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Nth for Kroot getting squatted

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For the Dark City!

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Wyches will forever be shit and are likely to be the worst unit in the game!

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got that need for speed

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Curious, but is Abaddon capable of matching either a Loyalist, Traitor or Daemon Primarch in combat?

And what is Huron up to in recent times and how goes his Legion's siege of the White Scars?

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I'm happy in the OP!

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Based on the to wound chart from link related
do you think they're getting rid of instant death? Has it been stated if they are and I simply missed it?

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id say abaddon is under a primarch, but above chapter master, but pretty much as strong as a non-primarch/daemon prince can get

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>is Abaddon capable of matching either a Loyalist, Traitor or Daemon Primarch in combat
rules wise? fuck no

fluff wise? also no, but he gets around that by having an army

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>do you think they're getting rid of instant death?
Probably. It doesn't have a purpose now that multiple-damage weapons are back.

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Is it a problem if I base plastic RT marines on 28mm rules-wise? Not sure if there's a stance on this and they'd look goofy on 32s.

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Huron was chilling in the Maelstrom. Presumably he's now chilling in the Great Rift.

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They've been mentioned in the previews more than the Sororitas. They were mysteriously absent from the Tau faction focus, but there are both those rumors of a new faction, and reliable rumors of Tau getting more stuff, so...

I wonder if SOBs'll realize the hammer has fallen for their army when Warhammer Community officially releases 8th without SOBs getting a faction focus.

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Anybody wants me to dump the Dawn of War III comic or upload it to imgur?

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>the Great Rift.

What's that?

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Yes. Instead strong weapons will just do multiple wounds. See the changes to force weapons for example.

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How upset would you guys be if they snuck female marines into the lore (that's basically what they did with Sigmarines since they didn't have a female model until pic-related came out) ?

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I wonder how many brouzoufs it will cost to get a full set of these imported to the US

still don't know why they are a japan exclusive

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Low Gothic name of the Cicatrix Maledictum.

>> No.53295178

>(that's basically what they did with Sigmarines since they didn't have a female model until pic-related came out) ?
they straight up said sigmarines could be female and had a book mentioning one

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I forgot that game was out.

No, thank you.

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Is there anything of note happening in the Storm of the Emperor's Wrath?

>> No.53295196

No, they didn't sneak anything, you liar.

The Stormcast battletome said that Sigmar selected female and males heroes to be his stormcast. This was long before that model came out.

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Well Marines got Squated before SoB so I'm happy.

Because only a delusional would think GW would keep making old marines when the new Primaris Marines are here to stay.

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Female sigmarines already existed in AoS lore since the start. They were explicitly the souls of mortal heroes given new life or some Bullshit.

You could technically have elf Sigmarines.

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Maybe they're produced locally in Japan and thats why they are JP exclusive. Those sprues remind me of Gunpla stuff.

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Then call me delusional

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>And what is Huron up to in recent time

bent the knee to Abaddon in exchange for a Blackstone Fortress.

>Curious, but is Abaddon capable of matching either a Loyalist, Traitor or Daemon Primarch in combat?

With Drach'nyen, Abaddon can wipe the floor with any Primarch if he decides to call upon of the power of the End of Empires/Echo of the First Murder.

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Nothing special. The Storm of Emperor's Wrath is notable for it's emergence being the main reason Goge Vandire was defeated in the "Reign of Blood" back in M36.

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It occurs to me that none of the named regiments I know of are sufficiantly TANKYTANKTONKTANKPANZER to represent my army. I wonder if they'll give us a new regiment with some sort of Leman Russ bonus, or if I'll just have to choose between Armageddon or Cadian tactics.

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Out of curiosity I'm trying to see how many different variation (with Rules) each army has

Space Marines and Primaris Marines:
Space Sharks (Carcharodons)
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Red Scorpions
Black Templars
White Scars
Iron Hands
Grey Knights
Primaris Marines

Chaos Space Marines:
Black Legion
Thousand Sons
Emperors Children
World Eaters
Alpha Legion
Iron Warriors
Night Lords
Word Bearers

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I think that is the reason.

My hope is that if they contracted out production then we might see them for sale through online retailers that ship to the US

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I for one welcome our new Chaos brethren when they seek us in exile

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Steel Legion is know for being tanky

>> No.53295272

>You could technically have elf Sigmarines.


The battletome says HUMAN SOULS. Human heroes. No Aelves or Duadrin. Those guys have their own gods.

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>in exchange for a Blackstone Fortress.

I thought Abaddon only had one of those now given he only captured two in the Gothic War and one of those two was lost to a Necron fleet.

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If you're counting individual chapters, Google Forgeworld chapter tactics for a bunch more

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An anon in a previous thread (more than 3 thread ago I reckon) said that GW contracted out production to a local firm.

>> No.53295297

Why are you cringing about the lore? The End of Empires can make even the Emperor its bitch.

>> No.53295307

Do you mind if I shill my eBay stuff here?
It's going really cheap and they're almost out of time.

>> No.53295309

I unironically would not give a fuck.
Autistic tears would even sustain me, then.

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I guess I didn't pay close enough attention. All the pics I saw were male Sigmarines so I assumed they had the same SM rules until that model came out.

>> No.53295320

Crimson Slaughter got their own supplement, and Primaris Marines probably won't be its own faction but will eventually replace the infantry units of every other loyalist SM faction

>> No.53295324

makes sense

I'll just have to check amiami and ebay from time to time and hope for the best

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The Armageddon Steel Legion is "Man, I sure do think those WW2 German Panzer divisions where swell." the army.

>> No.53295345

99.99% of the IG models and art are male, but we know female guardsmen do exist

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They have tanks, but their focus is Mechanized, which is very different. Not so different I wouldn't try them because my Army uses a mix of foot, mech, and armored units, though.

I imagine they'll get a very mechvet-centered bonus, Cadians or Modians something infantry flavored, Elysians I'm betting lots of scout and deep strike, and Kriegers artillery.

But none of them are known for their tanks. All of them have a very Infantry or Combined Arms flavor to them.

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One was blown up in the Gothic war.
Two was blown up by the Phalanx above Cadia, and had its remnants used by Abaddon to crack Cadia in half.
Three was given to Huron and it's functional.

> one of those two was lost to a Necron fleet.

Things would be a lot easier if people removed EoT's dick from their mouths. Stop sucking on it, you fgt.

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Upset? none, confused? a lot

>> No.53295375

Imperial Guard:
Elysian (D-99 are the same guys?)

Sisters of Battle:

Imperial Agents all the bastards:

Farsight Enclaves

Poor bastards

Same Story

Tyranids and Genstealer Cult:
Hive Fleets
Genstealer Cult

Eldar, Dark Eldar and Harlequins
Dark Eldar

Honey but no, you got Squated before the Sisters. I'm so sorry.

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>art are male
Not since Only War was released.

>> No.53295379

No, its more "Man, Halftracks and Space-BMPs are the bomb!"

They have tanks, but they only have room in their hearts for Chimera-chan!

>> No.53295389 [SPOILER] 

I'm happy of your happiness f-faggot

>> No.53295390

why are you so upset about EoT

It was memorable, and basically the jewel on andy chamber's crown.

>> No.53295392

And watch Huron literally never use it because he can't have more spotlight than Abaddon.

>> No.53295397

Nop they are their own thing now.

Enjoy your dead Space Marine army.

>> No.53295398

The Purge are a renegade chapter with rules in Siege of Vraks.

More FW Badab chapters:
Mantis Warriors
Angels Revenant
Red Hunters
Star Phantoms
Fire Hawks
Astral Claws


Also Primaris are out of place on this list.

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Weird the undead guys must have been human skeletons then.

>> No.53295417

Where in the regiment did you find the hair dye for those bangs?
-And don't say it's the blood of your enemies. We both know it would've dried brown and sticky by now.

>> No.53295425

Because it was retconned nearly two decades ago. There is no point in bringing it up but to confuse the newfags.
Girlyman acquired the Hand of Darkness and the Eye of Night. He will be taking the Fortress from Huron pretty soon.

>> No.53295432


which sm chapters got their asses kicked during gatyhering storymie

>> No.53295434

Primaris Marines are your brothers (please don't bully)

>> No.53295437

EoT is glorious stop pretending Fall of Cadia makes sense or is remotely passable.

Maybe it they called it the 14th so it doesn't clash with existing lore mentioning Cadia existing after the 13th and hell even in the M42. I can leave the last one go but come on why try to erase the 13th.

>> No.53295439

official statement is that a model can stay on the base it originally came with.

>> No.53295440

There are no undead guys in the Stormcast. The Relicators wear skull masks.

>> No.53295446

that is ffg material right? aside from some RT era models and the last chancers, where have female guardsmen appeared either in art or models? And yet they are talked about from time to time.

I suppose it is like cis female 40k players. They exist and are talked about quite a lot, but rarely seen.

>> No.53295452


Post your marinelet stuff.

>> No.53295470


What is it, k

>> No.53295472

I don't recall anyone getting their ass handed on those books beside some Eldar Craftworld and even then not really.

>>53295398 Look at >>53295397 they are their own thing. Marines basically got Squated. I'll be surprise if GW makes more normal marines.

>> No.53295495

Female marines wouldn't be any worse than everything else they've done to 40k recently. I'm past the point of caring.

>> No.53295496


>> No.53295501 [SPOILER] 

There was a catachan female grenadier, as well. But beyond that, not much, sadly.
Now if only GW could start sculpting some more female guardswomen... AND UPTADE THE SISTERS, ALREADY, OMFG

>> No.53295502

The forces of the Anglican 3rd met a horrible threat today /tg/. Once again they would meet the forces of the Traitor Legions specifically the Death Guard and by circumstance only had the lightest of vehicles and a massive force of infantry. Played a 1000pt game of Deadlock you lads interested in a batrep?

>> No.53295513

Best female character I've seen in video games in a long time.

>> No.53295520

Female Commissar model. Female Catachan Grenade Launcher trooper. Tanith First and Only, including a model. Xenonian Regiment in the 3rd ed. Guard codex. The Space Marine computer game. Probably other stuff I'm forgetting.

>> No.53295526

On the good side Marines got Squated first.

Even if SoB are gone for 8th, we can die knowing marines got the boot first.

>> No.53295528


do it up good sir

>> No.53295535

>Marines are getting squated
>Tau OP
>Nids NPC
>DA are gay
>Chaos is best step dad
>Repeat ad nauseam every thread
Fuck I wish mods would actually do something other then ban people who say nigger.

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>> No.53295563

Chapter Tactics still apply on top of Primaris. You can have Space Wolf Primaris or Blood Angel Primaris. They're a type of marine, they aren't a chapter.

>> No.53295565



>> No.53295567

Thinking about starting a marine faction, would it be feasible to build an army 100% out of the Primaris for the dev squads, tacticals, assault etc... may have to compromise and not bring any of the actual Primaris unit to not get confusing?

>> No.53295578

Most of the female players I know don't go to their LFGS, they play privately with other friends. I imagine that's how most female players do it.

>> No.53295583

Marinelets, when will they learn?

>> No.53295587


just wait for those units to get proper primaris releases ya daft cunt

>> No.53295590


Do eet and I will post my Vostroyan boys.

>> No.53295593

Why do you even want them? They're just regular tactical marinelets.

>> No.53295600

Wait and see.

We might get Primaris everything soon since marines are a dead faction. Prepare for years of Primaris updated while the rest of the armies keep their 1997- 2007 models

>> No.53295605

Fuck youre dumb.

>> No.53295607

Is that a ten year old or a midget?

>> No.53295612

they are going to be chapters anon >>53295397

its the honest truth that marines are getting squatted. literally the second gw gets all their molds ready for the whole line of dlc marines its over

may already be at the point that no mini marines will be released anymore

>> No.53295621

I have a friend who played Dark Elves... before warhammer got canned for AOS.
Which is sad. Her army is nicely painted.

>> No.53295624

That's basically the most confusing kind of WYSIWYG violation. I wouldn't be surprised if some TOs take issue with it.

>> No.53295628

she fit the role of guard lieutenant well, right down to not wearing a helmet because of course people in charge never wear helmets

but I've seen other good female characters in games

"Resonance of Fate" had a good female lead. "The Last Story" had a god awful female lead, but the female side characters were written by someone else who did a much better job. "Firewatch" too.

There was a GW female commissar model? Either way there were a few old models here and there, but they are very rare.

Cadian sprues turn 15 years old this year. I'm hoping they get an update with more options.

>> No.53295637

unless they are a couple bucks each including shipping I wouldn't bother as there appears to be nothing special about them.

>> No.53295643

Forgot Space Wolves and nobody notice.

Oh boy the axe is real boys! Nobody cares about Head&Shoulders any more!

>> No.53295655

Is that some crazy other ebay? I can't sign into that one

>> No.53295660

all the chapters that fought on Cadia would be my first guess. The Templars and Wolves lost a good amount of soldiers.

>> No.53295672

Listen dude, I'm not disagreeing with that. I'm saying "Primaris" shouldn't be in a list of fucking chapter variants. Even the brand new Primaris chapters will just be Ultra Successors/Fist Successors etc. and use those rules or top of their Primarisness.

>> No.53295675

Replace the "ie" with "com".


>> No.53295682

>There was a GW female commissar model?

>> No.53295688

Space Wolf geneseed HAS to be implanted into people from Fenris. They cant get around this without violating the SW lore heavily.

>> No.53295694

That would be tight, I just like the look of them since they're bigger bc they look easier to paint. I don't really need the new unit option with 2W or whatever.

>> No.53295699

>Every other faction stares in bemusement as the Space Marines complain about getting squatted because they got new models.

Personally, I'm wondering why they didn't just update the models outright, made the Primaris statline the Space Marine Statline (since tacticals see so little action, and that's always annoyed me when fighting space marines), and raised the points cost to make Space Marines the elites they were meant to be.

>> No.53295706

A midget.

>> No.53295716

Punching imperators all day everyday

>> No.53295717

What if Primaris Marines are not created in the tradtional way with human geneseed implantation and are clones that only knows loyalty to the Imperium. Think Super Ogryns.

>> No.53295724

Does that mean you could have a Space wolves successor made out of primaries marines?

>> No.53295725

The Wolf Priests were close to fixing it before Magnus came and shat all over it.

>> No.53295734

Then how did the Emperor already have a legion of Space Wolves ready for Leman Russ to take command of when he finally found him ?

I think it's just Yiffs being too retarded to be able to properly create marines anywhere that isn't the fang. Stupid backwards supersticious barbarians can't even have their runepriests do their vodoo without thinking they're drawing it from Fenris somehow ...

>> No.53295735

>gw being afraid to ball up lore and toss it in the trash while release official statements to customers insulting them


but to clarify, there are official statements from gw stating that they dont care about lore and dont understand why their fans do and that they are only a toy making company and thats it

>> No.53295752

>Yep! Fixed that, too! You'd be surprised what 10,000 years of hobbying can accomplish. Magos McLoco next door has the most bitchin' model train layout in the imperium!

>> No.53295754

What you want to be their own separate thing? They are marines and their own shit. That will replace marine models eventually.

Eventually it will be Imperial Fist (Primaris) but right now they are IF, Primaris and Primaris with IF stuff on them.

>> No.53295762

I like the sculpts

>> No.53295763

So they can get current marine players with complete armies to buy some to use the new rules where them might pass on just replacement models since they wouldn't match. Also it lets them trickle them out rather than needing to discontinue/replace the whole line at one. The only time I can remember them doing that is Dark Eldar.

>> No.53295772

Unconfirmed that it would actually work and SW were disrespectful of the idea anyway.

So sure they could force it but like I said they would have to overwrite and ass-pull too hard.

>> No.53295783

I tried looking in the mega folder but can't find wrath of magnus anywhere? Was just wondering if any of daemons of Tzeencth got a rules update or was just a model change?

>> No.53295784

The mutation wasn't as severe then. Magnus cursed Russ and the Wolves during the Burning of Prospero and since then it's been much worse.

>> No.53295785

I love the female Sigmarine. I would hate female Marines because Marines are already fucking gay and a huge gay male power fantasy. I'd rather nice plastic Sisters and some female Guard commander special characters. I think mixed units for Guard would look bad, but female commanders and special characters would work perfectly.

>> No.53295793

Because it was Russ who fucked with his legions geneseed.

>> No.53295805

>Unconfirmed that it would actually work

Magnus certainly seemed to think it was going too.
If some Woof Priest can do it Cawl can find a work around too.

>> No.53295807

That's also the main issue I have with the primaris marines. Why GW went out of their way to hamfist new marines into the lore with better stats and new models, instead of just using the hard rules reboot and "new mark of power armour for all marines, so all new models !" is a mystery.

Maybe they just did it in the hope that all people currently buying marines leave the hobby out of rage or something.

>> No.53295808

Well the guys that made 40k 40k are gone. Only the corporate commanders are left.

At least the new CEO has an army He has Tau of all things, you bet your ass the new rules will favour his stuff

>> No.53295817

t. retard who doesnt know the fluff

>> No.53295820

>> No.53295828

>wanting to wear all male cloths is just a gay power fantasy thats why i wear dresses!

youre going to be taking the knot soon liberal faggot

>> No.53295837

Don't forget the occasional "Slaanesh is getting squatted waaaah!"
Also, I'd say that the Nids NPC anons have expanded a bit to saying more xenos races are npcs

>> No.53295841

I hate this fucking kike so much

>> No.53295845

>Magnus certainly seemed to think it was going too.
Well we all know Magnus is always right dont we Anon?

Stop avoiding the point asshole. Yes they could ass-pull it but it DOES go against the fluff.
>B..b.but they could
Yes we get it stop repeating yourself.

>> No.53295855

Primaris (No Chapter) do NOT exist. Every Primaris is a member of a current chapter or a successor of a current chapter. A new all Primaris chapter from Ultramarine stock is just Primaris(Ultramarines Successor no. XXX).

See <CHAPTER> in the datasheet.


>> No.53295858


Also no need to tell us you find it funny with your "haha"

>> No.53295859

In the night the Death Guard managed to take the initiative from the Imperial forces. But they were not able to stop them from calling for reinforcements in the form of veterans and a group of Conscripts under the leadership of Preacher Johannes. They moved up to seize the caches of supplies scattered throughout the ruined city. And the Death Guard legionnaires opened fire on the Guard blob taking out a few of them and an autocannon round took one of the company commanders bodyguards in the chest leaving them pinned. The Forgefiend would have the chance to kill again throughout the battle.

>> No.53295864

Micke Tinghag Jones confirmed for biggest beta bitch.
He shouldn't be allowed to buy any Chad Marines.
A strict Marinelet diet.

>> No.53295872

No, there are very specific mentions of Wulfen long before Magnus was even found.

In fact, the first person (who wanted to kill Russ and take his place at the head of the Space Wolves legion once he was a full marine) that recieved the Canis Helix primer that makes recruits ready to recieve the SW geneseed turned into a Wulfen pretty much on the spot, in front of Russ and the first batch of fresh recruits from Fenris itself.

Wouldn't suprise me
>Dad, how does this 'geneseed' work ?
>*puts dick in genetic material in confusion*

>> No.53295877


>> No.53295878

Fucking kek.

>> No.53295879

I'm sure there's a Marine chapter out there that insists traps aren't gay, you should go find them, they seem like a good fit for you.

>> No.53295880

Its inevitable that this will happen, any idea when?

Next year?

>> No.53295884

Jervis is around. He's a casual though.

>> No.53295899

>*puts WOLF in genetic material in confusion*

Thats actually what he did.

>> No.53295907

>Well we all know Magnus is always right dont we Anon?

Well he's a future seeing daemon so presumably the possibility was there.

>Stop avoiding the point asshole. Yes they could ass-pull it but it DOES go against the fluff.

It doesn't go against the fluff though. It would if there was simply no development and the Space Wolves just started doing it. But this is new gene-seed that's been fiddled with for 10k years, it doesn't have to play by the same rules.

>> No.53295912

>drew carrey

>> No.53295928

but traps look feminine. its the whole point

arent you trying to call me gay because i "identify" as male or something?

shouldnt you be erping as a female in goldshire or something? dont worry, pretending youre a female just proves how totally not gay you really are

>> No.53295931

>GW releases Dorn and Apharius models before FW does

That would be actual fucking gold.

>> No.53295932

Fuck you Tim Cole you fat piece of shit, your store sucks and you've got ugly kids

>> No.53295939

>Grenade range 6"
femarines confirmed

>> No.53295940

Well Mort is next. Then I suspect it's Lion or maybe Russ. Then probably Angron due to the Armageddon stuff. So after that. End of next year at the earliest I think.

>> No.53295953


>> No.53295956

>>it doesn't have to play by the same rules.
>SW Wulfen curse removed
>BA vampires removed
>Salamaders no longer niggers
>Iron fists no longer brian dead
Thanks Cawl. You sure did think of everything. Now everyone can feel the joy of having Ultramarines Geneseed equivilent.

>> No.53295960

Go away, fag. You have a massive backlog of homosexual beefcakes to paint, get to that.

>> No.53295995

The Guard reacted by moving up their forces and pressing the attack. They held the line claiming one cache of supplies and an artillery officer called in an Earthshaker round on top of the warriors of Nurgle. And the blinding blast of a melta cannon brought ruin to the traitors. By this time it was 2-0

>> No.53296004

Chaos had Primaris sized marins before primaris sized marines had primaris sized marines.

The new Rubric marines are already that large

The new Plague marines are supposedly even larger, as buff as Cuckstodes has been mentioned.

>> No.53296011

its safe to assume that since marines are squatted so is chaos so youll have plenty of chaos primaris to play with

how many feminine dicks have you sucked you numale bitch? youre not going to get that first girlfriend just by calling all men taller and more muscular than you (all of them) gay. it doesnt impresses women that you point out what a wimpy cuck you are at every opportunity

>> No.53296033

The officer ready and eager to give them a shelling.

>> No.53296038

>how many feminine dicks have you sucked you numale bitch? youre not going to get that first girlfriend just by calling all men taller and more muscular than you (all of them) gay. it doesnt impresses women that you point out what a wimpy cuck you are at every opportunity
Literally talking to yourself in front of a mirror.

>> No.53296052

Ooh, a Hellhound! Nice!

>> No.53296065

>The new Rubric marines are already that large

Rubrics are shorter than Custodes.

>> No.53296080


+++Draxis III, Chapter Planet of the Mist Phantoms+++

It was as if the sky was raining fire. First Captain Decius of the Mist Phantoms looked through the shattered lenses of his Terminator helmet at the streaks of fiery light blazed through the heavily polluted upper atmosphere of the planet. The thick layer of pollutants that had enveloped the globe had been the product of the planetwide promethium refinery network that choked the life out of any human being not wearing heavy containment suits. However, the very air that tormented the human population of the planet now served to be its salvation as the remnants of the Tyranid landing force burned up in the toxic chemicals.

The invasion had caught them by surprise, he had to admit, the tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan sweeping through the system before concentrating on the greatest source of resistance: Draxis III. However, the beasts had failed to anticipate the fearsome natural defenses of his home. The bulk of the Tyranid landing force had burned up in the planet’s toxic atmosphere within the first few hours of the battle and only a small fraction had managed to make planet fall. The Tyranids, now caught between the active orbital defence lasers of the planet and the Imperial Battlefleet, was being torn to shreds, the husks of destroyed Hive Ships lighting up the permanently red-tinted sky of his planet like a meteor shower.

>> No.53296081

>hes so insecure that he even gets triggered and intimidated by toy chads

its going to be a rough edition for you squirt

>> No.53296120

Decius tried to stand but the weight of the collapsed rubble kept him pinned to the ground, unable to move even in his terminator armor. The pain in his pack was excruciating and he felt the chemical stink of the poisonous gases make their way through his broken visor slits. He didn’t regret this battle however. He and this men had done their duty. Without waiting for backup, he and half of the elite First Company had donned their suits of Terminator armor and made all haste for the few areas the Tyranids had made planetfall, knowing that to delay even a minute gave the abominable creatures time to adapt to the planet’s atmosphere and scatter into its many subterranean tunnels. Despite the near-annihilation of his force, they had fulfilled their duty. All of the landing sites had been cleared of Tyranid infestation.

A flicker of movement caught his attention and he recognized a large, pale green figure push aside the corpse of a Tyranid Warrior to draw itself up.

“I thought they’d…put up more of a fight” the figure managed through its half shattered vox grille and Decius instantly recognized an old friend.

“Sergeant Ixion” he said, smiling through his pain. “I doubt that stunt you pulled was exactly codex compliant”. He tried to sound strict but knew that his old friend would instantly see through the facade. He had known of Ixion’s unorthodox ways for centuries now, ever since they had trained together in the scout company and rose together up the ranks of their chapter.

Ixion gave him a look, his amusement radiating through the faceless helm of his terminator armor. "If I may quote you, Captain” he started “Codex manuevers are for neophytes and Ultramarines”.

“Is there a difference?” Decius said with a barking laugh as he repeated his friend’s reply from all those years ago.

>> No.53296134

Yes, but as tall as the primaris marines will be. Because primarines are also shorter than custodes .

The fat, unwashed, smelly plague marines will be even larger.

>> No.53296138

Ixion’s laugh was cut short as the bolt round broke through his visor lens and detonated inside his skull. The weight of the Terminator armor kept him from tipping over and he stood there, a motionless corpse before the horrified gaze of his Captain.

Decius instantly pulled up his plasma pistol and fired off a burst of blue energy in the direction of the shot when his hand tore apart in a spattering of blood, bone and muscle tissue. He bit down a scream of agony and focused on the source of the second shot when the blood in his veins froze. Through the thick, alchemical mist he saw a giant in power armor move towards him. He was tall, taller than a Terminator in full battleplate. Donned in power armor that was more advanced than anything his chapter had in their armor and carry a bolt rifle of a design that even the Master of the Forge found perplexing. He wore the livery of the Mist Phantoms but his demeanor suggested that he was anything but friendly. Decius knew him all too well.

He was the Primaris.

The gene-enhanced creature wearing his Chapter’s colors lowered his weapon and stepped close to his prone figure. He towered over the Captain like an Astartes would over a mortal.

“Greetings, First Captain Decius” he said in a voice that was neither human nor Astartes “The tactical projections calculated that the Tyranids would have wiped out your little task force quite handily…unfortunately one can never rely too much on machines so I took it upon myself to rectify that…error”

Decius could barely speak. The pain of his injuries combined with the shocking turn of events had him dumbfounded. “Why…” he managed with effort.

The Primaris cocked his head slightly. “I would think that it was obvious. Still…I suppose I owe you an explanation at the very least”.

>> No.53296140

(Everything pretty much stayed the same on the rest of the board)
A horrible shape appeared in the sky above the battlefield. The flem filled laughs of the traitors showed their joy at the new arrival. The screams of men on fire also brought them joy. And as bolter fire tore into the ranks the battle started going poorly for the Guard. It was 2-2.

>> No.53296164

The Captain could barely stay conscious as the pain surged through his body. Slowly, but surely, his uninjured hand inched towards a bolt pistol on the ground near him. His movements were minuscule and he prayed that the creature would not notice him.

“You see Captain…in the decades I have been with this Chapter I have learned a great many things” the creature said, looking up to the red sky. “For one, that my presence is not fully accepted by all its members” it looked back down at him. “Don’t look so surprised Captain. I have garnered more influence than you think in the First Company. I know it was you who railed against the acceptance of the Primaris at the council meetings. You who attempted to block my advancement up the Chapter ranks even though my achievements quickly outstripped many of those in the council itself. You who has become the figurehead for those who would stand against us”

“Is that what this is about?” Decius spat, his fury bubbling to the surface. “Your pride? Is that why you-”

His other hand burst apart in a shower of gore and this time the Captain let out a scream of agony. The creature lowered the barrel of his Crawl-pattern rifle until it was right above Decius’ cracked visor lens.

“Shut up” it said, and for once, the Astartes could hear a hint of annoyance in the creature’s voice. “No, Captain. Unlike you, are above such petty concepts. What I do is for the good of the Imperium and in service to the Lord Commander.” the creature seemed to pause for a moment, as if it was confused by it’s sudden outburst of emotion.

>> No.53296169

>but is Abaddon capable of matching either a Loyalist, Traitor or Daemon Primarch in combat?
right now? not on your life, he's THE most overpointed character for effectively a terminator lord

in the chaos article they mentioned buffing him to his fluff-levels though, so soon? dont know

>> No.53296196

“The Mist Phantoms are a rather useful asset to the Imperium” it said, returning to its cold, clinical voice. “Your records indicate that you were created to be an elite fighting force that excelled in highly polluted environments. Therefore, Draxis III was a perfect fit to be your base of operations. For millennia, you have served the Imperium with distinction, deploying to some of the most hostile planets in the galaxy but almost always emerging victorious. However, recently you have become…uncooperative. Mired in your silly little traditions and rituals, obsessed with discovering your primarch as though it was a matter of great importance, refusing certain orders from Terra on the baseless grounds that it went against your ‘honor’…no, this certainly will not do”.

“We are the Warriors of the Mist” Decius repeated the mantra of his chapter. The pain was threatening to overwhelm his senses and the blasphemy this creature was spewing was battering against his mind. He gritted his teeth and fortified his spirit. He fell back on the words of his ancestors that prayed to them for strength. “We are the Phantoms of the Shroud. We walk through the storms of poison and fire. We carry the light of the Emperor through the raging Dark. We-”

The creature lightly waved his bolt rifle in the approximation of a shrug. “Yes yes, I’ve heard your pathetic little screed before. Your Chaplains could not stop themselves from repeating it ad nauseam before combat and I must say it took all my self-control not to tear those little skulls from their shoulders and crush them in my hands.

“You won’t get away with this, creature” the Captain hissed. “The Chapter Master will-”

>> No.53296206

The cute little tongue on the bottom of that image makes me smile

>> No.53296212

“Oh I believe I will” it interrupted him. “When I come out of the fire carrying your Crux Terminatus, a grim look on my face as I explain to our dear Chapter Master that, for all of my efforts, I was not able to save the noble Captain of the First Company. He will be rather mournful to learn of your death. However…eventually he will need a new Captain for a First Company.” the creature paused and even through his pain-induced delirium, Decius could almost see the wicked smile through the helm of the Mark X armor. “I will be in for quite a promotion don’t you think?”

The Captain howled in rage and attempted to throw himself at the creature, every muscle in his body stretched to breaking point as anger flooded through his body. Slowly, the rubble began to give way and for a moment, hope flared in Decius’ mind as he thought he might at the very least go down fighting like a true Mist Phantom.

“Now…I believe I have a Chapter to make ready for the coming Indomitus Crusade” the creature said, all trace of amusement gone from his voice. “You will thank me for this in the afterlife, Captain Decius. I shall strip away the silly little superstitions of this Chapter and make it a professional fighting force for the Lord Guilliman to command in his campaigns”. He gave the enraged captain one last look.

“Goodbye, old man” he said and pulled the trigger.

For a heartbeat, Decius felt the chemical stink of his home linger in his lungs. The acrid smell was like the sweetest fragrance in his final breath.


>> No.53296224

You've got even bigger, beefier men this upcoming edition. I can feel how hard your erection is thinking about all the """"brotherhood"""" that is going to happen in the fluff.

>> No.53296244

We 40k now boys.

>> No.53296271

Suddenly Decius winced as he heard the footsteps of his new Chapter Master, the colossal Brother Chad coming from behind him.

"How you doing, little man?" asked Chad congenially.

"G-good, milord." said Decius

"Glad to hear it, and please it's just Chad." said Chad, slapping Decius hard on the back and sending the little marine sprawling.

"We'll take it from here" said Chad, indicating to his crew of massive Primaris Marines. "You take it easy!"

"Y-you too." said Decius trying to hide the flop sweat.

>> No.53296289

You guys building a new army for 8th ed? I'm doing nids, particularly monsters as opposed to horde.

So far I've got:
1x Swarmlord
1x Toxicrene
1x Trygon
1x Carnifex
3x Warriors
3x Zoanthropes
10x Gargoyles
12x Hormagauntts

All of em assembled except for the carnifex. Waiting to see their rules to pick the weapons I want to put on him.

>> No.53296293


>> No.53296300

where can I learn about the 40k universe? I know a little bit I want to learn more without paying for those expensive books
and no I wont get into the actual game because of how expensive it is, even though the models are cool imo

>> No.53296308

So how do I go about converting Chaos Space Marines so they don't look like shit? Some of the helmets and torsos are useable, same with shoulder pads. But the squatting legs are a big no.

>> No.53296323

Why do people do this? 8th is like a month away just wait and see before buying shit.

>> No.53296325

The vile traitor librarian and his squad.

>> No.53296326

I'm just gonna stick with my hordes of gaunts

>> No.53296339

It's not that expensive, it's like 30-50$ a month.

Read Lexicanum, get books.

>> No.53296340

>Why do people do this
liking the models? not being a WAACfag?

>> No.53296342

The Dawn of War games are an amazing intro, as is the Space Marine game - though understand it's the first part of a trilogy, and the other two never got made.

Just going to the Lexicanum and hitting the random button tends to be fun too.

>> No.53296343

Try lexicanum.com, there's lots of stuff in there. And you don't have to wade through the endless memes to get to the actual lore like on 1d4chan.

>> No.53296344

Whoever was asking about the new Kharn models scale, there u go, compared to Berzerker, new 1k sons, and standard CSM

>> No.53296349

They do it so they have things built and painted and ready to play. If you're eager to play the new rules and you have nothing for at least a month, it can kill the excitement some.

>> No.53296355


I was building some Deldar, but the new ""hype"" article was rather disappointing. I think I'm just going to go back to the Night Lords for that sweet sweet 2+ cover save with potential -1 to hit because stealth and whatever the fuck fear gives us.

>> No.53296356

You can find PDFs of most of the books in the link at the top of the thread, and there are plenty of audiobooks on audiobookbay.com

>> No.53296360

If you really liked the models, you'd have them already.

>> No.53296373

>playing games about obsolete marinelets

>> No.53296375

Wait for Primarines to hit the shelves and use their bodies with the older helmets/pauldrons

>> No.53296380

>buying literally everything you like
you'd be broke in a day

>> No.53296401

Post 'em

>> No.53296407

I want plastic Sisters of Battle.

Since technically new Celestine is not a SoB mechanically wise I can't spend money!

>> No.53296408


Nigga, do you even HH boxes? Calth is the shit with 30 MKIV Marines, 5 termies, and a Contemptor. Prospero is good if you can find someone split for the Custodes/SoS.

>> No.53296430

Just wait the month and make an informed decision though. Its not even about WAAC its about not impulsing buying $500 worth of plastic.

What if you need a certain amount of troops and HQs? Or somethings really cool that you werent expecting?

Id understand that if maybe it was your first army. But even then just wait.

>> No.53296433

Just buy a fuckload of HH legs from a bitz site.

>> No.53296450

Thank you.

>> No.53296463

Yuh but they don't really look chaos-esque enough. Especially if I'm combining them with chaos heads/shoulders. How would you go about doing that you think?

>> No.53296469

>The fat, unwashed, smelly plague marines will be even larger.

I don't know, they looks less substantial than the Ultra Chads.

>> No.53296471

Is this supposed to be bait, because it feels like it is.
However, it's not really bait when it's known fact. It's like saying Tau players are cancer, or DAngels are queer.

>> No.53296475

I hope Deff Dreads become viable, among other things.

>> No.53296479

The plastic Horus Heresy legs are doing the idiotic riding horse squat.

>> No.53296495

>I want plastic Sisters of Battle.
Same. I've got $700 set aside expressly for the purpose of splurging on plastic SoB if/when GW finally announces them.

>What if you need a certain amount of troops and HQs?
We already know the rules for this you moron, at least enough to know what we need to run a bound army. 1 HQ and 2 troops is fine for a starting point.

>Or somethings really cool that you werent expecting?
Buy it?

>> No.53296511

Greenstuff some spikes on em?

>> No.53296512

They just blend in better.

>> No.53296515

>dude Chaos marines need to have spikes and tentacles everywhere
Fuck off, go with 30k traitor aesthetics.

>> No.53296525


>> No.53296526

it looks like its just about nearly the same scale as the new 1k sons, but a bit bigger than old csm. i dont have classic kharn so i cant compare teh two

>> No.53296540

>We already know the rules for this you moron
You seriously dont think each faction wont get their own unique CAD? Lol.

Besides if he'd just bought that then maybe its fine. He fucking got the swarmlord already.

>> No.53296560

You already seen this ? If that's a 32mm base that plague marine is rather buff.

>> No.53296561

>You seriously dont think each faction wont get their own unique CAD? Lol.
They already confirmed the exact opposite. Also, what the fuck are you on about? The Swarmlord is just a named HQ. It comes with the Start Collecting box for fuck's sake.

You're not half as smart as you seem to think you are.

>> No.53296572

I still hold that from me reading of their language in wrtting all this that Cawl was able to do this by artificially "breeding" Primarchs with human women. They are literally the children of a Primachs and thus always in a successor chapter not a new unique chapter unless their at females among them and you let them cross breed with eachother.

>> No.53296587

Why are the GSCs so Radical?

>> No.53296593

so is all of the purple shit warp storms? because the center of the galaxy may as well be the super eye of terror, home to super chaos, which is much stronger than regular chaos

>> No.53296596


>> No.53296618

The galaxy got split in half by the biggest warpstorm ever

>> No.53296623

I really do hope this is legit. That marine looks fucking great.

>> No.53296625

Happens when GW makes something with love, instead of just sales in mind

>> No.53296638

No it doesnt its way over designed

>> No.53296645

Biggest Chaos wank ever. Chaos came so hard after having a single relavant victory in 10.000 years their cumshot made a warp storm.

>> No.53296648

Trim some bells off it then retard. It's a hobby.

>> No.53296658

He might be from the fags that didn't like to move models around in their miniature wargame

>> No.53296661

I bet you fucking love jeans and a coloured t-shirt you boring piece of garbage

>> No.53296664

>way over designed
Really? Are you sure? That doesn't sound like something GW would do....

>> No.53296671

>They already confirmed the exact opposite.

>> No.53296674

>t. tasteless pleb

All the new Nurgle shit looks brilliant you faggot.

>> No.53296697


Educate yourself

>> No.53296701

dont burst a blood vessel mate

>> No.53296717

Just fyi, that grainy texture you got on your 1k sons marine is because you probably primed it in either really col or hot weather or really humid weather. Either way, check the current weather conditions before priming.

>> No.53296730

Nah, Chaos did burst a big one thou :3

>> No.53296733

I shouldnt have to the models shouldn't need me to remove pieces from them to look good.
I am guilty of this

>> No.53296754

open wide anon ;) x

>> No.53296788

i do whats wrong with that? are you a fucking euro faggot or something? even rich famous people in america just wear jeans and a tshirt

the secret of fashion is be attractive and wear whatever. if you were a chick you would be one of those porkers going around town showing your middriff fat rolls because you think the cloths hot girls wear will magically make you hot too

>> No.53296789

>He thinks i said formation not CAD
Are you just being obstinate because you disagree with me? It obvious that there will some special CAD allowing DE to take more fast attack or maybe a mech list for IG.

Tyranids will be bound to favour some type that we havent seen yet. Jesus I thought this was obviously their intention when they said here some examples.

>> No.53296791

Then a mass horde of the Emperors sons sprung from the gap in the traitor's lines. The Preacher Johannes was seeking a challenge so he lead his men to hunt the enemy warlord. And the rest of the Guardsman moved to assault the supply cache and the traitors surrounding it as the Devil Dog moved to support them. And the traitors on both sides soon started to die to mass lasgun fire.

>> No.53296799

Post those armies, anons!

I took the opportunity after a friendly match(Kill points, we tied.) to do a photoshoot for my (painted)dudes. I give you, the Kabal of the Torn Soul.

Full album: https://imgur.com/a/7DWW0

>> No.53296820

DE have such gorgeous sculpts. Nice army Anon.

I hope DE are better in 8th so I get to see more of them around.

>> No.53296823

I dunno.

>> No.53296834

So not only are you dumb, you also can't read? There are 12 different CADs in the game that all the armies share. A few will be balanced like regular CADs, and the rest will be heavily one sided for a specific tactic IE have a shitload of fast attack slots. This is to give each army access to all organization patterns. They won't give individual armies their own organization charts because that's literally just formations under a different name and completely goes against the new way FOCs are set up.

GW wanted to balance army construction so they gave everyone all options.

>> No.53296838

Okay here we go.

>> No.53296841

nice drew careys you have there. whats your favorite drew carey?

>> No.53296844

>when they said here some examples.
everything in that article is available to all armies tho

>> No.53296867

>traitlets, do they ever learn?

>> No.53296878

I'm torn between Incubi, Scourges, Venoms, and if the price is right...A BRAND NEW CAR!

>> No.53296904

Of course Deldar would pose like that on the wreckage on an Imperial vehicle. I fucking dig it.

>> No.53296929

live in florida, nothing buy humidity

>> No.53296951

nice army anon, do you have a better picture of the ogres?

>> No.53296958

ditto, i know the struggle.

best times to prime - if it's been sans rain a few days (hard to do, i know) and early in the morning or as the sun sets. otherwise forget it

>> No.53296984

Thanks! Here's an album of them.


>> No.53296997

what is that rhino doing?!

>> No.53297011

Never ever.

>> No.53297065

It jumped because it saw painted Tau for the first time.

>> No.53297066

Securing an objective, after dropping off some guys to deal with a Kroot infestation.

>> No.53297067

I will only accept female space marines IF
They are called "Battle Sisters".

The amount of ass pain from the SoB fans would be enough to power an entire city.

>> No.53297072

I salute you sir

>> No.53297123

Yes, thank you.

>> No.53297149

Yeah...the Kroot weren't.

>> No.53297154

The traitors were angered by the rude appearance of conscripts behind them and let their anger show through bolters and autocannons and the brutal heat of plasma and flames. The demonic engines of war slaughtered noble men of the Emperor's service but still they held the line defiant to the end. Score was 4-2

>> No.53297174


>> No.53297186

Is he wearing Primaris armor?

>> No.53297188

>> No.53297207

>> No.53297212


>> No.53297214

Anyone read this yet? How is it?

>> No.53297225

>> No.53297231

Not even the editors read it.

>> No.53297239

How long until this guy gets his hands on some nuMarines and creates the first Chaos nuMarines?

>> No.53297243

>> No.53297249

It's alright.
Carcharodons are predictably boring though.

>> No.53297262

>> No.53297266

How many title pages does this fucking comic have?

>> No.53297268

Got 6th in my inner circle entry. Would have rated higher if I actually did yriel yellow for my kabalites and based everything.

Rate my army yes it's still pure DE.
I'm debating whether or not to bother getting my last 2 taloses for the corpsethief formation.

>> No.53297270


Then fucking put CSM shoulders and heads on faggot. It's not that hard, but they don't need spikes and shit.

>> No.53297274

We should really be more concerned with him creating more Fabiuses.

>> No.53297278


Nah, not bait. Wyches are shit and will forever be shit.

>> No.53297281

>> No.53297288

Supposedly he already did, but rather than using essence of Primarch, he used Essence of Chaos god. Some of those Death Guard are the chaos version with a nurgle flavor.

>> No.53297289

Finally the veterans armed with melta guns which could vaporize the traitor marines in there heavy armor arrived. And they arrived in the perfect position to slay the enemy warlord. The conscripts filled the Nurgle marines with a volley of lasfire and a few managed to fall. The Chimera and it's multilaser and melta guns firing from the hatches managed to kill the bodyguard and the traitor librarian himself. Routing the traitors from the field.

>> No.53297290


>> No.53297293

>> No.53297301

That's a dead shark

>> No.53297305

>> No.53297313

What's the age cutoff for an Adeptus Astartes recruit? I keep reading and hearing people say they are recruited from kids but I remember my encounter with the recruitment in the black templars comic and that guy seemed at least 18. "Kids" made me think pre pubescent or puberty age at most.

>> No.53297317

>> No.53297318

>Bulge Archon anon

From the looks of it you've gotten A LOT better at paitning! Good job! I still love that scorpion tail on the Talos with the Raider fin.

>> No.53297330

>> No.53297347

>> No.53297352

That sounds wish listy.

>> No.53297355

I put a tit on a talos too.

>> No.53297361

>> No.53297370

18 at the least, also due to the warp/genetics/etc you get a want a wide array of candidates

>> No.53297384

>> No.53297388


Now since when is any Rokkit enough to do more than scratch the paint of a Thunderhawk?

>> No.53297390

18, or 21 in countries where required by the law

>> No.53297397

Looks to me like he sprayed from too far away. The weather can definitely make that worse. Really hot and it'll definitely start to dry on the way to the model if you're not a nice 6ish inches.

>> No.53297398


>> No.53297410

>> No.53297421

The commander of the company smiled seeing the devastation of the Death Guard forces. An artillery shell and the blast of a melta cannon had soured the mood of Legionnaire Syphillius as his comrades melted away and as the Guardsman advanced towards them and seized the supplies. Even the joy of Nurgles rot couldn't sustain his spirit at the thought of defeat.

>> No.53297423

What if he makes nuFabiuses?

>> No.53297431



I've heard it said how you stop 'growing' at 25 or some shit so maybe that could be it at the extreme but I'd assume it's 18.

It's a bit harder for believability but I like the grimdarkness of having to start with kids in their 10s-13s.

>> No.53297445

thunderhawks are 12/12/12 IIRC and rokkits are S8

lucky git musta got a penetrate with an immobilize

>> No.53297463

>> No.53297464

Optimal amount of grey knight terminators to own, in general?

15? 20?

>> No.53297480

i wasn't saying they only take 18, but 18 is the cut off. i'm pretty sure there's a few chapters recruiting kids from the slums. idk what the parents would think but it's a huge honor to be chosen to be a marine and it's probably better then growing up in the hive (unless you die or get turned into a servitor)

>> No.53297483

>> No.53297485

Yey, super cool. I really dig those glossy bits on yoru pain engines and all your vehicles are sick.
Which are you? I like both. Very bright and rare color schemes.

>> No.53297498

>> No.53297502

Really like the color scheme, although I like the tan on the Reavers more than the bright yellow on the Venom. I guess the bright colors are more dark eldary

>> No.53297508

>> No.53297510

Holy shit, force commander hairesy AND cyrus?

>> No.53297513


>> No.53297531

>> No.53297532

Wait there's nothing written on those pages. The fuck are the tech priests doing?

>> No.53297533

the tan was just me putting on the first colour - averland sunset. my primary colours are supposed to be yriel yellow (the brighter yellow) and black.

and seriously, fuck painting yellow on black.
...is that fucking cyrus and hairspray?

>> No.53297545

>> No.53297569

hairgel is a force commander which should put him at captain rank, comic guy is a different sergeant until future issues prove they're the same

>> No.53297571

>Superior Eldar reflexes

>> No.53297579

>> No.53297588

>> No.53297592

Could be a unit-wide thing, you never know.

>> No.53297593

Wow, I'd forgotten about them.

>> No.53297595

>The Yamcha pose on the uppermost Eldar corpse.

>> No.53297596

Fucking ork snipers, every time.
>>When you survived for years alone on a tyranid infested hellhole only to die when some hairetical idiot crashes your whip into a mountain.

>> No.53297599

There's technically no cutoff but the odds of failure rise drastically as they get older. When Leman Russ was discovered many of his adult warriors successfully underwent the operations.

>> No.53297603

>> No.53297613

Does it ever say where the Force Commander and Thaedus were sent to on their penitent crusade?

>> No.53297615

>> No.53297632

>> No.53297639

What's with their eyes? Are they falling to the Dark Side?

>> No.53297655

Thoughts of Primaris Marines have been keeping them awake at nights.

>> No.53297657

Every (You) is well-earned, sir. Great commentary, great dudes.

>> No.53297671

That's all for part 1, with the fates of hairgel, Thaddeus still unknown, Cyrus in some deep shit and Gabe up to shenanigans in an abandoned catacomb

>> No.53297693

My god he's in the fucking crater and everything

>> No.53297700

Here's my guard. I'm making black templar allies atm. Sorry for garbage picture.

>> No.53297703

covers for the covers god

>> No.53297717

>> No.53297725


>> No.53297731

Emperor's Children

>> No.53297736

Continued from last thread.I hope you anons enjoyed the batrep i try to be as entertaining as possible but if there's anything i can change I'm open to criticism. And be prepared on Saturday I'm doing a massive Apocalypse game so hopefully the Guard will prevail.

>> No.53297763


Pick a good chapter.

>> No.53297773

I'm enjoying seeing the dow2 sergeants again more than I thought. Miss those guys.

>> No.53297786

was also getting to the bottom of my can too, so i dont think i had as much pressure coming out

>> No.53297828

The end of the can is a danger zone. I think building and undercoating are the most stressful parts of the hobby for me. So long as you stay thin, it's hard to really fuck up a paintjob permanently.

>> No.53297829


Never underestimate the Blood Raven's ability to acquire gifts.

>> No.53297830

grabbing a power sword like that seems rather foolish

>> No.53297884

It's not a lightsaber.

Hell, it's only ap3.

>> No.53297895


>offer him to fly the ship because he sucks at it
>he refuses help
>crashes the ship and blows it up in a million pieces
>Martellus stay here and repair the ship in 12 hours

>> No.53297913


With 3rd ed fluff they're the best loyalist chapter tee bee h

>> No.53297914

> Also my Chapter hates me

>> No.53297918

That's a witchblade isn't it?

>> No.53297919

You mean AP -3, aka equivalent to a lascannon.

>> No.53297937

>>we finally understand why memetellus would betray the chapter in chaos rising.

>> No.53297940

I'm still in the 7th Ed. mindset.

Are power swords are really that powerful in 8th?

>> No.53297942

this just means primaris are a troop choice though, and they have at least one HQ (which we already knew since they showed what seems to be a captain on a 40mm basis on top of the sergeant).
Actually, since there is probably and all elite detachment they don't even need to have a troop choice for entire chapters to be 100% chad

>> No.53297944

Trying to get his autograph, of course.

>> No.53297954


>> No.53297986

They seem to be the most armor piercing, with axes being the most generalist and mauls being the highest str.

>> No.53298016

I thought that was staves at highest strength.

>> No.53298017

Would the Chaos Gods support a beta uprising?

>> No.53298024


>> No.53298036

Same thing.

>> No.53298043

Saw this at a public carpark. What do I do with this heresy?

>> No.53298065

Accept the Primordial Truth and bask in the everlasting glory of Chaos?

>> No.53298072

Power Lances are probably gonna be neat, if they start out as S +1 AP -3 and then go down to just AP -1. Only really helpful if you have some way to Fall back and charge repeatedly though.

>> No.53298075

Throw blood on the car to appease the whithered Khorne.

Make it the blood of a hooker with open sores, then call the police to report the vehicle, and you can satisfy the other three, as well.

>> No.53298078

Key an Aquila over it.

>> No.53298081

I feel like peeling those off and write HERETICS WILL BE PURGED with a permanent marker.

>> No.53298082

Key an Aquila under it

>> No.53298085

as you can tell by the berzerker and the CSM, i've gotten better at thinning my paints since

>> No.53298086

While COMPLETELY ill-advised, keying an Aquila and "FOR THE EMPEROR" on his car would be hilarious.

>> No.53298090

The way I see it it would greatly discourare falling back.

>> No.53298100


Stamp the symbol of Malice upon it and then blame the owner?

>> No.53298101

Yes, this too a was a post made in humor and not a series suggestion to damage property.

>> No.53298103


>> No.53298128

>Let's not bring the heavy flamer in the catacombs, the missile launcher will serve us much better in the tight confines underground

>> No.53298153

Sound legit for inferior heretic chapter that had half of men plus chapter master turning traitor.

>> No.53298173

Mmm, those are some nice dudes, Anon. Good job.

>> No.53298310

How good are the new Leman Russes going to be? Is Toughness 8 and 12 wounds a lot or a little?

I've never actually played the game but have a small guard army collection.

>> No.53298332

Get thousand sons and change their heads with those of the raptors csm, better check those bits sellers.

>> No.53298350

Do assassins feel love?

>> No.53298441

I don't like it.

>> No.53298489

Here's all my painted guardsmen! I'm painting a sniper right now to fill out the command squad and to have a legal army in 8th!

>> No.53298495

What is love?

>> No.53298503

Depends somewhat on the point cost. At the very least, it is rather durable from what we've seen of existing weapons. If there's any issue with it, it's that the Battle Cannon variant doesn't seem very good, but we'll need to see more before we can sort out what good and bad loadouts are.

The fact that the vehicle damage table is gone and they can't get luckily one-shot or immobilized helps a lot though.

>> No.53298520

Very nice, clean, and crisp. I like them a lot!

>> No.53298534

all I fucking want is some free and balanced pdf filed for my knarloc riders and my greater knarlocs.
Oh and viable "Drukhari™"

>> No.53298560

AS FAR AS WE KNOW, they are the only unit so far that have a potential for stopping fall backs from melee.
So we can imagine they will be staple, but also shit. 98% casualties

>> No.53298563

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more

as much as bolters feel for doing their duty of blowing up the enemies of the emperor

>> No.53298574

>saying orks might have done something

>> No.53298575

Thanks! It was great getting them out and seeing how much I've improved. Some of the layering on my earlier guardsmen is pretty bad!

>> No.53298586

I feel like they might be nice to use as a bodyguard for an Archon or a similar close combat character. Have them tie up the enemy in combat and help bodyguard the character, while the HQ can do the work of actually killing the thing.

>> No.53298598

>as much as bolters feel for doing their duty of blowing up the enemies of the emperor

The holy bolters love it immensely. Now cease your chatter and return to your toil, menial.

>> No.53298604

mfw GGA has Mordians

>> No.53298606


>> No.53298612

That depends on a lot of things. If Lascannons are getting handed out like treats, they aren't great. If multi- and combi- meltas are incredibly popular its going to have a rough time. If they cost too much they won't see much play.

That said, having 2 heavy bolter sponsons and a heavy bolter as well as a battle cannon is pretty damn good news for it. Firing off 12 shots and then also firing the battle cannon should be pretty scary.

>> No.53298630

>Martellus, stay here and repair the ship
>Martellus followed them anyways

>> No.53298647

>Firing off 12 shots
9 shots

>> No.53298655

I think that's what Frankie was talking about in the Drukhari faction focus with his "one-two punch" of wyches and incubi. I just have a *hunch* wyches will still be dying in droves

>> No.53298672

woops. Still, 9 shots and a d6 for a battlecannon could do some work on a tactical squad, considering you'd be really messing with their armor save.

>> No.53298681

Are they bringing Lumbering Behemoth back?

>> No.53298684

Wait a second... You're right

>> No.53298689

Almost definitely. Literally every unit gets unique special rules.

>> No.53298694

Yeah. I'm expecting that the Net they can buy will also help out with tarpitting and give them a +1 or +2 to the roll-off or something like that. Maybe just let them roll twice and pick.

Either way, I am at least glad that this gives them a niche. Whether or not it's a useful niche is the question.

Still, feels like they could have done better about making them more survivable. I'm also upset that their dodging skills are still represented by an Invuln save.

>> No.53298707

Steel Legion Guardsmen. Planning to go back at some point and put some more silver on the lasguns.

>> No.53298709

And we haven't even seen the heavy stubber or storm bolter profiles yet.

>> No.53298743

They look great anon.

>> No.53298746


An invuln save they can only take in combat and not against overwatch or against the shooting they will inevitably take when the unit they're """""fighting"""""" moonwalks out of combat or against the battle shocks they'll take because they can't actually dish out any damage.

>> No.53298773

Honestly, it's got me excited for Harlequin troupes, who I regularly take as better-than wyches. Maybe they will be better-than-better-than wyches

>> No.53298775

My point exactly. Heck, reading it again, they won't even be able to use that Invuln against enemies pulling out pistols, since that happens in the shooting phase while they're locked in.

I wish they had just made it against any sort of attack from within, say, 12". Dodge overwatch, dodge pistols, dodge melee, dodge bullets.

Hell, maybe even make it a hit-penalty instead so it can stack with being in cover.

>> No.53298779


>> No.53298787

>What's the age cutoff for an Adeptus Astartes recruit?
from the mouth of Rick Priestley, 16-18, though if needs be they'll go outside that range and risk fucking up

>> No.53298797

I dunno. It more just has me worried. If they couldn't fix wyches of all things, how is it gonna go for other weak stuff?

>> No.53298805

>>Didn't spend a year alone on Typhon Primaris covered in bugs to get ordered around by Hairgel's fucking cousin.

>> No.53298809


Oh fuck, you're right. Why would anyone even bother ducking out of combat against wyches anyway? Just fucking unload your pistols and kill them because they can't actually hurt you back.

Everything is better!*

*if you're a tau, Marine, or CWE player

>> No.53298858

Well, the lucky thing there is that not every enemy has pistols, though against anything that does? Wyches don't even work as a Tarpit.

Say they charge your Devastators, probably manage to kill 1 or 2 if they're lucky. But then they can just try and fall back, or if they fail, just fire off a handful of pistol shots and kill a couple Wyches alongside whatever their attacks were doing. The odds only get better for the Devs if you actually took extra guys in the squad.

>> No.53298874

>if you're a Marine player
questionable, since they're adding in marines 2.0 alongside them

>> No.53298875

I'm cautiously optimistic, doesn't look good per se, but looks better. And we've seen a fraction of the rules. Maybe DE have some leadership-effecting tricks up their sleeves that cause extra wounds. Who knows. Trying to keep pumped for Dark Eldar after the lack luster faction focus

>> No.53298897

You think you got it bad?
>Faction Focus: Adepta Sororitas
>We basically didn't squat you guys

>> No.53298899

They guy who wrote the article claimed that Wych is "Top 3 most improved unit"

So far not very impressed, maybe if the Wych get +1 to their roll-off. Crisis suit with their 3 weapons look more improved than Wych.

>> No.53298934

You guys got it the best! Tired of those sissy female not-marines? BUY BIGGER MARINES

>> No.53298958

In other words, Marines are getting better?

>> No.53298966

Pretty good. Make sure you give em a good dusting before you put some more paint em.

>> No.53298974

Just for some numbers, 10 Wyches charging into 10 tactical marines. Making some assumptions about how attacks on the charge and for 2 cc weapons work.

Right off, 10 marines rapid firing bolters on overwatch is 3 hits, and unless they're in cover you're probably looking at 2 dead before you even get into the fight.

From there, 24 attacks on the charge for the Wyches, 16 hits, only 2 unsaved wounds thanks to low strength. Special weapons might boost that, but I'm leaving those out since we don't have full profiles.

The 8 marines swing back with 8 attacks, killing about 2 wyches.

Then battleshock happens, the wyches losing 4 girls and the marines losing 2. Assuming average rolls and Ld 6, the Wyches will probably have another girl run.

Then, assuming the Wyches stop the marines from fleeing, or the marines choose to stay, the marines get their 8 pistol shots. Even being pretty generous, that's going to be about 3 more dead Wyches. By now, there's only 2 left in the squad. Their next round of 4 attacks does little even if they hit, and the remaining marines can easily mop them up.

>> No.53298978

Why would the devs ever fall back? They hit and wound on 3s against them AND have pistols.

>10 wyches assault 5 devs with 4 heavy bolters
>12 HB shots and 2 bolter shots on OW
>2 HB hit and wound and kill 2 wyches
>assuming a kindness in that wyches hit on 3s, 16 hits
>wounding on 5s is 5 wounds 4 saves
>wyches get hit 3 times, 2 wounds, 1 save
>at the end of combat Marines have killed 3 wyches and the wyches 1 Marine
>shooting phase
>Marines shoot 4 pistols, 3 hits, 2 wounds, no saves
>its now 4 Marines vs 5 wyches

>> No.53299031

This is just embarrassing. Dark Eldar arena shows must be the most laughable things as all the Wyches run in, fail to hit eachother with their swords in an insane display of agility, then they all forget what moving is as they carefully aim and shoot eachother in the head.

>> No.53299037

You are making so many terrible assumptions here.

>> No.53299045

I did some math, if you use a command reroll on the No Escape, like the article recommended, then the unit trying to flee has a 16/81 chance of successfully disengaging (just under 20% chance).

>> No.53299064

Such as?

>> No.53299081

Yeah, after the incredibly tepid DE article, it's going to be hilarious to see how they try to make sisters sound improved despite not actually fixing anything.

>woah guys look out repentia are so good now that they don't always strike last

>> No.53299086

Imagine these numbers

9, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2,

Each number is increasing by at least one to a minimum of 6. Here are the changes:

10, 10, 9, 9, 9, 7, 8, 6, 6

The 3 and the 2 are in the top 3 that were increased, but they are still low.

>> No.53299100

Such as not realizing that Power From Pain is going to give them bonuses, their weapons are clearly going to have other bonuses, combat drugs are going to give them bonuses, and we don't know what other special rules they might still have.

It's more likely they're going to be Wounding on 4s, re-rolling 1s, with a fuckton more attacks than you're expecting.

>> No.53299109

If you have a pistol, why would you run? You can just kill them.

>> No.53299134

I just like doing math. Be patient I have autismo.

>> No.53299144

>Sorry guys, we don't have anyone who actually plays Sisters of Battle at the studio any more so we let Robin Cruddace write your rules! We genuinely don't know why you guys still buy these models!

>> No.53299164

I assumed 3 attacks on the charge, which is what they have currently. I didn't think it was a good idea to assume more.

I assumed they had no special weapons, since I didn't want to try and guess at what sorts of other bonuses such weapons might have besides AP -1

I didn't want to assume what Power from Pain did, and figured that with the changes it was probably feasible that they could manage a first turn charge if they really wanted.

The point still remains, unless they get a massive boost in killing power or survivability from somewhere else, they'll lose to Tac marines and only delay them for a turn. That's not what you want from a specialized tarpit.

If power from pain, combat drugs, and other things are going to give them such bonuses, then you'd probably be better off simply buying some Kabalites for cheaper, and having them charge in. They'll live about as long, and they'll still accomplish delaying the enemy for 1 round.

>> No.53299169

Oh shit I just realized Tyranid warriors might actually end up being decent in the new edition since strength 8 guns won't auto kill them. That plus venom cannons now having -whatever AP instead of just hoping you get to fire at 4+ armor saves might really get them back in the swing of things.

>> No.53299171

Don't forget the "Sisters of Battle currently struggle a lot with this issue right now"

Then never mentioning how that actually changes or is fixed next edition.

>> No.53299174

Unless they come outright and say "PLASTIC SISTERS OF BATTLE"... I'm not optimistic. And that's as an non-SoB player.

>> No.53299197

Fair enough.

Or just use gun boats because they're infinitely better in every way. They're more durable, faster, dissy cannons are stronk, and they have a potential 40 shots per boat if splinter racks remain a thing.

>> No.53299203

I think Khorne, Slaanesh and Tzeench would find that amusing.

>> No.53299210


They don't even need to hype sisters for their article. They can just say "Dude. Have you see the melta and flamer profiles?"

>> No.53299222

Yeah, gunboats work too, but I'm assuming some dangerous unit with heavy weapons that you want to tarpit that's mediocre in combat.

From what I can tell, that's the new ideal target for their niche, but unless you get a really big blob against a really small squad, they're going to kill you and be free to shoot again about as fast as if they just fell back against something else.

>> No.53299271

>He thinks Sisters will get a faction focus

>> No.53299285

I doubt they will actually. Everyone wants to know about the top tier armies and the bottom tier armies. Sisters are solidly mid-tier, and they don't care about rules as much as models.

The only thing mildly interesting they could show off is how acts of faith work, but since they wouldn't go very in depth there's little point.

>> No.53299291

>SoB were made to be perfect anti-tyranid army

>> No.53299321

Who/what is the largest """human""" in WH40k?

This does NOT include armor.

>> No.53299331

not florida but in massachusetts it's either humid or winter
no winning here either

>> No.53299345


>> No.53299362


Aren't they only about a head above a normal space marine?

>> No.53299364

The Emperor, technically. Assuming you don't count him or marines, then my vote goes to Sergeant Harker, who's a Catachan compared to other Catachan who hip-fires a Heavy Bolter.

>> No.53299371

They are like 12 feet tall apparently.

>> No.53299424

Really minor thing but you forgot to include firing the splinter pistols. Pretty minor but 10 shots should take down average one more marine.

With current point costs, 10 wyches are 100 pts, 10 tacticals are 140 pts and 4+1 HB devastators are 110 pts. Kinda seems like these examples are stacked against the wyches, however ineffecient wyches are.

>> No.53299454

Texas here, I know your pain

>Houston standing by

>> No.53299467

I thought you guys had dry weather, you're saying you get obnoxious amounts of humidity too?

someone make a new fucking thread

>> No.53299473

ideally either weapon profiles, additional unique rules, or points reduction will shore them up a bit, but who the fuck knows what they'll actually get.

>> No.53299482

Marines are 13ppm, which as a sisters player bothers the fuck out of me.

>> No.53299487

As of 8th, they're 13ppm. I should clarify.

>> No.53299490

I thought the idea of tarpits was to tie up something expensive with something cheap, so I didn't worry about matching point costs with my example.

An extra few Wyches will help, as will firing pistols first, but it isn't a good sign.

>> No.53299505

Gabriel Angelos stands eye to eye with small titans.

>> No.53299543

depends on the part of the state, Texas is bigger then France and houston is by the sea. I'm about 80 miles inland from the sea

>> No.53299561

That makes sense, Texas is fuckhuge, my state, not so much, we have a highly autistic weather pattern though

>> No.53299571

Sounds like PA

>> No.53299579


The largest waste processing center in the entire imperium is located where texas once was.

that's how irrelevant it is

>> No.53299582

>50 degrees the other day
>long sleeves and sweatpants
>70 the next
>90 today

>> No.53299584

>texas is literally a shit hole

>> No.53299586

sounds like its pretty important and helps maintain critical functions for the center of the entire imperium.

>> No.53299596


Yup. That's PA. Today was miserable, and tomorrow is looking to be worse.

Also, don't forget the humidity. Wouldn't be PA if you weren't swimming

>> No.53299617

And yet, much like Texas today, it's filled with shit. I shouldn't talk ill of Texas, you idiots came with us when others didn't, even when you could have taken the chance to seize your own destiny. Your stupid state will always have a special place in my heart.

>> No.53299639

I just want to prime my dudes goddammit, it's fucking awful and I hate it, I can only imagine how bad Florida can get at its worst

>> No.53299655

Thankfully, I have about 15 dudes primed, but I need to do heads and shoulder pads at some point. This weather is not kind to us.

where at dude?

>> No.53299656

Hold on a tick...we know those Wytch weapons have a -1 AP

5 wounds 50% save rate.... means 2-3 dead marines. Depending if you want to round up that .5 marine

>> No.53299659

If the emperor was always around, how the fuck was he able to disguise himself if he was like 12 feet tall?

>> No.53299665

If it makes you feel better, we're heading into winter where I am.
I've been waiting for my box of dudes for a little now, and it's due to start raining. Probably wont stop for a while once it starts.

>> No.53299678

Salem, there's fuck-all gamestores near here, but a Battlegrounds just opened up in Saugus, hopefully it's closer than Hobby Bunker.

>> No.53299682

Which would be great, if more than 2 Wyches in a unit could take those Wych weapons instead of basic CC weapons.

>> No.53299689


>> No.53299701

Does that he finds Khorne to be appealing.

>> No.53299705

I can not wait to get the actual datasheet to look at. I was under the assumption those were their standard weapons.

>> No.53299717

Iirc, you get 1 at 5 and 3 at 10, which means if you want a character in your Raider, you can eat shit.

Oh God no. Wych weapons are their special melee weapons. They were cool and unique in 5th, then got simplified in 6th since they're a pre-decurion Codex.

I'm about an hour out of Philly and 45min from Reading, and there's quite a few gamer stores, thankfully. However, we seem to have to share the 40k players since there aren't many.

>> No.53299736

It was supposed to start raining yesterday, but hasn't yet. By the time I get em it wont have helped, though.

>> No.53299801

we need a new thread

>> No.53299816

What are the most likely chainsword states for 8th?

>> No.53299824


>> No.53299840

automatically hits, ignores all saves. raises user strength to 20

>> No.53299841

S: User

>> No.53299845

Speaking of Adarki Aeldari, how viable are shooty lists with em?

Without having seen an army fielded, I feel it's more to hold the line, or unloading from raiders with splinter racks, but is it capable otherwise?

>> No.53299854

Well...There is some thought of -1AP S: user, but also some thoughts on Damned if we know. We haven't seen an army that has a basic melee weapon. And chain swords were treated as just eh basic CCW for a long time...so we have no idea.

>> No.53299879

I would like it if a Chainsword actually did something beside just being a beating stick. It would make Assault marines more than just dudes with a jump pack instead of a bolter.

But I can imagine a lot of people getting upset because of how they did their models and WYSIWYG and all that.

>> No.53299893

They are S4 Ap -2 in Shadow War.

>> No.53299913

That is true. I'm taking a wait and see mentality for right now.

I doubt they would have an AP as good as some power weapons. I still wouldn't be shocked by a -1. -2 is too damned high. And would piss me off since one of my CSM teams is modeled with them as a CQC/Intercepter harasser squad.

>> No.53299919

Tarpitting is probably dead in 8th. Though it's not like wyches have a large enough unit size to tarpit even in 7th.

>> No.53299926


Deldar gunboats are a thing in 7th, especially since jinking doesn't hurt the crew.

They can be taken in groups of 20, but the problem is they're 10ppm and not actually good at tarpitting.

>> No.53299931

Yeah. They have been sitting out for several years. I just got a display case for them and other models.

>> No.53300024

>Female commanders only
>I want females to all dominate men

>> No.53300093

New Thread

Minimal Memes

>> No.53300597

Cheers anon

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