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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What's your character's hobby?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53276716

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>What's your character's hobby?
He paints.

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Mine too, but only letters. Calligraphist.

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(reposting in BOTH THREADS)
Basically, it gets magic traps that take a standard action to set up, deal 1d6+Int mod damage or have conditions with Int-based DCs, and get 3/4ths sneak attack progression but also adds about the same amount as scaling damage to their traps. The higher-level magic traps can also include dispels, difficult terrain, etc.

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>Character A
Likes to read, compose poetry, and occasionally he tries his hand at sewing.

>Character B
He just likes to wrestle, and he's picked up a lot of techniques. Hopes to learn more from the one teammate of his who seems to be more of a technical type than his rough-and-tumble version.

>Character C
He still remembers how to bake from what his ma taught him, and if he had the time and money he'd probably try his hand at gardening--with limited success. Other than that, he knows how to act passably well and likes to go riding on his horse.

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1. Painting


3. Gardening I guess?

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>What's your character's hobby?

>character 1
Sculpting, which she's confused that she enjoys. She's not sure why she likes sculpting. Everything else she can find pleasure in involves destruction or killing.

>character 2
Calligraphy. He's entranced by how people put meaning into symbols, so has dedicated some of his free time to understanding what makes the symbol cease to represent what it represents. In the process, he's stumbled onto writing-as-art.

>character 3
Gear maintenance and storytelling and learning about people and reading and wargames and music and meditation. When you don't have to sleep because you're a bottomless font of vital energy, you develop a lot of things to fill the time when everybody else sleeps.

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1.Calligraphy. The thing is he's a fucking gnoll.
2.Breakdancing and such
3.None. That was the joke with him. He's meant to be some lowlife mook that got caught in shit he never wanted to get caught in. Having not even a hobby made him look like even more of a tool.
4.Listening to music. All music. Musical knowledge.
5.Doing music. With like, a flute.

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>Character A
Horseback Riding and Carousing

>Character B
Snarkiness and Carousing

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If I want to play a dragon who rides a dragon, would it be better to make a wyvaran draconic avenger exposed vigilante, or a wyvaran betrothed (draconic) avowed?

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Does snarking count as a hobby?

If so, that's basically every one of my characters right there.

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1 Making plush toys
2 Making up games to play with her sister
3 Finding ways to qualify for the companion to the lonely bonus without actually doing anything lewd

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Why not be a geisha for the last one

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Is the rider THICC? Is the mount? How many layers of THICC dragon are you on right now?

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The rider is pic related. The mount is just a male dragon of some kind.

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>tfw you're on 2 layers of thicc dragon

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Depends, do you want a customizable magic dragon, or a RIP AND TEAR drake?

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>What's your character's hobby?
When he isn't busy saving/helping people he enjoys playing music. Mostly flute but he's been meaning to pick up something else.

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Have emperyal lords ever come up in a game you were part of?

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The fuck is with Stalker only having a strong Will save when it's basically Ninja

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Oh we have multiple threads. Okay.

Why do we have multiple threads?

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One of them is a back-up thread.

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To screen out the autists trying to provoke shit with the anime OP pictures. Incidentally that would also screen out the autists talking about dog rape. Wonder why.

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Studying technological devices and trying to build something useful out of it. The security/traps are useful, but too costly to ever be more than a hobby.

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Hopefully nobody makes a new thread in the other one since we have a perfectly serviceable general here.

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So now that Path of War is in the dumpster, should we all jump ship to Spheres of Might now?

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t. jolly

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That's a hard no, good buddy. Just use pre-errata PoW.

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>now that Path of War is in the dumpster

Did they finally release the errata? When?

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The only shit getting nerfed in PoW is broken shit like pumping out 21d6+60 damage at level 6 and broken crap like that.

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I hope the Starfinder classes will be good. We've seen some decent things out of them so far.

It'll be weird to tell Pathfinder players to just port over the Soldier and Solarion.

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Not released, but Taveena came by a couple of days ago to give us the gory deets

The confirmed:
>Warlord's Tactical Flanker nerfed
>Chunks of Primal Fury and Broken Blade getting completely rewritten
>Zenith strike line getting nerfed for damage somehow
>Lots of boosts and stances that add damage now only affect your first attack in the round
>Not necessarily all of them apparently
>They cannot universalize the maneuver save DC to keep the early debuff strikes relevant for a number of annoying logistics issues, BUT there might be room to officially publish it as an 'optional' rules.

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Oh my god will you stop posting bullshit, unrelated images with purposefully-baiting questions? Seriously, when will you get perma-banned like you deserve?

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warning about the game advertised in discord: Ivan/The Mule is espagnoll

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If PoW is in the dumpster, Spheres of X is in the sewers, clogging your drain.

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Legacy of Blood and Fire greentext in case anybody missed it. Essa is cute, Gamze x Orlan power couple, Shanan gonna get BIRBED

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>Essa bullying the birb
Is DHB a bully?

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>Use CHA for class features
>Adds INT to attack and damage
>Adds WIS to AC and HP
How bad an idea is this?

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Sounds pretty bad, but if you use wisdom for class features it probably would not be that bad. Monks would be very good if they could add wisdom to HP

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Well, I mean, what's the goal? To render physical abilities irrelevant?

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Honestly, anon is right, I should just pick from the runners up. It actually wasn't a sudden drop, I just spent several sessions hoping that A FUCKING LAWYER would come back to us. Not gonna be a reboot though, the plot isn't fucked beyond belief.

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The concept is a warrior-philosopher who'd want decent scores in all their mental abilities, but MAD is serious business and I'm not sure what to do to make this feasible.

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What did he mean by this?

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So /pfg/, what do you think about this?

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could be decent, probably shit

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I dislike the AP but a Pathfinder CRPG might be interesting.

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What...the fuck? That's just weird, /pfg/

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Question /pfg/,

How good is Pathfinder at handling a solo Adventurer? I have a friend who wants to play in any campaign and I want to try out your system just because.

Any tips or hints?

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Sounds a lot like HV. Anon is probably Argent and is talking about Yori the Lawyer that only showed up for 1 session and was afk for most of it.

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Run it with Gestalt and he can be two classes at once with the HP of one. Also, not having to share loot will make things a lot easier.

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>Half-Orc Magus using a Scimitar and casting Shocking Grasp

It's like they finally realized it only has one build

>> No.53290050

I did that once playing a half elf brood master summoner. Shit was pretty cash.

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I'll be honest if you're looking for a warrior with good mental stats you're probably looking to play as a PoW character, I mean pretty much all of them rely on mental stats as much as they do physical ones.

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I can handle homebrew, but is there a recommended AP to take him through?

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Eh, could be nice.

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I'm actually trying to design a PoW Bard archetype with Warpath spellcasting progression instead of performances but it didn't seem warranted to mention.

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Does Fast Healing count as magical healing for the purposes of stopping bleed damage?

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Yeah, I decided to replace them with a Time Looping Fairy person who is on her, like, third iteration of things (Fleur)

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Consider monks or psions or something. Monks have a lot of philosophical style archetypes

Or consider swordsage

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On a related note, 30 point buy is the best point buy.

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Alright lads I need advice which of these three is mechanically the best if going dexfag

>steelfist commando
>dervish defender
>monk of the silver fist

inb4 blue board

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Good, imagine if you went through another application phase and fleur got consolation prize again only for the new app to be another flake.

>> No.53290144

Nope, seems Essa was just drunk off his ass.
Not hard to accomplish when you're that skinny.

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If you know it's a blue board, why the fuck are you baiting a ban?

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Speedster monk from Gonzo 2, Is it good?

Level 1 ---- Hyperspeed: +10 land speed per level as long as you have at least one ki. Also get Run as a Bonus Feat. Replaces: Stunning Fist, First bonus feat and maneuver training or First Style strike if unchained

Level 1 ---- Afterimage: Monk's AC bonus is now a Dodge Bonus

Level 1 ---- Momentum Strike: Gain a flat damage bonus to all attacks made after he moves, but before the end of the turn. This damage can be multiplied on a critical. Replaces Monk Unarmed strike progression.

>Lvl Required --- Distance needed --- Damage bonus

> Level 1 ------- 30 ft ------ +2 Dmg
> Level 4 ------- 60 ft ------ +4 Dmg
> Level 8 ------- 90 ft ------- +6 dmg
> level 12 ------ 120 ft ------ +8 dmg
> level 16 ------ 150 ft ------ +10 dmg
> level 20 ------ 180 ft ------- +12 Dmg

Level 2 --- Super Sonic Barrage : once per day and every 4 levels after, Speedster Monk can move his full movement speed and make a full attack (if he doesn't have any uses remaining, he can spend 2 ki, or take 2 strength damage to use it.), he can attack at any point during this movement, and can combine it with flurry of blows. Replaces Bonus Feats

4th Level --- Light Speed Junkie: Never provokes Attacks of Oppertunity from creatures with a Dex bonus less than 1/2 The Speedster Monk's level. (ex. <+5 dex bonus at level 10). Replaces Slow fall, or first ki power.

>> No.53290176

enjoy your ban.

>> No.53290181

Wait wait

Hold up

So your party is going to be a clambake then?

>> No.53290197

Theres a difference between art and lewds.

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>> No.53290214

My personal favorite is monk of the silver fist

>> No.53290231

/pfg/, how sad are you that Rory's already setting up TSS to be a bamboozle?

>> No.53290235

But the original is sexier and more artistic. That's a shoddily done edit that doesn't pass muster and deserves the ban.

But Pamela is my waifu

>> No.53290237

Its not that bad, especially if you like to go fast

>> No.53290253

Not very. Really lowers my stress over my app getting accepted

>> No.53290261

More amused than sad desu. Like, everyone saw it coming day1 and are probably laughing at the saps who actually bit the bait and put effort into writing apps.

>> No.53290285

We all knew it was bull from the beginning. This is Rory we're talking about, it's impossible to give him too little credit.

>> No.53290288


>> No.53290291

I'm thinking of writing an app for it because I expect it to sink and I can't risk getting accepted into a game.

>> No.53290318

Nope, one's got something extra (and apparently got some use out of it with Samurai Christmas Cake), and we have one actual guy and his son (who may or may not be a devil).

>> No.53290320

You guys do know that answers like this are just going to spur Rory to actually do it after which it will absolutely crash and burn after a few sessions.

>> No.53290321


I know Springheeled style would be kickass with it, however it the lack of die increase has me a bit worried. I know that Flat damage is better than variable damage, but it seems a bit low.

>> No.53290359

You can always increase your dice, remember. Along with that, you are wielding gauntlets which can be enchanted and flavored any way you want. My favorite is rope gauntlets. If you notice, most of the kinds of abilities are very good, and you can also apply twf with it if you really wanted to.

>> No.53290366

Yes, everything will be fine. That's how it has always worked with PF and 3.5, right? The errata is always an objective improvement and never has tons of collateral damage.

>> No.53290369

>Fleur gets in
So the team continues to be not!winds of destruction

>> No.53290373

How do I get this adorable owlbird as a familiar?

>> No.53290399

It can work, but keep in mind that all of the pre-existing adventures assume 4 characters. Generally, you'll want to either cut down on the number of enemies, or give the solo player hirelings/minions to help them.

>> No.53290400

Improved familiar or polymorph any object.

>> No.53290419

If I have a Handy Haversack at level 3, mundane amror/weapons, and a couple of hundred gp left, what gear should I get? This is for Ironfang, so I've already put in a tent and other survival gear, but I'm looking for amusing ideas for "pack rat" stuff.

>> No.53290429

So is HV not taking apps despite the "round 3" thread?

>> No.53290443

It's a griffon, you dip.

>> No.53290450

What's a good class to multiclass into after 5 levels of gunslinger?

>> No.53290451

But griffons are bigger than that!

>> No.53290463

I'm not familiar with the APs. Which would be a good one newbs to PF?

>> No.53290473

Read the rule, anon. I specified nothing over 1200gp.

>> No.53290481

Not housecat griffons. Lions and tigers maybe.

>> No.53290494

Crap. :(

>> No.53290497

Rise of the Runelords

>> No.53290507

Consider ranger or monk. Monk actually syncs pretty well with gunslinger surprisingly. The wisdom abilities mesh with the gunslinger's wisdom

>> No.53290512

They are, but it is a very short one.

>> No.53290520

Don't make me cry. I know they're going to ruin PoW to fix some edge cases.

>> No.53290543

I'm not sure what you mean by that.

>> No.53290544

Oh, wait! If I swap it to a Minor Bag of Holding, that still gives me like 15 pounds of carrying capacity to play around with.

>tfw Str 7 character

>> No.53290546

>Your Dryad waifu will never look like that

>> No.53290560

Aw you fixed the typo in the title. It was cute. CUTE.

>> No.53290564

Unchained Rogue (who can pick up more grit and deeds, incidentally and can also use dex-to-damage), Unchained Monk, or Slayer (who can pick up Ranger fighting styles and therefore improve on the gun use).

>> No.53290575

I wish I had a griffon mount, than everyone would think I'm sooooo cool.

>> No.53290576

>Amiri and Lem are there
>but none of the other Iconics
>even the obvious Cleric of Sarenrae isn't Kyra


>> No.53290579

What ranger styles apply to gun use? Sorry, I never play many rangers so I don't really know.

>> No.53290596

Fuck, he did. I got an abnormal amount of entertainment imagining everything in the game as french.

>> No.53290601

Firearm styles. But likely if you are a monk you can go straight to gunfu type deals

>> No.53290605

The joke is that fleur is very short compared to the rest of the party.

>> No.53290646

Oh my god I want it I WANT IT.

>> No.53290661


>> No.53290664

Archery and Crossbow Combat gives you access to all the ranged combat feats (and ranger combat bonus feats ignore prerequisites). While the combat styles specify a weapon, the feats do not. Two Weapon fighting and Menacing also give you access to multiple attacks and intimidation bonuses.

>> No.53290678


-whistles- What typo? Moi dunno what you are talking about.

>> No.53290746

Any of the review Anons here? Wanna submit my backstory for Kozuni

>> No.53290752

>Its a bamboozle

I enjoy this meme, but here's the thing: there's no guarantee that TSS is going to happen. There's three or so that it needs to meet before I can run it. In no particular order:

>I get apps that aren't jokes and fit more in line with what I personally want to see
We've mostly met this criteria, though as I said before, I'm going to go through and lend a hand to a few apps to get them to slot in a bit better

>I can form a party that looks like it will have good cohesion
Again, this one is in the air. I can certainly see some parties forming, even this early, but I'm not going to name them as of yet. That's bias, and I don't want to appear biased

>The party I form fits into a time slot where I can run the game
Pretty self explanatory.

If those three are met, TSS is a game. If they aren't, then TSS is a flash in the pan. Easypeasy lemon-squeezy

>> No.53290792

I'd like to easy peasy your lemon squeezy

>> No.53290808

Buy me dinner first, Anon.

>> No.53290810

Jesus christ, anon, you completely ignored everything the last reviewanon told you do you think anybody else is dumb enough to jump up to waste their time?

>> No.53290825

I'm the dude that did the shitty reviews for Mighty Quest, but didn't finish before apps closed.

If you want you can send me your backstory on discord Krax#3762 and I'll have a look.

you underestimate my stupidity and readiness to waste my time, anon

>> No.53290836

I gotcher dinner right here!
*unsheathes nodachi*

>> No.53290839

>Pretending that these criteria are more than just weasleword filled pleasantries to explain the bamboozle
Oh Rory, we knew it was you before you turned on the trip because of how dumb this post is.

>> No.53290852

the cohesion thing's gonna be what gets used as an excuse regardless, like in anon's story this morning huh

>> No.53290861

>you completely ignored everything the last reviewanon told you
I'd like to know in which dimension of reality you exist

>do you think anybody else is dumb enough to jump up to waste their time?
It sounds like you have a PERSONAL problem with me, Anon. How about you speak up?

>> No.53290879

He also used the first person throughout, oh great and wise detective.

>> No.53290881

>look at new thread
>it's another "nothing a faggot says will be good enough" episode

I can't wait for even more memes to develop that will be spammed endlessly

>> No.53290904

>What's your character's hobby?

Drugs. Like, all the drugs.

>> No.53290914

What's the best approach when someone PMs you but you're already PMing someone else?

>> No.53290916

Make it a threesome

>> No.53290921

>TFW Rory isn't the dumbest person in the general

>> No.53290927

What about when a fourth PMs, but you know they wouldn't PM the others?

>> No.53290945

>INT 7

>> No.53290958

Send them the logs of the threesome and foster a voyeurism fetish in them

>> No.53290976

Anyone have any experience with adventures set in places besides the material planes?

>> No.53290987

Only in 3.5.

>> No.53291011

Why can't you PM two people at once?

>> No.53291039

Yes actually. What do you need to know?

>> No.53291048


Anyone else think a Speedster Monk would be a fantastic Character? or at the very least a fantastic NPC?

Especially if they're a Courier by trade.

>> No.53291071

Don't make it a big thing and just try to multitask.

>> No.53291073

It's a little unfaithful, isn't it?

>> No.53291086

What, you think the people you are PMing only have one person PMing them?

>> No.53291092

Just looking for advice mostly. Where'd you set it? I'm thinking of having an adventure that takes place mostly on other planes but I'm not sure where yet. Thinking elemental planes or evil aligned outer planes.

>> No.53291102

You know what anon, maybe instead of uping your number you should take a break from this PMing stuff.

>> No.53291125

Realistically, it's difficult to run a threeway smut situation in text because you have diffident styles, expectations, and it's a little difficult to coordinate activities. It's not impossible by any means, just difficult.

>> No.53291134

That's the plan!

>> No.53291146

Those whores!

>> No.53291161

Drugs, reading, long walks in the city sewers

>> No.53291166

But MFM threesomes, Anon. The memes wouldn't lie...would they?

>> No.53291208

>Trusting memes
>Trusting the thread

>> No.53291233

A good way is to set it up either in a nexus between planes, or on the material plane and then lead the party through portals to get them to the parts of the multiverse you want to achieve the goals of your adventure. For example, a simple treasure hunt leads to the tomb of an angel that is being invaded by some minor undead attracted by it. The mixture of energies opens a portal inside the tomb's holy book to lead to something like Nirvana or Abalon or even the happy hunting grounds or whatever. Then they can discover a a plothook that leads them through it to another plane or even to demiplanes.

>> No.53291241

>Shitposters are cruel, Anon

>> No.53291255

>there's no guarantee that TSS is going to happen
>Makes a whole LFG and extended app process for a 'maybe'

Jesus Christ.

>> No.53291258

>It builds on more than 10 years of system development and had the largest open playtest in the history of tabletop gaming with the goal of creating an unparalleled fantasy roleplaying experience.



>> No.53291259

Did you think every meme was part of some big conspiracy?

>> No.53291300

I would appreciate some guidance making a sorc.

20-point buy. Human. Might take fav. class bonus to get more spells known when appropriate.

Want versatility in combat and out of combat. Flanking and getting SA or PA, lobbing bombs every turn, etc. is fucking boring to me.

Want to anvil well, but also want to be able to hammer and arm when necessary.

1: Wis-based. Zen Archer 1/ Empyreal Sorc X. Precise shot, Perfect Strike, Bows, Flurry, Unarmored, Unarmed, Great saves, More skill points. Could tangle shot. Great saves all around (Pump dex and con, ignore rest). Worried about skills, worried about not being able to face, worried about UMD. Worried about delayed casting.

2: Int-based. Sage Sorc X. Lots of skill points, can face well with traits/feats. Not as good saves. No delayed casting due to dip. No easy precise shot.

3: Cha-based. (Tattooed?) (Bloodline?) Sorc X OR Scaled Fist 1/ (Tattoed?) (Bloodline)? Sorc X. Monk bonuses. Can face. Worried about low amount of skills, worried about low saves. No easy precise shot.

With my current character (bard), I have thrown nets and loosed tangleshot arrows (and loved doing it). Loved having knowledges and social-skills out of combat. Loved having options/versatility in combat (not really spec'd for damage, but other players have that covered).

Thoughts? Experiences?

>> No.53291318

I suspect Thrashing Dragon is proper fucked.

>> No.53291322

Is religious alcoholism a hobby?

>> No.53291339

I hope so. That's how I spend my weekends

>> No.53291351


>> No.53291354

Remember that Ascetic Style exists, so you can get back your monk die progression if you spend the feats.

>> No.53291384

You know it, babe.

>> No.53291415

So, I still want the Temeria logs, the Lysander logs, and parts 2 and 3 of Catmere

How else are we supposed to judge them against each other?

>> No.53291416

Considering running a miniseries. 4-5 sessions over the course of a month.

High power, not gestalt. Level 8. Classes beneath T3 get free VMC.

8 player game, run to attrition. No backup PCs.

It's the story of the last survivors of a besieged citadel at the Worldwound.

>> No.53291440

Battle Dragon Stance was stupid OP and you know it.

I reached the point with my Thrashing Dragon build that a level 5 character with Battle Dragon Stance and Thrashing Dragon Style did more damage on a standard action pair attack than ANY level 3 strike.

>> No.53291447

Oh I see. Well it's probably best to just take apps from the previous runners-up, though it's a shame the GM has so readily abandoned the "grindhouse" theme in favor the usual /tg/ cast of anime characters.

>> No.53291454

1pp only 3pp? What materials are allowed.

Sounds like it could be cool.

>> No.53291478

BDS would be fine if they just made it your initiation modifier, fuck.

>> No.53291482

Standard PFG 3pp acceptance.

But the more PCs are initiators and spherecasters, the more enemies be as well.

>> No.53291493

Maybe that's what they're doing!
We don't know yet.

>> No.53291506

Well, I have a feeling they'll go overboard with the nerfs. As it stands right now, PoW stuff is mostly good for damage and not much else. If they nerf even that, then what is left?

>> No.53291519

How could it do more than greatsword+steel flurry strike+brass knuckle?

>> No.53291522

For /pfg/ games that have multiple groups, which ones are the strongest mechanically?

ROTJR: I have no idea
Dragons: Group 2 has 9th level vancians?
Overlewd: Sunday group seems to take this pretty handily

>> No.53291531

I'd be down.

>> No.53291541

Excuse me Fleur is designed to stab people violently, lie and cheat, and finally explode in a horrible noxious cloud upon death. I don't think you can get much more grindhouse than that.

>> No.53291547

No, because I wanted to build a DEX TWF.
Broken Blade probably would have been stronger yes, but out of all the options I had that didn't go against the concept, the strongest was to abandon strikes.


>> No.53291550

I'd say the Shadow Group in PLD is quite a bit stronger than the main party

>> No.53291552

Why does Paizo like goblins so much?

>> No.53291566

Oh no, not this time. I was already boozled into throwing money into PFOnline, not again!

>> No.53291568

they made them into an ebin and hilarious meme

>> No.53291595

So heres a concept i have for a Skulls and Shackles (Or generally pirate themed) game.
A Tiefling Fiendish Vessel of Dagon, who becomes a pirate to drag poor souls to the depths by sacrificing them to his dark master. If he becomes a captain then his entire ship would be crewed by cultists of Dagon. It mentions in Fates of Corruption that Dagon worshipers perform rituals to summon aquatic horrors to drag down ships to depths, so im kinda hoping a GM will let me do something like that, using a Knowledge (Religion) or something.
What do you think? Got any advice for me?

>> No.53291597

RotJR: I think Saturday is stronger for raw damage but Friday is much more tricksy. When we fought the invisible imp, SotJR took it down because it made a bad decision to break invisibility, FotJR had a blindsight rabbit and even after that was taken out, Sweettooth had Scent and Quinn pulled out faerie fire.

Pendragon, the one everyone forgets: FFSH, probably. They have a full initiator, a well built roil dancer, and goddamn Oswald Hamilton. CARP may overtake them in utility, though.

>> No.53291602

Well, this time it's actually people that know what they're doing working on a game type they've worked on before.

Rather than PFO's squad of unknowns attempting to slap together an MMO that looks like it could have come out a decade and a half ago.

>> No.53291604

This is my sentiment too, I think they'll push too much into nerfing damage and make them full attack even more just to upkeep the damage levels.

>> No.53291605

Group 2 has... a Brutal Slayer // Shifter going 2handed and critfishing, a pair of Avowed gestalts, a Bard/True Dragon, Oracle//Bard, and I believe Sphere Spellslinger//Gunslinger VMC Sorcerer

The Bard//True Dragon are Vancian, while the Bard//Oracle is also Vancian.

>> No.53291609

>Has a meltdown because they cant form a great party when the app process is less than half through.

>> No.53291640

Taveena has said (can't remember if on discord or the threads) that they're actually BUFFING some things to balance out the nerfed boosts and stances.

>> No.53291650

No, they didn't.

>> No.53291662

My opinion on MFM scenes is to just insinuate they happened, if not confirm it through an after-action scene and mild description of what happened immediately prior.

It's a bitch to coordinate and isn't actually that sexy.

>> No.53291672

"Taveena: oh plenty of stuff is being buffed
especially damage strikes, given we want 'em to be viable compared to full attacks"

On discord.

>> No.53291673

Rorymei is a Witch IIRC

>> No.53291677

A bit late, but I've only just got the message.
Since you asked so sweetly.
NSFW: https://pastebin.com/AFMFp1SD

>> No.53291711

What the fuck am I reading.

>> No.53291713

Fun. Xiombarg would approve.

>> No.53291717

>angry drake noises
If this isn't the next Vult meme, I don't know what is.

>> No.53291730

Animated Objects do not possess an INT score, so they can not make their own decisions and such, right?
If I wanted to have a trader in my game sell "Objects as Slaves", they'd then have to be Tsukumogami, so they can be ordered around properly. Or is there a better way?
Alternative question, any thoughts on the concept?

>> No.53291733

Are there any other "mega-dungeon" modules like the Emerald Spire for PF?

>> No.53291739

>ctrl+f "stupidly enormous"
>0 results

try again

>> No.53291745

That does seem a bit stronger, especially with True Dragon in the mix. That's a lot of Charisma classes though, whereas Dragon 1 has Int, which is a much better stat.

>> No.53291764

Why do you keep posting these? You know nothing good will come of it.

>> No.53291772

>try again

>> No.53291778

>Fucking her so hard she shits herself

>> No.53291794

Rory is Wisdom-based and Rinka is Intelligence-based. and all the Charisma-users have good class features just from looking over their classes

>> No.53291799

Jacob's Tower?

>> No.53291800

>Brutal Slayer // Shifter
there's the weak link

>> No.53291815

How do I make a character who's maximum Disney Princess while still being effective in a party?

>> No.53291818

>king: a paragraph and a half
>vult: "angry drake noises"
At least it wasn't past tense.

>> No.53291835

It's a size situation, not an impact situation.

>> No.53291841

Well the point of PoW was meant to be 'doing interesting things' not 'I need more damage'

>> No.53291842

She shits herself anon

>> No.53291848

Wait, what? Where?

>> No.53291864 [SPOILER] 

How does one make shaking gifs? I got some fodder right 'ere

>> No.53291870

Mesmerist. Literally inspire and help people with your looks and give them abilities and talents with encouragement and cuddles at rest times.

>> No.53291884

Well, they fucking failed that, didn't they.

>> No.53291886

Give her levels in cooking.

>> No.53291893

Seconding Sunday for Overlewd. The Thursday group is just 2 Warders and 2 Monks, and they're all even using the same archetypes. Sunday has wide asses variety of roles and the better butts synergy.

>> No.53291894


>> No.53291908

You'd shit yourself too if you had a 16" long, 5" wide dildo shoved up your vagina repeatedly.

There's only so much room inside there, anon!

>> No.53291910

Is online actually dead yet or what?

Last I heard it was being acquired by a company who knew their arses from a hole in the ground.

>> No.53291929

No she doesn't, what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.53291938


>> No.53291941

She does though

>> No.53291963

Thats not shit. Its quick drying drake mucus to plug her

>> No.53291968

>forced memes

Quote the exact line.

>> No.53291969

People tend to ignore the unfortunate truth that anything above 7 inches is typically enjoyed only by size queens or women with a LOT of foreplay.

The cervix is not a happy button, people!

>> No.53291974

Help me out, /pfg/:

I've come into the desire to play something like an Arabian Sorceror, super smug and all that, but that eventually assumes a much more monstrous form. Any way to do that? Would a Half-Dragon eventually become a full dragon? Could the product of an ancient Wizard lab become what they wanted in the end?

>> No.53291982

I'm not posting anything except responses, and I'm responding because it amuses me to educate the ignorant on basic biology.

>> No.53291986

The filth seeping out her ass ain't just spunk anon, she got her fudge unpacked in sloppy jizz filled chunks.

>> No.53291992

Okay yeah it's not optimal, but it is fun

>> No.53291993

Thats not us! Thats not scat! Theyre lying either through foul intent or idiocy

T. PLD crew

>> No.53292015

You do realize that every response is only going to make this situation worse, right? You have the power to end this.

>> No.53292020

I was thinking of putting that fighter based on Olgierd into Ironfang, but not sure if he'd fit there.

>> No.53292024

You know that about a third of the sorcerer bloodlines LITERALLY do just that?

>> No.53292035

>Cashmere logs have parental sexual abuse
>Temeria logs have scat

Is the next PLD meme that everyone will try and force a fetish into logs that blatantly wasn't there?

>> No.53292037

That's actually already in the plans, along with Handle Animal and a familiar via Eldritch Heritage for helpful animal friends.

He will be cutely effective at domestic things, too!

>> No.53292038

I'll take the "do more damage than 1pp, and change up combat actions often" of PoW over 1pp's "full attack or charge". If PoW does less damage than the boring 1pp combat tactics after nerfs, I'll just play a caster. 1pp martial combat is boring, and it's *only* saving grace is the numbers.

>> No.53292039

Animated objects by themselves don't have an int ability because they are controlled by their creators or masters directly. Otherwise constructs do usually have an int score.

>> No.53292067

Temeria was pretty clever about that. She clearly has actual experience, but she put a masochistic spin on it to appease the game full of weird uterus fetishes.

>> No.53292075

she also put a scatological spin on it, for something a little more filthy!

>> No.53292085

So I could just have "normal" animated objects, just their method of creation would be different? I figured I was missing something. Thanks, I'll probably make normal items with an Int score the default stock, and have Tsukumogami for wealthy customers or something.

>> No.53292097

Wait, the Bonbon logs were released?

>> No.53292100

But she was subtle about it. If you aren't looking for it it's not even there. A true entertainer with something for everyone.

>> No.53292106

Speak for yourself.
t. masochist

>> No.53292111

But much like someone shitting themselves, the proof is in the pudding.

>> No.53292113

Too many people think you can penetrate the cervix too, which sets off all sorts of alarms to me because that's not only absurdly painful and a sign of uterine problems, but you risk prolapse when they pull out.

>> No.53292120

Which are the recommended ones that won't lose flavor and combat capability?

What was that person's big selling point?

>> No.53292125

I wish for cuteposting, 2hu/DHB autism, shitting on 3pp or 1pp, or "ooga booga muh thicc" posting over pregnancy and scat fetish posters.

>> No.53292144

Who do you think Andrik should hook up with in Blingmaker? Kyras?

>> No.53292158

I thought Jolly was our savior.

>> No.53292161

Olgierd is what happens when you take a Swordlord, make him Chaotic, and give him Veiled Moon powers.

>> No.53292162

If he is an arabian why not try something like an efreeti

>> No.53292170

Next Overlewd greentext cannot come fast enough.
Shame the last one was pretty tame.

>> No.53292171

I didn't follow Blingmaker at all, so I have literally no idea.

But if you give me a rundown of who the characters are, I'll ship things, I guess.

>> No.53292176

ooga booga muh thicc! give me your thiccest bitches!

>> No.53292188

Clear one thing up for me. She has that mutation where she lays eggs now, right? At the end, is she just inflated, or is she already growing one?

>> No.53292189

"if she breathe, she a thot"

t. Jesus Christ

>> No.53292192

You forgot to say the thicc chiccs need to be Warlords.

>> No.53292198

Biweekly game anon

>> No.53292214

Well, chaotic's debatable. He does abide by his own personal code and expects others to follow it. Also I'd say both Veiled Moon and Scarlet Throne would be accurate.

>> No.53292216

Protean, Aberrant, Impossible, Nanite, Daemon, Ghoul, Undead, and Verdant.

>> No.53292225

What do you think, anon?

>> No.53292228

The first Drake sealed her up so his spunk wouldn't be shoveled out by the second Drake, and the second one just fucked her in the ass and filled her up that way, without pregnancy.

Honestly, when I was reading that second one it seemed like the Drake actually perforated her intestines, since it was bulging up to her ribcage and the player had been disturbingly realistic on anatomy before that point.

>> No.53292233

How disappointed will you be when you discover it's not a game of constant ERP?

>> No.53292236

Some of these look real good. Thank you!

>> No.53292244

>Argentum actually took some random Anon's advice
>HV now has a loli in the group
It had to happen, I suppose its only a matter of time till the supposedly evil game turns into some sort of family sitcom.

>> No.53292257

Group A of Hell's Rebels was absolutely the stronger party, at least until they switched systems (and apparently are enjoying it? At least they're free from roll20's malevolent-sapience against d20 rolls).

>> No.53292261

Not very. I just need something in my life, even just by mild implication, that isn't shitting dragon dildo nipples and misery like PLD logs have been so far.

>> No.53292273

You're welcome.

>> No.53292281

>She clearly has actual experience

>> No.53292301

When you're making tokens for Roll20, how much of a problem do you find it becomes when someone recognizes the pic you used, if it ever does?

>> No.53292302

Every PLD log sickens me.

>> No.53292306

>I just need something in my life, even just by mild implication, that isn't shitting dragon dildo nipples and misery like PLD logs have been so far

Blingmaker has greentext every Thursday!

>> No.53292308

Tit Witch

>> No.53292312

Literally never a problem.

>> No.53292315

Penetrating the cervix is a good way to get an infection

>> No.53292323

>tfw want to play skinwalker
>always tempted to use Momiji as art, but just know someone will call me out for using a 2hu

>> No.53292326

>how much of a problem do you find it becomes when someone recognizes the pic you used, if it ever does?
That's only a problem if it's a blatant rip of a famous character. Or porn.

>> No.53292328

Well, Fluer's player is in Shardwalkers alongside Broodie, so it was probably the easiest inclusion

>> No.53292331

How do you know she has actual experience?

>> No.53292339

Cervix penetration is so not hot

PLD logs all suck holy shit

>> No.53292341

Don't give the PLD players ideas

>> No.53292358

Vult is still a shit ERPer though, haha

>> No.53292359

You can really play around with things when the girls regenerate, you know.

>> No.53292365

I only know of Cashmere part 1 and Cierra, though. Are there others?

>> No.53292374

>Fluer's player is in Shardwalkers alongside Broodie


of course

>> No.53292376


>> No.53292382

Cierra's cervix remains virgin! It was only cum through, not penetrated. That's technically virgin, right?

>> No.53292385

Bon-bon's Past Tense Trollfucking Adventure

>> No.53292390

Your loss! Here's some art, anyway.

Why do people think that shit's hot, anyway? It hurts and it's a cheap cop-out from roleplaying out a partner who turns out to be a couple inches too big for their girl.

The logs LITERALLY say she's been penetrated before.

>> No.53292403

Why is that bad? Replacing a player that hasn't shown up with a player in another one of Argentum's game WHO IS ALREADY KNOWN TO ANOTHER ONE OF THE PLAYERS

Literally a completely rational decision.

>> No.53292409

That sounds like the worst kind of torture.

>> No.53292413

Natural Armor counts too.

Oni-tieflings and Changelings are my favorite toys to play. Though ifrits with the healing fire trait are okay too.

>> No.53292421


>> No.53292423

>Cervical pen

it's pun intended, shit.

>> No.53292426

So far we've had
>Bon-Bon getting gangbanged by trolls
>Gloriana getting choked out and fucked by a dog
>Cashmere getting anally raped and packed full of eggs
>And now Cierra getting forced to shit herself by getting violently raped by dragons
Honorable mentions go to Sigmund getting penetrated from behind and Lysander apparently becoming a femboy.

>> No.53292429

what? How is that a pun?

>> No.53292435


I have a lot of art fits, but none of it /fits/ you know?

>> No.53292439

When will they kiss?!

>> No.53292446

Don't forget Cashmere's mid-coitus child abuse flashbacks.

>> No.53292448

Press F to pay respects

>> No.53292449

>mfw the only dominant penetrating male got fucking murdered

I was looking forward to hearing what sort of mutations that guy got.

>> No.53292459

And Gloriana having similar flashbacks where she gets raped by her monstrous husband.

>> No.53292472

Here's one people might not recognize!

>> No.53292477

oh yeah thats sexy.

>> No.53292479

I think after like 2 or 3 more sessions I will be ready to do something like Umbranae lets someone jerk off while looking at her ass and she just teases them the entire time

>> No.53292486

I'm looking forward to your review on whatever comes next!

>> No.53292494

Again, I did not know there was a Bon-Bon log.

>> No.53292498

Oh shit, I adore that artist. They need to do stuff with Cirno, I'm quite curious to see how they'll put a dark spin on her.

>> No.53292503

Every PLD log makes me feel better that I chose not to apply

>> No.53292521

Fuck yes, it was the first time I actually saw depth to Momiji's character, and her being a bit more than just some guard dog!

>> No.53292525



>> No.53292527

Man I was willing to give Vult and everyone involved a pass on this shit because I didn't need to be involved.

But every time someone posts logs to the thread, or even greentexts, it shits up the thread for days.

PLD needs to fucking die.

>> No.53292530

Different strokes

>> No.53292532

I too am shocked, SHOCKED, that the monster rape game is full of monster rape.

>> No.53292552

What they do in their own game is their business. I just wish they'd stop making it everyone else's.

Overlewd has the right idea keeping all that shit under wraps. Everyone gives Rory shit, and rightfully so, but this is on a whole other level.

>> No.53292560

Honestly its less the monster rape and more the repeated shitty ERP from Vult (angry drake noises), alongside the disgusting shit like people crapping themselves, or having flashback to child abuse, yeaaaaaaaah

Oh I agree, but Vult keeps posting logs to the thread because he's an attention whore that's at least as bad as Roryanon.

>> No.53292563

Her own fault for not packing countermagic.

>> No.53292568

Does this trait negate armor check penalty to swapped skill?

>> No.53292569

How did you do Spellslinger? Did you adapt the wizard archetype or use the thing in the gear playtest?

>> No.53292578

I'm pretty sure the latter wasn't out yet.
But you'd have to ask Broodie about it.

>> No.53292587

It's more the shit ERP and people shitting themselves in the ERP that makes people hate the game anon.

>> No.53292589

Vult didn't post them, Temeria did, because people literally asked for them. If you don't want them, don't read them.

>> No.53292590

I agree. I have zero problem with the content of the logs or an ERP game, but it really feels like they gathered the biggest attention whores sans Rory in one game.
They're the /pfg/ stereotype even RotJR has quieted down.

>> No.53292592

It's called "bait"
and so far it's worked every time so he has no reason to stop

>> No.53292606





>> No.53292609

I'm consistently impressed by how the artist can make things both really creepy and scary, but also hilarious, with his art.

>> No.53292614

see >>53292589

>> No.53292618

I don't understand this meme. Literally zero mentions of shit in the logs. You're projecting.

>> No.53292631

It's right there with the filth coming out of her ass. She shit herself.

>> No.53292634

Yeah, like that stuff with Suwako where she's clearly portrayed as a creepy, disgusting curse goddess... That was still, ultimately, a little girl?

>> No.53292635

The only one out of the released logs I haven't collected yet is Bonbon paying the troll toll. Darn.

>> No.53292639

It's horror with sexual elements, not porn with horror elements.

>> No.53292649

>because people literally asked for them
And you listened?! They were only teasing you because they wanted more of this shit to occur. If you didn't want the thread to devolve into a shitstorm, you would have kept that quiet.

>If you don't want them, don't read them.
You. Posted the logs. To the thread.
Not someone in another game, not someone you asked not to. One of your own group.
You basically stripped down in public and said "Eww, no, don't look at my butt!" You have nobody to blame but yourself.

>> No.53292654


Correction: Vult made Temeria do it.

He said he was gonna make her do it yesterday

>> No.53292657

I wanted him to become a big burly wolf-man!

>> No.53292660

Last time I checked, Urotsukidoji still went on the Hentai shelf.

>> No.53292683

Pretty sure Daddy Vellum was about to unleash some yummy cummies. You only put your princess in a corset if you're about to show her a good time.

>> No.53292688

>You basically stripped down in public and said "Eww, no, don't look at my butt!" You have nobody to blame but yourself.
Shitty metaphor, given that they obviously want the logs to be read. It's more like you're wandering past a nude beach and saying "Butts are forbidden! Not only do I not want to look at butts, nobody else is allowed to look at butts either!"

>> No.53292694

Oh please, /pfg/ is not a nude beach

Fuck off.

>> No.53292702

>turning the time honored tradition of a cumdrip into scat
You sick fuck.

>> No.53292703

It's a huge improvement over the bland meat-grinder that is default HV.

>> No.53292712

/pfg/ isn't for anal rape turned into scat, that's not a good comparison.

>> No.53292718


>> No.53292721

Why don't we just make a grand fucking faggotry filter list and put it in the pastebin.

Don't want to hear about /pfg/ games and assured bullshit? Use this filter.

>> No.53292725

Yeah, but complaining that something terrible isn't sexy is little silly. Of course it isn't!

>> No.53292729

Or if your family has, you know, a tradition of clothes-based magic.

>> No.53292737

Who even HAD dominant apps in PLD?

I thought everyone on board was a fucking degenerate okay with being knotted or sealed shut by glue-like dragon spit.

>> No.53292741

You're just saying that because you wanted his junk for yourself, Gloriana!

>> No.53292756

Vult hasn't posted in the discord in ages though

>> No.53292767

>TSS listing has been removed

>> No.53292769

Vult only talks in the (((secret))) discord now, for obvious reasons

>> No.53292775

What?! Are you implying violent monster rape is actually horrifying? Get out, heretic!

>> No.53292782

Truly Roryanon was always a shitter

>> No.53292788


>> No.53292792

Marry me Wist-Sama!

>> No.53292794

Did it even last one fucking week?

>> No.53292814


>> No.53292816

This is like someone walking into downtown Paris, shouting FUCK ISLAM AND ALL YOU RAPEFUGEES, and him getting charged for the riot that ensues.

>> No.53292819

Cashmere needs to sovereign glue herself into those clothes at this point, they're such a liability.

>> No.53292824

Does anyone have that table of mutations PLD posted a few days ago? I want to see what Cierra ended up with besides eggs.

>> No.53292832


>> No.53292839

Hey, let's be fair. Parisians will riot over any little thing. They make English football hooligans look like amateurs.

>> No.53292841

Are you implying he shouldn't be charged for trying to start a riot?

>> No.53292846

I can no longer keep up with who's who on which side whatever they are talking about whats in the where. See you guys next thread.

>> No.53292858


>> No.53292859

Oh, I know it's horrifying. I'm actually holding back a lot from going much, much worse. Just ask Temeria

>> No.53292882

I'm sure she's fine, Nightwalkers have regenerating sphincters.

>> No.53292884


Never change Rory, never change.

>> No.53292897

All you need to do is PM HIM.

>> No.53292904

What a cunt.

>> No.53292921

>tfw you spend hours polishing and worrying about your character
>then rory cancels the game
I'm not angry, I'm just sad.

>> No.53292923

Alright, /pfg/, what's that concept you just can't seem to find any character art for? What's that art that you like but can't seem to get to work for any character?

>> No.53292931

What if she gets turned on with a brown surprise for her partners?

>> No.53292941

A cute, scholarly guy type character. Not a trap, just boyish.

>> No.53292959

I want a skinny, modestly dressed wizard girl with buck teeth.

>> No.53292964

Honestly, I wish I had some better art to show off my character's actual face. I feel like some dumbass edgelord when my token is just an expressionless helmet.

Even if it does fit pretty well in character for him to want to present a scary front to the world.

>> No.53292967

>Vult keeps posting logs to the thread because he's an attention whore that's at least as bad as Roryanon.
Considering Rory just cancelled TSS for reasons, I'm not sure that's true now. Some pretty obvious cries for attention.

>> No.53292972

You can never be charged for expressing a political belief

If he neither had intent to start a riot, did not lie, and did not use any form of coercion, then he cannot be charged.

It is the responsibility of the rioters to not riot.

>> No.53292976

Its like a clash of attention whores.

>> No.53292981

So it's /pfg/ is what you're saying?

>> No.53292986

People bet on a horse that's publically fucked up before and has frequently shown impulsiveness and lack of follow up.

They knew the risks going in, and my only regret is that Rory memes got so out of hand that people decided not to take the risks seriously.

>> No.53292989

Nah, most of /pfg/ isn't that much of attentionwhores

Vult and Rory are beyond us.

>> No.53292994

>Alright, /pfg/, what's that concept you just can't seem to find any character art for?
I want artwork of a wolf-man wearing heavy armor.

>> No.53293003

I almost wonder if he did it in a bid for not only attention, but to just get people to stop obsessing over rape logs. Is he throwing himself under the bus for the greater good?

>> No.53293023

Is this the lesson? The boy who cried enormously large? If you meme too hard, no one will hear your warnings?

What else can we take from this?

>> No.53293025

It's an arms race. Rory made noise about cancelling, and started pulling ahead of Vult, so Vult upped the ante with some fresh logs, and so now Rory has to strike back with a full cancellation!
I'm very curious to see how Vult will retaliate.

>> No.53293035

But yous should be for starting a fight. And running around screaming "RAPEFUGEES" is a surefire way to do it and anyone who would use that term would know full well what they're trying to do.

>> No.53293040

Starting up PLD2, Electric rape-a-loo

>> No.53293055

"Don't trust Rory, the memes were real"

The fact that no Dragons 2 players ever applied was telling.

>> No.53293056

Freedom of speech is a farce. If you actively attempt to start fights and riots, you deserve everything you get.
TLDR: "Talk Shit, Get Hit".

>> No.53293062

Oh gosh, it could be some bittersweet dream sequence juxtaposed with something grueling and horrific in the real world!

>> No.53293065


>> No.53293074

I mean most of them are in lots of games now but yeah. Not a good sign.

>> No.53293094

How about something like this?

>> No.53293095

>It's a new team of Nightwalkers
>The antagonists are the Corrupted PLD1 characters

10/10 would get raped again

>> No.53293111


Is this okay?

>> No.53293119

Yes, TSS is closed.

No, I'm not doing it for attention.

Yes, it was a bad idea in the first place to open it, what with my reputation.

No, there isn't an ulterior motive at work here, I'm just straight up telling you, no, I'm not running TSS. That's all. Pack up your memes and go home.

>> No.53293126

Would look nice, if a few years further along than he's supposed to be. Also lacks the necessary horns. Maybe if he gets some kind of constant human disguise.

>> No.53293133

You can take my character application, but you can NEVER take my memes.

>> No.53293135

I love it.

>> No.53293138

Anyone who believed in you was fucking stupid and deserved this.

>> No.53293150

TSS was a disaster and I'm glad you're killing it.

>> No.53293168

But anon, I didn't even know Rory before I applied!

>> No.53293178

In which case your fault is in believing in a /pfg/ game in the first place.

>> No.53293188

I hope you die you bamboozling fuck

>> No.53293201

What about this? Male Au'ra from FFXIV might be close to what you want.

>> No.53293202

==/pfg/ RotJR era game statuses

Rise of the Jade Regent [RUNNING: TWO GAMES]
Fluffy Tail 1 [DEAD]
Fluffy Tail 2 [DEAD]
Helnar [RUNNING]
The Amber Fields of Molthune [DEAD (1 session)]
Misadventures of a Lazy Princess [DEAD]
/pfg/ Hell's Vengeance (Argentum ver) [RUNNING]
Hell's Vengeance B [DEAD (3 sessions)]
Evil Lewd Game [RUNNING]
Of Dragons and Yet More Dragons [RUNNING]
Rise of the Jade Regent: PbP [RUNNING] [DEAD (some sessions)] (Attempted two games, one dead)
The Pendragon Institute [RUNNING: TWO GAMES]
The Sleeping Goddess [DEAD]
The Wrath of the Righteous [DEAD]
Wrath of the Raunchy [RUNNING]
Romance of the Righteous Kingdom [RUNNING]
Sky Pirates [DEAD]
Bathe Yourself in Blood [RUNNING]
Volorexis: Streets of Cantha [RUNNING]
Sultanas and Raisins [DEAD]
Of Dragons and Men... and more Dragons [RUNNING]
Curse of the Lazy Throne [RUNNING]
/pfg/ Dragonborn Game [RUNNING]
Taldor Ascendant [DEAD]
Legacy of Blood and Flame [RUNNING]
The Celestial Tournament [DEAD]
The Great Bamboozling [RUNNING]
Shardwalkers [RUNNING: TWO GAMES]
Hell's Rebels: Literally Can't Even Edition [RUNNING: TWO GAMES]
Puella Librum Daemonium [RUNNING]
A Generic Pathfinder Adventure (Eberron E8) [DEAD (1 session)]
Wild Weird West [RUNNING]
Blingmaker [RUNNING]
Blood in the Fangwood [DEAD]
Overlewd [RUNNING]
Dimensional Ark Abyssia [RECRUITING]
Raining Oil and Blood [DEAD]
Mighty Quest for Epic Loot [RECRUITING]
Trouser Serpent's Skull [DEAD]

>> No.53293203


If you can't handle the attention, drop the trip.

>> No.53293217

I think you know what you must do: Play that one vigilante archetype from Legendary Vigilantes that never leaves vigilante identity, and get bonuses for MAXIMUM HELM.

>> No.53293220

I might use that for something when he gets to be high level.
Thanks for throwing these out there, anon.

>> No.53293222

actually streets of cantha ended, didn't it?

>> No.53293226

Does The Great Bamboozling count as "running"?

>> No.53293229

That is very clearly a woman.

>> No.53293235

No prob my dude.

>> No.53293242

What are
>Evil Lewd Game
>Bathe Yourself In Blood
>Volorexis: Streets of Cantha
>The Great Bamboozling

>> No.53293245

Drinks and complain about his miserable life in the tavern. Accidental Inquisitor of Cayden Cailean.

>> No.53293248

It's a dude. Male Au'ra have birthing hips though

>> No.53293262

Well, I have been mulling over a couple rebuild ideas...
But I'm more partial to a Hussar Warlord.

>> No.53293279

I need art of a man with both a normal sword and something that looks like a kinetic blade.

>> No.53293281

Look at the size of those boobs, though.

>> No.53293285

Evil Lewd Game is on indefinite hiatus.

>> No.53293294

Did it? Is that confirmed?

It's running in our hearts

Games that were advertised on pfg but barely picked up any attention at all.

Bathe Yourself in Blood and Rhusae had decent advertising runs though, I think most people would remember them.

>> No.53293297

pixiv has it tagged as a dude my man. You're just a gay.

>> No.53293307


What is a kinetic blade?

>> No.53293310

Yeah I think it ended, guy posted the overall story in the thread in everything, It was pretty neat.


>> No.53293312

Missing Ironfang

>> No.53293313

To be fair, he WOULD be interrupting their mass rape, and some people might get hurt when they drop the stones they were holding for when they're done with these soon to be adulterous female whores they forced themselves upon.

>> No.53293314

Smiling and revealing that he has "Sugar Daddy" written on his teeth in gold.

>> No.53293334


>> No.53293337

Did any Dragon 1s? I think they're sharing a discord for both games

>> No.53293341

You forgot the current Ironfang Invasion game that's also recruiting.

>> No.53293343

Kineticist Wild Talent, lets them use their Kinetic Blast as a melee attack

>> No.53293366

Basically >>53293248
Also pecs are big.

>> No.53293380

>Volorexis: Streets of Cantha
This game ran into completion, ended last week.

>> No.53293393

So like a mindblade/lightsaber-y look?

>> No.53293396

The state of the Great Bamboozling is exactly what the GM promised, and exactly what everyone expected of it.

>> No.53293407

Sort of, but more elemental-y themed. Like lightning or fire or stone and such. Or pure darkness. Something to that effect, rather than the Lightsaber basically being a rod of plasma.

>> No.53293411

more like a momentary plasma torch every activation if I recall, but yeah

>> No.53293432

I'll see what I have

What about something like this?

>> No.53293453

But you're missing the freshest meme game from the oven, the Feast and the Furious.

>> No.53293464

So in otherwords, it's [DEAD]

>> No.53293474

This isn't that shitty iron gods game, right?

>> No.53293479

so are all undead immune to illusions or just mindless ones?

>> No.53293497

New Thread:


>> No.53293540

very much.

>> No.53293768

Kinkmaker [RUNNING]
Wrath of the Raunchy [RUNNING]

>> No.53293895

Kinkmaker, if it's the one I'm thinking of, started way back and isn't RotJR era.

Wrath of the Raunchy is on there.

>> No.53295689

Is pic related /pfg/ now?

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