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I can't get over these bolters. They look so great.

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Just add 40K so your threads can be filtered properly.

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I wanna make Primaris Marines with some Gundam styled mechas to kick those fucking Tau asses, now.


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I don't get it. Some Ultramarines?

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tfw you will never be a kid watching Toonami after school again.

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>look at the bases
>now look at their proportions
>now look at games workshop's site, and search for Primaris Marines

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Apparently, Papa Smurf ordered Cawl to create some Super Space Marines following the Horus Heresy and when he was revived, he ordered Cawl to activate the first batch.

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Well.. at least it's not marines in power armor in exo suits in exo suits.

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Fluff aside, those are the best looking spess mehreens I've ever seen.

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Bestest one

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>ywn fight xenos and heretics back to back with your 6'1" brother as he tells you these words

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>manlet marines
/fit/ confirmed GW devs

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>Primaris start informing Guillyman about Blood Angel's gene problems
What now?

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Is OK anon, we know that being a manlet space marine is hard.

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I'm still waiting

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>be 'manlet' marine
>maintaining wargear in ritual of maintenance
>glance across the armory
>new shiny primaris wargear on the racks
>nice but somehow lacking
>notice jump packs
>...they're a lot bigger than yours
>makes sense, they have to lift so much more ceramite after all
>but what would happen if you were to adapt one so you could wear it?
>perhaps brother techmarine Septimus might be able to..

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George and Lenny Marines when

>Just think about the emperor Lenny

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People like you literally should not be on imageboards.

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You're a big marine

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for you

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No, I'm not.

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>I can't get over these bolters. They look so great.

i always imagined they looked like that any

except with box mags and no retarded shit on top like rails or scopes

basically pic related but as long as the dlc marine ones

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Yeah man fuck optics and the ability to easily attach and detach equipment for the situation, why don't we all use 1911s and garands :^)

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more like why dont we all use muskets

its the year 41,000 you fuck stick

you think the universes special forces are still using god damn 1990s tech? you think firearms kept advancing past 1911s and garands and than fucking stopped for the rest of time at 1990?

they have build in targeting systems and shit. literally kill yourself. besides ultimately its a matter of taste and aesthetics and they look cooler streamlined and it doesnt look they got designed after some sculptor spent all night playing cowadoody

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They have a targeting sensor between their helmet and gun that gives them updated trajectories in real and predictive time.

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How many marines have you seen go without a helmet?

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thats something gw doesnt like to talk about but its easy to explain away with implants in the eye to give a HUD

you realize that with good targeting systems you can shoot fucking missiles out of the air. we already have systems that do that and have had it for a while now

just admit you have shit retarded taste and stop trying to make it an argument about your uniformed version of realism

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those arent bolters. they are a new weapon called a bolt rifle with a different profile.

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OH! excuse my ignorance!

of course they are Game Workshops® Cawl Bolt Rifles™ Mk II©

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whatever smartass I was just telling you because, you know, a thread is about having a conversation.

the new bolt rifles are larger bolters for primaris marines with a different profile. normal marines still use their (smaller) bolters.

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is there a youtube video of a good game with quality commentary a non-player can follow?

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My sides have gone to the Warp you heretic!

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>going up against the faction with Fucking Xenos Char
Hope he kills your dudes three times faster

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Not him but having analog aiming aids like scopes/iron sights is always good to have in case more advances systems fail.

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No, no way.

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>more advances systems fail.
pray harder

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Why are they wearing seatbelts?

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What are, realistically, the odds of regular marines being phased out?

I find it unlikely GW would want to maintain two model lines for Reg Marines and Primaris Marines

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As someone who thinks space marines are totally retarded and boring, please bring back the old marines. They looked a lot better. These new marines are vying with the tau for ultimate fag status

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anyone else think primaris marine knee pads look like uruk-hai helmets from lotr?

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>What are, realistically, the odds of regular marines being phased out?
More likely they will be EMPIRed.

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That is super adorable, and I kind of wish that was the new fluff. You could even still have them be super well-trained - just have it be so instinctive they don't have practical experience, and are curious and naive when not in combat.

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>they have build in targeting systems
Someone needs to let GW know about this. Not that they particularly seem to care about lore anyways.

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We don't need to find ways for marines to ignore more mechanics in game, anon.
According to the lore, shit like night fighting and shrouding should be automatically ignored by marines and sisters due to the optics in their helmets.

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its not that different. its a boltgun that is loaded with kraken penetrators as standard.

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pretty unlikely. by the sounds of the last teaser the dark imperium isn't going to get primaris marines.

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>These new marines are vying with the tau for ultimate fag status
You mean for the second ultimate fag status

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You forgot to copyright cawl©

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>being this autistic and impotently angry


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I bet that they will have parts interchangeable with the Custodes since they look to be the same hight and, just like the Custodes, can fit a normal marine head/shoulder pads. I picked up a Prospero box today and am gonna set the golden boys aside to see if I can maybe use their legs along with some DA bits to make a chapter master. A tall-as-fuck guy in robes with a feathered helmet seems rad.

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>and, just like the Custodes, can fit a normal marine head/shoulder pads

Pretty sure this was actually confirmed in the article, as a matter of fact.

...So wait.



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>Are the kits compatible with existing Space Marine kits?

>Good Question. There are certainly elements of the existing Space Marines kits that will be cross-compatible, while the new armour mark means that some parts won’t mix as easily. Shoulder pads and helmets are the same scale, and will still work, whereas the legs, torso and arms are different, and not quite as interchangeable. In terms of the Primaris sets themselves, you’ll have loads of fun kit-bashing them.

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>Do the Primaris Space Marines play nice with the Adeptus Custodes?

>They sure do. Many of the Emperor’s elite golden guard are accompanying Gulliman and the Primaris Space Marines on the Indomitus Crusade.


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Looking more at the OP image in willing to bet the actually bits will be assembled the same way, with the inside of the torso being hollow and whatnot. Even the marines in the pic have those optional hip pads like the golden boys. Some of them don't have them, some do.

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>Not him but having analog aiming aids like scopes/iron sights is always good to have in case more advances systems fail.

This is why our marines carry stone axes into afghanistan - just in case their guns all stop working.

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Bolt Action Assault Weapon Black Long Gun Rifle.

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To be fair bruh, at the time Wing came out it was pretty OP compared to UC stuff.

This didn't matter, as 99% of the danger the Wing pilots faced was political, but shit like Wing Zero's ridiculous beam cannon would be all but unstoppable in UC.

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Yeah nah Custodes minis look like fucking golden-clad gorillas.

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Have they changed the scale or are they just bigger space marines?

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>you’ll have loads
Don't fucking tell me what to do

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Real life soldiers do carry combat knives. Both as a last resort weapon and as a survival tool.

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Put beards and horn helmets in your manlettes. There you go.

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And so do Space Marines.

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>99% of the danger the Wing pilots faced was political
That's the case in almost all Gundams. The main good boys will never die until they fall prey to ""dramatic"" asspull.

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don't worry anon, it's been almost two years since I first wrote modern squat rules, and my track record is roughly two years from me writing something to GW doing it.

>Wrote rules for 40k imperial knights so I could have one join my counts as admech guard.
>two years later we have real admech and knights

>write as a joke the "Age of the Emperor" rules for 40k models in AOS
>GW AOS's 40k.

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Yeah, but the scope isn't even mounted on the rails. Which is really the part that bugs me. Also, any marine with a helmet doesn't need a scope.

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Assuming you aren't looking for tutorial vids, try Winters SEO's channel:

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Thats just a command rhino to a command land raider. Tho I think the scale would be more correct comparing the two

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Thats just a command rhino and a command land raider anon.

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>Winters SEO's
I really wish he would be more uniform with his games.

Sometimes they show most rolls, others only the key ones, other times he spend 15 minutes trying to narrate shit that happened in a too autistic for me to watch fashion rather than show anything of what happened in a phase

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I like New Games Workshop tm

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My only hope is that they will give us updated regular CSM. Yeah, I have dreams. Don't shatter them, k?

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>Guilliman: "Here is the technology. I've asked you to simply make them smaller."
>Cawl: "All right, my lord, that's what we're trying to do, but... honestly, it's impossible."
>Guilliman: "The Emperor was able to build us in a basement! With a box of babies!"
>Cawl: "Well, I'm sorry. I'm not the Emperor."

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Come on now, guys. Post the real comparison image.

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Why would Space marines waste a Land raider chassis for communication crap?

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Difference between 5'11'' and 6'?

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>Wing OP compared to ZZ, CCA and Victory

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You do realize command vehicles need good communications to coordinate with the whole force, right?

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Wing is garbage

Gundam Thunderbolt is vastly superior

>> No.53290362

>why waste a premium armoured personnel carrier carrying key command personnel and vital comms equipment

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Like, just link three rhinos full of communication equipment together. The commander does not need to be in frontlines to yell at microphone.

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Reading this post aloud in a falsetto valley girl voice is pretty much the most fun I've had today.

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>SM commander
>not on the front lines

Maybe in your girlyman chapter.

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Well, now he is in the frontlines, in a metal box, wasting precious weaponcarrier.

>> No.53290989

Don't forget the Zero System.

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The second season of thunderbolt is working hard to fix that

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Autosenses newfag

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>Kacper Czernik
I agree with him about the "just stop changing and retconning shit." but the rest of his post is retarded and GW was absolutely 100% correct in their response.

Also, nothing said that someone wasn't working on new improved space marines for the past 10k years, so it's technically not a retcon.

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Do we have a pic of nuMarines and custodes side by side yet? Are they the same size?

>> No.53295517

Well, Custodes models stand around a head taller than current Marines.

>> No.53295550

And from here it looks like they'd be around the same height, but the Primaris are more well-proportioned.

>> No.53295608

that actually makes sense, the custodes are older, no doubt the Primaris are more well refined, marrying elements of the geenseedless custodes enhancements with the Geenseed based Astartes enhancements

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>When your argument gets BTFO by GeeDubs

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So two questions:

1) Primaris marines are vat-grown exclusive

2) Are any of them psykers?

>> No.53296075

So can we stop pretending that this isn't Age of Emperor yet?

>> No.53296619

can we stop pretending that Age of Emperor would be a bad thing?

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>1) Primaris marines are vat-grown exclusive right?

Don't know.

>2) Are any of them psykers?

Probably, the starter set is supposed to come with a Librarian.

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Bile is a fucking hack compared to Cawl.

And Cawl doesn't even specialize in biology.

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It isn't Age of Emperor because you're about to receive four consecutive releases of new Chaos army models. Age of Hell would be more appropriate.

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Not the guy you're responding to, but damn... this is some high level autistic REEEEEE you're showing there mate

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Except we've seen the prior attempts and they're generally considered doomed to failure. Any products of prior projects have been cursed one way or another. Does no-one else remember the 21st founding? Lamenters, Fire Hawks, Sons of Antaeus?

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Why did they choose the ugliest possible helmet for these guys?

>> No.53300472

Well if anything is gonna get Lion out from under his bed it's these guys.

Also, if these are made from the geneseed of all the primarchs at once, what the hell do they look like under their helmets?

>> No.53300696

which Bolter pattern do Custodes use?

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>implying CSM won't get truscale Bilearines to compete with Primadonnarines
>implying their fluff doesn't say Bile finally cracked the code and has been working under Abaddon's orders creating the next fusion of flesh and daemon

>getting anything nice

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Well, the storm bolter and "heavy bolter" are labeled as Lastrum Storm Bolter and Bolt Cannon. Though they both have a special rule, where as the guardian and paragon spear bolters, and the Adrastus bolt caliver's bolter are not named (Adrastus refers to the disintegration beam technology). I'm guessing they're specialized patterns devised on Terra by some techno-gang, like the Lastrum. Too rare and expensive for mass production.

>> No.53303047

>Emperor made them from scratch in his basement

Except the part where he was assisted by the finest scientists of Terra to design the Geneseed implantation process and worked with the Cult Mechanicus to refine some of their gear, but let's not dwell on those little details.

Cawl pretty strictly does specialise in biology, even if it's not directly stated. When he was first introduced back during Gathering Storm and in the promotional material his legacy was said to be 'the remnants of thousands of genetic and biologis experiments', on top of his two primary objectives being A: Building a life-supporting suit of power armour for a Primarch and B: Refining the geneseed process.

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If you'd stop presssing enter at random intervals your post might come across as less autistic.

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Fucking marinelets, when will they learn?

>> No.53303501

How can this be the Age of Emperor if your Emperor is still dead?

>> No.53303523

Success is built on top of a hundred failures. It is through mistakes that we learn and improve, that how progress is born.

>> No.53303786

>shoulder pads and helmets
Deathwatch primaris?

>> No.53304155

>hating on Chad Marines
Fuck outta here beta boy

>> No.53305234

I'm fine with these Primaris now

>> No.53306417

Yep you can put deathwatch pads on primaris marines. Thats what i plan on doing for my inquisition marines.

>> No.53310199

>manage to convince the big guy to hand the kids off to the support crew for safekeeping
>insists on hugging each one goodbye and telling them the Emperor loves them
That's actually adorable.

>> No.53311338

>New models look great to me
>but instead of just being an upgrade to the look of space marines, they're meant to be new, even spacier marines.

Not sure I like where they're going with this, lore wise, but at least they look good.

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>> No.53311452

Especially not /tg/ since this board started as a containment board for 40k. Fuck that guy

>> No.53312395

Ok there are officially too damn many versions of bigger, more-muhreen-than-regular-muhreen marines now.

>> No.53312470


The simple fix to the primaris problem: creating a primaris marine requires two progenoids instead of one. It also blends the life experience of the marines the progenoids were matured in -- for instance, two progenoids from two different chapters might create a primaris with an incredible depth of genetic combat experience. The cost is that it requires effectively an entire regular marine's genetic potential to create a primaris, thus causing them to be of low numbers and also encouraging you to keep "vanilla" marines around to mature the excess geneseed needed.

>> No.53313017

>be tall
>look like chad
>play full army of primaris marines
8th edition is going to be great

>> No.53313066

Nothing in CCA could beat Wing Zero except the Nu.

ZZ and Victory I don't know well enough to comment on.

And Turn A kills them all anyway.

>> No.53313191

I always read these with the primaris having a Sloth voice.
>Emperor, yay! [clapping intensifies]

>> No.53313350

I am actually a valley girl so it works. Dunno why people thought I was trying to ackshually.png though, I was just mentioning it to let people know in a non-confrontational way.

>> No.53313439

Tabletop Tactics - Very good quality content, no autism and everything is explained

>> No.53313442

Wait, they said they're using the gene seed of the Primarchs, does that include the traitor primarchs too?
>mfw loyalist Primaris Thousand sons possible in 40k

>> No.53313458

I think they said only loyalist. Unsure if Emperor counts.

>> No.53313499

No. No you are not. You are a man from the ages of 14-45. Just like everyone else here.

>> No.53313576

>TFW you are so deep in pretending to be a valley girl you start to unironically shitpost like one.

>> No.53313703


Shooty Custodes for 40K when?

>> No.53313728 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53313762

Are there special new super pistols too? Or is that (I guess.....sergeant) using a regular bolt pistol, alongside the Cawl rifles?

>> No.53313790


They dual-wield bolters instead of bolt pistols

>> No.53313826

in my army? Fucking none. Wear a hat or get the fuck out.

>> No.53313831

Guess as a Minotaurs player I can ignore these guys and just buy more shiny forgeworld toys.

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>> No.53313951

>/tg/ flipping out about Primaris Marines
>just after GW released the fucking Custodes, the one faction that no one thought would ever see the tabletop and ended up becoming arguably the most batshit OP army in existence despite the obscenely low unit count

>> No.53313954

Have they released stats? Cause im kinda wondering if theyre gonna change the base pistol range of 12", given that regular bolter range is being increased too

>> No.53313998

Fuckin' wizards. You have no sense of right and wrong!

Look what you did to 40K!

>> No.53314050

but the emperor cheated and essentially created demon princes from his own essence

>> No.53314063


Isn't that model 30k exclusive?

>> No.53314101

This is great

>> No.53314183

Not any more. They're dispatched in very small numbers for sooper leet oper8an

>> No.53314304

I used to think non-helmet marines was retarded because
>have protective armor that supposed deflects everything
>reveal your face like a retard so that you can get gibbed by a laspistol to the face in a world where war = a mosh pit with blades and bullets saturating the air

but meh, 40k is already non-logic central so might as well go full rule of cool. now I make all of my characters have no helmets so it's easier to pick them out in the squad. gives the army some character (fuck puns but lack of a better word) instead of just having a sea of mooks. feels more personal and interesting IMO

>> No.53314321

Yes they released stats. The bolt weapons are the same ranges as before. This new bolt weapon has it's own new stats. It is not a regular bolter.

>> No.53314337

>becoming op
when the fuck did that happen, are the saggies really that strong because the shields and spears didn't really wow me

>> No.53314376

I really don't get it. Aside from the bolt rifles, the only difference between them and the regular ones is the size. What's the point? I know it's to make money, but... really? Is this all it takes? They literally didn't have to do anything, just upscale the models by 20% and copy+paste the origin of the old space marines while replacing "Emperor" with "Guiliman". And it works? Are GW actually this good at making money?

>> No.53314400

>batshit OP

where? in 7th? whoa a month of small model count in an MSU edition, sounds overpowered.

and nobody knows what will be OP (if anything) in 8th. people insist on making retarded speculations about an edition that hasn't been revealed based on their presumptions and tidbits of released information, but that is retarded. one small change to a number, tweak to a mechanic, is the difference between broken and balanced. so it's 100% a waste of time to speculate on power levels until you actually see the dang game.

>> No.53314461

>the most batshit OP army in existence despite the obscenely low unit count
As it should be... though to be serious, most HHG fans don't care about them, aside from the fact that they've been the 40K waac-fag's Horus Heresy army of choice.

>> No.53314489

>And it works? Are GW actually this good at making money?

Well they've been the top dog for decades so they're doing something right. To me it's the most boring shit ever, it's like a satire of everything retarded about consumerism. We gave you THING, and now, wait for it, BIGGER THING. It's BIGGER so it's BETTER, don't you like BIG and EXPLOSIONS?! It's the laziest shit ever. There are so many interesting ways to go with this IP but they just make . . . bigger marines.

That said I don't really care. Doesn't effect me much beyond having to shoot at them on the table, and I doubt even GW is cancerous enough to squat the golden goose of their game, space marines. If space marines went the way of the dodo that would basically throw the entire history of 40k into the trash. Space marines? Haha, that's old hat, who cares about the last 10k years, now it's all about primaris. I don't think they are going to pull this madman move because it would be worse than what they did to WHFB.

But then again, they just might be crazy enough . . .

>> No.53314522

>HHG fans don't care about them


>> No.53314591

>I really don't get it. Aside from the bolt rifles, the only difference between them and the regular ones is the size. What's the point? I know it's to make money, but... really? Is this all it takes?

people were clamoring for true-scale marines for ages. GW gave it to them.
that's market research, and supply and demand.

>> No.53314680

So, is Guilliman pushing the Imperium to start making new tech, or are we still stuck in "innovation is heresy" territory

>> No.53314772

>As it should be... though to be serious, most HHG fans don't care about them, aside from the fact that they've been the 40K waac-fag's Horus Heresy army of choice.
I don't get that
i've been out of HHG for a bit and hell the only players near me are luna wolves, SoH, DG, and WEs (I'm an admech faggot)
how are they so powerful? those bolters don't seem very impactful and their sicarian is just a hover sicarian with a weird rule

>> No.53314841

>We want Halo and Call of Duty audience

>> No.53314877

I really don't get it - I know there's a lot of fluff attached, but I legitimately can't see these guys as anything other than 'larger Space Marines.' I'm sure it'll look impressive on the tabletop, but I otherwise can't see why GW was thinking this would stand out and make people want to buy them. This is not something that will look awesome in an advertisement. Granted, I like that they aren't disgustingly ornate like some recent models, but they also don't look any more special than a squad of Sternguard Veterans - they literally look like bogstandard marines, but bigger and with skirt-plates and longer guns.

>> No.53314950

>Same size as Custodes (9ft)
>still S4

But why?

>> No.53314986

Shit they really looks much more closer to Starcraft marines, except helmets, obviously

>> No.53315007

literally who was clamoring for this? do you have market research to back up such a thing?

also it's retarded since these aren't truescale marines, they're bigger marines. beside normal squat marines. so if they were operating on that logic then why would they make their existing product look worse?

>> No.53315029


Why such skinny arms?

>> No.53315031

>so if they were operating on that logic then why would they make their existing product look worse?
To force SM players recollecting their whole armies of course.
Original SM will became something like Empire in AoS

>> No.53315047

sure thing m8

>> No.53315078

To me, part of the foundational message of 40k has always been the futility of war and the idea that there are no real heroes left in man. In fluff i have ott mydoods(r) faggotry on par with the best of gw, but that's all pomp and propaganda. On the tabletop, the gritty reality is they're all just grist for a grimdark, galaxy-spanning meat grinder. Having them all be faceless reinforces that.

Yes, it's mostly about being Robustly Heterosexual and mashing together dune, foundation, and mad max. But there's some real shit in there too, and that's important to me.

>> No.53315084

I like it

>> No.53315093

where exactly ?

>> No.53315099

What's wrong? Empire was poster boys of WHFB and was replaced by Stormcasts, just like original marines were replaced by Primaris Marines (especially after all non-codex chapters wiped out of existense)

>> No.53315112

SHoulders, arms, chests, it's almost the same plates

>> No.53315119

I legitimately dont understand what people mean by this, im guessing they're saying age of sigmar is a bad game? if thats the case I have to politely disagree.

>> No.53315133

either you're reaching too hard or you need to get your eyes checked

>> No.53315147

I really don't get the autistic screeching over the nu-marines. The models were starting to look aged and GW gave anyone who plays marines a way of still having a mixed army of the new and old models, we don't know how they're going to stack up mathematically versus regular marines so meh.

Also, closer to fluff, true-scale marines is a good thing in my opinion.

Oh wait...
Thats why.

>> No.53315158

>Are all my current Space Marine miniatures redundant now?
>No way! Primaris Space Marines do not replace regular (if a superhuman killing machine can be described as ‘regular’) Space Marines. These guys have a few extra genetic enhancements, thanks to Belisarius Cawl, and serve as additional reinforcements in the Adeptus Astartes arsenal, not replacements.

You could argue that they're lying but the fact that this even exists on their website shows they know there will be backlash if normie marines are replaced. It would be a full suicide move and cause plenty of people to ditch this game that has jumped a whole Sea World full of sharks already. I would myself.

I don't think they will do it. But there is a small [nervous feeling] in the back of my mind that says GW really is this cancerous.

>> No.53315186

They aren't replacing normal squat marines dummy. Also if they just wanted to make marines truescale, they could just release a new marine kit that was bigger. There's no reason to go through the trouble of pretending primaris marines won't replace space marines if they will, people who would dislike it would still dislike it. Primaris marines are literally just a special unit type. Space marines are not becoming truescale.

>> No.53315232

>Mars now producing shitton of Primaris marines
>Original marines now don't have plot-armor
>most of non-Ultra "important chapters" like Space Wolves, Black Templars, Imperial Fists, Blood and Dark Angels in Dark Imperium now and cannot recruit new members except of primaris marines, who actually on Guilliman side now
>not replacements.
Yeah sure m8.
Of course they will be playable, but that's why I use analogy with Empire

>> No.53315248

>Also,action figures marines is a good thing in my opinion.

>> No.53315302

With bigger marines will they resize terminators again?
Or will terminators and centurion become irrelevant...

>> No.53315314

>With bigger marines will they resize terminators again?

>> No.53315326

They don't seem to look all that similar to me.

The only similarity I really see is the pauldrons, but I thought those were required for anything to be considered "power armor" nowadays.

They might still be suits of power armor, but their design and aesthetics are different. Terran Marines have more of a futuristic-military feel to them, sort of like Starship Troopers. Space Marines have more of a Medieval Crusader aesthetic to them.

>> No.53315460

1. They've literally stated that isn't the case, no matter how hard you fucking autists bitch and moan
2. AoS takes place aeons after warhammer fantasy in a very different setting and thematically the stormcasts are nothing like the empire. primaris marines are being introduced into 40k just a few moments after the original static timeline and are just slightly different from regular marines

>> No.53315499

>1. They've literally stated that isn't the case,
They also stated that WHFB armies will be usable in AoS.
>slightly different

>> No.53315732

>dat armor detalisation

>> No.53315754

They're lying through their fucking teeth. GW know their fanbase all too well. They'll phase out marinelets themselves. In a couple of years at most the autistic agitation over players using old marines will reach such unbearable levels that those who refuse to 'upgrade' will either ditch their army or cave in and recollect their entire force. GW don't have to do shit, they can even wash their hands of the whole thing.

>don't worry anon, of course you can still use your old models! But it's not our fault the latest models are just better :)

>> No.53315778

>They also stated that WHFB armies will be usable in AoS.
But they are?

Yeah nah, there's no reasoning with you whining faggots. If you really think primaris marines are as different from regular marines as stormcasts are from empire soldiers, you might want to check for actual mental retardation

>> No.53315787


I feel like these need capes. They seem visually unbalanced.

>> No.53315799

>They aren't replacing normal squat marines dummy.

No, but they should.

>There's no reason to go through the trouble of pretending primaris marines won't replace space marines if they will, people who would dislike it would still dislike it.

They won't replace them, If they did there'd be loads of autists quit the hobby out some misguided sense of spite. This way they get to stealth buff marines, release new kits and prevent a backlash from the "But muh visually obsolete army" crowd.

>> No.53315816

>But they are?
Yeah, good luck to use them in AoS.
>there's no reasoning with you whining faggots.
>reddito calls anyone else a faggot
>as stormcasts are from empire soldiers
Where I said anything like this, except analogy?

>> No.53315843

And for the record, I have a full Battle-Company of push fit marines, so anyone who cares about their army looking dated, bite me. I'll still get one squad of primaris to paint since I like the models. (if they're not overpriced as fuck)

>> No.53316777


>> No.53316797

Custodes have combi bolters with desintegrators that deal instant death to anything they shoot.

>> No.53316877

They are replacing them. Space Marines can be upgraded into Primaris Marines in a medical procedure apparently. We'll see the old marines slowly get phased out over the next 5 years I bet.

>> No.53316909

Actually, some are very usable. Tomb Kings & Bretonnia are, despite their models being discontinued, astonishingly strong.

>> No.53318038

>astonishingly strong.
Only Kangz WERE storng, now they are shit

>> No.53318131

I think they look kind of awkward. Literally like they took the CAD models for Godwyn bolters and elongated the front half.

>> No.53318151

Fuck, those Sagittarum Guard look so awkward. I wasn't sure why for a while, but it's the pauldrons. They stick out from the torso too much.

>> No.53318165

You knew what they meant.

This sort of pedantic, rigid thinking is a classic trait of autism. Consider getting checked, if you haven't already.

>> No.53318323

I'm okay with supermarines now that GW stated that regular Space Marines can get Primaris-ized. Because of that, it now really feels like they're the next step for the Astartes, rather than just a bunch of super-special newfags coming to steal all the glory.

>> No.53318351

>believing what Chaos says

>> No.53318366

>I'm okay with supermarines now that GW stated that regular Space Marines can get Primaris-ized.
Except the fact that all non-Ultra chapters cannot get this technology.

>> No.53318390

They said in the article that every chapter can get Primaris marines though?

>> No.53318392

>Except the fact that all non-Ultra chapters cannot get this technology.
[citation needed]

>> No.53318489

Here is the point, most of non-Ultra Chapters are trapped in Dark Imperium, some of them soon will be rekt (White Scars and Blood Angels) totally, while Primaris Marines (who created and trained by Guilliman) remains fighting to protect the rest of Imperium.

>> No.53318497

Part of me just wishes that they'd not bothered with the Primaris shit and just said "Marines are truescale now, fuckers". It'd avoid the shoehorny feel of it all, and basically have the same outcome, if GW is actually planning on making Primaris Marines the new Marine standard.

>> No.53318551

See, then they'd openly piss people off. Seems GW would rather just be insidious about it.

>> No.53318576

>Blood Angels
Sanguinius will come back soon to lead Imperium Nihilus into glory once more, as soon as the Necrons reverse time on his corpse.

Also, the Blood Angels will get super vampire marines.

And the Khan will be back to go fast once more alongside his sons.

>> No.53318666

>Sanguinius will come back
Of course he will, since GW copying Blizzard they will make a non-Kerrigan from him when Nids finish Baal

>> No.53318702

Vade Retro Satana!

Corrupting the Angel of the Imperium with those ugly as sin bone wings will never happen.

>> No.53318723

>Vade Retro Satana!
>it's not even dubles

>> No.53318880

The fact that GW doesn't give a fuck about fluffing out old models in AoS is pretty much a non-sequitur regarding oldscale vs truescale marines.

>> No.53318884

>non-Ultra Chapters are trapped in Dark Imperium
Not Dark Angels

Stay mad shitgenes

>> No.53318900

To be fair, pretty sure if you have and RT-era space marine figs, they're still tabletop legal.

>> No.53318918

It smacks of awkward corporate back-room debate. They wanted truescale, but knew people would be pissed if they just ripped off the bandage and declared all marines would be truescale from now on, and then you probably had different people in the back taking different sides on how to handle it, so you end up with a typical awkward corporate compromise - it works, kinda, but isn't really the best way to achieve any of their goals.

>> No.53318920

So which chapters get primaris?

>> No.53318922


>> No.53318925

>Not Dark Angels
Including Dark Angels, who now fighting against both, Imperium and Chaos

>> No.53318949

To be fair, pretty sure you should work on your reading comprehension.

>> No.53319017

Oh, so you acknowledge that you can keep running your army, even if all new marine figs eventually get changed to truescale? Then what the fuck are you rambling about?

>> No.53319028

Nope, the Rock is in the safe zone.

>> No.53319103


>> No.53319146

Hell, thanks to that big Necron dynasty, the Ultramarines are damn near cut off from getting Primarines!
Honestly, other than Mordians, Valhallans, and Blood Angels, who exactly is cut off over in the Dark Imperium?
(Oh, and Battlefleet Gothic, I suppose.)

>> No.53319220


..are they now?
>Come Unforgiven! Let us slay giants!
>Repent, for tomorrow you die!

>> No.53319285

If regular Marines can be upgraded into Primaris', and Nu-Emperor Roboute is giving Chapters the ability to make their own Primaris', then surely the goal has to be, just for pragmatic reasons, to phase out regular Astartes in favour of their superior replacements?

Also why is the Bolt Rifle not being made the common sidearm of regular Astartes too?

>> No.53319297


>to phase out regular Astartes in favour of their superior replacements?

>> No.53319400

>girlyman helps a tyranid invaded world
>its squat world
>it was all planned

>> No.53319426

>Roboute likes blue
>has had this plan going for ten thousand years
Tzeentch confirmed?

>> No.53319470

Akshually, his plan went on for ages because he was wounded. One can presume he would have out it into action much sooner if he wasn't.
Based Cawl waited for the Call for 10k years. That's a dedicated bro.

>> No.53319497

We don't know what it actually takes to go from Space Marine to Space Marine Space Marine, so it's hard to say if it's even feasible to make it standard upgrade. Pure, "it's better" doesn't cut it, because the existence of Marines has not removed the need for Guard.

>Also why is the Bolt Rifle not being made the common sidearm of regular Astartes too?

Well, it looks much bigger and heavier.

>> No.53319498

>One can presume he would have out it into action much sooner if he wasn't.
>Based Cawl waited for the Call for 10k years. That's a dedicated bro.
He needed space elf chick to rub her ass over Roboute's body in order to restore him.

>> No.53319517

I mean, I know better then to ask why Caul didn't push the button sooner - this seems like the kind of thing that you really don't want the High Lords to see you doing unless you literally have a Primarch on your side.
But...how many people in the Imperium are ten thousand years old? I know at some point in the fluff, there were certain dreadnoughts that were the 'oldest people alive' or something, but then I also thought the Custodes were the same Custodes for the entirety of the Imperium. And then, apparently enough implants will keep you going the whole time. Which humans are just fucking immortal? Any other than Cawl?

>> No.53319544

>Any other than Cawl?
Like you've said, there are Custodes and Dreadnoughts who've been around since the Heresy or before. Presumably there are other Archmagos as old as Cawl.

>> No.53319554

I wish I liked Yvraine, all waifu jokes aside. I don't hate the concept of the Ynnead cult, just something about the execution bothers me, not sure why.

>> No.53319588

If anyone will be that old it'll be some of the fucks in the Mechanicus.

>> No.53319710

Personnaly it's the hair. The hair kills the whole thing for me.

>> No.53319755

>not Fullmetal Astartes

>> No.53319799

Stop posting superior miniatures from a better game, y-you're making me upset!

>> No.53319872


>> No.53320059


>> No.53320111

>GW doesn't give a fuck about fluffing out old models in AoS
You didn't see the cringey retconning that Vilitch got with the Arcanites book, then?

>> No.53320132



>> No.53320158

That's my biggest problem with theplastic Custodes. They had the potential to be awesome, but GW chose not to give them their glorious capes as standard, and made their pauldrons stick out a lot, so they came out looking really top-heavy. There's a mini-cape for the squad leader, but it's easy to miss from a front-on perspective.

The Sagittarum Guard that that guy posted just make it even more blatant, since they have those enormous combi-weapons.

>> No.53320181

Hey look, it's that girl from Destiny.

>> No.53320187

>"here's our new, badass Mk X Marine armour"
>literally just a compilation of visual elements from their recent best-seller Marine kits (Mk IV helmets because Calth, slightly re-jiggered Mk VIII for the rest of the suit because Deathwatch)

I don't actually mind the look of the Nu-Marines, even though I wish they'd not been coy and outright said they were true-scaling the range... but fuck, the Mk X armour feels like they put barely any effort into it.

>> No.53320216

Well, from a lore point of view the mk4 helmet is supposedly the most advanced one. Makes sense to try and keep it.
And the 5r armor is fine imo. It fits in the middle of others, while being noticeable different.

>> No.53320350

In the QnA yesterday they said normal Marines can get upgraded to Primaris. Also, either way, doesn't change that if Roboute's givin the Chapters the ability to make Primaris then they should make all new recruits Primaris and inevitably the old Astartes should die out.

Also Guard are irrelevant, when was the last time they ever won anything? Marines always win the battles, Guard just die to make Marines look cooler. Primaris are the same but even better. The interview on Warhammer TV yesterday even said they're more resistant to Chaos.

I highly doubt the Bolt Rifle's too heavy for a Space Marine to use.

>> No.53320424

>they said normal Marines can get upgraded to Primaris.

I know they did. But did they say how easy that transformation is?

>doesn't change that if Roboute's givin the Chapters the ability to make Primaris

Again, how easy it is. You're already spending 10 years to implant organs. Depending on how time and resource consuming it is to make a Primaris, it might not be worth it for large scale production.

You might as well ask why every space marine isn't a Grey Knight armed with a combi-storm bolter packing sternguard ammo. That's better than a mook space marine, is it not?

>Guard are irrelevant

I'd like to see individual space marines defending/conquering entire planets on their own.

>I highly doubt the Bolt Rifle's too heavy for a Space Marine to use.

The M1 Thompson is not too heavy for human use either, yet still the M3 Grease Gun was found to be far more favorable by troops.

>> No.53320452

>I'd like to see individual space marines defending/conquering entire planets on their own.
They do that in the background fluff a lot. Like one Blood Angel Company liberats I think they say like five whole systems from Orks and stuff.

That's pretty standard.

Bolt Rifle is just better than Bolter. This is 40k. The Bolt Rifle is literally simply stated to be better in all regards than the Bolter, see no reason not to upgrade regular Marines to using it.

>> No.53320461

Dude Marines have always been established that in the fluff a single squad can conquer an entire planet. You got stuff like Cryptus where Billions of Guards and Sisters and Navy ships all lose horribly to nids but then like 400 Marines rock up and fight better than them.

>> No.53320465


I thought the Corvus had all the enhanced sensory stuff packed in the beak.

>> No.53320521

>so buttblasted he posts multiple images in defence
>details are still shit compared to the Infinity model

>> No.53320544

>400 Marines

I said one (1) Marine. Because 1,000,000 marines and 1,000,000 worlds means there's 1 space marine for each world in the Imperium (as stated in 5e SM codex). And that does not include patrolling the vast stretches of space.

There is a very good reason US Army isn't just a bunch of Deltas and Seals.

Shouldn't we also bring up all the cases where Marines die like bitches?

>Bolt Rifle is just better than Bolter.

So is the storm bolter.

>> No.53320573

I'll be buying a lot of them. They look great and it's easier than trying to truesale a bunch of terminator bits.

>> No.53320593

Is that a chinacast? Because the casting quality is less than stellar.

>> No.53320630

Really anon? You find it unlikely that GW would come up with an ingenious plan to double the amount of Space Marines they can sell?

It's much more liekly they will phase out other armies, like Orks to make room for the extra Space Marines in store

>> No.53320645

>What are bayonets

>> No.53320816

Depends if there are any of the various Perpetuals like Olly and Matt Damon left

>> No.53320858

I thought it was that guy from that one Blizzard game. You know, the autistic one with skulls.

>> No.53320933

Who would buy regular marines though?
Primaris look better, are better kits (because newer), are better in the game and better in the fluff.. why would anyone new to 40k and starting a space marine army go for regular marines when he can use the new giants?

>> No.53320956

I like your post, like really from the bottom to top, we agree on everything...except...the reason the Bureau of Ordinance adopted the M3 was because cheap stamped metal subguns were the style of the day. The Thompson is, from the standpoint of the individual soldier, a better weapon by every metric besides weight. More reliable, more accurate, and a higher rate of fire at I think 700rpm compared to ~400 for the M3.

HOWEVER from the standpoint of the BofO the Grease Gun is a better weapon than the Thompson. The M3 is made of stamped steel parts, much cheaper than the milled components of the Thompson. Also due to the stamped parts, they were far easier to manufacture in volume (which is what you want in a war of attrition) while a Thompson essentially has to be hand-fitted.

I'm a submachine gun nerd sorry, even /k/ doesn't have much time for subguns anymore since this whole short-barreled rifle thing took off...

>> No.53320992


Two reasons.

The first is that the Space Marine is the default. It's what GeeDubs will hand you when you walk into the store and it's what the rest of the game uses as a baseline. They're called MEQ's for a reason.

The second is that Primaris Marines are point expensive and tactically rigid. I can imagine that having a full squad of them with anything but bolters is going to eat up points REALLY fast. That may be attractive to new players on a budget but realistically sometimes you need less expensive generic marines with a lascannon thrown in.

Tyrannids, IG, and any other high number army will crush an all Primaris army in sheer numbers since you can only shoot so many conscripts per turn if you only packed the bare minimum.

>> No.53321017

It's a converted Cataphractii terminator with the chainfist replaced by a chainglaive.

>> No.53321024

>So is the storm bolter.
No it isn't, it jams due to only having one ejector port and two barrels.

>> No.53321046

What even is the point of a storm bolter? Why have two barrels?

>> No.53321059

Why, for moar dakka of course.

>> No.53321090

Will these SM shoulders fit on the primaris?

>> No.53321214

>a better weapon by every metric besides weight

And size. You basically have a gun the size and weight of a rifle with the firepower of a full-auto M1911. Seeing that 99% of the time the weapon is being carried/stowed away, what do you think the individual soldier cares more about? They're not there thinking about their groupings and shit.

>> No.53321226

So why do Grey Knights, Terminators, veterans and sergeants, Sisters, and every Imperial vehicle imaginable use them?

>> No.53321238

The computer says "no."

GW says "yes."

>> No.53321453

Lmao you retards are so fun to read

>> No.53321471

Btw you know both Starcraft and Warcraft are literally a ripoffs of 40k right?

>> No.53321487

Can't argue about the shoulders but the cape thing is understandable. You'd say that if Custodes are being depolyed in the middle of a warzone in hostile Prospero they're not going to go into battle with their tunics and capes on.

>> No.53321494

To be fair, honestly, the art I've seen makes them way more futuristic and shit. Look at the art of the primaris marines in their chambers. Just bright neon glow. You'd expect 40k chambers to look like a big brass barrel with levers and wheels and shit. Nope, smooth clean techno armour and neon lights.

>> No.53321501

I think thats just them not wanting to put too much detail into the background art.

>> No.53321539

Could have just had dark chambers with some lights and have the closeup shot be of a dark chamber with a window on the side of it showing that there's someone inside.

>> No.53321545

It's just a room full of blue tubes, how can you tell anything from it?

The whole video it's from has a bunch of barely drawn pictures, in fact I think I can count the number of actual images out of this whole new plotline on one finger, seems more likely that GeeDubs just didn't feel like making a complicated image and let the artist do whatever.

>So here's the dudes we want you to put in, then just draw a bunch of test tubes or some shit

>How should the room look?

>Who cares, they're going to look at it for five seconds, what kind of autistic weirdo is going to look at it that hard.

>> No.53321580

>It's just a room full of blue tubes, how can you tell anything from it?

Well, I can tell that they're glowing neon blue and in the closeup shots you can see that they're see through, glass or something, as is typical of 40k design.

>> No.53321621

There's a deliberate juxtaposition between the clean advanced Primaris Chamber and the tangled ruin of Mars' surface.

>> No.53321622

so i want to restart my blood angels army with the death company box, will they eventually completely replace the line? will it be worthless for me to buy the company box? pls help

>> No.53321629

Do you like the models enough to buy them?

>> No.53321635

That's because the pictures of Mars were for codex's and rulebooks so they had hours and hours poured into them.

That picture was meant to be looked at for five seconds in a youtube video.

It's not a conspiracy or some shit, they just put in the least effort possible on a picture that was only supposed to convey a single thing: something is in some tubes.

>> No.53321640

I know, and that's sort of my point. This ain't yo daddy's old and busted muhreenz, these are new, cooler propa spes muhreenz!

Also, looking at, say, 30k range of Mechanicum shit, when they had their things in order, it's almost steampunk in aesthetics with big clanky rowbutts and tanks that look like they drove off the assembly line half-finished.

>> No.53321642

yes, but I'm against buying something that will be replaced and made inferior in a short period of time because I've been tricked by the GW jew before

>> No.53321651

>That's because the pictures of Mars were for codex's and rulebooks

No, it's in the same video style.

>> No.53321656

Frankly if you buy models for game rules then you're a retard.
I you like the models sufficiently then buy them, if you don't then don't.

>> No.53321677

I'm not saying I buy them for the rules, I'm saying I don't want to buy them and then find out they are being replaced by nu-marines so they become display models

i want to use my death company

>> No.53321695

>I'm not saying I buy them for the rules
>I'm only buying them for the rules!

But no, GW are not going to forbid you from using your GW models.

>> No.53321717

holy shit you are a real autist

i mean i know its /tg/ but dam son tone down the autismo

>> No.53321751

Oh, I'm the autist because I think intangible possible future game rules aren't worth paying for and you should just buy models you like.

>> No.53321777

Implying the Primarius marines don't sweep in and save the Blood Angels in the nick of time.

>> No.53321781

Granted. M3 has portability. It's compact size makes it a better platform for tankers, paratroopers, and rear echelon dudes who need to defend their supply trucks.

Yes hauling around a heavier weapon sucks. Yes the Thompson was heavy, and troops did love the Grease Gun because of it's portability and light weight. I'm not contesting either of those things. Weight isn't a pure downside though. A heavier weapon will help counteract muzzle rise ( to an extent ) and allow a more accurate burst of sustained fire. This is a good thing because contrary to your claim, yes, soldiers actually do care about "their groupings and shit". It's kind of hard to kill the enemy without actually shooting them, ya know?

From a logistics standpoint the M3 far and away beats the Thompson. It's simple and cheap, it won't explode in your hands and it can be cranked out by the tens of thousands, the perfect weapon for a war of attrition, or heavy urban combat. That's a big deal. Logistics wins wars. I'm not downing the Grease Gun by any means. But I find it telling that Tommies preferred the M1 even when the STEN, a stamped metal weapon in the vein of the M3, was more available. It might be because of the larger caliber, or it might be because of some of the reasons I've listed.

My experience IRL with actual full auto submachineguns is limited to a few mags from a Colt 9mm SMG so I am kinda talking out of my ass, but I'd imagine certain things remain constant ya know?

>> No.53321921

>somebody mentions starcraft or warcraft on /tg/ ever
>instant sperg
what if -- right -- everybody already knows, and nobody cares

>> No.53322140

Are Primaris Marines really taller than baseline Astartes? How do they stack up against custodes combat wise?

>> No.53322167

>Are Primaris Marines really taller than baseline Astartes?


>How do they stack up against custodes combat wise?

They're worse, but we've only seen the bolter guys so far.

>> No.53322420

If they're taller and supposedly stronger does that mean baseline Astartes are going the way of the dodo? Are they the new thunder warriors?

>> No.53322440

Old marines can be upgraded too.

>> No.53322457

How long before I see some Thousand Sons primaris marines?

>> No.53322474

>They won't replace them, If they did there'd be loads of autists quit the hobby out some misguided sense of spite.
Hey you know that army that you've had for years, it's literally useless now. :^)

>> No.53322485

Never unless Ahriman cures rubric and flesh change.

>> No.53322498

So soon. :^)

>> No.53322866

Gw told us heads and shoulderpads can be switched between two marine models. Rest of it no.

>> No.53322902

Yvraine porn when?

>> No.53323105

Fucking Kill me

>> No.53323184


Because they aren't that much stronger than regular marines. They are considered the next step up, their models are just more appropriately scaled but fluff wise they aren't that much taller than current marines.

>> No.53323387

Jamming was more of a problem with combi-bolters than storm bolters, hence why storm bolters are now the Imperial standard.

>> No.53323408

Just like how Dark Angels wouldn't go wearing those robes into battle.

Seriously though, you're expecting too much rationality from someone living in the 40K setting there.

>> No.53323432

Yeah. The artwork for those cinematic teasers is clearly done as fast as the artist(s) can manage.

>> No.53323625

>This is a good thing because contrary to your claim, yes, soldiers actually do care about "their groupings and shit". It's kind of hard to kill the enemy without actually shooting them, ya know?

A soldier just wants to hit whatever they're shooting at, they're not interested in shaving quarter minute angles like some competitive shooter. There's "good" and there's "practical". A military rifle with match grade accuracy is not a good thing if it comes with other drawbacks compared to a gun with less accuracy and more reliability in the field.

>Tommies preferred the M1 even when the STEN, a stamped metal weapon in the vein of the M3, was more available.

I've heard dudes did like their stens, even if they were cheap pieces of crap. Would think biggest thing is ergonomics. Horizontal magazine and barely any grips to speak of are not huge draws compared to an M1, I guess.

>> No.53324358

You're right man absolutley Call of Duty esque

>> No.53324389

You (or the poster) were implying that GW was ripping off the Starcraft Marines, fucking piece of autismo

>> No.53324395

The Iron Hands Homeworld is also cut off.

>> No.53325469

Man, I'm tempted with putting in that red with my custodes. It makes them look more regal.

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