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What are some interesting implements for a wizard to use to cast magic?

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Please rethink your question

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Staves. Rings are pretty good, too. I've never been a fan of wands, though. I think they look kind of silly.

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>orbs can be used as casting implements
>orb shaped like a bowling ball

>bowling wizard
Where's the issue here?

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I currently have a sorcerer who uses a wooden doll shaped like a troll. Guy thinks he's a shaman because his powers were never properly explained to him.

Surprisingly despite a bad Jamaican accent, he's one of the most on track characters in the campaign.

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Magic where gesture is fundamental is cool. Avatard's tai chi bending was cool as fuck and despite naturo being gay retard baby shit the hand seals were aesthetically neat.

DnD magic just has it as an afterthought with waving hands and thats gay.

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Has he tried to commune with the elemental spirits yet?

>sorcerer tries to speak to elemental
>flailing doll around, speaking gibberish
>accidentally calls elemental's mother fat
>Elemental World War 1

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He has no idea how to, he generally fishes out a few small animals bones and throw them on the ground to 'communicate'. He never interprets them the same way, and in general, actually had no fucking clue what he's actually doing but is ignorant of his ignorance.

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that's fucking hilarious

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Many years ago, I played a mage in a "Tunnels & Trolls" modern setting homebrew.
He used a toy gun as the focus for his attack spells.
Every time he got questioned by the cops as to what what happened to the bad guys, he'd get away with it because no one else could get it to do anything.

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Stealing that and putting it in Unknown Armies, except he aggressively argues it's real and dangerous but no one buys it.

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I've always wanted to play a diviner with a glass eye

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When he miscasts he insists it's the will of the spirits. It's actually a boon to the DM because he'll start to wander off at the will of the spirits occasionally and right into the plot.

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Seemingly meta as it may seem I like the idea of a wizard who rolls dice or draws cards to perform magical feats.

One I've thought about a bit more is writing implements as a focus for magic. A wizard who practices this particular method of spellcasting wouldn't necessarily need a specific type of writing implement or special paper. All they would need is some way to mark symbols onto something that requires a bit of focus (so no branding). Could provide for some tense moments depending upon the wizard's preferred method and the environment since attempting to use pen and paper (even with some kind of fantasy clipboard) to the gusty peaks of Mount Harpy is a less than ideal situation. Underwater a wizard with a knife might be reduced to gambling on whether or not their magic is worth attracting predators... All kinds of fun possibilities.

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That guy on the left looks like george lucas crossed with terry pratchett crossed with about 75% of all the pies.

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I minmaxed a WoD wizard to use this with grimoires, it was fun. Because I never knew what I was going to get I got into fate and started using it's rotes to 'scry' the deck mtg style.

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>what do the spirits say?
>I dunno, they were muttering something about railroads

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It was a scifi ray gun toy with various sound effects.
Each spell was tied to a different sound setting...

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>thinks needing a tiny stick to cast is silly
>has no problem with big gaudy-ass sticks

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Staves are wands dude.

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I'm fond of the classic cup/chalice/cauldron witch, it doesn't get enough play these days. I've gone with cup implement as a reskinned orb in a past 4e game.

Also fond of books as implements, or other inscriptions like runestones or tattoos.

Blacksmith who casts spells with hammer is a good look too, don't see that enough.

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I think the explanation for why he exploded when he tried to cast dancing lights.

>da spirits willed it

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Staves look cooler. And they can serve as an emergency weapon or defense if need be. Try bashing or blocking something with a wand.

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Rolled 43 (1d50)

1. A mirror
2. A pointy hat
3. A fairy in a glass bottle
4. Coatlskin gloves
5. Tattoos
6. Runestones
7. A mask with the face of a god(dess)
8. A portrait of the wizard who taught them
9. A locket
10. A preserved heart
11. Their own blood
12. Someone else's blood
13. A voodoo doll
14. A live animal
15. A dead animal (any one nearby will do, but choice of animal may influence spells)
14. A skeletal hand with the finger pointing out
15. Their own hair
16. Someone else's hair
17. An amulet
18. A cauldron
19. A freshly cut branch of pine
20. A homunculus made of their own flesh
21. A weather-vane
22. A coin
23. A doorframe
24. A portable altar
25. An athame
26. A goblet
27. Enchanted boots
28. Their bare feet (feet must be bare and in contact with the ground to cast)
29. A cloak
30. An arrow
31. A pipe
32. C'est ne pas une pipe
33. A censer
34. A torch
35. A deck of cards
36. A contract approving the casting of the spell
37. A small part of their own body (destroyed in the casting)
38. A skinned, tanned human face
39. The teeth of an animal
40. The horn of an animal
41. A spear
42. A broom
43. A cincture
44. A tincture
45. An umbrella or parasol
46. A bezoar
47. A beehive
48. A lantern
49. A pair of ruby slippers
50. A hand of glory

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Runic gauntlets
Wands, if playing it like a gunslinger, though I prefer stubby wands
Short, battle-worthy rods
A pipe, that acts like a focus

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Let's roll!

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Rolled 5 (1d50)

Damn it

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Rolled 35 (1d50)


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Rolled 5 (1d50)


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I like it.

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Deck of cards, jester wizard. I wanna stat that now and have my card draws determine the spell i cast.

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One of my players actually played a tattoo spellcaster once in GURPS.

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Dnd never really describes the hand waving do they?

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Rolled 49 (1d50)


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A fushigi ball would be neat.

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It used to be a bit of DM fluff

>The wizard waves his hands in strange but rythmic ways


OSR guys please don't lynch me. It's been years

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>Rubber slippers
Nice dude, I hope it's not a lightning mage.

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Rolled 6 (1d50)


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Runestones. That's pretty rad

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Rolled 20 (1d50)

I call upon thee faithful implement of the arcane mysteries!

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How well did that work out? Thinking of doing something similar

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I guess the details were

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No, only if it's required.

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Rolled 47 (1d50)


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Books, bells, candles, nails, songs

Look at ancient traditions and mytholigy for inspiration

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Rolled 24 (1d50)

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that;s a OH&S issue right there

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>beehive wizard


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My sorcerer uses the shackles he was imprisoned with as his arcane focus. Teaching himself how to use them like that was how he escaped

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Think you could use a golem as a magical implement/servant hybrid?

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Your vocabulary is infantile. Step it up.

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>communicating like a 12 year old reddit-user's idea of what intelligent people sound like
>trying to talk shit

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reddit pls go

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A wizard channeling his magic through a dodgeball? How bad is it?

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Similar to cards, ofuda (those little Japanese paper talismans) are pretty neat. Also fit well with Vancian spell preparation mechanics.

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They do in the 3.5 Spell Compendium, and some of the novels.

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this is bait right? the typing gives it away

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>playing a game where magic is real

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Rolled 5 (1d50)

Anything but tattoos, I hate criminals.

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The answer is always feet.

>(feet must be bare and in contact with the ground to cast)
Not a fan of this though.

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Magical hacky sack for the dudebro wizard.

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After seeing a really nice picture of someone done up like Baron Samedi I've wanted to play a wizard who casts using smoke or at least smoking implements

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No, staves are LITERALLY wands, and vice versa. It's just fucking sticks.

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a stave is thicker, harder, longer than the average stick youfind laying in the park or your garden so a stave isn't a stick boy

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I watched Conan the Destroyer yesterday and while yes, of course, it's not great, it did get me thinking fondly of wizards that use mirror and prism and lens contraptions. You have the potential for some really flashy, potent magic with that theme but at the same time you get to smirk and say 'it's all done with mirrors you know'

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>Staves are the BBC of fantasy
Fine, you can have your staves.

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A quarterstaff for sparring with is certainly on the heavier end of wands, but what's your point? Your wizard could just as well go for a lightweight staff that's good for leaning on as you walk and conjuring dread powers and nothing else, depending on how highly he rates the ability to give someone a concussion with the tools of his trade.

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thank you anon I shall have my staves, all of it....

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The iconic wizard's staff borne by Gandalf and Saruman and their crew? Wands, and described with exactly that term in early drafts.

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can someone explain what this means? I haven't watched the news in a while

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Why don't you google it?

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Why would that be bait? Is the idea of casting gestures being thought-out and integral so controversial in your mind?

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Rolled 7 (1d50)


Magic please

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confirmed bait

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Rolled 29 (1d50)


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Rolled 12 (1d50)


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Oh shit, the reaction image actually lined up well. Blood magic without needing to stop for OJ and cookies afterwards!

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Doom is life. Doom Guy is our travel guide.

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Rolled 32 (1d50)

Time to be a wizard!

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Wizard Sherlock?

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How would that work? Do you use images of pipes, or is it more literal and you can use anything that isn't a pipe?

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