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>Question, if I purchased both Double and Warp, could I get a hand for each power instead of fusing them? They don't seem contradictory by themselves, but having walking portal clones seems a little too weird.

You mean like Half-Hot Half-Cold, being split down the middle with your powers? Sure, go for it. Things may get a little weird though.

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Finally, a jumpable WIP.

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Bretonnia Jump

"We Gonna Vietnam This Bitch!"
- Lord Protector Anon, The Great Uprising Year 1

Peasant - 1300
Age: 22
Old Farmer Sam (free)
A Pig in Shit (free)
Merry Man (1100)
The Hope of Arc (800)
Conqueror's Tapestry (700)
Brigade (300)
The Muster x3 (0)

Not going to play fair with this one at all, every peasant is getting an AK-47. Doesn't take much to get the people riled up at the nobles and once they realize they have a weapon that can kill easily kill knights they're already out the door. Each of my companions is deployed across the kingdom to lead an army so that we can rise as one and prevent the lords from coming together quickly.

Most knights are bushwhacked along country roads as farmers suddenly whip out AKs from hay stacks. Most battles end up in slaughters as Royal forces charge machine guns in trenches or wood line, the few battles they win are due to rebel lack of discipline. Sieges are quick affairs when cannons are used.

It is at this time that the truth (with some propaganda) about the Lady of the Lake, Wood Elves, and the children taken is revealed. Casualties are high but greater numbers, modern firepower, and lots of napalm clear out the pointy eared bastards.

With the nobility overthrown and the elvish masters killed or fled Bretonnia creates a democratic government. The army maintains strong boarders and the country enjoys a new era of peace and prosperity.

Glory to Bretonnia!

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Reminder its now canonical that everyone in Overwatch likes pineapple on pizza, according to interview with game director

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Let the Waifuing Commence!

>> No.53293520

Jumpers, have you ever aggressively adopted someone?

>> No.53293523

Too bad no Marvel Cosmic jump. Being a Herald of Galactus or Franklin Richards , hanging with the GOTG, discussing philosophy with Silver Surfer, busting criminals with the Nova Corps, & messing with the Kree/Skrulls/Shi'ar/Spartax Empires.

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Can someone in here please say they're still on my side with the hating pineapple on Pizza? The IRC is completely infested with heathens.

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Writer me pressured Tokiomi to let me adopt Sakura by guilting him about what would happen to her if he handed her to the Matous. Then I gave him a flashy light show with my superior jumper powers and told him she could become powerful under me.

And that's how Sakura became a magical girl.

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There is nothing wrong with hating pineapple on pizza; you're being a turbo memeing ultrafaggot.

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>Can someone in here please say they're still on my side with the hating pineapple on Pizza?

They need therapy apparently, do not worry I am perfectly sane and on your side.

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Similarly there is nothing wrong with pineapple on pizza. If done right the sweet-savory combination works perfectly fine.

>> No.53293628

Why would you put a sweet and juicy fruit on top of a salty, delicious pizza?

I mean, they can have their own opinion but I don't like pineapple on my pizza.

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>Painting of a Bretonnian soldier in the First War of Greenskin Extermination

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Define 'aggressively adopted'. Do you mean adopting someone by force, or do you mean taking them from their previous home via violence? Because for the latter, I 'adopted' Crona and Eleven from their respective mad scientist parents, but for the former I took Samara with me after gathering her soul from all the places it had been spread across. She was very confused at first, but seemed to take it pretty well after she figured out what I was doing.

Pineapple on pizza?! That's...that's...DOUBLE HERESY.

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Thanks for the answer.

>> No.53293640

Reading this now, and I like what I see so far. Since you're slowly becoming our magical girl anime expert, have you thought about trying Twintail? I'd love to see that done.

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I approve of this plan. Mind if I steal it? I need to restock on cute lolis to brighten my sad existence companions , the last one got old and left me to "save the world" and silly stuff like that.

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>The challenge to destroy the soul scales with the strength of the being. There will be many defense mechanisms the soul has if it’s terribly strong.
This is fucking retarded. Why does it add a bunch of non-canon spiritual defense mechanisms to souls that don't fucking have them. Rarely is the strength of a soul correlated to a being's physical strength, and their soul is only made stronger for the purposes of giving the user an artificial challenge. Seriously, it'd be several times harder to destroy a horse's soul by the way this perk works. Oh well, if you want to add dumb, non-canon bullshit to the function of this perk, I suppose I'll do something equally stupid and use the myriad methods of soul transfer to put legendary opponents' souls in fucking mice.

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They must be purged

>> No.53293685

I don't put copyrights on my plans or stories.

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Pineapple on pizza is the Devil's own food. You evil bastards.

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This looks really interesting, from the summary.

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You sound like a saboteur.


I amass my allies!


I don't necessarily disagree with that, but food wars are fun. If you wanna be Switzerland and mediate this, that's a noble role too.


No problem dude, would have answered last thread but your post was literally the last one before it died.

>> No.53293709 [SPOILER] 

Eh, I'm more of a "you look like you haven't eaten in days. Here, have a soup. And clothes. And-" and 15 minutes later they are sleeping in a comfortable bed, very confused about the creepy, nice spider person.

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ewww the only good topping on pizza is pepperoni. Heathens indeed.

>> No.53293724

I agree with you're criticism but chill out dude. You're being kind of rabid badger person there.

>> No.53293728

But they do have protections in canon.

If your jumper can't kill a horse on their own, I wouldn't call them pathetic but they would need some training perks and quality time at the gym. Horses are strong, but not that strong.

But you tried.

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Bad touch! Bad touch!

>> No.53293743

Yup. Pineapple on pizza is an abomination.

>> No.53293753

Oh my god, you dumb fuck. It says strength, not physical strength. There's no reason to think that taking a soul out of its body and putting it into a physically weaker one would reduce its power, you piece of shit.

>> No.53293760

One more thing: The being can't resist getting their soul taken out if you use the ritual. That's the big advantage here.

>> No.53293761

Never had it, so I'm a neutral party until I give it a shot. Which I probably won't, doesn't sound great.

>> No.53293773

Horses don't have souls, anon, the perk wouldn't work on them. They don't have souls. They fucking don't. Shut up, tumblr.

>> No.53293789 [SPOILER] 

I haven't eaten pizza with pineapple in like 6 years but I don't remember anything wrong with it? I don't remember the pizza being salty though.
I have moved away from this so-called "heresy" and on to making my own homemade pizza. It's square. And delicious.
Don't be shy anon, I'm not going to eat you

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Is that a little girl or boy? I think that spider lady is fatting up the kid for a big meal.

>> No.53293806

It's a straight shota monster hentai.
Learn to use image search, please.

>> No.53293813

Oh, I get you. I've done that from time to time

>mfw I recognize that panel and remember where it's from
The name is the only thing that escapes me.

>> No.53293831

Did you see >>53293640?

>> No.53293833

Judging from the fact this is a straight shota doujin, it's a boy.
I'm not going to tell you the details, but it involves poison and people turning into spiders. You know, wholesome fun for the whole family. I just like her face
Kumo to nie if I'm not mistaken

>> No.53293841

The Abyss brought on by torturing Manus.

>Dark Firelink
We don't know what's going on there at all, nothing can be said about it.

>Firekeeper Ending
Nothing goes wrong except the sun goes out. Considering humans/pygmies used to live in absolute darkness underground I don't think that's a big deal.

>> No.53293850

Except there is. It scales with the strength of the being, adding spiritual defenses whether the soul has them canonically or not. And unless you really fuck up your soul transfer, then you shouldn't be adding any non-canon defenses to their soul, and the ritual should work based on their new strength.

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The anti-hawaiian army grows by the second. Good, good, we ride at dawn.


If you wanna join Switzerland Anon, that's fine too.


Quake in your boots while you still have the time! Homemade pizzas are legitimately great though, that I agree with. Cooking in general is fun though.

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Cheese and fruit taste like shit together.

>> No.53293869

And how does this reality work out for everyone?

>> No.53293886

That's actually a brilliant plan, smash wormman's shit and then go "they'd be shitty teachers cause they're a dying line and aren't worth shit as can be seen by me trashing their house with a fucking tank, let me teach her how to be a mage"

>> No.53293893

...spiders creep me out, but it feels weird that I actually prefer black sclera to white. It feels better.

No bully.

>> No.53293894

Tomato is a fruit.

>> No.53293911

Canadian bacon is good on pizza, but my step-mother likes pineapples on pizza and that's disgusting.

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>> No.53293930

I don't recognize that name. I don't actually watch a lot of magical girl stuff actually, aha. I'm very picky about the media I watch and partake in.

But it's light novel stuff, and I don't really do light novels. I'll check it out, though. I have a boatload of other jumps I want to do, like Generic Ulster Cycle, Fire Emblem Valentia/Archanea, Urusei Yasura, Princess: The Hopeful, and Night In The Woods.

>> No.53293957

What's your jumper's most monstrous alt-form look like?

>> No.53293970

It's a fun show.

>> No.53293975

It's Kumo to Nie
That's fine. Demon Spiders are fine too.
Why the hate? Is it a meme?
Fool, I do not wear boots! They were destroyed along with my dignity when Scion tried to waifu me.

>> No.53293982

>Dick Gods want to wipe out humans
>Surviving humans stuck on island
>Have to rely on middle school magic girls

"Fuck it! Everyone on the spaceship, don't ask where it came from! We're moving to another planet without divine assholes!"

>Fly by sun
>Launch doomsday bomb into heart of sun
>Jump to FTL before solar system goes supernova
>Colonize new planet
>Repopulate human race

>> No.53293984

>Not liking pineapple on pizza
>All these people who agree with this madness

I thought we were friends NuBee, and then it turns out you and these anons all feel this way in your hearts? You're dead to me, all of you!


>> No.53293991

Black sclera are objectively superior anyway, spiders notwithstanding.

...Do we have any perks that give us that, or would biomancy or a customizable altform have to be involved?

>> No.53294006

I am truly monstrous

>> No.53294011

I don't like pineapple to begin with, so putting it on pizza is blasphemous.

>> No.53294019

a lot like this

>> No.53294024

Jump # 100! DC (Kicking it Old School)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Background: Mortal (0)
Location: Santa Prisca (DC Animated Universe)
*Unrealistic Proportions (0)
*Peak Human (0)
*Genius (200)
*Master Planner (200)
*Mental Resistance (150, Discount)
*Master Detective (100, Discount)
*Sidekick – Doom Chan (300)
*Kryptonite (50)

Background: Mortal
*Unrealistic Proportions
*Peak Human
*Master Planner
*Mental Resistance
*Equipment – Smart Cape

SO this was surprisingly fun. We landed on a small island nation near Mexico. Doom – chan qnted to conquer it (I let her read about her counterpart… maybe I shouldn’t have) At first I was against it but then I found out It was the place that sentenced Bane to a life sentence before he was born. I lifted any objections.

I worked with her to make sure the plan involved as little bloodshed as possible even supplied her with some power armor and robots (It just seemed right for the job)

Taking it over wasn’t too tough I played the role of her dragon and my companions were reluctant henchmen (She treated them well because she knew I was the only reason she was able to do this)

While she planned for her next big thing I went about improving the standard of living in the country, with magic and technology so Doom-chan became really popular and actually got legally acknowledged as the ruler of the place.

(to be continued)

>> No.53294034

So is now a bad time to mention I grew up on applesauce pizza?

>> No.53294037


We've always been on opposite sides of the offense on matters like these. This is just like that time you thought hugs should be the preferred form of greeting while being blind to the truth of hello suplexes. Look how that turned out!

>> No.53294039

Then she turned her sights on a few other south American countries figuring it was time to expand.

This brought us in to conflict with the Justice league. I hadn’t intended to be a villain but ok we’ll just role with it.

Well things didn’t exactly go well and we were forced to retreat (Even Animated Superman is Superman) Doom-chan Cursed Batman as he became her RICHARDS.

However as we retreated I did point out to them that the place we were trying to conquer had a horribly corrupt government and an extremely low standard of living. I think they shot back with, that’s not the way things are done. The rest of the 10 years went about the same we won some but couldn’t hold it or we lost outright.

It isn’t easy trying to improve the world through villainy.

>> No.53294042

>our magical girl anime
How many jumpmakers have niches anyway? Anon Heart does webnovels, Val does a lot of Fate and webcomics, Heavens has... other people's abandoned jumps and Kamen Rider?

>> No.53294048

True form jumper doesn't look like anything.

>> No.53294059

You sure you want to do that?

Outer space is populated by Vertexes. There are eggs there and the baby stardust will reform into new Vertexes and chase your colonists. And attack them.

>> No.53294062

You are an abomination

>> No.53294070


Appropriately enough, the free perk from Hero Academia.


Welcome, brother. Get your combat forks at the armory.

>> No.53294074

I like her style

>> No.53294098

>pineapple on Pizza.
Pepperoni, sausage, and bacon for life.

>Current Chain
Anything bonded with my Symbiote.

>All time
Probably my Kaiju form from Pacific Rim.

>> No.53294110

My moth jumpers have black schelra. Shit is fucking sick.

>> No.53294111

Basically Slender Dragon.

>> No.53294121

Why does everything suck?

>> No.53294123

>spiders creep me out
Yeah, before I alright with them but when one bit me in South Carolina and caused the skin to dissolve. Now I kill every little fucker.

>> No.53294128

What is this from?

>> No.53294129

Hey jumpers, remember how I keep saying I want to make a ship captain jump or make an unpdate/dlc for Star Trek that lets you command a starship? Well I did bit of work that project since I had a sudden jolt of inspiration and it kinda turned into a complete remake for the existing Star Trek jump.

It's still heavily WIP but I wanted to post it anyway just to show I'm still thinking about the ship captain idea.

>> No.53294135

>liking pineapple on pizza
I can't even look at you anymore, Worm.

>> No.53294148

Oh yeah, we call those Brown Recluses. They're common down here.

>> No.53294150

Only pic I could find.

>> No.53294152

>Appropriately enough, the free perk from Hero Academia.
Huh, right. For some reason, I thought that was an altform. Thanks.

Yeah, it looks awesome.

>> No.53294167

Did... did a fem DOOM waifu you?

Can we also march on those filthy chocolate chip pizza heathens?

>> No.53294168

My NGE Angel form is the freakiest looking one I have so far.

>> No.53294171

Aren't those spiders deadly? I don't think a bite from one would just dissolve some skin.

>> No.53294173

Counter point:Pepperoni,bacon, extra cheese.

>> No.53294181

It was probably your fault

>> No.53294182

I do give you options to make it better.

Drop-In line was designed to give players the best opportunity (But not the ONLY one) to tell the Taisha to suck it and you could use the Miko perk to verbally decimate the Divine Gods into submission.

This isn't the only way, and it's entirely possible to spend the rest of your days in the jump fighting the Vertexes with out of context stuff. I'm just saying that running away isn't going to be the best option.

>> No.53294193

Thus the voyage of the Sidonia began, with only her squadrons of Gardes to protect her.

>> No.53294196

Pepperoni and mushroom w/alfredo sauce reporting in.

>> No.53294197

They're deadly because they cause your skin to dissolve. They have necrotizing toxin, which means it just causes massive cell die-off around the bite wound. First your skin will rot, then your muscle tissue, and you'll just end up with a big patch of scab and eventually scar tissue. The deadly part is that such wounds easily lead to infection and sepsis.

>> No.53294200

It's a new, social based chain.

>> No.53294203

>Honorary Q

>> No.53294204

*Sorry, not Miko, Messiah perk

>> No.53294206

Would I be correct in assuming that the ship a captain gets would be the same type as TNG Enterprise?

>> No.53294218


The fuck is a chocolate chip pizza?

>> No.53294247

Shaped like a pizza, but with a cookie for the crust, sweet cream for sauce, chocolate instead of cheese, and sprinkles or gumdrops or chocolate chips instead of pepperoni.

Or something like that.

>> No.53294258

At least the powerwankery of Q This is gone.

>> No.53294261

Some variants also don't have sauce and are just a big cookie.

>> No.53294276


That's just a giant cookie calling itself a pizza. They're not heretical, just disillusioned.

>> No.53294277

That's terrifying!

>> No.53294281

What would happen if you took I Found It Beneath Me and Skyfather? Would you be Skydoom? Or Doomfather? Or something else entirely?

>> No.53294284

Counter counter point, every meat they've got.

>> No.53294288

Literally just soggy crust with chocolate chips sprinkled on it.

It's every bit as disgusting as it sounds, but it's bizarrely popular at the places I've seen it.

>> No.53294301


What the fuck is this abomination.

>> No.53294306

What are some good places to go if we want to overthrow a needlessly oppressive totalitarian government?

>> No.53294307

Thanks for creating this jump.

Are all of the powers in this jump borrowed from the Shinju-Sama, or just the Mankai Form?

I haven't watched this show yet, but I heard that Mankai Form can automatically activate against the user's will. Is this true? If so, since the perk isn't listed as mandatory, is the perk optional?

How would Mankai Form and the rest of the borrowed powers interact with a perk like the one in Marvel Magic that lets you completely gain ownership and control over borrowed/stolen powers?

>> No.53294312

Kill them, kill them all.

>> No.53294319

You'd just be Doom.

>> No.53294323

What about cheese stuffed crust?

It's a custom ship that can by anything from a runabout to the Enterprise.

No as in don't include it at all, or make it an option to be a random energy being instead of a straight up Q? Also there is kinda a precedent for this in the show since Q gave Riker some of his powers as a test, and like it says in the jump the powers would be heavily watered down.

Also like >>53294258 said, It's supposed to replace Q This and I was thinking of adding a power that makes you more resistant to other forms of time, space, or mental fuckery.

>> No.53294327

Someday I'll have enough appearance perks to be as pretty as you. Someday.

>> No.53294331

Nah, it's gross.

Well, you're wrong. But I am an American, so I will defend your right to be wrong.

>> No.53294333

This guy >>53294203
has a point. We're at the point where being a Q tier being is actually possible with in jump purchases. Just make a Q jump, that bonus background basically just prohibits such a jump from being made and will cause endless shitflinging.

>> No.53294344

It'd be fine if it was just a giant cookie, but it's not. It's wrong somehow. Like an uncanny valley for pizza.

That sounds pretty metal, anon.


Really it's a mercy killing at this point.

>> No.53294347

She wanted to see the universe, it was the only way we could accommodate her. We're getting along famously... just don't make any sudden moves.

>> No.53294353

Too easy

>> No.53294360


>> No.53294367

Is there enough content and lore about the Q for one?

>> No.53294369

Wait wait wait. Chocolate chip pizza as in, chocolate chips on pizza crust? Not a cookie made to look like a pizza? What the fuck?

>> No.53294371

>Stuffed crust
Wary, because I've encountered too many heretics who like stuffed crust, then eat the pizza crust-first and eat inwards

>> No.53294376

So you fused with her?

>> No.53294381

From what I remember it's like a large Chocolate Chip Cookie, however the only time I ever tried one I was hammered so hard I woke up eighty nine miles from my house on a train with tickets to Disney World and no idea where intervening time went. So I might be wrong.

>> No.53294395

>It's a custom ship that can by anything from a runabout to the Enterprise.
With a 600 cp buy in and that amount of variance. . . would we need max drawbacks to get a fully outfitted Galaxy-Class/Enterprise?

>> No.53294402

That IS heresy.

>> No.53294404

Eh, no. That picture is a style of pizza that has kind of a sweet thin crust, and then it has sort of a soft, thick cookie inside the crust, and then it has chocolate chips on top.

>> No.53294406

The Hero System derives its power from Shinju-Sama, but you won't need to worry about it working when you leave the jump if you're concerned about that. The Hero System you buy in this jump and the better version of the Hero System you can earn in the scenario work just fine without them.

I'd imagine that you'd be able to keep your senses, yes. But I don't think Shinju-Sama would be happy about that.

>> No.53294407

Cosmic power DOOM was amazing. Really neat watching him defend Earth and then raid hell to save his mother's soul.

>> No.53294408

I don't even know what it is, honestly. I only the that shit once. But it didn't taste like cookie.

>> No.53294414

I prefer cookie pie

1) Pie crust
2) Cookie dough
3 Whipped cream
4) Chocolate syrup

>> No.53294421

Kek. If you have a Trump altform, what are you doing not building a wall and making the Zerg pay for it? Damm illegal aliens.

>> No.53294432

Mhm. It was a little overwhelming at first, but we're inseparable now and it's fantastic.

>> No.53294434

>Having money
You make the Protoss pay for it anon

>> No.53294440

Don't know yet, right now I'm just throwing around ideas. But a Galaxy class will very likely be one of the most expensive things you can make.

>> No.53294449


>> No.53294455

I'm gonna bake the biggest pizza cookie and give it to Ruby Rose when I go to RWBY, just to spite >>53294312.

>> No.53294472

Not even close, if the Protoss were ((())) they would be telling us to accept the Zerg, only a minority cause harm.

It's (((Kerrigan))) you should be worried about.

>> No.53294473

>supposed to replace Q This
Awww... ;-;

But I don't exactly blame you, senpai.

>> No.53294481

Tremble in fear!!!

>> No.53294484

Well shit, was hoping for a fully equipped Galaxy Class. With a builder that will be impossible.

>> No.53294491

You disgust me.

>> No.53294504

Just give her a normal giant cookie, you filthy fucking heretic.

>> No.53294509

I think Digger was Kamen Rider wasn't he? Red does demon jumps. Cracker Jack was Exalted. SMT does SMT. OAA does large jumps. That's it for our namefags

>> No.53294511

Don't worry, I'm not going to be finishing this jump anytime soon.

>> No.53294523

>what are you doing not building a wall and making the Zerg pay for it?

I have really great people, the best people, working on the wall right now and it's the best, we're talking big. No longer will we have these bad hombres coming into our homes putting hardworking people out of jobs.

>> No.53294524

I got a female doom from girls und Panzer and am in the process of building her up to be more doom like in ability. I have no plans on waifuing. She is more a rival/friend at the moment.

>> No.53294542

that's adorable.

>> No.53294543

DeSu's done mostly Atlus games so far.

>> No.53294553

Pineapple does not belong on a pizza. Neither does canned spaghetti. And yet there continue to be heretics proclaiming otherwise.

Grilled chicken, bacon, and extra cheese are the best.

SpiderAnon, are you trying to give moths a run for their money as my favorite monstergirl? Because it's working.

I don't have a great picture of it, but that would be my Pyroclastic Dragon form that I picked up in Forgotten Realms. Basically a massive lava dragon. I don't use it a lot because it is fucking huge and radiates a ton of heat. I tend to make metal too hot to hold just by standing near it for a little bit.

If you need a better visual, take a Reign of Fire Dragon for a base. Now make the skin barely cooled lava that cracks and drips when moving. Then swap the breath weapon out for literal lava spewing. That's pretty close.

Raven gave herself a unicorn alt-form. She never uses it because we tease her about it relentlessly.

Best waifu has become shit-tier overnight. News at 11.

I'm not even dignifying this with a disgusted remark.

>> No.53294557

You. I like you.
Note to self :get earthbending, build walls on planets and demand people pay.
Ruby is cute. You guys think people will bat an eye if I claim to be a "Spider faunus"? There is that one scorpion guy.
We will make Space great again!

>> No.53294561

>Cracker Jack was Exalted.
Mardukth. Cracker does comics jumps.

>> No.53294581


>> No.53294603

>Cracker Jack was Exalted
Think you mean Mardukth, mang. If I have a jumpmaking theme I guess it's shitty fantasy and superhero stuff.

>thinking it's still your chain
>thinking you have any choice in whether waifuing goes down
Sure, buddy. Keep telling yourself that.

>> No.53294606

>That pic

>> No.53294613

I do Fire Emblem!
....it's been two months since I've last done a Fire Emblem jump. sobs

>> No.53294619

Probably not too many.


Long as you're not swapping to a different mount, I think it's fine for both of those.

They do, they get a discount on the first purchase of a noble title at any rank, just not a second one. So you can buy a Baron title for a discount but anything after that is full price.

Worth it.

Nothing for Drop Ins to get as perks or items.
Might add locations later but as it explains, the majority of Bretonnia does get pretty samey. Knights on the coast! Knights on the mountains! Knights in the forest! That sort of thing.

Locking them let me specifically make them, which I think made them turn out much better. Still thinking of one for Peasants but it is one of the reasons they get more CP, that they lack one.


Almost no one ever includes either of those last two and I certainly can't be bothered altering all of my jumps that don't include it.

Because there's going to be like a dozen Warhammer jumps by the time I'm done and the idea of you starting 120 years after you are supposed to is ridiculous. All the Warhammer jumps take place at the same time but with continuity stuff, the world likely has changed significantly from anything I describe in the jump.

If you want me to add a Drop In, tell me what to base it off of that has enough room for two perk lines and two item lines. And not Wood Elves because they're getting their own jump.

That seems a bit much maybe? For a jump based in real world science, offering a perk that solves all the problems no one has been able to doesn't feel too fitting.

Only Damsels, sorry.

Of the guy your Demi-ing sure, not of another one entirely.

Eh, not sure how that'd work unless there was some sort of invisible dome aroudn the sides and top to stop it being infinite space. If that's the way, then sure.

Glad to hear.

>> No.53294622


In this form I hunt for only one thing

>> No.53294623

They'd be more surprised if you told them you WEREN'T a spider faunus. That being said, you have a lot more of your animal then most faunus do, so people will be curious about you. Most of them only have one feature, so you being as spider like as you are will cause a lot of people to want to study you in case you're a new breed/subspecies.

>> No.53294633

For every Cookie Pizza you make, you fucking heretic, I will do my "make the best cookies ever, put them in front of Ruby, then deny her them" plan one more time. YOU DID THIS!

>> No.53294638

>Shit tier
Fucking finally, now I can live my life without you damn farm industry puppets getting all up in my business. It's time that a Worm_Anon can hold their head high and walk down the street without having a bunch of d-degenerates try t-to...hold their h-hand.

>> No.53294656


Here Val-Senpai, have my build >>53290361

>> No.53294659

That might not be good for your health.

>> No.53294666

Well, if you're going to go all tsundere, I'm going to have to put the crown back on you.

>> No.53294668

It's okay Worm, even if you have shit taste you're still best girl in my eyes. And I'm still going to hold your hand.

>> No.53294674

We love you worm_waifu, despite your shit taste in pizza.

>> No.53294697

Aww, I'd blush, but I'm running out of non-lewd reaction images
>study me
Oh boy, like that's ever gone well in the past. I'm gonna go with "Semblance stuff, maybe. Probably. Touch me and I will make it look like you hanged yourself with your clothes".

No bully the Ruby!

>> No.53294706

9-11 are the best, though 1-2 are pretty good as well.

>> No.53294713

Most classically monstrous is a gaping hole in reality that's sort of a cross between a wolf's maw, a vagina and a skyscraper, its dimensions lost into the night sky.

Most disturbing is a wave of flickering force that just so happens to go through everything in its range, pure sentient causality that doesn't even bother pretending to be otherwise. The overwhelming feeling in its presence is that everything that happens here is so because I will it.

>> No.53294742

Sorry babe, but you're deeeefinitely in the wrong here.

Homemade stuff on the other hand, is amazing.


>> No.53294766

You know she prefers strawberries right?

>> No.53294783

Hey Val, I have a question about the For Bretonnia! Scenario. The reward at the end says we can use all of the main lores of the Warhammer world, but does that mean we know them automatically or just that now we can actually use them? Also, what are those lores, out of curiosity?

Aside from that, is the 12 Ordeals drawback supposed to be 600, or was that a mistake? Since there's a 300cp drawback right after that. Also, for Wrath of the Brettoni, does this apply only to mundane weapons, or to any weapon you own? I'm guessing only the former, but I just want to make sure. With all that said, great job on the jump Val, it's a lot of fun just to read it.

>> No.53294787

Hey Val. Commoners are missing a scenario. Maybe a Jeanne d'Arc style revolution, convincing not only the peasants but the nobility for change. Then have to implement a successful government for a period of time, while dealing with Wood Elves, Empire, Beastmen, & Greenskins?

>> No.53294791

Even if mai waifu is shit...
I won't give up!

>> No.53294794


From this image, 1,2 and 5 are the best

>> No.53294815


The pain this war has caused me and my heart. What is a man of conviction supposed to do for his people in a situation like this!?

>> No.53294816

Then it shall be a strawberry cake cookie pizza.

>> No.53294832

Duke seems like it'd be really weird in any non-fuedal society. Does it just give you appropriate land, or actually persisting political power?

>> No.53294839

Nice. How'd you get those, if you don't mind my asking?

>> No.53294842

I dunno, 1 and 2 have their charm, but I'd rather see 7 or 8 any day of the week. 4 is saved for sexy party nights.

Of course, I'm also a sucker for a girl with the right build in a suit, so I might just have shit taste.

>> No.53294865

You know them. They;re the lores in the corebook. Light, Heavens, Metal, Life, Beasts, Fire, Shadow, Death.

I know they're missing one. That situation is already the base for one of the 600 perks, didn't feel it'd remain that special if I made it into a scenario as well.

It gives what it says it gives. It says it gives both of those so I'd say yes to both.

Shit, does it say 600? Yeah, that's definitely 300. My bad.

Mundane stuff only.

>> No.53294895

Depends on the feel you're going for. If you have maids to actually clean your house 1,2,3, or 4 are probably the way to go. If you have them as a fetish thing 4 and 6 work. If you want combat servants 10, 11, and 12 are the obvious choices.

>Suit girls
>shit taste
No you have best taste

>> No.53294901

Well, if you can't beat them, you know the drill!
Must... Not... Think... Lewd... Thoughts.
Admirable resolve.
>9-11 are the best
I will hold your hand Worm~

>> No.53294903

Update time.

Drop In now gives 200CP.
Spelling and Grammar stuff.
12 Ordeals now gives correct amount of CP.
Cleared up stuff like how the Knight discount thing works.

>> No.53294906

Thanks Val.

Going to have to agree with this anon >>53294895, Yoro. Suit girls are amazing.

>> No.53294936

If you import a weapon into Leap Across Kilometers in a Single Bound, can you still use the item outside of Hero mode?

>> No.53294939

>I will hold your hand Worm
Read that as something completely different

>> No.53294959

>Of course, I'm also a sucker for a girl with the right build in a suit, so I might just have shit taste.

That's some gold taste right there Yoro

>> No.53294972

Ara ara~
Girls in suits are 8/8

>> No.53294981

My brethren from separate female parental units.

>> No.53295010

Is Green Knighthood an alt-form?

>> No.53295041


You guys are okay please come to the next thread later

>> No.53295099

>sharp, classy suits
On this we can agree.

>> No.53295108

Suit girls are pretty great

>> No.53295134

If you like. It'd remain so if you chose to handle it that way.

>> No.53295147

Fruit in general does not belong on pizza.
It is you who is the heathen.

But it's a free country. At least where I live.
You can enjoy gross pineapple pizza if you really want to.

>> No.53295180

Suit girl appreciate unites us all. Who would have guessed it?
Especially considering the number of people I know in real life who hate the look.

>> No.53295210

So a slight update on Orcs and Goblins.
1. Racial Stuff is now done.
2. Drop-In [Tactical Cunning Orc Boss] Perks are also done.
3. Big Boss [Terrifying Murder Machine Boss] Perks are now done.
4. Working on Shaman [Wide Application of 'Safe' Magic] and Great Shaman [Really Zoggin' Big Spells] Perks.

>> No.53295213

....there are people who don't like the suited lady look? How? Why? Madness!

>> No.53295214

My Hero Academy
Villain 800
14 yo female
Superficial mutant free (red skin, horns, claws, slightly larger incisors, in shape(basically a oni))
Empowered quirk 2 600
Quirk, Tier 3 Longevity, gets harder to kill the older I get, can eventually heal from anything but only at normal healing speed 300
Quirk marriage trajectory tier 3 (empowered quirk 1) -100

Quirk Breakdown
Super hard to kill, and getting harder every day, can innately determine trajectories of objects within the 20x20 cube even should they change while within the walls (thanks to being made of extremely large amounts of even smaller cubes than normal) making me super good at melee fighting (or dodging)

Slashers smile free
Gallows humor free
Without a trace -300
Uncivil servant -700
Disarming disposition free

Crippling weakness (headaches from using trajectory) -500
Quirky -400 (generally a flakey person, forgetful and doesnt act like things matter in the short term)
Tragic backstory -200
Bitter rivalry -100
Social anxiety 0

I wanted to hang out with deku amd meet allmight, I still may, if my crippling flakey villain ness will allow me too.

Maybe I can just go into a bank and glare sheepishly at the teller till they give me money?

>> No.53295222

Gotta agree with Worm >>53295213

>> No.53295223

Should I go Drop-In or Two-Star?

>> No.53295236

Hard to believe I know, but such heretics do exist.

>> No.53295244

>going Villain


>> No.53295245

Go Three Star, you know you want to.

Get the Satsubooty

>> No.53295256

>Suit girl appreciate unites us all. Who would have guessed it?

To be honest, it doesn't take much for me to appreciate a look but that also goes the other way as well

>> No.53295283

I would if I had anything to offer her secret objective.

>> No.53295288

>there are people who don't like the suit girl look

>> No.53295294

I wanted the 100 cp perks more than amy of the other stuff and I wanted to rob from banks on talk like a pirate day by loading up a ship with antigrav and wearing an eyepatch and hat, crashing through a wall, and saying "YARR GIVE ME YOARR BOOTY YE DIRTY LANDLUBBERS!" Heros cant do that.

>> No.53295313


Suit girl is great but Military Uniform girl is better to me, that might be due to army indoctrination though.

>> No.53295314

Acceptable reasoning.

>> No.53295333

having never watched kill la kill whats there to do?

>> No.53295344

Friends who have apparently just been confirmed to have shit taste.
I tried to show them the glory. Really I did.
I suppose the only option left now is murder.

Two-Star is early chain, Drop-In if mid to late chain. If only because it's fun to mess with everyone with OOC powers.
>He's naked and they still have powers?! HOW?!
>Oh god, he's posing on the rooftops again!

I can also get behind Military Uniform girl.

>> No.53295361

Satsuki, Nonon, Mako, Mako's mom, Ryuko.

>> No.53295366

is a high school where everyone dresses sexy because clothes are evil aliens trying to take over the world.

>> No.53295374

I can approve of this.

It would be a mercy, really.

>> No.53295394

>Suit girl is great but Military Uniform girl is better to me, that might be due to army indoctrination though.

Like I said anon I like lots of different types of girls. Maids, Androids, Muscle Girls and it goes on and on

>> No.53295395

>the free perk from Hero Academia.
How does that work with the Quirkless drawback?

>> No.53295431

There is a character who is, technically, quirkless who does not have normal human proportions.

>> No.53295433

Val why isn't there a peasant revolt style peasant scenario?

Wouldn't have to have an equal reward to the other ones but it'd be neat.


>> No.53295436

Pick up the Fashion Label from Career Model and then troll Ragyou by pretending to be an entirely different species of ancient alien who is also manipulating the evolution of humanity through an entirely different brand of magical clothing.

>> No.53295444

Who is it?

>> No.53295461


Izuku still has green hair despite originally being Quirkless and some people's Quirks have nothing to do with their appearance, so personally I think the mutations are a disconnected thing. In other words, Quirkless doesn't affect Superficial Mutant.

>> No.53295474

>Maid Girls
Never really got the appeal of maid girls, I think it might be the cap and apron. I find a girl cleaning in a t-shirt and yoga pants hotter than a girl in a French maid costume.

>> No.53295480

the crazy milf lady?

>> No.53295489

All Might

>> No.53295503

That'd be her.

>> No.53295508

Wait, was he originally Quirkless?
I thought had a Quirk that fused with One for All or something?

>> No.53295510


>> No.53295518

I assume he was just emaciated from the side effect of his ability,I have Met people as skinny as him IRL.

>> No.53295525

I just want to say that the Alt-chain builder that got posted two threads ago, is incredible. Thank you, Alt chain builder anon.

>> No.53295531


All Might is the eighth person to have One For All, Deku is the ninth. All For One's brother was the first. All Might was originally Quirkless, like Deku.

>> No.53295543

First off spoiler that shit

Secondly no. The first bearer of One for All had an a Quirk that fused with a new one and became One for All, and All Might's mentor had a quirk of their own, but we don't know if that fused with One for All or not.

His skinniness is not the problem, it's the rest of his proportions

>> No.53295553

>Never really got the appeal of maid girls, I think it might be the cap and apron. I find a girl cleaning in a t-shirt and yoga pants hotter than a girl in a French maid costume.

I prefer the Victorian style or a more full dressed main myself because the french maid outfit is overdone and over worn

>> No.53295561

Nope, Quirkless. It's part of why he empathizes with Deku so much. The last wielder of One For All to have a Quirk separate from it was All Might's own teacher.

It's not a side effect of One For All, he's just very ill. He took heavy damage in his last fight with All For One, a lot of his organs are missing now. That said, his weird facial shape and hair horns seem to exist on their own, separate from his health.

>> No.53295568

>Izuku still has green hair despite originally being Quirkless
I personally believe that too, but I just want to say that it's interesting that viewers are so used to colorful hair in anime that they don't think about it. Like, "people have green hair because of the same thing that makes people look like rock monsters" is a totally sensible in-universe explanation, but even without that we wouldn't have thought twice about Deku having green hair.

>> No.53295576

Detailed earlier but it's because one of their capstones already does exactly that. Would be much too easy a scenario. Did try to think of something else for their 600 but nothing really came to mind.

>> No.53295586

You're welcome. I've been adding bits and pieces, but I'm going to have to re-write it eventually. I can't keep making the descriptions shorter to keep all the Pros on one page.

Still taking suggestions for more Cons, by the way.

>> No.53295602

could you elaborate? he seems to have a longer neck, but everything I see is within human tolerances
>It's not a side effect of One For All, he's just very ill. He took heavy damage in his last fight with All For One, a lot of his organs are missing now. That said, his weird facial shape and hair horns seem to exist on their own, separate from his health.

So he has a Bruce Campbell Jawbone without the Flesh to back it up and a weird haircut, I'm not seeing anything inhuman.

>> No.53295603


Yeah man, I had to think twice just thinking about that answer before posting it before settling on the idea that it probably would be the result of the mutations in-world. It's mostly because the writers already like messing with tropes that I believe that.

>> No.53295614

Adventure Girl!

>> No.53295619

Still has the cap and apron, much more appealing with just the dress

>> No.53295622

Arms are not that long compared to the chest
The chest does not usually take up that much of one's height
That chin is way pointier than should be possible.

>> No.53295651


>> No.53295654

Not sure how to word it, but some sort of 'Armchair General' con in that you cant take any combat perks and have to rely on other skills and methods.

>> No.53295658

>Still has the cap and apron, much more appealing with just the dress

Caps and Aprons weren't just exclusive to the French maids anon, Other Maids had them as well just in different styles

>> No.53295664

The Knight Title thing is still sort of unclear, you only buy the Knight Title once so why would need more then one discount? If you were a Knight Origin and wanted to be a Duke you would pay 300CP instead of 600CP like the other origins correct?

If so then you probably should replace
>Knights gain discounts on the
first purchase of Noble Title Item,

> Knights gain a discount on the Noble Title Item.

>> No.53295668


Also his eyes, which naturally have black sclera that has nothing to do with One For All.

>> No.53295669

For the Bret jump, which I'm a fan of by the way, how constrained are you by the Winds of Magic? If you do need them during the jump, do you need them afterward?

>> No.53295674

>Arms are not that long compared to the chest

my arms reach down that far,even when they're in my shoulder sockets what are you talking about?

>The chest does not usually take up that much of one's height

It's half your height. That's normal

>That chin is way pointier than should be possible.

Okay, that one. I might have to give you,but I have met people with pretty Pointy chins. so I wouldn't say in human just unusual.

>> No.53295686

you can get tattoos that do that,Totally possible for a normal human being.

>> No.53295691

I wouldn't keep making descriptions shorter. Let those Pros breathe! An extra page would actually help your presentation a little.

Also, I swear I had several suggestions for you the other day, but now I can't remember any of them.

>> No.53295692

I think its from Slayers.

>> No.53295712

Don't encourage SB-tier products

>> No.53295714

It's an item, why couldn't you buy it more then once?

Correct, Duke would gain that for 300cp.

As I said above, it says they only get a discount on the first purchase because you can buy it multiple times. Nobles often have multiple titles, especially at different levels. Though in Bretonnia it's seen as tacky to use more then your highest one in most circumstances.

Your magic works as normal in future worlds, as if the winds were with you, even if they aren't.

Basically just assume things are continuing to work as they did in jump.

>> No.53295738

>Your magic works as normal in future worlds, as if the winds were with you, even if they aren't.
But during the jump they're a factor, yes? Just asking because I plan on going Damsel and taking the scenario, so I need to know what all I'm working with and against.

>> No.53295746

Normal humans reach, about, half-way down the calve. All Might's reach to his knees

No. Your legs usually take up more height than your torso with your head making up for the rest, All Might's torso takes up more height than his legs.

>> No.53295748

>Tfw you become Spanish Electrical Batman and bully Shadow Stalker by killing her phone every time she goes to school using Electromaster, but tm she finds out and the situation escalate so you shut down power at her home, but the PRT crack down harder so you make their tinkertech weapons stop working, and then the S9 takes notice of you being an anti-tinker and says "hey, this girl looks pretty fun", and then Leviathan attacks and you accidentally electrocute heroes because you're throwing lightning around like an idiot, then you gift Contessa Worm.pdf in exchange for everyone to leave you alone

I want off this ride.

>> No.53295753

Yes, you're subject to the winds as any spellcaster is.

>> No.53295761

Is it just me, or does that girl look really happy about her situation? The expression on her face makes her look like she's in love instead of in pain.

>> No.53295768

I think we're assuming All Might does not have body modifications beyond working out Tera, jesus fucking christ.

>> No.53295781

Your first mistake was involving yourself in the plot.

>> No.53295794

Why are you namefagging like anyone cares? This isn't your blog.

>> No.53295796

I'm sorry, but I've enchanted my ears to turn stupid comments into lovely Electro Swing music, so I'm afraid I didn't catch that.

I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be out of her mind, not enjoying it, but I can see what you mean.

>> No.53295801

Awesome, thanks again.

>> No.53295822

Why wouldn't he? Yoro is himself an SB-tier SBer.

>> No.53295825

How about adding that one house rule about anything you buy in a gauntlet becomes part of your base form as a pro?

>> No.53295826

if you look at the picture in >>53295602
you can see that they don't reach to his knees either noticed the band on his right leg and the pocket on his left leg. You usually don't put pockets on the knees in cargo pants. Since the contents would be crushed so his proportion are fairly accurate,but we may have different interpretations of the picture. >>53295768
why are we assuming this? was this ever explicitly stated anywhere? The argument is whether or not he is within human tolerances ,black sclera is within human tolerances

>> No.53295833

>Benefactor Wants a Pacifist Run
That sounds interesting. I'll see what I can do.

Don't worry about it. I'm lurking just about every day, so if you you post, I'll see it, probably.
tfw Yoro saved a picture I posted

>> No.53295835

Wow, it's almost like it's a stylistic choice and not meant to depict a normal looking human being.

>> No.53295838

Damn right.

>> No.53295848

There are a few gauntlets that allow you to access other perks, though.

>> No.53295860


>Please stop, I'm trying to kill you not bed you.


>Please! Just die already.

>> No.53295862

It's so you can ignore me senpai
Ah, but I didn't. I just bullied Shadow Stalker, because she's prime for counter Bullying.

>> No.53295871

Jump #101 Castle of Puzzles (instead of Puzzle League)
Background: Drop In (0)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Starting Location: Prison Cell
*Sagacious (0)
*Scribble pad (0)
*Lateral Logic (100, Discount)
*Mortal Replay (200, Discount)
*Clued In
*Quizard Castle
Friends New of Old (400)

*Last Hope (+0)
*Imprisoned (+100)
*The Quizard’s Curse (+100)
*No Cheating (+ 200)
*Too Easy…? (+200)

So this was not an easy world. It wasn’t threatening really but everything took a lot of time. I couldn’t get more than a couple steps without being confronted with another riddle or problem to solve, even talking to my companions was a pain.

It was an interesting journey, I fought Dragons and demons with riddles and advanced math problems, Braved deadly traps with logic puzzled and rescued a couple princesses.

In the end the Quizard himself was a pain. Do to his curse I had to do it all on my own too because my companions could only speak to me in riddles.

Still I managed to best the Quizard’s riddles and recapture the blue diamond freeing the kingdom.

By the time it came to leave I was glad to be going. The inhabitants tried to thank me but… more puzzles. I think I need a break from puzzles after this.

>> No.53295873

Tera this word was used multiple times. Tattooing your eye is not natural.

>> No.53295896


It is a stylistic choice. Stylistic choices in this case have a canon source for their weirdness.

>> No.53295901

>Contessa Worm.pdf in exchange for everyone to leave you alone

>Contessa: All According To Keikaku.

>> No.53295908

>Spanish Electrical Batman
>stealing collarbones' schtick

>> No.53295920

Even the abhuman abomination-type eyes?

>> No.53295924

I think that's the whole point of the argument.

Like, we shouldn't expect manga characters to have 100% realistic proportions or body shapes, either due to the art style or for whatever other reason you can think of. However, the existence of mutations potentially provides a justification for why manga art staples, like unusual hair colors or overly large eyes, would exist in the setting.

We're almost certainly not going to ever get a statement from the author to the effect of "mutations are why everyone looks like anime" or "no, they just look like that because it's a cartoon," but I think it's interesting to think about.

>> No.53295947

I'll just toss them up then whenever they pop back into my head.
It is a great picture. So much story and so many possibilities packed into it.
I get the same way whenever I see someone else post a picture I posted initially.

... Have you been reading my Hetza sidechain notes?

>> No.53295950

No, see, he's Chinese.
I dress in bright red colors and speak with a funny accent so it's okay.
Oh shit.
Would giving Contessa Worm.pdf be a good thing or a bad thing?

>> No.53295961

I think that's smite's scylla, so she'll get better.

>> No.53295962

You know what's really sad? That for all her hatred of SB, Val might as well be an SBer. Guess it must really hurt to look in the mirror.

>> No.53295971

What causes the cost for activating Trump Card? Is it because the Shinju-Sama wants an offering, or is it something like the backlash of using too much power?

>> No.53295992

Does the Taisha Bloodline Book also make you rich in other jumps?

>> No.53296007

So who's ready for Twin Peaks return?

Would it be a fun place to jump in?

>> No.53296014

>Listen we're intervening on you dude.
>Dude you're no longer allowed around Silica.
>Why would I want to be around her!?
>You beline for her every time we hit the arena's dude.
>You don't understand man! She's gotta die! She's a monster.
>Yeah we get it, but man... you do know the only interaction she's had EVER is people cursing her and killing her right? She's twisted to the point she thinks of death as well... last time you guys met. Now she's trying to keep herself 'safe' for you. It's really improved her game all around but by thunder that's disturbing. You're not allowed around her.
> ;;(-_-);; Okay man.

>> No.53296019

>a good thing or a bad thing
It might help her build some better models, but I think that giving it to Tattletale, to see what kinds of shit she can pull from it with her power, would be more fun overall.

>> No.53296029

Does the Hero System from the scenario include the phone app?

>> No.53296059

Is there a Bayonetta jump in the works?

>> No.53296071

My body has been readied. My mind will never be ready. Perfect state for watching more Twin Peaks.

I'd probably make a Deadly Premonition jump before I do a Twin Peaks one though

>> No.53296072

Ohoho, that's a nice idea.
... I don't know if I find this funny or oddly comfy . 4chan has ruined me.
At least my shitposting has images. 1/10.

>> No.53296083

>bright red
You'd be Spanish Electric Robin, then. The whole Chinese Electric Batman thing is because of all the stuff on his belt, as well as his color scheme.

>> No.53296089

You can still use the item outside of Hero Mode if you imported it. No reason not to.

It's weird, like a lot of stuff in Yuki Yuuna Is A Hero you're lucky if stuff gets elaborated upon. Which is unfortunate, because the setting is really interesting.

I'm gonna rule it's more of a backlash, since that's how I felt it was written in the light novel. Mankai was a new addition to the system.

Yeah. Not on the level of a millionaire but comfortably living, at least.

>> No.53296104


>> No.53296111


Yeah, when Quirks started appearing, humans also started being born with all sorts of bizarre mutations. It got so bad that society broke down, humans had to redefine what human was, laws had to be rewritten. Writers basically point as that for the source of all weird character designs since they can be as non-descript as someone randomly having slit pupils and fangs all the way to looking like a rock monster or standing two feet tall with classic cartoon proportions. It's been so long since this has happened that it's basically normal, no one besides maybe All For One was from the era where humans had a much more standardized appearance.

>> No.53296112

>Deadly premonition jump.
I don't know, Zach. Sounds pretty good to me.
what the fuck were the zombies?!

>> No.53296129

Sucks for all those people that get to be ugly without any powers.

>> No.53296136

When you make it.

>> No.53296144


They might have just been straight up demons or all in his head. Who really knows.

>> No.53296156

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you dislike SJ-Chan?

>> No.53296165

>Prepare to die, vile monster!
>Where is my hero?
>...excuse me?
>My hero. My precious hero. The one who I have such fun with, my sweet, adorable, ruthless killing machine hero. Where is he.
>Uh...we decided we weren't going to let you two fight anymore, so-
>You did WHAT?
>We...we decided that you weren't going to fight anymore-OH GOD NO NOT THE FACE NOT THE FACE!

>> No.53296185

Darker than Black jump when.
I must challenge Hei to a eating contest
Fuck it, I should just carpet bomb the town with ghost napalm.

>> No.53296186


Yes, yes it does.

>> No.53296197

Indeed it does!

>> No.53296211

Which one?
>You're 11/10 but you're quirkless
>You're -2/10 but have an OP quirk

>> No.53296223

Mr Spider Anon
Perhaps the zombies were just a trick of the light.
Maybe they were demons made by York's mind for him to fight.
Though really, the game just needed some combat to be considered right.
So says Mr Stewart.

holy fuck Deadly Premonition is so damn good

>> No.53296234

11/10 obviously, overwhelming beauty is a power all on its own.

>> No.53296239

>implying being 11/10 is not a Quirk
"you're so pretty I could die"

>> No.53296243

Would you consider yourself an SBer?

>> No.53296251


>> No.53296256

So is there are way to make sure you are looking at the current state of the drive? I feel like the uploads folder is showing stuff already moved.

>> No.53296260

11/10 but quirkless. If I'm -2/10, then either I don't exist or I'm so ugly I'll have heart attack upon seeing myself and die. In fact, I'd probably pull an Ugly Barnacle and be so ugly that everyone died.

>> No.53296266

Quit it with this SBer bogeyman nonsense.

>> No.53296267

what the fuck. why did you post that.

>> No.53296276

I'm leery of adding anything that has to do with Gauntlets, since they're not a huge part of Jumpchain (not a whole lot of them, and I rarely see discussion regarding them) and so I'm not all that familiar with them (except treating the ones I take as normal jumps, which might be a tad controversial).

>> No.53296279

Whistling intensifies.

>> No.53296301

God damn it, anon.

>> No.53296328

Your meek silence does more to condemn you than you know.

>> No.53296348

Hey Valeria if your still working on the Warhammer Fantasy Jumps might I suggest looking up Warhammer Total War. It's portrayal of all the general factions could give you some ideas for your next one.

>> No.53296353

Ohmigawd you sound so silly. Like, usually I just laugh at the posts and move on but daaaamn are you turning up the drama voice to a level that has me giggling. Keep on keeping on anon.

>> No.53296354


>> No.53296365


>> No.53296369

Haven't decided where I stand on that issue, but I found an absolute abomination.

>> No.53296377

He's been a lot more dramatic and over the top lately. Talking about stuff like justice and honor and all that. It's actually kind of funny.

>> No.53296378

>Jumper gets hurt before regen perks

>Jumper gets hurt after regen perks

>> No.53296381


>> No.53296385

So how is the Undertale AU Jump coming? Been gone for a day so I don't know if it's gotten an update.

>> No.53296387

I do like that game, though I only played it when it just came out. Had a look through them for Bretonnian stuff but don't think I ended up adding anything.

I do make sure to check stuff like that or WFRP or even skim what I can find on novels when I'm doing the jumps. Still happy you took the time to suggest it though.

>> No.53296392


>> No.53296397

Is there a list of harem perks?
Specifically looking for those that make people fine with you having a harem?

>> No.53296414

Ain't that always how it is when mutants start appearing? The X-Men can act all offended about the idea of cures for mutation when they're all extremely attractive (the worst it gets for them is Beast, and he's still handsome in a blue ape-cat way) and have really great powers, but all the mutants that are just ugly and don't have anything in exchange for it probably are singing a different tune.

>> No.53296416

Hey, some people aren't doing so well in this economy so they have to eat cheep.

>> No.53296418


I was starting to feel that way yesterday when he started talking like a god judge with the "You disappoint me with this showing" and "I find your character lacking."

>> No.53296420

No, just no.

>> No.53296426


Hero BBS is the best one if I do say so myself

>> No.53296438

There's a good one in Generic Sitcom, if you don't want to go to anywhere dangerous to get one.

>> No.53296439


Are those fuckin marshmallow peeps.


I think they're marshmallow peeps.

>> No.53296442

Hell was made for a reason.

>> No.53296457


>> No.53296468

I totally keep thinking of Darth Vader reading the lines.

>> No.53296472

Oh, right, the murderfucking that's a metaphor for commitment issues. I knew that corpse looked familiar.

>> No.53296480

Try not to prove yourself "unnecessary".

>> No.53296484

Well it's that time again I am looking for some more suggestions to fill my list of jumps to roll for. Here is a list of jumps I have already taken https://pastebin.com/u26SLK0X

8. Free Choice

>> No.53296486

Hey Val, you said you were working on Vampire Counts next, right? Will origins be based off the different bloodlines or something else? Because I'm torn between the Von Carsteins, who have that classic Dracula feel, and the Blood Dragons, who are just badass in general.

>> No.53296488

>Oh, right, the murderfucking that's a metaphor for STDs.

>> No.53296492

Why would you want any? You don't have to take that path, anon.

>> No.53296496

Yes, those are, in fact, marshmallow peeps.

>> No.53296500

I think there was actually an offhand comment in Boku no Hero about how technology to assist people whose quirk or mutation inhibits their daily life is actually a decently sized field.

>> No.53296509

>Darker than Black jump when.
>I must challenge Hei to a eating contest

Ooh, now that sounds like a good idea. Drop-in/Contractor/Doll/Operative(for being mundanes like the cops and Huang), and options for government/Syndicate/Evening Primrose? Bonus points for renumerations, from "simple thing you don't like doing" like November to "time consuming but otherwise not bad" like the rocks pattern frog to "this actually sucks" like Havoc (best girl didn't deserve it) with increasing cost reduction/points bonus?

>> No.53296513

Senran Kagura

>> No.53296520

Everyone is already unnecessary, there's no point to any of this.

Warhammer Fantasy Ogre Kingdom
Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings
Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnia

>> No.53296522

It's a metaphor for both. Don't just read the obvious interpretation, anon. There are clear themes throughout the film of needing to find someone you can trust to support you. And I mean, yes, one of the things you're looking to be able to trust them about is that they don't have STDs, but it's more than that.

>> No.53296524


That's a good one too, especially if you imagine him miming a force choke at his computer screen.


But I was already deemed unnecessary, anon. Me and DevilSurvivor both got our judgements delivered during thread 1500.

>> No.53296529

Warhammer Fantasy: Dogs of War

>> No.53296537

Mortal Heroes Gaunlet

>> No.53296538

Fooly Cooly

>> No.53296539

Sherlock Holmes

>> No.53296543

That it probably is.

Not exactly a harem perk but it sure would help.

There are two types of jumpers, those that go after harems intentionally and those that have them form by accident.

>> No.53296555

That poor pizza....

>> No.53296562

>If we want to overthrow a needlessly oppressive totalitarian government?

You had best be talking about the Tau.

>> No.53296571


Added to the list

I am sorry but I have already done that one

>> No.53296579

Maybe something that alerts your arrival and/or nature to the major players of the setting each time? Something that makes it hard to stay low-profile or uninvolved in the plot.

>> No.53296592

Says you, anon.

>> No.53296601

Generic Children's Television

>> No.53296613


>> No.53296620

Okay, origins.

Right now, we've got 4. Vampires (Obvious), Necromancers (Obvious, Wights (Wight Kings plus most of the other forms of physical undead like zombies or ghouls) and Wraiths (Cairn Wraiths plus most of the spectral undead).

Everyone gets two perk lines except vampire, which only gets one. This is because Vampire gets 5 sub origins based on the five bloodlines. You pick one to decide which bloodline you are (Though there will be an optional drawback to give this up for points) and each bloodline also has 4 perks to pair with the general vampire ones.

>Havoc best girl
My brethren.

>> No.53296627

Alright added to the list, thank you to everyone who suggested a jump.

>> No.53296637

Let's say I'm a Jumper who doesn't like adventure, I have no particular desires to gather power, unique experiences, or waifus. I am perfectly content to just stay home all day.

Is it possible to be a jumper with this mindset?

>> No.53296652 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53296655

I think 40k galaxy would be better off if we went around destroying every planet with a civilization with a tech level higher than Industrial Revolution.

>> No.53296657

Yes. That's part of the reason for drawbacks.

>> No.53296659

Perfectly content to stay home? Oh, that's fine.

But the adventure is coming to you.

>> No.53296683


Be the conduit for more interesting companions. Assemble a cavalcade of adventurers, ambitious entrepreneurs, heroes, villains, keikaku masters, business morals and so on. Exist to enable them as the metaphorical source of their power, ability to hop through the multiverse and immortality. Super companion build.

>> No.53296696

Assuming you include the hive fleet in that assessment, all that would do is deunify the Imperium and make it easier for the forces of chaos to take over completely.

>> No.53296700

Sounds cool, looking forward to it Val. I'll try to find stuff to suggest or add if that helps.

>> No.53296704

Set things in motion with your OOC powers. Be a cosmic story-teller.

>> No.53296749

That sounds like something that mimics what lots of drawbacks already do. I'm looking more for things that will change the rules of jumpchain, or rulings one way or the other on commonly accepted houserules.

>> No.53296755

I'm including every civilization, blow up anything capable of space travel or with a population too big.

Kind of difficult to take over the galaxy when you're stuck on one planet.

>> No.53296774

>mfw I find two people who have seen DtB
>and one has top-tier taste
It's a certainly a surprise.

>> No.53296794

Why? Wasn't DtB fairly popular a few years back?

>> No.53296795

You are an enemy of humanity.

>> No.53296814

Diminishing returns on perk stacking

>> No.53296818

Not if you live in the warp and are able to open up portals to these worlds on a whim.

Like I said, you're just hamstringing everyone else for an easy chaos victory.

And that's to say nothing of the Manifest Destiny of humanity you filthy heretic.

>> No.53296825

Appreciated anon.

>> No.53296827

There are people who don't do diminishing returns?
Fucking powerwankers.

>> No.53296868

It's going to be a lot of fun aping injuries to freak people out.

>> No.53296870

Guess adding purging destroying tainted planets to the list then.

>> No.53296874


>> No.53296914

What happens next?

>> No.53296918

Awesome, very nice edit, thank you.

>> No.53296921


>> No.53296943


>> No.53296961

I like how the Destroyer Golem/Armor is being offered donuts.
And is going to take one.

>> No.53296965

So if you take co-op mode are both people treated as the Jumper? What if one dies?
Does Flexible Travel Schedule mean that you can spend just one year in a setting by arriving late and leaving early?

>> No.53296968


>> No.53296977

The Chaos gods would just taint the planets you spared. Good luck killing those guys.

Oh, and if you did manage to do that the need for the purges with in Imperial society would be reduced, so you just murdered trillions of people because you're a disgusting utopian heretic with no grasp of the state of the universe.

>> No.53296980

Not naturally they arent, tattoos are literally scars where you force ink into the scar. That is not natural. Its nice but not natural.

>> No.53296991

>So if you take co-op mode are both people treated as the Jumper? What if one dies?Does Flexible Travel Schedule mean that you can spend just one year in a setting by arriving late and leaving early?
Both excellent questions. Will clarify.

>> No.53297028 [SPOILER] 

>go to Chick Tracts
>meet that world's me
>during early high school

Should I steal his/my soul and walk out with it?

>> No.53297029

>you just murdered trillions of people because you're a disgusting utopian heretic with no grasp of the state of the universe

I prefer to thing of myself as a wildlife conservationist.


>> No.53297063

Would you sell it to you? If yes then yes.

>> No.53297083

How many of you does this apply to?

>> No.53297121

me with nazis

>> No.53297132

That thread was fucking hilarious. Hard sci-fi meets "HARD MEN MAKING HARD DESCIONS WHILE HARD!"
Spacebattles is basically the Imperium of Man sometimes.

>> No.53297135

>I prefer to thing of myself as a wildlife conservationist.

So at least you admit you're a utopian heretic with no grasp of the universe. I'll add postmodernist to that as well.

The only path to a heaven for all worthy is through the Emperor and his love.

>> No.53297162

Yes, for Eldrazi and similar beings.

>> No.53297166

Only if you aspire to a higher level of staying at home all day.

>> No.53297190

Nice to see this is still being worked on.
>filename 0.07
>pdf text 0.06
Don't lose track though!

>> No.53297198

>utopian heretic
Utopian doesn't really fit because that would mean I'm attempting to create the perfect society. I'm just exterminating growing infestations.

>> No.53297201

>Take the Ogre Kingdoms jump, be a vegetarian Hunter who was outcasted from his tribe but stumbled upon, helped, and tamed a elder Ice Dragon. Be basically an Orge Knight showing up to help towns under attack and then flying off after they are saved.

>Go to Bretonnia be a Knight but have your dragon be your mount. In addition to being sue as fuck by being the only Bretonnian in history to tame a dragon you also should not only get all the riding perks as a Knight but also both Barding and The Mane of the Purebreed. And to top it all off get the Grail Knight so that not only do you have ridiculous powers, but you share them with your dragon.

>At this point both you and your Dragon are probably the strongest mounted fighter in all of Warhammer History with only the Green Knight or some other heavy hitters able to think about beating you.

>Then pass the Knight scenario and become the Green Knight.

And that is how Jumper saved Christmas, and also stopped the End Times.

>> No.53297208

Sure, but it'll get boring to write pretty quickly unless the call to adventure becomes the kidnapping to adventure.

>> No.53297234

It's all philosophy that has it's basis in postmodernism.

>> No.53297237

Probably not, seeing as I/he didn't/doesn't believe in them.

>> No.53297254

Do you think he'll fall for the whole, "well if you don't have one sell it to me anyway no skin off your bones, eh?" bit?

>> No.53297259

They're called Lampreys. They can't be anything good.

>> No.53297261

Let's Conquer An Alien Planet was fucking great.

>> No.53297271

>Be Green Knight
>Realize you're getting weaker, and need to recharge
>Start looking for successor, and find badass knight who has a fucking dragon for a mount
>He manages to pass all your tests, and becomes the new Green Knight
>With his dragon, he then proceeds to smack the shit out of the Forces of Chaos
>You can just chill and fight green skins and other non-world ending threats
>Feels good, man

>> No.53297295

I'd be expecting that from myself, because I'd know it's the exact sort of thing I would've found clever at the time.

I guess I could just show me everything, but I don't wanna break my heart and prove that everything I know is a lie.

>> No.53297312


>> No.53297346

Yet another reason to disallow SBers. Vile to the man.

>> No.53297349 [SPOILER] 


How about you tr and help him anon rather than steal his soul?, and if you have any matchmaking perks and mentor perks help set him up

>> No.53297357

>Taking ALL of them Hunter Mount perks.
>Then Taking ALL of the Bretonnian riding perks.
>And adding to the OPness having both form fitting armor for your mount and that ridiculous mount booster.
>Then using that one riding perk which shares powers between you and your mount as well as being both the Green Knight and a Grail Knight. Your mount would basically be indestructible.

At that point your probably could save Bretonnia by riding a damn donkey, having a dragon as your mount is just overkill.

>> No.53297373

How did you do it?

>> No.53297379

I always screw up in-document an document title version tracking.

>> No.53297395

It's one of those legendary threads from SB, where the players were the AIs controlling a sleeper ship that accidentally ended up in an inhabited system. SB being SB, they decided the only reasonable course of action was to make a bioweapon that was less 'disease' and more 'organic gray goo' because they have never understood the idea of moderation, especially in the context of running a site.

>> No.53297414

That world's crazy and I'd feel better taking at least some part of him someplace where his/my worldview is/was valid instead of crushing his/my dreams.

I mean, come on. Wooly mammoths, a hoax? The poor kid'd probably jump off the school roof.

>> No.53297420

New Star Trek series trailer just dropped, think show will be worth adding to existing ST jump, be it's own, or pretend it never happened?


>> No.53297438

...Yeah, I've learned not to get my hopes up with that network.

>> No.53297443

So basically that's their equivalent to /jc/ trying to minmaxing all things that could conceivably exist?

Is that why they're constantly minmaxing in the Jumpchain thread? They're convinced that everything in existence is a potential threat that needs to be dealt with?

>> No.53297453

Does the purchased Trump Card include mythological figures from the current world, all previously visited worlds, or all worlds visited after this jump?

If you get the Hero System from the scenario, do you still need to buy the Trump Card perk?

Is the backlash a result of the Trump Card system or the power itself? If you had a way to steal or copy the individual powers borrowed with the Trump Card system, would you still have the backlash?

>> No.53297470

>those Klingon designs

I don't know how to feel.

>> No.53297481

Most of the Capstone's seem less useful than the 400 CP perks in their respective trees.

>> No.53297482

Nah the Jumpchain thread is entirely different stupid. These guys were worked up because they met alien life and they were territorial ambush lampreys. Ultimately saner voices won out and they didn't go through with it.

>> No.53297488

They're literally just walking happy meals for the warp. Killing them is a mercy, only the Jumper and other outsiders have the right to not get fucked.

>> No.53297501

This thread sounds great. Do you have a link?

>> No.53297525


>> No.53297540 [SPOILER] 

>That world's crazy and I'd feel better taking at least some part of him someplace where his/my worldview is/was valid instead of crushing his/my dreams.

What about temporarily adopting him and then move him to another jump so that he can be safe and have an adventure. But I'd still recommend giving him some therapy, mentoring and helping him adjust if you do go through with my plan instead of just stealing his soul and being done with it.

>> No.53297574

SB existed as a VS debates board, and has retained part of that even as it transitioned to a fiction-focused site. That spark of munchkinry has not gone out, and probably will not until the site itself dies.

Like, they did a Battletech/modern Earth giant collaborative fic once. Huge thing, produced like a hundred pages of fiction and plans for a lot more, had it's own subforum. It died in a flurry of arguments between the EARTH STRONK and BT STRONK crowds arguing over the direction of the plot and not agreeing to anything because they were convinced their universe was stronger than the other and wouldn't come to a compromise because their e-penises were at stake. Hell, VS Debates function as "two people enter, talk past each other, and leave thinking they won" and that's how it is 99% of the time unless someone manages to make something brilliant out of it (First Age Middle Earth would kick the shit out of Halo).

>> No.53297605

You got a point, anon.

>> No.53297627

>those uniforms
>dat ship
Muh dick
Annndddd it's gone.

Also, 2fucking spoopy. I was literally just talking about how I'm surprised there hasn't been a new Trek in a while.

>> No.53297636

Please, the "my fiction is stronger than your fiction" argument existed LONG before SB was even created. Literally every site that compares power levels has the same thing.

It's kind of hilarious when you think about it.

>> No.53297654

The best VS debates are the ones involving Exalted. 30+ pages of shit that is literally 'Perfection can beat omnipotence/stuff way beyond the scope of Exalted/literally anything!' vs 'No that's retarded'. The best.

>> No.53297662

>For a jump based in real world science, offering a perk that solves all the problems no one has been able to doesn't feel too fitting.
I don't know, I thought it would be fine since it only applied to math problems. Stuff like the millennium prize problems, which if you just couldn't with this perk, would make it less useful.

>> No.53297679

The fundamental "thing I like versus thing you like" is pretty much the internet. You could say we're even worse about it since instead of fiction half the arguments here involve made up rules or people

>> No.53297696

They kinda remind me of an alien creature from Stargate Universe. They burrow underground then jump up at people and burrow through their chest.

>> No.53297698

>You got a point, anon.

Glad I was able to help anon.Also image limit reached, Heck

>> No.53297714

Well yeah, SB started off as SD.net for people who thought Star Trek would beat Star Wars and those damn Warsies are oppressing us there.

>> No.53297724

Yeah...Capstones were never my strong suit. I'll think about them. There's the big concern that the capstone will be far too OP and also because I'm uncreative when it comes to them. I work best when I have limits. Capstones don't have limits.

Unless you want me to pull stuff whole cloth out of my ass not based in canon like being able to manipulate the Hero System and all other tech-based transformation stuff, but that seems like stuff too OP even for a capstone.

I'm going to go with the sane answer and go "mythological lore from this world" which is not that much different than our world.

No, you don't need to buy the Trump Card perk if you get the Hero System from the Scenario. It's so much more buffed from the buyable one, so it has both Trump Card and Mankai. Fighting off the Vertex is fucking hard, so you should have a suitable reward.

You'd still have the backlash, but out of context stuff that you probably have like regeneration/mental health perks should be able to mitigate the damage.

>> No.53297738

Just feels weird that a jump about doing science has a perk that solves a lot of the science for you.

>> No.53297740

How good is the Wish-Granting sorcery trait from the Fate jump? Does it make it so I can use magic circuits to power other magic systems? How inflated is the casting cost?

Most importantly, is it worth choosing over a Reality Marble?

>> No.53297764

Star Wars wins

>> No.53297765

>not having the Reality Marble of Disney's World, within which dreams really do come true
git gud

>> No.53297777

Depends on how you use it mostly. Teeeeechnically? Exponentially or something. Basically way, way more then doing it normally within whatever system your using is.

Depends on your past and future build and how you measure worth.

>> No.53297779

>They're literally just walking happy meals for the warp.

By the emperor, the Postmodernist infection of modern culture isn't just a meme.

They are the Emperor's beloved children, heretic, as you once were. Have you strayed so far from your humanity that you have forgotten the fundamental truths of it's existence. Consider the very fact that we can be consumed by chaos, the sheer scope of the forces arrayed against us. Now consider that we haven't been beaten, and that the struggle has only made us stronger.

In the Grim Dark of the 41st millennium the Eldar Gods are dead, the Hive Fleets encroach ever deeper and consume all, and the Tau offer nothing but annihilation on the altar of their communist philosophy. Humanity is the last weapon with which to defeat the darkness. Destroying us, giving into nihilism simply because you can't see the small moments of joy in an unending sequence of suffering, is playing into the hands of the chaos gods.

>> No.53297800

Wish granting is less about realizing dreams and more about brute-forcing magic with MOAR MANA without needing to actually know how to do it.

Which is basically what the Holy Grail's tertiary function is, right?

>> No.53297802

>Stuff like the millennium prize problems

Having a little experience with scholarly level math and it's applications, this is an OP power.

>> No.53297803

>How good is the Wish-Granting sorcery trait from the Fate jump?

It's a fucking good paired with Leaky Limiter and fast magical regen. Prisma Illya also offers Wish Granting as well, though. Also take Conjoined Conjures from Cardcaptor Sakura or I Cheat from Justice League Dark to smooth over any problems that might result from using another magical system's energy.

Although you could use the servant supplement to give you a Reality Marble as your Noble Phantasm.

So either way, you have lots of options open to you.

>> No.53297806

>Have to write at least 500 words
I'm gonna guess this doesn't compound if I write more than 1000, but either way this is basically going to just be free points or a free perk. I'm still on my Pokemon Jump and I already have 13 pages/8700 words written. Is there something about this supplement that I don't understand?

This is actually pretty good. The perks are at least decent, but the drawbacks sting. I almost don't want to take any other drawbacks because I feel like I'm taking too many disadvantages to make it worthwhile. Also, not being able to take certain origins hurts my builds and conflicts with my creative vision, at least for a few jumps.

>> No.53297812

Sooo why shouldn't they have murdered them all, then?

>> No.53297818

Warsie scum get out, this is a Culture board.

>> No.53297824


Using the "share the load" type perk from Zero, I can distribute mana costs between me (1k+ circuits), my Servant (A rank mana), a homunculus companion with 1k+ circuits, and Tohsaka Rin.

>> No.53297834

So few people write about their chain that being forced to put down 500 is a major imposition to them. The few who do tend to write massive chunks, like you.

>> No.53297856

In their defense, you don't HAVE to take it. It's optional.

>> No.53297861

Good for you mate.

Do...do people think 500 words, with no limit on what sort of thing it needs to be about, about anything that happens in one jump, is that major? It's like a page. Maybe less if you go heavy on descriptions instead of speech.

>> No.53297864


I'd have to get it from Tsukihime, I don't want to be the Servant. But I was planning on buffing up on Holy powers from that one, assuming I can even survive it. (Assuming I'm required to engage with the plot and not just hang out in the Clocktower)

>> No.53297877

Is that enough, though? "Exponential" makes me worried.

>> No.53297892

Don't misunderstand me. I think it's great when people write about their chains. And they totally deserve that one free Con on the list for their effort. I'm just saying it tends to be uncommon.

It honestly feels that way with this thread sometimes. I love it when someone posts a dozen pages about their jump.

>> No.53297904

Exponential? Dayuuum. Is it only used in canon to light candles or something?

>> No.53297909

Well it depends entirely on what you're casting and in what system. A fireball in nasu magecraft is likely going to have a different cost then it would in Fairy Tail or Negima.

>> No.53297917

Damn Trekki socialists with their murder teleporters.

>> No.53297928

The only canon user has only shown a few relatively minor effects and she's got more mana then anyone except a Servant (And likely more then some Servants).

It is used in the Holy Grail system to make it work but it's drawing on the entire souls of multiple servants and the Third Magic to do so.

>> No.53297929

As probable the only person who would refuse the Green Knight's recruitment pitch I have to ask, when is says that you can call him for help even in other universes is there a limit to this? Like can I only call him once or once per jump?

It doesn't really feel right to accept the Green Knight's mantle when I'd be GTFO-ing out after ten years.

>> No.53297933

Hey, question. How do you mentally process the fact that last year xenos were heresy, but now Eldar are not only not heresy, but it's completely okay to be in love with one?

>> No.53297953

It's author pitfall. Write a tiny snippet, and you don't really care about throwing it out to people. Write a fifty thousand word excerpt, and you end up wondering if anyone would actually read through all of it. Especially when many people would rather do their own chain than read someone else's.

>> No.53297956

Is that why the Einzberns need to have Homunculi clones of a family member to become the grail?

If so, damn.

>> No.53297963

Nah, mang, I feel exactly the same way.

>> No.53297968

It almost feels like I'm cheating then. I'm working on the assumption that it won't stack or else I'd have all the bonuses and no drawbacks by the time I'm through with my second jump. Could append a rule to that one that says the wordcount needed for the perk to be gained is double each time.

Is 500 really that much of an imposition though? 500 words is like half a page. I don't understand the point of Jumpchain and CYOAs if you're just going to jerk off to your preferred build without telling anyone. I know this sounds like me being an attention whore but my first thought was to write about it when I got started on jumpchain so that I could create and share content. I think my writing skills are at least decent and I'm doing it for fun and an escape. I'm terribly depressed to the point where I'm actively seeking another job because I'm not having fun with my other hobbies anymore. If I'm gonna be bored and unhappy I might as well get money and experience out of it.

You're in luck, then. I'll basically be writing a novella for each jump in the chain that I'm doing. I looked it up and a lot of the awards for novella's place them at anywhere 7500 and like 14000 word count minimums and some decent number maximum. I'd post what I have so far but I hate releasing incomplete work. It's sloppy and I'd hate to have people get attached to something that's going to be revised I almost never revise my work. Almost all of my writing goes First Draft -> spell check -> final draft, and that's definitely what's going to happen here since I refuse to submit this for editing to people I know because of certain choices I made early on.

I get it entirely. I'm writing it because I want to and someone somewhere might care about it.

>> No.53297974

Guys, you shouldn't been accepting his pitch because it means working for an evil elf goddess.

>> No.53297981

The Spiritual Liege will make it all good.
Unless this leads to an End Times type thing. In which case it's noncanon Heresy.

Einzbern have to specifically engineer Homunculi for extra power to use them as the grail. Being a grail is hard work.

>> No.53297984

>Heavy Is The Quill
That reminds me of what I’d call an actually good challenge from SB.

>> No.53298001

>anything from SB
You having a strike there, mate?

>> No.53298010


>> No.53298011

The Eldar bitch worships a god other than then emperor, it was she who convinced him to not set the record straight on the Emperor's philosophy and it is clear that she holds more sway over the Imperium than anyone but the Emperor should have.

Either the Eldar Bitch is an agent of chaos or Mat Ward is a fucking idiot.

Oh wait, he is a fucking idiot. In which case it's probably going to get retconned at some point, and I don't care. Or it's going mainstream and 40k is dead.

>> No.53298030

Not gonna lie, I thought the shitposting about SB was a blown outta proportion.. but 5,000 CP is a little much. That's only 25,000 words, a moderate amount of autism, but still doable.

>> No.53298039

>or pretend it never happened?
Yeah, this looks like it's just gonna be more NuTrek action focused stuff.

Is it too much to ask for another series like the original shows that deconstructs modern culture through a speculative sci-fi lense?

>My people were biologically determined for the purpose of sensing the coming of death.
Who wrote that and thought it sounded good?

>> No.53298040

That's actually a pretty cool idea. I should try it.

>> No.53298041

How would you suggest implementing it then? Just going with what I posted originally? I mostly just wanted to add something to it because I didn't think it was fully worth the 800.

>> No.53298063

I think the idea is to get you to write about 4000 every jump, so you don't do stuff like "let's jump to X to get a bunch of OP powers and then not write about it because it's boring but gives good perks"

Feel free to adjust points awarded, though.

>> No.53298083

>Is it too much to ask for another series like the original shows that deconstructs modern culture through a speculative sci-fi lense?
...Considering the current state of Marvel, that might not be wise.

>> No.53298091

Whose evil scheme involves saving a whole kingdom of humans from its dozen of potential enemies and make sure the new world is ruled by humans and her two kids. In a plan that will sacrifice herself as well.

What an "evil" goddess.

>> No.53298113

He's just angry, anon. Angry about elves.

>> No.53298118

>Is there something about this supplement that I don't understand?
Most people are lazy and don't writefag for their chains? Originally I was thinking of making it 1000 words, though.

>I almost don't want to take any other drawbacks because I feel like I'm taking too many disadvantages to make it worthwhile.
That means I'm doing it right, then.

There's some not-bad ideas there, actually. I won't be implementing them, but still not bad.

>> No.53298122

She kills little boys for some reason.

>> No.53298123

>You having a strike there, mate?
No, but I did bunt.

>That's only 25,000 words
Well, the whole idea of jumpchain is you’re supposed to provide entertainment to someone.

>> No.53298125

It can definitely be done, Black Mirror springs to mind as a good example.

>> No.53298150

SJ-Chan has been working on a "Universal Drawback Supplement". Needless to say, that's pretty surprising.

>> No.53298155

Alien: My people were biologically determined for the purpose of sensing the coming of death.

Human: My people were biologically determined for the purpose of killing and subjugating other species.

Alien: I sense it coming now.

Human: I'd run if I were you.

>> No.53298156

>>That's only 25,000 words
>Well, the whole idea of jumpchain is you’re supposed to provide entertainment to someone.

>> No.53298169

Culture jump when?

>> No.53298172

Aw, I wanted an in-universe answer.

>> No.53298181

He'd probably only answer a few times per jump when you really are in need.

Basically. They usually start shutting down as more and more Servants die in the war, becoming unable to physically move and even losing most mental faculties near the end.

Aah, I feel you so much anon. I've almost never bothered with drafts either and evne when I stick to just summaries, my jumpchain stuff usually gets to 10-20k. Though I'm usually too embarassed to share, hahaha.

Not necessarily. You protect Bretonnia and while the Lady is part of it, she's not an irreplaceable part. You can fight against her, even with the Green Knight's mantle.

I'd say the original works better. The only real issue I have is 'solve the unsolved' bit. You don't need 800s and for many jumps, they don't fit either.

Well. She saves select humans. Damsels and Grail Knights. Which are probably the smallest groups within Bretonnia.

>> No.53298191

You misunderstand. The new human gods are meant to serve the new elven gods. She basically wants an entire world set up like Bretonnia.

>> No.53298223


No misunderstanding, it a literally a world ruled by human gods under two elves with thousands of years to prepare for chaos.

I would like to know more about that, I've been looking into what is said about the boys but I've found nothing so far.

>> No.53298238

So which would you rather?

Star Trek that tries to be serious and comes off funny


Star Trek Parody which tries to be funny

>> No.53298250


>> No.53298277

You know...I actually wouldn't mind seeing that. Looks much better then his last movie.

>> No.53298287

I'm sorry.

>> No.53298291

>Looks much better then his last movie.
There's a low bar

>> No.53298295

Clips are the same...

>> No.53298313

Dont' be, its' an eternal suffering of mine.

I'm easy to please.

>> No.53298327

If you're interested in that you should watch Galaxy Quest, it's a very similar concept.

>> No.53298329

I mean, on second reading I could get behind some of the drawbacks, they're not so terrible that they're unusuable, but as I said, a lot of them conflict with my creative vision for this chain. Like, street-level chain and unpowered both fuck with my whole purpose of jumping, escapism. I want to hit a bunch of IPs because it'll be entertaining, but a few of them would just be unplayable as an ordinary person. A few others, like the short chain, don't really seem like proper drawbacks, but maybe that's because I haven't been considering jumps to settings I don't know about That would require me to read/watch/play a piece of media and I'm autistic enough that I don't like stepping on canon wherever possible., so taking short chain hardly feels like a drawback when post spark I can go back and get as many powers as I want, and I can't even think of 50 jumps that I want to do right now. Second problem, I have an idea what I want to do for the second jump, but the power level of that setting would pretty much exclude me from doing jumps like Archer, Pirates of the Carribean and other (semi)realistic settings because nobody in those two settings could reasonably challenge a Jojo Vampire, a Homunculus, a Half-Demon, a Potterverse Wizard or a giant robot from Megas XLR. It becomes difficult for me to care about the writing since my character would be too strong to handle and I don't want to just stomp a setting because I don't find it interesting. Thus, I need to structure the escalation of power properly or my jumpchain is going to miss some IPs that I want to do.

I mean, I can't really tell when my work is bad. I took a class in highschool where we had to write a paper but my teacher wouldn't accept it and kept making stupid edits over and over again. It was obnoxious, I would've taken a lower grade on the paper instead of taking her advice. A lot of my writing (and speech) is very short and to the point.

>> No.53298330

>I've been looking into what is said about the boys but I've found nothing so far.

Come on man, the Lady of the Lake is a goddess with needs and the kidnapped kids are assumed to get 'happy' endings.

Connect the dots.

>> No.53298335

Does the boost by Prophetess to magical abilities apply to those acquired elsewhere?

>> No.53298340

That's assumed by Bretonnians, who think she's taking them to a magic heaven land based on nothing.

>> No.53298344


>> No.53298347

You got one
If Mat Ward actually has a plan for this the Eldar witch is going to be in bed with chaos. At the very least we should see an Imperial civil war.

But somehow I doubt it. He's just shoe horning his shit in there to make it more mainstream.

If I actually was a Adepta Sororitas in the Orders Militant, there is some logic in teaming up with the Eldar for a common goal, but I wouldn't trust them at all. Even if they stood their ground during a fight, which they probably won't, the very fact that the majority of them have no god and could turn to chaos without their trinkets would be enough to make me unable to completely accept them. A non aggression pact and maybe a minor military alliance, but I wouldn't rely on them and I'd segregate anyone who entered in a relationship with one from the wider population.

So tenuous alliance, okay. It's okay to fall in love with them though? Heresy and I don't know how the in the Emperor's name you'd reconcile that with in universe lore. If the Ecclesiarchy put it's foot down there would be a civil war, you can't overcome millennia of war and prejudiced with a proclamation, especially when it comes from such a dubious source as the boyfriend of an Eldar Witch.

>> No.53298351

Can non Damsels buy into magic?

>> No.53298360

>I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going pic.

>> No.53298364

No, Damsels only.

>> No.53298397

I found it. Turns out they are kept as immortal child servers that apparently are well treated or at least think their happy. Wood Elves book from the same edition mentions that they take children from neighboring lands.

Of course that may be worse in your opinion.

>> No.53298436

>a lot of them conflict with my creative vision for this chain. Like, street-level chain and unpowered
They're there to constrain and change up what is old hat to some people. They're meant to drastically alter how jumpchain works. If they don't match up with what you want to do with your chain, then take other Cons, instead.
As an aside, the terms Cons and Pros were deliberately chosen to contrast against Perks and Drawbacks. This supplement isn't to make things easier or harder, but simply provide a framework or source of inspiration for people who want to write something that isn't a standard chain. I just gamified it because that's what /jc/ does.

>> No.53298442

Give your source please?

>> No.53298454

The latter, done right (read: Galaxy Quest).

>> No.53298463

She really is a shotacon goddess, damn.

>> No.53298464

Not that guy, but how can you be a heretic when you're more powerful than god? Aren't they the heretic for not accepting their deaths at the hands of a greater purpose(not being alive).

>> No.53298494

Other than 40k Imperium, where can i become a Spess Mareen?

also image llimit

>> No.53298498

I am in distress.

>> No.53298505

Shotacons want Welsh Magic Boys?
Just confirm what Negima was telling us all along.

>> No.53298511

Not like you have one for they are killed. But here is some description.


I've read what is talked about in the wood elves book so its a strong possibility. I'm also looking for the novel mentioned.

>> No.53298512

Nowhere. Now, if you just want to be a Space Marine, lots of sci-fi have them. But the ridiculous and disgusting things that are Spess Mareens are only in 40K.

>> No.53298524

Once you get to that level and that's how you choose to use your power with those motivations you're just an evil idiot who drank the Nihilist coolaid.

>> No.53298531

Gah. I have plans for that jump, but it requires i go drop in.

Thanks anyways, I think BC will have the option if i remember the WIP correctly.

>> No.53298538

Seriously!? Did the Image Limit get lowered? That's the second time in two days.

Dude I'm not the guy you were talking to. I was more wondering how they make the kids immortal/ageless.

>> No.53298540

Jesus calm down. They're just trying something new. Why the fuck you Imperialfags gotta be so autistic.

>> No.53298545

2 words

Mat Ward

>> No.53298564

>evil idiot who drank the Nihilist coolaid
No, I'm god. Because I can kill you and destry everything you've ever know with less effort than breathing, what I want and do is categorically right and good. If I chose to kill you, it's because you deserved it. Frankly, they should be thanking me for killing them all, since it gave their otherwise empty lives meaning.

>> No.53298588

>They're trying something new
>Fall of Cadia, interesting development with far reaching ramifications
>Return of OUR SPIRITUAL LIEGE, interesting development with far reaching ramifications
>Permanent alliance with the Eldar, kind of out of character for both sides
I'd be fine if this was a common enemy or oh fuck chaos thing but they just made them to friendly

>> No.53298600

Flowey get out, your drunk.

>> No.53298602

Is the scenario reward only one of the Seeds ability or Hero System, or do you get both?

For the scenario reward Hero System, can you hand out the power freely?

>> No.53298619

Yeah, I still maintain that line of logic just makes you a nihilist dick.

Lets just agree to disagree, huh?

>> No.53298621

But you can't be God if I'm God.

>> No.53298634

Neither of you can be God, because I'm God.

>> No.53298643

t. Gilgamesh

>> No.53298645

You asked for me?

>> No.53298669


No, I'm Spartacus

>> No.53298711

Just be a woman, that's literally the only difference.

>> No.53298718

Fool, for I am the great Jumpertacus.

I will end all Roman Oppression.

>> No.53298741

You're right. I'm playing this chain with the idea that I'm going for a spark, which more or less means that I'm gonna have to go through something like Dragon Ball, 40k or Gurren Lagann in order to reach it, making those options not feasible. I imagine if you were going to hit the realism settings like the ones I mentioned you could take those as mostly freebies, but you'd almost certainly need to go home or stay in a world eventually as most final jumps seem like the power level of the setting is too high for a normal person to complete. On the other hand, just die. That ends the chain, and with the other drawback you'll stay dead. It's a good supplement for sure, since the drawbacks are real. I guess my problem with it is that I was only thinking about it with my own intentions instead of what other people might use it for.

>> No.53298742


>> No.53298764

Wait I thought we were Shitposticus?

>> No.53298844

Jump Coordinator as future!Jumper? Good idea?

>> No.53298845

Where's Aunt May?

>> No.53298855

She got over it. You only go to AA or HOG if you backslide too much.

>> No.53298916

Why do you need a starship?

>> No.53298932

It's the Bill of Rights, not Bill of Needs. t. /k/

>> No.53298957

Why do you need to color-coordinate? It's a matter of style.

>> No.53298996

Like anything, it can be done well or done poorly.

>> No.53299010

Well answered. Were we not at image limit I'd give you a sexy pic or webm as a reward. Alas, all I can give is my admiration.

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