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What do the common folk in your setting do for fun? What places do they visit, what establishments are there to appeal to them? Surely you don't just have a tavern where PCs can pick up on rumors and nothing else to keep the masses happy, right?

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Arenas are cool. Arenas where you can have your PCs enter, and watch and bet or join the fights themselves.

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Races, bawdy shows, charming festivals, merry faires, and all the manner of amusing sports, depending on context. There's always something!

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So close
All parts of Europe that speaksome variant of Vulgar Latin should just unite into one country

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Music, dancing, storytelling, and drinking are the three biggest pastimes of the commoners in my setting. Which of the four is most important depends on who you ask. And of course, they're often intermingled.

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They masturbate en masse to the Queen's bust.

Guards are frustrated cleaning the cum off every statue around the palace.

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>All parts of Europe that speaksome variant of Vulgar Latin should just unite into one country

Like the European Union, perhaps?

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Traveling entertainers, religious festivals, brawls, arenas, coliseums, hunting, alcohol, and even organized sports in some places.

There's even a death race where the greatest beast tamers from around the world bring the deadliest, most antisocial creatures they can find and ride them through an obstacle course while trying to kill each other's mounts.

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>Letting G*rmanics lead Europe

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Got any pictures of the Queen? I want to join them.

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Spoilered cuz I don't want to get banned

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