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First for Chaos T''''au

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world eaters

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As a lurker looking to get into 40k, I assume I should stay the fuck away from SM until these new tall guys are released?

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No, but what you have revealed is that you actually what /tg/ and 1d4chan say, which makes you cancer.

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You should chose your army based on the flavor you want to taste. But if cum is that flavor, chadmarines are for you.

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>listening to what /tg/ says
Filthy dumb newfag scum

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>New MBT of the Imperyum

Stat me /tg/

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oh sure they'll be good against 2w+ armies still but against wheat and chaff gunlines they might lose effectiveness

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Pfft. Listen to your desires, and just play wathever you want.

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Guys what if girlyman tries to Thunder Warrior the marinelets and they defect to Chaos? I can see GW using it to remove all the additional MEQdexes and put the UltraUltramarines in the spotlight

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Don't bully Primaris Marines. They are working hard to impress their older brothers.

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That's literally orks, their guns kinda suck atm (though I feel dakka might be more viable in 8e) but they've got bikes and aside from >I2 they're actually decent in melee.

Deldar are also fast and stabby, but they're squishy as hell.

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Exactly. Only primarine geneseed is immune to chaos corruption, so marinelets will have to go.

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19th for fresh memes and fun, fluffy army lists.

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Is it true dark angels inner circle test each other for corruption by sticking their mean meat in each others waste hatches?

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Time to sell your Happy Meal Marines and buy Imperium Scale(TM) Marines.

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Alright, thanks. Will check out their Codex then.

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No, that misinformation was a test and you've failed! Report to the Interrogator-Chaplain and bring lube.

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Joke's on you : I never bought any marines.

But I would gladly buy some Primarines, now.

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I wish a motherfucker would. Manlet marines belong in the trash.

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also wait for the new edition before buying anything

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Is there any ETA when the new edition will hit?

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>tfw Lion El'Jonson was the first to fall to chaos and not Erebus/Kor Phaeron

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All signs point to next month.

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End of this month.

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[citation needed]

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Don't bully Storm Wardens.

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So, basically SOON(TM). Nice. Thanks.

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He never fell to chaos. Have you read any of the books?

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we'll know the release date by the end of this month

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Very end of May, sometime in June.

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female space marines when?? i heard they were coming out in 8e

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Except they're not, and probably never will. Nice meme.
>tfw people like you just make dangles look gayer

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I'm coming on those tits in 8e

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He's one of the Dangels are gay meme spammers you idiot.

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>Brother Homoel, I dropped my censers in my robes, could you help me retrieve them from my person?

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>close enough

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Dangles are gay though

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We're gonna have to test you in the new machine.

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>>I feel dakka might be more viable in 8e

>3+ armour saves become 2+ in cover
>-1 to BS means ork shooting is reduced by 50%
>stealth, camo cloaks, smoke launchers all reduce BS
>orks lack good AP, which is necessary to deal with targets in cover as well as heavy armour now
>6+ saves turned to 5+ by cover
>not even as good as current rules
>snipers now necessary to kill characters
>big meks picked off
>no KFF or SAG
>orks have no snipers to shoot back

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When did fabulous bile become a meme again?

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So have we considered the potential effect of transports in the assault phase? If a Rhino full of berzerkers runs up, drops it's payload parallel to it, and then charges first, then it could eat the enemy gunline's entire overwatch with just a few dents. Could be an excellent way to nullify a bunch of supporting fire rocket-equipped broadsides for example.

Then the Berzerkers can march in unscathed. And with Rhinos (presumably) being so cheap, it's loss to overwatch, while unpleasant because now the berzerkers also must eat the overwatch now, isn't a big deal. Hell, in other editions it would have just sat back and watched it's troops get slaughtered anyways, so now if feels like the little plasteel bricks can be useful outside of the movement phase!

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If you say so.

The Titan Battleshock pasta.

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Pretty recently.

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Chances are that Keyword "Tank" won't be able to charge, or something like that

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You're making a lot of assumptions there. We don't know if vehicles can assault, despite having the same statline. We don't know whether transports can move and charge after units have disembarked. And we still don't know if all units can charge after disembarking from non-Assault Vehicle transports. The DE focus today brought up Open Topped, so it's still a thing.

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Ah. Makes sense

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>Charging with tanks
This. About time .b techmarine went glory for the emprah behind the wheel

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Reminder that wyches are still shit

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Really, because right now tanks are the ONLY vehicle that can charge, in the form of tank shock.

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Primarines are costing the same as a custodes squad.

So 50 bucks a box (through reseller) which seems fair especially if they're much small army sizes.

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Primaris marines are a diverse mix of genders, races and orientations. They are also open to differently abled people with accessible dreadnoughts and combat ageism by allowing any applicant to attain the position of captain or company master without reference to experience or seniority.

But they all look like big butch men, because it would be sexist and objectifying to make them conform to conventional beauty standards.

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If the troops can charge after disembarking I don't see why the transport can't. We know vehicles in Sigmar can make melee attacks thanks to the steam tank.

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literally the only way marinelets are ever going to get models again is if they kill off the chadmarine line. the other option is they kill the smol marines in favor of the chads. they arent going to (as in it would literally fuck then as a company) keep two full marine lines alive at the same time.

you are fucked either way so its best to sit a little and see how things pan out

and just in case you dont understand how this works, gw doesnt know which direction they will go either since they are waiting to see what happens to sells and then go from there

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I really, really hope it works like that. Love the idea of ramming a trukk into the enemy and piling the boyz in behind it.

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Unfortunately they are missing the one thing that would bring their company back from the dead.

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Will Orks ever be more than comical relief in 40k?

Don't get me wrong, we've got some sweet-ass lore as it is, and for some reason every player loves me when I tell them I collect Orks I hope it's not because they know they'll beat me BUT it'd be neat to feel more threatening than "if they ever got their shit together they'd be good"

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>"8th edition will still be recognisably warhammer 40k"

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youre an idiot fuck off

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Thatcher is supposedly going round rallying all the waaghs under his banner. Question is if it will ever go anywhere.

My money says no, because orks get in the way of the consumer panel approved Good Guys VS Chaos narrative.

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hands on the boobs, im triggered this is rape culture

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>gw doesnt know which direction they will go either since they are waiting to see what happens to sells

Bullshit. GW have decided. They have always had the attitude that they make something and the customers will buy what they are told to. The only reason they haven't squatted the mini marines yet is because they don't have the capacity to re-do their largest line right away. But this is the end of the line for the little guys. Every new marine release is going to be primarchs and primaris marines.

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I dunno, I could get behind The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Grimdark edition

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>Da Gud, Da Bad an' Da Orky

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>Love the idea of ramming a trukk into the enemy and piling the boyz in behind it.
Well, if the DEldar faction focus is any indication, as long as the trukk's open-topped your get to shoot the enemy when the trukk itself gets into close-combat.

That said, I also hope it works the way >>53291880 described it as well.

If they give da boyz the "ZOG YO ARMOR, YOU HAVE 4+ SAVE NOW" Choppas like they did back in 3rd and 4th edition, oh they'll definitely be more than comic relief. They'll be fucking TERRIFYING.

Being able to actually LOOT other factions' vehicles again would be nice too Blowing up a Tau player's Hammerhead with my Looted Basilisk was SO satisfying just to see the look on their face back in the day. Good times, that.

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They've already said that assaulting out of transports is a thing, it'll probably be like in 5th where you had to remain stationary to assault from rhinos and assault vehicles could move and still be able to assault.

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Chaos accomplishments in nu-fluff: Destroyed greatest fortress world in the Imperium and split the entire Imperium in half, dooming those worlds cut off from the astronomnicon to a nightmare of chaos.

Ork accomplishments in nu-fluff: Attacked some worlds. Greatest Ork battle-planet now being invaded by Daemons so the Imperium can have a real enemy to fight there.

GW have definitively stated that Chaos is the big threat. Everyone else gets the crumbs left over from that conflict. Don't expect the rules writers, none of whom like Orks, to change anything for the better there either.

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youre actually right. i was giving them too much credit

that line on the faq about chads not being a replacement is such a fucking dishonest shitty thing to say to their customers it makes my blood boil. its such a bild face lie i feel like people could even take legal action. at least if they are giving their share holders the same lie

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Da wunz who wunt ta to protect 'n' build stuff.
Da wunz who wunt to smash what da first bunch of gitz like.
And da wunz who dunt care about all dat mukkin' about and just wunt to krump stuff.

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i agree with you totally. lets take legal action and show GW whose boss

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>Being able to actually LOOT other factions' vehicles again would be nice too
Well with IA8 you can emulate nearly any imperial vehicle, though Xeno gear is beyond it.

>> No.53292299

I feel like being in a looted knight would be exceedingly dangerous for your health, even for an ork.

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calm down gw

i didnt say it would work or that you should

just that it would fall into the realm of breaking laws

>> No.53292336

That's all part of the fun.
Besides it's cockpit isn't on fire.. much.. completely...

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One Ork Mek in the Sanctus Reach novels had a Looted Knight on a leash at his bidding.

I think it was implied said Mek and Knight were..far from kosher. Even by Ork standards.

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Is the Emperor supposed to be in a vegetative state or is he semi-conscious? I thought the former, but the latter seems to be implied across works every now and again.

>> No.53292379

The former.

>> No.53292384

hes a ghost who hangs out around his skellington

he's fully aware just really busy

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Sorry. You gotta play AoS if you want official amazonian superwomen.

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How is guilliman going to react when he sees what remains of his dear old dad?

>> No.53292410

They're not that much taller.

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Both, his soul is split across the galaxy doing Emperor things like checking out Celestine's ass, empowering Living Saints' asses, calling an Emperor's Champion and telling them what to do, etc so he's active but in the throne he's a vegetable since it takes too much effort to focus on one point though it does happen.

>> No.53292419

I'm pretty sure he already has.

>> No.53292425

He reacted by launching the Indomitus Crusade.

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>Greatest Ork battle-planet now being invaded by Daemons so the Imperium can have a real enemy to fight there.
>implying daemons are better enemy than Orks despite the fact Orks use daemons to pass the time while traveling the Warp
>Don't expect the rules writers, none of whom like Orks, to change anything for the better there either.
Yeah, the fact the writers spent 12 books revolving around the Orks kicking the Imperium's ass back and forth across the galaxy until they lost because pre-40k totally shows us they hate Orks.
Pic related if you actually think Ullanor's gonna fall to the daemons.

>> No.53292442

Go on a new crusade to claim the galaxy in the name of human kind

>> No.53292455

who /tremendous boy-molesting fruit/ here?

>> No.53292456

He's supposedly semi-conscious, just preoccupied with running the Astronomican and fighting Chaos 24/7 in the Warp so he rarely gets much time to do anything else. He can influence the results of the Emperor's Tarot cards, and has been said to speak to some people psychically.

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Ditto, turns out the scale and proportions were the only thing stopping me from starting a Space Marine army.

>> No.53292465

>i feel like people could even take legal action
wot, no

It's a shitty, corporate response, but you can't sue over that kind of stuff. Wizard's of the Coast backed themselves into a corner where they could be conceivably sued with their self-imposed reserved list, but GW's allowed to do what they please, with the share-holders and customers voting with their dollars.

Since we know primaris marines are getting a full line and vehicle support, they really should have just done the 3rd edition thing of replacing the line entirely, with the old models still working under the new rules, barring typical wargear shuffling that happens every edition.

>> No.53292466

This is a bad sign. It shows GW are one step away from making a power armour version of that model.

How many of you would still play if the chad marines had stacies among them?

>> No.53292478

I sure am.

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making calculated lies to share holders about business decisions would break some laws i feel

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They are a full head taller.

Is a direct side-by-side comparison. Look at the bases; they are the same size, at the same angle.

>> No.53292499


>Greatest Ork battle-planet now being invaded by Daemons so the Imperium can have a real enemy to fight there.

When did that happen?

>> No.53292500

Do you have a single source to backtrack that up?

>> No.53292510


>Yeah, the fact the writers spent 12 books revolving around the Orks kicking the Imperium's ass back and forth across the galaxy

Did I miss a series of books? Because surely you can't be talking about the Beast series, the same series where the Orks get royally fucked over again and again, the main focus is on Marines and the politics of the Imperium, and the final result is the Imperium being unaffected by the supposed largest Ork attack in history? That series was powerful evidence for the writers hating Orks, not evidence that they actually liked them.

>> No.53292524


So he's too preoccupied to actually give any meaningful orders, or physically speak? When Roboute visited the Throne, did he speak to him?

>> No.53292534

it don't, and the worst that could possibly happen is the guy writing the blog gets a slap on the wrist

>> No.53292537

>did he speak to him

Maybe or maybe he just gave him a vision.

>> No.53292540

Way better.

>> No.53292541

I would play some stacies, if only to send turboautists on /tg/ into overdrive.

But more seriously, I'd prefer to see the battle sisters updated, instead.

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>> No.53292553

That's it, I'm fucking done with wh40k. Numarines (marinier than the marines in marines) are the worst dollops of dung that GW has pushed out.

>> No.53292558

then i guess thats why they do it

>> No.53292594

It would seem like it, but that is not the case.

>> No.53292600

>But more seriously, I'd prefer to see the battle sisters updated, instead.
It wouldn't even be that hard. They have the base for the SoB update in the Sisters of Silence, all they have to do is change a few things around like heads and slapping fleurs de lis on everything.

>> No.53292601

>Is a direct side-by-side comparison
No it isn't, it's a mockup someone on B&C made, with each model resized according to that person's judgement. Forgive me, but I'll use the actual photo of the models side-by-side to judge how tall the models actually are.

>> No.53292603

Send links to your burning army, upvote, yadda, yadda.

>> No.53292620

Don't let the ass hit your door on the way out

>> No.53292640

What's your excuse for being a marinelet?

>> No.53292646

>melee is viable!
>heres a bunch of rules that buff shooting even more
>dont worry melee is viable!
>heres more shooting buffs!
>dont worry melee is viable!
>what? Melee buffs? No, this is a shooting buff! Melee is totally viable!

GW pls

>> No.53292647

You mean the series where the orks are repeatedly stated to not be the real threat, that the imperium needs to worry about chaos?
Where everything the orks achieve is due to random bullshit that will never make it to the tabletop (and therefore not affect the actual plot)?
Where the orks are wiped out with one simple trick?
Where it states that all the damage they do is repaired within a century?
Where orks die like scrubs against marines in every single battle, only winning thanks to millions-to-one advantage in numbers or fighting against civilians, PDF and some random xeno race which never even got mentioned before, let alone had an army.
Where the orks aren't even the end boss?
Which is some black library shit anyway with no influence on the main game?

>> No.53292662

To be fair melee units actually get to charge now instead of the random retarded "oh you walked out of the transport? can't charge cause it doesn't have special doors fagit" rules

>> No.53292670

BS 4+, WS 4+, T 7, W 8, M 8, Sv 3+

>> No.53292678

I'm pretty torn, since I bought a Betrayal at Calth box to start up a small force since I like the MkIV helmets

Feel a like a waste to just ditch it

>> No.53292685

chadmarines aren't out yet and truescale is for fags

>> No.53292687

This one is new to me. Explain.

>> No.53292701

>random charge range
>infinity overwatch
>combat moonwalk

>> No.53292706

I will be burning my army live on youtube during warhammer fest this month outside warhammer world as protest. I will update with stream details and times when I finalise them.

>> No.53292708

My army is older than you are.

>> No.53292716


I have 2 Calth and 1 Prosp for my CSM/30k, so I'm good.

>> No.53292722

What do you think the Alpha Legion is trying to achieve now, post-Heresy?
Given that Horus defeating the Emperor was the key element in the Cabals plan which was told to Alpharius, and the entire reason they sided with the Warmaster, what is the Alpha Legion trying to so since Horus failed?

>> No.53292730

Is it legal to publicly burn things in your area?

>> No.53292742

>Because surely you can't be talking about the Beast series, the same series where the Orks get royally fucked over again and again, the main focus is on Marines and the politics of the Imperium, and the final result is the Imperium being unaffected by the supposed largest Ork attack in history?
Let's see...
Introduced us to Ork Attack Moons, Ork 'black hole generating cannons', Orks wiping out the entire Imperial Fists chapter, Beast killed Vulkan, a whole bunch of Mek-based Ork tek we might see in 8e, etc, etc...

Clearly you and I read different books, because the Imperium only won due to the fact that it still exists in 40k, based on how things were going at the time.

Hardly 'powerful evidence' there mate.

Khorne daemon 'Blood Crusade' apparently. Not too surprising given Angron tried to invade Armageddon once before...

>> No.53292744

A cake is sweet, delicate and covered in decorations
Any other questions?

>> No.53292745

Tau won't be killing you as much in Over watch with needing 6s to hit with markerlights rerol ling 1s.

You can charge out of deep strike and transports.

Chargers striking first means terrain is less of a worry.

WS being static lets assault units kill stuff more consistently.

Piling in allows hordes toxdrag multiple units into melee.

Cover saves from terrain being an armor mod means units are far more durable against small arms and you need anti-tank to ignore it. Add that to any hit modifiers from stealth or honking or night fighting or whatever and shooting isn't as deadly.

Melee units can rush in and ignore all those cover benefits

>> No.53292757

Assaulting out of transports is for losers. Assaulting with your transport is where it's at in 8th.

>MFW melee battlewagons are a thing again

>> No.53292758

>yfw it is not legal to burn things in your area

>> No.53292760

Honestly? Nothing.

The central element that would be tying them all together (their primarch) has gone AWOL, so they're left to their own insane devices, conspiring and scheming without rhyme or reason.

>> No.53292773

>Forgetting the massive boost to armor saves and that the only things that wound on a 2+ are double your toughness...AND that units running out of combat give you a +1 cover save from anyone firing behind them.

You're going to make it to combat a lot more often, Anon.

>> No.53292776

Why would you just burn something you presumably put a lot of work a money into?

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>> No.53292789


>Not too surprising given Angron tried to invade Armageddon once before...

I knew that was going to be an issue again.

Still, aren't the forces of Khorne outclassed?

I heard Armageddon was over run with Titan class threats that make a Blood Thirster look small by comparison.

>> No.53292790

I'm pretty sure that they said that heads/helmets and shoulderpads are going to be to scale with Normie Marines. It's just the actual body and legs being larger that makes the difference.

So you'll probably be able to put a bunch of Mk IV helmets on Primaris Marines if you wanted to.

>> No.53292813

I'm sure you won't look like an idiot and an asshole. Especially to any bystanders who didn't particularly feel like inhaling toxic chemicals.

>> No.53292817


>tfw Battlewagons are now Monstrous Creatures.

>> No.53292825

The Beast is why the Imperium ended up a heavily militarized theocracy to begin with.

>> No.53292840

I was considering writing fluff for a hypothetical 40th Age (a knockoff of 40k, with balanced rules, that spins off into its own thing).

Anyone have suggestions?

>> No.53292844


>> No.53292851

We're all inhaling toxic chemicals every second of every day.

>> No.53292861

Just curious, how powerful do you guys think the best pattern ofAutogun is
I mean basic roughly rifle sized model.
It would probably be better than a standard lasgun, but far more expensive.

>> No.53292875

I think they're so caught up in their own schemes and subterfuge that even the Alpha Legion itself doens't know what its overal goal or objective is.

And I say that as an Alpha Legion player.

>> No.53292877


You missed the best one;

You space marine players will lap this filth up like you do every time a new codex is released. New tactical marine box? New assault marines and they added a single new sword? What about all the fucking chapter specific kits, characters, and add on blisters of 10 fucking shoulder pads and a banner.

That's not even mentioning the forge world shite which, oh yeah, has been churning out 40k and 30k conflict materials. Remember when Imperial Armour was what it said on the fucking tin? Literally fun imperial vehicles you could add to your collection, rather than the space marine slog fest it is today.
>Warhammer forge died for you faggots.
>seriously, there was going to be a third Warhammer forge book based around the fifth battle for black fire pass, better just throw that in the trash and release more space marines.

You are the cancer that killed Warhammer Fantasy battles, so that the good guys could have some "big dudes".

You are the fucking disease that prevents this hobby from evolving past sales.

They Were going to Age of Shitmar 40k, but they couldn't risk it considering how fucking badly that went for the fantasy fan base. Hell, they already sell Warhammer as cheap fucking toys with that Battle of Vedros shit, and you know what? Normies aren't interested.

>no one is better than the emperor's finest

Well you know what? You're not the emperors finest any more. Your chunk marinelets may as well sit in their boxes unassembled and unpainted forever, because GW is never going to update them again. Hell, you need only look at the "made to order" shit to see your destiny.

The end has come, and it has come for you. You grimdark, LE HERESEY BLAM, pauldron wearing, panzee ass beakie motherfuckers.

Bin your armies, they are worthless

>> No.53292879

Even if tanks can't charge, you should still be able to prevent their overwatch with dirgecasters unless GW removes them
>But GW would never do something like that, right guys?

>> No.53292888

Anon, just sell them or something. At least get something for your time, other than looking like a butthurt man child in public. Do you know regular people that are actively condoning this?

>> No.53292889

Get their primarch swapped with a loyalist one
Get their other primarch undercover in the mechanicus
Develop a new breed of megamarines
Replace all the imperial marines
Make all the chaos marines feel inadequate
Have their third primarch...
>you thought there were only two?
>that's what they wanted you to think!
... who has deep undercover as an emperor's children apothecary for thousands of years, offer to make new chaos marines
Replace all the chaos marines too
Get the eldar to put all their souls into a new god
Suprise! It's their fourth primarch
Everyone is Alpharius

>> No.53292906

Can you assault form deep strike now?

>> No.53292908

Maybe something close to a hotshot lasgun ?

>> No.53292930

The Beast Arises series is based for BTFOing the
>orks could beat the Imperium easily if they actually united

They did unite and they still lost. Orkfags on suicide watch.

>but we made it to Terra
and you get a gold star for trying.

>> No.53292936

True, but most of them have a lowest observed adverse effect level (LOAEL).

Generally speaking, burning $2000 of plastic, resin, and paint releases more than enough chemicals to exceed the LOAEL.

>> No.53292949

Yeah, but it'll mean ripping the head a and guns off the marines I already asswmbled, plus not fitting their fluff very well.

At this point I'd just as soon scrap them and start a new chapter.

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>> No.53292957

So, after reading a bit about da green boyz on the 1d4chan wiki, I think they would kinda suit my playstyle. Are bikes kinda viable in casual? Or would I go overboard with the powerlevel? I would really like the feel of going fast with bashin' gitz on motorcycles like it's 'road rash'. Probably will still get shot from the bikes but whatever, sounds fun and I'm going to be witnessed and ride eternal shiny and chrome

>> No.53292963

You'll need an incredibly complex organisation chart for a project like this. Best get started on that first.

>> No.53292965

Seems so. But you'll need a lucky roll. You'll only have a 10/36 chance or about 28% to make it on a raw charge roll.

>> No.53292979

Might depend on the type of "deep strike", since there's not any generic ability for it anymore. Wouldn't surprise me to see some units with the ability, some without it.

>> No.53292987

are you dumb as hell or what?
All the rules change in a month

>> No.53292991


>> No.53292992

How about if the unit has some way to re roll charge distance, or if you use a command point to re roll one of the dice?

>> No.53293001

W8 4 8 M8

>> No.53293002

Nothing you can do work orks is going to be objectionably broken, even if you start cheesing zhadstar bullshit.

Might be worth holding out for the 8th rules before buying those bikes though, individual move values mean orks are probably going to have the slowest bikes of them all.

>> No.53293005

I mean I'm just starting a Space Marine army after having played Orks and am interested in like 1 or 2, -maybe- 3 units of NuMarines (depending on what kind of variants they have).

Would people actually buy large amounts of the new space marines? That doesn't make any sense! That's like some new Ork unit coming out and I decide I want to make an entire army of it; seems a lot more reasonable to get a few, if I even get more than one.

>> No.53293007

Seems so
From that it seems like you can over watch it at -1 BS following thw rumors

>> No.53293011

>mfw I've been smoking for years anyway

>> No.53293041

>From that it seems like you can over watch it at -1 BS

Overwatch is a flat 6+ to hit and Tau will only be rerolling 1s with markerlights, overwatch isnt that horrible anymore.

>> No.53293045


And they can still fall back and overwatch and shoot you before you get there on their turn and you still have to roll random charges. Shooting should have to roll random shooting distance.

>> No.53293052

Never talk to me or my small detachment of Rogue Trader space marine models, which are smaller marinelets, again.

>> No.53293059

>heard Armageddon was over run with Titan class threats that make a Blood Thirster look small by comparison.
Pretty much. Every Ork Warlord worth his dakka on Armageddon has at least a Gargant or 5 at his disposal by now. And that's not counting the ones the Meks have been building on the planet during the war. If the one built during the Siege of Helsreach (which was much bigger than the largest Imperator Titan in the novel), those Khorne Daemons are in for a bad time indeed.

Space Marines/IG on one side, a bunch of pissed off Orks on the other.
Rokk and a hard place.

I won't be surprised if Gork, Mork, Emps and Khorne just crack open a couple beers, barbecue some ribs and watch the whole thing 3-way slaughter from a massive couch somewhere in the Warp.

Assuming the rules for da Speed Freek boyz stay the same when 8e drops next month... go for it.

>> No.53293060

To be fair, this is the perfect opportunity to use a command reroll. I'm not even going to try to calculate how that changes the odds, but I imagine it's enough to warrant saving a CP.

Alternatively, they didn't say you couldn't deep strike into cover. A terminator assault squad in ruins would be practically invulnerable to anything short of a Lascannon and with two wounds could probably afford to eat a turn of shooting before the charge.

>> No.53293081

>I won't be surprised if Gork, Mork, Emps and Khorne just crack open a couple beers, barbecue some ribs and watch the whole thing 3-way slaughter from a massive couch somewhere in the Warp.

Any drawfags about?

>> No.53293082

The same rumors that said deepstrike charge said you can overwatch it at better BS

>> No.53293107

In terms of what?

Tabletop stats? Probably no better than a normal autogun. It's not a very detailed system and each weapon represents a wide variety of different models. At best, it might count as a sniper rifle, or get a bit more range, AP 6, master-crafted or something (probably no more than one of those things). Seems very unlikely it would be better than a bolter, galvanic rifle or any of the other more advanced weapons out there.

In 'real life' terms? Basically slightly better than whatever you think the best SMG, PDW, assault rifle, battle rifle or light machine gun in the world is (all of those could be considered 'autoguns' in 40k). Probably more rugged than modern weapons, with caseless ammunition and better heat management thanks to sci-fi conductive materials. Unlikely to hit harder than say .30-06 though.

>> No.53293113


>> No.53293124

I'm thinking Command Points or abilities like Acrobatics or Dune Strider, both +3 on Charges, would come into play here. In other words, dedicated assault units will have a way to make it work, but your average squad will need luck. Also, remember you only need to be within 1" now not base to base to fight so you'll only need a 8 to make it.

>> No.53293127


>Pretty much. Every Ork Warlord worth his dakka on Armageddon has at least a Gargant or 5 at his disposal by now. And that's not counting the ones the Meks have been building on the planet during the war. If the one built during the Siege of Helsreach (which was much bigger than the largest Imperator Titan in the novel), those Khorne Daemons are in for a bad time indeed.

Even the smaller Titans are numerous aren't they? I read the Armageddon Stompa Hunter Sentinel teams were founded because there were apparently just that many Ork Stompa Mobs rampaging in the Ash Wastes and that there are thousands of the things on the world.

>> No.53293134

Oh no! I'll have to chase down M6 Tau falling back with my M6 Marines! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Seriously, the best he can do is run M6+D6, and you're going M6+2D6. So even if he Always rolls an extra 6" advance in the opposite direction you have a 72% I think you can take it. And again, most of his guns wound on 3s, and most of his guns can't negate your armor by even 13% let alone completely.

>> No.53293142

i don't trust primaris marine or roobooty girlyman at all, 0%, that is some sketchy shit

>> No.53293149

Yuck! At least Resin gives me something pretty to look at when I'm done.

>> No.53293159

It's a meme.

>> No.53293167

>le Gorillaman is really Alpharius meme
Back to 1d4ddit.

>> No.53293170

I don't get why Overwatch is still a thing at this point. The entire idea was that it would give shooting units a defense from getting eternally locked in fights with no counter. Now that you can fall back, there's no reason for it.

With the current rules, what's the difference between 5 Chaos terminators dropping in with lightning claws, charging your unit, and shredding most of it to bits, compared to them dropping in with combi-plasma and shooting them to bits? You'll still get the same chance to blow them up afterwards regardless of the outcome. The only difference is the assault termies are going to have a higher risk for the garuntee that your unit will at minimum be useless while falling back for at turn if they make it at.

>> No.53293175

Or Tau get buffed melee stats so they can stand a chance against marines in close combat.


>> No.53293182

Skip to 9 minutes to get past most of the ranting to the relevant bit.

>> No.53293184

Did you know a year's worth of smoking gives you the same radiation a as full year in space?

Or three times the permitted annual dose of a nuclear plant worker.

>> No.53293185

>thinking you'll be alive during your next assault phase

It's not the unit that fell back that's the problem. It's his friends, especially if they have a heavier hitting unit protecting them.

>> No.53293190

I think it might be a kind of cool idea if you haven't already started a Marine army.

>> No.53293191

>Every Ork Warlord worth his dakka on Armageddon has at least a Gargant or 5 at his disposal by now. And that's not counting the ones the Meks have been building on the planet during the war. If the one built during the Siege of Helsreach (which was much bigger than the largest Imperator Titan in the novel), those Khorne Daemons are in for a bad time indeed.

>>he thinks things without models will achieve anything

>> No.53293192

Not only that, but even if Tau suits can Advance while falling back, they would give up shooting to do so

>> No.53293195

> Just as in the current edition, overwatch is a hit on a flat 6


>> No.53293205

Then why didn't you charge that one?

>> No.53293208

>implying this will happen
>Papa smurf is back
>implying they won't meme SM to oblivion
>implying they won't bring more primarchs back so other legions can stroke their dicks over it.

>> No.53293210


Technically wouldn't the sheer number of lesser Ork machines constitute an issue for any daemonic invader?

>> No.53293223

that list of rumors was bullshit

we already had confirmations of things about it being wrong the moment it lunched, now more are adding to it

>> No.53293231

nah man, i would trust Alpharius more than the baguette shitter who tried to create his own imperium in secret while the emperor was still alive and upon his resurrection called current day imperium a "bloated rotten carcass" that should have been destroyed by horus, then pops out a bunch of super marines out of nowhere who he divides into brand new chapters loyal only to him and also forces them into the ranks of older chapters even if they don't want them.

>> No.53293237

Has anyone else noticed the names of the new marines?
Intercessor is almost the same as sucessor. Im not a lanuguage expert, but do you think the name implies something? Intercessor sounds like they're between sucessor and ancestor marines, like a marine 1.5 instead of a marine 2.0

Are new new marines coming after this?

>> No.53293239

Didn't we just finish explaining that you'll be tougher against shooting what with the 3+ to wound against anything short of a battle cannon, tougher armor saves, and cover bonus stacking?

>> No.53293249

Primaris = First

They're fucking thunder warriors.

>> No.53293250

In the scheme of 40k and "sigmarization" discussions I keep seeing people who say WHFB has died due to Sigmar, and those who say it's more popular than ever now.
Which one is right you dumb fat skinny fucks? Make up your mind.

>> No.53293258

Are you purposefully trying to sound helplessly dumb, or ar you genuinely to vapid to google it?

>> No.53293270

Two questions.

1) Does a guard platoon commander still get to use orders in Kill Team?
2) Does anyone know of a good 28mm model that looks like Solid Snake that I could use as a proxy for Sly Marbo?

>> No.53293272

>BTFOing the 'orks could beat the Imperium easily if they actually united' claim in a war the Orks were destined to lose from the very start
>implying that somehow BTFOs the "Orks united beats everyone else argument"
You're funny anon.

>get a gold star for making it Terra (and actually doing significant damage)
So that's 1 gold star for Orks, 1 gold star for Chaos.
Makes sense for the two biggest threats in the setting.

>I read the Armageddon Stompa Hunter Sentinel teams were founded because there were apparently just that many Ork Stompa Mobs rampaging in the Ash Wastes and that there are thousands of the things on the world.
Pretty much. Ghazzy brought headhunted Warlord Nazdreg's best Bad Moonz Meks before the current war on Armageddon, which might help explain the overwhelming number of Stompas running about.

>> No.53293280

Battlesuits are going to move more than 6"
Battlesuits are going to be able to shoot you after retreating
Battlesuits are going to make you eat a mass of autohitting flamer hits every time you charge them

Yes, you might fuck up the token FW or kroot squads taken to fill the troops slots if you can reach them. But nobody really cares about them.

>> No.53293282

>the action of intervening on behalf of another.

for one they're the long awaited reinforcements, on the other hand they're here to take your place

>> No.53293288

I'm pretty sure they invented the new armor and shooting system just so the numarines could get a rifle that is objectivity better than yours against anything less than T8.

S5 AP5 Pulse=S5 AP-0
S4 AP-1 Bolt Rifle Kills infantry better in every scenario.
>And both are range 30"

As a guardsman, I am NOT looking forward to the kiting that's about to ensue.

>> No.53293293

>tfw to vapid too google

>> No.53293301

Intercession is a term used to refer to a veto in the ancient Roman tribunes.

>> No.53293304

I want to kitbash an Ork Boss with some Tau tech that's been LOOTED

Any neat ideas? I was thinking maybe parts of one of their battle-suits or even most of the thing.

Alternatively, and way more boring, he could just ride around on that hoverboard thing that the HQ has in the Tau starter set.

Seriously, I'm taking any suggestions

>> No.53293306


Are you pretending to be retarded? It's a lose/lose situation.

Standing out in the open after a unit falls back gives a cover save? Also, anything that used to be AP4 is now noticeably better against MEQ, too.

>> No.53293309


An intercessor is someone who intervenes on behalf of someone else.

>> No.53293317

>implying numbers count for anything in 40k

>> No.53293325


>> No.53293326

>Didn't we just finish explaining that you'll be tougher against shooting

>twin linked buffed
>spam of low strength weapons buffed

>> No.53293327

I actually just wanted to ask a question that popped into my head and see what other people thought. Guess i should have researched it first and then declared my findings as fact anonymously on the internet instead

>> No.53293329

>They're fucking thunder warriors.

No, they're made using primarch gene-seed and are superior to space marines.
Thunder Warriors predate the primarch and were too shitty to fight the war Marines were needed to fight.

>> No.53293330

yes, but only to single models
Cobra, from hasslefree miniatures.

it's snake plissken, but that's who metal gear snake was based on anyways

>> No.53293335

Its a made up word but heres my made up analyisis thats totally not bullshit and certified by academics

Primaris= First
Inter= Among
Cessor=Sons, an abbreviation of the word successor

In my analysis this means that they are, like Guilliman, primus inter pare in the Astartes hierarchy.

>> No.53293345

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt

>> No.53293354


>> No.53293355

WHFB died because of AoS
AoS is selling more than WHFB did
But WHFB is still dead
Because AoS isn't WHFB

>> No.53293356

Krysis Soot with his head poking out the top.

>> No.53293365

they were shitty because they couldn't live as long and were somewhat unstable compared to normal marines, but they were much stronger than them

>> No.53293367

>Its a made up word

>english speakers in charge of understanding their own language

>> No.53293368

Did anyone else notice the article that said Intercessors wear Mk X Tacticus armour and use more powerful boltguns?

I believe these may be equivalent of tactical marines.

>> No.53293369

>It's a lose/lose situation

Only if both units had equally dangerous guns.

And if you're standing in the open after charging. That means their unit was standing,in the open. Why waste time assaulting units with no cover from big guns?

>> No.53293379

Got myself covered in advance. Imagine having a marinelet as your HQ?!

>> No.53293388

Nope, Mater of Mankind says they were shitty, good enough to crush some techno barbarians but easy prey for the various xenos breeds.

>> No.53293389

>believing the official cover story
>mysterious super space marines brought out of cold storage in the most desperate hour
>have problems with the gene seeds, have an inevitable looming drawback

>> No.53293392



>> No.53293401

>Guys! The NuMarines we saw the profile of that had a Troop symbol on it might function as Troops!

What else can you tell us detective?

>> No.53293402

I'm really tempted, especially with "Krysis Soot" reading so dumb and yet sounding so great

What's the scale difference like on them? I'm aware that it's always going to look ridiculous and that's part of the aim, but I don't want it to be a pants-on-head retarded tiny head with a huge mechanical looking body I'm not a space marine, after all

>> No.53293416

>>mysterious super space marines

Thunder Warrior were weaker than Space Marines though. Not match for the wider galaxy at the time of the great crusade, and so certainly no match for the Great Rift.

>>have problems with the gene seeds

THunder Warriors don't have gene-seed, Space Marines do and often have trouble with it.

>> No.53293421

>I believe these may be equivalent of tactical marines.

Congratulations, for arriving at the destination no more than a month after everyone else you've won the right to buy yourself a cookie.

>> No.53293429

The twist is it's the older space marines with the gene seed problem.

>> No.53293433

Stolen Broadside heavy railgun. Shield generator. A bunch of stolen burst cannons.

>> No.53293437

I know this is 4chan but did i really just get gang raped for not googling the latin root words for the name of a model that doesnt even have rules yet?

>> No.53293443

>What's the scale difference like on them?
they both use the same 40mm bases

Cannibalizing a crisis suit for armour plating would be a pain in the ass, but would probably be pretty close in size. The main obstacle is the fact that orks don't really have their heads on top of their torso, it's stuck on the front.

>> No.53293450


>> No.53293456

Intercessor is an English word.

>> No.53293459

What's to stop me from using old Marines as NuMarines (therefore saving some £££ and giving me Movie Marines)?

>> No.53293475


>> No.53293476

Do you not know the words intercede or intervene?
From those you should have been able to work out intercessor - which is, while not common, a word in English.

>> No.53293481

autistic screeching

Being stuck with nothing but boltguns in your line units might be shitty, though. Depends on how they handle the specialist shit.

>> No.53293486

>the latin root words

a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer.
"they rejected the notion that an intercessor was needed to appeal to God"

It's a actual thing and with Imperial shit always assume English or pig latin.
It's basic 40k

>> No.53293488

My fist

>> No.53293490

Fair enough

>> No.53293492

You are adorable.

But this place is hell, and people simply don't tend to be really kind to each other, around here.

And you are lucky, right now - this thread is pretty nice. We had way worse lately. See >>53291448

Welcome to /tg/. Enjoy your stay !

>> No.53293500

Having him hold an arm or two of a crisis suit, guns included. You could even have him holding a missile pod as a makeshift powerklaw. What ork wouldn't want a bomba hamma?

>> No.53293512

I was mocking the Intercessor guy. >>53293237

>> No.53293552

Same thing that stops me using orks as terminators. Basic respect for the hobby.

>> No.53293558

Sure you were.

>> No.53293562

Are there rules for Tyranid ships in Rogue Trader?

>> No.53293566

Mainly, you started making assumptions over words sounding similar when you can type any word into google and get a definition. Most fiction tends to grab words from elsewhere because it's easier to keep patterns than outright making them up.

It's not horrible, it was just a pretty dumb thing to say that anyone else would have figured out before asking. Plus the reasoning was like tinfoil levels of dumb. People are gonna make fun of you for doing dumb things, that's how it works. No one's ganging up on you, there are just multiple people who all thought it was dumb and wanted to weigh in.

>> No.53293567

Just so happens I'm immune to autistic screeching. And I wouldn't mind bolter-only units, assuming they do it sensibly.

Fite me 1v1

>> No.53293580



I miss him having a table top presence.

Also, is he in that latest book about Jain Zar?

>> No.53293582

Do we know anything about allies in 8th?

>> No.53293607


Thanks for your contributions and your dubs, friends.

I'm in the middle of finals so don't expect to see anything any time soon, but you'll probably see some progress if I ever actually make any in a month or two's time

>> No.53293635

Given how they're basically doing cads, Im sure you can just take whatever you want as long as its in separate setups. This new system doesnt seem like the place for the fucking allies matrix. That, or GRAND ALLIANCES!

>> No.53293642

Allied detachments will still be a thing

>> No.53293645

>orks as terminators

That's a fucktarded example tbqh senpai. These old/new marines are basically the same model except one is slightly bigger.

>> No.53293646

Seems like a bit of a false equivalency, no? The only difference between NuMarines and the old is size. Orks and Termies is like apples and oranges, this is like apples and slightly larger apples.

>> No.53293650

I feel like im justified in assuming its a made up word since GW is using it, but otherwise yeah, fair enough

>> No.53293666

>Being stuck with nothing but boltguns in your line units might be shitty, though.

Tell me about it, I like Plasma guns and as a result my army has a lot of plasma guns.

>> No.53293671

>assuming they do it sensibly
that's the rub, really

fingers crossed, but the alarm bells blaring in my skull with basically every new bit of information is keeping me skeptical

>> No.53293680

I look forward to it! In general, Broadside seems like a good place to look. Nice and bulky parts for armor, with some of the most dakka-looking weapons.

>> No.53293682

Personally I just want some female models where it makes sense like say Guard or Genestealer Cult.

>> No.53293694

Surely female Ethereals exist, right?

>> No.53293695

Have you taken a good look at the centurion models?

>> No.53293711

I don't really have much hope for 8th edition in general, really. GeeDubs has never been able to write rules, even in the golden age.

>> No.53293717

Boz > Toyz

>> No.53293763

You can still have allies, but it's gonna be like fielding two seperate armies at the same time. No benefits from one another, besides killing potential.

>> No.53293776

You can justify things all you want, it doesn't change whether it was dumb or not. The definition of a word is like the fastest thing to google, the first thing anyone else would do is see "does this have a definition".

>> No.53293847

As somebody who's been under a rock for a while, what's the news on 8th? Looking good? Looking not good?

>> No.53293855

My melanin-blessed compatriot

>> No.53293862

I'm not looking forward to everyone saying "counts as primaris."
I know the models are expensive, but that phrase is gonna be sooooooooooooooo common

>> No.53293865

Looking like best edition.

>> No.53293881

Read the community website articles which are releasing daily. In general, it's looking pretty good. I'd give news so far a good 7.5/10.

>> No.53293884

Opinions are incredibly divided and we won't know for sure until the general election on June 8th.

>> No.53293897

Looking like best edition if you are an AoS or 2nd edition faggot.

>> No.53293923

Not as good as it did, but there's a lot we still don't know. Even if it does end up more balanced, ill still expect a lot of complaining over certain decisions

>> No.53293927

How so?

>> No.53293932

Terrific. We are finally getting truescale marines and they look badass.

>> No.53293937


Just read all the new warhammer 40k articles, remember to expand it. That's all the info in one place and it's more coherent and accurate than you'll get here.

Short story, they're trying to make every army viable, and every model have its use. Any type of army you can take today, except having most of your army in reserves as a tactic now that you're limited to 50%, is meant to be an army you can win with.

>> No.53293950

>>be guilliman
>>get revived by dark powers
>>everything is fucking horrible now. Why didn't you bring back the lion, I never wanted to live to see this.
>>have secret meeting with 'dad'
>>fuckthis.mpeg - indulge my compulsion to recreate perfect bureaucracies
>>put squads of elite, guilliman made and guilliman bred warriors in the company of every chapter
>>gain the beatification and trust ofv the disgusting ecclesiarchs.
>>decapitate the command staff of every deviant or questionable chapter with intercessor squads and take defacto control of a unified legiones astartes.
>>cleanse the crumbling imperium in fire, release my father from his suffering and rebuild Imperium Secundus from its ashes

Wake up, sheeple, the Guilliman Heresy is upon us.

>> No.53293961

How are you feeling about 8th?

>> No.53293962

IIRC Dark Heresy had a variety of different ammo types for slugthowers (the general class of weapons that includes autoguns) gave them some nice bonuses such as armor piercing / incendiary.

>> No.53293966

SuperDuper Marines™ have nothing to do with the new rules m8.

>> No.53293969

>divided opinions.
>personal biased opinion status : It's gonna be great
>more to come

>> No.53293989

The first goal of looted tech is to make it NOT look like it belonged to anyone in particular in the first place

crisis suits are too small, riptides already too big, the new monstrous stealth suit may do the job but you have to establish the ideas behind the repurposed tech

first of all, orks like stompy things; the graceful legs of tau suits don't suit this idea, but instead of completely changing the mechanism to obtain a stompiness that doesn't belong on the model you could instead think the orky way: if da boss has got rokkits and grav-things to move, what purposes to legs have? the dok would say to saw them off; the clever boy would say to attach saws to them.

now the feet are properly choppy, while we established that the suit will move by levitation and rokkits; in this regard a mix of different stuff may work instead of a single efficient looking mechanism: from rokkit packs that look more like flame belching exhaust pipes, to unstable looking mek-bits producing bubbles of lightnings that make the suit float to finish off with a small helicopter-like engine on the hat.


>> No.53293999

Is it really a heresy if he is going to follow his fathers wishes?

>> No.53294001

Changes to the core rules we've seen so far seem to slant mostly toward the melee factions (no initiative, charging units go first, etc), but the faction focus stuff for Tau has given them a bit of arrogance because they think they're still going to have their shooty dominance (despite the fact no one's seen the codexes yet).

From what I've seen it seems so far to be headed toward "every army is now equally viable at the start of 8e. No one faction is dominant over the rest''.

That's probably just me though.

>> No.53294014

then we got into the serious business, hands: unlike with the repurposed legs, arm will need to look properly orky, no puny mechanical limb can replace the muscular appearance of a boss large arms; the shoulder has to look like it broke through the boxy silhouette of the suit, but not in a way that make it look like simply a box with arms, the difficult part is understanding up to what part of the shoulder and chest to cut and glue; some small servos running alongside or moving independently from the main arms may reinforce this.
what to put on the hands themselves is up to you, but if you want to hear it from an orky fellow, do this: one hand is for dakka the otha for stompin (since choppy is already on the legs and you miss the stompy factor); a power claw is iconic enough snd by turning it into a drill jaw (the kind you can see on siege dreads) rather than the usual pattern it will also be peculiar enough
the dakka arm is something I'd like to sit a moment for to explain a vision: this is tau tech, tau tech is intelligent, a very common tau tech are missiles, small and large, but orks aren't really incline to keep the missiles in the pods, I say, and a bunch of missiles strapped to an arm are boring I say, so, listen here, why don't you chain them? Imagine your boss, holding a chain like a fat child would keep a dog leash or the rope of a balloon that could make it fly for a few meters forward with a bit of wind, but instead of balloons you've got a swarm of missiles restrained like attack dogs, used as flails and unleashed one at a time, mork willingly (or gork not willingly)

add a properly converted helmet, strapled on plates and teeth-looking scraps bolted on the edges of things and a small banner crowning the boss and your ultimate waaghboo is completed
at least in theory

>> No.53294036

It is Heresy to pretend to know the wishes of the God Emperor!

>> No.53294066

Orks, if not for my crippling love of being Catholic Space Knights, would be my favorite faction just because of how much they encourage creativity.

>> No.53294073

Early days, but I suspect that it will divide the community, which I totally welcome.

>> No.53294092

Did I miss any main options?

>> No.53294102

So for the NuMarines did they just realize that they had a shitload of unused MKIV helmets and decided 'Fuck it, put 'em on some party sized marines and all the manlets will buy them to feel better about themselves'?

>> No.53294107

>which I totally welcome.

Why though? Shouldn't the goal be seeing a happy, unified, community playing a fun game? That's what we're working towards right?

>> No.53294117

just realised that things have to deep strike 9' away from enemy models
does this mean that you could spread your models in such a way that nothing could be placed in your half of the board, meaning they would have to deep strike right in front of your gunline?

>> No.53294126

>Wake up, sheeple, the Guilliman Heresy is upon us.
>Abaddon, Ghazghkull and Swarmlord just standing there watching while Guilliman causes the already fractured Imperium to tear itself apart
>Abbadon: "Well... this is awkward."

>> No.53294140


welcome to a reason to spread models that aren't templates

>> No.53294151

Sick trips. Also heresy is all in your perspective.

>> No.53294161

You could, except then they can just hold their guys back until turn 3, pick out the units that aren't in any cover due to spreading out so much, and then bring them in once they've dealt enough damage.

>> No.53294176

If you have enough sure. I'm sure a Guard or Ork army could pull it off easily enough. Marines probably won't be able to unless you huddle your dudes in one corner.

>> No.53294183


this is a top-tier response and has put forward a lot of ideas I really like, thanks for putting in so much effort anon

>> No.53294188

Kroot Conga Line is back baby!
Black Templar Crusade Squads blobs are back!

Make Warhammer 40.000 Great Again!

>> No.53294201

He doesn't pretend he was a live when the Emperor walked among us. He was trusted by the Emperor and he stayed by his side until the bastard Horus took The Emperor from us. I believe he would best know what his father wanted because he himself served with The Emperor that is more than me and you or anyone else can say.

>> No.53294231

This should be the smart thing to do, in theory.

But the exemple we've seen was for the Trygon. I guess mawlocs will have their own rules, allowing them to deepstrike closer to ennemy units. And other units will probably have their own specific rules to get around this supposed problem (genestealer cults, anyone ?)

>> No.53294248

>Outclassed by an NPC race

What game do you think you're playing anon?

More seriously, Khorne has Brass Scorpions, possessed Titans, those derpy-looking Lord of Skulls, and whatever other BloodSkullBlood bots the Dark Mechanicus can cook up. Throw in a daemon Primarch and he's looking at some pretty good odds.

>> No.53294264

Can you ram an enemy with your vehicle, letting that vehicle take the overwatch shots, then jump out and charge the enemy with the unit inside?

>> No.53294272

If he was so good why did he went into a coma?
Check mate Heretics!

T3 Master Race shall rule the Galaxy! With Tits,Pecs and Ass!

A Galaxy for humans by humans!

>> No.53294285

>Though that 9″ distance to the enemy (which is common to a lot of units with similar abilities) will mean that the averages on the dice will be against you for that 2D6 charge distance.
taken from the reserves article
I'm pretty sure that would confirm that most units have to deep strike 9" away

>> No.53294294

>once again reminded I can never be as cute or female as GSC-chan

>> No.53294305

The have a system to be able to adjust the points of any model in the game annually rather than mistakes have to wait 3-5 years between codex releases to get fixed. That alone is a massive improvement over any previous edition.

>> No.53294308

I'm worried about you.

>> No.53294313

I think you would still need to disembark n the movement phase, although I don't see why you couldn't.

Advancing behind a Tank Shock sounds like an awesome way to charge though

>> No.53294318

Probably that the old ones are better points value (unless they aren't).

>> No.53294334

disembarking probably happens in the movement phase

but if anything you can move, disembark, charge with the empty vehicle to soak overwatch and then charge with the footsloggers

it's an amusing mental image however you end interpreting it

>> No.53294341

>ara ara ?

>> No.53294352

I would imagine that certain units or items will allow you to arrive closer, likely DE Webway Portals.
It would make no sense for Mawlocs that run amok in the back lines to not be able to do that.

>> No.53294355

Well it sure is gonna be a whole lot more easy to do drop-zone denial when the gaps between your units only have to be 18'' to deny deep-strike placement.

>> No.53294363

who are cuter:
nurglings or daemonettes?

>> No.53294379

I never said he was good. I just said he understand what The Emperor wishes for more than me or you possibly could.

>> No.53294383

Would purge with my consecrated thunder hammer and splatter my geneseed all over

>> No.53294392

That system depends on them being willing and able to balance things though, which they have yet to demonstrate. If 8th edition comes out and most stuff is mostly balanced, with a few oddly weak options and some slightly more efficient than average ones, that's cool. They will probably get it closer to perfect next year. If it's still the same shit as the last two editions then being able to theoretically fix it means nothing.

>> No.53294393

So is someone going to commission a porn artist to have Big G screwing Yvraine?

>> No.53294423

It's not mk4.
The nose is flatter and the ears have thicker covering.

>> No.53294470


>> No.53294483

Bloodletters are pretty cute.

>> No.53294500

The Blood Crusade line specifically said:
"Since the warp rift tore through the heart of the galaxy, Armageddon has found itself directly in the path of The Blood Crusade, a vast legion of Khorne’s Daemons pouring into realspace."

It didn't say a thing about anything else being involved.

So yeah, Chaos is likely going to be outclassed by Orks if we're talking purely Khorne Daemons.

I'd still throw things in favor of the Orks since Ghazzy's probably going back to Armageddon once he's finished playing bug exterminator in the Octarius War, and bring all his super-Orks from that fight along with him.

>> No.53294506


>> No.53294526

Chad Marines.

>> No.53294539


Aren't the Orks on Armageddon also some of the most destructive of their kind given they've been fighting for quite a while there?

I recall it being said that things like Blasta Bommers and Gargants large enough to tower over Imperator Titans are from the Armaeddon theater of conflict.

Also, Chaos has to contend with the Ork and Imperium fleets orbiting the world don't they?

>> No.53294546

The one that Chaos has lost 11 Black Crusades.

Imperium 10 Victories
Chaos 2 Victories (2 Random Muahahahha secretive objectives after losing everything do not count as victories)
Orks 1 Victory

>> No.53294594

Ive seen images of what I should have been but can never be

>> No.53294600


>> No.53294612

I would make a metabuild Tau army and mercilessly bully marine players if they had power armored chad and stacy armies. I literally wouldn't use it for anything other than making marine players suffer.

>> No.53294625

>people thinking Angron and his daemonic legions are coming to Armaggeddon to job to Orks

>> No.53294627

Isn't there that one Daemon slaying war boss stuck in the warp? What if he spills out with them?

>> No.53294630

>Assembling my first plastic Rubric marines
>Thinking "Hmm, something about them seems different than my other marines"
>Put normal marine next to one
>Rubric marine is a full head taller

What the actual fuck, people weren't lying when they said the new Thousand Sons models were huge.

>> No.53294644

please post it.

>> No.53294646

Charges only need to make it 1" away, not base to base. A 9" charge actually only requires an 8" roll, so it's a 41% chance or so.

>> No.53294650

It's tyranids. If they don't get a strategem that lets them autopass a charge roll, they'll get one that lets them reroll the charge. That means they can reroll one or both dice during a critical moment in battle.

If I'm wrong, then I don't know what they're doing with the nids. Maybe they'll be shooty or something who the hell knows?

>> No.53294677

Tuska wouldn't leave the Warp m8, he's been fighting a mega daemon for the last couple hundred years and loving it.

>> No.53294682

This. He's fucking Angron - he only jobs to Grey Knights and other primarchs.

>> No.53294686


>> No.53294694

Just realized the changes to casting might make Ahriman not totally overcosted. Cool.

>> No.53294714


Units must be set up MORE THAN 9" away. So you need a 9+ to be 1" away.

>> No.53294741

I wonder if the new Kharn model is also larger

>> No.53294747

>Aren't the Orks on Armageddon also some of the most destructive of their kind given they've been fighting for quite a while there?
Outside of the ones currently using the playing "who's the better meatgrinder" with a tendril of Leviathan, yeah, the Orks on Armageddon are some of thee 'ardest boyz in the galaxy.

>Orks 1 Victory
Wait, the Orks won of Chaos' Black Crusades?!

Just... how?

>>people thinking Angron and his daemonic legions are coming to Armaggeddon to job to Orks
>implying one of the major characters for Chaos is going to beat THE main big shot for the Orks when he gets back to Armageddon
Simple meta logic here: Ghazzy is more important to lore than Angron. Therefore, Angron will probably kicked back to Warp to sulk for a bit (again). At least Ghazzy (probably) won't go full Grimgor on the daemon primarch. That's more Tuska Daemon-killa's shtick.

>Isn't there that one Daemon slaying war boss stuck in the warp? What if he spills out with them?
If he does, I expect Khorne to yell at Mork for 'stealing his toy'/"cheating" (which the response is: "itz called kunnin' ya git."), and for Angron to end up getting Grimgor'd by Tuska at some point in the war.

>> No.53294767

So how many marines have their own rules now?
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Red Scorpions
Black Templars
White Scars
Iron Hands
Grey Knights
Death Watch
Prime Marines

Who am I missing?

>> No.53294773

Well overcosted or not, Ahriman was the only thing that meant my Thousand Sons had at least somewhat of a chance. Specially late 7th edition.

I don't mind that improving.

>> No.53294780

Primaris Marines are just new units for already existing Marine armies.

>> No.53294807

11th, usual Armless the Harmless incompetence

Fall of Cadia is the 14th Black Crusade otherwise it will clash with other written lore let alone with the ones that mention Cadia is OK in M42

13/14 is such a clusterfuck that is just sad.

>> No.53294812


Black Legion
Thousand Sons
Emperors Children
World Eaters
Alpha Legion
Iron Warriors
Night Lords
Word Bearers

>> No.53294819

They still get their own thing on top of being bonus units for IMPERIUM SUPER FRIENDS

>> No.53294824

Khorne Daemonkin
Chaos Space Marines

>> No.53294826


>> No.53294850

Special units with special rules aren't new.

>> No.53294851

And Crimson Slaughter.

>> No.53294859

Said Marines not Chaos Cucks but ok those guys too can join.

Lets name the amount of Imperial Guard regiments that have rules:


That was sad.

Maybe Ork clans!
... Fuck

I know Tau! Those are Popular!
Farsight Enclaves

Sisters of Battle?
Oh who I'm kidding

>> No.53294868

Forge World has a ton of chapter tactics, not just red scrotions.

>> No.53294879

>Ghazghkull: I fink I'z just gonna go now

>> No.53294880

Space Sharks (Cancun.... Carcharodons)
Black Legion
Thousand Sons
Emperors Children
World Eaters
Alpha Legion
Iron Warriors
Night Lords
Word Bearers
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Red Scorpions
Black Templars
White Scars
Iron Hands
Grey Knights
Primaris Marines (still count stop bitching)

>> No.53294886

This is how I feel.

>> No.53294893

>But more seriously, I'd prefer to see the battle sisters updated, instead.
Why not both?

>> No.53294898

>(still count stop bitching)

Don't forget the rules for Centurions, Tactical Dreadnoughts, and Scouts. Those are also a different army like Primaris Marines.

>> No.53294928

>red scrotions

>> No.53294957

I think Raptors have something in one of the FW books.

>> No.53294961

New thread for once you feel like migrating


>> No.53294963

They are getting their on chapters that is why they are there on their own.

Not my fault manletmarines are getting squeted before SoB

>> No.53294969


>> No.53295028

>This. He's fucking Angron - he only jobs to Grey Knights and other primarchs.
>implying being a primarch means you have some kind of plot armor these days
Unless you're Guilliman, all primarchs should pretty much expect jobber status at this point.

I mean, Vulkan jobbed to the Beast back in the Beast Arises series, and that was after the previous book where he'd singlehandedly fought tens of thousands of Orks and their assorted dreads and gargants to a stand-still on his planet. Perpetual or not, the guy died to an Ork (granted it was "Prime-Ork" but still!)

If you ain't wearin' Ultramarine blue, jobbin' status for you!

>> No.53295046

How does AP work in 8th? I keep seeing negative values.

>> No.53295091

Is it a problem if I base plastic RT marines on 28mm rules-wise? Not sure if there's a stance on this and they'd look goofy on 32s.

>> No.53295255

you subtract a targets armor save equal to your AP. shooting at a marine with a -1 ap weapon means they defend with a 4+ save instead of their usual 3+.

>> No.53295364

Ah I see. So is there a -5? Also how do cover saves work now?

>> No.53295405

the highest I've seen is -4 so far on a lascannon. Cover saves are unclear in their entirety, but they generally add to your armor save. ruins were given as an example, they give infantry only +1 to their armor save. Means a lascannon can still zap the fuck out of a guardsman in a ditch but it could theoretically slice through the ditch and slam a marine in the chest but have its force dissipated enough for the guy to live.

>> No.53295427

sorry, meant a -3 on the lascannon.

>> No.53295570

>his Lascannons aren't AP -4

>> No.53295594

oh yeah, darklances are AP -4. totally forgot that one.

>> No.53297648

>Thunder Warrior were weaker than Space Marines though.

Pretty much all the fluff contradicts this, they were bigger, stronger, faster but unstable, they werent designed for long term shit, just to fight all the mega fucked up shit inhabiting Terra.

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