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Do you consider ERP as a form of cheating?

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I find it more of an interactive porno.

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I don't have a significant other to cheat on OP.
In fact, I've never had one.

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I don't consider cheating a thing. You are not entitled to exclusive access to my dick.

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In my experience if you're doing erp you either don't have a girlfriend or she's in on it too, so I'd say it's fine. Still fucking weird though

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Yes, it's worse than marking your cards and almost as bad as cooking your dice.

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>not ERPing while your gf watches and cries
>not loudly commenting on how lewd the words are and how you're becoming a slut

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I think you'd have to be really insecure to worry about that.

My boyfriend and I ERP with other people all the time. It's just another kind of enjoyable creative expression.

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if you like listening to your girlfriend dirty talk with your other greaseball friends, then you'd be a cuck so I'd say that it's not the best thing to do if you are in a committed relationship. unless you are into reverse-cucking your gf

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Yeah, it'd be like getting mad at your SO for writing smut.

Which I hope is not a thing people do.

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how disgustingly lewd. Got a source?

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I'm pretty sure this is in fact a thing which has happened. Which is really kinda sad.

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I'm Polyamorous. And Bisexual. So no, not really.

And before you call me a cuck... It's Tristan who's into that, not me.(the fucker gets the most pervy look on his face, it really doesn't fit his Trap appearance)

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So you let your hand jerk off other dicks too?

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Best trait combo. Although you've got a cutie trap in your life? Lucky fucker.

The whole 'cuck' obsession honestly seems really rooted in insecurity to me. The terror that if you allow your partner to share intimacy with someone else in any way will mean you immediately lose them forever.

This isn't to say people Need to do it, tastes are personal and all that shit, but the sheer bile reserved for it seems telling.

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Aw man, that stinks. Unless it's "angry" in the sense of "This isn't nearly as good as I've come to expect from you! After your punishment you will sit on my lap while I give you notes on how to improve it." That would be okay.

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Your experience means nothing, and you're wrong. Happens literally all the fucking time.

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If in doubt, ask your partner. It'll vary depending on your relationship.

If you feel uncomfortable asking your partner about it because you're afraid even the question will upset them, then yes, it's cheating.

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>You haven't erp'd with someone in about as long as it's been since you've had sex

I've barely written smut since then. I miss sex.

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>fear intimacy
>can still manage to erp
I wouldn't say it's cheating unless you're the sort of person who gets too caught up in the stuff.

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It's quite telling that you repeatedly post this on /tg/.

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Same. It gives me all the more time to GM online ERP.

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>My boyfriend and I ERP with other people all the time.
Yeah, homosexual men are statistically more prone to promiscuity ...

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Came to my mind

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Ok, you got me. I'm an insufferable troll who uses the same topic over and over again to try and derail shitty threads by spouting such out there bullshit the topic inevitably changes. Though in this case it's actually relevant.

Besides that, the legends are true: if you a qt trap in your life you can't help but brag about it.

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Iseult , is that you?

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Is it possible to cheat in roleplay at all? In any form or shape whatsoever?
Obviously, there's room for preferential treatment (one character getting more in-game rewards), there's players fudging dice, there's metagaming, etc. But is any of it really a cheating? Cheating is breaking rules of the game or agreement. This makes sense in sports, where the rules are strictly define and rigid, where players perform real physical actions and perhaps compete for real physical rewards. But in roleplay, even the rules are fluid and any effort or reward is just imaginary.
Think about it.

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>tfw you had friends on the death star

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Christ just save yourself the effort next time and link your tumblr

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Decu please fuck off! Nobody likes you since you started to demand money for your grade school level art and running your shitty quest

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I don't. Mostly.
However, I know someone whose relationship fell apart because they didn't and their partner did.

I paid for it, I get to keep it.

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Are you penetrating/being penetrated for sexual gratification? If the not then no, though it's still a shitty thing to do if you're in a relationship. Your significant other is completely justified in getting mad at you.

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Garry has a level 8 fighter with two more feats than he should. Garry knows his fighter has two feats more than he should, but those two feats give Garry an edge over the game comparable to other players and the GM's expectations.

Garry is not following the agreed upon rules the group has set. Garry is a faggot.

Like you.

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>kissing isn't cheating, handjob/blowjob isn't cheating.

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>penetrating lips with tongue
>penetrating clenched hand with dick

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Checkmate, atheists!

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that's french kissing
also lesbian sex is also not cheating

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Curses, foiled by lesbians once again

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Nah, Tumblr tries to make all this normal. I know I'm into some weird-ass Shit and I'm proud of it.

I don't try to make it a lifestyle, or something I'm persecuted because of, I'm just a guy that gets off to weird things.

Oh, and I love to see the various reactions you people give when I say that I like to tie up my boyfriend and torment him when I fuck my girlfriend.

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Pics or fuck off

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Do you at least do him the courtesy of ruining his ass after he's all hot and bothered? Or making him eat her out after you're finished?

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>No qt girl to write lore heavy smut with while also erping characters from said smut

Man... life is bullshit.

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That's... weirdly erotic

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Eating ain't cheating.
And just so you know it, suckin' ain't fuckin'.

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It could be. Like anything sexual you should discuss it with your before partaking. My gf doesn't care but its really just a more involved version of smut

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> Do you consider ERP as a form of cheating?
Yes. I also consider the best solution to cheating and/or netorare is kidnapping the guy she cheated with, tying them both up in a secluded basement and then drugging and raping the guy with a big black dildo.
Forcing the girl watch and realize what an insignificant fuck she picked to cheat with, while the guy she cheated with pants with pleasure and asks for more with teary eyes while his ass is being stretched by a giant dildo is truly one of the most forbidden pleasures there are.

But, hey, what do I know about it?

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Nah. We don't take pics. Too easy to ruin a good thing that way.

Depends on the day. We like to keep him guessing. We once surprised him during a weekend by buying a chastity belt and leaving him like that for 3 days. Have you ever heard a tenor-soprano have a screaming orgasm that lasted nearly a minute? It's honestly quite amazing.


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While I know some people who do think it's cheating, luckily my closest friend (Basically Platonic with Benefits) doesn't mind and we ERP all the time with ourselves and others.

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>reverse ntr
Good choice!

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Talk to your partner. Find out what they think.
I would think yes

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That bitch smirk

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I ERP with my best friend pretty often. I am currently playing a sexy older lesbian Oracle and my she is playing a young sheltered alchemist discovering the joy of Saphic sex.

Irl my boyfriend is basically drooling all over, the other guys are just entertain or gay, and my very lewd besty is actually Asexual and having fun for the actual rollplay.

The joy of playing with friends you that you know since your 5.

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10/10 savage, anon.

>> No.53187939

I was literally just thinking about that .webm!

>> No.53187965

Oooh, so that's what OP meant. I was thinking if ERP was cheating at the game being played and couldn't quite make sense of it.

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>Do you consider ERP as a form of cheating?
Literally yes.
Because it is against the rules of my gaming table.
I don't erp at my table.
No judgement if you do, and there's nothing wrong with it, I just don't do it because I can't explain to my wife why it's necessary to describe and role-play erotic scenarios with my gaming group.

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Just say something like "because I can't completely stop thinking about fucking your brains out even when I'm playing a game" but a bit more polished and bam.

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Oh you mean aol chat room cybersex circa 1995?
lol no, I'm an adult and not a complete aspie fucking loser like the dorks that participate in such retarded activities

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>My girlfriend's girlfriend

>> No.53188686

I bet you don't even pretend your drinks are potions, faggot

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Bisexual, actually, the both of us. Nothing like having a wider audience, as it were.

But to answer op's question, I'm with my other half here >>53183472 for the answer. It's just fun, creative roleplay; ain't nothing cheaty about it, no moreso than writing e-lit. I'd have to bring to question the (lack of) trust between partners if one of them got mad about it, desu; that doesn't seem sustainable, to me.

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She gets off on it.

>> No.53189018

God I just can't stop thinking about how much I'd love to tear your skirt off, put your legs around my waist and just drive my hot shaft into your tight shaven cunt and pound away until you can't see straight even when we're trying to slay that fucking Balrogg terrorizing Amish village number three

Or something like that?

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Yeah, more or less.

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I have to ask.

What's it like to be a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh.

>> No.53189494

[Un]Fortunately, she's not an idiot, but thanks for the advice.

>> No.53189549

Well obviously you have to do it with the right panache. I bet you're not picturing it with the right panache.

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My wife is probably the only non-prelaw Harvard Model UN delegate to ever successfully beat out for best delegation.
I cannot fathom the panache necessary to spin erotic storytelling with others as an expression of arousal for her, and have her buy it.

>> No.53190126

The goal isn't to make her buy it. The goal is to make her laugh.

>> No.53190284

Hmm... let me summarize it this way:

I have to set up an itinerary for sex.

>> No.53190370

>attending your wife's gay wedding
Why isn't it a thing?

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>> No.53190659

It turns out okay, though, right?

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>I'd have to bring to question the (lack of) trust between partners if one of them got mad about it
>Literally a cuckold argument

>> No.53191099

Is being a cuckold really so much worse than being constantly defensive at all times about anyone ever thinking you might possibly be a cuckold?

I'm asking 'cause I don't think you realize: when you call someone a cuck, on whom do you think that really reflects?

>> No.53191105

>not wanting to raise your wife's son

>> No.53191119

How can it be cheating when I don't have anyone to cheat on?

>> No.53191163

If you're doing something that is hurting the person you're with, you should talk to them to be certain they understand your reasons for doing it, and if it still hurts them, you should stop.
It really is that simple.

>> No.53191177

If you're using the other hand?

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Children are expensive as fuck and inherently carry an insane amount of risk with an abysmal chance of just breaking even.

I don't want my own kids let alone someone elses. Maybe if we had laws like in China that forced children to take care of their parents than maybe but as is why the fuck would I waste the money my own valuable time and the 2 to 5 years of initial hell before they can even sort of kinda be human and logic at all.

Raising someone elses kid remove one of the only "good" things. Being able to point to the kid and saying "Yup, I made that."

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>I-It's okay if she fucks other men. She always comes back to me at the end of the day.

>> No.53191234

Whats wrong with this? Not everyone can provide everything their partner could want or need. As long as you maintain control over the situation I see no problems. If she gets out of control kick her to the curb or order her to stop seeing whoever it is she is fucking. If she refuses kick her ass out.

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Why would you want your own shit genes? Adopting is way better. That way you actually get to choose, and you're still in charge of raising the kid to whatever you want.

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Frottage is guys rubbing their dicks together. You're thinking of tribbing.
/tg/ is now sex ed.

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Yeah. I mean, I realize you're memeing (or I guess counter-memeing?) but the whole NO I'M NOT A KEK /pol/shit thing really shakes my cola 'cause parenthood is rewarding on its own.

But you did make them who they are. You get to take all the values and life lessons you've learned and use them to help this little person take on the world. You get to truly be someone's everything. You can be their first thought, probably their first word. If all you care about is a gamete then you're just being petty.

>> No.53191309

Yes but even adopting is expensive as fuck. Were talking hundreds of thousands of dollars potentially millions here. There is nothing in place to recuperate your costs. There is even a sizable chance of everything backfiring horribly and they harm you in some way.

Were is the reward for all this risk and cost? Its just not there.

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I'll bet you think getting friend zoned is an honor as well, don't you?

>> No.53191343

>Were is the reward for all this risk and cost?
The reward are that if you do it properly, your philosophy and ideas live on after you die.

It's not like you're going to achieve anything in your life, but maybe your children will.

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Incorrect and I myself am proof of this. My step father did everything he could to raise me by his values and he did take quite good care of me. Despite all his efforts I turned out completely different and its to the point that I have disowned him and refuse to speak to him until he sucks it up an apologizes. A person can do everything they can to raise a child a specific way but that does not mean it will stick. The child is their own person with their own logic and sensibilities. A good deal of their development is done by themselves and what they experience and reason without your guiding hand.

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i lyke 2 make tappy taps on keynboard to big penis cum cums

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Thats not good enough. That does not benefit me. If Its after I'm dead then I am dead. I can not enjoy it. There is also a huge chance they wont do shit either.

>> No.53191373

>friend zoned
I legitimately thought that meme had died years ago.

>> No.53191385

Well that's because your step father was probably shit at raising you.

>> No.53191399

>cost hundreds of thousands dollars
Thank you god for letting me to be born in Slavlandia.

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You legitimately have brain damage if you think cuckolds and beta fags don't get friend zoned.

>> No.53191410

In the grand scheme of things, nothing you do benefits you. You might as well kill yourself to get it over with faster.

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>> No.53191454

Seems about accurate

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Nope. I may hate him but he did a good job. There is a lot that I learned from him. He did a very good job at preparing me for life. My financial skills are directly from him. My inherent need to get to the bottom of things and research things if they seem at all fishy are from him. I can say that I would not of survived on my own with out what he taught me.

He raised me and prepared me for survival. He did not impart his morals and sensibilities to me. Everything that was not directly related to being self sufficient washed right off.

I'm talking of the total cost from conception to kicking them out the door when they are an adult but yes they are expensive as FUCK.

What do you mean? I am very happy with my life and I will continue to be happy for the foreseeable future. Its why I don't want kids. I don't want to compromise that happiness.

>> No.53191474

Yeah, I've got a shitty parent too. I want to do better. It's where I got a lot of those life lessons I want to pass on.

Dude, c'mon. It hasn't been dead long enough to try to revive it. Grungey flannels, now that's something that's potentially due for a comeback. The Friend Zone™ and Nice Guy ©℠ are still too freshly in the mind of our cultural collective. Try again in a few years.

>> No.53191515

> Not everyone can provide everything their partner could want or need.

Anon just admitted to having weak dick game and needs other men to satisfy his lover.

>> No.53191517

>I am very happy with my life and I will continue to be happy for the foreseeable future
When your happiness inevitably ends, it will be worse the happier you are now. The sum total of your life is going to be suffering, so you might as well end it sooner.

>> No.53191546

The friendzone isn't a meme, and you are a fool to have ever thought it was. It isn't our fault that you think it's something to be proud of.

>> No.53191551

Not at all. I'm a masochistic submissive that is absolutely horrible in a dominate role. When I have a switchy partner like with my Ex-Fiancé I know I cant give them everything they could want.

>> No.53191553

Do people with a weak dick game just not deserve love?

A-asking for a friend.

>> No.53191572

Gee, I wonder why.

>> No.53191587

Here's some advice for a happier life. Eliminate the word "deserve" from your vocabulary.

>> No.53191592

She cheated on me without my knowledge then acted like it was my fault I caught her so I kicked her out.

>> No.53191597

>She cheated on me
Gee, I wonder why.

>> No.53191606

Who cares? I already replaced her. I don't know what you are getting at Anon.

>> No.53191617

Not really.

"Stereotype" is Annihilative Nihilism.
"Reality" is Hedonistic Nihilism.

Hedonistic Nihilism, though, is dangerous without a firm grounding in the "do no harm to others" moral.
Without that, we get into robbing, raping, and other pursuits to chase the high required by the hedonistic treadmill.

>> No.53191626

As a general rule I don't watch battle harems but now I have to know what's going on.

>> No.53191627

You mean like the notion that someone "deserves" to have sex with you because you did some nice things? That's always struck me as stupid and entitled, the same way it's always struck most people as stupid and entitled except for those select few people who are themselves so stupid and entitled that they think any woman who doesn't immediately flip over and start presenting to them just doesn't realize how special they are. In that case, yes, "deserve" is a silly concept.

Oh whoops excuse me how silly of me to have tagged you in this post.

>> No.53191633

>I'm a masochistic submissive that is absolutely horrible in a dominate role.
Give you a hint.

No woman wants that. Even if they say they do, they will eventually do what she did, because they don't.

>> No.53191660

>In that case, yes, "deserve" is a silly concept
No, "deserve" is a silly concept in all cases. That word is poison, since it absolves people of personal responsibility. No, that criminal does not "deserve to be executed," you want him to be executed, and no, you do not "deserve to have sex" or "deserve a promotion," you want to have sex and you want a promotion.

>> No.53191675

Then I will just keep going through them. The girl I'm with now is very receptive to it and I see no reason she would cheat on me as she hasn't ever shown any wants that I cant give. If she does fuck up I'll kick her out an move on.

>> No.53191680

I'm not getting at anything, the dig at your manhood was too easy to pass up.

>> No.53191689

Why don't you ride your little pretend train back to /r9k/ where you belong? You'll feel much better if you're only ever among people who pat you on the back and tell you how right you are, without worrying about all that business of going out into the real world and experiencing things and learning you're wrong about stuff.

Isn't learning you're wrong about stuff the worst? You get these head-rush feelings like maybe your ego is too big and you're too quick to make broad assumptions based on things someone else told you based on something someone else told them. You don't want to deal with that, do you?

Just go back to your safe, warm little hidey-hole. You'll feel a lot better, you know!

>> No.53191710

That only works on people who are insecure or care about matching societies expectations of them. I know what I am and I love who I am. I'm also completely happy with my life. Everything is going better than I could of hoped for for this stage of my life.

>> No.53191744

>I'm also completely happy with my life.
Good for you, man. No need to get defensive. You should know what to expect when you put shit like that on 4chan. I just saw the opportunity and took it before everyone else could.

>> No.53191810

>OP asks /tg/ for relationship advice

Yup, this thread is about what I expected.

>> No.53191926

>getting off with another person isn't cheating

anon what

>> No.53191939

>Do you consider ERP as a form of cheating?

It is if your significant other doesn't know about/approve of it. It's something to be discussed with them.

>> No.53191973

>is being a cuckold really so much worse than <whatever>


>> No.53192106

To answer OP, no. Then again, all the ERP I do is online, so it's easy to disassociate myself from the lewds.

>> No.53192118

If you're the cuckold, the problem is the person you're with.

If you're an obsessive projecty I'm-not-a-cuck-I-swear, the problem is you. You are making the world a shittier place. That's worse.

>> No.53192176

depends on how i view my lover

>> No.53192182

I don't remember this in the show, was this from an ova or something?

>> No.53192206

I wanna burn my lips on hers... goddamn they look good.

>> No.53192207


>> No.53192233

The term derrives from the parenting strategy of the Cuckoo bird.

It lays it's egg in another bird's nest, the egg hatching sooner than the other species, the young Cuckoo proceeds to murder it's pseudo-broodmates. The other birds then expend all their care and attention of this changeling.

In the human, it has gone from simply your woman cheating on you, conceiving, and you raising this bastard as your child.
to being such an unmasculine male that you enjoy watching the conception happen.

Effectively, it means you not only aren't strong enough to protect what is yours from the predations of others (including a significant other) but enjoy the act of it being taken from you.

That is why cuckoldry is a shit fetish, worse than actual shit fetish.

>> No.53192246

No, because it allows you to write porn to your fetishes. Unless it goes LAERP, in which case your only excuse is having multiple personalities or just not caring about infidelity as a concept.

>> No.53192445

Humans are not birds. Raising a child that's not yours comes in many forms. Women are not property for you to protect so if a woman has sex with another man that doesn't indicate a failing in you.

I reiterate: you are the problem.

>> No.53192615

I find myself bouncing between the two.
Like manically so.
Somebody save me

>> No.53192652


Alright, this guy(degenerate) here:

What we do with Tristan we call Cuckoldry, but really it's a blanket term to refer to Humiliation, Domination, Denial, voyeurism, Edging, and Consensual Non-Con. It's all part of the Scene, the act, the knowledge that we're bullying him for his fun as well as ours. We're just playing a game. At the end of everything we still untie him, give him a hug and tell him we love him, and let him have some fun. Hell, we even spoil him.

Actual Cuckoldry, what you're talking about, takes genuine cruelty, and is something that just doesn't happen in the (mostly) sane part of the community. In fact, if we even caught wind of it, we'd probably try and intervene. It's not healthy, nor desirable, and violates the concept behind Safe, Sane, Consensual.

>> No.53192685

The major, unforgivable sin here is the name Tristan.

Even if it's fake, there are limits man.

>> No.53192687

>Humans are not birds.
But they are animals.
>Raising a child that's not yours comes in many forms.
Such a nonargument.
Yes, some of them willing, like adoption. Some of them, unwilling, like traditional or animal-kingdom Cuckoldry.

>Women are not property for you to protect so if a woman has sex with another man that doesn't indicate a failing in you.
I understand you've been programmed and destroyed by the modern hedonistic-nihilist marxist philosophy, that you can't understand that in a relationship both people involved are the property and caretaker of the other, and any resultant children.

That is why cheating is wrong. It is both a betrayal of trust, and should a bastard be conceived, a stealing of the other person's time and resources. (Which is why it is worse when women do it.)

>I reiterate: you are the problem.
And you are weak, and there is no situation in which those like you win in history. You are either removed, or your civilization crumbles and you are slaughtered by the invading force.

>> No.53192717

That would be the bipolarity that the hedonistic treadmill results in.

Ultimately, any easy activity will return less pleasure. And as it wanes, you come to do it more out of habit than need or desire.

And when it has gone completely, comes the depression of wasted time and unrecoverable dopamine releases.

Surprisingly, exercise actually works, but when you're so far down the nihilism hole, the procrastination and "Why bother" will be a mighty force to combat at every step.

>> No.53192848

The entirety of your knowledge of history comes from high school, where they focus on wars because it's easy to make tests about wars. They've got nice clean start and end dates and lots of names to memorize. Much more has been accomplished in human history through trade, negotiation, and cooperation.

>> No.53192867

Is it that obvious? It's the name we decided on for my GF's Smut, loosely based on our... escapades. Is really that bad?

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