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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Ancient Ruins Edition: What ancient artifacts, dangerous demiliches, treacherous traps, and risky ruins have your party encountered?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old thread: >>53154792

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>Ancient Ruins edition
>Treacherous TRAPS


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None yet, but here's hoping.

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Some Thassilonian ruins, more Thassilonian ruins, other Thassilonian ruins, some extra Thassilonian ruins, an extra dimensional Thassilonian ruins and a golden city which is now Thassilonian ruins. We have faced wizards, wizards, wizards, wizards, wizards and I am going to guess we will in the end face at least one more wizard. Also giants. As for traps we had magical wizard traps, magical wizard traps, magical wizard traps, magical wizard traps, magical wizard traps and not any traps yet, but I am going to assume magical wizard traps.

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I guess that's the skyrim generation for you.

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Skyrim's map is has a shitton of ruins that look almost exactly the same.

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PDF in the trove when

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Is Swirling Panoply really an archetype ability and not a bladeskill?

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so i have been recruited into a pathfinder game, never played it before (I played a few month long game of 3.5 D&D like 4 years ago, im mostly familiar with 5e though)

Im thinking of playing oracle because the group needs a healer, am i crippling myself? is there a better healer to play?

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You do realize that I was giving a tongue in cheek explanation of Rise of the Runelords which was published 3 years before Skyrim in it's original release?

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Where the hell are the Lysander Logs???

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Vitalists are better.
Oracles, much like Clerics, get far far greater mileage out of their spells by NOT healing.

See, you can't really outheal shit in this game without some very specific, very special builds. This is compounded by the fact that Cure Serious Wounds does nothing if the fighter got crit clean *past* the negatives. It would be a lot better if he hadn't died, instead.

But, defenses? miss chances? battlefield control? dead enemies?

All of those drastically reduce the amount of damage your friends take, making healing a far easier and cheaper proposition after the fact.

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the only good heal spell in Pathfinder proper is Heal because of its flat instant heal.

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I'm not him, just explaining.

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Tell me about the character you found the most fun to play, /pfg/. Be it gameplay or roleplay-wise.

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An evil cleric of calistria uses a magic scepter to mind control all the local villages women into becoming his unwilling brides. Upon barging into his private chambers, he offers you a deal; let him continue in his forced polygamy, and he will 'give' half of his following to you, to do with as you please. You even can choose which races you want. Do you take it? Do you haggle? Do you cut your way through with a machete like it was walmart during rush hour?

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much appreciated anon

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First off, holy shit. Second off, village women won't be that pretty. Thirdly, NO, STOP THAT.

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Yeah but why wouldn't I just kill him and take them all for myself?
Or more importantly why would I care about him when I play girls and there's a much better man waiting for me?

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Dude they're fucking used goods. You've got him down to rights, and sloppy seconds is the best he's got to offer you? You'd get all of them if he's dead anyways.

He dies. The victims, doesn't matter.

His daughters though you take with you and once they're old enough you make them yours.

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I played a skeleton who was a huge milk autist
Like imagine a /g/ linux hipster (and I mean a complete hipster, not just someone who uses oobunto or Arch), a /v/ guy on CASUAL GAYMAN and an /a/ on moeshit, and combine them all and you approach his autism and elitism when it came to milk.

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Because scores of innocent lives are between you and stcking distance of the evil cleric, and he WILL make them fight you.

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Yeah well I've been hiding this but actually
I'm Lawful Evil

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They're Commoners, you could eat the -4 for nonlethal and still one shot each.

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An extremely flamboyant half-drow Mesmerist who took item crafting feats and the Drow Nobility line. Horribly unoptimized, and in a campaign with a lot of things that would resist his spells, but he was so flamboyant and gaudy in everything he did that it was just too damn fun to replace him.

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Doesn't nonlethal still become lethal after a certain point
Can't you die from Massive Damage even if it's nonlethal

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Well that's like... You being a bad b8, man.

What happens when you stop going full tard on "monster races" and you just say "dude we're the ones making fantasy here let's make them actual cool"

Outback gangs of Mad Max gnolls in jorts playing heavy metal and cackling

None of that "gnolls are smelly XP" trash

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I would not even let him finish speaking before I stab the guy followed by calling your mother to talk about how much of a disappointment you have become.

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all nonlethal past your maximum HP overflows into lethal.

Say you have 50HP. You can take 50 nonlethal. If you had 40 left due to wounds, you're unconscious after just taking 40 nonlethal, but only after 50 do you start taking lethal. You eventually will die.

Creatures with regeneration simply continue gaining nonlethal, not turning it lethal. However, should regeneration be shut down at any moment, They might die or explode into a bloody mist from too much nonlethal converting on the spot.

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So you can take a total of 100 nonlethal if you have 50 HP, am I reading this right? Or you can take 50 nonlethal and 50+CON nonlethal before you die?

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You can take 50 nonlethal. Anything past that becomes lethal.

So if someone with 50 max HP takes 75 lethal, he's at -25 with nonlethal and thus unconscious, but he's also at 25/50 on his real HP (like if the nonlethal heals up from the 'sleep' and he wakes up).

So 100 nonlethal puts him at 0 for real. 100+CON nonlethal will kill you, unless you have regeneration.

If you have regeneration, and you've taken 300 nonlethal, you're unconscious for a damn long time. However if someone did, say, 1 point of fire damage and your regen shuts down from fire it's not "Being at -301" that does you in, but the fact that your real HP TRULY just attained -256

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I think those are Suffocation rules.
Interesting solution! I doubt the cleric would just allow this, but whether he fights or flees, things are bound to get messy.
so am I.
Its just a question of ethics brah.

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>Doesn't nonlethal still become lethal after a certain point

Then hit them without Power Attack?

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Was a 4e character, but he was Sir Rodrick Artosh, the Undying

His backstory was that he was one of the only survivors of the bloodiest siege in living memory. Neither side got the advantage after the walls fell so they just kept killing and killing till only a few dozen remained. He says he saw the reaper himself as he lay there, bleeding under the sun, and spat in his face. He ended up in a temple to recover, where instead of funding inner peace, he found himself tormented with the fear of his own mortality, reminded of it every day by the scars on his chest. So he began training, and dueling, and crushing everyone who would fight him to prove his own strength.

If the game had continued, he would have begun amassing magic items to immunize him against the subtle threats, to guard himself on the path to godhood.

Absolute barrel of fun to demand the orc warchief duel you one on one. If 4e had had any semblence of balance for 1v1 fights, I would have won too. I was level 4 I think, and dealt about two hundred damage in three turns to him, and only bloodied him before he crushed me.

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Some new stuff about Eox


Bone themed, airless ships crewed by undead, importing corpses, alien radiation monsters that eat the essence of living and undead alike, paranoid Bone Sages being infiltrated by usurpers.

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I would punch the DM.

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>Eoxian starship designs reflect their builders’ unique needs and aesthetics. Most Eoxian ships resemble elaborate bone structures or the corpses of vast creatures, though this is partially an illusion, as much of the bone is actually more advanced materials sculpted into their morbid shapes. Such ships are designed specifically for the undead, with large portions of the hull left open to space, no galleys or heads, and tight-packed workstations in which the crew might be expected to stand at their posts for weeks without moving. All of this makes Eoxian ships extremely difficult to take down in combat, and this is particularly of the massive Thaumtech Omenbringer illustrated here, a carrier ship loaded with squadrons of nimble necrogliders.
>Techno-organic bone-steel

Guys. Guys help. This is getting COOL.

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>>Techno-organic bone-steel
So Necrons?

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What I think of Starfinder

>fantasy in space
>not actual science-fiction
>all the flaws and gibberish or standard PF fantasy setting but in space
>my characters will have even less reasons to go adventure

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>mfw I didn't realize how much I wanted hardened armor in the color and texture of bone until now

Sign me the fuck up, ya saucy skeletal bastards.

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Dialing back the cancer, I was mostly just curious how you might deal with an enemy npc who uses innocents to defend themselves. Perhaps even going as far as the 'living baby armor' thing.

>> No.53161319

In that case: It's a calistrian protected by an army of mooks. Assuming that this isn't a plot village their levels will average at 3 or so. I would just bullrush/overrun through them and go for a good old fashioned Grand Theft Auto Return Policy on the cleric.

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Isn't that more Eldar than Necron? I mean, wraithbone is their thing.

>> No.53161339

Brainwashed harem? Charge through, overrun, bull rush and reposition your way through the crowd. Jump or fly over, teleport past them, etc.

Living armor? Called shots. Magic that doesn't need to hit to work, just runs on saves. Grapple. Chime of Opening to undo everything holding the hostages in place.

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Then several tactics there, Anon

1. One of us has a skill or competence applicable to solve this
2. I will pretend to accept his offer and leave. Then I'll come back more prepared when he isn't expecting it.
3. I will blast through to him. This is typical evil logic to believe being good means you're a pansy and therefore you can get away with such garbage blackmail. Innocents are bound to die, but I'm confident enough in my cause and humble enough in my pride to accept this. They will learn not to do that and next time they'll find other methods that aren't hiding behind others.

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>Most Eoxian ships resemble elaborate bone structures or the corpses of vast creatures

Flying skulls confirmed.

Andross confirmed.

>> No.53161370

Wraith bone is more hocus pocus mind powers that are arguably not actually dead while Necron's are more technobabble and are straight dead too which is more fitting.

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QANON confirmed for "martials shouldn't get nice things"

>> No.53161528

Thanks for the food for thought. Im looking to design a final fight to preemptively conclude a game, and this might do the trick.

>> No.53161555

How does one go about getting as much psychic strike dice as possible?

There's the one bladeskill for +1d8, but what else?

Am rageblade if that helps

>> No.53161716

If you're building the encounter I can also recommend my own plan for enemies that wear hostages. If an attack misses by less than 5, there's a 50% chance to hit the hostage. Flanking them reduces this to 20%. Unless they have more hostages than just one in front, but might save that situation for later.

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I just justified penguin style camoflauge on my mini-dragons for my smut game

What am I doing

>> No.53161735

Logs never if they don't want them released.

>> No.53161767

Hopefully swarming a gnome or halfling with horny draguins.

>> No.53161774

Oooh, thats good. I think im gonna steal that. Thanks!

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Why is going Dex looked down upon?

>> No.53161801

Wist got creepered by us.

>> No.53161818

We are starting RotRL next week with a 3 person party. To make up for the lack of a 4th player the DM has allowed us to take a free VMC.

I'm unsure of the VMCs of the others, but 1 is a wizard, and the other is a paladin. So I was thinking some kind of high damage melee class with some utility, so maybe a Slayer or Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor with VMC Rogue?

Any advice?

>> No.53161822

Did she ever get the eggs out of her ass?

>> No.53161829

SS Inquisitor.

>> No.53161831

Just smol human girls

>> No.53161838

>Wist got creepered
>Bully and degrade her mercilessly
>Being taken by monsters (girl or no) is all fine, though I'm looking forward to creative use of corrupt nobles as well. Not a big fan of too much forced transformation, but a bit is fine. I'd rank them Monsters = Nobles > Monstergirls.
>Note that she loses almost all her powers when naked as an actual class mechanic
Wist is a huge hardsub. Hardsubs don't get creepered.

>> No.53161842

Is it worth getting Intelligence 13 so you can get combat feats as an archer-paladin, or should I just stick with 12?

>> No.53161878

What the fuck?

If you are an archer paladin you don't have feats to spare.

>> No.53161887

It's under her PLD app

>> No.53161891

Alrighty, thank you.

>> No.53161896

damn that's awesome. I hope the ship to ship combat rules aren't shit.

>> No.53161899


What a loser.


"Oh no people are interested in my logs!"

>> No.53161907

t. Bailey

>> No.53161922

Because the autists who made this game think oversized 500 lbs swords are realistic warfare.

>> No.53161934

No bully

>> No.53161945

I still don't understand why you people don't get a fucking room. I, and I'm sure a lot of other anons, don't give ashit about you, your drama and your game, especially that it seems it's all about sex and you sound like pathetic thirst betas.

>> No.53161948

ah yes I forgot how people casting Meteor Swarm is reflective of realism

>> No.53161957

t. I don't even know any other big names that would fit here so I'll just use "redditor"

>> No.53161973

What if to make Magus less about one spell on repeat, we loosened up the circumstances for using your weapon on spells? Its spell list is actually very wizardy, they're just disincentivised to use it by multiple factors like no feature interaction and poor save DCs.

>Spellstrike can deliver any spell you want outside Personal range ones - even get a feature for discluding your space from AoEs, so you can Fireball at point-blank like a cool dude
>You can still benefit from casting through your sword at range - add weapon enhancement bonus to RTAs and save DCs! you're a slow progression caster so it's not a big deal
>Later get the ability to attack EVERYONE you hit with an AoE spell within like 15ft of you, or even instantaneous tele-slashes to each distant target like FFTA2's Magick Frenzy ability
>split options of using Dex for any one-hander's damage OR getting to add Strength to good things (would concentration and SR checks be enough? Something more drastic, or defense-salvaging like Str to energy resist/DR after a spell?)

>> No.53161988


t. Celebfag.

I mostly bully as a way of discouraging the degenerates.

I will not stop until their game dissolves.

>> No.53162000

If you can't be consistent enough to obey the laws of physics you're an autist that can't build a world.

>> No.53162014

It's a start.

The problem is the spell list.

Wiz/SOrc was not designed to have reduced progression, you get some things way too late and some things things that you get you would never use due to the cost.

The issue is similar for the warpriest, but the warpriest gets other things to make up for it, as well as having most of the good cleric self-buffs be first or second level spells.

I think that you just need to re-work the magus class entirely.

I'm not sure if it needs it's own spell list or a different spell progression. Maybe it gets a pool of spells it casts like a sorcerer and can cast some other spells like a wizard.

>> No.53162022

I've been here since we were still 4chan.net, and I'll still be here when you're long gone. Your shitposting changes nothing, and you're not even good at it.

Have you considered that the "laws of physics" describe reality as applicable to that world, and not as universally to our own? According to you magic of any sort is automatically grounds for being bad worldbuilding.

>> No.53162037

"LOL guys we're playing a pathfinder game lmao xD look at our logs lol Wist meme QANON x Vult topkek"

holy shit

>> No.53162063

>> No.53162074

>According to you magic of any sort is automatically grounds for being bad worldbuilding
No, what I mean is, if you make rules, they have to be consistent.

You either have everyone with giant swords or you don't bother making additional rules for "dex-based swords".

Swordplay is not something you can invent. Nobody swings his weapon like a retard leaving himself exposed. Swordplay has always been about dexterity, in fact where the strong people went was in archery, where they took only the tallest and the strongest.

And all that, you can't invent, because it's based on common sense. Even if the rules were about giant swords, I wouldn't swing mine around if I could do a much quicker move and stab through your heart with it.

>> No.53162080

But the game is actually the best part and not the lewd? They used to be posting greentexts of the session proper and it seemed pretty rock solid

>> No.53162096

'cept it isn't based on common sense because a lot of the reasons things are what they are is due to human "stats". Mind you I don't like STR being king either.

>> No.53162108

>Not the "going first stat"
>when most combat is decided by round 2
>not the literally "you get two turns and the get one, the stat"
>THe king stat

>> No.53162120

Reminder that Vult was literally trying to desmut his homebrew and build the mechanics properly and got shut down and called a creepy rapist, for trying to discuss actual pathfinder rules and uses.

>inb4 good, fuck Vult

>> No.53162123

Yes, but that's why I said it was designed by autists.

Copying earlier autists with no notion of actual fights.

Dexterity should always be here if you're wielding even a two-handed sword. Which are much lighter than people know.

>> No.53162147

Can't they make a fucking private thread

This is Pathfinder GENERAL, not Pathfinder Specific Game .

I have no idea who the fuck is Vult, why we're talking about him, and why it should be a good idea to keep talking about a thing half the population has no way to catch up on. Nor the will.

>> No.53162161

That's unfortunately the most likely scenario.

>You can fire this laser cannon every other round if you have 3 crew with you on your one man fighter!

>OR you could just use your bow, dealing as much damage per hit, five times per round, for one less feat, and a lower piloting DC somehow.

>> No.53162187

Why is grapple so fucking powerful? Half of the monsters in the monster manual just insta-lose against one moderately competent grappler.

>> No.53162217

>Can't they make a fucking private thread
No, you get to deal with it.

>> No.53162232

Because you haven't gotten to the part where you face huge and larger creatures all the time or casters with freedom of movement or contingencies out the vazoo.

>> No.53162233

and the other half insta-win against a completely optimized one.

>> No.53162239

>I have no idea who the fuck is Vult, why we're talking about him, and why it should be a good idea to keep talking about a thing half the population has no way to catch up on. Nor the will.
Because he was demonstrating a homebrew and people like you who witchhunt autistically told him to FUCK OFF REEEE.

>> No.53162272

Well yea, it ether wins or it doesn't, but one combat method, costing like 1 or maybe 2 feats total, can just insta-win against most of the monster manual. Very little actually has freedom of movement as a spell.

>> No.53162290

This isn't the players talking though, its thirsty anons who didnt get in. The players have a private discord. This is just shitposting.

>> No.53162303

Alright, so from a previous thread some ideas to homebrew were thrown around. Here's what we have:
>Brawler that channels spirits to get feats
>Initiating Spiritualist, Mesmerist, Occultist, Slayer, Swashbuckler, Hunter, Skald, Ninja, Antipaladin, and Roil Dancer that isn't tied to Kinetic Blade
>Monk that can use anything as a sword
>Invulnerable Baker
>Holy Cavalier
>Lard Lighter Puneticist

>> No.53162314

>witchhunt autistically
He isn't demonstrating a homebrew right now

That's fucking good to know but that doesn't solve the problem of what they're actually doing.

Man this is just pathetic, they should get a life.

>> No.53162325

I'll sum it up for you.
>Puella Librum Daemonium is a gritty dark souls/berserk game of surviving monster attacks and political intrigue
>Also monster rape, everyone knew this going in
>Controversial both for the rape aspect and for the GM, Vult, being publicly blunt and rude to others
>But it gets really good applications, guess sex sells
>Sessions run and apparently the non rape parts are solid and comfy
>Some rape scene logs are posted to the thread

Congrats, you're in the know now!

>> No.53162332

have you considered that you should get a life too instead of shitposting about something you have no control over and never will have any control over?

>> No.53162350

>This is Pathfinder GENERAL, not Pathfinder Specific Game .
We talk about more than one specific game, which is more on topic than your incessent whining. Fuck off.

>> No.53162370

That part about dexterity reminds me of that one sword style from a wuxia novel. It was called Nine Swords of Dugu, and was pretty awesome. Not only was it speed based, the characteristic of said swordplay was that every move was unique to the user but it always involved winning out on trades. That is to say, visually it'd look like it'd result in a mutual kill but the one using Nine Swords of Dugu would always land their strike first.

>> No.53162378 [DELETED] 

You're butthurt, ironically, not from having had any real sex

You too you are

>> No.53162382

Fifth-kun (whoever that is) apparently got to RP a bed time story in the play by post. I'm pretty jealous to be honest

>> No.53162389

>hurr you never had sex (something I have no way of knowing) this is why I'm justified in shiting up your thread
Ad hominem, not an argument, etc. etc.
Enjoy yourself.

>> No.53162401

Tell me about the little things your character does to remind yourself and the other players that they're adventuring in a setting roughly analogous to High Medieval!

Does your character think silk is impossibly exotic? Do they boil their meat? Do they only have two meals a day, or consider things like coffee and pepper to be luxury goods fit for a Taldan king?

>> No.53162407

Now I understand the autism. That's so fucking beta.

>> No.53162441

So what? You aren't making arguments either. Because you can't rein your hormones in and learn to talk about the subject like an adult. And then you disrupt. And then you blame others for it. This is the point and you're just angry you get called out.

>> No.53162470

What are /pfg/'s thoughts on small characters? What struggles has your small character had to go through? Are they as cute as normal characters?

>> No.53162475


I can't say that there is a distinction between that and their actual character traits like some of them take two baths a day because of their race / culture, one of them is a smoker, etc.

>> No.53162481


"Lol, silly virgins. Real alphas who get sex IRL engage in autistic 24/7 nolife schedule PbP of extreme fetish snuff rape all the time"

This is you.

>> No.53162487

>You aren't making arguments either
Except I am. Talking about PF games is actually on topic, no matter how cringey you think it is, while complaining about horseshit you don't like in MY THREAD XDDD is not on topic. I said that and your only argument is "no you're a virgin beta that's why you mad". Your only defense against witchhunting someone demonstrating a homebrew is 'w-well he's not here right now!" You tell people to stop talking about specific PF games when that is certainly allowed. You, my man, are the one who is cancer, disrupting threads, and baically being incredibly obnoxious. Have you realized how nobody but me at this point is even bothering to respond to you?

>> No.53162511

What are the issues you have to deal with as Small size?

If someone cast Reduce Person on you, could they carry you around in a bottle?

>> No.53162525


Small races are a meme.

Halflings are blatant theft.

Gnomes are memes

>> No.53162543 [DELETED] 


>> No.53162546

Is it ever worth taking levels in Alchemist (Chiurgeon)?

>> No.53162551

Climbing is hard. Strength is hard. Walking is hard unless you take a trait!

What about kobolds?

>> No.53162557

>degenerate no lifers try to get sexual satisfaction with gay online ERP
>normal people don't want them shitting up the thread and contaminating everything they touch.
>the ERP freaks don't like this, and get mad when they are reminded that no one wants them.

>> No.53162562

Yes, you are bait.

>> No.53162569



Also, am I to understand that using FTL travel makes it easier for the forces of heaven and hell to spill into our reality in setting? So does this mean you could do an Event Horizon style dungeon on a drifting ship?

>> No.53162574

Are Brawlers INT based?

>> No.53162578



Until they get sexualized or cuteboldized.

As usual, furries ruin everything

>> No.53162579

>62 seconds
made me think

>> No.53162588

>pic related

High me five.

>> No.53162601

Not an argument, and samefagging is kind of sad to be honest.

>> No.53162603

>So does this mean you could do an Event Horizon style dungeon on a drifting ship?


DOOM is also canon, and can be argued as something that ACTUALLY happened in whatever facility they used to test the FTL drives.

>> No.53162610

A halfling ninja who thanks to good rolls (yeah, yeah, whatever) started with 18 in both Dex and Cha. He was a cheeky bastard who talked the party (and himself) into and out of trouble as often as he just stabbed said trouble. Some of the best fun I've had. I miss him.

>> No.53162618

>Until they get sexualized or cuteboldized.



>> No.53162621

Nothing personel kid

>> No.53162623



>> No.53162625

I'm making a halfling bard and I want some advice.
Should I give him a shortbow or a starknife with the way of the shooting star divine fighting technique?
The bow one can attack more more reliably because of rapid shot and many shot and it'll have longer range, but the starknife will be much more SAD with charisma, a little more accurate, and so a good deal more damage.

>> No.53162631

I can use inspect element too
Watch the next posts come within 60 seconds of each other.

>> No.53162658


So the implications you're implying is that, minions of hell are huge and have huge guts?

>> No.53162663

>Lard Lighter Puneticist
I don't even.

Invulnerable Baker is good too, as is Jackie Chan Monk.

>> No.53162668

Reminder to use Babies as an improvised weapon

>> No.53162670

The HUGEST guts, formed through the dark rites of Hell to be the best at being ripped or torn.

>> No.53162681

They are huge and they have huge guts, yes.

>> No.53162694

>and can be argued as something that ACTUALLY happened in whatever facility they used to test the FTL drives.

Hell... Or Eox? What if it was both?

>> No.53162695

>Vult posting has entered gen5 meme warfare

>> No.53162712

I recommend divine fighting. Being CHA SAD also benefits your casting and skills because you can afford to get your CHA really high.
When you're 3/4 BAB without class features to boost it, your investment in archery will never really be worth it, especially if precise and point blank shot feat taxes aren't waived.

Last I asked, nope. She's staggering around the manor during a tome awakening with a belly full of eggs. Gloriana swung her around when they reunited and she almost got sick from it.

>> No.53162726


>> No.53162751

They're not live are they? Cashmere's going to take like 500d20 damage from them popping through her spine.

>> No.53162768

What trait would that be?

How Smol is Smol?

Can you fit in a backpack?

>> No.53162769

She just needs to lay her eggs in a damp, dark place and let the little kittens hatch!

>> No.53162781


*Aroused dooting*

>> No.53162799

A monk using a baby as a sword would be horrible to imagine.

>> No.53162806

>DOOM Canon
Yeah let's steal everything that's around and popular

That's how we do worldbuilding at Paizo


>> No.53162816

Why did PF become the weebshit RPG?

>> No.53162820

why does crafting stuff take so fucking long. A whole day for a fucking potion. a month for a wondrous item. wtf.

>> No.53162828

Fleet of Foot, for Halflings, or just play a Kobold!

Smol is about 3' to 2' tall!

Yes, fitting in a backpack is possible for a 2' tall small, but 1' is easier!

>> No.53162838


Bo9S 3pp and the avowed, hilariously.

>> No.53162839

Honestly? If it winds up being cool and works well I don't care where they ripped it from.

>> No.53162840

Wait, what? Please show me where DOOM is confirmed canon, I need to spread the news.

>> No.53162845

At the risk of sounding like I approve of what Paizo's doing, FTL taking a trip through Hell has been a common enough trope in Science-Fiction.

Personally, I'd rather be on the ship whose FTL takes you through Heaven.

People might argue it happened with Rise of the Jade Regent, I'd argue it happened earlier. Pathfinder General and Pathfinder IN general has been insufferable weebshit the moment Paizo stopped really giving a damn about the Medieval roots of their setting, giving us faux-modern issues like Kintargo.

>> No.53162859

And yet it still didn't prevent the world from being flooded in MYSTICAL ARTIFACTS of INCOMMENSURABLE POWER

>> No.53162868

>a shitposter who's only argument is literally "I know you are, but what am I" and "lel virgins"
>that one fag who keeps feeding him (You)s
Welcome to Summer

>> No.53162870

Because anime is based

>> No.53162871

>FTL taking a trip through Hell has been a common enough trope in Science-Fiction.
>not taking a ride on a ship powered by philosophers
>not traveling through existential hell

>> No.53162877

It's only may, summer can't be here yet.

>> No.53162899

Aren't we already in existential hell?

>> No.53162908

it was just a test facility used by the machinegods where heaven, hell, and the abyss spilled open when FTL was invented. Now when FTL is in use, it tears little pieces of heaven or hell or the abyss and adds it to the computer god's domains.

>> No.53162943

When the weeb elements were the better alternative to the rest of Paizos trashfire

Schools are getting out here where I live, and we already got some 90F weather coming

>> No.53162952


I mean, at the end of the day you take what you want from it right? If you want a sci-fi lewd setting with hyper-sexualized greys? Go for it. If you want DOOM with swords and plasma cannons? Step right up

If you want Chronicles of Riddick? It works as well it seems. Frankly, I look forward to Elven Riddicks with the eye shine

>> No.53162983

>the abyss

"Science-fiction" according ot Paizo

Which is no different from their usual method of "dumping everything on hand into a big toybox".

>> No.53163007

Anon, when you throw a huge amount of mismatching shit together pell-mell, that's not worldbuilding. That's just trying to grab all the money from everyone.

That's like saying "Super Smash Bros buth with Cloud from FF7"

Or you know the Kingdom Hearts abomination.

>> No.53163017

They did describe starfinder as science fantasy. They wanted it like a more fantasy version of starwars. That is how they described it, and personally I am a fan of that style. They said on the scale of starwars to startrek, with firefly in the middle, they wanted it on the starwars and firefly end of the spectrum.

>> No.53163026

To be fair SSB is meant to be that to begin with.

>> No.53163031

the cool thing about tabletop games is that you can tweak the setting however you like.

>> No.53163035


You know the funny thing about those two? They've sold pretty well all things considered and have quite the fan base so I don't think you're making your case very well.

>> No.53163036

Well then let's just say I'm not a fan, and this is all but my unpopular opinion.

>> No.53163040

That's because Riddick was Diesel's Drow Rogue PC from back in the day

>> No.53163050

Have you look at the fanbases you're talking about

Furry art sells too

That's just not a criteria

>> No.53163075

What do you guys think about the Necrovites living near and around traditional liches. Do you think that liches would think necrovites take the easy way to get to immortality instead of honing magical power for ages?

>> No.53163081

>Kingdom Hearts
Hey fuck you I like its over complicated Not-actually-Disney-related plot!

>> No.53163099


We need to get Diesel playing starfinder then

And? It's what a lot of people like so it works. Obviously it doesn't please everybody but considering both games have been around for 10+ years and people have tirpped dicks playing every remake of the same damn game including the compiled remake of the game leading up to the third game.

I say it pays dividens unlike Half Life.

>> No.53163141

>It's what a lot of people like so it works.
But it is not an argument to say it is good.

The thousand flies being right only works if you are willing to forget we are talking about eating shit.

In fact the less incentive there will be to do quality things such as Half-Life the less you will see quality things.

>> No.53163157


What is this an MMO?

Fuck the group and play whatever you want.

>> No.53163162

Complaining about Furry art is like complaining about Muslims; you might not like what it is or what it represents, but it's the best thing for people in your slice of the world and it's dominating, and will continue to dominate, the market.

>> No.53163188


>> No.53163196

>Tons of people enjoy it.

>Y-yeah, but, they shouldn't! Just because lots of people do like it doesn't mean it's good.

But little did anon know, that was exactly what it did mean.

>> No.53163197


Well, I'm not going to convince you it's good but then you're free to like and dislike what you will.

While I agree Half Life is quality work Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming and Half Life 3 is never so...*shrugs*

>> No.53163232

Furry art is absurdly popular and how many artists get to live fairly comfy lives, you might hate what Furry is or find it disgusting, but guess what? Your opinion doesn't stop the market from enjoying it, and when you think about it I guess that makes it worthless.

Just so with Islam, people bitch and moan about it causing problems here or growing there, but it's growing. It's alive, and it's going to dominate Europe before the end.

>> No.53163245

>But little did anon know, that was exactly what it did mean.


You know

A lot of people long ago thought the Earth was Flat

Is the Earth flat, anon?

>"because a mob of people thinks something is objectively good, then it is objectively good, even though experts, being experts, are always a minority, and know it is objectively wrong"

Like come on this is about how popularity =/= quality

Or else all that autistic scat porn was worth more than Van Goghs because I can guarantee it's more popular

>> No.53163265

>b8 on my /pfg/

>> No.53163293

>Or else all that autistic scat porn was worth more than Van Goghs because I can guarantee it's more popular

Fart sniffers and musty old men enjoy Van Gogh, next you're going to suggest Vivaldi is somehow better than Kei$ha because his work is "smarter" than hers.

"Quality" does not mean jack fucking SHIT if it doesn't sell to a wide audience, and if you insist a wide audience does not matter than guess what? You're just some weirdo with a weirdo hobby.

>> No.53163305

Take this to /pol/.

Islam will only dominate if good men sit by and do nothing because the women keep voting it in

>> No.53163310


M8, when it comes to shit like this that is purely subjective whether it's good or not, unless you're stating 'in my opinion it is Good/bad/whatever', what else are you meant to use as a measuring stick for quality except popularity

The earth being flat is not one of these subjective things.

>> No.53163327

>Islam will only dominate if good men sit by and do nothing

There are no good men left, anon. Take a good fucking look at how the world's been moving for the past TEN YEARS and tell me it's going in that direction.

>> No.53163335

>Vivaldi is somehow better than Kei$ha because his work is "smarter" than hers
Well yeah

Quality has a lot of objective standards and I'm talking about quality, not popularity.

>"Quality" does not mean jack fucking SHIT if it doesn't sell to a wide audience
Anon do you know that most geniuses die in poverty because nobody took them seriously until after their death and that they're so removed from the common man that nobody thinks they're sane?

Stop getting more and more mad, we're having a rational conversation. Trying to, on my end.

>> No.53163362

>what else are you meant to use as a measuring stick for quality except popularity

In the case of art, anatomy, for example.

In the case of worldbuilding, originality.

That is why I said PF just ripping off every single trope and notmedia they could get their succ on was pretty sad.

>> No.53163377

So why are vore fetish halflings suddenly getting so popular

>> No.53163408

Yeah I've seen three. The latest one in TSS

>> No.53163414

Thing here is that quality for companies generally refers to how well it sells.

>> No.53163429

Blame InCase

>> No.53163445

The other guy's not quite right, but he does have a point. Popularity might not mean quality, but it does mean there's something to the work that appeals to its audience. If being a mish-mash works for the people who'll buy it, then is there supposed to be a problem?

>> No.53163449

I know.

>> No.53163469

>Anon do you know that most geniuses die in poverty because nobody took them seriously until after their death and that they're so removed from the common man that nobody thinks they're sane?

Yes that goes for a lot of people, like Lovecraft for instance but I doubt people are going to pour through or individual game notes and find a masterpiece of originality and literary genius all that matters is that you enjoy it and you have the tools to make it work

>> No.53163478

>In the case of art, anatomy, for example.

But surrealist/disproportioned art was regarded as good, too. People liked it.

>In the case of worldbuilding, originality.

I can honestly understand some exasperation at 'x, but in y!' over and over again.
But if lots of people like it and enjoy the world, then I'd consider it a success.
Anyone is well within their rights to dislike it, but if the majority of people like it, it sells and it makes the creators successful, it's kinda hard to say it's bad.

>> No.53163494

>something to the work that appeals to its audience
Or is it? Is it not what all those ripped-off parts that they actually are attracted to? Moreso than the creation as a whole, which would there be much more akin to a remix of some kind.

Then you may judge the quality of the remix. If all it did was just connect the tapes together without a care about how they just don't match, or about making them get along in a single melody, it's a shit mix.

>> No.53163533

No amount of evidence will convince you that multiple people are tired of your degenerate shitposting.

>> No.53163556

Is there any evidence that could convince you of the same, anon, or are you equally firm in your own conviction with nothing to back it up in your mind besides "well, I MUST be the right one"?

>> No.53163564

>People liked it
For different reasons... It's not quite classical painting.

>it sells and it makes the creators successful, it's kinda hard to say it's bad.
I am waiting for something truly unique, that will lead instead of follow the tropes. Nothing will ever be 100% original material but it can be close.

Speaking of, I doubt "fantasy in space" can be any sort of description. I think it's just still fantasy. An even wierder kind since you have advanced future science so you don't actually need magic anymore.

>> No.53163604

>degenerate freaks who ERP online and who are probably incapable of normal relationships shit up a thread with their ERP bullshit.
>Prove that I'M THE BAD GUY and that I SHOULD STOP.
Even if I did, you wouldn't accept it. If you were capable of changing you would have a long time ago.

Just take your shit to some other place where we don't have to look at it.

>> No.53163670

So my Wiz is going to be hitting 7 here soon and I was looking at grabbing improved familiar. He's of the Univarsalist school, heavy crafting skills, with a focus on constructs. Most people say getting a imp or a fairy dragon. But someone mentioned getting a homunculus. This kind of fits my motif but I had a few questions.

If I used the feat, can I bypass that cost of creating the Hom? Or at the very least, knock off the 1000g for lab equipment?

And if I do use this method, could I still add the gold to improve it?

>> No.53163682

...I'm honestly amazed someone could be this blindly hypocritical to their own actions.

At the end of the day, we can still have fun talking about ERP and hide your posts and be no worse for it, but if you try and go about your day hiding our posts, you won't know what to complain about so you'll be stuck.

>> No.53163691

Can you stop trying to police the thread already
Literally when you fuck off people are talking about actually good shit, and the degenerates are participating. Source: I'm one of them. I'm married to a childhood friend. ERPing on 4chan has probably been around longer than you have. You're the bad guy and you should stop.

I'm pretty sure you can still improve it, as you'd just be making a homunculus companion more or less and making it your familiar. As for gold that depends on your DM, ask him.

>> No.53163757

Is Warder (Dervish Defender) the best class for TWF?

>> No.53163764

This is the pathfinder general. This isn't the degenerate freak ERP general. Get your own fucking general so the rest of us can talk about pathfinder without being disgusted by you.

If you want to be degenerate away from me, go for it. No one can stop you. Just keep your freak behavior out of the /pfg/ thread.

>> No.53163768

What a story.

Do wizards ever get familiars just to have pets?

>> No.53163812

>What a story.
You know what else you can't stop though? Me being degenerate, right here, right now, for as long as I so please. Faggot.

>> No.53163826

For base pathfinder, the monk is the best way to TWF-ish. Its not real TWF but whatever.

Alternatively, you will depend on another character for positioning. If you have a sorcerer friend to dimension door you to where you need to be and then flank with you a Unchained Rogue can TWF really well. Hell a lot of classes can, and it becomes very very powerful.

Self-sufficient TWF though? Hard to do.

I don't know about third party stuff, there is probably some combination of rules that makes OP bullshit.

>> No.53163848

A spherecaster with alteration, size shift, object transformation, and easy focus.

Could you shift into panties that another party member constantly wears, use your move action every turn to maintain it, and play through the campaign like that?
What sort of character would it be?

>> No.53163861

>That info on Eox
>All of the operative info
Starfinder is looking pretty sweet. Sadly, I've never been able to GM a pathfinder game.

>> No.53163867

Read To Love Ru Darkness and find out

>> No.53163870

Oh, thanks. Speaking of Unchained Rogue, I've heard it's better in every way than vanilla Rogue. Is that true?

>> No.53163910

There should have been more than one chapter of that, really.

But seriously, what cool things could you do?
Besides the usual casting from a safe place.

>> No.53163922

Personally I'm against the large amount of ERP discussion for the same reason ERP General got banned. This is a blue board. Not like I can stop anyone but precedent says it doesn't belong here, /soc/ would make more sense.

>> No.53163924

Incredibly so.

The old rogue, when in perfect position, under perfect circumstances, could deal the damage that anyone else could do all the time.

The new one fucking obliterates things when it gets a full attack sneak attack. The skill tricks are also really nice.

The new rogue is one of the reasons why I'm optimistic for Starfinder, because I think that pazio can actually make really good classes when they aren't stuck following the fuckups of 3.5

>> No.53163953

You could probably become +5 panties if you so felt like it. Actually wonder what it'd feel like to be a +X person. Like what does it mean to be a set of +5 Spellstoring Reflective Julius?

>for the same reason /erpg/ got banned
Dumbass mods?

>> No.53163955

Just you wait, tomorrow we're going to read all about the Android and xer struggle with the patriarchy thrust on xim by the vile white men of Cheliax.

>> No.53163978

I'm sorry that you got triggered by gay people and women existing. Maybe there is a RPG game that doesn't have those so your safe space will be free from microagressions.

>> No.53164007

>Dumbass mods
I'm thinking more the fact this is a blue board.

>> No.53164032

>lets talk about shota futa rape and impregnation
>this is fine on a blue board
degenerates everyone
this is what they really think

>> No.53164054

It's a blade skill, just a misprinted one. Note how all the archetype abilities have a level in the first sentence.

>> No.53164060

So seeing we have a strong undead presence do you think we'll get something where it's all about the flesh? I could do with living weapons in my game.

>> No.53164064

>tfw you let down your party as a healer in the one fight where you did your best

>> No.53164081


>players about to hit 7 in an ongoing CotC campaign
>new game started successfully with few hiccups
>all feature mostly PoW classes. Only problematic players have been full casters, esp. a Witch, thinking about banning tier 1 indefinitely even for NPCs

How have all of your games been lately, /pfg/?

>> No.53164090

Yes actually. There are creatures that are native to a gas planet in the system and they create organisms specifically designed to do certain tasks, like imagine a biological wrench or a biological firearm. Its not necromantic, because imagine them as giant specifically designed cells and the like.

>> No.53164092

try being within 60 seconds next time
Also are you literally new here? I understand it's not the best example but /a/ is blue and makes /d/ look tame.

>> No.53164105

>level 6
>the witch is a problem, but the PoW classes aren't.

>> No.53164106

How can a witch, of all things, be a problem. Especially at level 7? Just the cackle and slumber right?

>> No.53164123

A 3' person could definitely fit into a backpack if they folded their knees up against their chest and had some help getting arranged.

>> No.53164125

Full casters should not be a problem at all below level 15. Especially not a witch. Whats the deal? If you have to ban full casters, maybe there is an issue with the other players?

>> No.53164126

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person
I've been against the /d/-lite against the beginning.

>> No.53164128

>we can ignore the rules because someone else does!
the intelligence of degenerates

>> No.53164142

What do Soulknives need? STR and INT?

>> No.53164152


That and misfortune. Wizard hasn't helped. Cletic at least focused down on healing and buffs to play at battle cleric, so im not worried about them at all.

>> No.53164156

eh....Lets make that 13. Simulacrum is a 7th level spell, and the planar binding ones start going crazy then too.

pic related

>> No.53164158

Usually both actually. It depends mostly on your build style.

>> No.53164182

/a/ is not 'someone' though. /a/ is, well, /a/.
Then fuck off.

>> No.53164196

No. You fuck off you rule breaking freak.

No on wants you, here or otherwise.

>> No.53164207

And yet you are still posting off topic garbage, you 'rule breaking freak'.

>> No.53164213

Have you considered creatures with spell resistance or resistance to sleep? Almost every other creature at about that level should be immune to sleep or something similar. For example, undead, constructs, elementals, dragons, many magic beasts, outsiders, even some normal races like elves and halfelves are immune to sleep.

Tbh you have plenty of chances to throw fun stuff at them too to really test their witchery. Because when slumber and misfortune fails, then what to they fall back on?

Yeah but close enough. By that time you can start throwing shenanigins too as a DM.

>> No.53164239

Which chapter?

>> No.53164256

True. The game gets really strange once you can start being able to teleport around continents ten times a day.

>lol i'm breaking the rules
>stop that
>lol so are they so its ok
>no it isn't. stop it
>lol now you are too by telling me to stop


>> No.53164258

It's funny because when people get triggered by white people existing, the developers apologize and say they'll do whatever they can to fix the problem.

We're problems now.

>> No.53164261

A psychic armory uses Wis to attack and damage, so all they need is Wis, and maybe some Int if you want more skill points.

>> No.53164272

Arguing in the thread is off topic no matter what side of the argument you're on. You don't really have a place to stand with that if that's the position you're taking.

So what's the issue with witch? At 7th level they have a handful of 3rd and 4th level spells. Which are the trouble makers?

>> No.53164287

Isn't that the planet with the rape geysers that cause the mistakes of flesh orgy on whatever unfortunate humanoid they kidnapped?

>> No.53164305

Just read all of it

>> No.53164309

At level 7 the full witch debuff cycle takes between 4-5 rounds to get off. Slumber only effects 1 target as well. I'm still not seeing the problem with putting an enemy to sleep vs. an enemy being deleted by an initiator.

>> No.53164314

Yeah. By that time its easy to use devils and outsiders and magic beasts that can bind PCs and then just smite them. Or even follow them when they teleport to Tian Xia or to the moon or whatever. THEN smite them.

Nah thats the giant creature planet. I am talking about the gas giant planets with the dozens of moons.

>> No.53164332

Thank you. Wanted to be sure.

Any idea on other anon's question about psychic strike? Not my character but AM curious as to whether it can be made worth using on single attacks like say with the psycho-grenade bladeskill

>> No.53164335

But that's too much!

>> No.53164379

>useless insecure loser posts on the internet about how it isn't their fault because other people are keeping them down.
I mean usually its young girls and tumbler. But freaks and 4chan fits the bill as well.

...what do you combat encounters look like?

Can't bind something that isn't an outsider.

>> No.53164430

What you do as a psychic armory is charge up all your individual blades ahead of time with psychic strike. Then you're not wasting combat actions on it. It's per blade, not panoply-wide, so as long as you keep your panoply out you can hold charges on all your blades indefinitely.

There's a power in Psionics Augmented Soulknives II that works as a substitute psychic strike, scaling off the PP you spend instead of your class level.

>> No.53164435

Bind in any sort of form. You CAN bind PCs if they are not native to whatever plane they are on at that moment.

But you can also stop travel through certain spells

>> No.53164459

So what games are recruiting?

Is the Serpent's Skull one still up and recruiting? I am thinking of throwing my lot in there.

>> No.53164481



>> No.53164499

>planar binding
>Targets up to three elementals or outsiders, totaling no more than 12 HD, no two of which can be more than 30 ft. apart when they appear

Usually PCs don't qualify for that.

But yea you could lock them in a box or something.

>> No.53164517


You should apply to TSS! It's a raunchy romp through the Mwangi Expanse in search of bullion and booty!

>> No.53164538

I don't plan on getting that raunchy, at the very least I do not plan on actually participating in the ERP portion. Fade to black is what I prefer.

I assume ERPing isn't required.

>> No.53164545

Unchained "fixed" rogues just enough to remind people that the Rogue exists and is invalidated by tons of shit, but managed to give it just enough cool things that it pretends to cling to relevance. Its talents are still mostly dogshit, skill unlocks are almost all garbage save for 2-3, it still only has one good save for NO GOOD REASON, and it still has piss-poor accuracy and reliance on SA in order to function at all.
Legendary Rogue still feels like a better unchaining than URogue, but the two together require you to fiddle around with it.

>> No.53164555

What I mean is you can stop them from shifting planes the same way you can stop outsiders from shifting planes.

You can also use banishment on PCs and Dismissal if they are for example, on the plane of air or hell.

>> No.53164558

If you don't want to be involved in a pathfinder game that is more about the ERP than the rest of the game, IRL is your only hope.

>> No.53164566

I figure you could ask for your portion to be fade-to-black, sure!

>> No.53164604

I have been in /pfg/ games before that were fine. One had no 'lewd', the other one is very light on it.

I was unsure on this. Though I am still likely going to fall more into Heart of Darkness than I am into Indiana Jones, which may be an issue. Though thinking back I could easily be Indiana Jones as well.

Legendary Vigilante is allowed I believed, now I just need to figure out what stacks with Serial Killer.

>> No.53164612

If you want me to be perfectly honest, I would rather talk about ERP and Discord drama than gender politics or how much Paizo hates white men.

>> No.53164624

Then I hope Quest for Mighty Loot isn't going to be an ERP because I applied there and I want to play serious.

I also consider romantism not to be "ERP".

>> No.53164632

You don't have to. Most of those apps are not even lewd.

Or you can do Mighty Quest.

>> No.53164633

Even where monster rape was advertised, the players still fade to black to get "that stuff" done at their own leisure or not at all (for some of the other games that is, everyone in PLD is getting what they want)

>> No.53164634


Black Tentacles, Confusion, Enervation on nonundead, Crushing Despair + Misfortune was obnoxious one time but admittedly I rolled very badly to resist.

Early on, the usual suspects with Obscuring Mist, Ray of Enfeeblement, thry mostly stuck to support and hiding though. 3rd and onward was Glitterdust soam, Ray of Exhaustion. Tried Web once but failed miserably.

Out of combat? Less of an issue. Scry in particular has been useful for them.

But in general I do not like having to tailor every combat so there is an enemy spellcaster around to aggressively dispel and counter debuff the party. Nor do I like the idea of throwing shit like say, a room full of greater invisible'd succubi who immeduately go for the back ranks with level drain grapples. Comes off as less fun and more antagonistic.


I have rarely seen an initiator delete enemies harder than an optimized archer Monk, archer Fighter, archer Paladin
cBarbarian, Investigator, Vivisectionist, Magus, or Inquisitor.

Not counting Summoners, pretty sure they don't classify as 'martial' even as a synthesis summoner.

>> No.53164647

One rotten apple ruins the bunch.

>> No.53164661

That just sounds like you're shit at combat design more than anything.

>> No.53164663

The DM has the power to pick the rotten one out of the pile, anon.

>> No.53164666

Does this mean that a PC tiefling could get targeted by planar binding and forced to do all kinds of naughty things?

>> No.53164674

>In the same pile as Barbarians and vivesectionists
>"Deleting people"

Fucking how?

>> No.53164677

There is only one triggered loser in this general. he doesn't post that often ether.

>> No.53164682

The DM is Rory.

>> No.53164684

But at the same time, enemies would also know about spellcasters and try to fight around them. Even once in a while you can get a monk to use their leap ability to dimension door next to your caster and grapple him while the fighters are busy fighting.

Or have a rogue sneak behind and stab him.

There are so many ways you can deal with casters its not funny. The whole meme about them being OP is just a meme. if you want some help, give me some ideas of your next couple encounters and I will tell you how to make them difficult for your party comp. (include your part comb please) but also not impossible for them to defeat. just a challenge.

>> No.53164686


>running a Paizo AP
>encounters are badly designed

Who would have guessed!

>> No.53164688

Why is that Drow washing the table in such a sloppy, inefficient way? If she doesn't do a poor job of the cleaning, she's going to get her dress all wet. Cold, wet boobs are not fun,

>> No.53164699

What I'm saying is, if you make a group with serious characters, but there's one or two that are just fuel fetish and whom players obviously intended to have get laid somewhere in the campaign, it's gonna fuck it all up. Even IC, I mean who wants to go adventure with sluts obnoxiously making innuendos every five minutes and dressed for a porno?

>> No.53164700

He did not say he was running an AP if I remember?

>> No.53164703

Yeah, running Paizo APs out of the box is almost always a mistake, especially with Initiators. Initiators completely shit all over pathfinder's balance, what little semblance of balance there is. Full casters do the same.

>> No.53164710

Not sure what you're asking. Are you saying a Hom would be useless?

>> No.53164718

Actually, I am pleasantly surprised by the variety they include.

If anything there is too much "yea this is interesting but a bit random and doesn't fit the story" over the "this fits the story but is a boring fight".

>> No.53164728

What games have this issue?

>> No.53164729

I'm saying do you ever get a pet bird just because you like birds or does it have to be useful?

>> No.53164746

What? I was talking about Paizo introducing that stuff right into their games or game discussion. It's impossible to have a conversation about WotR without bringing up the prominent gender politics of the campaign, or HR and the infamous trigger warning.

>> No.53164747

Games with lewd apps.

>> No.53164754

Familiars of all kinds end up being useful even if they are shitty like a hermitcrab.

A bird just because you like birds or it fits your character is fine. In the end it will still be able to fly, spy for you, hide in trees, be pretty much a normal bird.

>> No.53164755

I lean towards more usefull. But I've seen others do the opposite.

>> No.53164762


Yeah that is more my speed. Not a fan of 'turn every fight into caster v caster coubter warfare or rape them with high CR immunity heavy antagonists'
The latter usually goes eay over CR, or I stay within and its just 1-2 outsiders, undead, so on, and they get focus fired anyway.

>> No.53164763

Dragons 2 and Rory, or Blingmaker and Branwen.

>> No.53164769

>pretty much a normal bird

This bird is magical


>> No.53164798

....what? No it really isn't at all. That takes up like...less than 5% of the entire AP.

The only issue is that TRIGGEREDPOSTERS get all triggered and start spewing shit everywhere.

>> No.53164800

Well Satan, you of all people should know.

No wait, Satan isn't a person according to Charm and Dominate spells. Better Planar Bind him to get a real answer.

>> No.53164814

Yeah even if it IS shitty like a hermitcrab. It can still hide and deliver touch spells and speak with creatures.

That is a problem then. Tell me about your next few encounters and Ill give you ideas or tell you a good idea to do. You can also wait to save the big caster vs caster combat for a big important fight.

>> No.53164842

Dont app.

Seriously, overlewd just happened, erp games will recruit a harem and one harem protag male, they arent looking for good "normal" characters or they wouldnt advertise as lewd. Its what the DM wants, its what more than half the players want, and there is nothing wrong with that, but people need to stop responding to the hype like it makes it the game for everyone.

>> No.53164844

>It can still hide and deliver touch spells and speak with creatures.
When I get a familiar all I want it to do is provide me with company. Unless it's a bird, then I try to teach it to say hi.

>> No.53164857

Come to the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot we could use apps that aren't edgy.

>> No.53164863

Homebrewer that did the Radiant and Terror in the Dark archetypes for the Dread, now added the Jinxer, who wields totems of misfortune, using the fear they cause to empower himself and enhance his powers!

>> No.53164877


5% of the total AP, and about 30% of the first two books. Can you see why people whose first exposure to this AP via the first couple books might form that opinion?

When you frontload a campaign with your SocJus ways, it will change the flavor of the rest of it. Like, it's part of the reason why we don't talk about Ironfang Invasion anymore, because Amber Scott wrote the first book as some overly preachy tripe where literally everyone is missing a leg.

>> No.53164886

I just want a new game to replace one of my current as I think it is ending either this or next week.

Honestly the "make use of every location including planehopping and worldhopping" puts me off a great deal

>> No.53164890


>Please come and be miserable as the only non-edgy party member

>> No.53164922


Anon? I'd apply to TSS and think it over. Withdraw if you decide to not want that sort of campaign, or bow out early if the tone isn't meshing.

Also, my advice? Apply as a human female character, the people around here are uncomfortable as fuck with the prospect of white girls with black guys, so if you play some pale chick than you're basically untouchable.

>> No.53164926

>ITT people who didn't get into their favored meme game project how they think all games ever are going

>> No.53164964

>SocJus ways
I'm 90% sure that this is just triggeredposting, but I'll give you a chance. What is so bad about the first two books?

>> No.53164977

>Also, my advice? Apply as a human female character, the people around here are uncomfortable as fuck with the prospect of white girls with black guys, so if you play some pale chick than you're basically untouchable.
I already have a character planned out. I think it'll be fine.

>> No.53164982

>Honestly the "make use of every location including planehopping and worldhopping" puts me off a great deal
Neither I am a fan of this, or that sort of plot to begin with, or even big systems like Pathfinder and standard high-fantasy, but I find literally nothing else.

I figured I just want to give it a try and not ask too many questions, although my heart remains with rules-light low-fantasy homebrews with freedom of action.

I believe you need to try getting one of your characters that has a good reason to be unfazed by an endless amount of cosmic references.

Mine is a bit on the side of it all, so to speak.

The tiefling, the dwarf and the kobold aren't edgy at all. The oni application doesn't sound terrible too, I'm only concerned this might be a veiled lewd.

Like the guy's name is "Lewd", too.

>> No.53164997

So what's the word on LoBaF? Has romance blossomed yet?

>> No.53165041


I'm currently in the process of planning a game and coming up with a few house rules for 'healer' type alternatives. I know healing is a hot garbage way of spending your actions so my idea is to add something that allows certain classes/archetypes to provide some healing whilst also doing something else or spending swift/move actions to be able to do something.

At the moment, I'm looking at changing the Hedge Witch, Chirurgeon and Necromancy [Life] archetypes/specialists for the Witch, Alchemist and Wizard respectively. My intent is to actually give them some viable healing abilities that don't impact too much on other stuff they do (I'm looking at just outright buffing the Necromancy [Life] 'Healing Grace' ability for example). Before I post up my shitty house rule attempts, has any Anon here tried to create some more 'viable' healing class alternatives? I don't want to open up some shitty MMO type healer who just sits there spamming heal spells really efficiently but I do want to offer some alternatives.

>> No.53165057

Greentext yesterday makes me think that they might actually be playing a classic efficient murder hobo game.

>> No.53165058

You can simply include heal over time spells, or prehealing (temp HP) or even more effects for your channel energy that let you deal damage or cause other effects.

>> No.53165086


Next fight is actually an evil Cleric. Its suppose to be a two part fight where they ascend on the spot after dying. 10th level, elite array, full wealth for gear, plus their temple is Unhallowed to have circle vs good and freedom of movement. Only one PC is non-good.

I want to put the fear of the dark gods into them.. but I was leery of going 'jk she has a bunch of animated dead and planar bound demons, now she gonna hide in the air with all her buffs on and spam summon monster/negative energy channel every turn then finish you all off in melee'.

>> No.53165091

>Using "triggered" unironically

>> No.53165108

I want to snuggle QANON and talk about 5e together!

>> No.53165162

Why do you say that?

>> No.53165181


Every single good character you meet is a lesbian or homosexual engaged in a relationship, one of them with a transwoman. The only straight white male you meet is a literal mansplaining shitlord who is only useful because of his privilege as nobility. You need to work with a literal who gay black Cleric of Shelyn who needs his white twink lover cured of an addiction to drugs, the scrappy resistance group you work with us a breakfast club of diversity, and Mythic sucks.

>> No.53165199

Why do people care so much about LoBaF shipping in particular? Normally I assume it's a player posting anon so they can reply to themselves but no one ever follows up on these posts, so I think it must actually be real anons.

>> No.53165205

What you can do is this. Before introducing the cleric, use summons like planar demons and undead, then spells like flamestrike(via scrolls or traps). When the PCs seem weakened (or if they are smart, the casters will try to find the cleric with divination) you can have a dark god loving cleric appear and then fly with defenses already prepped.

Then you can use devils to fight on the ground while the cleric is using other spells. Because remember. If every member of a party is 7th level, fighting one level 10 cleric is not an issue. So you can also include abberation and extraplanar allies for the cleric to fight as secondary targets. Doing all this with the right tempo will put that fear in them without laying it all out there all at once.

For example, you never ever have to include all the enemies out on the same time because PCs will be able to pick out the threats easy and just blast them to hell. So you can coax some of their spells out with some pre-devils or undead.

>> No.53165217

Because some people are desperately hoping for leaked DHB ERP logs.

>> No.53165228

Five is super cute

>> No.53165248

Speaking from Essa's perspective once the city is cleared out she wishes to spend at least 2-3 days watching the city, mainly for outlying Gnoll patrols to return. This is to prevent the party leaving to inform the caravan that the city is cleaned out, only to return and find it full of gnolls again.

I do not know how Legacy of Fire normally works, but the town seems to be central the book came out around the same time as downtime and city building rules I think to the overall plot. Essa plans on moving her family to the town once she thinks its safe enough and other settlers start showing up. She is putting away 1/2 of her gained loot somewhere around 2000gp it seems to build a nice place to live for her family and give them some sort of livelihood at the moment she is thinking brewery should suffice, under a completely baseless assumption that all older males desire to open a brewery and retire to running an inn.

At some point I am planning on making the full list of Essa's younger siblings, I had planned for 10-15. Of the orphans who still visit Borger regularly Essa is the oldest, most of the kids are younger, a lot of the money is going to go to paying for them to have a better childhood than she did. Also this is likely to be the point the party realizes Essa's sex, as the younger kids refer to her as big sister. As well she essentially fills the role of stricter discipline for the kids, one of the main reasons she turned to petty crime as a child was because Borger didn't enjoy punishing the kids in his care. So these brats are getting smacked.

>> No.53165253


You still haven't explained why that's bad.

>> No.53165256

Most of the Inner Sea Region is Renaissance, early early modern, Anon. So no, that would be stupid and wrong if me to pretend it's ye olde high medieval setting.

>> No.53165264

How does fear stacking work with duration? The rules are horribly unclear.

If I have a foe who's shaken for 5 rounds, and shaken them for another round, are they frightened for 1 round then shaken for the next 5 or are they frightened for six?

>> No.53165272

Reverse trap DHB.

>> No.53165277

>Apply as a human female character, the people around here are uncomfortable as fuck with the prospect of white girls with black guys, so if you play some pale chick than you're basically untouchable.

That's the plan!

>> No.53165295

...So...you encounter people in the game, who are OMFG GAY or whatever, and this has made you super fucking triggered? They don't even really do anything besides be gay or black or female near you?

>> No.53165312

>fighting a single enemy

You don't know how action economy works, do you?

>> No.53165335


>> No.53165348

Iolanthe is going to be the worst auntie. She's going to overfeed all those kids!

>> No.53165364


It's called the Kobold Queen, anon. Nobody gives a fuck about Kobolds except sexual deviants and insecure nerds. The campaign's going to either be a bamboozle or a game built on a tone you seriously don't want to get involved in.

>> No.53165365

Because that's NOT diversity. That's in fact making it not-diversity but inversed. Where everyone's diverse, nobody is.

Minorities are minorities because they're minoritary.

Nobody is such a sperg to go "hurr they gay it bad". They're obviously talking about the demeaning pandering to political sexual groups.

I can tell you I'm mighty tired of said pandering. If I say that I'm gay anywhere, it's either "being gay is gross", or "stop talking politics".

Are you actual SocJus or are you trolling him

>> No.53165373

>romance between hot elf milf and handsome middle aged priest

>> No.53165384


Temp HP was definitely something I was looking at. In fact, I altered the other Necromancy [Life] ability (Share Essence) to:

Soul Shell (Sp): You may spontaneously expend spell slots to grant you or an ally temporary hit points equal to 1d4 per level of the spell expended plus half your caster level (rounded up). You can only expend a number of spell slots equal to the highest level of spell that you can cast. You may use this effect on yourself as a swift action or on an ally as a standard action (range: 25 ft +5 ft per level). From level 11 onwards, you may expend 2 uses of the ability to cast it on an ally as a swift action and may expend 1 use of the ability to use it on yourself as an immediate action. Hit points granted in this way last for 1 round per caster level. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

>> No.53165385

>Nobody gives a fuck about Kobolds except sexual deviants and insecure nerds
>he campaign's going to either be a bamboozle or a game built on a tone you seriously don't want to get involved in
You can do better than this.

>> No.53165387

Run DHB, it's shipping hour.

>> No.53165392


I do, that is why I don't want to send it in solo nor overload the PCs with a dozen undead, a handful of Planar Allied devils/demons, and spebd the fight hiding the Cleric while theh cast Summon Monster 3-5 every turn.

There is such a thing as too much.

>> No.53165397

Oh, I'm deadly serious.

>> No.53165415

Instead of sperging here, why don't you just ask the GM himself. Or are you just interested in assuming shit.

>> No.53165438

It's bad in the same way having inexplicably every character in Ironfang Invasion missing a leg is bad. People notice the distinct "wow so progressive" angle of the game, and begin to mock it.

>> No.53165443

>Dislikes Tumblr tier trash shitting up a campaign.
>"OMG Anon why do you hate gay people!?"
Nigga it's not because they're X, it's because X is all they are and it's clear they only exist to put a little check on the diversity box and go "Look at how progressive we are!"

>> No.53165457


Wait... Are you making a pale chick that fucks black men to make the thread uncomfortable, or a pale chick because it means you're untouchable?

>> No.53165470

I was pretty sure it was called Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, and that was a name for the sequel to the original that ran a couple years ago that turned out well. Like PFG 2: Electric Boogaloo

>> No.53165473

>She is putting away 1/2 of her gained loot
>DHB nerfing himself for fake 'RP' reasons to make himself a burden on the rest of the party
Why am I not surprised?

>> No.53165475

>a section of the game is mostly black people
And you freak out about this? Why?

I mean if there was an actual quest to castrate the white men then sure, but like....If the NPCs are gay black women then what is the fucking problem?

>> No.53165489

You can also change channel energy to overheal into temp HP that last an hour, but with a max equal to like twice caster level or something.

>> No.53165504

Fuck, haven't we actually read the backstories of these "offensive" characters and discovered they're very, very bland and "safely written?" In other words, their gayness only exists because Amber Scott, a self-professed progressive and Social Justice Warrior, wanted them to be gay?

And don't anyone dare suggest these characters are one-offs, because the Books explicitly tell you how Anevia and Irabeth's relationship should be progressing, and how traditional and down-to-earth wholesome their relationship is.

>> No.53165506

That sounds cute! CUTE!

>> No.53165514

Just make it darkly humorous in parts and you're fine with being a vicious killer, imo

>> No.53165544

You're talking about the character with a +18 Initiative bonus and combat maneuver bonuses of +15 or more.

I think somehow Essa will make do without a +1 item or two.

>> No.53165553

I mean, I can't speak for the GM, but if I were running a "kobold game" with non-kobold PCs I'd be making the dungeon from hell.

Traps everywhere.
Ambushes everywhere.
Kobolds throwing splash weapons from hidden murderholes and shooting pistols from concealed arrow slits.
Terrain utterly hostile to anyone larger than a kobold.
Strict enforcement of lighting rules.
Hit-and-run engagements.
More traps.
Absolutely no way to get any rest. Constant harrying. Constant threats.

Put the players under constant stress, and watch them break down under the threat of fractional CR kobolds.
Then hit them with the kobolds that have class levels.

>> No.53165554


>Go on a Crusade in what is basically Not!Ireland
>A land formerly owned by The Celts
>Everyone's gay or black

Don't you think we should've, I don't know, maybe met a Kellid man or woman that grew with us? Or more than zero white guys or straight couples?

You don't meet your first non-asshole, non-evil white guy until Book 3.

>> No.53165555

It's disrespectful towards minorities and groups when they're included in things without delicacy, and as a general rule for all media, elements which don't feed into its goals detract from the quality of it, including making a character transgendered when it does nothing for the plot or their own characterization.

WotR isn't just trying to pander but it really is inappropriate. There's no reason for the sort of relationships it has set up and it does nothing with them, it just slaps these labels on people and yells at you that they're as same as heteronormatives when you already know that and don't need it bogging things down.

You can really tell it was just a bunch of white people that wrote these characters.

>> No.53165568

>tumbler gets triggered when characters are white for no reason.
>4chan gets triggered when characters aren't white for no reason.

So literally your entire complaint is that "There are black gay women in my game when they didn't have to be there."?

Your brain is malfunctioning.

>> No.53165574

I don't think it is actually a kobold game. The first game did not even include kobolds except one PC.

>> No.53165576

Man, why are you guys even arguing about Wrath of the Righteous? It's the King of Shit Mountain for a reason.

>> No.53165579

>not casting Transmute Rock to Mud to melt the dungeon from the outside

>> No.53165586

>unless there is a really really important reason to not be so, everyone should just be a young-ish normal white male.

The whales in my liberal arts classes weren't this bad.

>> No.53165588

I have no precedent on that original, and I found it through roll20. I came here when he mentionned /pfg/. I assumed and still assume the kobold maid pic, the jab about monstergirls and the mention of "Kobold Queen" are nothing but small memes. It's a healthy sign to be a little bit lighthearted and still feet on the ground, and not an ultra-PC normie who tries to forget adventurers are also people that might wanna get laid. At no point has he said this is all meant to be an orgy. We will go in many lands and meet many people, it's not like we won't pretend they're all ugly.

All I care about is seriously roleplay. PC normies can't do this for shit. Memers and ERPers can't either. Although I'm not sure I'm willing to assume we might be tongue-in-cheek about the existence of sexual activity on the world of Golarion and still not fall into an uncontrollable shitfest.

>> No.53165593

>You can really tell it was just a bunch of white people that wrote these characters.

Have you even heard of Amber Scott, the writer of Book 1 and thus the gatekeeper for most of the NPCs the party meets? She's infamous in gaming circles for pulling this kind of self-hating bullshit, and it's no surprise when you look at her that she's some pasty-ass, ugly frumpy and kind of doughy-faced piece of shit.

>> No.53165602


That might not be a bad idea actually. Think I'll roll with that.

The alteration I made to the Healing Grace ability for the Life specialist are:

Healing Grace (Su): Whenever you cast a spell that has targets, affects creatures in an area, or requires an attack roll, you may heal creatures affected by the spell for 1 point of damage per level of the spell plus your Int modifier or caster level (whichever is lower to a minimum of 1). This healing applies to all targets but you only receive half of your caster level or intelligence bonus for spells that have an area of effect component (minimum 1). Undead affected by this take damage instead. This healing occurs when the spell is cast and has no effect on creatures that enter its area after the spell is in place. At 20th level, the amount of damage cured increases to 2 points of damage per level of the spell.

So basically it's just slightly buffed in how much healing it does (think originally it was like you spell level x 2 but you had to spread the healing around if it was an area of effect which seemed to suck a bit) and effectively adds and option healing component to any other spell they use. I may add an exclusion component to it (can specify which people will and won't be affected) as, much like the original Healing Grace, it only affects creatures when the spell is initially cast and not when they walk into the area later on.

>> No.53165610

>They're obviously talking about the demeaning pandering to political sexual groups.

Wrath isn't pandering to political groups any more than the classical muscular, square-jawed, conventionally attractive, heterosexual white male crusader/holy warrior is pandering to you. The diversity in WotR is meant to expand the iconography beyond what's been the default literally forever. It's meant to show that no matter how you look, what struggles you've one through, or you like fucking, you can still be a powerful force for good.

>> No.53165615


Good thing there are absolutely zero young-ish normal white males in Wrath of the Righteous.

Go on, open the books. Try to find a white male that's presented in an even vaguely positive light.

>> No.53165628

>This lack of reading comprehension.

>> No.53165629

>The diversity in WotR is meant to expand the iconography beyond what's been the default literally forever.

How well did that work out for Wrath of the Righteous, by the way? Really is one of the best APs released by Paizo, the numbers show it!

>> No.53165631

...You are proving his point you fucking autismo.

>> No.53165637

>You don't meet your first non-asshole, non-evil white guy until Book 3.

Hmmmm.... it's almost as if Paizo knows their audience, and expects 4-6 heterosexual white males to be added into the adventure.

>> No.53165643

Oh sure, you could do that.
If you were still outside.

But now you're stuck down in a hole in the middle of fucking nowhere with a bunch of kobolds.

>> No.53165645

>Essa being an nee-chan
I was told DHB would be edgy, where is the edge? Should it be onee-chan, onee-san, or onee-sama?

>> No.53165646

>Blingmaker and Branwen.

Isn't Kyras the one with an F-List though?

>> No.53165650

Literally the first few NPCs you meet include a light-skinned male dwarf and a (very) light-skinned male elf.

>> No.53165664

>Go on, open the books. Try to find a white male that's presented in an even vaguely positive light.

I don't need to open the goddamn books because I'm willing to bet bookoo bucks that the majority (if not all) of the PCs are going to be the dashing white male heroes you want so bad.



>> No.53165666

How do you even know they're gay like

The thing that always baffled me with sexual orientation political revendications is how they're so persecuted randomly in the streets or so the propaganda posters say

Like oh yeah I see a dude in the street and I know he's gay if he doesn't tell me

Nobody knows my browsing history unless I purposedly yell out LOOK AT ME IM GAY AND PROUD

Which I will never do unless you're asking me seriously. Problem solved.

Don't listen to him, kobolds are super cool. He's just projecting his insecurity I believe, I mean he cannot see nonhuman races in any other way but chan politics now.

Ffs, we can just ASK the DM, and no, no mention of kobolds in the pitch, it's just the fucking title he gave, it's called TONGUE-IN-CHEEK and I think they just want to bitch for no purpose.

>> No.53165676

>How do you even know they're gay like

You meet their lovers. That is how Paizo confirms a character is gay, by giving them a relationship.

>> No.53165681

>Fuck, haven't we actually read the backstories of these "offensive" characters and discovered they're very, very bland and "safely written?
Except no one hasn't. They just bring up Anevia and Irabeth and the Black guy and the Frodo baggins looking mother fucker and say it's bad because muh soc jus without explaining why.

>> No.53165692

It's the fact that white men are portrayed as vile villains while non-white indivudals and women are portrayed as heroes. My character isn't white, he's a dwarf.

>> No.53165699

>I don't have a rebuttal
>What do I do, I've never read or played Wrath, I don't actually know what I'm talking about
>I know, I'll bring up something totally unrelated.

Think for yourself Anon, don't just parrot other people's points.

>> No.53165700

Neither, I'm making a pale chick because she's a Sargavan Colonial and that's what Chelaxians look like, silly.

>> No.53165704

Did you just assume my PCs race and gender?

>> No.53165707

White genocide tier shit.

Really pfg?

>> No.53165723

My main issue is how fucking shoehorned gender politics and transgendered issues are in the APs. They're extremely hamfisted in their portrayal. Shit man, I'm gay and I'm offended half the time by this shit.

The way Paizo does things screamed of virtue signaling. It's fucking patronizing.

>> No.53165728

I used the words I meant to, so don't put new ones in my mouth. A character isn't by default a "straight heterosexual white male", a character is by default "a character" and their race and sexual identity shouldn't be important in it.

From here on you only need to fill out the necessary details for them that's going to be used. You arrange defaults as appropriate for the setting so that it doesn't call for undue narrative focus, meaning that you cast Keleshites for Legacy of Fire which has nothing to do with diversity but has to do with arranging a sensible narrative, and which means you should be casting Kellids and Taldans for Wrath of the Righteous.

Their sexual identity is irrelevant until it's relevant. There's no need to call attention to it if it's not going to do anything at all. Even everyone being bi on the caravan is fine, that shows awareness that the AP remembers it's an AP.

When a character is gay and it's never mentioned, it's fine because it's inclusive and does pay respects to the desire of many of them to be treated as normal people. When a character is gay and it's everywhere but it factors into the work and shows respect, it's fine because you couldn't achieve the same results if they were heteronormative.

Diversity casting is the absolute worst, it's not pandering towards minorities, I'd know, it's pandering towards people who want to appear sympathetic towards minorities. It replaces one expectation with another and treats minorities like some kind of merit badge you can stick on things for more sales.

>> No.53165736

>My main issue is how fucking shoehorned gender politics and transgendered issues are in the APs.

Can you actually name three for me, and explain why they're hamfisted or terrible?

>> No.53165743

Except the vast majority of villains in wrath of ther igtheous are
>and female
Seriously, open up the book. The vast fucking majority of characters are female. Period.

>> No.53165745

>any more than the classical muscular, square-jawed, conventionally attractive, heterosexual white male crusader/holy warrior is pandering to you
>assuming that panders to me
>assuming I'm an heterosexual white male with shit for brains

Like dude, if ever you're trying to argue they're trying to do healthy diversity, that's not how you do healthy diversity.

Diversity is set in realism. You can't throw the pitch of "oppressed minorities" if they're not actual minorities, and actual oppressed. Also being a victim doesn't mean you're a good person somehow.

That makes no sense at all.

>> No.53165749

I miss talking about Wist.

>> No.53165760


Aravashnial, even Horgus becomes useful if grating. Chapter one even.

Isn't this the same company that wrote an AP with a super corrupt evil dyke queen who ultimately ruins her country and leaves it to rot if you don't stop her?

So much for Paizo being progressive!

>> No.53165767


Did wist really get scared or something

Did someone repeatedly pm her

>> No.53165772

Out the open? Holy shit.

>backwards medieval setting
>meet Steve, my lover


Come from Satan

If you say that females and blacks and gays are like tieflings

You say that they're like people who come from Satan

>> No.53165774

While it feels like it goes a bit far sometimes, it's still better then This.
So yeah I do to.

>> No.53165779

I bet somebody creeped on her.

>> No.53165781

Tieflings are really cute though

>> No.53165782

Hey /pfg/! How're you today? Doing good? Good!
But now I've got some questions for you:
What's your favorite martial discipline from PoW? Mechanically or flavor-wise. Do you feel that your favorite kind of fighting isn't represented? If so, what is it?

>> No.53165786

I'm willing to bet everyone saying WotR being inclusive is fine is a white straight male*

>> No.53165787

>It's the fact that white men are portrayed as vile villains

What? The main villain of the campaign is LITERALLY A WOMAN TAKING ORDERS FROM A BUG. You don't see a white male villain after Book 1.

>while non-white indivudals and women are portrayed as heroes.

Oh boo hoo, are you talking about the black cleric and his white twink lover that promptly disappear off the radar after halfway through Book 2? Are we talking about Irabeth and Anevia, two characters who are only heroes because the Crusade HAS NO HEROES, and the moment the PCs show up they become irrelevant? Are we talking about the Queen, who by all accounts has failed tremendously in her duty as both sovereign and soldier?

Or are we talking about the White Male PCs, who by the end of the campaign are veritable demigods and worshiped as both the Heroes of the Crusade and Saviors of the Continent?

Are you seriously telling me you can't put up with a book of mild SocJus bullshit for an entire campaign of hot Paladin chicks with blonde braided hair sucking your dick while you dash entire armies on your own?

>> No.53165789

I wouldn't put it past the Actual thirstposters.

>> No.53165792

All I said was "come play The Quest for Epic Loot" with me if you're a level-headed kind of guy.

Maybe this is the wrong thread.

>> No.53165798

I want to protect her smile and build mechanically interesting and conceptually amusing characters together!

>> No.53165805

Irabeth Tirabade feels like a 'sexualities from a hat' character with her relationship. Her characterization and portrayal is awful.

Shadra Geltl backstory is written with obvious 'well we gotta include this' in mind.

Mrs Feathers went through a make over when someone feared they might offend someone and now feels like extreme virtue signaling.

>> No.53165807

triggeredposting everywhere

>A gay character exists in my game. That character might even interact with my character!

>A character exists, that character is gay/black/women, and it is theoretically possible that you could have written the story so that they were a "normal" white male. Therefore this is just all gender politics and hamfisted diversity.

They are telling you exactly that.

>> No.53165809

>Out the open? Holy shit.

The only time you run into a situation where the NPC tries to hide their homosexuality is in Book 4 of Kingmaker, when you meet a young woman who begrudgingly admits to the PCs she has a Calistrian female lover.

>> No.53165810

Come on my man, this place doesn't do level headed well.

>> No.53165814

Primal Fury!

>> No.53165837

>You can't throw the pitch of "oppressed minorities"

See, this is how I can be 100% sure you've never read or played Wrath, because there is no "muh oppression" anywhere to be seen. You're just remixing /pfg/'s talking points and vomiting them back out in an attempt to be relevant.

Seriously, think for your fucking self.

>> No.53165840

So with all the talk about SJWism, how do you think things will be in Starfinder? Will items that change gender or appearance permanently be in the core book?

>> No.53165841

If they were portrayed as anything but set pieces to be waved about then I would be fine with it.

My problem is how poorly they are portrayed and the shoehorning.

>> No.53165843

Steel tempest or mythril torrent. Mostly because I like samurai.

>> No.53165852

No. I'm saying that claiming Wrath is trying to say that "muh evil white males are the source of all fucking evil is disingenuous" when the vast majority of the antagonists don't qualify as any human ethnicity and are female. By the guy's own logic Paizo is saying females are the root of all evil.
There's like one black guy in the entire AP.

Fuck. I don't think there are that many NPC black guys. And I doubt your average black RPG fan probably appreciates his only representation being a gay Shelynite paladin that's fucking a drug addicted twink. There's only like one non-white person in the entire goddamn AP and you fuckers act like Kenabres is goddamn NYC or something.

>> No.53165853

>blatant strawmen everywhere
Just fucking kill yourself.

>> No.53165856

Yes. Witness the mind of the man who started Overlewd.

>> No.53165862

>Being this retarded.
Please go back to Tumblr, they miss you.

>> No.53165864

They might have surgery rules or use those bacto tank things from Numeria. Magic items are still around so probably.

>> No.53165871

>They are telling you exactly that.

God fucking dammit, how can people be this short-sighted. If the characters seriously bother you that much, just grin and bear it for what, 8 sessions until Book 2, and you aren't even working with the problem characters for most of those sessions?


>> No.53165873

See, why assume a tame newbie player is a problem when this lurching, sexual beast walks among you? That's really heartless!

>> No.53165877

Is there even a single white male villain after Book 1?

>> No.53165885

That is litterally not at all what they were saying.

That's also assuming the PCs themselves are 21st century progressives.

Which would be, objectively, a safe bet, yet, you just can't set it up like that. In case Mr.Pally is... A typical pally, you have to really ease this in to not ruin the guy's character roleplay.

In any case.

I just saw that there are 12 apps so far. That's a lot.

>> No.53165888

You know who the only black NPC in WotR is right?

>> No.53165891

Golarion isn't medieval. D&D never has been, unless you're one of the 4 people that played fucking Birthright.

Most people don't want to put up with the kind of bullshit and social hoop-jumping you'd have to deal with in a setting that's actually based on that period. Those settings have never been popular, because they're not conducive to fun for most people. D&D/Pathfinder is and always has been about worlds with mostly modern cultures except instead of any meaningful tech they have magic and swords and shit.

>> No.53165893

Of what's been revealed of the starfinder classes, which are you most excited to play?

>> No.53165895

>Neither, I'm making a pale chick because she's a Sargavan Colonial and that's what Chelaxians look like, silly.

Is she going to have a cute accent?

>> No.53165897

Technically the dwarf? But not really, because he's still being basically led-on-a-chain by Deskari, and any villains thereafter are Demons.

>> No.53165908


Well, we've only learned about the envoy and the operative, right? I kind of want to hear more about the others.

>> No.53165913

No. that is not your problem. There are plenty of other elements in these APs that have less justification behind them. You are just upset because these elements also happen to be women or gay.

I'm sorry that you are offended. I promise to not hurt your feelings again you fucking children.

It's just losers and unwanted degenerates looking for a place to externalize their failures. Somehow their life being a fucking disaster must be the fault of the SJWs or something. It makes it easier.

>> No.53165921

Solarion or mystic seem coolest, because I prefer mystical or oldstyled stuff in hightech settings. I also will probably end up moving some old classes like wizard or monk or samurai to starfinder.

>> No.53165922

Can we talk about Essa being a cute Onee-chan instead of SJW stuff?

>> No.53165926

. . .
But what if you're a sista lookin for a good white man? SOL?

>> No.53165932

Sargava is South Rhodesica, right?
If that's your definition of cute accent, then yes!

>> No.53165933

New Thread

>> No.53165934




>> No.53165935

I really, really want to play a Soldier.

The Witcher did a good job of presenting a fairly traditional Medieval setting!

>> No.53165947

>No. that is not your problem. There are plenty of other elements in these APs that have less justification behind them. You are just upset because these elements also happen to be women or gay.
I'm also upset about the poor writing elsewhere. Paizo APs are horrendously written all around.

>> No.53165953

>Sargava is South Rhodesica, right?

Sargava is equal parts Rhodesia, South Africa, and Brazil.

>> No.53165957


>> No.53165958

She sounds cute, but I'd rather snuggle Gamze.

>> No.53165962

>Ditched those stupid measurements
>Replaced with memes
Not sure how I feel about this.

>> No.53165967

Dunno. I'm probably gonna port in the Warlord and the Warder, give them some Space Hellknight stuff and run with it.

>> No.53165969


Golden Lion, Veiled Moon and Shattered Mirror.

Chimera Soul would be top pick but most of its non-stances feel milquetoast and at odds with natural attackers wanting to full attack or pounce.

>> No.53165978

I'm honestly unsure if you're actually stupid or just an amazing shitposter. That's actually impressive. Here's a (You) for the bank.

>> No.53165980

That's a weird accent...but it could be cute!

>> No.53165987

I'm sorry that you're too stupid to argue except through making strawmen. You should still kill yourself. though.

>> No.53165997


Refer to >>53165787 and his last comment about hot Paladin chicks with blonde braided hair sucking your dick. Replace the hot chick with a buff white guy and you're golden.

You're in the middle of a massive, multinational military force. Most of the people are going to be white men and white women, a theory confirmed by the fact there is ONLY ONE BLACK PERSON IN THE CAMPAIGN, AND HE'S FUCKING A TWINK.

>> No.53166007

You are talking about how people are triggered by gays and blacks, you are not talking about the adventure path, and I am answering to you on what you are talking about.

>> No.53166017

That's probably the worst part of it all, it just feels like a fucking quota they're trying to fill.
Really nailed the hammer on the head there actually.

>> No.53166021

He just wants love, Anon! He's so lonely...

>> No.53166025

But Gamze is already getting snuggled by Iolanthe!

>> No.53166050

You are talking about how people are triggered by gays and blacks, you are not talking about the adventure path, and I am answering to you on what you are talking about.

Can this just be dropped off said mountain as well already?

Why are YOU talking to me?

>> No.53166059

No one talks about [email protected] or [email protected] shipping.

>> No.53166062


I want to make them feel important.

>> No.53166069


Nice doublepost, dipshit.

Did you forget your sockpuppet already responded to me?

>> No.53166077

Well, that's because the cat has to hook up with the bird, obviously.

>> No.53166109

Seriously, what's wrong with you? Now you're just throwing insults and accusations at me out of nowhere. I think you need to get off the keyboard and chill.

>> No.53166116

Queen Galfrey did nothing wrong you heathen.

(Also you're forgetting Staunton Vhane)

>> No.53166141

Why the fuck would you bring this into a new thread. There're so many things stupid about this post, but most of all, why the fuck would you bring it into a new thread.

>> No.53166166

>Out of nowhere
>Two posts responding to the exact same post, with the exact same wording.


>> No.53166202

You've never seen posting have glitches or something? Like you really think I'd do this on purpose?

>> No.53166207

Seriously, anon? Given that it's literally the same thing, it's almost certainly something where it looked like it didn't go through the first time, so he posted again.

>> No.53166257

Tieflings can't love. ERPers cant love either.

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