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>Don't need to get the consent of all the other chapters if you fill them with your marines first

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>Every Chapter Master and notable Brother-Captain ever:
So these guys are replacing us?

No, no! They're just auxiliaries to help you in the coming crusade! They're extremely powerful!

Well... are they sapped of free will or something? Are there any defects? Or will Guilliman's new warriors just be taking over from us in a few centuries?

>The answer will soon be seen

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This is the fault of everyone complaining about 'truescale marines'. You got your wish.

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Best legion.
Best Chapter.

Get with the times.

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Daily reminder that Guilliman deadass said he's using these things to replace dead chapters and to pad out decimated ones

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There aren't any Blood Angels in this thread yet

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Not really, Primaris Marines are going to be featured in all chapters afaik. Plus what's the point in making spacemarines space marines if you're not gonna make them available to everyone equally? Also it's pretty ironic that the guy who wrote the Codex Astartes so no Primarch would have the same power that Horus had is at the head of the Imperium to begin with, getting new tech out of his ass as if it were candies.

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We're not talking about best primarch, we're talking about marines themselves

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Please. I'm will to bet even the Space Wolves of current Imperium would bend over backwards to suck Guilliman's dick.

It doesn't even matter which Primarch returned, I bet the number of chapters in all the Imperium who wouldn't line up to blow him could be counted on one hand.

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Gullimans a okay primarch but his legion and chapter are mot the best
First of all they shouldn't be the standard marines their job is building the empire
Second off the amount of wanking and plit armor they got was outrageous(not as much as armless or space wolves tho)
Other than that they're a fine chapter and legion

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All I care is if I'm adding them to my red scorpions.

If any of you actually read that FAQ it said that some chapters are greeting the new dummies with outright hostility.

Chaos marines are gonna laugh their asses off with history inevitably repeats itself. Pic very related.

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As the politician/Empire Builder Primarch, he's the one the Imperium needed the most. Memes and /tg/ hate aside he was the most logical choice even disregarding the Ultramarine's poster boy symbol.

A primarch like Leman Russ returning would probably just result in him blowing a fuse and fucking things up even worse.

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>new tech out of his ass as if it were candies.
>Tech that's been in development for years but no one authorized it's release till now

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Vulkan would have been fine. Maybe the lion. Even Dorn or the Khan.

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Perhaps Khan, he was also an empire builder, but just like his historical source material, perhaps not a great empire maintainer.

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Um... alright?

I'm a fan of the Scars and even I admit Khan would not have much to contribute by himself, or would even be considered for resurrection on the same level as Dorn, Gill, or Lionel.

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But honestly, who didn't see Guilliman coming?

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Implying space wolves would trust this bullshit

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Just going over some hypotheticals, Gilly is the only real choice, followed by Dorn and the Lion, the Vulkan (cause he is bro) and the the Khan. He was the the last to show on Terra, he should be the last one back.

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i want the angel one to come back

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I have a feeling that the Khan might return, see the state of everything and just leave.

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>Fabricator-general, what is your report
>Ah yes, fellow Lords of Terra. As it is we are currently stockpiled over 8 million next-generation space marines in stasis, ready to fight, ordered by primarch Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines almost 10k years ago. Our newest power armor model has been perfected and is ready to enter mass production as is our new bolter model. Both have given perfect scores in all test. Shall we issue them to the chapters of Adeptus astartes?
>No, halt that. On to the next issue, Ecchlessarch, your reports tell us that the rate we are losing loyal worlds is far outpacing our efforts to gain them...
Lords of Terra, not even once.

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The Khan isn't an empire builder, but he is more of a symbol of Manifest Destiny than any of the others.

He was the far-ranger, the man that couldn't be contained by fuckin' anyone. He'd be a good symbol to get behind for an Imperium Resurgent.

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>He was the the last to show on Terra, he should be the last one back.
That was Sanguinius. The Khan showed up with time to spare. The Blood Angels still aren't to Terra yet in the current fluff.

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> Giant loyal any that nobody has ever heard about, or even hinted at.

This is lucas-tier writing. How lower can GW fall?

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Guiliman and Cawl did this in secret though. But there's no way GW can asspull something that makes Mars not involved into this. They must have known.

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>The Khan isn't an empire builder, but he is more of a symbol of Manifest Destiny than any of the others
The greater good is the manifest destiny of T'au
>He was the far-ranger, the man that couldn't be contained by fuckin' anyone
Nothing has stopped T'au
>Khans dream was to unite the galaxy into a single empire.
This is also the goal of the T'au
>White scars are white
Shadowsuns army is white
>Both are fast and decisive
>Khan vanished suddenly to the warp, never to be heard.
Ethereal just appeared nowhere.

Wait..could this mean...

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me too :(

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Is going to be worse than the heresy. Girlyman is no Emperor. There is going to be a 3 way split between emperor loyalist, Girlyman traitors, primaris chaos. On top of every chapter fighting itself instead of groups joining a side.

As a chaos player it gives me so much joy to see an loyalist primarch bring the source of the imperium ending. Make no mistake, that's where this is heading.

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>This is lucas-tier writing. How lower can GW fall?
Could go to Dîsney-tier. That's a long ways lower.

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The tau don't even go fast!

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>I'm thinking we make giant space marines
>But we already have terminators, sir
>Nono, I mean literally. Just a regular marine. But we make him big

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Yet everyone and their mothers are crying how they can't catch a riptide.

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>Implying Space Wolves get any
Implying Space Wolves are loyal

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You can take them and flavour them as wolfs that have been empowered by Khorne even further.

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Nothing is impossible for Matthew!!!

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>loyalist primarch bring the source of the imperium ending. Make no mistake, that's where this is heading.

>Says Increasingly Nervous Tzeentchian Daemon for the 245,285,295th time.

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Thirteenth founding 2.0?

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Which chapter do you think would have told Guiliman to fuck off the hardest with his Primarines?

I feel like the Iron Hands would rage at these young primarines who know nothing of their traditions, culture, and sheer lack of cybernetics.

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All the heretical ones.

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I would jizz for a Lion model. We don't even have a 30k model yet.

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>primaris cybermarines
why not just tell those primaris marines that cybewrnetics are awesome?

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I think most wont accept them. Space Wolves would outright reject them since they haven't been initiated by the trials on Fenris and shit. The Lion is probably active and awake by now and his untrusting nation would reject them outright - he even didnt trust Dark Angels that come from Terra rather than Calliban. Iron Hands would hate them.

I can see Imperial Fist accepting them, Blood Angels at a push and Salamanders to a degree.

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>Space Wolves would outright reject them since they haven't been initiated by the trials on Fenris and shit.
>The Lion is probably active and awake by now and his untrusting nation would reject them outright - he even didnt trust Dark Angels that come from Terra rather than Calliban
Geedubs said all the "unique" chapters have them, naming dropping the Blood Angels, Dark Angels and the Space Wolves.

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That's the wrong kind of fast

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Yeah I read that this morning, but I think fluff wise it will be hard for them to accept them. They aren't just going to turn up to the Space Woves/Dark Angels chapters and just fit right in.

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Nah, Khan founded the tau. You'll see.

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>implying that the primaris space marines wont just accept whatever trial the space wolves throw at them, even stupid joke initiations
Logan G:to become a space wolf, you must first catch a wolf
i mean 2 wolves, i mean 20 wolves

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"some chapters, however, did not accept the primarines'

"hey guys, let us in, we're your reinforcements"
"you guys dont.. hmm.. which chaos god did you say you worship again?"
"haha all of them bro let us in we brought some melta charges and everything"

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Could someone please explain the Dark Angels to me? Meme-free?


I don't really get their angle? Is the idea that the Lion was actually a heretic and Luther was the loyalist and now modern DAngels are trying to cover that up?

They always seem to make a big deal about the Fallen, which seems stupid since very legion had some sect of traitors, and vice versa with traitor-legion loyalists. Also the Fallen make no sense to me because they seem to act in unison like the Alpha Legion even though some are actually loyal and some are unabashed Chaos worshippers.

I want to get more interested in the DAngels, since I like their secretive angle, their unique gear, and etc. but I really have no fucking clue what they're supposed to be about.

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no one does
it is a mysteryyy

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Would the Black Templars not rage over the creation of primarines that were not designed by the Emperor, himself?


anon you're asking the Iron Hands to be reasonable.

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The galaxy is at greatest war it ever had, if templars have enough time to complain they aren't crusading enough.

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Nah, it's a bit of a meme. Theres a book where a fallen is being questioned and he basically says he is loyal whereas the new Dark Angels weren't anymore. Yet in a horus heresy book that came out a year or so later, that same fallen teamed up traitor space marines and caused a lot of shit. He was obviously lying about a lot and the book is suppose to make you question a lot.

The Fallen seem to be a mix of people completly loyal to the Lion and some that have completly fallen to Chaos. I have no idea how an organisation like this can function. All Dark Angels are obviously loyal to the Lion and the Emperor but they might not be completly loyal to the current modern Imperium, but the same can be said for half the chapters - including Space Wolves.

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Jaghatai has always been boring.


>> No.53259977

Have fun with your crap opinion. I'm gonna enjoy my space Mongols.

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Like the other anon said, it's a big mystery but one of the theories is that the Dark Angels of the present are descended from the marines 'exiled' to Caliban during the Great Crusade. (The Lion would basically send back people who gainsaid him ostensibly to be garrison and train new marines for the Legion.) The marines who joined Luther's rebellion changed their black armour to green, while the Lion's marines kept wearing black.

There's a chance that the Calabanite Dark Angels had a change of heart or realized they were on the losing side of history and turned their cloaks again. Now they're hunting the Fallen who were scattered through time by the Ouroboros, Tuchulcha, and the unnamed third Warp engine out of shame, guilt, and a desire to hide their past treachery from the greater Imperium. At the same time the Fallen are not a monolithic group with aligned goals, some were always loyalist, some are Chaos-tainted, some are just renegade, some have changed their minds in the intervening years, etc.

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Fuck, I can add the far eastern thematics to the similarities of Khan&tau list too. It's pretty obvious at this point.

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last night people talked about the new marines relegating the standard marine to a more guardsman position, with them being looked down upon by the guard for lack of basic skills like filling sandbags, and i quickly wrote this for my mate

The groundskeeper of the imperial barracks had always been big. most tought him a sanctioned mutant, like the ogryn, but less enthusiastic. he never talked, when he was alive. when they found him, wrinkled, old and small in the bed of his hut on the edge of the grounds, they found another thing. only one other thing in the hut. a set of Mark IV 'Heresy' space marine armour, in bright blue heraldry, and pristinely clean. no one could fathom how the groundskeeper had come across such a treasure, but most assumed his simple mind filled it's nights imagining an exciting life as one of the 'space marines' of mankind'

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You are also forgetting in Prince of Crows, it shows Lion eager to get to Earth before Horus which proves Astelan was lying all along.

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The chapters theme is not boring, it's just that nothing interesting is ever done with them.

>> No.53260404

So are they shipping primaris gene-seed out to chapters or are they sending dudes with the gene-seed already implanted to the chapters and indoctrinating them into their chapter culture?

>> No.53260495

the latter

>> No.53260536


Not completely out of keeping I suppose. When they turn over the zygotes of their gene-seed it'll be cycled into the chapters so new generations will be made with them as part of their regular recruiting process. Then again they don't go into detail about the time scale of all of this happening.

>> No.53260590

I can only begin to imagine the sexual tension between the Primaris marines and the 1st Company/Termies

>> No.53260636


>"You may have the fancy new gene-seed but you still have to do the right of passage for our chapter"
>Various lockers close and the 1st company veterans close in around the Primaris Marine towels held in adamantine grips...

>> No.53260645

That depends. We don't know anything yet on the creation process of these new marines.

They are fermenting inside of tube things, so I wonder if they've adopted some of the Blood Angels sarcophagus/coffin thing where they stick a neophyte in it with the genseed and let it just grow. No word yet on messy surgeries and whatnot.

Also, all of the Apothecaries would have to be re-trained from the ground up on the new Primaris marines.

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So Space Marines got cucked out of a job?

>> No.53260674

Will there be Primaris super terminators?

>> No.53260706


Well this also comes with chapter re-organization right? Wasn't the idea to rebuild the chapters to legion strength? So on top of sending out dudes with the new gene-seed would also facilitate re-training and updating of the codex as well. Some chapters will be made of entirely of Primaris so they are ready to go off the bat so maybe these guys will come in and assist the partial and non-codex compliant marines as well.

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Primaris apothecaries will sort that out, you old apothecaries just sit back and relax.

>> No.53260788

And Super dreadnaughts too somehow

>> No.53260975

I think the primaris are created in a similar way to the primarchs. they are probably grown in a lab from day one and were never a normal human.

>> No.53261196

Bet that won't have any nasty psychological side effects or anything.

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>Not Alpha Legion
>But also possibly Alpha Legion

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Blackies would probably accept them as long as they super duper love the Emperor like they do, don't have any psychic shit and probably if they go through whatever bullshit initiation they have.

>> No.53261484

>they haven't been initiated by the trials on Fenris and shit
that... cant be done anyway because Fenris is basically dead now, they are turning their nose at a chance at not going extinct over tradition

>> No.53261544

I'd assumed they were similar to the Raven Guard Talons before the taint, is this the case?

>> No.53261557

To be fair, I really don't think he wrote the Codex expecting to be the only Primarch left standing.

>> No.53261626

>No, we refuse to accept these abominations. Why did you think they would be improved by the addition of MORE flesh?
>These ones come with pre-installed toasters
>We will take 1000

>> No.53261635

The models are A+ and I want them but did they really have to make them super super marines? It's really dumb. They could have just had the plot development that they could make marines much faster and arm them with better tech.

The only way this works out in a way that doesn't impact the setting for the worse is it this because the thirteenth founding 2: electric boogaloo.

>> No.53261684


Someone once said when they saw the map they were picturing a Roman Empire split situation and I'm starting to believe it. Empire A being Gullyman's on the south side of the rift, Empire B being on the opposite side without Primaris. Probably not a literal civil war horus heresy style rebellion but more recalitrants refusing Gullyman's reign and him choosing to let such fairweathered friends fall off the vine rather than focus on them when there is chaos to fight. Given that's within Roboat's tradition of when the going gets tough the robot runs away.


Besides aforementioned mystery I figure Lion and his Dark Angel's sin being they were willing to wait and decide who would win. I don't think there's really any other chapter that pulls that team-stacking angle and it is a pretty major concept to leave blank. You've got a faction that entertained separatism rather than getting involved (ultramarines), hardcore loyalists, hardcore traitors, traitors forced by circumstance (Thousand Sons), so loyalists forced by circumstance or half-hearted loyalists is the missing theme.

>> No.53261798

Blood Angels for sure.

>> No.53261820


I think not. They welcome any geneson of the Angel, especially at a time when they're being overrun in several corners of the galaxy.

>> No.53261903

I keked

>> No.53261942


>> No.53262067


He understood how to maintain control of a world, but he was ultimately disinterested in the concept of enlightenment. People need to distinguish empire from civilization. Empire is territory and government structure. Civilization is collective knowledge, culture, and institutions which form the pillars of a given people.

>> No.53262070

>One of the returning primarchs is Sanguinius (through warpfuckery/science bullshit)
>Sanguinius comes back with the Black Rage permanently affecting him
>Falls to Khorne and becomes a Daemon Primarch endlessly believing he's facing Horus

>> No.53262185

They're not Genesons of the Angel, though. They're Guilliman stock, through and through.

>> No.53262205


Read the Primaris pages again. These marines can be installed with genestock other than Guilliman's.

>> No.53262269

They were made from various Primarchs.

>> No.53262281

>SM community wants tru scale marines for years now
>GW delivers
>SM community is not happy somehow

>> No.53262516



>> No.53262525

Primaris models look fucking gorgeous

>> No.53262590


>The SM community is one person

I never wanted truscale, it's a shitty meme. Everything in the game is the wrong scale anyway. Vehicles are too small, guard are too big.

>> No.53262594


The models are ace, it's just you can't field them as true scale marines without explaining "No, these aren't primarines, my regular marines are just really tall!"

And god help you if you want to run both at once, do you need to make GiantMarines to differentiate, because you're using primarines for your regular marines?

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>> No.53262734

Primaris Marines are agents sent by Guilliman to keep tabs on other chapters and spread ultramarine influence.
Guilliman desires his own empire and his father is in no state to oppose him.
Why is Cawl 10000 years old as a human, has unique regeneration abilities and could create new and better marines with primarch's gene seed in secret? Because he's using necron living metal parts in himself, after all tech priests always had affinity for a certain necron god.
That's the only explanation for his abilities, longevity and even ingame stats.
How can the primaris be created with the right gene seed for every chapter when many chapters have unknown origins or were possible loyalist groups of traitor legions? They simply can't be the right marines. They're all build up from only one gene seed, all Primaris are built in Guilliman's likehood.

Guilliman is a new villain and Cawl is his xenosloving accomplice, calling it now.

>> No.53262777

The models are amazing, the fluff is just retarded. Should have just been a redesign.

>Chapters have a rich and diverse cultures and politics both internal and external
>Have these fucking newbies that aren't a part of any of it
>Is it intentional that Rowbootay is astroturfing every other chapter or is it an unintended side-effect that isn't going to be dealt with?
>Even if it is dealt with he's already succeeded, all that rad diversity is out the window
>Space marines but better!

>> No.53262796

You are supposed to run both at once. Primaris Marines AND regular tiny marines. Yes it is bullshit

>> No.53262832


I am completely fine with the direction of the 'plotline' of 40K right now.

I doubt the Emperor would have let the Gene-seed of the Space Marines stagnate for 10,000 years either. Girlyman did nothing wrong.

>> No.53262835


That's what makes it difficult to just use them as truescale marines. Because if you're using them as truescale marines, what are you going to run for your *actual* primarines, which you're also running?

>> No.53262839

>you can now experience the joy of truescaling primaris marines to fit with to your already enlarged marines

>> No.53262931


Do we actually know that they're bigger than regular marines in the fluff?

>> No.53262935

>that... cant be done anyway because Fenris is basically dead now
Stop spewing fake news, Magnus. Fenris got fucked over but the Wolf Spirit purged its Chaos taint and the civilian population that didn't get culled by Grey Knights is recovering.

>> No.53262959

Girlyman never does anything wrong.

>> No.53262961

In the veeeeeery beginning, their Dark Secret was that they had traitors during the Heresy. That was it.
In the years since then, everyone's gotten traitors, because thirty years of setting bloat will do that, so lots of gymnastics have been necessary to keep the 'terrible mysteriousness' of the dangles a thing.

>> No.53262972

Are all primaris marines the size of an average Primarchs?
I remember the smallest ones Alpharius and Omegon being barely larger than an average marine, while others like the lion should be about one head taller than most marines
That seems to be roughly the same size primaris are going for as well

>> No.53262983

I thought consorting with xenos and openly admiring is considered heresy.

>> No.53262996

We know that almost-destroyed chapters are going to be rebuilt with these; that might be the extent of 'chapter re-organization'. We haven't heard anything one way or the other about Legion-building or codex-changing or any of that stuff.
Though, I personally like the idea of the new materials being integrated smoothly into the existing genetic material, as a metaphor of the slow drift to truescale marines over the next few years.

>> No.53263015

As a beta Raven Guard player, I for one welcome the Ultramarines into my chapter.

Sure, the are not the blood of Corax and have never been or learned the ways of the Legion/Chapter on Deliverance, but the are way bigger and more badass then us. Thank you Master Robute. May you continue to outshine the Emperor with your sexy Xeno-wife.

>> No.53263027

It might also be a bit of a thematic split.
On side A you get your Heroic Crusade against the Dark Forces, with the occasional friendly alliance with Xenos who you hope aren't trying to kill you. (That 'Sigmar-esque' stuff that everyone's afraid of).
But on the other side of the rift, you get good ol-fashioned Grimdark Slugfests, where everyone's killing everyone and every battle is desperate as fuck.

>> No.53263038

You probably kiss your Battle Sister after she's blown a bunch of guys.

>> No.53263048

>adding them to my red scorpions.
why would you play such a mary sue shit chapter?

>> No.53263049

>entertained separatism rather than getting involved (ultramarines)
This is a meme spread by 1d4dditors. Guilliman created Imperium Secundus when he thought Terra was lost. He didn't brave the Ruinstorm after learning the truth like Sanguinius did because it was suicidal. We still don't know how the Angel accomplished it.

That's interesting and grimdark so nuGW would never consider it.

>> No.53263051

Not when the Master of Ultramar (and the shiny new Imperium he always wanted) does it my Xeno friend.

>> No.53263061

Can't wait for the lion to come back and stop him

>> No.53263067

Even GW says exactly that, he was the bureaucrat after all, all the others would have gone off fighting shit until they died for nothing in the long term. Meanwhile, Guiliboy used his ace up his sleeve and suddenly Primarines are everywhere kicking shit.

>> No.53263109

Alpharius and Omegon were a head larger than their terminators (keeping in mind that AL marines are fuckhueg) but they were obviously Primarchlets. Guilliman's new model is the size of a dreadnought.

So no.

>> No.53263119

Well if nothing else maybe this will be a chance to have wolves that actually kinda look like vikings.

They're making them even wolfier aren't they?

>> No.53263128

Doesn't seem like it. Their armor is different but I doubt they'll be physically bigger.

Primarines are perfect for Sons of Antaeus though, since they are mzant to be HUGE marines.

>> No.53263155

>These new warriors are the next step in the evolution of the Emperor’s Angels of Death – genetically altered from their brethren to be bigger, stronger and faster – timely reinforcements to the Imperium’s armies as their enemies close in for the kill.

>> No.53263269

After consorting with xenos and psykers in Cadia I think they'll be first in line to suck Big G's dick for some primaris troops.

Oh man, maybe in edition or three we will finally have just a single power armor codex. But yeah, Cawl is in the prime position for some grade A backstabbing. I mean the plan is 10k years old. There is no way Tzeench wouldn't know about it.

New Guilliman is practically in a ultra-modernized dreadnought.

>> No.53263296

So whose Primaris marines are going to fall to chaos first? Will it be DA or SW?

Which God will claim their souls? Breeding another race of better super soldiers seems like Khornes the winner here.

>> No.53263327

I hope it's ultramarines. Bobby should reap what he has sown.

>> No.53263372

Na I think they'll give it to someone else to force a split among the Imperium. Some chapter will treat the mainres like shit so they'll fall.

>See bobby g's marines are shit
>he's not even our Primarch
>Yeah fuck that guy
Yadda yadda. HH2: Heresy Harder

>> No.53263417

GW will probably shit on the Iron Hands, Raven Guard or one of the neglected Chapters. Then be all like "But you wanted us to include you in the fluff more...here you go now, you are dickbags now."

*Picks ass with The Khan's spear*

>> No.53263440

Raven Guard would actually be interesting with their Primarchs meddling with this all before. Wouldnt be surprised if they reject the Primaris marines outright. Forgot about them Unsurprisingly.

>> No.53263478

I just kind of want them to explode in mutations or die of old age or something. Half as long, twice as bright. It would provide actually interesting interaction between them and their respective chapters and would make them a little more special in the good way rather than just 'my OC marines are like marines but better', perhaps even rare. Humanity pushes it's enemies back but just before they can savoir their victory it starts happening. If it is handled that way it would create some interesting plot dyanmics but I really don't think it is going to go that way. It just kind of makes me happy the FFG are dead so I don't get called a mega-autist for ignoring them.

>> No.53263482

DA's reaction would be interesting to see in fluff, especially now that Guillyboy have some imprisoned fallen. They might view the nu-marines as spies.

>> No.53263513

>Half as long, twice as bright
This. I'm hoping the fluff is good I mean we only got a preview but I am weary. Still as you say there are interesting places it could go.

Yeah I dont see any of the Legions reacting well to the Primaris Marines.
>You did what with our Primarchs gene-seed?

>> No.53263540

>>You did what with our Primarchs gene-seed?

Made it better Manlet. Now get in line, Warmaster Guilliman commands it.

>> No.53263589

Fucking idiots, read the faq. Primaris Marines in Imperial fists? IMPERIAL FIST GENESEED. Primaris Marines in Space Wolfs? Space Wolf geneseed.

>> No.53263642

>look at me, I'm the blood angel now

>> No.53263696

>new faction: Renegade marines!
Tired of being replaced by henchmen of Guilliman, most of the remaining chapters of space marines have taken up arms against holy Tera!

>> No.53263776

Alpharius and Omegon were barely taller than regular Alpha Legion, but Alpha Legion regulars are larger than normal anyway.

>> No.53263828

it was less the case of "not seen coming" and more of "been in denial it would be" Gillisuit

>> No.53263855

I hope we get complete or upgrade kits for other chapters.

I, for one, welcome our new yuge overlords.

>> No.53263864

This would actually be a good use of the Rift. It would please the group that wants Grimdark and please the group that wants Nobledark. Currently there's a split in the fanbase over it.

>> No.53263870

>not inspired by the best mark, mkIII
real bummer, best armor hands down

>> No.53263877

>not the salamanders
Anon, I...

>> No.53263891

Yeah it looks good but isnt MKIII basically shit inverse tho?

>> No.53263932

MKIII is specialized. It's super heavily armored on the front, but more vulnerable in the back and is really heavy. Like, too heavy to use jump packs properly heavy. It's more a variant of the MKII designed specifically for boarding actions and confined spaces, probably before they really had terminators for that.

It's still quite serviceable in that role, and outside of that role it's still power armor.

>> No.53263951

So can existing Marines be upgraded with the Primaris juice?

Also have there been any interesting interactions between Marneus and Roboute?

>> No.53263978

No just sucking blue dick.

Yes other marines get Super-Marines too. After they Praise Lord Gorillaman, and fondle him.

What a time to be alive.

>> No.53263980

>not inspired by the best mark, mkIII

But it is. If you look at the leg armour, it's got solid plates on the front and segmented plates on the back. And the knee pads are very similar to the ones on the GW Master of the Chapter in MkIII armour. The suit is based on 30k era suits as per the fluff.

>> No.53263993

Anyone else getting a huge Titans from Zeta Gundam vibe from these Primaris marines ?

-- starts out as a spec ops division of the earth's government military, ends up going rogue becoming just as evil as the enemy it swore to defend against .....

>> No.53264004

it's weaker on the back than it is on the front, but it's still at least as strong at the back as Mk2 or 4 armor.

>> No.53264017

the Lion Awakens

>> No.53264033

I think their gene-seeds are enhanced, which would mean you can't just pour Jesus Juice into Marines and make them Super Marine Bros, but you can have juiced up gene-seeds for other chapters, which would make their own Super Marines.

>> No.53264034

but there's enough Daemon Primarchs around as is.

>> No.53264067

I hate to be that guy but could someone fill me in on what's going on? From what I gather is that

>Papasmurf had superduper marines that were in hiding for 10k years on Mars
>Now that Papasmurf is back, his superduper marines had their on switches turned on
>Now these superduper marines stick their noses in chapters that should tell them to fuck off like the Space Wolves

Did I get everything?

>> No.53264089

I keep seeing a lot of people thinking in this direction.
What in the last five - heck, ten - years of GW storytelling leads anyone to believe that they'd do anything even remotely like this?

>> No.53264092

>Falling to Khorne.

I would toss all my BA models into a fire. It would be the biggest slap in the face to ever Blood Angel player ever.

>Blood Angels, after years and years of you players begging for Sanguins to return... He's back!

>...As a Daemon Primarch! Now $99.99!

>> No.53264094

Don't jack the lingo B

>> No.53264107

Is GW aware that no one will ever buy normale Marine models ever again? Why would you buy little marinelets when you can get SUPER MALE VITALITY Marines instead?

Jesus, the only Marines worth buying now are the FW models.

>> No.53264156



>> No.53264171

>"They're stronger, tougher, faster."
>"Are they invincible?"
>"... Get the coffins."

>> No.53264183

i mean cyper helped Guilliman get back to terra, that at least shows not all the fallen are heretics

>> No.53264185


>> No.53264195

That's the point. Marinelets are outdated, buy new bigmarines go- good fellow.

>> No.53264209

I understood like 1/4 of your post

>> No.53264213

Basically, although we don't know how long they've been on ice. Cawl might have just finished them.

>chapters that should tell them to fuck off like the Space Wolves
They're still made with the respective chapter's appropriate geneseed and even the Space Wolves revere Guilliman as basically a living god. The Primarchs are legendary beings, even more so in M41.(M42?)

>> No.53264217

>Is GW aware that no one will ever buy normale Marine models ever again?
That's exactly what they're going for, normal marines are being replaced.

>> No.53264234

They cost more and you can field less

>> No.53264242

>On side A you get your Heroic Crusade against the Dark Forces, with the occasional friendly alliance with Xenos who you hope aren't trying to kill you. (That 'Sigmar-esque' stuff that everyone's afraid of).
>But on the other side of the rift, you get good ol-fashioned Grimdark Slugfests, where everyone's killing everyone and every battle is desperate as fuck.
This would have been a good idea IMO and I'm glad someone else thought that way.

>> No.53264243

>are you badass enough to take down your own primarch?
Bangels have always been borderline khornates anyway with things like fleshtearers being even worse.

>> No.53264255

So as I understand it Primaris Marines were created because normal marines arent as powerful as chaos powered marines right? Well what are they expecting to happen when Primaris Marines fall to chaos? Doesnt this seem more then short sighted but actually retarded?

>> No.53264256

Would eldars consort with some dude tainted by both necron and chaos influence ?

>> No.53264268

They'll make bigger and stronger marines than primaris to counter chaos primaris.

>> No.53264272

Yah, given that this is hardly the first time that SM models have been overhauled, I'm still not sure why it needed to be represented in the fluff (or crunch, for that matter). But that's not a complaint, just a nitpick.

>> No.53264277

Make new more biggererer ones in 10 years.

>> No.53264280

What a fucking baby you are. The Blood Angels almost fell to Khorne during the Heresy and they've had the Red Thirst since forever. It would be totally appropriate and tragic.
>The Sanguinor represents the physical manifestation of the Blood Angel's hope
>Daemon Sanguinius represents the physical manifestation of the Blood Angel's rage
>they meet on the battlefield in an apocalyptic duel
It would be absolutely rad. I'm ashamed to name you as a fellow brother of Baal.

>> No.53264287

I hate to be that guy what happens when the Primaris Marines get CHAOS'D and become traitors?

I mean I know they're super space marines but it sounds nothing like the trials to become a Grey Knight.

>> No.53264297

>implying yncarne isn't just a Slaanesh ruse

>> No.53264305

Dickhead Meros died so that could not happen

>> No.53264312

I'm really hyped for the new death guard stuff but the rumored leaked pictures of deamon prince morty looked terrible and not in the good way
just gonna hope those were fake

>> No.53264326

just to clarify for the down syndrome retards itt. numarines have the geneseed of their chapters, numarine space wolves will still wolf with their wolfness and wolfswords while wolfing while they wolf

>> No.53264329


>> No.53264331

>Space marines are better humans
>Primaris marines are better marines
>Grey Knights are better marines
>Custodes are better marines
They really should have gone in a different direction.

>> No.53264357

marines really aren't anything special anymore

>"A-are those the rumored angels of the emperor? To think we'd see them on a battlefield like this"
>"Nah those are just marines, the Primaris are busy winning some more important wars"

>> No.53264363

That's true brother space marine but what about this particular fellow?

>> No.53264373

You know the fluff doesn't write itself huh ? you can be 200% sure none of them will fall to chaos.

>> No.53264375

They should have just released new models but with the armour/weapons being better. Say that the mechanicus cant out fit everyone yet. Fuck this is retarded lol.

Instead Marines players just got invalidated by a new marine army.

>> No.53264378

Except game play wise it would be such a fucking bummer. Our fucking Prhimarch as a fucking Chaos model? Get fucked I want Sangunius in all his glory leading his sons in one massive charge.

The Sanguinor represents hope, yes but we already have fucking Mephiston doing the rage side of things. Oh, and your idea for a bad ass duel between the Sanguinor vs Sanguinius goes right in the trash as soon as you consider just how trash the Sanguinor is game wise.

Cool story? Yes.

Do I want this to be this way game wise? Fuck no.

>> No.53264387

Custodes aren't marines. They're another thing entirely.

>doubting leaks in 2017
It's real. Compare the leaked Mort's scythe to the tease at the end of the Death Guard trailer. Don't complain yet, you've only seen an ultrablurry WIP.

>> No.53264417

that's just in line with people who wanted Marines to be more representative of their Fluff though.

>> No.53264420

I am really dissapointed in GW's direction of thinking. If you want to make marines look cool, you should give more focus to Imperial Guard, Arbites, Rogue traders only to show how absolutely beaslty Marines are in comparisson. When you focus on marines all the time they start to look bland, and people start saying shit like "he is just a basic terminator, nothing special about him".

Making Bigger Better Marines looks like a child's thing. You know, when kids are boasting over something and just keep comming up with shit to make it look even cooler until it becomes ridiculous? Yeah, same thing here.

>> No.53264441

>We still don't know how the Angel accomplished it.

Sheer stubbornness. He was literally too stubborn to not go even when he knew it was suicidal, and sheer force of will and luck pulled him through.

>> No.53264477


>> No.53264482

>Get fucked I want Sangunius in all his glory leading his sons in one massive charge.
Sanguinius should never come back as himself in full glory. It would undercut his death and sacrifice,

>you consider just how trash the Sanguinor is game wise.
Have him grow more powerful during the Baal event that's coming up and give him an awesome new plastic model with updated 8e rules. Boom. For all intents and purposes he would be our Primarch gameplay wise.

>> No.53264499

>Custodes aren't marines. They're another thing entirely.
Not that anon but I can confirm, when I was first reading about the custards I just mentally classified them as royal guard level space marines.

>> No.53264510

What's interesting is that, since they are made with appropriate Primarch geneseed, that means Guilliman managed to create Space Wolves without using Fenrisians.

Would be fun, purely for fluff reasons, to run a army with Primaris being closely monitored by the existing Space Wolves. Such that they could be put down fast in case of uncontrollable behaviour. Would be in line with their fluff too.

Same with Blood Angels. Astorath has his work cut out for him

>> No.53264524

>Custodes aren't marines.
Looks like a Marine, quacks like a Marine, it's a fucking Marine.

>> No.53264532

Fucking this, GW is doing this in such a hamfisted and retarded way with their "muh primairs".

Stupid fucks, you should have just made them instant marines or something, restoration of implementation procedure and good stuff from Mars itself. Why the fuck they decided with bigger, faster & stronger is beyond me.

>> No.53264535

I only want Sangunius back so I can paint him. But I agree it's best he remains dead. But with 8th I really hope the Sanguinor receives a massive buff (and new model) What we had in 7th was lacking big time.

Also want Mephiston to get an Invuln save, or at least FNP.

>> No.53264570

Hell they could have just had it be a new type of armour with some new guns and nothing else. That way they could still make updated versions of their classic characters and people wouldn't feel like "their dudes" are being replaced, just getting shiny new toys

>> No.53264575

>I only want Sangunius back so I can paint him
You're in luck then. Forge World will eventually release him.

>> No.53264582

>I only want Sangunius back so I can paint him.
Just buy the Forgeworlds version we're inevitably getting.

>> No.53264592

Wonderful. I hope the model is glorious.

>> No.53264616

100% agree

The models look great, but the fulff is fucking atrocious. Perhaps it's autistic to nerdrage about this, but I hope once the fluff settles as to what a "primaris marine" is it just turns out to be a better procedure and that they aren't really that much bigger; the rules they gave out doesn't seem to agree with that though.

>> No.53264622

>Some primaris have very heavy quirks and traits of their geneseeds

What the hell did they mean by this? Are the primaris of chapters going to have very strong mutations like sanguinius and his ruddy angel wings? Or space wolves having even HEAVIER werewolf tendencies??
What other chapters could have traits like that?
INFACT, where exactly did he get the geneseeds? Surely he cant have geneseeds of fallen chapters.

>> No.53264642

They don't have a choice. The Fenris system burns they have nobody left, and they've been trying to get rid of the Wulfen. Well here's the perfect solution.

>> No.53264644

Corax's geneseed doesn't have any inherent shark traits you nonce.

>> No.53264653


Why do you lie? Did you even read Wrath of Magnus?

>> No.53264666

We'll make some, animal splicing for errybody!

>> No.53264668

Meanwhile in GW headquarters
>So Phil people have been complaining about the Wolf overload in the Space wolves codex. Thoughts?
>Well weve got new marines coming out right?
>Yes. Got any ideas
>More Wolves
>Wait no phi-
>But they'll be bigger with less amour on
>No plea-
>And they'll ride wolves and but they'll be bigger wolves too!

Cant wait.

>> No.53264674

>Surely he cant have geneseeds of fallen chapters
Isn't there huge vaults of geneseed from every chapter on mars?

>> No.53264676

Every Chapter has sent its geneseed to Mars as part of the tithe. You really think the Mechanicus hasn't been experimenting with all the Geneseed they've collected to create the Primaris Marines?

>> No.53264684

>Primaris Marines to revive decimated chapters
>Lamenters get a second chance

Praise Guilliman just for this.

>> No.53264695

Nigga the imperium is getting bent over a barrel

The fact that they even lasted this long with the shit they have is funny

The imperium needs new toys to keep up and Space Marines could always be better

>> No.53264708

>tfw faction can't get fucked anymore and watching Spaceboys get absolutely fucked

>> No.53264730

Yeah but of em were literally lost, like the fire hawks.

Thats a point, will we be seeing more legion of the damned now Ol Gil is back i wonder.

>> No.53264755

Nigga, let me clarify. Sure the imperium is fucked, new warp rift and all, but this right here is some lazy righting with Guilliman all of a sudden pulling 2.0 Marines out of his ass. Why the fuck didn’t the emps made them like this in the first place? Like I said previously, they should have made them instant growth marines (like when the Legions found their primarch and boomed in numbers due to the stabilization and what not involved). Making 2.0 marines and coupling them with new rules that make them better is shitty writing and an obvious business move at play (and I can imagine the 30k crowd to be a bit pissed about it).

I’m a grown ass man talking about how I don’t like the justification for a new type miniature in a fictional setting on a mandarin basket weaving board, so take that as you will. And I ain’t black either, nigga.

>> No.53264758

yeah they don't consume the tithes except to start new chapters which is very very rare so they should have a massive stockpile

>> No.53264782

But won't they just be a chapter composed of Girlymans gene-seed?

>> No.53264800

Numarines can be made from any geneseed, including that which the Lamenters would have previously tithed.

>> No.53264803

According to the article, they are made from the geneseed of the appropriate Primarch.

>> No.53264826

The Mechanicus has had 10,000 years to create this. Thanks to the geneseed tithe they have plenty to work with. If anything it wouldn't have taken this long just to make superior space marines.

>> No.53264856

>And entire squad comprised of flamer marines as strong, tall and friendly as vulkan

>> No.53264895

>Why the fuck didn’t the emps made them like this in the first place?
Solely because he didn't want to. It's been established that he had the ability to make super marines all along. He gave the secret to Corax but the Alpha Legion sabotaged and stole it before he could make more than a handful.

The Space Marines conquered the galaxy during the Great Crusade just fine. There was no need to make them stronger. and it would have made them harder to dispose with after their job was done, like he did with the Thunder Warriors

>> No.53264899

Whatever works.
I still think it'd be neat if Leman came out of the eye of terror as a daemon lord of the emperor. A LITERAL lapdog of emps.

>> No.53264908

Because the emperor was dying/fighting/too busy unclogging his toilet/too busy making a webway to?

Who's to say he didn't have a plan to do it? Who's to say that he always thought hed be finished and not need better marines?

Nigga as a literal nigga I can call you my nigga you don't have to be black

>> No.53264924

Please don't use the "N word"
It's hurtful and racism is against the site rules except in /b/

>> No.53264944

orly and how do you plan on enforcing this rule anon?

>> No.53264946


Matt Ward now stands for "Bad Games Workshop Decisions"
I get it.

>> No.53264948 [DELETED] 


>> No.53264973 [DELETED] 


Shut the fuck up nigger, where the fuck do you think you are?

>> No.53264985

I would love it if GW pulls a fast one and eventually has the numarines start rapidly mutating or failing because of some flaw that was not caught. Turns out the emperor figured it out and the regular Marines are actually the final, stable version.

Would be nice to see the emperor being shown as competent for a change.

>> No.53264995


>> No.53265020

All numarines are born with a terminal and incurable lisp.

>> No.53265026

Too late for that. If the Emperor was competent we wouldn't have the hellhole of 40k.

>> No.53265030

Way too much 'bad things happen' for modern GW.
And yeah, way too much 'treating anyone from the HH-era other than Rowboat as a non-moron' for modern GW as well.
Most importantly, it's counterproductive to the actual plan of having the truescale marines eventually replace the older models.
(Of course, the argument can be made that declaring the truescale marines to just be a new Special Forces unit was equally counterproductive...)

>> No.53265057 [DELETED] 

Shut up bitch coon nugger-jew.

>> No.53265061

Nope Guilly is better than dad at everything. If it was "stupid grimderp for sake of grimderp" 4th or 5th edition then it would be true but times has changed.

>> No.53265067

He has geneseed available of at least Iron Warriors (Silver Skulls) and Thousand Sons (Blood Ravens). Former might not have any really defining traits besides autism, but I guess Primaris Blood Ravens are going to always keep their helm on to hide their bright red skin?

>> No.53265070

first week in 4chan eh? You don' have to be a memetard to fit in you know.

>> No.53265094

Only magnus have red skin. His legion looked normal.

>> No.53265106

Yeah, but didn't the Primaris article said that they'd have a strongler resemblance to their Primarch? Not counting whether Magnus was born with one eye at the center, blind in one eye or with one eye missing, what makes him more noticeable is his red skin.

>> No.53265114

No, just improved geneseeds. And the red skin of magnus along with his missing eye is due to warp fuckery.

>> No.53265128

Yes, because 'The Carebears learn another important lesson about friendship' is much better.

>> No.53265135

So, any word on New-Old Termie Armor?

>> No.53265144

>This will never not get a million replies


Like I said, grown ass man on a Sri-Lankan Flower collection form, etc, etc. I just think its hamfisted, not better marines, just more of them would have been cool. Remember the legions and how they kicked people shit in, with the return of the Empire builder and bureaucrat I'd just expect them to go half way there and start pumping out chapters and banding them into pseudo-legions to fuck shit up.

>> No.53265147

We have to wait for GW to release new info about the Dreadnought and the new Chaos Space Marine models.

>> No.53265162

>he had the ability to make super marines all along
with perpetuals, this is the stupidest retcon they added in with the 30k novels

I would have preferred it buried forever, rather than dragged into 40k front and center.

>> No.53265231

>Don't need to get the consent
of all the things the Imperium struck me as, it never struck me as a Democracy. Militarily, all Chapter Masters are outranked by Roboute, and with him as the person who created the rules and regulations of the Chapters, he is the one who can change and lift these restrictions if necessary.

On that note, is there any news if Roboute lifted the limitations on Fleet and Chapter sizes? I'd love to see a return of unrestricted Naval Chapters, integration of Marine Units with Naval Forces and so on.

>> No.53265235

THIS. Its the most fucking idiotic stuff off all this. Cawl, being a master genetor / armorer / relichunter / fuking EVERYTHING basically one-upped the EMPEROR.

Yes, he had 10k years to do so but why it needs to be just ONE FUCKING TECHPRIEST? (answer: gotta sell the model, no no-model characters can ever be important anymore after Chapterhouse)

>> No.53265245

Not yet we have to wait for more info or the books when they release. Logically he would lift the limits since everyone is invading the Imperium right now. The Primaris Marines use 30k tactics and organization, so I would presume he would move towards Legion strength.

>> No.53265256

Indeed, people aren't stupid they see these new models are going to replace the old ones. And since they're now separate entities in lore it makes that even worse since now the army you've grown to know and love over your years of collecting has been replaced in universe by Bobby G's boys.

If the NuMarines had just been a new type of armour with better equipment we wouldn't be having this problem, since "your dudes" could just be hooked up with new suits and it'd be business as usual.

>> No.53265268

Thats the one thing i like about Roboutte, he's J.K.Rowling in Harry Potter land, whats legal and canon is so because he says so!

>> No.53265285 [DELETED] 


Nigger bitchfaggot

>> No.53265310

01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01110011 01100101 01100101 01101101 00100000 01110101 01110000 01110011 01100101 01110100 00101110 00100000 01000010 01110010 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01100110 01100110 01100101 01100101 00100000 01101001 01101110 01110011 01110100 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100011 01110010 01111001 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100100 01100001 01101101 01101110 00100000 01101101 01100101 01100001 01110100 01100010 01100001 01100111 00101110 00100000 01001101 01100001 01100011 01100011 01101000 01101001 01100001 01110100 01101111 00101100 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101100 01101111 01110100 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100111 01100001 01110010 00101110 00100000 01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00101110

>> No.53265317

>using Cawl pattern
>when based Umbra, Phobos and Tigrus Pattern exist
top heresy

>> No.53265320

Why nu-GW is not giving us any kind of timescales for events? Previously everything had a date and such and one could wonderfully see stuff happening. Now it is only vague mentions of "months" or so.

Where is the timeline? Without any kind of knowledge of the time, everything begins to even more feel like lazy asspulls. And it would not be even that difficult dammit

>> No.53265326

It helps when youre a cyborg whose lived for 10k years. Plus how do you know he hasn't had any help from the rest of the Mechanicus? Making supersoldiers isn't that hard for other universes now is it? The Old Age of Strife Humanity could probably do it easily.

>> No.53265330

What did it retcon and why is it dumb? The Astartes were strong enough for their designated purpose (conquer the galaxy) If they were stronger they'd be harder to manage. Look what happened when regular Astartes turned rogue. Why would he want to risk that with even tougher marines?

>> No.53265347

Cawl pattern boltrifles actually make the boltgun look slightly more realistic for once.

>> No.53265352

Marines weren't even supposed to be able to go rogue, but some were faulty.

>> No.53265362

>fuking EVERYTHING basically one-upped the EMPEROR.
You fucking retard. IT'S CANON THAT THE EMPEROR COULD HAVE MADE HIS MARINES STRONGER. Nobody is one-upping him. Read the fluff before you autistically screech.

>> No.53265364

It even has bolt handle aligned with barrel.

>> No.53265365

To be fair, it took him 10k years to improve on the design. Its not done from scratch.

Armour design has changed, so that's not a problem in and of itself.

As for geneseed, the only thing he appears to have done was make the process more stable while being faster. Which Corax did as well, before the Alpha Legion fucked with his work. There is precedent there, though Corax got the notes on the process straight from the Emperor.

>> No.53265388


>> No.53265398

too soon

>> No.53265405

>What did it retcon and why is it dumb?
Went from a "formula/technique that has a ton of inherent risks but makes regular space marines extremely fast" to "magical extra super duper marine formula with no risks at all"

>His Legion shattered, Corax returned to Deliverance with Orders to rebuild it as quickly as possible. It was a bleak time for the Primarch of the Raven Guard; the Imperium was teetering on the brink of collapse and desperately needed brave warriors, but he had none to give. A desperate situation called for desperate measures and Corax locked himself within the shadowed Chambers of the Ravenspire's Librarius to pour over volumes of forgotten lore in search of a solution. His researches led him back to the earliest days of genetic manipulation, when accelerated zygote harvesting techniques were used to create the first enhanced warriors with which the Emperor had long ago pacified Holy Terra. Corax realised that this process could be modified to produce full-grown Space Marines at a frightening rate. But the ancient tomes also warned of the terrible dangers involved and the unspeakable monsters that could result and, though he knew he risked destroying his Legion, he reluctantly ordered the Apothecaries to begin the process.

Deliverance lost was fucking terrible. They just had to bring in power level shit.

>> No.53265439

01010111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101101 01100101 01100001 01101110 00101100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110011 01100011 01101111 01110000 01100101 01110011 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100010 01110100 01110101 01110010 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100010 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101001 01100111 01101000 01110100 01110011 00100000 00111111 00100000 01001100 01101111 01101111 01101011 00101100 00100000 01001001 00100111 01101101 00100000 01101110 01101111 00100000 01100111 01110101 01101110 01101101 01100001 01101110 00101100 00100000 01100010 01110101 01110100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01100111 01110101 01100001 01110010 01100001 01101110 01110100 01100101 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01000011 01000001 01010111 01001100 00100000 01100010 01101111 01101100 01110100 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100110 01110101 01101110 01100011 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 01100001 01101100 00101110 00100000 01010011 01101111 00101110 00101110 00101110 00100000 01110000 01101100 01100101 01100001 01110011 01100101 00101100 00100000 01101010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100100 01100101 01100001 01101100 00100000 01110111 01101001 01110100 01101000 00100000 01101001 01110100 00101110

>> No.53265467

>implying based Tigrus isn't the perfect harmony of firepower, functionality and a compact design, making it ideal for close quarter and shock troops

My Chapter is primarily focused on Void Combat, so they exclusively use the Tigrus pattern, while my Termies use the twin linked variant.

>> No.53265477


>> No.53265485

>Many Chapter Masters have welcomed their Primaris brethren into their ranks, accepting the new reinforcements gladly. Others, though, view these new creations with suspicion or outright hostility, claiming that the Emperor’s work should not have been meddled with.

Atleast we have that.

>> No.53265488

>wanting retard rails on boltguns

>> No.53265494

So what you're saying is you would like rails added to these pattern of boltguns so they can have extra lasers, flashlights, scopes, and other optics?

>> No.53265497

Now they can attach lasguns for sights.

>> No.53265507

Now imagine a lasgun with modern rails. It can have flashlights and laser attachments to become... Triple linked!

>> No.53265511

don't need rails. Don't need lasers or flashlights either.

>> No.53265535

>use puny .60 and .70 caliber guns
>when a long range, better penetration gun can be had

Marinefags can't deal with facts.

>.60 caliber

Anything less than .75 is caliblet tier.

>> No.53265570

>board enemy vessel
>can't stand upright because you're half a foot taller than the roof
>can't turn around becauce your bolter is too long
>weapon is too unwieldy to be issued to regular Imperial Infantry
*crying Munitorum Adepts*

>> No.53265608

I know this is 40k, where measurements are made up and physics don't matter, but high caliber projectiles tend to penetrate less than smaller caliber projectiles traveling at the same velocity.

>> No.53265612

Clearly he is an accomplished genius. Those do exist in real life and they are rare.

>> No.53265617

Jesus crisis

>> No.53265619


An excuse to start white scars? Yes please.

>> No.53265676

Ok ok
Spoon feed me on some fluff here
Are these new marines going to be ultra only and all chapters will have these new ultras constantly interrupting them about how the codex astartes says so and so?

>> No.53265679

What happens when citizens who've never seen any Space Marines encounter Primaris Marines first, and they meet Marinelets later?

>> No.53265697

They laugh and belittle them.

>> No.53265700

Read the articles

>> No.53265709

What he said

And perhaps most excitingly, Guilliman has founded some entirely new Chapters out of these new Space Marines.

>> No.53265716

He could have made an army of Custodes too.

He didn't because time versus effectiveness. Space Marines did what they needed to do, he didn't NEED to go Primaris, so he didn't waste the time. He handed it over to Corax because Corax had the time and NEED.

>> No.53265723

So when will Girlyman make a "Let the galaxy burn... again" speech?

>> No.53265726

>small things

Pick one.

>.22 penetrates more than a .50
>75mm penetrates more than a 120mm

>> No.53265733

No, our Lord and Liege Ultraman will make them integrate into other Chapters.
Because it makes sense that a tight-knit group of warriors, most of whom have known each other for centuries or millennia, just accepting some new guys who can't even blend in in terms of looks.

>> No.53265739

Yeah well a 75mm wont be penetrating armor if its angled or made with the right materials!!

>> No.53265740

Will Minotaurs get primaris marines?

How will they respond to being sent on Minotaur missions?

>> No.53265745

these new guys can kick serious ass

let them into your club, make them feel like they belong, marry them if you have to, just let them fight

>> No.53265746


I have an <insert favourite Chapter> army. Can I field Primaris Space Marines?

Any of the galaxy’s many hundreds of Codex Chapters can use Primaris Space Marines, along with many of the less Codex-compliant ones like Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Space Wolves.

>> No.53265747

Just like legions did when they encountered recruits from primarch's world.

>> No.53265748

>Minotaur missions
you do realize guilliman's technically one of the high lords again, right

>> No.53265749

Never, because that would mean the end of main GW approved faction. Imperium is barely holding as it is, Rift splitting it in half, and now a civil war? That would be a colossal end.

>> No.53265756

Space Marines take in new recruits all the time. The Primaris even have their geneseed.

The number of space marines that old can be counted on one hand if you exclude dreadnoughts.

>> No.53265788

Give it more velocity.

>> No.53265789

>Regular marines hear this
>They spend the rest of the crusade in a slump
>They see some sororitas and start to feel better
>Sororitas point at Marinelets and laugh

>> No.53265793


Many Chapter Masters have welcomed their Primaris brethren into their ranks, accepting the new reinforcements gladly. Others, though, view these new creations with suspicion or outright hostility, claiming that the Emperor’s work should not have been meddled with.

Every Chapter is different. Personally I look forward to using Primaris Marines alongside my Stormtroopers.

>> No.53265795

>instead of forcing everyone to adopt the primaris Mars provide the updated procedure of marine creation to whoever desires.
>every chapter sooner or later accept such procedures and stops producing regular marines, since the new one are like the old ones, just a bit better
>it still uses regular geneseed
>it's called the 24th founding, since new chapters are created as well
Was it so hard?

>> No.53265799

Coming from a Primarch's world is a bonus though. This is seen as such even IRL among cultures that place importance on hometowns and shit.

Yes, but new recruits have no distinguishing characteristics. They're also new.
These guys start at level 100 right off the bat and make everyone, Chapter command included, look like babies. They also can't fit inside vehicles.
>nitpicks about millennia
Doesn't invalidate anything about what I've said even if your point was valid.

>> No.53265804

>Chaos is destroyed in months by the new chad marines
>all space marines given life time passes to Emperor world parks
>Marinelets find they are only tall enough for the tea cup rides

>> No.53265815

>Many Chapter Masters have welcomed their Primaris brethren into their ranks, accepting the new reinforcements gladly. Others, though, view these new creations with suspicion or outright hostility, claiming that the Emperor’s work should not have been meddled with.
40k sure is a place of intolerance and close-minded bigotry.

>> No.53265823

Compared to the standard men and women in flak jackets and armed with an autogun or lasgun they are special.

>> No.53265826

oh boy
ooh boy
summer comes sooner every year

>> No.53265849

The BA are going to terra? Does that mean Dante's death vision will come true and he'll die defending the throne?

>> No.53265855


>> No.53265863

So basically Primaris will be the new "warrior lodges" that will ruin all spess marine chapters from the inside?

>> No.53265866

last I read a Tyranid Hive Fleet and Chaos Daemons are inbound for Baal. It's going to be a juicy warzone soon

>> No.53265870

That's how it would realistically work, but it won't. They will all get along like good boys.

>> No.53265875

A son of the Emperor told them theyre having them. Thtas like jesus telling the pope he has to do something. "No" just isnt on the cards.

>> No.53265883

>Primaris Marines eradicate Chaos in mere months
>Orks and Tau are killed off on the following Saturday
>Guilliman tells the Tyranids they have to go back to their own Galaxy
>Marinelets are unemployed because the Primarines have taken their jobs
>Marinelets are handed down through the services, ending up as auxilia for the Adeptus Arbites, though only being second rate Ogryn Standins
Is this the future Horus saw and feared?

>> No.53265884

Its just an inbuilt excuse to not field them, field only them, and field them alongside others.

But you knew that so (you)

>> No.53265890

>Primaris joins a chapter and starts warrior lodges and much like the HH version, this is a place where marines can take off their helmets and talk to each other freely regardless of rank.
>Obviously the club is 99% primaris at the beginning
>Officer joins because cool
>Nonstop jabs about his height

>> No.53265895

My Chapter Master is a Terran Puritanian, who's been in Stasis ever since Guilliman has been, only to be woken at times of greatest need.

He doesn't like those new marines either.

>> No.53265898

>Regular Marines lose their jobs.
>Stuck behind Grail Knights at the unemployment office.

>> No.53265903

>The war is over
>Captain Sandalphon of the Blood angels gets transferred
>The Bullgryn is still in charge

>> No.53265914

>mfw Horus was right

>> No.53265915

Who needs the marinelets when we have the real men in the Imperial Guard.

>> No.53265925

They'll be wulfenmarines friendo. 75% certain on that,

>> No.53265935

>Marinelets adjust to their new status quo
>Even imperial guard address them as "Hey you!"
>Meanwhile Primaris are still referred to as "My lord"

>> No.53265936

>He instead becomes a secretary/ Recaff server
>His armor is covered in participation awards and golden stars for trying awards
>Isn't allowed a break to visit his old chapter's parade, all filled with Primaris marines, celebrating the anniversary of universal peace
>Even the cats he once cared for have left him for the superior heating systems of the mark 10 armor

>> No.53265942

>Even imperial guard address them as "Hey you"
>Not calling them "Smaller marines!"

>> No.53265947

The Marinelets will have to compete with the Stormtroopers over whose the toy soldier now.

>> No.53265970

>"Hey Sarge, who's that new guy?"
>"No idea, some kind of Ex-Navy I think, he's been transferred after his Department's been canned."
>""Excuse me Borther Seargent, but I am a Former Member of the Adeptus Astartes, I protected the Imperium for 400-"
>"Hold it there Sunshine, you mean Astartes as in Space Marine? Also, I'm not your brother, Rookie."
>"Apologies Seargent, and that is correct I am a- was a Space Marine."
>"I thought those guys are a lot taller."
>"... they are now."

>> No.53265974

Wrong. Theyre the first incarnation of gene modded warriors. Also the best. Thats canon my man.
Everything after was production line shit instead of a tidy custom job.

>> No.53265983

Arn't you a little short for a Space Marine?

>> No.53265994

As much as I found this hilarious, this actually gave me feels.

>> No.53265995

They could be an amorphous mass of kittens inside that armour for all I care, they look like marines, they act like marines so they might as well be Marines.

>> No.53266008

I love BA but at least something is happening. Bet the Silent King saves the day for his bumboys.

>> No.53266011

This I think is one of the worst parts about the NuMarines, they've done nothing of substance to earn our love and admiration, GW just expects us to like them because they're new and shiny.
Meanwhile they're pushing out the guys we actually care about making them seem even more antagonistic and making the old guys even more sympathetic.

>> No.53266013


This just gave me an idea. Wouldn't Marinelets make excellent farmers?

>> No.53266015


>> No.53266017

can they see over the wheel of a tractor?

>> No.53266021

then orks are just marines without armour

>> No.53266033

>This I think is one of the worst parts about the NuMarines, they've done nothing of substance to earn our love and admiration
Jesus Christ they've had no fluff written about them yet. They haven't even been released. They will do cool shit.

>> No.53266038

Well their weapons are outdated now, I'm sure a chainsword would till the dirt just fine.

>> No.53266042

What if new marines are literally retarded? Like handsome Ogryns.

>> No.53266046

The armour makes the marine, besides Orks don't act or look like marines even without the armour.

>> No.53266056

but the new and better marines could make use of their Chainswords. For cutting open congratulatory letters and stuff.

>> No.53266058


First and obvious, Black Templars

>> No.53266061

Anything they do will inevitably seem forced and hamfisted because they haven't been around for over 3 decades in real life.

>> No.53266071

>Old marines Scurrying about trying not to get stepped on by their bigger, newer brothers

>> No.53266075

Arn't most of them dead now? Why wouldn't they accept?

>> No.53266091

I think we all agree it'd be better if it simply was new armor type, maybe additional operation marine goes through to become "NuMarine". Then you could easily have Your Dudes hop into new models and still feel like Your Dudes.

Instead we have New Trumps Old, which is just heartbreaking.

>> No.53266105

>Ultras have to deal with Ork threat
>"Fear not brothers, I have slain many Orks in the pervious crusade. I will enjoy killing many more-"
>"Hold it Brother Marcus, you know the new structure"
>"Off you go brother, be like the bolter, with many parts working in unison to achieve the common goal"
>Brother Marcus is sent on gretchin slaying duty while the primaris do all the real work

>> No.53266137

>"Don't despair Brother Marcus, you are forgetting a very important face
>"And what's that?"
>"Gretchins are orks, even if they're small"
>"W...what are you saying, please don't tell me you're"
>"Just like you're a space marine, even thought you're small"
>*Ultra sobbing*
>"And of course one shouldn't use weapons on things they are simply not made to fight, it'd be like using a stub gun on...on a bay blade"
>"By the emperor I"
>*Ultra big hug* "Oh I love you to brother marcus, no run along and go kill the gretchin, I' m sure you'll get a nice big reward if you survive"

>> No.53266160

And to think we found it cute, adorable and funny... Oh how naive we were...

>> No.53266213

In a manner of speaking, it could be GW trying to give what they wanted to too many people.

Some people complain that the marines in the fluff are too strong compared with the tabletop, so they are given a compromise in a better weapon that actually is armour piercing and more resilient marines.
Some wanted truescale, so there you go.
Some wanted hope in the setting, and now the Imperium has a strong army capable of conquering the stars.

>> No.53266233

I wish GW had the sense to tell good suggestions from bad ones and the fact to execute them well.
That's asking way too much though.
Also apart from the first one the latter two are just vocal minorities.

>> No.53266237

Let's be honest with ourselves my friend, in this case GW clearly wanted to sell new models and everything else was secondary.

>> No.53266316

Sure, I'm not saying it was the anything other that greed that was the basis for the change. Just that in matters of design, it does make sense.
Also, it means selling even more overpriced models while offering the possibility to field fewer of them. Win-win.

Now I would like official art with a side by side comparison. Not models, actual in universe representation. That should tell us how deep the design rabbithole goes.

>> No.53266376


>> No.53266420

They could have buffed the marines in the rules and they could have released a new truescale kit without this "super marine" bullshit. I mean give what we saw so far it would have been the most sold box in the next few years anyway.

>> No.53266422

Wasn't the whole point of the Astartes that they were more useful in peace time than the Thunder Warriors?

Like their entire schtick was less good at taking territory, much better at holding it.

>> No.53266504

Buffing the marines without sticking that on new models would not have justified the cost of the new ones.. And that buff would have upset things a lot. Both in terms of balance, but also sales. New buyers would have odd armies with models of different sizes and no justification.

That statline on a 10 marine squad would probably have been too much. Not that balance is really that much of a concern, but it would have meant buffing many other things as well. We all know GW went for the path of least effort.

>> No.53266631

Least effort would have been to say it was just a new suit of armour between power armour and terminator armour, not this super marine wank.

>> No.53266715

Like they did with Centurion (excluding being new in the fluff)?

>> No.53266729

Pretty much.
Just a regular Marine in a fat suit of armour.

>> No.53266746

I hope they get a good well written named character that's a little edgy about the whole "Grr I was grown in a vat just to fight" but not too edgy

>> No.53266766

>OMG, did you see that new marinewank Centurion they just released John?
>yeah Mike, what a super marine wank, am I supposed to believe they had these things hidden ALL ALONG while sending regular marines to die in droves?
>fuck you GW we're moving to Infinity!

>> No.53266790

What? He meets little girl and ponders the sanctity of human life?
Then suddenly the Lamenters welcome a new brother.

>> No.53266839

>literally Super Space Marines


>> No.53266882

Yea maybe add in the fact that he knows he isnt truly human and you've got a nice edgy savoir type

>> No.53266989

Please stop giving GW terrible ideas.

>> No.53267509

Actually, I don't unterstand all the complains about Crawl hiding the Primaris Marines. I mean we all know how Paperwork and Logistics are in 40k.

>> No.53267555

Yeah, and With how many chaos agents are hiding in Mechanicus and other instances of the imperioum you'd want to keep your updated marines hidden so no cunthead manages to smuggle the data to Abby or any other dickhead.

>> No.53267583


>> No.53267605

Super dark eldar when

>> No.53268384

'now'....yeah, right.

>> No.53269053

Care to link to said leaks?

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