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Please, mighty Vanquisher! Vanquish this stupid battle cannon randomness by becoming the best variant!

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nth for 8th
Wait shit

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Will they ever be worth it?

I want to do a Termagant themed army with Tervigons, Tyrannofexes with Fleshborer Hives to act as my giant Termagants, and a whole lotta Termagants.

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my dudes > your dudes

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>mfw Rapid-firing twin-linked Splinter Rifles from my Raider onto the filthy mon-keighs

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Nth for best legion, primarch, named characters and special unit.

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Vanquisher cannon will most likely do just one hit, but way more damage.

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I feel it'll suffer if it can't give itself a way to re-roll to hit like with co-axials. Hoping for S8 AP-3 DMG3+D3 or better.

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>S 8
>AP -3
>Damage 2d6 take highest

Search your heart, you know it to be true

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>44 splinter shots per raider

My body is ready

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Tbh at this point I just expect it to get a bonus to hitting enemy vehicles. So more reliable damage over flat more damage.

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Tervigons are not worth it for 8th. They would be worth it if:

-You could choose between allocating towards new Termagant units (minimum 10 models), or replenishing lost Termagants (restoring Devgants).
-Instant Death was just "d3 extra wounds"
-They were ML 2/automatically got a choice of Catalyst or Onslaught. (Could be a WC battery if nothing else).
-Non-flyrant Thorax Weapons had Torrent (aka, Torrent Haywire).

As is, nope. They worked in some 5e builds, but that was before Psykerhammer, and when Hive Guard were BS 4.

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What are you lads doing? Just finished 20 Mordians.

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Man I'm hyped for swarm nids to be good. I just want Tervigons shitting out babies, Hormagaunts tearing tau and eldar to shreds, maybe backed up by trygons, raveners and mawlocs to disrupt the enemy lines.

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So, according to that guy who wrote the article about the Imperial Guard, Russes are great and lasguns still can't do diddly.

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any more pics?
I'm finishing a squad of Death Korps atm

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Probably just a long range meltagun just like the current vanquisher: 96" Heavy 1 S:8 AP:-3 D:d6 reroll.

AP-4 or S9 would be nice, though.

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Confirms roll for shot number too.

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Also hype for TLD with Brainleech becoming 12 shots each with the twin link change

Go go dakkafex!

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Wow, you already know the Tervigon's stats, all its rules for 8th, and its point cost ?! Please tell us !

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Tervigons were pretty solid in that blissful period where the FAQ made it clear that they could summon gants that had obsec if it was in a CAD, but before the final FAQ decied to shit all over MCs getting a cover save.

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why doesn't the Leman Russ kit come with a Vanquisher cannon? I see it comes with a battle cannon, but slightly longer, but every piece of work I see that involves the Vanquisher has it at like 3x that length.

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About to start working through the 3rd out of 4 highlight layers on my Reavers in a minute after I take a shower.

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>Powerful just like the Battle Cannon Should Be


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> When you didn't think combi-weapon veterans could get any better.

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>Guy doesn't even work for GW
>Can explain how the new battlecannon works better than GW employees

Top kek.

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The problem with the neo-meltagun vanquisher cannon was never its damage or to-wound mechanic. It was getting it to hit. If we can give it a reroll to hit or BS5 or something to that effect, I'll call it a win.

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Phobos are love, Phobos are life!.

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Unless there's some special rule on the unit that makes it way better. But I doubt anyone that playtested 8th ed is going to say anything negative about it.

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>Now with twice the Dakka !

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Anon that is the Vanquisher cannon.

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ok I thought as much, but it doesn't look nearly as long as >>53173494

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That's because the one in that pic is from FW I think.

FW is great at providing ... 'compensation' models :^)

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I really want to see the changes to the Assassins, if any.

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Absolute suffering, if its just a long meltagun. I would just bring Vendettas and Lascannon HWTs if I needed ranged anti-tank/MC instead.

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Personally I like the new battlecannon, now it has a real role as opposed to be the generalist cannon. It opens up the possibility for the Punisher to be the real anti-infantry gun while the battle cannon is a cheaper anti-tank/multi wound model.

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The entire point of the battle cannon is to be a generalist cannon though.

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Agreed, as long as the price is right it will be good. Though I still think the cannon is a generalist weapon. The Vanquisher should be better at anti tank

>> No.53173796

Yeah, if they make the "Classic" LR dirt cheap, then I'll be fine with these stats.

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It still is. It's kinda ok against anything, but great at nothing ... unless you get that lucky 18 wounds on a single model unit.

>> No.53173805

top kek anon

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Almost 0 xenos stats so far
Lets speculate gun/units/rules

Necrons players?
Maybe you get gauss -1 rend on 6 to wound?
Dunno what might need a buff or dramatic change

Tau players?
Pulse stats as bolter +1 str
Railsides buffed please

Broken but how broken

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Railsides are finally buffed to 2 shots.

>> No.53173831

>Broken but how broken

Gonna take the longshot and say not broken at all.

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Yeah, the BC is still generalist. For the explodey cannons it goes

> Anti-Infantry: Nova Cannon
> Multi-purpose: Battle Cannon
> Anti-Tank: Vanquisher

Now all I can hope for is that the Imperial Guard realizes that they can put Twin Lascannons in the LR turret.

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A role against what?
It sucks against Vehicles>>53172828
It sucks against Light Infantry (6 kills maximum)
It sucks against Medium infantry (Average 1.75 hits before to-wound rolls, and Space Marines get a 5+ save against it)
It sucks against terminators (see above, but with a further 33% chance that the wound you do make won't kill the terminator, and a better save)
So what's left? Medium vehicles? At this point we're waiting to hear what special rules might save this crap gun.

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>Now all I can hope for is that the Imperial Guard realizes that they can put Twin Lascannons in the LR turret.
The Leman Russ Annihilator is already a thing

>> No.53173885

>Double lascannons

You rang?

>> No.53173906

>Having to buy forgeworld or convert a fuckload of Lascannons to use a viable unit

The new games workshop™ looks like the same shit then.

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You haven't even seen the full rules yet, calm the fuck down.

>> No.53173949

Instant death isn't a thing in 8th.

WC batteries don't exist. We don't generate warp charges anymore.

We've heard there will be one psychic discipline for each faction

We don't know if Torrent even exists in 8th

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At least it's a variant not in the core book. The lack of Vendetta kits from GW is even more of an insult considering it's a unit in the goddamn codex.

>> No.53173964

Oh that makes me wonder, will the Nova cannon be Heavy 2d6 with no cover? Likely AP -1 or 0 and only damage 1

There there's the Plasma Cannon, my favorite looking, Heavy 3d3?


>> No.53173966

Rough. Riders.

>> No.53173969

Just grab them off your spare HWS packs. Well, maybe not if your not an Autocannon man.

>> No.53173972

That's a tyrannofex. And they BETTER be useful in the new edition. Fleshborer hives assault 20 twin linked for 40 bolter shots? Yes please.

>> No.53173983

>We don't know if Torrent even exists in 8th

That's easy, now you just give flamer type weapons whatever range you want

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I mean without having to go to forgeworld.

But if the rules are all consolidated, does that mean all the Russ Variants will be in one place?

>> No.53174015

I could see Novas being Heavy 2d6, or getting a bonus number of hits based on unit size.

>> No.53174016

Selling my 6 riptides, 8th edition is a fucking joke. Why is any Tau player going to keep playing this bullshit? FUCK GW, FUCK NERFS, muh babies

please, message GW and tell them you are upset too and want the lore and feel of riptides to remain good in 8th

>> No.53174019

Maybe, they might still have it broken up into two parts so people can choose to shun FW if they are lame.

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So, what's the best army to start on a 100 dollar budget in Kill Team?

>> No.53174042

Alright. I'll message them to tell them that I would like the rare prototype centerpiece battlesuits to remain as such, and have a point cost to reflect how strong they are.

>> No.53174044

I'm planning on starting a deldar force in 8th, and just looking at all the highlighting terrifies me.

>> No.53174049

see me after class

>> No.53174060

It's kind of a poor question really, you should just play whatever you like the most. but if money is an issue then don't go for a horde army.

>> No.53174065

Sure, I'll tell them how delicous your tears are.

>> No.53174068

The rules might be in the same place but you can be sure they won't update the kit and the best variants will still be items to buy separately.

>> No.53174075

obvious troll, but really I think the way to balance rapetides is to not update them. Keep them 6 wound models with a 2+, that's not really good in 8th from what we have seen.

>> No.53174082

Why would you punish a paying fan who buys your products? Tau should be powerful mecha force it's in the fucking lore.

>> No.53174088

kind of regret not picking imperial guard as my army but those cadian models just look terrible.

>> No.53174093

>tfw you start a game and the other guy has 4 Icarus Lascannons
> Fliers aren't a thing, so neither is skyfire
> All tanks die turn 1

>> No.53174095

do we have any idea on when 8th edition will release?

>> No.53174098

Last week of May for rules pre-release, first weekend in June for full release.

>> No.53174100

>Why would you punish a paying fan who buys your products?

Same question (insert other faction who had to play against Riptide spam) players have been asking

>> No.53174102

would it be possible to play warhammer in roll20 with free tokens?

>> No.53174116

Don't be a cheap cunt and get the tabletop simulator.

>> No.53174128

tabletop simulator?
Shit man can you blame a poorfag for being poor?

>> No.53174130

Nice meme dude.

>> No.53174131

>mfw triple land raider black templar list is viable

I can already see min-maxers using 5 man las plas squads in land raiders.

>> No.53174134

dark heresy? yes.
the wargame? stupid question

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This anon is right. We're getting the FW rules for it. Just put one together. Annihilator Russ is great fun.

Don't forget other russ variants. I suspect this is what we will see this edition in rule-set if they are releasing ALL of FW

General Purpose / Hard Hitting
> Battle Cannon - this we know
> Exterminator Twin Autocannon - know what to expect

Anti Infantry
> Eradicator - Curious
> Punisher - We know what to expect kind of
> Conqueror - lol who uses them???

Anti Vehicle / Big Shit
> Vanquisher - probably 2D6 BC with better AP and special rules
> Annihilator Twin Las - we know what to expect here
> Destroyer - Probably 1 shot with like 3D6 damage

Jack of All Trades
> Demolisher - expect it to be 2D6 BC with better wounds, should be lethal as fuck
> Thunderer - Above
> Executioner - Plasma spam is plasma spam, now damage of D3 probably
I suspect the main build for the LR will become:
>Hull LC
>HBolter sponsons
>Gun of choice for purpose

How I will be running my LR...

>Hull flamer
>Sponson flamer
>Punisher or Demolisher

I'll let my lascannon teams kill big shit. My flammen-russ will storm the table in a whirlwind of wounds. 3 heavy flamers on a leman russ in this edition, independently targeting what-ever, while main guns do their thing.

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Turn that fear into drive, anon. If you don't know how to highlight Dark Eldar will make sure you learn. I was terrified, too.

>> No.53174141

No it's in their lore that they overwhelmingly use a combined arms style doctrine backed up by a handful of elites in mechs. Do you actually know their lore?

>> No.53174150

It should be theoretically as long as you are clear on what stands for what.

>> No.53174162

How are chimeras going to be in 8th edition?

>> No.53174163

Hey I have a question. Is GW ever going to release female cadian troops? Im one of those fags that gets a stick up my ass if i cant make my armies lore approved so this is vital info for me.

>> No.53174167

t7, 4+

>> No.53174174

> Dat feel when my LR-Crusader gets 24 bolter shots, 8 Assault Cannon Shots, Multi-melta, AND a storm bolter
> Dat feel when my Deredeo now has 8 shots at strength 8 instead of 4, as well as 6 heavy bolter shots.
> My Deoderant Tank now gets 4 missiles a turn, with 6 missiles on the first. GOODBYE TANKS.

Javelins are going to be fucking amazing. They were already okay-ish in 7th ed, especially for harassing tanks from outflank. But literally doubling the number of missiles they get is going to make them just god-tier.

I only have one rogue-trader era javelin(The one you make by hand out of spare bits and a deoderant stick), but I should splurge for more bits to make like 2 more. Get like a whole squadron of Deoderant Tanks.

>> No.53174181

They already did. Half of all Cadian models are female.

>> No.53174182

Wip battlewagon, cannon is from an old zaku toy I had as a kid and lost 90% of.

>> No.53174187


Both IG and ork I love the idea of, but just don't like the models enough to play (outside some of the FW, but I'm not made of money).
And Catachans are even worse than Cadian, imo.

>> No.53174188

I just hope tanks are usable at all.

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>> No.53174194

Well with the bigger and bigger suits they're making it seems that even GW doesn't know Tau fluff

>> No.53174205

Don't ever tell an ork player to thin his paints.

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>> No.53174223

Oi but ya can tell 'im to SOD OFF

>> No.53174230

I am in my right to tell someone to thin their paints. Orks can be made to look amazing. Just not with thick paints.

>> No.53174241 [DELETED] 

Thin them, you goddamn green space nigger.

>> No.53174243

Shrikes and sky slashers havent had legit models ever, since their inception. Yet they are somehow still in the book. Even worse; when they finally decided to make an updated warrior kit, there were no wing options.

>> No.53174251

They'll be fine. I finally have an excuse to field the HB turret, which I think looks way better.

>> No.53174267

Big problem I see would be sorting out LoS.
Horizontally would be fine, vertically I don't know how you'd do it.

Actually, verticality in general.

>> No.53174268

No they arent. They are visibly all male.

>> No.53174274

I know, I've just encountered so many poorly painted Ork armies.

>> No.53174285

With the exception of Mira, all female Cadians look like men.

An army of cunt-boys.

>> No.53174288

I'm deciding wheter to drill this elysian head off the gunner seat in the Tauros Venator or just leaving it as is. I've got a Kasrkin head handy, but it looks like the Elysian is screaming in terror when i grab the drill

>> No.53174296

i want to know if i'd like the game before i invest any sort of cash into it.

By the way, what do you need to get started?

>> No.53174306

But Anon look at all the other kits with wings! Just buy one of those and have fun converting :^)

>> No.53174309

Mate not even 40k lore is that stupid. Sigh... anyone experienced with the arcadian then? How well do they fit with cadian troops. They are pretty close i think but id like other opinions before i drop money on troops that cost twice as much.

>> No.53174318

Watching a movie since it's late and I got off work a few hours ago. I'll try to finish up my CSM squad tomorrow and then go on a bitz buying spree because I'm getting some bikers pretty soon off an order and I want them to use spears along with the next squad I paint.

>> No.53174324

Female Guard regiments are extremely rare, and mixed regiments are even rarer.

>> No.53174325

I've got time to learn.
I've ordered some wyches which I can hopefully use for more than just SW:A, but my billing cycle is just starting, so wont be getting the Start Collecting box for a little.

I've got some Ravenwing from Dark Vengeance that really seem to benefit from it, though, so I'll practice on those while I save up.

>> No.53174345

I've never been able to find a good balance for watering down without being too thick or getting so runny it fills in the cracks.
Also might be the army painter paints. I recently started buying citadel and it feels like the pigment is much stronger.

>> No.53174347

The cadian regiments are all mixed, the cadian regiments are alsi the most common. The former because idk, the latter because GW is lazy and will only shelf cadians. Regardless the lore puts cadians squarely in the camp of recruiting every man woman and child they can get their hands on. I will field them as such if i can.

>> No.53174354

They're probably also only ever formed after all the men have died.

>> No.53174370

You should be able to find at least some headswaps no problem. Cadians wear baggy enough fatigues to not need a full body swap and if you seriously need a modeled female body then there are plenty of third-party minis that look close enough while being cheaper than GW could offer you.

>> No.53174377

Well the next advice is that you do the following
> Paint on palette
> Add like 25% water
> Put brush in it.
> 'dip' your brush into a paper towel
> Now paint the model.

Other than that, it's just pure practice on getting the ratios right. Alternatively you can just get a wet palette, and allow it to automagically thin your paints for you. It costs like 3$ to make a wet palette that will last forever.

>> No.53174380

Exposed for the phone poster I am

>> No.53174389

> When you realise Cadia died because GW couldn't copyright it.


>> No.53174393

Eh, the only ones that arent shitty are the victoria arcadia models. But those are expensive. What would be a good place spare heads?

>> No.53174401

I bought Dark Vengeance and split it with a mate.
$85 dollarydoos, including some basic paint supplies, rulebook etc. Bought a can of primer and a few other paints, too, but outside the primer not strictly necessary.
They'll be doing an updated one with 8th.

Haven't played many games yet and it's still been worth the money, just due to the time spent painting.

>> No.53174403

Or if you want to be a pig about it
Thin your fucking paints like a mad man
Do several layers

Then finish it with drybush to highlight details.
Not all models will look good with this, usually the ones who have tons of crevices look tabletop ready with this alone though.
BE FUCKING CAREFUL when you drybush it.

>> No.53174409

Cadia basically puts every single born child into boot camp for most of their life before joining the white shields, then either kasrkin or fully fledge Cadian guardsmen

Pic related is the best cadian rendition, though I prefer if the shoulder pads weren't so huge, and there was more gear webbing

>> No.53174425

>"If you kill me and my Legion, I win."
d.Night Haunter

>> No.53174430

Problem is I'm just a lorefag with a lot of likes. IG, Daemons, and Eldar are probably the top of the list.

>> No.53174435

Different anon, but care to give a brief overview of how to wet pallet?

>> No.53174439

do SA or IMaWC with Daemon allies.

>> No.53174447

Wet a paper towel, place a piece of wax paper over it.

>> No.53174465

Personally I see why games workshop doesn't do female cadians. A woman in a cadian uniform would be also indistinguishable from a man unless you were standing close to her. I have a feeling that no matter how they sculpted the figure people would complain about it.

>> No.53174470

Cadia isnt dead mate. The cadians never left. There are entire regiments stil planet side sitting in the trenches in their cardboard boxes shooting their flashlights at the endless hoards of deamons.

>> No.53174488

daemons don't exist anon, the commissar might want to hear why you think Chaos has anything besides foolish cultists.

>> No.53174489

So the council of nikea was because everyone was jealous of magnus not losing any of the thousand sons while bringing planets into the imperium?

>> No.53174495

How do I best kitbash MANz to look like this?

>> No.53174497

Wax paper isn't right, water can't seep through it so it doesn't thin your paints or keep them fully wet.

My phone just up and fucking died permanently yesterday, otherwise I would show pictures of my wet palette, but here's the gist of it:

> Buy a small-ish tupperware bin.
> Paper Towels
> Parchment Paper(NOT WAX PAPER.)
All comes to roughly 3$

> Put a paper towel in the tupperware bin
> put water in until there is a 1/4 inch thick flow on top of the towel.
> Put parchment on top of it.
> Add paint.
> Go ahead and use it. Just replace the parchment after every day of painting.

To thin your paints down, merely spread them across the palette further than you would normally. The wider you spread the paint, the more water it sucks up from underneath the parchment. Doing this lets you extremely precisely control the amount of water in your paint.

It also keeps your paint wet for longer. A freshly made palette can keep paint wet for up to 10 hours.

>> No.53174500

Statuesque seems to make some good ones, though I don't shop for female head swaps so look around some more yourself.


>> No.53174509

I mean people are going to bitch regardless. Because GW never makes enough fucking models.

>> No.53174524

>GW never makes enough models that aren't space Marines


>> No.53174533

Your best starting point would probably be an Orruk model since AOS Orkz have much better proportions than 40k ones. From there you should just need to do some weapon swaps and cut up some plasticard to make the typical ramshackle as fuck Ork armor.

>> No.53174553

I like these. Two more questions. Do they have a bald variety? And does GW sell bits? Because i only have like 3 helmet bits.

>> No.53174562

It doesn't seem like it would be that big of a deal to make them have just enough to be noticeable curves and a womans face with a pony tail or whatever.
But this is the internet we are talking about here and it is gw we are dealing with.

>> No.53174567

>wanting female guardsmen
For what purpose?

But nah, GW dinnae sell bits.

>> No.53174570

Thanks boss. Sounds good to me. Do you happen to know by chance if the skull there has anything under it/is removable?

>> No.53174576

>Do they have a bald variety?
Couldn't tell ya.
>And does GW sell bits?
They don't but plenty of websites out there strip down GW kits to sell the individual parts.

>> No.53174583

I'm retarded, what are those short for, anon? Google's giving me nothing. I'm guessing IMaWC are a specific warband.

>> No.53174611

So are IG wyverns shit now?

With combi weapons no longer being single shot are vehicles in general shit now?

>> No.53174619

Solar Auxilia and Imperial Militia and Warp Cults, which are 30k armies.

>> No.53174620

According to this video it looks like one half of the big skull is attached to the shoulder plating but it should be easy enough to cut off and greenstuff whatever gap is there. I can't tell you much more than that, I don't play AoS or Orkz/Orruks, I just knew that their warboss has good proportions.


>> No.53174629

I field cadians, they are a mixed regiment. I like their lore so i want to be accurate with it because i am a lore fag.
I did actually find a bald variety after searching a bit so thats nice. I will search for those bits then.

>> No.53174648

Champion, sounds super straight forward.
I've been using a spare tile, and feel like I've been wasting a ton of paint to it.

>> No.53174656


>> No.53174662

Appreciate the help

>> No.53174663

Shit, sorry, I thought this was hhg.

>> No.53174671

The main problem is that it's already a stretch to say the plastic cadians resemble humans at all.

>> No.53174675

>t. only knows how to netlist

>> No.53174680

I didn't knew Ultramarines had purple colors and guitars, must be unorthodox Guilliman's tactics.

>> No.53174691


Well, I'm at work, but when I get home, I'm probably going to finish magnetizing the wych squad and kill 2 birds with one stone. That'll give me another 40k squad AND a SWA team.

Pic related

>> No.53174702

Holy shit these look amazing, anon.

Are HH armies supported with Kill Team rules?

>> No.53174720

You just reminded me of a guy who "converted" all of his 8 riptides out of 1:144 scale gundam models. That is to say he stuck them on bases and didn't put a single tau bit on them.

Needless to say I never played with him.

>> No.53174724

If they updated the models i would start collecting imp guard immediately. I went for tau because i like battletech and giant robots and animes and their basic troops didn't look like mongoloids

>> No.53174749

Nah dawg just bought a couple a long time ago along with a vendetta cause they look sweet

I don't get how the template changes were implemented so Im not sure if they're null

>> No.53174763

No, they're not meant for use in small point games.

>> No.53174768

How hard were they to magnetize?
I've ordered my magnets, and should be getting the wyches tomorrow, but I'm worried about how thin the plastic will be.

>> No.53174784

You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you're not Emperor of Man, you're a chicken, Boo.

>> No.53174787


>> No.53174788

The thing is because they are tiny plastic army men you need to design them with over the top features to make them pop. I don't think games work are very good at doing women anyway but I guess they are getting better?

>> No.53174807

I think Wyverns will be alright, I can see their quad twin-linked blasts turning into a huge volume of fire. I imagine each twin Stormshard Mortar will be something similar to 48" Heavy 4d3 S4 AP0 D1 Re-roll failed to wound and/or ignore cover bonus.

>> No.53174829

I am worried about this. I have to think that I am missing something because most people seem to be loving the new battlecannon stats, but they are absolutely terrible. Add to this the fact that things we didn't care about like heavy bolters are now going to frontally wound a Leman Russ on a 5+ makes me think that our tanks are going to be useless.

>> No.53174831


Not very. All the attached weapons on the wyches have 2x1mm magnets in them and the torso drilled with a 5/32 bit, which is perfectly snug. Just be careful, though because the arm itself isn't much wider than the magnet, but you should have more than enough depth to drill.

I use a pin vise and a $7 pack of dremel bits from Walmart, and I've regretted nothing so far. The pack goes as thin as 1/32 I think and goes up from there.

>> No.53174852


Also, be careful with the curved razor flail if you use it. I nearly snapped it getting to the socket because it wraps back around the top.

>> No.53174858

Unless you want them to look full waifu instead of soldiers who happen to be women, good luck. These are tiny models that people paint, the details wouldn't be noticeable enough to make it worth it. Unless you want SoB boobplate there's not much to do with a helmet and generic human face while people are wearing body armor.

>> No.53174877


>> No.53174880

>tfw I might actually use TLHB on my immolators for the first time since forever

>> No.53174895

Sweet, thanks.

I'm getting these, so should work out the same (and given the drill bit comes with it, it should fit them pretty nicely).

>> No.53174921

They are still 12w with a cover improvable 3+ save so they are pretty durable. But yeah new battle cannon is shit.

>> No.53174979

I wonder if the nova cannon will ignore bonuses to save rolls.

>> No.53175008

>razor flail
That just makes me think of how I don't envy Dark Eldar players. Painting all the thin spikey bits, chains, hooks, and everything else about them would have my ass clenched tight enough to open a pickle jar.

>> No.53175020

So there's no way they're nerfing Eldar now, right? Everyone with twin-linked is getting a HUGE buff, Eldar rarely benefits from it.

>> No.53175035

Lasguns have been great since forever. FRFSRF has been amazing since 5th.

>> No.53175039

>Deoderant Tank

>> No.53175049

I hope knife eared fucks get nerfed into the ground as payment for all the past bullshit. The butthurt would be tremendous.

>> No.53175051

I hope Eldar get blown the fuck out.

>> No.53175070

space jews

>> No.53175071

I hope all the waacfags flocks to your army when they ditch elfs :)

>> No.53175084

Nobody likes eldar, not even eldar players

>> No.53175097

I am still amazed gw didn't just make 8th compatible with AoS ala wm/hordes

>> No.53175099

It's fucking stupid how good that actually looks. It could probably do with some plasticard in a few areas to break up the profile but as-is deodorant tank is surprisingly passable.

>> No.53175112

Have chaosfags stopped crying about combibolters now?

>> No.53175124

Nurgle terminators are going to be huge

>> No.53175138

> tfw when Eldar gets revealed last, is super OP
> battletomes do nothing
It'll be glorious!

>> No.53175140

Well get your body unready, buddy. Because they have taken shooting from inside a vehicle away.

>> No.53175156


Who was crying? It's better in every way now from the twin-linked changes

Unless you mean the thought that it might be a combi-weapon and have a -1 BS to get the full effect, but honestly 4 shots at close range might just be worth it anyway.

>> No.53175171


>> No.53175216

I think the complaint was that combi-bolters will still be less versatile as a combi-weapon. Not sure, it was a strange complaint and Chaosfags have been crying for so long it's hard to pay attention to what they're saying.

>> No.53175262

Combi bolters were already better tho?

>> No.53175265

0/10, apply yourself.

>> No.53175317

what is this secret club bullshit? why make people dig through 1d4ddit posts to get the info?

>> No.53175318

If by "shit" you mean fairly priced points wise, we can only pray.

>> No.53175325

Are there any place to download 3d models of 40k weapons or other bitz? 8th edition has got me interested to start my orks again. It looks like 3d printers would be a good idea to help with scratch building/kitbashing.

It doesn't look like 3d printing is good enough for models but printing out a few heavy bolters or flamers would make things easier.

>> No.53175333

What would Thunder Warriors with butchers nails be like?

>> No.53175344

I would be so happy if eldar were trash tier, nothing can make up for MULTIPLE editions of cheese.

>> No.53175346

Because it is well known geedubs trawls sites like this to find easy info that they can crack down on. When it's obfuscated like that it goes in the too hard basket for them.

>> No.53175357

best answer to that is to make an entire counts-as army based on forgeworld models

>> No.53175385


I specifically want to make you search because I had to.
Also keeps retards from abusing the service.
And the main one is slow as all hell and gives shit customer service already so I don't want to give him any more business.
People say it keeps them from getting sued- I think that's bullshit, it's hard for a British company to sue anyone in China, the Chinese hate brits.

>> No.53175393

Not that i dont mind some waifu shit once in awhile

>> No.53175396

Extremely crappy warriors. The Thunder Warriors were already inferior, the World Eaters with the nails became extremely reckless and unstable in battle. Giving them to the already unstable superhumans is a bad idea.

>> No.53175401


Ah looks like my question got partially answered while i was typing the question. Ill probably work on improving my blendr skills while im at it.

>> No.53175412

Last I checked Thunder Warriors were far superior to Astartes, they were just horribly unstable.

>> No.53175415


If that didn't come with a bit, I'd say you were way overpaying, but I might say that anyway. I get mine for ~$10 per 200 magnets, and info felt like waiting a month, I could get them for under $2 from china. This is on ebay, mind you.

Also, below reminded me: I usually use the back of my exact I knife to press it into place because it's hard and flat. However, I get the polarity right by using the magnetized torso to set the arm magnet.

For your first model, drill a hole in the torso and set your magnet. The polarity doesn't matter. Then, put another magnet on that magnet, drill a hole in your arm piece, and set the magnet into place using the torso (I use my knife end to make sure the magnet is flush). Now, you shouldn't ever have to worry about polarity. Doing a torso? Use an arm. Doing an arm? Use a torso. I did a whole skew of Calth Marines this way, too, and it was wonderful. Everything Pic related is magnetized.


You're not wrong, though assembly is worse. My raider made me bleed. The worst is removing sprue chunks because of how small everything is, but mold lines are arguably worse because they have a tendency to run straight through all the spikes.

>> No.53175421

Nah even for weapons, 3d printing is shit. It has a looking way to go before it's usable.

That said, the day that an affordable home 3d printer that makes good models is released, geedubs is going to seriously have to think about their business model. Heck even once a good enough printer is cheap enough for a club/friend group to split costs will be the doom of their current business model.

>> No.53175423

>[Citation Needed]

>> No.53175459

I assume you sold your good camera to buy all those models ?

>> No.53175479

workin on boyz pls no bully these are my first minis

>> No.53175482

I would imagine they'll just sell the IP at that point.

>> No.53175490

That's only in a single BL novel. The same novel in which a single, somewhat slower custodes (due to ork spores overwhelming his immume system ... right) gets BTFO by a naked, unarmed World Eater.

>> No.53175494

I pay dollarydoos, there's no avoiding over paying.
It may be worth looking into China via ebay in future, but I do like to buy locally. I wouldn't even have bought from them if I could find an actual local store, but best I could do was 1 magnet left at $1.50.

As for setting them in place, I assume that's just an easy way to make sure you don't fuck up the polarity? I'll keep it in mind, cheers.

>> No.53175496

Read through the fucking WH community posts. Don't expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter when you aren't keeping up.

>> No.53175510

I like them. Who say otherwise is a runty git

>> No.53175511

>get C&D
>ignore it
>change name/email
Autistic as fuck is the 40k community. I'm surprised that players don't demand to dunk your models in Simple Green and chemtest the resin of your models for authenticity.

Okay that's understandable.
The two I found charge so much for shipping it's better to give Goy's Forgeworldshop the money direct. Pray4goodmolds.

>> No.53175520

I imagine when a 3d printer becomes good enough they'll start making their models that way, and before long (hopefully) lower their prices to entice people to use their legit ones still.
They'll then probably focus on paint/books/IP licensing.

>> No.53175523

I see. Not even for something like Ork Torsos? I got a few boxes of boyz way back in 4th when they were 16 to a box. So my bitz box is swimming with extra arms, heads and weapons. I was thinking that torsos, since any detail they have is obscured by the arms and head would look alright at a distance especially when intermixed with a unit of bona-fide troops.

>> No.53175527

None of the community posts have said infantry cannot fire out of transports anymore. The only one to even mention transports as far as I'm aware is the IG overview and even that just implies that vets can leave their transport and do more than fire once and then die.

>> No.53175529

After some practice you'll get your wash technique down and the shading will fit a little better. That's the main critique. I'd just google come color combinations that fit the shade you want and experiment with them. It's a pretty good start, I'm sure you've seen some "my first space sergeant" that look like a melted popsicle that was one vaguely human-shaped.

>> No.53175532

there's, 3? I think vanquisher turrets, the normal one, a gryphonne IV one, and a ryza one

>> No.53175540

Units inside of vehicles count as not being on the table, same as IC and psykers

>> No.53175551

You should probably read the community posts if you don't even know what's in them.

>> No.53175565

Webbing gets in the way of the quartermaster stripping your mangled corpse after the battle is over, trooper.

>> No.53175588


Ah, well shit then. China might be the best option, but I get wanting to buy locally.

As for the setting, yea. Everyone always seems to have a horror story about how they fucked up the polarity of the magnets, but I've yet to have a single fuck up because of polarity. The only time I had to dig out magnets was because I drilled too shallow/deep and had to fix it.

If I ever had to set a weird magnet that needed an extension, I just used more magnets to make sure the polarity is right, use my knife to separate the end magnet, and then I press it in that way, or at least enough so I can apply real pressure.

>> No.53175590

What does it say this? I can't find a single community post that has talked about how transports work.

>> No.53175596


Because there isn't one and he's talking out his ass based on a faeit/nafka rumors.

>> No.53175597


People are just making assumptions based on how they work in age of smeg.

>> No.53175603

Just like how multiple wounds work exactly the same in 8th as they do in AoS?

>> No.53175625

Just like how Strength vs Toughness works the same was as it does in AoS?

>> No.53175628

Are there any bitz makers that make horns that will fit on MKIII helmets?

>> No.53175634

Goodnight, /40kg/. Here's something to watch that I find helps me relax. I hope you will enjoy it too, and maybe even find inspiration from it.


>> No.53175638


Don't forget moral works exactly the same too!

>> No.53175665

>GW drones trying to defend this shit
This place was better before gw infiltrated our lines

>> No.53175666

So it was always like this?

>> No.53175676


>> No.53175677

So it's assumptions and not actual released info?

>> No.53175689

Pretty much.

>> No.53175690

I read it on a FAQs page linked on facebook
You can't do anything with anyone while inside of a transport, you're forced to disembark.

>> No.53175691

For some reason I made a shoddy space marine in ms paint. Anyone want to put meme text on it?

>> No.53175693


Exactly. He's talking out his ass and will get btfo when you can still fire from vehicles.

>> No.53175704

>i-it totally h-happened!

Yet you have no proof.

>> No.53175706

What FAQ page. Put up or shut up.

>> No.53175709

If you're so sure you've seen it why not link it?

>> No.53175710

>This kills Guilliman
>This kills the riptides
>This kills the wraithknights
>This kills the knights
>This kills literally any non mass infantry unit>>53174100

>> No.53175714


Didn't say it wasn't likely, but we have no information as of yet.

>> No.53175720

> Interested in getting into 40k
> Waiting for 8th to drop and judging armies by lore/looks
> Each army has a unit that I hate but I am pretty sure they are critical

Can you get by with a Grey Knight army lacking DreadKnights?

I cant ever look at one without thinking of pic related.

Should probably just forget about it and wait to hear how things are after 8th.

>> No.53175721

>doesn't thin his paints

>> No.53175730

>Fliers aren't a thing
What did he mean by this?

>> No.53175734

It was better Satan, way better, you wouldn't understand the old golden age.

>> No.53175740

Don't know what you're talking about m80, I can 3d print just fine with a SLA printer.

>> No.53175746

Was everyone you didn't like a shill back then too?

>> No.53175756

Those points are better spent on HWT with lascanons or heavy bolters

>> No.53175773

You sure can, but it's a lot more unforgiving to play.

>> No.53175779

Nope, not mentioned in anything released by GW. It was mentioned in rumors, but nothing official.
I don't remember people needing a boogeyman to yell at when someone disagreed with them. That shit skyrocketed when people decided that everyone on /tg/ shares their opinions and dissenters are from reddit and just trying to fuck things up.

>> No.53175788

>Aquire Dreadknight
>learn to greenstuff
>make something like pic related
On a related note, would a Dreadknights sword fit for a Contemptor Dreadnought? As in, could you put it into his hand and make it look okay, or would it be too big?

>> No.53175791

Hey that's pretty good. how'd you scan it?

>> No.53175803


>> No.53175838


I honestly wouldn't even bother putting that much effort in.

GW stuff is already a bit overpriced, when you have to work that hard to make it even look passable you should just call it a write off and get one of these (but paint it better).

>> No.53175844

newb here, what is the benefit of having two sets of identical melee weapons? Like for instance the swarmlord has two pairs of swords. Does he get an extra attack? Anything else?

>> No.53175859

There usually isn't a benefit outside of the extra attack from two melee weapons.

>> No.53175861

Under the current rules, yes they generally get an extra attack. But there's new rules coming out in a month and nobody knows exactly how it will work.

>> No.53175869

I didn't, some bugger made .STL files and put them up on thingiverse, they got taken down but I've posted a mega link here before so you should find it in the archives.
Keep in mind it's all of a dunecrawler except the guns.

>> No.53175870

How is Miranda Irene

>> No.53175875

Well, you'd have to if you play at a GW and don't want to play the derpy looking dreadknight, third party wouldn't be allowed. In your LGS it would be okay, but not everyone has that option.
Also, nothing better than a really good conversion, they're your dudes after all.

>> No.53175902


> Playing in a GW.

There's your problem.

That conversion looks pretty bad though? It's a bit of a mess and the concept itself isn't great.

>> No.53175907

which imperial guard regiment has the purest girls?

>> No.53175921

Why is everyone so against playing in a GW?

>> No.53175929

Krieg, is there even any question?

>> No.53175935

Cause no 3rd party anything for the most part.

>> No.53175943


Kek, it's better than nothing if it's all you have but I find the people who go there are WAAC faggots and I can't stand the cunts who work there, although there are exceptions.

If there's a few of you why not start a club at one of your houses?

Also as you say GW won't let you use alternative models.

>> No.53175945

>> No.53175960

if the ecclesiarchy and the inquisition ever butt heads who would the adeptus sororitas side with?

>> No.53175964

I'm salty about battle cannon leman russes, people believe GW will sort it out, but I have been way too long on this rides to trust GW at this heights and deep down I know this is it, now leman russes are weird strength eight heavy d6 machine guns.

>> No.53175967

Are you guys putting together a new army for 8e? I'm doing nids, primarily with large monsters as opposed to swarms of little ones. So far I've got:

1x Swarmlord
1x Trygon (prime)
1x Toxicrene
1x Carnifex
3x Warriors
3x Zoanthropes (/neurothrope)
10x Gargoyles
12x Hormagaunts

How about you guys?

>> No.53175980


A lucky roll can do quite a bit of damage to some vehicles.

6 hits each causing D3 damage with -2AP will spoil someone's day.

>> No.53175981

Well, my LGS is a lot closer than the next GW, so that is that anyway. But again, not everyone has that option.

I'm not against it, but the one time I was at a GW I picked up some colours and a Rhino. Bought some Harlequins too, but when I came to his desk with the Rhino he gave me this weird look, like "Ugh, Space Marines...".
Meanwhile, I never had something like this happen at my LGS. It's not really a problem, but it's a bad, weird feeling if you'd go into a store to play a game, and you know the store owner is just rolling his eyes behind your back.

>> No.53175982

The emperor.

>> No.53175986

>SLA printer

So $500 minimum?

>> No.53175990


>> No.53175996

I'm hoping they have a special rule that actually makes them better but I'm not confident until I see the actual rules.

6 shots that hit on 4+. Even if you hit several shots you may still end up doing only 3 damage, if you hit two shots you may end up doing 6 damage. It's just way too much RNG for me.

>> No.53175998


D6 str 8 shots doing d3 wounds each is considered bad?

It's basically a SOB Exorcist with extra weapons now. The SOB Exorcist is generally considered fantastic.

>> No.53176001

Ecclesiarchy. Who better knows the will of the Emperor than the ecclesiarch who casually gropes the butt of his Sister of Secretarywork?

>> No.53176014

But anon, you don't actually know better than everyone. You're just guessing, that's not the same as knowing no matter how much you believe it.

>> No.53176021


Depends on the situation.

The SOB are not really 'Blind faith' sorts despite the religious focus. Not after the Age of Apostasy. The SOB novels have pretty consistently shown they are fully aware of the flaws of the Ecclessiarchy and it's priests.

>> No.53176037


>Who better knows the will of the Emperor than the ecclesiarch who casually gropes the butt of his Sister of Secretarywork?

The last one who did that got beheaded.

>> No.53176041


Personally, she's the best I've used so far, though I have a feeling Alpharius is better. MI is really easy to order from and has a huge selection I just wish she had new-style Volkite and combi weapons. However, I didn't order anything particularly big from her(him?), so I can't comment there.

>> No.53176043

Aren't these things like $130

>> No.53176049

Except the exorcist hits on 3s, is AP1 and does D6 shots in an edition where vehicles generally only have 3 hp. Battle Cannons are hitting on 4+ doing D6 shots with a -2 save mod in an edition where tanks will probably average 12 wounds. Granted they're doing D3 damage but doing good damage requires you to roll well something like 4 times and for your opponent to roll poorly on their saves.

>> No.53176054

If Victoria can do it, GW can too.
There really doesn't need to be a big difference between male and female guard. Just make them small differences, things you need to pick up the model to notice. They would just be like any other small detail on a miniature that you don't notice from a distance.

Besides, I've seen a mixed regiment of pic related, the differences are still pretty clear even from across a table.

>> No.53176055

Man, I am not entirely convinved by 8th edition yet, but why is it so entertaining to read people's comment rampages about how everything is bad and shit and everybody should feel bad for even holding judgement untill release ? It gets specially fun when game mechanics they were praising not too long ago get re-introduced and are suddenly the reason 40k is 'dieing'. Like the 7th edition psycic system now suddenly being the pinnacle of game design, whilst it was inferior to the 2D6 leadership test system before the rumours started.

Shame Whineseer died, because the crying and wailing on there was always top notch.

>> No.53176062

I envy you anon, I don't hold any hope for this edition, just dreadful expectations, people believe this will save 40k, they're wrong, it will only spawn a different waacfaggotry, shooting will remain king of the hill, eldars will be safeguarded by Kelly and everything will focus on marines Vs chaos, we AoS now.

>> No.53176063


Well, if you take them with 3 heavy bolters that's 15 shots.

The battlecannon was always a weird weapon. A MBT that exclusively fired an anti-infantry shell. If it was up to me I would scrap the vanquisher and just give it a choice between a SABOT round or a high explosive shell.


That's the 15mm version, it's still about 60 Doru though.

>> No.53176078

Most of the people bitching about 8e only started during 6 and 7

>> No.53176079

if its a he-says she-says kind of thing?

inquisition says ecclesiarchy is bad, ecclisiarchy says inquisition is bad.

The adeptus sororitas is part of the ecclesiarchy, but they're also one of the militant branches of the inquisition so... who are they closer too? I guess is the real question.

>> No.53176080

I tried.

>> No.53176088


>Granted they're doing D3 damage but doing good damage requires you to roll well something like 4 times and for your opponent to roll poorly on their saves.

-2 on the saves gives a pretty good chance of it.

I'm not expecting a battle cannon to put other tanks in the dirt in a single turn but that was never really it's purpose. It's good against basically everything (If not specialised against any one of them)

>> No.53176093

I really want to do nids if huge swarms is viable in anyway, if not I'll just buy as many basalisks as I can fit on a table and play that.

>> No.53176096

Advantage to Forgeworld: they have great customer service.

>Ordered 5 Renegade Ogryns
>2 arrived with broken arms and bad casts
>We got this m8, here have 2 free ones and you can keep the broke ones

>> No.53176098

Most of us are pretty happy with the changes. Some are shit though like the new battle cannon and random charge ranges.

>> No.53176099

Yeah, after the Custodes told them that the guy they follow is really not doing the Emperors work. Remember anon, most Sisters are not for battle. Most are glorified secretaries and housemaids.

>> No.53176104

>That's the 15mm version, it's still about 60 Doru though.
Oh, cool. I'd pick one up but honestly the Leviathan looks a little odd.

>> No.53176105

$50 dollars for 10? Yeah, nah. Does anybody else sell any knock-off Guardsmen in the 40k scale for cheaper than what GW wants for theirs?

>> No.53176111


In such a situation I imagine they'd try to keep the peace and prevent either from killing the other until a proper investigation can happen.

Mind you, this is assuming two people of equal pull. As the average priest isn't exactly on par with the average inquisitor.

>> No.53176114

That's not really how the inquisition works though. More likely "an inquisitor is investigating part of the Ecclisiarchy", in which case the Sisters would likely go along with the inquisitor.

>> No.53176122

Be honest with yourselves. Does this really look like a loyalist to you?

>> No.53176127

After that it must be pretty tempting to bust a few models so you can get free shit.

>> No.53176132

At least more so than your average Space Wolves marine.

>> No.53176137

Even their primarch was in on it.

>> No.53176138

Anvil Industries has a lot of options for Guardsmen, a squad of 10 for ~30 Pounds.

>> No.53176143

The -2 doesn't help it that much. You're only doing about 2 wounds a turn, I don't want it to one shot other vehicles but as it is it's not really good against anything. Seems like you'd be better off taking a more specialized variant over the battle cannon.

>> No.53176144

He's like a Chaos Knight, just like how the dude I posted looks like you could mostly kitbash him from CSM parts.

>> No.53176151

It's really RNG heavy. 0-18 wounds is a massive spread for the gun even if's heavily weighted towards the low end.

>> No.53176157

Holy fuck are sentinels actually going to be good again

>> No.53176164


>> No.53176166

Getting all my shit ready for a competition saturday

>> No.53176171

Bets on next Faction Focus? We've gotten CSM and Guard, so I'm going to guess a Xenos is next. Eldar, perhaps, as the debatably most iconic xenos?

>> No.53176177

could always make it good the old fashioned way and just give it silly numbers that it doesn't deserve.

>> No.53176185

>literally looks like a CSM in a hooded robe
>loyalist Marine with runes and wolf icons
Sure, okay.

>> No.53176188

All the ones in my area are badly placed, away from transports or in places they don't belong in. One is literally in a the middle of a bus/tramway deadspot; The other is in the party/nightlife quarter of town, so every bar around is overpriced drinks and crappy by day or overcrowded by night.
On top of that add a staff that is either just as good as LGSs or as bas as you'd expect corporate shop keepers to be. Also the usual: They just sell Gdubs, they only accept Gdubs. They also act like you've got no choice but to go there to play and make no effort to keep their clientele.

Against that your LGSs have to compete against each other, pushing them to offer better service, staff prices, you name it. Basically when you step in a LGS you know what to expect. When you step in a dubs you have no idea. And if somehow your LGS sucks and is still somehow in business, you can just go next door. (Although usually they suck because they are the only ones around).
The only Gdubs thing versus everything allowed thing is moot because you have to see the MTG blobs every time you step in the LGS

>> No.53176193

I know GW well enough, they did the same to fantasy, they bloated the game and then kill it, 40k is going AoS 2.0, they changed less to prevent AoS initial failure, but it's AoS nonetheless, was it necessary to remove initiative? Strike first when charging would have been enough, ws as a static value? Why? Now it doesn't matter how good your character is skilled, he'll be hit as easily as anyone else, wound anything on 6+? That was shit back in fantasy, basic firearms can penetrate a heavy tank hill now, this edition won't change shit, it'll only force you to get new miniatures for the new meta.

>> No.53176198

Archaon himself looks less Chaos than that.

>> No.53176199

eldar is likely to keep the elite>horde>elite pattern going. Otherwise I'd probably say Orks.

>> No.53176202

The balance justification is for it not being say 3+D3 shots and 2 wounds is that you CAN technically do 18 wounds. Even though the chances of that are 999999/1. It's bullshit, I bet Eldar and Tau won't have this level of RNG because

>Their technology is so advanced stupid Mon keigh/gue la :^)

>> No.53176210

Hey dudes, for my CSM Kill Team, I'm planning on using mk 4 armor cuz it's sexy and chaos Marines are ugly and dated.

What are your thoughts on having some marines in mk 3 and some in mk 4? It's a 4 man I'll team, so I was maybe thinking 2 of each.


>> No.53176212

I'm waiting for the release to buy anything new, but I'm really hoping for nids to be playable this edition, especially since they announced the 6+ to wound on everything. Although I play swarm with a few wrecker balls in the middle.

>> No.53176214


>It's bullshit, I bet Eldar and Tau won't have this level of RNG because

I'm pretty sure they will.

>> No.53176216


You're literally everything GW hates

>> No.53176221

>matched play

>> No.53176222

Its a modelling/painting competition, not a tournament

>> No.53176228

Don't CSM mix and match any type of armour they can get hold of anyway, what with the whole "Don't have forgeworlds, have to get by on what we can loot"-thing?

>> No.53176231

The more I've thought on it, the more I think it works out. With old style blasts, you pretty much had a 1 in 3 chance of it actually hitting where you wanted. Translated to now, the ideal is 5-6 shots.

Granted, I only think that's really a big improvement if it's also BS 4, but in such cases you could expect those 3-4 hits to turn into a similar number of wounds or more depending on the target. Dealing 3-4 wounds on a proper shot isn't bad and isn't too unlikely either.

Rolling the average on the d6 and getting a 3 or a 4 is closer to the blast scattering and only catching one or two models.

It feels like the odds overall have increased for everything except shooting at tightly packed squads or really big blobs. The problem is that a couple low rolls at key points will screw you over.

Ideally, the Leman Russ having some sort of rule that gives it better accuracy, even if it's only when above half health, will do wonders for making this more consistent

>> No.53176238



>> No.53176243

He's the ever chosen, he doesn't have to prove shit to no one, he gets the big four full support.

>> No.53176247

Wait, do you think they are or aren't going to kill 40k?

With most melee being charging and withdrawing, hitting first on charge largely renders I unncessary bookkeeping.

WS static means that higher WS actually make a difference. It used to be that anything beyond middling was a waste, as it was compared mostly to the WS2 of most units.

Wounding on a 6+ is fine given that armor saves are actually important now and the tank will have double-digit wounds. People have run the math, basic firearms will require absolutely ludicrous numbers of shots to down a tank.

Stop whining, we're fine.

>> No.53176248

Look at the difference in the pictures.

>Open play features a bunch of adults hanging out having a good time at their local store

>Narrative play is a cool movie style shout of a game

>Matched play is literally two uncomfortable looking children with a blank background


That's fine. Good trips for you then.

>> No.53176249

Competition with Ork
You are a brave man anon

>> No.53176252

That's a good point. I was mostly asking from an aesthetics point.

>> No.53176255


>Ideally, the Leman Russ having some sort of rule that gives it better accuracy, even if it's only when above half health

In Age of Sigmar weapons like trebuchets have 'Hard to miss' where they auto-hit units above a certain size.

>> No.53176258

$500... more like $5000

>> No.53176266

I think he doesn't want to be fine anon ... Why else would he be here if he hates GW that much ?

>> No.53176270

Ah, didn't catch the potential horde/elite alternation, I was going off of Chaos->Imperium->Xenos.

>> No.53176276

That would only help it hit large model count units, but it's profile seems to lean more towards killing multi-wound models.

>> No.53176295

No? It would still help against killing big things. If you roll 6 shots, and they automatically hit if you're at full health or whatever, then half of those wound against a thing with 8 toughness, your target is taking 3d3 damage, and likely has a 5+ save at best. That'd be 4 wounds off a Russ easily, and more off a Dread.

>> No.53176299


Oh yeah I forgot about that, crisis averted. Autoing 6 hits with D3 wounds will be pretty good. MEQ will get a 5+.

>> No.53176302

They already are good. They are MVP for me every game. I run both armored and scout.

>> No.53176307

The old WS was dumb and flat to hit isn't any worse.

Not saying there aren't better ways to do it, but it's a neutral change at worst.

>> No.53176309

Oh hey guys, I just woke up and Leman Russes are Lootas.

Anyone else pissed about this?
Because I really needed random numbers of shots to go on top of my BS3.

>> No.53176319

who do you play against, orks?

>> No.53176323


This image is fake, DA armor wasn't even green until post-Heresy.

>> No.53176326

What the hell is this ?

>> No.53176331

Space Marine Heroes

>> No.53176338


>and they automatically hit if you're at full health or whatever

Nah, it would be model count not wounds.

The rules for Hard to Miss makes it autohit units of 6 or more models.

>> No.53176339

Care to add some details ?

>> No.53176340


I don't understand why they didn't use the same S to T chart they're using if they were worried about bamboozling Timmy's noggin.

ie. WS half opponents you hit on 6, lower it's 5+, same it's 4+, your WS higher than opponents 3+ and if yours is double opponents it's 2+.

>> No.53176346

Can someone please explain how lemans are bad now

>> No.53176347

>12 heroes to collect!

Gotta catch em all!

>> No.53176348


I'd say it looks Japanese

>> No.53176351


Jap exclusive set.

>> No.53176352


What's the point of using it though?

>> No.53176353

I'm saying it wouldn't help you auto hit vehicles that often, and really I don't see them giving a battle cannon a auto-hit rule. Rolling 6 shots would have a reasonable chance of one shotting vehicles and they seem to at least be trying to avoid that possibility.

>> No.53176354


>> No.53176356

>Open play have a picture of armies fully painted and following their armies structure without allies and several units with different purposes
>That scenography that blocks los to make players think about their deployment and how to move their units
>Open play
>They imperial player only have a single squad of marines and some guardsmen
>Neither have HQ units and barely minimum scenography
I don't want to sound like that guy but that's fucked up

>> No.53176366

Just compare everything we know about them in 8th to how they are now and you'll see it's nothing but straight nerfs.

>> No.53176369

Jap into 40k as well ? That's new.

>> No.53176372


Because it's simplifies it sufficiently, as it stands it's too simplified.

>> No.53176373

>the jet is being held up by a giant crane from a battlewagon
It's beautiful, could be something right outta deff skwadren

>> No.53176374


Look like one of the Japanese "random dude in a box" bullshit.

>> No.53176377

I thought 40k sold like shit in Japan? If they made an anime though their sales would go through the roof. Especially a kawaii sisters of battle anime.

>> No.53176378

Agreed. A guardsman should still have difficulty hitting Jain Zar.

'Cos she's fucking dead as soon as she hits my conscript wall.

>> No.53176379

Well, they also don't have to go that far. They could simply have a Leman Russ start at BS 4 and then go down to BS 3 when it loses enough wounds

>> No.53176382


Nah it's still pretty small over there. Hence this big push.

Compared to Gunpla they probably won't do very well. A lot of them won't realise they're gaming pieces not display and think they're inferior.

>> No.53176387

My local GW store is pretty cool, but they understand that to their north, west, east, and south they have larger, more popular game stores that would eat their business in a heartbeat if the manager wasn't as cool and accommodating as he was. There's no pressure to order, but they do adhere to the "GW-only" rule. It's corporate policy and understandable. I just make sure I order my entire army through that local store to help them out.

I play at the GW store during the LGS off-days; usually each store has a different 40k Game Night so you could make the rounds if you really wanted.

>All the ones in my area are badly placed
This, it's out of the way and on the border of niggertown. That said they do have a bangin' teriyaki joint literally next door so it all works out.

>> No.53176392


Is ballistic skill also too simplified? As units are not just standing there to be shot.

>> No.53176399

I've hear that the 40k scene in japan is also mostly focused on Imperial Guard, due to liking the JDF or whatever it's called.

Doesn't feel like they'd go for the focus on super soldier characters.

>> No.53176402

Wouldn't this still run into the problem that the majority of units are not trained in melee, and thus are WS 2 or WS 3, meaning that bringing high WS is fairly pointless? It'd be like playing where 90% of targets were T2 or 3; it's kind of a waste to bring S9. Static WS is just simpler, easier to balance around, and has clear parallels with shooting.

We do, however, now have the hilarious side effect of getting to watch two units of tau fire warriors try to viciously maul each other in melee and both fail miserably because WS isn't relative any more.

>> No.53176405

Strength 8 AP -2, fires D6 shots each of which deals D3 wounds is a nerf compared to missing with templates?

>> No.53176412

Depends on the fluff of your warband. Maybe some ragtag group of renegades from different chapters, some of them even legionnaires doing their own thing nowadays.

>> No.53176413


Well as far as I know it doesn't matter how quick you are you can't outrun a bullet.

But yes, you could argue FoW's 'hit on' system is better.

>> No.53176414

>Dumbing down the game is fine
I hate you forever

>> No.53176424

Given that the math makes an average of something like 1.5 wounds, yes, it's shit.

>> No.53176428


>Well as far as I know it doesn't matter how quick you are you can't outrun a bullet.

A lot of 40k would like to argue that fact.

>> No.53176433

a kind of an odd request/question. is there a site where i can see the number of marines still active in a chapter, for some reason i like chapters that are extremely low marine count or on the edge of being wiped out.

for example celestial lions or pretty much any chapter that was apart of the badab war.

>> No.53176435

One of the primary critiques of 7e was that it was rule-bloated. It makes sense that GW is trying to trim.

>> No.53176437


To be completely honest, all this theorizing is quite pointless without the most important stat: the points value. If you made Riptides 500 points you'd never see them on the table; if you made Gorkanauts 50 points Orks would be dominating the meta. Without knowing how much a Russ, or any unit, actually costs, it's pointless theorizing whether they are good or not.

>> No.53176441

If a unit is a bumbling retard with a melee weapon it makes more sense for them to still be a bumbling retard even if the other guy is also a bumbling retard.

>> No.53176442

Would it be a safe bet to get the Start Collecting box of Necrons? I have a pack of warriors and a set of deathmark/immortals coming in to make a SW Killteam but there is a start collecting necron box cheap on ebay currently.

I'd like to play 8th ed when it comes out but currently only set up for shadow war. Should I just wait to see if they shit?

>> No.53176443

That's surprising given that their favourite entertainment medium pretty much consists of super humans fighting other super humans.

>> No.53176444


Like what? Not much in 40K other than a jetbike and aircraft go faster than the speed of sound or the speed of light in the case of a laser weapon.

>> No.53176445

If it isnt my 2nd favorite warboss conversion.

>> No.53176446

That's 1.5 more than it'd have right now the way HP work

>> No.53176447

Well Eldar and Assassins for example are suppose to be fast enough to dodge a bullet, yet there is no special compare BS to Agility or something for that now is there ?

Fixed WS seems fine as long as things that are hard to hit will get to hit modifiers. Like smoke launchers will do for ranged.

>> No.53176452

CSM do have Forgeworlds though, it's just that you're average renegade pleb doesn't have access to that, only the legions and maybe an unusually powerful warband.

>> No.53176460

It's good, get it.

>> No.53176471

That was intended less as a critique, and more as a humorous result of the rule change.

>> No.53176472


All those units with an inv/cover save based around being that dodgy?

That and even if it's not possible to dodge an already fired bullet, it's easier to hit a large and rather immobile target like a terminator than a more agile, fast one like an assault marine.

>> No.53176478

They did it on purpose to AoS the setting and 20 years from now it'll happen again.

>> No.53176479


Since when? Give me a source because, apart from a high I, no where does it say Eldar can move faster than the speed of sound.

Even if they could that's 2 factions and 1 unit out of a game with 10+. Elves in Fantasy had 'always strike first', didn't mean there was no reason for a WS stat.

>> No.53176480

I think the problem is that the gun is way out of line with the tank. If you have a tough high wound high save chassis it will probably be a decent amount of points, then you go and slap a peashooter on top, no way will it make those points back, at best it will be a fire magnet.

>> No.53176489

A big thing about anime and eastern philosophy in general is that power is typically earned by training and self improvement, rather than western philosophy and the life where power is more typically seen as something granted by a higher power.

Japs don't go for the space crusaders who luck into being given all the cool power armor and have been programmed to be brave. They go for the average dudes who have to pull themselves up with the bare minimum, and some of them might become legends in the process.

>> No.53176496

Japan's favourite entertainment medium is idols though. And weird game shows featuring idols. Sometimes even cartoons. About idols.

>> No.53176508

>Jink Saves
>Flat-out bonuses

>> No.53176510

Space Marines work fucking hard to be super humans. Granted they are given implants and shit, but it's only given to the best of the best initiates.

>> No.53176511


Invul saves are nearly always a form of force field. ie. refractor, crux terminates etc.

> Cover save is designed to represent the target moving faster than a bullet.


>> No.53176513

Question: Is based Chinaman still doing orders?

Mostly wanted to get myself some OOP Daemonette/Mounted Deamonettes from the good casts, not the shitty new crab people.

>> No.53176516

Well there's your tall marines...

>> No.53176517

I mean ... just read any book from BL, there's anything from guardsmen up to jetfighters dodging out of the way of incoming shots.

>> No.53176527

>What is the Jink special rule

>> No.53176530


>Give me a source because, apart from a high I, no where does it say Eldar can move faster than the speed of sound.

A human (Death Cult Assassins) is capable of dodging bullets with an inv save due to being that fast in 40k.


Not all people are planes.

>> No.53176533

But Anon don't you want family friendly crab people? What if little Timmy sees a boob?

>> No.53176535

It's called "abstraction" anon. Or do you really want a different save for every possible gear, scenery and ability? Because that's way to get rules bloat.

>> No.53176539

>One punch man
>Bajillions of 'chosen one' animes

Uh huh...
I think they just want Commissar Yarrick to have pointy eyes.

>> No.53176540

I hope shit like wyches and hellions grant a hit penalty for being shot at.

>> No.53176544


Fuck me... please tell me your an employee of GW and not this stupid?

There's a difference between a shooter missing his target (which is represented by BS) and the target literally dodging out of the way of the bullet.

>> No.53176550


For starters, there are several Chinamans, and most of them are still doing shit.

>> No.53176552

One punch man is literally a guy who trained really hard and got superpowers from it

>> No.53176564


> One exception.

Okay anon, because this one unit has a special rule lets have a BS skill that must test against Initiative, while were at it lets move to a D10 system and maybe after 8 hours we'll have finished a turn.

>> No.53176566

Tell that to BL.

>> No.53176572

>How do I make Mega armour that looks like 'Evy armour?

>> No.53176573

Except the setting isn't getting End Times'd? I'm unclear what your problem is.

>> No.53176577

>Not all people are planes

No, some are bikes.

You realize what happens if a human tries to jink a bullet?
They get shot.
Certain hyper-acrobatic thingies like harlequins and assassins get invul saves to represent their supernatural bullet-dodging ability.

Everyone else is going to look like a retard flinging themselves three feet in different directions just to have the guy on the other side of the gun change his aim by three quarters of an inch and shoot them.

>> No.53176584

Who was Dorn closest too?

>> No.53176589


Well if you had a reasonable level of reading comprehension you would understand that this is what they mean.

'Dodging a bullet' it a bit snappier than, the 'the shooter fired but due to the targets erratic movement and the unpredictability of bullet drop the shooter missed his target'.

>> No.53176590


>Okay anon, because this one unit has a special rule lets have a BS skill that must test against Initiative, while were at it lets move to a D10 system and maybe after 8 hours we'll have finished a turn.

That was sorta the point. Static WS is just as fine as static BS. As shooting at a clumsy ork walker waddling along is much easier than shooting at an agile eldar but they are both static shots in the game.

>> No.53176592

Well in the case of the Russ you're still going to have all those sponsons for fire power even if the battle cannon is useless.

Besides if it has the AoS rule where it auto hits units bigger than 6 it'll be fine.

>> No.53176594

Any sisters books you can recommend?

>> No.53176601

Perturabo :^)

>> No.53176610


Well my point was that you were trying to compare something like WS that effects every model in the game, to something like BS which would always be a flat out hit or miss against everything in the game bar this one assassin model.

They're not comparable in anyway.

>> No.53176614


Curze. They shared secrets.

>> No.53176621

Nah, you can get them for around $3000

>> No.53176629

Besides I'm pretty sure harlequins will have their flip belt invulnerable saves replaced with fixed to hit modifiers.

>> No.53176633

Except when they don't write dodging a bullet, but go out of their way to describe the character seeing the shot coming or about to be fired and moving out of the way.

>> No.53176634


>> No.53176643


Hammer and Anvil does a good job of showing off the SOB being a lot smarter than they often seen as (No, they don't know as much about tech as the Mechanicus but they are observant and logical)

It doesn't focus on them but the Enforcer Trilogy does a good job of showing the sisters in a non-war situation.

>> No.53176657


Except that never happens, unless you want to provide me an example that isn't from some special snowflake like a Primarch, assassin or some other snowflake that wouldn't justify an entire new chart.

>> No.53176661

So I have a theory on the NuMarines. It might be easier on GWs logistically to replace all the old models with a single kit. 10 Marines in a box with bolters and sergeant upgrade. Then the stores or websites can sell specific kits. You want missile devs? Buy the missile dev kit for a few bucks. Assault marines? Assault kit with jump packs and other accessories. Similar to how you buy bodies and weapons separately for many HH models on FW's site.

This would not only reduce wasted parts (the hundreds of unused heavy bolters from tactical kits), but would allow for easier/cheaper kitbashing.

I think it's a distinct possibility that they could do this instead of trying to bring the whole range up to date with new boxes.

>> No.53176667

Flip belt does not give "save". It's the holo-suit that save them.

>> No.53176683

But how would this help GW?

>> No.53176689

Did Dorn like anybody? I always took him as cold and bitter, if not also loyal and duty bound.

>> No.53176704

E-money himself. He basically lived in the big man's basement.

>> No.53176723

>Dorn was the NEET Primarch, living in daddys basement eating his food

>> No.53176726

How'd you like working wth those new mechanicus tonka trucks, anon?

>> No.53176728

They don't have to spend money on things people won't use in the first place. (e.g Heavy bolters and plasma pistols)

>> No.53176732

Those don't cost them anything to produce.

>> No.53176735

They keep the price of the addon kits high enough to make more profit than selling separate big kits for everything.

>> No.53176737

Dice, measuring tools, rules, minis, craft supplies

You have to want the complete deal, the lore, the hobby, your local community.

The game on its own is not worth it.

>> No.53176738


Yes but right now the game already simplifies BS more than WS.

A grot is just as easy to hit as a titan standing still as a howling banshee running at you. Those would not all be equally easy to hit but static BS works for the game. Static WS would work fine too and put them on the same level of simplification.


Actually, I was thinking howling banshees with the agile eldar thing.

>> No.53176741

You know they produce each piece individually, right? They make just as much money if someone wants to use a Heavy Bolter or not.

Wouldn't that be way worse for us, having to pay more for specific units?

>> No.53176746

>You know they produce each piece individually, right?

>> No.53176755


No it still doesn't work.

You can't parry a bullet and for some guns like a lasgun it is much easier to hit them as it has no recoil and is the speed of light.

>> No.53176761


>> No.53176772

Lemming Russ
>T8 12W
>d6 shots at 'BS 4+'

>T8 8W
>d6 auto-hits

Main battle cuck is forced to watch with wilted betacannon as the real painmaker goes to work on the heretics.

>> No.53176777

I assume it would be cheaper to use less plastic, no? If they're already making a new kit they can only save money by reducing what they put in it (and which people generally don't use).

>> No.53176793

Faith and Fire + Hammer and Anvil were both good. Feelings were had.

>> No.53176796

what special weapon is a good pick for a 5man tactical squad of space marines in about 1000pts game?

>> No.53176797

How much plastic would it really save them though? And they'd have to make another sprue for Heavy Bolters anyway, to have some in stock.

>> No.53176798

Nah, it's the forging costs mostly.
They want to fit literally as much as they can on each sprue.
Maybe they could make nu-marines be on smaller sprues, but that would take a lot of expensive re-standardising.

Or potentially you're right and the truescale dudes will take up the entire sprue, in which case sure.

>> No.53176804

Technically, sure, I mean they'd have to make whole new molds for the entire army range rather than just one unit, which would be a whole issue, but putting that aside they'd be saving like less than ten cents and we'd probably not see any of it.

>> No.53176805

Not really. They would have to make a separate mold for each individual upgrade sprue with the specific heavy weapons on it.

Compare that to them making one sprue with one of each weapon. You want Lascannon Devs? Buy 4 boxes.

>> No.53176806

You mean gachapon? It is. If they're nice enough they'll pack the whole set into 1 full unseal box. But it's still space marine here. Maybe if it is "other faction" heroes it would be worthwhile to collect.

>> No.53176809

You forget exposed fuel tanks..so t7.
Also limited range gun plus single wound and lower save

>> No.53176810


>You can't parry a bullet and for some guns like a lasgun it is much easier to hit them as it has no recoil and is the speed of light.

And it's also easier to shoot a titan than a human target. Why doesn't the game represent that then?

Because BS is simplified more than it could be. WS being equally simplified is fine.

>> No.53176812

I usually do plasma. It's pretty good.

>> No.53176813



>> No.53176823

complete newfag to 40k here, so with 8th coming and the new scaled marines, if I plan on playing marines, is all my shit going to end up being completely out of scale (more so than normal anyway)?

>> No.53176830


Yeah, my guess is T7 3+ 8 wounds like a Dreadnaught.

>> No.53176839

Also s6

>> No.53176850

Hence higher profits. For example, let's say a box of current marines costs $10 to make, whether it's a tactical squad, dev squad, or assault squad. They sell it at $20. Now numarines are introduced. The base kit also costs $10 to make and is also sold at $20. However, if you want to kit them out as assmarines or devs you will have to buy the corresponding upgrade kit, which let's say costs $5 to make but is sold at $10.

Now if you want an numarine assault squad you will have to pay $30 instead of $20, and GW turns a profit of $15 instead of $10, under the guise of "only pay for the bits you need".

>> No.53176851

It's probably going to be like the difference between a regular tactical squad and the new Deathwatch squad.

>> No.53176854


You know, what I'm really interested in is the stats on the really light stuff like Ork Trukks or DE Raiders. If they're something like T6 4+ 5 wounds that's a big boost in survivability.

>> No.53176864

Right, and that's a bad thing to hope for, no?

>> No.53176865


I'm expecting T6 5 Wounds for our shit if we're lucky.

>> No.53176866


Whatever you want I guess, just don't get butthurt when your Captain smashfucker gets his shit pushed in by 50 conscripts hitting him on a 4+.

>> No.53176870

Very bad indeed.

>> No.53176877

That is not blue plastic.

>> No.53176880

Love her to death was gonna do a comparison between her and FW but I mixed em up and forgot what was what. The worse thing about her is her spelling. (Tiatan has been there for at least two years). Good service to

>> No.53176883

>Muh Bane Wolf

7e: "Don't try using the AP3 on space marines they'll charge you and krak your back"
7eFAQ: "Okay only one per squad now is allowed to krak your back it might be safer to go ham"
8e: "S6 1 Attack - Charge me now, heretics!"

>> No.53176896


Conscripts are WS 2. They'll likely be 5+

And I'm 100% ok with static WS. I mean, it will barely change anything.

>> No.53176903

how much larger are the deathwatch marines to normal ones?

>> No.53176904

That's probably pretty close to what it might be. Only trouble is there has to be a spot between them and the Dreadnought for things like the Rhino.

I still feel like T6 is the lowest basically any vehicle should go though, since not even those were that vulnerable to Heavy Bolters.

I'm predicting Rhinos as either T 6 with a 3+ or T 7 with a 4+, and then any AV 10 vehicles to be T 6 4+ to have that progression there.

Only thing I could see being lower toughness would be Sentinels and Killa kans to line up with Crisis suits being flimsy as hell, relatively speaking.

>> No.53176906

As much as I would like to say absolutely yes or no we unfortunate have very little information outside of a picture or two and a short fluff video explaining their existence. The NuMarines may just be a single kit (most likely) or they could replace the entire range (very unlikely).

My suggestion, if you haven't already purchased models yet, is wait another two or three weeks to see what GWs reveals. If you have bought some models then go ahead and do as thou wilt.

I play CSM and have no intention of replacing my wee men with these new carrion worshipers despite the "true scale" aspect. I expect it's the same for many players on the loyalist side.


>> No.53176912

>Not open-topped
>AV 12/12/10

T8 M8

>> No.53176913


I never got why the feet and legs look like they're made from different plastic.

>> No.53176917

Conscripts are bs 2 which makes them bs 5+ now

So frfsrf makes them do... 0.9 wounds per turn.

>> No.53176920

>Not open-topped
>AV 12/12/10

I sure do love that Toughness 8 Dreadnought profile we saw too.

>> No.53176924

Dreadnoughts are T8.

>> No.53176931


I like this nigga's shit

>> No.53176936

Except I am Lawful Stupid

>lab exam in Uni
>T.A. is holding papers where I can see the answers
>no one else can, unfair advantage for me
>"Dude please don't do that I can see the answers."

Life sucks for me. Can't be dishonest.

>> No.53176945

The plastic is literally the cheapest part. Your $50 kit has has something like 10c of plastic in it.

>> No.53176953


>I still feel like T6 is the lowest basically any vehicle should go though, since not even those were that vulnerable to Heavy Bolters.

I could see Armour 10 Open Topped as T5.

I'd actually be very interested in seeing them play about with different setups for stats. Like they could make Necron stuff with that technobabble shielding have very low wounds but high toughness and save. So you'll almost never hurt it but if something does luck through it will do some serious damage.

While on the other hand orks could be low toughness and saves but tonnes of wounds. Heavy bolters take chunks out of ork vehicles pretty often but there is that much pointless gubbins and extra metal that it takes a while for it to matter.

>> No.53176958

stat me

>> No.53176959

Dude. There's more crazy shit in BL novels than I can list. Psychic Nulls making any and all wraithbone disappear by mere proximity. Stasis fields not affecting fluids suddenly, which somehow allows the Lifeeater virus to instantly kill those inside the stasis field. Space fighters that implode after a compromised hull due to "the extreme high pressure in deep space". And you refuse to believe there's parts in BL novels where humans actively dodge bullets. Wow.

>> No.53176973

>I expect it's the same for many players on the loyalist side.

Oh definitely. I didn't even make the switch to 32mm bases, because fuck buying new bases for 200+ marines and rebasing them all.

>> No.53176978


Avg: 11.3

Avg> 12.3

I'm guessing every vehicle will be T8 and the W will be the only thing to change.

>> No.53176982

Except we've already seen the profile for Dreadnoughts and they're toughness 7

>> No.53176985

Does anyone have advice on making 80's, clashing neon blue and pink, hotline Miami esque paint schemes?

I want to do something along those lines for a small Emperor's Children army, but I'm not sure if it can be done decently.

>> No.53176988


I want to stockpile old metal termies on 25mm bases because they're hilariously squished

>> No.53176996


>> No.53177003

Lol, yeah the old metal terminators were hilarious. They already looked smaller than normal marines from the same time period.

>> No.53177004

If psychic powers giving re rolls are a thing, with FRFSRF too, a conscript blob will on average hit something like 110 times. Even working on a 6+ to wound that's almost 13 wounds. On a 5+, that is 37 fucking wounds. I'd like to see a T4 muhreen character try and save 37 wounds.

>> No.53177020

>Extreme high pressure of space

Haha what the fuck, hang all bl writers.

>> No.53177022

I tried something similar for a few of my marines. I think I used Screamer pink for the main armor plates and Lothern blue for the trim. I like the way it turned out, since the pink there is a bit more subdued compared to the blue.

It's hard to make a color scheme that's all bright colors though. If you're set on it, I would suggest instead having some of them with bright blue trim and darker pink armor like that, and then have others with the bright pink trim and more subdued blues. Then you can mix them in the force.

>> No.53177024

I wonder if Contemptors will have more toughness, more wounds, or a better save.

>> No.53177026

Haha you are stuck with the shitty new battle cannon.

>> No.53177028

His fist.

>> No.53177031

Am I the only one who'll miss the 'face towards enemy' chimeras and their squishy sides?

>> No.53177032

That's not a bad idea, do you have a picture if the Marines your tried?

>> No.53177033

More wounds I'd say, and a better damage table.

>> No.53177038

I've passed 20 saves on a single marine captain before, who was wearing power armour, and that was back in 4th edition before the glory that is Captain Smashfucker.

37 wounds is peanuts.

>> No.53177039

>Does anyone have advice on making 80's, clashing neon blue and pink, hotline Miami esque paint schemes?

Leave it to the pro's.
Or start experimenting, i suggest practising your NMM, Feathering and and OSL.

I can tell you int won't work on single models, you'll have to make the pink/blues contrast aross units, single model with both will lose it's detail to the clash.

>> No.53177053

I forget, why are Contemptors better than Castaferrums?

>> No.53177057

Waywatcher green on white primer?

>> No.53177060

Lol ok. I'm going to enjoy drinking marine players tears provided by my 3 point humans.

>> No.53177061

Smashfucker isn't t4 though.
He's also ha a 2+ and enhanced FNP.

>> No.53177063

Well one of the chimeras guns is hullmounted on the front, so unless people really want to miss the opportunity to make use of the fact it can now fire freely after moving just to meme ...

>> No.53177065

Substantially. Invul save, better weapons and AV13 on the front at almost 100pts more expensive.

>> No.53177068

because oldtech=besttech

unless it's a numarine

Not if he's a cataphractus smashfucker

>> No.53177072

Thank fuck he won't be a thing in 8e.

>> No.53177085

OH! Found a article perfect for you: look up "Hotline Heresy", it's on a blogspot adress so can't post it.

>> No.53177094

Well then he can't get "his shit pushed in"

>> No.53177097

Gonna need a minute, since my phone is dead. I'll also warn you in advance that I'm not the best painter by any stretch

>> No.53177101

Smashfucker, although an amusing concept, is one of the most obvious examples 7th Editions many weaknesses. I think we'll all be happy when those kind of shenanigans are gathering dust with Fish of Fury.

>> No.53177106


>> No.53177109


>> No.53177115


>> No.53177124

GW should make a named Iron Hands character in honour of Captain Smashfucker though. The IH deserve it, and because of the name alone I would like Captain Smashfucker to be remembered.

>> No.53177127

Fish of fury wasn't even that bad though. Yes it was strong, but it took some setting up and you only got to use it usually twice a game. If you cracked the devilfish before it arrived then the fire warriors were tasty meat in the middle of your firing zone.

>> No.53177163

Guy's a hell of a painter tbf

>> No.53177195

To keep it family friendly he'd probably have to use the Smashbane name.

>> No.53177203

I'm looking at his work now, he really is quite amazing.

>> No.53177208

Yup, Brother-captain Smashus Banus.

>> No.53177227

It'd require using the chaplain variant but I think the name Iron Father Smashbane would be just perfect, give him a bike and terminator armour cause fuck you that's why.

>> No.53177243

wow that knight titan looks amazeballs xD could u imagine it with wings on a the war hound knight titan from forge world :)

>> No.53177253

You have to be at least 18 to post here.

>> No.53177277

Seriously, this guy has skill.

>> No.53177294


Reminds me of this Knight

>> No.53177298

This was already answered in the SA thread you got the picture from.

>> No.53177302

I can only begin to imagine the amount of time that must have taken.

>> No.53177330

>could barely paint my models
>this nigga paints paintings when he paints
Th it is some xzibit shit right there

>> No.53177331

Is this officially the easiest marine paint job?

>> No.53177339

The oversimplification of the game

>> No.53177346

>why'd you pick that color scheme anon?
>I..I like the Steel Brethren fluff

>> No.53177349


The two sisters pictures make me think that they're transferred.

>> No.53177351

I'm 99.99% sure those are decals, because those are existing pieces of art.

>> No.53177370

I'm using 28mm German Grenadiers from Bolt Action as my Chaos Cultists. They look super weird next to GW human minis, but power-armoured models are about half a head taller and look suitably chunky by comparison. Plus they're $45AUD for 30 of the fuckers, which is unbelievably cheap for making cultist hordes.

>> No.53177393

>spiked armour
>feathered crests that look suspiciously like horns
The artist wasn't at all biased towards "DA are traitors" now was he...

>> No.53177420

Japan Self-Defence Forces
>yes, they actually called their post-WWII military that

>> No.53177445

Well it is more a national guard than a millitary.

>> No.53177451

I can actually kind of see this. They used to be intellectual peers in the early days and the closest either had to a friend, then Dorn got the job designing the Palace and Perturabo got more and more shitwork grinding his Legion into hamburger meat, and things went sour.
>Dorn hates Perty so much because he DID consider him a friend and P's betrayal was an especially personal blow

>> No.53177469

I always assumed that was running/riding erratically, ducking around etc so it was harder to aim effectively.

>> No.53177473


>> No.53177502

Bbut there is clearly blue plastic.

>> No.53177508


Isn't that just sprayed with Maggrage blue?

>> No.53177568


Vostroyans are the answer my friend.

>> No.53177580

>people cannot fathom that GW can add dyes to plastic before casting and have done so in the past

>> No.53177632


I get that its possible, it's more that the base is also blue, which leads me to the assumption that it was sprayed. The painter is also using a light blue implying a highlight, not a base.

>> No.53177658

yep, base is black on the bottom which should indicate that

>> No.53177660

The Jap exclusive minis posted above have bases included on the sprue, so they are also blue. It probably was sprayed with a base prior to painting anyway.

>> No.53177844


>> No.53177892


I'm sure he copied existing artwork, but they look hand painted to me.

>> No.53178467

Not gonna lie, playing without dreadknights is pretty rough. Especially when you've got a meta full of WAACfagging soulburst yinnari. You will probably lose alot of yor games.
If you stick to your ideals, through all the shit...
You will learn.
You will find a playstyle you enjoy.
You will find joy in painting and converting your army.
You will create a wholly individual and exceptionally awesome army on the table, that makes all these netlisting greytidefags armies pale in comparison.
And then, one day, you will win.
And on that day, after beating a 3 units of wraithflamers, wraithknight, 15 scatterbikes and other bullshit eldar list with nothing but your double dreadnought double landraider list 15 points to 8, with no more than 3 of your models remaining on the table, you will whisper those magic words in his ear: "get gud, mait"
And his weakwilled mind will combust from the sheer badassery of your victory, while his convoluted, charred, fat body twitches in uncontrolled bouts of rage.
And you will be rewarded.
Sisters of Battle waifu's shall frolick to you, your absolute manliness assured.
And then Nu-GW shall descend from the heavens and declare: "Henceforth, Landraiders shalt be-eth one of thy most fearest models on the table."
On that day, your victory will be assured.

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