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>25% less gay edition
so still super fucking gay?

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125% Gay Traitor Chapter edition

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2nd for World Eaters

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Well yes, that should be obvious.

Has it been confirmed anywhere whether summoned daemons will be able to charge after being summoned? I know Trygons can charge after tunneling.

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Who is getting himself a box of the Emperors cutest?

>> No.53306346

First for the Hive Mind

>> No.53306348

>25% less gay
but 100% more fertile!

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Baby steps, anon.

We're old marines here, stub legs can only go so fast.

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The corruption will spread here regardless brother. It gets... Everywhere.
... Wait is that dude using a gauss blaster?

>> No.53306363

Dark Angels are gay!

Guaranteed replay!

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>tfw not sure I should go for this as my Steel Legion tank colour scheme
I need a lot more Leman Russes

>> No.53306367

Depends on the value
if its good, then i'll get some for an imperial fists KT

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I'm really tempted to use them to make a force of Space Wolf successors that will lack all the Wolf stuff and can focus more on the Viking things.

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GW ignoring all Sisters of Battle questions.

Confirmed for squatted.

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Remember to hide and report Dark Angels closet Chinese homosexual posters

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>>How can characters be kept safe from snipers?
>Command squads let you take hits.

So, marines don't suffer from sniping, when they have some of the toughest characters anyway.

Ork characters DOA.

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Ooooh! So <Sept> and the like are being used for this purpose! Very cool!

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>he is STILL mad

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>B-brother Captain Hans!
>Yes Brother Ven?
>I-I'm ready to kill some x-xenos sir!
>Excellent, see you on the battle field
>*blush* I'll do my best Brother Captain!

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They specifically mentioned Sisters of Battle in one of their answers.

>> No.53306409

>All Command Squads have a special rule that let them absorb Wounds dealt to their HQs (Tyrant Guard namedropped)

>Drop Pods AND the units that come out need to be over 9" away from enemy units

>Someone asked how grav-weapons have been toned down, response was "more like how has everything else been toned up" :^)

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Marines got squated first! So I can die in peace

>> No.53306424

Pretty sure nob squads will count as command squads.

>> No.53306429

I'm guessing that just means that Grav-weapons aren't going to be dealing 1d3 damage per hit or anything and will still be stuck trying to glance things down.

>> No.53306430

>Can't scatter pods onto enemy or your own units
Bullshit change, removes part of the fun

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"Fasta! go Fasta!" stratagem confirmed for Evil Suns

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Power from pain brings back units on 6

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>All grey knights get -3 AP force swords standard
>all units can cast hammerhand on themselves
>psycannons are STR 7 AP-2
>at initiative daemonhammers in every unit
>auto hitting incinerators
>assault 3 stormbolters
>psilencers do d3 damage
>Paladins have 3 wounds
>standard strike squad can murder land raiders in melee

Whose ready to make grey knights great again

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Invulnerable Saves
Separate save you may choose to use that is not affected by AP. It is not in addition to your armor save.
Other special rules may be in addition similar to FnP.

>> No.53306445

Power from Pain is now 6+ FNP

>> No.53306449

>Invulnerable saves confirmed not to stack

>Power From Pain namedropped as being effectively FnP 6+

>Tyranid Monstrous Creatures are faster now

>> No.53306451

>Tyranid MCs are pretty good

Tyranids confirmed for shit, mid-tier at best army.

>> No.53306456

Stream confirms.


>> No.53306459

Really? I didn't hear a single mention of them.

>> No.53306465

Is this confirmed, or wishlisting?

>> No.53306474

This makes more sense of the Daemons subfaction questions. Slick way to reward fluffier armies; the more you restrict yourself, the more stuff you get. Daemons likely will get bonus strats from using just one chaos god.

>> No.53306475

I can't believe he's doing captcha for these.
It's a whole other level of butthurt.

>> No.53306477

It's matt ward masturbating again.

>> No.53306479

When they were talking about stratagems

>> No.53306481

What did they say about them?

>> No.53306482

>Second Edition Codex Astartes may come in the future.

Guilliman gonna BTFO Codex Chapters.

>> No.53306483

l-lewd ...

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Anon if you don't ackowledge your faggotry you will never be able to seek help. Just accept it and start working on yourself, first by burning those BDSM angel models and getting a proper heterosexual army kek

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>Primaris Marines designed to be resilient to Chaos, but they are untested, so who knows!

Expect Chaos nuMarines down the line, boys.

>> No.53306494

What a time to be alive !

>> No.53306503

Shame I didn't hear anything oh well.

At least the army is not confirmed Squat like marines. I almost feel bad

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>> No.53306509

>either one of them or both are 4th generation hybrids
>that means there's a big ol' genestealer in that tum

>> No.53306515

Thinks he's baiting the thread, doesn't realize he's a fucking (you) dispenser. maximum kek

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>> No.53306521

He seems to have paid the privilege of shitposting his sperging gay ass

>> No.53306522

>Primaris Marines confirmed to be more resistant to Chaos corruption "whether it's enough we'll have to wait and see"

>balance discussion on community site literally going to be based on upboats....

>> No.53306529

I will start playing Space Marines precisely thanks to them.

They are way too cute.

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Objective brokenness is very hard to find. Subjective brokenness - a feeling of "I don't want to face this" - is an easy thing to combat, and a good idea to be rid of.

>> No.53306542


>confirmed: psychic powers can be cast by every unit that has them, daemonhammers are at initiative, auto hitting incinerators, force now causes additional wounds

>plausible and consistent with released info: nemesis force swords being AP-3, rending AP4 becomes AP-2, previously 2W terminators becoming 3W

>not confirmed: storm bolters are assault 3, hammerhand still gives +2 strength

No matter what GKs are looking nasty this edition

>> No.53306546

You're doing exactly what you say they are doing, anon.

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>> No.53306553

>Live question page
>''i want these points on this unit changed for this and this reason''
>people can up or downvote

So whiny t'au players and eldar will flood this and ruin any chance of balance, great.

>> No.53306554

mods need to do their fucking jobs jesus christ
do you lads reckon berzerkers and noise marines are getting new models? or only TS and DG

>> No.53306558 [DELETED] 

You're not even being coherent at this point lmao

>> No.53306560

Too manly for you?

>> No.53306561 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306567

Yes, definitely.

>> No.53306572

>reddit community site
Age of Guilliman = Age of le ebic upvoat?

>> No.53306573

Fool, now is the Age of the Space Marine.

>> No.53306575

Wound allocation is done entirely by the defender. Hidden sergeants murdering their way through shit and absorbing the hits on bullet-catchers are back!

Can see why the sorcerer in the rubric squad is fucking expensive. Reliable mortal wounds and impossible to single out.

>> No.53306577

>Implying whiny marine players won't completely dominate everything until we end up with 10 point space marines and 11 point grots

>> No.53306578

Please be kind - don't forget to report the spamming closeted shitposter.

As fun as it is, he's still polluting the thread.

>> No.53306582

>>Your daily duncan

Mmmm daily Duncan, would pay to have him learn me working the brush.

>> No.53306583

Confirmed no, but it seems implied given that all alternative deployment puts you at least 9" away.

>> No.53306587

Thank you.

>> No.53306589

>are terminators going to feel like terminators on the tabletop? "Yes, absolutely." *long awkward pause*

>Forgeworld stuff is also being playtested through the same process

>> No.53306594

I hope the other cult marines get new plastics.

>> No.53306596


They are still going to playtest shit too.

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>> No.53306599

Age of Girlyman!
Age of Inserting chad geneseed into males!

Age of Gay! Sure GW is getting super progressive. The Chinese are sperging in horror!

>> No.53306602

Dark Angels are faggots lmao

>> No.53306603


>> No.53306605

Make that reliable mortal wound

I don't really mind it, it was only a mild annoyance back in 4th edition.

>> No.53306608

you know it bud
I wonder what level of frustration it will cause him when the ban happens since he cant go defending his DA

>> No.53306612

I totally agree space marines will whine like fucking bitches as well, but especially the tau are fucking horrible brats.

>que the facebook ragestorm when the faq that let tau squatbot be instagibbed by a rhino came out

>> No.53306615

Mortarion also wore a hood.

>> No.53306616

What did he say about another primarch? "... one is on the way". I think it "Cowled one" but I'm not sure. I can't understand the half of what he says.

>> No.53306617

Yep, more players means more upvotes for your stuff to get buffed, everything that hurts your stuff to get nerfed.

>> No.53306620

What did they say exactly?

because if they define the trygon's tunnels "terrifying", I don't know what their "pretty good" means

>> No.53306626 [DELETED] 

>fag angels player
>triggered by meme cats
>triggered by manly zerkers
You can't make this shit up.

>> No.53306629

they better not be squatting manlets then, the rubrics and plague marines are as big as primaris
vanilla chaos marines also need new models

>> No.53306631

Cowled one, yes.

>> No.53306634

Given the Death Guard being the big chaos release, its Mortarion.

>> No.53306638

Lion like never wore a hood.

>> No.53306639

>daemonhammers are at initiative



>> No.53306645

It's a reanimate, my dude

>> No.53306646

They mentioned them having a lot of Wounds, I THINK they said "better saves" and they DEFINITELY said they're faster now than they were before

>> No.53306650

Lion? Morty?

>> No.53306653


Thank you Based Mods.

>> No.53306654

He is gone, we are free. Praise the Emperor!

>> No.53306655

Mod is in, thank the Emperor.

>> No.53306656

Did I hear that correctly, in that power from pain is now 6+ reanimation protocols for the knife eared dick bags?


>> No.53306657

you charge, your hammer still strike first.

just -1 to hit

>> No.53306659

S = unit I

>> No.53306663

spamming cunt blown the fuck out by based janny

>> No.53306664

clearly not manly enough for his refined taste

>> No.53306674

It's a nu-reanimate like current Necrons which works exactly like FnP, you roll it immediately after they suffer unsaved Wounds not like at the end of the turn or anything

>> No.53306676

Who cares if they whine though when they'll be so outnumbered?

Unless one faction is a vast majority, they won't be able to force things through like that.

>> No.53306680

>Spend 30 minutes answering primarines fluff and meme questions
>ignore actual rule questions

>> No.53306681

Respect to the mod who seems to be here cleaning up the shitposting.

Now to continue clamoring for a shot of everything that's included in the new starter box since I'll be splitting it with a buddy.

>> No.53306686 [DELETED] 

>he got banned

>> No.53306688

One of my favorite guys to play against at my LGS is a necron player.
Awesome dude, plays really well, games are always fun and actionpacked.
But FUUUUUUUCK. He can't paint or even build for shit. He sprays them white, gives them a pink wash and drybrushes them orange and calls them "rusty" crons. Why can't he paint more, man. I want my army's opponent to look badass.

>> No.53306689


>> No.53306692 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306693

>He's B&

>> No.53306698

And Chinese closet homosexual Dark Angel poster got banned

Thank goodness.

>> No.53306700

FNP is gone. Nurgle daemons at least seem to have "disgustingly resilient" instead.

>> No.53306701


>> No.53306702

Mods = Gods

>> No.53306706

>lot of Wounds
everything will have more wounds this edition
>I THINK they said "better saves"
probably from cover
>and they DEFINITELY said they're faster now than they were before
this one here is important, thanks

>> No.53306712

>Caring about the rules
>Not caring that now Chadhood is possible for all Space Marines

>> No.53306713

Space marine is the biggest part of the playerbase, but tau/eldar is the biggest part of the whiners, therefore gonna outnumber anyone on the new voting system.

>> No.53306716 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306717

Offer to commission paint them. For cheap.

>> No.53306721

What the fuck did they meant by " Cowled one " ?

>> No.53306722

>still going
>Dark Angels are STILL gay

>> No.53306725


>> No.53306727

Right, though I got a bit too excited with them saying "comes back" as in reanimate which doesn't mean much when ID is probably out

>> No.53306729

These Facebook answers?

>> No.53306730

One who wears a cowl.

>> No.53306731


>> No.53306732 [DELETED] 

>resorts to phoneposting out of sheer butthurt

>> No.53306735

I think your colors may too light.
Baneblade brown is best paint followed by steel legion drab, and karak stone.

>> No.53306736 [DELETED] 



>> No.53306738

Someone wearing a cowl.

>> No.53306744


>> No.53306747

Kinda looks like a headless kamikadze from Serious Sam.

>> No.53306748

mortarion probably

>> No.53306757

Marines got squatted. Sisters got ignored and forgotten.

>> No.53306763 [DELETED] 



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>> No.53306773

would make sense with nurgle being the powerboy for chaos

>> No.53306774


>> No.53306781

Thing is battle-shock should make melee more decisive less likely a single sergeant gets a chance to grind through the entire enemy squad.

>> No.53306787

Marines got upgraded.
You'll just want the newer models :^)

>> No.53306788

Ultima Founding - New primaris chapters
Indomitus Crusade - Pla is to gift Primaris creation technology to all chapters. Gulliman is travelling spreading Primaris Technology and turning back the tide of Chaos and relieving Imperial Worlds
Primaris Marines - not just test tube creation, can also be recruits, or current marines adapted to the technology. Not all from Mars
Thoughts on Flesh Tearers and other Chapters dealing with the new Primaris Technology and engagement levels - some chapters may adopt, or reject the technology
Mk9 Armour - who knows what happened. Shrouded in mystery Xenos Races still around, not just Chaos.
Average Citizen in the Imperium has no idea Gulliman is back. No concept that Space Marines even exist in many cases.
Average Number of skulls on Primaris Armour - No average, personal choice
Back to Legion Strength? Retraction of Codex? - Wait and see. Refinement may happen
Primaris Marines - designed to be more resilient to chaos. Who knows if they can fall
Will more primarchs return? - Cowled one may be on his way soon

>> No.53306791

Isn't that just old news ? We all knew it was Morty ever since the DG trailer.

>> No.53306792

Isn't mortarion a mosquito now?

>> No.53306795

>Still going

>> No.53306808

So, by the way, what did they said about tyranids on the stream ?

>> No.53306811 [DELETED] 


>> No.53306814

Units are a lot faster in 8th. Consolidation from combat to combat.
Old Initiative based modifiers now have different effects. Powerfist @-1 to hit. Faster modifiers will also occur.
Psychic Power Selection - Select from a list, or randomly generate.
Perils of the Warp still exists - causes damage in the form of mortal wounds
No Faction Specific Detachments - Army Specific Stratagems will exist though. There is a Force Org that will work for any current army. More command points, more stratagems
Stratagems - Imperial Fist Fortification Takedown Stratagem, White Scars Hit and Run equivalent. Different unit choices by pre-spending stratagem points before the game
Each Detachment must share at least one ‘Faction’ Keyword - More specific keywords open up more stratagems eg Imperium > Space Marines > Specific Chapter
Datasheets that supercede only half units may be held in reserves - Not in matched play, can be used in open or narrative

>> No.53306816



Space Marines didn't get squatted don't tell lies to me.

>> No.53306817

We already have a teaser shot of Mortarion's Scythe from the leak in the Death Guard youtube video.

>> No.53306824

...lad, pack it in

>> No.53306829

He's almost exactly the same as before the Heresy, he's just thinner, taller and has wings now.

>> No.53306833

>not just test tube creation, can also be recruits, or current marines adapted to the technology. Not all from Mars
Such an ass pull to avoid giving existing chapters players butthurt with being REPLACED.

>> No.53306838

Characters can still travel with other units in transports. Transports have a model limit and keyword specifics, but not unit limits eg 2x 5 man squads
Snipers can bypass the nearest model rule - Most command squads have rules to get in the way of rules targeted at nearby characters. Tyrant Guard are specified. Can stand in the middle of units for a character and make it so it can’t be targeted except by Snipers
Drop Pods and units in them have 9” Deployment Restriction
Grav Weapons - Not toned down, rebalanced in line with everything else. Each gun has its place
Matched play designed for competitive play - still has options for the competitive player to optimise lists, stratagems and command points add extra depth. Combos around Psychic Powers and Keyword Synergies
Blast Weapons - Lots of shots, high damage to replace the old blasts
Invulnerable saves taken in place of normal saves - ignore AP modifiers. Some armies have rules which can be taken in addition to normal saves. Power from Pain (Dark Eldar) gives a 6+ after damage
Huge Monsters smash people up ‘are pretty good’ - lots of wounds, good save, bit faster. Hit hard in combat Wound Allocation - Defender Allocates
Entire Army of Dreadnoughts - Yes
Nids are still going to ‘wreck’ in close combat
Reasons to play Current Marines over Primaris - Yes, flexibility, weapon load outs. Different purposes in a list.
Mix of old and new psychic powers - Mind War still around. Some may function in different ways. Old Favourites and New Powers
How do they plan to collect feedback on rules? - Community Facebook Posts. Working on a live FAQ for the Warhammer Community Page, with up and downvotes
More involved in tournament organisation? - - Yes more involved. No specifics. Will highlight events on community page. Email if you want to spotlight an event or make it known. Contact [email protected]
Terminators will feel like Terminators
Playtesting will continue after launch and as new stuff is released

>> No.53306840

No, hes nurgles grim reaper.

>> No.53306850

Thank you anon.
Helpful stuff.

Anyone know if IG orders are gonna be a stratagem now?

>> No.53306851

I know :c

Also I'm getting tired of reporting the spammer.
How can he be so assblasted mad this long?

>> No.53306853


>Lion, what are we going to do on the training range?

>> No.53306855


>current marines can become primaris marines


>> No.53306862

He's straight out of an anime, he just keeps getting up after you knock him down. He is going win this.

>> No.53306863 [DELETED] 



>> No.53306864

yeah which is why i said probably , don't know why they're being so cryptic about it
he's the grim reaper with wings now
doesn't really fit with nurgle's aesthetic but that's how he was in epic

>> No.53306868

Looks good so far.

>> No.53306871

Alright gents let's review what we've learned today (crunch only):

>No Faction-specific Detachments.

>Faction-specific Stratagems. The more you focus on a sub-faction, the more you have access to. If all units in a Detachment share a Faction keyword you get access to that Factions unique Stratagems. So IMPERIUM only gets generic ones, SPACE MARINES also get Space Marine ones, BLOOD ANGELS get the above plus Blood Angels ones, and so on.

>Some Stratagems can be used before the game starts, and can modify a units battlefield role to manipulate Force Org chart, ie changing Elites to Troops at the cost of Command Points.

>Unwieldy weapons are a penalty To Hit (powerfists are -1 for example).

>Units that win combat can consolidate into combat.

>Vehicles that Fall Back from combat cannot shoot without a special rule, just like non-Vehicle units.

>Transports don't care about the number of units inside, only the models.

>Retinues can absorb Wounds for HQ choices.

>Invuln saves still work exactly the same.

>Power From Pain is a 6+ FnP

>Tyranid Monstrous Creatures are faster

>Balance updates will be ongoing

>You can choose anything that used to be a random table, like Psychic Powers and Warlord Traits

Did I miss anything?

>> No.53306872


>> No.53306873


(pray that cruddace isn't trying to prank us)

>> No.53306874

Where do people get these old school russes from?

>> No.53306886

They are squated in the sense that normal marines are going to be replaced by Primaris marines.

I'd be surprise if marines got new kits for non Primaris models

>> No.53306899

>MFW I use a stratagem to turn carnifex into troop and based trygon drops him right next to his next meal.

>> No.53306901

Maybe an asspull, but at least a good one.

>> No.53306904


>> No.53306911

Nice. Sounds all good.

>> No.53306922

Cruddace will have fucked tyranids somewhere else.

>> No.53306927

My Primaris enriched brother. Good reading, right there.

>> No.53306928

Yes they're scary alright.
Scary how AWFUL they are.

>> No.53306931

No. He's the fucking Grim Reaper.

>> No.53306939

So, are GW retarded when it comes to realising how fucking big space is? Take the Tau for example with their near-lightspeed drives, does GW not realise that with a Sub-light drive system you cant call for backup to a warzone in a different star system in any timeframe which is going to make a damn bit of difference?

Oh, invaded by bugs are you? We'll send reinforcements immediately, they'll get there in about 9 years, just hold out.

There's a mention of them in the Tyranid Codex, where they fall back from one 'nid overun planet to another in a separate system, the Tyranids are described as making the journey in a couple of weeks, the Tau apparently somehow managed to make the trip a few days faster, because their "Horizon" near-lightspeed drives aren't affected by the shadow in the warp of the 'Nid presence.

>> No.53306944

>Shrouded in mystery Xenos Races still around, not just Chaos.

>> No.53306947

They have an FTL system, it's just way slower than warp.

>> No.53306954

Are you the butt?

>> No.53306959

40k is goofy space fantasy with space monkeys, cats, elves and knights.

>> No.53306960

I told you! We are getting a new xeno race not related to the current ones!

>> No.53306968

>magnus the red is a fucking scottish ork

>> No.53306970

Warp travel was also slow as fuck, but lately they've been moving at the speed of plot

>> No.53306974

>Tyranid Monstrous Creatures are faster


>> No.53306975


GW can't into numbers like distances

>> No.53306976

>That pic

Well I'm horrified.

>> No.53306982

>Unwieldy weapons are a penalty To Hit (powerfists are -1 for example).

Nice, now everyone will have a powerfist.

>> No.53306984

Makes it easier for GW to shift the line to 100% Primaris down the line. They can even keep the special characters.

>> No.53306988


>> No.53306991

GW can't into numbers with more than 2 digits

>> No.53306996

You know the way the emperor has just been sitting on his golden Lazyboy for 10 Millennia....has no-one taken it upon themselves to figure out what makes him so awesome in all that time?
Its not like he can say no is it? I mean like if your grandad goes into a coma while he's terminally ill, the hospital staff ask you if you want to bother keeping the old codger going. Why has no-one hacked of a foot or something so they can analyse it and figure out what makes him so cool?

>> No.53306998


Is this a nefarious plot to force the largest faction of 40k players to get new models?

>> No.53306999

>Changing Elites to Troops
>More troops = More command points

Is that cyclical?

>> No.53307000

a-am I the what!?~

>> No.53307001

Any news on primaris fuccbois and Grey Knights?

>> No.53307002 [DELETED] 

>he actually saved my screen
Kek anon, I'm honored.

>> No.53307003


so no rule of one for psychic powers? didnt hear that in the Q&A

>> No.53307004

This is a game where 8-9 foot tall dudes in powered knightly armor fight big green British football hooligans with guns made out of scrap metal and duct-tape.
Sometimes they fight Egyptian Terminator Robots and sometimes they fight super-Satanists from Hell.
Stop thinking so hard.

>> No.53307008



>Sanguinius is will return as Superman in Return comic
>Ollanius pius is Back

>> No.53307009

Is the interior of a standard Leman Russ comfortable?

Do you guys think they have air conditioning and leather seats?

>> No.53307019

More Troops doesn't give more Command Points.

>> No.53307021


GW is like war. It never changes

Red Valk anon here too! I told you we are getting a new Xeno race!

>> No.53307022

Doesn't mean it shouldn't have rules.

>> No.53307023 [DELETED] 

Nah I just searched for it in the archive.

>> No.53307025

>Primaris marines are less tactical flexible than existing marines. Designed to be more resistand t chaos corruption but that is untested. Old marines can be turned into New marines.
>Transports no longer have a 1 unit limit. This means (multiple) characters can ride alongside units, also multiple units in same transport. What can be transported will be detailed in unit entry.
>Things like Command Squads will have bullet catching rule that counters Snipers. >Characters can be placed inside the middle of a unit, making it impossible to target them untill you remove enough of that unit.
>Wound allocation is like 4th edition : done by defender
>Units CAN consiledate into another unit after close combat.
>Psychic powers can be selected or rolled for, your own choice. Perils still in and does mortal wounds
>No more 100% Drop Pod armies in matched play. 50% of your units HAVE to be deployed, no exceptions.
>Each detachement (FOC) can only have one faction keyword. The more specialized the keyword (Dark Angels instead of Imperium for example) the more Strategem options you have.
>Weapons and abilities that affected Initiative will each have their own effect now. Powerfists (most likely all Unwieldy weapons) have -1 to hit modifier.
>Rawbooty did a new Founding of chapters made entirely out of primaris marines, and might release an amended/new version of the Codex Astartes.
>Dark Eldar's Power From Pain means on a 6 they don't die.
>Rules feedback will be polls, live Q and A can be posted by community, upvotes for favorite answer

Nothing too shocking or exciting really.

>> No.53307032


>> No.53307034

Good viewing too.

Now if only they gave Vinland Saga the respect it deserved.

>> No.53307044

Oh boy! I hope dark eldar vehicles with shock prows get increased chance to hit so I can literally ram my raiders into targets and do serious damage then jump all the wyches and incubi out for a good old scrap.

Trying to make some good out of what we've learned of rules and the only thing I can think of is:
>charge an enemy squad with wyches
>nearby HQ (and bodyguards?) Get a free charge to get in
>wyches have a chance to not let them escape while drazhar and his incubros slice everything up

Bonus points for charging from another flank and dragging another unit into the combat with the wyches- if the wyches are engaged with multiple units I presume each individual unit must win it's roll off?

>> No.53307048


>plays SoB

why am I not surprised

>> No.53307052

Except they kinda do.

If you look at the Detachment article the only difference between the detachments that gave more CP were more required troops.

>> No.53307056

>Space marine is the biggest part of the playerbase, but tau/eldar is the biggest part of the whiners

that's what a space marine whiner would say

>> No.53307057

>So, are GW retarded when it comes to realising how fucking big space is?
Yes, yes they are, but Tau do have FTL, it's just slow as fuck in comparison.

They still have the retarded idea that a fleet of "thousands" of ships consists a galactic-scale threat when really it's barely a picket force on that scale, and that one million Marines is actually relevant even if they all went around in a big ball.

Admech has proper scaled industry, but they never show it and one Forge World falls to a few hundred thousand Tau rather than just clearing them out and moving on because it's an ENTIRELY URBAN PLANET, which is at the least around ten billion people, and tens of millions of Kataphrons according to the CultMech dex.. Guard too, and among Xenos Orks and Nids.

>> No.53307069

Anon we only saw three Detachments, the small one didn't grant ANY CP, the middle one was the only one that simply needed more troops, and the big one needed a fuckton of every role.

>> No.53307070


Oh the background. Not my background just the painters place

>> No.53307071

No and No
Get back in there coward, the heat from the engine will keep you warm and sooty.

>> No.53307072

Still they seem changes for the better, also all the nid stuff is looking good, any love towards orks? some anon said they mentioned something about SoB?

>> No.53307082

Woah... is this the power.. of autism?

>> No.53307083

Official statement was 'A well balanced force with plenty of troops will get more CP'

>> No.53307084

They namedropped SoB when talking about Faction Keywords giving unique stratagems. So we didn't actually hear anything specific about them.

They mentioned Stormboyz being faster.

>> No.53307087

Are you a cute bashful trap?
Because this is exactly how one such would react.

>> No.53307089

I got mine second-hand from Scriptarius, although they were very poorly built.
I chose Steel Legion Drab because it has "steel legion" in the name. Also originally I was going to give the whole thing an enamel filter wash to darken it down, but now that I did a pin wash I'm starting to warm up to it.
Yeah, historical stuff was my inspiration. Wonder if I should give the whole thing a light drybrush of white like the ash wastes Legion vehicles have, or a really light bone colour?

>> No.53307092 [DELETED] 

>he got banned AGAIN

>> No.53307098

>sanguinius is not killed but trapped in the warp
>the emperor couldn't beat horus, but instead manages to have a sort of in depth psychic communion with him
>after the death of the emperor, horus, now possessing both the intentions and the memories of the emperor, sacrifice himself and asks to be interred in the golden throne

>> No.53307101

except i don't play power armoured pantsies

>> No.53307107

Proportions are off, but the design is pretty close. Especially if you use the mono-eye head and leave the armor off.

>> No.53307115 [DELETED] 


>> No.53307122

>Buttmad Kid gonna go track down his family computer

>> No.53307133

No, really, will the boys in silver be getting primaris marines, and how will that look/work out?

Seems kinda weird if they do and if they don't.

Call me paranoid.

>> No.53307136

>we literally just memed about DA being gay until a frothing, shrieking sperglord got himself banned TWICE because he couldn't stop replying he was so fucking mad

>> No.53307146


>> No.53307150

cheers m8

Does anyone know for how long do triple helix delays last? I ordered a SC box of nids and some brushes to start getting into the hobby the 10th of may, the 12th they told me it would be delayed and I haven't heard from them since.

>> No.53307152

i feel like a litlle green in there would really make the design look less bland
also applying some wheatering powder to represent dust piling up is really easy and looks pretty good

>> No.53307160

He doesn't learn does he?

No (you) for you

>> No.53307165


>> No.53307167 [DELETED] 


>> No.53307168

When did you realise gabriel angelos stole the method to become a primarine before they even went public?

>> No.53307169

Dont' bully sisters, you bully.
They only need more love.

>> No.53307180

But anon, that's not Mephiston, that's a Custodes

>> No.53307181

Looks like he's going for a third.

>> No.53307184 [DELETED] 



>> No.53307194

How many times do I have to tell you.
It. Was. A. Gift.

>> No.53307197

Why aren't there any good stories with SoB vs GSC? they seem like prime purging material what with their slightly altered version of the imperial faith.
and then the SoB get dragged off and impregnated

>> No.53307198

That makes too much sense.

>> No.53307201


>> No.53307202

What's with this shitlord?

Why is he so angry?

>> No.53307209 [DELETED] 


>> No.53307214

Yeah, I'm gonna try using some weathering powders although I'm not good at them. Also I'm going to be painting on the white-red-white Steel Legion insignia ala these tanks.

>> No.53307216

because people called dark angels gay, it's pretty funny.

>> No.53307220

Someone called his precious Dark Angels gay.
He proceeded to have a full autistic meltdown.
This is the third or fourth time this has happened.

>> No.53307226

There's that short story about a Genestealer Cult vs a Chaos Cult where the GSC already corrupted and impregnated a sister and she helped them murder her entire order before the start of the story.

>> No.53307227

Ah ok, i see them in the product images in the catachan defence force but im pretty sure those are just the current versions of the russ and chimera in there

>> No.53307229

Prime Sanguinary Guard when?
Prime Ultramarines Honour Guard when?

>> No.53307233

Yeah, I'm gonna try using some weathering powders although I'm not good at them. Also I'm going to be painting on the white-red-white Steel Legion insignia ala these tanks.

Also I tried a tri-toned camo like what the Germans used in WW2 and I thought it just ended up looking too messy.

>> No.53307234

I am thoroughly amused by this.

>> No.53307235 [DELETED] 


>> No.53307236

what was it called? That sounds really neat.

>> No.53307240

Don't joke, there's a novel where it happens to a sister. She got mentally dicked by a Patriarch into betraying her faith.

Pretty lame, if you ask me.

>> No.53307242


they need a punch in the face.

>> No.53307243

He's just a fag in denial, anon.

>> No.53307245

GSC vs SoB are one of the first novels about GSC

but there's also chaos asspulling itself in the end

>> No.53307251

Its a toad not a frog, filthy redditor

>> No.53307255

Once per thread basically.
We're hoping the sugar will wear off or he'll b&burn all his computers.
Trying to avoid the 'P' word just in case he doesn't know.

>> No.53307261


oh boy i cant wait for the asspul



Even the fucking references of lion being one and the Rock being a fucking gay bar in london



>> No.53307266

Casts a Hungry Shadow

It was actually really fucking good and I'm usually unimpressed by 95% of Black Library shit.

>> No.53307272 [DELETED] 


>> No.53307275

That is pretty lame.

>> No.53307276

Eldar women > Sisters of Battle, even GW confirms.

>> No.53307289

Chaos fucking lost lol

>> No.53307292

>marinelets can get the chad-treatment
>some people are still believing their little guys won't be phased out
Maybe they'll keep a pet chapter or two in lore for hardcore marinelet players that will get as much support as current SoB do.

>> No.53307296

stupid sexy knife ears

>> No.53307302

>Those hips
>Bare feet
>Big tits
How can human women compete?

>> No.53307305

Fit me irl, you dirty grot-humper !

>> No.53307306

Not even with the new marines? I'm tempted to!

>> No.53307307

janny pls ban

>> No.53307317

black templars

>> No.53307326 [DELETED] 


>> No.53307327


>> No.53307332


>> No.53307336

No she birthed multiple hybrids, she straight up got gene-dicked.

>> No.53307337

>Implying they wouldn't be totally down with getting bigger and stronger so they can kill things harder

>> No.53307342

More relevant pic.

>> No.53307343

Don't be lured in. Advanced Elder Lifeforms have basically perfected the wonderbra.
Her physique is still all waifish underneath, just like the other elves.

>> No.53307346

Does this mean primaris terminators can jump over impassable terrain?

>> No.53307347

By not having tumblr hair and drunken caterpillar brows.

>> No.53307348

Chad marines gonna make them take the larger knot

>> No.53307351

we need more chad marines
blacked templars

>> No.53307352

Imperial Fists player here. Likewise; I can't wait to dust off my old Strike Force Ultra.

>> No.53307370


Is Guilliman a man of taste and integrity?

>> No.53307379


fighting a weeabo is not a real test.

>> No.53307380

Eldar are cute. CUTE!

>> No.53307383

This idea only makes sense to you because you don't value the idea of a "god" beyond a word and you've grown up in a secular, post-modern society that barely believes in facts.

You're questioning why religious people won't desecrate or profane the mortal form of their living god like you legitimately believe you've made some kind of humorously intelligent observation. It's because that's the body of their literal god, and they are religious.

>> No.53307401


>> No.53307402

Are you prepared for Primaris Wulfen?

>> No.53307405 [SPOILER] 

Absolutely shit taste

>> No.53307408

>GunDamn models are for weebs only

That's some shit taste you've got, friend.

>> No.53307414

tell me more: I only had third hand info on it

>> No.53307415 [DELETED] 

where are his hands lol

>> No.53307421

>If we had jesus' feet
>We wouldn't clone the fucker up so quick it'd make your head spin.

Right, Anon. Sure.

>> No.53307426


>> No.53307436

>there are flaws in the process

>> No.53307447 [DELETED] 

That hair is so fucking stupid.

>> No.53307448

I hope power fist and its derivatives are limited in access. Because there will be almost zero reason to not take them over other power weapons unless you are already s8+ and take sword any time.

>> No.53307456

This is a nice image.

>> No.53307457

Just how big are her tits?

>> No.53307459

>all that gold heraldry on primus to seperate them from the regulars
I will blind the enemies of man!

>> No.53307460

You're so fucking stupid, loser

>> No.53307463

She is a DE is she not? The stupid hair has been a thing since at least 3rd

>> No.53307465

>Why aren't there any good stories with SoB vs GSC
>and then the SoB get dragged off and impregnated
I prefer SoB vs Diggas myself, but to each his own...

>> No.53307468

But anon, human cloning is really unethical so we wouldn't do it. We'd let the chinease do it instead.

>> No.53307469 [DELETED] 

t. speciesmixing xenos loving faggot

>> No.53307474

Just find the story and read it anon, it's good. Basically Chaos and GSC are fighting over this rogue witch living in a cave because GSC want her to birth their Magus so they can take the Cult to the next phase and Chaos just wants to be Chaos and fuck shit up. Lots of people die on both sides, it's dark and brutal as shit, GSC get the witch in the end.

>> No.53307489 [DELETED] 

She's a Ynnari I believe. Or whatever the fuck, I don't care about Eldar lore at all honestly.

>> No.53307496

You're betrayer of the ideals of Lord Commander Guilliman.

>> No.53307501

Im moving cross country in a few months

whats the best way to transport my army there? would it be ok in the mail or should I pack them all into a carry on?

>> No.53307503

> it's good

>> No.53307513 [DELETED] 

Everyone here knows best ship is Guilliman x Celestine. Not the edgy eldar whore with a chin sharper than the average DE player's edge.

>> No.53307516

Always safer to have them with you.

>> No.53307524

>zero reason to not take them
High points costs could be a reason not to take them.

>> No.53307534

Since the technology was discovered in 2015, the Chinese have already tried multiple times to make a designer baby and keep failing.

>> No.53307539 [DELETED] 

Buy a case and put all your minis inside. Then do whatever you want.

>> No.53307549

She was succubus wych.

>> No.53307559

It was legitimately good and I say this as someone who NEVER says that about 40k stories. The authors style fits grimdark so perfectly.

>> No.53307565

Go for the carry on. I remember a tragic tale a while back of a dude who posted in the general that he had 20,000 points worth of guardsmen that got lost in his luggage on a flight.

>> No.53307566

Big enough

>> No.53307568

Yeah no, everyone knows the best ship is Celestine and GSC patriarch.

>> No.53307579

Whats the name of the story anon?

>> No.53307580

>missing the point

Yes, *we*, the secular people who live in a post-modern society that do not value even meaning, would desecrate the body of the son of God.

The Catholic Church would not, even the modern one. Incredibly religious people who believed in the divinity of Christ would not.

>> No.53307584

They can be adjusted psychically.

>> No.53307585


Ive got a 2 tacklebox setup right now with some foam for the corners I can fit all of my army into both of them pretty snug I feel like the mail will probably be fine but Ive never seen anyone talk about the process before

>> No.53307588

Did they just retcon her psychic atrophy?

>> No.53307594 [DELETED] 

Finally, this image actually comes in handy.

>> No.53307608

Is there a crunch update they went over like this?

>> No.53307610

Any predictions on how good ramming is going to be?

Seems like non-tank vehicles can expect to get about half a hit on average based on the annihilation barge. Presumably tanks get a better chance to hit (5+) and maybe a few more attacks. Hopefully ork and DE vehicles do it a bit more reliably.

Strength is 5 for the barge, which is the same as it would be in 7th edition. If that carries through, expect tanks to be S 7-10

Without any AP and damage presumably stuck a 1, I don't see much hope of them really wrecking each other nearly as often as they would before. At least they work against infantry now.

I'm vaguely hopeful that either high-S will come with free AP and extra damage in CC or there will be a bonus to hit vehicles.

>> No.53307617

>consolidating into melee is back, along with piling into new combats

And now we know why Fall Back exists.

>> No.53307633

She probably suppressed psychic powers while in Commoragh, there were multiple examples
Craftworld Eldar becoming Dark Eldar before.

>> No.53307643

It'll be a desperate last ditch effort in most of the case for non-melee specialized vehicles.

>> No.53307673

Casts A Hungry Shadow

>> No.53307688

It's also more minimum HQs, largest one had 3 minimum HQs.

>> No.53307692

Were there any words on Challenges in the stream?

>> No.53307702

She was craftworld, then Corsair, then commorite.

>> No.53307704


>> No.53307706


>> No.53307718

No, I believe Challenges are gone

>> No.53307722

If they make Horus the good guy and just off emps like that I will probably start a 7th edition 40k general thread just like the fantasy guys did and pretend all this never happend.

>> No.53307724

She's a Biel-tan Eldar warrior who was exiled went to Commoragh to begin a second life as a Wych. They're a little hand-wavy about any previous psychic powers but her current powers are directly the result of the favor of Ynnead. She was chosen because her place between Craftworld and Dark Eldar made her the closest living Eldar to their Pre-Fall nature.

>> No.53307731

We all know that Dark Eldar women are the best

>> No.53307748

Someone posted it further up.

>> No.53307752

Yeah, best at dying to overwatch and being a bad unit forever.

>> No.53307770

I wish sob didnt cost 100 dollars a squad

>> No.53307774

I dunno man, invuln and fnp might make them a bit tougher.

>> No.53307775

Born in a craftworld.

>> No.53307785

Oh yeah, what a pretty face.

>> No.53307787

Was it too much to ask for a grinding attack system like in WHFB? A few high strength attacks to represent the massive fucking object going nuts. Easily scalable with the size of vehicle, D3 for titchy tanks, D6 for Leman Russ equivs and shit like D12+ for Baneblades.

>> No.53307790

>do not value even meaning
What? Maybe I'm missing a concept here, but a comparative lack of theism does not inherently strip respect from the entire rest of the universe. Hell, sometimes it even enhances it, if everything isn't necessarily attributed to whatever Supreme Being you may prefer. The lack of an innate purpose to the universe doesn't prevent us wanting to learn the truth of it.

>> No.53307796

>It'll be a desperate last ditch effort in most of the case for non-melee specialized vehicles.
>Techpriest sees an Ork Big Mek riding around in a trukk that's been converted from an ancient human construct known as a "Steam Roller" moving at over 100 mph because the mek strapped a jet engine to the back and painted it red
>tech-priest: "....Fuck this shit I'm out."

>If they make Horus the good guy and just off emps like that I will probably start a 7th edition 40k general thread just like the fantasy guys did and pretend all this never happend.
If they off Emps, they would LITERALLY destroy the biggest core element of the setting. Not gonna happen. Especially since he's the one powering the Astronomicon...

>> No.53307797

>markerlights dont add to hits any more
>battlesuits cant jump pack move after shooting
>No Escape means you can't fall back
>enemies can force you to waste overwatch on charging tanks
>only snipers are drones with bs5+ lmfao


>> No.53307804

Pretty useless outside of Ork Trukks with deffrollas and claws/balls/rams or DE Raiders with chain snares and shock prows.

>> No.53307812

Or a method of dealing with overwatch, tying shooty units up while the assault units deal with other stuff and probably a few things I haven't thought of. Not having something to damage vehicles in CC will become an even greater liability than it is now.

>> No.53307817

Oh fuck off with this bait, Tau got more out of the changes than they lost.

>> No.53307827

that's pretty much a 10/10 compared to other females gw has sculpted to be fair

>> No.53307831

>consolidating into combat is a thing
>turn 1 deep strike and charging from deep strike is a thing
>pile-in moves can drag more units into combat
>horde armies can surround and cut off retreat from combat
Lookin good boys

>> No.53307846

Guard vehicles with fire barrels might be a laugh.

>> No.53307848

That's Mother Russia compared to the fantasy Witch Elves.

>> No.53307850


>> No.53307856

>Not having something to damage vehicles in CC will become an even greater liability than it is now.
Well, everything can damage everything, and you can just retreat from vehicles. But yeah.

>> No.53307863

So what happened in the stream anything important? I hadnt seen anything in the thread.

>> No.53307866

Techpriest:*Unsheathes Haywire weapon and deals D6 damage to Keyword Vehicle*

>> No.53307874

GSC start with everything on the board, lol

Cult Ambush happens during deployment, before the start of the game

This is only Skyhammer BTFO

>> No.53307878

ehhh i'dd beg to differ

>> No.53307913

You missed deep strike charges will have to roll a 10 (9" +1 to be in combat) from deep strike/teleporting.

>> No.53307928

Would it have killed them to have a 7+ system for wounding? Sure, as a Guard player it's funny that my grunts can theoretically kill anything, but it rather shits on the previously super tough stuff who only receive extra wounds that get sapped by all the new multi-damage weapons.

Also rather makes my Skitarii Vanguard redundant, wounding stuff that you couldn't normally wound on 6s is now a thing everyone has.

>> No.53307939

You idiot. The invasion of Gorgon happened before the Third Sphere where the Tau upgraded their engines to achieve new speeds which lead to the rapid invasion.

>where they fall back from one 'nid overun planet to another in a separate system,

Your reading skills is that of a moron. The fighting took place in the Sept of Kel'shan. Sept means system. The Tau travelled from one planet to the next within the same system. The Tyranids took many days to cross that distance.

Tau speeds as far as a we know are 1/5 to 1/3 of Imperial warp speed.

How come nobody corrected him with facts rather this weakass handwave? Shame on you.

>Admech has proper scaled industry, but they never show it and one Forge World falls to a few hundred thousand Tau rather than just clearing them out and moving on because it's an ENTIRELY URBAN PLANET, which is at the least around ten billion people, and tens of millions of Kataphrons according to the CultMech dex.. Guard too, and among Xenos Orks and Nids.

A single Riptide is more than a match for a battalion of admech tanks that included a Baneblade, and the Tau have been known to mass deploy Riptides by the many dozens in the battlefield. Refer to the fall of Forgeworld Halus (The short story "Patient Hunter"). The Admech forces were powerless before the power of the Riptide which led the leading Magos to cry out in fear and despair.

You must understand how far removed the Tau technology is from the Imperium (admech included in most cases). What you are saying that the Iraqis with their crappy gear should beat the US armed forces in open warfare because they have the numbers and home field advantage. It doesn't work like that.

>> No.53307942

They need a nine. You only have to be within one inch to successfully charge.

>> No.53307944

No they need to roll a 9. The 1" buffer doesn't make the charge harder it makes it easier.

>> No.53307949

Kroot still have Sniper weapons, and Sniper drones will certainly have a way to get back up to a higher BS with a drone controller.

That said, all of these changes plus >>53307831 makes me think that GW was actually right about the changes making assaults good.

>> No.53307950


>> No.53307956

Is this the new Chinese poster but instead of gay Dark Angels he sperging about Tau being unimportant?

>> No.53307961

Vanguard are still going to be pretty damn cool if they remain remotely similar, and you could easily just do a direct port and switch the guns to the new system. Double wounding EVERYTHING would be a tad insane.

>> No.53307966

Thank you anon i was looking for a list of the posts <3

>> No.53307968

No it's a 9 roll because it's 10" (Well...more than 9" to be exact, but nothing measures in distances less than 1") minimum deployment distance minus 1 for the aggro range of units.

>> No.53307978

Do you think Kroot will hit on 4+? No way. Fire Warriors will be 4+, Kroot must be 5+

>> No.53307979

>Tanks can charge into combat and absorb Overwatch fire before your melee units charge
So not only is Rhino Rush back but it has a whole new fucking meaning.

>> No.53307981

Firing low ST low AP weapons vs good toughness and good armour means you're wounding 1/36 of shots that hit, considering wounds inflation that's pretty inefficient.

>> No.53307993

On the other hand you can also have tanks absorb charges and then counter pile in

>> No.53307999

The makeup makes her look like Mimi Bobeck but the model is far nicer than the 40k chick (male).

>> No.53308004

No that one's probably Carnac, the oldest remaining and worst shitposter of all. He just sucks Tau dick all day, or Chaos, depending on what he's in the mood for.

>> No.53308005

It's a roundabout way of doing things, but whatever. Having that link makes me not hate the development as much.

Still doubt I'll buy any, unless they do a real good job on the terminators and dreadnought.

>> No.53308014

Hello guys I don't think it's nice to make fun of gay people, if the Dark Angels are gay we should be happy because we need to be more representative of disadvantaged peoples, also this is why we need female space marines so little girls can like the game too and not get their feelings hurt. Thanks!

>> No.53308017

>you lived long enough for 40k to be fun again and assault to be viable for everyone and not just the top assault armies

summer is gonna be fun dudes, shame about those shooting armies but y'all get more shooting done i think

>> No.53308019

Kroot have had the same BS as FW.

>> No.53308024

The only sperging I am seeing here is

>Idiot smelly anon : Tau do not have FTL how can they do thing REEEEEE GW
>intelligent and handsome anon : No, my mentally challenged friend, the Tau have FTL and they can indeed do a thing

>> No.53308025

Literally what?

>> No.53308026


Why the fug is haman karn doing there

>fucking malekith, his dick is bigger than char

>> No.53308033

>A single Riptide is more than a match for a battalion of admech tanks that included a Baneblade

So you mean the mass-produced, cheap, primitive shit that the AdMech hands over to the Imperium to produce themselves and occasionally make for them? By the Omnissiah, you didn't tell me the Tau were shit because Rangers could beat Fire Warriors before Fio'tak was created.

>> No.53308037

That and assulting T1 and out of reserves, no wonder tau sound so spooky they need it to not get wiped

>> No.53308048

I live long enough to see marines getting squated.

I never thought I'll see that day but it happen.

Now proper plastic kit for decade old models still sold and we are golden!

>> No.53308056

From what we've seen so far, not many vehicles will have a 2+ save, I'm betting Land Raiders and things with more than 1 14 AV side only.

Just had a thought, the Doomsday Ark would have been a perfect example of how large units being weakened the more wounds they take. Could have a high armour save to start with that goes down the more wounds it takes.

>> No.53308064

Imagine if, by this time in 2018, we also have plastic Sisters, plastic greatcoat Guardsmen, and plastic Demiurg

>> No.53308069

Anon Tau have slow as balls warp drives.

The only race that has true FTL is Necrons and that got kind of squated but not really with hacked web way

>> No.53308077

Tau are supposed to use cheap screening units like the old days. You remember them making a big deal out of "layered" defenses in the first reveals? Tau's "greater good" rule feed into that.

>> No.53308092

A man can only dream.

Well since 8th basically AoS second edition we might get to play Squat in 9th or something

Since 8th and AoS are rather similar and could be easy to convert

>> No.53308093

If only FTL actually meant anything in 40k, the only speeds are "Slower than plot" and "Faster than plot". So one moment the Tau are taking swathes of land without anyone noticing and then people get stuck in the warp for years and so are late to a battle.

>> No.53308095

who are you calling ugly m8?

>> No.53308100

>Baneblade cheap

So that's why when the Tau destroyed one of them following text lamented its destruction as it was noble machine that served the Imperium since the HH.

Explain why you didn't read this story yet. It's in the OP links.

>> No.53308110

I don't think there's going to be a 9th

8th edition is last edition, they're just going to continually balance update it year by year with General's Handbook type supplements

>> No.53308113

Oh and consolidation into new combats

>> No.53308125

Power from pain being reduced to fnp (6+) is a bit shitty. Hope that Drukharii™ get buffed in other respect accordingly.

>> No.53308130

>Explain why you didn't read this story yet. It's in the OP links.
Because it's about Tau and therefore I could not give less of a shit.

>> No.53308133

Goood good let them so i can drag other units into cc

>> No.53308140

I don't know about that. Losing +1 balistic skill and ignores cover alongside JSJ is pretty huge blow against tau jetpack infantry.

>> No.53308143

Like GS3.
Current lore says it takes years to travel from Terra to Ultramar in a good day.

In the book? LoL months, weeks or even days!

>> No.53308147

Do keep in mind that it's a save that even prevents mortal wounds. That's still quite something

>> No.53308148

I'm assuming that's the baseline and other special rules will add modifiers to the roll (like units standing near Haemonculi or whatever), or you'll have stratagems to do so, or killing enemy units will increase it, and so on.

>> No.53308159

Dude this like the Zillion time I say it. The Tau live a hyper dense cluster of stars. Repeat it with me. Hyper dense cluster of STAAAARS. So speed doesn't matter at all because the next system is like a stone throw away.

>The only race that has true FTL is Necrons and that got kind of squated but not really with hacked web way

Necron engines are near-light and the Webway tries to kill them whenever they use it. Newcrons, immarite?

>> No.53308160

>So that's why when the Tau destroyed one of them following text lamented its destruction as it was noble machine that served the Imperium since the HH.

Yes, because that particular Adept was bonded to the Baneblade, it was his sacred duty to watch over the holy machine, it's still a piece of shit compared to what the AdMech can actually make, everything the Imperium has is. The AdMech can, canonically, make far better Lasguns, they just decide not to, their standard tank-like walkers have weapons that are both smaller and more powerful than the Hammerhead's railgun.

I think you seriously underestimate the actual bullshit the Adeptus Mechanicus is capable of, don't think the words of a single high ranking Adept are indicative of value, either, the whole point of the Martian Priesthood is they always consider their current rank a holy and respected one, while those above them are even more holy and revered.

>> No.53308162

If I wanted to intentionally read shit lore I would read about chaos or Tau. Hence why people are ignoring it.

>> No.53308167

>A single Riptide is more than a match for a battalion of admech tanks that included a Baneblade

The Baneblade is not an Admech tank. They occasionally use the ones they have in the factories, sure. I can't find that story in the MEGA, but beating fifty Leman Russes and a Baneblade isn't much compared to Kataphrons, Sicarians, Cybernetica and the Centurio Ordinatus or Ordo Reductor, The only thing Tau have that can match an Ordinatus Minoris is a few Supremacy Suits at once, since they're designed to tank hits from Warlord Volcano Cannon and Heavy Railguns aint got shit on those.

Causing one Magos to be scared isn't hard, most of the Admech fighters are just normal Magi who showed an aptitude for war.

>Many Dozens
That is a truly pitiful amount of heavy ordnance, compared to the SoE of a single Cybernetica Cohort. One CC is anywhere from 300 to 600 Cybernetica robots, and Forge Worlds have hundreds of thousands of the things.
Beating up on some shitty Guard division isn't exactly impressive. How many Tau were involved in this invasion again?

>> No.53308174

It has admech in it. 80% of it is from the pov of a high ranking Magos.

>> No.53308178

Anon, Baneblades are considered more valuable than pretty much any commander that could be given command of them, losing them without achieving some cool shit is pretty much a "Sign your dishonourable suicide/execution (Your choice buddy) here" note.

Riptides on the other hand are thrown around like confetti, especially after they went from "Experimental" Read:As many as plot demands, to mass produced. Read: "Riptides are troops right?"

>> No.53308181

a little weaker (5+ is 33% to 6+ is16%) but now you can use it more since instant death is gone

>> No.53308185


>> No.53308186

I don't understand space, the post.

But don't worry GW doesn't understand numbers bigger than 2 digits either.

>> No.53308202

>Anon, Baneblades are considered more valuable than pretty much any commander that could be given command of them, losing them without achieving some cool shit is pretty much a "Sign your dishonourable suicide/execution (Your choice buddy) here" note.

Explain Diomedes

>> No.53308211

Ah, in that case maybe I'll give it a flick through when I have nothing better to do.

>> No.53308212

>the lore doesn't count when it's against me
Sorry cogboys, big earth caste dick just T'AU'D your machine spirits.

>> No.53308213

>Anon, Baneblades are considered more valuable than pretty much any commander that could be given command of them

As told to the Imperials by the Adeptus Mechanicus, who can and do frequently make better than even the most holy works they grant unto mankind's hands, before telling them that their lives are worthless in comparison to the machine. Plasma Guns are considered worth more than the soldiers that carry them, even though the standard pattern granted to non-AdMech are inferior to the ones they can craft.

Don't mistake reverence of the machine with necessary reverence due to extinction or rarity, for the AdMech are taught to respect the machines that match their station, and in so doing teach the Imperium to revere all machines.

>> No.53308224

I dunno, Sisters vs Kiln went about as well for them as most Sisters battle reports that show up in codices.

>> No.53308235

Keep telling yourself that. Try not to burn your models when a 10" charge first turn is the best you can do.

>> No.53308237

Lets be fair between marine, chaos and Tau wank lore I have no idea which one is worst.

>> No.53308240

Where did I say the lore doesn't count? It does count, a Riptide killed a Baneblade, cool, except the AdMech can make, and do make, much better. I'm not saying it didn't happen, I'm saying you're grasping at straws to stretch a perfectly normal situation to your advantage. The loss of a Baneblade, however much it hurts the Adept who drives it, is a pittance against the true war engines of the Mechanicus.

>> No.53308243

You do know that Halfus was a noted Forgeworld for producing a brand of hardy warships that can withstand Tyranid weaponry, IIRC. In all likeness, the Forgeworld admech firces had all the junk you mentioned and more besides. But guess what? They lost all the same.

If you remain unconvinced, then you should wait for the FW book that has the Tau invading another forgeworld.

>> No.53308263

Tau Riptides get BTFO by just a single marine using a krak grenade in BL novels.

Tau tech is trash.

>> No.53308268

I mostly remain unconvinced since the Skitarii smashed through Tau defensive lines and generally just stomped all over them whenever they were mentioned in Mont'ka, the same book in which the Tau show off their power against Marines and Guard.

>> No.53308287

Yes, in their home systems, but as they expand it gets farther and farther away, they're not recruiting from the fringe worlds for anything other than PDFs because they are all humans so it all has to come from the center of their territory.

That's anotehr thing, at what point does the human population of the Tau empire eclipse the Tau population? Everything they expand into is all humans with a few exceptions where they use BS terriforming to make a habitable planet in a few years. And even if they go full tank growth for their population, they're not going to keep up.

>> No.53308294 [DELETED] 

>all this tau spam
Can we get back to shrieking about gay dark angels already?

>> No.53308301

If I can play my tau again in a more middle of the pack power level, where people are not constantly bitching about how op shooting is, I welcome every nerf I get.

>> No.53308305

So it's 1 mass producable riptide vs 1 chapter master. That's worse trade than when autarch trades squad of fire dragons for a single imperial tank.

>> No.53308306

>he thinks that only army that could turn 1 charge in 7th edition is not going to have an easier time doing it in 8th when everyone can do it now
Haha, oh boy.

>> No.53308317

It's not a FnP it's a reanimation. Meaning your shiny multiwound units can come back to life with (assumedly) full wounds. Your archon is now terrifying to deal with. Wyches can hang around far longer then they need to. Grotesques can be scary mother fuckers again

>> No.53308324

That's the spirit, m8.

>> No.53308329

The Tau were outnumbered many times over by a collection of all manner of Imperial forces, and the Tau considered the marines the greatest threat which necessitated them using the mirrorcodex. It's not the indicator of the Admech abilities due to these facts.

>> No.53308350

Where is this story in the MEGA? I can't find it.

Also, yeah Baneblades are cool by Guard standards, but by Admech grade they are a reasonable line tank.
Saying "We beat those things offscreen without a mention, therefore superior" is a little much. I am looking forward to that book, actually, I'm fairly certain the Admech will outperform the Tau with the help of Heresy tech in their contingency vaults, and FW always does the best campaigns.
Have you seen the Ordinatii? The Ordo Reductor rolling bombardments? The Myrmidax? Tau currently have been scrapping with the Admech equivalent of the PDF, and when Admech military proper showed up in Mont'Ka they managed to seal the entire Tau Empire off for months while stealing a boatload of tech while the Marines were dying.

>> No.53308360

I seem to recall the Astartes/Militarum taking a separate flank to the Mechanicus, so unless the Tau were actively ignoring their side of the fight to help the Fire Caste on the opposite end of the battlefield the Skitarii still smashed through Tau lines on their own power.

>> No.53308371

Not to get in between this fascinating back and forth, but I also believe they will be restricted to a long charge. Now they may be able to reroll a dice, but I cannot see them keeping a 3 inch turn one charge now that the rest of the game has had to be balanced. That would be assanine.

>> No.53308377

What Imperium? The Tau are expanding westwards across the gulf. It should be all Necron territory for light years.

>> No.53308382

>reading the facebook comments on the Q&A
>so many butthurt spess muhreen players angry that they can't play skyhammer cheese with their entire army in drop pods

>> No.53308395

Yes, there needs to be more gay Dark Angels because there aren't enough gay people in the game, and Dark Angels are fabulous and virile enough to satisfy many gay players

Also Primaris marines means there can be women marines who are just as strong (or stronger!) than the men, about 51% of all marines from now on should be women so they can be representative of the world's population instead of just being masculine.

>> No.53308396

>Riptides aren't OP in 7th

>> No.53308399

>and FW always does the best campaigns.

>> No.53308400

Not a chapter master

Just a regular, run of the mill tactical marine. And the marine survived, the riptide did not.

>> No.53308417

Except GSC were always balanced, and now that the enemy can run backwards out of combat, overwatch multiple times, and everyone can charge from deep strike, the cult ambush rules are obviously going to get some sort of boost to make them still feel like a prepared ambush that's more powerful than a random teleport-and-charge

>> No.53308425

To be fair, Necron territory is often sparesly populated by actual Necrontyr and is more of a 'death by metal men be here' on the map, chances are they'll run into more Humans than Necrons until they get deep into that territory, but yes, it's theoretically Sautekh-zone.

>> No.53308440


Try looking for this in the OP.

>> No.53308447

And they still won the battles they actually fought, with roughly even numbers. And if they can do that, they can win with many times the resources and breaking open a few contingency plans. You can't say that the enemy victories are irrelevant for them being outnumbered ELSEWHERE and then say that you can destroy anything they have so long as it never appears on screen.


The guy who just lost the Baneblade owned it. I can and probably would lament the loss of one of my dogs as a noble beast that was faithful for its entire lifespan, doesn't mean I can't get another one easily enough.

>> No.53308449

You mean Fire of Cyraxus ETA "Coming after Infernus, wait, we mean after Angelus" that's been in development for years?

>> No.53308451

Sure they can.
But only in narrative games.

>> No.53308452

I have multiple marine armies.

I am not said to see drop pod armies go away. It's impossible to balance right because of how insane of a safe alpha strike it is. Unless you give everybody interceptor or make marines so weak they only work when you play drop pod armies. Either way is shit.

>> No.53308489

Necron territory is mostly also human territory where the necrons just haven't woken up yet and are just waiting for either their alarm clocks to go off or some Archaeologist to go poking their nose where it doesn't belong.

Besides which, it's worse to expand into Necron space as it's nearly always shit quality planets with the added spice of xenocidal property owners.

>> No.53308520

>nearly always shit quality planets with the added spice of xenocidal property owners.
sounds like your average hive world to be fair

>> No.53308532

Ah, found it. Yeah, that was just a bunch of Russes and a single Baneblade, that's not much by Guard standards save the 'Blade, and by Admech standards is pretty much fuck all. They put together Russes by the hundred thousand and can fuel them with logs, I'm not surprised they die to dedicated hunter units like that.

>> No.53308571

I think I preferred the dark angel shitposting and genestealer fetish degeneracy to the tau vs imperium powerwank.

>> No.53308586

Should I buy the old codexs for lore? Or do the new ones have more lore?

>> No.53308610

old codices have better art but outdated lore

>> No.53308620

It's a natural course of events. Marines are wanked over the moon and back, then the Tau writers decide to wank them off even harder, which becomes a massive fest of shit fluff, forcing the fandom to split over the pro-Imperial, pro-Tau and fanatics who cannot accept that most modern fluff is not only unreliable due to inconsistency, but just nonsense to hype up a faction rather than something to be taken as the norm.

Then we get arguments like this. The AdMech vs. Tau tech discussions were far more civil and reasonable, with some exceptions, admittedly, a few editions ago, now it's just powerwank over 'muh Marines' or 'muh Riptides killing a gorillion enemies solo.'

>> No.53308623


Where did you see anything about PfP?

>> No.53308625

The new ones omit a lot of the lore to save space. You should download the old ones especially the ones from 5th ED since they are the richest of them when it comes to content.

>> No.53308629

New codexes are also gonna have lore and stories in them. If you want to keep up with the recent developments in the GrimDark I'd wait and get those.

Unless you plan on getting vouchers for the outdated books and getting models with those.

>> No.53308631

>should i buy the old codexes for the lore
depends on hwo highly you value the lore
unless you're a real big collector just get the pdf's from the op and read trough them
>will the new ones have more lore
well the first ones are gonna be giant compilations of rules for models of all kind of factions so they'll likely have very litlle fluff in them , look at the grand alliance battletomes in aos for reference , usually each faction has a 2 page intro and that's it , no page long exposition like in codexes for a single faction

>> No.53308632

Do the newer ones have a decent amount of lore? Should I just wait for 8th edition?

>> No.53308640

The older ones have more and, at least in my opinion, better lore, but a lot of the fluff in them has either been discarded or the desires of the modern writers, so they're more of a museum of how the previous writers saw the setting than reliable assets for modern fluff conversation.

Still worth getting, though.

>> No.53308643

It was talked about during the Q&A livestream on normiebook.

>> No.53308647

Alright, thanks <3

>> No.53308662

Will Black Templar Crusader melee blob squads be top tier now?

>> No.53308665

And now I have one Leman Russ Facade. Yeah it's a bit too light maybe.

>> No.53308687


Oh. And PfP is literally just 6+ FnP? Lol what fucking trash

>> No.53308688

Between chaos, marines and tau. The wank is just sad.

Anyone with half a brain notice it's bad writing

>> No.53308691

>Power From Pain is a 6+ FnP

>> No.53308696

Its like a giant matilda tank! Cute.

>> No.53308710

Thanks for the info guys, I've been trying to grt more into the lore before I figure if I want to start playing the game

>> No.53308720

>Going to be always active from turn 1
>Going to get it against S6+ attacks now that instant death isn't a thing.

>> No.53308738

>old codexs
of by old you mean from 3rd to 5th then go for it

otherwise just save up the shekels

>> No.53308749


Templar crusader blobs with a land raider crusader will be top tier since their dedicated transport can shoot and then charge in with them

>first wave of your assault are all of your now-empty dedicated transports running over shooting units before the infantry close the gap

>> No.53308756

It is feel no pain that stops mortal wounds though. And considering you can't use invulnerable saves against mortal wounds it seems at least somewhat usefull.

>> No.53308760

Old Codexes have better lore too.

>> No.53308766 [DELETED] 

I wonder if there's a rule so that if you charge at the same time as your transport there's a chance your own men will get run over.

>> No.53308771

Yup, just ordered 3rd edition Ork codex and the Horus Heresy Novel

>> No.53308777

>implying it wasn't always active from T1

Except PfP used to actually do something useful. Having a 6+/6+ save isn't fucking useful.

>> No.53308790

>assuming there will be any infantry left to charge after the land raider crusaders unloaded all over them

>> No.53308796

Where you got your airbrush?

>> No.53308803

>>first wave of your assault are all of your now-empty dedicated transports running over shooting units before the infantry close the gap
This is so retarded yet amusing

>> No.53308810


It's fucking no wonder why it was left out of the extremely underwhelming """""hype""""" article. It's fucking shitty and nothing to get hype about.

>> No.53308836

>implying it wasn't always active from T1

It wasn't though? You got no benefits turn 1, 6+ feel no pain on turn 2, and it only became normal feel no pain on turn 3.

This is a direct upgrade for the first 2 turns, and arguably a trade-off on the third for less survivability against small arms but more against big guns.

>> No.53308853

Well it is hard to shoot at people running at you with chainswords while the tank they came out of is attempting to run you over I imagine.

>> No.53308862

Well power from pain might give you something beyond just that as well. It could well have buff mechanics or whatever in addition but the rule just gives that 6+ fnp to all that have it. Maybe letting you burn Command Points for it if you're pure DrewCarey or wych cults or some shit

>> No.53308874

You guys are all forgetting how many units in this game will have special rules that do added shit. "Add 1 to the Power From Pain rolls for all DRUKHARI units within 7" of this model" is like a fucking shoe-in for some Characters.

>> No.53308891

If you want cool old lore consider the Index Imperialis and Index Chaotica books. I'd pass on the rest.

>> No.53308898

That too. Rerolling PfP rolls, getting bonuses to them, there's all sorts of ways it can be better.

>> No.53308908

Those weird floating flesh machines and haemonculi will probably boost Power from Pain.

But I guess that unless it's a 2+ save against everything from the get go Dark Eldar players would rather not have it.

>> No.53308940

Yep. Certainly doesn't matter that Tau lost out even more with Markerlights being a simple reroll of 1s. No, a 1 in 6 chance to make use of your army-wide benefit isn't enough.

>> No.53308941

>unless it's a 2+ save against everything from the get go
Well they'll probably still have Shadowfields too.

>> No.53308958

Honestly I've found people that play DE will take what they can get and the people that are bitching don't play them at all.

>> No.53308962



>> No.53308966


I hope the cronos still provides a fnp boost

>> No.53308968

I'm curious as to how DEldar cover save things will work now. It might be nice if they can really give enemies some penalties to hitting.

It'd be neat if they also brought back some of those fun things they had to reduce enemy gun ranges

>> No.53308978

People are overstating this. The article said ONE Markerlight is re-roll 1's. It's probably the case that two Markerlight hits re-rolls 1's and 2's, and so on.

>> No.53308981

A +1 to PfP combat drugs result seems likely. I wonder if they'd let us pick drugs for once since Psychics can be picked now.

>> No.53308982


Except those are going to be the Covens shit, and that means you're going to be mixing factions and have fewer command points and strategems.


>hurr only beyond extreme will make people happy!

Anything better that a fucking 6+ would have been nice, actually. It's been one of Dark Eldars things since basically forever, but apparently "Power" means "worthless 1/6th of the time"

>> No.53308985

Buy an airbrush.

>> No.53308987


I love that the most efficient counter to a gunline as a melee army is ramming your rhinos/trukks into their backline as your boys mulch their frontline

>> No.53308988


Makes it so sadly easy.

>> No.53308999

No chance dude.

>> No.53309011

In the faction focus article we learned that DE vehicles have a 5+ invulnerable save against shooting, so that's nice already.

Still not a 2+ though :^)

>> No.53309019

Or maybe rerolling 1s is the only BS boost. Or maybe it'll be 4 Markerlights for full rerolls. Or maybe the only other thing is firing Seeker missiles that don't need to roll to hit.

>> No.53309024

This. Fairweather DE players left long ago.

>> No.53309029

You say that, but GW fucking loves their stupid weeaboo blueberries.

>> No.53309050

I had to leave about half way through last thread to play a game of 40k, did I miss anything good?

>> No.53309051

Depending on the rules for terrain granting cover, you might be able to get a 2+ if they have a 4+ base and +2 terrain exists.

And then you still have the Invuln and possibly Jinking for a BS penalty if somebody shoots a lascannon to try and punch through all that.

>> No.53309077

Or maybe additional markerlight hits each do something different.

Like one hit is reroll 1's to hit, two hits is that and another -1 save modifier for the opponent, etc.

>> No.53309078

Info from the warhammertv livestream. Summaries are above.

>> No.53309082

Why isn't there very much futa SoB art? I'm really surprised it's not as common with what "fandoms" usually do with female characters and with /d/ being just a short walk away

>> No.53309086


I was just hoping for something fucking nice for a change, something like 5th edition. Instead, we get shit on. Again.

>> No.53309090

not really

>> No.53309112

I dont understand this mentality.
if people thinks painting models is such a chore why not use tools to help speed it up.

>> No.53309117

Not much, mainly feverish DA are gay shitpost wars, genestealer fuckers doing their ERP, then there was also the fight between Taufags and AdMechfags ...

>> No.53309126

>two marker lights for -1 AP on the target
My penis would fall off and wither away if that happened

>> No.53309151

Eh. Way too early to say that.

>> No.53309154

Maybe peolpe just have more respect for SoB's dignity than people from other fandoms. Who would have thought that 40k fans could be less degenerate at something.

>> No.53309168

40k has enough dicks.

>> No.53309171

The most I would expect would be a Markerlight bonus that ignores terrain bonuses to AP, similar to what we got rumor of Noise Marine guns doing.

Honestly though, I think the idea of leaving it as just rerolls works better, now that the idea of camoflouge, smoke, and moving fast are going to be BS penalties that their laser pointers and scanners would easily penetrate and see through, while terrain, walls, and hard objects would still need a railgun to actually blast through it and kill the guy on the other side.

>> No.53309174

>your veteran company gets stuck with the new astartes-IV trainees

>> No.53309188

>not being degenerate
Have you not seen the 40kg today?

>> No.53309193

SoB fans have more dignity than other fans.

We are abused housewives. Our only source of pride is not crying when our husband GW rapes our asshole even when it has prolapsed.

>> No.53309194

Please tell me the Purity Seals are optional
I fucking hate Purity Seals

>> No.53309196

>almost as bad as having to share a Drop Pod with your Blood Raven "allies"

>> No.53309213

According to the Lion you can never have enough dicks in your gay dance club in space

>> No.53309216

Are Blood Ravens the gypsies of the 41st millennium?

>> No.53309223

Sister, I... know your pain.

>> No.53309228

DAfag got doublegiganiggabanned, we can let it go now son. It was fun while it lasted.

>> No.53309232

SoB fans have no dignity. You do nothing but complain.

>> No.53309234


It's early, yes, I'm worried so far. The only positive is gunboats, but there seems to be little to no reasons to run anything else.

>> No.53309236

Beside the one sperging chinese closet homosexual Dark Angel player, that got banned from every single electronic he owned.

Today we just had GSC erotica and traditional my dudes > your dudes wank party

>> No.53309252

And what makes you think that ?

>> No.53309264

Nah those are just college girls dreaming about being a wife. When they saw our new dress (New Celestine), but they didn't saw the reality that dress was only use to dress us up and be pass around between our husband friends.

>> No.53309266

If you weren't already either capping objectives or tank shocking the enemy with your rhino then you were probably one of those people complaining about Rhinos being less useful than chimeras in 7E, and thus wrong.

You couldn't do that with Chimeravets in 7th: the chimera was too valuable to waste, and the veterans too squishy!

God, breachers vs veterans will be so much fun next edition! I hope it becomes meta.

>> No.53309270

there are no factions in 40k that adequately encapsulate how awful gypsies are

>> No.53309275

And with good reason. Fuck you, dear.

>> No.53309276

We've run out of things to be happy about.

>> No.53309292

Oh well then I'll shut the fuck up about it, I always seem to get slammed with the banhammer when the mods are around

On a different note which primarch do you guys think is the best kisser?
>sanguinius is banned to Uber's for obvious reasons

>> No.53309300

Audible kek

>> No.53309307

he strikes me as a Saxon fan

>> No.53309311

Craftworld Eldar

>> No.53309316

Fulgrim duh

That ponce is a perfectionist in everything he does.

>> No.53309328

That would just feel like I'm kissing a girl though

>> No.53309337

a perfect girl

>> No.53309339

Lion, obviously. Had the most practice in the Rock. What do you think he's doing down there for 10000 years, surrounded by burly men in robes?

>> No.53309342

Is that a problem?

>> No.53309343

>that hair
So how does the lion fit all that into a helmet?

>> No.53309346

>yfw you understand that they needed to give infinite overwatch because otherwise every unit would be first assaulted by the dedicated transport, able to soak the 6+ to hit shots with it's T6+, W6+ and armor save, and then be assaulted by the actual unit, thus making overwatch basically useless.
>Now at least they have the chance of a couple of lucky melta/plasma/whatever shots or that the dedicated transport doesn't reach combat, so to be able to overwatch the actual assault unit too

>> No.53309347

>One in six chance to save a guy when you have to save more than three guys per shooting phase or close combat
>Dies to battleshock
Might as well give us any other rule

>> No.53309355

Matilda 2, Please. It has an actual gun on it
Matilda 1 would be a full blown russ with a Twin Linked Heavy bolter, at most.

>> No.53309363

Am grill though

>> No.53309386

So is Fulgrim if you ask nicely

>> No.53309387

Still not seeing your point.

>> No.53309388

>GW actually used their brains to make this edition and rules make sense together

>> No.53309394

Oh, well in that case what's your type

Also still not seeing the problem with kissing other grills

>> No.53309416

I like kissing dudes
Can someone make a new thread so I can use all my actually good shitposts?

>> No.53309418

It's Heresy! But only if you don't make babies for the Imperium.

>> No.53309428

Horus sounds like your kind of guy

>> No.53309434

sent ;)

>> No.53309444

Kiss Genestealers, it's the best

>> No.53309468

T-thanks, but I'm interested in the colour scheme, as in what colours do I need to paint my tanks on this particular colours.

>> No.53309470

>implying the the sisters in the scholia aren't getting totally gay together because they're all teenagers with pent up sex drives and no guys to take it out on
>implying sisters aren't like Spartans and incourage this for "sisterly bonding"

>> No.53309476

dont start this again~

>> No.53309484

I feel like this is actually entirely practical and would be canon if GW ever approached any subject having to do with sex

>> No.53309497


Pucker up

>> No.53309510

>German Tsunderes on my Christian general
I thought we threw all the Asuka posters out of helicopters long ago?

>> No.53309513

Their tongues alone are worth letting them move in with you, but it all falls apart when they start inviting their friends over

>> No.53309514

Thread is ded, what else am I gonna do

>> No.53309518


>> No.53309525

Anyone else getting kinda hyped for Nids this edition?

>> No.53309535

>tfw you realize Kurze probably died a kissless virgin and the closest he ever got to a relationship with a girl was with the assassin that murdered him

>> No.53309552

>but it all falls apart when they start inviting their friends over
>implying this isn't the best part
>implying being the communal fucktoy for an entire brood of huge, dominant alien physiques isn't the dream, with their many massive diamond-hard claws caressing your flesh all over as they take it in turns to fill you with spawn

>> No.53309651

Anyone have gathering storm books? I cannot find them in the mega nz link

>> No.53309991

can you do a rundown what they were talking about regarding the primarines? I'm not on facebook.

>> No.53310197


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