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>> No.53261792

What is the most hilarious thing a Knight can throw?

>> No.53261817

Its pilot.

>> No.53261821

Are the Japanese Astartes folded over a thousand times?

>> No.53261831

the game

>> No.53261839

Yuri sisters when?

>> No.53261848

Hey, nerd!

You're gonna pick up some Chadmarines, right?

>> No.53261861

>joined too late to get value out of manlet marines and their terminators/rhinos/dreadnaughts
>joined too early to make a full truescale army

Fucking hell, 8th seemed a perfect time to start. Now im stuck in no man's land, cause theres no way im buying and painting models that will get phased in a couple of years.

>> No.53261877

Then play Sisters.

>> No.53261880

Gay for xenos sisters when?
>the ultimate forbidden love

>> No.53261883

don't pretend they aren't cute with those plasma guns

>> No.53261905

The Emperor's Shadows can attest to that.

They're canon IH sucessors, by the way.

>> No.53261918

nth for melee combat isn't real

>> No.53261924

Hey, it's kimono-san!

>> No.53261930

>Playing apocalypse
>Knight oneshots rhino
>Throw him towards wounded Abaddon
Was a good day

>> No.53261936

this is extended universe tier shit

>> No.53261958

I wont. The stats gave zero reason to take them, I'd rather have Terminators when I want resilient dudes, and Sternguard when I want something that rapes things from afar with bolters.

And since GW is making it clear that they want to cater to the truescale autists, and those crying that the 'story' never progresses whilst failing to understand it is a setting that you should use as a framework to make your own stories ... I don't think GW actually wants my money.

>> No.53261968

Enjoy walking your tank off the board

>> No.53261975

What would make you unironically support numarines? I'll start
>$20 for a box of 10

>> No.53261983

Quick! Do I take the combi inferno bolter or the power sword on my scarab occult sorcerer?

>> No.53261990

price is one vial of tears from a SM player

>> No.53261991

>be 10,000 year old god of war
>fighting loyalist scum
>screaming at my troops to stay in formation and kill the slaves of the corpse god
>hear noise
>look over just in time to see a rhino flying at me
>next thing I knew I woke up on the flagship and no one would tell me what happened

>> No.53262004

The fact that every culture can be found on some world in the Imperium is one of the best parts of 40k.

Maori Space Marines when?

>> No.53262005

Now you take the sword for the extra CC attack and to at least have AP 3 (fuck Force staves and their AP 4)

Next edition depends on if they can take Force axe/swords rather than staves, and what benefit having two melee weapons gives.

>> No.53262008

could someone calculate how many sniper drone shots it would take to kill t4 3+ 3 wound character?

>> No.53262009

>tall marines wont sell
>expecting new kits for anything else astartes

>> No.53262013

keeping the same old marine price point of 40 USD for 10, or 55 USD for a sweet sweet armored assault box

>> No.53262014

I don't hate the Numarines, though I think that's only because I want their guns on other units.

>> No.53262023

Isn't that the space sharks
Does anyone have that islander metal music link?

>> No.53262032

Space sharks

>> No.53262042

Have you considered rare-earth magnets?

I would lean towards the combi-flamer because combi-weapons in 8th are no longer one use only and because your dude doesn't want to be in melee.

>> No.53262063

Assuming we do get special rules for <Sept>, bets on what they'll be like? I hope Bork'an gets something nice.

>> No.53262075

I was thinking the same thing >>53261924
Did you try using green stuff again or are you going to try and cut corners and start off by getting your hands on robed Dark Angels?

>> No.53262084

Honestly, I'm thinking of starting a Space Marine army because for the first time I actually like the a Space Marine standard infantry model.

>> No.53262085

41 at bs2

>> No.53262094

3 unsaved armour saves needs 9 wounds. 9 wounds need 15 hits. 15 hits need 45 shots taken.

>> No.53262113

>mfw charging first turn

there isn't a more glorious feeling

>> No.53262117

You mean for the stats we have for 8th?

Assuming they're at BS 2, you need just over 40 shots, giving you around 8-9 wounds for them to save.

If they're BS 5 thanks to a drone controller, you'll only need around 17-18 shots.

Not exactly the most threatening thing for a typical HQ

>> No.53262123

You and me both, especially if there's an equivalent of Kill team or SW:A in 8th, then I would pick up a box or two.

Maybe branch out into one of Guilliman's new Chapters of Space Marine Marines from there.

>> No.53262135

My friend wants to get into 40k stuff and enjoys comics.
Are there any decent ones? I personally don't read comics.

>> No.53262140


Those plasma guns are hot af

>> No.53262157


There's Damnation Crusade, about Black Templars.

>> No.53262160

Literally, yes.

Were you referring to an extended universe other than 40k's?

>> No.53262161

Seriously, do you think GW jumped the shark with this primaris thing?
The only thing that could be worse would be female space marines or end times.

>> No.53262164

How could I forget such a badass chapter?

>> No.53262172

Honestly I would have been less upset about them if GW would have been honest about them, and just came out saying "Look, we wanna slowly replace marines with larger models, so for now just use them as alternative marine models, but over time all marine versions will be like this"

It would have been way better than this PR bullshit like "No worries, you totally won't have to replace your marines now" and replying to "I don't want to use new marines models" with "But why would you pass up the opporunity to buy these totally cool new models ? Just wait untill you see model X, that will convince you"

I just can't stand sly, dishonest bullshit like that.

>> No.53262179

what a waste of double 7s.

>> No.53262180

yup and convert them

>> No.53262183

>he doesn't use old ass 2ed minis still
it's all legal you absolute pillock

>> No.53262190

If I ever played space marines I would use tyberos as my HQ even if I wasn't running SS, he just looks so badass
>friendly reminder all space sharks fight in total silence, not making a sound as they slaughter

>> No.53262199

by your logic, we should all be using models that were the original, and never had any updates

>> No.53262215

GW jumped the shark ages ago, when things like Stormraves, Stormtalons, Centurions, GK babycarriers and the like appeared out of thin air. And the fluff explanation always being that they had this stuff all along.

Mark my words, in another 50 year Primaris marines are going to be replaced with even bigger marines, untill we play 40 with knight-sized infantry.

>> No.53262224

Hey look, it's some idiot that thinks the sisters' line will be updated soon.

>> No.53262232

People don't understand the point of Primaris marines.
For years theres been a logical inconsitancy with space marine miniatures. They are supposed to be bigger than regular human miniatures but they aren't.
This is GWs first start in fixing this issue. Expect tru-scale imperial guard in the future.

>> No.53262235

>Complaining about stuff released ages ago jumping the shark
Fuck off old fag we will never go back to 3.5

>> No.53262240

Feels great to be loyal

>> No.53262241

Anything else? It looked a bit confusing for a newcomer.

>> No.53262251

Have they ever updated the standard model for an army, but used different rules for those new models instead of just saying they're the same thing?

I honestly don't think they even needed to try to sell them with new rules, the model could have sold itself on aesthetics alone.

>> No.53262253

Yeah, I was considering the sword for the looks and now stronger assault phase, even if it'd give up extra ranged power from the bolter.
Unfortunately, I can't magnetize worth anything and don't want to ruin this model. Thanks though, anon.
>combi flamer
Scarab occult can only use combi bolters.

>> No.53262254

Fucking christ.. I'm debating buying a pair of Dreadclaws, which would give me the magic number of three. Someone stop me.

>> No.53262260

Not at all, what I mean is GW should just not have gone out of their way trying to explain away even bigger marines. Just release the things, say this is how marines are gonna look from now on, done.

>> No.53262276

>charge tau T1
>get over watched
>kill some drones
>they fly back
>you die to shooting

M-man! Melee s-sure is great!

>> No.53262282

Its just a stepping stone. Expect regular marines to get the redone scale later.

>> No.53262288

>Melee army takes casualties on the charge


>> No.53262290

You'll have to asseble and paint those fuckers.

>Main reason I don't own a drop pod army is how much of a nightmare those things are to paint.

>> No.53262296

>they fly back
>die trying to run like the shitty cowards they are
Wow it's like you didn't read

>> No.53262303

I already think they look better than the old ones, so there's that.

Some cool looking tanks and planes which they share with other imperial factions?

If they somehow manage to fuck up the space wolves and kill all the furries then change the chapter name to something less retarded and erase all records of the previous version, that would make me buy like ten boxes just to give GW the money.

>> No.53262305


>> No.53262307

Fluff wise, what are the advantages of Renegade Guard over their loyalist equivalents?

>> No.53262308

Can someone tell me which SM models wont need to be up-scaled?

>> No.53262311

you know you can literally use them as regular tacticals if you want right?

>> No.53262318

So which chapter(s) is GW going to screw over by saying they reject the Primaris marines?

I'm guessing Black Templars........

>> No.53262322

No stopping to pray to big E

>> No.53262326

And you could just use regular tacticals for them, as long as you aren't playing in a tourney.

>> No.53262331

This already happend like 2 times, from metal to plastic to redone plastic. But why does the new stuff need its own snowflake rules this time ?

>> No.53262338

Not only that, but it's going to be even less casualties on the charge than it is currently because Tau can't use markerlights to boost their ballistic skill like crazy anymore.

Enjoy losing 1 or 2 dudes to those snapshots and then kicking their faces in.

Maybe charge with something more threatening than grots next time

>> No.53262342

Except they can still shoot you while they run. Sweeping advances do not exist anymore.

>> No.53262346

The Commissar doesn't need a reason to shoot his own men. Blood for the blood god and all that.

>> No.53262348

>Scarab occult can only use combi bolters
Sorry about that. I got confused when I saw "Inferno" in your post because I was looking at "Inferno pistols" earlier...which aren't flamer weapons either.


>> No.53262352

As far as im aware they have not made true scale marines yet anon this is a first you gobshite.

>> No.53262358

If they want to sell a bunch of models, they generally need to have rules which are specific to those models. Few people will buy something they already have models for even if the new version looks better.

>> No.53262366

you get to worship 4 gods instead of 1, spikes are cool, arrows are cool, daemons are helpful sometimes, if you're good or lucky enough you might become a daemon, hell you might get the chance to become a csm, take what you want

>> No.53262375


>> No.53262378

What else?

>> No.53262386

I would have said Space Wolves if they weren't practically name dropped in the trailer.

>> No.53262390

You guys think they'll do a Start Collecting: Primaris Marines box?

>> No.53262391

Recently played Mephiston as my HQ aT a FAAC tourny and for the most part I got a lot of good use out of him just cracking open transports and murdering the contents with his STR 10 sword power and Biomancy.

But holy fuck, why doesn't he have an invuln save (or at least fucking FNP, he survived the Black Rage ffs.) It's just silly that the Lord of Death just gets removed by AP 2 weapons. Hope he gets love in 8th.

And a new model.

>> No.53262394

Does anyone have the old white dwarf thing, with like different types of cadian camo?

>> No.53262401

So, what the fuck happens to Sternguard, Vanguard Vets, Scouts, and pretty much everything else?

I play Blood Angels, what the fuck about my Death Company and Sanguinary Guard? They just going to be midget marines now? I sincerely doubt GW is going to make new Primaris models for such specialized units.

>> No.53262402

The point is that now, even if you make it all the way to the crisis suits and get some swings in, they don't take the damage. A nearby unit of drones does. The the suits, no longer locked in combat, jump a few inches and shoot you in the face. Then you get to run overwatch all over again against a 0 casualties unit with supporting fire flamers.

>> No.53262406

Now I want to see a Khorne-worshipping Commissar.

>> No.53262407

Where in the fuck does it say they can shoot *while* running? The only thing of that sort I see is you being able to get one last shot/whack at them as they try fleeing, not the other way around.

>> No.53262423

Read the fucking faction focus holy fucking shit.

>> No.53262424

They've basically been T'au since their first codex.

>> No.53262427

I hope and bet they do. I hope because some of the more recent marine boxes are ass.
Truscale derpcompany pls

>> No.53262430

Nonono, you're all good anon.

>> No.53262438

>that new Arch video
jesus christ talk about being a grognard, why are people flipping out so goddamn hard, no one is taking the old marines away from you.

>> No.53262440

Maybe... don't charge Crisis suits with something that can't kill them turn 1?

>> No.53262441

Stormhawk interceptor.
That's basically it.

>> No.53262449

"Oh, and did I forget to mention [Crisis Suits] have the Fly keyword? This allows them to Fall Back from combat and still shoot at full effect. Brutal!"

>> No.53262457

It feels like 40k would just be 100 times more fun if Tau was just removed all together.

>> No.53262460


White Scars maybe

Raven Guard because they have a history of fucking with the Marine template and it not going well.

I just know they'll fuck over a first founding chapter because reasons.

>> No.53262462

What did you expect from arch?

>> No.53262464

How they should do new Death company
>bring back Sanguinius through some plot magic
>the paradox causes Death Company to go twice as insane
>Primaris Death Company

>> No.53262467

Don't forget: The helmets and pauldrons are the same size as normal marines. Go buy some chapter upgrades from forgeworld!

>> No.53262470

>Colossus joins the X-Men
>why isn't everyone this size? reeeeeeeee

>> No.53262475

I've been living under a rock this past week.
What's the consensus on Primaris Marines?
I like them, but I'm not gonna play them.

>> No.53262486

Are there any Space Marine chapters that are more heavily focused on vehicular warfare?

>> No.53262489

it's more than just him though, there's mounds of butthurt across youtube, desu i'm not surprised, but did people even read the article?

>> No.53262491

the models look great, but people aren't fully onboard with the lore. It'll blow over and we'll be better off having them than not

>> No.53262498

Unless, crazy idea, you deal enough damage to kill the drones AND the suits, since it isn't like a Crisis team couldn't have an annoying pile of drones to chew through before. Plus they could also already have Hit & Run via upgrading a single suit for a few points and then have a pretty good chance of just running out of your face anyway.

What has changed, aside from the fact that Tau overwatch isn't at BS 5 ignores cover all day every day now?

>supporting fire flamers.

See above, charging into a Crisis team that's loaded up on Flamers, flamers, and more flamers has always been a stupid idea and that hasn't changed.

>> No.53262501

Why do you need a concensus? Maybe reddit and cuck porn is more your thing anon.

>> No.53262505

DC is great as is. Just give them a 4+ FNP, that would be really nice. Maybe cheaper upgrades for weapons.

It's Sangunary Guard that really need a buff.

>> No.53262506

I did, you fucking turbo autist. "The Stormsurge also has the Walking Battleship special rule which allows him to Fall Back from combat and still shoot, while also ignoring the penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons."
I don't see shooting while moving, all I see is still being able to shoot after having ran. Especially since shooting is a different fucking phase from running and the only attacking that is mentioned during running away is against those running, thus we can infer that it's separate. All this effect negates is being stopped from shooting in the shooting phase after fleeing you turbo fucking retard autist down syndrome. Please learn to read.

>> No.53262512

look awesome, big problem for me is i have more marines than guardsmen

>> No.53262518

They are here to replace manlet marines.
But you can still play manlet marines for now.

>> No.53262531

Is it your first week on /pol/?

>> No.53262532

Plus, neither drones nor suits are very tanky. I mean, suits are just Primaris Marines with shorter range guns and less leadership at this point.

>> No.53262533

Oh, did you miss the part about new Primaris marines in assault and devastator flavors too? As well as a new dreadnought.

>> No.53262543

Do Deathwatch count as manlet marines?
Wait, will Deathwatch get Primaris marines?

>> No.53262544

Arch always rages at anything new, he still refuses to aknowledge aos
By the way does he ever come on /tg/ or is he a normie?

>> No.53262552


>GW doesn't mean it when he shits on the lore and fucks up the rules while making them even more casual and broken. Deep down I know he loves me even though he hits me sometimes and takes all my money. It's for my own good and it's better off this way anyway.

My fucking god, this game is so bad and GW so awful that their players have bettered wife syndrome. This is absolutely shameful.

>> No.53262553

Any marine who is short is a manlet marine

>> No.53262566

>asking for consensus
Why not think for yourself instead of getting three opinions from random people and calling that a consensus you reddit retard.

>> No.53262568

They're new units. Why would you assume you're getting veteran units of these guys?

>> No.53262569

from his grognardness i would expect him to be on here, but he's perpetually angry about shit that's long past. This isn't even bad in the slightest, our marines are going nowhere, and we get new truescale as well. We can always just count them as normal marines, they even said as much.

>> No.53262571

Cool Spacewoof models

>> No.53262573

Fucking stupid. I was finally hoping we'd have true scale marines and was eager to jump into the hobby with my two best friends, instead we got one of the shittiest lore ass pulls possible. Might just get into AoS instead.

>> No.53262577

So how should GW upgrade the guard now?

>> No.53262578

>ATSKNF is still a thing
>Marines will most likely ignore battleshock altogether and disengage CC and act normally
Why does CSM fags even try?

>> No.53262586

squat them

>> No.53262592


I have one assembled, and it really wasn't that bad. Painting is just going to be time consuming if I can't find a dark blue rattle can.

>> No.53262598

Yeah, pretty much. And even if they decide to beef up Crisis suits with an extra wound or something, they're going to end up more expensive one way or another due to special weapon prices going up. Plus if power weapons deal 1d3 damage, then that's just gonna make it easier.

>> No.53262600

Dude, it's fucking plastic army men. Get over it. I'd rather have better/truescale marine models than not. Grow up.

>> No.53262604

No, fuck you.
They are almost as iconic as space marines by now.

>> No.53262605

Make them look like the marines from Aliens.

>> No.53262611

"Hey guys your existing marines will be totally playable, don't worry."

Never mind the fact that the new models are superior in every conceivable way.
2 Wounds
2 attacks base
30 inch range -1 AP rifles

>> No.53262616

Am I the only one who doesn't outright hate Primaris Marines?

>> No.53262619

you forgot
>cost more
>can't take special or heavy weapons without the whole squad taking the same weapon

>> No.53262623

or starship troopers

Yeah, at higher point cost. By that logic you might as well run nothing but terminators. Or shit, go all the way for custodes, those motherfuckers are tough.

>> No.53262626

Never mind the fact that the new models are said to be higher points cost and the most basic squad has no customization either.

>> No.53262627

Only among HFY spergs, whose opinions should be discounted.

>> No.53262636

He used to have a refractor field on the previous editions

>> No.53262639

So what if they cost more, they are flat out better.
They can take twice the punishment before they go down.
Taking a single heavy weapon in a tactical squad doesn't create that big of an advantage, especially in an edition where everything can damage everything else.

>> No.53262641

It would have been really funny if they gave whole primaris squads plasma guns as standard issue and heavy weapons as special.
Then made a new classification of primaris really big heavy weapons

>> No.53262645

>more expensive
>fewer weapon options

I mean, shit, if being better but more expensive was all it took for people to drop marines then why doesn't everyone just play Knights?

>> No.53262649

>They can take twice the punishment before they go down.

Tell that to Tyranid Warriors

>> No.53262653

>goddess as useless as your opinion

>> No.53262655

honestly I don't expect shadow war to change. except perhaps having factions added.

It can stand as the in depth skirmish game that serves as a cheap gateway that gets people invested in the "your dudes" thing.

>> No.53262667

Do you play nothing but imperial knights? Because they're like... Waaaaaaay better than marines. They can take like 20x the punishment. Who cares if they cost more

>> No.53262670

You're right, that's why the best armies are always the ones composed of the models with the highest points cost.

>> No.53262672

Daww. So many crybabies. Show us where the NuMarines touched you on the doll.

Newsflash: Your "everything is dumb" bellowing changes nothing. The NuMarines are in. End of story. Deal with it, alternatively quit.

>> No.53262680

>can take twice the punishment before they go down
and likely will cost a good chunk more, Terminators now have two wounds but I don't see anyone bitching about them.

>> No.53262681

Give them cool space lasers.

>> No.53262683

When did I ever say that. I said it was a waste of dubs because playing sisters is dumb.

>> No.53262687

>take twice as much to go down
>as if most anti-marine options won't be multidamage anyway
Seriously, they're more durable against small arms, but any kind of marine killer will eat them for breakfast.

>> No.53262693

Multi-damage weapons are a thing now, so having 2 wounds isn't actually as big of an improvement anymore. Yeah, it's good against small arms fire, but these guys are gonna be paying an extra 3-5 points per head for that.

Everything can damage everything else, but it's a matter of efficiency. Your dudes with S 4 AP -1 bolters aren't going to kill a dreadnought in any reasonable amount of time.

>> No.53262703

fucking brilliant

>> No.53262719

Give them a new infantry box that isn't from the Thatcher Administration

>> No.53262731

>play against tau
>charge my grots and solo meks towards their gunline
>great he bought 1000p of drones into the 1500p game
>kill only drones while his naked suits dance around me and mocks me
>warlord dies to the harsh insults his ethreal threw at me in psychic phase
Thanks GW! 8e sure is great!

>> No.53262744

>he didn't bring ork snipers to kill the ethereal

>> No.53262760

>cost more
>takes more to take down
what does he mean by this?

>> No.53262761

>not bringing a naught in the edition nicknamed "age of Gorkanaut"
I know orks are op now but you don't have to sandbag that hard

>> No.53262763

>The first butthurt took the bait
Not as useless, also
>Eris doesn't do shit besides escaping to the human world to steal shit
Aqua is shit but at least she's more active as a goddess

>> No.53262764

Any guesses on how Poison will work in 8th? Is there something similar in AoS, what should I expect?

>> No.53262767

If you don't take primaris marines into your SM army, you are not a true 40k fan.

>> No.53262769

GW: Hey guys! 8th edition will bring back charging!


GW: HEY GUYS! Charging Tau is now pointless as they can still shoot you.

>> No.53262776

The flight suits can, which makes perfect sense. The infantry can't.

>> No.53262782

Hey /tg/ the ruler of /tg/ in the future, who you know now as cheetah anon, has sent me to the past to answer one question about 12th edition, which I'm sure is what this thread is getting hyped for if I set my clock right, so what is your question?

>> No.53262793

Literally just the squishy af suits though

>> No.53262794

The models are better, I agree. But if the game is shit why fucking bother paying so much money for said plastic army men? And was there no better way to add in better models than fuck everything up?

>> No.53262795

taking shitloads of drones for your crisis doesn't sound like very good idea. not only will it costs tons of points the crisis suits will still be fucked by battleshock.

>> No.53262802

Bullshit. Why can't my infantry as well? Tau are only good whem shooting, having no way to escape combat and shoot competently after just makes my models useless.

>> No.53262807

Because this a community and I'm curious what others think about the massive changes coming.
I gave my two cents on it before any responses anyway.

Naw, bruh.

>> No.53262810

After being shot at while fleeing, sure. Have fun getting shot at by Tau xenofag corpses

>> No.53262816

No, the game is fine, in fact 8th looks to be as good as it's been in a decade. And "everything" is definitely not fucked up. If you honestly think that, I dunno, maybe pick up fishing, because this game isn't for you.

>> No.53262818

Nice false flag. Make it a bit less obvious next time though

>> No.53262826

Drones would tank the sniper wounds, too.

>> No.53262831

more than likely drones will be exempt from the battleshock rule

>> No.53262841

Make them a head taller than the primaris marines

That way marine players will be prepared for the next round of upscaling

>> No.53262842

Are the 'nids still shit?

>> No.53262847

You clearly didn't bring enough Ork snipers
>Ork Snipers are fully-automatic, belt fed, and use bigger bullets so it's harder to miss

>> No.53262849

Just to make everyone salty, probably better than new marines.

>> No.53262863

>expects kazuma to do everything for her
>destroyed the town with a flood
>attracts undead wherever she goes
>entire city of her worshippers are pestering bigoted zealots
>ruins the income of said town and gets thrown out by an angry mob of her own worshippers

>> No.53262864

What if Guillimans technological advancement made it possible to field light mass-produced power for the guard. Would you dig it?

>> No.53262874

Why does nobody get that they replaced the Tau's ability to move 2d6 in the movement phase with this?

Now instead of constantly staying out of assault range entirely while also ducking behind walls where they can't be shot, they just have Hit&Run that works 100% of the time, assuming they don't die first.

>> No.53262879

Lol are you one of those people constantly asking for nids back? There's a reason we say discontenued armies got nidded

>> No.53262880

Who's false flagging? All I am saying is all Tau need to be able to escape combat or be good at combat or else what are we going to do on turn 3 if we somehow don't table our opponents?

>> No.53262889

Oh good, I'd always want to fight a Nidsfag but they are nowhere to be seen in my LGS.

>> No.53262890

mobile infantry!

>> No.53262903


>> No.53262909

*power armor

>> No.53262933

Are Tau able to Overwatch then hit in combat first then run away then shoot right after?

>> No.53262939

>retardedly screams about being able to cut tau down while theyre running
>gets called out
>moves the goalpost to 'ha! i told you they couldn't shoot while moving!' in desperation
>expect people not to laugh at him
How does it feel to get btfo?

>> No.53262950

You disengage and let another unit shoot the other guy in the face, dumbass.

There's a reason making an army that ignores one of the primary phases of the game was a mistake.

>> No.53262951

in order

>> No.53262952

Gary bucey guardsmen when?

>> No.53262967


>> No.53262973

Look dude, you're the one that chose the army that eats shit in melee


>> No.53262984

How the fuck are non deep-striking armies going to make it to melee now? Rhinos better be tough as shit now.

>> No.53262992

>Tau ignore 2 of the 4 phases
>Tau players get butthurt when they get wrecked in those 2 phases>>53262951

>> No.53262997

Iron Hands?

>> No.53262999

Will try and make it simpler.

If you are playing Tau and are being charged can you do all this in the new edition?

Overwatch, strike back in melee after the charger attacks first, disengage, then fire back at the charger at full ballistic skill right after disengage.

>> No.53263018

">they fly back
>die trying to run like the shitty cowards they are"
That's what I originally said. They'll die trying to run away. Your retaliation was "Except they can still shoot you while they run. Sweeping advances do not exist anymore."
That's not calling me out, that's making an invalid point that is not supported by GW's statements at all by twisting their words to fit your own meaning.
>moving the goalpost
No, I simply disproved the point you tried to make against me when you attempted to claim you'd be able to shoot while running rather than after, making assaulting you as you flee useless.
Learn to argue, read, or maybe even fucking think please.

>> No.53263020

No, GW should cater to me. Tau are the good guys after all and should be good at everything just like all my favorite animes.

>> No.53263022

You charge the Tau, they overwatch, you strike first unless they do command point nonsense to try and hit you on a 5+, then they test for battleshock, then during their next turn they can fall back, then shoot during their shooting phase, assuming there are any left.

>> No.53263025

>yfw the new vehicles for Primarines includes flyers that actually look like they can fly

>> No.53263032

If you use crisis suits, yes

Why would they not be able to strike back?

>> No.53263033

>he thinks Sweeping Advances are still a thing

>> No.53263046

>trying this hard to cover for you own fuckup
Just stop posting, please.

>> No.53263055

That would be over the line

>> No.53263073

I thought they would be able to do this all in one turn. I was unaware they disengaged on the Tau players turn.

>> No.53263075

>expects kazuma to do everything for her
>Forcing an administrative goddess to do actual fighting
He was dumb enough to take a bureaucract to combat situations
>destroyed the town with a flood
Kazuma was responsible for teasing a vagina deity
>attracts undead wherever she goes
That's because she's a goddess of the death, the kind of undead she attracts are the poor bastards enslaved unto service or bad luck
>entire city of her worshippers are pestering bigoted zealots
Because she actually does shit and favours her followers unlike eris>ruins the income of said town and gets thrown out by an angry mob of her own worshippers
This is why you don't force summon divine beings into mortal realms
>mudapic related

>> No.53263082

It was Jake Bucey.

>> No.53263110


>> No.53263112

Yeah, it still follows turn order. You don't Overwatch, disengage, then shoot in the assault phase, then also shoot next turn.

It's a way to give shooting units a way out of assaults and tarpits, though whether it actually works out remains to be seen. Right now though, the optimal assault strategy is kill as many enemies as fast as possible, since they can fall back and leave you in the open anyway.

>> No.53263125

>go into Tau faction focus with low expectations for balance
>All their fucking suits can disengage from melee with no penalty, jump back and shoot
>We're making melee more viable now guys, trust us!

Pretty much what I fucking expected though I guess.

>> No.53263137

Do you have the 8th edition rules for what that does anon?

>> No.53263147

>uncivilized barbarian thought he could actually win

>> No.53263169

>Pretty much what I fucking expected though I guess.
You say that now, but wait till the faction focus for Orks and Tyranids come out and completely negates everything put forward by the Tau focus.

The salt from the Tau crowd will be fucking DELICIOUS if that happens.

>> No.53263172

I know right? Fuck chaos battle brother!

>> No.53263178

You tell me to read and yet you do not read yourself, why?
"If you’re in combat at the start of your turn, you can Fall Back by moving away from the enemy. You’ll lose the ability to advance, shoot or charge that turn, and crucially, enemies will be able to shoot at you!" -Movement spotlight
No fucking u. Seriously though, please point out spots where I have majorly fucked up.

>> No.53263188

Tau could become worse than Orkz and you faggots would find something to complain about. Just admit that you don't like the faction/the people that play it and let it go. People are going to like things you don't like and that's okay. I personally think a good chunk of Chaos players are whiny fucks that wouldn't be happy with their faction until their bolt pistols are S10 AP-5 72", Rapid fire, twinlinked. Does that stop me from trying to enjoy a game against them? No.

>> No.53263191

I trust them to atleast balance this with an increase point cost. I hope at least that it wont be 30 suits on the field that can out shoot hundreds of models.

>> No.53263201

Lmao I was only pretending to be retarded...

>> No.53263203

Most likely will remain the same, they'll will probably ignore battleshock and act normally after retreating from combat, so marines will be able to be be charged retreat, shoot back and charge

>> No.53263204

Which would you rather deal with

>Tau battlesuits can use Hit & Run 100% of the time for free, instead of it being a roll and an upgrade


>Tau can use supporting fire markerlights to have their units Overwatch at higher ballistic skills
>Battlesuits can move 2d6 during the assault phase to stay out of charge range

>> No.53263206

>And the new Ravening Swarm keyword means that if anything retreats from close combat with Tyranids, they get an immediate charge move in the opponent's movement phase to try and catch them again!
That would be hilarious.

>> No.53263215

>such desperate mental gymnastics
Kek are you seeing things anon? Sweeping Advances aren't mentioned anywhere kek. The whole morale system was replaced.

But keep struggling little one. Your desperation is making me laugh like I haven't in months.

>> No.53263239

>You'll lose the ability to advance, shoot or charge that turn, and crucially, enemies will be able to shoot at you!
Either you're not fucking reading or you're the one doing damn mental gymnastics. Especially when you're bringing up morale, something I haven't at all. Or maybe you're actually stupid?

>> No.53263241

Have you actually gotten anyone to take this b8 yet? /Tg/ can't be that stupid...

>> No.53263243

>Tau bigga dredds and smaller dredds can shoot ya if ya dare to get close enuff wif yer boyz, while jumping away like those pansy gits
>Just shoot at them so they dun jump away
>Go krump da smaller tau instead

it is that hard to understand? Only suits can jump away and shoot you.

>> No.53263255

Which chapter tactics would best fit a chapter loosely based on the Persian Empire?

>> No.53263265


>> No.53263267

Yeah but infantry in Tau armies is almost universally token as fuck so they can max out suits.

>> No.53263270


They basically just got auto-succeed Hit & Run in exchange for (probably) losing JSJ. Markerlights got nerfed, the AP on all their weapons got nerfed against many targets, the big suits got nerfed, ALL of their bullshit formations are gone like the one that doubled their supporting fire range to 12", so now they need to practically be within range to get pulled into combat via pile-in to share Overwatch.

I'm not a taufag sympathizer by any means but I don't think they're going to be as strong this edition.

>> No.53263286

white scars?

>> No.53263289


>> No.53263295

Doesn't sound awful. Would like to be able to have a chance to strike units trying to disengage. Playing a Blood Angel army, it was the most unfun thing trying to move for those 2 tuens while losing hundreds of points a turn trying to get in charge range. That will change hopefully with being able to assault out of all transports.

>> No.53263298

I would be happy if this new bullshit replaces the old bullshit of JSJ, but I don't think it will.

If it does though, and Taufags can no longer hide their shit from my Guardsmen blobs then happy fucking days.

>> No.53263302

I'll just admit, I wonder what will come of Necrons with all of this. Seems they might have a system like Nurgle's disgustingly durable, and probably keep their high leadership. Unsure if the Gauss rule will just mean mortal wounds on rolls of six, or whatever equivalent of rending.

Oh hell, I can only imagine what will happen with new chariot rules, and I have no idea if hammer of wrath still exists.

>> No.53263305

Everyone's butthurt about battlesuits but I'm just happy my destroyers won't be eternally stuck in combat anymore

>> No.53263324

So Tau still have supporting fire.
Is there gonna be any way to get a melee IC in combat with them? Only way I can see is having them within 3' before your main unit charges.

Otherwise, your unit charges, gets shot up by every unit, ties up the main unit. Your IC charges, gets shot at by all but the directly engaged unit.
Repeat next turn, after Tau get their usual, undisrupted shooting phase.

>> No.53263331

I wonder if missile launchers will be good again

>> No.53263346

We don't know how supporting fire works yet. It might only allow units that aren't directly being charged to Overwatch once.

>> No.53263349

I don't like the idea of being able to assault out of all transports. At least before you had to stick your choppy blob in an expensive vehicle.

If it happens, you can throw your mega rape team in chimera and bum rush down the field. It'll be fucking rhino rush all over again.

>> No.53263351

It will likely be reduced, not ignored. Probably d3 instead of d6.

>> No.53263356

Tau player face when he places his suit to bait your melee unit, but you just shoot it down with a lot of Tankbustas/lootas/whatever and charge everything else with your boys.

>Tau player puts suits on objective
>charge with 30 boys
>tau suits jump away laughing at you
>30 boys are now on an objective hold by tau just moments ago
>"jokes on you that was actually my plan alla long"

mfw Orks are new trick masters of 8th edition

>> No.53263371

Well, depending on how you interpret it, >>53263239 quoted it here

>crucially, enemies will be able to shoot at you!

Referring to disengaging. So you get your first round of attacks on the charge, the enemy deals with battleshock, and then when they fall back you get an extra bit of shooting before they shoot you.

I don't think this is going to work against dedicated assault units. At most, I think it'll make it so proper assault units have an easier time catching the suits, while more middle-of-the-road options can still rush in and deal some damage, but it'll let the suits still back off if they live.

Personally, my biggest qualm about all of this is that they really even bothered to keep overwatch. Falling back is a much better thing to focus on in terms of leveling the playing field, and prevents the issues of assault armies locking down shooting armies and preventing them from doing anything.

>> No.53263374

Well, frag grenade turn out to be pretty baller, so I'd guess frag missile is ok too. Krak missile is probably slightly worse lascannon as usual.

>> No.53263377

>uses grots and a normal combat example
>trying this hard

>> No.53263384

>Denying the truth
>Expecting marines to have less
Pic related

>> No.53263389

>Though they are a step removed from their brothers, the Primaris Space Marines still bear the gene-seed of their Primarchs, and some dissenting voices worry how this new type of warrior will react with the known genetic quirks and flaws of some of the more unusual Chapters…


>> No.53263393

White scars

>> No.53263401

Drones, at least, don't seem to have JSJ unless it's in DRONES or FLY.

Though I'd laugh if it was in keyword TAU EMPIRE.

>> No.53263402

Please post "Brother my geneseed is flawed"

>> No.53263403

I'm pretty excited, it actually gives all my damn blood claws a purpose. Rhinos full of cheap assault marines that still rip tau apart in melee? Wherever I go I must also be an ass.

>> No.53263405

Who knows, they may make it so Gauss is a minimum 5+ to wound, given the old definition.

>> No.53263407

Well itz sayz right here in da codex dat you're a grot anon, so...

Seriously though, "rebel grot armies" are a thing. Never met anyone who fields them, but they do exist.

Because reasons.

>> No.53263414

so we might get the big rule book (16 pages i think i saw somewhere) then army books with i guess battletomes or codexs to follow right? i wish they would give us a battle report or something

>> No.53263416

> Death Company Primaris.

>> No.53263419

Yeah, Frag missiles seem like they'll turn out nice with d6 shots for horde clearing, though Krak missiles feel like they'll be S8 AP -2 D 1d6 at best, maybe 1d3 if they want to dial them back.

I feel like in that case though, missile launchers are better seen as an anti-horde weapon with a bit of anti-tank, rather than direct competition with the Lascannon. If it ends up being 1d6 while still being cheaper, I think it'll be great.

>> No.53263426

It would be in Keyword FLY, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't allow JSJ in addition to also retreating from combat and then shooting.

>> No.53263431

I'm curious as to how this would react to some of the more esoteric chapters out there.

Primaris Black Dragons, anyone?

>> No.53263433

Yeah, but grots are far from the average CC unit used by Orks, or their equivalent in anybody's armies for that matter. I think all armies that focus on CC are going to get some pretty nice bonuses in the coming edition.

>> No.53263434

Are all Primaris marines based on Guilliman geneseed?

>> No.53263435

once upon a time my strategy for beating a friend's necrons was to shoot missiles at them all day every day, since the S8 shooting denied them the We'll Be Back roll. I learned to ignore the Monolith and Nightbringer since they were slow and did not count towards the phase out total. Then he got some more destroyers and things got really interesting.

I wonder how flakk missiles will be.

Either way I've stripped the old paint off all my missile launcher marines, and they are coming back, one way or another.

>> No.53263441

Tfw fearless is worse than ATSKNF

>> No.53263450

Apparently there are other Primarch's as well.

>> No.53263457

No, someone literally JUST posted the quote that confirms they're from every Primarch, holy shit.

>> No.53263460

I agree. If it was anywhere it would fall under Fly, but Fly seems like it's going to be a very generic keyword for literally anything that flies, or at least cover things like Jump and jet pack infantry. It'll probably say that they can move over terrain while also having this new Hit & Run.

I doubt it'll lead to Jump infantry suddenly being able to leap away in the assault phase though.

Also, I'm starting to expect Jetbikes will have that rule too, though for Reavers and Shining Spears it's at least fitting.

>> No.53263462

I just love numarines because I could use their legs for the wulfen instead of the wolf paws shit

>> No.53263463

I don't think he meant "truescale," but they have changed the size a little. Compare RT era to early plastic to modern plastic and they increase in size over time.

They real problem is the fact that they have so many interchangeable parts between all SM kits that having a new, different sized one would throw everything off (unless they did it all at once which would cost lots of money).

>> No.53263473

White Scars is what I was thinking, too.

Ultramarines was up there, although I feel like I'd have more fun with White Scars, anyhow.

Thanks, anons.

>> No.53263479

Yeah, until they release official Primaris Space Wolves that are literally furries.

>> No.53263488

I'm assembling some Missile Devs right now, since I got some legion style ones I really like the look of.

I feel like with Split Fire they'll be quite nice, since that allows even more versatility within the squad.

I'm curious what Flakk missiles will be though.

>> No.53263489

I expect primaris marines to stick around for two codex's, and then be phased out and they'll just have NuMarines replacing the entire line by that point. Then they'll just remove Primaris Marines from the codex and say they all died after Guillimans death.

>> No.53263495

Those are the wulfen anon, you can't go beyond that anon.

>> No.53263498

Brother my geneseed is flawed.
I wish I still had that strip.

>> No.53263528

>they all died after Guillimans death.
Slaanesh wants to corrupt and have sex with Guilly you stupid whore, only Khorne, Mortarion and Magnus want to kill him.

>> No.53263535

Did you see that in their rules? Cos i sure didnt so get fucked Ld6 means those ablative wounds are gonna go poof after one turn of taking damage

>> No.53263544

>Fearless will prevent you from disengaging CC again
Enjoy being stuck with dreadnaughts

>> No.53263574

That's what you think.

>> No.53263580

The battleshock shit could be under the <drones> keyword

>> No.53263592

Would anyone explain why Magnus and Guilliman were fighting In Gathering Storm?

Yes I am eventually going to read through them I've just been out for awhile and curious why Magnus would even bother with the Ultramarines?

>> No.53263605

Primarch vs primarch hype. They couldn't wait for the time they had models for more appropriate match up.

>> No.53263614

IC can only be shot if he's the closest unit, unless the shooting unit has sniper. Charge your support unit first, then charge IC.

>> No.53263626

Magnus wanted to have revenge on dad and invade Terra. Bob was around with opposite intention.

>> No.53263649

Lame but understandable.

>Magnus wanted to have revenge on dad and invade Terra.
If Magnus wanted to invade Terra he'd just open another warp portal. Unless somehow they waved away that he already overpowered the Emperors wards in 30k.

>> No.53263655

When will Shadow War get a good progression system? What's the incentive for a team that's played 2-3 games to go against a team that's played 7-8?

I wish there was XP and/or an Underdog/Giantkiller bonus.

The balance sucks.

>> No.53263668

He wanted to smash trough Webway gate in Imperial Palace itself.

>> No.53263712

>shadow war

I hate to break it to you anon but Shadow War was a fluke. It's a quick board game cash grab that got popular but with 8th around the corner we're not likely to see anything added to it. Now if it was more like Bloodbowl you'd have a chance.

>> No.53263715

Only in the shooting phase.

>there is a rule in the Shooting phase that means you can’t target a Character unless they are the closest enemy model.

>> No.53263739

I was just finishing my Taunar and ready to start my deathwatch. Now fucking new marines invalidate them from a lore perspective. Fuck this I feel dirty for even buying marine stuff.

Probably going to burry them in a dump somewhere and just not even fuck aroudnd with knowing the dw will never get new models.

At least it was just a kill team, Corvus, and librarian.

>> No.53263761

>dw will never get new models
nigger they literally just fucking came out from a production persepctive
of course they're not going to get new models soon

>> No.53263768

>Warhammer: Not AoS eventually comes out
>Manlets are forgotten and truescale becomes canon space marines
>Idiots who kept buying old models get shafted thinking the retarded primaris lore isnt just a placeholder

>> No.53263774


>> No.53263784

>tfw instead of killing Guilliman, Fulgrim seduces him.
For real tho Fulgrims gonna kill him, again.
Killing Primarchs is sorta his thing.

>> No.53263797

Well, at least Ill be able to wound them.
Daemonette rending is probably gonna be pretty obnoxious against them.

>> No.53263798

Other rumours alongside the rumours of new marines said the old range will NEVER get new models. All of them turned out to be true so far. I'm. To doubling down like a fucking moron and denying the inevitable.

>> No.53263800

Fulgrim is a fag


>> No.53263804

>My marine are getting new kit every fucking year, fucking GW.

That's the thing only marinefag can say.

>> No.53263810

The local WAACfag is eyeing numarines because he thinks SM will be OP next ed. Do you agree?

>> No.53263814

Never doubling down like a moron fucking touch screens man. *

>> No.53263824

They are probably very point costly so doubt it.

>> No.53263829

Their infantry has had a pretty hard nerf to their boltguns. But new muhreens may fill the slack of costed well.

Overall, probably still be good.

>> No.53263831

They're the newest models, of course they're gonna be top tier.

>> No.53263834

No, I expect the 8e launch to be the most balanced the game has ever been. They're coming out with new rules for all the factions at the same time right? I expect the most powerful army to remain Eldar because GW had refused to say they're nerfing the wraithknight.

>> No.53263840

Well if 'power points' are anything to go off they're cheaper then rubric marines lol.

>> No.53263845

They don't need to be, in a few years the entire SM line will have been replaced with them and we know it. GW's making them a unit to warn us that our SM armies are going to be outdated eventually. I say we have atleast five years to make our entirely new marine armies.

>> No.53263850

Not really. Numarines seem okay, but 2 wounds and -1 AP might not be too much if they're more expensive and can't get special weapons.

The loss of formations also hits marines pretty hard. Grav weapons also probably won't be as crazy.

Right now, it's really just too tough to call without seeing more point costs.

>> No.53263851

How did it work out for Orks with their nobz? Sometimes quantity has a quality all of its own.

>> No.53263860

Still dont know how that shit works yet.

>> No.53263863

>tick Inquisition box (13 results)
>tick Space Marine box (112 results)

Life is not fair.

>> No.53263868

We've already seen their stats, they're just 2w 2a space marines.

>> No.53263875

Look more closely. Rubric marines are 8 power base, but every extra 5 models are only 6. That 2 point difference is just the Sorcerer that comes with the squad.

Numarines are costed similarly to Rubrics, who are both more expensive than baseline tacticals at 5 points. By rough estimates, they're going to be 16 points minimum, maybe 20 per model tops.

Power points seem to just be vague costs for narrative and open games, so you have a rough idea of what's an even matchup.

>> No.53263880

Anything currently OP that was glossed over in the hype articles is something that is definitely getting nerfed. Those are the things they're not going to talk about because they're trying to excite the players of that Faction to buy the other stuff, not piss them off.

Riptides, Scatbikes, Wraithknights, all definitely nerfbatted.

>> No.53263885

I imagine it'll have more armies added, but it's definitely gonna take a back seat to 8e.

>> No.53263897

We haven't seen what their special weapons do or how aggressively points-costed they are.

>> No.53263899

Who said JSJ is gone?

>> No.53263907

And in a next few years if GW ever gonna release a new inquisitor kit, it'd probably be a monopose lazy as fuck kit with 0 option, and sell for 40$.

>> No.53263914

They're said normal space marines are gonna be 13 (Which is ludicrous) so I expect them to be 18, 19, maybe 20?

>> No.53263917


Then you'd have the same units with a lower profile.
Perfect for those who like to model for advantage.

>> No.53263920

>Now fucking new marines invalidate them from a lore perspective.
but they're not. DW are still going to be the elite experienced veterans of marines.

primaris marines won't have been around long enough to compete for that.

>> No.53263921

>That 2 point difference is just the Sorcerer that comes with the squad.
And the sorcerer is trash anyway so jokes on the TSons. Again.

>> No.53263927

>Not modeling your own inquisitor and retinue

>> No.53263939

You can't spam Wraithknights so who cares? D-weapons and scatbikes are obviouslly gonna be nerfed.

>> No.53263946

Primaris marines are probably also just a temporary thing and in two editions will be gone from the rules and fluff once they replace the entire SM line with them.

>> No.53263948

It's obvious. The game is being streamlined down. Run moves are now done in the Movement phase, models which are supposed to be faster now just have a higher Movement stat. JSJ is not going to be a thing.

>> No.53263954

Imagine the salt when marines are wiped out and "reinforced" by numarines

>> No.53263956

What is the most likely Berserker statline?

>> No.53263961

Depends on the Tzeentch table, though if you consider 1 point of that is his force weapon and the other point is his psyker level, he seems discounted at least. Maybe around 25 points rather than the 40 he's floating at now?

But I digress, this is more about the fact that Numarines are going to cost close to 1ksons on an individual basis. Not exactly a cheap upgrade to tacticals.

>> No.53263965

day one this is likely to be as balanced as 40ks ever been. Theyve done more playtesting and have invloved the kind of tourny players that are good at spotting broken shit.

of GW can keep it up as they start doing 8e codexs will remain to be see.

>> No.53263972

Lmfao, I doubt GW would do it but that'd funny. One way or another the primaris marines are going to replace the entire model line tho.

>> No.53263976

WS3+ BS3+ S4 T4 W1 A1 LD7

>> No.53263977

>implying taudar won't have special rules to jsj anyway
playtesting doesn't mean shit. All the worst games have been playtested

>> No.53263986

Everyone is getting replaced by them anon. EVERYONE. It's mandatory obsolescence. It's going to be a slow death though. They don't want to upset the poor deluded space marine fans too much.

>> No.53263987

>Not wanting new-CAD design kit over Frankenstein monster kitbashing.

>> No.53263988

>Primaris marines are probably also just a temporary thing and in two editions will be gone from the rules and fluff once they replace the entire SM line with them.
By which you mean, regular Marines are now a temporary thing and will be gone in two editions once the Primaris Marines have replaced them entirely.

>> No.53263990

I'm hopeful, but I'm still wary. The good news is that since point costs are going to be separate and more constantly updated, it should be pretty easy for them to fix up any really glaring stuff quickly.

I don't care if they get it perfect day 1. I care if they care about it afterwards.

>> No.53263991

same as a marines but with 2A.

>> No.53263994

>Depends on the Tzeentch table
Why? Its says he knows smite and he cant even cast it properly. Why are you expecting him to be able to cast other spells?

>> No.53264008

B-But they said they were buffing them... And they're WS5 right now.

>> No.53264010

Probably some special rule to help hitting in close combat, they have to have at least 2 attacks and Im guessing like 4 on the charge. Also they're currently LD8 and I doubt that will change.

>> No.53264011

what are you on about?
the GW gestapo aren't going to come along and burn all your older marine scupts. You'll be able to use the minis forever, they'll just eventually stop getting sold like all the other marine sculpts.

>> No.53264015

>>implying taudar won't have special rules to jsj anyway
Eldar probably will with Battle Focus, unless that's been simplified to simply be "can shoot after Advancing" instead of "can shoot then Advance OR Advance then shoot"

Tau will almost definitely not have it since it's not listed on the Drone page. Unless it's part of the Fly keyword but somehow I doubt that.

>> No.53264029

Now that its just a die roll to hit I doubt much will get a 2+ to hit. Maybe youll get to reroll to hit on the first round of combat or something?

>> No.53264043

they're likely to be WS3+ in 8e. buffs wil come from cheaper price and/or special rules.

They mentioned that WS2+ will be rare, for things like the swarmlord, whos WS9 in 7e. I bet Kharn himself will get the 2+, but not berserkers.

>> No.53264054

The oldmarines are not going to get much if any more rules support from this point forward, though. If you want any new releases, it'll be Primaris, Primaris, Primaris. The fluff will focus on the Primaris, the new Space Marine model releases will be exclusively Primaris.

Your oldMarines will still be technically playable in 2 editions the same way Sisters of Battle have been playable the last 4, but they'll never be properly supported again.

>> No.53264055

Because the way it works in AoS is that the rules for who can take what spells is attached to the discipline and not the unit.

>> No.53264057

There's a reason why they didn't show everything. Drones probably only jump with the model they're attached to, not by themselves.

>> No.53264058

That's just the Hatred rule and most chaos units already had it. I was thinking they'd get 2A and some FnP equivalent.

>> No.53264062

using your younger self from 15 years ago as a source of model acquisition has its downsides sometimes

where in the hell is the 10th jump pack?

>> No.53264064

>I bet Kharn himself will get the 2+, but not berserkers.
Yeah, Kharn will hit opponents on 2+ but any nearby friendlies on 1s.

>> No.53264066

maybe nurgling style ignore wounds on 5 or 6

gauss might be mortal wounds on rolls of

>> No.53264077

That doesn't make much sense. Drone snipers have always been attached to a model that wasn't a battlesuit anyway, just an infantry guy.

>> No.53264078

They aren't attached to models anymore, were you even paying attention? They have Saviour Protocols now instead.

>> No.53264080

yeah, but gary bucey guardsmen would be much scarier

>> No.53264086

If that is so then it's a straight nerf to Kharn, considering most Commander units will hit on 2s to everything, and without the friendly fire.

>> No.53264087

>implying anyone using numarines will play your old ones

Im afraid manlets will be relegated to niche clubs and forgiving friends

>> No.53264091

So jump units still jsj, drones don't

>> No.53264095

Kharn has that rule in 7th edition though.

>> No.53264099

The lore. Eventually they will replace the marines as the poster boys. It's over for old marines. All those adventures of feeling badass elites against it all feel invalidated now because oh new marines are so better better perfect they can do everything you can't. You were just some dumb cucks who got blown the fuck out by Gulliman when he finally shows up and was all downer despite even keeping the Imperium alive this whole time.

Nope fuck the old marines and all their achievements.

Soon they will be everywhere. People will slowly idiotically buy them because of course they will and people will wonder why yours look so hideous and dumb looking ect.

It's over for old marines. I'm just peeling the band-aid off quick and not even wasting more time on them unlike everyone else who will just keep drinking the kool-aid while their old marine army is slowly updated in lore and out. As old models become unavailable over time.

>> No.53264101

JSJ used to be part of the Jet Pack unit type. That unit type has effectively been replaced by the Fly keyword. So the only possibilities here are that Fly enables JSJ which is extremely unlikely given what we know about the new edition, or JSJ is gone. Battlesuits probably aren't going to have a special thing for it.

>> No.53264118

I like how obscene that looks but I don't get why a keeper of secrets would have culture fluid jars on its body.

>> No.53264121

Only against other space marines, Im sure youll get it against everything. Youll probably have another bonus or two. Id think rerolls to hit would be more likely- or maybe they'll give you a strength bonus from axes or from charging or from both.

Hopefully you get bonuses against psychic powers, too.

>> No.53264122


>> No.53264123

I don't think you understand, there are no "jump" units now. There are no more unit types. There's just the Fly keyword, which now lets you shoot after retreating from combat and probably also includes the usual can move over intervening models/terrain without penalty. It's not going to grant an additional move in the charge phase because units that are supposed to be faster that way are now just getting a higher Move stat.

>> No.53264133

>special rule

>> No.53264136

Khorne is no fun
Just sweaty nerd rage.

>> No.53264138

>on 4chan of all places
My own personal opinion is that they tried to justify the change of size (/truescaling) to avoid public outcry, but somehow forgot their community is full of autistic manchildren who will feel obligated to change their whole collection anyway.
I find the models great, and I like the fluff too since it allows me to ignore them for now and certainly forever since I play time-travelling 30k Marines roaming the galaxy, helping where they can while avoiding every "real" Imperial authority

>> No.53264153

They aren't going to make a special rule just for Battlesuits to JSJ because they already said they're getting a high Move stat. Their special rules will be things like "immune to blinding effects" and "doesn't suffer -1 penalty for shooting heavy weapons after moving" and shit to represent the blacksun filters and relentless.

>> No.53264154

>apart from the stomps dished out by the Stormsurge. That guy certainly never skipped leg day in the gym!

also buying models for this list was a mistake. thanks gw for ruining my dream of a cute army of killer roombas

>> No.53264165

You can't seriously believe there won't be jsj. It won't make sense, your limited knowledge of what Fly and unrevealed special roles do nothing against the fact that jsj = units doing strafing run, and that's one large nuance of the game gone if they remove it. Putting jsj on only a few units won't hurt the streamlining at all.

>> No.53264173

Is 40k a better competitive game now?

I used to be really into 40k about 10 years ago. 5th edition IIRC, where Eldar were ridiculously OP with end-of-game tankshocks to knock opponents off objectives, and finecast replacing metal models were a huge disaster.

Was randomly reading some 40k lore again, and it turns out that the lore for the Eldar has been radically changed to some Aeldari or something.

Anyway, I'm considering getting back into 40k and I'm mostly interested in both the lore, but also the competitive aspect of the game. Are the rules more tight and finely tuned now? Are the power-differences between different races/armies more balanced? Are "aeldari" any good?

Regarding models, how are the quality of the models now? Do they come near the quality any of the Jap model kits nowadays?

Lots of questions, but yeah. Hopefully I can get some feedback.

>> No.53264177

Nothing here can capture objectives, Anon.

>> No.53264184

Modelwise yes, fluffwise no. Our entire model line will be replaced with the Primaris Marine kit, and then they will just take the old space marine kits off the shelves and suddenly "Primaris Marines" will become "Space Marines."

Fluffwise, well see the Primaris Marines slowly die off after Fulgrim kills Guilliman until two editions from now they've all been wiped out. And then we will pretend the Primaris Marine kit has been what space marine models always looked like and you wont see old marine models in GW publications or stores anymore.

>> No.53264196

>You can't seriously believe there won't be jsj
I can, because all the changes to Movement support it.

They're not going to give Battlesuits an 8"+ Mv and ALSO an additional 2d6 move, and I think GW also realized that units being able to move out, shoot, and then duck back behind cover before getting shot back at is retarded and gamey and makes no sense, it's a bad side-effect of players taking their entire turns once at a time.

>> No.53264199

Me either, thats more dark eldarish. I dont think daemons need drugs anymore to experience alternate states of consciousness.

>> No.53264205

Why would you think that? Really?

>> No.53264220

Does anyone know of a good 28mm model that looks like Solid Snake I could use as a proxy for Sly Marbo?

>> No.53264222

>denying this hard
Anon, they're not going to do that, no matter how much you want that to be the case. They're not going to "pretend" Marines always looked like that, and get rid of the new stats, and go back to 1 W Marines.

How are you this delusional?

>> No.53264230

It makes perfect sense. What didn't make sense was the idea that constantly jumping over a brick wall would make it impossible to shoot you. The entire thing was just an abuse of the abstraction of it being a turn based game.

Battlesuits can still leap backwards while firing, it's just that they'll still be in the enemy's sights while doing so.

>> No.53264238

You honestly think they arent just doing a soft reboot to the entire SM line?

>> No.53264239

you dont... actually believe that, do you?

>> No.53264245

Why would you not think that? Its a soft reboot to the entire model line. You have 4-6 years to replace your army.

>> No.53264250

They are, but it's also being done in-universe, and Primaris Marine fluff isn't going to go anywhere.

You're in denial so hard right now it's hilarious.

>> No.53264257

after last night recommendation for me to focus on detail with my models i decided to try and assembly paint some. Has anyone here ever tried using poster putty to hold models together while priming?

It actually worked pretty good

>> No.53264258

You will burn for that. We will have our reckoning!

>> No.53264264

Yes. With Primaris Marines. Who will still be called Primaris Marines in the fluff, and their tactical squads will still be called Intercessors, and they will still have the 2 Wound statline with the new bolt rifles as standard.

>> No.53264269

You don't actually think this isn't going to be a redo of the entire SM line, do you? The casts they've been using for marines are starting to get old and the time to replace them isnt too far away.

>> No.53264275

They wouldn't have brought in all these retarded models with the Gathering Storm and they wouldn't have basically rebooted the whole Imperium to Guillimantime just for that. It's just stupid. They might stop producing regular Space Marines but it's only because they'll be completely replaced by Primaris Marines, both in models and fluff. GW doesn't care about all their history or their old gamers unless you're willing to fall in line with their new shit.

>> No.53264284

What am I in denial about? You're the one in denial. Primaris Marines are a fluff tool to let you mix the models for the next few years whilst you slowly replace your army. Once most marine players have entirely numarine models the need for Primaris Marines in the fluff will have been exhausted.

>> No.53264290

Anon, this amount of autism is getting sad. Put away the keyboard.

They're not writing all this new fluff and new rules to abandon it once everyone's bought up the numarines, so they can "pretend" (holy kek) that all marines always looked like that.

>> No.53264292

you forgot that markerlights now allow you to re-roll 1's to hit, not boost your BS to disgusting heights like before

>b-b-but supporting fire!

still hitting on 6's yo

>> No.53264293


>> No.53264303

my god dude, how many fucking times did I tell you that list was a shit idea?

>> No.53264307

Primaris Marines wont replace normal marines in fluff, that'd be silly. Unless... Unless you can trademark, "Primaris Marine".

But no I doubt it, Primaris Marines will replace Oldmarine models but be removed from the fluff when no longer needed.

>> No.53264308

I can already foresee the aspergers meltdown in the future when this anon realizes he's blowing air out his ass and he discovers oldmarines are dying out in the fluff while everything becomes canon Primaris Marines forever.

>> No.53264311

don't have to take objectives if the whole enemy side is fucking shot to death

>> No.53264317

>The casts they've been using for marines are starting to get old
Yeah cause 2013 was fucking aeons ago.

>> No.53264322

He is in hardcore denial. He needs to rip that bandaid off right now.

>> No.53264333

>Once most marine players have entirely numarine models the need for old Marines in the fluff will have been exhausted.

>> No.53264338

What the fuck are you a GW shill or some shit?
Yes, that is exactly what they're doing.

They're writing all of this new fluff and making these new rules to encourage you to buy numarine models and give you a fluff reason to have the models intermixed on the battlefield.

>> No.53264341

Just welcome the Adeptus Primaris Astartes as your new overlords and saviors and save you the headache.

>> No.53264353

I don't really care desu, I just doubt GW will kill off their posterchildren.

What? Theyve been using the current tactical marines sine like the 90s.

>> No.53264365

>Yes, that is exactly what they're doing.
>Proceeds to describe something entirely different than what anon said they weren't doing.

He didn't say that they weren't trying to use the fluff to get people to buy them. He's saying that it isn't some crazy long-term scheme where they're just gonna remove the original sized marines from the website and pretend the whole Primaris marine fluff never happened and that space marines have always been that size.

>> No.53264368

Ork stuff when? I want prime Orkz now like from the beast arises novels

>> No.53264369

I don't play Space Marines, I really don't care either way.

>> No.53264370

And you think they're just going to get rid of all those new rules eventually and go back to everyone having marinelet stats? Fucking kek.

This is a reboot, yes, but in every sense of the word. The models are being replaced, the RULES are being replaced, and the fluff is being moved forward along with it. Primaris Marines are the new standard. They are never going back to giving rules support to oldmarines - whatever they get as far as rules when the edition drops is the end of the line for them. All new rules and fluff updates will be focused around the Primaris paradigm. Hell, even the rumourmongers have been saying this for months, and they're pretty much confirmed to be right about a fuckton of things at this point.

>> No.53264377

>All of them turned out to be true so far.
Refer to the chorus

>> No.53264381

Really? This tactical box I have sitting here with Grav weapons in it? That's the sprue they've been using since the 90s?

>> No.53264382

Oh they arent gonna remove the primaris fluff. They're just gonna say all the Primaris Marines died and then stop talking about it.
Like Lord Solar Mecharius, or Doomrider, or Slaanesh.

>> No.53264385

Are you actually baiting
The Devastators, Assault Marines and Tactical marines were completely redone in 2013.

>> No.53264392

Lol at you autistic cunts getting butt frustrated going over the faction focuses with a fine tooth comb. They are fucking puff pieces to hype up your army. They are going to make every army sound overpowered you retards. There is almost no meat and bones rules in them.

>> No.53264397

Oh yeah good point, huh.
Yeah maybe you're right.
I guess Primaris Marines and Space Marines will exist side by side for the rest of 40k.
And kind of lame.

>> No.53264406

we've seen this squad has no special weapon at all

>> No.53264407

not enough times, apparently

but you were right

>> No.53264409

Kinda funny honestly, almost makes them useless.

>> No.53264410

Well here's the thing, with Sigmarine their introduction kinda made sense from a business perspective since they were something new that hadn't been in fantasy before, thus anyone interested in them would likely be new to the game. As controversial as they might have been this is a good move because it brings in new blood and untapped demographics.

Now how exactly do numarines accomplish anything even remotely similar? Who will buy numarines that wasn't going to buy regular Marines anyway? They'll almost certainly make their money back on the guaranteed trickle of new marine players they always seem to have but what does this financially gain them in the long run that they wouldn't have just gotten anyway?

>> No.53264415

>he actually believes this
You're right anon. And the Stormcast Eternals are going to go away in Age of Sigmar and the Empires' going to come back except suddenly Stormcast shaped and and we're all going to pretend it was always that way and stop talking about that interim period that was totally just temporary.

>> No.53264428

>or Slaanesh
Now you just went from a tiny speck of dust worth of talking points to zero.

>> No.53264430

It's already confirmed that there will be several different primaris units.

>> No.53264431

>I guess Primaris Marines and Space Marines will exist side by side for the rest of 40k.
Sort of, except the non-Primaris ones will be slowly phased out and eventually die off almost completely.

>> No.53264432

The might of Mars has spent millenia designing this ultimate form of man-portable Plasma weaponry, although it's more volatile than the common Plasma Gun!
>Plasma rifle
>S7 AP -3 Damage D3 Assault 2D6 Gets Hot on rolls of 1 or 2

>> No.53264436


>> No.53264438

Not really confusing. I prefer this to the alternatives.

The other options were that they just introduce these as the new tactical kit, at which point the whining of marine players would grow insanely loud at the idea of having to re-build their armies from scratch after only 4 years, and feeling even more pressured to because it isn't just a slight fix up either.

The other option was that these would just be like Custodes and be their own little Ultramarines only side-elite choice. At which point you'd get a bunch of complaining from non-ultras players about not getting their new toys.

Personally, I still don't think they should have made them a troop choice, but this way people can make armies with none of them, entirely of them, or a mix, and still fit the fluff.

>> No.53264443

We've already seen the models armed with nu-Plasma Rifles.

>> No.53264447

They're probably intended as replacements in the long-term. However, giving them their own rules means that Marine players who otherwise wouldn't by simple replacement models may be tempted to pick some up to use the new rules.

>> No.53264468

Like Fluff wise? I doubt it.
I dont think we can replace chaos legions with Numarines, sorry.

>> No.53264470

And it also means those rules are never going away.

GW makes some retarded decisions sometimes but they're not going to go "okay now that Primaris Codex you bought, just throw those rules away the Primaris Marines are all dead, just use the models to represent the old inferior Marines now. Nevermind that they don't even have the same weapons options."

>> No.53264473


>> No.53264475

>trademark Primaris Marine

Pretty sure they can. And probably already have.

>> No.53264476

Yeah, this way GW can try to sell out as much of their marinelet stock away while slowly phasing them out of the game.

>> No.53264479

No one said anything about Chaos, they're just talking about loyalists.

Oldmarines will still be around in small numbers but they will get about as much support and mention in the rules and fluff as the current Sisters of Battle.

>> No.53264483

I take no pleasure in you ceding to my argument, anon.

Because you have come off worse.

Invest in Fire Warriors, Devilfish and Crisis Suits. They are the constants through each edition.

>> No.53264494

I was hoping eventually Id just be able to run an entire army of them and have it be normal space marines. I think the models they leaked looked good.
They're far superior to manlet marines.

>> No.53264501


>> No.53264503

>and it turns out that the lore for the Eldar has been radically changed to some Aeldari or something.

Eldar = Aeldari. There's no difference. There's a new faction too, but the old factions are still there.

>> No.53264512

They've said that you can run a whole army of Primaris Marines. They'll be another Troops choice for sure, albeit a more expensive and specialised one, but you'll be able to do it.

>> No.53264517

Like, why would GW have Primaris Marines replace old marines in the fluff? I really dont think so, I think well just see MkIX armor become the standard tabletop marine.

>> No.53264521

Current marine models are fine, especially the more upright ones like deathwatch.

I honestly never got what the obsession with truescale was, but sure, if you want your army of Ogryn marines, go for it.

>> No.53264528

Yes, and they'll be a special squad costing even more. Probably even using an elite slot, actually.

>> No.53264530

I mean, I just wanted to run them as truescale tactical marines. All this extra fluff sorrounding them is silly if the ultimate point is to arbitrarily make all precious marines obsolete.

>> No.53264534

>All this extra fluff sorrounding them is silly if the ultimate point is to arbitrarily make all precious marines obsolete.

Then maybe, just maybe, that isn't the point?

>> No.53264538

I suddenly feel like I've been baited this whole time. Good job I guess? Either way I'm done trying to convince you of this. Just wait and see.

>> No.53264546

Current Space Marines are the same height as guardsmen, Im sorry but they are manlets an look cartoony and dumb. Your army of manlets looks cartoony and dumb, Im sorry. Its almost entirely the dumb leg poses if it makes you feel any better.

>> No.53264548

That is what I've read as well.

The Ynnari or whatever.

How "cannon" and accepted is the whole Gathering Storm book/army list? Is it considered codex-level cannon? Or are they like Forgeworld Imperial Armor books?

(ie; can I just bring a Ynnari-built army to a GW and play with anyone?)

>> No.53264557

I was literally just arguing with a guy who was saying numarines are going to replace oldmarines in the fluff. Like are you not him?

>> No.53264564

Well, it's a good thing they blew up Cadia then. No more guardsmen to worry about

>> No.53264569

If anyones been baited here, its me.

>> No.53264577

Instead of worshipping A Corpse God, you get to worship THE Corpse God, Nurgle!
Why settle for a pale imitation?

>> No.53264579

Right I forgot that in the fluff all guardsmen come from cadia. There are no guardsmen models that arent cadians, either.

>> No.53264581

yeah. its the current IG that are out of scale. the older ones were the right siz and shorter than marines.

the current marine minis are already truescale.

>> No.53264583

Not really. S4 -1 AP gun is really nice given the premium on AP in 8th and 3 "attacks" makes them pretty effective in melee too.

>> No.53264593

Grot only codex when?

>> No.53264598

theyre codex level canon, as are forgeworlds imperial armour booms.

>> No.53264599

Nurgle is icky, don't pick him
Slaanesh is pretty, and can make you feel good! Pick her!

>> No.53264604

Campaign books are core GW. As canon as you can get.

>> No.53264606

All the old stuff old marines did will be history.
>Indominatus crusade starts
>everyone will lose shit tons of dudes
>primaris marines are easier to make than oldmarines with old methods
>primaris marines will perform better on the battlefield because they are literally just better marines with better gear
>less and less oldmarines are being made
>at some point there is only primaris marines left

>> No.53264609

So run them as Tacticals, no-one's stopping you. People do counts-as all the time. I ran Contemptor dreadnoughts in my Carcharodons as Venerable Dreadnoughts because I fucking hate the boxy Dread models and liked the Venerable rule. No-one cared.

>> No.53264612

This is true and not true. Current marine models are truescale if you stand them up and get them out of their squatting pose.

>> No.53264618

Its a terminator but like, worse.

>> No.53264621

Wait a moment, I recognize that bulge

>> No.53264631

>The Dark Prince

>> No.53264636

Well that would all make sense if not for the blaring issue of Chaos Marine Legions. I don't think Primaris Marines can be Veterans of the Long War, fluffwise.

>> No.53264638 [SPOILER] 


>> No.53264640

Yep, understandable mistake.

Best of luck with your Numarine army though. Hopefully their 0 combat experience doesn't go badly for the big lugs.

>> No.53264643

Again, no one said anything about Chaos, what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.53264645

Hey moron read the fluff.
She Who Thirsts.

>> No.53264655

>shitty unreliable-narrator Eldar fluff says She Who Thirsts
>actual Daemon Codex says Dark Prince and always refers to him as he
>the story he's featured in where a knight went to slay him literally describes him as a beautiful youthful shota boy

>> No.53264664

You're aware that there is an army called Chaos Space Marines, right?

You're saying all oldmarines are going to be forgotten and not supported by models of fluff.
And Im bringing up Chaos.
Chaos is made up of oldmarines, and Chaos Legions who are made up of veterans of the heresy cant be primaris marines according to the fluff since they did not exist until recently.

>> No.53264673

>hating on boxnaught
shit taste anon-senpai
but, well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess, so good on you

>> No.53264681

We're only talking about Loyalists. Of course the Chaos Legions are still going to be made up of oldmarines too.

>> No.53264685

We seriously have some one debating Slaanesh's pronouns. This is really stupid.
Slaanesh is whatever gender it wants to be, he tends to prefer male but can she can also be female and is described in the fluff as being one half male and one half female in appearance. All pronouns are appropriate when referring to Slaanesh.

>> No.53264692

pose has nothing to do with scale.

>> No.53264701

So you think in the future all loyalists will be made up of PRimaris Marines, and all chaos will be made up of Oldmarines? But Primaris Marines are gonna take over loyalist chapters.

This is wildly inconsistent, because they're still going to make chaos models, which have to be oldmarines.

But you're saying they want to stop supporting oldmarines.
You're losing me.

>> No.53264704

What about ultimate Dread Tallbox (contemptor legs and arms, box torso & shoulders)?

>> No.53264711

Yeah, all the Chaos Gods are malleable, but what matters is what they choose.

Nurgle could appear as /fit/ Mr. Clean if he wanted, but he doesn't, he's a massive fat disgusting sack of literal pus and shit. Khorne could be a tiny loli who carries around barbie dolls.

Slaanesh can choose to be female if it wants but in every instant where it's actually described in a story, from the aforementioned knight going to slay him, to the part where he punished the Masque, he was always described as a decadent young pretty-boy.

>> No.53264712


>> No.53264717

>implying Primaris Marines cannot be corrupted

>> No.53264720

Chaos are a separate kit entirely, so they don't need to phase it out in favor of a new one.

>> No.53264723

Holy fucking shit how are you this stupid.

All previous instances of the term "oldmarines" as referring only to loyalists.

In the future loyalists will all be Primaris Marines.

Future Chaos releases will continue to be the twisted legion-specific Cult Marines, like Rubrics, Plague Marines and Noise Marines, which will be based on oldmarine sculpts because the fluff isn't being retconned, the oldmarines on the loyalist side are just all dying out.

Do you fucking get it yet?

>> No.53264725

that looks better than i expected.

>> No.53264732

That will give kind of a cool dynamic between numarines and Chaos, especially since it turns out that the heresy era marines fears of being replaced like thunder warriors ended up coming true for the loyalists.

>> No.53264734

Not bad actually.

>> No.53264741

Oh shit that does look REALLY good, best of both worlds.

I hope to god the new Primaris Dreadnoughts look something like this and not like the shitty Contemptors with their potato bodies.

>> No.53264744

CSM will lose and won't exist anymore in 10th edition :^)

>> No.53264745

I wish gw cared for marines

>> No.53264760

Slaanesh is actually most often referred to as having gender neutral pronouns and all descriptions of her appearance are hermaphroditic with one half male and one half female. So no. And all Eldar myth describes Slaanesh as feminine if gendered at all, dismissing that is uh, just wrong.

>> No.53264766

legion marines will never be fully gone. There's already mention of chapters that reject them,

>> No.53264773

Nowhere near as expensive.

>> No.53264777

So you seriously think that in the future all loyalists will stand a head taller than their chaos equivalents? And Im the dumb one?

>> No.53264784

IIRC it's a Leviathan-equivalent kitbash


>> No.53264789

Rubrics are already only half a head shorter than numarines.

>> No.53264810

No, because the Chaos ones are all mutated and powered up by daemonic warp bullshit. See Obliterators and the new Plague Marines sculpts which are already bigger.

>> No.53264834

>manlets bitterly fighting against physically superior loyalists
Makes perfect sense.

>> No.53264842


I remember wanting Ork information. We'd been neglected for so long, I just wanted some fresh life breathed into my beloved greenskins.

Then I got my wish. In 7th.

I'm scared that history will repeat itself. Because with god-tier shooting, auto-fall backs from close combat, battleshock and weapons having a 1" range, I'm not seeing Orks as viable.

>> No.53264848

Eldar myth means jack shit in comparison to the CHAOS DAEMONS CODEX. It's just that - myth. Based on truth, but not fully accurate.

And again, almost all descriptions and pronouns of Slaanesh in the Chaos Daemons Codex use He/Him and describe him as a beautiful young male. He's strongly based on Dorian Grey. It's his daemons, like the Keepers of Secrets, that are most often described as hermaphroditic and feminine.

>> No.53264866

Slanny looks like whatever you lust the most with a perverse twist. Space catholic nazis just happen to lust over men while elfs like cute girls.

>> No.53264874

>those digits
Well, Slaanesh confirms I guess. I'll concede to that.

>> No.53264883

>Space catholic nazis just happen to lust over men

>> No.53264909

Also: They make Battlecannons a better choice by combining higher price, and multiple wounds on a t4 3+ platform.

>> No.53264930

>>All their fucking suits can disengage from melee with no penalty, jump back and shoot
Really so you've seen the broadside rules?
Feel free to share.

>> No.53264933

Does anyone else feel like GW havent thought through the implications of the Primaris Marines?

Why would people ever invest in old marines now when its confirmed that theres full chapters of just Primaris marines? Are Primaris Marines chapter masters just better then say Dante now? How and why? Whats stopping them from falling to chaos and making things worse?

How does this affect chaos players now? Space Marines arent even special now so why play chaos space marines when Primaris Marines are better anyway? Why not play Chaos Primaris Marines instead?

>> No.53264934

looks surprisingly good
but man, you linked to a hosting site on an imageboard, that's beyond retarded

>> No.53264953

Oh, good catch.

One battlecannon shot will kill about 1 (0.97222) Intercessor on average assuming no cover and assuming Russ are BS 4+.

If Intercessors are about 20 points then a 100 point Russ could make its points back in 5 turns of shooting, making any other guns on it effectively free.

That's still not great, but it's not completely terrible, and I think there might be other buffs to the Russ we aren't seeing yet.

>> No.53264961

So they called the new primaris marine squads intercourser squads hehehe

>> No.53264962

>Why would people ever invest in old marines now when its confirmed that theres full chapters of just Primaris marines?
because point for point primaris marines aren't likely to be better than regular marines, just different.

they even specifically mentioned in the article that and army is going to want both kinds of marines to round itself out.

>> No.53264963

They have thought them through. They want people to buy the new kits.

>> No.53264964

I'm converting up some warbikes with what I have laying around and I hit a snafu.

Where do I put the dakka?

>> No.53264966

Warriors of Chaos 7e pg 11: "and Slaanesh the Dark Prince, neither male nor female"

Warriors of Chaos 7e pg 18: "Slaanesh most frequently appears as a radiant and slender colossus, male on the left side and female on the right."

Codex Chaos Space Marines 4e pg.55 "Slaanesh may appear as male, female, hermaphrodite, or androgynous."

Even in your fluff story from the 7e chaos demons codex the line says, "..the diety visited him IN THE FORM of a young man."

Slaanesh is whatever gender suits her, though he does seem to rarely appear as female to humans.

>> No.53264967

Once again, dumping old marines is exactly what they want everyone to do. Dump them and buy the new shit. Buy buy buy. Buy buy.

>> No.53264971

I'm assuming that the battle cannon can get some kind of HE round upgrade other wise there seems like no point to using the MBT russ.

>> No.53264976

Double 6's again, holy shit. Slaanesh has spoken.

>> No.53264984

sidemount it off the back like regular warbikers. or you could strap it to the front forks.

>> No.53264987

Is Griffith actually Slaanesh?
Is berserk the fall of the eldar empire?

>> No.53264990

Some things we might not be taking into account:

The BS on the Russ might be buffed to 3+ and drop to 4+ only after it takes a certain amount of damage.

There might be a special rule that makes it hit more accurately when firing at targets with a certain number of models.

The Russ might just be REALLY CHEAP points-wise before upgrades, like 85 apiece.

There might be IG orders that affect tanks now.

>> No.53264993

I am honored that my god decided to use me as her vessel.

>> No.53264994

They still get bashed in a head when disengaging from melee, just like every other unit. Difference is that suits can just shoot after that.

>> No.53265001

>army is going to want both kinds of marines to round itself out.
for how long do you think this will be true? Theres going to be more units then just the interrcessor or whatever its called. Eventually there will be an entire army of primaris marines.

Especially if random Primaris Marine chapter master #3 is better statwise then standard chapter masters. And they would be going by what weve seen.

>> No.53265019

Yeah, this will definitely be a temporary thing.

By this time two years from now you won't really want to be bringing marinelets anymore unless it's for flavor. They'll become like the new Scouts.

>> No.53265022

probably still several years at least. the current mairne plastics are still new and GW has other pastic kits its been churning out for near 20 years now.

>> No.53265027

Ugh I don't want to see dg
I wanna hear that noise and get AMPLIFIED

>> No.53265035

Main problem with mounting in the back is that I'd need some wicked outriggers just to clear the boy's arms, and they'd end up mounted off the engine.

I'll probably have to find some way to mount some guns on either the forks or front fender.

>> No.53265037

I will never again doubt the existence of the Chaos Gods.

But, who is Kek? Malal?

>> No.53265044

>Why would people ever invest in old marines now
Their not supposed to, it'll be a slow roll out of nuMarines to make new SM armies.
>Primaris Marines chapter masters
Why would generic chapter masters outshine special characters?
>so why play chaos space marines
They hinted at new CSM goodies, so who knows. God knows the regular CSM kit needed an overhaul like 10 years ago.
>Why not play Chaos Primaris Marines
Assuming there is no new generic CSM kit, god knows Chaos players are just gonna convert the shit out of nuMarines.

>> No.53265046

Prince seems to be a unisex term to chaos. A woman who earns her daemonhood is still a Daemon Prince.

>> No.53265056

Nah, PRimaris Scouts will be the new scouts. Maletrines are going the way of the Squat.

>> No.53265064

>How does this affect chaos players now? Space Marines arent even special now so why play chaos space marines when Primaris Marines are better anyway? Why not play Chaos Primaris Marines instead?

Chaos chaos stats are uknown

>MFV Posessed are gonna be straight up Gal Vorbak
>Chosen are gonna be "naturally" evolved and mutated Primaris Marines but with 10.000 years of hard combat experience and CHAOS ARMOUR.

>> No.53265065

Lately I've been having to remind myself that Slaanesh isn't real, or is he? Pretty crazy coincidence, either way I am faithful in the ultimate victory of She Who Thirsts.

>> No.53265074

I'm pretty sure what it said was that anything with the FLYING trait can do that so I doubt it is even tau exclusive.

>> No.53265080

This place is easy to catch some thirsty virgin souls to corrupt.

>> No.53265099

Theoretically anon if chaos marines are buffed to be above normal marines but around primaris marines in ability, wouldnt a primaris chaos marine be even better? Do you not see the problem this causes?

>> No.53265107

>They still get bashed in a head when disengaging from melee, just like every other unit.
No one gets attacked when disengaging, this isn't 2e.

They do, however, get attacked before getting the chance to retreat next turn. You just have to hope you really fuck their day up on the charge.

>> No.53265110

So with 8th just around the corner, I dug out my old collection of models and am going to work on refreshing it.

>2 pewter captains
>1 chaplain on bike
>9 assault marines with packs
>8 missile launcher devs, 2 las cannons, 1 plasma, 1 heavy bolter
>another ten CCW marines on foot
>a bunch of assorted marines... could probably form up another tactical squad without much effort.
>some rhinos which would need salvage work to be of any use

All vehicles will be assault vehicles in 8th right? Drop podding assault marines might be fun. I've got a couple foot chaplains and podding them down with assault marines might be real fun indeed, or deep striking in my termie chap

>> No.53265116

Chaos just aren't getting Primaris Marines, that's the point. But all the Cult Marines are getting buffed to be equivalent.

>> No.53265126

>He still wants to play manlet marines in 40+1K

>> No.53265131

Will the chaos tau count as chaos goodies or tau?

>> No.53265134

D-do you mean Noise Marines are gonna be 2w 2a?

>> No.53265136

>Chaos just aren't getting Primaris Marines
Lol sure they wont Anon sure they wont.

>> No.53265139

I'd really love to see cultists be worth anything other than just a cheap objective holder, because as it stands right now they follow hard on the chaos mantra of "pay more for less" and get outshined by guardsmen in almost every way

>> No.53265142

We're almost definitely not getting Chaos T'au, but if we did, they would be obviously be Chaos, not T'au. Just like CSM are Chaos, not SM.

>> No.53265149

>all the Cult Marines are getting buffed to be equivalent.


>> No.53265151

Will we be amplified?

>> No.53265154

They won't be exactly equivalent like that - see Rubrics. They aren't 2W, but they do have +1 to saves against 1dmg weapons and a 5++, and better guns.

They obviously won't, but they will be getting different updates in the same scale. We already have the new DG coming out, then eventually EC and WE, and then who knows what else. And it will be on the same power level as Primaris Marines, but it won't be exactly the same as Primaris Marines.

>> No.53265160

Throw out all that outdated garbage and head down to your local Warhammer™ store and pre-order the new Space Marine: 40,000 two player starter box. In fact, why not order two of them?

>> No.53265163

>See Rubrics

No luck m9
Plague marines will probably get an extra wound though.

>> No.53265165

>I'm retarded and don't understand what the word equivalent means

>> No.53265166

Theres a 4 part Titan Comic thats pretty good, some bits are confusing, but you can work past it

>> No.53265167

they get shot though. and I'm sure at least some units will get special rules that let them attack retreating units.

>> No.53265169

>They obviously won't
So you think Big G created marines that are better and immune to Chaos do you? Are you retarded?

>> No.53265172

stop being annoying

>> No.53265178

That part that says they get shot for retreating doesn't mean you get to shoot them on their turn when they retreat, it just means they're not in combat anymore and are now vulnerable to getting shot. Like every unit that isn't in combat. GW just worded it shittily.

>> No.53265180

No I think this is some serious GW hubris going on.
They looked at how Stormcast brought in new players and they think they can replicate that with more marines, forgetting that the reason Sigmarines worked was because there wasn't anything like them in fantasy before while these are just more marines.
If they expect the new kit to make up for phasing out the 2013 marine kit early I think they're in for a disappointment.

>> No.53265185

That's the whole point of their shitty fluff anon.

Tell me where are all those Chaos Grey Knights? Turning SoBs into hats doesn't count.

>> No.53265189

>are going the way of the Squat.
What if their models are repurposed to literally be squa

>> No.53265198

>That's the whole point of their shitty fluff anon.
Oh so you are retarded ok. Show us where it says they go through all those tests and ordeals? Oh it doesnt say that. Hmmm.

>> No.53265201

What if you stop trying to revive that shitty squat meme?

>> No.53265209

Lol~ <3

Hmmm, I wonder what they will get. Maybe theyll get the always go first in combat thing that daemonettes are gonna get, but they have to give them more then that. Maybe an AP in combat or something?

>> No.53265213

Oh no that was just an honest typo.

>> No.53265219

Powered by paint, reduce battleshock and then some sonic guns as usual.

>> No.53265221

On mobile, interface is screwy

>> No.53265237

>butthurt chaosfag in denial that he's not getting primaris marines
Just calm your quivering chins, friend, you're still going to get a bunch of cool Chaos releases.

>> No.53265238

>Powered by paint
Uh uhm unvunchuble!

>> No.53265259

>Sigmarines worked was because there wasn't anything like them in fantasy before while these
Stormcast are just Chosen of sigmar instead of chaos. They werent really anything new.

>> No.53265267

>the reason Sigmarines worked was because there wasn't anything like them in fantasy before
The reason they worked is because they were swole fucking fantasy Space Marines.

Now 40k is giving us swoller true-scale Marines like people have been asking for. If you really think this announcement isn't already massively popular amongst the majority of players you're deluded and also not looking around very hard.

>> No.53265273

I wonder, with the new Rubric Marines stats should I have two flamer deathballs plus one heavy wep using squad? Or should I instead abuse the heavy weapons rule more?

>> No.53265284

Yes lore wise but visually they are very different from anything else, and that's all that really matters to new blood.

New marines might be bigger but they still look like marines, so if you didn't already care about marines why care about these.

>> No.53265286

What if my truescale marines are the same size or bigger than Primaris marines?

>> No.53265288

we don't know enough to answer that.

flamer heavy may be the new meta, or it may leave you too undergunned at mid to long range.

>> No.53265295

>Yes lore wise but visually they are very different from anything else,
not really.
they're literally just chosen, but without spikes and lion instead lf deamon motifs.

>> No.53265296

I'm hoping frag missiles are awesome

>> No.53265307

Yeah, I definitely ought to wait. Just getting a bit impatient and I really want to assemble these guys already.

>> No.53265319

Then that's on you for making an inaccurate conversion?

>> No.53265335

But Primaris Marines are gonna be truescale condescending mistaken anon, they should be the exact same size.

>> No.53265336

Man I can't wait till Ork or Nids get their focus, just one weapon statline will tide me over.

First person to say NPC gets colon cancer

>> No.53265341

If you didnt have any evidence that Primaris Marines are immune to chaos you could have just said Anon.

>> No.53265346

No they really don't look anything alike.

>> No.53265370

The evidence is that GW said in the FAQ Chaos is not getting Primaris Marines. I don't know what else to tell you, bud.

>> No.53265375

they probably will be by the look of frag grenades (D6 S3 shots)

>> No.53265386

What specifically is new or different about them?

Fuck the Space Wolves. They're almost as bad as Dark Angels for being the super speshul magic snowflake marines:

Fucking bullshit grav weapons and psyker bollocks and OP close combat. They're literally edgelord fan-service: The Army.

>> No.53265395

>dudes in ornate fantasy plate don't look like other dudes in ornate fantasy plate

sure buddy.

>> No.53265400

Remember when you guys trusted GW to do the right thing again? Remember when everyone says they had changed? Fun times.

>> No.53265401

>That's the whole point of their shitty fluff anon.
Well why did you say this then Anon? What fluff were you referencing?

Just admit you were wrong already.

>> No.53265409

These weaboo faggots again...

>> No.53265410

Ironbreakers also wear ornate fantasy plate.

>> No.53265438

>moving the goalposts because he's more concerned with winning an argument on the internet than accepting that, regardless of cause, Chaos is not getting Primaris Marines
I feel bad for you dude.

>> No.53265472

>when a poorfag puts his manlet marines army down on the table

>> No.53265481

>>moving the goalposts
Staying on topic is now moving the goal posts lmao.

>Claims the fluff states Primaris marines cant fall to chaos
>Cant provide evidence to back it up and gets called out
>I know I'll say the same thing as him
>T-that'll work....

>> No.53265482

Will Primaris marines fix the Black Rage? I hope not. I want big Death Company dudes.

>> No.53265486

>When a bald 40-year old virgin gives you a look of smug superiority

>> No.53265501

I didn't say it openly stated it anywhere that we've seen yet. But it's obviously fucking implied, because, and here's a factual statement: Chaos is not getting Primaris Marines.

Why would this be the case unless they are immune to Chaos corruption?

Are you actually autistic? Because being unable to read between the lines and taking everything completely literally is a sign of that. At what point did you think it was a good idea to keep this argument going when the end result is always going to be "no you aren't getting Chaos Primaris Marines"?

>> No.53265502

I'm missing books 9 to 11 from The Beast Arises series, anyone know where to get them now that KAT is down?

>> No.53265512

I need some help picking a color scheme for my chapter. I'm going for Dark Angels successors and the emblem I settled on is a Ushabti Bone Cross of the Lorraine on a Caliban Green wing.

>> No.53265536

My post
>So you think Big G created marines that are better and immune to Chaos do you?

Your response
>That's the whole point of their shitty fluff anon.

Sorry I must have misunderstood you when you said
>That's the whole point of their shitty fluff
When in fact you actually meant
>But it's obviously fucking implied
>I pulled it out of my ass

I guess it was all just a misunderstanding.

>> No.53265547


>> No.53265551

>When you dont play marines
>When your oppenent does, like everyone else.

>> No.53265560

Bumping with pic

>> No.53265568

What the FUCK is that Heavy Bolter supposed to be

>> No.53265576

Fucking awesome that's what.

>> No.53265583

Ok, I don't know much about gun stuff, but aren't those bolts on wrong way there?

>> No.53265586

No it isn't, it's all wonky and looks like something Gears of War threw up before it died!

>> No.53265596

Well considering that the posts mentioned some guys within the imperium being worried about defective geneseeds
there may be numarines with black rage

>> No.53265605

you mean like right now where they're continuing to do the right thing.

>> No.53265613

I haven't seen anything to contradict this yet, although I'm not just sucking their cocks on blind faith here, I'm still reserving judgement until we get some more solid rules info.

>> No.53265621

Why couldn't you have just used assault marine legs?

>> No.53265694

Good. The black rage is cool.

>> No.53265714

I can't wait for it to turn Primaris BA's into vampire batpeople with leathery wings instead of jump packs.

>> No.53265721

None of the living primarchs are going to die. How are they going to continue justifying the models if they do that?

>> No.53265727 [DELETED] 

Just play Night Lords already you closet heretic.

>> No.53265734

Why do people keep using this argument.

Your games of 40k never need to be played at any particular point on the timeline.

They can be before or after any fluff development. Just because the latest campaign book might kill off a character doesn't mean their model is now unusable, that's retarded.

Hell, Tychos is a thing.

>> No.53265744

I would prefer if they stop trying to justify every single model change imaginable. They could have literally just released numarines as the next tact marine kit, said 'this is the new scale, your old scale marines are still allowed' and called it a day. Instead we got what we got.

>> No.53265763

Tycho was dead since his appearance.

>> No.53265803

Yeah, and he's still fieldable, that's my point.

Old One Eye was only ever seen on a single planet, he's fieldable. Same for Red Terror. Same for original Deathleaper lore before the Cruddex retconned it to some Swarmlord-esque snowflake garbage.

I think the T'au Codex still has their dead lead Ethereal as a fieldable model. And so on and so on.

There's no reason for "but muh model" to be a reason a character cannot die in the ongoing plot. Every time you sit down for a game you can be writing a new narrative that took place before their death, or is part of some alternate timeline or the model is a stand-in for a new character of your own invention or this is a prophetic warp-dream some psyker is having, or anything like that.

>> No.53265812

They felt that they needed to justify having a new scale of space marine (despite the fact that scale creep has been and already is a thing). So yes, I think they will feel the need to justify why exactly Guilliman is walking around in your games instead of being dead.

>> No.53265813

Where can I find fall of cadia?

>> No.53265821

Even so, we're a long way off having a loyalist primarch die this close to having them come back.

>> No.53265828

This isn't the same thing at all.

One is adding a new thing, the other is killing something of but leaving it useable.

>> No.53265833

Oh, they killed Aun'va? Was he just not selling very well?

>> No.53265837

I agree, I don't think Guilliman is gonna die anytime soon, but I just don't like the argument that they "can't" kill him bcuz muh model.

>> No.53265847


>> No.53265862

Of course they CAN. They just won't.

>> No.53265871

Did we get a hint at what todays article is going to be?

>> No.53265926

Would a S9 AP3 attack in the assault phase cause instant death on black Knight bikes?

>> No.53265939

Dark Eldar and maybe more Primaris Marines.

>> No.53265940

>pseudo 2+ save
>Ap now reduces 2+ to 5+
>Not a buff

Alrighty then

>> No.53265951


The army was just released. I wouldn't expect any to have fallen to Chaos the second they're woken up and unleashed on the galaxy. Chaos takes time to work its way insidiously into its victims.

Now, GW could very well release some fluff saying that Primarus are Grey-Knight level immune to Chaos, but for the time being, just because Chaos isn't getting Primarus models isn't proof that Primarus are immune to Chaos.

>> No.53265953


Dark Eldar is tomorrow.

>> No.53265956

Yes kill me with those breasts please

>> No.53265991

>Dark Eldar
That's wednesday anon. Not only did they spell that out, but the Faction Focus articles are always alternating days.

>> No.53266018

>Space Marines
>The Space Marines or Adeptus Astartes are foremost amongst the defenders of humanity, the greatest of the Emperor of Mankind's warriors.

>Primaris Space Marines
>...the even greatester of Emperor of Mankind's warriors.

Did 40k jump the shark?

>> No.53266031

These are Guilliman's warriors, anon.

>> No.53266039

Yes, a lot recently.

>> No.53266044

They did it so Space Marine players wouldn't throw a bitch fit about their models being obsolete.

It's really just an excuse to add true scale marines.

>> No.53266060

It's pretty obviously sigmarines 2.0 to try and lure in more hapless buyers.

>> No.53266070

Yeah this seems the likely ploy. Honestly it's pretty smart, despite there being some flak from losers like the ones that use this board, it is a good way to phase in new models without too tumultuous of a bitchfit from the playerbase.

>> No.53266086

Who, why and how would this lure in anyone that wouldn't have already been lured in by normal marines?

>> No.53266093

Ask Gaymes Workshop.

>> No.53266097

New /40kg/

>> No.53266110

A better way would have been to just make this a new type of armour, super-duper marines cheapens the setting (further) and alienates a lot of pre-existing players old and new. New bigger armour is just par for the course and let's people uppgrades their dudes without feeling like they've bee replaced.

>> No.53266123

hmmm... would it make sense for minotaurs to have numarines?

Been eyeing those up and maybe the numarines might push me over from my current thousand sons.

>> No.53266127

same way they justified keepong eldrad even though they killed him in 4e.

>> No.53266199

>Old One Eye was only ever seen on a single planet, he's fieldable
he's been to a few, part of his fluff is that he keepe getting picked up assumed a corpse talen to be sold for a bounty. Only to wake up somewhere and summon another hivelfeet.

The GSC mentions a cult that has him now.

>> No.53266252

no. bikes are T5.

>> No.53266263 [DELETED] 

Instant Death isn't a thing anymore.

>> No.53266305

Wonder how Iron hands will react to Nu-Marines

>> No.53266341 [DELETED] 

>*autistic screeching*

>> No.53266732


>*metallic grating noises*

>> No.53266752


yeah, they're pretty much the Imperium's fixers

they have all the cool toys so having a bunch of primark marines shipped out them seems plausible.

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