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Armfag was right.

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Hello armfag.

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Played a game against my cat today.

5 slaanesh marines vs 5 tzeench marines
3 bolters, plasma, powersword and plas pistol vs 4 warpfire bolters and a power sword.

We both lost two guys but he bottled and I didn't. My champion beat his in a fight and rolled +1T and I advanced him against for true grit.
That's a pretty good result, right?

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How does this look plan on running GK. This would be for stand alone games.

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In all future cases batreps should be stated as being played against your cat or cats.

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Oh, but a bolter guy is in hospital and one is captured.

I recruited three autogun cultists to try and take him back but I'm not sure if we can do it with only 3 marines.

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Should payed for an operative.

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I won so I still got more juice but I only have a spawn.

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Can I use the call of the promethium sprawl rule to bring back a unit from someone else's team in a previous campaign to join my team in a new campaign?

Like for example my five cats played a campaign while I was at work and one of them play guard but will be playing pantstealer cultists in the new campaign so I was kinda hoping I could bring back one of her specialists since it got some sweet advances.

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Shitty desu. Gotta go get a terminator from somewhere.

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Only if you truly cherish that fighter.

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As written, there's nothing stopping you, although I don't think that is what was intended.
But if your cats are okay with it, go ahead.

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I'll ask their permission for the next campaign then.

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>three CSMs, one with a plasma gun during the raid
>vs 9 orks
>sneaking up on an Ork yoof
>not spotted yet
>raises his plasma gun to start the ambush on the enemy team
>It explodes, fails to wound the yoof
>all 9 Orks turn around to face the two space marines and their idiot friend who's bleeding out on the floor

My cat got the better of me this time.

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Quick rules clarification: if two guardsmen are in base-to-base combat with one of my orks and I charge a second ork into base-to-base range with one of the two guardsmen, does that ork count as engaged in combat with both guardsmen or only the one he's touching?

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>not charging for da stelfy kill
This was your first mistake.

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You can only fight if you're in base contact.

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Can we get right FAQ in the original post next time


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Alright, I got scout team female conversion team, memestealer cult and harlequin troupe coming together eventually for shadow war, what im in for?
I remember seeing couple games of necromunda, im familiar with characters but never played the game.

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>scout team female conversion team

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yes, female scouts

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>putting 3rd party material in the OP

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>scout team female conversion team
Which bitz?

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Can we put the previous threads in the OP? Sometimes, there needs to be a way to return to the origin of Catmeta and Third Party FAQs.

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These ones, flamer and missile launcher, sergeant too. Its just for gaming at home, were building 2x3 modular board for this.

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>These ones
>no name in image
>no name for filename

Cool yes, a pure picture of them was what I was requesting.

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So do the people who are arguing about arms think that their position makes tyranids better or worse?

Does 2 arms make them better/worse? How?

Does 4 arms make them better/worse? How?

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I tried a spawn once and it was actually really powerful.

2d6 move is it's secret weapon, rolled a 10 and charged 20 inches across the board to munch on a special weapons guy.
If you're min-maxing then you either need tzeentch or nurgle to survive but don't underestimate it.

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Literally less than a minute on google.
I'd say they look more like IG by the way.

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The actual question is:

Are lash whips and boneswords, and pairs of boneswords considered 1 or 2 weapons (they have two weapon entries, not one like the "pair of" weapons), if 2 how many weapons are tyranid warriors allowed to fight with in close combat?

Tyranid warriors objectively don't have 4 arms in rules terms, if they did they'd have rules like genestealer cult models that reflect that. Instead they have two "pairs of arms" which are treated identically to arms, hence the rule for raveners which is worded identically to the GSC extra arms rule.

They don't really benefit either way.

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Hey /swag/ quick question. I'm fiddling around making a Grey Knights kill team, grabbed a couple guys from ebay. Got a terminator to bring in as a special operative and I'm wondering how to arm him. I've got an old metal model with a storm bolter and incinerator arm, I was going to magnetize the joint so I could use both, but I only have one arm shield thingy. Before I start anything figured I'd ask here to see if one weapon was vastly superior to the other, that being the case I would just use that arm. Cheers

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GK terminator operatives have storm bolters and whatever close combat weapon you want. They can't take fun toys.

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Oh yeah paladins exist, really a psycannon or psilencer would be best but an incinerator beats a storm bolter I guess.

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Sorry for some reason I was thinking terminators could take incinerators also, would it be a big deal to use a regular terminator as a paladin? These are literally babys first space marines, never played 40k before.

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they're literally the same models.

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Yeah definitely not Scouts, but they'll make a great IG team.

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Where is your hammer?

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Why do you go on the internet and lie like that?

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>You don't have a female cat!

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> 3rd party material

That is the link from this, anon.


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I was memeing, anon. Two threads ago there was someone who doesn't think www.warhammer-community.com is a real GW website and that the FAQ is third party.

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Yeah, sorry. I had it closed down when I created the thread.

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Just finished my second crew. Did admech.

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Needs more pink.

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Just had my friend point out it was pink. Im fine with it but I legitimately thought they were bright red.

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Is that leader wearing a bowtie?

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As complaining anon pointed out in the last thread, having access to a fuckload of equipment is very powerful. His suggestion of arbitrarily removing heavy weapons because that would somehow help was obviously not going to work because it would defeat the intended purpose of letting people play necromunda gangs (Which come modeled with heavy plasma guns, heavy bolters, autocannons and rocket launchers) and would strongly contradict the source material.

I am however looking for other ways to represent item rarity as a means to diddle with balance.

Right now I'm thinking about either increasing the cost of items that were rare or making rare items one per kill team.

What do you folks think about that. Also do you have your own ideas about balancing equipment access?

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Its a bow, its a joke crew with the leader based on a weeb show.

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Never highlight red with white. Red is one of the hardest colours to pull off when painting minis. Check out a tutorial for how to do red.

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Either of those two, balancing point cost or limit number of each, would work without ruining it imo.

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Only highlight red with brighter red or orange.

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i consider point costs sacred, as the prices are fixed no matter who is buying them (for weapons. i think the inquisitor is a possible exception and might pay half or 66% cost for an upgrade of 4+ save to 3+ save)

if an item is already statted and has a cost, keep that cost.

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Well considering gw errata'd the cost for gsc lasguns it would seem they agree with you.

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You have to buy hand to hand weapons for the grey knights.

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To be fair, the idea that GW have a news website that updates regularly with FAQ's and other news does sound hella fake.

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What would be the recommended number of guys you would want in a Chaos Space Marine Only list? 5? 4?

Also what's more stylish, Power Fists or Chainswords?

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Shoot for 6 with cultists included. Mine started with 3/3 and worked out pretty well because I frontloaded into my leader and specialists, but I've heard others have had success with 4 marines and 2 cultists by taking a single specialist, or 2 cheaper specialist weapons.

My way let me get a tooled up plasma and autocannon off the bat, but I can see the appeal of having more proper marines at the start. I just started burning caches right off the bat to get additional marines, as you can get one trooper with all the trimmings per rearm pretty easily. Specialists on the other hand are much more awkward to get into your team and can take 2 games depending on what weapon you want to give them.

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Your right about how messing with points would be a bad idea.

Restricting weapons to a single example would also work.

Could you possibly have a "rare tokens/points" system? For instance a starting gang could have 10 rarity tokens to spend. A heavy weapon might cost 4 of these tokens say, a special 2 and miscellaneous items might cost 1?

That way you could have two heavy bolters for instance but you aren't going to get much else special stuff. It could limit underhive gangs running away with everyone ending up with stacks of kit after a few games.

I dunno. Might be overly complex but do you get the idea?

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>Right now I'm thinking about either increasing the cost of items that were rare or making rare items one per kill team.
That's a bad idea for game balance, generally.
What would need to be limited, anyway? Special, Heavy, and Leader Only weapons are already limited to a max of 1-3 per warband, maybe Bolt stuff and special ammo could be more limited (buy a max of 1-2 per rearm phase? can't have more bolters than other basic weapons?), but what else?

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I want a damn power armour list.

Scouts are out. How do I best make a marine list? Edgy teenagers or Gay Knight?

Do I have any other options?

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How about Sororitas?

>> No.53301078

>playing -1 strength and toughness girls
Maybe. I'll have to check them out.

Are they good? Or at least workable?

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>Could you possibly have a "rare tokens/points" system?

Sounds good. Call them Priority Equipment Purchase Edicts, or PEPEs.

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Reading up on them, that sounds pretty terrible.

The 6++ is pointless, few things remove that much armour outside of CC, and they get crushed in CC anyway.

They pretty much cost the same as space marines, but significantly worse because T3 S3 WS3.

What exactly are you supposed to do with them?

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Sure, and you'll have your resilient '10 models with 3+/6++' team.
Heavy/storm bolters are good (the rest of the special/heavy selection doesn't shine as bright), krak grenades on 10 girls are good (but all that gear gets expensive as fuck), the special rule is weaksauce but at least will prevent fumbles.

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So for a start:
Leader with Combi Flamer and a Plasma pistol
3 sisters with boltguns
3 noviates with boltguns

Seems quite lacklustre. I might see otherwise once the game begins, but the complete lack of good options on the sisters seems boring. Hopefully it turns out differently, but 10 power armour isn't exactly bad in terms of survivability. Too bad they are T3.

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Leader - Sister Superior 175pts
⁃Storm Bolter / 55pts
Total / 230pts

Specialist - Gunner Sister 100pts
⁃Storm Bolter / 55pts
Total / 155pts

Trooper - Battle Sister 90pts
⁃Boltgun / 35pts
Total / 125pts

Trooper - Battle Sister 90pts
⁃Boltgun / 35pts
Total / 125pts

Trooper - Battle Sister 90pts
⁃Boltgun / 35pts
Total / 125pts

Trooper - Battle Sister 90pts
⁃Boltgun / 35pts
Total / 125pts

New Recruit - Sister Noviate 80pts
⁃Boltgun / 35pts
Total / 115pts

Different Anon, but here is the list I started with. You gotta think of them more as Guardsmen in Power Armour then Space Marines my dude. Start with a basic six or seven girl team with mostly bolters, then once you play your first game, buy shit tons of red-dot sights and krak grenades. We're lucky cause Sister Killteams can potentially have access to 3 Storm Bolters, so we have heaps of Sustained Fire 1 shots at BS4. We aren't tough, but we kill things good.

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The thing about sisters is how they are capable of performing an alpha strike unlike any other team.

You get into a good position with just 7 Bolters, and use your faith, and you have high accuracy shots very likely to hit, and very likely to do a lot of damage.

I have lost games to this. A BS5 storm Bolter + 7 BS4 sisters, all targetted on my grey knight leader.

I was unlikely and fumbled the bottle check, but I took 7 hits total, 4 of which wounded. Took two wounds, rolled a 6, and I lost 25% of my warband. Bottled on my turn.

I severely underestimated the accuracy that comes with a reroll like that, especial on high BS models.

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You can't do that. WTF cats can't even play.

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I feel like I'm missing something here

>> No.53301722

Wish I'd known about these before building my wife's Escher gang...

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The continuing Adventures of Catfag.

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Some day, I'd love to really get some insight in how the life of a retard is.

The World must look so different to them. I am so intrigued by it - think of what we could learn! Their mind works like black holes, destroying logic and sensible thinking. Understanding this might actually help us uncover more of the mysteries of our minds.

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Newfag holy shit.

It is a guy from /tg/ who said he could start with skills, by using an "old and treasured" character, from games against his cat. The game provides rules for it, so he took to assuming that games against cats would be alright for that.

Hence was born catfag.

Funny fact: My auto correct wants to correct "Catfag" into "Carnac".

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Kek. That's massively gay.

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>weeb show
C'mon man, Little witch academia is great.
I wish it was dubbed in french so I could show it to my niece.

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Anyone who played against cats knows it is impossible.

Cats are cheating bastards. Mine literally grabbed my scout who was about to headshot his leader, and ran off with him. Sore fucking loser, never playing against him or any other cat again.

Literally worse than neckbeards. Petty as fuck too, and they are actually insane enough to attack you if you try to stop them from cheating.

>> No.53302115


Still have scars after some crazy gal attacked me. Bitch didn't even get any punishment for it.

She just went straight back to being cute and coy. Sneaky little bastard

Fuck cats man.

>> No.53302237

I thought we were talking about cats?
I've never played with a dog, but I've heard most of the time they show great sportsmanship.

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Strange question, but it is relevant:

Do normal plastic figures properly base-coated and painted have any problems being submerged in plain water?

We have a fun concept for a beach assault, and we have a sizeable box with water and a beach. We plan on putting some defensive trenches in, and having a 2 Grey Knights vs an IG kill team face off against each other.

The IG guy has been dominating, and wd wanted a fun scenario, so we wanted to do a fun thematic approach, where the Grey Knights deploy in the water, and then blitz up the beach to surprise the OF stationed there.

But we aren't sure if the models are fine with being submerged like that. Any thoughts or experiences?

>> No.53302777

I have to say bad idea (using water, not the scenario). At best, you lose any basing material glued down with PVA; at worst, your minis and up with mold all over them later down the line. Use glass or something to represent water.

>> No.53302855


Really wanted to see my marines just lurk beneath the water, before bolting at the unsuspecting Guardsmen.

Glass just doesn't have the same feel to it, you know?

We don't base them though. We keep it a flat colour, that can easily be changed, or on magnetized bases. We play on way too many different battlefield types, so going nuts with the basing will quickly make it look stupid in the wrong setup.

>> No.53302978

>going nuts with the basing will quickly make it look stupid in the wrong setup
It's really not that important. I played with desert based minis on an urban table while my opponent had swamp bases, and I can assure you when you're playing bases are quickly forgotten.

>> No.53303179

Happy moment; finding a squad of old school Ratling snipers in a drawer. Keen to use the models... How feasible would this be?

Sarge: Plasma pistol, camo
3x vet: Lasgun, krak grenades
3x specialists: Sniper rifle, red dot, toxic rounds.

Suppose another option would be to convert them to have lasguns and use them as guardsmen but seems a shame to chop up old sculpts

>> No.53303256

>bases are quickly forgotten.
Hence why we dont give a shit about them.

>> No.53303460

Toxic rounds aren't really useful at the start of a campaign, but they are great add-ons if you can buy them later. Dropping them would allow you to give some more gear to your other guys, depending on what you think you're gonna face.
You're probably going to want to use them, or at least some of them to play meat shields for your ratlings. Maybe taking new recruits instead of vets would be better for that purpose?

>> No.53303601

>a "rare tokens/points" system?
Rules bloat tho

>> No.53303707

My thought exactly. Limiting some weapons sounds better I think.

>> No.53303875

Just wash and dry them once you get home. That sounds sick and I would do it too.
>I play Krieg

>> No.53303898

Thinking of making a homebrew for Tau. Basically a lot less "pathfinders" and a lot more "fire warriors".

My idea is to keep them naked, and allow them to purchase armour instead.

So basically they would get a ton of options, and be more about gearing up, rather than quickly hitting the "you can't progress further" deal.

I want to make it a bit more complicated, and I dont know if this is a bad idea, but:
>Crisis Battlesuit
>250 points
>3+ armour, has a burst cannons and a plasma gun, can only fire one or the other
>upon taking an unsaved wound, roll a d6. On a 6, the suit eject the pilot, negating the wound, and leaving him with a hand to hand weapons and any pistols he may have. The suit is unavailable for the rest of the fight.

Yes/no? Any tweaks maybe?

Only available to the leader obviously.

>> No.53303931

Sounds good. Brew up Riptide specialists too while you're at it and make a believable PDF so I can show it to people at the shop when I play.

>> No.53304024


Crisis suits are awesome, Riptides can fuck off.

On the believable pdf, how do people make them look like the official GW ones? Any template to use for it?

>> No.53304103

Riptides are great. They are the best thing about Tau and exemplify the faction's perfection. Idk why they get so much hate. Just play to their weaknesses ffs. Or maybe you can't into tactics.

>> No.53304172


I play Tau, and I hate using them. Like I hate using drone squadrons.

How the fuck does that translate to "can't into tactics hurr"?

Or are you just one of those Tau players who are gigantic faggots and spam nothing but Riptides because the internet told you they are good?

>> No.53304201

Riptides are like queens in chess. If you could play chess with more than one queen wouldn't you? In fact promoting a pawn to a queen can be game changing. I choose to start with queens from the beginning.

>> No.53304210

Anyone figured out how to make wych cults good yet?

Can't deal with anyone with shooting modifiers

>> No.53304244

I kinda want to get this mentality out that having a single Riptide is "OP". It's not. They're the Tau's TEQ. It's fair if they can have one if you bring some Termies or a Land Raider. If they bring multiple and in the Wing, then yes that is pretty cheesy.

Also Kroot are shit. They're just expendable meatshields. Having a whole army oriented around them would be incredibly boring. If Tau auxiliaries had the same love that Genestealers then that would be fine.

A "fun" army to play against is something that tries to bring all the neat units into the battle in a combined arms fashion. Not just spamming any one single unit. A good Tau player would know that some well supported fire warrior unit is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti infantry fire power than the other units.

I'm so tired of hearing non Tau players complain about "muh Battlesuits or muh Riptides" They're there in the codex, they have a purpose, just like the FWs.source then any of the battle suits. Just because you get butthurt at the cheesemongers doesn't mean that the other Tau players have to stop using a particular unit. Quit bitching.

>> No.53304259

Piss off back home to 40kg

Riptides are not SWAG.

>> No.53304263

Use your 6" movement to slowly sneak up to the enemy.

Roll all your skills on agility/stealth

>> No.53304322

Thank you. My point exactly.
No but if we can find a way to make good homebrew Riptide rules then GW can add it to the game. Like they did with the Necromunda community rules.

>> No.53304353

Why the fuck do you want a Riptide in SWA?

For what purpose?

Do you also want Dreadknights and Demon Princes?

>> No.53304384

As a specialist. It's fluffy. When the going gets tough, the Tau send Riptides. And Tau need all the help we can get in this game.

>> No.53304424

Tbh that would be awesome for a narrative game. Like your team has to steal something important or blow it up idk and theres a Daemon Prince on a throne devouring souls and if he spots you, you get rekt
Had the same idea with a Knight Titan

>> No.53304467

Yup. People just need to get creative. Like in the old days with Necromunda. We didn't need everything spelled out for us by GW back then. No wonder they dumbed down the rules, kiddies need to be spoon fed nowadays.

>> No.53304680

Ayy lmao this guy asked /wip/ and they laughed at him.

Here's my 2c on the matter; you're opposed to static water because you want it to "look right". Let me tell you now that sand and water are both the bane of sfx modelers' existence. Neither looks right with miniatures, even with huge 1:12 scale setups. It's going to look like little models in dirt.

From a PRACTICAL standpoint, water will ruin anything that's based with PVA glue. The models have plenty of fine nooks for water to collect in and will absolutely refuse to dry off properly unless you have somewhere very warm and dry to sit them for a few hours. If they take longer than a day or two to dry, they collect dust and bacteria and mildew spores. I had a few models that had funny hard tan-coloured mold growing in a few places because they were stored in dusty humid conditions. Sand will abrade the fuck out of paint unless you have some seriously hard varnish. Dice do not roll properly on soft uneven surfaces.

>> No.53304766

I have an ancient issue of White Dwarf with some GorkaMorka scenarios, including one for trying to take down a rampaging Deff Dread. I should give it a read and see if it can translate to SWA.

>> No.53304785

No, /WIP/ was quite helpful actually.

It is very fine sand, I've already tested a model on it, and it looks beautiful. The problems is the interaction between water and sand.

None of us have used ordinary glue, we used the plastic glue thing that melta the plastic.

Good points on the water. Might consider using a hair dryer at a cold setting to help blow off the worst.

Sand seems to be the biggest problem.. Might have to use something that looks like sand, rather than actual sand. Might be better.

>> No.53304803


Still get clocked by snipers who sit on overwatch, hiding only works with cover and no direct line of sight

>> No.53304823

>we used the plastic glue thing that melta the plastic

>> No.53304867

If I read it correctly, once you hit a Grey Knight or Harlequin with a Shardnet, all they can do is die because they don't have combat knives.

Only theoretical knowledge at this point, but Run 12" behind full cover, move 6" peeking out of a corner and Hide, Charge 12" and stab things.

>> No.53305029

Mmmyeah the riptide sure look like it could be inserted to do some stealthy spec ops..

>> No.53305055

>all these fags butt hurt at some false flagging "tau" player

>> No.53305067

>can't into copypasta

Time to tech up

>> No.53305103

Everyone defaults to a knife according to the core rules

>> No.53305110


Auto correct strikes again.

Melta glue sounds rad as fuck though.

>> No.53305123

Grey knights and Harlequins dont have knives, what now?

>> No.53305152

Time for you to RTFM.

>> No.53305159

I don't care. It is unrelated.

This is as much welcome as the cancerous /v/ copy pastas they have over there.

>> No.53305164


Harlequins have knives? They're called "conceales blades" on the rulesheet but the gear list lists them as knives in parentheses.

>> No.53305312

Everyone has a knife, according to the core rules.

>> No.53305926

The sisters player in my campaign has never won a game.

>> No.53305958

Oh, it wouldn't actually be limiting weapons. Essentially none of the weapons are actually rare. It would mostly just be miscellaneous equipment, particularly gunsights.

>> No.53305996


>> No.53306533

Even tyranids

>> No.53306898

You just hit with your base attacks at base strength. It's not really revolutionary.

>> No.53306907


There needs to be a version of Frinkiac for Family Guy and American Dad. Lord knows what you'd call it though.

>> No.53307237

It's a hilarious visual though

>> No.53307947

New player here, looking for advice.
I bought a 5 man box of Scouts and i have plenty of Space Wolf bits, what could be a good startup?
I was thinking
Leader : power Sword and combat knife or a ranged weapon
2 Scouts with bolter/boltgun CCW
2 Scouts with Plasma/Flamer

>> No.53308349


>> No.53309359

Question to you guys:

How would you stat the Pulse Blaster?

The normal stats are very wonky, and for the purposes of SWA, we probably need a single statline.

My initial thought was 12" S5 -3 armour, but most old AP3 still only has -2. So maybe:
10", S6 -2armour, +2 to hit at close range, -1 at long range?
Huge risk, but very high reward if it works.

Bonus to hit because shotgun + the high risk of being within 5" of an enemy that will likely kick your balls out through the faceslit once they get their turn.

>> No.53310351

wtf i love my old eschers now

thx for posting i will totaly use this in my group.

>> No.53310354

My group and I are new to wargaming and initially wanted to play mordheim but now they want to play armaggedon instad.
I already bought some minis for mordheim >>53307642.
What do you mean can i only use them as cultists and if I go chaos i will need to get some csm?

>> No.53310405

Sell them on ebay if you are short on cash and you will at least not make that much of a loss. Then buy minis for swag.

>> No.53310477

But i want to keep them because they are the first minis I bought and cash is not really a problem.
Its just that i want to use them, they are unassembled and I tought about getting maybe some other hands and maybe some other legs.

>> No.53310768

>The normal stats are very wonky, and for the purposes of SWA, we probably need a single statline.

you do it like the seismic cannon and give it differing profiles depending on range and keep its overall stats as similar as possible to how they are in 40k

come on now don't make me do this myself

>> No.53310769

Its ruh' Taard.

>> No.53310855

>Dont talk to me or my wifes escher gang ever again

>> No.53311760

Man, this general is dead.

What games have you all played?
I had a terrible evening when my inspiring champion died first round in to the evening and then had to face flying harliquins round two.

That lends the question, what do you think about cultists?
Are they necessary to build a good team?

>> No.53311792

Working on my inquisition kill team. Still need to make a crusader, but unsure of how to kit him out.

>> No.53311927

I won't be playing again until saturday.

>> No.53311955

Don't you have a cat?

>> No.53311990

I haven't played a single game yet, my friends are all lame fucks who would rather play mario kart and get high. I think my FLGS is doing a campaign soon, might go down and try to join.

>> No.53312049

No. But I will probably play against someone called Matt on Saturday.

>> No.53312050

No, I have a dog that insists on playing on my side. We have no cat to team up on

>> No.53312220

My guard Heavy flamer operator has been heroic tonight. First game he managed to toast 3 wyches in two rounds, Single handedly forcing a bottle test. Second game he managed to hold out for two rounds against a pair of ork boys. He went down in the end but gave the other lads time to mop up and force a bottle. Then made a full recovery.

>> No.53312913

Pathfinder Shas'ui, Pulse Carbine

Pathfinder, Pulse Carbine

Pathfinder, Pulse Carbine

Pathfinder Specialist, Ion Rifle

Pathfinder Specialist, Ion Rifle

MB3 Recon Drone

MB3 Recon Drone

MB3 Recon Drone

Total: 1000

I think this is right. There isn't much I can do. First Rearm I plan to give everybody Photo-visor (5x15 = 75) and I'll give the Shas'ui Markerlight (15) and Photon Grenades (10).

From then on I'll buy a Pathfinder with Pulse Carbine and Photo Grenades which is 100 I think. If I don't lose any, by the 3rd game I'll have a full team. From then on I'll buy the two new guys Photo-visors, Photon Grenades and the other guys Photon Grenades.

>> No.53313169

I think you're better off ignoring photon grenades (and photovisors to some extent) to try and get weapon reloads for the ion rifles.

>> No.53313320

Okay, that's still 55 points. There is 45 points to spend, might as well get them Photo-visors as well and Markerlights for the Shas'ui.


>> No.53313645

Does anyone know if there's a community/way to play SWA through tabletop simulator? I'd assume so if only because you can play full 40k games on them.

Is there a /tg/ steam group?

>> No.53313695

Help ;_;

>> No.53313708

We`d need a pile of 3d terrain to start. Maybe a setting to clear layers at a time to play under it.
SWAs reliance on a crawl of scenery wouldn't play nice with it, I think

>> No.53313720

If you're not a fan of Nurgle, they could work for a Tzeentch warband too I think.
I don't see how you could turn them into guardsmen though, the skulls are way too obvious.

>> No.53313764

Skip the ccw to start. You won't need more than a knife out the gate, and against the armies trying to bring you into combat, they wouldn't help much.
I'd argue to trade a bolter for a sniper rifle, maybe dropping some gear from your leader for toxic rounds as well.

>> No.53313921

I've no idea how to kit bash a sniper rifle, but i guess i'll buy some, or use a Bow and count as

>> No.53313995

I've only played a couple of games with my guard, but I plan on starting a Pathfinder squad soon and in my list I focused more on getting lots of guys, protecting them with a recon drone and improve their firepower with a pulse accelerator drone and markerlights for one of the specialists and for my leader. The plan was to later buy one or two more markerlights and my third drone depending on what I feel like I need, then buy ion rifles and reloads for them and giving the markerlights to troopers.

>> No.53314029

I have this for now.

Combat Blade 0pts
Power Sword 50pts
Bolt Pistol 25pts
Scout Armour 0pts
Camo Gear 5pts

Combat Blade 0pts
Flamer 40pts
Scout Armour 0pts
Camo Gear 5pts

Combat Blade 0pts
Plasma Gun 80pts
Scout Armour 0pts
Camo Gear 5pts

Combat Blade 0pts
Assault Blade 15pts
Bolt Pistol 25pts
Scout Armour 0pts
Camo Gear 5pts

Combat Blade 0pts
Assault Blade 15pts
Bolt Pistol 25pts
Scout Armour 0pts
Camo Gear 5pts

that's only what i can build now.
I still have 80 points left tho, anything i should add?

>> No.53314098

If you're limited by models, give your scouts hellfire bolts, and someone a frag grenade.

>> No.53314143

Sure, should i give the grenade to the sergeant?

>> No.53314164

I personally like having the Drones able to scare people enough. The reason I got both Specialists with Ion Rifles is to avoid spending Promethium cache to buy them.

>> No.53314275

They've all got the same aim, so the flamer or the sergeant are you best bets, as they'll be closing in on people anyway.

>> No.53314287

Yeah, I get what you're doing. Actually it made me wonder if I shouldn't get rid of one or two troopers to buy an Ion rifle from the start.
Maybe I could even wait to buy the accelerator drone, it's pretty cheap.

>> No.53314306

Gotcha, added the grenade to the Sergeant and the Hellfire rounds to the 2 Scouts.
thanks! i hope it works

>> No.53314318

I wasn't too sold on the Acc Drone as it's only like 6" and it's another thing you need to place in the right position. Plus it takes up a slot.

>> No.53314418

6" longer range and T4 Sv. 4+ for 50 pts is pretty nice, plus it can take an opponent by surprise if they're not careful. But I guess if you already have two Ion rifles it isn't that useful, although Ion rifles prevent you from moving and shooting.
I think I'm gonna stick with my carbines for now and put my guys through a few test games before starting a campaign with them.

>> No.53314472

Yeah. If you were ignoring Ion Rifles completely and just going Drones + Patherfinders (Carbines) then yeah it's great.

>> No.53314605

You can do flat tables full of terrain. Verticality is a fun part of SWA but one of the best games I've had was on a Zone Mortalis table.

>> No.53314615

That's sick, I assume they'll be painted Blanche-style?

>> No.53314737

Lads what's your view on using models that have, let's say, a boltgun on their hand but not one on their equipment list, but with the plan to buy the boltgun in the first Rearm phase?

Because making models with no weapons, only to then have to stick weapons on them, sucks. Yes you can magnetise arms, but that's doing loads. It doesn't matter if you've got an army and you just choose different figures, but if you're trying to do it personal stuff, it's a bit of a pickle. I'm not saying let me use a boltgun as a plasma gun, but let me have something modelled with something for a game.

I dunno what to do because making a kill team is difficult if you're trying to make a personalised team. So you're left with finding the best builds and making several personal models.

Or do you guys just ignore that rule? I mean lets say you don't netlist and equip your guys with shit choices, you're then fucked really. Or have to buy more models and do new personal shit.

>> No.53314809

Gotta say anon, I've played against 15+ people and never once has the opponent minded.

As long as you aren't being too crazy with it like saying that your bolter dude is holding a multi-melta and you are able to distinctively tell them apart, you should be ok

>> No.53314833

As a side game to 40k with heavy customisation, the strict WYSIWYG the game demands is completely unreasonable.

As a general rule it's fine for a model to have equipment on it that it doesn't have but things like plasma guns should be represented.
Using a plasma pistol as a bolt pistol is fine but not thd other way around.

>> No.53314966


Played two tonight
>second game is kill team and both of us rolled vital mission so winner receives 3 promethium caches
>I'm pessimistic going into this the whole time and expect to get raped since I'm outnumbered and outgunned
>playing against another scout player with 10 scouts versus my 7
>other player is immediately outmanuevering me and takes out some of my scouts
>game is dragging on but I keep passing my bottle tests
>start a tactical retreat to consolidate my unit
>the game starts to rest on the shoulders of my Heavy Bolter gunner
>he takes one scout out and starts drawing enemy fire
>gets knocked down from a ledge but doesn't take any damage
>gets back up and fire a burst at the enemy Sergeant and takes him out of action
>my sergeant takes one out with his plasma pistol
>this forces his first bottle test and he rolled a 9 so he bottles out

The whole time the group was trying to convince me to stop being a bitch and just slug it out, so it finally worked out. On a funnier note, one of my scouts rolled a 1 on the serious injury table. I used my Sergeants Medic Skill to reroll and got another 1 followed by a 1 so that scout was KIA. The joke was that the medic accidentally killed his patient.

>> No.53314967

Thanks. I've been playing round with stupid ideas. Like I wanted to make a x3 Transuranic Arquebus team (which is obviously stupid) with scopes and laser sights on them, but didn't want to be screwed if I decided I wanted to represent them as Galvanic Rifles. So I should be able to represent Arquebus' as Galvanic Rifles but not the other way round. Okay. I'll always ask, but I really like the look of the Arquebus', cutting off some scopes from Space Marine rifles, or if I had more money, from Empire/Free Guild Long Rifle Engineers.

But speaking of guns, are the Plasma Cavilers the best choice? Also are Arc Rifles much better than Galvanic Rifles? Seeing as Arc Rifles can't get scopes or laser sights...

>> No.53315254

Don't really play Skitarii but just from having a quick look, arc rifles aren't "bad" in the sense that flamers aren't bad: they have a use, but you have prettier toys. Maybe get one of your specialists a big boy gun like the Caliver before you give the other two a Arc Rifle.

>But speaking of guns, are the Plasma Cavilers the best choice?
Yes and no. 75 point S5 gun with sustained fire is awesome, but at only 18" range max and the inability to equip scopes and red-dots, your dudes are more prone to harm. You get one chance to ignore failed ammo rolls, but the potential to singe your hands off and have your gun stop working is pretty risky, but it will pay off when you kill two dudes or a Nid.
>Seeing as Arc Rifles can't get scopes or laser sights...
True, but you get that sick 2+ short range modifier which can cancel out someone's heavy cover completely. I'd grab some if you were versing something like Nids or Marines.

>> No.53315255

>Escher gang
They had the best sculpts out of the original gangs. Well, they were probably tied with van saar.

>> No.53316040

Yo. This is the anon who posted the ork vs chaos game last thread (or maybe it was the one before that?). Thought I'd share the second game. I feel I might as well share my dudes' names this time around.

>The Green Machine
Slaychoppa: Nob - 'eavy armor, Big Choppa, Kombi-skorcha.
Morktarion: Boy - Choppa & Slugga
Dervishboy: Boy - 2x Choppas (has a head-wound, sat out this game)
Orkstein: Boy - 2x Sluggas
Wartrasha: Boy - Buzzchoppa, Stikkbombs
Tazerface: Spanner - Big Shoota w/ red dot
Dreamkrumpa: Yoof - Shoota
Khozgrurd: Yoof - Shoota
Scalpscragga: Yoof - Shoota
Strongcrasha: Yoof - Shoota
Trarlar: Yoof - Shoota

This game ended up being against the same Chaos player since he wanted to rescue the specialist I captured last game.

The first thing we do is set up a fuck-ton of terrain. Then we roll up promethium sprawl. I roll fucking lost in the sump and lose one of my shoota yoofs right off the bat. He rolls up the oil slick thing.
I stick his specialist in the corner of a second story building and start setting up my yoofs on the ground level in a quasi-search pattern around the building, with my Nob and one of the boys (Wartrasha) keeping an eye on the prisoner. The rest are reinforcements as per the mission rules.

He starts setting up his dudes. He first tries to put them in the building directly across from my nob, saying he was going to start them in hiding. I point out that you can't actually say their hidden until the movement phase, so I'm not sure that's kosher, especially since GSC's trait implies that most teams can't deploy hidden. He agrees with me and starts setting up his dudes on the lower floor and in a building cattycorner to where I have the prisoner held.

>> No.53316048

Thanks. Bit difficult to decide on what to get for the Skiitari. I was looking at Galvinic Rifles because they're 5pts cheaper, can have scope (making his Long Range 15"-45") and can take Red Dots (+1 to hit). The thing is, Galvanic Rifles have +1 to hit on Long Range. So that scope and red dot is making it +2 long range shot at 15"-45" which is pretty good. Plus it has a -1 armour save. While the Arc Rifle doesn't.

Arc Rifle, to me, seems like if you're planning to be close, while Galvanic Rifle seems to be a stand-off weapon. If I remember correctly only Hand Flamer and Galvanic Rifle have a positive bonus to Long Range shots. And seeing as Hand Flamers Long range is 4"-8" or some shit, Galvanic Rifle's 15"-30" default is pretty sweet.

Seems like a useful thing. If you build it with a Red Dot as your starter team, you're negating cover saves from the get go, which seems great. S4 isn't too bad unless you're facing Nids or Nurgle CSM.

>> No.53316109

Hmm i was thinking of maybe doing Tzeentch and getting some Rubric Marines as CSM, I know they have special rules but i think my group would be ok with treating them like normal chaos marine's.
I didnt read the chaos rules yet, do the gods have any rule differences?

>> No.53316192

In order of usefulness
>+1 T
>+1 Ld
>+1 A
>+1 I
>5+ invuln and access to inferno bolts

Rubric marines aren't in SWAG yet so you'll have to ask if your opponent if he's not that autistic guy who thinks rubric marines can't count as tzeentchy chaos marines.

>> No.53316296

His turn. First thing he does is run his two Khornate marines (named Left and Right Arm of Khorne depending on which hand they hold their chainswords in, btw) up into cover and declares them hidden. He moves two of his cultists up a floor to a vantage point where they can shoot in towards my nob and boy, and promptly hides them. His leader moves up to the third floor of a different building and sits behind cover hiding.

At this point I should mention we were doing a sort-of house rule for climbing shit, namely, pass an I test to see if you can climb scalable walls, and then pass an I test to see if you can shoot after scaling. I determined from the start that I wasn't gonna do any climbing if I could help it.

My turn. I discover the bullshit that was the random movement mechanic as a I proceed to roll nothing but 3's and 1's, which results in fuck-all happening besides my nob, boy, and one of the yoofs now being turned to face a fucking WALL instead of looking for bad guys.

His turn. He charges one of my yoofs with his khornate dude (Leftie, I think). Decides to use nothing but his blade. He moves Rightie into cover next to the fighting pair. Everyone else stays put. We go to combat. He rolls 6's. I roll 1's. Scalpscragga gets merked. He passes the alarm test, consolidates to a building corner, and hides. At this point we realize we forgot the oil slick thing and roll to see if he would have even made it.

My turn. My dudes continue their trend of walking into scenery.

His turn. Rightie gets into charge range for the yoof around his corner (passing the slick test), while Leftie charges around his corner to the next yoof. Adds another kill notch to his combat blade.

My turn. At this point I finally luck out. I manage to get my nob turned around and right up to the window facing the cultists.

>> No.53316407

I just play with my brother and some friends, but if Tzeentch is the most useless of the gods i might go with nurgle.
We are all pretty new to 40k, do plague marines have to be green, its not that i generally dislike them its just that i don't really like it if all the intestines are hanging out.

>> No.53316573

Canocally marks of chaos range from subtle mood changes to full blown body restructure.

I suspect this is probably a measure of how potent the individual's "gift" is but marks can be represented as either on the tabletop.

>> No.53316631

>do plague marines have to be green, its not that i generally dislike them its just that i don't really like it if all the intestines are hanging out.

Every warband worships their god in different ways and to different amounts. Some see the gods as tools, some as saviours. Like >>53316573 said, some marines may only develop slight mood changes, while others start growing boils and losing organs from their worshipping/devotion.

>> No.53316794

His turn. I pass my alarm test and spot the khornate dude below the window. He takes a couple of potshots with his cultists at my boy (pinning him, but not wounding him), and leftie charges around and gets ANOTHER yoof. I'm now down to one boy with a shoota.

My turn. Reinforcements! I roll my other two boyz in and stick Tazerface on top of a building so he can take potshots at anyone who sticks their head out. My last surviving yoof unloads a a clip into Leftie and... fails to pin. Well, shit. Tazerface takes a couple of shots at the leader and manages to pin him AND wound him, putting him on his ass. Slaychoppa drops his skorcha template on the cultists across from him and puts one of the cultists out of action The other cultist managed to shrug off the fucking flamethrower, somehow.

His turn. His leader rolls a still down on his table, so he doesn't do shit. Leftie ignores my yoof completely and climbs the wall next to him in order to make a dash for the prisoner, and Rightie does the same on the other side, putting him right next to my nob & boy.

My turn. Nob & boy ignore Leftie (who seems to be lucky as fuck, I ain't touching that) and gang up on Rightie. He gets murdered (obviously) and everyone else kinda hangs around and does nothing. Tazerface can't see anybody from where he's sitting (the leader wasn't visible on his back), and the boyz fail their I checks to climb the building.

His turn. His leader rolls still down. Leftie runs up and frees the prisoner. His cultist stands up and pins my Nob.

Shit gets real.

My turn, my boyz fail their I checks again, Tazerface still can't see shit, and Wartrasha is like a half-inch out of charge range. I move him closer and end my turn.

His turn. He passes his bottle test. He charges Wartrasha with Leftie and runs his specialist out the window towards the board edge.
I'm about to lose this game since my dudes can't get around the building fast enough to catch up. And then something happens.

>> No.53316853

His leader bleeds out.

My turn. I run my nob out the window (the only initiative check I passed the entire game, I think) and get ready to cut the specialist off before he can escape. Leftie and Wartrasha still can't manage to wound each other (although Wartrasha won the combat this time). Turn ends.

His turn. He rolls his bottle test... and fails.
I dunno how I feel about that victory.

>> No.53317158

So no Daemons for Shadow War?
Any tips on how to use them as count-as?

>> No.53317167

Gonna disagree, I think. Inferno bolts are pretty slick and with the crazy ap slinging around a 5+ is better than nothing.

I think it'd be Nurgle, Tzeentch, undivided, Khorne, Slaanesh

>> No.53317279

Even GK?

>> No.53317307


Literally everybody counts as having them. Doesn't matter if they physically have one, they *count* as having one.

So they fight at S (user) no AP

Doesn't matter what faction it is. Even Nids counts as having knives.

Even fucking DRONES counts as having stop.


Stop fucking asking.

>> No.53317348

I asked once you fucking faggot bc >>53299658 said my list is illegal

>> No.53317442

Grey Knights must be armed with a weapon from the Grey Knights hand to hand weapon list. They have to have a nemesis weapon of some sort. If they were to be disarmed somehow, then yes they would fight with the free knife. Your list is incorrect because they don't have nemesis weapons.

>> No.53317560

Okay. Should I drop the powersword, drop the incinerator, or drop my fourth dude?

>> No.53317668

Maybe drop the grenades and laser sight, see if you can get each of your knights some falchions. You might be a little vulnerable the first game, then you can resupply and get some other things. The nemesis power swords are pretty good from what I hear.

>> No.53317723

The Marks all have their uses. Undivided and Khorne are useful on Champions for Bottle tests and building 4-dice melee monsters, respectively. MoT+Inferno bolts is basically a mini specialist with high AP and being able to weather some return fire (pinning is still a pain in the ass). Nurgle is your more obvious cover-all Mark but I feel Slannesh is an underdog Mark since I5 would let you laugh off Pinning if you played smart and stuck together.

I use MoN on my Iron Warriors which is easily explained by bionics.

>> No.53317741

Melee Chaos Marines with Cultists being demons of lower status

>> No.53317875

I'm kind of amazed that Kroot didn't get a Kill Team of some sort. What list would be a 'good enough' substitute if I wanted to use Kroot models?

>> No.53317960

What about this?

>> No.53318045

You mean the american football punk strippers? Men..

>> No.53318280

Planning to paint my Chaos team as a Black Crusade party, which also gives me fluffy reasoning to have different Marks and also just 2-4 cultists tagging along.

What are some interesting corrupted chapters I could do though? I'm not too knowledgeable on Chaos chapters outside of the main like 6.

>> No.53318330

>+1 Initiative
>more useful than a 5++

>> No.53318360

Falchions are very powerful, especially early on. Reroll to wound and 2 parries are great for that cost.

You really want at least 4 dudes. I know you'll be strapped for points, but Grey Knights shouldn't expect to get their fun toys until their first rearm phase.

I had a 4 man group with an incinerator gunner and falchions on everybody including the gunner (who doesn't need it, ruleswise, but you really want a backup weapon for him, it will run out in your average game.)

>> No.53318367

Dark Eldar maybe? Tyranids?

>> No.53318406

5++ on a 3+ model isnt that good. This isnt 40k, your armour ia actually relevant, and you'll rarely drop below 5+ anyway. Sure, you will probably face plasma and the like, but it just isnt frequent enough.

Initiative helps you win ties in combat, and most importantly, protects against pinning, the single most damaging and frequent state in the game.

>> No.53318451

We should make a homebrew and submit it to GW. They might just accept it.

Maybe do it a bit like the Nids with biomorph like additions. The issue is probably how to properly include interesting options.

You have the Kroot leader, which normally has 3 fucking attacks. Base 3s statline of course, which is less than impressive.

Regular Kroot.

And then what? Cheaper but identical "new recruits"? How to differentiate them?

How to handle the eating and developing mechanic?

What could a special guy be?

>> No.53318476

Actually I was versing Necrons just last week and he was constantly reducing my armour to a 6+, so yeah 5++ is actually pretty good.

>Initiative helps you win ties in combat
Which is such a rare thing with all of the other modifiers and shit that go into an attack roll.
>protects against pinning
+1 ain't that much of a help. I'd rather not be hit by the high Str high AP weapon than have a +1 on recovering from pinning.

>> No.53318494

The wording on GK is you *must equip* them with weapons from one of the lists mentioned under each respective unit type entry. Can't double check your list atm since I'm at work tho.

>> No.53318513

>Anon didn't know the Inv Sv did not prevent him from getting pinned.

Also +1 to any test is HUGE difference. Unless you already had 5 I.

>> No.53318519

That was supposed to say "meh". Not "men".

>> No.53318572

Maybe for the development thing you could do a MVP kinda advancement. Keep track of whoever got the most kills on your Kroot Kill Team. Whoever had the highest gets to make a roll on the advancement table. If the MVP spot is shared between two or more people, randomise between the guys and pick one for advancement?

Of course, that would then call for them having lower stats and stuff. Maybe T3 with 5+ armour save with S3, but have high initiative and movement for crazy charges out of cover.

Not really familiar with Kroot but certainly interested to see them done as a killteam.

>> No.53318583

I don't care if I'm pinned so long as I actually survive. You try taking a high power plasma shot and see your +1 Init let you survive that.

>> No.53318611

Make the leader a shaper, with inquisitor statline and worse gear, regular kroot we know and love, and then kroot younglings, which are kroot with -1 LD, BS, and less options for gear. Instead of promoting, you need to win a battle with enemy casualties or capture an enemy in order to promote a youngling-it gains a once-off bonus on promotion depending on what it eats, i.e. a marine gives it strength, eldar give movement or initiative, puny humies give LD/BS/WS, orcs give toughness.

For special weaponry, give them some tau toysjust not shit this time

>> No.53318636

I mean, something that could be a cool idea:

The Kroot, when they advance, can also access the skill layout available to their opponent's faction? That might be a way of doing the 'eating the enemy and gaining their strength' so to speak.

Or maybe any Kroot that actually kills an enemy fighter (as in they get double 1s on their Serious Injury rolls), gets an advance?

>> No.53318790

My whole meta is just imperial forces at the moment, so I'm thinking of picking up a Xeno kill team. Should I pick up some Tau or wait to see if this Kroot idea becomes a reality?

>> No.53318834

Just do Tau, after they FAQ it to make the 3 drones not counting toward the 10 man limit, they're getting much better. Ammo roll on special weapons are still a bitch.
>Kroot idea becomes a reality?
Probably not happening. Altho there're rumour of Necromunda return this Christmas.

>> No.53318859

>Of course, that would then call for them having lower stats and stuff. Maybe T3 with 5+ armour save with S3, but have high initiative and movement for crazy charges out of cover.
They have WS4 but otherwise 3s across the board. Only the leader is really insane.

I think the most thematically fitting would be to allow them smallish transformations. Kroot are present in the form of Krootox, the large lumbering beasts, as well as Kroothounds, the small and while beasts. Not sure if this could be implemented though.

>> No.53318898


Just got a set of immortal/deathmarks in to make a quick killteam w/ some warriors I have leftover. Do I take the Gauss Blasters or Tesla Carbines? Deathmarks? Also I'm trying to build up dudes for 8th ed but I'm confused about how squads work in that now. Can I have some with tesla and some with gauss?

I'm ok with just making these guys just for the killteam and having to get more immortals down the line probably anyway, but was curious if I could use them for both SW and 40k. Sorry this is probably an easy answer but I'm new and only got thru 7ed rules when they started leaking all the 8th ed stuff so I'm confused about special weapons

>> No.53318903

What would be the best list to create a monarch themed kill team be? Also what would be the best way to represent the Ventures?

>> No.53318992

In SW, You equip each guy with their own gun.
Gauss Blaster is the safe and reliable choice : cheaper, can deal wound more consistently.

The Tesla carbine do have their use but it's more situational.

You need at least 2 box of immortal anyway, so you can make 8 immortal and 2 deathmark. And with the 8 immortal you can have 6 of them with The Blaster while 2 with the Tesla carbine. Just my suggestion though, find your own Gauss Blaster/Tesla Carbine ratio.

>> No.53319022

thx for confirming. I'll wait to build any deathmarks until the second box of immortals as they seem kinda wonky. Since I'm building this team and my brother's team (he doesn't want to paint) I could be a real dick and kit out everyone with the Gauss as his team is CSM, maybe 1 carbine to deal with his cultists

>> No.53319172

Kroot Hounds (1d3 maybe) and Krootox would very likely be Special Operatives in a Kroot Kill Team.

>> No.53319207

Krootox definitely are special operatives.

Kroot hounds feels more like the Drones from the Tau kill team. I'd make them specialists.

>> No.53319253

Aren't they releasing a Fantasy version of Shadow War pretty soon?

>> No.53319279

They released that many years ago. It's called Mordheim. It's still pretty popular and pretty much anything is better than AoS.

>> No.53319462

Inquisitorial Void Trooper test WIP. Gonna need to figure how to get storm bolters that arent gigantichuge.

>> No.53319530

Inquisition. It lets you do all kinds of crazy stuff. You can build each side individually to fit whatever role you want.

>> No.53319593

Good luck finding stormbolters not sized for marines. Like the model, not a fan of the head, looks nurgly and the white on it doesnt mesh well. All your other white looks fine though

>> No.53319680

I've seen some conversions that use the storm bolters that are part of the space marine vehicle pintle mounts.

specifically, the dude gave each soldier half of one - they're bulkier than normal bolters, so it still works pretty well

>> No.53319994

Looks great! Is it guard from horus heresy?

>> No.53320090

not the poster, but somebody who does similar model: nope, genestealer cultist with the genestealery bits replaced

>> No.53320120

Oh. Thanks!

>> No.53320405

>mold lines
>especially on such a beautifully painted model


>> No.53320864

So for a Kroot homebrew, would it be unreasonable to increase their strength to 4?

I am thinking of making them more like their old version, with Ws4 BS3 S4 T3.

I also plan on letting them use the Kroot rifle as a melee weapon at S:user, counts as two hand weapons, so grants +1 attack.

I am somewhat against giving them armour, they historically never had better than 6+, but I dont want to go full Ork with a small horse of Kroot. Think it could be workable even with only 10 (maybe +3 hounds to replicate the current Tau setup) unarmoured T3 models?

>> No.53320884

>hey guys, what do you think of these ideas for Kroot?
>I am just arbitrarily increasing their strength and making their weapons snowflake-tier, no one minds that, right?
KYS Taufaggot

Delete everything you have, and neck yourself, so that piece of shit don't ever see the light of day.

>> No.53321033

Don't, or nobody will ever play your homebrew.
Kroots are WS4 BS3 S3, with a basic sniper weapon and powerful specialists in the krootox with autocannons or houndsmasters (maybe a spec op?), and maybe a pulse something for the Shaper.

They aren't Orks, they're different enough.
A Shaper is way different from a Nob, Krootoxes are big threats both in melee and at range, sniper rifles and shootas use opposite tactics.
The only question is if, being T3 6+ troops, they need 20 models or the Krootox and possibly some Shaper squad-upgrade are tough enough to get them down to 15 or 10.
Probably 10, as 18 or 13 snipers and 2 autocannons would be BRUTAL. 10, with an extra 5 slots for hounds only?

>> No.53321050

Just getting to assembling some of these immortals and I got a crazy idea.

Can I use legs from warriors and then use all the spare chest pieces/weapons that come with the deathmarks/immortals to make a metric assload of immortals with 1 box?
i mean they'll have chicken legs but no one can see that under their huge gunz right?

>> No.53321144

>Kroots are WS4 BS3 S3, with a basic sniper weapon
They used to be Ws4 S4 with a rifle at S4 AP6 that could be uses in close combat for +1 attack.

For the purposes of SWA, I thought +1 attack, and a shooting S4 no armour pen attack would be fine.

S3 is just a tad weak for a mostly melee unit. Ws4 with 3 attacks is very good on the shaper of course, but will struggle to do anything. And I really don't like having a full sniper list, it is neither fluffy nor is it fun to play with or against. The fact that 40k encourages that in the recent editions is just terrible design choices.

And Krootox are way too powerful to be a standard specialist. Kroot hounds are good, and my idea for specialists was letting them have different ammo options:
>normal shot is S4 AP- as normal Kroot rifles
>Pulse Shot for a S5 and -2Ap
>Sniper shot for a 4+ to wound hit and -1AP
And let them have both special ammo if they buy them, letting them switch out on the fly during a game. Flexibility goes a long way to make less powerful units worthwhile.

Maybe instead of S4, just give them something like Marks of Chaos, but instead "Favoured Source of Food", which allows you to pick between certain buffs like you do with marks. Just keeping it simple like;
Marines +1 S
Orks +1 T
Eldar +1 I
Human +1 Ld
Or something like that.


>> No.53321181


Played 2 games last week.

First game, Tau vs. Guard. My first game, guard player had 2 games under his belt but had lost both. Still he had a much better handle on the rules and strategy. Lost 2 pathfinders early on. Moved all my guys up to shoot, loads got pinned. Managed to down 2 of his though, one was his leader. He rolled a 10 and bolted. I fucking robbed him.

Game 2 against melee heavy chaos, but with a heavy bolter space marine as well. Heavy bolter guy runs out of ammo on the first round. I down the two other guys in round 1 with rail rifles and pulse carbine the shit out of the rest. Didnt loose anyone. Many keks.

>> No.53321248


>> No.53321370

>Or maybe any Kroot that actually kills an enemy fighter (as in they get double 1s on their Serious Injury rolls), gets an advance?
Might be hard to keep track of who killed who.
I think it would be simpler to allow the Kroot player to, for each killed or captured and non-rescued enemy fighter, choose an additional fighter for advancement, or upgrade a new recruit to a full-fledged fighter.
Plus if you give advancement only to fighters who perform well in battle they risk accumulating more and more skills and bonuses while the others stay weaker.
Krootox could be specialists, dogs could be a special type of unit, like drones for the pathfinders.
I don't know what they could have for SpecOps.

>> No.53321486

If i would try to go guard i was thinking of painting the skull in a metallic colour, preferably chrome, but i have no idea how.
To make it look like they are wearing skull helmets.
Also do some scripture on the bandages to make them purity sealish

>> No.53321490

>I don't know what they could have for SpecOps.
Krootox riders.

Vespids too I guess.

Maybe just a few of the regular ones, like a stealth suit.

>> No.53321569

Chaos has T5 3+ autocannon specialists, krootox wouldn't be too much - keeping the numbers to 10.
If specialists are supposed to be the guys with sniper or pulse weapons... the basic guys have less choppa and less dakka than Boys, the specialists don't compare to Spannas, WHY would anybody play them? are you going for a 30 members team?

>> No.53321646

No... hmm...

I'll have to look closer into it later today. It does look lacklustre right now.

Kroot are rather wonky, and maybe that is why we dont have them as a kill team. The leader has 3 attacks and 3 wounds, but otherwise the same statline as a regular Kroot.

Krootox is just absurdly tough.

I'll see if I can throw a draft together during the weekend, then you guys can roast it for all it is worth until it starts looking like a reasonable list.

I'd much rather shoot too low though, and have a far too weak, and then slowly buff it until ot becomes reasonable, rather than make it too strong from the get go. Especially since Kroot are rather difficult to make too strong in the first place, so it'll quickly look ridiculous.

My idea of going for the old S4 stats with a fun that doubles as 2 melee weapons, was based on making them a lot more powerful individually, making a 10 man team more realistic. If I throw a lot of Nid-like upgrades in, it might be possible too.

>> No.53321700


War *DING* stave

>> No.53321720

The more I think about it, the more I hate the new melee combat system.

Even a single Nid buffed to hell with WS7, is pretty unlikely to lose against 2 attack models with Ws4. To the point where even 3 guys ganging up on it, are at a very real risk of getting killed in return for trying to take it on.

It just makes melee this all-or-nothing deal, and even if you go all in, you still risk getting fucked because you simply didn't have access to the insanely powerful builds another kill team might have.

In all other GW games, you always have a chance. The more you tailor towards melee, the better chance you have of getting that lucky strike.

In SWA, a 1 attack WS3 guy has 0 chance of doing anything against a 4 attack, multiple parries, WS7 Tyranid warrior.

That might be the intention, that at a certain point, you just can't match it anymore, I just kinda hate how it makes melee so one-sided.

>> No.53321882

Nids can't be disarmed, so we'd never know.

>> No.53321888

Two handed weapons do not grant +1 attack. See ogryn ripper gun for a better example of how to do it.

>> No.53321933

2 hand weapons grant an additional attack. Page 41.

>> No.53321941

If you can win the 'movement phase' and outmanouver your opponent, you get a +2 on the roll, +3 with Orks, and the factions that are supposed to go melee get WS4 with some good weapons.
Realistically, you're either using plasma-based insect repellant or with a better than even chance to win the melee and take the bug out.
IF you win the placing terrain/moving around part of the game - if you lose that, it's like in a closed chess game, you've lost so much you'll never come back from behind.
Nids have pretty good stats for that, good movement, high I, and the hooks, BUT they are elite, less numbers overall, that's a huge disadvantage.

>> No.53321945

>Reading comprehension, do you have it?

>> No.53321946

You're not supposed to win melee 1v1 against a nid. That's why the rules for ganging up exist. Do that right and you stand a chance.

>> No.53321959

No, fighting with two weapons grant an additional attack. Not fighting with one two-handed weapon.

>> No.53321980

Show me the rule saying you get an extra attack if you wield a two-handed weapon. I'll wait.

>> No.53321995

What the fuck are you even talking about?

I explicitly said the Kroot rifle counts as two hand weapons. What part of that sentence is it you don't understand?

Or have you replied to the wrong post chain?

>> No.53322003

>Kroot rifle as a melee weapon at S:user, counts as two hand weapons, so grants +1 attack.
Y'all fuckers are dumb as shit, Holy Molly.

This thread really does gather the most retarded people on /tg/.

>> No.53322146

Ah I see. I have never heard anyone refer to melee or close combat weapons as "hand weapons". Might be the reason I thought you meant "two-hand weapons" when you said "two hand weapons". My point still stands though. Give it the same treatment as the ogryn ripper gun. It's not consistent with the rest of the rules to treat it as two separate weapons.

>> No.53322224

You're making things harder than they should be with the Kroot Rifle.
If you want to go with the old Kroot Mercs rules (why tho? you'll end with a WS4 S4 team with frags, kraks, and 2 plasmaguns, it's a strange mix of guard and inquisition, with worse armor and a signature evolution special rule) just make it 'count as a knife, and not a basic weapon, in melee', so people can use it with an other fancier weapon.

>> No.53322240

That's still inconsistent with the rest of the rules tho.

>> No.53322275

BUSINESS AS USUAL IN THE HIVE: Easy rules for Gangs in SWA
#1. If a Necromunda Gang fights a Kill Team then you roll the scenario on the SWA scenario table and follow those scenario rules.
#2. Ratskin Scouts and Ratskin Maps still provide local knowledge and can still modify the SWA scenario table.
#3. Any promethium caches awarded for playing a SWA scenario are still awarded to a Necromunda Gang.
#4. Promethium caches double as Isotopic Fuel Rods for gangs and can be used to turn any territory into a settlement or sold at half cost for 25 credits.
#5. If a gang loses 3 to 1 casualties in a Kill Team Fight or an Ambush the gang must forfeit a settlement or its most valuable territory to the Kill Team, the Kill Team loots the territory for an additional prometheum cache.
#6. Gangs roll on their own injury chart, use their own experience progression, use their own skill tables, and collect income from territories.
#7. Any forces of the Imperium can report gangs and make them roll on the Outlaw chart with the -3 for fighting forces of the Imperium.
#8. Necromunda gangs can also fight other Necromunda gangs in a campaign involving SWA Kill Teams. Gangs use all the standard rules for gangs fighting gangs. They roll on the Necromunda or Outlaw scenario chart as normal. No promethium caches are awarded when gangs fight gangs.
#9. Gangs use Necromunda ammo rolls to represent their poorly maintained equipment.
#10. THE GENERAL RULE, if you are playing a gang use the Necromunda rule for it.

>> No.53322296

you'd rather 'it can be used in the hand to hand phase as 2 knives'?

>> No.53322312

>this newb underestimates the power of stunlocking an entire kill team
Ayy lmao.

>> No.53322425

Great shitpost, hope you're proud.

>> No.53322442

It is consistent with the old rules.

Also, what? I am replicating the old Tau Empire Kroot. Literally taking the stats from the official rulebook

>> No.53322549

See, we have up-to-date rules for the rifle in melee though-its a two-handed weapon with ap5, which generally translates to -1. Kroot are ws4 and otherwise 3s across the board. Taking old rules in preference to new ones would be like giving scouts ws/bs3.

>> No.53322580

You're late. Another anon already made a really good adaption for using necromunda gangs in swag. (this is one of the earlier drafts and not the latest version)

>> No.53322593

No. I don't think it's a good idea to use the rules for two separate weapons and apply them to one single weapon.

>> No.53322606

That's the problem. Swag is not 40k.

>> No.53322947

I added a pdf to that post. No idea why it didn't show up. Second try...

>> No.53322961

What about Dark eldar cabals/covens? Witches armylist only looks strange

>> No.53323595

You're not getting to WS7 while having a single parry.

>> No.53323611

True, but they aren't immune to shardnets.

>> No.53323898

The most recent one was posted >>53298997

>> No.53323965


Fantastic work as it is - it really needs a version number at the top or something!

Anyone know where to get the templates for this anyway?

>> No.53323984

There is a version number at the bottom of the first page.

>> No.53324042


SO THERE FUCKING IS. Disregard that. Cocks sucked etc.

>> No.53324090

Right. I was at work and tried to make it quick.
Indeed. A version number and it should be in a drive or mega so we can add it to the op.

>> No.53324104

I'll just get in line then.

>> No.53326718

How viable is an all melee nid team? Because I have been considering setting up an "Aliens"-inspired scenario with guard and nids. But if I do I want to be able to use the nids for regular games of swag as well. Do I have to magnetise?

>> No.53326869

Tyranids are extremely good at melee but their shooting is also extremely powerful, in a regular shadow war campaign you want at least 1 guy with a venom cannon and it's usually a good idea to give your leader a deathspitter too.

Magnetizing nids is extremely easy though, so don't be afraid of doing that.

>> No.53327620

Right, thanks.

Not afraid of magnets. Just want to think ahead. :)

>> No.53327697

You have a problem when it comes to trying to kit out your leader in your initial list in a all-melee nid list.

You can either spend 10 points buying him 2x scything talons to get +1 WS and re-rolls and also get every biomorph you want or you can spend 100 points on the also very powerful lash whip + bonesowrd but not get any biomorphs.

>> No.53328263

Duck and hide. Then run like crazy and hope that you are good enough to rape them in assault. Shooting is not worth it with them. If you can shoot them you are close to assaulting anyway. Ok maybe dont charge nids thats just crazy (but i respect that kind of crazy). Also shardnet&impailer is your good friend, dont forget to invite him. only available team member who has enough IQ to bring decent ranged weapon is scourge and he is a greedy fucker. All and all they are a lot of fun

>> No.53328394

>Ok maybe dont charge nids thats just crazy
It's better than letting them charge you.

>> No.53328851

cant argue with that anon

>> No.53329043

Thanks for the heads up. I will probably buy 1 millimeter diameter magnets. Hopefully they'll be small enough to magnetise the biomorphs as well. We'll see. If not, well.. I'll put them on any way and in regular games just tell my opponent the leader doesn't have any morphs.

>> No.53329110

You're not required to WYSIWYG equipment that isn't weapons. So don't sweat toxin sacs and flesh hooks and crap unless you really want to.

>> No.53329245

What the bloody hell am I supposed to do against flashlight spam?
My last opponent didn't down any of my fighters but there were 2 turns where my whole team was pinned. I had to bottle before one of them eventually got through.

>> No.53329288

Welcome to Shadow War. Bring lots of dakka, go first, pin your opponent, win.

>> No.53329441

Move tactically, make careful use of cover, play your KT to its strengths, etc.

>> No.53329455

It would help if you told us what the fuck kill team you're playing for a start.

>> No.53329506


I flanked his team with a flamer, but it whiffed. She got burned by the Guard flamer but made her save.
Bolters did very well, but there were too many to keep track of.

>> No.53329537

Updated with base. I really love the GSC sprue. A pity the list has such awkward skills, but that must be the balancing point for the weapon availability.

>> No.53329803


Starting list off the top of my head:

Shash'ui w/Pulse carbine, photo-visor.
Specialist w/Rail rifle, photo-visor.
Pathfinder w/Pulse carbine, markerlight.
Pathfinder w/Pulse carbine, markerlight.
Pathfinder w/Pulse carbine.
Pathfinder Cadet w/Pulse carbine.
Pathfinder Cadet w/Pulse carbine.
Pathfinder Cadet w/Pulse carbine.
Pathfinder Cadet w/Pulse carbine.

>> No.53329817

Start with some drones. It's awkward to buy them later, as they can't have gear so you'll be wasting points.

>> No.53329883


I'll remember that, thanks. That team is more advanced now but I reckon when my gaming buddies start a proper campaign we will reset our teams anyway.

>> No.53330049

Munitorum armoured containers have smaller stormbolters if youre still looking for them

>> No.53330422

Glad to see ambush is still such a bullshit mission.

>> No.53330718

Depends on how anal the campaign organiser is tho. :) But yeah, I am not sure I'd want to play with people like that anyway.

>> No.53330741

>look at mah mould lines

>> No.53330868

I mean strictly in terms of the extent of WYSIWYG mandated by the game rules the only thing you are required to show on the model is weapons, pistols may be shown holstered and knives and grenades are not required to be shown at all.

There's nothing at all that directs you to show any other equipment or armour on a model.

>> No.53331773

>Initiative helps you win ties in combat
>Which is such a rare thing with all of the other modifiers and shit that go into an attack roll.
I know it's not an example of averages, but I had a Space Marine with Headbutt fend off three Dark Eldar in melee for three rounds, the man kept rolling sixes in the fighting, but ones to wound. I tied every time the dice went down, but thanks to auto-win ties, he lived.

>> No.53331793

that's pretty magical desu

>> No.53331868

Yeah it was in my last game with them too, as I've jumped ship to the Inquisition, so as to not be using a house-ruled army.
Speaking of the Inquisition, my latest addition, a Initiate that I picked up because I had to spend some caches to get one of my Acolytes back and had 50 points left over. Private Why-the-fuck-am-I-here.

>> No.53331885

He's also a mutant, because I fucked up when modeling the knife.

>> No.53332584


Can someone hook me up with a basic list for Vet Guard? Just want ladz with lazr really. Almost done with my first 10 kriegers and I want to shoot some shit

>> No.53333087

Just lasguns is about as useless as zimbabwean currency, they're good at keeping things pinned but awful at actually killing anything. Two dudes with telescoped, red-dotted plasmaguns, a sarge with a pistol, as many dudes with lasguns as you can fit, and camo gear on everyone. Thats a basic take-all-comers list that won't immediately fold against much other than an endgame killteam. You gunline in the best position you can, keeping your dudes in a buddy system, use massed lasguns to pin enemy models and plasma to kill them.

>> No.53333202


Thanks for the bro-tips. Is there anyone to swing things toward a melee focus?

>> No.53333286

You have ogryn, but not really. If you havent read the rules for bringing in operatives, i suggest reading the links in the OP. If you want, you can do Inquisition, which is a more balanced version of Guard with much better capability for melee, which might fit melee kriegers better, and can be fluffed in a variety of ways.

>> No.53334338

Mordheim is by far the better system, I'd stick with that anon-san.

>> No.53334483

I'm running an all-melee nid team.

Alpha, claws, scytals, extended carapace, adrenals.
Warrior, 2x scytals, extended carapace, adrenals.
2x new spawn, double scytals, extended carapace, adrenals.

Facewiped a a Grey Knights team earlier today as a defender in a hit and run mission. Killed the Justicar and took the other two out without taking a scratch.

Pro tips: double up on scytals, more wounds > rend. Adrenals and extended carapace are mandatory.

>> No.53334746

>Mixed claws and scything talons
You paid 15 extra points to lose both your ability to re-roll to-wounds and +1 WS.

I hope the reason is you ran out of actual scything talons to put on a model and didn't have the points for a bonesword and lash whip.

>> No.53334783

But muh -2 save modifier!

>> No.53334891

Should I go for heavy bolter or auto cannon with chaos marines? I'm likely goi g full marines, without cultists f it makes a difference.

>> No.53334968

You should take cultists as meat shields, but regardless the autocannon is pretty much better.

>> No.53335980

Ion Rifles don't prevent you from moving and shooting. They're Special Weapons, not Heavy. They do not have any rules saying they can't move and shoot. They're just like basic weapons, except only Specialists can use them. That's why x2 Ion Rifles is good as they are able to do that. At least, I believe they don't.

The FAQ also doesn't mention it. All they mention is that Drones don't count towards Tau teams numbers any more (3-10 + 3 drones). Also Recon drones are W2 now, not W1. So they're way better.

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