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I used to be one of the greatest blades in the realm. However, due to my age I lost my edge and strength, couldn't keep up with the young ones. My respect, fame and fortune went next. Desperated, I've traded my sight for total clairvoyance (a few seconds forward is all I need with my skills), but it covers only a small area around me, enough to be undefeated in melee once again. I can even dodge arrows!

How will you defeat me, younglings?

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Wait 30 years.

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I cast Burning Hands as a 9th level spell

caster pride word wide

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Oh, it's quite elementary, my dear Watson. If your clairvoyance only covers the area around you, and you are blind otherwise, then the path to defeating you is obvious. We need merely use a pit trap or crusher with a large area of effect Or a hail of arrows. Large area of effect with quick deployment time is the ticket.

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He knows exactly where the arrows will be and h's fast enough to dodge, so he'd be fast enough to deflect, imo.

The large crusher should work, if the area is large enough that he can not move out of its range in a few seconds. But I think something like a poison gas works better.

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Why would I want to defeat you? Teach me your swordsmanship before age takes what edge you still have left.

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If your clairvoyance allows you to see only the future, then my answer would be to attack you from the past.

That way you won't see it coming until the attack has already occurred. Your futuresight is meaningless before my conceptual strike.

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That's the most obvious and sensible way of doing it.

That is why I don't expect my players to make use of it.

Assuming that the casters are occupied with someone else, what could a martial do to win? I just want to give them some interesting enemies to encounter.

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You should write Bleach.

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Top tier anime bullshit answer.

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>teleports to your past
>nothin personnel, kid

Well, he's old. It's one thing to do tilt to a side and other to run from a boulder.

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Me and my friend kick down the walls and run in opposite directions.

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I meant >>53216539

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Sgt Detritus's Siege Crossbow.

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I hid your pills.

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We'll throw some nets at you and then shoot you full of arrows while you're immobilized.

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Flip a coin to decide what part of you to shoot with the crossbow.

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Good filename.

Words sometimes are sharper than swords.
1) I would never confront you in first place
2) Use wicked magic
3) Convince you that fighting me is pointless
4) A plan that I save up for the last, the most powerful final solution:

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Why you gotta bring WMD's into this?

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Your clairvoyance doesn't mean shit if I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.

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>extremely skilled but blind swordsman relies on seeing the future
>in a setting with divergent timelines, he is immediately overwhelmed because this person could do absolutely anything due to not having any specific skills or talents with the weapon
>'a few seconds forward' of clairvoyance means someone who is unskilled doing an all-out attack could overwhelm you with the limitless possibilities of attack angles
>still has all the usual weaknesses that a sparsely armored man with a pencildick sword has

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Let's try something else.

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>clairvoyance has a range
>it also only has a timeframe of a few seconds forward
>claim you can use it to dodge arrows
By the time an arrow enters the range of your clairvoyance, it's too late for you to dodge it.

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>Can you dodge bombs?
>How about magic missiles?

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You suddenly become aware that something moving 200mph (average speed of an arrow fired from a compound bow) is about to hit you. Note that it is already travelling towards you, as you had no warning that it was fired, only that the projectile's flight path is going to intersect with your body. Your clairvoyance is only going to let you change the spot it hits, not avoid it outright.
No wonder this faggot swordsman lost all respect, he's overblowing his own abilities and gave up his eyesight for objectively shit clairvoyance

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I'm undead so...I won't tire, you will. But at least the fight will be a spectacle.

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