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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Alchohol edition: What's your character's drink order? Can they even drink? How much?

I know this is sudden, but here's some beer trivia for you. Seeing as you've finished your glass.

Cold beer can be amazing, but do you know the best temperature to enjoy a good brew?

When beer gets too cold, the proteins solidify and cloud the beer, and it doesn't form a good head.

It does vary by season, brand, and personal taste, but most beers are not intended to be served at lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's already very cold. Be wary of bars that freeze their beer.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53200263

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>What? How? Did one of the girls claim Kyras and Andrik for herself?
>Muffled Elven Laughter in the Distance

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Dwarven Magic Ales.

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What sort of fantasy drinks have you come up with?

We've got The Succubus's Delight. Its a mixed drink of vodka, strawberries, a little bit of salt. Historically it was done as a shot out of a cute girls navel, but health codes put a stop to that.

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So! Who all's excited for the weekend? Any big plans, game-related or otherwise?

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Sounds like how in Japan a popular way to drink sake is pooled in the space between a girl's pelvis and thighs

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He wants to swear off the hooch, but travelling with a cleric of Cayden Cailean makes it hard.

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One player isn't able to play in my RoW game, so now I guess I'll just get statblocks and stuff done for /ss/

>> No.53204833

I'm going to be busy busy busy with stuff stuff stuff! With Mother's Day on Sunday, I don't know if I can make it to my game Saturday!

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Eh, I'd imagine a clerec of Cayden would be cool with it. Afterall, every party an group of friends needs a designated driver, and to drink to fool drunkedness and alcoholism is an abuse of Cayden's most sacred past-time

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there's always the temptation of dipping into the sacramental wine when around a cleric.

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>He doesn't know

One of the girl's already sunk their fangs into one of them?

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A girl named ___Wubu

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i thought that was a part of the whole thing of eating off of a naked body.

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I came up with a drink called Sunshine, a rare type of wine that produces a sensation akin to being on the porch with good company after a long day of work, with the weekend ahead of you.

Pairs well with white fish.

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You could also do it between her feet.

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I am a fighter, he is a cleric and the other two are a sorcerer and a druid. I am not the designated driver, I am just the guy who they plant in the seat before they get pulled over,

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just next time, when you're pulled over. leave no one in the drivers seat. "He was here a second ago."

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>sleep applying with a sheepgirl to the rorygame


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But my character has a reputation to keep up. He may by level 16 and stronger than a fire giant with gear that is worth more than an entire nation's treasury, but he is still naught but a merchant whose daring actions have pulled his family from the deep end simply by existing.

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I'm gonna pat her head!

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Wubu is a greedy woman!
and I wanna spoil her~

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Darechaser. Any good?

>> No.53205063

Not if I spoil her first!

>> No.53205078

It's literally only been a few nights.

What kind of slattern could've made a move that fast?

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You know who.

>> No.53205115

Which girl is best so far?

Which one is objectively a tittymonster?

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A classy bar has to be one of the coziest places to have a base of operations. Rivaled only by an out of the way coffee shop.

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My money's on the Elf making her moves first, followed swiftly by the Witch (if not the two of them fighting for the same man.)

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One of our games, we had random assortments and our character cared about quality... but mostly secondary to quantity (past a certain level at least). We mocked up a teleport power in M&M that let one of our characters drunkenly stumble off into the distance (as long as it was hallways/alleys/etc) and end up at a bar. They could even drag the party with them. Some of our quest rewards involved getting magical booze even.
For a current game, my smarmy elven scholar, who just does field research and is not an adventurer in denial of course, probably fancies aristocratic or regarded drinks but also likes certain common ones (and would avoid admitting to drinking at wizard bars as a matter of taste, not dishonesty); our mermaid captain probably does the same though she'd probably have some oddities concerning certain tavern styles (having run away from her family's tavern). The skald probably prefers quantity of alcohol and would be increasingly dismissive if it didn't kill lesser drinkers upon imbibing. Not sure about our not-a-dragon, though convincing them something was draconic would probably get them to drink it quickly enough.

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Amalthea is a tired meme.

If you're going to shitpost, at least bring new material.

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Prissy is best
Amalthea is titmonster
Neyja is tit&dickmonster

>> No.53205175


The elf's player has a reputation of arranging pregame ERPs with other PCs in their games, don't they?

I recall them being in the thread and bragging about it the other day.

So probably.

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Amalthea has aged to perfection.

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I want to know what parties or ships /pfg/ will make. PC/PC, PC/NPC, and combinations of three and four thereof

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>(if not the two of them fighting for the same man.)

Poor Kyras

>> No.53205218 [SPOILER] 

Its still early anon, but dont worry, we have our best people on it.

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>Consider the following:
>The Divide
>Male - 11
>Female - 10
>Suspicious Bulge - 1

>Alignment Spread
>LG - 3
>NG - 5
>CG - 1
>LN - 3
>N - 1?
>CN - 4
>LE - 2
>NE - 1
>CE - 1

Too lazy to do an actual lineup just yet. People need to fill in their shit so I can TL;DR it.

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Now that's a log I want to see, isn't Kyras a huge adorkable mess when women flirt with him? Two girls after his sword would surely be a surprise worth seeing.

>> No.53205245

Add another Female and CE

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>implying Anon didn't mean both girls would go for the strapping, heroically proportioned, statuesque, golden-haired god that is Andrik Kaminski

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That child is CUTE! CUTE CUTE CUTE!

All the better for patting on the head

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What, the virgin?
Boys are a pleasing dalliance, to be sure, but a woman with needs would want to be sure they can be met. What self-respecting adventuress would tie herself down to someone who hasn't been around the block a few times?

>> No.53205321


Amalthea will parent the party. Even if they specifically ask not to.

They will be parented.

>> No.53205323

It's been added at least halfway, but I'm holding out a little until actual information gets posted. Sheep is just "spicy meme" territory right now.

>> No.53205331

Both of the men are virgins, Anon.

>> No.53205332

>thinking Kyras isn't a virgin

>> No.53205333

Hey pfg, how would you stat a spider golem? Do such stats already exist? Preferably with the swallow whole ability.

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>rob both of them of their virtue
>use their tears to fuel a dark ritual

Practically writes itself.

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I want to make a halfling mesmerist into a tank.
It's all 1st party and 20 point buy, right now I'm going with 5 STR, 16 DEX, 14 CON, 14 INT, 12 WIS, and 17 CHA.
I don't feel like I have enough feats to do this effectively, my plan was to use the meek facade trick with oslyuth guile and also use bodyguard with the helpful trait for when my allies are attack instead of me, but that doesn't leave me with enough feats to invest into actually being good at fighting.
As a side note I'd really like to have improved initiative, intense pain, and spell focus: enchantment as well but there just isn't enough space for it all.
So what can I do to effectively make this character into a tank while still dealing decent damage and being good at throwing out enchantment spells?

>> No.53205358

Have you seen the way he blushes, the way that tail won't stop moving? He wouldn't last ten rounds!

>> No.53205360

I welcome this with open arms.

>> No.53205367

There was an old 3.5 Demon thing that was a giant metal spider monster, iirc. Can't remember its name though.

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>> No.53205378


Ask Vult

>> No.53205401

>giant metal spider

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>> No.53205434

Mythweaver. Legacy sheet or experimental sheet?

>> No.53205442

Thinking about trading Piercing thunder for primal fury just because I want surival as a class skill more than acrobatics.

Do I lose much in terms of combat prowess over this exchange?

>> No.53205453

Just get the stats for a Giant Spider and then slap on whatever Construct-ey template you think would work on top of it, then Advance the template up to whatever you think is powerful enough for your party.

>> No.53205459

Legacy is just tighter in my opinion and has more modularity. It really needs to not waste so much fucking space on the spells page, though.

>> No.53205461

I love things like this.

>> No.53205462

Oh, I see what you meant now that I went back and F5'd the page. I'll do it next time. Lord knows there'll probably be more apps by then anyway.

>> No.53205465


Primal Fury is pretty much superior to Piercing Thunder

>> No.53205467


This matches my mental image of Amalthea REALLY FUCKING CLOSE

>> No.53205521

What are some good reach weapons for a guy that wants to specialize in beating things to death? I would prefer something primitive looking like a giant caveman club or something.

>> No.53205524

That's your pride talking! It is the responsibility of any mature, sexually confident adventuress to grab their virginal male companions and make those boys into men.

Otherwise, what happens if they meet someone else, an NPC conjured by Wubu to seduce these strapping young men and bear their children? I don't think Antoinette could stand up to a Nymph, or Branwen to a silver dragon disguised as a supernaturally beautiful Ulfen Paladin!

>> No.53205541

I'd worry that Branwen would try to marry the dragon first! Is she rich and powerful?

>> No.53205546

Lucerne Hammer refluffed as a lightpole torn out of the ground.

You must show them the light.

>> No.53205554


i think the Lucerne hammer is a g-
damn it!

>> No.53205566

Exceedingly so!

Strong enough to cleave a dragon's neck in twain with a single swing of her silver sword!

>> No.53205574

And it shows how skilled you are! If you're beating them with a light pole, then just imagine if you had a real weapon!

>> No.53205581

It isn't over. I will find a suitably dumb Nick Cage image, and when I do you'll be sorry!

>> No.53205586

I'm not putting my man-staff in a fey without a cold iron condom, fuck you very much.

Now that's a tempting offer, but she's going to have enemies. She's probably going to have a century or two at least of lovers to compare me two. And I'm already concerned enough about making someone else "marry down" to my level.

>> No.53205592

So let's have a look...


Lord Cornelius Lanchester Giles von Vanderbilt III Esq.
>Gunslinger (Musket Master) | Ranger (Trophyhunter)

Rekannas Haelcant
>Warlord (Vanguard Commander) | Vigilante (Exposed, Noble Soul)

Aiden Delaney
>Stalker | Urban Barbarian

>Stalker (Privateer) | Ranger

Doctor Gaius "Grey" Walete
>Investigator (Empiricist) | Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade)

Tiv "Tivvies" Nettle
>Warder (Hawkguard) | Vizier

Param Calard
>Arctic Elf
>Bushi Warlord | Fey Adept (Unseelie Disciple)

Wendifa Malu
>Oracle (Pei Zin Practionner) | Zealot

Dr. Arthur T. Smythe Jr.
>Bard (Archeologist) | Vigilante (Exposed)

>> No.53205598

I need good damage and I need tankiness. I also would like to have some skills.

Is Unbreakable Fighter 1 - Invulnerable Rager/Urban Barb 19 still the way to do it?

>> No.53205623

>interesting, powerful NPC waifus for men
>literally no interesting or powerful NPC husbandos for women

Really makes you think.

>> No.53205624

Only if you're also a half-orc and want to take the Stalwart line.

>> No.53205627

And now the girls...


>Paladin | Unchained Rogue (Hidden Blade)

>Witch (Wyrmwitch) | Rogue (Snare Setter)

Amalthea Sendorei
>Oracle | Medium


Priestess Sybille / Priscilla Sybille / Prissy
>Oracle | Eliciter

Sapera Hemakshi
>Cavalier (First Mother's Fang + Hussar) | Unchained Rogue (Hidden Blade + Rake + Scout)

Kirha Kirhanna
>Battle Butler | Warlord (Desperado)

Akane Ketsueki
>Skinwalker (Bloodmarked)
>Armorist (Lingchi Warrior) | Harbinger (Crimson Countess)

Asimilla "Simi" Vorosi
>Harbinger (Crimson Countess) | Swashbuckler (Falcata Swashbuckler, Veiled Blade)

Lorelei de la Bo├ętie, M.D.
>Alchemist (Chirurgeon) | Bard (Archivist)

>> No.53205628


Yeah, unless you can go with 3PP it's a classic. Arguably stronger than PoW in some ways.

>> No.53205631

I just noticed her joey in the pouch there

>'Ma, you're doing the thing again'

Also, that o in mom from her could feasibly be a 'u', and considering she's a kangaskhan, her having an australian accent is adorable.

>> No.53205632

Which characters would get along best?
Which characters would constantly be at each others throat but not to the point of murdering each others?
Which characters would kill each other at the first chance?

>> No.53205636

That's going to be a lot of disappointed NPCs.
But then they are three evil characters and one pretending to be evil. It's a classic move to keep a few princesses locked up in your dark tower.

>> No.53205652

So what you're saying is

a Lucent Hammer.

>> No.53205653

Who else is going to be immensely happy when Rorygame closes so he will stop shilling it non stop?

>> No.53205661

I want to carry Rory's children!

>> No.53205666

And finally...


>Stalker (Soul Hunter) | Slayer (Bounty Hunter)

Syra Greathorn
>Aasimar (Agathion-blooded)
>Kineticist (Kinetic Knight) | Zealot (Void Prophet)

I forgot about Aurelian while parsing my document because he's a copy-paste of the last time the character was used and pretty boring.

>> No.53205678

There's another app, Anon. You forgot one.

>> No.53205689

My GM is not much on 3pp.

I've flipped around between a lot of builds deciding, but think this is the ticket.

>> No.53205691

Only if you accept that he's actually a MASSIVE DEGENERATE

"heterosexual sex in the missionary position with the lights off for the purpose of consummating a marriage with a two-year long courting period, between a pair of able-bodied adults with stable financial plans, wherein each member holds the others hand, there is kissing involved, and a lot of whisperings of sweet-nothings" is his PREFERRED FORM OF LEWDS

>> No.53205696

I'm pretty sure you missed like, 3-4 people overall but hey, I'm not one to judge.

>> No.53205699

>Finally teaching myself PoW
I'm not sure I like this.

>> No.53205708

You fool!

That's my fetish! My arousal intensifies!

>> No.53205713


Some do, some don't. Really not something to fret about.

>> No.53205724


>> No.53205728


Great blog post, kill yourself

>> No.53205738

Oh wow. They're reproducing like rabbits.


Anyway to answer my shitpost opinion that none of you should feel obligated to listen to, drop all of the evil and neutral characters because we've had too much edge in PFG lately.

If I had 5 slots and no restrictions based on timeslots (and also people applying for memes), I'd make a party of:


Because I would pay to read greentexts about a grown-ass normal man playing adult in the room to a much of heroic anime grills.

>> No.53205753

What makes you think it would be her, Anon?

>> No.53205764


>Grown-ass normal man playing adult in the room to a bunch of heroic anime grills

I feel like there was a screencap like that at some point.

>> No.53205773

I probably did. Rushing out these analysis posts lowers the quality and there's others that I reviewed like, literally two months ago like Aurelian that I'm not going to give the time of day again because holy shit dude, put some effort.

>> No.53205779

Priscilla confirmed, fucking cabal bullshit nepotism fetishbaiting shit.

>> No.53205785

>I'm not sure I like this 3pp

>> No.53205790

>talking trash about Papa Slow


>> No.53205799

>Samefagging to hype yourself
Now that right there is truly pitiful.

>> No.53205803

I mean, I was going to wait until sometime tonight to actually go through each individual for any sort of analysis. Glad to see someone whipped up something to pass out in the meantime, but right now I was just producing the results of the quick notes.

>> No.53205819

bonus points is posh british noblemen trying to get things done with a ton of anime girls in the deep jungle

>> No.53205820

What did you mean by this

>> No.53205828

Man, you cultists have gotten creepy.

I like a lot of Captain Slow's characters but I like them more when they aren't reused over and over again. Aurelian worked well as a fish out of water app for Dragons 2, and his writing is generally competent and stuff, but app recycling just rubs me the wrong way.

He even gets a dutiful maid with a sharp tongue.

The logic works.

>> No.53205872

Oh, darn. I just realized that the one big drawback of my idea (Micolash Cage). He'll be too busy pontificating about the dangers of the Outer Gods and freaking out to do lewd stuff.

>> No.53205878

Why not do tentacle stuff while philosophizing about the Outer Gods?

>> No.53205879

>app recycling
To be fair, would you honestly put in a serious effort for a game run by a log-leaker?

>> No.53205888

Oh hush, you. Listen to yourself, bemoaning your unconquerable maidenhood even as you wave away prospective lovers. You should care little for how many a woman has had, especially for something as magnificent as a dragon, or as mercurial as a fae. You think they can't use their experience to please you not? Do their forms cause you to shrink in disgust?

>> No.53205893

I'm sure there's more than one app applying specifically for this reason.

>> No.53205909

Working on homebrew that I might publish!

>> No.53205913

He's probably implying that Rory and priscilla share a fetish but he only could communicate in three-quarters memes due presumably to brain-damage.

>> No.53205915


>> No.53205935

Those are excellent points, but consider: How many stories have ended in tragedy *specifically* because someone fell in with the fey?

How many more because a mighty dragoness rolled over in her sleep?

I'm bold enough to throw myself into battle, but shit woman even a brave man has to take a step back and think with his brain as opposed to his weapon.

>> No.53205939

Well, I misphrased that. I meant more along the lines of "my app doesn't allowed for lewd things, therefore my chances of getting in are hampered". I'm not particularly looking for that sort of stuff, I just want to play Mythos madman Cage in a pulpy jungle setting.

>> No.53205942

Okay, let's list the prospective hunks for the ladyfolk of Blingmaker,

>Brass/Copper dragon moves in to set up an Iron Bank
>Golden dragon moves in to feel the tides of the political climate
>A mysterious and mighty Erlking sets up shop in the forest to conduct his Wild Hunts
>Knights and Bureaucrats of all shapes and sizes
>An exiled prince of Galt, handsome and obnoxiously French, begging for help to retake the failed state
>DILF Ex-Paladin that seeks comfort and closure after his harrowing past
>Vicious tongued and viciously handsome highwayman captured by the party, offers to warm the bed of the object of his desire in exchange for his life

>> No.53205955

>share a fetish


The hilarity of that might get you in, anon.

>> No.53205970

>Vicious tongued and viciously handsome highwayman captured by the party, offers to warm the bed of the object of his desire in exchange for his life

Hehe, still remember killing that elf loser in Dragon Age.

>> No.53206001


>> No.53206007

You assume two things, and as expected they unravel your points.

Firstly, few expect the relationship with that Nymph to last, being a more platonic love like Sir Pellias and the Lady of the Lake. Secondly, you expect the dragoness to be in her dragon form while in your presence? Perhaps for battle, perhaps, but when out and about the town she will be garbed in the form of a well-built Ulfen woman, her silver hair braided and blue eyes bright.

>> No.53206017

It's possible. I'll continue working on Cage, but I'm debating whether I should take Wizard (Elder Mythos Scholar). It fits his fluff, but mechanically it seems to be pretty shit.

For reference: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/wizard/archetypes/paizo-wizard-archetypes/elder-mythos-scholar-wizard-archetype/

>> No.53206032

>Not Taldan

Shit. Taste.

>> No.53206051

Its actually not that bad. I would consider it. Or do dark tapestry oracle who went blind due to secrets from the great beyond.

But elder mythos scholar could lead INTO that because of reading things that no mortal cage should ever have seen

>> No.53206080


To be fair, he wasn't the worst knife-ear in the series.

Not by a long shot.


>> No.53206082

Did the Temeria logs leak?

>> No.53206100

>Neutral is edgy

>> No.53206114


Are we back to attention whoring?

The embargo was the best thing the thread's seen in a while as long as nobody in the PLD crew is attention whoring.

Do I have to go back to stalking Wist?

>> No.53206137

Blackblood Life Oracle takes Energy Body
What happens?

>> No.53206181

Yeah, but I just couldn't justify my hard-as-fuck city elf not fucking murdering his pompous ass firctrying to kill him, you know? The RP hit the spot just right, and the cutscene knife came out.

>> No.53206189

Nigger, the shitposting continued well after Vult declared embargo. It's not the PLD crew turning this general into crap, it's board police faggots.

>> No.53206198

I won't let you hurt Wist! By the Blade of QANON, I shall smite thee!

>> No.53206278

S-such power couldn't be wielded by a mere anon. . . c-could it?

>> No.53206503

Do we have enough apps from meme players in TSS to make two full meme teams yet?

>> No.53206510

I'm checking the intimimancy guide and I can't find the mask of fear on the srd. Anyone mind linking me?

>> No.53206532

We've got Slow, Exhack, Sleep, Immortal, Disk, Sappy, Shoebox, and CountSucc. So yes

>> No.53206538

For one who has received HER BLESSING nothing is impossible!

>> No.53206552

Hold on, do none of the PoW base classes get Mithral Current?

>> No.53206605

Bushi is a template that gives Mithral Current to the Stalker/Bushi/Warder. Mystic gets it by default

>> No.53206640

Considering it's from PoW expanded, doing it without templates would require you to trait into it.

>> No.53206647

It's weird how I'm playing a game in Golarion's most mundane, backwoods, grimderp area and yet all I can think of for theme music is stuff from Yakuza.


>> No.53206682

>those names

are they really all memes?

>> No.53206720


Why not music from The Witcher?


>> No.53206742


>Silver Dragons

Oh boy, you're a clever one aren't you. The only two Silver dragons known are Northerners that take on distinct Ulfen appearances, Bronze Dragons are the Taldan men and women.

>> No.53206752

In order...

Slow plays Casimir
Exhack has Cijiska
Sleep has Rubio and Overlewd
Immortal is Gloriana
Disk... does something, I think RotJR
Sappy is Valeria
Shoebox is Etan
and Succ is Romulus

Plus the GM is RoryAnon. It's a meme game through and through

>> No.53206755

So it's what, Blingmaker 0 right now?

>> No.53206780

They're shifting their shape, dummy. The least they could do is pick a sexier breed of human.

>> No.53206784

Doesn't get me pumped as much, and the game didn't really do it for me.

That would work for vanilla Kingmaker, maybe, if I had as big a fetish for medieval Polish misery as some people.

>> No.53206796

Immortal is Tit Witch too

>> No.53206800

Well, they are just starting out--the Dragon of the Stolen Lands has yet to gain his title and tattoos.

>> No.53206802


Can't believe anyone thinks this game is going anywhere. Rory finally realized he's poison from a player perspective and switches gears to running a game so he can still leech attention from the threads. And surprise surprise, it's shilled non stop. When will you fuckers learn?

>> No.53206810

I don't know what either of those do.
You should post both of them up.

>> No.53206812



>> No.53206813

Hey, Molotov-Ribbentrop was the ultimate Eiffel Tower

>> No.53206818

>Ulfen, tall hot warrior babes and dudes
not sexy?
>Inbred Taldan Nobility

>> No.53206863

>/pfg/ has several games
>I can't join any because of my timezone

Being in asia is suffering

>> No.53206866

>A /pfg/ meme game opens up immediately after another highly-shilled game opens
>It's run by one of the most infamous memesters
>A bunch of other /pfg/ celebs are applying with various degrees of seriousness

Gee-whizz anon I wonder why it's getting attention

>> No.53206869

remove thailand

>> No.53206871


It's basically the entirety of the Broodie cabal.

Makes me not even wanna apply. I'm not gonna get in over the Friend Squad.

Why would they even advertise, when we know the results ahead of time?

>> No.53206872

Where in Asia?

>> No.53206877

Blackblood causes you to be affected by +/- Energy as undead.
Energy Body causes you to transform into a Positive Energy Elemental for rounds a day.

>> No.53206905


>Run by notorious self shiller
>Even self shills by claiming he no longer shills

The only people who give a shit about pfg celebs are the people posting about themselves non stop.

>> No.53206911


>> No.53206915

>Self-shills by refusing to shill


>> No.53206944

nice try rory

>> No.53206945

Cijiska and Romulus haven't even had their first game yet have they? It seems like a stretch to call those two meme players and meme characters.

>> No.53206961

Would a Kalabuto Investigator who dedicated his life to searching the Expanse for proof that Mwangi tribes founded Ancient Osirion be a good app for the Serpent's Skull campaign?

>> No.53206980

Cijiska was made by notorious waifu-smith Exhack and Romulus was part of the Overlewd knight memes

>> No.53206991

How often do you see someone at your table develop their character? Like, actually change their alignment, beliefs, or outlook?

Has a villain ever realized that being thanked and loved feels good? Has a hero ever realized that his ambitions are more dear to him than his friends?

Because honestly, I've almost never seen this. People who play Evil characters keep talking themselves into staying evil, and people who play Good characters tend to stay good. The only exception was an edgelord asshole who kept playing Good characters as CE assholes so they could fall to "prove" how hypocritical Good people were.

>> No.53207007

Most of my Good characters become sullen, pessimistic, and withdrawn over time. It's hard watching people you care about die.

>> No.53207017


Overlewd knight memes were overwhelmingly negative

>> No.53207024

>forced daddy memes
>hasn't had a first session yet, but overlewd was a meme clusterfuck
>honest to god memelord who by his own admission cannot stop anymore
>yea fair enough
>how are you a meme if you're not even memorable
>shipped with daddy memes
>playing a human but has kitsune in the race field
>meme knight in meme game

>> No.53207025


Sounds more like him proving he was a prick, rather than making any blanket statement about good guys.

>> No.53207037

No, but your going to do it anyway so you can meme more /pol/shit.

Was wondering when that was going to start happening.

>> No.53207062

Nah, it's honestly way better suited to a Mummy's Mask game

>> No.53207064

>The least they could do is pick a sexier breed of human.

>Tall, blonde and well-built women
>Not sexy

>> No.53207101

>retard spear chucker bear fucker savages
>even remotely attractive

Nice try

>> No.53207104

Yeah, just make a Spear throwing marksmen named Nix Bood for this one. It'll be just as subtle.

>> No.53207105

And yet two still made it in.

It's almost like any attention is good attention.

>> No.53207116


Kalabuto Mwangi are basically Chelaxians with dark skin, so I think they'd be more interested in bringing greatness and prosperity to Sargava than some We Wuz stuff.

Besides, Kalabuto is the wrong tribe, there's Mwangi in Thuvia and Osirion you could use.

>> No.53207124

...which PoW class is best for throwing spears?

>> No.53207125

which is best race then

>> No.53207137

I figure Kalabuto was a good analogue for African-Americans, in that they're culturally alienated from their roots and would thus be most prone to making up stupid shit.

>> No.53207143

>retarded katana chucking slant eye savages
>retarded star knife chucking swindling savages
>retarded law throwing devil fucking savages
>retarded spear chucking gorilla fucker savages
>retarded empire wasting griffon fucker savages
>retarded sand throwing goat fucker savages
Humans were a mistake.

>> No.53207153

Does the flailpole classify as a flail or polearm?

>> No.53207157

Disk is a ReviewAnon. After he started revealing his biases, he got such a backlash that I think he's just left off on that for a while.

>> No.53207161


>> No.53207170

What biases?

>> No.53207181

That is true. It shouldn't be surprising that he was a surly asshole the rest of the time, too. Was a prosletyzing Atheist on top of being just generally combative.

>> No.53207183

>people are biased towards things they like

who would have guessed

>> No.53207189

>they're culturally alienated from their roots and would thus be most prone to making up stupid shit

I never got that impression from the Kalabuto at all, they struck me more as the types who have embraced the Chelaxian heritage without trying to be all "We Wuz Kangz" about their history.

African-Americans would be the Mulaa, who have embraced the civilization of Cheliax but still retain a longing for their culture.

>> No.53207191


>> No.53207209

My Kineticist Psion in Runelords slowly learned how to chill the fuck out via interactions with the Gnome Druid and the rather sobering realization when Ameiko and the Party rogue commented that he was pretty much going to turn into another Nualia if he didn't learn to let go of shit.

>> No.53207210

Basically just that he liked certain characters more than others. And people were shrieking that he was using the reviews to try and jockey for position and get picked more often.

I don't remember specific complaints against him, but the point is, the thread turned against him so he decided it wasn't worth the headache. More power to him, I say.

>> No.53207223

I have the opposite problem, I always see people making awkward developments because of one major event. JUST BECAUSE YOUR BEST FRIEND DIED DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO GO STRAIGHT TO EDGE LORD GUY, HOW'S THE REST OF THE PARTY GOING TO FEEL KNOWING THEY'RE CHOPPED LIVER?

>> No.53207224

remove kebab

>> No.53207225

Sounds like an asshole.

>> No.53207236

They really were. One of the Gods needs to fix this.

>> No.53207257

t. Zadim

>> No.53207269


Jessica Price has said Keleshites are the greatest Human ethnicity in Golarion. Their only fault is being too good.

>> No.53207293

t. Kyra

You shouldn't shitpost on 4chan because your gf left you for martian pussy.

>> No.53207301


Hey there, Fennec!Anon.

GM of Ulfric an Co. here (henceforth to be known as Stjarnagardr GM)

Last weekend, the group finally made it to the final chamber of the underground temple dungeon, and faced off against a Young Black Dragon in its lair. Due to the Dragon having the upper hand in its own lair, and most of the group lacking good ranged weapons, they almost lost Kana to a failed Reflex save against the Dragon's Acid Breath.
Ulfric burned the last of his spells for the day to bring her back from negative hit points. The group retreated once they realized they were in for a losing fight, and vowed to come back and kill that Dragon next time.

We're taking this weekend off, after finishing the current chapter. With myself running a game every Saturday, non-stop since January, I feel like I deserve a break.

I'm gonna spend some time working on future plans and plots, and where the group wants to go next.

I wanted to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend, but I have to work on Sunday, so I won't be able to go along with the rest of my family to take my Mother to see it for Mother's Day.

>> No.53207302

sometimes I wonder why you asshats still run campaigns set in Golarion

>> No.53207314



>> No.53207323 [SPOILER] 


Well, I don't know about "greatest", but I tell you what, them keleshites are seriously good eating.

>> No.53207324

Which empire is the griffons?

>> No.53207343

Taldor? Isn't their gimmick griffons or am I getting shit mixed up.

>> No.53207367


No, their thing were lions.

None of the civilizations have a thing for griffins.

>> No.53207374


>> No.53207376

I want to marry a bootylicious Keleshite qt!

>> No.53207386

Pff. Not unless they start using ass implants like real arabs.

>> No.53207387

Good taste.

>> No.53207415

Is the ridiculous ACP worth the AC at lower levels? Getting medium to heavy armor that you can afford with L1 wealth seems like a great way to drown/plummet to your doom.

Then again, so is getting beaten to death...

>> No.53207427

Which is a shame because I'd totally bang a griffon.

>> No.53207444

Its all about your class. Don't get armor as a monk.

If you are a paladin, you can spare the armor, so spring for it. If you are a barbarian, your mass HP will cover for you.

But yeah, the acp can be shit at low levels, but that is generally the idea.

>> No.53207451

But they're dumb eagle-lions!

>> No.53207455

Get four Mirror armor and an armored kilt

>> No.53207471

Yes, generally speaking. One lucky hit can shave off most of your health if you're not careful, and that's from weak monsters.

AC ages like milk, but the best defense is to not get hit in the first place, and at low levels you need to not get hit. If your GM requires you to do a lot of running and jumping, bring gear along to mitigate that--rope, ladders, grappling hooks, etc. If he's going to just make you "plummet to your doom" anyway, then he's going to kill you regardless of how well armored you are.

>> No.53207511

/pfg/ I'm bored

Should I write something? I wanna write something

>> No.53207517

What kind of stuff do you enjoy writing?

>> No.53207522

Why is there a tiefling plague doctor with fat tits?

>> No.53207531

write some sexy kobold smut.

do it, anon

>> No.53207543

PM me, Anon. We could write something together!

>> No.53207545

>wanting all your stuff taken because of inheritance laws
Unless of course you want an copt- I mean Osirion/Avistani Keleshite, in which case go for it. Find your delicious caramel goddess!

>> No.53207549

Cross-shipping smut go go go.

>> No.53207550

She's an herbalist in search of the Next Big Thing within the herbal cornucopia that is the Mwangi Expanse.

She's got fat tits because she's got fat tits!

>> No.53207552


Why not write a kind and uplifting poem for your mother?

>> No.53207569

I dabble in a lot of things but setting stuff is what I do enjoy. Especially when it's not standard fantasy stuff. Got suggestions?


Sorry bruv but I don't write smut. Cross-over "what-if" encounters though, I might consider.


I suck at poetry though.

>> No.53207599

>I dabble in a lot of things but setting stuff is what I do enjoy.

How about a tavern confrontation between a crown loyalist and Rostlandic patriot in Brevoy?

>> No.53207608

Okay, so I'm currently planning for the future of Micolash Cage, and I'm not quite sure what I want. Blaster seems the most Cage-y, but being a blaster is the weakest form of wizardry. What should I do?

>> No.53207609

I'm going to throw in my hat and say that, were it not for the shitty writing and execution of geopolitics, it would be the Mwangi, especially given their peoples penchant for shitting out powerful archwizards in great number, and said archwizards having been some of the biggest movers and shakers in the Inner Sea.

Mwangi are to Golarion what white people are to Earth

>> No.53207611

But I'm not good with Golarion! I need to read up on it! I do better with settings I make on my own!

>> No.53207623

>Mwangi are to Golarion what white people are to Earth

I understand this is fantasy, but there's such a thing as suspension of disbelief

>> No.53207629

>it would be the Mwangi, especially given their peoples penchant for shitting out powerful archwizards in great number, and said archwizards having been some of the biggest movers and shakers in the Inner Sea.

Bull-fucking-shit, if you read the actual lore for the Mwangi it says they're an extremely insular and secretive people that have only very, very recently begun to leave the Expanse and explore Golarion.

>> No.53207635

Aside from a few wizard colleges and Jatembe(who was admittedly really fucking important) they don't really do much.

>> No.53207639

I got it! I got it!

Not!Japanese bird-people entertaining a Not!French foreign dignitary!

>> No.53207646

But Jatembe was nethys and shieeet

>> No.53207650

Nex. Jatembe. That guy who invented Sun Orchid Elixer and created the whole economy of Thuvia

Nex, the guy who nearly conquered Absolam, was a Mwangi

>> No.53207657

What archwizards? The only one they had is dead. And he was a peaceful man who barely even left the jungle (I don't even remember his name he was so uninteresting). If you're talking about Nex and Geb, neither are Mwangi.

>> No.53207659

Exactly! Eagle for the front gives you perpetual bedroom eyes and wings, and lion butt gives you something furred to hold onto without having to worry if you're going to rip out any feathers.

>> No.53207663


Jatembe was important, but I think his accomplishments are hardly as notable as the accomplishments of the Taldan Empire.

>> No.53207671


I will have to consider

Got any other ideas for it?

>> No.53207674

>The only one they had is dead. And he was a peaceful man who barely even left the jungle
Jatembe is MIA and he traveled fucking everywher. Made deals with gods and demons and then fucked off to go Baba Yaga some other planet.

>> No.53207676

I want to bangGilda

>> No.53207691

I mean.

Making sure how to do Arcane magic so that knowledge wasn't fucking lost forever is pretty fucking important.

>> No.53207692

Which meme is that?

>> No.53207697

Too bad you're never, ever going to find a griffin in your campaign!

Besides, if a griffin fuggs you it's going to keep fugging you for the rest of your days, they mate for life!

>> No.53207701

Nex and Geb are both Garundi, not Mwangi. Learn your lores.

>> No.53207706



Oh no, not the griffon bitch, even if she was kinda hot, NOT HERE, NOT NOW

>> No.53207728



>> No.53207730


Frenchman inadvertently helps an official confront his drinking problem, another reconcile with his estranged son, and unwittingly receives one of the local potentate's daughters as a wife.

>> No.53207735

Four mirror is ridiculous, it has the exact same stats as chain mail but a third of the price.

>> No.53207746

She better not bare those tits! If she gets dirty, that could lead to the spread of disease!

>> No.53207756

Where's that one pdf that was here of the book containing all the major magical people in the Inner Sea?

>> No.53207761

How about Gabby

>> No.53207768

>She better not bare those tits! If she gets dirty, that could lead to the spread of disease!

That's what rubbing yourself down in antiseptic oils is for, anon. I bet she can get some with SPF too, for when she wants to get a nice, even tan.

>> No.53207769

This. Garundi are pretty swank. Mwangi are very reclusive and quiet.

>> No.53207772


I feel like there's a reference I'm missing, and yet, something tells me I'm better off.

>> No.53207773


>> No.53207778

You're not hearing me complaining about that! Besides, everyone knows that when you bang a griffon you get QT harpy daughters out of it.

Best girl

>> No.53207782


Mwangi are reclusive and insular, and are only recently beginning to explore the outside world.

Garundi are Empire Builders, and considered incredibly cultured.

Keleshite are money-grubbing smug bastards.

>> No.53207793

>Besides, everyone knows that when you bang a griffon you get QT harpy daughters out of it.

T-That's not how it works, when you bang a griffin you just get barbs and stuffed! They can't interbreed with Humans.

>> No.53207796

What about her thighs?

>> No.53207810

Did I stutter when I said nice, even tan? Those oils are going all over her. She'll need someone to work it into her back, though.

>> No.53207816

That might be a bit too much, though I do have ideas for it. Perhaps a dignitary from the Republic and his (not!Varangian Guard) bodyguard being entertained by the Eastern birdfolk? Maybe a tease of a setting? I've had ideas for a setting in this style for a while

>> No.53207823

Barbs and stuff are only something you need to worry about if you're a girl or gay. Besides, that's totally how that works! If it works for Zeus, it will work for us.

>> No.53207839


Go for it, paisan.

>> No.53207867

She'll need some strong, skilled hands for that. But would she prefer the calloused hands of a fighter or the slender fingers of a sorcerer?

>> No.53207921

How do you build him?

>> No.53207926

I think she'd want whichever fingers were willing and able to work the oil all over her back, butt and thighs.

>> No.53208008


>> No.53208045

Through years of desperation.

>> No.53208047

So tell me /pfg/, what are the mechanical advantages to lesbianism in Pathfinder?

I heard it was made by a bunch of turbo-liberals who couldn't even let gay men have their special Sacred Band psychic sign language without eventually nixing that for a rebellious version for lesbians and breeders.

>> No.53208057

Well then, I was thinking of making a monk anyways. Why not have him go full Zatoichi?

>> No.53208075

>what are the mechanical advantages to lesbianism in Pathfinder?

There are none?

>> No.53208080

There are none. Play a different game.

>> No.53208098

Please PM them, /pfg/
Time's running out!

>> No.53208116

Why don't YOU PM them, anon? You've been telling us and telling us and telling us some more to do something you might not be doing! Practice what you preach!

>> No.53208121

>Time's running out!
Is there something I should know?

>> No.53208137

There's another man!

>> No.53208152

You are the worst cancer.

>> No.53208157

One the one hand, I got a great game with some great players

On the other hand, NO PMs!

>> No.53208161

>he doesn't remember Vult

It hasn't even been that long!

>> No.53208192

I never get PMs, and I've been mentioned pretty regularly.
Being a meme player doesn't get you attention except in the thread.

>> No.53208208

That was a self generating cancer and you know it

>> No.53208246

Poor chaika-anon

>> No.53208249

can you not

>> No.53208259

>Being a meme player doesn't get you attention except in the thread.

This is very, very true.

>> No.53208263

Nope, it's in my blood.

>> No.53208287

Who are you, Anon?

I'll PM you!

>> No.53208298


>I've been PMing Chaika-anon since before PMing was a meme

I give him a "cute as heck"/10

>> No.53208307



>> No.53208310

are there any fellow anons part of THAT tournament?

the teambased 30 man pvp tourney

don't hide it from me, I can easy tell when a channer is outside his natural habitat

>> No.53208315


>> No.53208328

I...I...I already did, Anon. It was magical!

>> No.53208330

PM the memes and see what you get!

>are there any fellow anons part of THAT tournament?
I thought the Celestial Tournament was a bamboozle.

>> No.53208338

you better check again, the DM started purging inactives just yesterday. teams are being formed and there's still time to join.

>> No.53208355

Post some credentials, and you'll get some PMs. That's how it works!

>> No.53208361


>> No.53208372

Who are you, Anon? Just being unpopular isn't a big enough hint!

>> No.53208373

>teams are being formed

What, with all six of the applicants that are still around?

>> No.53208379

How many tentacle spells are there in Pathfinder? Just Black Tentacles and Grasping Tentacles?

>> No.53208381

Who did you PM?

>> No.53208386

24 actually.
4 teams have formed ready.
6 slots = 1 team left.

>> No.53208390




And we love you for that

>> No.53208399


>> No.53208408

>>53208399 is lying.
I actually PMed Sleep

>> No.53208417

Lying is a sin

>> No.53208423

I don't know who that is, Anon. It's sad, because I really wanted to PM you, but I can't!

>> No.53208450


I'm, uhh.

The nonlewd one.

>> No.53208451

>He doesn't know about BOSS DICK

>> No.53208453


>> No.53208458


>> No.53208469

To clarify, is it possible for a person who has 8 Cha to actually be considered attractive somehow?

My fighter who has 8 Cha whos modeled after a JRPG protagonist has a few admirers already despite being extremely socially awkward

>> No.53208485

Describe him as attractive, compensate for the low score with ruining his charisma in other facets of his character.

>> No.53208488

>To clarify, is it possible for a person who has 8 Cha to actually be considered attractive somehow?

Oh, absolutely. Charisma 8 does not mean they're unattractive, it just means the moment they open their mouth to reply to someone admiring their muscles, they say something retarded.

>> No.53208493

It means they're very, very unpleasant to talk to, unpersuasive, unintimidating, bad at lying, bad at performance, and bad at magic wands.

>> No.53208497

Yes. Orik is considered darkly handsome at fucking 8 charisma while Lyrie is described as homely looking with 11 Charisma.

Charisma is ultimately personality and overall demeanor, not looks.

>> No.53208498

8 cha can mean you're a bit of a sperg, so all you have to do is be yourself and you'll do just fine

>> No.53208501


>> No.53208507


You better give me some of them pink envelopes, bucko.

>> No.53208514

This is so painful yet actually true for me

My characters can have 16-20 cha by default but get RPd like they have 8 Cha because of me

>> No.53208516

8 Charisma isn't even "what the fuck is wrong with you" territory. It's just a little below average.

It's when you go into <=7 that you get into legitimately unpleasant to deal with territory.

>> No.53208521

>PM the memes and see what you get!

Did we ever get a progress report from Harem Anon? How many badges do they have?

>> No.53208527

People already know me and my quality! except for the timestamps

>> No.53208540


So... Are you telling me if I know I'm an autistic sperg with character conversations, I should just drop my Charisma to 7 and "act" like they're awkward?

>> No.53208541

I bet they're too much of a coward to PM their easiest target! Harem Anon is a bamboozler and a liar!

>> No.53208557

Just add some stuttering and use a blushing anime girl profile picture and people will call you cute.

>> No.53208568

Who would the easiest target even be? Sleep?

>> No.53208580

Obviously Rory or Sleep. Harem Anon claimed the former would even likely be his first claim!

>> No.53208593


Sleep is ultra-easy, can confirm.

I wish I was as Chadly as he was.

>> No.53208615

Reminder that if you're a sub, you should dump Cha so you can't resist the advances of the doms

>> No.53208618

I can't kiss and tell, Anon! But I do encourage you to follow your dreams and get your ERP on as soon as you can!

>> No.53208632

Resisting advances is Wisdom, anon

>> No.53208638

But he keeps making beta-as-fuck anime stereotypes. How can he be a Chad?

>> No.53208642


Not if you're trying to seduce them before they can seduce you.

>> No.53208645

I bet she thinks you're a good for nothing Don Juan for gloating about conquering her, anon! For shame.

>> No.53208650

That helps, but I know loads of nonlewd people. You'll have to do better!

>> No.53208675

But it was a boy, Anon

>> No.53208681

She has logs? Last I heard, she wasn't in the game yet.

>> No.53208686


Don't go for the easy marks, go for one of the Big Boys with Big Poise! Who are the tough nuts?

>> No.53208690


But anon.

Beta as fuck anime stereotypes tend to be SWIMMING in harem pussy when surrounded by anime stereotypes.

And guess what all the women in /pfg/ games are?

>> No.53208702

Kyras is a beta-as-fuck anime stereotype?

>> No.53208705


She has transformations, right?

Then it's happened.

>> No.53208712

Well, what is it?

>> No.53208722

>wanna-be Don Quixote with a crush on the uptown girl
>escaped slave
>arena fighter who also cooks and sews as a hobby
>pro wrestler heel by way of A Knight's Tale
In what way are any of these exclusively anime stereotypes?

>> No.53208728


What did I miss!

>> No.53208731


>> No.53208749

There's theoretically greentexts incoming

Short version :
Temeria has a play by post going on right now, she got in a tussle with some drakes while fleeing the spider golem

The main party is still wrapping up the martels (one of them fell asleep mid fight and things got delayed till Sunday) so Temeria is controlling an NPC in the scene

>> No.53208759

Hmm, what if it was a trick?

>> No.53208772

Are you telling me.
Do you expect me to believe.
That someone would LIE?
On /tg?
On /pfg/ of all threads?

>> No.53208779

This wasn't mentioned anywhere in the thread. Go home, Vult.

>> No.53208789

Vult was talking in the secret discord channel

>> No.53208794

>Harem Anon prides themselves as getting all the notches on their bedpost
>Fails to even get the two easiest names

>> No.53208809

If he's ultra-easy wouldn't he be the slut and the people picking him up be the Chad?

>> No.53208813

Reminder for those losing faith in their TSS apps after the result surge in celeb apps: Rory hates the RotJR crew because they've got the kind of memepower that he wishes he had without half the shilling effort he had to put in.

>> No.53208822

If Harem Anon is anything like most people, he probably thinks of the easy ones as no real challenge and thus not prestigious.

Ask yourself: Would the thread be more likely to go apeshit if you managed to ERP with a character from PLD? Or with someone like Onryou or Gamze?

>> No.53208825

>without half the shilling effort he put in

are you new

>> No.53208836

I think we need more types of men here. There's Chads, and there's Betas, and there's Daddies, but what's a man like Sleep? What's a Rory?

>> No.53208838


>hates the RotJR crew
>Has four+ members of them applying to his game


>> No.53208839

Notches are notches, the easy ones are still a tick on your wall!

>> No.53208840

I have to join the cabal to get the news on Temeria? Fuck this then.

>> No.53208857


>> No.53208860

Aren't Onryou and Gamze's players lewdsters? Does anyone other than DHB even known to be difficult?

>> No.53208864


Sleep is an absolute madman

>> No.53208868

>she's pregnant
>with drakes
I can't wait for the logs.

>> No.53208884

>people complain when it's talked about in thread

>people complain when Vult doesn't fill the threads with it and talks about it elsewhere instead

PLD really can't catch a break.

>> No.53208892


There's a compromise: Why don't the group just quietly release things to some sort of invite-only repository?

>> No.53208920

...Anon, that's EXACTLY what >>53208840 is complaining about.

>> No.53208923


You know how some insects mate once for life, but keep producing young?

>> No.53208925

There's another compromise: How about you let us talk about a pathfinder game being played by the people from /pfg/ in /pfg/, and stop being a puritanical bitch?

>> No.53208929

Can Bushi and Steelfist Commando stack?

>> No.53208940

>emerald spire.pdf
>two of the pc's are sort of affectionate to each other.
>maybe even in love
>floor 3 comes
>oh shit its a home brew race dragonborn cleric
>parley for safe passage
>one of them offers to be a hostage
>*grins* sure thing! Whose going to stay?
>little sub girl of the duo offers herself up.
>after some internal fighting its agreed upon.
>rest of the party gets to go to the next floor
>talk to the sub pc privately, we decide to ERP
>drugged, raped, virginity taken, impregnated. She loves it all. Decides to change faith to calistria.
>other pc hears about the private scene, swears if she finds out in game shes going to commit suicide out of feelings of failure

I am cucking my pc's to DEATH

>> No.53208944


It's barely pathfinder, though.

It's almost all freeform PbP.

With pathfinder combat being used sparingly as a pretext to more freeform gameplay.

F-List pathfinder games(they exist) don't belong here. Why should this?

>> No.53208963

Stop talking out your ass.

You have no idea how much RP is done as play by post, or if they've ignored pathfinder rules in the slightest. You in fact have no reason to believe they ever ignore the rules beyond what a normal game fudges.

>> No.53208967

So, basically, the drakes pumped her so hard all her ovaries are fertilized?

That's kind of dark!

>> No.53208968

Spoken like a true anon who's judging the entire game by cherrypicking the negative rumors so they have material to complain about.

>> No.53208985

Y'know, when Vult pitched this idea, I was hoping for something far more Corruption of Champions and far less Victim Girls.

And that's all I have to say about that.

>> No.53208986

>XXX : Parthanogenesis : You now reproduce asexually, without the need to infringe on territory. If your 2 month menstrual cycle ends with you not pregnant, one of your eggs will self fertilize with a clone of yourself. You also are able to secrete shells

>> No.53209006

When Vult pitched the idea I thought it was Bloodborne with the standard amount of lewd for a /pfg/ game.

>> No.53209017

Compared to that, what's Overlewd going to be like? I heard "Saints Row 2" bandied about for a while, but is it going to stay true to its promise of monstergirls? Or will this turn out to be just another monster rape game?

>> No.53209024

>she lays eggs containing herself
I have so many questions. How large are the eggs? Does anything she's impregnated with come out as an egg, or just her clones? Why is it two months, and not an egg-laying every month?

>> No.53209058


Nope, Vult is actually clever in how he has designed his scenarios to intentionally split and isolate party members so nobody can ever have a fair fight ever.

>> No.53209070

New Thread


>> No.53209076


Clone babies have implications I can't even begin to fathom.

Wait wait, how long is this game supposed to run? Is this game going to have a scope of decades to account for all the pregnancies and child-rearing downtime segments?

>> No.53209087

And now you see why so many people were ass blasted by it. Everyone saw what they wanted to see, and only the party that got picked actually saw what Vult was going for.

The app process worked.

>> No.53209103

All that tells me is that Vult sucks at telling people what he actually means when he says things.

>> No.53209104


Except for slow, but he got in anyway?

Anyway, Vult said that it was going to be a bloodborne game.

>> No.53209108

Is it bad that I hadn't even considered child rearing? I thought she was just popping out an egg every couple months and crushing it underfoot as an unholy abomination

>> No.53209109

Why was there zero Overlewd salt? Weren't a lot of people posting about confusion over the tone?

>> No.53209135

>literally opens with "dude, monster rape campaign"
>only adds to it when people go "that can't carry a premise"
>people only saw what they wanted to see

>> No.53209159

>Is it bad that I hadn't even considered child rearing?

We don't know how hard Vult is going to try and push the idea that they should take care of some of their monstrous rape babies.

But yes, I figure Cashmere's going to kill her eggs and 5th player's going to do the same. Gloriana's the wildcard, and someone I think that might actually take care of the thing.

>> No.53209161

The greatest mystery of our time.

>> No.53209184

Sleep needed to advertise the Saints Row aspect of the campaign more so. A LOT of the apps were a lot more serious and were anticipating, y'know, a bit more serious/gritty campaign one of those apps being my own

>> No.53209198

It depends how Vult does egg pregnancy, I imagine. If you pop out an eggplant-sized egg every month with a speck of a fetus in it, you're probably not going to think too hard about crushing it. If you're stuck carrying it for a few months and by the time you drop it, it's nearly ready for birth, you're going to smash it once, see your own broken infant face, and kneel in the spilled amniotic fluids, fucked up for the rest of your life. You'll probably take better care of the next one.

>> No.53209227

Sleep's just a more attentive lover

>> No.53209235

Slow and Vult know each other from a previous smut game

Pretty much everything was posted day 1 on the roll20, just with some problem swatting like the loan option.

He caved on the manifestation details because so many people didn't get it, and then he went and picked the people who got it in the first place.

You're conflating Vult's lack of communication with people getting all their information from the threads only and not the roll20. People were spreading misinfo from day 1, and he had to make a bunch of posts saying "No, I didn't say that."

>> No.53209249

Reminder to PM the 5th and report back if she's cute!


>> No.53209250

>Slow and Vult know each other from a previous smut game

They found that out AFTER he got in.

>> No.53209291

>day 1 on the roll20

The roll20 wasn't the first thing people saw. They saw the pitch of "who wants to play a monster rape game" in the thread before the roll20 was up. Not that it actually matters, because the obsession with Philanthropic Legless Dryads is bizarre and nonsensical.

>> No.53209317


When Sleep was allowing monstergirls you should've had the sense to realize it wasn't going to be serious. In fact, serious games are the worst because none of you useless nerds can play a serious character to save your life.

Most of the time the "serious" apps are just "Hey look I have a mental illness"

>> No.53209334

I STILL don't know what the tone was. Was it supposed to be light hearted? Only one app that is sort of close to light-hearted got picked

>> No.53209344

Okay, I'm slightly delierious from lack of sleep

But look at PLD in hindsight, knowing he got a stellar group he hasn't had any complaints about and they haven't complained about him (the schedule issue with Slow not withstanding)

He pitched a tone and an idea, and challenged /pfg/ to pitch an appropriate character.

Most of /pfg/ got it wrong, but there were 6-7 stand outs that hit the nail on the head, and he happily scooped them up.

The reason people are upset is because even though he fucking offered reviews and complaints about their apps before the deadline, they still didn't figure it out, and clearly still haven't.

Now mix that with puritanical shitposters spreading mis-info and slander, and claiming he said the exact opposite of what he actually said, or coming up with outrageous lies like the price of the loan was pre-game ERP.

This is what you get from that

>> No.53209350

But I DID submit a monstergirl!

>> No.53209374


Well I'm sorry you didn't get in. Some of the apps that were accepted were terrible so I have no idea what Sleep was even going for. Practically felt like he threw darts at a board.

>> No.53209376

As far as I can tell the game is full on Magical Realm, with the players having to essentially be "oh no Mr. Monster, please don't violate me" kind of characters.

I've read Vult's typing enough to know that it's you dude, why you gotta act like it isn't.

>> No.53209387


t. vult

Nobody who even applied is a /pfg/ regular. They were all randos or literally whos.

You can frame this as "HE DARED TO DREAM" all you want.

But in the end, nobody wanted to dream. Just a few really pathetic people.

>> No.53209405


No, it's Wist. That is 100% Wist's writing style.

>> No.53209406

>literally who

I will tear you limb from limb and vomit blood into your throat as I set us both ablaze!

>> No.53209409


This just in, you need PFG celeb status to be considered "worthy". PLD is truly an infinite salt mine

>> No.53209410

>with the players having to essentially be "oh no Mr. Monster, please don't violate me" kind of characters
I only get that feeling from Kenna. It's not really a "feeling" with Emilia because it's on their f-list, and also that character sucks.

>> No.53209425

I mean, I don't feel too bad about it. Sleep picked the characters he liked.

I do agree though- 4916 is just /pure shit/, same deal with the knightboys, Umbranae, and I honestly can't remember anyone other than Cijiska (who was okay at least). Overlewd's apps were hyped up and they didn't live up to it.

>> No.53209449

Which app was yours, Anon? Tell us, and I'll explain why the selected apps were all better than yours.

>> No.53209458


4916 was great for how ass blasted it made this thread

>> No.53209497

Nah, that's over and done with, I think I'll just reuse that character for another campaign or game I run in the future, or keep them around in the roster

Great for trolling, a really, really shitty character and concept otherwise

>> No.53209527

Wow, Anon won't step up when he gets called out. What a loser!

>> No.53209574


I'm gonna let sleeping dogs lie. Especially in an ANONYMOUS forum, aye?

>> No.53209575


It's pathetic, but expected of someone who couldn't manage to write an app good enough to edge out two joke apps LN knightfags and the horribly written mess that was the other apps.

>> No.53209622

>endless fantasies about getting crushed into a singularity by Umbranae and 4916
>selection day arrives
>sleep is an absolute madman
>they both get in
>I don't

Just let me drift away into nothingness

>> No.53209637

I wanted a catty group of monster moms to conquer the empire, rather than the two harems that are the two Overlewd groups

>> No.53209655

Crytha was a shit app from a shit player that should not have been surprised he didn't get in

>> No.53209668

>shit app

It was okay, if overshadowed by memes and unshilled.

>shit player

No arguments there

>> No.53209670


PM them anon.

>> No.53209713

Absolutely more shilled than all of the apps that got accepted, with the possible exceptions of Kenna and Cijiska

>> No.53209746

I used to make martials (mostly knights) because everybody in my group wanted to play squishy characters. Even though I now have the freedom to play a caster like I wanted, I keep making martials out of habit. It's a prison of my own device.

>> No.53210015

how could you do something like this anon

also what is emerald spire

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