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>girl with functional unattractive armor
>girl with sexy bikini armor

pick one... NAY I SAY !

give me examples of girls in sexy AND functional armor ! bonus points if they are wearing a helmet and you can still tell they are attractive and the armor still boasts the wearers femininity.

Let us design a female armor that is both protective and appeasing to the eye !

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I know, the picture is not 100% accurate because of boob plates.
let's try to find a work around that !

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The second shielding magic exists, you can fight nude and be better protected than fullplate mcsteelcunt because martials suck and their crude ways of protecting themselves suck even more.

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Go to bed Steve. You're tired.

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Realistic armor is practically my fetish. I'll drop some stuff.

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That's everything I've got. It's not 100% realistic but it's something.

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that it is, thanks anon !

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I have a dump

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yes yes we all know wizards and sorceress have the excuse to whore around. But this is not about them.

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>my fetish
If more people were as sincere we wouldn't have this stupid argument so often and just enjoy a thread looking at pretty pictures.

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Last one. Most of what I have otherwise is cheesecake.

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Remember, the abs are part of the armour.

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Problem is, if an armor is sexy, it's not functional. Boobplates are more lethal than having no armor at all.

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I pick BOTH. You stick your slutty chaotic alignment DPS class in slutty armor and put your virgin pure support waifu in battle maiden gear.

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Its not about outlining the body or showing skin.
Its about imagining the strong, lean, athletic female body covered in sweat under that full plate.

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This always had me wondering.
How effective would Samurai armor be if it was made out of metal plate instead of lacquered wood?
How effective was normal samurai armor in the first place?

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Practical armor fans are like vegans. They love shoving their preference in your face and yell at screech autistically if you don't like the same thing.

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Not an expert, but saying "samurai armor" is like saying "knight armor". There were different types, the armor developed throughout its use. Later on they even use metal cuirasses.

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Yes, but we are better then you because we have truly patrician taste. You love your whore outfit because you are a pleb, a lesser being. While we try to lift you up, you ignore us in favour of your banal images. Your self deprecation triggers us.

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Having no armor between your shoulder and thigh isn't really a big problem for duels and small skirmishes if you've got a nice shield.

But they did? Samurai armor was mostly made of iron and leather my dude.

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>Yes, but we are better then you because we have truly patrician taste. You love eating meat because you are a pleb, a lesser being. While we try to lift you up, you ignore us in favour of your banal images. Your self deprecation triggers us.
Just as full of themselves as vegans too.
Whenever I see "Samurai armor" It's always the same style of leather or lacquered plates woven together and overlayed. I've never seen a metal plate, save the samurai from Fire Emblem Fates

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I like both for different reasons, contain your autism.

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Those lacquered plates? They're iron. Lamellar armor was super popular in Japan.

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It just tells me "you can only rest at night"

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Yeah, just mess with the system settings it's cool

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The nips got influenced a lot by yurops during the 16th century. They got matchlock rifles, (some) cannons and some samurai would also go for very euro like armour.

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You don't really lacquer metal, more often that gets put on wood or leather for waterproofing, but I didn't realize those were iron. I was under the assumption that it was all mostly leather and wood mostly because Japanese media itself told me the plates were wood for some reason

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It was done for much the same reason you'd lacquer anything else- iron armor rusts like a mother fucker especially in a country with as much coastline as Japan. It's odd that the wooden armor myth has persisted so long, though I suppose some of the decorative half masks could have been wooden.

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Is the armor called castle?

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aside from shields, wooden armor was never really a thing for the most part, or at least surviving relics.
the most advanced wooden armor seems to be the armor used by the tglingit, which famously defeated early russian rifles.
another similar armor that instead of being made of fencepost-like slats, using dowel-like rods, was developed in the same-ish area on the west coast of BC and Alaska.
basically both are just wooden splintmail

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Samurai never used wood armor

Wood armor was used in Japan but the use of it died out before the Samurai came into existence

It's like asking if our modern military would be improved if they switched from black powder to smokeless

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Remember that you can't have realistic female armor if they're a dent in the breastplate for cleavage. In real life that dent would be the perfect place to thrust a sword and strike straight to the heart.

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Requesting dress-armor.
I've some somewhere that I'll post when I find it, but I mean armor that's got a dress sticking out of it. You know what I'm talking about.
No Saber please.

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And the sword would then get stuck in the metal without properly going through, and she wouldn't feel what little DID penetrate the armor because of the layer of chainmail underneath the plate but on top of the thick gambeson that's there to absorb blows.

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my opinion, make a armor have a "bulge" area where the breasts are yet make it of about equal size throughout the chest area >>53275325
these are a good example for what I mean.

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the other pic didn't show

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If you can drive your sword through tempered steel with enough force to get 3+ inches deep, past a plate, and a gambeson, and whatever else they've got on, you're not worried about finding a weak-point.

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What if boobplates were angular.

>mostly because Japanese media itself told me the plates were wood for some reason
Where the hell did you even hear that? Maybe they were talking about wooden "cover" for the actual armor that could be painted?

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This is a speculative lie made up by some video game journalist acting like an armchair historian to try and rationalize his hatred for sexy armor.

It has absolutely zero truth to it.

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another idea I have is to add more or have "Thicker" looking hip guards for the armor like some of these pics.

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Shoo jackposter

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Fire Emblem. One of the supports was basically three conversations of "Muh Jidaigeki." the first one was about not!Samurai arms and armor.
18 seconds in is the start of the conversation

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After I did some research on google I found the full picture of this gal.

Now my question is if this armor actually be any good in a real fight or would the curve act as a weak spot for axes and blunt weapons ?

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And right after I posted that I realized she never said wood, but from what I knew it from, lacquer is most commonly used when referring to wood. Not to mention "hardened lacquer" doesn't sound like something you would need to make metal armor.

So that was my misunderstanding of things. Whoops.

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>hardened lacquer
In itself this has no meaning at all. Literal hardened lacquer would be, well, the coat of lacquer you see in lacquered objects, and it would of course be extremely brittle.
Very strange piece of dialogue. It might be a bad translation, or a case of Japanese devs not knowing their history.

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Muh nigga

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You realize that armor is curved so that those things can't find purchase on a flat surface, right? That's why a lot of armor has an outward bulge, sometimes even a "potbelly" look.

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The curve like that is correct, because it makes it more likely to deflect off the armor.

>inb4 one autist screeching about how she never fought in battle so her armor can't be good

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Yup, it's a weird line, see >>53277576 for my admittedly wrong reasoning.

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>doesn't protect the neck

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Titplate is a crime against life.

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If you're going to wear a bikini, just wear a bikini. Metal seems like it would be very uncomfortable.

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When you write "curve" are you referring to the part of the armor covering the waist?
The main problem with her armor is that it´s to restrictive, her Plackart goes way to far down and would make it hard to impossible to bend at the waist. (I think it´s suppose to be a plackart but it might just be a really weird cuirass.)

The skirt part of the plackart may be hinged or just made to look like it is, if so it migth be easier to move in then it looks.
Still look restrictive thou.

As for how protective it might be, well, there probably isn't that much space for deformation of the armor around the waist so any strong blow too the midriff might cause it to buckle and break a rib or two.

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I can't comprehend the appeal.

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Good lord, the detail on that face is insane.

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Real girls in real armor are nice, too.

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Always remember: you can't fuck them if they're dead. So protect your girls and their tits.

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>armor of quivering

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This has been proven false.

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>you can't fuck them if they're dead

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Breasplates don't need to be any different than they are, buy a fucking fencing plate and test for yourself. The shape deflects hits towards the shoulders and away.

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First, actually getting a centerline thrust against a resisting target is fucking hard.

Second, a cut would have no effect, because to get to there you'd have to cut through the torso and shoulders.

Third, 3/4ths of each boob cup is a deflective surface AWAY from the mid-boob shot trap. Only the central-facing quarter of the boob cup will actually channel a blow into the mid-boob region.

Fouth and finally, why the hell is it so hard to imagine a smith doubling the armor thickness in the 12.5" wide x 3" high area of the shot trap? Or fuck, even near tripling it? So the normal ~0.8mm-thick steel becomes a full 2+ mm, and becomes essentially impenetrable from anything a person can reasonably carry save a lance (which with a horse's weight behind it would penetrate even normal plate anyway) or a ballista?

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Try to stop me.

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>Always remember: you can't fuck them if they're dead
This fag serious?

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>sorry, had to fix critical typo

First, actually getting a centerline thrust against a resisting target is fucking hard.

Second, a cut would have no effect, because to get to there you'd have to cut through the torso and shoulders.

Third, 3/4ths of each boob cup is a deflective surface AWAY from the mid-boob shot trap. Only the central-facing quarter of the boob cup will actually channel a blow into the mid-boob region.

Fouth and finally, why the hell is it so hard to imagine a smith doubling the armor thickness in the 1.5" wide x 3" high area of the shot trap? Or fuck, even near tripling it? So the normal ~0.8mm-thick steel becomes a full 2+ mm, and becomes essentially impenetrable from anything a person can reasonably carry save a lance (which with a horse's weight behind it would penetrate even normal plate anyway) or a ballista?

Boob cups are non-optimal in a bunch of ways, but they aren't an instant death sentence the way internet autists fondly believe. They're just some added weight, cost, and manufacturing time to the armor, and an advert that you're a female on the battlefield. They aren't in any way equivalent to outright "bikini plate" like the shit illustrated in >>53278192.

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>Getting hit with arrows

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No, it's just called Rathian Armor. The fuckoff huge shield and lance is afaik custom for the fanart because iirc Rathian doesn't have a lance line, but I'm not a lance expert.

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I imagine 20-30 years from now, when boob-plate and the chainmail bikini are all but gone, because people complained about sexism now. There will be a great shift to resurrect these two forms of armor in art.

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>using a longsword and nothing else without wearing full plate or at least having a main battle weapon
>not having a shield
>being a lefty on top of it
This is how plate bikinis get you killed.

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boob plates are also an example of fags not understanding how breasts work

they don't just float in position like exaggerated drawings imply. women buy specific types of bras for sports because they are blobs of muscle that don't want to stay still. they're not going to float inside metal cups while the fighter is flailing a weapon about and twisting her torso. the tits wouldn't stay inside boob cups during real movement. they'd slip out and she turned her torso and would probably cause pain and pinching.

standard chest plates would make sense and allow movement after the breasts have been properly bound against the chest. the point of bras is to keep breasts from moving and absorb impacts. they're not static cup holders. they move with the body and metal cup holders don't do that.

unless she's some no-boob japanese man-girl and the boob cups are just meaningless design to add additional weight to her armour there's no value to them.

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>you guys don't know anything about breasts
>they're blobs of muscle

>> No.53280048

To be honest, a ripped woman has more pecs than boobs.

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Why choose?

Give them power armour and have both!

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Real women doing real athletics with swords, wear boobplate made of plastic.

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>realistic armour
First post and you already fucked up m8.

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>a sword thrust can penetrate a sheet of steel plus the padded coat underneath plus possibly chainmail
Why even the fucking thing at all? You sold me on chainmail bikinis, anon. Good job.

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I have little problem with boob plate because plate penis exists, and not only in ceremonial armor.

Additionally to the reasons already presented in this thread regarding weakness, I imagine that if female warriors of high enough status to afford real plate existed, they'd also want to highlight (and exaggerate) their attributes.

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To what lengths I would go to make this woman my wife.

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As opposed to bullets?

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>of muscle

holy shit can you be any more retarded.

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my nigga

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I pick neither because woman warriors are ridiculous a notion that takes me out of a setting

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I wouldn't have thought black and brown would make such a pleasant combo.

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Anyone else bothered by good armor ruined by high heels?

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>> No.53281679

Women and transvestites dance in 6"+ stilletos IRL.

I'm starting to believe most complaints with "unrealistic" armor have more to do with grognards not knowing any fit and athletic women than with historical realism.

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Sure if you are retarded.

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>> No.53281817

>ruined by high heels?
You mean to say that the presence of boot heels that were designed specifically as a feature to help with riding, and was originally men's wear for this reason, ruins "good armor" for you?

The thing

>> No.53281856

Elves and wizards get to be magic, but having a setting where women evolved very slightly differently to, say, be better at building lean muscle fibers... Now THAT breaks suspension of disbelief.

>> No.53282066

If we're going to be autistic about armour, we can be autistic about sexual dimorphism.

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maybe I think you're retarded



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it's not autistic, it's actually the natural world

>> No.53282376

nope you are the retard here as you are the one that is getting buttblasted over a thread with women in it.

>> No.53282440

Most people understand that the boobs wouldn't even be in the "boobholes" They'd be properly supported, then put under the gambeson, then under the chain. If there's still some indentation at that point, because the girl is particularly busty or something, then that small but secure indentation is what would go into the boob slots. D or DD sized boob plate cups would basically just be hollow ornamentation, or possibly filled with junk she'd rather not carry outside the armor.

Boob armor basically works like >>53281058
That guy's dick is in a cup behind the penis plate, not resting an a semi-erect manner up the curve.

>> No.53282451

you retards are being retarded. make your own thread and be retarded in it

>> No.53282475

But they aren't wearing several pounds of metal armor, chainmail, and what have you when they're dancing and twerking on a stage. I imagine fighting on a battlefield in high heels isn't the most ideal thing.

Boot heels for riding? Yes. Skinny high heels for fighting in? No.

>> No.53282495

Or maybe you should go be retarded somewhere else you retarded fag lord

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You found your mom?

>> No.53282558


I only honestly answered a question prompted by a thread, not once did my post ring with any strong feeling.

you're the one getting histrionic on me

please stop, contain yourself

>> No.53282629


As long as it specifically relates to armor, I'd say so.

>> No.53282883

Non-fanart version of her.

>> No.53284265

More like this please.

>> No.53284781

Are you sincere or is this just bait ?

>> No.53284879

I honestly hate "bikini armor" because it's like it tries too hard to give the viewer a boner.
This has more elegance and class to it with its beauty.
Sometimes more is less.

>> No.53284971

>I honestly hate "bikini armor" because it's like it tries too hard to give the viewer a boner.

Honestly I can't decide which is the better reason to like bikini armor, that it tries to give the viewer a boner, or that it upsets people so much they feel the need to make an entire thread dedicated to its eradication.

>> No.53284989

I don't have a problem with stripperiffic unpractical armor if that's what a particular world runs on. If you want to do campy barbarian cheesecake where everyone fights in loincloths or bikinis, fucking do that. But then have both genders dress like that, or you break the internal rules of your own world (loose as they may be) just for titillation.

>> No.53285021

Mah nigga

>> No.53285035

Angry weeb pleb detected

>> No.53285079

Well in my case barbarians in my world dress in skimp loin clothes (both genders) the few exceptions to that are clan leaders who tend to wear a bit more to signify their social standing. Something like what is in the pic.

>> No.53285101

Not angry, just amused, I find this whole discussion entertaining. I like that people get upset of this shit it, its fun to taunt people like you.

>> No.53285148

Not if I was painting her...

>> No.53285241

Well baited friend... we'll baited.

But honestly I would not consider this thread as a means to "eradicate" boner bait, just a thread that caters to another diffrent taste.

>> No.53285496

Its realistic, not real.

And what exactly did he fuck up?

>> No.53285604

Astoundingly well done

>> No.53285636

Best armor, best girl

>> No.53285709

>> No.53285725

I'd let her master-craft my blade if yaknawhuddamsayin

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>> No.53286182

Remember sisters, if you purge the heretic enough Emperor-senpai WILL notice you.

>> No.53286232

Typical armor in Japan was metal plates laced together. They were quite effective, though compared to European armor somewhat primitive.

>> No.53286250

Boobplates lad, not breastplates. I mean what if the boobs of the boobplate were angular? I think that would checkmate the MUH DIRECTS BLOWS TOWARDS CHEST autists.

>blobs of muscle
The only time I touched breasts was when I was like 5 years old and even I know this is false.

>> No.53286274

looks comparable with brigandine

>> No.53286316

>> No.53286338

>> No.53286342

>open neck
try starting with an example corresponding to your description next time

>> No.53286343

No, the armor of the time was made to resemble the popular fashion of the nobility and everyone was wearing very narrow waisted jerkins.

>> No.53286357

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>> No.53286377

It probably was, but they never really got to the effectiveness of Full Plate that was going around Europe at the time.

No expert obviously, just some observations.

>> No.53286388

What about... Modern day female soldiers?

>> No.53286398


>> No.53286446

Historically armor always had a fashion component that trumped functional battlefield concerns. Anyone complaining about it never had a reality based argument.

>> No.53286452

Uhh what nationality or from what country that soldier babe's supposed to be anon? I can't tell with those patches, nor am I honestly familiar with what camo patterns countries use.

>> No.53286462


Oh hell yes

>> No.53286469

Not the anon you're responding to, but the artist usually does Canadian, British, or US forces, and it kinda sorta looks like a US or Canadian pattern.

>> No.53286484


Yeah, that looks pretty good, I -

>high heels


>> No.53286485

>High Heels

>> No.53286490

Not functional bullshit, boobplate

Not functional bullshit, inflexible cuirass covering entire torso without plackart.

>> No.53286555

Heals like >>53281625 would be horrible on a battlefield. Imagine trying to walk through mud in those. There is fasion over function and there is utter retardedness.

>> No.53286585


Yes, infinitely so unless it's explicitly meant to be ceremonial armor for showing off at military galas and whatnot. They'd put her off balance, pose a risk to her ankles, and get stuck in the dirt for no combat benefit whatsoever.

>> No.53286602


Come to think of it, is plate armor ever actually mentioned in Tolkien's works?

>> No.53286653

You're just making a function argument again, plenty of vain rich dudes wore stuff they could barely fight in.

>> No.53286687


That's actually supposed to be a female Polish GROM operative. So bascially female Polish Soldier.

>> No.53286719

Anon, I think you meant to say >>53286388 is a modern day female Redanian soldier.

>> No.53286752

"I chipped a nail..."

>> No.53286818


>> No.53286861

And we reached 200 posts again. As long as it works someone will make threads like these.

>> No.53287226

As long as I keep getting art to put in my folders, they can post this thread as many times as they want.

>> No.53288492

Looks like uploading pics is still an issue so


Kind of an interesting article. Not sure why it took so long for the higher ups to realize that men and women's bodies are shaped differently enough that standard male body armor couldn't just be "scaled down" or whatever and work perfectly.

>> No.53288610

>1. A notch in the back collar of the vest can accommodate a woman’s ponytail or bun, keeping her helmet securely in place.
This fuckin kills me every time. Why aren't shaved heads the standard, no matter the sex?

>> No.53288648

>Problem is, if an armor is sexy, it's not functional. Boobplates are more lethal than having no armor at all.
Anita Sarkesian is not a valid source of information, anon.

>> No.53288804

The real question you should be asking is why men can't have sexy douchbag ponytails!

>> No.53288879

I still don't entirely get how the Shogunate was able to successfully isolate the country for two hundred years. Weren't there more people than a handful of approved Dutchmen that wanted access to Japanese trade?

>> No.53288976

Holy shit, thats a damn good Warden. Nicely done.

>> No.53289009

>dame duckface of snapchatonia

>> No.53289023

Threads like this always make me wish I could draw.

>> No.53289042

You can. You're just going to suck at it for a while.

>> No.53289076


>> No.53289099


>> No.53289109


I know, and the difficult part is finding time to dedicate to practice when I'm done with a 9-5 job, my hobby project, and chores.

>> No.53289140

Nice, pics are back.

>> No.53289189

Would those qualify as stilettos?

Would it be fair to say that heels are functional but stilettos aren't?

>> No.53289190


Tempt me not into paying for a porn membership.

>> No.53289202

>my hobby project
Gotta prioritize. 1 hour every-other day would be more than enough. 1-2 hours on Saturday and Sunday even. Start with Lumis and books intended for kids that do basic shapes and stuff, no joke.

>> No.53289204

Art threads are like the most generally helpful threads on the board you fucking mong.

>> No.53289235

Armored high heels are hot AF. Also totally justifiable for mounted combat, since high heels were invented for horse riding.

>> No.53289238


I'm at the point where I can do crude figure drawing. Like, I have the human proportions down and such, but now I'm trying to get over the hurdle of doing dynamic poses and more detailed hands and faces.

>> No.53289270


These types of heels are for riding, yes. The thin, dress pumps style heels in that pic are nowhere near practical.

And because they are so glaringly impractical, I simply cannot find them sexy in this context

>> No.53289390

1. People have lives outside the military
2. Personnel need to maintain a respectable image in line with social norms
3. Dismounted combat is a minority of what a minority of people in the military actually do
4. It's safer to trim hair than to shave it close to the head, especially in the field—e.g. small nicks and cuts can get infected

>> No.53289440

Found the gallery. You guys aren't missing out on anything special.

I like this Black Manta helmet though. Anyone know what it's called?

>> No.53289483

In terms of offering less protection overall yes, that was the case. However full plate would be unsuited for the way the samurai fought anyway- losing mobility in full plate is a meme, but apparently excessive heat buildup was a real concern. When you know you're going to be on top of a horse almost all the time it's fine, but samurai frequently were without a horse. And sometimes the weather is too fucking hot as well; Japanese climate has always been gud at that in spring and summer.
Otherwise the armor offered the same level of protection within the sphere it was used.

Japan was forced to open after people fell for the global capitalism meme. Before that it was an exotic land you could get exotic stuff from, but it wasn't particularly vital to trade with Japan. Once capitalism became unchained enough to be unable to sustain itself "locally" (as in within the confines of one nation, with abundant but relatively limited international trade compared to what came after), the word of the day became the conquest of foreign markets.

>> No.53289535

Why would a woman wear any armor? They're too weak to fight anyway.

>> No.53289673

Said the dumbass that got his ass kicked by a little girl with no arms or legs.

>> No.53289749

Frogmouth helm

>> No.53289828


Thinking like that is why people die.

>> No.53289834

Thanks, mate.

>> No.53290107

The Black Knight was a little girl this whole time!

>> No.53290273

Those types of heels are for riding my dick, if you know what I mean

>> No.53290299

>People have lives outside the military
Because you can't function within human society without a stylish hairdo.

>> No.53290338

Don't pretend it's not a factor in a professional workplace.

>> No.53290368

Every time I see those little wing things on otherwise pretty normal plate I think of the Seraph from Guild Wars 2.

>> No.53290458


Are you... braindead? Throughout of history there are thousands of examples of women fighting.

I'm... not sure what you are on about, if just stupid or lacking any knowledge.

>> No.53290554

He's fishing with old, stale bait. Yet it's still enough to catch you.

>> No.53290586

>thousands of examples
I'm not going to deny that it never happened, but you're talking out of your ass there m8.

It was a statistical anomaly. Men are physiologically better suited for war than women. Get over it.

>> No.53290633


It's a jousting helmet, nothing you would see on a battlefield.
Looks late medieval to me, but I can't pinpoint it down exactly from the top of my hat.

>> No.53290995

Examples of warrior women are few and far between. Those few times when they did exist it was either because they were commanders/mascots or just the only ones who were available, like shield maidens.

>> No.53291027


>> No.53291215

That's bait but I respect your opinion either way.

>> No.53291425

>compelled to give a post attention just to tell him that you're not going to give him attention
What does this achieve?

>> No.53291536

>wearing besagews over couters
What does this achieve?

>> No.53291701

The modern fencing breastplate IS boobplate.

>> No.53291728

I choose juicy femboys dressed in qt maid outfits ;3

nummy num nums ;P

>> No.53291761

Tolkien wasn't a platefag, he fought in WWI and most likely saw chainmail and scalemail beat plate vs shrapnel and bayonets in the trenches.

>> No.53291810

>Muh shaved heads
You're askind for your infantry to die of tetanus because of your stupid aesthetics.
Also, now you need an aditional layer or headgear between the head and the helmet.

>> No.53291877

Nigger, soldiers are discriminated against in modern day america when we have a massive propaganda machine trying to glamorize them. In knightly times they might as well be leppers.

>> No.53291917

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm juicy ;P

>> No.53291939

Well made Lamellar armour, even with wooden plates is nothing to scoof at senpai. Definately a better choice of armour than metal when it comes to arrows as well, Leather/Wood armour.

Have to remember that the Samurai were originally mounted archers, with the sword being a after-thought for melee.

>> No.53291995

Hm, why so it is...

>> No.53292496

Nigger this is not /r9k/

>> No.53292616

>put sword at the end of it
>do extra thrusting damage to the enemy with every step forward

>> No.53292771

Heat buildup was among the the chief concerns of European armies. Campaigning seasons varied regionally but tended to be quite strict - your average mercenary army (national armies weren't common for most of the Renaissance and most levies and call-to-arms types were quite effective at defending their homes but quite shit for campaigning) would only contract during spring and autumn and your average city-state or what have you wouldn't push the issue despite being in a perpetual state of war because, well, the other side's army was going to do the same thing. Nobody wanted to fight in heavy ass armor in the middle of the fucking summer and by that point, nobody wanted to fight without heavy ass armor.

>> No.53293211

hi there

girl with tits and armor

armor compresses tits

the end

>> No.53295052


>> No.53295291

It's Blondie.

>> No.53296296


A sword by Badger Blades? Really? I can't suspend my disbelief so far as to believe that anyone would use one of those "bricks with hilts" (albeit somewhat durable brick) by choice.

>> No.53296607

Badger who?

>> No.53297070

How can anyone be so autistic about how realistic armor is? there were NO female knights of note, even the Order of the Hatchet was honorific and lousy in the military sense. Women are terrible for battle, compared to men. 1 vs 1 they lose because they either lack the brute strength for quick engagements or the stamina for long-winded ones.

When it comes to formations, the shielded frontline will push with the intent of a hundred american football players, do you think a woman will be able to keep up with that? If you send them to the back to do archery, a man will have better overall upper body strength to quickly pull and consistently maintain a firing position.

I think female knights or squires are a cool concept, but if you're gonna get assblasted about the details of armor design, even on the guise of suspension of disbelief, you have to realize this is a battle you lost before you started it.

>> No.53297286

Women rogues, mercenaries, hunters, rangers, barbarians (ambush guerrilla), are perfectly fine and have a basis on reality. But female medieval soldiers and knights are inherently fantasy and trying to make a fantasy creature realistic is the most retarded thing one can do.

>> No.53297338


>discriminated against

wew lad you're bringing the /pol/ack fire today aren't you. wanna move to white oppression next or are we good where we stand?

>> No.53297521


If your still there, I like cheesecake. A lot.

>> No.53297620

Also: Shaved heads are shiny.

>> No.53297722

I dunno; I think touches of realism in the more "mundane" details help with suspension of disbelief for the fantastic ones. Relatively minor details like having armour be shaped in a practical manner, as though it were designed by the people who live in the setting rather than a costume designer or character artist, go a long way toward propping up the polite fiction of women being "equal" to men, without having to refactor half the setting for the sake of an equal playing field in meta terms.

>> No.53297793

Depends where you live, honestly. In some places they're treated like baby killers and in some places they're fellated to high heaven. The military has a higher proportion of minorities than the general population, anyway, so I don't know where you're seeing the /pol/ bogeyman in that post.

>> No.53297797

I don't see why we can't have separate 'women in cheesecake armor' and 'women in non-cheesecake armor' threads and drop the retarded absolute realism vs bikini armor arguments. It's just make-believe for fuck's sake. There's room on this board for all of us. I happen to find fully clothed and armored women aesthetically pleasing, even if it's not 100% historically accurate or the pinnacle of practicality.

>> No.53297815

>> No.53297837

>> No.53297850

I don't disagree. A clearly forced 50/50 ftm ratio a lá DA:I is obviously political, and takes me out of the setting really quickly. Why would any sane kingdom send their women out as warriors, especially if said setting doesn't change humans from as they are on our earth. You can have an impactful female character without making a male character and replacing the "male" with "female".

>> No.53297890

In LOTR only Imrahil and his knights are implied to be wearing plate armour.

>> No.53298074

europe had brigantine too

>> No.53298110

Coherence is good. And like it or not men and women are different that's why both in real life and fantasy, man things and woman things are adapted to them.
Fascimilitude is autism, trying to lift up rules and regulations from something and apply it to something else without interest or care as to why it's not that way in the first place, that's barely more sincere than rolling for anal circumference.

Equipment that belongs in the setting is design, "realistic functional female armor" is a fetish.

>> No.53298139

The army gives so many benefits to soldiers and their families because not forty years ago people would refuse to rent property to soldiers.

>> No.53298187

Hell my country has mandatory military service and I get shit thrown at me when I mention that I have military background to Americans.

>> No.53298244

I think one thing that is overlooked in discussions on the historical validity of female combatants is that females pretty much haven't had a culture where they were encouraged to perform the kind of physical conditioning to be a soldier regularly. Because of their value as childbearers, for most of history they were kept from dangerous roles in society. It seems plausible that cultural context plays more of a role than biology in the difference in combat effectiveness between females and males. Even if there are general physiological differences, human biodiversity is such that it seems plausible to me at least that some number of females have a body structure and natural athletic ability comparable to males. Historically however, even these biological outliers would likely have been restricted by cultural norms, especially if their society didn't have a surplus of childbearing-capable members. So it seems to me that in a fantasy medieval setting, one could imagine a society that for whatever reason, lacked these cultural norms, and would have a relatively larger number of female combatants, though they would likely still be a small minority.

>> No.53298312

>> No.53298319

>It seems plausible that cultural context plays more of a role than biology in the difference in combat effectiveness between females and males.
Nope. Even you yourself base your argument on biology, "Because of their value as childbearers". When you try and explain everything away via "social constructs" you always need to remember: What was the first social construct?

Why is it that pretty much every civilization that had to actively contest with other used male soldiers almost exclusively? Every civilization on the earth has the same social contructs? Or maybe it's just based on something that is inherent on all humans.

War is serious businesses. Win and you gain much, lose and you lose everything. This is why humans have always tried to maximize their efficiency in warfare, and why war always brings forth new technologies. If any ancient society used female warriors to battle their enemies, they lost or replaced the women with men. Much like the Crusaders stopped using bucket helmets.

>> No.53298402

>War is serious businesses
Maybe so, but don't romanticize war too much. Up until the last century, humans have always prioritized not dying to winning. Plenty of early combat was almost ceremonial in nature, until one side lost the nerve and run the fuck away, and when it wasn't that it was mostly sieges, where you could starve out your opponent without much trouble. Take a look at battles between almost equal opponents in the past, you'll notice a surprisingly low amount of casualties, and most of them inflicted during the rout after the battle was over.

Additionally, war didn't start driving general technological progress much until about the 18th century.

>> No.53298477

I cannot for the life of me understand why some people get so bent out of shape about fantasy scenarios where women are able to fight like men. Are these the same people who have an autistic fit when things like potatoes and turkey meat show up in medieval european settings?

>> No.53298487

Now this looks cool.
It has that "we can't protect our women so they fight along" feeling. Which I believe subverts what is the hard sell of female soldiers for many people.

One legendary female knight is perfectly fine. Her armor could have been crafted by the gods themselves and she is a paragon of knighthood regardless of her gender.
Many guerrilla combatants being female is also perfectly fine. It speaks of a world/nation beyond the comforts of administration, where people live at the edge of the knife and might as well go down fighting.
But a feudal lord wasting resources fully equipping people who in general are weaker than a male teenager and sending them to die in petty skirmishes? That's an author who's either extremelly beholden to the SJW cult, or has a fetish for overdressed women suffering.

>> No.53298488

>> No.53298525

I think the main argument here is "If you have women fighters in your setting, then you must have full on plate bikini and stiletto heels with over-sized swords because both are unrealistic," which is pretty asinine, but that's how some people's minds work.

>> No.53298547

What I'm saying is that, regardless of how you set up the sexes in your setting, a gap in your armor will still be a liability, and a poorly-placed strap will still chafe, and being mindful of these things can be a bonus if—*if*—your players or target audience prefer an egalitarian setting for personal reasons.

>> No.53298577

>> No.53298636

new waifu who dis?

>> No.53298683

Sure, childbirth is a biological reason to keep female out of warfare. I misspoke on that count. I was mostly trying to emphasize that it doesn't mean that all females can't be capable feats of arms. Having an army made up of a significant number of females would be reproductively disastrous for a population, but a female adventurer in a TTRPG setting might be reasonable - an individual female's value as a childbearer is relatively low, so as long as the majority of the female population doesn't have that role there isn't necessarily a significant downside. And especially in fantasy settings, reproductive competition among populations may not be an important factor.

>> No.53298714

In other words it could be a matter of reproductive strategy more than physiology, at least in a minority of cases.

>> No.53298938

>your players or target audience prefer an egalitarian setting for personal reasons.
Problem is, when they don't give a shit, autists still try to force their shit upon them, and even worse, be selective about what "realism" they're anal about.

As a DM, if we're not gonna be accounting for rations, resting hours, heat management, sun exposition, humidity, rust and oiling. We are not talking about slut elf's heels or barbarian chick's straps not being functional either.
If the fighter can catch arrows off the air and the barbarian can endure a mace to the face. I won't be listening to bullshit about the assasin rogue not being able to deflect lesser dex characters' strikes against her boob window.
And if we're gonna be anal enough as to remove all fantasy from the setting, I'm not allowing women on combat classes no matter how much you whine about your tumblr notes.

>> No.53299035

There is a healthy ammount of fantastic settings where women can be fighters but players are still forced to pretend there's realism to the setting.
Problem comes when people want to play full on high fantasy but accuse female characters that want to get on the glam train of being "unrealistic" like the fucking anthro (wolf of course) warforged cleric, dragonborn ranger and faggoty bard who looks like he went through Cher, Maddona and Gaga's wardrobes are any sort of functional.

>> No.53299054

You're making a lot of assumptions based on nothing there, dude.

>> No.53299194

Sure, whatever. I do account for rations, rest, climate, and maintenance, but that's beside the point. I guess you're right; it kind of is a fetish of mine; but not a sexual one. I figure there's always going to be some aspect of wish fulfillment in fantasy, and one of mine is women in general being able to contribute, rather than corrode as is the usual experience in real life. It's unjustifiable, sure; asinine and masturbatory; but so is comic book crap like catching arrows out of the air and maces with your skull. I don't include colored people in my setting for reasons along the same lines, but women are at least superficially pleasant to be around.

>> No.53299277

Yeah, I don't buy your "all or nothing" attitude. It just points to your lack of creativity and personal autism.

Being selective about what realism you include in your game is pretty much the whole point of fantasy.

I can perfectly well manage a game with female fighters while still demanding functional armor, just as I can run a game with rations and resting hours while the elf runs around in slutty heels.

>> No.53299333

Then you're just watering down the experience.
If you're gonna be anal, be very anal.
If you're gonna be permissive, be very permissive.
If you're gonna be anal about some things and permissive about other things it sounds like you're railroading your playgroup into a specific experience that may not be conductive to a coherent setting just so you can be sloppy on your design or have it easier guiding them through your magical realm.

>> No.53299337

Hi. I seldom even enter /tg/ but saw this thread in the Popular Threads. Loving this thread. Good shit.

>> No.53299379

No, you're the one watering down the experience. You're basically limiting it all to two game types: Bullshit asspulls and no-fun allowed.

The experience is all about good and consistent world. Establish what is normal and possible in your world and fucking stick to it. Then use small abnormalities to spice the world up and start off plot hooks.

I can honestly say that games that are very anal or very permissive are some of the worst games I've ever played, and usually have some of the worst GMs.

>> No.53299553

This is what autism looks like, folks.

>> No.53299555


>> No.53299627

Three: bullshit asspulls, no-fun allowed and middle ground fun.
What I don't allow is abortions for some, miniature american flags for others.

>> No.53299629

fuck off

>> No.53299635

Well, at this point I'm just glad you'll never be my GM.

>> No.53299713

The batnipples are what make this most realistic.

Post sexy armor with batnipples!

>> No.53299716

>the shielded frontline will push with the intent of a hundred american football players

Are you one of those dingdongs who think formation fighting involved two crowds trying to push each other back like some reverse tug-o-war with weapons?

>> No.53299778

>if you're going to be specific about one or two things, you must pursue absolute realism and granularity in all things

What's it like inside your head?

>> No.53299898

Good thread premise. I also enjoy full armour over titplate. Not realism so much as it tends to limit things

>> No.53301097

>authenticity = autism
okay. whatever you say, gamist fag. go back, your "DM" called for you.

>> No.53301107

>sternum exposed

>> No.53301124

i think the real reason why titplate is kinda meh is because a lot of women would feel naked with it on (aka inviting nasty remarks of other chicks). so if you use titplate, probably put a surcoat over it or something like that.

>> No.53301139

we're playing adventurers though and on party-scale level of fights, a female warrior is just fine.

>> No.53301158

female soldiers who fight in tight formation are kinda qustionale. but female knight is semi-plausible.

>> No.53301630

I believe she's wielding a Lance from the Babel Spear line.


>> No.53302310

Its not a question whether female knight is questionable, its whether any given female is fit to be a warrior is what it should be asking - if you get a 6ft something goliath like Brienne of Tarth in then sure, she can be a warrior because she will have the size and strength to keep up with men, but don't imagine your average dainty 5ft5 girl will be a fit match to fight in a normal hand to hand combat or in a pike formation.
If she's an assassin or a rouge then yeah, but even there you must remember that they need a modicum of strength to actually put the dagger through a weakpoint in armor to do the damage, or to draw a bow so that it does have the range.

tl;dr - its not the gender but individual characteristics that determine fitness for combat.

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