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Sisters of Battle are made for genetically enhanced World Eater cock

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>tfw you realize Konrad Kurze probably died a kissless virgin and the closest relationship with a girl he ever had was with the assassin that murdered him

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>yfw you understand that they needed to give infinite overwatch because otherwise every unit would be first assaulted by the dedicated transport, able to soak the 6+ to hit shots with it's T6+, W6+ and armor save, and then be assaulted by the actual unit, thus making overwatch basically useless.
>Now at least they have the chance of a couple of lucky melta/plasma/whatever shots or that the dedicated transport doesn't reach combat, so to be able to overwatch the actual assault unit too

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>yfw Tyranids still have no transports

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Is the gay dark angels a recent meme or something? I don't remember this ever being a thing in the past. What did I miss?

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Okay here's a good question to start the thread

What commissar could fuck the most sisters of battle in a row within a 24 hour limit?

I'd say Ciaphas Cain

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They've always been gay since like RT
And gazgul is Margret Thatcher

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It's always been a thing but it came back to the forefront because there was one incredibly autistically assdamaged DA guy who was only here to give out (You)'s and shut the fuck up, and he was all out of shutting the fuck up.

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Whats the quick rundown on the livestream?

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>Tervigons become a 30 capacity transport for any unit with the keyword GAUNT.

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>keeping them all for yourself
>not tricking your entire group of friends into coming back to your house to get viciously, repeatedly, lovingly raped with monstrous alien ovipositors
bit selfish

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>he doesn't know about Trigons

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You need more overlords

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k so
Do you like new rules?

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Still expensive as fuck. The reason the transports charging thing is so good is because most of them are 50 points or less.

If Tyranid spore pods get a points drop maybe we'll have something good there.

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Its only Heresy if you don't make babies eventually or miss your duties to the Emperor.

Otherwise kiss a girl and carry on

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Y-you're right anon...hey, wanna come back to my place? I-it'll be a lot of fun...

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>The tyranid player spends the first 3 turns teching up to fast nid dropperlords
>get to the opponent's base to only find they've brought 4 hydras

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Actually the Margaret thing was just a coincidence. But kept it when someone point it out.

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So are they buffing the shooting phase or what?

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>Tyranids still have no transports
>spore pods exist, but are too expensive!
>No transport

You need to rethink your definition of "No transports" or add a few extra words like "cheap", "cost effective", or (from your post) "undercosted"

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Cain is not suicidal. He would not touch a sister of Battle.
Sisters from the non militant branch maybe

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>is incredibly confused for a second because I'm reading it as hydralisks and not IG hydra tanks
I was like nigga first of all who makes hydras in a fucking ZvZ and secondly you're gonna need more than 4 to stop a doom drop

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>people who RP in the general

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Spore pods also cannot carry units after deployment unless they changed something. They're not really a transport anymore than a Trygon is, just a way to give things deep strike.

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o-ok?~ what f-fun did you have in mind exactly?

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Calm your tits.

Reserve the ERP to the end of the thread.

I want you to continue but please restrain yourself

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I say a guardsmen on leave who survived his 15 hours.

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Cain actually dislikes bolter bitches for being uncontrollable and unpredictable zealots, the only one he ever was friends with was in a platonic way and he didn't pursue her because he thought they had to remain celebate, which he was wrong about because she was getting plowed by a fat adminstratum drone like some sort of hentai

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Been reading the Damocles books. Is it just me, or did the author have a real hard-on for the word "perfect" and forces appearing out of nowhere without explanation? The Admech did it twice, so did Farsight, as did the Obsidian Knight and the Stormsurges. I couldn't keep track of shit, wank or otherwise.

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Is this lie true ?
Because if so, then I'll take one and fill it up to the brim with hormagaunts.

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Drop that 8e niddex will'ya? I mean you know the point costs and all!

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it's a bad book

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I am not sure if the xenomorph whore is better or worse than the angry DA chinaman.

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>implying the RP posts are serious

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>Spore pods also cannot carry units after deployment unless they changed something. They're not really a transport

>Drop pods also cannot carry units after deployment unless they changed something. They're not really a transport

You heard it here: Drop Pods aren't transports!

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I like when Cain makes fun of them not wearing a helmet with their power armour.
While he only went to battle with a cap and a jacket. Then Amberly shit talk him about that

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>a ZvZ game that isn't just nids/bane/lurker/roach/ravager
That's heresy
On that note I wish nids got more suicidal units, like something that explodes in melee like spores

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What the fuck is "Leave", guardsman?

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>Rumor compilation: http://bloodofkittens.com/blog/2017/04/26/warhammer-40k-8th-edition-leak-compilation/

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I'm guessing. It will either:
>Gaunt only Transport

>Psychic power summon units of Gaunts. But you need to put reserve points for them, similar to Daemons

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Nice, I'll add it to the list. Shit you hear in /40kg/:
>waac deployment
>my opponent was scummy, he measured things and playd for the objectives
>if you win you are a horrible person
>drop pods aren't transports

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guardsmen get it occasionally anon...

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it means while deployed forces get rotated for some R&R and then sent back to the frontlines.

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I can see something like the Trygon. Reserve units of Gaunts, drop them on the table near the Tervigon.

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The closet DA chinaman fag was worst.

She usually just shitpost at the start and/or end of the thread.

So anything interesting in the stream beside marines confirmed their Squat status

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Yarrik despite being an old man could lay pipe all day with no sign of fatigue, his erection sustained by watching orks die through the window

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I love kanna

I want her to get genestealer-pregnant with me and we can feel each others bellies with strong alien offspring squirming around inside

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As a man with a penis-

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I am not sure if i am allowed to get erect for that.

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Oh wait, zero chance.

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I'm out of date on my Starcraft, but they brought back Lurkers and Ravagers for LotV? Fuck yeah. Was the plot any good? I was a mediocre player, but SC1's story was top notch even when I was failing at holding 9-pools with Terran. Switched to Zerg and discovered that macro is surprisingly fun when you don't give a fuck about a total army loss. Hence my 40k army of Magos Biologis and their insane creations.

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Anyone have gathering storm books? I cannot find them in the mega nz link

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The Dark Angels guy would think a man with a penis is better, too.

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Van DarkAngel-holme was funny in his meltdown

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Dear Emperor...

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I can't wait to wap the shit out of some aliens with my drop pod doors.

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Can we just ban this GSCB circlejerk already?

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Gaunt, without question.
Did anyone miss the part where he took a chainsword to the stomach and still won? The guy's got stamina.

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They pulled a GW with the plot.

Don't bother with it. But the mission are pretty cool

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If you don't die for the Emperor on your first deployment you're a coward

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God dammit I am trying to drink here.

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>T-the Chaos Gods will s-surely deliver us from Chad.

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>Best part is he can't reply for three days.

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Alright I'm turning the trip off and going away, calm down. There was literally nothing important happening in the thread.

I have pole-dancing lessons in a few anyways.

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The time it take for administrators to reassemble new squads form post-battler survivors.

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do not confuse may mays with actual fluff anon

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Macro is much much easier in SC2, the story is notoriously hot garbage though, and yeah lurkers and ravagers are staples in every Zerg army
>but that's a conversation for /v/ the mods are watching

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Hey there. So bored I decided to work on my own flavour of squat, using 8ed statline. How is it so far ? (dorf beer for who'll recognize the main inspiration)

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im waiting for him to get back and spend 3 or 4 threads replying to every single post that mentioned him whilst he was banned

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If you die on your first deployment you're incompetent and your family will be penalised for the cost of war materiel wasted on you.

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Well, bollocks. Let me guess, more Kerrigan SMASH and OTT romance over the grey morality and politics that made the original great? AKA exactly like the recent GW books, bar the romance.

Maybe I'll pick it up and give it another go, I haven't played a good RTS in a while.

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Are you Cato?

The fucker that threw a tantrum because he Guardsmen didn't charge a Tau battlesuit with their no ammunition lasguns let alone stab a flying suit.

He got angry because Guardsmen had more tactical sense than him and didn't threw their lives away (wasting the Emperor currency)

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Have fun You slut

>> No.53309948

Technically the last panel is right, since we now know the primaris thing can be done to existing space marines.

Feels a bit melancholy since we've been stuck with the 3e style for so long, but I ain't gonna get super butthurt about it.

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No like seriously. I'm asking you to go and ask for CP on /b/ so that you permaban yourself.

This shit is fucking obnoxious, I'd rather have that DA fag spamming than this garbage.

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On the one hand- hot grills need play game more. Good for the gene pool.

On the other hand, am never in favor of someone getting a (You) just 'cos of their tag which she is because grill

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No it means you're a veteran who can kill lots of shit and survive. The commissar can vouch for such veterans why do you think guard veterans are great on the tabletop?

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What happened to cheetah-anon, surely his ban is up by now
>post an ocelot or other small cat if you're lurking, I miss you dad

>> No.53309971


>Perhaps the biggest reveal though is that current Space Marines can be adapted to become Primaris Marines

Well well, looks like GW is giving you the chance to port over YOUR DUDES if you don't want them to remain Marinelets. Not to mention all of the characters people are attached to like Cato and Calgar.

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>relying on a plastic toy soldier game to get laid
Why do people like you exist

>> No.53309987

just ignore him anon
he's doing it for the (you)'s

>> No.53309988

How many lonely war missions before you're a veteran?

>> No.53309992

>chaos Marines have no drop pods!
>what about the dreadclaw
>doesnt count!

their loss because I fucking love my claw. I regret nothing

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Beats the shit out of DoW3 that's for sure, I was so disappointed the hatemongers were right for once

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>pointing out that a tripfag vaginal jew attention whoring and ERPing in the general is bad is baiting
Jesus christ how fucking far up your asshole has your ovipositor dildo gone.

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Fix'd for you friendo :^)

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15 hours anon! Just survive for 15 hours!

>> No.53310022

Cain fucked an inquisitor, he don't give a fuck.

>> No.53310029


Deldar got fucked again

>> No.53310031 [SPOILER] 

Not as deep as the gay DA Chinese poster.

>> No.53310036

If claws didn't eat, I'd love them.

But my Chaos Marines love floating on their Disks too much to be shoved into a transport

>> No.53310039

Probably would be like sticking your dick in a blender, no thanks

>> No.53310045

deep dark angel fantasies are normal and not heretical at all

>> No.53310050

I am seriously willing to fight for literally no other reason than you saying that anything is more obnoxious than the Dangles fuck.

>> No.53310055

Technically the Inquisitor fuck him.

You can't really say no to an Inquisitor.

>> No.53310060

I have a theory all SFM have never actually seen a woman because they always have the most unrealistic anatomies
We do need more 40k themed SFM animations

>> No.53310067 [DELETED] 

I'd rather have him back than this retarded whore.

Although he seemed like he was capable at ban evading so I don't think he's banned now, just lurking.

Wait, what time is it in China now? I think he might be asleep.

Who cares honestly?

Retarded mindless spam is way less annoying than watching someone actually put effort into fucking ERPing in this thread in the name of attention (You)s.

There is nothing more obnoxious than a cancerous faggot like that.

>> No.53310078

He actually said no to her and a radical multiple times, I'm surprised Cain doesn't take up two spots in a transport for his giant steel balls

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>> No.53310086


Nobody grabs SFMs for realistic body proportions you daft cunt

>> No.53310093


Only claws that don't drop on T1 eat, and that will very likely go away in 8th. I'm debating getting 2 more because I'll also use them in HH.

>> No.53310096

You don't gotta be mad
just cuz you're not a Genestealer Chad.

Next time you lose a game to a GSC player you're now going to think of me making smug anime grill faces.

I bet you play marinelets too~

>> No.53310099

now now anon, i'm bitter too but there's no need for this vitriol

>> No.53310100

That is one of the few books I've actually struggled to finish. The story was ok but the quality of the writing was appalling, 15 year old's fanfic-tier.

>> No.53310106

Aren't you a little short for a Space Marine?

>> No.53310109

You can say no to inquisitor at least once.

>> No.53310111

Did we just found another closet homosexual?

Now honey, the namefag left unlike the DAfag who need to be ban in order to stop his 5 thread spamming, the last 3 he just went ballistic

>> No.53310112

Include me in the post DAnon-chan

>> No.53310132

>the most unrealistic anatomies
>implying there'd be any point to replicating 2d wimmin's fridge-bodies

perfection > realism

>> No.53310137

You've fallen to the b8, just walk away from the computer and drink a glass of water, you'll feel better

>> No.53310145 [DELETED] 

I've never played ever against GSC because the last time I had a game was back in 6th. But ok. Go back to >>>/soc/.

No. It's fucking awful. I did not come to this thread to watch people fucking ERP. I don't goddamn care how ironic it is. I don't want your shitty fucking fetish shoved in my face. Go to /d/. Go to /soc/. Go to literally fucking anywhere else.

>the namefag left
>see >>53310096
Good job. Now go hang yourself.

>> No.53310163

>he doesn't even play the fucking game and he's shitting up the general thread complaining about other people making posts he doesn't like
Literally what are you doing here

>> No.53310168

>has gf
>Hey anon I want to get involved in your hobbies take me with you to your gameday
>Hey anon I'm bored this is boring I like that you enjoy it but I don't want to be stuck here for four hours take me home
>Hey anon where the fuck are you going for five hours on a saturday, I scheduled your time for a thing and you're selfish.

Yeah, tried that crap more than once. They either already love the game or ain't no way I'm dicking that.

>> No.53310174

With what we know about 8th thusfar, how are Necrons looking?
I realize there hasn't been a faction focus yet, but I'm concerned that they'll have more limited viable options of play.

>> No.53310175

Is this the Chinese closet homosexual evanding the ban?

>> No.53310181

>reee my safespace

Fuck off you easily triggered faggot. Just learn to ignore the shit you don't like, you might get past 30 without having a heart attack.

>> No.53310203

>he doesn't realize most people on /tg/ probably haven't played a single game of 40k in a year

>> No.53310204

Well, I can't really say because, in addition to none of knowing basically anything about the new edition, I know fuck-all about how current Necrons play.

But croissant of death spam always looked fun.

>> No.53310206

Pretty sure old man Grimnar has literally punched an inquisitor in the face.

>> No.53310207

I dig it.

>> No.53310212 [DELETED] 

>implying I'm not starting a new army for 8th
lel, naive you are.

I think there's something inherently wrong with you if your life revolves around the game so much that it affects your relationship with your SO.
Furthermore if your SO is unaccepting of your hobbies then I think you should be dropping her either way.

No. I don't ban evade.

>let me shit up this thread with my irrelevant garbage stop calling me out reeeee
>just learn to ignore 100 posts of pure trash reeeeeee
Oh boy, if only people would say the same thing about Cheetahanon or that fucking DA fag.

>> No.53310221

They've stayed pretty quiet on necrons
Hopefully we hear something good soon

>> No.53310229

There's not playing in awhile because we're about to get a new edition and the 7th meta has been shit, and there's not having played at all since fucking 6th. How many years ago was that now?

>> No.53310245


Or you could discuss the game instead of your oviposition fantasies in the 40k general. Hell you can start your own thread about how much you want alien cummies and it won't get deleted because this board has as much moderation as /sp/

>> No.53310247

What are you gonna spend on your (you)'s on anon?

>> No.53310249


I'll be overjoyed if primaris make for the new standard of marine size, just like it's been going for TS, DW.

But I want the primaris lore gone.

>> No.53310263 [DELETED] 

Too old for you to remember. Now go back to your daemon spam.

An unholy ritual to summon the DA spammer and Cheetah anon back of course! They'll cleanse this thread in fire.

>> No.53310268

>he's getting so mad
Anon she's gone, you're just shrieking at the wind, just chill dude and let's make of this general what we can

>> No.53310269

I think the Primaris lore is fine

>> No.53310274

Where were you when you realized Gabriel Angelo's stol.... Was gifted primaris gene enhancement before cawl and g man even released them.

>> No.53310280

>Cheetah is luther
>DA closetcase is the Lion
>thread is caliban

>> No.53310282

>I haven't played since 3rd but I've bitched and moaned about every edition

>> No.53310291

Or ignore it instead of sperging like this faggot here >>53310212

This is 4chan you learn to ignore things. Not bitch and moan about your damn safe space
Trolling and shitposting 101 the more you react the more they'll do it

>> No.53310292

>>implying I'm not starting a new army for 8th
Okay, then talk about this instead of being an overly defensive faggot who comes across as an autist scared of grills, because right now you're contributing to the thread even less than s/he was. At least weird genestealer fetish shit is somewhat relevant to 40k by lieu of being about genestealers.

What army are you picking for nu-edition anon?

>> No.53310294

>start a new thread
For some reason that feels like crossing a line.
Like, if someone wants to get freeky deeky all over this thread, go ahead, just don't carry it over to the reboot.
But a new thread just about genestealer ERP? Dem social pressures. Not good.

>> No.53310297

I know right? It was written just so blandly, the characters were so clear-cut, there was no subtext at all, it was all very obvious, very in your face and extremely predictable. I can deal with a stale prose but the stole was so simple and run of the mill that I needed at least an interesting character or some good writing to be motivated.

Instead, I just finished it because I hate leaving a book halfway through, but god damn it was it a pain.

>> No.53310310

having the entire tac marine squad using plasma guns suddenly makes sense now.

>> No.53310312

Yeah, hopefully soon.
Necrons aren't worth discussing on here though, it seems like no-one plays them.

>> No.53310313

The new Plague Marine models appear to be just as big as primaris marines

>> No.53310317

You and me both buddy.

>> No.53310320

Honestly I'm thinking 8e is looking up for Nids, I might start a force with them for it.

>> No.53310335 [DELETED] 


I wasn't even around in 3rd. I started in 4th.
I still have my mini AOBR rulebook and those poorly painted ultrasmurfs.

>wah wah stop pointing out that my shitposts don't belong here
You seem highly emotionally invested in defending ERP faggotry. I wonder why.

Well I'm starting a 1kSons army now because those new models are sick. Hopefully the new DG marines are good too because I might end up forming a joint DG-TS force.

>> No.53310338

Or wait for the new xeno race getting release this year.

Like I said days ago.

>> No.53310344

>Was the plot any good
Anon no dont

>> No.53310362

Yep defently the closet homosexual evanding the ban

>> No.53310364

They're smaller.

>> No.53310372

It always affects the relationship with the SO.
Eventually it always comes down to 'What do you love more, tiny plastic men or me' and I can't adequately explain to her that some seven other people do have some kind of right to my time.

Nope. My Tinder profile has 'paints tiny plastic men' written on it and that's why I'm dyin' alone and proud.

>> No.53310374

Good choice. And unlike SM ones, our pods CAN fight.

>> No.53310385

>Well I'm starting a 1kSons army now because those new models are sick. Hopefully the new DG marines are good too because I might end up forming a joint DG-TS force.
Right on. Although from what we learned today, mixing the two will restrict the stratagems you have available. It sounds like you'll lose out on Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Nurgle, and Tzeentch Stratagems, and only get access to "Heretic Astartes". But the more diverse mix of units might make up for it.

>> No.53310391

How's the weather in China?
Did you know the rock was a gay bar in the U.K. In the 80s?

>> No.53310411

>Joint dg-ts
There's some couples counselling in your future anon.

>> No.53310425

How do you want your Mortarion senpai, fatty or skeletal?

>> No.53310437

You've met some really asshole girls, anon.

My gf is tangentially interested in the game, she mostly likes eldar and tyranids for minis and aesthetics but hates competitive gaming, so she'd be a collector at best. Even then, she never threw a fit or asked me to choose between my mostly metal army men and her. I mean that's just dumb.

Don't date dumb, immature girls anon, you deserve better.

>> No.53310445

hungry skeletal

>> No.53310447 [DELETED] 

Anon, I don't have any Dark Angels.

>What do you love more, tiny plastic men or me
Then you've found the wrong girl. If it was playing guitar, she'd replace tiny plastic men with guitar. If it was horseriding, she'd replace tiny plastic men with horseriding. If she pulls the "what do you love more" bullshit she's a self centered prick that was a waste of your time. Move on is what I say.

Hmmmm. I guess. The idea is that I want to test a neo-Heresy Legions force with various traitor legions with all their good units. Currently DG only have Plague Marines, and Shitecast ones at it too. With the release of 8th ed and the new boxset we may get plastic Plagues, Plague cultists, hell maybe even Mortarion's bodyguard terminators. That would be sick.

Can I have a fatty skeletal?

I don't live in China.
I mean from what little I know I haven't seen any gay bars called The Rock outside of that US one the DA fag mentioned. That's it.


>> No.53310449

Skeletal. It would make for a nice contrast with the common nurgle worshippers full of gas.

>> No.53310453

Thicc and juicy

>> No.53310455


We have enough mucus marines waddling around with their gutplates already.

>> No.53310456

I 100% promise you guys she is not a trap. I know there are a select few other anons who could possibly confirm but I have no idea what their timezones are or if they even lurk regularly.

>> No.53310471

The appear to be manlet mode.

>> No.53310476

I think he's talking about Tzeentch and Nurgle being opposed Chaos Gods. But that has never stopped Chaos warbands from still working together from time to time.

>> No.53310480

>Then you've found the wrong girl. If it was playing guitar, she'd replace tiny plastic men with guitar. If it was horseriding, she'd replace tiny plastic men with horseriding. If she pulls the "what do you love more" bullshit she's a self centered prick that was a waste of your time. Move on is what I say.

Holy shit. Never thought I'd agree with you on something.

>> No.53310484

I don't like it either and view it as a slippery slope descending further into power level nonsense, but there's not much that can be done about that.

I dunno, there's a new dreadnought to look forward to at least.

>> No.53310506

Do you have a mental illness? That compels you to respond to people you don't agree with?

This is autistic level of sperging. Stop replaying to multiple people Mr. Chinaman.

>> No.53310514

Yeah, I've always liked Nids, just never got around to doing anything with them. I dig Nidzilla concepts so this edition should be fun.

>> No.53310521

>croissant of death
Fuck do they have bad models.

>> No.53310524

Artanis leads a huge army to free Aiur
But then notChaos corrupts all of the protoss turning them Red.
Zeratul kills himself to cut Artanis' hair which apparently connects all protoss to some psychic hivemind thing which notChaos used to control them
Artanis then meets up with their hedonistic evil cousins the dark definitely not eldar protoss and robots to build an army.
He becomes BFF with Kerrigan who dindu nuffin and they figure out the only way to kill the notChaos God is to kill him inside the notwarp.
They then rerereretake Auir and save all the mind controlled protoss from notChaos god.

Honestly the main story wasn't that bad, the missions were fucking awful with a million variations of protext/take this giant pylon.

There was a series of Epilogue missions where Artanis/Raynor/Kerrigan go into the notwarp to not the notchaos god that was worse than anything from SC2's shitty plot before. Kerrigan turns into a super sayain and kills the notchaos god becoming a Xel'Naga which raises a billion fucking questions about the plot of the other two games

>> No.53310525 [DELETED] 

I wouldn't make any assumptions until we see an actual proper side by side anon.
Still can't get over how rad the sculpt on that plague marine is though.

I don't see anything wrong with it but I think some rules to make it seem like they don't trust each other would be really fun. You know, like the Alliances table in 6th and 7th.

It's the truth anon. Some people cannot be worked with. And the majority of the time phrases like that are an instant red flag to drop her like a sack of rocks.

I've been discussing relationship issues and Death Guard x Thousand Sons armies with other anons peacefully though? Stop trying to start shit with your false allegations.

>> No.53310554

Most girls will dislike 40k. To them it is big men hitting one another. Women are most often interested in relationships and human social dynamics. Hell, Game of Thrones is successful with both genders because it's just a soap opera with a fantasy skin. 40k ain't no Soap Opera, it's Space Opera.

I do /hwg/ stuff in addition to 40k and typically they're more accepting (albeit more disinterested) of that, since it's "real".

>> No.53310559

Is the multy post response that gives he autistic impression. One post away from sperging to DA gay dungeon.

In case you didn't notice or haven't been in 4chan very long

>> No.53310561

>mfw forgeworld units will be fully rule supported in 8th
Best timeline ever.

>> No.53310579

I'm still rather worried about units that had rules but where out of production like the Repressor

>> No.53310586 [DELETED] 

Eh, I multipost all the time. It's pretty common in most generals, I don't get why one autist has an issue with it here.

I've been on 4chan since I started playing 40k (I discovered 4chan through 1d4chan by accident mind you) so I have been here for a while.

>> No.53310589

>You've met some really asshole girls, anon.
Naw that's pretty basic girl. They don't tend to have a high tolerance for nerdy habits, unless they're really main stream like vidja.

Most girls think that wearing a shirt with the symbol for a comic book hero is the height of nerdom, even if they couldn't tell you anything about the character.

>> No.53310605

Nirvana t-shirts are the one

>> No.53310607

>trump won
>8th is making 40k less shit
>Some sources say 5th ed DnD is actually playable
Truly a great time to be alive.

>> No.53310612

>mfw one of my female friends plays warhammer, rpg's, does GMing, and is overall a big nerd

Too bad she already has a boyfriend. Perfect waifu, like you would say.

>> No.53310613

I can see the TS popping off spells on the ride to the battlefield just to watch DG marines get triggered.

>> No.53310635

Exactly most girls are more concerned about how their tits stretch out the top than what's on it.

Not that I generally mind. I've just accepted that my love and nerd lives are two separate things.

>> No.53310636

Oh those exist. I'm lucky enough to know one. But the average North American girl is certainly as >>53310589 describes.

>> No.53310638

Now THAT'S what I call a piƱata!

>> No.53310641 [DELETED] 

>Most girls think that wearing a shirt with the symbol for a comic book hero is the height of nerdom
You're basically describing Tumblr

Don't forget the fucking Beatles and Queen t-shirts, coupled with the facebook posts "LIKE IF YOU WERE BORN IN LE WRONG GENERATION".

Well Typhus is a psyker too and he's the goddamn Herald of Nurgle. So I guess DG do allow sorcery to a certain extent, just not as extreme as TS do?
I'd imagine a scenario where DG and TS compete with each other via the powers of their patron god as a dick measuring contest. That'd be fairly entertaining.

>> No.53310646

>albeit more disinterested
sucks to be them, history's cool shit

>> No.53310654

>>trump won
Better than hillary, but go back2/pol/ regardless

>> No.53310664

Its going to sound full fedora but most women dont have hobbies/friends. The majority of women Ive dated had like 2 friends max who they never actually wanted to hang out with, their spare time was spent socializing or watching TV.

They cannot fathom not just imposing themselves in their boyfriends social circle or not being invited to a guys night playing TT games. Consequently the best relationships Ive ever had were girls who actually had an interest in something before we started dating so we could have time away from each other to enjoy our hobbies.

Dont forget I LOVE SCIENCE XD facebook nonsense.

>> No.53310671

I don't find this to be true, in my experience most girls just dislike going where 40k players usually gather, for the same reason for which they tend to steer clear from hobbies where plenty of men gather and are used to not have women around to the point many desire them not to be.

Though admittedly that's not the main obstacle. The main obstacle is that few people are willing to spend the amount of money and time 40k requires if they're not absolutely sure they'll like it AND have a chance to keep playing it in the foreseeable future. Skirmish level games such as Malifaux and Warmachine have a lot more girls playing than 40k, for example.

That and 40k's aesthetics have been... Well, Judge Dredd level of dumb and ugly until a few years ago.

Anon you're like a girl saying all men are selfish cheating assholes. These kind of stereotypes don't help anyone.

>> No.53310673

Tell me about it. Finding dudes into historical gaming is hard enough. Women? Don't even bother.

>> No.53310677


>> No.53310680 [DELETED] 

Not him and not the biggest Trump fan but stop sperging out over /pol/. "Trump best timeline" memes are a sitewide thing.

I don't understand why women are so desperate to poorly emulate "nerd culture xD". Is it because of stupid fucking shows like the Big Bang Theory or something?

>> No.53310683

I really want 40k coronation street

>> No.53310686

Nurgle does not hate sorcery, nor do most of his followers.

>> No.53310687

And some weapon profile

>> No.53310695

Y'all are looking for girls in the wrong places. You have to meet them at the nerd conventions where you know they're actually there because they're interested in the hobby shit to begin with. It's not a problem of "all girls" it's a problem of dating outside your social circles.

>> No.53310703

Morty hates psykers and didn't really allow them in the death guard.

>> No.53310717

that changed after he got played and fell to nurgle

>> No.53310722

This guy is right, please stop parroting blanket statements about half of the human race because the women in your social circles don't like what you like.

>> No.53310731

That's just his personal issues though, it's not a Nurgle-wide thing.

>> No.53310738 [DELETED] 

Yeah that's what I was saying.

How do you filter the genuine enthusiasts from the wannabes though? I'm not saying it's an all girls thing, hell I suggested to the other anon that he was looking for the wrong girls and he should look elsewhere. But your idea isn't exactly perfect either.

>> No.53310739

Cultural thing. We are suffering of no clear stereotypes.
Everyone is losing something here.
One side now actually needs to find something to enjoy while the other is trying to control this feelings.

We are mid cultural change in the west so everything is odd and strange, if not out right cringy

>> No.53310743

This 40k times.

>> No.53310744

Why do I like dark angels greenwing? Something about the robes and the bling is just really appealing. A "clean edge" if you will

>> No.53310749

See, trouble is anon, we're talking about the general population. Not focusing on the exceptions.

Until there's a 40k movie made by Disney/Marvel featuring a shirtless Lion El Johnson played by Benedict Cumberbatch having pseudoerotic interactions with Luther played by Tom Hiddleston, don't expect the general female population to have an even remote interest or respect for 40k.

>> No.53310753

Exactly. Most girls like nerdy stuff to be trendy.

>Its going to sound full fedora but most women dont have hobbies/friends
I think most girls have friends, or at least drinking/icecream buddies.

As a generalization you're right though, girls with hobbies other than facebook/shopping/netflix are rare.

Imo, any hobby will do. I want to fuck a person, not a 3d macey's catalogue.

>> No.53310755

>How do you filter the genuine enthusiasts from the wannabes though?
You'll be able to tell after 10 minutes of talking to them if you're not completely socially inept. It's really hard to fake a genuine like for something.

>> No.53310757

How bout them Daemonettes

>> No.53310762

So anons, whats everyones predictions for the new factions? I'm hoping for hrud

i really want more kroot though

>> No.53310772

>Until there's a 40k movie made by Disney/Marvel featuring a shirtless Lion El Johnson played by Benedict Cumberbatch having pseudoerotic interactions with Luther played by Tom Hiddleston, don't expect the general female population to have an even remote interest or respect for 40k.
Is it bad I think this could actually be a decent movie?

>> No.53310790

> a 40k movie made by Disney/Marvel featuring a shirtless Lion El Johnson played by Benedict Cumberbatch having pseudoerotic interactions with Luther played by Tom Hiddleston

I think that I would be surprisingly ok with that.

>> No.53310793

I'm alright with dating non nerds. For the most part women fall into fuckable non-nerd, or unfuckable with similar interests and hobbies. Finding a girl that's both cute enough you want to gf, and a nerd is rare. I found a qt bf instead.

>> No.53310797

Hey, never said it couldn't be. They're decent actors.

Also, spotted the girl.

>> No.53310799

If she has painted 5000 points of dark angels herself she is not a wannabe

But if it was 5000 points of GSC and tyranids they might go a little high on the crazy scale.

>> No.53310803

>one anon has taken over the entire thread by replying to every single other post in giant block texts
Verily this is some top tier faggotry, where can I learn this power?

>> No.53310805

40k always did need more stuff about the civilian side of life. In the Grim Darkness of the far future there are people too.

>> No.53310814


Morty is a massive hypocrite and a cuck. He slowly became the very thing he fought against during HH.

I want to see if his rules allow him to cast spells though. He sure doesn't give a fuck about sorcerers in DG's ranks anymore like he used to.

>> No.53310815 [DELETED] 

I feel like the current political climate has to do with it. We're reaching the sort of political war that people like George Lincoln Rockwell predicted. One side is trying to fight leftism and the other is trying to fight rightism. And with all this fighting comes attempts to recruit people into the cause via pop culture. That's why with shit like the Clinton campaign you had all those bullshit propaganda videos trying to use celebrities to promote pro-Clinton voting. And in turn with this pop culture recruiting comes the destruction and watering down of intricate hobbies. Wargaming included.

This legitimately sounds like something that could and would happen in this day and age. You sure you're not a latent psyker?

But if she's painted 5k points of DAs she's almost definitely a fujoshi. Do you want to date a fujo? I don't wanna date a fujo.

>> No.53310820

>every girl on the planet is a tumblr strawman (womyn?)

>> No.53310823

I have a bad feeling it's going to be Exodites just because they already have Eldar and dinosaur models on hand. Now I'd fucking love to see Exodites get their own army, I just feel like they'd only do it because it's the easiest one to do outside of making a new "faction" that's just new rules for combining mini ranges that never should have been separated like KDK.

>> No.53310824

>Also, spotted the girl.
Holy fuck.

>But if it was 5000 points of GSC and tyranids they might go a little high on the crazy scale.
I won't even deny that.

>> No.53310829

non imperium/chaos abhumans for possible conversion possibilities i'll take anything though really

>> No.53310832

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.

It says so on literally every edition of the big rule book

>> No.53310833


>a shirtless Lion El Johnson played by Benedict Cumberbatch having pseudoerotic interactions with Luther played by Tom Hiddleston

>> No.53310840

Don't bully him - he's actually discussing nerd matters like a decent human being, right now. I respect that.

>> No.53310849

Isn't that kinda the thing? Chaos lets the worst in you take over or corrupts you to become what you've always fought against?

>> No.53310856


I've known some which enjoy painting but disdain playing, but even that is a step in the wrong direction.
Guitar is a braggable, she can go 'My bf plays guitar' and/or listen to it sometimes. Horseriding is cool and a teachable, you can help her with it and that's how you bond. Have never known any girl to have zero interest in horse.
Both are positives for the girl. You having an exclusive reclusive hobby which costs you a lot of money and removes you for a lot of time, it would be extremely rare to find any human who has zero interest in it and yet can empathise with the fact that you enjoy it.

>> No.53310857

Why would a fujo paint DA and not Tau?

>> No.53310863

Mort is probably up there as one of the most powerful psykers in the galaxy, he seemingly effortlessly outmatched a grey knight supreme grand master in a battle of psychic might
>of course the supreme grand master could have just failed hard on his DtW roles

>> No.53310864


>Dir. David DeCoteau

>> No.53310876

I'm hoping for "Dark Imperium" with mutants and traitors and cultists and guardsmen all blobbed together.

We're probably going to get another marine faction.

>> No.53310877

>This guy walks up and slaps your warlords ass

What do you do next /40kg/?

>> No.53310879

Civilian life is absolutely terrible in almost every piece of narrative they are described in (except for the 1%). Like the Industrial Revolution on steroids.

>> No.53310891

Ask him to slap mine

>> No.53310895 [DELETED] 

To be fair though guys like Angron and Fulgrim were always perfect for their patron gods.

>my bf plays with tiny plastic $50 unpainted toys in an autistic game that uses inches despite being from the UK

le gay maymay

>> No.53310899

Just peak individualism in American culture man.

>> No.53310903

What happened to the old /tg/ file section we had on 4chan? I wanted to try and download some old codex's to have a browse of some art / lore but can't seem to find it.

Does anyone know if there is also a FULL upload of the Genestealer Cults codex anywhere?

>> No.53310905

We were told "xenos" faction.

>> No.53310908

Your posts remind me that I can never be a girl no matter many pills or however much surgery

>> No.53310914

>Big Bang Theory
I think that's a big part of it. A lot of people, mostly women, only have references to nerd culture in the form of parody.

>> No.53310936

Personally it feels we are living the fallout of too much freedom.

In theory we like to have pretend choice and not actually make it.

Will have to wait and see. Assuming we don't fuck ourself too much with regressive thinking with the excuse of equality. I know how bad that ends first hand in my third world country

>> No.53310939

Honestly, id take exodites as a pity bone for no hrud or kroot. I love me some motherfuckin dinosaurs

>> No.53310943

Someone needs to drawfag this shit.

>> No.53310949


Not necessarily. Mortarion had well justified chaos PTSD from childhood and the worlds they conquered during GC. He despised chaos and sorcery, which wasn't the case with other primarchs who fell to chaos. See Magnus, Lorgar.


Would make sense since all primarchs seem to have latent psychic capabilities.

>> No.53310956

We were told a lot of things.

>> No.53310963

>tfw on the fence about doing slanny as my next army

>> No.53310973

>uses inches despite being in the U.K.
So you've never been to England before is what you're saying?

>> No.53310979

Putting it on my backburner.

>> No.53310982

Aw, you can still be just as cute though

>> No.53310998

>mfw I'm australian
>we have three conventions
>grills cannot be
>- Boyfriendo tagalongs
>- shirt wearers
>- Tumblrs
>must be
>- More than animu fans
>- Not a fat twilek
Muh venn diagram too thin for this tiny island.

I know I have disrespected this picture, but I had nothing else. Please forgive me.

>> No.53311021

So i always thought it would be the black rage that squatted the Blood angels not Numarines and nids

>> No.53311028

>just as cute
No homo though

>> No.53311031

>implying Sanguinus won't come back in 8th

>> No.53311033 [DELETED] 

I feel like modern individualism is a mistake. Excessive special snowflake syndrome is ruining a lot of society today. All this fucking gender bender politics and identity politics is a huge waste of time when there are major issues to discuss like immigration and economics.

I think the general mainstream culture move to try and normalize X culture in general leads to the degradation of said culture. Many things like 40k are best as a niche group. When you introduce the masses to something as complex as it they demand that it be dumbed down due to X whiny complaint. It's too oppressive to X group of people, it supports the patriarchy, it has too many racist cis white males etc. Then you get forced diversity. Fictional affirmative action. Look at Marvel and how badly their attempt to diversify their comics went. I feel like 40k might fall down the same route if GW ends up getting too much mainstream spotlight.

That's the thing see, we're being given the choice to waste our time doing nonsense, so everyone wastes their time doing nonsense. Coupled with the excuse of egalitarianism and libertarianism we end up in a backwards society stuck regressing in the name of progress.

it's just a joke

>> No.53311036

I ask what wing of dark angels he collects

>> No.53311038


That would trigger the DA-autist like nothing else

>> No.53311044

>Girl Spotted
>thought it might have been another girl
>It's the same girl
>hopes = dashed. grill rarity remains high.

>> No.53311051

They sell too well to squat. If anything they'll just be deadlocked on Baal against the Nids for the next few years like the Orks and IG have been on Armageddon.

>> No.53311061 [SPOILER] 

Yeah, N-no homo, you god-forsaken degenerates

>> No.53311065

>it's just a joke
>I was just pretending to be retarded
Don't bother including me in your next block of replies, seems you have enough members in your harem

>> No.53311078 [DELETED] 

Last time I managed to trigger a vagina by calling her a tranny she said there are 6 girls here or something? I don't know how legitimate that statement is but have some hope.

Please fucking stop.

>> No.53311081

Call for aid: local playgroup just lost three members over a week left us with three dudes. We were planning on and still want to run either a Kill Team or SWA campaign before 8th hits. Anyone in the Western MA, CT area that would be interested? I promise we have no Eldar

>> No.53311086

What's most unrealistic about that is a guy being able to grow hair that long

>> No.53311092 [DELETED] 

It was a metric system joke goddamn stop being a pedantic faggot.

Go to a non-general thread if you dislike mass replies so much. Fucking everyone here's been doing it.

>> No.53311095

You're not gonna meet the right one at the first con you go to. But keep going and eventually you'll have a shot. I know from experience. But then again I have fuck-all experience with australian culture so maybe I'm talking out my ass.

>> No.53311107

Looking at the USA as a foreigner, both the left and the right are fucked by individualism. Same idiocy, same culture, different politics.

I'd go on a whole discussion about why and how, but we should be talking about plastic dudes.

>> No.53311109

>6 girls
>60 posters
>10% female in a male dominated hobby discussion board
Sounds about right anon-desu-chan

>> No.53311121

We're basically Hawaii, except they and NZ got the cool poly natives and we're stuck with the weird and bitter mely natives.

>> No.53311124

What's wrong anon you wouldn't take a qt girls thick feminine cock
What are you gay?
Futa sisters of battle when?

>> No.53311125

>That's the thing see, we're being given the choice to waste our time doing nonsense, so everyone wastes their time doing nonsense. Coupled with the excuse of egalitarianism and libertarianism we end up in a backwards society stuck regressing in the name of progress.

Have faith in Humanity's manifest destiny. We'll get over our petty little differences, and reach for the stars themselves, someday.
It's just a matter of time, no pressure.

>> No.53311133


>> No.53311136

I met mine in college. We were both taking a digital painting course and her drawings blew mine the fuck out of the water so I started asking her for advice on how to work the tablet and program and it snowballed from there. I'd imagine conventions might be a good place to hook up too if you can come across as not fucking creepy.

>she and I are getting into 40k together this year because we both like board games and painting
>tfw she's painting up space yiffs and was torn between them and nids

>tfw she's still better at painting than me

>> No.53311139

Well those seem... well manufactured.

>more like 2% though

>> No.53311148

Yeah but then age of strife happens

>> No.53311154

Shit I'm near Western Mass pretty often but I don't know how free my schedule will be, otherwise I'd be down...

>> No.53311158

heresy *blam* xd

>> No.53311159 [DELETED] 

>be australian
>go to australian 40k con
>meet qt gril who plays ynnari
>oi cunt lemme see yo army
>she laughs at my orks
>ahahahah, a fookin I2 race
>run out crying

To be honest the rightwing isn't nearly half as bad with individualism as the leftwing is. It's not a left/right problem, it's a libertarian/authoritarian problem. In this case it's the libertarians that are pushing individualism.

Like I said, the legitimacy of that statement is highly doubtable.

We've reached the boiling point. It's no longer the leftwing dominated Obama years anymore, there's a balance forming that's causing the current political war. The victor of this cultural war is very much up in the air.


>> No.53311161

>All this fucking gender bender politics and identity politics is a huge waste of time when there are major issues to discuss like immigration and economics.
I don't really mind them talking about it, I agree with them on a lot of stuff, but I agree with you about the important stuff. Genetics student, here, actively trying to stop humankind starving and breeding itself to death, so unless your particular identity has dramatically different nutritional needs then you're a tad irrelevant to my job. I'm pretty much always fairly left-wing, but I can't be bothered to navigate the minefield of these conversations, especially with one of the /pol/ autists in the same room. I'll just take a couple faux par where possible, even when my friends are about eighty percent non-heterosexual according to them. Of course, literally all of them are in hetero relationships, so I'm not sure if real or they're doing it to be trendy.

Anyway, about nine miles off topic. Anyone actually used the Ordinatus Minoris on 40k? I thought about converting a Reductor Sagittar out of a 1/144 Dora railway gun, since they're almost exactly the same size. Are they any good?

>> No.53311164

Jsj is gone.

>> No.53311166

Most people here in the US are neither on the extreme right or left, they are just too busy living life and trying to make payday to scream and shout about it, the ones who zealously care about politics are usually the most vocal and extreme

But this is a general for plastic bing bong toys and probably not the best place for that discussion, if you really wanna see some fireworks mention brexit when all the brits are still awake

>> No.53311173

That's beautiful anon, I'm happy for you.

My gf legit wants to start Orks.

>> No.53311179

Good for you, anon.

>> No.53311189


Great Fleets! Great Discoveries!

>> No.53311194

Someone talk shit about the notebook, sailor moon, and tyranids, and whoever (you)'s them we will count as a girl, should be a decent way of polling

>> No.53311204

>GF better at painting than you

Top cuck. But at least you share a hobby which is nice.

>> No.53311207 [DELETED] 

I'll start:

Sailor Moon is unironically fucking gay. The plot is shit, the animation is shit, the artstyle is shit, the characters are shit. Everything about it is shit.

Good enough?

>> No.53311212

You'd have better luck with Stranger Things, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Tyranids

>> No.53311227

Did they say there are not army specific detachments? As in you'll see a lot of ugly smushed together random shit from different armies?

>> No.53311228

Anyone know how the 40k scene around Kassel, Germany is? I'll be there for a month in June and July right when 8th drops and wanted to play some, I just can't tell anyone I painted my leman russes to look like Nazi tanks
I speak absolutely no German but I've heard that's no problem

>> No.53311238

I miss her /tg/... So, so much...

>> No.53311243

Honestly, seeing the world in a binary political pattern isn't helping much in the long run. Better to encourage understanding and cooperation, searching for what might get us all together toward common and profitable goals, instead of focusing on divisive opinions about sex, religion, wathever (like, for exemple, being triggered each time someone posts a vague allusion to homo-erotism or transexuality on /tg/)

But that's just my own two cents on the matter, of course.

>> No.53311246 [DELETED] 

>I agree with them on a lot of stuff
Like what? Elaborate.

And I strongly disagree with your usage of /pol/ as a buzzword. It comes off as blatantly ignoring an entire political point of view solely because you view it as taboo.

If you play 40k in Germany you get jailed because the Imperium is scene as too similar to the evil nahtzees. Incitement to hatred and all.

>> No.53311256

No that's not what that means at all.

>> No.53311266

>be australian
Nah any chick who's willing to give me shit about my stuff is in. My bar is already high on so much other shit, if she's a cunt that's A-OK get on mah dick.

>> No.53311271

Context please.

>> No.53311278

>tfw you make your friend watch JoJo and she calls it too dumb to watch despite her having watched shit like zatch bell, naruto, Evangelion, and a million high school Alice of life animes unironically and loving them
>tfw no JoJo watching waifu
>tfw were watching dragon maid through for the second time instead

>> No.53311279

Not buying it.

>> No.53311280

>Genetics student
What are your thoughts on CRISPR?
Actually super keen to discuss this shit.

>> No.53311283

Fuck ! Anon, I remember your thread about how reengineering the human species. That shit was rad !
How are you doing right now ?

>> No.53311290

Nah just easily triggered and annoying as fuck.

>> No.53311291 [DELETED] 

>Better to encourage understanding and cooperation, searching for what might get us all together toward common and profitable goals
This is just pure idealism anon. You are missing the fact that both left and right have different views on what they deem to be common and profitable goals. Religion and sex are highly central to human culture. you cannot just separate them from it and say "hey guys lets all work on X thing because progress and stuff".

Seriously, this is some Woodrow Wilson tier idealism. This is the kind of stuff that makes the League of Nations, one of the most inefficient and politically biased international organizations of all time.

>> No.53311292

I agree anon. It really is.

>> No.53311293

>This decrepit month old b8
How's the WHFB general today?

>> No.53311301

>tfw no gf to paint my dudes in exchange for sexual favors
I love modeling. I hate painting with a passion though.

>> No.53311310

>trusting GayW

>> No.53311317

>loving JoJo
>can't share those feelings with your friends because it's too weird of a manga/anime for them

I know your pain !

>> No.53311319

It isn't. Yet.
I don't see us having a 9th ed though.

>> No.53311326


>> No.53311330

>bulk reply anon knows nothing about Germany other than what Breitbart tells him

>> No.53311343

I love painting!
Gimme your $$$
Then I can actually buy an airbrush and stop thinning my paints with my tears

>> No.53311351

But Sailor Mars IS A CUTEEEE!!!!

>> No.53311355

>When a worse ork army than yours is chosen for the Inner Circle

>> No.53311362

>loving JoJo
>your friends love JoJo but only have seen the anime
>tfw you'll have to wait half a decade to talk about steel ball run with them
Why are JoJo fans still here? Just to suffer?

>> No.53311364

No difference, they're both annoying, whiny bastards.
I'm not the guy you originally replied to.

>> No.53311407

This is the only decent thing about being a Berserk fan - the adaptations either cover a third of the plot or are garbage so they lead people naturally into reading the manga.

>> No.53311408

Does anyone here wanna actually talk about plastic toys?

>> No.53311411


>> No.53311424


pictures please.

since pictures will have been taken.

if you do not provide pictures then i'll just assume you're lying.

>> No.53311427

Stop bitching and enjoy GS cock!

>> No.53311432

I too used to have a little university sweet heart, we bounded over 40k, she was Slaanesh and I was Tzeentch...
We dated over the course of 3 years and I was planning to ask for her hand in marriage at an enourmous event in our local hobby store that me and the store owner arranged so I could pop the question, everyone in the store was
going to be in on it except her! It was perfect!
She lived about 30 minutes away of the store and she drove a little Vespa...
She never made it to the store...

>> No.53311439

>son, stop being a massive cuck, you don't need no deity lording over you, be proud of who you are
>proceeds to become a slave to parasitic entities who feed him nothing but lies
What did Lorgar mean by this?

>> No.53311446

I would, but my army is frozen till new edition.

>> No.53311449

Generals was such a good game.

>> No.53311453

Being a anime only berserk fan must be miserable, you get to experience the golden age arc again and again
>friend starts berserk
>loves the black swordsman arc and is hooked
>waiting for him to get to the end of the manga and realize he has to wait a month at a time or longger for a chapter
>misery loves company

>> No.53311456

I'll think about it. I'm a bit too poor too commission anything atm.

>> No.53311457

I finished basecoating a few of my CSM before I deemed it too damn hot to continue. I'm really trying to resist the urge to buy all the bitz to remake my chaos lord the way I want him now that I know about modeling better but my chaos lord is also fully painted and looks good.

>> No.53311458

Essentially, I agree that they should be free to do whatever the fuck they want in private and be called whatever the fuck they want because it's hardly that big of a sacrifice.
The /pol/ thing was just because I don't talk politics much and don't really know about how to properly abbreviate "guy who degenerates into autistic screeching whenever LGBTAIBBQEIEIOetcetera is mentioned so I get bitched at for voicing any real opinion".


That must have been some other genetics anon, since I don't remember it. Always good to hear there's more of us.


Hyped about the permission given for British embryo modification, even restricted, honestly. Germline modifications will be blocked until the end of time in humans, for many good but irritating reasons. The mutagenic chain reactions they came up with a few years ago looks a lot more feasible if handled properly, mosquito sterility plague is only the first applications. Also, it's always funny to see the people's reactions when they simplify down the viral insertion procedure for some of the cancer treatments CRISPR has made feasible to "curing cancer by giving people HIV".

>> No.53311462


I don't know what else to talk about without getting mad about my armies.

>> No.53311469

I would anon but i cant find a subject and anyways i cant break the DA assblasting and the trap loving.

>> No.53311473

I agree to disagree with you on this subject, then.

Indeed, I am an idealist. But that's merely because I firmly believe that mankind won't be able to surpass itself if it doesn't get its collective head out of its ass, and stop focusing on matters that are futile (yes, I think sex and religion are futile matters, because in the end, those things are all personal choices - caring about what other people do with their dicks or cunts, or what kind of god they believe in, isn't helping our species in any way, shape or form, it's just being an asshole for the sake of formless ideologies based on hate and fear).

Welp, enough philosophical ramblings for me tonight.

>> No.53311490

Vespa broke down?

>> No.53311493

No new news, what's there to talk about?

>> No.53311496

Today I finished 3 of my breachers. Only 7 more and my backlog is done.

>> No.53311502

Speaking of which here's the winner of my inner circle, picture is shot because I had to snap it quick due to the manager being weird about people taking pictures
Probably will be tilted because I'm autistic

>> No.53311508

Nah, im just being salty

>> No.53311509

I saw an old lady once at my job, she was this temp worker, a little old lady probably 65 years old, with a fucking Berserk anime t shirt. I had to fucking triple take when I noticed. I never got the chance to talk to her about it because she never wore it again before her temp job ended and I felt it'd be too awkward to start the conversation without the shirt as a springboard.

>> No.53311519

If you got Nazi iconography on them you gonna get kicked the fuck out. We don't take that lightly around here.
As for the language, most Germans speak english reasonably well

>> No.53311527

But don't you think that some of the things people do in private may have adverse effects to the population as a whole? Is that not entirely out of the question?

The thing is that there are people who believe that what god they believe in makes them culturally superior. Likewise, homosexuality has adverse effects on population demographics. It is not futile when it risks wiping out your race as a whole. And it is not hate or fear, especially in regards to sex. Sex is a genuine issue these days. I can go more indepth if you want.

>> No.53311536

Holy fuck that guy is good at painting.

>> No.53311538

Getting the Deathwatch starter set on Saturday. What can I expect from the deathwatch in 8th edition?

>> No.53311543

That's really saddening, anon

>> No.53311546

>that orange portal
Hot fucking damn.

>> No.53311551

It doesn't have iconography I'm not autistic, just little stuff like pask being painted like a Nazi tank commander
And yeah my friend has been in Kassel for a year and he laughs when I say I'm worried about a language barrier

>> No.53311564

Was very curious to hear about the mosquitoes going away forever.
Not sure it'd be economically viable to bring it to the islands but hey, at least if they cause ecological devestation you can always steal some skeeters from the outskirts.

Heard a thing where they were just planning on making them malaria-immune though - but I don't have the best timeline on this crap.

>> No.53311566

If mass Trukks with wrecking balls becomes meta that would be hilarious.

>> No.53311574

Here's the table next to it, they were first and second place

>> No.53311578

Nice. After ripping through my DE, I've got some Tau coming up for me. 3 crisis suits, hammer head, 3 stealth suits, fire warriors, drones, and the lenses and burst cannon on my **TRIGGER WARNING** single Riptide.

>> No.53311585

If bitches are bitches about photos, may want to black out the name.

>> No.53311598

>Homosex wiping out the human race

Well extinction by buttsex over extinction by nukes any day.

t. slaanesh

>> No.53311604

>tfw my name is Alan
>tfw I also play DE


>> No.53311611

Help pls, new to space marines in general

>> No.53311612

>Filthy collaborators.

>> No.53311614

Wrecking balls AND grabba claws ofcourse. And it would be very, very orky.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if grabba claws meant enemy units can't out of CC with the trukk, much like DE wyches ?

>> No.53311617

May give you a few looks, depending on how exactly you painted him.
But yeah, you're gonna be fine

>> No.53311621

No, thank you anon. I understand your opinion, and simply have to respectfully disagree with it. Also, wouldn't want to see you banned again for it. Let's keep things centered on 40k, instead.

Fucking hell, anon. Don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

>> No.53311622

>just little stuff like pask being painted like a Nazi tank commander
No joke anon, in Germany that can get you locked up.

In the name of your safety I genuinely suggest that you hide that model away.

Really though, jokes aside, homosex is a genuine danger to the human race. One homosexual couple is one less family of children.

>> No.53311624

>boost through the battlefield
>whole mob jumps off
>trukks keep sprinting and crash into firing lines
>sluggaboys follow the devastation behind

what a lovely day

>> No.53311643

Oops, oh well they'll never know who took the pic I hope
Alan is the chilliest nigga there, buys everyone lunch sometimes just cause he's a cool guy
Gave one dude 10 OG metal storm troopers just because

>> No.53311653

the babby deathwatch are going to be strictly worse than the primaris deathwatch coming later

>> No.53311659

Who knows?

>> No.53311665

>It is not futile when it risks wiping out your race as a whole
>Believing people having gay sex, which is like less than 5% of the populations in most countries, less in others, has any impact on human survival.

>> No.53311671

Oh shit Primaris Deathwatch. That will be a thing hopefully.

>> No.53311680

My condolences, brosky.

>> No.53311684

I'm gonna discount your oppenion unless you've actually spent time in Germany or lived there, especially since you're vomiting extreme right wing rhetoric

As long as Germans enjoy smashing little plstic men together and drinking booze I'm sure I'll get along with them

>> No.53311686

Well it's good we are suffering from overpopulation, not underpopulation. Now if only we'd get the 3rd worlders to take Lion'el as their spiritual liege...

>> No.53311697

There's very few reasons the breeders haven't bred out homosexuals.
1. Homosexuals were forced to breed, and therefore made baby homosexuals.
2. Homosexuals are a relic of a harem society now helpful in monogamous society.

Either way, only a matter of time, no matter your feelings.

>> No.53311702

I usually can't buy everyone lunch(Nid/GSC/Harleys guy usually never lets us pay for food.) but I know my buds really appreciate my painting/modeling advice.

>> No.53311716

I like to think I'v made my peace with it, all of you loveable idiots helped me through it, despite not knowing it... But what they recovered from the wreck still sits there in the shelf behind me next to my own models that I never got myself to play again... Its been 2 years, maybe I should start getting my chin up again and buy some of those new Primarines and start painting again, maybe even get to play, I dont know...
Thank you all for the support, dont know where I'd be without you guys.

>> No.53311722

>>53311702 meant to reply to

>> No.53311729

a tiny points per model increase in exchange for an extra wound, twice as many attacks, and better weapons

why would anyone play manlet marines?

>> No.53311733

Reminder to report and ignore if someone tries to use the 40kg as a soapbox to spew their political ideologies that no one outside 4chan will let them talk about

>> No.53311756

Please please be a thing. I want my primaris power sword and bolter hulking deathwatch. Two wound monsters.

>> No.53311764

I can believe some things people do in private may be bad. Bombmaking, for instance. Pretty big fucking leap to go from "bad things can be done in private" to "variant sexualities will doom the human race". I'm rather more worried over the seventy thousand other things higher on the list that could kill us dead before we science our way to a Commonwealth style regeneration procedure or similar. If anything, a slightly lower reproduction rate makes my job simpler, or at least the deadlines for it. We're in no danger of Giant Panda Syndrome.


I mean, fun as it is to imagine toasting all the fuckers with Mosquito Genophage, that's pretty much the nuclear option, and like many nuclear options it's simpler and more tempting than the alternatives. My timeline is a little fuzzy too, since I'm obviously still learning about the actual science, but I'm fairly sure the MCR experiments were 2015. They may have come up with something a little more refined by now, I'll have to have a look.

Personally I'm really interested in what you can manage with a tool that precise on human embryos, so I can't wait to see what news we get back. I'd love to see a viable sequencing method for resistances, but the smart (or at least the research grant) money is probably on the stem cell people getting shit done in the near future.

>> No.53311769

Not him, but theo other guy here >>53311519
Technically he is right, deploying any kind of nazi iconography or symbols is illegal and punishable,
Though no one is going to call the police because your tank commander is wearing black. You should probably keep it to you that you deliberatley tried to make him a nazi
Also a pic would help

>> No.53311773

What 40k books are worth reading?

>> No.53311776

Would deathwatch and GK's be the first to get primaris marines?
Or would Rowbooty not enjoy the idea of the Inquisition getting more power?

>> No.53311785

Honestly, the Night Lords omnibus.

>> No.53311795

Path of the Dark Eldar is so edgy it's fantastic.

>> No.53311797

If you were more confident in your manhood you wouldn't just ignore it and let bygones be bygones instead of making up some shit about how their ruining society, let's be honest, you know that's bull, now let's get back to talking 40k before you get banned again

>> No.53311809


>Anyone but Ultramarines getting them first

>> No.53311815

Ciaphas Cain is mostly solid and one of the only 40k books with actual comedy in it

>> No.53311818

Oi came in like a reckin' ball..

>> No.53311821

Eh, I feel like germline modifications, whilst probably more dangerous, are a lot less troubling economically than somatic modification.
I'd rather improve the entire human race than just the rich dude's son.

>> No.53311826

>Believing people having gay sex, which is like less than 5% of the populations in most countries, less in others, has any impact on human survival.
The "one person doesn't make a difference" concept is exactly how nations fall.
Furthermore, it's a lot more than just reproduction. It's also to do with STDs transmitted between homosexuals, as well as the kind of culture that surrounds them.

It's not a joke. Read up on all the articles of people getting jailed in germany for jokes about WWII or the Holocaust.

It's not about you getting along with them. I'm sure you'll do that fine. It's about your own personal safety.

We are suffering from overpopulation of african americans and hispanics. Not an overpopulation of whites. If only third worlders could take the gay propaganda, I'd have less of a problem with it, but for now whites are turning gay, on top of the already decreasing number of traditional nuclear families, this fares poorly for population demographics.

It's not just that anon. Homosexuals are actively trying to recruit people into their cause. It's not something they're born into, it's genuinely a choice that they make, through their own will or due to some sort of mental illness.

You don't think lower replacement rate per generation is a bad thing? You don't thing sexaully transmitted illnesses are a bad thing?

Explain what "seventy thousand other things" could be killing us dead because I'd be very interested in them.

It's not "let bygones be bygones", it's the culture homosexuals promote and the fact that they do have adverse effects on population demographics. You cannot ignore a group of people who blatantly do not reproduce because "freedom of choice".

>> No.53311827

Last Chancers is all good shit.

>> No.53311828

I can stand most 40k edginess but aren't NL and Deldar literally the edgiest factions in the entire game outside of Slaaneshi cultists/daemons?

>> No.53311831


>> No.53311838

Sorry to hear that anon.
I'm sure she lives on in the warp.

>> No.53311840

Yo anon, one of my buds is a NLs player and I was thinking of picking this up as a gift for him since he seems to enjoy reading 40k books as much as me. Would it be worth it?

>> No.53311844

mold lines

>> No.53311859

I'm actually pretty pro homosex but seeing dudes kiss is a weird disconnect in my brain and I somehow dislike it.
It's like, I could watch cows kiss and not feel a thing, I could watch girls kiss and my engine would be sufficiently revved, but beard on beard action is not something I enjoy watching.
Makes me sad I'll never truly be a slaaneshi hedonist.

>> No.53311864

At work but he's just like the picture you can find online of tank commanders, no swastikas or anything

And yes I know you can get arrested for basically thought crimes but it's not enforced unless you shouting the 14 words or Seig Heil-ing in public

WW2 historical films made in with funding from the German government were actually really popular for a time

>> No.53311868

Aye. Take care of yourself.

>> No.53311869

Ork warbands aren't normally composed of just one klan right?

>> No.53311881

Fuck you I'm not here to make you feel better
but if it did that's fine too

>> No.53311882

Iz a shooped mockup ya git.
Not gonna have any pleb tier stock vehicles in my army, >=40% conversion rate.

A warband no, but a waaghs nearly always is.

>> No.53311883

Not usually. At least not in previous fluff. We'll see if they change that for 8th if/when <Klan> Tactics become a thing.

>> No.53311895

Don't call me an idiot, idiot.

>> No.53311902

That's because homosexuality is inherently either a genetic defect, a result of mass media propaganda or a mental illness.

The design of nature is such that it ensures that a species survives. This includes making its members more virile, making its members more capable of surviving predators, making its members more capable at surviving long periods without air/food/water etc. This is the core concept of natural selection. Now explain to me, why would nature allow for a sexuality that inherently does not reproduce, and therefore does not ensure survival of the species?

This is why you find it wrong. Because it is a blatant disrespect to the existence of life.

>> No.53311907


>> No.53311913

Same, I'm cool with gays being gay but dudes kissing makes a primitive part of my brain grossed out, I can see why more stupid people use that feeling as an excuse to hate them

I really liked the girl is Ciaphas Cain who's low key lesbian but it's not a huge part of her character, like she could have been straight and it wouldn't have changed much, just added the right spice in the right place for me for some reason, I'm sure they could write a gay character like that and it wouldn't be pandering to SJWs

>> No.53311914

Someone draw a Primaris marine trying on his captain's plate when he's out but it's too small for him.

>> No.53311915


One day, either I'll find a way to pull her back from the warp, or inevitably join her there myself, either way, she's probably better up there than we're all down here

>> No.53311921


I know, I know, but honestly the NL omnibus is actually one of the most well received 40k books.

Do it up. Honestly, pick one up for yourself, too. Or just borrow it. The book is legit.

>> No.53311923

You're bad at hiding your prejudices.
Why not try to enlighten everyone and make them all well cultured and educated, rather than whining about how "whites are being outbred".

Also >we
Fucking yanks.

>> No.53311924

>The design of nature is such that it ensures that a species survives. This includes making its members more virile, making its members more capable of surviving predators, making its members more capable at surviving long periods without air/food/water etc. This is the core concept of natural selection. Now explain to me, why would nature allow for a sexuality that inherently does not reproduce, and therefore does not ensure survival of the species?
>This is why you find it wrong. Because it is a blatant disrespect to the existence of life.
And yet homosexuality is exhibited by plenty of other species.

Chill out with the witch hunt. There are far worse problems with the world than gays. We have economic and environment issues that far outweigh any concerns of a small portion of the population not breeding.

>> No.53311926

Someone post that "lets check out how tg's doing with 8th edition" yet?

>> No.53311931

I guess that makes a sense. A single collection of models doesn't exactly make a WAAAGH, but such a small force is probably more homogeneous.

>> No.53311932

>Because when there's too many men~
>And not enough girls~
>Sometimes it helps~
>To have men who like men~
>And act like girls~
>That's why all the faggots on 4chan~

Get with the times, you nazi fuck.

>> No.53311934

The films have little to do with social acceptance. I assure you, people won't care if your dude has a black trenchcoat, but they won't like you if you rub it in their face that he is supposed to be a nazi

>> No.53311951

Even if this is just plebbit tier reply whoring I think that hit us all in a weak spot, most people on tg love the idea of a genuine hobby waifu

>> No.53311952

>the existence of life needs to be respected

Now now, don't start making any deals with c'tan.

>> No.53311968


Dr Qazi Rahman of Kings college London actually did a study on this, funny thing is, female relatives of homosexual men seem to be more fecund than the control. Which suggest that while it may be the case that gay men have few offspring, women carrying one of the male"gay predictor genes" more than make up the deficit

i.e one of the genes that probably causes homosexuality (it certainly has a good rate of predicting it) does indeed confer an evolutionary advantage

>> No.53311970

Go for it

memories are not supposed to be anchors

>> No.53311975

>And yet homosexuality is exhibited by plenty of other species
Rape and slavery also exist in other species. Not taking a stance in your particular discussion, but that argument is dumb.

>> No.53311992

>nagash sized c'tan centerpiece model when?

>> No.53311997


>He's a nazi like you lads haha get it?
>Germans look at me like I killed their dog
>Jump on the table and start screaming "Two World Wars and one World Cup!" while defecating
>Get carried out by german police

>> No.53312010

New thread, without politics this time, please.


>> No.53312024

Prostate massaging feels good for a reason anon.
Prior to the modern era, homosexual activity was normal in many cultures. It was a convenient way to have sex without getting wife pregnant or having to deal with her whining. Stop being so in denial of your love for slaaneshi bumbashing.

>> No.53312025

If we can make them work right, guaranteed, I totally agree with you there in both practicality and morals. However, we need to start research in humans with somatic mods to keep risk factors down. Hopefully they'll line the two programmes up so that we'll have shown the germline mods work on the mosquitos by the time they've got themselves a useful set of data out of somatic embryo experiments, but that mostly depends on luck and how much smarter people than myself can pitch to the ethics boards.

Have you read the Commonwealth Saga books? Pandora's Star is what got me to pick this field, or at least interested in it, and it's pretty much the genetic transhumanists wet dreams. Someday..
Sadly the only Socialist left gets himself killed, but can't have everything. He was kind of a dick, anyway.

STDs are not significantly more common in homosexual couples than heterosexuals, and there's plenty of ways to mitigate that. As for replacement rate, the current problem humanity has is that it's TOO FUCKING HIGH, you imbecile, and has put us on a surprisingly tight clock. Norman Borlaug bought us time, the badass motherfucker, but we need less people, not more.
As for other threats, climate change, nuclear war, resistant plague, bioweapons, ecological collapse, conventional war on a high enough scale, a sudden case of Skynet, some new superweapon, a grand physics experiment gone wrong and an invasion of zombie Einsteins are all much higher up on the list than Teh Ghey.

>> No.53312027


>> No.53312034

So basically gay people will outbreed straights?
>straight ethnostate when?
>muh straight genocide
Okay that's it for me, I can feel the ban hammer hanging over me like the proverbial sword of Damocles, for the life of a shitposter is always spent in constant fear

>> No.53312052

>a sudden case of Skynet
This is actually much closer and more dangerous than people are giving it credit for. No one takes it seriously because of all the sci-fi movies but we are at SERIOUS risk of having AI problems within decades, if even that.

>> No.53312054

New thread is up, now let's talk: "The gays"

>> No.53312059

>never gonna kek again
>guilty sides have got not rhythm

>> No.53312072

>Commonwealth Saga
Were they written a while ago? 'Socialist is a dick' is making me think they're cold-war era.

>> No.53312074

> yeah Fuck the gays

>> No.53312079

So your argument is that I am prejudiced, therefore my opinion is irrelevant?
It is indeed important to educate people. But if there are no people left to educate then what's the point?

>And yet homosexuality is exhibited by plenty of other species.
Such as?

Bonobos use it as a stress relief method. Note that they also practice sex with immature members of the species for the same reason. Hence. a valid reason that involves survival of the species.

Clownfish practice transsexuality to replace missing members of the opposite sex. This is inherent;y the opposite of homosexuality, it is literally changing your gender in the name of heterosexuality.

These are two basic examples. I can give you more if you want.

Men and women form a near perfect 50/50 population split though. As they should.

Resorting to buzzwords or "current year" arguments does not make you right, it makes you look inherently shallow.

Rape is exhibited in order to propogate new members via forceful methods. It is useless in modern human culture because we are capable of communication and consent. Likewise with slavery.

How accurate exactly is this "homosexual gene"? Furthermore what would be the evolutionary advantage of producing more offpsring, none of which can reproduce? It is a dead end no matter how you look at it.

Sexual pleasure exists to encourage breeding between the species. The porstate happens to be at the center of male sexual pleasure. Its position in the human body does not mean that nature intended male sodomy. If not, the anal lining would not be as thin as wet tissue paper, and frequent anal sex would not lead to frequent cases of prolapses. This is like saying nature created the neck as a weak spot on mammals so they are easier to kill.

>> No.53312117

>frequent cases of prolapses
What kind of buttsex are you having anon?

>> No.53312124

im sorry skeletons took you away from your mom anon

>> No.53312165

Sad attempt from a chaos smelly creep, everyone knows that they are all for the chadmarines. Maybe the smurfies will get sloppy seconds until they are phased out.

>> No.53312177

I no longer have my pubmed subscription so can't give you numbers off hand but the study is "Maternal inheritance and familial fecundity factors in male homosexuality" published in Archives or Sexual Behaviour if you want to go find it

>> No.53312231

No, not really, they're quite recent. Think it was just thrown in for some character depth, since the other political opinions are scattered all over the fucking place, and often have their own planets. And"all over the place" includes predeteministic geneticist Luddites inspired by Aldous Huxley, so quite a range. The character from there is a badass Sherlock OCD detective lady who has a bit of a breakdown when forced to choose between justice and the survival of the human species, so it's not just for name's sake.

Massive pile of characters, cool setting and some pretty unique aliens with the cultural and technological sharing attitude of a puritan Inquisitor. Give them a read, I promise all the plot threads will eventually be tied.

True, that. It's nice to leave apocalypse scenarios as Somebody Else's Problem, though, so I try not to think about it too much.

>> No.53312259

They are not significantly more common until you take into account how much of the population they account for. Homosexuals form less than 1% of the US population yet they account for 50% of AIDS cases in the country. Before you whine, source is Fields, Dr. E. "Is Homosexual Activity Normal?" Marietta, GA.

The problem is that in third world countries people are reproducing too much while being unable to support large families. Whereas in countries that SHOULD be able to support large families, people say "it's not worth it", "having babies is hard" etc. The paradox here is blatantly obvious.

Nuclear war is not an impending threat because the world is at a permanent stalemate. The current surveillance state nature of the world also makes it incredibly difficult for bioweapons and conventional warfare to happen. Most if not all of what you say is is highly unlikely to happen. Mostly due to the current geopolitical state of the world and the almost ridiculous scifi nature of what you're saying.

Have you not seen frequent cases of pornstars suffering from anal (and also vaginal, mind you) prolapses?

>> No.53312284

This is your source. Let me quote it for you
>We also found significantly elevated fecundity of maternal aunts of white homosexual men compared to white heterosexual men, whereas non-white heterosexual men showed elevated fecundities of almost every class of relative compared to non-white homosexual men.
Not only is your statement proved wrong with that, it also cites no source for the supposed "homosexual gene".

>> No.53312372

>Cain wonders why Sisters don't wear helmets
>While wearing only a cap and commisar clothes that scream "shoot me sniper"

>> No.53312428

How does this relate to 40k, again?

>> No.53312452

Oh, excuse me for not being reassured by people pointing MORE nukes at each other. As for scifi, literally all of those things bar the last two are pretty imminent dangers. Resistant diseases are out there already and we're running out of counters at an alarming rate because people keep feeding them to livestock, among other things.

>> No.53312473

Resistant diseases are incredibly rare, they barely account for 0.001% of disease related deaths. I don't undestand what you mean by counters.

>> No.53312492

cause he's a DA player

>> No.53312515

I don't play DA. I play TSons.

>> No.53312698



you're fucking welcome

>> No.53312723

>We observed that the maternal aunts and grandmothers of homosexual probands were significantly more fecund compared with the maternal aunts and maternal grandmothers of the heterosexual probands. No difference in fecundity was observed in the paternal female lines (grandmothers or aunts) from either of the two proband groups.
It still says the exact same thing.

>> No.53312806

how many X chromosomes do men inherit from their father?

>> No.53312826

I don't see how this is relevant. All it proves is that aunts and grandmothers of white homosexuals are more fertile. That's it. It says nothing about the mother themselves, like you claimed, and it certainly does not remove the fact that homosexual males do not breed.

>> No.53312901

>No difference in fecundity was observed in the /paternal/ female lines
> /maternal/ aunts AND grandmothers of homosexual probands were /significantly/ more fecund
THAT is the difference it makes

> Female relatives were chosen to avoid the sampling bias of the fraternal birth order effect, which occurs when indirectly sampling mothers though their homosexual sons.

>> No.53312945

And how does this excuse the fact that homosexual males don't breed? You would have had a semblance of an argument if it was their mothers who were more fecund, but if it was their aunts/grandmothers then it makes it entirely irrelevant.

Also this does not address female homosexuality either.

>> No.53313057

Tell you what. I have better things to do with my time. So I suggest you search on google scholar for "X28 fecundity"
if you actually care about truth you will, and you will read the papers that are free to access and you can even write a letter to the authors if you strongly disagree with their finding based on the data they have provided.

> excuse gay men
irrelevant, I don't give a shit about your morals, only truth

it doesn't and it doesn't need to I was addressing solely the issue of whether the phenomena that /may/ contribute to male homosexuality confers any kind of evolutionary advantage.

>> No.53313108

> I don't give a shit about your morals, only truth
And the truth is that gay men do not breed and therefore lead to a population replacement deficiency, whether their aunts/grandmothers are more fecund or not. This can be easily marked as a genetic defect.

>it doesn't and it doesn't need
So you admit that female homosexuals have no scientific and evolutionary excuse in existing then?

>> No.53313241


Except sisters DO wear helmets?

>> No.53313349

No because the female relatives pick up the slack.

no, simply that it wasn't the point I was addressing and that I don't feel any inclination to research the issue.

If you're looking for "excuses" for a trait to be passed along, the answer inevitably will be that either the trait confers an advantage to the population within its environment. Because that is how evolution do.

>> No.53313387

>implying those female relatives are guaranteed to find mates
The reason I said it was more justified if it was the mother because the fact that the mother already has at least 1 gay child means that she has secured a mate at least once in her lifetime.

>either the trait confers an advantage to the population within its environment
Or the trait is a nonbeneficial mutation that gets wiped out by natural selection. Unfortunately natural selection does not exist in human society, hence gays still exist.

>> No.53313487

Homosexuals are still around, males don't breed therefore statically it MUST be the case

>natural selection
Still exists, selection criteria has changed

I've pointed you in the directions of the relevant papers,there probably a tonne more that're out of my purview. Go do some reading

>> No.53313566

>males don't breed therefore statically it MUST be the case
Or possibly homosexuality isn't genetic, but a state of mind, and that state of mind is being pushed both by modern media as well as actual homosexuals.

>go read my fishy studies that prove nothing

>> No.53313685

Do it anon. We'll always be here for you

>> No.53313967

None cares now that Riptide Wing is gone.

>> No.53314188

I'm hoping that Guard are better than what they were made out to be in the faction view.

Like, every other faction was like "Look at all this awesome/potentially overpowered stuff we have now!"

Meanwhile the Guard one was just, "Hey, regular Guardsmen are slightly buffed. Yay."

>> No.53314203

Have faith, anon.
Have faith.

>> No.53314356


Orders going off automatically, FRFSRF being changed from 1 to 2 extra shots, hotshot lasguns being -2 AP and the return of regiment rules doesn't make you hype?

You srs?

>> No.53314423

commisar chan

>> No.53314787


Not to mention ratlings being cheap wounds on heroes that would normally be able to hide. Things look great for the Guard.

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