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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Taking a break edition: Where does your party unwind? The tavern? The coffee shop? The riverside for a picnic?

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I'm posting it again because I'm still angry.

>players have been invited to a noble function as the guests/body guards of a baron they helped save
>the fighter and bard decide it is their opportunity to hit on noblewomen
>have them make knowledge nobility checks to figure out who is who
>find a girl, daughter of a count, who is there with her fiance
>fighter decides to hit on her
>bard says 'yeah sure why not'
>other two party members are currently with the baron, doing their body guard jobs
>fighter gets crass with the noblewoman
>noblewoman's fiance shows up, tries to diffuse the situation
>have him and the bard make knowledge nobility checks on this guy
>turns out the guy was a commoner, but an extremely accomplished soldier
>fighter continues to be rude, threatens the guy
>fiance demands an apology
>fighter refuses
>the fiance, not wanting his betrothed's honor besmirched challenges the fighter to a duel
>the duel ends up happening in the gardens
>the baron the party is with is basically in 'oh geez they fucked up harder than I ever imagined they would' mode
>fighter gets his teeth kicked in by the fiance
>cuts off the fighter's hand (because the fighter touched his betrothed with that hand)
>tells him to get out of his sight
>next day the baron they were with sends the party away on a 'mission' that turns out to be basically nothing

>party pissed, especially the fighter
>pissed he couldn't just beat the guy

FUCK, what did they expect?

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I'll start us off with something fun!

Agent for R.I.N.K.A

>While The main party is off on a manhunt for a serial buggerer. Rinka (having been absent for the main session), was discussing the proper kind of pyrotechnics nessiary for a jazz act, with pianist/baratone vocalist/hooch master "Skinny" the kobold.
>This is cut short by Mune, Fluffy dragon maid, former consort to The Queen, Camp follower, and Rory's Steady Gal.
>"Someone's gotten a hold of The Queen's old magic items from an old lair of hers, Are you a bad enough [email protected] to find the magic items, hog tie the culprit, and rescue the things left in our collective mom's attic?"
>Turns out GUNSMOKE WITCH RINKA is such a Bad [email protected] though not literally a rat, that would be silly.
>She rushes out and searches for clues, asking the locals if they've seen the magic item dealer, Crazy Hassan. The most likely because she short and can't be noticed, it takes upwards of two hours before she finds a man with a sack full of suspiciously ornate items heading into an alley.
>Several men are loading up sacks and crates filled with magic items into a wagon.
>She sneaks behind, confirming the contents as what she's looking for then tosses in a thunderstone.
> The wagon bolts, leaving the stunned thugs caught by the thunderstone behind. Rinka teleports into the wagon and hold up the thugs riding within.
>One of the thugs starts blindly activating the magic items in Rinka's face! Summoning garden snakes all over her! they dont hurt but they're annoying.
>Rinka blasts the guy burning him and lighting the wagon on fire.
>The Thug reciprocates by throwing a necklass at her. A necklass of fireballs to be exact.
>Either seven small explosions, or one big explosion later, the wagon erupts sending the magic item haul all over the street.

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Are Spheres of Power and Path of War BOTH kill now?

What do we play if we want to play martials who can beat up wizards, arcanists, clerics, and druids from the start?

In Pathfinder, you cheeky cunts.

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>After an attempted suicide via wand in the face backfires into a swapped gender, The Thug in back spills the beans.
>Crazy Hassan has been selling magic items he looted from a dragon lair he found in the desert. some of them are perfectly fine, some of them are a bit busted by age and disuse. but they all make money. They had to stop eventually due to a crazy golem though (You'll recall this lair is where Dragon Game one had their test)
>Old Hassan is trying to skip town via river ferry with all his loot, due to the guard catching wise to the unsafe goods he was peddling.
>Rinka in her magnanimous mercy, allows the transmographied thug run for his life while rushing to the warehouse.
>Old Hassan is trying to push the cargo through with a bribe when Rinka tries to bluff him a deal.
>Hassan's bodyguard is having none of it now.
>Rinka tries to do what she does best and BLAST, but wait!? The bodyguard pulls out his own magic guns and sends the blast right back at her
>"Only a Shimada can control the Gunsmoke Mystic power!"
>End side Session, And the duel of Spellslingers is soon to come.

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>Was invited to a game that'll probably deal a lot with ERP
>Have a desire to make a hardass warder type character to cockblock vapid female PC's from getting raped by monsters and also to potentially beat down the other characters who won't be combat optimized if they try anything stupid with her or anyone else.

I know it's a shitty idea but I just want to do it.

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>Where does your party unwind
Can't speak for the others, but I unwind in a private place with a handsome fella

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There's no reason why this can't be taken into account. If it's a good rule, then put it in. If you're already at 60 pages, what's two more lines? Just do a CTRL-F then delete any newly written DCs in the errata and you're fucking done.

I've edited pdfs before and deleting 10 to 20 characters at a time is not a big deal, if that's your concern.

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They expected to cuck some weak princeling.

>> No.53263612

PoW isn't kill, in any way

>> No.53263613

>Are Spheres of Power and Path of War BOTH kill now?
what'd I miss?

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>tfw try to cuck some princeling
>chad thundercock shows up

>> No.53263622

>Thuvian Secret Police

Top kek.

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Stop listening to /tg/'s opinions for a start.

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The issue is making people cross out the maneuver save DCs in their printed books, anon.

Everything Forrest has said in irc and other talks sounds like the top two bosses at DSP (not Forrest) want this to be as easy as possible for non-forum people without much system mastery (you know, the most numerous customers) to use it.

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EhnJolly said about 2 hours ago
I am reading over these suggestions, and something I want to note here is that so many of these are a radical overhaul to the system that we couldn't implement these in a reasonable amount of time. We only have so much time to work on this, and massive system wide changes like this are going to change so much about the mechanics as to delay things much more than we'd like. At this point, we're hoping to try and implement smaller changes to fix existing issues such as focus cycling, although with the amount of strong swift actions we have, we'd like to think that choosing to regain focus or keeping one's swift action is still a difficult choice in and of itself.

MichaelSayre said 4 minutes ago
We don't really agree that there's any fundamental flaw in focus, just some issues with the current way things interact that we're working on fixing. A complete rewrite of the book simply isn't going to happen, both because we don't agree that such is necessary, and because we don't have the time or money to throw out a perfectly serviceable and functional system for something that a majority of players may or may not consider "better". More than that, many suggested "fixes" are actually things we already tried and discarded for various reasons early in development, so while we're not going to go around telling everyone "sorry, tried that and it sucks", there are suggestions we aren't going to be able to run with because we've already been down that road and we know how it ends.

>> No.53263650

"Oh my god, we might inconvenience people by making some of their powers better instead of worse!"

>> No.53263651

Spheres of Power is fine.
Spheres of Might is fucked.
Path of War is, at least, always going to be playable ignoring any errata.

>> No.53263653

How does this affect path of war?

>> No.53263654

You killed it! You killed it you fools!

>> No.53263660

Anyone who read over 2hu's playtest showed how insanely broken SoM is

>> No.53263662

Which game? Overlewd?

>> No.53263667

So houserule it, anon. PoW was never any good, they won't fix anything.

>> No.53263669

Not a /pfg/ related game.

>> No.53263671

That's the easiest crap in the world, you know that? Hell, even Paizo will delete whole paragraphs.

>> No.53263680

Kobold memes are weak, but make up for it in their numbers and industriousness!

>> No.53263681

What was great about PoW was I didn't need to houserule that much of anything, or I could be a player and reasonably expect my shit to work if the DM allowed it.

>> No.53263686

You know what, fuck this. This entire thing is threatening to go full retard, so I'm going full retard first.
I'm making a Dvati Discordant Crusader // Sorcerer / Oracle / Mystic Theurge and NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME.

>> No.53263688

Except for that houserules about PoW stating something like Broken Blade being banned if not more.

So uh


>> No.53263694

Deleting a whole paragraph is different from deleting a sentence from every individual maneuver.

>> No.53263695

It's nowhere near Path of War's damage.

>> No.53263697

Be a paladin instead. It will fit thematically for the protector of the innocent and virtuous

>> No.53263699

ok but mystic theruge is banned in gestalt usually.

>> No.53263704

Let me tell you that's pretty much only a thing in /pfg/ and forum circles.

>> No.53263705

But I can accomplish the same thing with Zweihander sentinel+ordained defender without being shit.

>> No.53263709


>> No.53263710

I almost want to do the same with my Nicolas Cage character. Just have him kick down the door and Cage it up whenever somebody wants to get some.

>> No.53263711

>Spellslinger duel

>> No.53263718

It's not. When you see Save DC, cross that shit out. Woah, so overwhelming.

>> No.53263720

What part of full retard did you not get?

Honestly though, that entire half of the gestalt is going to be doing jack and shit aside from non-combat utility, considering it'll be 4 levels behind on both casting fronts. And on a Dvati, who are godawful casters. I'd say I'd be fairly likely to get a reasonable GM to give it the OK.

>> No.53263722


I'll be honest, I have a hard time seeing that ending up any other way but an assassination of one or the other.>>53263695

>> No.53263726

No, it's actually way over. Look at the numbers for the Alchemy sphere stuff, it's crazy.

>> No.53263729

>The issue is making people cross out the maneuver save DCs in their printed books, anon.
Treating people like idiots is how you make people act like idiots. Do it right or don't do it at all.

>> No.53263732

So wait, they're nerfing PoW? Why?

>> No.53263733

>Treating people like idiots is how you make people act like idiots

how very social darwinist

>> No.53263740

Because PoW is broken in the damage department and warps the entire game?

>> No.53263741

Make sure to do lots of unnecessary screaming to stay in character

>> No.53263742

>Biggest complaint about PoW: Too much damage
>Errata aims to fix: Too much damage
>People complain

>> No.53263747

Do it. I'll play my cockblocker warder and you go full fucking cage.

>> No.53263748

the errata complainers are just being retarded and wrong

>> No.53263751


I'm actually going to be trying out Dueling rules for this.

also i was more thinking this.


>> No.53263752

PoW is a meme.
A bad one.

>> No.53263753

Who would have thought? The people who don't see the damage as a problem didn't complain. My real problem, however, is that they're fucking over boosts and not fixing maneuver DCs to be workable for more than a handful of levels.

>> No.53263756

>>Using an initiator
>>not being a shit
you have to pick one

>> No.53263758

Are they making non killy maneuvers good, action economy wise?

>> No.53263759

Being a good Nic Cage is pretty tough. Any tips?

I sure will. Godspeed, man.

>> No.53263765

You're a cocksucker

>> No.53263771

I may be, but I'm a cocksucker thats right

>> No.53263778

Tell me how attack boosts not working with my defensive focus is a good change I should be happy about.

>> No.53263785

Because some still will and some won't

>> No.53263796

Because it's not a blanket change, but changes to individual boosts?

>> No.53263799

The ones I want to work with defensive focus are the ones that last for one round because that's going to help my opportunity attacks and let me do my fucking job. The ones I don't care about are the ones for one-off attacks.

>> No.53263806

Cutting his hand off altogether is a pretty dick move though. Everything else like him getting his ass beaten is fine.

>> No.53263807

Die about halfway though the adventure in the most contrived manner you can for no real reason other than writing a gorn fanfiction. Let the other players know is HAS TO BE THIS WAY.

>> No.53263812

So only pick the boosts that do that.

What is wrong with you?

>> No.53263818

>TWF maneuvers and stances will now only boost damage on the first hit

Soooo why be a twf initiator? What use will thrashing dragon have?

>> No.53263819

Most of them are apparently going to be limited to your first attack, because some people used them to do a full attack and that is the devil.

>> No.53263821


A side session has NO RIGHT to be this epic.

>> No.53263841

Isn't that Sean Bean, though?

>> No.53263843

No, see, it'll be great. You can now use a boost to add a DC 13 check to DAZZLE instead of doing better damage and ending the fight.

>> No.53263848

Oh, yeah. I love dazzling and proning people. That's why I focused on thrashing dragon

>> No.53263853

Guess I better save the SRD now before it gets replaced.

>> No.53263854

>i was able to outdamage barbarians and oneshot cr+7 encounters this was fine.

>> No.53263859

Is this the power of Chuunibyou?

>> No.53263861

I really don't give a fuck if Initiators outperform Paizo classes or if they're really good at their job.

>> No.53263869


Ok, so you're just fucking useless, kys.

>> No.53263873

>It's okay that we're nerfed now we can influct laughably bad conditions that can be saved with a piddly DC while casters get to just be better at everything again

>> No.53263881

It's the best. I would love it if Flash Kick was just a glorified Trip. Amazing!

>> No.53263882

>Its totally ok that I was able to one shot cr+7 encounters. This was balanced.

>> No.53263883

Being able to outperform barbarians is a shit. Initiator's abilities should not be just 'dealing stupid damage' they should actually add something to the class besides a flavorful way to cause 36 damage when a barbarian can do that in one attack.

>> No.53263887

While I don't like the latter, what's wrong with initiators outdamaging barbs? Somebody's got to teach those savages their place.

>> No.53263888

Alchemy =/= all of SoM

>> No.53263892

Thrashing Dragon isn't receiving changes

>> No.53263896

Almost like there could be some sort of balance between being reduced to shit but not being OP

>> No.53263898

Tell me why I should give a fuck about Paizo martial classes. They're badly designed and take a lot of work to be good at anything

>> No.53263900

Nic cage does it a lot too, he's just more prone to playing a protagonist who dies, so its not quite as such a meme.

>> No.53263903

it doesn't mean its not a huge problem

The other chars also did insane damage, alchemy just did RETARDED damage

>> No.53263905

Stances and boosts are being hit to only affect the first attack roll. So you know, all those extra attacks are gonna get.... what again?

>> No.53263906

is bestiary 6 ever going to be added to the megas?

>> No.53263909

>The other chars also did insane damage

But nowhere near Path of War's damage.

>> No.53263915

Ah, alright. So gratituous death and copious amounts of screaming are in the works. Any other tips?

>> No.53263918

They should if thats the point of the build. Otherwise whats the point if every initiator build possible outperforms all the melee in the game?

>But nowhere near Path of War's damage.


>> No.53263923

I'm cool with less damage, but don't fuck with my boosts. They're a vital part to my operation as a Warder

>> No.53263929

>one person has a cool session with investigation, action, and story ties into the other concurrent game
>five people have a session that's just watching Rorymei get "raped"


>> No.53263931


you should give a fuck because balance does actually matter

No you absolute mongoloid, SOME stances and boosts are being changed, not ALL stances and boosts

they also did it far less interestingly than PoW, there's basically no reason to use SoM over default paizo

But the biggest problem with PoW's damage output is boosts on full attacks

>> No.53263934


wrong rory

>> No.53263935

Its almost like players matter

>> No.53263938

It's almost like you really shouldn't be playing a standard martial in a PoW game unless you're also using an initiating archetype.

>> No.53263940

>No you absolute mongoloid, SOME stances and boosts are being changed, not ALL stances and boosts
They said all damaging stances and boosts are being changed to do that.

>> No.53263947

>they also did it far less interestingly than PoW, there's basically no reason to use SoM over default paizo

Only if you build SoM characters in a boring way.

>> No.53263953

I dunno. Honestly im basing all this on having watched the wicker man and kickass. Try to imagine what kind of nic cage you are playing, then go find a movie which fits that description that has cage in it.

>> No.53263957

We can all just flock to Path of War: Expanded for our overpowered stances and maneuvers, right?

>> No.53263966

>But the biggest problem with PoW's damage output is boosts on full attacks
Fucking with those boosts also fucks with opportunity attacks and counters, the cornerstone of my favorite class. I'll deal with full attacks being stronger if I can actually use my arsenal to fulfill my class role.

>> No.53263968

sup weebfinder gen,

would going full nine tails with Kitsune Trickster Rogue by level 6 be worth it? doable with the alt trait and favored class bonus. was going for a face with a few tricks up her sleeves. could do deep infiltration and assassinations first hand if need be. have some easy lower level backup.

was also thinking about using things like steal the story and rumormonger to ruin peoples reputation, can make infiltration easier, turn others against each other, maybe even start a coup, etc. possibly make some mind control spells easier to pull off for being a reasonable thing to do. rumors mixed with suggestion on certain people close enough to them and make them think it was their idea.

>> No.53263969


I'll freely admit, i fucked up that session. So i'm gonna make up for it.

>> No.53263979

I'm just going to ignore the errata if it's bad, and I suggest everyone else do the same. Just because it's official doesn't mean it's good.

>> No.53263982

The best way, not that they'll do it, would be to make the boosts "first attack each turn until your next turn".

>> No.53263995

No, Taveena literally said its on a case by case basis.


you can't use a counter if you used a boost, idiot, swift actions and immediate actions overlap.

>> No.53263998

I would support that wholeheartedly. But, that would be far too intelligent. And the wordcount! Think of the wordcount!

>> No.53264000

Maybe its initiators in normal games that bug me.

>> No.53264003


You already need to give up

>> No.53264007

>Stormwind Fallacy

Fuck off retard

>> No.53264019

And where did he say that 'Case by case' basis is 'All of thrashing dragon is untouched'?

Every semi useful TWF power for thrashing dragon, boost, stance, is gonna get shit on. I love doing no damage as a TWF character again.

>> No.53264021

Probably that one where Nic Cage thinks he's a vampire.

>> No.53264023

>you can't use a counter if you used a boost, idiot, swift actions and immediate actions overlap.
Learn how immediate actions work, retard.
An immediate takes your next turn's swift, not your last turn's.

>> No.53264025

You have to step up your game, just like if someone rolled up with a Cleric in a game where the only other caster is a magus

>> No.53264032

>build SoM character to do nothing but bigass damage
>complain that all they can do is bigass damage

Are you dumb?

>> No.53264042

You literally do not know that.

Taveena didn't say anything about Thrashing Dragon, and given the majority of the focus is on Primal Fury, Broken blade, and Scarlet Throne

Why would I use a system if it does nothing but make martials do more damage? Its fundamentally useless to me. It doesn't change how they play or add utility, its just bigger numbers, fuck off.

>> No.53264059

So is the errata actually improving anything like the ranged disciplines being shit?

>> No.53264072

We literally don't know because we haven't seen it AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Generally its goals seem to be fixing bad wording and nonfunctional stuff, and fixing the balance of Primal Fury, Broken blade, and scarlet throne.

>> No.53264074

>Why would I use a system if it does nothing but make martials do more damage?

You can also use SoM to make really interesting martials who debuff, do battlefield control, buff, use combat maneuvers, etc.

Your fault if you pass that up for MOAR DAMAGE.

>> No.53264084

But overall they've only talked about nerfing and bringing down initiators to other characters without improving places they're weak on, right?

>> No.53264088

That might be the case, but it sure feels more like someone playing a druid in an all monk party.

>> No.53264090

Thats because the biggest problem with Initiators is too much damage and not enough of anything else

They're like the Magus on crack.

>> No.53264096

or I could just not use the shitty system that will be broken by autistic shitters, and just use something thats not ass.

>> No.53264103

So... Are we getting much in the way of 'anything else' or is it just shit being taken from them without looking to improve their lacking issues?

>> No.53264117

Its not a rewrite of PoW, its fixes on the current problems, which are focused on broken blade, primal fury, and scarlet throne, along with fixing bad and nonfunctional wording

I don't know how many times I have to say this

>> No.53264120

Its just they could be great at other things, but no matter how you build them they end up with more damage than barbarians.

>> No.53264125

So when do we get PoW Errata II that fixes the rest of it?

>> No.53264126

So it's just nerfing without dealing with other core issues, okay. Guess they really are a paizo subsidiary.

>> No.53264129

4 years from now judging from current trends.
But BB, PF, and ST needed nerfs.

>> No.53264142

And the ranged disciplines and a few others needed buffs. Can'y they just balance it all in one go?

>> No.53264152

What buffs did the ranged disciplines need?

>> No.53264158

I feel like I'd rather deal with obscene damage than initiators on 1pp level.

>> No.53264166

Solar wind getting cucked by anything with fire resistance or immunity, aka half the monsters in the game.

>> No.53264179

Think of it this way, its actually better to do things incrementally, especially in this case because we don't even know how ST, BB, and PF after nerfs stack up against the other disciplines power-wise.

A lot of disciplines like PT have the biggest argument against them being not that they're particularly bad, its just they're not as good as something like scarlet throne straight up.

Given that everything in PF is a balance, you kind of have to let it shake out

I agree that the ranged disciplines need changes, but i'd say fixing BB, PF, and ST are higher priority.

oh please, you're overreacting.

isn't there a thing out there that says 'solar wind can be whatever energy type you want it to be when you select it?' in PoW E or something? I'm pretty sure thats already a thing

>> No.53264192

your no fun. i bet you dont even rp

>> No.53264197

Stormwind fallaaaccyyyy

>> No.53264198

No, PT's problem is that it's another charging, 2h discipline when Primal Fury already exists.

>> No.53264203

Variable Wind

>> No.53264206

Yes, a charging 2h discipline thats strictly worse than PF in every way imaginable

until now.

>> No.53264211

yeah that one.

>> No.53264215

Oh, there was a feat to remedy that in PoW: E. Variable Wind allows for changing energy type of Solar Wind disciplines.

>> No.53264219

>oh please, you're overreacting.
I really don't feel like I am. If 1pp classes are going to be the benchmark, that's a pretty low benchmark.

Even if they were equivalent, PT is completely redundant because PF already covers that niche.

>> No.53264228

Alright, i'll renege the solar wind getting cucked bit. But I do feel it should just be a base thing. but a feat beats nothing I will whole heartedly agree.

>> No.53264231

but 1pp barbarians are already great at the 'murder something in one turn' meme, they should be the benchmark of damage, and ideally the classes should have more utility spreading out from it

well Primal Fury is getting a complete rewrite, just like broken blade

>> No.53264236

>isn't there a thing out there that says 'solar wind can be whatever energy type you want it to be when you select it?' in PoW E or something? I'm pretty sure thats already a thing
Even still though, you hit the "whoops, monster is immune to you" issue fairly often. Acid's the least resisted element you can pick, and even still a good 25% of monsters are resistant or immune.
The only "fix" is variable wind on a chassis that can switch active element in combat, which is no fix at all since it requires a feat and a particular class.

I personally just let Solar Wind disciples deal d4s of their weapon's damage whenever they prefer.

>> No.53264261

1pp Barbarians are the baseline for what's acceptable for a melee fighter. There are already superior versions of beatsticks in the game.

Even if PF got completely rewritten, I don't think they're going to change it from being a 2h discipline focused on charging because that's it's identity. It's sort of the default 2h discipline option.

>> No.53264274

No, they're not the 'baseline', they're actually the upper tier. You ideals are warped, 1rounding equal CR should not be a thing, let alone cr+3 like PoW can.

>> No.53264283

It's my first time playing Pathfinder and my Fighter just got bumped to level 2. I've only recently learned how lackluster martial classes are; rolled a Fighter mostly for the classic party composition and class fantasy, but I want to secure my place in future encounters. I picked up 14 Intelligence at chargen; is dipping, or even full-on switch, into Wizard advisable?

>> No.53264286

No, it should absolutely be a thing because casters are capable of doing that and more.

>> No.53264295

No, just make a new character.

>> No.53264309

Too bad. I like my character. I'm willing to see into more options.

>> No.53264310

>Rest of party literally fucks around
>The rat psycho has explosions, crazy shit, and an upcoming duel between gunslingers.

How did this happen.

>> No.53264319

>he doesn't understand what tier lists are.

Fighters are fine, as long as you have access to Advanced Weapon Training you're gucci

>> No.53264321

Get a rebuild from your DM. Pick a different class, but the same guy.

>> No.53264327

You should have made a Slayer and called him a Fighter.

>> No.53264328

It's OK when casters do it.
Why can't martials?

>> No.53264332

The right spells can absolutely end encounters of CR. That's not even up for debate anymore.

>> No.53264344

Because Casters don't actually routinely one-shot enemies of far higher CR
Yeah, if you get lucky, PoW can do it at its baseline.

Caster's problem isn't even combat related, like combat and casters is literally not why 9th level casters are problematic, and if you think save or suck/die spells are why 9th level casters are problematic, you're wrong and you need to stop.

>> No.53264347

The spells that do that at level one at Color Spray and Sleep. Which require your enemies to not only be in neat little clumps, but if it's color spray requires you to press your soft squishy body against the enemy.

A level 1 wizard coming up for his color spray cone? Better hope they ALL fail the save, the one that isn't is putting you unconscious with his greatclub.

>> No.53264349

Anon is right. PT is just redundant. It shouldn't have been made at all.

>> No.53264360

No, that's not the only reason why Casters are strong, but it is a thing that they can do. Since we have accepted that it's okay for them to be able to do that, it's fine for other classes to be able to one-shot equal CR enemies.

>> No.53264361

>Because Casters don't actually routinely one-shot enemies of far higher CR
I'm not sure what you're playing, but it's clearly not PF with caster players who aren't gargling feces.

>> No.53264372



>> No.53264374

PT just needs more focus on reach and polearmy stuff. The design space is there, it just needs a rebranding.

>> No.53264391

Hey retard
High level casters are stupid bullshit OP in more than one way
Because they can hit the "next" button on combat encounters AND because they can hit the "next" button on non-combat encounters.

>> No.53264396

Turn your capslock off you fucking autist. Seriously. Nobody is saying that's the only thing that casters can do, it is just one thing that they are able to do. This is accepted as an okay thing. Why is it wrong when other classes do it?

>> No.53264399

Just stop

>> No.53264404





>> No.53264411


>> No.53264414


>> No.53264425

PT is what needs to be reimagined instead of PF. PF just needs its numbers smoothed out. Some stuff needs buffs, some stuff needs nerfs.

>> No.53264435

Explain how a level 5 wizard deals with a CR 12 creature.

>> No.53264437

Right. Please put a name on so I can filter you.

>> No.53264442

>muh stormwind

s t r a w m a n f a l a c y

>> No.53264448

i'm honestly amazed a mongoloid like you can even use a keyboard

>> No.53264452

Explain how a level 5 PoW class can

>> No.53264462

what's wrong with stormwind?

>> No.53264463

You're really raising the level of discussion here. Truly.

>> No.53264464

Broken blade to deal like 2500d6 damage

>> No.53264471

>using a bad build allows for more roleplaying!

>> No.53264474

>1rounding equal CR should not be a thing
Yes it fucking should.

>> No.53264478

Good idea: Getting nine tails, dominate person is a huge bonus especially for rogues.

Bad idea: Taking steal the story/rumormonger when you could just, y'know, do that stuff with bluff/diplo already.

>> No.53264480

>rocket tag is a good thing

>> No.53264487

Yes. Yes it is. I would take it literally every time over the alternatives.

>> No.53264491

Not what I asked.

>> No.53264492


>> No.53264496

Yeah, but it's what I asked. Why are we comparing the two if you can't explain to me how a PoW class can do it either?

>> No.53264498


>> No.53264502

So you don't really have an example.

>> No.53264515

This thread was supposed to be comfy.
This isn't comfy at all!

>> No.53264518

Even if the enemies aren't rocket-tagging? You know, because the GM can use enemies that don't rely on rocket-tag, but rely on debuffs and fucking with the party? Would rocket tag on the PC's end STILL be "literally better than any alternative", or do you actually have some brain-fluid up there like you should?

>> No.53264539

Reviewanon, Reviewanon! Do more TSS apps! I want to see the others!

>> No.53264551


Pugilist stance, steel flurry strike, bronze knuckle, add in weapon group adaptation to use a greatsword.

thats like... 24d6+4.5x strength. Plus other relevant damage boosts.

with lets say.. 20 str, thats like 24d6+21

It doesn't quite one-round a CR-12 monster, (PoW needs more levels before It can ACTUALLY blow things CR+7 away)

But it does trivialize cr+3 monsters, which is actually still insane.

>> No.53264556

>Even if the enemies aren't rocket-tagging?
Then the problem is that enemies aren't dangerous enough.

>> No.53264561

Man if neither side rocket tags its almost like enemies would be deadly enough

>> No.53264568

the only comfy thing about this thread was the Agent Rinka greentext.

>> No.53264574

CR+3 isn't really as big of a hurdle as you think it is.

>> No.53264584

cr+3 should be a boss encounter for a party

Blowing away a CR3 enemy in one turn is absolutely a problem.

>> No.53264585

What do I do /pfg/. Everything is going from bad to worse in game and I can't stop it. No matter what I seem to try either circumstances conspire to make our situation worse or my fellow party members ensure that things go down the tube. I can't keep this fucking balancing act up forever.

Already 3 of the 4 of them have died. It's just me and the investigator from the original party. My character keeps making enemies because of these fucks.

Should I murder them, change my identity, and be done with it?

>> No.53264587

Or you get release 4E and make me want to kill myself instead of play the game.

>> No.53264590


>> No.53264595

>enemies are only dangerous if they can one-round me
>not if they can make me blind, break my weapon, knock me off a cliff, kill the king I'm trying to guard, curse me, or separate me from my friends
>nope, only if they can do direct HP damage within the span of 6 seconds to bring me from full to dead
>and enemies can ONLY deal damage, they never ever can debuff or fuck with me

>> No.53264602

but 4e was fun, it just wasnt' d&d

>> No.53264611

To be fair, most enemies either club you to death or are spellcasters who can also club you to death. They've got better options than trying risky conditional debuffs

>> No.53264615

4E wasn't fun when it was 4 rounds of players and enemies whiffing against each other and love tapping each other. What a surprise that they turned up the lethality on both ends when everyone complained about it.

>> No.53264623

I don't know why you think that doesn't qualify as rocket tag. If an enemy kills you or otherwise renders you unable to fight within 1-2 rounds, that's rocket tag right there.

>> No.53264624

the ideal is about 2-rounds for lethality, i agree.

>> No.53264634

Does this mean that Spheres of Might ACTUALLY does more damage than Path of War now?

>> No.53264641

This is why I design interesting encounters. The more I read /pfg/ the more I see that the mentality on both the GM and the player side is wrong.

Players act like killing should be the only outcome of a fight ever on both sides. GMs facilitate this mentality by creating enemies and situations that do not breed any kind of interesting fights.

Everyone here is, for the most part, complete fucking garbage. I hope you all die in a fire.

>> No.53264647

They'll probably be closer

But Alchemy will make broken blade look like garbage with its sheer DICE NUMBERS and need only to hit AC5

>> No.53264649

Is a meme, gets shut down hard by anything with big acid resist/fire resist.

>> No.53264651

Fights don't get more interesting or tense when they bloat out to 6 rounds, they just get more tedious and each round becomes less impactful.

>> No.53264663

>tfw you've been PMing crushes left and right
>tfw you've gotten everything from hot ERP, to stimulating conversation, to advice on running games

It's really nice, /pfg/. It's a good way to live.

>> No.53264669

This is the kind of mentality that puts interesting as long, or combat encounters to just be two sides lobbing what ever they can at each other until one falls over. I repeat what I said, go die in a fire.

>> No.53264672

How do I get a PM?

How do I find out who has a crush on me?

>> No.53264675

We have our base in Xen'drik. The party each does their own thing; Grib and Eldrich enjoying the high life with fancy drinks and cheeses while partying the night away, Kolt relaxing by tending to the base's arms and weapons R&D, and our newcomers are coming to grips with their new home away from home and getting acquainted with the guildsmen. Elsbeth, however, is either locked in her room with her books or she steals herself away to the empty docks near port as they brought her simpler memories of growing up in Lhazaar.

>> No.53264688

Not really, you just think interesting combat is incompatible with lethal combat.

>> No.53264699

I've been with DMs like you. Your fights are tedious as fuck

>> No.53264716

Good job putting fucking words in my mouth. Interesting and lethal combat often go hand in hand. However extreme rocket tag and interesting combat do not. Extreme rocket tag gives no room for interesting combat because combat ends before anything interesting can occur and drags as people attempt to optimize their turns because giving the enemy even a slight chance to retaliate often comes with death.

I often find extreme rocket tags takes enormous amounts of time because of how much people consider their turns before taken them.

And you're a shit player with the attention span of a lemming.

>> No.53264724

>if I make all my fights a tedious grinder ill be a brilliant gm hehehehehehe

>> No.53264731

No, dude, seriously. I love having to spend rounds getting into position or dealing with whatever new status effect I'm under this round. That's fun. That's great.

>> No.53264733

I don't. My ideal is 1 round of full contact to kill with decent luck or resource expenditure, 2 rounds minimum with no resource expenditure or if you're spending resources but are getting cockblocked by defensive abilities, 3 rounds if you're being cockblocked by defensive abilities while not spending anything.

>> No.53264740

You get a PM when someone has a crush on you

You find out who has a crush on you when they give you a PM

>> No.53264761

So nobody's got a crush on me then.
That's fine.
That's okay.

>> No.53264763

And you'd honestly prefer "okay, you kill them, next battle" or "okay, they kill you, new character/pay for revival" over anything else?

At that point, why even bother playing a character that can fight? If everyone else has the mindset of murderfucking everything in a single turn, what impact do my actions even have?

>> No.53264764

That's also shit encounter design bucko. There are more ways to design encounters than extreme rocket tag and garbage 'fix the puzzle' encounters.

Sure is fun to watch your wizard second guess himself for ten minutes before deciding to dimension door away. Or your summoner reposition his oragami tigers into a sphere around an enemy to ensure coverage, then have to do it again once he realizes their reaches don't overlap properly.

>> No.53264769

>because giving the enemy even a slight chance to retaliate often comes with death.
Because that doesn't make sense at all.

>> No.53264775

aaaaaa i wish i had a crush on someone

>> No.53264776

Between 'Hurr I hope you like status effects and boring combat that's tedious and drawn out as fuck :^)' and 'Everything dies asap' i'll take the latter any day.

>> No.53264781

I'm saying turning every encounter into "1 round to SAVE THE WORLD" is extremely boring.

>> No.53264786

That's dumb. You're dumb. All that mindset does is state that you don't actually care about combat whatsoever, or that you want a GM vs. PC game, which is just as cancerous.

>> No.53264788

What's the problem anon. More details.

>> No.53264790

What will be the next Path of War/Spheres of Might that tries to save martials?

>> No.53264793

Give us an example, grand wizard. Wow us with your amazing encounter design.

>> No.53264794

Yeah anon, i'd rather much have a 4 hour combat that's boring as shit and having to deal with retarded 'epic situations'

>> No.53264797

Anon, maybe someone has such a crush on you that they're too shy to go through with it. Most of the people here are too shy to follow through on their dreams.

I bet if you gave some hints about who you were, they might be a little braver, because then they'd know you were receptive to their advances!

>> No.53264808

There are none. Martials are fucked. Just play casters forever now.

>> No.53264809

Nothing. All this has taught me is that I need to leave Pathfinder. Nobody wants to do what it takes to save martials.

I'm going to find a 4e group

>> No.53264814

I've got a big crush on you!

>> No.53264815

I got a heavily homebrewed 4e saturday game looking for a leader

>> No.53264816

Firstly, I'm not the GM above, I'm simply asking why you would want what effectively amounts to "combat doesn't exist".

Secondly, there's a middle-ground between slogfest of four-hour-fights and one-round nuclear dodgeball.

>> No.53264817

An example posted in this very general was the hobgoblin brothel ambush and escape.

>> No.53264821

Didn't 2hu shitfling into Hell's Rebels A turned into Strike! only to shit all over a 4e GM and hijack his 4e game?

>> No.53264824

Honestly barbarian and paladin are better materials to fighters in ever way. Dips to fighters are still alright but full on barbarian and full on paladin are still coolest way to fly daddy-o

>> No.53264825

You realize there is a middle ground between the two. This is another fucking retarded part of the argument, that only two extremes can exist.

>> No.53264830

They probably haven't sent you a PM because they're already your friend and talk to you semi-regularly

>> No.53264835

How heavily homebrewed?

>> No.53264837

Can DHB's martials save us?

>> No.53264843

Incredibly. No daily powers, feat changes, new conditions, archetypes to act as a second class, monster hunter-esque equipment crafting.

>> No.53264847

I don't know. I'd even take Strike over this. I have no hope for this game anymore.

>> No.53264852

We're fucked.

>> No.53264855

Tempting, but I'd need a full list of your rules

>> No.53264857

Our group was playing the first Wrath of the Righteous, and began the assault on the evil underground people on our way back up to the surface.

We get absolutely hammered fighting everyone in the building, and the enemies going invisible to bugger us on a surprise round was making our ability to fight back go shockingly poor. We manage to win for most of it, though the Clerics janked us up pretty good with their negative channeling. After we took care of them, all of us are at like, 2 HP and no means of healing ourselves.

Then the barbarian decides to open up the meat locker room where we knew there was a Monitor Lizard because she wanted to "vent some anger" on the thing. The lizard gets the jump on her because she made no attempt to hide her intentions and crits her down to 1 HP from full death. The lizard then goes on to not roll below 15 the rest of the encounter as it almost kills everyone in our party, leaving the NPCs and our almost dead wizard to drag our unconcious bodies back to the underground town we came from. We had to end the game there because everyone was laughing too hard that this little lizard just ended everyone's existence.

>> No.53264858

Strike! is a good game.

>> No.53264860

It's not, though. The best part of XCOM by far is the small squad skirmishes where enemies are dying with each shot or being crippled with flashbangs. The shittiest is when you get stuck in a quagmire that takes several rounds to resolve.

>> No.53264863

This. I talk to my crush all the time, and he doesn't even realize it!

>> No.53264867

I can't get over the 1d6

>> No.53264875

I'm afraid of posting my wiki in a public place on 4chan.

>> No.53264876

That's a good encounter. Once I was a wizard and a house cat nearly killed me before the barbarian was able to break his way into the locked cat room.

>> No.53264879

Whoa nigglet, what's your problem with the d6? d6 is the best fucking dice, it's got history and shit.

>> No.53264881

I have a hard time taking you at your word, then.

>> No.53264888

>>oh boy, i sure do love net decking everyone elses build instead of being the least bit original!

>oh boy, i sure do love bashing my head against the A button instead of using combos!

>oh noooo, all this lame rping and characterization is getting in the way of my corpse looting muchining Role Playing Game!

>> No.53264889

I can post some house rules.

Healing and Dying
Healing Surges are no longer per day, but instead per encounter. Everyone has three Healing Surges per encounter. The Durable feat grants one additional Healing Surge in each encounter.

A PC below 0 HP is simply Unconscious. A PC who reaches their negative bloodied value is Defeated, and can only be returned to battle by game elements that normally revive dead characters.

All PCs are restored to full HP at the conclusion of every encounter including Defeated and Unconscious PCs.

>> No.53264891

Not really fond of having a 16ish percent chance of fucking up completely on everything, or a 1 in 3 chance of just fucking up in general.

>> No.53264894

You realize pathfinder and xcom aren't really comparable games, correct? In essentially any metric

>> No.53264896

No, you're a retard. That's two different events, and here's what happened.

Hell's Rebels Group A comes in with a bunch of cute girls doing cute things and also murdering everything with maneuvers. GM gets overwhelmed by this, party also realizes it isn't fun to roflstop everything. They start questioning what to do about it. After several false starts, 2hu suggests Strike!, to which everyone is slowly warming up to with how it fits the A-team's tone of game compared to the B-team (who are currently attempting to be badass but the dice want to fuck them over, which they seem to masochistically enjoy).

Some idiot on the /pfg/ Discord wants to run a 4e game, cool! Except said idiot doesn't know anything about 4e, thinks a bunch of minor things are "broken", and wants to ban ridiculous things (such as Themes, Backgrounds, Warforged, Laser Clerics and anything tied to a setting he isn't running it in even despite everything being setting-agnostic by the rules). Multiple people who know better than him, including 2hu, bitch him out and tell him he needs to smarten up and understand the game he supposedly wants to run. In his traditional response, he whines and bitches that they "convinced him not to run it because clearly he's too stupid and they're oh-so-smarter". But the thing is, he IS stupid. And everyone else WAS in the right.

>> No.53264898

Sounds like good shit. I'm already in three games, though, so I just can't help you out this time. I need to go cut off my pathfinder games first. I'm fucking done with this game.

>> No.53264911

>Everyone has three Healing Surges per encounter.
RIP Heal-Clerics, RIP all Wardens.

>> No.53264912

>Fire emblem casual mode: dnd edition

>> No.53264916


>> No.53264917

I had a fun time telling them about Rust Dagger Shanktown.

>> No.53264920

The errata was just the last straw.

>> No.53264921

If he's too dense to realize it, he's never going to get it through his thick skull unless you make it obvious!

>> No.53264925

The people bitching about errata is the same people who hated path of war to begin with; they're just trying to make it look bad.

>> No.53264926

The funny thing is that you think they aren't. The mechanics are different, but what makes combat fundamentally interesting is the same between both.

>> No.53264928

Isn't the standard "Good" encounter design "1-2 turns for mooks, 4 for average encounters, 6+ for bosses" or have I been living a terrible lie and am a shit GM?

>> No.53264929

Our last medic had about 6-7 different extra heals due to his archetype. Combat is generally based per encounter. Also, on milestones players lose a surge.
Party all dies in a TPK, of which they've had many close calls.

>> No.53264936

My only concern about the PoW errata is potential inconsistency with PoW:E.
If I hate the errata, I play without it, no biggie. If I like the errata and want to use it, I might have to blanket ban PoW:E if the systems are different enough or imbalanced against each other enough that logistics become a mess.

>> No.53264939

Jesus fuck no.

>> No.53264943

No, I honestly don't appreciate the errata. I would have been fine with curtailing some abuse, but it sounds like it's going too far and my spirit has just been broken by the failure of SoM and the repeated blundering of paizo over the years.

I'll sleep on it, but I'm pretty much fucking out.

>> No.53264951

What is your problem with the errata? Tell me in plain english

>> No.53264952

I'm playing a twf warlord and worried that he'll be gutted. I'm not in sky is falling mode yet, but i'm pretty fucking sure i'll have to remake him at the least.

>> No.53264956

Why would you expect anything out of Paizo when it was obvious from like, the second alpha playtest packet that they were a shitshow? It's not exactly 5E, where people who liked the playtest got bait and switched.

>> No.53264957

I'll make it obvious the next time we play together

>> No.53264959

Thrashing Dragon is hardly, if at all, getting changes. If anything, it's probably going to get buffed because it's already super-limited in what it does.

>> No.53264969

I can see the 3rd level stance being nerfed or something which is most of my damage.

>> No.53264975

Not him but my experience with Pathfinder has always been that it gets worse as system mastery increases. There's this hot spot where you KNOW how to play the game, but you haven't delved into optimization or meta-game yet where everything is great and you enjoy all your options, then afterwards you start to realize which ones are a trap and how badly your strategy can fuck you in a long game.

>> No.53264981

It's not going to cover the problems that need fixing, like most initiators still being limited in utility, save-based maneuvers rapidly decaying, the ability to swap maneuvers being stunted and forcing you to game your picks, or certain archetypes being too good. It's also going to nerf some things I liked, too.

So forget it, I think I just gave my last fuck today

>> No.53264986

Anon please.



>> No.53264999

You better not be leaving my /pfg/ game guy.

>> No.53265000

You're really creepy, you know that?

>> No.53265002

>whaa i can't 1 round bosses anymore pathfinder is dead :(

>> No.53265010

That's because you avoided landmines while learning the game. Let me tell you, I can count on one hand the amount of RPG experiences less fun than playing a level 8 S&B Fighter in 3.0 with a Druid in the party while we fight CR8+ stuff.

Doing 1d8+9 per swing against 80 fucking HP is not fucking acceptable and it's even less acceptable when you're not even hitting all the time. I flat out refuse to play a game with that level of damage ever again.

>> No.53265013

Musume is the old version, and so is AoD. But some of the rules are there yes.

>> No.53265053

The Ironfang Player's guide isn't in the trove, folks. Now what'll I do?

>> No.53265109

let me guess, dominate person only as a disposable flank buddy?

>> No.53265119

Its free to download from paizo's website.

>> No.53265123

Get it for free off the Paizo site?

>> No.53265124

That's pretty much everyone who allows PoW in the first place.

>> No.53265141

I'd be hopeless without you, Anons!

>> No.53265146

[citation needed] for all of that bullshit, 2hu.

>> No.53265176

>claims 2hu
>when 2hu is universally known for not swearing, for always posting a touhou image, and for never referring to himself as "2hu"

You're a special brand of dumbass, yo.

>> No.53265179


Furfag Augunas actually made a pretty sweet remake with the Unchained Ninja.

>> No.53265184

What tier are the 6th level initiator archetypes?

>> No.53265191

What? Fuck no, it's amazing for anyone who even has a passing interest in intrigue.

>> No.53265193

usually around tier 3. I'd say the bad ones go as low as tier 4.

>> No.53265196

Still [citation needed]

>> No.53265197

Got a link to that?
Generally the same tier as they were for their normal class, with the exception of Hidden Blade and Myrmidon being outright-better than the other archetypes. The logic being that Fighter and Rogue are pretty bad, so they get their archetype for "cheaper" than it should cost them in class features.

>> No.53265207

Usually Tier 3/4

>> No.53265210


Yeah I really think he did a great job with this

>> No.53265224

Half-Elf Unchained Barbarian: Am I wasting my time?

>> No.53265225


>> No.53265228

I mean you'll be solid at your job

>> No.53265236

And how long will you make the thread wait to know if you were successful?

>> No.53265239

What's a better way to be a grumpy half-elf that mauls losers with a big weapon?

>> No.53265241

Nah. Just put your stat bonus in Strength and be maximum Strength and 2h weapons and Power Attack and you'll be fine.

>> No.53265248

With any luck it'll make the greentext

>> No.53265265

Is 20/14/14/10/10/8 good enough?
It's 25 PB

>> No.53265275

more than

>> No.53265355


>> No.53265387

We're on page 4 and that thread is actual garbage. Ignore it.

>> No.53265419

you are a moron on multiple levels, dude.

>> No.53265430

If intrigue is what you're interested in, the DC 15 sense motive to notice someone being dominated makes using it pretty tricky.

>> No.53265432

To answer the question on that thread, because it's a good one:
I had one GM who was such a fedora that he eliminated all Gods from the setting except for just not-Christianity that he could constantly shit on. God Encounters: 0

I had another GM who was fucking OBSESSED with playing with himself, so we were basically getting led along through his very important cosmology and made to sit around while his Gods all yelled at each other.
God Encounters: Too many.

I've yet to have a happy medium, really.

>> No.53265446

Steelfist commando, how do I make a good one? I want to punch shit and be a brawler, but useful and with good damage.

>> No.53265479

I'm not actually bothered by early threads and I really don't care about OP pictures one way or another, but come on, you left the fucking pastebin out.

>> No.53265505

Not quite a deity, admittedly, but at one point my character got marooned on an island. She only got off because while visiting a river, an unearthly fog rolled up and a ferryman cloaked in dark robes came to the shore, with the offer that he'd take her back to civilization, so long as she paid him all the coin on her at the time; twelve gold and four silver. He was very specific about that number.

the GM really set the ambience for his visit well. It was spooky as shit.

>> No.53265542

That sounds truly awful, Anon. I hope one day you have a nice GM that lets you meet a brave god or goddess that understands Justice!

>> No.53265558

Wow! Was that DM known for setting good scenes like that? That sounds pretty cool.

>> No.53265585

Hopefully. Then again, the worthy Gods favor those who come prepared. You gotta build up to the point where you're worth their personal attention.

But really, wouldn't any PC worth their salt prove that? Unless you're actively being a dick or a weenie, the kind of excellence that lets you throw down with monsters should attract some notice from on high, and a big deific thumbs-up.

>> No.53265603

he's usually average at best, but he plans specific scenes well in advance, and takes the time to make them perfect before popping them out. so usually it's a pretty average game, then he hits the music, sets the lighting just right, and speaks a prepared speech full of memorable description.

I feel like he'd be an awesome GM if he was better at predicting his players, but he's not so great at improv, and as a group we push him a bit hard in that direction.

>> No.53265606

It should! At the very least the minor heralds, demigods, and other lesser divinities should be sent to you or notice you of their own accord, without a doubt.

>> No.53265622

Depending on what you guys are playing cutting of that characters hand is basically a huge death sentence. And unless hes the tough it out type hes just gonna reroll so yeah you kinda killed his character in his eyes or at least severely gimped him.

>> No.53265643

Interesting dynamic. Has your group considered planning things with him in advance better? It's important for everyone to work together in RPGs, and that cuts both ways!

>> No.53265703

On the other hand, that's a good way to make enemies. But with enemies comes more adventure!

Even as a good guy, you could end up with Urgathoa's herald as a dedicated rival or tempter!

>> No.53265715

>TFW Lord Cornelius recognizes the eager young first-time adventurers and takes Rekannas and Simi under his wing to show them how its done

>> No.53265731

>Urgathoa's Herald
>Mother's Maw
>This skull is as large as an ogre and surrounded by buzzing flies. Its bat wings are too small to actually carry it, yet it moves through the air as easily as a bird. It is surrounded by the stink of rotting meat, spice, and perfume.

>dedicated rival or tempter

Nobody FUCKS with Party Skull!

>> No.53265742

Sadly, it's not a dynamic we've been able to achieve. We're all friends, and we try to work together, and while our GM's not the best at improv, he's a great storyteller.

We don't have the best cohesion, sadly. Even when one of us is trying to follow the obvious plot hooks, at least one or two of us is either being completely oblivious or intentionally random. Just how it goes, sometimes.

>> No.53265754

>Raining Oil
Are there any other games recruiting right now? Are they all strictly ERP games?

>> No.53265761

Probably not, but Party Skull would probably get a kick out of fucking around with the PCs.

>> No.53265765

WTF is this shit?

>> No.53265777

No, I get that. It's hard to do! It's good that all of you are trying, though.

>> No.53265791

Even the ERP games weren't strictly ERP games. Life is more complex than that!

>> No.53265801

It appears to be an attempt to connect Rekanas to two stronger TSS apps in the hopes that their memes might all get mixed together.

>> No.53265805

>Sumptuous feast prepared to celebrate a job well done, a battle hard won, or just a bit of good fun
>Suddenly Motherfucking PARTY SKULL crashes through a wall and just faceplants into your feast, chomping away at all your tasty food

Truly insufferable

>> No.53265819

Thread is in 404. Tell me all the things wrong with this.

>> No.53265830

Raining oil is dead

>> No.53265845

>The Mother’s Maw is an immortal undead, able to recover from almost any attack and lacking the need to eat or drink. However, it still enjoys these things and is driven by a desire to experience sensation like the worst mortal hedonist. It has been known to eat and spit out entire herds of cattle (one steer at a time), to crash into winery casks to soak itself for hours in fine and mediocre vintages alike, to roll in exotic spices, or to wrap itself in fine cloth until it looks like a giant mummy skull.
>The Maw has little interest in the desires of mortals (or of undead in the mortal world). It can speak but finds little worth talking about, so many assume it is as mindless as an animated skeleton. However, when not on a mission of death, disease, or gluttony, it is a font of knowledge about food, wine, exotic scents, and other strange experiences only an undead creature can understand, and is quite willing to speak on these matters to an interested party—assuming the sight of the enormous talking, winged skull isn’t a distraction to listeners.

World's Greatest Herald

>> No.53265861

>Because of its innate ability to create undead, the herald is sometimes accompanied by skeletons, zombies, and ghouls, which caper about it, endlessly adoring the emissary of the goddess of undeath. It has been known to ferry allies into battle, or (rarely) to rescue a powerful undead creature, spiriting its passenger away to safety with its bony gullet, and relying on its own defenses to keep its passenger safe.

Party Skull is a real pal!

>> No.53265865

These TSS forced memes are getting really lame.

>> No.53265889

If you're going to force a meme, force the cute Kobold Wyrmwitch!

>> No.53265896


Is Rinka the true hero of Dragons2?

That session sounds like a blast

>> No.53265929

Having the character permanently crippled was unnecessary.

>> No.53266034

So far it's good, but it's missing something. Maybe have one or two 'wild' maneuvers that can be from any discipline and ignores the prerequisites

>> No.53266041

Is Protagonist a meme personality now?

>> No.53266053

only on Myth Weavers

>> No.53266067

I like this idea. Do that; it'll give the archetype some eccentric flair as befits a janky thief swordsman

>> No.53266078

What about the players in Overlewd? PLD? Do they ascend to meme by association, or must they incubate longer?

>> No.53266082

Meme players are a rare thing

>> No.53266104

I thought there were at least a dozen

>> No.53266116

So basically what you're saying is that you're impatient.

>> No.53266121

Honestly I'd only really call Rory or Captain Slow 'meme players'

>> No.53266135

DHB? He's a legend!
Wist? She's got fans! Real fans!

>> No.53266141

Patience has nothing to do with it but I get the feeling you're too stupid to understand that.

>> No.53266143

maybe DHB and Wist to that list yeah.

>> No.53266150

Ao dai are severely underrated compared to qi pao and kimonos.

>> No.53266153

I hated PoW to start with and I'm glad for the nerfs.

Partly because I like balanced things

Partly because I'm a spiteful bitch.

>> No.53266181


>> No.53266186

2hu is more of a thread personality

>> No.53266195

Pretty potent meme though, right?

>> No.53266201


>> No.53266243

So it's really just Wist, DHB, Slow, and Rory?

Then who are all those other clowns you're always talking about?

>> No.53266251

Name the other 'clowns'

>> No.53266260

Characters usually gain notoriety with no regard to the player behind them.

>> No.53266264

Sleep! That dude gets bandied around all the time, don't he?

And what characters count as memes, then?

>> No.53266273

He runs games.

>> No.53266277

Who are the meme DMs, then?

>> No.53266285


>> No.53266797


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