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Pathfinder General /pfg/

How realistic/goofy/sexy is the armor you depict your characters in?
I bet you always have a hard time finding a picture with a chain shirt for your chain shirt characters, so you just say it's hidden under clothes, right?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53311013

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What kind of autism compels you to continually ruin every OP with your faggotry?

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Depends, I have commissioned 2 arts for my Pathfinder character.

This is him on early levels, old armor but still functional. No polish on it but enough to get in combat.

Reflects a bit of the character personality of no finesse.

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>How realistic/goofy/sexy is the armor you depict your characters in?

As realistic as I can find it, and if I can't find it I shift down to semi-realistic.

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>wearing armor

What am I gay?

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What do you do if someone in your group uses decidedly unrealistic armor?

Pic related is your brutal slayer for the campaign.

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>What do you do if someone in your group uses decidedly unrealistic armor?

I ignore it by assuming they're wearing practical armor in-game, and the character art is just so I can get an idea of their appearance and figure.

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>Whoever makes the next thread, please use this updated unified link repository link: https://pastebin.com/PeD1SMUZ

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What if they make constant mention as to their armor and draw on the fact that it's decidedly unrealistic?

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Wearing a full plate, need to commission a standalone version with updated gear of him, wanted to see him with helmet.

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So my wizard can't pass a save throw to save his god damn life. I did things proper, got an initiative familiar, the right feats, and even grabbed divination.

I go first probably 2/3 of the time (the other times are our archer paladin). The issue is I go first, cast a spell, maybe debilitate one enemy, then when I need to make a saving throw my puckered wizard bung hole gets violated. I have my cloak, but my stats can't cover for shit. I'm regretting not getting a fort save familiar. Plus I only have one good save.

My Dex/Con/Wis are 12/14/14. I only have a +5 to my fort save. I get hit with a Fortitude Saving Throw and then I/m nauseated for the next few rounds. Or sickened. Or screaming uncontrollably.

How the fuck do I get a better fort save as a wizard? Honestly my will and reflex saves aren't that much better.

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Honestly, I tend to go pretty normal when I'm choosing character art. The most stylized art I've ever used, which was for Wrath of the Raunchy, wasn't even what the character's armor was supposed to look like.

It's the characters themselves who tend to look bizarre.

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>What if they make constant mention as to their armor and draw on the fact that it's decidedly unrealistic?

Then they're probably a bad player and someone that should not have made it into the campaign.

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I don't know, it more sounds like you're a bad and overly autistic player.

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I'm with you, man.
Normal armor hiding something utterly unexpected is the way to go.

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If it serves to accent some part of their character's personality? Then it's fine.

If it's just LEL FANTASY TROPES AMIRITE then I tell them to tone it down.

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You asked for my opinion, and I gave it, buddy. A player that constantly emphasizes how the tight leather bindings that hold her large, heaving breasts in place strain and stretch with movement isn't something I want to read.

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Why not?

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I don't see any update.

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Because it's... Okay, it's something I'd want to read, but not shoved in my face all the ding dong time.

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How much boob is too much boob at a time?

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Depends on the class and the character, honestly. If they're an extremely busty sorceress with a barely-there dress that accentuates all the right curves, sure! Describe how they jiggle or sway with vigorous movement! But I don't wanna have to deal with that shit if it's a heavily-armored female knight that's trying to take herself seriously.

There's also the matter of tone, I suppose. If the campaign allows that stuff, you proceed with it, but otherwise you just don't mention it at all. Also, sub-tones related to the character. If they're seductive or sultry, you should bring that stuff up, and much less so if they're a relatively straight-laced character.

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What if it's a very stoic and dangerous Warder in full plate all the time with a deep metallic voice, but when they take their armor off to bathe it's a very sensitive, stammering lady with long dark hair and a very full chest who's flawless skin and silky hair are very sensitive to the touch from being in armor all day?

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I feel Blingmaker's theme song is going to turn into this long about book 3 or 4

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>but when they take their armor off to bathe

See, this is where the example falls apart because you're expected to (at the very least) acknowledge that a character's naked when they're stripping down to bathe, and knowing how most /pfg/ campaigns go they'll go the extra mile and describe details related to chest size, overall figure, maybe even the blatantly erotic stuff like hair or nipples.

I'm not talking about special situations where you're given the green-light to get flowery with your figure, I'm talking standard ass hauling yourself through the forest or sitting down to discuss tactics.

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Generally I try and use either headshots or just admit "this is what they look like without armor". Unless I'm commissioning or drawthread-trawling for my art, then I get the specifics down.

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Welcome to living with the reality behind the meme.

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Get a cyclops helm and force a 20 on saves you NEED to pass.

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>/pfg/ only likes character who are beautiful
>my character is ugly and cripplingly disfigured to boot
So /pfg/, do you have my character? I could describe him if you all want.

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>So /pfg/, do you have my character?

What, like this?

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Cyclops helms should 100% not exist

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I meant hate, but that too I suppose.

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>maybe even the blatantly erotic stuff like hair or nipples
Unless they are a barbie doll why would they not at least give a brief description of their nipples when naked?

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It begins. Taking bet on when Fanganon II will have a nervous breakdown like Fanganon I.

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Saying "they're naked" is usually enough for most people who AREN'T ERPing but are comfortable with adult themes.

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I've got a bit of artwork like this, actually!

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holy shit its so bad

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Well in that case your reasons for wanting realistic armor and characters is perfectly valid and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Nah, most of my characters generally fall somewhere around a 5-6/10. Mostly because I myself am a 4

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>why would they not at least give a brief description of their nipples when naked?

>you're expected to (at the very least) acknowledge that a character's naked when they're stripping down to bathe, and knowing how most /pfg/ campaigns go they'll go the extra mile

>they'll go the extra mile

Most people are fine with you saying, "They're naked" and MAYBE a very quick confirmation that they've got a voluptuous figure or are thin and slender.

Nobody gots to know you've been sculpting your pubes to look like an arrow, or your fat nipples are pierced.

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That's bad.

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What the fuck, I almost played with that guy.

He got kicked after before session zero because he kept trying to play a Magus with an Axe-Guitar, in a warring kingdoms era fantasy setting; and was harassing the DM about it.

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Anon included his entothrope skinwalker variant. That's the only difference I spotted.

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If he's distinctive and personable and doesn't have disfigurements specifically described to sound gross? Sure, describe away.

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Well, it is the same character here. Dude got problem.

>> No.53316586

He's still doing that

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There's something kind of sad about these people, the ones who are clearly trying again and again with a concept because they've obviously got some investment in it.

>> No.53316609

Nipples? No. But I'll likely put plenty of description towards muscles, maybe a little bit of chest or arm hair. And maybe--MAYBE--a euphemistic sidelong glance at the idea of his junk.

>> No.53316614

You'd think they would try to improve the concept.

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>Taking bet on when Fanganon II will have a nervous breakdown like Fanganon I.
If he does I offer a piece of humble advice to the inevitable intrepid Fanganon III: don't list the game as a Pathfinder game, list it as "other" so the normies don't storm your LFG looking to play the new hotness in Paizuri APs.

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Probably a living campaign faggot who thinks his OC will be a legend if only it was given a chance.

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Forte is cute. Cute!

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Is the Paizo spam that bad?

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God dammit anon I was about to post this! Forte is a precious cinnamon bun and must be cherished like the qtp2t she is!

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Unrelated to any discussion currently going on, but farewell to Wes.


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He probably commissioned he art two and thinks the character could become one of those count bearington/luchador monk memes.

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>A crevice runs through his face. One brow is buckled, leaving a hairless rent that goes up into his hairline. The eye is useless and blind, a dirty red white. The slash continues to his nose, a chunk of it missing, and down to carve a cleft in his lip. Several teeth are missing. The bones in his cheek and brow did not seem to set well and now curl down slightly. His face is constantly scrunched, eyes watery, and skin a pale clammy color. From what expression you can still see in his good eye it is a look of constant low intensity pain.
>Three holes decorate one shoulder, old arrow wounds since healed. The scars form three puckered marks.
>One of his legs is misshapen, twisted at an odd angel where the bones did not heal correctly. The foot now pigeon toed sharply.
>His left hand is missing. A network of pasty scarred flesh goes from his stump of a forearm up to his elbow. Strapped over the stump is a crude wooden hand, bronze caps adorning his finger tips.
>A scar travels from the top of his right shoulder to his ground, pasty white, but shows a distinct red when he exerts himself

He was a Barbarian VMC Oracle who had a rough time.

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Forte is short! SHORT!

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Anon, I want you to go searching on the Roll20 LFG and find out the general level quality for applications throughout.

>> No.53316683

I honestly think this guy is just another bamboozle waiting to happen.

>> No.53316687

Many pfg-ers are flaky as fuck though. Played with some and they all flaked with zero excuses. The DM isn't even that bad and the game is enjoyable with only me and 4 5 other normies.

>> No.53316700

>Absurdly busty
>Sassy and sensual
Is Branwen a Draph? Is she hiding horns under that hat?

>> No.53316719

If you want to see how hilarious r20 rando apps can be, take a look at the apps for the last anon who tried this (look at apps like Varico, Grif, or Locke):

>> No.53316732

>Mark Seifter: Seifter is radiation. Not, like, the bad kind, but the sort of sci-fi radiation that makes things grow in brilliantly unpredictable ways. Rather than growing plants or Hulks, though, Mark grows intricate rules systems, transforming the mundane into marvels. Fortunately, this boundless energy has been a boon to those in need, from fellow designers to questioning forum posters. Whether in brainstorms or on the convention floor, Mark's vigor is unignorable and promises a future vibrant with mighty things.

...I kinda like Mark Seifter.

>> No.53316744

>And maybe--MAYBE--a euphemistic sidelong glance at the idea of his junk.
This is only ever useful if you're playing one of those freak races where people are genuinely curious just what's hanging between your legs.

>> No.53316749

When do the applications close

>> No.53316750

"I bet /r/4chan would enjoy one of those angle-bracket texts about my zany adventures!"

>> No.53316752

>axe guitar
>Perform -1

What did he mean by this?

>> No.53316763

Like I said: MAYBE.
It depends on what kind of group I'm in. Or whether I think it'd be funny.

>> No.53316768


Weird how 4chan can create more 'credible' characters

>> No.53316778

that he can't even be assed to try to make his concept mechanically consistent with clever wordplay

>> No.53316783

So, who among /pfg/ makes good characters but isn't a waifu/husbando smith?

>> No.53316788

Dude just look at the Demonlands apps thats a /pfg/ game and there's already strong apps there

>> No.53316795

That's not so bad, though I'd think it would do you good to cut back on the exact details just for the sake of not letting the descriptions run on too long.

At the very least, it seems that there's more attention paid to detailing how much pain he's in, emotionally and physically, rather than simply going DUDE ISN'T THIS GROSS.

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>> No.53316804

Anon, the Waifusmiths are mostly excellent because their waifus are good characters

>> No.53316813

Looks at the attributes. How the fuck do you get 18 10 15 16 18 8 on a 25 PB

>> No.53316822

Swanne is a pretty weak app.

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What are tropes you regularly use in games while GMing /pfg/?

Post your top 5 and rate others:
>a homeless man/beggar has the answers you need
>the golden & silver ratio are signs of deific activity, if they start occuring naturally in shit the gods are meddling
>a royal bloodline + corruption, basically the royal are slowly losing their bloodline to a corrupt bloodline
>powerful evil characters who have no interest in fighting the PCs but instead want to tempt them
>road trips & going stupidly fast

>> No.53316832

>Chris Lambertz: Chris cultivates the best stuffed critter shelf at Paizo. Her miniature army helps her fend off the endless press of tiny typhoons that endlessly wash across her desk. Her hordes also defend dual hidden fonts, one of boundless pragmatism and the other of boundless optimism. She uses these to look forward to better things even as she wrangles the calamity du jour. You might not know Chris, but she believes in you, the great person you are, and the better person you can be. If you ever receive moderation from her, count yourself lucky... then consider making deep spiritual improvements in your life.

CHRIS WAS A GIRL!? I thought they were a guy with a name like that!
... And according to Google, she actually looks kinda cute?

>> No.53316835

There were some good ones back in the early days of RotJR recruitment.
Like the guy who made Gallius and Hikari

>> No.53316845

>How the fuck do you get 18 10 15 16 18 8 on a 25 PB
Just a theory but 8+0+5+6+8-2=25. Dude doesn't understand how point buy works.

>> No.53316850

Is DHB a waifusmith? I would consider her a meta waifu-smith considering she made herself into the perfect waifu

>> No.53316868

I think he is under the impression that each stat point over 10 is worth 1

>> No.53316874

Planning a game.

Was going to use the following rules:
Feat Tax in effect. Background skills in effect, but can't be more than 1/2 max ranks.
No multiclassing. Special gestalt: Pick a non-casting non-initiating non-psychic class. Every odd level is that class gestalted with an initiator of your choice, every even level is that class gestalted with a caster or psionic of your choice.
Core races only, but then you get to spend 6 race points to soup it up. Advanced traits OK, monstrous traits no.
Start at level 6.
No spending your WBL, instead we'll roll magic items discarding anything that'd push you over WBL until the third one would push you over WBL, and at that point you instead get the rest of your WBL in coins. Swapping items between party members encouraged.

Would you join this game?

>> No.53316878

>Jason Bulmahn: Sometimes, after spending a decade gaslighting a man, you have regrets. In the best cases, though, you look back, satisfied at a job well done...
>Jason brought this harassment on himself in two ways...
>But what's the secret? Well, there's sort of a lot here, but if you want something concrete: we legally changed the spelling of Jason's last name in 2008.

Wow, even among the Paizo offices, people don't like Bulmahn.

>> No.53316879

That.... is hilarious!

>> No.53316884

Not really. DHB doesn't make waifus, he only sorta-kinda makes husbandos, and actively avoids making his characters sexual in any way except as a joke to get the thread riled.

More like so many people get incensed over the mention of DHB that they see any of his characters as a waifu/husbando just because they want to touch the untouchable.

>> No.53316894

>Would you join this game?
Probably not.

>> No.53316896


>> No.53316897


>> No.53316899

Is this the gnome shota guy again?

>> No.53316901

that gestalt sounds fucking worthless.and confusing

>> No.53316906


>> No.53316908

Never seen this faggot before. How about a link?

>> No.53316910

Give me a hook!

>> No.53316913

>not wanting to bone one of DHB's evil characters
DHB is actually really good at making villains

>> No.53316921

nah, its a different guy i'm sure of it

>> No.53316923

Sounds complicated as shit. And someone would figure out how to break the game in half.
Rolling for magic items also sounds dumb.

>> No.53316931

DHB is not a waifu/husbandosmith. He is a creative/wacky/concept smith, blessed by Yog Sothoth himself for his equal amounts skill and autistic insanity

>> No.53316932


>> No.53316938

No because I have no idea what it's about or the flavor of the setting. And at that point just remove Gestalt.

>> No.53316939

Found his blog

>> No.53316948

The needlessly complex gestalt rules like >>53316901 mentioned and the assinine equipment rules that mean I have to pray to the RNG gods that I get any pieces of equipment that are key to my build.

>> No.53316960

>tfw DHB is constantly tormented by visions from beyond
>tfw DHB's depression and character concepts are a gift from eldritch horrors
>tfw the only thing keeping DHB sane is despair
Would you befriend a DHB NPC in a campaign?

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>> No.53316969

Warning: NSFL. It's a cringemine there.

>> No.53316973

What do you figure he's commissioned art of himself with all the usual porn OCs?

>> No.53316976

>That description

>> No.53316981

But you'd be just as subject to the whims of the RNG gods if you'd started at level 1 and worked your way up.

>> No.53316987

If the age is real, dude is 33. And my mom tells me I'm a fuck-up.

>> No.53316993

>fave, league of legends


>> No.53316995

That's the character's age, not the player.

>> No.53317000

Only if the DM was good at presenting him and providing a reason for the characters to wanna associate with him, then sure

>> No.53317004

>MFW this isn't just some /pfg/ troll

>> No.53317006


>> No.53317013

You can still be a fuck up though. I believe in you

>> No.53317023

Yeah, one of my google searches also showed his LoL account. This guy is CWC tier obsessed with his OC.

>> No.53317025

And people say /pfg/ players are the worst. I'd take any of you faggots over this.

>> No.53317026

Not with a half-way intelligent DM.

>> No.53317027

What tiers would you consider the Occult classes to be in?
The Psychic is definitely tier 2 and the Occultist and Mesmerist are tier 3, but I'm unsure about the others.

>> No.53317033

>Half my age

>> No.53317037

Well, I guess I'm calling it a night here, delving into the mind of someone more delusional than me isn't a pleasant experience.

>> No.53317038

Wow, even when complementing her, Jessica Price sounds like a complete bitch

>> No.53317047

Looks like he's a furfag too. Guy has almost every animal type in there as well as taking it up the ass.

>> No.53317052

So you're complaining about the status quo being expressed differently? Why is normal worse than normal?

>> No.53317055

Who wants to work up a campaign where the players are Nero McBrain's lackies?

>> No.53317058

>She's committed enough to have written thousands of words of cover copy and solicitation text, able enough to have developed whole hardcover books, and invested enough to spend her own time developing the Pathfinder world (Have you picked up Qadira?)

>Jessica Price is the woman that gave us Qadira

>> No.53317068

Have we surpassed DOUG?

>> No.53317072


>in which /pfg/ digs too deep and finds out about someone's OC, more than they ever wanted to know

>> No.53317080

Nothing can surpass DOUG. But this has definitely left BOSS BITCH in the dust.

>> No.53317083

A meme to surpass Doug?

>> No.53317088

You mean it wasn't obvious the obnoxious feminist is the person responsible for Feminist Arabia?

>> No.53317090

It won't be enough till we get his mugshot.

>> No.53317094

No. Doug plays the role of Nero McBrain in this campaign.

>> No.53317104

>Feminist Arabia
It really is an oxymoron, isn't it?

>> No.53317117

Didn't one anon find a picture of Doug in his boxer briefs where you could clearly see the outline of his donger?

>> No.53317129

Arabia being described as a feminist paradise has been a thing since the 2000s.

>> No.53317138

... I'm sorry, what? Link?

>> No.53317143

Found it

>> No.53317156

Though to be fair, women who come back from that part of the world with stories about how great it is are usually rich white girls who are there with their parents. They never seem to have anything to say about it except that the hotel was really nice and that there were a lot of places to go shopping.

>> No.53317157


>> No.53317164



>> No.53317166

It's good to know that we aren't the worst on the internet. We're just really fucking close.

>> No.53317168

>Blue Jays
He's Canadian!

>> No.53317176


>> No.53317181

I'm done this guy is too easy and now I have lost interest.

Apparently he's into mtg 40k and pony

>> No.53317182


>> No.53317191

Nigga I ain't clicking that shit. Thank you for not posting it directly in the thread.

>> No.53317193

This guy managed to kill my desire to play a bard.

>> No.53317195

What the fuck is mtg 40k?
Did some retard do a custom set or something, or is this an even deeper level of spergottry?

>> No.53317197

but his char isn't even a bard!

Its a magus!


>> No.53317209

Guess I'm writing magus off as well.

>> No.53317210

It's also push-back against the constant stories they hear about the oppression of the local women and how horrible they've got it coupled with the white guilt and exoticism of the persecuted Islamic minorities that form some weird alternate reality where people like Jessica Price dream of describing how all the problems of the Middle East would be solved if women were given a stronger voice.

There's also the admiration of Middle Eastern history which paints a rosy picture of some gender-equal, diverse, multicultural and religiously tolerant society that really never existed, but it does in the short blurbs they read on some blog, so obviously it must be true, just like tons of black people lived in Medieval Europe because a cathedral in Southern France has like, three stained glass paintings of black people.

>> No.53317215

>Chris was a girl

>> No.53317216

Phoneposting, I can't be bothered with punctuation.

>> No.53317257

It's a missing comma, anon.

>> No.53317272

So anons, since Enhancement bonuses don't stack but other bonuses do, what are the different bonuses we can cobble together to get the absolute maximum land speed possible before casting this spell?


(Assume Level 20 of whatever class you want to use and that any bonuses their wizard friend is giving to that that states they only last for 1 round are "stored" in the test subject until they actually begins running for maximum speed potential)

>> No.53317280


>> No.53317281

If you were to build a halfling holy tactician paladin build around Aid Another, how would you go about it? I'm talking feats/traits/weapon/etc. as well as the mechanics of the build itself.

I've played for years but no group I've ever been in has bothered with Aid Another so I don't really have any idea how it works or how to optimize it.

>> No.53317283

Personally, I want to know which of /pfg/ seems like they'd be a total asshole, but turned out to be friendly (and vice versa.)

>> No.53317284

Just play a Zealot instead

>> No.53317296

No PoW allowed.

>> No.53317308

>inb4 Rory
>inb4 fuck off Rory

>> No.53317309

Ah, consider suicide then

>> No.53317323

>since Enhancement bonuses don't stack but other bonuses do
Almost all bonuses don't stack with like bonuses, with the main exceptions being Circumstance, Dodge, Racial, and Untyped. Enhancement isn't special here, it's the norm.

>> No.53317330


>> No.53317335

I don't really mind if it's an ineffective build. It's for a group with mostly newer players and I'm looking more at setting them up for success/a good time than winning the encounters myself.

I want to make everyone else feel strong more than I want to have a strong character myself.

>> No.53317338

Fuck off Rory

>> No.53317339

What about the reverse? I think there's at least one player in multiple games that looked nicer in roll20 posts than they did in actual games.

>> No.53317346

too late >>53317308 beat you to it

>> No.53317355

I'd like to know who in /pfg/ we feel is underrated.

>> No.53317361

The rules are overly complicated, and you've given no campaign details. So, no, I'm not really interested in testing your weird homerules.

>> No.53317390

This cannot possibly go any where good.

>> No.53317402

I think the DMs are severely underrated. We go on and on about Slow this or Rory that, but where's the love for Wubu or Seagle or MA? They're excellent DMs!

>> No.53317410

Apart from something like another clash between PLD fans/detractors, or Slow's fan club turning another thread into daddy-posting, I don't see how.

But it's true, those are both terrible outcomes.

>> No.53317411


>> No.53317418

Wubu sucks.

>> No.53317426

all these flavors and you choose to be salty

>> No.53317436

How do you figure? Have you played with them before? Are there stories?

>> No.53317445


>> No.53317458

Enhancement bonuses don't stack with themselves, I know, but that's why I'm looking for all the other sources of speed increase that would increase the base speed of our test subject so as to get the fastest possible run speed in a single round when we multiple it by 10 with that spell.

>> No.53317484

iirc aren't there feats that apply either lay-on-hands or Smite bonus to Aid Another?
I dunno, its been a long while since I've even so much as paid attention to the Aid Another mechanic that I near forgot it existed until now.

>> No.53317521

This is exactly why I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never used Aid Another before in my life.

I'll look for those feats. Thanks for the heads up.

>> No.53317522



>> No.53317529


>> No.53317530

Got a list of which books were put in?

>> No.53317535

Thank you QANON

>> No.53317541

>More 3pp books


>> No.53317548

>Slow's fan club
I think you're giving the man too much credit.
He doesn't have a fan club, he's just marginally more subtle about his samefagging than Rory.

>> No.53317559

Fuck off Rory

>> No.53317563

Can you link to the Trove?

>> No.53317583

Hi [Rory/Slow, delete whichever is inappropriate]

>> No.53317585

Oh hey QANON. Haven't seen you around in a while. Have a sylphu I found a while back

>> No.53317599







>> No.53317610

That's not a Sylph, that's a Samsaran

>> No.53317627

Your latest PC encounters Baba Yaga and her Dancing Hut. What happens?

>> No.53317630

Just put this up! App process is probably going to be a few weeks longer than the normal month so I don't step on the toes of other recently started listings. Thanks to the anons that gave their opinions a few threads ago.

>> No.53317644

Ma'am there are two troves. And I have a link to three of them. Please, a link?

>> No.53317648

Looks pretty sylphy to me

>> No.53317655

"...Hey Baba Yaga. Are you having a good day?"

>> No.53317658

But you're both girls! That's forbidden love!

>> No.53317663


>> No.53317665

the art was used in one of the books for Samsara, either ARG or one of the Tian-Xia books. I distinctly remember seeing it.

Plus it can't be a Sylph as it lacks the blueberry swirls

>> No.53317681


>Also give details on what your statues are going to look like, we wont be starting work on them until after your first successful quest, of course, but it's never to early to start designs.

Is this a petrification fetish game?

>> No.53317683

Oh, well that's disappointing

>> No.53317688

no broodie

>> No.53317691


>> No.53317705


>> No.53317717


>> No.53317719

This sounds pretty good dude. I'd love to give it a try but my schedule is garbage.

>> No.53317722

Would you allow a suboptimal gestalt like Wizard/Arcanist into your game?

>> No.53317724


>> No.53317728

But if you love Wist, have you read her PLD logs?

>> No.53317729


>> No.53317743


>> No.53317744


>> No.53317748

>Spheres of Might playtest hasn't updated in like forever

Have they basically given up on it?

>> No.53317750


>> No.53317758

If by given up you mean 'have refused to realize that the system needs basically an entire rewrite and are throwing it out anyways'

>> No.53317765

QANON is just as deplorable

>> No.53317766

What happened to TSS?

>> No.53317768

No, they probably just decided to go into "internal playtests" or something, because Adam Meyers refuses to admit when something is broken if he hasn't seen it in-play in a game he's in.

>> No.53317778


>> No.53317779


>> No.53317780





>> No.53317789

They haven't even touched Alchemy or Berserking.

>> No.53317790

Envy that we didn't get more, yes.

>> No.53317797

It turned out to be another facet of Rory's endless need for attention. I can only hope he's used up the last of his good will, because too many people around here give him a pass when he isn't deserving of one.

>> No.53317800

game canned, thicc is kill, and Raimi is forever a miserable, drunk birb.

>> No.53317805

>QANON has the PLD gold subscription

>> No.53317814

Poor tengoo.

>> No.53317818

I'll be right there with ya drunk birb.

>> No.53317820

Seems like I'm late for whatever took place. Thanks for your concern but I'm fully intent on running this game even if there are not many good apps.
Suffice to say app like the guitar magus is probably out of the running for failure to even study the basic rules.

>> No.53317842


>> No.53317850

Is Cashmere her most cute character? Who is?

>> No.53317854

Not if I steal her heart first, bub.

>> No.53317884

Ohoho~ Envy eh? I sure that there's plenty an anon that'd give you a good knot or two~

>> No.53317891

It wasn't a bamboozle. It was /pfg/'s fault for filling it up with nothing but joke characters.

>> No.53317919

How would you roleplay as a grizzled old retired captain of the guard starting off at 1st level?

>> No.53317927

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm the only hero she needs.

>> No.53317937

The power of Christ compels you, Rorybub.

>> No.53317945

He was a level 3 warrior who retrained to become a fighter

>> No.53317948


>> No.53317964

I know it wasn't a bamboozle , but it doesn't make the fact I may never play my potoo pirate any easier to swallow .

>> No.53317966

How would you stat them, PFG?

No 3PP, I'd go:
>A2: Android Barbarian
>9S: Android Transmuter
>2B: Android Slayer

3PP allowed, I'd probably go:
>A2: Android Warlord VMC Barbarian
>9S: Android Symbiat (Hekatonkheires)
>2B: Android Ordained Dervish Defender

>> No.53317969

Hit by Boulder-kun.

>> No.53317986

There's only one way to find out...

>> No.53317988



>> No.53318008


Rory is a fuck and always has been. Just look at what the game's name was.

>> No.53318019

Honestly, the Android bit is just fluff for them.

>> No.53318025

I really like Slow, though. He's one of my favorites!

>> No.53318027

How do I become cute like those characters?

>> No.53318050

Make a character for:

And then, and only then, can you achieve cuteness

>> No.53318067

Is it true that Wist is a trap?

Are you into that?

>> No.53318076

But what about the cute mentality? It's not enough to have cute art.

>> No.53318081

Yes its true
I sure am

>> No.53318084

A2: Human Brutal Slayer Stalker // Barbarian
9S: Human Psywar / Telekinetic Weaponmaster // Telepathy Psion
2B: Human Brutal Slayer Stalker // Slayer

>> No.53318096

Anon, just like all things, you can not just be 'cute'.

It must be strived for.

Only by making a character and applying can you say you have taken those early steps.

>> No.53318109

You could promote cuteness as a pillar of new modern society!

>> No.53318112

>It's not enough to have cute art.
it is for /pfg/

>> No.53318126

Like the popularity of people like Slow and DHB, it's about already being a name with a meme attached to it.

To be part of the "in" crowd, you have to be part of the "in" crowd already. Anyone else is just a shit-tier waifu or a fuccboi. Otherwise you can make a thousand women and never be a cute waifu. You can make a thousand men and never be a desired husbando.

>> No.53318138

Can confirm

>> No.53318144

That's not true, QANON has been all over Wist for nearly a year now, before anyone else even knew who she was. Clearly there's more to being cute than being famous.

>> No.53318153

So something like this? Where I want to promote my sleepy sheepy ideology?

>> No.53318171


next, when you write your personality section, transcribe some god awful anime pesonality

>> No.53318176

Marry me QANON!

>> No.53318180

Not fluffy enough. Here, take this one.

>> No.53318185

After the fall of Rome, the entire world becomes Otaku Japan.

>> No.53318186

Is this how a broodie character is made?

>> No.53318191

It's the same principle, you're just looking at it the wrong way. QANON and Wist were already friends, and Wist just got QANON shilling for them.

Really, this whole idea makes Rory a lot more understandable--though never acceptable, of course. He wanted to be part of the clique, and went out of his way to try and prove he was one of them, only for it to backfire because he wasn't already one of them.

I'm surprised the Overlewd guy hasn't taken the same arc. His campaign was such blatant pandering that he's always seemed hours away from leaking logs to prove he's cool.

>> No.53318195


Laughing 2Bs.png.

If either of them had WIS over 10 without 2B giving them a boost through memory bleed, half the conflict of the third act wouldn't exist. 2B on the other hand, Wisdom is all she really has going for her, mental stat wise.

>> No.53318197

seconding this

>> No.53318205

Yes, with the extra step of gathering up your Discord cock suckers to name drop you.

>> No.53318211


Is this a new meme or just self shilling for a ded game?

>> No.53318220

With these four simple steps, you too can get into whatever /pfg/ game you want

>> No.53318224

How about now?

>> No.53318225

Don't forget the fucking avatarfagging he did to try and build up Kyras. I don't even know if it's still him doing it, but the blame for everything wrong with Blingmaker can be laid at his feet for how hard he was self-shilling.

At the very least, he's going to have a short run since he's using a Tier 5 class next to two full casters and two initiators. I'd hope he dies, but it's more likely he'll just drop out.

>> No.53318233

I want to steal Wist from QANON

>> No.53318234

No, you can watch A2 and 9S recognize things and then immediately not give a fuck. Their WIS is fine, they're just too committed.

>> No.53318235

maximumsleep is already cool!

>> No.53318245

By what fucking metric? He's a shamelessly thirsty asshole trying to cling to RotJR's coattails. LoBaF was boring, Overlewd was pathetic, and it's clear he only got into any game because someone pitied him.

>> No.53318249

Almost fluffy enough. Give them a bigger pal to compare to and you've done it.

>> No.53318250

This is a boy, isn't it.

>> No.53318252

Hardly anybody even knew QANON and Wist were friends until RotJR started, though, and she was already in games and becoming popular before that. It seems like you're just projecting.

>> No.53318255

I think you're just a salty samefag, anon! Sorry about that!

>> No.53318258

Just sadness really...I really liked that birb.

>> No.53318264


>> No.53318270

I'm running out of sleepy sheepies.

Not everything has to be traps, some of it can just be normal cuties.

>> No.53318275

I like Kyras. He makes me smile.

>> No.53318283

He's a fun person to talk to. Gregarious, cheery, just an all around affable guy.

>> No.53318285

That's a pretty cute tiefling. They look like the sort who was raised out in the farmlands and was accidentally misidentified/raised into believing that she was half-fey and a satyr's daughter or something.

>> No.53318293

welp. Tonight's session ended on another combat cliffhanger. If anything was established this session, however, is that Elsbeth found that she really isn't that fond of her mother even with alcohol.

>> No.53318297

Hey Sleep. Are you actually going to drop your spaghetti in Blingmaker, or are you too much of a pussy to even try that?

>> No.53318302

Pretty sure 9S missed the blatant mercy kill and the fact that keeping an air-gapped backup of your memories and personality in your sword is apparently standard operating procedure.

I'll give you A2, on the concession that she's both literally 2B under different circumstances, and that living as a naked hobo lady for 200+ years has probably caused some WIS damage. Still would make her a CHA class more than a WIS class.

>> No.53318304

>tfw too lazy to do anything worth getting shit talked about
>I will never get blasted during name drop autism

How sad, but I guess I should be happy.

>> No.53318305

kinda the same vibe as this one too.

>> No.53318308

All this talk about self-shilling got me thinking. Who does everybody believe got into a game without resorting to self-shilling?

>> No.53318312


Oh dear, was there a drunken confrontation?

>> No.53318318

How sleepy is this sheepy?

>> No.53318320

Nobody, everyone self shills a little bit.

>> No.53318324

That roll20 rando that got into WWW

>> No.53318333


>> No.53318336

He's not wrong

>> No.53318338

I'm pretty sure literally nobody was talking about Quinn before RotJR.

>> No.53318342

9S was mad because he wanted to be the one to kill 2B, not because 2B was mercy-killed.
And A2, with her godawful social skills, CHA based? Yeah, naw.

>> No.53318344

QANON and 2hu didn't have to self-shill because they were already guaranteed spots because nepotism.

>> No.53318345

So what personality and class would you give your sheepie?

>> No.53318348

Hm, with the review craze? It's hard to tell.

Orlan was a bit of a darkhorse victory for LoBaF, 4196 was such a blatant joke that nobody even bothered to shill for her, Aranha honestly looks like she got in based on luck, and Artemy got accepted to WotRaunchy despite getting pretty poor reviews.

>> No.53318350

She looks pretty sleepy, if you ask me.

>> No.53318361

>I'm pretty sure literally nobody was talking about Quinn before she got raped

>> No.53318364

>Aranha honestly looks like she got in based on luck

Didn't Aranha get in solely because Shizuka couldn't make it?

>> No.53318365

What about a wide awake sheep?

>> No.53318370

What makes her dislike her mom?

>> No.53318375

Presumably all of Dragons2 was selected randomly but I don't buy it still

I retain the theory that Rinka, Calsi, and Lio were always going to get it, and the other three got selected from random teams of three.

>> No.53318380

I used this for a character. It's a good picture.

>> No.53318384

I don't know, maybe she wants to try her best, and is always scared or tired. But she braves the scary world to make it comfy for others who come after.

>> No.53318386

Why those three?

>> No.53318387

Which means they're valid answers to the question. They got in without self-shilling.

>> No.53318391

Chuuni rat, THICC, and disney princess.

>> No.53318397 [SPOILER] 

Real talk, I though my Santa app would stir some shit here, and I was slightly disappointed when it didn't. In the end, I guess I made him too much of an actual character, cause Nero blows that out of the water.

Don't take this to mean Simon's a joke app. I'm super serious here.

>> No.53318411

Because they have nothing to do with the 'Team ROAR' thing that tied the other three together

>> No.53318412

It looks like a joke app but not edgy. Got a chuckle out of me but that's about it.

>> No.53318416

Not really, but it didn't do much to quell the rift between them.

Elsbeth's mother has the Friendless curse. Usually some alcohol will help ease the sting of it from conversation with her, but it's not so helpful here simply because Elsbeth is so emotionally distant from her.
For the curious, Elsbeth was the result of a drunken one night stand before the father sobered up and the curse begun to affect him.

>> No.53318424

He should just PM her for some sweaty ERP behind a tree or something

>> No.53318427

Hidden Blade Thug U. Rogue 4 into Dervish Defender Warder X with the multiclass trait and a Fool's Errand build,

or just full Hidden Blade Thug U. Rogue for Fool's Errand?

>> No.53318436

Was he/she cute?

>> No.53318439

>9S was mad because he wanted to be the one to kill 2B, not because 2B was mercy-killed.

Them's some alternative facts, son, read the side materials. He didn't want to kill 2B until the Logic Virus started to fuck with his head and removed his ability to discern love from hatred. He loved her all along, anon,
and on more than one occasion killed himself so she wouldn't have to kill him.

And A2... it's more mechanical, really, focus on taunting and intimidation. Definitely the most "Warlord-y", POW wise, even if she wouldn't really give the benefits to allies - Gambits, taunts, etc. No ranks in Diplo, though.

>> No.53318442

I maintain a similar theory but I think it was Calsi and Aurora that were the "guaranteed" characters with the rest determined randomly from teams of four

I don't like the Liozis character so it's sort of disappointing to think that character was a guarantee

>> No.53318443

A Cleric obviously fits, but maybe a Physical Defender?

>> No.53318445

You forgot to put "PM her" in spoilers and all caps.
It's /pfg/ shitposting 101, come on.

>> No.53318461

The side materials got TL'd? Well shit, that puts me behind on the theorycrafting.

>> No.53318462

The major issues I have with sheepy qt is the lack of a solid race choice, and the fact most of the class/builds that I want to play wouldn't likely mesh with it anyway.

>> No.53318470

Mate I don't see a world where Rinka wasn't a guarantee into that game

>> No.53318475

Yep. The stuff about the virus got translated from the Strategy Guide, I think, and the other stuff is from the Stage Play that happened 2 weeks ago.

>> No.53318492

I don't see why she would be

>> No.53318496

We all know why you're here.

>> No.53318504

Please tell me she has a spelljammer ship. Even if it's a lie, tell me.

>> No.53318510

Never had a doubt the moment she was re-posted from RotJR, she probably would have gotten into one of those games if it weren't for the life shit that made them unable to make a final app.

>> No.53318526

Ok. She has a spelljammer ship.

>> No.53318540

Also, the Logic Virus is a direct extension of the Red Eye Disease that made Nier-Verse WWII much bloodier and haunted Caim throughout his youth, and the Aliens have all but been confirmed to be extensions of the Flower's will.

>> No.53318543

She mostly jams across the Elemental Plane of Air, but I'm sure a free spirited Sylph captain roams.

>> No.53318566

Man, if I ever run Iron Gods, that's what I'm doing with the crashed Dominion ship in Book 4.

>> No.53318568


>> No.53318573

I'm not shitposting; that was an invitation.

>> No.53318579

Post the Class/Build ideas you have.

>> No.53318587


Like any motherfucker's going to be dumb and thirsty enough to fall for that bait.

If you feel that way, you ought be the one to PM him.

>> No.53318596

I guess I don't see it and I don't see why being posted in ROTJR has anything to do with anything

Don't get me wrong I like the character but if i were the DM I would not have picked her for that specific game. Not dragon-y enough, very narrow mechanically, ugly little twig body, etc

>> No.53318616

She was popular from RotJR, and was popular again


>ugly little twig body

flat is justice, you plebian.

>> No.53318625

well, one/two of them is >>53318427
Another is Bushi Brutal Slayer focused into Fool's Errand. Others are Psyforensic Empiricist Investigator, Bushi Warlord, maybe a warder of some kind. Mostly wanting to try more 3pp subsystems, and feeling more melee-y since I'm playing a caster right now for a different game.

>> No.53318626

Eh, his loss

>> No.53318650

This is like a whole new facet of the "I know something you don't know" brand of false-flagging.

Look, either sack up and PM the bastard if you think he's too dense to PM you or quit piling more shit on the thread.

>> No.53318657

Which one of those pairs with a hammer? Sheeple feel like they would use that as a weapon.

>> No.53318662

Most people.

>> No.53318663

>Special gestalt
maybe i'm dumb but i dont understanding this at all
>No spending your WBL
whats the reason for this?

>> No.53318665

I think you're mistaken in thinking it was a popularity contest, because if it was the final party would look much different

>> No.53318670

All of my characters are cute.

>> No.53318688

Maybe? I just assumed Rinka was going to be in

>> No.53318693

You should PM HIM! I'm sure he'd treat you right!

>> No.53318703

Is pic related what kitsune are supposed to be like?

>> No.53318711

Hammers? Warder of the Brutal Slayer, but the latter is somewhat locked to a str/wis with claws to get a climb speed at 5th via heritage feats. Mostly looking at base skinwalker or oni-blooded tiefling for that.

>> No.53318720

More Pokémon like.

In fact, forget kitsune. You can play a Zoroark instead.

>> No.53318726

What's better for a pure blaster-caster?
Wizard (Admixture) 1 / Sorcerer (Draconic + Orc Crossblood & Blood Havoc) 19?
Or Sorcerer (Draconic + Orc Crossblood) 1 / Wizard (Admixture) 19?

>> No.53318742

Reiterating a question that people have asked before: How should a relationship develop in-game?

What counts as actual flirtation or a character moment if we're going by the old /pfg/ rule of "you must have x number of moments before sex"? And isn't that rule kind of shitty, when you're treating it like a low-grade Visual Novel?

>> No.53318750


The ones in the background seem fine.

>> No.53318782

Claws on a Sheepie?

I suggested the hammer because it might fit in the way they can butt heads. If the Oni can do it, I suggest going with that.

It should come naturally. Getting close to heal then. Sharing some RP time.

Otherwise, you're just a creeper.

>> No.53318798

Just wanted to say this looks great, well organized, and well thought out. I wish you the best in this game and other ones of course. I'd apply, but I'll be abroad a couple of weeks after it starts up

>> No.53318800

Sheeple don't really fit any of the builds I wanted to try right now. They feel like they'd be good as Oracles, War Priests, or some divine caster more than the builds I mentioned.

>> No.53318805

I might. The night is young somewhere.

>> No.53318811

Sounds boring.

>> No.53318812

Apply anyways to help worldbuild and have a NPC cameo!

>> No.53318814

I'd been thinking about how to explain the process of how I got to that point for a few days, but it just boils down to "There's one predominant older male figure that wields a sack with a lot of art out there" and the app just happened to be steering that direction already and only needed a few tweaks to get there fully. I was even going to take Fey Obedience (Imbrex) to give a mechanical reason for making carvings, which also happens to fit with his outlook and lifestyle, maybe even going into Feysworn later. The perfect reference storm was just too good to pass up for me. Also, trying to stoke that daddy meme fire.

>> No.53318833

Makes sense. Hoard some pictures when inspiration hits and post your ideas!

>> No.53318852

If you seriously think anybody asks that except to troll, you're thinking about it all wrong.

What you should do is have your character actually express interest in the other character. Blatantly, but not forcefully. No blushing, no fidgeting, no dancing around it, just give yourself an excuse to say that you find them attractive and you want to spend more time with them. Or just that you want to bang. Either they're interested and things progress from there, or they're not and they don't.

Seriously, that's the thing /pfg/ is too fucking autistic to think of: You can actually be a mature adult and just say "I like you" without having some insufferable anime-style story arc around it. All this "PM them" nonsense is just an extension of that, because everybody's hoping that anyone who sends a PM to someone is going to drop their spaghetti.

>> No.53318861

I want that Zoroark to bully me.

>> No.53318866

Oh I'm planning on it! I just gotta take a bit of a break from casters right now. My next successful character after these will hopefully be a divine caster of some sort.

>> No.53318871

I only get lewd when the time is just right and there's no hard and fast rule on when that is. It often takes a while.

>> No.53318874

Better hurry up.

>> No.53318892

Banter, jokes, little compliments or unexpected nice gestures are all gold for a foundation. For instance, if your character was a deformed abomination or had odd traits, but the other character said they didn't mind the traits, or thought they were useful or interesting, that's good! If they joke with your character, or complain about the same things as your character, that's good. Unless it's superficial rutting, the relationship must rest on a foundation of communication and commonality.

>> No.53318908

Why? Is it his bedtime soon?

>> No.53318926

Is having a small double hackbut as a bonded item for a level 1 wizard cheese?

>> No.53318939


>> No.53318956

>not exclusively pursuing your character's opposites

>> No.53318970

Works for cuteposting and doujinshi, not an actual lasting relationship.

>> No.53318979

>playing characters as realistic people and not pursuing the most interesting narrative

>> No.53319004

Realistic people make for an interesting narrative. Anime and vidya stereotypes make for the same narratives we've all seen a million times before.

>> No.53319018

Would I be a madman/huge autist to ask if I can gestalt Vigilante with Vigilante?

I want to be a Brute/Symbiotic Slayer.

>> No.53319025

>anime stereotypes and not theatre cliches

>> No.53319032

I think a GM would allow it if only because it is a terrible idea

>> No.53319041

>Realistic people make for an interesting narrative.
Gonna be honest with you, but this is wrong.

People who are warped, broken, or otherwise made different from those around them make for better stories. I suppose it's more normal vs abnormal than realistic vs. unrealistic.

>> No.53319058

Realistic people are the ones who are far more often warped, broken and twisted, though.

>> No.53319136

My brother's character met a hobo armed with a bottle of Frosty Jacks that teleported him to the rest of the party after he got lost in the city.

>> No.53319189

New thread

>> No.53320911

Give me ideas for how to RP a cleric.

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