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Final Story of the first half of the Block: Judgment

Can't wait for Bolas to show up!

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Honestly, I am surprised the chapter didn't end with Bolas showing up. I was really expecting so Bolas art at the end of the Chapter, Boy was I wrong.

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>Her words repeated in his mind, looping over and over with the rhythm of his panicking heart.
>"I am neither the first nor the last immortal whom you will fuck."

What did hazoret mean by this?

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>Actually expected something cool to happen

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I'm 40% sure this block will end with more Eldrazi somehow

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So given the set-up here, I'm assuming we're getting Samut as a new planeswalker next set. The question is whether Djheru's going to end up as pharaoh of a liberated Amonkhet or also spark and end up as some sort of minion of Bolas to wring for drama points.

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>It's another Eldrazi titan!
>This time Chandra and Nissa need to kiss to build up enough mana to kill it with a Fireball!

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When did Magic become Fate/Stay Night?

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You telling me this fucker isn't the brood of Ulamog?

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But there's already an Eldrazi in it.
It just costs XGU.

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Who's idea was this and how much more can we pay them to keep going?

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Chandra telling Jace not to think with his dick was actually a pretty good moment.

It'd be nice if they could manage that kind of tone with her more often--informal, but not sounding like what a 40-year-old thinks a 20-year-old talks like.

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>Gideon is fucking Shirou
God fucking damn it

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>Hazoret see Gideon's death

Are they really going to kill the only member of the Gatewatch who is written half compentently?

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RIP Gideon.

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> S-stop Gideon-kun! Y-your barrier is too thiiiick!
> A-Aaah... White mana~ if this flows inside me, I'll definitely get the populate mechanic...
The writing seems kind of... Different this time, does it?

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It was co-writen by Doug and Alison, and yeah it feels like two people wrote it and didn't compare notes.

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It's not just that
I mean the part where Samut was being kept on edge inside the sarcophagus, that makes sense for the final trial.
But Haz and Gid sharing a passionate kiss before he purges her leylines and her "spear" falls from her "hand"...

I think there's something racy going on, but I cant quite put my finger on it.

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> People complain about Gatewatch
> WotC: We've heard your complaints, and you'll be seeing less of the Gatewatch!
> All this means is they kill the best character and continue to shove the remaining 4/5ths down our throats

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he "crossed" erebos and it ended with all his friends dead, famously on the card Tragic Arrogance.

Gideon is a Godling, hence the Gods of Theros and the Gods of Amonkhet being so friendly with him and knowing his true name, because its written on the Leyline like magics that make up part of his being.

but he's no true god, only half, and Hazoret has "seen" his death

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Liliana is the best member of the gatewatch followed by Gideon and then Jace.

especially story Jace, card Jace is an asshole Story Jace is a complicated nerd.

Nissa has gotten better, and Chandra is just okay as the light hearted quick to fight memeber of the team.

unfortunatly all the people not in the gatewatch (Ajani kind of counts for this) are much more interesting.

Elspeth, one of the most complicated modern characters and possibly the best
AJani as well
Nahiri and Sorin for being "typical" Old walkers in a world without them
Vraska for being a Justice Vigilante (coming back!)
and motherfucking Ob Nixilis, AKA a self aware amalgam of Skeletor and Megatron.

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Gideon is clearly a Nyxborn and it was made fairly clear to use from day fucking 0.

his constant obsession and relation to Gods and their kinship with him is the biggest fucking giveaway, and his "somewhat indestructibility" solidifies it.

he's specifically a Nyxborn sired by either Heliod or Iroas.

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its very obvious, two characters in Magic have inexplicable abilites that are far and beyond anyone else's

and that is Elspeth and Gideon, and both have the stories constantly remind us of them.

Gideon with his complete indestructiblity (though it seems a God can turn it off)

and Elspeth with her insane strength and ability to channel White Mana more than even a God OF White Mana.

Gideons is easy to figure out, he's fucking Hercules.

Elspeth's probably alot darker in origin, she's most likely a fucking Phyrexian experiment in White mana on a plane that's not Mirrodin (so they didn't have access to it naturally)

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I feel like I missed a story. Did Chandra and Gideon appear from nowhere??

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they were looking for dissenters at the end of the last time we saw them.

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How does that even work? I mean, on Amonkhet the gods are essentially bundle of Leylines tightly wound together, that's how Nissa survived Kefnet. Then again, Xenagos was able to become a god, so there's a good chance it's not the same on Theros.

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That's one of the gods Bolas murdered, I'm sure of it

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Goddammit, if they kill off Gideon just to replace his segments with more of Chandra's shitty banter I'm so gonna be done with this shit. And I don't even read the stories for the fucking Gatewatch, I just want to know more about the current plane.

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> That's right Gideon. Take my spear~ and shove it deep into my belly!
> Hazorat... I can't just impale a god! You might die!
> It's okay~ Hazorat practiced lots on herself while waiting for the God-Pharoah... But now I want Gideon's white mana to fill me up and make me a mother again!
> Hazorat...
> Ha-haaa~ I shouldn't have ever been using that silly thing on the trial members in the first place~ I deserve to be impaled, after all the times I did it to them~

It's subtle, but it's there. I think there's something shonky going on with Hazorat's personality.

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I thought the invincibility was part of his magic.
And each planeswalker is a prodigy or has special abilities of some kind.

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I think the only way for Samut to ignite is if Djeru dies. She's invested too much into that sole task for anything else to ignite her. So Djeru might end up as High-Class Undead-Pharaoh Boss, if anything is lucky to remain of the plane after Bolas.

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You're such a fag, dude.

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FACTS: There's going to be a new Planeswalker next set.

Gideon is going to die.

Emrakul is grooming Nissa.

Lilliana is opening up to trust.

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Emrakul isn't grooming nissa so much as they have a connection, Emrakul is the mother of all creation (the ultimate personification of Green, before there even was Green) and Nissa is heavily attuned to that same thing.

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he does look a bit like an ox headed god thats been corrupted as fuck

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well duh, but she very well could be grooming her specifically for her penultimate release from innistrad

>> No.53294652

Why would she need to?
She probably put a way to release herself into the spell she was already altering to seal herself away, after all.

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>Liliana is the best member of the gatewatch
are you fucking high? Liliana is a fucking terrible person. she's a selfish bitch and literally anything bad that happens to her is her own fault and anything good that happens to her is a failure of karma. She's not a bad character because she's a selfish bitch done well but she's a GODAWFUL protagonist. Jace is (unfortunately) leagues better than her in the story, and chandra and gideon have shown capacity for growth as characters that some writers can actually accomplish. Liliana and Nissa are shit tier, thought with Nissa that's mostly because she has the baggage of never having a concrete background or personality.

>Elspeth, one of the most complicated modern characters and possibly the best
okay, you are high. Elspeth is a shit character that consistently derails her supposed motivations and goals by just being a masochistic whiner.

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yeah but that's sort of the easy route and you should know how wizards plays that shit

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read the story, ya dolt.
She admits to her main reason for being on amonkhet and that's already a change of character for her.
She's growing into a foine ass BW PW

>> No.53294746

On the other hand, they seem to be pushing a connection between Nissa and Emrakul specifically since Origins.
Emrakul isn't doing this to get free. It's for SOMETHING else. Likely make her do Emrakul's purpose in her stead, or become a replacement Eldrazi considering they had Troop writing the last one and that sounds like something out of his Uncharted Realms

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I dodn't follow the lore since the begginning of the jacetice league, why is Nissa blue too now? Does it have a reason in the story or did they just do that for gameplay purposes?

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She become blue during the blue god's trial. To pass the trial she had to realize that thought is as important as instinct, or some such bullshit.

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best character does not mean "highest morals" Liliana is the "best" character of the bunch because she's the most human and had a complicated, and very human/realistic mindset.

same with Elspeth, when I say "Best" I meant the complexity and how good their story arc's and how interesting their paths through life are.

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So is Bolas gearing up to eat this plane or are these people going to be his zombie army or what? What's the deal here?

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>mfw Bolas decides to try to invade and conquer Dominaria AGAIN
>mfw my whole lineage is waiting for him

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Thank you, but it really is sounding like a bullshit out of the blue character development, was it dealt better then i am thinking or was it as bad as it sounds?

>> No.53295160

>out of the blue

>> No.53295175

>Bolas invades Dominaria again
>Everything goes to shit, all planes collapse into each other
>Magic is over, go home, he ruined it

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It was an...interesting article, by the best of their current writers.
Dare you enter Ken Troop's magical realm?

>> No.53295726

I mean, there's no reason to think she's going to be permanently blue going forward.

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Gods are related to the collective unconscious of Theros more than mana from what I understand.

They basically have to work differently than Amonkhet gods because Return to Theros is going to be REALLY fucking boring if Heliod can't be a dick if Nissa doesn't want him to.

I thought the article was decent overall, but again I feel like they're nerfing Gideon for no reason.

One of his strengths in BFZ was that he's a good leader in small teams if not big armies and is smarter than he seems at times, being good with tactics and teamwork. Something Brazen COMPLETELY IGNORED so that Gideon would have a bad time in the Trial of Ambition.

He's also a soldier first and a mage second which means a no-magic hand-to-hand combat brawl should be almost ideal circumstances for him, but they're still not letting him be able to outfight Djeru despite the fact the dude's been going toe-to-toe with demons, vampires, elder gods and their spawn, and steam-jaegers and winning for the last year.

It's like, first it seems like they forgot Gideon even HAS magic besides his invincible aura (when was the last time he used Heiromancy at all? I'm pretty sure it was ORIGINS) and aren't letting him just do his thing as a warrior either, which is...bizarre.

>> No.53296319

I think his skill comes from disciplined strikes, so being driven into a rage would probably make him sloppy.

>> No.53296374


Yeah, I figure that's gotta be it, but it is kind of a letdown to see Gideon go from killing a giant mecha by himself with a simple creative application of his power to getting his butt kicked by everything he goes up against on this plane because reasons. I'd sorta been under the impression this was a more Gideon-focused set but he was much more on the ball in Kaladesh where he was just supporting the action.

>> No.53296399

Maybe Bolas Egypt and its inhabitants are just THAT tough.

>> No.53296423

Fuck meant to respond to >>53296374

>> No.53296477


Well, I try to look at it rationally. Amonkheti humans are in peak physical condition because every waking moment is spent training for this specific fight, Djeru was armed and Gideon was not, and Gideon's armor and weapon were confiscated along with his magic for this fight. So those are disadvantages.

On the other hand Gideon regularly took on Eldrazi scions capable of tearing human beings apart like tissue paper in hand-to-hand combat while functioning on about one hour of sleep a night because he was simultaneously fighting the gruul and rakdos on the Boros's behalf, and he has ALSO been in combat (and REAL combat as opposed to Amonkhet's training) since he was a small child, so I still feel like he's jobbing way too hard on this plane.

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Use it wisely.

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I wanna give Hazorat a hug, like the awkward, perverted christmas cake she is.

>> No.53297360

Did I somehow miss the part where they mentioned Emrakul by name or was that edited in after the fact? I swear to the God-Pharaoh that wasn't there the first time I read it.

>> No.53297584

You apparently did.
It wasn't in today's article.
It was in the one a few weeks back, and was always there.
See >>53295549

>> No.53297661

I am so confused then.

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I'm not gonna lie, if Troop made a short novel about ladies having a phantasmagorical adventure I would read it.

>> No.53297744

>The God-Pharaoh isn't here, we won't know what he's capable of until he arrives, and every single one of you is going to help me rescue my friend because none of you have a plan to do anything otherwise.

>I'll take "i fucking told you so" for ten, Alex.

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Thank you.

>> No.53297809

Emrakul is helping Nissa out for ill-defined reasons. Despite the whole locked-herself-in-the-moon thing.
In a previous story (also written by Troop), Emrakul claimed all the walkers present were 'her pieces, and always were.' Now she's asking Nissa if she's a pawn or a queen - but it's a nonquestion, because she should be a player rather than a piece.
Thus the thoughts about Emrakul trying to groom Nissa to be a new Eldrazi - if the walkers are but pieces, and Emrakul is a player, what does it mean for Nissa to be a player rather than a piece?

>> No.53297838


Hm. Nissa has pretty consistently seemed like the Gatewatcher who's always on point in these last few blocks, and her only real weakness has been being an introvert. If she gets Karn'd into an Eldrazi that'll be bad news for her buddies.

>> No.53298002

Nah, this is WotC we're talking about.
She'll just have the ability to make her titan-form human sized and elflike for the near future while she gets used to the change, with her lesser appendages just so happening to be identical in form and size. She just doesn't stick them into planes unless they need an army of nissas for whatever purpose. This, of course, just means they can shove elf token making on her cards and not claim it involves her being Elf Hitler, it's her fighting with more of herself

>> No.53298032


I dunno, Magic does kinda have a fetish for "hey, you liked this character, right? Here's their body-horrored and utterly insane monster incarnation that is a villain now."

>> No.53298077

Yes, but now they've got Main Characters.
Main Characters won't get bodyhorrored away for more than a set before coming back.
It'll either be 'we gots to stop this' or 'free powerup' depending on how they go with it

>> No.53298098

I mean if you think about it, this plane is Nicol Bolas' personal corruption hentai
> Otreka is a pure archer, who's now sharing herself with everyone
> Bontu's so yandere she demands a heart from people she takes an interest in.
> Snake boi is the traditional bara male.
> Hazorat used to be a mother-figure, now is frantically devoted and mindbroken to serving God-Pharoah
> You know Ibis dude knows about that kinky shit, you know what I'm saying

>> No.53298116


It does seem...interesting that Hazoret used to be a mother goddess and now the fluff mentions she specifically believes Nicol Bolas is her father.

>> No.53298130

See >>53293903, >>53292395 and >>53290744
The whole Hazorat the pervert thing isn't even a fucking joke.

>> No.53298134

I suppose even Dominia's most ancient evil has fetishes.
And it's even something comparatively tame, at least compared to ol' Yawgy's love of pithing and vivisection.

>> No.53298162

Well I mean we had a clue...

>> No.53298184

>jace has been planning very hard
>planning a way to sniff lilis asshole
perfect lore and perfect character

>> No.53298216

>"the old writings also called you "The Pervert", and I'm going to admit, I don't know what to make of that."

>> No.53298255


You know, Lili's admission today means at some point she explained the whole demon thing to the others.

>"She pacted with FOUR DEMON LORDS!"
>"What, in a row?"

>> No.53298338

> M-mommydom is an important part of any childrearing effort!
> Alright, I changed my mind, I like what Bolas did
> Lili competing for 'who's the biggest mana slut' with Nissa

>> No.53298343

The background behind Nissa looked exactly like the outside world—the dark, purple sky, the odd flashes of light, the looming shadow of Emrakul, Liliana and her zombies. Nissa stood in agony in the center. She screamed. She writhed. Twisting, contorting, shaking, but those were not the only injuries done to her. There was something...wriggling...on her hands.
As Jace peered closer, he noticed Nissa's fingers had tiny fingers growing on them, tens of tiny fingers extending out of each finger. And then he saw hair-thin fingers growing out of the tiny fingers. He shuddered, but as he saw her eyes he let out an involuntary scream. From each of Nissa's eye sockets protruded several tiny eye shoots, and out of each eye shoot grew several tinier ones. Green energy flashed out of her eyes and hands, but interlaced in the green was a dark, violent purple.

Emrakul is Emrakul is Emrakul forever.

Jace didn't know where the thought came from, but even in its nonsense it felt true. Forever and ever and ev...

"Negglish pthoniki ab'ahor!" gibberish words spouted from Nissa, or if not gibberish then no language Jace had ever heard. As she spoke, her head spasmed, and in between words her tongue would loll out of her mouth. What are those things on her tongue? Oh, no. No no no no. I am hitting the limit of details I want to notice. No, I am well past the limit.

>> No.53298362

As nonsense and spittle spewed from her mouth, rational words began to infiltrate the gibberish. "Shigg epsi-everything chut'ghb ends! Gilma-everything chts-dies!" The spasms subsided, her voice gaining strength and poise. Now the energy emanating from her was all purple, a deep purple with no green to be found. She raised her head and arms to the sky and shouted.

"Growth! Growth is the answer! The only answer! Entropy cannot lose. But must it win? Of course sacrifice must be made. Why do they fight it? Eternity without sacrifice offers only the screaming torpor. Blood must be churned, churned thick. Why do they fear life? Why do they fear truth?"

Nissa uttering recognizable words made no appreciable impact on Jace's ability to understand her. Even though he knew it was useless, he reached to her mind to mind. Nissa, help me. Help me understand. What are you saying?

Nissa shifted and brought her gaze to meet Jace's directly through the window. She sees me. Jace shivered, frozen to the spot. He could not move, could not look away. Her eyes glowed darkly purple. She spoke directly to him. "I can do anything I want. Anything at all. Remember that. The only thing saving you is..." the purple glow faded, the nimbus around her dissipating, "...I don't want anything."

She stared at him for long seconds, her face distorted and grotesque as her extra eye shoots continued to squirm. The window mercifully faded to stone.

>> No.53298392


Not gonna be surprised if it turns out the Titans were once Oldwalkers who tried to do something really important and ended up paying for it really badly.

>> No.53298478

I think thats going to be the reveal around emmy and co. That for she wants to turn Nissa into a titan because she is a planeswalker.

>> No.53298508

It seems their biggest problem was 'not telling anyone else what they were doing'
Also means Ugin is trying to do the same thing as them, most likely. Not necessarily for altruistic reasons, either, what with being an Elder Dragon
Personally, I feel there's three ways they could go with him - he's A) Bolas's personal rival from the Elder Dragon War that he thought he killed but woops, walker, B) about as much of a powermonger as Bolas but better at hiding it, seeking to become an Eldrazi (possibly alongside A), C) literally nega-Bolas, due to temporal fuckery from the Time Spiral Crisis throwing him into the past. He's another universe's Bolas who was NOT a selfish dickbag, different appearance because oldwalkers could do that and it stuck afterwards

>> No.53298544

Or maybe the spark came from a 4th titan.

>> No.53298558


I suspect A and B are both true, although it might be kind of an Aizen/Urahara (sorry for the /a/ reference) situation where there's two geniuses that figure out something that could be a game-changer in the cosmology of the world. One wants to take his time and study it because he desires to understand more than he wishes to dominate, while the other sees the opportunity for power and seizes it, and despises the other for being his equal in so many ways but not having the stomach to take power for himself.

I do wonder if they're going to give Bolas a motivation of some sort for WHY in particular he's so obsessed with accumulating power. Does he have an agenda for when he's a god again? Does he need one to be a good bad guy?

>> No.53298675

Do these story articles come out every week?

Are we gonna be in full on HoD speculation territory this time next week?

>> No.53298698

I think there's a delay now, which bugs me. I can't wait a month for Hazorat to cum buckets at the sight of her God-Daddy, only to be plunged into despair from him being a massive dickbag.

>> No.53298706

No, I think the Eldrazi being too big and incoherent to properly interact with people is an important feature to get the horror down. The Emrakuls Jace and Nissa have interacted with are purely a product of their own minds struggling to grasp the true form.

Of course just because I like the idea doesn't mean it's true.

>> No.53298713

these stories are literally worse than saturday morning cartoons

the gatewatch were a colossal mistake.

>> No.53298733

It could only improved by becoming an over the top anime, complete with the silly slice of life omakes.

>> No.53298754

I hope they get a dog.

>> No.53298765


They have a cat now, but they didn't bring him along because he wanted "a plan" and "allies" before fighting the reigning king bastard of People Not to be Fucked With in the multiverse.

>> No.53298780

>Does he have an agenda for when he's a god again?
Not that we've seen. If he has one, he hasn't said anything about it. Bolas seems very much to be a "one step at a time" thing.

>> No.53298870

Toppa Tengen Gatewatch Lagann?

>> No.53298948

Wow how unreasonable of cat person. And wotc wonders why players dont like the gatewatch

>> No.53298985

In fairness, Jace actually did have a good point when he said they couldn't wait and plan, because no matter HOW much they planned before confronting Bolas, it wouldn't be enough simply because Bolas would just plan shit even better in the meantime. The longer they wait, the worse it'd get.

Where he was wrong, of course, is in assuming that just charging in immediately would actually work in lieu of planning.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

>> No.53299030

...I like the gatewatch.

>> No.53299046

I'd like them if they did more slice of life, and didn't monopolize every new plane. I'd like them to visit a plane for once, and decide it's not their fucking problem and just enjoy a nice relaxing vacation while serious junk is happening.

>> No.53299048

Doesn't Bolas have better things to do with his time than worry about some dang meddling kids though? It's not like he's going to spend the whole time planning against them.

>> No.53299107


But Jace knows Bolas is a mega-genius who has somewhere between five and a million billion minions and he's smart enough to delegate and more than spiteful enough to delegate a reasonable amount of time and resources to fucking up anyone that fucks up his plans.

>> No.53299133

Last time he stopped paying attention to a couple of Planeswalkers, Tezzeret stole the Consortium from him.

I'd be surprised if he didn't take precautions and make sure he kept an eye on 'walkers after that. And we know both Liliana and Jace are already on his radar anyway.

>> No.53299259

I honestly don't think there's a reason for it other than him seeing the Mending and the subsequent depowering that accompanied it as a grave insult.
He wants to be back to where he was, fuck anything else, because he's a selfish greedy shit. He is, after all, a dragon. Anything that possibly benefits others only does so as a side effect of benefiting him first.
And yet I feel that he didn't actually kill his siblings and cousin. Let them die of old age or fighting, but didn't do so himself. I know there was a comic where there was an implication otherwise, but IIRC he worded it oddly, even for him. The kind of wording where one wants to come off as a badass to your minions yet not actually lie about not killing your siblings. Been looking for that one but can't find it.
Though, in rereading, the comics, I noticed something.
The way to open the lock was three walkers entering and the use of Ugin's Ghostfire...and the fucking chamber SAYS TO EVERYONE THERE 'three to enter, one to leave'. If they somehow AREN'T making this shit up as they go, then it meant Ugin always meant to kill the other two when he unlocked the Eldrazi.

>> No.53299276

>Liliana is opening up to something, and it dwells inside Jace's underwear

>> No.53299372

I'm just happy Nissa threw Jace at a motherfucker.

"Nissa was the only one doing an adequate job of fighting without magic. She had taken a few punches from the third initiate facing her, but had lifted Jace from the ground and tossed him into her opponent. Hazoret's mark shone red and vibrant on the crown of her head as she screamed a Joragan battle cry at Jace and the initiate."

>> No.53299384

He tried ignoring them before. They founded an organisation called the gatewatch, recruited 4 naya colored walkers, one who already fought bolas, and then they beat up his artifacer and detonated his planar portal. It would be foolish to continue ignoring such a persistent group. What bolas should do to stop this shit is mindbreak jace and reel in lili but I doubt it would happen.

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>bolas mindbreaks jace
>jace amnesias himself
>repeat AD NAUSEUM

>> No.53299438

I feel like Bolas wants to do something with the mending - and he'll probably succeed. Possibly give planeswalkers some of their old stuff - agelessness, shape shifting/body control to an extent maybe.

Which would be an almighty fuck you to Liliana

>> No.53299459

Na you dont understand, bolas learned real telepathy from dominaria and beat people teferi who was trained in tolaria. Im not talking about asuka crying mind rape, Im talking about manchurian candidate mindbreak. This whole thing would be done if he could get jace and lili working for him.

>> No.53299500

It would be kind of amusing if, when Bolas shows up, he notices they're there immediately and they just claim they're there for the demon.
And that they didn't realize Tezzeret was working on Bolas's orders on Kaladesh until the very end, and you just don't stop punching Tezzeret in the face once you start, it's Tezzeret, he's a punching bag, you're supposed to beat the crap out of him.

>> No.53299517

Honestly, all I really want is the gatewatch to get their asses kicked, all break up and flee for a reunion arc in the future, and then get led back in a blaze of glory with Ajani and Returned Elspeth at the helm.

I just wanna see Ajani "bring out the best" of an entire goddamn army.

>> No.53299524

If the best way to reverse it for himself is to reverse the Mending entirely he'll do that.
If he can make it so that it's only reversed for HIM that's even better.
Why have rivals when you can be the ultimate power in the multiverse?

>> No.53299538

You have a serious misunderstanding of bolas and lilianas relationship. They have a rebellious disciple/cruel master scenario like a sith from starwars. He restrored her eternal life as close as a mortal could get to a walker in exchange for her service. Its not his fault she didnt like it a couple hundred years after she made the deal.

>> No.53299573

At most sixty years after the deal, and that's if she suddenly decayed into a hag/her magic normally has the drawback of aging you really fucking fast.
Mending was only sixty years ago. The deal only came about because she wasn't immortal after the Mending. And she's about 200ish and change, apparently.

>> No.53299587

Who would win in a fistfight John Cena or Gideon Jura? No magic, no tricks, just a straight up streetfight.

>> No.53299602

As a note, that means she was born sometime in between Karona getting axed and the Time Spiral Crisis proper

>> No.53299609

Yeah, that half decade makes it even worse. Bitch couldnt wait 100 years to get her proper immortality.

>> No.53299613

Tezz is like the Pringles of punches. Once you pop, you just can't stop.

>> No.53299693

I'm sure Bolas understands said principle.
In all honesty, she probably started looking for something on her own after twenty and it would seem she went to Bolas fairly recently, so she's probably only had like maybe a decade of newfound immortality (and being demons' bitch) instead of being an old hag.

>> No.53299696

> Bolas demands to know what they're doing here
> "Oh uh, we're helping Lili break her pact"
> Cool, I'm done with the demon fuckhead myself. You need an army of undead to pin the fucker, or you got this?
> "Uh... well if you're going to help-"
> Say no more. I'll send a receipt to your house courtesy of Niv Mizzet, we're cool like that.

Damn I wish Bolas gave zero fucks sometimes instead of seeming to just be spending his entire life scheming. I get we only see him when he's doing that kind of thing, but I'd like to see him dicking around in his meditation plane on a day off for once.

>> No.53299747


>> No.53299772

> Implying Kharn "The Golem" can't bitchslap them both back into Time Spiral

>> No.53299802

>Implying karn is smart enough to preserve his spark while time traveling

>> No.53299863

> Implying the Father of Machines isn't a fucking legend who's still beating the shit out of Phyrexia while the Jacetice League pretends that's not a threat

>> No.53299951

Dude was build to be a fucking punch golem designed to kill phyrexians, it took a couple hundred years for him to do that and he almost instantly broke. You're basically praising a tractor that takes 2 years and one blowjob to start.

>> No.53300200

>Bolas is a nice guy
>conquered amonkhet during his angst post mending phase, forgot to tell them to stop the whole ritual death thing.
>building a planar bridge so his people can live on a nicer world.

>> No.53300209

I love MTG but goddamn, it sure does attract real faggots.

>> No.53300237

Imo, Haz seemed to be swayed away by The Trial.

>> No.53300276

I realllyy don't think Tezzer was on Kaladesh for Bolas even in the slightest.

>> No.53300293

>Implying The Jacetice Leauge knows Phyrexia exists

>> No.53300310

It doesn't matter if Tezz was there for Bolas intentionally. He's just part of Bolas' shadow now.

>> No.53300521

building a portal to stop bolas

>> No.53300782

Dune-Brood Cuddle Pile is best Gatewatch OT4

>> No.53300952

Anon, she's already opened up to it. Repeatedly and often. Until Gideon put a stop to it, because he looks out for his bros.

>> No.53301132

I think Bolas says to Liliana in Agents of Artifice that "a full quartet of demon lords" was no small problem even for him, although just wrecking them one at a time is probably quite easy in comparison.

On the other hand, he also fairly obviously seemed just plain disinterested in her at that point, and just wanted her to go away so he could get back to his Conflux stuff and playing with Tezz's corpse.

Although, Agents of Artifice does have a couple of scenes along the lines of what you want. It's basically Bolas chilling out experimenting and such on Grixis, when Jace and Liliana go to see him. He's actually pretty welcoming and agreeable, all things considered. Of course, he wanted to get the Consortium back, so he had reason to be, but still.

>> No.53302128

Did this story feel like it moved way too fast for anyone else?

Thinking about it I get the feeling that the whole Amonkhet story has been moving at a breakneck pace.

>> No.53302673

Then Ulamog is red and Kozilek is blue? Where are our Black and White eldrazo's?

>> No.53302968


>> No.53303009

Sorin and Nahiri, clearly

>> No.53303200

It seems fast because the first stories of the block were dillydallying and getting little done.

>> No.53303371

Yes. Damn set just came out and the plot's wrapped up already.
Happened before, too. They spent three articles on Shit All then one on the resolution that should've been multiple. It'll probably happen next set, too.

>> No.53303390

I'd say that it's more that Emrakul is GWU, Kozilek is UBR, and Ulamog is BRG, honestly.

>> No.53303489

Also, I think I didn't really care enough about the plane by the time the Aether Revolt begun, so it felt like the stakes were really low and nothing was happening. Then we didnt have new stories for a month. And then we had the ones we did...

>> No.53303650

'If we finish early, we can take a break!'

>> No.53303884

It's bad enough that the characters are not that well written but when there is stuff that could be potentially interesting and could easily fill up several more stories they condence it all into one chapter for no real reason.

>> No.53304917
File: 1.45 MB, 288x198, 46564.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53304999

They're better than any of the stories /tg/ jacks it to.

>> No.53305061

I think all of the stories happened in the span of 3-4 days.

>> No.53305078

You can stop joking now my man. WotC doesn't lurk here.

>> No.53305263



>> No.53305321

>my players were more interested in gay marriage than my story so I made a lich kill them all XDDDDDD
>one time I had a shit dm so I ruined his game in a way that wouldn't be possible if he was as railroady as I said XDDD
>He was a bear all along but no one knew XDDDDDD
>If I was in charge, the eldrazi would gain powers that weren't established and rape all of the gatewatch members XDD

>> No.53305427

Keep projecting there, senpai :^)

>> No.53305555

But seriously, I like them for what they are.

>> No.53305889

I didn't read much of the story stuff, but in Kaladesh she had a bunch of flavor text about her coming to see artifact creatures as well "creatures" and otherwise seeing how things that are technically artificial can still be part of nature. So that might have been foreshadowing.

>> No.53306058

>that cute ear twitch
>comfy as fuck hearth and home
>overflowing with love

Hazoret is 10/10

>> No.53306236

Dog god > cat god

>> No.53306861

Considering that everything on Amonkhet is practically a blur of life until glorious death, I'd say it was very well paced.

>> No.53306980

Hey, remember those sets where there were eldrazi?
Yeah, kinda weird they didn't throw in a theme for each titan, huh?
>UG for Ula, RU for Kozi, and Emrakul was WUBRG (obviously they all incorporated B naturally)

>> No.53307059
File: 18 KB, 100x235, Cockatrice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>UG for Ula, RU for Kozi, and Emrakul was WUBR
U wot

>> No.53308226

Ertai and Crovax say hi

>> No.53308418


>> No.53308435
File: 29 KB, 358x343, What the fuck am I reading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53308458


>> No.53309258

Gideon put a stop to it because he's a fud.

>> No.53312420

I was going by flavor rather than mechanics or where their cards showed up.

>> No.53313328

Everything after Samut got broken out of the sarcophagus was an awkward mix of hurried summaries and weirdly timed viewpoint changes.
>And then Samut met all the Gatewatch and WOAH ILLIANA'S DEMON IS HERE and then they got thrown in an arena where they fight to the death HURRY UP WE NEED TO GET TO THE PART WHERE WE SHOW OFF WHAT HAPPENS IN THAT ONE CARD oh btw gideon might die
I'm usually the guy who defends these stories because I enjoy them as light kitschy reading, but awkward pacing is awkward pacing.

>> No.53313529
File: 32 KB, 426x371, CruelReality.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the hell is Gideon being held back by these two lightweights, he should be able to throw them across the room.

>> No.53313575


Based on the story this card appears in they should also be on the floor with their hearts ripped out, so...

>> No.53313583
File: 158 KB, 1280x720, 1438116286482.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They had plot strenght.

>> No.53314018

The black god put -1/-1 counters on Gideon so he couldn't interfere.

>> No.53314545

Gideon has been hit with the card itself, and would rather take the five life loss than lose one of his Cool Creatures because he knows only the last point matters, but the aura won't let him just take it - he's got creatures, so he has to sacrifice. Thus, the curse manifests as him being held back from doing that.
If YOU ARE A PLANESWALKER, then it follows that the planeswalkers are fictional players

>> No.53314962

Yeah I haven't been reading these stories much at all but this one seemed really weird. And the part where Samut "meets" the gatewatch is described so vaguely and without anything concrete.

>> No.53315132

So when Gideon dies will Ajani become the token white 'walker

>> No.53315753

The Promised End hinted it'll be on Theros, so it's more likely he'll be replaced with Elspeth

>> No.53315807


W/B Elspeth comfirmed?

Odds on Lilianna bringing him back afterwards? I think possible.

>> No.53315960

Monowhite Elspeth confirmed. Everything they've said about the situation has hinted at it, and her becoming a Returned would fuck up her ability to be a planeswalker. Likely will have new Angel Powers
As for the second, it's unlikely. She won't do it because she knows she needs them thinking she's on there side and doing the Goody Two Shoes act, and making Gideon a zombie won't help that at all because they're all squeamish about that for some reason. A waste, but better to play the long game.
Assuming, of course, she doesn't get more development before that.
Besides, what's the point of having a 5/5 indestructible Legendary Creature - Zombie if you can't bring it with you?
And that's not including the bullshit of Theros's planar mechanics quite possibly making her necromancy not able to work. Body's taken to the underworld, soul and all, after all. She may end up feeling completely useless beyond Killing Shit capabilities. It'll be fun to see THAT.

>> No.53316427

who would you pick for a card types walker cycle?
Karn would be the artifact
gideon would be the enchantment
gaea would be the land
jace would be the instant
jaya be the sorcery
Daretti would be tribal with tribal also representing creatures

>> No.53316549

Gaea isn't a planeswalker.

>> No.53316599

It would have been funny if Gideon tore out one of the Vizier's hearts.

>> No.53316604

Gaea was a walker and a god

>> No.53316658

If Gaea was anything at all, she was the soul of Dominaria. She was not a planeswalker, and may not actually exist at all.

>> No.53317015

Are you thinking of Freyalise? She was a walker who was worshiped as a god.

>> No.53318667

no, ajani always had abilities related to lifegain
someone else will have to step in and make tokens (elspeth)

>> No.53321721

Is Hazoret a good girl? Will she get Daddy Bolas' cummies?

>> No.53322127

Okay, OKAY, this isn't related to the current story at all (besides maybe a vague connection to Bolas), but I have a question.
Now that Dominaria is fucked beyond belief and not likely to recover fully, could another plane take its place as the big dick Main Plane of the Multiverse? I mean, it's not like Dominaria is the first one.

>> No.53322161

Isn't Dominaria the "hub of the multiverse"? Anything big that happens there ripples out into every other universe.

>> No.53322203
File: 180 KB, 900x602, Ash Zealot MtG Art by Eric Deschamps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Technically Ravnica is that plane that is at the hub point of the multiverse.

>> No.53322213

Bontu weakened Gideon so he could watch what amonkhet is all about.

Just curious why the losers of the trials end up becoming mummies and training the new crops... Failures teaching.... Kinda silly no?

>> No.53322250

Isn't it implied that the mummies aren't actually the people they were anymore? They're more like completely brainwashed slaves that do everything they do with unerring precision.

Every facet of infrastructure in Amonkhet is performed by the mummies, virtually everyone else devotes their entire life to training to overcome the trials.

>> No.53322558

Since when?

>> No.53322787

I mean, Dominaria's been described as the Nexus of the Multiverse and Equilor used to be one before it. I think Urza mentioned that when he took Xantcha there (memories are sketchy, can't remember if Equilor was the plane Urza took Xantcha to), but it's all old info so now I'm not sure about its validity or if the current state of things will allow another Nexus plane.

>> No.53323064

The mummies don't actually talk, do they?

The Viziers are the teachers. You become selected to go through the trials, or become a vizier.

>> No.53323801

Just remember how much retconning theyve done and general disregard they have for the previous lore.

>> No.53324481


Dominaria isn't "fucked beyond belief", and as I understand it, it's been quite a while (centuries?), since Urza defeated Yawghmoth.

Honestly, if we don't visit Dominaria next year I'll be severely disappointed in Wizards, especially since Bolas is directly linked to it.

>> No.53327168
File: 56 KB, 312x445, 44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the last thing we heard (read) from Dominaria.

>> No.53327246

Weren't some of the Black cards in Origins from Dominaria?

>just quickly googled, yeah it's the black and/or white cards.

>> No.53327310

IIRC those are from Liliana storyline... And that's after the Time Spiral event? I don't really remember.

>> No.53327341

Liliana's spark ignited after Karona's fuckery but before the events of Time Spiral.
Dominaria was going to shit but was not yet at Maximum Shithole.

>> No.53327342
File: 7.38 MB, 3561x5341, j4lpo10dd0qip7pamqcp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.53327509
File: 63 KB, 680x591, IMG_8600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, I'm new to MTG. What's the best way to get into the lore side?

>> No.53327949

>He tried ignoring them before.
I'm pretty sure he planned for them to destroy the eldrazi.
What happened in Innistrad may not have been planned, but Zendikar getting fucked was 100% orchestrated by him.

>> No.53328014

Well, Hour of Devastation comes out in 7 weeks...

>> No.53328202

God, I miss Dominaria so fucking much.
I know it was generic as fuck, mostly. But it was like your home village - sure, there are hundreds that look just like them. But this one's yours and if you go beyond the surface, it's actually really unique just by virtue of its people and history alone.

>> No.53329040
File: 216 KB, 1200x962, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1484188989334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A couple of ways
>read the stories on the official MTG site
>read the lore wiki
>watch YouTube bids dedicated to the lore
>Make lore threads here

>> No.53330024

So Armored Cancrix is the last thing we know of the plane?
If you like being dissapointed and reading bad fiction, then welcome.

>> No.53332229

Yeah, unfortunately. All of Liliana's shit was either pre-mending or not on Dominaria, so unless you count the Future Sight lands (like Tolaria West) that show the place getting better, Armored Cancrix is it

>> No.53332336

Hazoret is a mommy MILF
delet this

>> No.53332349

Do you want a smart answer or no? Cause the smart one is "Dont"

>> No.53334377

Dominaria may no longer be the hub, there have been other hubs before it.

>> No.53335559

I'm interested in Magic's lore and I have a couple of questions for you guys.

What's the best way to consume the lore? Can I do it well without playing the actual game? And is there a place where I can get the novels (either through a torrent or mega/mediafire/etc)?

>> No.53335574

This answers my first two questions here >>53335559

>> No.53337987

>they didn't bring him along because he wanted "a plan" and "allies" before fighting
I'm calling it, Ajani is going to arrive with an army just before Bolas is winning like Gandalf at Helm's deep

>> No.53338475
File: 157 KB, 720x720, akh1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

everything from dtk onwards is online here: http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/columns/magic-story
>origins: nothing special, sets up the characters but entirely skippable
>zendikar 2 electric boogaloo: mostly shit except for the ob nixilis stories and tazri mindfuck episode. 50% of the story is nissa sooking about m-muh ashaya and being a shithead
>shadows: jace loses his shit, writing slightly better than bfz. petty bitchfight between oldwalkers as a side plot, beware of the sjws. the promised end is probably the highlight.
>kaladesh: rebels on MY designated street? it could happen to you too. writing is again improved but the plot here is crap.
>almondkek: in progress, decent so far. 99% “guess who’s coming it’s nicky b!” buildup for hour of dev

lastly, reading the lore without playing the game is reverse of what most people do. cards have plot-relevant information that is sometimes not mentioned in the stories but i guess you can do without

>> No.53339241

Awesome. Thanks!

Yeah unfortunately I don't have the money. That alone precludes me from getting into another hobby like magic.

I used to play back around 2000. From what I remember almost all players didn't care about anything other than winning matches. I was just like them too. I didn't care about the lore then. I also remember there were enough utter cunts of players around that I just wouldn't want to waste time or energy on nowadays.

This is a shame because now that I look at Magic again, it has all the ingredients of fantasy that I love. I WANT to be into it. But even if I could buy all the cards I need/want, I'd just be in the game to build themed or lore friendly decks to play casually with against others like me. Somehow I think trying to find those kinds of players is like trying to find a unicorn.

>> No.53339318

>tfw I play Izzet deck not because I like blue but Izzets are the most entertaining guild

>> No.53339353

Pretty sure Heliod cursed him with that defensive magic for his hubris

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