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Giants edition

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs
[UESRPG - P&P RPG] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pTgTN2aJUoY95JtquowagfUJLL7tCQYhzJKcCAcbvio/edit?usp=sharing
[Scrollhammer - Tabletop Wargame] http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Scrollhammer_2nd_Edition
Discussion in #Scrollhammer (irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (port 6667))

>Lore Resources
[The Imperial Library] http://www.imperial-library.info/
[/r/teslore] http://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/
[UESP/Lore] http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Main_Page
[Pocket Guide to the Lore] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AtsWXZKVqB4Q825_SwINY6z4_9NaGknXgeOknOCDuCU/edit
[Elder Lore Podcast] http://www.elderlore.wordpress.com/
[How to Become a Lore Buff] http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1112211-how-to-become-a-lore-buff/

>General Rules
This is NOT /tesg/ minus waifus, so behave properly.
Keep the squabbling to a minimum.
No waifus/husbandos except for Fargoth and Arrille

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So, Giants.

Tell me about'em.

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Why do they have tusks?
Why do they have elf ears?

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I'm wondering too, now that you bring those up

>> No.53200226

That guy's tusks are animal tusks he's twined into his beard.

>> No.53200337

And horns!

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Giants (karstaag?) are a subgradial dawntime Atmoran entity somewhere between men, mer, trolls, the Ilyadi, the karstaag (?) and dragons. Possibly transkalpic, if that even means anything anymore.

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When is the right time to read c0da for a beginner

>> No.53200865

You should ideally not be a beginner by the time you read it. If you're asking as a beginner, then you should read it last.

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Play through Morrowind's main quest, read some of its books while doing so and just get acquainted with the story and lore.
Read all the 36 Lessons.
Read some of Kirkbride's out-of-game texts primarily 'Vehk's Teaching' and the Loveletter.

You should be ready then.

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Stop asking about giants.

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They're big. Herd Mammoths. Like painting and tattoos. Live in small nomadic communities. Like hitting people they don't like with a club. Tend to keep to themselves.

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Last thread there was discussion about Almalexia potentially mantling Boethia?

Would that have any effect on Boethia's sphere at all?

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First for /Bretonmasterrace/

Objectively best race. Prove me wrong.

Pro tip: You might

>> No.53202976

I wouldn't say objectively,
but they are my favorite

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No, because they would have be similar enough in the first place for the mantling to qualify. Boethia is the Anticipation of Almalexia (or the other way around post-Red Year), and it's sort of a soft mantling in the case of Almsivi.

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>Almalexia potentially mantling Boethia
Who comes up with dumb shit like this?

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They're monsters!

>> No.53204229

They are Atmorans who fell for Herma Mora's ruse and became Aldmer.

>> No.53204269 [SPOILER] 

I'll get on that then

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>Short Blade
>Velothian Helmet
Hey, not ba-
>DB armor on low level
>Hlaalu robe

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literally my first time

>> No.53204484

You better enjoy this experience, one only plays Morrowind blind once.

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The concept of the anticipations is just temple propaganda to win daedra worshipers over to tribunal worship. It has nothing to do with mantling.

>> No.53204548

This. Literally the same thing as Saturnalia -> Christmas.

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Does toilet paper exist in TES?

Or do they use something else?

Do they use paper, or parchment?

Does tobacco exist?

>> No.53204622

>Does tobacco exist?
It's an ingredient in Oblivion.

>> No.53205539

Oblivion isnt canon.

>> No.53205573

Fair enough.
Tobacco is also mentioned in The Wolf Queen, v.4.

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The Trial of Vivec has a giant spiel about hoe the Tribunal had stolen their path to godhood from the Good Daedra and even goes so far as to state the following
>our people throwing our mantles to us across stars
The inference seems pretty clear.

>> No.53208118

>implying the Trial is not itself a piece of ALMSIVI propaganda

>> No.53208223

>Oblivion isn't canon.
What did he mean by this?

>> No.53210003

>implying you're not yourself a piece of propaganda

>> No.53211083

That has got to be one the most beautiful things one can say to another

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>Christmas is exactly 9 months after Easter because tradition dictates jewish sages are created and die on the same day
>Saturnalia is on the 17th to 23rd
>le saturnalia is Christmas XDDDD
Terrible meme

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serious though, thanks for all the hard work

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Are you retarded?

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Any reason for this to be so dead?

>> No.53213614

We are all dead


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>5 years since last game
>almost no tg related fan creation
>4chan culture rejects newcomers, people are turned off by the prospect of getting aggressive criticism that isn't constructive
>there are so many alternatives to choose for tes discussions for any level of interest
>regardless of the plausibility or creativity of the idea/product, atmosphere of discourse is so repelling that it forces people to be defensive and argumentative
>not much original creation coming out of tgesg other than shitpost

Those who are not bothered by these, stay. Incidentally, not many put up with it and go somewhere else. Many people on Reddit or forums occasionally visit here but why would they ever get involved. Why not just Download le memes, post on imgur or Reddit, get upboats and never come back.

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Anon, we got official the stone translation less than 5 years ago. The only ones that are defensive are the ones baselessly attacking a certain involved loremaker. Stop spewing shit, I haven't had my coffee yet.

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Michael "Cuck" Kirkbride deserves to be attacked given a) his anti-semitism and b) his recent claim that Morrowind should no longer be considered canon

>> No.53214067

>a) his anti-semitism
Eh, who car-
>and b) his recent claim that Morrowind should no longer be considered canon
Wait, what the fuck did this faggot say?

>> No.53214111

Morrowind is allowed, right? It's got d&d combat :^)
asking here because vg is vg
Does anyone know of any mods that add offensive mysticism spells? I want to throw an Elmekia lance

>> No.53214122

>add offensive mysticism spells
You get fucking Absorb, what else do you want?

>> No.53214128

I want shamanistic magic to attack from the astral plane and shit

>> No.53214139

Wait for post-1.0 OpenMW then. No way to add new spell effects currently.

>> No.53214408

*tips mutilated dick*

>> No.53214432

What happened?

>> No.53214523

Given the lack of response, apparently literally nothing happened.

>> No.53214809

Some Oy Vey is sperging

>> No.53216283

So when someone achieves amaranth do they zero sum? What happens to them afterwards?

>> No.53216394

No, they don't. They become the Godhead of a new Dream, as Anu is to the current.

>> No.53216617

But what happens to their presence in the world they are in? Both Anu and Vivec+Jubal buggered of somewhere, but why?

>> No.53216728

We don't really know. All we have to go off of is how Anu "hid himself in the sun and slept" which is connected to the state of sensory deprivation mentioned in the Loveletter.

>God outside of all else but his own free consciousness, hallucinating for eternity...
>...a subject in sensory deprivation begins to hallucinate after only twenty minutes.

>> No.53218404

Elven supremacy is Only truth

>> No.53218629

I see "hid himself in the Sun" as running away from responsabilities, hiding from the world in fear/regret, just like Magnus(the Sun) did it.

>> No.53219563

Why did Winterhold collabse

>> No.53219854

It done got fucked up.

>> No.53219915

Maybe it was blowback from the euroption of red mountain

>> No.53219937

Fuck Giants, explain Centaurs to me. What the hell are they?

>> No.53219981

Half horse people.

>> No.53219987

furry ehlnofey

>> No.53220000


>> No.53220083

>What the hell are they?
They're the mystical creatures known as "Retconned".

>> No.53220858

Skyrim version of A Dance In Fire still has a mention of centaurs.

>> No.53221085

>implying they dont just copy paste the books to be able to say shut like "so much story, such great depth" at game shows
How many original, good books were written for Skyrim? Not many. ESO is the worst in this, we all know it. They dont care about books, nor developing the game world outside of quests. They write a single paragraph of utter shit, call it a book and say oh what stories we tell. God I fucking hate that """""lore master"""""" too. Books in TES is the only thing in life that makes me go REEEEE

Judging by the way it goes, they will turn TES back into a DnD setting.

>> No.53221147

Please don't remind me, anon. I almost fucking puked when I saw LadyNigger posting pic related.

>> No.53221320

A retcon is when something is when something is literally overwritten in the lore (i.e jungles of Cyrodiil).
Just because Centaurs haven't been acknowledged in a while does not mean they have been retconned.

>> No.53222369

So, I gotta say I like ESO's version of Vvardenfel ruins as a half-way point between Skyrim and Morrowind, but the new Daedric ruins don't really look all that good. (And hell I thought they were supposed to be intact during the Interregnum, but that was just a personal idea of when they were built.)

Absorb is pretty fucking based, not sure how you need more than that/

>> No.53222388

Aaaand I forgot the image.

>> No.53222412

I guess because the texturing was simpler in Oblivion they could twist the upper polygons into crazy curls to look unearthly without looking glitchy, but still...

>> No.53222445

Fuck you, Matt

>> No.53222531

The colors are also all wrong and the reddish glyphed blocks are replaced with boring grey stone.

>> No.53222606

Ald'ruhn's crab is either not completely excavated or they really changed the shape.

The rest of the city is unbuilt which actually makes sense, as opposed to Seyda Neen which is practically identical in a blatant act of nostalgia-pandering.

>> No.53222635

I hate ESO but I gotta give it to them, Ald'Ruhn being an ashlander camp prior to Redoran coming is a neat idea. Redoran-Ashlander connection is an interesting one in generral.

>> No.53222869

>Actually, this all sucks

>> No.53222891

The greyer tones and stone floors make the anscestral tombs feel a bit more tomb like and a lot less cozy. (Really they felt super comfy in Morrowind, this is a change I don't like personally bur recognize is probably better thematically.)

The crab shell also sorta fits the the "Big over-tent covering up smaller Yurts." feeling

>> No.53222905

Clearly Matt was put in charge of the ESO Daedric ruins.

The fucker.

>> No.53222937

Sweet fucking christ the Velothi towers look like *SHIT* Even though they DO look more tower-like overall, they still look pretty shitty.

>> No.53222945

Why would skar be buried and of needing excavation

>> No.53222956

>The crab shell also sorta fits the the "Big over-tent covering up smaller Yurts." feeling
Yes, exactly. I've noticed it before, Redoran architecture and city planning had noticeable similarities to Ashlander ones. Huts and yurts are both round dwellings with the heath in center, and they are similarly placed.
Some Redoran designs are straight up copied from Ashlander ones.

>> No.53222970

What the fuck have these corprus maggots done to my Arvs-Drelen?

>> No.53223016

I asked this in a thread awhile back but I didn't get to see the answer.

Can anyone rip 3D models from Skyrim and then we can 3D print models for Scrollhammer? I would literally buy a 3D printer for this and mail people in the thread if they paid the postage/thread cost.

>> No.53223021

Uh... Yeah about those Redoran Barracks with the Horseshoe-crab tail...

>> No.53223093

I don't know shit about 3dprinting, but given all the empty space I think you would have to print it in multiple parts. So while I think it would be possible, I'd imagine it would take more planning than one would think.
But again, I don't know anything about this.

>> No.53223159

This ruin looks okay from a distance, though not like the source ruin at all. (It lacks the center tower with the big cluster of twisted bits at the top.)

>> No.53223164

Nah, you can rip a model and make it a tiny single-shot or two-part model unless you've got a LOT of detail. The pic I posted is too detailed and crazy for a minis game.

>> No.53223190

The original

>> No.53223269

I like how the failed incarnate is sorta tucked away, but I am not a fan of the new Azura statue, it's too nice and pretty with that dumb flower crown.

>> No.53223276

The image was obviously drawn by Kirkbride. The note is also Kirkbride, him telling Matt (lead artist) that he hates what he dislikes his own drawing and wants Matt to do one instead.

>> No.53223303

Is this shit for fucking real? They let you go into the cave of the incarnate?

>> No.53223355

Anon let's be real; that's not a failed incarnate.
That's just a mummy from like in Urshilaku Burial Caverns. Probably was there before the statue was.

>> No.53223369

Nothing is sacred for these people.

>> No.53223374


I hope there's a gag that lets you put on the ring and instantly die.

>> No.53223462

I count 2 mummies in that image.

>> No.53223905

This makes the hidden heretic monastery look substantially less well hidden.

>> No.53224140

They replaced the Fields Shrine with a fucking boring-ass lectern!

>> No.53224204

The statue of Vivec penetrating the Bug King is really pathetic.

Also the whole city is scaled even worse than the original, the floors are only at most two stories high at most.

>> No.53224243

>autistic screeching

>> No.53224253

Even the fully built cantons look fucking tiny, and each "Porch" section seems to have a really thin floor.

>> No.53224273

Holy shit the insides are nice though, even if there's NO way they'd fit the outside.

>> No.53224447

Oh, they just made the inside hallways SUPER short.

>> No.53224510

Look at these fucking tiny cantons! I had a suspiscion that the Morrowind ones were smaller on the outside than they should be, but the ESO ones are fucking minuscule!

>> No.53224529

The comparison shot.

>> No.53224783

I changed my mind about liking the ceilings I think.

This here? This room? It's the fucking top of a Canton, y'know the parts that usually have whole buildings inside them!

>> No.53224983

The same Canton in Morrowind.

>> No.53225038

you sure are acting very surprised by all of this, anon.
why are you acting so very surprised, by any of this, anon?

>> No.53225262

It's not hard to kill the assassins that show up from the expansion even at first level, but you might have to get a little cheesy. Can't remember where he might have gotten the robe from. Maybe killed a dude in the Balmora temple.

>> No.53225281

>paper or parchment
If you mean in general, I'm pretty sure both are items in morrowind. If you mean as toilet paper, no clue.

>> No.53225299

I mean I beat my first assassin pretty easily, just quaffed a Sujamma and went apeshit on him.

>> No.53226079

Becasue the story is about You chasing down a rogue ashlander claiming to be the nerevarine

>> No.53226101

On that note, you know what irks me?
The lack of decent content from the TES fanbase. (Excluding general Casu-el/Skyrim bullshit).
Don't get me wrong, we have some decent shit (UESRPG, C0DA, etc.)

Look at the Warhammer 40k fanbase for example. They seem to have lot of good, original fan work, and this board is almost dedicated to them. Given, they've been around longer than us, but our fandom is still 23 years old.
And not to bust anyone's balls or be cynical, but how the fuck does a fandom of retarded zoophiliac teens and manchildren who watch a little girl's show about magical horses 6 years our junior churn out more original content than us?
I want lore-based web-series, I want some good music. I even want high-quality fanfiction, I don't even care if it's smut, as long as it's got lore nuances.
If things like these exist and I just don't know about them, PLEASE prove me wrong.
I just want more things to look at and say "Yeah, that was ALL us."

>> No.53226160

Because TES, until recently, produced very little new material at a steady rate. Warhammer has magazines with snippets of new lore and game content, the technicolor horsemeat has regular seasons. New content = fan traffic, fanart, OC, discussions of said content.

TES has the games, and a book. And after so many threads of saying the same things over and over, and a stubborn refusal to even acknowledge the new games, /tgesg/ is in decline.

Much like the Dwarfs of Warhammer fantasy, all we do is sit around, complaining about how terrible new things are, stubbornly clinging to the old ways, even as we are steadily left behind. The last of the old guard just waiting to die.

Except me, I'm going to ESO because the elves don't look like abominations and actually have an appeal that would explain why humans wanted to bang them throughout Nirn's history.

>> No.53226624

Probably some combination of infrequent release dates on official content and the deep intricate nature of the lore. I'm gonna hazard a guess and say there was quite a bit of content being created in 2011/2012 that fell off, and if anybody who was into fan content stuck around after that they may have been out off by just how much they'd need to know to be able to create anything "valid".

If you wanna compare it to ponyfuckers, all you need to do to "create" mlp "content" is to find one of probably dozens of programs that let you change superficial details on a basic pony shape to have a character, and from there just open a word processor and spew whatever comes to mind and nobody can really argue if your creation is canon or not. In TES, well in this very thread you've got people saying you need to read a dozen+ in game books, then the external works of a cokehead ex-employee, then an extensive fan compilation and interpretation of lore to really understand what's going on. That's quite the hurdle to overcome.

>> No.53227186

It's not like it has a lock. All you have to do is enter it when Azura wakes up to check her emails.

>> No.53227198

That's because most things ultimately come down to mods, and the only person who both mods and knows lore is trainwiz, and look how that turned out.

>> No.53227201

Well that and old lorefags are so damn salty that fanworks nearly every single time get shat on. Even if it's a total reimaginging like those 40k AU's, it will get blasted until the writers fuck off somewhere else.

This place can be pretty shitty for the uninitiated.

>> No.53227219

Funny because ESO tends to incorporate fanworks far more readily than normal TES. They made c0da and trainwiz canon with Morrowind, as well as some stuff from Tamriel Rebuilt.

>> No.53227288

Well that and majority fanworks now come from Skyrim and ESO, and /tgesg/ treats those as sacrosanct. Until TES VI comes out, then Skyrim will be the 'better game' and VI will be utter heresy..

>> No.53227331

>trainwiz canon
People keep saying this, where is it?

>> No.53227364

There's a lot of things, mostly the designs of the city, as well as a bunch of smaller stuff like humanoid fabricants and robot clones of existing people that go insane (which is part of a fun boss fight that actually forges and constructs robot clones of you and your party that you have to fight), and Sotha Sil's personality and a bunch of pieces of canon. There's a big 36 Lessons series of books that is Sotha Sil giving a huge amount of his ideas that echoes a lot of trainwiz's stuff.
It's also kind of terrifying since it amounts to him calling Lorkhan shit, the daedra not real, the Dwemer both dumb idiots and shit, Numidium the most dangerous thing ever, and how he's going to forcibly integrate everyone and everything into a mechanical hivemind and literally rebuild Anu. You get to see converted clockwork shalk and other animals at one point.

>> No.53227464

>copy/paste the books from previous games to TES:O despite them being written in a different era
>just pass it off saying how future authors plagiarized TES:O authors
Also, LadyN's tumblr is horrible. Jesus Christ that "LGBTQ in TES" section.

>> No.53227482

>just pass it off saying how future authors plagiarized TES:O authors
Actually it's Apocrphya's fault. Canonically Hermaeus Mora is able to get books from any alternate reality or time, and someone is smuggling them out.

>> No.53227490

They literally said the future authors ripped off and took credit for TES:O authors.

That time-lost dungeon bollocks came later.

>> No.53227492

>it's another episode of /tgesg/ throwing a tantrum

>> No.53227500

So? It's still the actual explanation. You want to whine whine about Bethesda using CHIM to explain Cyrodiil's retcon.

>> No.53227516

Is what-his-face, the one guy with the axe who is in the cavern in Morrowind, is he around? He was supposed to be alive during ESO's time

>> No.53227524

Yes, Conoon Chodala. He even has his equipment.

>> No.53227542

It's been a while anon, and they retconned themselves already. Just let it go. At this point you just look like you are desperate for a reason to be upset. It's petty.

>> No.53227555

I thought she worked for trainwiz or something on his game, what's wrong with her?

>> No.53227570

They even removed the skooma = actual sugar thing

>> No.53227634

No, the sugar plantations are still there. In fact one of the quests involves a Khajiit family that has to deal with the fact one of their family members was brewing skooma to make ends meet.

>> No.53228009

I've actually asked this as well several times, I do know about 3D printing and it still is a manual process, it isn't just pressing a button.

The closest thing I found is http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:850180/ and I made a Dwemer spider.

>> No.53228084

What were Mankar Camoran's/Mehrunes Dagon's goals in the Mundus in Oblivion? I re-read the Commentaries but they don't make a ton of sense without having played the game in a while.

>> No.53228140

>I'm going to ESO because the elves don't look like abominations and actually have an appeal that would explain why humans wanted to bang them
Jesus fucking Christ.

>> No.53228771

>he doesn't want to fuck morrowind graphics

>> No.53228911


To write something that people will care about, you must use characters they care about. In TES there are few characters that you know enough AND also have meaningful relationships with other characters.
And the ones who do, like the First Council, go with a really heavy lore. Without reading all the MK's shit and understanding at least 60% of it, understanding the character's vision of world etc, you cannot even write a story about Vehk blowing some random guy without feeling you're committing some kind of sacrilege.

>> No.53228944


>> No.53229178

I know this isn't tes, but having a toaster is both a blessing and a curse.
Games I play aren't gonna look nice or fancy, in order for me to spend time on them they need to actually be good games. But it sucks because I can never really share anything about my adventures because the only replies will be screeching from how shitty my graphics are.

>> No.53229233

Source? That would be really cool if its right.

>> No.53229261

Source is my ass_______.

>> No.53229564

>TESO Morrowind
Do the Dunmer at least have cancer in their entire respiratory system? If not, what is the point

>> No.53230264

Tell me about kothringi.

>> No.53230304

Tell us about your adventures, this isn't /v/

>> No.53230671

You're going to need to be a little knowledgeable in Nordic mythology for this one. In basic terms, there's a series of Nordic poetry about Dagon called the Aldudaggavelashadingas, the first of which details his transformation from the Leaper Demon King to into Dagon at the hand of Alduin. This is his punishment for saving bits and pieces of kalpas from destruction, and now he seeks to destroy them. Okay, that's simple enough.

Moving on to the Commentaries, and massively paraphrasing: Mehrunes was created in Lyg by wayward Magne Ge. Mehrunes + Dagon = Mehrunes Dagon. He is hope, liberation, and rebellion - Nu Mantia. Lyg falls.

Late 3E Cyrodiil. Mankar Camoran is either using MD or MD is using Mankar. Mankar uses Mehrunes (the Razor) to preform Nymic Surgery on himself, which allows him to wear the Chim-el Adabal. Mankar believes in the equivalent of a metaphysical conspiracy theory that Tamriel is the Daedric plane of Lorkhan. It could be argued that by toppling the Septim dynasty, Mehrunes Dagon achieved his desired revolution.

Those are the basics. Any questions?

>> No.53230733

The Kothringi were a Nedic tribe located in the area that would one day span the Nibenese valley and northern Black Marsh. They were described as having shimmering skin, and wacky theories link them to Hist eugenics/infiltration programs. They were wiped out by the Knahaten Flu and the last survivors sailed away.

>> No.53230793

What printer did you use?

Haha, thanks. That is actually my post, the one I was referencing. I'm not used to archives.

I'll go see if I can find someone on the /vg/ ESO thread who can rip models and report back. I'm sorry if they're all big titted elf rips.

>> No.53230830

Some Spanish brand, but it's a pretty standard printer.

>> No.53230941

Even considering that bullshit ass-pull of an explanation, it doesn't even add up. A shit load of the books from earlier games included in ESO were literally retconned to fit the game's setting.
It wasn't even an oversight, it's fairly clear, their original intentions.

>> No.53231137

His goals are actually very similar to the endgame seen in C0DA, however rather than create a new Amaranth he seems to want a world of New Men.

>> No.53231274

He's an anti-semite?
Why do you say that?

>> No.53231471

For the same reason trolls have elf ears.

>> No.53231603

>Those are the basics. Any questions?
Can you repeat this slower?

>> No.53231693

Just use the UESP wiki to look up terms you don't know bud

On a similar note, what were Miraak's metaphysical end goals? Other than taking over Solstheim
>inb4 that awful miraak speculation image

>> No.53231733

They're monsters?

>> No.53231776

Villains based on magic school:
>Necromaner: Mannimarco/N'Gasta
>Conjurer: Mankar Camoran
>Thu'um: Miraak
>Destruction: Jagar Tharn

What would an evil alteration mage look like? Or an evil alchemist?

or an evil restoration mage?

>> No.53231790

Alteration? Dagoth Ur, but he's not evil

>> No.53231805


>alteration - vivec
>restoration - dagoth ur

>> No.53231939

Alteration to me would be an Ayleid high priest of Sercen, devoted to one or more depraved Daedric Lords, capturing slaves and turning their still-living bodies into warped fantastic horror-art.

>> No.53231998

>turning their still-living bodies into warped fantastic horror-art

>> No.53232022

>Destruction: Jagar Tharn
Imperial Battlemage != Destruction specialist. Jagar sent Uri into Oblivion by the way of Conjuration and assumed his identity through Illusion.

>> No.53232085

Dagon wants to fuck shit up. He's been planning it for a long time, it's a big part of the plot of Arena, Battlespire, and to a lesser extent Shadowkey.

Check out the Nu-Mantia Intercept.

>> No.53232329

Not really close to what the Ayleids supposedly did with it. They put alteration-warped living slaves on display and/or tortured them purely for pleasure and to appease their Daedric Princes.

>> No.53232363

>buying into Marukhati propaganda that hard
Good goyim.

>> No.53232391

>his anti-semitism
based kirk holy shit

>> No.53232418

I don't buy it, his favorite race is at least 50% inspired by the hebrews

>> No.53232462

Nice try, Thalmor.

>> No.53232524

Considering the 3 most major religions in the world are hebrew related of course it would seem so. I honestly feel like they are more muslim inspired. Kirk just went mad with everything.

>> No.53232691

>3 most major
>Including Judaism in major religions

4chan amazes me. Hinduism is #3 behind Christianity/Islam, followed by Buddhism I believe. Not sure where non-religious people fall by percentage but it's a huge amount as well.

Jews barely account for a fraction of a percent of total population.

>> No.53232770

I meant at as influence, c'mon don't bite me over it.

>> No.53233257

>> No.53233652

>how the fuck does a fandom of retarded zoophiliac teens and manchildren who watch a little girl's show about magical horses 6 years our junior churn out more original content than us?
You have no idea who motivating autism can be. I should know, I've been a horsefucker for the better part of a decade.

But really, it's because of size, concentration, and the fact that the MLP fandom has a well established creative tradition.
By that I mean there's a active consumer base for art and stories, there's dedicated sites and competitions, and all those factors lowers the bar of entry for new content producers, and makes them more likely stick around longer. It's easier for them to become invested in the whole "fandom" aspect of liking something.

Also, unironic autism and manchildren with way to much time on their hands.

>> No.53234407

Game/mod/anything focussing on the Maormer when

>> No.53234417

>I want some good music

>> No.53234495

I wish we'll one day get Maormer and Sloads in the mainline TES game.

>> No.53234496


>> No.53234655

Poor little Dunmer got what they deserve.

>> No.53234886

Found the slave

>> No.53234900

Found the refugee.

>> No.53234914

I really want to know more about the relationship between Sload and Mannimarco/God of Worms.

>> No.53235110

Joke's on you, for I'm in my cozy mushroom tower in Mainland Morrowind, being served by your obedient cousins

>> No.53235206

>I'm in my cozy mushroom tower in Mainland Morrowind
Funny way of saying a husk filled with ash mud and blood of other Grayskins.

>> No.53235229

>the only person who both mods and knows lore is trainwiz
The best lore-heavy mod that I've played is made by a Japanese westaboo that wrote his mod using Google Translate (albeit it got properly translated now by other modders and they're even finishing up a voice patch) and it still ended up fantastic. The amount of obscure shit and callbacks to Oblivion he jam-packed into it is amazing.


>> No.53235269

Fuck, that looks amazing, but I don't see the lore.

>> No.53235334

I don't want to spoil a single thing. Go play it blind senpai.


>> No.53235356

>the only person who both mods and knows lore is trainwiz
That's a good one.

>> No.53235460

This looks like
>What if the chosen could invade the Elder Scrolls universe.
At least thats what I got from the video.
As much of a meme this has become Elder Scrolls has the potential for grand style maps like in DS. Imagine getting sucked into Oblivion and having to drag your ass across the realms to return to Nirn. What would also be cool too is if you can travel massive distances fast using Oblivion as a passage like they did in the Infernal City.

>> No.53235551

>The Elder Souls game taking place during Middle Dawn

>> No.53235584

How easy is it to become a Necromancer?
What cause reanimated bodies to crumble away?
Can you use the souls in a black gem for Necromancy?
What determines a mage's ability to summon the dead?
Can you create Frankenstein monsters?

>> No.53235672

>Can you create Frankenstein monsters?
Flesh golems are a thing. You even design one in Shivering Isles.

>> No.53235686

> Bethesda already has Souls game set up with world invasion via Dragonbreak and all that jazz plus the brand of TES and being a DS clone.
I they do this they will be rolling in even more money, say its not even a mainline game but a spinoff done by fuck if I know.

>> No.53235713

>What cause reanimated bodies to crumble away?
Gameplay considerations. Read Corpse Preparation for actual info on reusing undead.

>> No.53235727

What's Smough doing there?

Dark souls' levels of map design in tes would be glorious.

>> No.53235748

Too bad they'll never be able to pull that off.

>> No.53235789

Just give Platinum to do a spinoff New Vegas style.

>> No.53235802

Fine, but only because that's a decently cool picture you have there.

>> No.53235843

>As much of a meme this has become Elder Scrolls has the potential for grand style maps like in DS.
>Imagine getting sucked into Oblivion and having to drag your ass across the realms to return to Nirn.
That's kinda what VIGILANT does. Once you're in Coldharbour you have to finish it all the way through.

You can have the UI, the unpaused menu, lock-on, directional attack commitment, dodging and poise at least.


It's not perfect but hey, emulating it is fun enough.

>> No.53235885


>> No.53235906

Shit man they can even make the world all dead and gloomy using the excuse that as time progresses in ES things degrade instead of advancing and because Alduin was killed there is no one to reset the world so it up to you to help reset it. Say shit is so fucked you actually have to destroy the towers to start the dream all over. The Alduin part is a stretch because they already said he will return.

>> No.53235983

The game ends with you on the adamantine tower, and after defeating the final boss,you can chose to re-activate the zero-stone and let the kalpa continue for a little longer, or let mundus dissmentle itself,starting a new dark age.
The thalmor are the darkwraith faction, of course.

>> No.53236081

More a /v/ question, but I wonder how you guys get back into saves of games that you haven't played in a while - remember what it was you were doing, or what you should be doing.

On a more lore-related note, what was the deal with the Underking? How could he be two souls in one person?

>> No.53236189

>he wants to fuck morrowind anything
Oh you sorry fool

>> No.53236219

That's fucking disgusting.

>> No.53236252

>Not wanting a delicate but deadly flower
Truly we have found our pleb

>> No.53236325

Edgy fedora go away

>> No.53236375

>Edgy fedora
You sure you aren't talking about yourself peasant?

Pretty sure you are.

>> No.53236423

There's literally nothing wrong with being a peasant.

>> No.53236463

Except everything

>> No.53236530

There's are very few things more disgusting than seeing a well off, nerdy, urban faggot disparaging peasants because they couldn't cope with such a life WHILE claiming the "peasant" is fedora.

wew lad
You're the epitome of white liberal trash. You even play TESO.

>> No.53236611

It's always the lower classes that pretend to be something they're not.

The world's moving on without you, and you refuse to accept it. I'd find it pitiful if it wasn't so hilarious.

>> No.53236635

>le progress meme
>le have TESO waifu
Seriously man, this is sad. But if you want, continue this freak show for the whole board to see.

>> No.53236639

Guys. Stop.

>> No.53236693

>continue this freak show
You've been doing it for years bud, how does me showing up change anything?

>> No.53236820

What are you even doing on /tg/ with contept for basically every fantasy seting ever.

>> No.53236831

Oh I don't have contempt for fantasy settings. Just old farts that thing old was better, no arguments.

>> No.53236875

You're a cunt senpai.

>> No.53237035

Is zilchonum a national treasure?

>> No.53237036

It's true. Moon mod is never coming out.

>> No.53237221

Lmao have orcs ever been relevant?

>> No.53237234

They have blood magic robots. So that's cool.

>> No.53237288

Nice ESO lore.

>> No.53237321

You're chart is incomplete, let me help you fix it.

>> No.53237411

Thanks, I thought it was a pretty good addition. Same with the power farts

>> No.53237450

Cunt cunt CUNT

>> No.53237479

>See this race of nationalistic and elf hating humans? See this race of xenophobic elf supremacists who enslave beast races? See this race of isolationist tribal beasts? Yeah, now they are allies.

>> No.53237545

Do you miss the part that they're only allies because a bunch of globalist conspirators in the background are forcing them to work together? Did you also miss the part where nords and dunmer have allied many times in the past even before ESO? Learn your lore baby.

>> No.53237574

>What is the Akavir invasion?

>> No.53237595

>Excuses for bullshitting

>> No.53237607

Why do the hist want an alliance? Nords and dunmer have some point, but what do the Hist get?

>> No.53237622

>lorebaby mad he got BTFO by actually literate people
Going to complain about argonian poison immunity next?

>> No.53237625

Bullshitting, you wanna know bullshit? Teaching Dunmer how to breathe underwater yet they forget by the Third era, yet what's this? A race of lizards that breathe underwater!

>Still buying that revisionist garbage from the Tribunal

>> No.53237640

>globalist conspirators
Fuck off Alex Jones

>> No.53237650

>nords and dunmer have allied many times in the past even before ESO
That was back when they didn't have any central power. The last time was when Dagoth tricked Nords into believing he's in alliance with them, after that Nords swore to never trust eastern elves again.
Almalexia summoned Wulfhart back then, that's all we know.

>> No.53237700

>Implying I didn't know about the meme excuses for terrible writing.
And what do you mean about the argonian immunity? Are you talking a bout the poisoned argonian that was at the start i think? Because she stated that she is alive only because of here resistance.

>> No.53237706

It's actually canon, the daggerfall covenant is a literally ran by a bunch of merchants who forced everyone together

>> No.53237778

Relevant quotes:

>The fifth song of King Wulfharth is sad. The survivors of the disaster came back under a red sky. That year is called Sun's Death. The Devil of Dagoth had tricked the Nords, for the Heart of Shor was not in the eastern kingdoms, and had never been there at all. As soon as Shor's army had got to Red Mountain, all the Devils and Dwarves fell upon them. Their sorcerers lifted the mountain and threw it onto Shor, trapping him underneath Red Mountain until the end of time. They slaughtered the sons of Skyrim, but not before King Wulfharth killed King Dumalacath the Dwarf-Orc, and doomed his people. Then Vehk the Devil blasted the Ash King into Hell and it was over. Later, Kyne lifted the ashes of the ashes of Ysmir into the sky, saving him from Hell and showing her sons the color of blood when it is brought by betrayal. And the Nords will never trust another Devil again.

>Wulfharth adopts and is adopted by the Nords then. Ysmir the Grey Wind, the Storm of Kyne. But through Lorkhan he lost his national identity. All he wants the Nords for is to kill the Tribunal. He raises a storm, sends in his people, and is driven back by Tribunal forces. The Dunmer are too strong now. Wulfharth goes underground to wait and strengthen and reform his body anew. Oddly enough, it is Almalexia who disturbs his rest, summoning the Underking to fight alongside the Tribunal against Ada'Soom Dir-Kamal, the Akaviri demon. Wulfharth disappears after Ada'Soom is defeated, and does not return for three hundred years.

>> No.53237804

>ESO anything
Not even Oblivion and Skyrim are canon.

>> No.53237818

Its all a dream.

>> No.53237928

>Dark brotherhood
>Not glorious Morag Tong
N'wah detected

>> No.53237954

Literally anything could be canon at this point.

This post is canon.

>> No.53237993

>The Devil of Dagoth had tricked the Nords, for the Heart of Shor was not in the eastern kingdoms, and had never been there at all.
Well, that's egg on the facesof the silly Nords who wrote this, isn't it?

Actually, I've always been confused as to what Dagoth's plan during this was, who the Nords did fight for/against, and who did blast Ysmer into ash?

>> No.53238015

>Almalexia summoned Wulfhart back then, that's all we know.
>A Chimer summoned a Man hero
And you legit believe that propaganda bullshit?

>He doesn't know about Naryu

>> No.53238043

>Goverment approved murder

>> No.53238068

>hurr durr everything that contradicts ESO is propaganda
Living even though False Gods can summon whoever they want, especially avatars of the Dog whose Heart are their source of power.

>> No.53238074

>not knowing the secret song
Read the full text why don't yah

>> No.53238082

I really need to go sleep.

>> No.53238085

>quoted straight from the Arcturian Heresy, which was written DIRECTLY BY THE UNDERKING HIMSELF
congrats, you just played yourself

>> No.53238196

It is lawful execution, kind of death penalty.
You got honourable writ of execution, not honourable writ of murder

capital punishment is lowest of lowest form of justice by the way

>> No.53238227

It's either this or full blown House War. With Morag Tong, only the noblemen need to die and common people are thus spared.

>> No.53238364

>implying Almalexia and Wulfharth didn't totally bang

>> No.53238385

>implying Almalexia and _______ didn't totally bang
News at 11. Only Vivec is more of a slut than her.

>> No.53239487

Why is Lorkhan so based and Akatosh such a faggot?

>> No.53239875

Literally the same entity.

>> No.53240410

im cookin up something big for next weeks thread

>> No.53240673

What's with the eastern-style fans? I don't think I've seen those before in TES. Are they supposed to be Akaviri style?

Am I the only one that thinks it's awesome that TES has an excuse for Japanese stuff in their setting that's not too contrived?

>> No.53240705

I want this メメ to end.

>> No.53240787

If Tang Mo is ever made it would literal feudal Japan. Also fucking look at the Blade's Temples, weapons and armor. Also
>Dragon from the East

>> No.53240873

What else could they be? If nothing else they were originally Japanese, even if they became less Japanese after eating a language or whatever it is they did.

>> No.53240875

>If Tang Mo is ever made it would literal feudal Japan
That's a strong assumption.
>Also fucking look at the Blade's Temples
Bethesda flanderizing shit again. But okay.
This I can agree on.
1. It's mentioned in PGE1 that Dragonscale armor is Akaviri in origin. Doesn't look like a Japanese one, at all.
2. Blades armor in Oblivion is fucking Lorica Segmentata with a Persian/Indian looking shield.

Meanwhile, Orcish armor resembles Japanese one the most, Frandar Hunding/Gaiden Shinji/Ansei in general are fucking "muh sword" samurai, and Dunmer have quite some Japanese influences too.

>> No.53241010

Please tell me these are proper IU mods and not just photoshop.

>> No.53241211

>doubting skyrim modder autists
the fucks are trying to remake oblivion and morrowind in skyrims updated gamebryo and some madmen are trying to recreate the entire continent

>> No.53241219

What a coincidence, they just released a voice patch http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83876/?

It's decent all things considered - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqi1ocfph9o

Proper UI mod. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82725/?

It's highly customizable, you can even have Witcher UI.

The Dark Souls quick-menu is a separate mod but it's compatible http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82725/?

>> No.53241250

>The Dark Souls quick-menu is a separate mod but it's compatible
Wrong link, I'm retarded.

Here http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72238/?

>> No.53241260

Sorry for /vg/ question, but any new on GLENMORIL?

>> No.53241314

Still in early alpha but at least he's working on it again http://naaaaikikvicnvicn.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-130.html

>> No.53241657

>All these DS and other cool mods
>suddenly have the urge to redownload Skyrim
>tfw my laptop is too slow and busted up to run a fully modded Skyrim
>tfw don'thave the kind of money or space to justify gettig a gaming PC, nor the knowledge base to know which ones to get or how to build up

>> No.53242567

Well, this weekend could have been worse, at least we didn't have 200 posts arguing over the validity of a certain alcoholic writer's works.

Tell me: are oblivion and Daggerfall worth playing? I've made it out of privateer's hold in Daggerfall but I'm worried it's gonna be a repetitive game. And the oblivion potato faces are a huge turnoff.

Pic related - who the fuck would be intimidated by this guy? He looks like Syndrome from the Incredibles. Lots of people said skyrim elves looked too "ayy lmao" but I think they were on point for that.

>> No.53242602

Potatoes are scary man, didn't they kill the irish?

>> No.53242667

Pretty sure its the absence of potatoes that killed the Irish.

>> No.53242743

If you're allergic to potatoes try this http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44676/?

Version 1 was much better but it's unfortunately gone from Nexus now.

>> No.53242775

>implying the famine wasn't due to Ireland draining and killing their soils b implementing the shitty poisonous Solenium plants known as Potatoes
>implying this would've been a problem had they just stuck to grains and lentils to feed themselves

>> No.53242936

That's what they want you to think

>> No.53242950

What was up with the chairs in SSE? The ones around dead bodies and such.

>> No.53242980

Two concepts that never came to fruition were that fabricants steal furniture from the surface, and they do that because anything made in the city ends up alive and murderous. There is even a pic of Seht about to be killed by chairs.

>> No.53243003

>Believe any single source as absolutely true
You just failed TES

>> No.53243013

No, I'm calling you out because
>ANGRY ABOUT ELVES god getting summoned by Elf God
doesn't strike you even the least bit odd?

>> No.53243054

Why do chairs come to life?

>> No.53243065

They don't, the fabricants build them that way by accident. Canonically they are extensions of Sotha Sil, and reflect his personality and ingenuity, but also tend to be... kind of doofy.

>> No.53243090

I wish I could help you, but with Daggerfall I never got much farther than Privateer's Hold. It's not a horrible game, it's just hard to hold interest when you aren't exactly sure if you're going in the right direction with things.

As for Oblivion, I'm biased since it was my first TES game, but I found it fun enough to play until almost the end of the main quest, where I began wanting to start over again and feel the low level 'fighting to survive' feeling again. If you're just playing it for a sandboxy experience, don't. It's not the worst, but the dungeons are horrible in looks and all blend together after a while. Skyrim looks better and generally has better little traps at least, even if Oblivion has a few-odd interesting ones. Most of the quests themselves are alright, and tend to have less in the way of just fetch quests.

>> No.53243462

I know the weekend's ending but I hope I will get an answer- if this happened like in this book, at least in one version, would it mean that Tribunal slaughtered Sixth House who did absolutely nothing wrong, because there was no one left to prove they only joines Nords to betray them?

>> No.53244373

But that's nothing new, Vivec slaughtered House Mora too.

>> No.53244545

What is it about?

>> No.53244572

I can always help a fellow Telvanni build a computer.

>> No.53244684

I've read about it here, but I've never seen any source?

>> No.53244776

The Sermons.

>> No.53244795

Is there any reason why a Khajiit wouldn't or couldn't possibly join the Vigil of Stendarr?

>> No.53244826

What's the lore behind the vampires in Oblivion?

>> No.53245040


>> No.53245352

Genuine question, no troll, how did Mankar wear the amulet of kings exactly? What was the process? How could this happen without Akatoshs blessing? Is there a source where this is explained? Wiki isn't helping.

>> No.53246813


in the little world you find him in is of his own creation and as such the reality that applies to tamriel does not apply to him

>> No.53246860

But he was already wearing the amulet before he entered his paradise.

>> No.53248327

Nymic surgery, with the Razor, might be it.

>> No.53248448

Friendly reminder that Mankar Camoran and Jagar Tharn are the same person.

1. Mankar, son of Haymon Camoran is born.
2. Gets adopted into House Tharn under the name Jagar Tharn
3. Makes contact with Mechrunes Dagon.
4. Uses the power of Razor to send an alternative copy of himself back in Tiber Septim's time.
5. Writes the Commentaries and lives under his original name.
6. Some time after the death of his original self, orchestrates Oblivion Crisis.

>> No.53248543

>Uses the power of Razor to send an alternative copy of himself back in Tiber Septim's time

>> No.53248626

>How did Mankar recreate himself? Is it similar to the Jung philosophy in that he took control of his own conception and birth? Did he do it through a Dragon Break?
> [MK] He didn't do it through a Dragon Break. He did it with the Razor, cutting his nymix back into a versioned Dawn. Think Hellraiser and you're close.

>MK is not canon etc
Yes, I know.

>> No.53248651

>mehrunes razor is a surgical tool and a plot device of stupid proportions because lmao Reddit said so
This is meme.

>> No.53248675

>Tiber Septim's time

>> No.53248712

What? It was said in Oblivion that the Commentaries are contemporary with Tiber.

>> No.53248915

If you think Razor is ridiculous, you better not look into what Skeleton Key is capable of.

>> No.53249860

pls respond

>> No.53249903

I can't see one

>> No.53249987

I'm having a bit of trouble making sense of a quest in Morrowind.

Upon joining the Tribunal Temple, you're asked to seek out Tanusea Veloth, a holy pilgrim blessed by Almalexia herself. She has been afflicted with Corprus, and the Temple would like her to leave Vivec and go to the Corprusarium, to prevent spreading it to anyone.

She won't go, insisting that you are not nearly as pious as she - and she specifically mentions Saryoni's Sermons. If you find the book and bring it to her, you can quote from it in order to convince her.

My issue with this is that there isn't really anything in the Sermons that I believe would apply to her situation - it's something of a holy book, yes, but the lessons in it are unrelated to Tanusea. Can anyone make heads or tails of this?

>> No.53250110

>I shall not quail, nor turn away, but face my enemies and my fear.

>I shall neither strut nor preen in vanity, but shall know and give thanks for my place in the greater world.

>> No.53250356

Why what does it do?

>> No.53250420


Apparently it can unlock everything.
Like potential.
Or concepts.

>> No.53250422

Thanks anon. The only thing I could think of was differences in Khajiiti worship, but still that might not be enough to cause a khajiit to not acknowledge Stendarr, after all S'rendarr is more or less the same.

>> No.53250806

>first the voice patch now this
Bunch of coincidences I tell you. This thread is blessed.

Ep.1 just got released http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77510/?

>> No.53250894

Also dimensions.

>> No.53252574

Are there elements from Daggerfall that you think are worth keeping for understanding of High Rock/Hammerfell, or is it so outdated and so old that ESO is actually more the proper choice?

>> No.53252846

Everything should be lewd in high rock.

>> No.53252885

Daggerfall is a large blank slate allowing for endless potential.
ESO is its shittiest possible rendition.

>> No.53252989

Fully agreed.

>> No.53253892

I mean I guess. Seems a bit like a wide-cast net to me.

>> No.53254014

It is, but I guess it's something that could be used against her ramblings

>> No.53254558

Why would Bretons be so slutty?

>> No.53254685

They were quite literally bred to be that way.

>> No.53254725

Makes sense to me

>> No.53254727

If Corprus is an extension of Dagoth Ur, why does it persist after his defeat?

Has the dream outlived the dreamer?

>> No.53254824

Well, He may be dead, but His love and His Blessing persist.

>> No.53254935

I know about the Dunmer lore in Morrowind for the most part, but are there any interesting things mentioning them in Daggerfall?

>> No.53255458

Not really. Before Morrowind (the game) Morrowind (the province) was actually Victorian England.

>> No.53255654

Not really an expert on giants but from what I recall giants are degenerated less from Ehlnofey, as are elves. Elves are the "natives" of Tamriel, as in, this kalpa; Men are mutants, changed by the Sithis soul of Lorkhan, which is why they resemble the other Ehlnofey less, except for redguards, which come from a previous kalpa where the men were the fundamental descendents of et'Ada and elves were the mutants, which is why they are unique among the man-races (even bretons, which are half-elf) in almost ubiquitously rejecting Lorkhan in his myriad forms and worshiping Anu as an ultimate good.

>> No.53255806

Daggerfall's breton lore mostly just has to do with how they do warfare, which is political subterfuge first and underhanded tactics/battle magic second. The latter is also really Dunmeri, and the Dunmer had the whole "living gods" thing going on to make them seem more interesting. That's still good stuff though.

Redguard lore, absolutely. Probably the most actually-interesting single race, and it comes about 50-50 from Daggerfall and Redguard.

>> No.53256185

Ending! Words! ALMSIVI!

>> No.53256221

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