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Horrific Casualty Rate Edition

Warmasters Triumvirate is an attempt at creation yet another 40k AU. The Primarchs have changed, and instead of appointing a single Warmaster upon returning to Terra, the Emperor leaves the Great Crusade in the care of three of his sons. This eventually culminates in a civil war between Loyalists, Chaos Traitors and Seperatists...

Previous Thread: >>53271527

Things to work on:
>Begin work on the Auxiliaries of all the Factions
>Fill up the three factions as evenly as possible
>Continue fluffing out the legions we already have
>Decide on who the three Warmasters are
>Make sure the Chaos Gods are properly represented

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seems we both opened a thread, huh.

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I don't see yours in the catalogue, did you delete it?

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Doing it now

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I'm out for the night, keep the thread alive.

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I was actually about to retire myself, as it is just past 1 here

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At work until late tonight but carrying on from last thread I think we should work on how well the primarchs know each other and interact. It can really help to shape the story.

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So, I think we should turn our attention towards the two undecided legions:
>Pillars of Balance
Monastic warrior monks of the Shaolin and Buddhist varieties that specialize in close quarters combat and psychic warfare. For whatever reason, their hyperlink on the sheet has been replaced by the Forge Lords.
>Steel Souls
Fusion of psykers and cybernetics, arguably the most psychic legion. Both the primarch and the legion have an expensive background in the legion's hyperlinked document.

The Traitor Legions are full and there is one space for Loyalists and another for Separatists. Any opinions on how those two should be allocated?

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I'd say the steel souls would most likely go separatist, due to their use of tech, as that seems to be the way the separatists are avoiding being "Chaos But-". As in they innovate rather than look to the warp for power.

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Restored the hyperlink of the Pillars of Balance.

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I agree with you there. In my mind, it has always been Imperial Loyalists, Chaos Traitors and Heretech Seperatists.

Oh shit, he's back! Guess we're doing the Loyalist Noise Marines after all!

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Now, the question I'm wondering is should we also have a human auxiliary regement paired with each legion? Sort of how the Death's Heads would mesh perfectly with the Death Korps of Krieg in the actual cannon.

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It's also really good! I will be the first to tell you that we thoughts you had completely disappeared, so we scrapped the Disciples off of the list, with great sadness. But since you've come back, with well written origin and all, we'll gladly bring you back into the fold!

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Not really how it works in canon HH.

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Oh no I'm well aware. I'm just wondering if perhaps we'd like to do something of the sort. Seeing as we're splitting the imperium in half it wouldn't be impossible to see the legions training Auxiliary regiments in order to bolster their tactics and firepower.

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I don't like that idea, as there would be far more than just twenty variations and some of the legions put more emphasis on working with humans than others, such as the Sentinels and Sons of Sovereignty.

I think it's best that focus is placed on the legions and establishing how the Horus Heresy unfolds this time around, before we start creating more and more factions.

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No worries. Just shooting ideas to keep the thread alive

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Do the auxiliaries have to be Guard, or can they be Sororitas or Skitarii or something like that?

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I woukdn't say no outright, but I suppose it would depend on how close the parent legion or chapter would be to the mechanics for that? In the Separatist I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more cooperation, but in the traditional imperium? I wouldn't have high hopes.

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It's not nessecary to directly link Guard Regiments to Legions. Personally, I wouldn't be particularly interested in writing one, but if you, or anyone else, is, feel free to.

Once I get to my desk I'll look at the Legion line-up and we'll see if we're good on that front.
I also agree with >>53299657, we need to get those factions filled so we can determine the course of events during the Heresy.

The Sororitas don't exist yet, the closest thing is the Sisters of Silence. The Sororitas don't work without their faith based powers, so the Emperor needs to be interred first.

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Alright, so are there any other requirements for auxiliaries?

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Well, that's the thing. When I say auxiliary I mean any imperium-based force that isn't one of core legions (which currently we're trying to finish shaping) so they don't have to be aligned with any particular legion, just so long as they aren't space marines. If that makes sense.

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Also, I want to reply to >>53298450 from the duplicate thread. Copying it here so that it doesn't get lost when archiving:

I want to rework some of the stuff I have for the Death's Heads, as I feel like those things are a little bland atm. The specific things I'm looking at are:
>Changing their homeworld (I want to keep the vibe of Calgoa, but the name doesn't fit their theme), giving them somewhere proper to recruit from en masse
>Changing up Einchurt's role on their homeworld prior to the coming of the Imperium
>Fleshing out their relations with the other Legiones and other branches of the Imperium
Also I'm thinking of writefagging a bit. For that, however, we need to decide a bit more on the events of the Heresy (at least the early ones), such things as:
>Ullanor or similar massive triumph? Where is it, against who, by who?
>Is there an Istvaan-esque event (III and V)? Who is involved on both sides? Where does it take place?
>At what point do the Separatists decide to secede? What causes them to congeal together?

>Changing the homeworld
Seems like a good decision. This might be one of those cases where giving the world an obviously German name might be fitting.

>Eichurt's role
Another good decision. Him not really doing much on his homeworld kind of bothered me.

>Fleshing out relations
That's something we should all be doing, but it becomes much easier once all the origins are in.

As for the other points, plotting out the basic events of the Heresy is something we should all be trying to do together. The best way to do that seems to be:
>Filling in the legions
>Filling in the factions
>Appointing leaders of those factions
>Placing the events we need in a believable timeline.

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Also, SepMech, you suggested the Sanguine Shield, and that's fine, but there's a /tg/ made chapter with that name already:


I knew it sounded familiar, then I remember I posted in those threads when they were on here.

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Lol where's the doc link you scrub?

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Here it be

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That seems sensible

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I agree. The Pillars of Balance also seem like a better fit for the Loyalist forces.

The Pillars going Loyalist might actually be interested, because it would mean that the Primarch that, most likely, write the Lectitio Divinitatus-like document stays loyal and might actually be able to lead the Ecclesiarchy-like organisation. Would that make the Imperium more of less religious?

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Fuck's sake. I seem to have completely lost the ability to spell words properly.

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I feel like an Ullanor-esque event is still a good idea, and in this AU maybe all three Warmasters were there?

Also, I'm honoured that Je'She was voted Warmaster. I am working on a lot more fluff, so don't worry about him or his legion being bland

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I'm sure you'll do a fine job.

I'd like for someone to update the legion line-up chart. That way, we can really hit the color schemes out of the park.

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File: 84 KB, 1204x366, Gunslingers preview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, I played around a bit and changed the silver/gunmetal to gunmetalgrey/darksteel. Also I was intrigued by the dark red so i added it. and a poncho^^. i think every brother should have one.

Forgive my awful photoshopskills. the poncho is supposed to be dark red as well^^

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File: 535 KB, 1306x742, Call_of_Juarez_Gunslinger_Concept_Art_WO_11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you photoshop the poncho on there yourself? Cuz that's actually pretty good!

The gunmetal grey looks really good, but I'm not fond of the dark red on them. The scarves draw way more attention to themselves if they're a brighter color. look at pic related.

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I wish I could, but it was just a poncho cut from another figure.

Concerning the colors, I am not a big fan of brighter ones.

>> No.53302249

The dark red on the armor looks fine, I'd just try to make the poncho a brighter color. That should be perfectly doable in photoshop, isn't it?

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Uhm... I was not really able to^^ I can cut things apart and reorganize them, but changing colors, or the tone....

>> No.53302333

I haven't used photoshop in years, but changing colors is one of it's primary features from what I remember...

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File: 37 KB, 400x311, Gunslinger Legion Symbol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Legion Symbol^^

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I don't know how without ruining the poncho.

>> No.53302447

Crossed bolters, instant classic. What do the markings represent?

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Roman 3. But can also mean 3 persons (or people of the 3rd legion) and it can also stand for smoke^^

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In the previous thread it was mentioned Primarch relations/rivalries was a dangerous business in AUs. May I ask why that is?

>> No.53303023

From my personal experiences, it shouldn't be much of a problem at all. It can just be a kind of hassle to set up, but working one out for the Great Crusade era should be doable.

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Symphonious Disciples anon here, I'm glad to hear it.>>53300094

>> No.53303077


Accidentally quoted this >>53300094 post, sorry for any confusion. Are we going to be going with the Imperial Guard this time around, or a different organization entirely?

>> No.53303093

One thing I realized later on, is that the Primarch being called Yochin and he planet being called Yozhin might get slightly confusing.

I'm pretty sure we're going for the Imperial Guard. With different Primarchs the Imperium is going to develop differently though, which means the regiments will likely be different. I mean, now that there's no Primarch to make it a legion homeworld, a Macraggan guard regiment could be interesting?

>> No.53303229

oh hey, someone actually replied to my post from the dupe thread, was afraid I'd have to repost.
Renaming Calgoa should be easy, but I'm not sure what Einchurt's role on it should be. I'm unsure if I should just stick to the classic "warlord/king/tyrant" shtick, or try to come up with something unique

>> No.53303263

I think that depends on the direction you're looking to go with the homeworld. You could go for the LITERALLY HITLER angle and have a world where humans and xenos live together relative peacefully, which would be disgusting to Einchurt. Then he gets into power democratically, after which he starts wars everywhere with the intention of killing all xenos.

>> No.53303812

>The Traitor Legions are full and there is one space for Loyalists and another for Separatists. Any opinions on how those two should be allocated?
They shouldn't be.

>> No.53303863

What do you mean? You think they shouldn't be forced into a set position, or do you think they shouldn't join any faction?

>> No.53303865

We currently have few pysker primarchs are we going to work out each of their relative power levels. Don't want to write any ridiculous level power

>> No.53303888

Good idea. Primarch should pretty much be the baseline of how powerful a Primarch psyker can be.

I remember back during IA when people were legitimately discussing if a Primarch's psychic power should be '1.5x Magnus'.

>> No.53303944

"Rulers come and rulers go. When a tyrant gets overthrown, the revolutionary is bound to become a tyrant himself. On my homeworld reigned kings. They fell to my hand, and I took their place as tyrant. Now, as the gilded Emperor of Terra rules over my brothers, we shall be the architects of his fall. But I stand ready to bring the next reign, and bloody it shall be."

>Zelbezis Dyestes, announces to the Iron Guard Legion soon before the War of Secession

>> No.53303969

No primarch should be more powerful than magnus

>> No.53303970

Guess we should figure out some Seperatist imagery at some point too...

>> No.53303982

I'll find a better name then, haha

>> No.53303988

FUCK, why have I completely lost the ability to form sentences properly.

Yes, that's what I wanted to say. Magnus should be the max, especially if the Primarch has other significant skills and abilities.

>> No.53304004

Max in psy power or generally max?

>> No.53304028

If somebody fools the position, great. If they don't, oh well, we have a lost Legion.

And if they want to be traitors, let them be traitors.

>> No.53304038


>> No.53304062

Max in terms of Psionic powers.

The only Primarch I've seen that was intented to be an even greater Psyker than Magnus and wasn't an asspull was IA's Anshul. However, he was pretty much completely useless in any other form of combat, being a worse fighter than even Lorgar. His powers were also slightly different from Magnus, focusing more on teleportation and telepathy.

As I've said multiple times, I completely reject the idea of lost legions. Even then, it won't be an issue getting these two legions into either of the factions, since they're both willing to have their legion fill either of the slots.

>> No.53304290

Hmm...Would The Tide Breakers work for a legion name? Just spitballing new names at the moment.

>> No.53304345

I've said in Lambach's description that he is a moderately powerful pskyer but would get bested easily by the more complete psykers amongst the primarchs. So he's most likely more powerful than Pacha but weaker than Eien.

>> No.53304357

Ocean World Marines? I think it could work

>> No.53304363

I think it's alright.

>> No.53304416

Good name, though I expect them to have some ocean theme going on. Do make sure you don't make your primarch not!Aquaman.

This coming from a guy that unironically likes Aquaman

>> No.53304417

I can work that, I never really said what sort of world Altair was. Plus given their tactics and plans it makes sense. >>53304363
I'll just wait for one last vote before I lock it in. If anyone wants to give suggestions feel free.

>> No.53304445

Tide Breakers sounds great.

>> No.53304605

How about the aquamarines?

>> No.53304623

...I can't tell if it's supposed to be a pun or serious. And that worries me.

>> No.53304702

I once unironically named a chapter three Supermarines because it was a pun off the WW2 aircraft manufacturer. There's a Canon chapter named for it's color.

>> No.53305161

If you actually call your legion the aquamarines I will hang myself.

>> No.53305258

I suggest you call them Aquamarines

>> No.53305299

Yes, I will TOTALLY do that.
The colors will be orange, green and gold.

>> No.53305318


Yup. Aquamarines is the name you should go for^^

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File: 24 KB, 570x200, d4fd365ca6856bae01ef953df771ed63_humor-apple-2010-vs-apple-darth-vader-no-meme_570-200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What have I done?

>> No.53305421

They should be aquamarine.

>> No.53305426

Seriously though, Tide Breakers sounds great.

>> No.53305506

Already changed.

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File: 5 KB, 377x364, Hierarch_Fleur_de_Fer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back from work, decided to throw together a few drafts for the Sons of Sovereignty. It's hard to find good vector art for crowns and swords.

How's this as a base though?

>> No.53306668

Won't be very active tonight, got D&D

>> No.53306758

It looks gold. But remember that sisters are usually connected with the fleur. Not that somebody thinks this is a female marine Legion.

>> No.53306765

So, sort of touching on the relationships of the Primarchs i've noticed that I am in a prime position to be a separatist. Because after reading through it, the Tide Breakers, Forge Lords and Titan Marchers all seem to have similar enough backstories that the differences in their development are enough that they'd be close brothers and the breaking would be heartbreaking for the three of them. However i'll leave that up to them.

However I would ask this: Sarco, would you want Mot to be the Mentor to Octavius because that's what I kinda see.

>> No.53306990

Mentor how? I'm not against it but Mot might require convincing.

>> No.53307042

More that Octavius sort of inherits a legion and isn't used to the massive scale of galactic warfare and so for a "brief" period of time his legion is in support of the Forge Lords.

>> No.53307254

I like the idea. What kind of campaigns would they go on in this time?

Speaking of the Forge Lords, what stuff do I need to work on the most for them?

>> No.53307315

I haven't really thought that far ahead, it really depends on how we make the opponents of the imperium really.

>> No.53307394

>More that Octavius sort of inherits a legion and isn't used to the massive scale of galactic warfare
Isn't that every primarch?

>> No.53307712
File: 24 KB, 450x600, Loxodontii Pre Heresy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suck at (digital) drawing, but here's a design for the Loxodontii emblem

>> No.53307808

I mean more in the sense that Mot has been in command longer and so for a short time Mot attempts to bring Octavius more over to his sort of mentality in warfare in life rather than his own moderate views.

>> No.53307832

Are the Sisters of Battle and even the Ecclesiarchy likely the develop in the same fashion though?

The two primary super-religious Legions and Primarchs are loyalist (or at least, one is loyalist and the other's likely to become loyalist) and are likely to define the evolution of religion in a post-Heresy Imperium. So I doubt it's likely to be end up as Fleur de Lys totting hyper Catholicism.

>> No.53307938

>Are the Sisters of Battle and even the Ecclesiarchy likely the develop in the same fashion though
Nope. Not gonna stop me from having SoBs though.

No Maria Vespa though.

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File: 1.37 MB, 1558x2163, 1389816842765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The super-religious chapter is the loyalist Noise Marines.

I'm picturing Sisters of Battle as ridiculous glamorous rock queens, with ranks such as Harpy, Siren, Harridan and Virago.

>> No.53308126


Even if they won't show up in our universe.the connection will always be made if somebody looks at our project.forthe same reason we don't use canon chapters colors/emblems etc.

But as stated before:I like the emblem just remember my words if somebody asks if your legion consists of women^^

>> No.53308154

I'll just be over here, trying to make an Imperial Guard regiment that's pretty much the Sisters of Battle.

>> No.53308579

A chaos version "Brides of Khorne" would be neat

>> No.53308615

Khorne's bride is war, and his children are death and carnage.

>> No.53308616

Woah, Requiem sure got ridiculous after I stopped reading it.

>> No.53308641

and his parents in law are "Shouting" and "A Severe Lack of Diplomatic Solutions to Interpersonal Conflicts"

>> No.53308697

>A Severe Lack of Diplomatic Solutions to Interpersonal Conflicts

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File: 29 KB, 201x281, 1494808983993.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ocean World Marines? I think it could work

>> No.53309417

Not quite Ocean world but...you'll see :3

>> No.53309640

>Symphonious Disciples
It's 'Symphonic.'

>> No.53310237

Regarding Emil, he can be whatever power level the group deems fit.

His "theme" regarding psychic powers/skills is as much "Achieving greater control with psybernetics than humans can on their own" as it is "Blasting shit". Probably more so, really.

What underlies everything I hope to write about the psychic aspect of the Steel Souls is that by welding the human will to mechanical stability, a stronger hybrid is produced. Neither rejecting human emotion nor wallowing in it.

In all likelihood, a Steel Souls Librarian would throw warpfire very rarely, but a psychic command link between Marines? Sure. Projecting forcefields? Absolutely. Healing wounds and dispelling/exorcising opposing Warp influences? You betcha. Enchanting/binding Warp energy into their Legion's equipment? Probably.

>> No.53310316

>Enchanting/binding Warp energy into their Legion's equipment
I think that that's something Mot and co. do too.

>> No.53310633

I envision Emil as a more powerful Psyker thn Lambach and hence someone he has great respect for and who he would love to learn from.
As to the CoH range of powers, it would vary greatly from Psyker to Psyker, and would probably dictate how squads were used.

>> No.53310934

Duly noted. I think I'll wait for a little more feedback from the group first though.

>> No.53311004

Here's a question: What's the event that drives the Separatists to wish to cede from the Imperium? In order to answer that question, we need to determine what the Separatists have in common. So far, two ideas have cropped up:
>The Separatists are adamantly anti-psyker.
>The Separatists come to use technology forbidden by the Imperium and the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Going with the latter of the two, what sort of event would cause a bunch of potential hereteks to draw the line and say 'enough is enough, we will serve the Imperium no longer?'

One idea is the discovery of a STC library that the Emperor personally inspects, only to judge its contents are too dangerous to use but too valuable to destroy. This would lead to him putting the area under quarantine, forbidding all access to the location, perhaps the planet or even star system where the STC library is found.

I imagine that each of the Separatists would have different reasons for disagreeing with the Emperor's choice and would rally against him, to take this knowledge and depart from the Imperium with it. This forbidden technology could be what gives them the advantage to survive against the Imperium in the long term, although maybe at a cost.

>> No.53311055


I'm tempted.

Maybe they don't like how the Imperium handles the Heresy.

>> No.53311066

Also, Sep, I noticed your Primarch's last name is Vect.

Is he supposed to be half Dark Eldar or something?

>> No.53311175

Koinkidink. Like how William and Willam had the same name.

Should probably change it though.

>> No.53311195

Nah, wasn't even thinking of Vect personally. I just felt the last name goes with the first.

>> No.53311234

The question then would be what sort of tech is so forbidden? Men of Iron? Abominable Intelligence? It would have to be either one or the other, really. The big issue I think we have is we have to paint everything in either black, "white" or grey.

>> No.53311251

I think a chaotic three-way is more fun than the Horus Heresy happening and then the Secession happening.

It'd be cooler for one non-loyalist group to instigate a war against the Imperium, then the other to take advantage and pounce in the middle of it all.

>> No.53311416

Don't forget that only a handful of Horus' Primarchs were aware of the Choas gods before they turned. Perturabo, Mortarion, Angron, Curze, probably a few more. Had no idea they were joining chaos. Just joining Horus.
We could have the same thing happen, then the seperatists realise how bad they have it once they realise chaos is a thing but they have already burned the imperium bridge. So a bunch of them form up and make seperatist faction.
Double Traitor!

>> No.53311474

I don't think Chaos would let them go once they declared for Chaos' side. The Warp is kinda insidious like that, you know.

"If you lie down with pigs, don't expect to stand up clean" and all that.

>> No.53311503

I like three ways.

I also like Grey Knights.

If we go with the "betraying the betrayers" route, then the Ogre Legion would be initially loyal, then switching straight to separatist.

Depends entirely on if they make promises to Chaos.

>> No.53311530

I agree there. As for >>53311004 I feel like, while there should be a similar uniting reason for some of the Separatist legions (maybe three or four) to start being separatist, I also feel like some of them should have their own reasons for joining. Reasons disconnected from those that founded the movement. Maybe >>53311416 or even the reverse, a Primarch see's how awful chaos is and questions why his father didn't warn them about it. Unable to regain his faith in Emps and certainly not going to join the Heretics he joins the Separatists

>> No.53311558

Also, had an idea for a Chaos race.

Gorgomongers: Ogres with the heads of elephant seals with a taste for flesh and a vicious streak. Undivided.

Well, elephant seal Ogres aren't a completely new idea, but I think they're make a good Xenos race.

>> No.53311600

We have talked a bit about the idea of having the separatists end up making something akin to the Grey Knights, using tech instead of Psyker things.

>> No.53311603

I think for each of the Separatists, we need a list of reasons why they doubt the Emperor and are compelled to join the Separatist movement.

In fact, it's probably best if every participant comes up with justifications for the faction that their legion chose. Why they were swayed by Chaos, why they were disillusioned with the Imperium, why they chose to remain loyal to the Emperor, etc. Also, at which point they go Traitor or Separatist and how frequently they swap around.

>> No.53311632



>> No.53311707


>> No.53311824

Oh wow, they made it an actual thing again. Based Forgeworld.

>> No.53311906
File: 1.29 MB, 1323x906, 1495054175511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dick is so hard right now after reading this.

>> No.53312000
File: 47 KB, 324x288, IMG_4817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Separatist Ghostbusters?
>Separatist Ghostbusters.

>> No.53312157

>One idea is the discovery of a STC library that the Emperor personally inspects, only to judge its contents are too dangerous to use but too valuable to destroy. This would lead to him putting the area under quarantine, forbidding all access to the location, perhaps the planet or even star system where the STC library is found.
I like this, we could make this the Nikea equivalent, particularly because we could much more easily have pro-Tech, anti-Tech, and neutral primarchs, than the more polar opinions (and seemingly generally more favorable) on psychic powers that the current primarchs seem to have.

>> No.53312163

Separatist Titan Ghostbusters!

Weirdboy Gargantz to follow. :^)

>> No.53312189

Nah, we should keep Nikaea as a contentious issue that might upset certain Primarchs enough to turn to Chaos or consider ceding.

>> No.53312329

This does bring to mind a question, now that I think about it.

If Magnus is intended to be an upper limit, we need to define what that upper limit is, yes? It doesn't do us any good to say "All psyker Primarchs must have less power than someone whose power level we don't actually know".

>> No.53312349

Magnus grew himself to the size of a titan and punched it out.

>> No.53312396

All I want is for us to keep the level of power within reason and balanced.

>> No.53312412

What other things did Magnus do?

>> No.53312467

Symphonious Disciples anon here,


I was thinking more along the line of a numberless horde of barely-trained, poorly equipped peasants with nothing to their names but their unshakeable faith, marching into battle chanting hymns and screaming the praises, but I like that idea too, and there's no reason not to have both.


It would, maybe each of the Chaos Gods should get a mortal regiment, I'm thinking a drugged-up horde of impeccably disciplined, perfectionist blademasters and snipers for Slaanesh.


Symphonious is a word, it is not often used, but it is a word.


I'm thinking Yochin's psychic abilities extend to blasting the shit out of shit and sounding inspiring and/or badass doing it, having almost no other practical applications.


Sounds neat.


This is also a good idea. It might get complicated, but that's a good thing.

>> No.53312507
File: 123 KB, 2408x511, TriumvirateBrotherwar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two or three threads back, I posted this and the user Moss was so helpful in screencapping it.

>> No.53312530

Hmm. I wonder how that compares to a given energy blast. Or what sort of forcefield that would represent. Etc, etc...

So do I, but what does that actually mean? What is forbidden and what is permissible?

>> No.53312533

>Sounds neat
Their Titan equivalent is a giant mechanical dinosaur.

>> No.53312592


Sounds neater, but it wouldn't be Chaos without a heavy helping of eldritch bullshit, maybe combine a jellyfish and a porcupine? Hang-on, that's a great idea for Slaaneshi daemons, Jellyfish+Porcupine+Hallucinogenic Venom+Plentiful Eyestalks

>> No.53312618

I would say a long as they do not instantly wipe out millions in a massive display for power or some shit like that.

Also how may pysker primarchs do we have?

>> No.53313075
File: 37 KB, 201x281, leviathanchampion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dig it. I could see an Istvaan type scenario where the Seperatists have some Loyalists corned and both sides expect Chaos to show up and help them, but instead they arrive and finally openly show their dedication to the Ruinous powers.

>> No.53313107

Also, Chaos might be woefully outnumbered and lacking in supply lines, but it has the backing of the Dark Gods so they have daemons and other stuff the rest of the legions have never really contended with before. This would be even more true because they were the only ones really fighting in Warp corrupted space, so they're the only ones with experience.

>> No.53313224

So, how much influence should Hashut have had on Zharr-Naggrund before Mot Hadad showed up?

>> No.53313317

3, I think?

>> No.53313358

I thin it's a little more than that, five maybe

>> No.53313704

Prior to the canon heresy, it wasn't all that uncommon for planets to have a religion worshipping warp entities while at the same time the warp entities weren't all that powerful, yet. Also depending on how strongly the arcane arts pervade Zharr-Naggrund, it could very well be the Hashut cult or a global cult worshipping him under an alias exists and as the Storm of Chaos approaches, so does the power of Hashut wax and engulf the planet in Warpmagic

>> No.53313952

Wow, that's more than I had thought. 25% of our primarchs are outright psykers, not just "People who probably have latent psychic abilities and also Magnus/Lorgar" like the OU, eh?


>> No.53314694

About 30 more hours till I'm back in Kansas.

>> No.53315488

What exactly do you think would cause Mot to turn to chaos proper?

>> No.53315844

Well, depends on whay Chaos God he is worshiping, Hashut, right?

>> No.53315853
File: 34 KB, 548x640, 402647-raziel_poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recognise that damn "poncho"

>> No.53315901

Do we really need another one of these damn things? at this rate were going to need a /WH40K AU/ General

>> No.53315972

Yeah. I know why he leaves the imperium but not why he turns to chaos.

>> No.53315991
File: 27 KB, 201x281, Death's_Heads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we need one? No, not really
Are we still gunna do it? Absolutely
It's fun to work the creative juices, even if no one really gives much of a shit from the outside.

Anyways, I'm gunna be reworking Einchurt's life on Rheigmarkch, gunna involve him being "near hitler" similar to >>53303263 's suggestion

>> No.53316143

Shit man, heaven forbid a buch of us want to use out imaginations and tell our own story! In a thread that you honestly don't have to even look into if it bothers you.
We are all sorry for wasting your time dude.

>> No.53316196

Well, usually the Primarchs fell based on a core flaw in their character that the Ruinous Powers could exploit. Perhaps Hashut is the aspect of as Greed, Improvement and Pride.

>> No.53316352
File: 109 KB, 1024x572, tiamat_by_victoradameart-d8d0jd7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of falls to Chaos, I'm working on the late Crusade Early Heresy exploits of the Leviathans and Marduk. Using >>53312507 as the model.

But I want to know, should he be the Warmaster? On one hand, he could just as easily be the arch-traitor, what with his kind of proselytizing Chaos. But on the other hand I like the idea of the First Legion being the one to fall farthest to Chaos. In either case the Legion is gonna be Chaos Undivided.

>> No.53317669

Good eye man^^

You can play with your primaris space marines in your canon universe. And rejoice that they retconn the horus\emperor battle AnD revive sanguinius.

By the way, how many AU exist? Also out of 4chan?

Depends. It you secretly worship your old gods I would go for the arch Traitor Route. He has aN interest to empower his gods and spread the belief.

The Chaos warmaster is in my eyes a someone who has to be corrupted and Fall Form great height. But that is my opinion. If you already have a secret Religion ongoing, then you can't fal deep enough anymore. The drama is too small.

Damn stroke

>> No.53318547

>By the way, how many AU exist? Also out of 4chan?
At least three.

Word of advice, ignore the "Why do you do this" people. Like, just don't reply to them.

>> No.53318612

Anyone have an updated image of all the legion colors? I know we had one before that was missing some.

>> No.53318680

Could be interesting to have a look at them.

>> No.53318821

As far as I know there's the Dornish Heresy, Nobledark 40k, the Hektor Heresy and Imperium Asunder. I've personally only taken interest in the HkH and IA, but the DH has some interesting concepts, including Seperatist Ultramarines.

>> No.53318963

There's also the Brotherhood of the Lost, of which at least two members are here, where the traitors start with more legions, but three of them fuck off when chaos begins to be manifest, and found a Suzerainty where they can experiment on gene-seed to have an edge while outnumbered on both sides.

>> No.53318964

Also, debating on seeing if we should set up a discord or something to message each other and discuss more effectively because.

>> No.53319021

Hektor seems very interesting. Will have a look. Nobledark misses the super powers ;)


Where can I find that? And why brotherhood of the lost?

>> No.53319074

Oh, never heard of it before. Might give it a look.

I've considered it too, but I think this is a better place to discuss matters. Some things would get lost on a Discord server I feel. Then again, if you set one up, I'll join.

>> No.53319100

I mean it more for simply having each annon there and we can more directly communicate messages. Plus we could most likely hold votes and have feedback much faster but I'll wait till others give feedback to see if it's a viable strategy.

>> No.53319116


Brotherhood of the Lost comes from the fact that all the ideas (like here) for the Legions were originally created as 2nd or 11th Legions.

Discord works for me. Here or there is fine, though both might get confusing.

>> No.53319158

I see the advantages of Discord's faster communication, but it's more likely info gets lost in the stream of messages. Here, we can archive everything said. I also feel like posts in a thread are more thought out than those you'd make in a chat. We could still share out Discord names, in case you want direct discussion.

>> No.53319163

Perhaps we should simply just put them next to our legions or other works, give people the option but not force it.

>> No.53319184

Sounds about right, will do.

>> No.53319200

Also, please put the doc link back into the OP next time:


>> No.53319248

Omg. Had a quick look on brohood....what is this for a moloch? They habe a get started thread but I don't know where to Start.

>> No.53319308

Yeah. We've been going for about 18 months, so we've built up a fair amount of information :P

>> No.53319346

18!!!!! months? U have no life? I guess it will take a fair amount to read through it

So where can I start best?

>> No.53319527

Speaking personally. No. ;)

We started a wiki, but it's still quite early days for it.

Other than that the "Here to start" thread has a very basic description of the Legions in our universe. If any catch your interest then the individual Legion threads have info buried in them. We're also putting together a pdf after the style of the Forgeworld Black books and the most recent WIP version of that can be found here:

If you have any specific questions I can either answer here (or in Discord so as not to derail things here too much) or you can talk to us in the forum, we're generally quite friendly (by /tg standards at least).

>> No.53319638

Hey,I know this Icarion guy.wasn't he in a podcast recently? Didn't mentionthis project.

Oh, I have no account for the BnC. They haven't let me in because of spam reasons.

>> No.53320001

Yeah. Athrawes was on a podcast a couple of months ago to discuss his Lightning Bearers. That particular project is a good few years older than our collaboration and is part of what inspired a number of the rest of us to make the attempts that we did.

I think that the Brotherhood is pretty much a secondary side project for him, especially as recently he has been working on his Thousand Sons and not so much on the Lightning Bearers (or Harbingers as they become in the Brotherhood).

Pity about not being able to get an account. I quite like the atmosphere on BnC, but if you have any questions I'll try to answer them.

>> No.53320302

Hehe. Which is the best legion^^ :p

Yes if I have time I take a looooong read and ask ya a couple of questions. Which universe is better. Compared to the others which is the best au in your opinion. What should I read. What not?

>> No.53320341

Dornian Heresy has the disadvantage of pre-dating the Forge World Heresy, so now it feels a little outdated in its portrayal of some Legions.

Hektor Heresy is pretty good, though it kinda lost itself.

Brotherhood of the Lost I can't talk much about, being a part of that project.

Imperium Asunder I just can't give a shit about. It doesn't work for me.

>> No.53320497
File: 701 KB, 1280x800, Legion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a (hopefully) correct and updated version. Apologies for the low quality, but I wanted to keep it under 1MB for mobile users.

Tell me if there any any issues (like I copied the wrong colour scheme, which seems possible).

>> No.53320532

Looks about right, though the Ogre Legions stands out like a sore thumb, considering that one's done with a different generator.

We'll have a chance at a more in depth evaluation of the schemes later on.

>> No.53320738
File: 41 KB, 400x500, Aquamarines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should painted like this !

>> No.53321025

Sweet Mary my eyes

looks good bro

>> No.53321027

Yo what up!

What's the legion situation like?

>> No.53321101

Old joke is ooooold.

>> No.53321136

To be fair, IA was really different in premise to standard 40k and we played it more conservative than GW has played the return of G-Man. I think if we were to go back and redo the IA, it'd come out pretty different.

This kind of happened in IA. Everybody loves psykers and it kind of comes through. In the end, we dialed it back a bit, but a lot of OU primarchs did have powers of one sort or another.

AI is a funny one, since various things do seem to have what we would call "AI", like Titans and the orbital data engines in Know No Fear. But there is definitely a line that you can't cross.
Soul siphoning and the like is probably heresy, as is a lot of psytech. We also know that really fucked up stuff like Charonites and Thallax are pushing the bounds of acceptability, but I think the big issue is the degree to which the warp can get involved.

>> No.53321184
File: 31 KB, 201x281, Loxodontii Tactical Marine v.2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Btw. I updated the Loxodontii colourscheme, wasn't too happy with the old one, anymore.

>> No.53321249
File: 543 KB, 1280x800, Legions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53321304

Thank you a lot britfriend!

>> No.53321341


Oh shit dog, wassup man. We're already full at the moment and there don't seem to be signs of us dropping any at the moment.

When I get home I might redo the Ogre Legion in the Chapter Generator.

>> No.53321431

Now that I'm looking at it on a biggers screen; you might not want to scale down the pictures. Makes them look blurry.

>> No.53321473

Ah dang. I had a neat idea for a gothic horror/old school horror movie legion. Whole thing was going to have a german expressionist feel.

Worst case, I'll content myself with some major mechanicum figures. I figure we're going to need some impetus for a major schism. Perhaps some forges get offered xenotech.
Or maybe the Fabricator General sees his chance for an independent Martian Forge Empire. Perhaps they're assassinated by one side or another and the one that comes to power is a separatist. Likely they have to flee Mars, but they can set up shop on a Forge World in 'Separatist Space' and call for an uprising from there. Result is that a lot of forges who take the dogma seriously end up following them, while Forges that would otherwise be cagey/side with the traitors etc end up jockeying for position in the Imperial hierarchy now that Mars has fallen.

>> No.53321502

Dang, I'd love to help you, you're often a positive figure when it comes to inciting discussion.

Funnily enough, one of the guys is already taking on the SepMech forces... though he has also taken on a legion now. Maybe there's some wiggleroom there? I mean, the guy is still calling himself Seperatist Mechanicum, so you might be able to take the XVth legion spot from him. Not something I'm able to make any concessions about though, obviously.

>> No.53321650

You do me great honor. Either way I'll be posting or lurking. I love these things and with the whole 8th edition coming out soon, I feel like making a new army.
(And filling out that Behemoth Guard project.

>> No.53321676

Sure dude, stick around, surely we'll figure something out. It can be refreshing though, sticking around and contributing without a faction of your own. I don't think my investment in IA was any lower due to me being factionless.

>> No.53321723
File: 781 KB, 1200x870, WT Legions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try this one instead. Its not quite as neat, but the quality is hopefully better. The ones from earlier today I did in InDesign rather than Photoshop for this one. This should be better (I hope).

>> No.53322098

Looks really cool all lined like that.

>> No.53322152

I'm gonna be working really long hours this weekend, so will try to work in more on Lambachs relationships and a few of his exploits before the heresy on Monday.
Is anyone else working on how their Primarch interacts with the others?

>> No.53322210

Not yet. I'm looking to completely work out my own legion, then I'll focus on their relationships with others.

>> No.53322371

What special squads, if any, does your legion have?

>Ashari brotherhood
The ashari brotherhood are a group of terminators assigned by Mot Hadad to only the most dangerous warzones. Interestingly, it has been rumour ed that they create their own weapons and program their armor's subsystems themselves. Perhaps because of this, the order is highly secretive, especially against the servants of the adeptus mechanicus.

>> No.53322510

I imagine another big 'no' would be the transhuman dream of uploading the human consciousness.

Like, the Imperium is more than happy to use humans as servitors but that's essentially just a living, breathing being with a soul being reprogrammed to perform a few basic, specific functions as a machine would and nothing else. Uploaded consciousness would be the exact opposite. It would be a human being derived of its body and soul, transformed into an abominable intelligence that is a mockery of the original human. I couldn't see the Adeptus Mechanicus approving of that sort of technology and it has almost limitless applications.

So if we want the Separatists to get their hands on some potentially scary DAoT tech, I'd suggest something that tampers with the human consciousness like that. Men of Iron and AI are too game-changing to involve but this could be a fun twist.

>> No.53322546
File: 32 KB, 201x281, Ogre Legion 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick fix for the line-up

I'll get back to that with a complete answer, but I imagine the Marchers would have marines equipped with Missile Launchers, Krak Grenades and Vengeance launchers, amother other explosive weapons. Big shield too. Breacher marines, basically.

Sounds like a good suggestion. We do have to figure out how the Seperatists don't destroy the Imperium come M41, but thats a matter for another time.

>> No.53322715
File: 750 KB, 1200x870, WT Legions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorted. Looks good.

>> No.53322816

Multiple possibilities:
>The Separatists control less space despite possessing certain advantages, forcing them into something of a stalemate.
>The Separatists are a collection of independent states by M41, rather than a monstrous war machine like the Imperium is. This lack of cohesion could be a major disadvantage.
>Isolationist tendencies mean that Separatist aggression is a rare thing. For the most part, they are content to live away from Imperial space and pursue their own goals there.
>There might even be a tenuous truce between the Imperium and the Separatists. Despite the fact that the Separatists betrayed the Imperium, they are still humans that are unaffiliated with Chaos - just like how Craftworld Eldar are more likely to work with Dark Eldar than they are with humans.

>> No.53322895

>The Corrosive Cabal
A small group of Accursed psykers who are exceedingly skilled at Telekinesis. Their control is so fine that they are able to manipulate the acids siphoned from their overactive Betcher Glands. Due to the highly psychic nature of their order they are most often deployed on covert missions and equipped with chem sprayers. This lessens the chance that they will be discovered and allows the odd things done with the acid as it leaves the sprayer to be explained as experimental modifications to the weaponry.

Perhaps it's the same reason the Imperium doesn't wipe out the Tau, they've got bigger problems.

>> No.53322982

>What special squads, if any, does your legion have?
The Black Blades: Some legionaries have dishonored their clan and lost the trust of their brothers, forcing their transfer to the command of Lord Burakinu the Hound. The Black Blades serve as a glorified death squad, cleaning out settlements that insulted this Lord or another and suppressing ideas harmful to the Imperial Truth.

>> No.53323112

May also be that the Imperium proper is advancing as well.

I think the tenuous truce and disunity of the separatists makes a lot of sense.

I think there would be a fair range in attitudes. On one end you could have No Gods, No Kings, and on the other legions that really got screwed over and would join the Imperium if they could.

>> No.53323199

>What special squads, if any, does your legion have?
The Mountain Warlocks, a specialist group of psykers that manipulate terrain around to be more agreeable with the Golden Mountains' tactics. In addition, the most skilled of them can shape the earth and rocks into earthen constructs that act as a vanguard for the Space Marines.

The inspiration comes from a tactic during the later stages of the War of the Pacific,
where peruvian general Andrés Avelino Cáceres basically built up rock formations, which while hidden in the fog resembled large concentrations of soldiers.

>> No.53323212

>What special squads, if any, does your legion have?
Aediles: The disciplinary arm of the Quaestor's Wardens. Arbiters of judgement on the field and the holders of three of the ten seats on the Primarch's advisory council the Decemviri.

In game they'd act like mini-chaplains, attaching to units in a similar way to the Apothecarion detachment.

>> No.53323376

> What special squads, if any, doesn't you're legion have?

The Altarian Comets:

Drawn from the veterans of the second company, who have proven worthy as both staunch defenders and ruthless attackers; the Altarian Comets are often deployed where the fighting is thickest. Armed with shield and sword these elite troops embody the legions tactics, serving as an unmoving wall of shields when pressed and cutting down scores of foes in close combat on the offense. While they may lack the armor they were once used to as terminators it is said that each shield of the comets has a small portion of the debris that fell to Altair the day their Primarch landed on the world, leading to members of the Comets to see an attack against them not only a threat to themselves, but to their home-world.

>> No.53323551


>> No.53324130

Finished up Raj and the Titan Marchers' origins.


I'm planning on changing a bit of the writing to give it a bit more oomph and maybe adding some of their more involved campaigns, but I'd love to hear your criticisms.

>> No.53324190 [DELETED] 

>Sons of Sovereignty
While most of the Sons of Sovereignty are Noblesse, trained for the purpose of leadership roles within the Imperial Guard and Navy, a sizeable minority of the Legion is trained to perform traditional Legiones Astartes roles. These more conventional warriors known as Chevaliers within the legion.
Chevaliers du Bouclier have the specific role of acting as bodyguards for the more high-ranking Noblesse, such as a Marquis or Duc. Typically deployed in retinues of four, these Chevaliers are each armed with a volkite caliver and a breaching shield. Their purpose is not to spearhead an assault or take out high priority targets, but to keep the foe far away from their charge while he directs the Astra Militarum. The loyalty and diligence of the Chevaliers du Bouclier is without equal, their honour bound to that of the Noblesse that they protect and their bodies an extension of his will. Whatever fate befalls their charge, they shall gladly endure the same.

>> No.53324214

While most of the Sons of Sovereignty are Noblesse, trained for the purpose of leadership roles within the Imperial Guard and Navy, a sizeable minority of the Legion is trained to perform traditional Legiones Astartes roles. These more conventional warriors are known as Chevaliers within the legion.

Chevaliers du Bouclier have the specific role of acting as bodyguards for the more high-ranking Noblesse, such as a Marquis or Duc. Typically deployed in retinues of four, these Chevaliers are each armed with a volkite caliver and a breaching shield. Their purpose is not to spearhead an assault or take out high priority targets, but to keep the foe far away from their charge while he directs the Astra Militarum. The loyalty and diligence of the Chevaliers du Bouclier is without equal, their honour bound to that of the Noblesse that they protect and their bodies an extension of his will. Whatever fate befalls their charge, they shall gladly endure the same.

>> No.53325081

If everything goes according to plan, we should have actual bios for all the Primarchs and Legions by the weekend, correct?

Then we should really get down to the meat of things: the Heresy timeline.

>> No.53325285

I can certainly have it done by Sunday, I believe.

>> No.53325489

Ah, SepMech, good, I wanted to ask you something. Namely related to these posts…


>> No.53325931

I'd be happy to relinquish either the XV or the SepMech, as I do love doing both. So it's up to you, Xun. Just let me know and I'll hand one over

>> No.53326225

I have to work at the weekend so i can't continue my background. However I may be able to add bulletpoints and the short version is still the accurate one. And it could help if we have the discovery order.

I can still see the first place fir the slingers. The primarch could be a personal disappointment for the emperor.

By the way special units, how many?

Have 4 in mind:

Desperados ( primarch bodyguards), equipped with dual pistols and jetpacks. Hit and run tactics as well as the close combat specialists

Thugs: brutal guys who want to smash things. Maybe equipped with power fists, or reworked chainfists or even thunderhammer. Ready to mosh. ( maybe terminator armor)

Bad Company: some sort of destroyers on jetbikes

A terminatorunit equipped with stormcannons and shields. Advancing and shooting.

>> No.53326279

Ah yes. Outlaw Terminator Squad is a nice name.

Now a better for the bad company:


>> No.53326293

The desperados will become the gunzerkers. Or should I name them already that way?

>> No.53326387

Might as well go full meme and name them the Bad Hombres.

>literally just ripping off borderlands

>> No.53326436

Do you mind me taking the XVth in a 20s horror movie direction?
I'm thinking there's some light gene seed instability, akin to werewolf curse stuff. Psykers make it worse, usually, and at times afflicted marines exhibit eratic psyker abilities.

They'll have a weird dichotomy between calculating analytic approach, pragmatic, ruthless, but intractably stubborn once they've committed. They make use of chemical and rad weapons, perhaps as a legion for fighting real horrors and monsters. Not liberation, nor even conquest, but destruction. They are the pitiless tsunami wave.
Something like that.
What do you think?

>> No.53326469

Bad hombres then^^

And no, the Gunzerker Idea came from the group..so no rip-off from a shabby game

>> No.53326498

Emotionless robot-minded destroyers is just a crutch for people who don't know how to actually write characters or character development.

It sounds cool but just becomes lazy edginess.

>> No.53326657

I like the concept. You can show some marines who struggle with their sort of indoctrination. That they are NOT the emotionless destroyers.

A lot of potential lies here. But it is kung fu to get it right.

>> No.53326693

They're not emotionless, that's the external demeanor. In the legion there's the issue of walking the line between fighting the monster and becoming the monster, but since I'm proposing taking this over, I want to run the exterior by people first.
Actually give me a sec and I'll do up what I'm imagining as the psyche.

>> No.53326811

By all means, I relenquish the control of the XVth to you.

>> No.53326894


Space Marines are violent. They are violent men chosen for a violent purpose. Some legions become heroes. Through luck or skill, they become empire builders. Others become paragons.
Not the XVth.
All legions have a violent core, but most either are distanced from it by ethos or delusion, or are ruled by it.
Perhaps, in another imperium, the XVth could have been among the heroes and paragons, but fate had other plans. Placed on the front lines of the Rangdan Xenocides, the XVth became defined in their struggles against the malevolent universe.
The XVth is close to their savage core. It echoes in their minds like the surf. And like the surf, it advances and recedes. Where a World Eater or Space Wolf let the tide wash over them, the man of the XVth allows himself no such luxury. The XVth is aware of their place in the universe. For them, marines are monsters, and their worth is in slaying others of their kind.

They're the sort for Schubert's Unfinished Symphony or Dir En Grey's Vinshukha. The legion as a whole is on the edge of madness and they do music and art and the like to deal with it, but what they need is time away from the grinding campaigns against the worst of the xenos beasts. And that's what makes them go rogue. (Assuming that's what they do.)

So idea is internally they're reading Geothe and Nietzsche, but they're always on the periphery of the Imperium.
The difference from the Iron Warriors is that the XVth isn't bitter, is more philosophical about it all, and doesn't draw siege and garrison duty so much as macro-extinction duty.

>> No.53327322

An entire Legion of 4channers, eternally doing fiddly, meaningless shit to distract themselves from the fact that they are/they believe themselves to be piles of shit.


Actually maybe not awful.

Feels like you're going to fall over the edge to pointless melodrama in a real hurry though. "Oh woe is us, will nothing save us from our torment, even when I cut myself with my Power Sabre it cannot mask this pain" and all that.

The Phantom of the Opera composing music is a pretty cool Marine. A kid who listens to too much emo music and writes whiny poetry is not.

>also, this Legion's whole problem is why they invented hypno-conditioning. Is there some actual reason they don't use it to suppress shit like every other Marine? All I can see is the Emperor slapping their shit and telling them to quit worrying about meaningless crap, lol.

>> No.53327707

Yeah, it's a fine line. It's one possibility.

The big difference is that these guys have no doubts. They're devoted to the emperor's ideal and if it wasn't for the fact that they're literally cursed, they'd not need to philosophize and strang und sturm.

I'm thinking it's something like the curse of the wulfen, but instead of playing it for Vikings and yiffs, I'm trying, perhaps poorly, to play it like gothic horror or 20s horror.
Their problem isn't the pain of existence, their problem is that in doing their duty they will eventually become the very thing they exist to dea turn.

Idea is to take the motif of the ocean, with tides and waves and the depths and work it into something dark. Abyss stares back and all that. Also makes their strength into their weakness.

Hopefully that clears it up a bit.

>> No.53327846

Abyss Watchers come to my mind.

>> No.53327855

Would you continue your work? Some stuff about legion organisation, battles etc

>> No.53328354

What if part of the reason the forge lords turn against the Imperium is they were diverted to have a similar role as the Imperial Fists in acting as the guardians of the sol system, and they feel as if they're being underutilized. This is after Mot has a ready been contacted by agents of Hashut and been told about the Emperor's lies.

>> No.53328518

I have returned!

Please tell me what happened in these 2 days.

New Legions? New storyline advance? What's up with the casualty rate?

>> No.53328809

Handed over the XVth and am working on the SepMech more. If anyone has anything they'd like to see be made feel free to shoot me a message and I'll type something up. separatist, loyalist; you name it, I'll make a pattern for it!

>> No.53328884
File: 179 KB, 500x500, IMG_0646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can jive with that kind of theme, just make sure to not step on the VI, it sounds like we might be sharing some personality, and there's only room for one edgy German-esque all-destroying Legion here, matey

>> No.53328927

Also, I've been dabbling in seeing if I can expand the power armor "family" since with the secession, the separatist legions might design power armor down a different path than in cannon.


>> No.53328928

How it's going the Dread pattern?

>> No.53328948

Might be useful and logical. What are you thinking?

>> No.53328986

>The Cortez (name pending)-Pattern Tactical Assault Dreadnaught:

A design requested by the Silver Blades Legion prior to the beginning of the Triumvirate, the Cortez pattern is the answer that the Tech-Priests responded with. Built around the well armored-shell of the Contemptor-Pattern Dreadnaught, the Tech Priests were quick to remove the shields and other lavish systems; replacing them with a pair of armored hookups and their own generators, capacitor banks and other electrical systems. With these alterations complete the major differences of the Cortez-Pattern were made evident: The arm mountings could now be removed and replaced with any number of manufactured weapons, as well as space on the torso and back. From Forearm mounted Twin Lascannons and a wrist-flamer to a back mounted missile system and a close combat weapon and stormshield; the ability to remove, replace and customize the weapons on the Cortez was everything that could be asked of it. However even with this pattern being a cost effective platform as well as modular; the tech-priests could not make the Hookups super resilient without removing the desired modular design, resulting in the arm mountings being ejected from the body if enough damage was sustained. Even with the beginning of the “War of the three Imperium's” the SepMech have returned to this pattern to improve it, though nothing yet has come of it as of M37.

>> No.53329223

Well, given that the separatists are likely to be the underdogs (reliance on technology even with slow developments and the distrust of pskers) the SepMech and Sepsartes would perhaps strive for more efficient Armour that focused on survibablity of the wearer over the sheer combat value.

>> No.53329255

The Spears of Dawn were dropped because the anon has seemingly disappeared.
The Symphonious Disciples were temporarily dropped because we thought the anon was gone, but he came back.
The Host of Purity has been replaced with the Soaring Host.
The Tide Breakers replaced the Spears of Dawn, but now they're being replaced with another legion, made by Xun.

Also, we're on 21 legions now.

>> No.53329270

Love it.

>> No.53329271

Oh Boy, I like it. We'll make good use of them!

That's nice. Maybe something like the Termie armor but less bulkier and common?

>> No.53329290

Okay, will check the excel tomorrow. It's late here.

>> No.53329293

Perhaps I can make the centurion less of a space marine in a space marine and more...good.

>> No.53329325

>Soaring Host
By the way, were is this anon? I`m interesting in tzeentch alighned legion.

>> No.53329342

The Matryoshka look is what I like the most of the Cents, but is your design, and yes, is more practical an improved Cent armor than the Termie.

>> No.53329424


Im still about

>> No.53329462

Hahaha. No worries. I bet the two don't get along, actually. I think the XVth sees the VIth as something of a negative reflection of themselves. Depending on just how eager the Death's Heads are it may really bother the XVth, who see such purges as undesirable. Part of the thing that keeps the XVth going is belief in the value of all people, including abhumans to some extent. Except witches. Fuck witches. Astropaths and Navigators are ok, but they're not people, they're tools. (Psykers also exacerbate the curse.)
So they'll purge a population but see it as a dreadful waste, whereas it seems like the VI will routinely purge social undesirables.
I imagine the XVth would be distant rulers, while the VIth is in control.

I'm thinking culturally they won't be terribly terribly German. The sea is going to be a major motif and I'm thinking there's a role for dreams and death. I think they view cybernetica units and Dreadnoughts as sort of liminal figures, and so when a Dreadnought speaks, it speaks with the wisdom of the dead and the voice of the machine spirit.

I can dig it.

I'm keeping some of the ideas too. Sort of a hybrid legion between ideas I'd had and what SepMech had.

>> No.53329472

When more infos?

>> No.53329507

I'd like to discuss the Host with you as well, I'm interested in seeing them become a very interesting native American legion.

Aight, neat. Love to see what you'll come up with.

>> No.53329514

Well, the idea I had was that the AdMech would discover Octavius and his pod and sort of freak the fuck out "IT'S A SIGN FROM THE OMNISSIAH" and go...well, how the Tech Priests go.

Then of course Big-E shows up and there's an argument and Octavius would sort of follow the techmarine route of "I'm both a servant of the Emperor and the Omnissiah" and would be a major proponent for the splintergroup of the AdMech that would become the SepMech since "They think he's the embodiment of the Omnissiah"

>> No.53329530

Anything new about relationships between the Legions?

>> No.53329567

Ok got to get some sleep at work tomorrow so Sunday.

I have most of it worked out in my head. By Sunday should have it all typed out for you to review.

>> No.53329573

Aight, I like that kind of dichotemy between Legions, especially since they'll end up on other sides of the war likely.
Yeah, VI are very proud to be the guys who get shit done, no matter the cost, and are all about numerical efficiency. Sometimes that means civies get gassed, sometimes it doesn't. As long as essential industries are able to be fully manned on a timely basis, as long as casualties are acceptable, as long as the world's resources are not drained excessively, anything goes. Human life is one of the few renewable resources in this galaxy, to them, and thus can be valued lower than things such as factories and machinery, or even at times ammunition.
Not that they're excitable and trigger happy with WMDs, nor that they're inhumane or uncaring, they simply feel that, for Humanity to achieve a better future, such sacrifices should be now rather than later.

>> No.53329574

Marduk and the Leviathans are the Arch-Traitors. I'll admit though, I've kinda been too busy to pay attention to what's going on in the threads so I don't know what the ramifications of that would be in his relationships.

>> No.53329607

I am up to discuss it with you but may have to be Sunday

>> No.53329638

Aight, fine with me.

>> No.53329679

Is Sovereign Annon around? I have a question for him.

>> No.53329696

Two things I'm wondering about that:
1. What kind of system would he be protecting and why? Assigning a whole legion to a single system only draws attention, I'd think.
2. The Lords get contacted by agents of Hashut directly? Wouldn't it be more likely for the influence of Chaos to come from the Loxodontii? It seems more likely that they'd find Hashut after coming into contact with Chaos as a whole, instead of Hashut's agents from the very start.

>> No.53329953

actually, unless the deaths heads change sides/ both the pillars of balance and the steel souls join the separatists, the XVth and the VIth will probably be on the same side

>> No.53329987

Ask away.

>> No.53329988

Oh, I think that could well be even better, to be honest.

>> No.53330038

With me working out the Separatist Power Armor I'm working out the Marks from IV forward. With your Primarch becoming (as of this moment) the Warmaster, should I make a varient of the MK IV like the Achean pattern of the Thousand Sons in cannon?

>> No.53330149

Yeah. This whole "Separatist" business is looking like it'll probably hang by a thread considering how most of the legions seem to have good reason to hate at least one other legion in the alliance. Like, the Death's Heads and the XVth are probably going to end up hating each other and the same is probably true for the Pale Hounds and the Sons of Sovereignty

>> No.53330170

That's appropriate, although keep in mind that the Achean Pattern was only aesthetically different. In all other ways, it was identical to the MK IV's default Maximus Pattern.

Similarly, any pattern used by the Sons of Sovereignty is likely to just have different aesthetics. Lots of gilding, lots of knightly motifs, designed to shock and awe the common man with opulence as much as it is designed to protect the Sons.
The Pale Hounds absolutely seem like the last legion to defect to the Separatists, considering that they're far more likely to join them out of disillusionment with the Emperor than a fondness for the Sons of Sovereignty.

>> No.53330190

Hmm, you're right. It'll be interesting, we'd need a Warmaster who'd be able to really hold everything together...

>> No.53330368

That's my general thoughts as well. I was thinking about them maybe switching in the early days of the Heresy, after Valorn see's exactly what Chaos does to people and starts to blame the entire thing on the Emperor (he guesses that his father knew about the Chaos Gods and never told them). But, I'm not sure what sight would have a that big an effect. Perhaps the sight of his treacherous sons turning into chaos spawn, or his grandchild receiving a few boons from Slaanesh. That and I'm not sure if the Seps would trust Valorn enough to not just blow him apart on sight by that point.

>> No.53330738

I feel like Lambach would be interested in these. And given the close ties he has with the Silver blades might ask for a few himself. ;)

>> No.53330855

Having rewritten Grégoire's history, I think that he is a suitable candidate for Warmaster considering the philosophy I am putting emphasis on.
>The purpose of ruling is the perpetuation of one's rule.
Although the Sons of Sovereignty are modeled after a failed regime, Grégoire is a competent leader that would devote himself to holding the the Separatists together. His ambition as a ruler is simply to keep ruling and when that condition is satisfied, to spread his rule over new territory.

So despite his arrogance and his view of himself as someone obligated to rule his brothers, he would likely go out of his way to appease the other Separatists and keep the faction together. If he is obligated to rule, then he is also obligated to do it to the best of his ability otherwise he is unworthy of both the privilege and the obligation.

>> No.53330913
File: 111 KB, 1318x621, IMG_0808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was considering adding in some Gestapo-esque themes (maybe even a secretive branch of the Legion that keeps an eye on the other Legions/rest of the Impeirum), maybe Grégoire and Einchurt were actually friendly prior to the Triumvirate, and Grégiore uses the VI as his way of keeping himself in power when he needs to really clamp down on things.

>> No.53330955

>What kind of system would he be protecting and why?
The Sol system, like the Imperial Fists. It would be where Mot gets a firsthand taste of the politics of imperial officials, and possibly gets reprimanded when he tries to deal with it in the only way he would.
The second question is valid. Maybe he visits Zharr-Naggrund again after deciding to join with the Loxodontii and finds chaos shit there.

>> No.53331095

But the Fists were never garrisoned on Terra diring the Crusade. The Emperor didn't need 1/20th of his legions sitting around on Terra. After Ullanor, Big E requests Dorn to come to Terra in order to fortify the palace. Only when the Heresy breaks out, does he become Praetor of Terra.
As for the corruption; that works.

>> No.53331270

Grégoire needs at least a couple of genuine friends among the Separatist Primarchs who try to cede from the Imperium with him in the first place. There's no problem with some of the Separatists, even the majority having incidental reasons to abandon the Imperium but Grégoire is not suicidal enough to turn his back on the Emperor without support from any of his brothers.

Their methods are drastically different but I could imagine Grégoire affording Einchurt respect for the sacrifice that he has made and acknowledging that sometimes, difficult decisions have to be made; one of the many costs of ruling. There wouldn't be any lectures about ethics or war crimes from him, I assure you. In public, the Sons of Sovereignty likely don't wish to be seen associating with the source of so many atrocities. They have a name to protect, in order to keep the loyalty of the Astra Militarum they work alongside. Behind closed doors however, I see the two legions likely working together on matters of logistics and coordinating offensives.

Einchurt is the Batman to Grégoire's (pre-disfigured) Harvey Dent.

>> No.53331344

Yeah, with Grégoire and the SoS being very much involved with the mortal members of the Imperium, I can see themselves publicly distancing themselves from the DH beyond simply respecting their sacrifices and willingness to make the hard choices, but behind closed doors the two actually working closely.

>> No.53331630

>Mk V "Triumvirate-Pattern" Power Armor

A stopgap design based off of the Mk IV the Triumvirate-Pattern has in the millennium since the fracture become a streamlined and staple pattern of the Separatist Astartes. With the looming threat of Battle Brother on Battle Brother combat in the eyes of the Primarchs the requirement for a suit of armor that could handle the stresses of such a conflict. However the finalized pattern would not be completed before the conflict began and would only be once an uneasy stalemate was made that the “Official” pattern could be complete.
While much of the Heresy-Era Mk V suits would follow the cannon; it is the Post-Heresy pattern that finally came into its own.

First and foremost the Triumvirate’s backpack was improved with a more powerful powerplant and standardized cables that were capable of keeping pace; This was needed due to the thin layer of Ceramic, Adamantium and Plasteel that was added to the Pauldrons and Torso to increase penetration resistance in these vital areas. Secondly the Flexible tubing of the joints was given angular covers to prevent these areas being exploited in combat. Thirdly, a series of indents were made into the pauldrons to allow for extra armored panels to be equipped as needed. Lastly was the addition of a Needle-Like “Cestus” penetrator within the vambrace of the marine, allowing them to have a dedicated close combat weapon built into their suit capable of punching through an Astartes chestplate.

While slightly slower than other patterns of Power Armor, the Mk V Triumvirate-Pattern’s blend of combat ability and survivability would be the hallmark of other patterns of armor the Separatists would come to field.


>> No.53331738

I'm not a huge fan of adding new toys for the Marines. Not only can it come across as self-serving and circlejerky, but when the reader hears "Trimuvirate-Pattern" whatever or "Cortez-pattern" whatever, they have no clue what we're talking about since there's no context or artwork to give these random names any concreteness.

It makes the story muddier and more complex for no other reason than to say "Our AU is just so much smarter and better than the OU, behold all our amazing things that canon was just too stupid to invent, shame on them."

>> No.53331751

Also it winds up seeming very "tacticool/mall ninja shit" every time I've ever seen anyone try it.

>> No.53331843

Perhaps not but you have to understand we are also writing an AU where there is a faction of marines that do the following:
>Do not trust the use of psykers as a whole
>Do not have the backing of the Ruinous Powers

It is somewhat of a requirement given that really the only means of trying to keep an edge would to follow the path of technological advancement. The Separatists aren't going to get Beakies, or even the MK VII. They aren't part of the Imperium anymore and it wouldn't be insane of them to create power armor that evens the odds.

As far as "being smarter than the OU" again, their mentality is supposed to be different. It's supposed to have at least a modicum of common sense.

And "Tacticool"? "Ninja Shit"? They are in two to three tons of power armor. This thing is purely for when a marine is right on top of you and your fist isn't going to do.

>> No.53331859

That actually gave me a wonderful idea
A wonderfully horrible for my wallet idea...
Make an Umbarax model

>> No.53331944

Okay, so why is it that the Separatists are both intelligent enough and have the resources (Which 95% of the time, *no* human in 40k has, separatists or otherwise) to make all these advances? What somehow makes them all Tony Stark running circles around the Imperium? Do all the Separatists just happen to be the best and brightest Primarchs/Marines?

>"common sense"
>succeeding in 40k
Feels a little Knights Inductor there, friend.

What's an Umbarax?

>> No.53331976

One of the Legion's special units, although it was more adapted to their needs than pioneered by them. Similar to an Ursarax

>> No.53331984

The Legions aren't the only ones that defected, there are also members of the Adeptus Mechanicus that are now also rouge elements working with these legions. You're implying that this suit came out the moment the Split happens. No, it still takes HUNDREDS of years for any of the shit the SepMech wants to make to be made in any significant number, let alone test it enough to give it the green light. When I say Common Sense I don't mean like they've sudden realized to put the square peg in the square hole. Rather the SepMech are actually capable of inventing things without being afraid that if they don't coat the new machine in oil for five thousand years it'll eat them.

>> No.53332001

I suppose. Although one of the major tenets of 40k as a whole is that it is never safe to invent things for a good reason. Rubbing heavily against that grain makes me uneasy.

Because the machine usually does eat you if it's not oiled.

>> No.53332022

I guess the way I should try and put this is that the SepMech is more protestant whereas the AdMech are hardcore Christian

>> No.53332070

I'd honestly assume it has come to bite them in the ass a couple times, the SepMech is likely just more willing to keep on trucking.
I also kind of see it as AdMech won't do anything to STCs beyond maybe making a few minor alterations, SepMech may decide to jam two STCs together and see what works, or go whole hog building something new out of an STC

>> No.53332074

That analogy holds up to a point. Martin Luther might not have nailed his 95 Theses to the church door if there had been a reasonably high chance that the church would have dropped its bell on him for his disrespect, lol.

Differences of opinion and higher levels of tolerance for risk-taking is all well and good, but just because someone disagrees with Catholic Mars doesn't mean that Protestant Separatist High Command isn't going to abruptly suffer from complete existence failure when an enterprising young mind plugs the toaster in backwards to see what happens, lol.

It only takes one major failure to gut the Separatists forever. How many times are they *really* ok with rolling the dice?

>> No.53332088

>jamming chunks of STCs together


>> No.53332196

What I suggest is that if the Separatists are inclined to commit technological heresy, have them suffer for it in a few ways. The grimdark must be maintained.

Power armour with integrated AI assistants complete with a neural link, only for the AI to dominate the Space Marine within and use them as a puppet through the link.
Horrifying radiation and chemical weapons that are extremely dangerous to handle and end up rapidly irradiating or poisoning their user.
Etcetera, and all of this is common place and an accepted thing that happens by the 41st Millennium.

By that point, you could even have it be impossible to distinguish whether the Mechanicum are still the ones in charge or whether they have been hijacked by their creations. By delving too deeply into technology, I wouldn't be shocked if some Separatist groups end up partially enslaved by it.

>> No.53332220

That's still something I'd need to talk out with the other separatists. As for all these downsides they are certainly things to factor in. This suit is just "It's supposed to keep us alive and fight marines."

>> No.53332239

>Power armour with integrated AI assistants complete with a neural link, only for the AI to dominate the Space Marine within and use them as a puppet through the link.

I hear Rubic Marines...
I like this plan.

>> No.53332290

My rule of thumb is "How often does the author destroy something they actually care about"?

It's easy to give up being good at ranged combat if you're only ever going to be a melee player, for instance. It doesn't mean anything. Giving up an arm for a swordsman is a far more significant proof that someone's serious about *earning* their power rather than simply Deus ex Machinaing it and gaining power by fiat.

Maybe I'm too far on the side of No Fun Allowed, but personally, I certainly won't respect writing in tech-advancement without severe, non-recoverable consequences.

If it hurts, it counts.

>> No.53332294

I at least can see things starting like that, but with the Imperium's ocerwhelming logistical superiority and Chaos being Chaos, I think that by M41 things may well have descended to that point as they create increasingly more dangerous things to tip the balance back in their favor

>> No.53332355

The Imperium is a giant, single-minded war machine fanatically devoted to its religion.
Chaos is empowered by very real gods with reality-warping power capable of shaping the galaxy.

By the 41st Millennium, what have the Separatists become that allows them to stand on par with these two factions? The two key questions are what makes them different and what makes them powerful enough to avoid being trod on?
If they're not different, there's no point in Separatists in the first place and we should scrap that part of this project.
If they're not powerful enough to avoid being trod on, they should not have survived for ten thousand years.

>> No.53332417

>they should not have survived for ten thousand years

I mean, that is what pretty much all other threads on that subject have arrived at as a conclusion. The Imperium's not what it is for no reason whatsoever.

I'm going to disappear now and leave you guys to do whatever, because in all truth I'm not interested in being the one guy standing against a crowd, but do at least try to come up with something more concrete than handwaving stuff because "it has to happen otherwise this can't happen".

>> No.53332496

Well, consider that a key part of this AU project is that there are three factions rather than two. Unless everyone involved with the Separatists unanimously agrees that the Heresy should end with them being crushed and defeated, we need to explain why they survive past the Heresy.

I'm personally okay with the Separatists getting BTFO and crushed but I doubt that everyone is interested in this outcome.

If you think that we should scrap the Separatist part of this project, just come out and say it. It's not the end of the world and it could still be done at this point.

>> No.53332585

>If you think that we should scrap the Separatist part of this project

Nah, I've just got pretty high standards for trying to justify that sort of thing. My opinion's been stated, and that's where I'm going to end it. I probably won't jump in with commentary in the future on the subject.

>> No.53332680

He makes a good point... why have the Seps lasted since the Heresy? I guess I'll throw out my own ideas and opinions on the matter, you guys can choose to do with them what you wish.
We seem to be in agreement that the Seps are very heavily involved in technological progress, the state is likely run by a mix of Astartes (Primarchs if any are still around) and Magos. The state's main advantage is then their technological progress, although in what form we aren't yet sure. This state, while it may have started as an attempt at a more democratic system, has now likely devolved into a kind of council of high-ranking Astartes and representatives of various Mechanicum interests. The state which was once founded to protect human rights has by now realized thay such things cannot be protected, and has adapted, for if it did not adapt, it would simply wither and die.
In this vein, the Seps have likely become a police state, where everything is given over to fuelling a futile war against the Imperium, amongst their other conflicts. As such, the technological progress has likely turned less into "how can we make this better", and more into "which end of this thing is supposed to be pointed at the enemy and kept far away from us?". Oppression of the mortal population, likely rated as second class at this point, would come from technology and the watchful eye of the Astartes, rather than Religious dogma. I could see Seperatist citizens being issued an implanted ID at birth, necessary for purchasing goods, land, and getting a job, and also usable to track personal data and maybe even enthrall them in order to maintain order or fill out the ranks in times of need.

>> No.53332696

Most of their technological progress was started with good intentions, but necessity has made them into terrible inventions. For example, Death's Heads casualty rates are likely extremely high due to their heavy use of Radium weapons (a la Skitarii Vanguard) and liberal application of bio-weapons, Phosphex, and other such weapons. Add onto this fact that they already had a high attrition rate due to gene-seed defects, I can imagine entire worlds devoted to nothing but putting out bodies to be inducted into the Legion.

I dunno, just spit-balling here. Thoughts?

>> No.53332742

The Steel Souls and the Pillars of Balance are the last two legions that don't belong to a faction and they need to be decided at some point. From my perspective, the Steel Souls make the most sense as the last Separatist legion, rather than the Pillars of Balance.

If there is any chance of them joining the Separatists, then you should have some input and not just be quiet and keep out of the topic. We need someone to keep us from going too far into the territory of operator, tactical, 'common sense' and 'non-retarded Adeptus Mechanicus.'

The Adeptus Mechanicus are very restricted in how frequently they advance their technology and for good reason, because it could backfire in their face at any opportunity. That's what Separatist technology should focus on if tech is one of the Separatist strengths. Every advancement that gives Separatist tech an advantage over Imperial tech should come with some defect, failure or disaster that the Separatists pay for somehow.

I like the idea of the 41st Millennium Separatists as a band of loosely affiliated states that are desperately struggling to keep hold of their human while at the same time trying to keep up with the Imperium and Chaos every time they raise the bar. But we do need people like you to ensure that we keep the "desperately struggling to keep hold of their humanity" part from turning into "objectively efficient tacticool mall ninja operators."

>> No.53332783

>We need someone to keep us from going too far into the territory of operator, tactical, 'common sense' and 'non-retarded Adeptus Mechanicus.

This is true.

But that means either my word has to count more than everyone else's to rein them in, or I get to be the generally-ignored group asshole who never shuts up. Forever.

Not really interested, lol.

>> No.53332903

>The state's main advantage is then their technological progress, although in what form we aren't yet sure.
I'm in favour of grimdark, edgy and very likely to backfire techno-heresy. Digital consciousness, nanotechnology, battlefield automatons, AI, that sort of thing. Nothing that's Iron Men level, but still a whole bunch of stuff that's dangerous as fuck to try and use.
>This state, while it may have started as an attempt at a more democratic system
I prefer to think of the Separatists as a collection of independent states that mostly have their own interests in mind rather than a single state - let alone a democratic one.
>The state which was once founded to protect human rights
I really doubt any of the Separatists will have left the Imperium because of human rights. I doubt they would have had any problem descending into police state attitudes. It would likely happen in the first thousand years, to be honest.
>technological progress has likely turned less into "how can we make this better", and more into "which end of this thing is supposed to be pointed at the enemy and kept far away from us?"
That's about right.

By the 41st Millennium, the Separatist states should be just as nightmarish as the Imperium and Chaos, just a different flavor of it. Less Catholic Space Nazis, more Dystopian Cyberpunk Hellscape maybe.

>> No.53332959

This would happen later in the crusade. I'm envisioning it as more of a tipping point for Mot after the council of Nikaea and (maybe) his brothers jockeying for the position of warmaster after Ullanor.

By the way was anyone else surprised that Armageddon and Ullanor are the same planet?

>> No.53332968


Wouldn't separatists have to unite? Just because of all the xenos, Imperium, and chaos forces. Being solitary (while not having the size to make it work) just makes you an easy target. And if you are always coming to one another's aid and working together, unification makes more sense to consolidate what you have available. It'd be like a Human Tau/Farsight Enclaves.

>> No.53333028

While this is true, I imagine one of the reasons that some of them originally left the Imperium was for the promise of independence and freedom from Imperial oversight. I doubt they'd be too happy to end up becoming a part of just another Imperium.

Perhaps a comparison would be how the US handles its states. There's still some independence there, but they ultimately form a single nation. Is that more appropriate?

>> No.53333031

I could see more of a confederacy, where everyone works together but also pursues their own agendas at times, occasionally dicking each other over. Death's Heads will do what the big over-government says, but is also working on their own projects, making their own treaties, and fighting their own campaigns.
That kind of thing, I think...

>> No.53333636
File: 32 KB, 201x281, Forge Lords Equerry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kothar Carnegal, Equerry of Mot Hadad
As sergeant of the Ashari Brotherhood, Kothar Carnegal is Mot Hadad's right hand man and mouthpiece of the legion. Terran born, Carnegal is in a unique position to mediate between Hadad and anyone else should his gene-father be in a disagreeable mood. Some have said that Carnegal once convinced Mot Hadad that he was wrong about something. Carnegal was sent to Nikaea in Mot Hadad's place as the primarch was convinced that his attentions were needed elsewhere.

What do you think? Too much like Kharn? What could I do better? I'm waiting to discuss the council of Nikaea until we decide what actually went down there.

>> No.53333728

Is 1st Captain of Industry too on-the-nose?

>> No.53333973

I like him, I'm working on my inner circle guys for CoH at the moment, as them dying is meant to be a big tipping point for sending Lambach cryimg into the arms of Papa Nurgle.
I kinda want to make a dread captain / Librarian to keep with the background but am not sure if that is a bit much. What do you think?

>> No.53334731

Spears of dawn guy here. Didn't drop so much as missed a thread and forgot what the name of the AU was called.

>> No.53334786

>why have the Seps lasted since the Heresy?
Alternative-they faked being dead. They fled into the fringes of the galaxy (arguably where the Tau Empire is now), leaving behind enough personnel and ships to fight to their deaths (perhaps some Primarchs faked their deaths, and some actually went and did it). Come the 41st millenium, surprise, the Separatists are back and in full force-they figured out the Tau had quite the potential for tech inventions, and enslaved them to do such for them as part of this process.

>> No.53334883

>imperial-tau alliance ever

If this was some noblebright garbage, sure. It's also an idea that's been done half a dozen times before. people just will not stop wanking over the tau. the tau only got to where they got because the eldar spoonfed them everything and conjured a warp storm to protect them.

news flash, in M30 if the Imperials are in the area, there won't be any such shield storm. hell, the storm didnt even begin till M35. if these separatists move into the area, they will find a couple blue fuckers banging rocks and sticks together and that's it. do you not even know the tau lore lol?

In the time period you guys are writing for the tau barely ecist as a species even.

>> No.53334889

I will be asleep soon. Can someone archive and make a new thread when this one hits page 10?

>> No.53335088

One thing i could See is that they helped to fend off the Siege if terra and they made contracts with the imperium to safeguard their boarders but still stay autonomous.

Or we could rethink the numbers. Maybe we have 9 seps and only 6 imps and 6 Chaos legions. This could hell balance things out inthe long run.

>> No.53335129


How about primaris spacemarines?^^ they could have invented Them.

>> No.53335225

I had a story in mind where the Gunslingers meet some backwater blue xenos and bomb them out of existence.

>> No.53335656

I think you're making a lot of sense.

So the problem here is that:
Separatists lack the war machine of the Imperium.
Separatists have no chaos powers
Separatists are fewer in number

How do they survive?

If we are doing a 7 legion aside thing, they might actually have numeric and spatial parity with the Imperium.
With regards to technology, the 8th edition stuff seems to indicate that a primarch with an affinity for technology could reasonably improve astartes over time.
We could also have a disastrous mechanicum civil war in which technology is lost and some of the "advances" are actually just recoveries.
The separatists could also get their hands on some of the rarer 30k tech and for whatever reason, perhaps because those legions are mechanicum aligned and they have strong support from Admech, things like lastrum bolters, volkites, and adrathic weapons are more common.

I think whatever technology they get, it will only fuel more madness. Better robots? Robot hunting packs. Vorax are going to be the nice ones. Etc.

>> No.53336198

Last post I'll make before archiving, but that was sort of what my plan for the XVth was to be: a Primarch who had close ties from his youth to the AdMech that could sway a number of forgeworlds to follow him with the rest of the separatists.

>> No.53336370


Go Go Go!: >>53336365

>> No.53336471
File: 27 KB, 201x281, Radcliff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Radcliff Kaden: Born and raised on the planet of Miletus Radcliff Kaden served in the temple of Bellona, the planetary temple dedicated to training soldiers. Kaden excelled in all martial forms and at the age of fourteen became one of the youngest people in Miletus' history to join the ranks of the Temple Guard, Miletus standing PDF.
Shortly after the Emporer gifted the VIII Legion to Lambach Kropor the newly appointed home world went into recruitment overdrive in an effort to replenish the diminished strength of the Chosen of Hecate. Radcliff signed up immediately.
He rose quickly through the ranks and displayed a keen mind for strategy. Swiftly gaining the rank of Captain despite lacking any of the psykic potential that usually lead to a son of Kropor being shown favor. With his keen mind for all things military Kaden soon found himself increasingly in the company of the Primarch discussing battlefield plans and was a favored opponent of the Primarch in games of Regicide, without even realising, Radcliff had become Lambach's seneschal and when the previous captain of the 1st company fell and needed to be replaced there was no doubt at all that Radcliff would take the position.

>> No.53336495

Also I wanted his hair to be brown but can't figure out how to edit that in chapter generator.
also would the Forge Lords be interested in being responsible for making Lambach a spear fit for a primarch instead of his normal tech weapon? for story purposes?

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