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I hate fun.

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Another edition past and no proper SoB release.

Games-Workshop never change

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Xenos alliances in 8th confirmed edition

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>But all of my models are useless now!

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B-be strong for Celestine, sister.

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So do you think we're going to get Orks but Orkier? Nobier Nobz? Eldar but more Eldarier ? Warpier Warpspiders? Guardsmen but guardier ? Tyranids but niddier? Riptides more riptidier ?

Oh.. forge World already do that one...

I was legitimately going to start an Ork army for 8E but fuck knows what going dubz are going to release now .

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What are you currently working on, /40kg? Pic related, muh Wraithguard, I've finally made the time to try and get these guys finished. What do you think the stats for the new wraithcannon/D-flamer will be? Will they nerf it or will it stay rapey?

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>How can my primaris be so cute ?

>> No.53280988

Eldar will stay rapey despite delusional fartartes saying otherwise.

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Dunno, but your Wraithguards look nice so far, anon.

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How "tournament legal" and Accepted is a Ynnari army?

Looking to get back into 40k after about 10 years.

From what I've browsed, 8th Edition is right around the corner, so maybe its a good time.

I've always been interested in Eldar, and played Ulthwe Eldar back in the day. Now I'm reading about the progression of the Eldar story in terms of the Ynnari, and which is nice, and it also seems to be the direction Eldar will be taking in the near future.

I've also read in a lot of places however, that Eldar are currently Overpowered, and Ynnari especially are ridiculously strong.

How true is this? I would consider myself a competitive-type player, but I also don't want to be an obnoxious fuck that no one has fun playing against.

Should I just stick with playing Craftworld Eldar? Or should I look into playing as Ynnari?

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>Riptides more riptidier

>> No.53281115

So we're all in agreement that Ynnead is totally Slaanesh 2.0 right?

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Since 8th is closing in, maybe it would be better for you to wait and see what the rules will be once released, to avoid any disapointment.

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nth for the duel between the Emperor and Horus being changed.

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I am legitimately having trouble not buying a bunch of shit for my CSM like Lascannons and shit.

D-do you think we'll finally get normal drop pods?

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Is there anything particularly egregious about a Dark Angels successor chapter having an IG regiment attached?

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>Believing it went down the way it did in the first place


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>I-it's not like I'm jealous of Slaanesh or anything... b-baka.

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>serves you right for playing Chaos!










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>Proceeds to devour Eldar souls and gets just as fat as Slaanesh, thus resulting in yet another failure for the Eldar

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>Implying Ward had anything to do with this

Nice scapegoat, tho.

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>being this assblasted about plastic soldiers

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I want to play a Chapter of Primaris Marines led by a bunch of little Astartes Captains, Chaplains and Chapter Master.

It'll be CUTE.

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I've been working on my old Deredeo. Stripped 3 times, gone through a chapter swap. I feel ashamed to admit that I wanted it perfect the first time I got my Deredeo, and because I wasn't perfect, it would never be perfect.

Now I'm at least happy to be doing SOMETHING to the old bastard to help him out. I just finished his base, and before that I did heat-bloom on his barrels.

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>unironically rated ultrasmurfs and their toilet seat logo
LMAO bandwagoners like you are the worst.

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any solid release date on 8th ed?

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Do it.

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Pic related is more powerful than Primaris.


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Imperial Fists, but nice try. I almost feel bad for you chaoscucks. Almost. But thqnks for the (you). Good to see i was right.

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Would someone explain "transport may include 1 for each other choice"?

English is not my primary.

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>Primaris marines are this fucking cute yet Grognards keep bitching about them

Grognards are the antifun and I'm glad they are finally leaving

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ROWBOAT GIRLYMAN BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!/tg/ BTFO!!!!!!

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A Rhino fast attack choice can take a Rhino transport.

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Remember when IRON WARRIORS fuck the shit up of imperial fists?

Iron Warriors > Imperial ficks fite me faggot

>> No.53281538

Was getting ripped always part of your plan ?

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>Being this mad when your faction's the current big bad of the fluff
Youz a dumb git, ya know dat Chaos boy?

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>Disabled manlets


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How will Iron Warriors respond when they have to fight giant Imperial Fists who can bully them with impunity?

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>Chaos turned into saturday morning cartoon villains

Orks are really just fucking stupid. Especially stupid are players who main ork.

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they have to use their wings to fly up to eye level

>> No.53281639

Why is it that Khorne lovers/WE players tend to be the more shitposty of the Chaos bunch?

>> No.53281640

>That pic
I will never understand the appeal of spiky marines. To each there own I suppose.

>> No.53281643

an even biggerer cage! with an even biggerer cupcake!

>> No.53281647

naut for my nobz

>> No.53281662

How can you even compete against this obliterator, twice the size of any primaris manlet and with superior firepower?

>> No.53281672

someone with skills needs to make an orky patrick star image asking ""why dont we take all these nobs, and put them in a naut!?"

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>How will Iron Warriors respond when they have to fight giant Imperial Fists who can bully them with impunity?
Ask the Orkz to deal with them?
After all, they KRUMPED the entire Imperial Fists once before...

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Wait until you see the Prime Beef Termis.

>> No.53281699

I don't know if they are, but maybe Khorne capslock annoys people more than "ur army is Alpha Legion too :^)".

>> No.53281731

>a real army
A hearty chuckle, anon.

>> No.53281751

Take da 'naut!

>> No.53281782

What the fuck is going on in this picture?

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I mean of course that aspect of posters is and always will be annoying, but they also seem to be the most shit-flinging of chaos posters. For some reason it seems cheetahfag and other khorneposters just love insulting everyone and not reading at all.

>> No.53281842

Also trukks for my boyz

>> No.53281869

That brings up an interesting question about the types of posters we see here, at least faction-wise.
I mean, the Taufags seem to enjoy acting like smug pricks toward everyone else, at least from what I've seen.

>> No.53281878

>Riptides more riptidier
All it needs now is an AT-Field, and it would work for NuTau

>> No.53281912

Any of those units, capable of embarking on a transport, unlocks a further transport slot.

>> No.53281937

Just like how we're all in agreement that this "loyalist" (hah) isn't even trying not to look like a CSM.

>> No.53281962

>anyone who doesn't abandon critical thinking entirely and blindly accept anything new, no matter the quality, is automatically antifun

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I'm thinking of starting a xenos army in 8th. What do you dudes think sounds fun? Otherwise dubs decide I guess.

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>j-just you wait!! m-matt "spiritual liege" ward will make priamris terminators twice the size of obliterators!!

Pathetic Imperial fist.

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Weirdly enough, I actually have more problems with the proportions on the Primaris here. Something about his legs feels mismatched compared with the rest of his body.

It's hard to say. The artist who did most of those Space Marine Battles covers seems to have an obsession with making everything look like it's melting.

>> No.53282038

Kroot auxilliaries.

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A normal day in the warp.

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>b-but tau

Which faction are you? Sisters of Salt?

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Slaanesh/EC posters seem kinda strange, either weird and fetishistic in one post, nice in the next, or breaking down in a few.
Can't tell what faction the "they're squatting Slaanesh" posters are from but they're usually quite shitty.
Nurgle fags seem kinda few but they mostly have seemed nice, interesting, lightly creative and welcoming, and then one or two WAACfags.
Dunno about Tzeentch and I don't want to do a self evaluation of my posts right now, especially since they're likely to be either overly critical of myself or lightly praising
Too lazy to do other factions past that right now.

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>> No.53282088

Tau actually deserve their main faction status when?

Or, alternatively, Hrud take their rightful place as a main faction from the Tau when?

... Actually, let's just go with "Codex: Hrud when?"

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>XV-8 units are now Troops

>> No.53282115

Needs more vagina dentata. And vagina tentacula.

>> No.53282133

There better be a way to take nobz as troops

>> No.53282140

I love Slaanesh but everyone here bullies me for heresy/degeneracy.

Nothing wrong with the colour pink and liking traps and daemon traps desu.

>> No.53282149

He stormsurged when he should have riptided.

Like a fag.

>> No.53282164

And are there actually Khornefags? Usually, all I hear about Khorne is either people whining that GW gives him too much attention, or memetards who are just looking for an excuse to say "BLOOD FOR TEH BLOOD GOD" or crack "Khorne flakes" jokes.

>> No.53282170

That's okay, anon. Everyone has their own tastes and I can respect that as well. I personally like the Word Bearers because playing as the Bad Guy is fun, and playing as the Bad Guys who really kicked off the setting sounds really cool to me. Especially when they're the main character's rival in the story, in this case, the Ultramarines, which is a nice little detail. They're the only legion to really have stuck together, with very few splinters compared to the others, and remain rather organized, too, thanks to their religion of worshipping Chaos in it's entirety. I'm a little sad that the Word Bearers haven't been mentioned very much recently, as with Roboute Guilliman himself appearing, this would be a perfect time to have the Word Bearers come around to having the spotlight. A shame. I liked the old rules of the Word Bearers being the only ones able to use Dark Apostles, as they were the only traitor legion to keep their Chaplains.

I hope this post was able to help you understand why I like Chaos Space Marines, but I also like almost every army in the game, they each have their own niche and spot in the lore. If it hasn't, well that's okay.

>> No.53282198

>keikaku doori

>> No.53282212

Well fuck me, lets hope waifu shafowsun and suits only (no riptide) doesn't get me too many triggered looks

>> No.53282217

I love Khorne, and I wish GW would make plastic Flesh Hounds that look like the one that comes with the one dude in the AoS starter. That's a real nice looking Flesh Hound. I also want plastic heralds and bloodletters with no gaps. Other than general CSM stuff needing an update, I'm pretty okay.

>> No.53282218


That's kinda why I went with Night Lords. We're shitty and there's really no defence against it. We're basically the shittiest legion with the shittiest primarch. However, I get to be the Saturday morning cartoon villain and don't have to pretend that I'm some righteous double crossed hero. Also, I love the midnight blue of their armor.

>> No.53282237

Lorgar literally started the heresy because of daddy issues.
I'd say Word Bearers are one of the more pathetic csm chapters and their only notable trait is that they're as preachy as the ecclesiarchy with no true battle prowess other than attacking chaplain and cathedral planets.

>> No.53282240

Out of the ones I have either encountered on here, in general, or in person, they're either cool guys that like melee and stuff, meme fags like you mentioned, or shitty individuals like Cheetahfag and rampantly shitpost

>> No.53282242

Mah Nostraman.

>> No.53282264

>no riptide

>> No.53282277

Finished a plasma cannoneer for my LotD.

Any suggestions for what shoulder badge details I do for the flamer marine?

>> No.53282282

Night Lords are the most Tsundere csm chapter there is.

> I-it's not like I-I want to use daemons and ascend to be a daemon prince b-baka!

>> No.53282290


I love the stupid wings, too.

>> No.53282294

>assuming I'm SoB player
Orkz actually. I'm usually chill in terms of posting aside from the frequent bout of going full Ork speak here, but that's because I find it amusing. Most Ork players are a pretty chill bunch from what I've seen.

I just noticed that Taufags tend to be overly smug... Might be just lately with their faction focus though.

>> No.53282306

Does the new Mk X armour feel a bit lazy to anyone else here? It just looks like an upscaled Mk X with a flatter Mk IV helmet, and a couple of new armour panels on the limbs.

>> No.53282307


But they found the Truth, anon. This means you have shit taste. I mean I don't know about you, but all I ever wanted was the Truth.

>> No.53282309

Quick question, who is this Lady Atia ?

>> No.53282319

Upscaled Mk VIII, I mean.

>> No.53282339

One of the major rumour-mongers for AoS and Horus Heresy/FW stuff. See the War of Sigmar and Battle Bunnies blogs.

>> No.53282364

Honestly it's not even the riptide meme driving this, I just actually think the model looks like shit

>> No.53282373


D6 hits D6 damage Mortal Wounds


D6 hits D3 damage Mortal Wounds

>> No.53282383

Blue girls best girls

>> No.53282390

And what truth is that? How are they different from Chaos undivided csm like Alpha legion and Black legion?

I main EC + daemonnettes because take a look at our world, anon. Slaanesh is winning. This is why GWS wants to retcon Slaanesh.

Progressive Liberalism
Acceptance of LGBTQ

Chaos has already won anon

Khorne = Muslims
Slaanesh = SJWLGBTQPC community
Tzeentch = Jews
Nurgle = Zika, H1N1, ebola

The Chaos Gods will slowly consume this planet anon.

That is the ultimate truth.

>> No.53282394

Oh ok, I heard her name here and there sometimes but never care enough to google her. Until some anons here said that HH is being reconned and Sanguinius will return.

>> No.53282409

The whole idea is lazy. There is a youtube video thats years old at this point making this exact joke. "What if we made space marine space marines?"

>> No.53282442

the new dread is going to look like a slimmer leviathan

>> No.53282443

Redheaded blue girls even better

>> No.53282447

Yeah, yeah, go back to your containment board.

>> No.53282450

When I was a newfag and didnt know any better, I thought those dudes in that pic are the Chaos Gods.

>> No.53282456

>> No.53282458

Tau posters are smug and perverted.

>> No.53282464


The Truth is the ascendancy of Chaos, the ultimate perpetuation of vice, death, conflict and endless warfare. It is the knowledge that power is endless if one only has the testicular fortitude to reach out and grab it. It is the underlying framework of the universe, the alpha and omega. It is Chaos.

And if you don't just think that's the coolest shit then you should burn on a pyre

>> No.53282471

>dat filthy xeno

>> No.53282476

What's that waifish Water Caste gal doing with all that Fire Caste gear?

>> No.53282477

I wonder if raping these blue sluts would please Slaanesh...I mean Tau are immune to corruption right? But what if we can break the minds of these Tau females by repeatingly raping their orifices until they swore fealty to Slaanesh... their bodies will either succumb to death or ultimate pleasure.


>> No.53282485

Sometimes I wish the Horus Heresy was left intentionally vague, anon. Memes like this warp the view of people towards certain armies and pieces of lore, which is a shame. A lot of things are really poorly written or just handled weirdly when it comes to the HH. I don't want to debate lore or anything, but I'll say this: Lorgar was raised as Space Jesus, had a vision that his real dad, Space God, was gonna come to his homeworld with his Space Army, so he started a civil war and unified his planet for when the Emperor would come. He did, and he gave him his legion and all that. Lorgar was slower than the others, yes, but he went out among the people of those worlds he did conquer and helped rebuild, and gave aid to those who surrendered peacefully or not, ensuring their compliance through kindness once they were conquered. He did go against the Emperor by spreading religion, true. And he was indeed censured for this, but destroying his favorite city, the people in it, and forcing his legion to kneel to the Ultramarines, those whom his legion were repeatedly compared to, was not something that would go well. Especially when said world's only crime was worshipping the Emperor. After this, he wasn't okay. He was just humiliated in front of all of his sons, his Space Dad, and his Real Dad. So he's influenced and told about the Old Religion. The Old Ways are better, the Old Ways are still sacred. We can keep worshipping the Old Ways, and do it in secret. So Lorgar decides to secretly start a pilgrimage during the Great Crusade and learns of the Primordial Truth that is Chaos. And so begins the Horus Heresy, with the Word Bearers being the architects of the downfall of the Imperium of Man.

At it's heart, the Horus Heresy is meant to be a tragedy, I believe. And it might not be the best or even well-written depending on your own opinions, but it is a tragedy nontheless. It's what leads to the broken and crumbling Imperium of the 41st millenium, and I love it.

>> No.53282501

It's also funny that they've gone full circle with the whole Sigmarine thing. Stormcast Eternals were basically a transparent attempt on GW's part at making a fantasy equivalent to SMs (the iconic super-faction) for Age of Sigmar, there's no doubt about that. And now we've got Primaris Marines, which feel very "Spacecast Eternal", right down to taking some visual cues from SCE armour.

It's like a cycle of one-upsmanship, for the sake of putting out even newer, shinier toys. I get why they're doing it, since they're a business and all, but it all just feels so contrived.

>> No.53282505

there will never be non primaris marine models ever again

your old models will still be useable but all the focus will be on primaris

>> No.53282525


>> No.53282530

Look at this non-believer, fellow Chaos brothers. Look at him and laugh at his pitiful ignorance! I bet he plays Space Marines..

>> No.53282548

>not laughing at a slaaneshi
>not laughing at any non-Undivided
Ye are no Word Bearer.

>> No.53282555

New Death Guard aren't Primaris though, and all the evidence points towards them sharing a starter box with Primaris.

As for whether you're true about GW turning all the focus to Primaris Marines, I supect it'll depend on how they sell, and if regular SM sales tank because of them.

>> No.53282561

>the ultimate perpetuation of vice, death, conflict and endless warfare
>And if you don't just think that's the coolest shit

No anon. That's reality. OUR reality. I embrace it and await the ruinous powers to fully corrupt this world.

>> No.53282563

>I bet he plays space marines instead of spiky space marines!
>I bet he plays with drop pods and grav weapons too!

>> No.53282570

> 2017
> Worshipping Chaos

>> No.53282609

Go masturbate to your spiritual liege. Enjoy your irrelevant manlet marines.

>> No.53282634

Enjoy your even smaller and older chaos marines.

>> No.53282637


>> No.53282643

Just had a thought. Big marines need big transports, could GW release the plastic thunderhawk alongside the Primaris as a transport option?

>> No.53282657


>manlet marines travel in Rhinos
>big marines travel in land raiders

I don't see a problem with this

>> No.53282661

Fuck of Slaanesh.

>> No.53282667

Somehow HH is just a big clusterfuck of daddy issues to me now.

>> No.53282674

>what is obliterator

>> No.53282691

DELET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.53282694

They specifically said new vehicles and implied multiple options. I'm hoping for a Dreadnought Drop Pod in plastic, but I doubt that will come to fruition.

>> No.53282699

I'm just tired of memes, anon. The only good meme is Gondola. Gondola is the perfect meme.

They're mot releasing a plastic Thunderhawk, sadly.

It's funny to think about it like that, honestly.

>> No.53282716

Too late. Half-eldar Ultramarine librarians will be canon again.

>> No.53282724

Blame Gav Thorpe, CS Goto and Matt Ward for shifting their insecurities and daddy issues to the HH fluff.

>> No.53282725

The Horus Heresy era traitor look was A E S T H E T I C as fuck it's a shame they all went full retard.

>> No.53282729

Disfigured manlet.

>> No.53282753

I call primaris being simple or near blank rushed gene seed

>> No.53282761

Itz times like dis Iz glad da Orkz iz da 'comic relief' faction.

We dun 'ave to deal wid dis fraggin' squigshit.

>> No.53282769

An even older model with more severe case of buttfucked pose.

>> No.53282772

Why hasn't the entire chapter been purged by the Ordo Xenos yet?

Are we supposed to swallow Ward's bullshit and pretend Ordo Xenos is okay with this?

Fucking hell. PURGE.

>> No.53282773

>the people in it
Monarchia was pretty uncalled for but to be fair the Ultras evacuated it first.

>> No.53282774

Honestly, that's why I'm using HH box plastics for my CSM with a small spattering of spiky shit. Except rhinos because the CSM rhino spikes sewn fitting of NL.

>> No.53282777

Your pic is much more reasonable(spikewise) then>>53281511
, do spikes vary by legion or just artiest taste?

>> No.53282793


>> No.53282801

Wouldn't that be an eldar way out.
>fuck we can't stop Slaanesh from eating our souls, nothing works!
>Fuck it, we'll create another chaos god and fed ourselfs to it
>Fuck you Slaanesh, no more eldar souls for you!
>culture victory

>> No.53282810

Very much so the artist's taste. VERY much so.

>> No.53282811

Night Lords are constantly pillaging loyalist equipment anyway so it makes sense for them to look more subdued.

>> No.53282815


I prefer the Deldar method of hate fucking their way from Slannesh

>> No.53282832

Yes it varies. Iron Warriors love their spikes.
Khornates love horns
Slaaneshis love claws and tentacles
Tzeentch love feathers and floating orbs
Nurgle love pus, decaying things, exposed stomachs and giant pimples and sometimes rotten horns.

>> No.53282844

>Nurgle love pus, decaying things, exposed stomachs and giant pimples and sometimes rotten horns.

Don't forget the bells and our beautiful yellow smile.

>> No.53282846

Bit of both.

>> No.53282853


I was tempted to get some assault Marines to use as raptors for that reason, but then I wouldn't be able to use them for HH, which sucks.

>> No.53282855

Just had my very first game (my necrons and a friend's marines vs thousand sons)

Deathmarks seemed shitty after their deep strike phase? BS 4, 24" rapid fire sniper with 5 AP? Only wounds on 4+ even if the target is really flimsy? They didnt do jack shit after the turn they deep striked. Did we misread something on the rules?

>> No.53282857

Except it's an temporary solution to a permanent problem.

>> No.53282860

Varies...get the Inquisitors...

>> No.53282885

Well they wound anything on 2+ on the turn they arrive. Also they have ap2 on to wound rolls of 6 as per usual with snipers. But yeah, you should choose the beefiest target that has wounds and throw them at that. Your basic warriors can handle the chaff.

>> No.53282897

As a simple guardsmen I feel like I might be learning to much.

>> No.53282926

Any ideas on what the ork release will be this edition? What are they missing as an army (besides literally everything since they fucking suck right now, I mean what niche is missing)?

I think snipers, because of the change to IC shit, or at least an upgrade to git findas.

>> No.53282931

this thread needs more orks

>> No.53282942

there is no god

>> No.53282950


>> No.53282951

Deepstriking via Tellyportas

>> No.53282955

>he fell for the ork sniperz meme

>> No.53282968

Orks should be genious at forcefield tech, right? So maybe some focus on that.

>> No.53282986

just stuff that is missing from the range

>actual plastic warboss/big mek/biker warboss/mek/painboy

Besides that, maybe a few new units. Maybe some quirky ork warmachines

>> No.53282995


>> No.53283005

This. A million times this. Orks have the best teleporter tech in the galaxy.

>> No.53283011

Just finished assembling my SW:A Wyches team. WYSIWYG. In order from left to right, 2 Bloodbrides, Debutante with chainhook/pistol, Syren with Mirrorhelm, Debutante with double knives and a pistol, 2 regular Wyches with chainhooks and pistols.
I'll do the last 3 wyches tomorrow since I have an early shift.

>> No.53283024

That warrior...it looks like he's trying not to breath in the foul halitosis of his Lord

>> No.53283026

>forgetting image

>> No.53283042


What color scheme is that??

>> No.53283046

Do we know when anything is releasing? I still haven't decided if I want to commit to Dark Angels successors or be Codex Compliant for My Dudes so I have to drag my dick around until both codices drop for 8th.

>> No.53283051

Better than his last 2. He's been working on it for like 2 years.

>> No.53283062

>"orks have best force field tech!!"
>5+ invuln on models within 6 inches of an expensive hq
>"orks have the best teleportation tech!"
>can deepstrike only if you roll a 6 only if using a supplement

how delusional can orkfags get

Tau forcefields are by far superior

>> No.53283064

I need a quick rundown on what happened post Primas Space Marines incubation.

>> No.53283071

We get the release date before the end of this month. Probably next week even.

>> No.53283076

What the fuck is he trying to do in that art?
>I'm aiming preparing to shoot, better direct the bullets forward so they know what to do.
>This way brothers, but wait I need to clutch my knife
>Check it out, I can give a colonoscopy while severing the lower spine so they wont feel discomfort

>> No.53283086

when they come out, should I paint my Death Guard normal (left), or like my Destroyers ( right)?

>> No.53283087

This is why I love /tg/ more than any other board.

Except maybe /wsg/ and /wg/.

>> No.53283095

>GW reduces 40k to NuMarines Vs Battlesuits
>Just NuMarines and Battlesuits, all day every day

>> No.53283112

So you mean 30k?
We already have marines vs battlesuits. The only difference is that the battlesuits are slower because they have a braindead nugget-marine piloting them.

>> No.53283127

It makes even less sense with context.

>> No.53283139


>> No.53283148

Huh, he isn't pointing in that
But I like the Fat IW

>> No.53283159

The Word Bearer moved too.

>> No.53283163

what the fuck is happening here?

>> No.53283174

The Yncarne has joined the match.

>> No.53283212

>Stormcast Eternals get a new type of upsized super-Sigmarine, the Stormcast Exemplis, as AoS's new equivalent of Primaris Marines--now with 100% more "epic" adjectives than the average AoS faction!

and then

>Primaris Marines are being one-upped by 54mm-scale Fundamentalii Marines, a new type of SM who use handheld Vulcan mega-bolters and Plasma Blastguns, in response to the Stormcast Exemplis

>> No.53283222

I mean why is he killing his birthing race?

>> No.53283236

Special weapons units need some updates, mostly in survivability. 'Eavy armor is less useless now, and things like Burnas and Tankbustas should probably just have it. I hope Nobz have 3 wounds now, and Specialist Boyz have 2. Weapon variety would help too, like some Beamy/Plasma Deffguns.

For brand new units, we need some ICs worth bringing. Bring back Zogwort, and make regular Weirdboyz elite squads or 3 or something. Wazdakka, Nazdreg, and some new faces.

>> No.53283242

Nonverbal hand-signals that evoke real world depictions of "operators" in order to make him seem more tacticool.

>> No.53283246

Because he's basically just Slaanesh 2.0, with an Eldar seal of approval tacked on.

>> No.53283271

My stomach is a mouth. Your argument is invalid.

>> No.53283280

I wonder if the mouth is the Marine now and the head is just another limb

>> No.53283287


>> No.53283291

But are you fancy, Mr. DG Marine?

>> No.53283294

Don't do Chaos, kids.

>> No.53283304

Fully and completely legal. Anything in a GW books is legal, this isn't a like the old days. About the only thing that regularly gets barred from tournaments now are literally FW Titans.

>> No.53283312

>Now he can eat grav at three ends!


>> No.53283314

Why are EC people so focused on "Muh GW will squat Slaanesh!!1!"? It's so annoying.

>> No.53283338

>SLAANESH IS DOING [literally anything]

>> No.53283340


>> No.53283349


Because they did it for Age of Shitmar. Slaanesh got killed off and replaced with a rat god.

>> No.53283354

God of Death. S(he)'s basically an ambulatory Infinity circuit.

>> No.53283383

If the GHR made it into 40k I would be so happy
Like sell all my chaos and start space skaven happy

>> No.53283387

He/she/it/etc. was hidden away, but not killed. Tzeentch tricked Slaanesh into that state, but nowhere does it indicate that Slaanesh is dead. Otherwise Fulgrim wouldn't be doing activity, and Shadows over Hammerhal people wouldn't be trying to make Slaanesh come out of hiding or whatever.
Please prove me wrong if the situation is different.

>> No.53283395

I'm doing steel confessors.

Poor Valentine has been stripped entirely too many times. I'm not going to strip him at all anymore, just going to slowly work my way up the model one day at a time. I'll be honest, even I cringe looking at the picture from when I first tried to paint my deredeo. Why did nobody tell me not to paint him in that fucking diarrhea
scheme the first time.

>> No.53283406

What are the chances GW will release a Plastic Eldrad by itself?

I missed the Death Masque release, and really want to get a Plastic Eldrad model.

>> No.53283407

>we wuz kangz n shiet sons

Nope. Posting superior csm

>> No.53283414


That's nice, but some of us aren't 12 years olds who think le scheming meme rat is funny and great.

>> No.53283422

Pretty good when they get around to releasing more Eldar.

>> No.53283424

Sure thing, kid
Enjoy your bondage and drug god(des)

>> No.53283431

How would you like if GWS killed of Gork or replaced the Emperor with Girlyman?

>> No.53283438

>thing that regularly gets barred from tournaments now are literally FW Titans
Fucking whiny casuals.

>> No.53283446 [SPOILER] 

low energy i'm sorry

>> No.53283447

Those look like a trainwreck in game, but those are some pretty nice models.

>> No.53283449


>is such a childish idiot that he thinks Slaanesh is only the god of sexual stuff

Thanks for making my point for me. Go back to your precious sewer rat, you fucking cretin.

>> No.53283455

Slaanesh is more than just porn and drugs you muppet of the false emperor.

>> No.53283460

>implying we're black space men
>implying we're not fancy as fuck
>flinging the "we wuz kangz" right off the bat
This is why nobody likes you degenerates. You deliberately make yourselves unlikable, and deserve much bullying.

>> No.53283461

Shit taste confirmed, edgy slaanesh fags go home. Only the chill ones allowed

>> No.53283468

I can't wait for Guilly to personally rip off Artemis head.

>> No.53283480

Yeah its sex drugs and rock and roll you git

>> No.53283485

>Slaanesh isn't squatted in AoS
>she's just locked away, doesn't do anything, is never mentioned, and doesn't get new models
Sounds like a pretty fine distinction to me.

>> No.53283499

I honestly wouldn't mind that much, though I would find it a bit strange and not a particularly good choice. However, that's not what happened to Slaanesh. Slaanesh was not killed, but rather hidden by Tzeentch in AoS's fluff just to explain why they're currently focusing on ratman.
Nice goalpost moving, anon. Real good move there.

>> No.53283501

Huh, its almost as if reducing what someone likes to an idiotic meme makes them want to do the same to the fictional god the other enjoys

Imagine that

>> No.53283520

Fuckibg Aelves haven't gotten new models either. In fact given how they and Slaanesh are tied together that's probably no coincidence.

>> No.53283532

He/she/it/zir is mentioned repeatedly you fucking cuckold. Slaanesh is central to the plot of the most recent boxed game which GW have been shilling pretty hard.

>> No.53283533

Aelves have two models.

>> No.53283535

I think you need to dilute that blue glaze way more. It looks less like chromed metal and more like they spilled blue Kool-Aid over themselves. Nice chapter choice, though.

>> No.53283546


It's almost as if we are in the 40k general and some fag wants to jerk off to his horny rat that isn't even a part of 40k. It's almost like we have two different threads for it. Imagine that.

>> No.53283554

The Inquisition has multiple factions since it has no official command structure and different Inquisitors have different philosophies. There are Ordo Xenos Inquisitors who are perfectly fine with using Xenos Tech

>> No.53283559

Without any form of weathering, the Steel Confessors look like absolute shit in DOW3. Given that their base colour is so goddamn bright, painting it would actually require going straight to silver, and then working backwards with washes/tints/glazes, then highlighting back again.

Aye, that's easily my first mistake when learning to do this chapter. I went and got a set of turpentine for *properly* thinning my glaze so that it can just tint the armour.

>> No.53283564

In Silver Tower. That's not AoS.

>> No.53283566

What's the point of Khorne? The other three Chaos Gods all seem to have something unique going for them, but Khorne's niche just seems to be killing shit (which Chaos as a whole already tends to do), only with the psykers/sorcery swapped out for an extra heaping of skulls and rage.

>> No.53283581

>Slaanesh is central to the plot of the most recent boxed game
Yeah that's why they use old Chaso Sorcerer model to represent main Slaanesh follower in this game.

>> No.53283592

some people dont want some fancy or unique gimmick. Some just want to get straight to the pointless murder.

>> No.53283598

>Slaanesh is central to the plot
>we're going to try this thing to maybe free her
>oops we failed she's still a literally who
I was wrong! Slaanesh is back bois, time to party!

>> No.53283608

Khorne is the Chaos god of anger, violence, and hate. Khorne is the mightiest and the second to emerge of the four Gods of Chaos, fully coming into existence during Terra's Middle Ages. Every act of violence gives Khorne power, whether committed by his followers or by their enemies.

>> No.53283615

"Loyalty is its own reward" -Lion El, Notatraitorfuckssakeforthelastfuckingtimeson

>> No.53283616

>don't want gimmick
>blood, skull, and "le so angry XD" fetish

>> No.53283622

Model choice equals plot, right?

>> No.53283632

>I would consider myself a competitive-type player, but I also don't want to be an obnoxious fuck that no one has fun playing against.

> I would consider myself a competitive-type player
> don't want to be an obnoxious fuck that no one has fun playing against

Pick one.

>> No.53283634

That's barely a gimmick when it comes to Chaos though. The average cultist is still gonna be disemboweling people and acting like a murderous nutjob. They'll just use a poison knife, or a heroin needle, or mind bullets.

>> No.53283635


I wish people stopped using that term to describe the rules of their plastic army men.

Legality has nothing to do with it. You describe legality in the rules governing the society.

>> No.53283638

Yep, because if it really was important character and plot GW would reliase new model, like they are doing with sigmarines (the only relevant faction).
You literally acting like ChaosDwarfs fans in /twg/ "looks guys we're mentioned here!"

>> No.53283639

No way anon this is clearly a lost STC pattern from the Dark Age of Technology. When the Imperium rediscovers mobile suit technology the blueberry communists will be in for an ass whoopin.

>> No.53283642

>this triggered

Tzeentch is a total nerd. Are you a nerd?

>> No.53283647


>> No.53283649

Are you autistic?

>> No.53283652

I hope Primaris Rhinos will be good. I'm fucking sick to death of the standard Rhino hull.

>> No.53283655

Well (you) are the latter one for sure.

>> No.53283656

>having an effective list that's completely within the rules of the game automatically makes you an obnoxious fuck
Where does this baby-tier attitude come from?

>> No.53283671

I honestly am looking forward to that.

I really want to know how they fit in with the Dark Angels, because it says they accepted them, but it seems like they certainly wouldn't be allowed into the Ravenwing or Deathwing for quite some time.

What's the chance of Dangles getting better AA or flyers?

>> No.53283675 [DELETED] 

>Are you a nerd?
Where do you think you are? We're all nerds here.

>> No.53283683


Because 40k is a shit game with rules being made OP or shit on the whim of GW to sell models. So, having any hope to be good is laughable since you literally pay to win like it's a shit online game. The one and only justification for playing it is to paint models and even then buy them third party.

>> No.53283684

>what is Forge World

>> No.53283693




It's called a land raider, son.

>> No.53283703

Please reword what you just said into a manner that I can better understand.
>things need to have new models, otherwise nothing can happen at all with them fluffwise or anything
>you're acting like ChaosDwarfs fans in /twg/ "looks guys we're mentioned here!"

>> No.53283720

They've definitely got the rigid, literal thinking down.

>> No.53283724

You're being ridiculous. "Legal" is used in this context throughout the official rules of sports leagues like the NBA and MLB. It's an entirely appropriate usage of the word. Your dislike is born of your own misunderstanding.

>> No.53283740

Boxed games exist to sell models that aren't otherwise selling. They don't often cook up new ones for that purpose.

>mentioned repeatedly
I didn't say Slaanesh is back. I said Slaanesh was mentioned repeatedly.

You degenerate cunts should go fap to calm down.

>> No.53283744

>Completely Codex-adherent Primaris Marines are sent to completely non-adherent chapters
>Hilarious sitcom moments ensue
An expensive thing. And I don't think they make an alternative to the basic Rhino hull, or it's some legion stuff.
Land Raiders also cost like 60 bux and are too expensive to spam.

>> No.53283753

No. You're the nerd, nerd.

>> No.53283756

Thousand sons are cucks and magnus the red is a tsundere bitch.

While EC are degenerate, they are unique with their noise marines. What do rubricks do, other than looking ridiculous?

>> No.53283764

>>things need to have new models, otherwise nothing can happen at all with them fluffwise or anything
Yep, because as we all knew from the past if something important is gonna to happen, it will get new model.
Slaanesh plot in AoS is nothing but eternal tease of possible returning without actual returning.

>> No.53283768

Yep, because if it really was important character and plot GW would reliase new model, like they are doing with sigmarines (the only relevant faction).
You literally acting like ChaosDwarfs fans in /twg/ "looks guys we're mentioned here!"

I think he means "yes, because if it was an important character to the plot, GW would care to make a proper model for it rather than recycle an old one. As they are releasing proper models for currently important factions like sigmarines."

He then says that since Slaanesh is all but gone, a bare mention does not mean shit, and compares this to chaos dwarf fans who get happy about a mention, but are basically not a part of anything and may as well be squatted for all they matter.

>> No.53283784

>Dark Angel Primaris gets off the ship to the Rock
>all happy and smiling to be with his brothers he waited so eagerly to join
>his fucking face when Asmodai

>> No.53283786

It's stating that any of the choices taken in the FOC "tree" free's up a dedicated transport slot

>> No.53283793

I'm sorry, I associate with the csm chapter that PARTIES HARD.
What do the 1k sons do other than being total nerds and read books in their stupid planet being constantly invaded by space wolves? Remember when 1k sons got rekt hard by ultrasmurfs?

>> No.53283795

So... regular Chaos, but angrier?

> fully coming into existence during Terra's Middle Ages.

Wasn't that implied to be Nurgle, due to the Black Death?

Also, I wish GW would just come out and explicitly retcon this Middle Ages stuff away (they did it implicitly with the Chaos Gods waking during the War in Heaven, but that's it). It's old lore, and didn't even make much sense at the time. Why would a species confined to one planet, with less than a billion individuals alive at that point, have jack to do with creating Khorne, when it took an entire galaxy-spanning space elf empire to murderfuck Slaanesh into existence?

>> No.53283797

Everyone in AoS is getting sidelined for fucking sigmarines. The entire Death grand alliance has received no new models since the game launched. I don't think Nagash is getting squatted any time soon.

>> No.53283799


It is appropriate to use that term at there because the rules of most sports leauges are defined in the legal system and in the cases concerning disagreements there they are taken to special courts designed for them. (for ex. court of arbitration for sport) Your plastic army men is not.

Ask your mother, she knows when she sees one.

>> No.53283800

>So, having any hope to be good is laughable since you literally pay to win like it's a shit online game
wot? no you don't.

There's no correlation between the cost of an army and how good it is. GW has their flaws but P2W isn't one of them.

>> No.53283812

Aren't 1k sons effectively lifeless automatons until called to battle?

>> No.53283823


I wasn't arguing. 40k is a shit game and so is AoS. I was just providing a translation.

>> No.53283828

Okay. Now you're just being a complete dumbass. What does

>Rule 8.01. 74. 8.00—The Pitcher. 8.01 Legal pitching delivery.

Have to do with the "legal system"?

>> No.53283833

My bad, friend. Have a good day anyway.

>> No.53283838

That's what you get for worshipping a spastic indecisive bird god that's going to backstab you anyway for the lelz.

>> No.53283841

>Are you a nerd?
Do you know where you are? We're all nerds here, playing pretend with our plastic soldiers.

>> No.53283843

>Everyone in AoS is getting sidelined for fucking sigmarines.
Yet still they get new models.
>I don't think Nagash is getting squatted any time soon.
Yep, because he was released in End Times, where he played one of major roles, see new models - importance.

>> No.53283846


Rubrick marines are lifeless automatons. They are the souls of non-psyker Thousand Sons. Psyker Thousand Sons are still alive and can have flesh and blood. The non-psyker ones just got fucked over into the rubrick marines who got dicked by the rubrick of Ahriman as he tried to cure their mutations.

>> No.53283855

If simply restricting it to Rubricae alone, while mostly similar to normal marines except being lifeless piles of dust inside and stuff, they do have lots of magic fire in their bullets and flamers, something akin to mini force fields, and the ability to be slowly marching walls that tear stuff apart from range.
Are you saying magic fire isn't cool?

>> No.53283859

Don't project so hard, anon.

>> No.53283864

> Primaris Marine steps off the thunderhawk to some Forgeworld
> Bangs his head on the roof on his way out
> Immediately gives the sign of the aquilla to a Steel Confessor
> "PRAISE THE EMPEROR, my new battle brother!"
> Steel confessors give the newfags some baffled expressions.
> "Ave Omnissiah Redemptor"
> Tfw the primaris don't even worship the OMNISSIAH
> Tfw the Primaris are 0% machine, can't possibly be any further from becoming one with the machine god.
> Tfw the primaris don't understand your overwhelming hatred of tyranids.
> Tfw a primaris accidentally smashes the grave of your first chapter master, bless his heart for giving his life in the name of the Omnissiah to save the very forgeworld you call home.
> Tfw the primaris need to be re-indoctrinated to be oathbound to the Fabricator General.

>> No.53283884

It's rubric, bro

>> No.53283885

At least 40k still has the models and the fluff even if the fluff is waning. And honestly I don't give a shit about how the game plays as long as I get to play it and not just have a boatload of expensive models gathering dust, because even if I like them, about 50% of their cost is about the ability to use them for other things than display.

>> No.53283887





>> No.53283894

Rubick Marines when?

>> No.53283899

Still, Death hasn't gotten any new models since ET, and that was a whole different game. Nurgle hasn't gotten new models since ET. Elves and non-retarded dwarves haven't gotten any models since ET. Fuck, everyone's bitching about the Horned Rat superceding Tzeentch and skaven haven't gotten any new models since the last game died, unless you count Blood Bowl.

>> No.53283900

Do you know what an "illegal move" is in chess? Because it doesn't involve going to court.

>> No.53283903

I guess they do lightly have a point about the fact that Slaanesh isn't really active at all in AoS right now. At the same time though, that doesn't mean that Slaanesh is getting squatted unless a shit ton of other stuff in AoS is getting squatted too since they aren't getting new things. I think that if anything, while not a way of bringing Slaanesh back into the spotlight, SoH was a way of reminding us that Slaanesh is still there, alongside those hints of Fulgrim's activities in GS. Sure, it sucks that Slaanesh isn't getting anything new right now. Doesn't mean you aren't ever getting anything. Just be patient, anons. Does GW really have to give out a monthly reminder that Slaanesh isn't dead to get you guys not to whine? Just go have sex or smoke something and wait. Remember, you're not alone in waiting.

>> No.53283905

I would love to collect Steel Confessors because of Kalevala but I would never be able to paint their chapter badge.

>> No.53283906


>> No.53283930

>till, Death hasn't gotten any new models since ET, and that was a whole different game.
ET was just AoS prequel.
>Elves and non-retarded dwarves haven't gotten any models since ET.
Yeah and they all are irrelevant npc in fluff and will never get real updates in the future, only replacement by new factions of duradins, free people, aelves etc.

>> No.53283947

you could probably use stencils for the chapter symbol.

or make your own transfers.

>> No.53283952

Nice try redshirt.
>that doesn't mean that Slaanesh is getting squatted unless a shit ton of other stuff in AoS is getting squatted too since they aren't getting new things. I think that if anything, while not a way of bringing Slaanesh back into the spotlight, SoH was a way of reminding us that Slaanesh is still there, alongside those hints of Fulgrim's activities in GS. Sure, it sucks that Slaanesh isn't getting anything new right now. Doesn't mean you aren't ever getting anything.

>> No.53283958

I don't even bother. My entire plan for it is to buy transfer paper and print it. Fuck painting something that complicated when I can just stencil/transfer it on.

>> No.53283967

Nice job anon! It sure is easy to make something sound really dumb and simple when you put it that way, isn't it? Hell, you could even say stuff like "Wow, people that take the skin of others in 40k or do drugs? Guns that loud music or noise that is so horrid to the ears that people just don't want to put up with living or hearing them anymore? Wow, amazing! But wait, look at those faces everywhere, wow!"

>> No.53283981

A guy on shapeways literally made those on monday.

>> No.53283998

Where's your "proofs"?

>> No.53284001

>implying I even have the potential to be in such a position
Do you really expect that much from a NEET like me?
Sisters of Battle, Orks, and other stuff mentioned in >>53283899 are some pretty good examples of other things that are desperately waiting for updated models but not getting anything.

>> No.53284015

>3d printing
Yeah nah
I should probably do that too, when I finally decide. Gonna wait until they release more Primaris stuff before I'm gonna bother with Space Marines anyway, I've already got way too many armies.

>> No.53284020

>Do you really expect that much from a NEET like me?
Well, since you are obviously shilling, so why not?
>are some pretty good examples
Such as..?

>> No.53284046

>trying to logically reason out a situation to stop shitty whining from making these threads even worse to experience than they already and stuff is shilling
Okay then.
>such as...?
Did you actually not read the second half of my post? Nothing that I mentioned?

>> No.53284052

June is all they've let slip. Probably mid month. I believe theyre announcing it at warhammerfest (?) in a couple of weeks

>> No.53284086

Are the Primaris Marines they sent off to the Blood Angels and Space Wolves pre-loaded with Sanguinius' and Leman Russ' gene-seed or are they Smurf infiltrators?

>> No.53284101


Where do we even find this info at?

>> No.53284105

>Daemonlet marine flies up to Primaris marine's eye level
>Gets laughed at and cries all the way back to the Warp

>> No.53284111

Yes to both.

>> No.53284124

>>trying to logically reason out a situation to stop shitty whining from making these threads even worse to experience than they already and stuff is shilling
>y-y-y-you are just whinner!
Whatever yo say reddit
>Did you actually not read the second half of my post? Nothing that I mentioned?
I've already answered about "examples" here: >>53283930

>> No.53284129

They have their Primarch's geneseed but there's no known way for them to get past the huge storm.

>> No.53284136

By reminding them that their Primarch is so autistic he makes Rogal look normal.

>> No.53284149

>Sisters of Battle and Orks haven't got updates in forever
>Hurr durr NPC ;^)
if you were just trolling you could have said so.

>> No.53284160

It's only smurfs

>> No.53284163

Are you saying you don't play pretend with your plastic soldiers? If so, why are you here?

>> No.53284164

Da hangedz

>> No.53284170

Oh please, they'll already have them because Primaris sent in the future to assist will have arrived before they actually left on the Dark Imperium side of the rift

>> No.53284179


>> No.53284182

>>Hurr durr NPC ;^)
>implying they weren't npc in the current plot
But please, remind where they played iportant roles, except of mentioning in one GoS book?

>> No.53284183

There are two passages through the Great Rift marked on the Galaxy map. The "Temporary Rift Corridor" and Nachmund Gauntlet".

>> No.53284185


Beakies are the best!

>> No.53284199

Guillimans GF will lend them the webway.

>> No.53284209

Each individual chapter's geneseed.

>Though they are a step removed from their brothers, the Primaris Space Marines still bear the gene-seed of their Primarchs

Key here being "Primarchs", plural.


>> No.53284210

Oh, I was just basing it off of the text that says the storm is pretty much impenetrable.

>> No.53284216

Warhammer Community page

>> No.53284218

>Key here being "Primarchs", plural.
The key here is "Guilliman". they are Ultramarines, just like in Imperium Secundus

>> No.53284223

Yeah. You can't cross just anywhere. Expect those places to become real important in the future fluff.

>> No.53284231

>Expect those places to become real important in the future fluff.

>> No.53284237

Are you being deliberately obtuse? Or is this just "muh spiritual liege" shitposting?

>> No.53284244

I suppose there's some similarity.

>> No.53284249

That makes sense I guess. I'm kinda liking the idea of the Dark Empire.

>> No.53284251


>> No.53284258

nah. more like the Cadian Gate rather than magic stargates.

>> No.53284262

Cry some more marinelets!

>> No.53284263

Did the Chaos Legions colonize the entire rift already?

Since it looks like they're following the trend of being reformed from warbands under the Daemon primarchs, they'll be able to bully all the renegades to fall in line.

>> No.53284266

>people constantly complaining over and over that their beloved degenerate goddess Slaanesh is dying and nobody will ever come to save them, even if GW has passed on hints of things to come in the form of new toys and fluff advancements, alongside reminders that they'll get to you eventually, isn't whining
>calling me reddit for calling you out on constantly acting like an autist with the rest of you and your Slaaneshi degenerates, especially after one of you has the nerve to go and resolve this whole fiasco by simply asking GW if their precious chaos god will be squatted and instead just spouts your meme of Slaanesh being dead
Retardation is nice isn't it?
>your point on ET models
Ok, you do have a bit of validity there. Still, they too are now beginning to suffer what you fags do and so you are once again not alone. Also, what about Sisters or Orks? Maybe Dark Eldar?
If you want to continue about never getting an update by the way, why don't you consider the dwarves in AoS just getting an update after a while or genestealer cultists getting new things?
>remind me where they played important roles, except the recent case where they began to do things again
Nice one anon, really helping your argument there.

>> No.53284268

>Killing shit
Killing shit is something he outright avoids because it denies one pawn on the field for him.
>killing shit
Party's over when somebody is dead
>Killing shit
Are you fucking kidding me? Papa Nurgle is about the dread of death and his gift is eternal life (as a sack of shit).

Only Khorne benefits when somebody dies. Maybe Nurgle a bit.

>> No.53284330

>Maybe Nurgle a bit.
Nurgle benefits hugely when people die of plague and disease, Khorne when they die of war and slaughter.

>> No.53284390

>>killing shit
>Party's over when somebody is dead
Clearly you haven't been to the Slaaneshi parties that I've been to, newfriend.

>> No.53284405

>those mouldlines
>that lack of priming
>those colours
>that THICCness
Kill me

>> No.53284412

I've been in 5 and each time I died there the party was over.

>> No.53284414

Sorry, lemme fix that second thing.
>calling me reddit for calling you out on constantly acting like an autist with the rest of you and your Slaaneshi degenerates, especially after one of you has the nerve to go and waste the chance to resolve this whole fiasco by simply asking GW if your precious chaos god will be squatted and instead you just spout your meme of Slaanesh being dead

>> No.53284422

>Or is this just "muh spiritual liege" shitposting?
Nope, just analogy, with Imperium Secundus
Nah anon, I actually love new marines, it's a cool to see how SMfans burns.

>> No.53284444

>spouts your meme of Slaanesh being dead
>unrinically using "look guys it's jsut missing, it's not dead" as argument
>talking about retardation

>Also, what about Sisters or Orks? Maybe Dark Eldar?
Were literally irrelevant in the last 40k events.
>why don't you consider the dwarves in AoS just getting an update
You mean totally new faction, just like Primaris Marines?

>> No.53284462


Nice quads. But you're right; this Tzeentch fuccboi is just a tiresome autist wanking about his Rubrick marines which are just piles of dust in a space marine armor and a slightly overpowered bolter.

>> No.53284467

Shouldn't you be going to bed? It's way past bedtime for you americunts.

>> No.53284470

Oh okay another battle brother that loves the Primaris Marines is fine with me!

>> No.53284473


Don't get your hopes too high. GW had numerous opportunities to give Orks some love in 7th ed, and they shat the bed every single time. Unless things have changed, there's still no rules writers on the team who actually like the army, so there's no-one who knows what the army's theme is supposed to be, or what weaknesses they currently have. Worse still, the main people consulted from the community are the tournament players, none of whom have been playing against Orks for years now. So they have no clue either about what makes or breaks the army currently.

Remember that despite all the changes this is the same company who thought giving S3 models Hammer of Wrath was a brilliant detachment bonus.

>> No.53284491

>projecting this hard
I thought Thousand sun wankers are supposed to be smart. Sorry luv, I'm just watching some tentacle porn to pass the time.

>> No.53284496

I am not american

>> No.53284507

Hearty kek.

>> No.53284545

Mk IX armor is the best pattern. Prove me wrong.

Professional advice: you are unable to.

>> No.53284551

Nice quads, anon.
>thinking Slaanesh being absent is the same as it being dead when her being absent still gives GW a chance to bring her back later on
You just want yourselves to have a more pitiful situation so you can whine more, don't you?
>sisters completely irrelevant in the last 40k events
>dark eldar completely irrelevant in the last 40k events
Were SoB and DE not involved in Gathering Storm, even if only a little?
Also, by mentioning the fact that they're getting little love are you not better proving my point that there are other factions that have been getting denied attention from GW and not just your precious slaaneshi fags alone?
You do have a point with the fact that these dwarves are essentially completely new. At the same time though, you're also ignoring me bringing up GSC. Wew.
>implying I was wanking about Rubrics at all during those posts

>> No.53284562

>The key here is "Guilliman". they are Ultramarines, just like in Imperium Secundus

They're for any chapter, made from their own geneseed, as a quick way to bring each chapter up to strength. The problem is Gulliman doesn't actually know everything, so chapters with defects or dark secrets that the imperium is only sort of aware of, could have severe complications down the line. Like the Red Thirst and the Wulfen. Even stable geneseeds like that of the Dark Angels could have complications.

>> No.53284563


>> No.53284565

1k sons are irrelevant. Either repaint your csm to a more relevant csm chapter or get out.

>> No.53284583

>You just want yourselves to have a more pitiful situation so you can whine more, don't you?
>Were SoB and DE not involved in Gathering Storm, even if only a little?
Yep, so for now they are irrelevant, and will become relevant if only GW decides to give them new models.
>other factions that have been getting denied attention from GW
Only those who are dead or irrelevant (like all old mortals from WHFB in AoS).
>and not just your precious slaaneshi fags alone?
I am not Slaanesh fag.

>> No.53284599

>They're for any chapter,
Nope they created and trained by Ultramarines, so technically they are just like Iron Warriors, Space Wolves, White Scars in Imperium Secundus.

>> No.53284633

>Even stable geneseeds like that of the Dark Angels could have complications.

Closet homosexuals?

>> No.53284656

>Thousand Sons
You done goofed

>> No.53284657

No, the closet faggots are of course Ultramarines with their narcissistic demagoguery.

>> No.53284659

I think dark angel super marines are going to have a suspiciously high casualty rate.

>> No.53284670

Do you mean to say they will encounter heavy resistance from "Ork Snipers"?

>> No.53284671

How the fuck does the imperium secundus even manage to work? I mean they can't even travel through the warp because they can't see the astronomican. So they can't transport anything, no troops, no food, no fuel no fucking anything.

>> No.53284679

They can travel through the warp, they just can't see where they are going. Short hops might still be OK.

>> No.53284681

Forced memes?

>> No.53284691

If I had to make a guess I would assume the Eldar would help out with webway gates if theyre feeling generous or inclined towards backstabbing.

>> No.53284696

How many shekels were you paid to make this image?

>> No.53284697

You mean Imperium Nihilus?
Secundus was the angsty shit Girlyman pulled during the Heresy

>> No.53284704

Are you talking about the actual Heresy-era IS or the 8th ed. Dark Imperium?

>> No.53284706

How have Thousand Sons been very relevant at all to this topic? That does remind me though, they did get an update after having neglect after a while. Just like EC will likely have happen to them! Wow! Also, even if just temporarily, they became relevant in Wrath of Magnus and were involved in GS 3.
I dunno why, maybe to whine more? After all, they are twisting a situation GW likely intended to bring hope for later fluff involvement and thus possibly updates by mentioning Slaanesh for the first time in a while into "SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT"
>your second remark
Ok. They're getting denied once again. All I was really mentioning was they helped in some important events, slightly going against the idea that the anon had of them being complete and totally irrelevant. I probably shouldn't have attempted that, and it most likely makes me look stupid.
>your third comment
Could you expand further? I'm afraid I may not be completely understanding what you're attempting to say.
>4th thing
Ok then.

>> No.53284719

Did an English author named Rob Outeguillimen write a poem about it?

>> No.53284732

If you mean the Imperium Nihilus my guess is the "Nexus III Astro Station" and the "Astro Telepathic Duct" have something to do with it.

>> No.53284774

They're created, and trained by the Ultramarines, yes. However they're sent off to rejoin their own chapter, the chapter their geneseed is from, after that. They're for any legion, GW has already confirmed this.

>> No.53284775

He did write a forced meme about it though.

>> No.53284788

Where did they say they're trained by the Ultramarines?
I thought they just popped out of their pods ready for prime time.

>> No.53284817

Do you actually know what that poem is about or do you just regurgitate shitty 1d4chan memes? The Dark Angel by Lionel Johnson is about struggling with a sin, the nature of the sin didn't and doesn't matter because no matter how heavy handed the allegory is, the sin of the Lion wasn't that he was catholic and gay, it was that he was loyal to the emperor but desired more power.

>> No.53284820

It must be hard coming here as a Dark Angels player with people calling them traitors and making gay jokes.

>> No.53284821

I have so many babby marines left to paint

>7 RT era metal terminators --- that captain and librarian are pretty baller!
>4 metal assault terminators
>6 metal GKT
>5 metal PAGK
>2 metal captains
>a metal tech marine
>a set of metal space marine veterans with various wargear (I think GW only stopped selling that kit recently)
>metal biker chaplain
>3 apothecaries (2 metal, 1 plastic)
>9 assault marines... NINE. WHY NINE.
>9 deathwatch vets (intended to ride with a chaplain)
>two power armor chaplains
>5 plastic terminators
>two dreadnoughts
>a land speeder
>three ravenwing bikers
>a tactical squad
>ten sargeant/flamer models I've made over the years to be an on foot assault squad
>two devastator squads of 4 missile launchers each
>a schizo land raider
>a NIB vindicator

>and all the orks from the vedros box

what is on your to-do list before eigth?

>> No.53284826


because nobody cares about your fetish army

>> No.53284832

We really don't care, we are too busy hunting Cypher.

>> No.53284837

It must be hard, trying to force reddit memes this hard on /tg/ and getting mostly negative responses, yet still continuing.

>> No.53284840

Those poor babies. Must be rough.

>> No.53284854

>However they're sent off to rejoin their own chapter, the chapter their geneseed is from, after that.
Nope they're sent to replace manlets.

>> No.53284859

I played Deathwing once
It was fun, but nowadays I feel kinda indifferent towards them

>> No.53284860

At least we aren't commie scum.

>> No.53284868

They're technically replacing shorter marines who died, yes. Also the Lamenters will be back, but this time, with the Red Thirst2

>> No.53284869

There was a post about Cypher yesterday that said he wanted to show the Emperor the Lion's sword to prove that Luther was loyal.
>closet fag
>smug tau

>> No.53284877

>Also the Lamenters will be back,
nope ony Blood Ultramarines

>> No.53284891

I havent owned marines for years, so I'm still trucking on my DE/Ynnari. The Primaris are tempting though.

>> No.53284894

I'm pretty fucking sure not even 1d4chan pushes that godawful meme. Last time I checked it originated on Dakka Dakka and has been circulating on /r/Warhammer40k ever since.

That literally makes no logical sense at all. What train of thought did he follow that made him think that?

If he wanted to present the Lion's Sword to the Emperor to prove the Dark Angels' loyalty and absolve them of their sins it might make a little more sense.

Also fuck off, faggotry is a mental illness.

>> No.53284896

>1 riptide (to magnetise and paint)
>1 ghostkeel (magnetise and paint)
>2 crisis suits
>1 commander suit (magnetise and paint)
>1 broadside
>18 drones
>3 xv15 stealth suits (2 metal and one plastic) (fuck I love these models)
>6 xv25 stealth suits (3 half painted, 2 primed and 1 half assembled
>2 remora drones
>1 barracuda AX-5-2
>12 fire warriors
>1 piranha
>Assorted weapons and support systems (magnetise and paint)

>1 Elysian Command Squad (unpainted and unassembled)

Pretty much just waiting on my gundam markers to arrive to I can start painting using them since my panel lining markers came early

>> No.53284898

>Primaris marines given MK.X armour
>the cutting edge of Martian technology
>3+ just like old marine armour
What's the point?

>> No.53284902

>There was a post about Cypher yesterday that said he wanted to show the Emperor the Lion's sword to prove that Luther was loyal.

The books proved The Lion was the loyal one, and that at best Luther was an unwitting servant of Chaos. So that poster was probably wrong. To be honest, Cypher has been vexing unforgiven players, myself included, for a long time. The fucking guy exists just to make us mad, and given his sheer force of inconsistency I can't even guess as to what his actual purpose is.

>> No.53284906

>2 wounds
>30" bolters
There ya go

>> No.53284909

I imagine at least some of the increase to two wounds is a result of the armor.

>> No.53284914

He's there to be the edgy brooding silent type guy on a mystery mission for edgelords to jerk off over alongside vindicare assassins

>> No.53284918


Colour scheme for Tau?

>> No.53284920

Yep, we know that armor can modify wound count now, like how Termies have two wounds, so that would be a pretty sound explanation.

>> No.53284922

Why is Mk. II armor 3+ and so is Mk. VIII even though there's millenias of development between those?

>> No.53284923

why was it mk x when the previous armor was mk viii? what happened to mk ix?

they also get an extra attack so they are better in assault too

>> No.53284934

>imperial tech
Laughing everyone.jpg

>> No.53284938

Seriously now guys was Cypher going to kill the Emperor with the sword he was carrying, or was he trying to do something else?

>> No.53284939

>That literally makes no logical sense at all. What train of thought did he follow that made him think that?

>If he wanted to present the Lion's Sword to the Emperor to prove the Dark Angels' loyalty and absolve them of their sins it might make a little more sense.

I don't know, I read it on here.

>Also fuck off, faggotry is a mental illness.

So is autism. Many primarchs went undiagnosed.

>> No.53284942

Will I be able to give the bolters to the rest of my army? It honestly seems to me like they could throw them in for a slight point cost and release a batch of them and I would put them on every fucking marine I had not already carrying plasma guns or flamers.

I'm going to be honest with you, as long as those edgelords keep fielding him I can live with it. The benefits of fighting an army with him outweigh the possibility I won't capture him.

>> No.53284960

I've got 9 fire warriors and one xv8 as farsight.
3 of my xv25s are in a red/black/white sort of pattern
However I recently discovered the kel'shan sept and am in love so I've fluffed my force as a drone testbed with all the units sort of following the way farsight's ai broadside buddy. It also fits in fluff wise since the kel'shan sept have that crazy earth caste engineer who keeps on making riptide variants

>> No.53284961

He would have used the sword to evolve the Emperor into Lion'emperor.

>> No.53284969

>Also fuck off, faggotry is a mental illness.
>Being this butthurt because someone likes dicks

>> No.53284973

All 40k tech is complete garbage
>imperial tech
>stuck on the same shit for the last 10,000 years for obvious reasons
>eldar tech
>stuck on the same shit for several million years due to them never advancing from the technology the Old Ones gave gthem
>ork tech
>literally garbage powered by a latent psychic field
>necron tech
>stuck on the same shit for several million years due to their sleep
>tyranid tech
>lol what tech
Tau tech is arguably the only tech that's evolved consistently and decently, and even then they use it to make the ugliest shit possible on the planet.

In 40k, no one wins.

>> No.53284979

choose one

>> No.53284980

>crazy earth caste engineer who keeps on making riptide variants

Bless his soul

>> No.53284990

Mark IV armor was the most advanced of the pre-X marks. VII was mainly good for its flexibility and modularity rather than extra protection. VIII was just VII with some extra stuff.

>> No.53284992

>just mindlessly regurgitating things you read on the internet without being able to prove it/back it up

It would be so convenient, if everyone had thinking as simple as you did. Unfortunately, long term implications exist, such as a population of 100% homosexuals not existing past a single generation, homosexuals accounting for a disproportionate number of pedophiles and 50% of AIDS carriers, homosexuals, according to studies, practicing incredibly filthy and promiscuous sexual behavior, and homosexuality in general having.... highly suspicious modern origins.

>> No.53284993

They're evil authoritarian leftists who are also racists since I have yet to see lore that allows xenos who arn't tau to be in leadership positions in the different castes.

>> No.53285000

what was mark IX armor?

>> No.53285008

I said I read a post about it yesterday. I don't need to back that claim up.

>> No.53285009

The only difference between Tau and the USSR is that the Tau haven't set up gulags for the filthy gue'va yet.

Everything else is exactly the same: the working class is fooled by lofty ideals of freedom, then dragged into being brainwashed and mind controlled constantly by propaganda, made by the higher caste, the Ethereals, that have no relations whatsoever to the working class.

>> No.53285010

>and homosexuality in general having.... highly suspicious modern origins.
Hahaha holy fuck did you really fall for "the j00s did it" memes regarding gays? Homosexuality has existed in some form in almost every culture going back to antiquity, it has no "modern origins" you fucking retard.

>> No.53285013

no idea, I don't play marines of any flavour

As for cypher, what are the benefits of fighting him? Isn't he a good model.
I have an edgelord (he's like 15) at my lgs that always field cypher and an assassinorum execution force (or a vindicare at least) alongside his deathwatch. I mean, could you get any edgier?
I really want to see like a parody of that engineer being like doc brown or even crazier and like ranting about making bigger and better suits or something and also having like spontaneous ptsd flashbacks. Such a shame we never get tau character development outside of farsight and commander tsundere. Ethereals are mostly space popes and darkstrider is non existent.
That earth caste engineer and his scheming ways would make for a great novel or cartoon sort of thing

>> No.53285015

We will overcome, Sister!

>> No.53285023

They might give it to the Primaris scout equivalents. They've made it clear that we've only seen the Intercessor tactical equivalent.

>> No.53285025

tau propaganda is also of a higher quality and life in the tau empire is actually not that bad.
It's like having the USSR against a bunch of african/south american warlords/druglords. I men you could succeed and have a pretty neat life with the shitfest war/drug lords or join the reliably satisfactory ussr

>> No.53285029

>Imperium nihilus
>Dark imperium

Wouldn't this actually be translated as 'empire of nothing'?

>> No.53285041

GW clearly hasn't studied Latin past their one course in high school.

>> No.53285043

>translating 40k high-gothic as actual latin
Don't do this. You're not really supposed to give that much of a fuck.

>> No.53285044

GW has never been good with its pseudo latin

>> No.53285050

It might be edgy, but at least it's fun and fluffy.

>> No.53285054

There was a certain type of equality found in the USSR at least. In the Tau Empire the Tau are the master race and their alien members serve in the roles they assign them for "The Greater Good".

Hell different caste members can't even breed with each other. The concept of personal freedom that we have today is probably alien to the Tau. At least in the Imperium there is freedom depending on the world you live on.

>> No.53285062

Low and high gothic names usually arent direct equivalents. Astra Militarum and Imperial Guard as one example.

>> No.53285068

>Everything else is exactly the same: the working class is fooled by lofty ideals of freedom, then dragged into being brainwashed and mind controlled constantly by propaganda, made by the higher caste, the bankers, that have no relations whatsoever to the working class.
So Tau is space USA?

>> No.53285069

Or pseudo German.

>> No.53285076

There is fuck all freedom in 99.9% of the imperium mate. Any Arbites on any planet could cave your skull on for pretty much any reason and no one will say anything.

>> No.53285086

-1 Leadership to their warlord, and a DA player gets 3 victory points id he goes down within d6" of him. Deathwing gets Zealot for the rest of the game even if he goes down, and he is not that hard to kill with said Deathwing.

It would mean roughly "The absence of the power of command."

>> No.53285087

>At least in the Imperium there is freedom depending on the world you live on.
Yeah if you're part of the mega-rich 0.00001%.

>> No.53285088

Let's see... the first homosexual magazine was started up by a german jew, who curiously enough had the name Adolf. His magazine's most frequent contributors included Benedict Friedlaender, Erich Mühsam, Kurt Hiller, Theodor Lessing, Klaus Mann and Thomas Mann, all of whom were jews. The Institut für Sexualwissenschaft. a famous research institute known for its heavy pro-LGBT stance, was also founded by a jew. It should be no surprise then that in the same area, the world's first gay village was founded. What a coincidence!

>> No.53285095


>> No.53285104

Was Caesar Jewish when he was playing bottom for the King of Bithynia?

>> No.53285106

No there is freedom in the USA. The Tau Empire is authoritarian in its society. In America you can climb the ladder to enter the different economic classes. In the Tau Empire you are stuck in the caste you are born in and you cannot marry anyone from another caste. Assuming they even have the concept of marriage.

>> No.53285111

>There was a certain type of equality found in the USSR at least.

I'm sure the fine citizens of Eastern Europe (which are the equivalent of the alien members of the Tau Empire) would heartily agreed with you.

>> No.53285115

And yet fags were fucking fags in every corner of the world for all of history before this, even when persecuted and hunted for it. Almost like they were fags regardless of what the cultural norms were in any place or period.

There's being redpilled and then there's being retardpilled. You sir are falling for the fucking memes.

>> No.53285126

Tell that all them Cossacks working in the gulags and all those poor preteen boys who got hanged for trying to defend themselves from Red Army soldiers trying to use them as child soldiers against the Eastern Front.

No, because the case of the Tau, the Ethereals are not originally one with the people, then slowly phased out by an invasive elite group wishing to change the country from the bottom up.

Emphasis was the word "modern" anon. My interest is the roots of the normalization of homosexuality in modern culture, not in an extreme minority of homosexuals in over 2000 years of world history.

>> No.53285130

Its where the manlets live.

>> No.53285131

Edgy. Really made me think.

>> No.53285137

>not in an extreme minority of homosexuals in over 2000 years of world history.
Except it wasn't always an extreme minority and there were plenty of other cultures in which it was normalized long before the modern period.

>> No.53285140

I just wish 8th edition would come out already so I could try writing lists.

>> No.53285142

The way the Imperium operates is it tells its planetary governors to give guardsmen, gather psykers for the black ships, pay their taxes, and worship the Emperor.

How the governors go about governing their world is their business. This allows open ended freedom with some being tyrants and others being benevolent rulers.

Arbites don't really bother the common Imperial Citizen unless they're breaking some serious laws. They're the equivalent of the FBI instead of the local police. As long as a normal citizen does their work, worships the emperor, and doesn't get involved with [insert enemy of the Imperium], then they should be perfectly fine.

>> No.53285147

>Yeah nah
Ah, so you're lazy and just looking for a way to weasel out of your professed interest in Steel Confessors.

>> No.53285150

>and there were plenty of other cultures in which it was normalized long before the modern period.
I named you over 8 jews that played a part in the formation of the world's first LGBT magazine and this is the best evidence you can give me?

>> No.53285163

>How the governors go about governing their world is their business. This allows open ended freedom with some being tyrants and others being benevolent rulers.
Yeah but in practice 99% of the governors are decadent fat slobs living posh sheltered lifestyles with the other nobility while their people starve and suffer from neglect at best.

>> No.53285169

Both of you are correct but what I meant was the USSR didn't have a caste system like the Tau. Now when it comes to purging enemies to the Tau state or the treatment of xenos species then yes I do agree with you two.

>> No.53285172

Good thing Imperial worlds aren't dependent on resources freighted from Terra and Mars.

That the Iperiums' thing, excessive amounts of worlds means there's always resources and redundancies.

>> No.53285176

Yes, I'm lazy. And everything I've seen of 3D printing just proves that it's not ready for making 40k models.
Besides I don't want to order anything overseas.
I'm also a lot torn between starting Iron Hands, Emperor's Warbringers, Steel Confessors, Black Templars or Dark Angels.

>> No.53285184


>> No.53285191

>one magazine meaning anything
>the entire roman empire was sodomizing little boys as a matter of daily life and no one really batted an eye
Yeah I'm sure a secret cabal of the descendants of (((merchant))) sheep herders was behind that too.

>> No.53285196

If only they could have kept some other things mysteries.

>> No.53285210

Or at least kept to speaking of them in "quote" blurbs, letting different sources and researchers disagree.

>> No.53285211

It's not about Terra and Mars. If you're in the Imperium Nihilus you basically cannot Warp travel, fucking at all, even to the closest system right with you on the same side of the Cicatrix. No one can answer calls for help, or flee planets that are under attack, or get needed resources from absolutely anywhere that's not in-system - Forge Worlds cannot ship their arms and vehicles, the Guard and Navy cannot be redeployed. You are stuck fighting for survival wherever you were when the rift opened.

>> No.53285223

>the USSR didn't have a caste system
Ever heard of the phrase "everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others"?

The Bolsheviks were a caste of their own above all others. It should be no surprise that they were also 80% jewish, and Lenin had rabbinic roots and Trotsky's real name is Lev Davidovich Bronstein. This is of course ignoring the fact that their ideology alone was created by a jew, one with incredibly rich cultural background at it too, even sporting the last name of Mordecai, the famous revolutionary in the Bible who overthrew an oppressive government.

>one magazine meaning anything
The important thing here is that this was the world's first gay magazine. It's not just any gay magazine, it was the first of its kind. I can also name plenty of other jews in high places that pushed the homosexual agenda. Larry Kramer, Co-founder of “Act Up,” a homosexual/AIDS activist organization; co-founder of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Alan Klein, Co-founder of group ACT UP, co-founder of group Queer Nation, National Communications Director and chief spokesperson for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, GLAAD. Arnie Kantrowitz, Co-founder of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation AKA: GLAAD. Jonathan D. Katz, founded and chairs the Harvey Milk Institute, the largest queer studies institute in the world and a long time homosexual political activist, was a co-founder of “Queer Nation” in San Francisco. Israel Fishman, founder of the Gay Liberation Caucus in 1970, today- the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Round Table of the American Library Association, the world’s first gay professional organization.

Interestingly enough, ask any conservative/orthodox jew and they will tell you that the Torah says that Homosexuality is a sin.

And a long collapsed empire that caved in due to its own depravity doesn't really support your argument you know.

>> No.53285226

I suspect GW invented a workaround for that.

>> No.53285233

Can't do it safely or quickly, it's still possible.
Just a lot more like taking your raft onto the pacific in a typhoon without a compass.

>> No.53285239

No, I don't think they did. There's a reason they're calling it the Dark Imperium and saying that things on that side have "quite literally gone to hell".

One side of the galaxy is getting noblebrighted by Guilliman, the other side is going the grimdarkest it's ever been. I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of all worlds and humans on the Dark side of the rift are totally fucked.

>> No.53285244

>the USSR didn't have a caste system like the Tau.

Bullshit it didn't. Party membership, ancestry, place of birth, whether you'd been outside of the country or taken prisoner, all of this determined what place you held in society.


>It should be no surprise that they were also 80% jewish

Citation fucking needed. There were lots of Jews in the Bolshevik movement but there were a lot of Jews in revolutionary movements in Russia because they saw it as a way to escape persecution. Hell when the Germans set up their short-lived client states in the East they got a lot of support from Jews because they figured the Germans were a better bet than the locals.

>> No.53285250

Anon at the best of times with full access to the Astronomicon ships still have an uncomfortable failure rate of getting where they need to go accurately, punctually, and safely. Sure there's a possibility you can still do it in the Nihilus side but it's a very very small chance, attempting it is effectively suicide except with more risk involved because instead of just dying you might become a daemons rapetorturesnuff soulfucktoy for eternity.

>> No.53285251

>almost quarter to five but I have to stay awake and see how far the rabbit hole goes

>> No.53285259

Hmm I suppose I was wrong anons sorry about that.

>> No.53285265

I disagree, and I think the giant asto station in the east is so prominent for a reason. It's probably a really shitty Astronomicon replacement, but something that allows Actual warp travel nonetheless.

>> No.53285268

Yes, yes, okay, /pol/ was right. Can we get back to 40k?

>> No.53285275

That statistic is directly sourced from Vladimir Putin, who mind you was literally an ex-KGB member.


What a disappointing answer. I was expecting a little more vigor than just "romans were gay".

>> No.53285299

Well anon you clearly came prepared with your research and arguments whereas I am just here to shit around and talk about fictional plastic space monsters, I wasn't aware it was going to become a sociopolitical debate thread. When I want to be bombarded with reminders of how fucked the world is I'll go to /pol/.

>> No.53285310

I keep all this information stored in reserve for when it's required for usage. I don't come onto threads with the intention to derail them.

In any case, we're already way past bump limit, so feel free to make a new thread.

>> No.53285311

I wouldn't mind that. I can have my chapter split into two distinct groups, one stuck on one side just trying to not die and one on the other making the empire great.

>> No.53285327

Come on guys, 5th thread now. Does anyone have a link for The Beast Arises books 9 to 11?

>> No.53285332

None cars about npc

>> No.53285343

Fuck Black Library tbqhsenfampai

>> No.53285350

Ebook or audio?

>> No.53285361

Sure, it's only 429$ for the discounted bundle.

>> No.53285381

JEsus fucking christ, what? Does anyone actually pay that?

>> No.53285401

>being this toxic and problematic

Ebook. Not into audiobooks, though I guess I can try if there is no other option. Seriously, where is Bran Stark/Epistolary uploading stuff now?

>> No.53285417

You have to go back tumblr

>> No.53285427

Well it's a special price, you get to both audio and ebook.. in case you want to read along.

the IS a ebook only bundle for 159$
.. or the fucking physical bundle for 20$ more

Private circles usenet type places only, he was apparently a rogue member of the group who shared their pooled stuff without consent.

I've found a few on torrent project, though 11 is completely absent both as audio or ebook.

>> No.53285430

problematic was the worse tumblrism of the two he used honestly

toxic doesn't immediately sound like SJW speak depending on context

>> No.53285439

Audiobooks are extremely expensive everywhere.

>> No.53285472

>answer my question in maymays for shits n giggles
>somehow don't realize I also replied in shitposting maymays

Well better than nothing I guess, might as well try audiobooks for the first time. Thanks anon

>> No.53285545

I really enjoyed the audiobook, but i started from part 1 so it just feels wierd to dead it in silence.

>> No.53285553

Is this any good?

>> No.53285574

I'm not really concerned about the quality, more if I'll actually be able to follow an audiobok. Have some Flesh Tearers audibook exclusive bookmarked for months now, but never got around to listening to it due to this.

>> No.53285721

Please kill me now tg

>> No.53286618


>> No.53288425

Still trying to find Shattered Legions as an audio book. Anyone have it that can dump it?

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