over power sword?
Also nades.
Havent played yet.

>> No.53346562

shoot > stab

>> No.53346609

Do not listen to this false prophet.

>> No.53346636

I tried to stab instead of shoot once and tyranids ripped my flesh.

>> No.53346653

Well just stab better.

>> No.53347195

So, I asked this in the last thread (and upon research it seems like there is a way to play SWA via Tabletop Simulator), but, is anyone interested in creating a /tg/ SWA campaign?

SteamID: Kor_clamantis

>> No.53347263

So, if I start with 5 chaos marines.
Champ with power sword and plasma pistol
Plasma gun
Bolter marines x3

Do I add three auto gun cultists (I could fill out the points better with a guy who has a weapon and pistol but why would I if auto guns are better?)
Or a marine with bolt pistol, sword and krak grenades?

>> No.53347319

autopistols get +2 to hit at short range, which is good for a BS3 moron tier fighter who wants to be close to the enemy anyway.

>> No.53347444


That's fantastic


I've retired my Chaos Warband already, double autocannon was winning me every game by like the 3rd turn at most.

>> No.53347451


>Wins 2nd prize painting
>Wins shadow war comp
>Doesn't post any pictures

what the fuck?

>> No.53347476

>double autocannon was winning me every game by like the 3rd turn at most.
Sounds like a very bad case of not enough cover, certainly not enough LoS blocking cover.

>> No.53347593

Why not make one of the 3 bolter marines a gunner so you can minimize the time between having a second one and getting them a real weapon?

>> No.53347623

Got most of my wyches together (hopefully putting in magnets today), but outside my syren I'm not really sure of the best way to differentiate which minion is which.
Outside memory, any suggestions?

Also, where do you look to get lore appropriate names for your dudes?

>> No.53347635


Inquisitor with plasma pistol, power sword, power armor.

2 x crusaders with storm shields and power swords.

Proceed to molest bugs.

>> No.53347646


Add more cover and scenery. This should not be played like 40K

>> No.53347698

I'm new to pretty much all of this but want to play Space Marines. I've got a unit of 5 scouts and prefer to play things a little slow and safe so I'd lean towards more of the shooting than the melee. How would you recommend building my team?

>> No.53347707

honestly you can get away with using chainswords instead to start

power swords are pricey, and until you start getting strength buffs only really offer a slightly better AP value

>> No.53347782

What does /tg/ think of my starting Nurgle warband?

>> No.53347860

Kind of shitty, but I almost tried

>> No.53348279


I just wanted to run my list by you guys before I start building.

++ Kill Team (Inquisition) [995pts] ++

+ Leader [415pts] +

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor [415pts]: Camo gear [5pts], Frag grenades [25pts], Power armour [10pts], Power sword [50pts], Storm Shield [50pts]
. Needle Pistol [50pts]: Toxic rounds [20pts]

+ Troopers [450pts] +

Inquisitorial Acolyte [150pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Frag grenades [25pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

Inquisitorial Acolyte [150pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Frag grenades [25pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

Inquisitorial Acolyte [150pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Frag grenades [25pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

+ New Recruits [130pts] +

Inquisitorial Initiate [65pts]: +1 WS, Autopistol [15pts]

Inquisitorial Initiate [65pts]: +1 WS, Autopistol [15pts]

++ Total: [995pts] ++

>> No.53349010

I play guard and I just painted a colored stripe on the side of their bases to tell who's who, with tally marks on the two grenadiers.

>> No.53349062


I did just that with chainswords. The nice thing about the power sword is it has a -3 armour save modifier. Perfect for Space Marine Scouts, Necrons, Tyrranid Warriors, etc... Your storm shield makes you stupid survivable.

>> No.53349103


Replace storm bolters with regular bolters. Replace initiates with crusaders. Arm them with chainsword and storm shield.

Give the inquisitor a bolt pistol. Half your squad shoots, the other half charges. Might have enough points leftover for telescopic sights or something. Upgrade later to better pistols, power swords and storm bolters.

>> No.53349165

Killing Orks trying to get into the city? Killing cowards trying to escape the city? Killing looters trying to weaken the city?

>> No.53349266

>the most important Chapter in that conflict

But Blood Angels are on the cover, anon.

>> No.53349277

Why replace the Storm Bolters? They're great. I would get rid of the frag grenades on the shooting guys though. This is my list.

++ Kill Team (Inquisition) [1000pts] ++

+ Leader +

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor [335pts]: Plasma pistol, Power armour, Storm Shield

+ Troopers +

Inquisitorial Acolyte [155pts]: +1 BS, Photo-visor
. Storm Bolter: Red-dot laser sight

Inquisitorial Acolyte [155pts]: +1 BS, Photo-visor
. Storm Bolter: Red-dot laser sight

+ Specialists +

Crusader [185pts]: Power Maul, Storm Shield

+ New Recruits +

Inquisitorial Initiate [85pts]: Rad Grenades

Inquisitorial Initiate [85pts]: Rad Grenades

++ Total: [1000pts] ++

>> No.53349950

Industrial bases with numbers painted on the ground looks great and makes identifying a snap. This is actually REALLY fucking important because Recruits can't help pinned fighters get up.

>> No.53350354


How about this

++ Kill Team (Inquisition) [1000pts] ++

+ Leader [365pts] +

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor [365pts]: Bolt pistol [25pts], Camo gear [5pts], Power armour [10pts], Power sword [50pts], Storm Shield [50pts]

+ Troopers [450pts] +

Inquisitorial Acolyte [150pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Frag grenades [25pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

Inquisitorial Acolyte [150pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Frag grenades [25pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

Inquisitorial Acolyte [150pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Frag grenades [25pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

+ Specialists [185pts] +

Crusader [185pts]: Power sword [50pts], Storm Shield [50pts]

++ Total: [1000pts] ++

>> No.53350644

tried a genecult list today. god, they feel like trashgarbage

>> No.53350890

Swap the flamer for a plasmagun, blight grenades arent the best
Frag Grenades, Needle pistol and toxic rounds are all inferior to a plasma pistol on your inquisitor. Your acolytes should be shooting at a long distance, not tossing frags up close. Give the grenades to your initiates instead of pistols, and bring a third initiate.

>> No.53351505


I have a updated version


>> No.53351621

Same stuff still stands. Plasma Pistol is an order of magnitude better than bolt pistol, acolytes should be blasting from a long distance instead of throwing frags. Never underestimate the efficacy of a cheap recruit tossing 'nades up close though, and you can shift gear around every time you promote a recruit and buy a new recruit. If the recruit doesnt survive long enough to get kitted out, well, he served his Emperor as best he could.

>> No.53351687


New updated version

++ Kill Team (Inquisition) [1000pts] ++

+ Leader [400pts] +

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor [400pts]: Camo gear [5pts], Digital Weapons [10pts], Plasma pistol [50pts], Power armour [10pts], Power sword [50pts], Storm Shield [50pts]

+ Troopers [375pts] +

Inquisitorial Acolyte [125pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

Inquisitorial Acolyte [125pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

Inquisitorial Acolyte [125pts]: +1 BS, Camo gear [5pts], Storm Bolter [55pts]

+ New Recruits [225pts] +

Inquisitorial Initiate [75pts]: +1 WS, Frag grenades [25pts]

Inquisitorial Initiate [75pts]: +1 WS, Frag grenades [25pts]

Inquisitorial Initiate [75pts]: +1 WS, Frag grenades [25pts]

++ Total: [1000pts] ++

>> No.53351710

Needlepistols aren't inferior to Plasma.
They're better in melee, as autowound and -1 armor is better than S4 and -1 armor.

In ranged shooting, autowound is usually slightly better than an S7 hit, though the armor mod for Plasma is better.

They're really rather similar, but the Needler is a more universal weapon, especially given how most teams have armor that -1 mod is enough to mostly negate.

Now later on, you may as well get two pistols AND a sword for when you must melee through armor.

>> No.53351762

s7 lets you pin big gribbly buggers while usually ignoring their armour though, and keeping armoured GK/Nid behemoths and flippy Harly blender units away is something i value incredibly highly. You're right though, needle pistol isn't awful, but the plasma remains superior in my opinion, possibly since i face alot of late-campaign melee teams
As far as initial teams go, thats a tough proposition to face, and Inquisition are about the only team worth spending buckets on your leader. You should expect to lose an initiate or two, but thats what they're there for.

>> No.53351951

>you can shift gear around every time you promote a recruit and buy a new recruit
Not when you buy a new recruit. New recruits have to participate in one fight with the equipment you buy for them when recruiting them.

>> No.53351998

That was the intent of what i said, but i did word it poorly.

>> No.53352001

Why both power armor and storm shield? Seems like, with how common the armor penalties are, you'd be always using the SS anyway

>> No.53352013

Otherwise he has carapace armour and its shit-tastic -1 to initiative

>> No.53352136

Sum up your kill team in one image.

>> No.53352180


>> No.53352187

For some reason, my nids capture enemies as often as we kill them

>> No.53352198


>> No.53352215

With guns

>> No.53352235

Test model ready for the 2nd Vitrian Dragoons (Vostroyans) all finished. Just need to dullcote it and it's all done.

Funny it's hard to find alternative colour schemes for Vostroyans.

>> No.53352239


>> No.53352402

Just played a day league thingo with this list, came second. Added a Cultist with autogun and two assault blades, handed one blade off to shotgun, and added a marine with MoK, bolt pistol, chainsword and red-dot, red-dot was given to plasma gunner.

Ask me anything.

>> No.53352432

Did you know that you can't trade equipment with newly recruited members?

>> No.53352468

>leader gets a free, instant Advance upon killing another leader in melee
>no melee weapon on him

The opportunity is too good to pass up. Even just give him a chainsword to snag a juicy GSC Leader or Guard Sergeant, bam free Advance.

>autoguns and flails
Why? I like to mix cultists equipment, have autogun cultists hang a bit back (but still in front of marines as meatshields) and just try to keep pinning targets whilst my autopistol/ccw and shotgun/ccw run into melee. Personally I would drop the blight grenades and ccws, change two cultists to autopistol/ccw, then try and get a high strength weapon in place of that flamer.

>buy a new recruit
>wait a mission

>> No.53352488

Know the alien, kill the alien...

>> No.53352499

Face could do with some actual shading but looks interesting otherwise.

>> No.53352501

3rd party or one hell of a kitbash?

>> No.53352520

Trying to make her 'powder pale' as Inquisitor Antoinette removes the heads of disgusting xenos.

She's an Inquisitor from Kromlech.

>> No.53352562

How the game compares to necromunda in practice? Does it have similar feel of continuity?

>> No.53352856

Yeah sure, but like flat black a plain white just doesn't work on a miniature. You still need some shading in there, look up on how to shade pale white skin.

>> No.53353193

>last game I couldn't roll anything above a 3
I still won due to the enemy Bottling, but it felt more like he failed rather than any particular success on my part.

>> No.53353293


>> No.53353410

Swag is more streamlined than munda so that you can play a campaign in a day. The interfight sequence is less elaborate, but there still is progression over the course of a campaign and even the option for continuity across several campaigns.

>> No.53353429

Considering using this as inquisitor. Thoughts?

>> No.53353471

>painted model has a fairly straightened pistol
>bare metal has a gangsta lean

I am so confused. Go for whatever you like though, an Inquisitor is an Inquisitor, just for the gods' sakes replace that fugly pistol.

>> No.53353649

Do I want to try get those special weapons in a Tau team or do I just swarm the enemy? My current list is just 7 Tau accompanied by 3 drones but now I'm second guessing myself.

>> No.53353696

You just commit sudoku because Tau are a pretty terrible and shallow team.

>> No.53353763

>You just commit sudoku because Tau are a pretty terrible and shallow team.
I'm aware senpai, but I still wanna give them a shot. Everyone is playing the same shit at my hobby shop.

>> No.53353771


they cost too much and aren't particularly powerful

stick to markerlights so your recon drones can hit stuff

>> No.53353814

What are they playing? You could do something more interesting that's left of field though, like Inquisition, Sisters, Dark Eldar...

>> No.53353836

Gray knights?

>> No.53353861

I already play Sisters, problem is everyone is playing as Imperials. We have about 3 Inquisition players, two space marine players, two imperial guard and a Grey Knights and Skitarii guy. I could play Tyranids but wanted to kinda challenge myself and have fun painting, hence the Tau.
Cool, thanks for the advice.

>> No.53353880

Could work as a plasma pistol though.

>> No.53353885

>We have about 3 Inquisition players
That's actually bizarre, I have not seen anyone field an Inquisition team at my FLGS.

Chaos? They can be quite tactical and are a higher tier team. Also DE as I mentioned before sound like they could shake things up a bit, get some xenos in there.

It's still ugly.

>> No.53353956

>That's actually bizarre, I have not seen anyone field an Inquisition team at my FLGS.
I wish I was you. They are so common here. I just want to verse something like Nids, Orks or Harlequins.

I'll consider the Dark Eldar as like a third team or something, but part of me still wants to run Tau just cause they seem more team-based when it comes to their gameplay, compared to Sisters or the like.

>> No.53354089

The pistol arm is a separate piece.
It's meant to be just that I think. >>53353763
I am considering getting into Tau for that same reason too: The challenge. On paper they might seem like shit but I am pretty sure that played right they're actually good.

>> No.53354102

>played right
There's only one way to play them though and that's to try to rush into that 18" range, and hope people don't realise they can just hang back and shoot you in that 18-24 range.

>> No.53354602

Sure, if you can't into tactical movement.

>> No.53354649

>using cover
>stacking the odds in your favour utilising rules such as fleeting target
>making use of Tau special rules for positioning and drones
Yeah I guess your only option is to bum rush

>> No.53355115


>> No.53355242

Hasslefree make some fucking great models - I think that would make a great understated Inquisitor.

For SWAG, you don't want a Tyrus or Cortez - they're going to be showboating out the top of a Rhino on the front lines.
She's good for it.
Arguably, yes, you coudl swap the pistol for something 40K-er though.
Even a small bolt pistol would look great.

>> No.53355514


>> No.53355568


>> No.53355605




Yes he can totally stand on his own, no issues, he even passed the being blown over with an airbrush text.

The gun was comically large (that's the joke) and i thought it seemed a very Orky thing indeed to do

>> No.53355820

What's a good starting Sob list?

>> No.53355914


I can probabley do one of these for every faction other than the one I play ...

>> No.53355947


OP here, do it.

>> No.53355970


>> No.53355984

Shit, you beat me to it.

>> No.53356055

>every army in the game represented
>people play nothing but guard, scouts and orks
This is apparently a thing. 99% of the video batreps you see are this and almost every kill team in my local campaign was those teams.

>> No.53356247


>not defending your hive from threats foriegn and domestic as a member of our glorious Emperors Steel Legion

lol, fag

>> No.53357309

>Not raidin' and fightin' and winnin' and lootin' as an Ork of da great WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

Har har, gay l'il 'umie.

>> No.53357794


>playing one of the worst and by far the most boring factions in swag

Enjoy your exploding shoota that you'll never hit anything with

>> No.53357967

Shit son, you'll have to do worse than that. I came from standard 40k, where initiative matters and Orks are even worse.

>> No.53357981

Thanks for the feedback. I'll consider bolt or plasma pistol swap.

>> No.53358008

>meanwhile ork players everywhere are kicking ass in swag
Anon.. do you even play?

>> No.53358262

By the way, you seem to know hf minis and you probably know they're fairly "lithe". Do you know any plasma or bolt pistols that would be a suitable size for a swap?

>> No.53359825


>> No.53361473

Going to play a campaign with my cats
>dark eldar
Who do you think will win?

>> No.53361496

Whoever plays best tactically.

>> No.53361524


On what planet?

It sure as shit isn't this one. Orks are gash, worse than that they are boring as fuck.

>> No.53361648


Orks won my LGS tournie, Orks also won the local GW tournie.

Sounds like you and your cunty peers are just bad.

Git gud fagit.

>> No.53361811

Orks are hard to deal with.

They always have a fuke huge horde of guys and if you fuck up one round they pounce on you.

>> No.53362249


"Corrosive slick" says when running or charging you roll a dice at the end of a move and if you roll a one they go down.

They... Mean pinned, right? Not crawling around on the floor dying, downed?
A three wound Tyranid monster doesn't just slip and break it's neck, right?

>> No.53362287

>Tau scrubs still bitching about "muh 18" range" when other players have already spoonfed them the fact that pulse accelerator drones are a thing
Get a load of this retard.

>> No.53362324

They mean downed. Don't play in pools of industrial acid.

>> No.53362343

>roll a one
>"help, I've faaaallen, and I can't get up!"

>> No.53362420

Hey family, need some help. Working on an ogryn for my special operatives and I'm wondering if carapace is worth it on the big lug since he only has initiative 2. Aside from slabshield and carapace bodyguarding my leader, is it ever worth the time to give him armor?

>> No.53362475

>a death world where all the floors are super slippery
>elderly imperial citizens are exiled here as a form of execution

>> No.53362577

Planning to join a campaign with Orks. What's a good starter Kill Team for the green boyz?

>> No.53363372

Nob with combi shoota, armour and big choppa
Spanna with big shooter
3 slugga and choppa boyz
5 yoofs with shootas

After your first game rearm and buy everyone but the boyz red dots

>> No.53364394

Not the anon you guys were replying to, but I could use some advice designing my first Kill Team.
I'm doing a CSM list with an Iron Warriors theme. Generally, I prefer to shoot my opponents and play defensively, with some counter assault elements and all-arounders to counter-charge when enemies get too close.
Right now I'm trying to figure out if heavy weapons are a trap or not. I realized giving my Gunner a plasma gun instead of a heavy bolter meant I could take two more cultists with flails, which seemed like a good idea as far as bulking out numbers and avoiding bottle checks. On the other hand, Heavy Bolters are expensive and getting one later in the campaign looks like a long shot. I'd like to have one because they look very useful, and I have a fun mini for it. I dunno.
Here's the preliminary list:
>Champ W/Bolter

>Gunner W/Plasma Gun

>Gunner W/Bolter

>CSM W/Bolter

>Cultist W/Autopistol

>Cultist W/ AutoPistol

>Cultist W/ Flail

>Cultist W/Flail

All the CSM are Undivided (Iron Warriors). The idea is to try to get Scavenger on my Gunners quickly, so I can get better gear and recruit more Astartes as the campaign goes along.

Also, I'm considering running other Kill Teams as well. In general, among Genestealer Cultists, Inquisition, and Dark Eldar, which is the most fun to play as/against? Are they equally viable in practice? I've heard Cultists are a bit shit, but I rather like them.

>> No.53364624

Do people have opinions on the Ork Sub-Factions?

>> No.53364889

Word Bearer CSM here.
Good on you for accepting the truth!!
That said, i have a Nurgle gunner with plasma for the high impact and harsh armor reductions, but to be honest, a Heavy Bolter can do just fine as well. The SOLE reason i chose plasma, is so i can slap a telescopic sight and red dot on it and snipe Skitarii with it.

>> No.53364915

Gunners can't take bolters

>> No.53364976

Im gonna samefag here, but cultists are good too, i have three: two have axes and i have had good luck with them. The last has an autopistol, he kinda just exists to get shot to be honest.

>> No.53365041

How does my Inquisitor look?

>> No.53365076

Heavy Bolters are great but embrace the salt machine that is the Autocannon. S7 with long range and a 4+ reload is amazing.

I run my IW with the stereotypical MoN but at least it can be justified with bionics.

>> No.53365091

Groovy, but Coteaz looks lacking without his eagle, and that rectum-ravager of a power maul looks ridiculous

>> No.53365253


Shooting is really important on orks. You need it to give their spanna boys a chance of hitting people(with marksmen). Melee trees are pretty good for your boss, typically it's best to focus advances on your boss, your spannaz, and maybe a couple shooty yoofs. Versus guardsmen equivalents, orks can do well in melee, but versus anything that's dedicated melee or equipped with swords, they are gonna have a bad time.

Best trees for this are probably bad moons and blood axes. Deathskullz access to guerilla is nice if you want to get a bunch of medics and scavengers which provide a lot of utility.

Goffs and Snakebites are completely melee focused. Not a fan of either. Not sure what evil sunz isn't terrible but not the best. Kind of a wonky tree.

>> No.53365287

Shit, good catch! GW is on to my shenanigans. Maybe I'll tool him up for melee instead to support the cultist.
Yeah, I was thinking of eventually recruiting some devotees of the Gods. My fluff for my main army from which the Kill Team is detached is that they absorb lesser warbands and hire mercenaries to bulk out their numbers, so I have some Berzerkers who might show up later.
Neat! I don't have an autocannon mini... yet.

>> No.53365527

>I don't have an autocannon mini... yet.
Best opportunity to kitbash one since you can't buy them individually anymore. That one's a heavily chopped up Reaper A/C with a Heavy Bolter receiver.

>> No.53365763

Looking good brother, love the staff of fist.

>> No.53365802

He's still got his eagle. It's just a shield now. But really, he's a super old model I had that the arms had disappeared. He's so old he's metal.

>> No.53365835

I have the same one, metal hands re-glued on more times than i can count, armour painted in garish gold and holding a thunderhammer and an eagle with nothing above the neck

>> No.53366603

The Anvil Industries autocannons look pretty boss.

>> No.53367330

Not him, but the Commissar that comes with the Tempestus box set (probably super easy to grab second hand) comes with both bolt and plasma pistols that are nicely sized.

>> No.53367351

Nice, thanks.

>> No.53367375

Harlequins will win most games, but it depends on who's the smartest with their Promethium. I played a day campaign recently and this Chaos player had the most powergame-y team by the end with like 6 or 7 Nurgle marines and a Khornate champion plus took a Terminator for the finale, but because he had been buying a marine every game he had 0 caches and stood no chance when it came to actually competing for the campaign winner.

>> No.53367532

>Replying to the catpost

>> No.53367781

Not that anon but while the post was part catfag joke the other part I took as a serious question.

>> No.53368022

One role my local league is doing: If you lose your 'win the campaign' game, you lose 1d3 caches. This means that a strong opponent should be pulling the stops to set you back.

>> No.53368724


Threw a bit of colour on me'laddo over the weekend

>> No.53369251

How strict are games-workshop stores with WYSIWYG? I was planning on starting my ork boyz with only slugga's and shanks but I'm not sure if I need to model the shank somehow since it's base-line equipment.

I'm planning on magnetising the arms so I can swap them to choppas later on.

>> No.53369264

>those skin tones
>that gorgeously weathered white
Fucking hell anon, way to make me even more ashamed of my own painting...

>> No.53369303

>rulebook states WYSIWYG is fast and loose as weapons can be holstered/unholstered in the heat of battle
>even specifically mentions that the default knife is a backup blade that doesn't have to be modelled as it's often hidden on their person
Come on, man. The blackshirts will have more problems with you not reading the rulebook and being unable to keep your game straight than anything wrong with your models...

>> No.53369338

Thanks for the clarification. I'm still waiting for my book in the mail so I haven't fully read through the rules yet. I'll make sure I've got them straight before I play in store.

>> No.53369356

>Harlequins will win most games
Captured or frenzied clowns are big setbacks, the other teams will pounce on the opportunity to fuck them as hard as possible.
They'll be the kingmaker team, those that will suffer the least at their hands will win, but harlies don't win campaigns.

>> No.53369390

The problem is that they're so hard to fuck in the first place.
>don't get pinned except by 7+ Str
>-2 to hit when running
>don't suffer fall damage

>> No.53369401

Job's a good `un!

What are the small, spring-like tubes on it? White ones. Would love to try and make a coversion similar to this)

>> No.53369541


They're pewter power cables I ordered from DragonForge, they're very good

>> No.53369608


Practice makes perfect bro!

It's taken me 10 years to """perfect""" my ork skintone to a scale that I'm really happy with.

for the longest time I regressed in my painting as well, picked up some really bad habits.

My biggest tip is shade *&* highlight with your base colour.

Every colour on that Ork has a mix of the base green (Death World Forest)

The White was an experiment though, happy with how it came out!

>> No.53370307


That's great, good job anon.

>> No.53370581

>manager doesnt like the smaller scale of SW, so he doesnt organise any store events for it
>says 40k nights are mainly for path to glory only!

its suffering

>> No.53370872

>wasting a burst cannon slot
>needs to be within 3" so have fun being murdered by SF

>> No.53371139

>not hiding behind heavy cover and using markerlights

>> No.53371192

Cat people are so embarrassing.

>> No.53371280

Anyone used demolition charges? They seem like they'd be difficult to use to the point of being almost useless. No one's going to hang around in the blast radius for a full turn who isn't already down, I suppose you could get lucky and catch someone who's pinned but it seems unlikely.

Even in missions where destroying terrain is a thing they seem like they'd be of limited use.

>> No.53371414

CSM, heavy bolter or autocannon? High impact is nice, but is wounding on 2s instead of 3s and pinning nids and clowns worth the extra d3 shots? I won't pin them, but they recover so easily anyway and more shots is more chances to kill them.

>> No.53371427

I don't get why people care about pinning those two. You recover on 1-4 or 1-5, so it's not even close to reliable.

>> No.53371489

>only pinned by high impact
That's their legit advantage, but they're still 1W. They can bleed, they can die. Don't put all your eggs into the 'I'll pin them, then shoot them off piecemeal' idea, it doesn't really work out anyway.
>-2 to hit when running
They shouldn't give you the opportunity to hit them at range anyway. They could put more terrain (that they ignore) on the table, and hide as needed. If you're shooting harlies with a -2, they've fucked up and you at least get to roll for those 6s.
>don't suffer fall damage (and ignore terrain)
See above, they decide when and where to engage. They're so few you just have to make it a losing proposition, and you're good.
But 1W, and there's only 6 of them. Think about it like, you need to force 12 armor saves and they have no armor.

>> No.53371519

>only 6 of them
I don't think you understand just how many 6 is. My Chaos list has 6 dudes and 2 of them are 6+ save cultists ie. walking cover.

>> No.53371551

Nice work. Shading with different colours is mainly useful for display minis. Or for your tabletop gaming minis if you have unlimited amount of time.

>> No.53371554

I think the running Rock-Paper-Scissors with Harliquins is that they murder elite lists and have a problem with horde lists.

>> No.53371561

Then have more mans. Boys over toys. You should know that by now.

>> No.53371590

Actually I think 6 is the limit for CSM if you want them to haves guns.

>> No.53371640

Yeah, I suppose. I feel like horde teams will struggle too though, seeing how my small elite team wades through some lists like the Guard. Unless they're GSC running three heavy stubbers with photo visors or somesuch I just don't see even horde teams doing that well, 4+ save is a hell of a drug.
>Hit n Run
>GSC parks a heavy stubber right next to a marine
>just keeps pinning him but can't get through that 4+ save and 4 Toughness
>heavy stubber runs out of ammo before the marine is dead

Have you even read the Chaos team? You physically cannot start with more than 6 you ignoramus.

>> No.53371765


I play guard and I only have 8, not played Harlequins yet. not sure how I'd deal with them.

>> No.53371818

Plasma guns to pin them, masslasgun fire to try and get a wound through.

>> No.53371849

>Have you even read the Chaos team? You physically cannot start with more than 6 you ignoramus.
And the clowns can only start with 6 if they go in with knives only, and maybe a kiss on the leader, no guns at all - that's a bad idea on multiple levels, they can't recruit a Virtuoso until someone bites it if they do it.
They'll start with 5 guys and some guns.

>> No.53371865

You have 3 frikken plasmaguns that reroll 1s, YOU are the guy that permapins the fuckers.

>> No.53371904

Pinning does nothing to clowns except give them better cover mods.

>> No.53371995

Completely wrong.

>> No.53372007

They have 3 guns, max range of 16", unless they want to firefight with shuriken pistols.
They HAVE to charge, guards HAVE to overwatch and pin them out of charging.

>> No.53372117

looks mean

>> No.53372169


I justify it in my slaanesh team as some of them are just wacked out on PCP.

>> No.53372175

I played this recently.

Rolled a 1 running one guy goes down, out of action. Rolls the hatred injury, so hates the character that inflicted the wound......

wat do?

>> No.53372214

That's kind of a lame justification. If I was your opponent, I don't think I'd be okay with that.
If you wanna go Slaanesh, go Slaanesh and try to make something out of that +1 I. Don't pick the Mark of Nurgle and try to justify it because you heard it was the best and it's probably true, but come on

>> No.53372236

Have less marines and more cultists then.

>> No.53373319

>It's a "Harlequins moonwalks 12" over thin air and kill you instantly in close combat" kind of game

>> No.53373751

They still have to run on the ground, then up buildings. No running through the air between terrain.

>> No.53373898

Harles wouldn't be seen as nearly as broken if people didn't constantly misinterpret their rules in such ways that make them stronger than they already are

>> No.53374103

False, read the FAQ.

>> No.53374198

Not that anon but you clearly need to read the faq yourself:
>They can move in any direction, including straight up or diagonally up. They cannot end their move in mid-air. They cannot move further than their Move characteristic.

Now make an effort comprehending that.

>> No.53374286

>They can move in any direction, including straight up or diagonally up.
Straight up in to the air.
>They cannot end their move in mid-air.
But they can be 'mid-air' during their move.

This stuff is really simple, what are you having problems with?

>> No.53374435

Your argument would be valid if open space were impassable terrain. But it isn't. It's open air. Harles need to jump, just like everyone else

>> No.53374456

The faq, and the section that anon has highlighted, is literally in response to a question about traversing buildings to reach floors without a ladder.

You can run diagonally across a building, you can't run diagonally across air.

The 'cannot end your move midair' is a reference to the rule that you can end your move partway up a ladder, but cannot do the same on the side of a building.

>> No.53374513

>Your argument would be valid if open space were impassable terrain.
Of course it is, can normal infantry walk on it? no? then they cannot pass on it.

That doesn't matter.
>They can move in any direction
Does not include a
>... when going up on down levels

>> No.53374587

>lack of terrain is the same thing as terrain
Spotted the oxygen thief. Kill yourself now, save us all the headache

>> No.53374706

There are rules for jumping.

>> No.53375000

Never played with or against harlies, just went to read their rules and the FAQ. I don't get what this is all about...?

>> No.53375055

Is there any truth to the rumor that plastic steel legion minis are coming out?

>> No.53375058

>They can move in any direction, including straight up or diagonally up. They cannot end their move in mid-air.
Does this say or imply they are able to move through thin air?

>> No.53375169

I don't know...? What kind of question is that? Man, all it says is that they treat everything as open ground.
...oh shit, wait, is there people arguing they can end their move mid-air?

>> No.53375206

No, because it does not say "jump", "fly", "hover", "levitate", "somersault" or anything of the kind.

>> No.53375220

GW really, really needs to write their rules more clearly.

>> No.53375223

No, but there are people arguing they can fly and/or teleport or even phase through walls.

>> No.53375243

Jumping, flying, hovering, levitating and somersaulting is movement, it used the word "move".

>> No.53375319

Why couldn't they? They "treat all terrain as open ground for the purpose of movement". Walls are terrain, they should be treated as open ground by harlies when they move. Seems prety clear to me. And OP as fuck, but 'crons get the same kind of stuff for 15 pts.

>> No.53375372

>Walls are terrain, they should be treated as open ground by harlies when they move. Seems prety clear to me. And OP as fuck, but 'crons get the same kind of stuff for 15 pts.

There are different types of walls mentioned in the rules, ones that cost movement to go over, ones that dont, and ones you obviously cant go over or through.

It's clear that the intent isnt for harlies to go through impassable walls. The reason necrons can do it is because it's fluffy, it costs points, and they're slow otherwise.

>> No.53375389

The faq ruled that you can't phase through walls with harlies. Necrons get it because they're move 4 and shit at melee.

>> No.53375455

Yeah, just went back to the FAQ and found it. Okay then.
Thanks for the claricication guys.

>> No.53375619

Jumping is a separate way of movement as specified in the rules.

>> No.53376638

Can't have more new recruits than non-newbies.

6 is the actual maximum to a beginning CSM team.

I personally don't like cultists so I max out at 5 marines.

>> No.53376761

I do the same.

I start with 5 marines and then say the cultists are guys they kidnapped during their adventure.

>> No.53376817

>6 is the actual maximum to a beginning CSM team

I'd be interested to learn where you've gotten that number from. I have my rulebook and the faq right here and I can't find any special rule saying csm can only have 6 units.

>> No.53377056

He clearly means that you can only afford a max of 6 guys with the starting 1000 points.

>> No.53377093

That's not true though. Unless you're too horny for the shiniest toys. You can quite easily start with 8.

>> No.53377148

Played some games against my friend's cat yesterday.

I've been refining my Ork list and I've come up with something that works well.

-1x Nob with Big Choppa
-1x Spanner Boy with Big Shoota, Red Dot, Slugga, and Clip Harness
-1x Spanner Boy with Slugga
-2x Boyz with Slugga
-5x Yoofs with Shoota and Red Dot

Orks seem to play most optimally as a mid-field shooty army with some CC back-up to counter-charge/pre-emptively charge. They hit like a ton of bricks in assault but if you go assaulty on every model you'll have a very hard time getting across the board. Stikkbombz are cool but I think I will take them as an upgrade for my Boyz in a campaign rather than as starting gear. The Red Dots are cheaper than everyone else's, combined with the amount of sustained fire shots that they can pump out seems to mitigate the shitty Ork BS. At the very least you will be reliably pinning dudes so that you can continue to slowly advance. And I mean slowly, Orks only have a 4" move, with no way to improve on this it makes them worse at a close range/assault build because you will get pinned down fast and outmaneuvered by everyone else.

>> No.53377151

Any good ideas for an Iron Hands team? I suck at making lists.

>> No.53377790


Do we have a copy of the ebook?

>> No.53378084

I didn't believe you but I ran the numbers and it's true.

>> No.53378654

Damn, I thought the most you could squeeze out would be 7 with pistols. I don't hate this list either, you'd have to be extremely careful but you could bury opponents in CC and give everyone Krak grenades for some high impact. Hell, shuffle some points around (give two of the cultists an extra knife instead of pistols) and you've got enough for a plasma pistol.

>tfw I've got enough Berzerker parts lying around that this could make a pretty good World Eaters team with MoK everywhere.

>> No.53378886

I'm fucking lazy and just use a wash made from caliban green over moot green, it provides a propper orky tone.

>> No.53379003


Man I'd have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand I've just bought a load of the metal ones to play SWAG on the other plastic minis are great.

>> No.53379042


Honestly I'd probabley play chaos for Iron Hands.

Marines with the mark of nurgle for dudes with bionics and cultists as tech thralls.

>> No.53379098


>> No.53379394

I would buy both your specialist now as its going to be very hard to get them later. Even with just storm bolters they do very well with Astral Aim.

>> No.53379661

I want to start getting into SWA. I am thinking about Necrons in particular - but if I choose them, will I get fucked ten ways to Saturday by Harlequins and CSM, the only two forces I know for sure I'll be playing against?

>> No.53379715

CSM mark of Khorne

>> No.53379782

Harlequins yes, chaos maybe. Also depends on how much terrain you use and relative use of said terrain.

>> No.53380063

Are necrons any fun? Anybody here use them?

>> No.53380138


I don't like taking multiples of the same special weapon, it's kind of cheesy and even if it wasn't it's still dull.


Curious about this too, I'd like a second Kill Team but I'm not sure what to pick up and Necrons are kind of neat.

>> No.53380153

Theyve got a neat bag of tricks in place of gun selection, and you cab give that shit to everyone of them.
They're tough to keep down. Other than that, take gauss, the tesla is a trap. You'll get sustained fire 1 through skills, you don't need to pay extra for it and lose the save modifier at the same time.

>> No.53380172

So the rulebook says when you hire a new recruit, you can't transfer them gear from other team members until next rearm. Does this apply to New Recruits, or newly recruited fighters?

>> No.53380188

Newly recruited fighters.

>> No.53380655

>Are necrons any fun?
They're spooky killer skeleton robots that can shoot laser and go through walls.
Answer is obviously yes.

>> No.53380806

hell, you got 80 points to play around with after that. You could get another cultist and still have a few points for minor upgrades.

>> No.53381002

Close combat can really suck, and my dice hate me. I roll lots of 6s for injuries, so I now have 4 frenzied necrons. The phase shifting is nice, but I 2 can hurt

>> No.53381097

Is there anything I should know or avoid if I wanted to run a Wych Cult team?

>> No.53381153

Don't forget to roll your drugs every game
chain hook + blade venom is god
shardnet & impaler works on everything, the rest of the glad weapons aren't worth it

>> No.53381718

Dark elder teams are fucking brutal.

I played a game against my cat the other day and the pussy ended up walking all over my team.
Inquisitor, crusader and an acolyte got captured, now four lasgun acolytes gotta go save them.

I'm pretty sure they're already doomed though, no idea how to continue with about 600 points wiped out in one game.

>> No.53381963

That's a setup for some Olianus Pius levels of badassery.

>> No.53382142

This is what spec ops are for.

>> No.53382433

Like this?

>> No.53383683

This. Even if you waste two promethium, you need to recover your men

>> No.53384033

Try this one. :)

>> No.53384072

>tfw I've got enough Berzerker parts
I like that idea. Theme-y, fluffy, axe-to-facey.

>> No.53384303

dump the force sword on the justicar. it looks cool and is devastating if you win, but YOU HAVE TO WIN COMBAT IN THE FIRST PLACE. you want falchions on any guys not carrying a special weapon that doesn't let you carry a melee weapon, two parries and two weapon wielding make you more likely to actually win a combat so that you can do some damage.

>> No.53384628

any clues how to find models or convert existing ones to inquisition acolytes?

>> No.53384681

Local guys use Tempestus Scions, Guardsmen, various kitbashes, and various third party models. Eisenkern stormtroopers from dreamforge, anvil industries regiments, etc. We've got that one dude with kitbashed scion/SoS/custard acolytes and Coteaz with a rectum-puncher, which look pretty good.

Worst case, just buy some guardsmen and use them.

>> No.53384732

alright thanks i'll look into it

>> No.53384780

are tyranids fun to play? i saw some one ask about necron which im curious about too as im not sure what to play.

its either
>eldar (no one playes them localy)
>sister of battle (if plastic range soon)
>chaos marines mark of nurgle (if new models are sick)

>> No.53385125

So what about this?

>> No.53385190

I turned GSCs into space suited boarding troops. You can run almost anything. Just put little =I= logos on them somewhere.

>> No.53385238

Depends on your preffered playing style.

>> No.53385248

superior autocannon coming through...

never thought I'd say this but-- yours is TOO big

>> No.53385254

i dont know what my prefered play style is!

>> No.53385483

any more newbie friendly of the one mentioned as i dont know my prefered playstyle or that i dont feel like i have one (yet?)

>> No.53386011

psycannon dude can't take a warding stave. it's melee weapon or dump stuff for a special weapon.

>> No.53386753

Hey noob here, I never played any tabletop game and dont know if the list I made for astra militarum is playable.

So far I have:
Vet Sergeant with combat blade and boltpistol
one Vet. Guard with lasrifle and pistol and one with just a rifle and a krak grenade
two special weapons operatives, one with a plasma gun and one with a heavy flamer and a krak grenade, both have extra ammo
and all of my guys have carapace and camo gear.

Any kind of advice would be welcome, thanks.

>> No.53386927

That is pretty much the exact opposite of playable.

Too much stuff, not enough people, pistols and basic weapons on the same guy, krak grenades on random guys for no reason.

>> No.53386959

You didn't even waste your points on actually useful gear like gunsights and photovisors and instead spent it all on ammo reloads, extra guns for people who already have extremely reliable guns and camo gear (which does very little).

>> No.53386987

these will be nice to use in shadow war

>> No.53387012

Anyone been using these Alternative Campaign rules? Seems like a nice option for different victory conditions, feels more like Mordheim's post-game phase as well.

>> No.53387020

Tau and Necrons are simple gunlines. They have to operate relatively close, but they all pack S5 if you're arming them correctly. However, they tend to be one-trick ponies in this regard and your enemy can easily predict your movements.

Inquisition is the one faction where you want to fully kit your leader immediately, as the guys you can recruit are all cheap yet effective. Having a base guy with a BS4 and stormbolter for under 100pts is really good. Go with Inq if you want to go Dynasty Warriors with a hero unit while everyone else runs interference.

Tyranids are actually really strong, they just start out slow and are susceptible to heavy weapons bottling.

Chaos, especially Nurgle marked, is also really good, but they're over-represented in the matches I've seen. That T5 is so good, it's the one army where it's okay to start with just 5 guys. Cultists are chump change.

>> No.53387030

That genestealer pod...

>> No.53387269

thats for the longer reply, man its so hard ot deside as i dont have time to paint like 2-3 kill teams nor do i have they money to just throw out on multiple.

sounds like tyranids or inqusition is the two to chose from.

>> No.53387277


>Vet Serg w/ Bolt pistol and Power sword

>Vet Guard w/ Lasgun

>Vet Guard w/ Lasgun

>Vet Guard w/ Shotgun

>Vet Guard w/ Shotgun

>Specialist w/ Plasmagun

>Specialist w/ Frag and Krak Grenade Launcher

>Specialist w/ Sniper Rifle and Tox Rounds

Even though I've wasted points on my leader (power swords are cool but he's better off just having a boltgun honestly) I have almost twice as many guys and an additional special weapon. To be frank, barring truly awful dice rolls, this list will smash yours to pieces. You need to spend your initial points allotment on men, not gear.

Because of the way recruitment and rearming works you can buy all the gear you want very quickly so there's no real reason to buy it when you start and as guardsmen you live or die on your numerical advantage and the fact you can have more specialists than most other kill teams. Also you should prioritise gear that makes you better at killing stuff rather than trying to be more survivable since at the end of the day you're toughness 3 and 1 wound so even with carapace armour you still going down easily.

>> No.53387279


>dyslexia not even once

>> No.53387347


Camo gear doesn't do much but it is at least very cheap.

I often found myself with 5-10 points left over after rearming so it didn't take long for all my guys to end up with camo gear just because it's a better option than not spending the points at all.

>> No.53387405

It's a good points filler for rearms, but it's mostly a waste in KT creation.

>> No.53388000

any rules for chaos demons?

>> No.53388167

No official rules, you want some unofficial rules?

>> No.53388294

nah i was just wondering as i could not find any.

>> No.53388790

Are snipers any good for SM scouts?

>> No.53388791


>> No.53390687

This guy.

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