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>hey, anon
>want to buy a demon?
>she could be a big help to your party
>lots of arcane secrets and stuff
>only ten copper

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>looks a bit young... don't you have something a bit older... i want a few more pounds of demon meat for my coin...

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always wanted a sidekick

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Only ten copper?
There's a catch, isn't there?
What is it? She secretly incredibly willing to help random people, and is what most demons consider a delinquent student or something?

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I buy her, then exhaustively instruct her in the fundamentals of Good and Evil, why Evil should be stamped out by any means neccesary and why it is important for her to fight against the Evil that comprises her.

I will raise her to be the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned, and conversely, the sword that strikes down the wicked and the unjust.

She will be a symbol that one is not defined by the circumstances of our birth, and she will be the paragon of all that is Good in this world.

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mah knigga

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>be paladin
>see demon
>see slaver
I'm not sure who I'm supposed to Smite.

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deal - she can be a friend to my little drow daughteru

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That only works if she isn't made of evil.

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>Be working with extremely lawful devils.
Do I buy it, then stab it?

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10 copper for raspberyl? sign me the fuck up

she's already around neutral good so that would be easier than you think

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Nah, works if she's made of evil too at least by RAW.

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Even if you say ten copper, there's food and other expenses. But she's cute, so it's worth it. What's she eat anyway? It better not be souls. Those things are pricey.

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>10 copper for raspberyl
I know, right?
Meanwhile Seraphina's trying to get sold off in the next stall for 10,000,000 Platinum. Though she's offering a discount price of 10 copper to Sir Killia.

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that's how a foolish paladin warrior sets up his own fall

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>Nah, works if she's made of evil
Wait, how can a being who is literally made of evil change alignment? It would be like fire becoming water.

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>What is it? She secretly incredibly willing to help random people, and is what most demons consider a delinquent student or something?
>she's already around neutral good so that would be easier than you think

I'm probably not understanding the reference, but a demon being good because they are in their moody teenager phase sounds like a fun concept.

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I know wizards that can do that.

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Feel free to scroll down to the "Personality" section.

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I meant on the purest sense. A being made of evil energy is unable to act good because they don't have anything good in their bodies, they are the antithesis to goodness itself.

Maybe if you could inject some good into them, but they would still not suddenly create a soul.

Keep in mind through I'm talking in a general sense. In Disgaea for example the demons clearly have human like souls and aren't 'pure demons' in the strict sense, so your original suggestion would work. But trying this on another setting is asking for trouble.

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Well, you have to smite the slaver, at least because he's probably got a bunch of non-demon slaves.

And check if the demon is capable of comprehending good, or understanding it exists, and if not then smite.

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Meanwhile DnD has demons made of pure chaos and evil, yet there are canon redeemed demons running around, some of which even got there entirely by deciding, "Screw this evil stuff, I want to be a better person"

Though of course you might also notice how they're all succubi.

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You strike down the traitor before you strike the enemy anon

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>Buy demon
>Go to Ritualist
>Remove Demon's Evil Subtype
>Demon is now free to pursue alignment changes as it wishes.

Only to list, I know of 2 succubi that are redeemed in D&D, and per Planescape, they ping multiple checks of alignment based spells next to Law/Chaos Axis checks due to origin.

For the Exemplars of the species, removing the subtype is evident to change them outright, they're literally driven by a force that wants to allow for the Ammoral conditions of a Lovecraftian setting to exist by erasing all creation, and have direct enforcers to ensure these ends.

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>I meant on the purest sense. A being made of evil energy is unable to act good because they don't have anything good in their bodies, they are the antithesis to goodness itself.
Irrelevant. Alignment system is metaphysical.

Therefore even pure evil given form can become good.

>bu-but logic

Logic has no power over the META-PHYSICAL!

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>Though of course you might also notice how they're all succubi.

Which isn't neccesarily just fetish shit.

After all, if you're Peasant McWimpass, you're more likely to believe and accept an offer of help from a beautiful woman in armour than from a bloated, inhuman monstrosity with purple skin.

Most likely, some other demons tried to do that "being good" thing, got a few adventurer parties and knightly orders called to kill them, and decided that being a Good being wasn't really worth the effort.

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>buy a demon
Do you have the necessary paperwork? Where is her previous demon contract?

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>Alignment is an essential part of the nature of celestials and fiends. A devil does not choose to be lawful evil, and it doesn’t tend toward lawful evil, but rather it is lawful evil in its essence. If it somehow ceased to be lawful evil, it would cease to be a devil.
Wouldn't they not be demons then?

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Unfortunately, this statement means little to fuckall when you learn that Devils are subverted ancient Baatorian larvae next to literally being a pack of pre-packaged foetuses inside what are supposed to be spiritual malevolent beings.

But to summarize.

What kind of fucking retard does Asmodeus have to be to literally make his entire army rely on a PHYSICAL reproductive organs that remains in his minions even after deathm opposed to Demons and their Death throes?

>Get Ovatorium
>Implant into person surgically
>Explode him into an Archdevil effortlessly
>After tinkering with this some more, you can now make your very own Outsider species independent of the intrigues of the lower Planes
>Even better, just implant other foetuses into Ovatorium and see what you make out of them

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That got really kinky really quick, anon. Take a breather.

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That's a very informative filename, thanks anon.

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Look senpai, I don't know bout chu, but I'm pretty sure if you got your hands on the Dark magi Fleshcrafter base Class from Dragon magazine and the Fleshwarper PrC and then got some Fiend binder Truenamer PC's in on it, you could go fullblown D&D issued Daemonculaba in a few months of preptime with this kind of exploit.

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Gotta smite ALL the evil.

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It is fetish stuff a little, to appeal to players, but I can't think of any succubi redeemed by love, oddly enough. Fall-from-Grace was tortured by devils until she turned against evil and now operates a "brothel" for clients more interested in mathematical theory and philosophy debates than sex. Savage Tides had another succubus get tired of demonic betrayals and turn against her kind. Pathfinder includes Socothbenoth, Queen of Succubi, who seeks a means to ascend as an Empryeal Lord instead of remaining a Demon Lord. Not sure on the story for the redeemed succubus in Wrath of the Righteous.

They keep the subtype in all instances I've seen. And regardless of alignment are still affected by stuff as both chaotic and evil. So a LG demon would be blocked by every type of protection from alignment spell, take full effect from Word of Law, Blasphemy, etc.

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>Logic has no power over the META-PHYSICAL!
I don't know dude, I once took a class in philosophical metaphysics and it's pretty much all loopdy-loop logic games. It's effectively logic removed from the moorings of the physical. It's pretty interesting stuff actually.

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>They keep the subtype in all instances I've seen.
But doesn't lore demand they lose it, like a paladin falling?

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Hell, no need to stop there either, you could forcibly implant Ovatorium in people, hit them with spells that are covered under Taint rules or any relation to the nine hells, especially any Infernal based Warlocks to turn them into Exploding human Devil-bombs, force of the transformation issued driving the victims insane.

Oh right, and if you shove it in anything with a Divine rank, you'd make a FUCKING INFERNAL.

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I'm pretty sure one lust devil turned because she was tsundere for a celestial gal

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Dammit, mixed up Nocticula with ber brother, Socothbenoth there. Whatever, them fucking each other is probably what holds her back from going angel.

Paladins don't have subtypes. Subtypeis what you are, specifics of your birth beyo d just Humanoid or Outsider or Dragon.

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Not at all, that's why smite evil still hurts an LG succubus.

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>buy qt demon
>notice she has fake horns
>arrested for possession of loli
>sentenced to raising her for the next decade
I didn't want this.

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>converting Raspberyl to good
I'm dying here

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Sounds like a good set up for a Japanese slice of life light novel.
"All I Wanted Was A Cute Succubus, But Now I Have A Daughter."

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Aw~ They're cute!

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How about buying one of my demons instead
only five dollars each

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Selling a child for 10 copper you say? That's all kinds of fucking heresy.


And as for you demon child, while you are small and potentially harmless, you are still a demon and therefore an affront to my god.

Dead. Followed by a small funeral rite because is a child.

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Could be. I nowrecall theone from WotR being turned good because she seduced and drained some cleric girl, and her goddess got pissed, decided to mind rape the succubus into redemption.

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Sure, I guess? She can tag along with the rest of the entourage of outcasts and weirdos that the party has gathered.

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I always wanted to do the idea of some incredibly sinister demon running rampant in a city, with his fingers in every pie and his subtle tendrils of control extending almost to the very top.

And it turns out that he's ultimately redeemed, and trying to better the world in his own way, but there's some pretty major misunderstandings because he's a demon.

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>Varying degrees of want

>> No.53250561

>an Archdevil effortlessly
Bonedevil or something sure, but archdevils won't be in there. Archs aren't a typed devils they are unique modification created during the ascension ritual.
>It's in that same book that your jpeg is from.

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Also, succubi are the demons that due to their nature are most likely to intimately interact with mortals (not like that! At least not entirely; this is stiff succubi we're talking about). Something like a balor will likely not interact with mortals aside from bringing death and destruction to anybody unfortunate enough to be standing nearby when it gets summoned. Even a demon making contracts with mortals for their souls (which in DnD is more of a devil thing, but I digress) will usually only interact with a mortal when making a deal, and while it must undestand how mortals think well enough to know how to entice them to hand over their soul, it has no need to imitate how mortals act.
A succubus, on the other hand, is expected to infiltrate mortal societies and remain hidden, manipulating people and seducing them to evil. To do so it needs to be able to pretend to be a mortal convincingly enough that it won't be immediately spotted. Ideally, you should not be able to distinquish a disquised succubus from a regular mortal without using magical means. And to pass off as a mortal convincly enough, the succubus needs to do, or pretend to do, all the things mortals do, like interacting with people, having friends, not being a turbocunt 24/7, etc. I wouldn't be particularly surprised if a small amount of succubi, after spending long enough time pretending they have normal human lives and relationships start longing to actually have those things, and to live a life where you don't have to spend every waking hour scheming to kill your enemies and avoid being killed yourself.

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My paladin unsheathes her sword, pointing it towards the merchant. Demons are bad news, but this was far worse.
"New deal. Release the girl and I'll let you keep all your fingers. Slave trade won't be tolerated in these lands."

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>>only ten copper
Pfft. 200% sure this is a scam. You are just selling your tiefling niece.

>> No.53250949

Golly, these creatures look amazing, but can they do any tricks?

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Harrowed merchant please go

>> No.53251103


Well there is Eludecia


Are you thinking of Eludecia

She fall for an angel and the angel though she was hot so had her go out and try to be a paladin

>> No.53251135


That sounds fun anon

I'll have to remember that one

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He's a crook! Proper demons cost an absolute fortune!

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>Drow daughterfu terrorizes the demon loli with tales of the underdark and spiders.

10/10 would buy manga.

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They have free will. Simple as that. The only things that truly cannot change alignment are mindless beings like skeletons.

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>Lower the price

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Demon worship is illegal. You have two days to remove the contraband from your wares or we will send the inquisition. This city deals only in devils.

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Vere ar your papers?
You don't hav' any papers?

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Shut up, Judge Dreadknight. You aren't putting anyone in the Magicubes this day! Pandemonium is founded on Chaos!

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Maybe they are like elemental that can change itself?
Like one that does not have predefined element but can choose at will what element they consist of.

So "demon" is term for all beings of pure X. While chaotic evil one would be build from chaotic evil but if he decided to change his structure will change to other metaphysical force.

They are things that draw force and construct their bodies from force of alignment that reflects their mind.

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Hobo souls are cheap, but I'm not sure if those are healthy for them.

Honestly though, despite the weird nature of OP, I do wonder about a backdoor invasion from the Hell dimensions using this. Stuff like Discworld with imps running their technology, they're being marketed as all kinds of useful stuff. I'm sure /tg/ wouldn't mind maids and butlers, people love maids and butlers here. Make them seem innocuous, under control, and then when their numbers are high enough they rise up.

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