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For purposes of a modern-day quasi-realistic campaign that I'm running next week, I'm trying to determine a few physical/biological advantages that the average woman has over the average man.

Based on some light googling (and filtering out anything that reeked of feminazi bullshit), I've found a few...

>women have better immune systems
>women have better eyesight/ability to differentiate colors (though men can see better in the dark)
>women have better tolerance for physical pain
>women have a better sense of smell

Are there any others that you guys know of? I'm looking for purely physical/biological/chemical things here, not stuff like "they can flirt their way out of a speeding ticket".

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I'm sorry man but there just isn't enough there for a good mechanical difference. The biggest is "Chicks can't get as big as Dudes" which means that they're just slightly worse in the most common of rpg encounters The Fight. This adds nothing to the game. You'd be better off giving "genetic" bonuses as races. Maybe a strength focused one, a intellect focused one, and a social focused one. Just say that it's a combination of all the little things that make up a human before sentience even comes into focus with a leaning towards nature rather than nurture.

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This is not going to end well.

I'm getting popcorn.

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>there are only 2 genders

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I'm not sure how the marginal differences in physiology will be super relevant in a semi-realistic RPG.

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None of those could come up much. Maybe +1 CON and WIS and -2 to STR instead? I don't know, probably not worth it.

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>This is not going to end well.
Yeah I know. I'm sure the /pol/cucks are going to show up any time now.
I figured I'd ask anyway just in case some folks had some good insight.

>The biggest is "Chicks can't get as big as Dudes" which means that they're just slightly worse in the most common of rpg encounters The Fight.
Yeah, exactly. I don't need any differences as major as that, and there won't be too much emphasis on combat in the campaign anyway. You make a good point though.

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>>women have better tolerance for physical pain
Isn't this only while hopped up on hormones during birth?

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Nah, it's just in general. Biology can be weird- maybe they prehistorically got in less dangerous situations than men so needed lower danger responses.

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Unless any of this "traits" are taken into play as a form of bonuses or mechanics, why is that even matter? This makes no sense. It's a lot of work for absolutely no gain or benefit.

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You make a good point here, volatile as it might be.

Adventurous women recently have been described as sort of pseudo-men: strong, armored, going to melee to show themselves as good as the men are. Yet in the end all they're doing is throwing out any strengths they might have only to ultimately be at best still slightly weaker than the male warriors. All the /pol/ bullshit aside, that's fucking boring.

Men and women should be equal but different. Equally represented, equally proactive and adventurous, equally capable - but doing different things, with different strengths and weaknesses.


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This is the best post so far. If you want, swap WIS for CHA.

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Rolled 17, 50, 59 = 126 (3d100)

Rolling for the number of times OP samefags his thread pretending to be a tumblrtard

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>Are there any others that you guys know of?
You're forgetting the big one: male disposability. A woman actually matters purely for existing, a man can jump off a cliff as far as society is concerned (and they do in incredibly numbers!) until they actually do something worth mentioning.

>I'm looking for purely physical/biological/chemical things here, not stuff like "they can flirt their way out of a speeding ticket".
Human sexuality is entirely chemistry though. Remove that, and women are just objectively inferior men.

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I'd argue there are two ways to do this

1, Give males +X str, no penalties, and give woman an equal amount to dex and no penalties

2. Give men a higher str cap then woman, and give woman a higher dex cap then men.

Do not assign penalties based on gender, it just triggers the sjw's and /pol/fags.

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So then the fact that modern women curl up into a shitball and demand a man to save them when approached with any sort of physical harm is a response to modern simuli?

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As if you wouldn't do the same. Women just have a better excuse in having been culturally coddled and protected for a few thousand years.

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>As if you wouldn't do the same.
I'm not a woman.

>in having been culturally coddled and protected for a few thousand years.
So then in a modern setting they wouldn't have any sort of higher pain tolerance at all. Any sort of potential biological bonus being removed by the fact that they had to face no serious threat and respond to any sort of physical trauma or threat by breaking down.

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He's a /pol/cuck.

Don't feed him.

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>He doesn't agree with me.
>Quick, use buzzwords and hope he goes away!

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>immune systems
>color coordination

These are vastly different from person to person, if you're gonna make 'muh wimmen' a thread pick something reasonable.

>better tolerance for physical pain
how exactly?

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>Men and women should be equal but different.

Yes. Absolutely yes. I've always been of the position that every choice you make for your character, even their gender, should be meaningful.

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I'm not sure if this would fit you criteria, but women are slightly better at reading facial expressions (though they can often get false positives re: men), and are on average better at "social games." There's aslo the fact that testoerone is actually pretty rough on your body(as you already stated, women have better immune systems, that's why).

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>>immune systems
>>color coordination
>These are vastly different from person to person, if you're gonna make 'muh wimmen' a thread pick something reasonable.

They are, but on average, women tend to do a bit better in these, like men generally have:
>greater skeletal-muscular strength
>greater spacial awareness
>better at mimicking sounds

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>I'm Bad At Reading: The Post

Do you not know what "on average" means? Has your 8th-grade math teacher not taught you that yet?

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>>women have better tolerance for physical pain

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>I'm not a woman.
Sure, but you'd still probably shriek like a little girl if someone threatened you with bodily harm.

>So then in a modern setting they wouldn't have any sort of higher pain tolerance at all. Any sort of potential biological bonus being removed by the fact that they had to face no serious threat and respond to any sort of physical trauma or threat by breaking down.
Just because they might be able to tolerate pain better than you doesn't mean they want to be hurt. If they can jump back and call for someone else to defend them and get away with it without losing face, they will.

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I'm on board with this and it's easy to apply it to fantasy settings - just make women more naturally attuned to magic or the spirit world or whateverthefuck. Problem solved.
It's tougher to do in modern settings though.

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DO NOT SPEAK THEIR NAME! It summons them, like demons and the fair folk.

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>For purposes of a modern-day quasi-realistic campaign
>list of bunch of stat stuff no one will give a single shit about
Sounds like shitty campaign for autistic virgins

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One physical advantage that women have over men is that they can have children. This makes it so people treat them differently. I'd make women stronger social characters and men stronger physical characters if I were to differentiate.

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Lower the strength score of female player characters by three, but never to less than three. Raise their constitution by one and dexterity by one.

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Females get -4 Str, males get -4 Con. Done.

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For a magicless setting, I would just go with something like >>53095012

Really it depends on the system and how much crunch/room there is.

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lol i've never seen this, what's it from?

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Greenland Saga

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According to all the previous threads' information that was checked against real life world records.

-1 STR
+1 CHA

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>I'm trying to determine a few physical/biological advantages that the average woman has over the average man.
Why would you need it, though?
No, serious question here - why would minor differences between men and women be important for the topic of your campaign?
Is it some sort of communist utopia, where all the other differences such as racial, social, ethnical etc. has been stamped and thus you have to turn to the gender differences?

Besides, a tenner says there is no campaign in reality and the whole story is made up just to being the discussion to /tg/ and/or you will not include your findings about men/women into it.

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Also, if you want me to elaborate, regarding what I mean by "why would minor differences between men and women be important for the topic of your campaign", consider the following:

In your bog-standard society, the conflict revolves around either belief or power.
The rift between the rich and the poor, the rift between those with technology/magic and without it, the rift between people with different beliefs and the oppressed and the oppressors.
All these have a lot more impact on the world of the society you are trying to model.
Gender rarely matters aside from gender-specific societal roles (being a mother i.e. the function of being an incubator is one of said roles).

So I have to ask, why is it that in your world the differences between males and females are important enough that you want to center a campaign around it?
And if the campaign is, as you say, features a "quasi-realistic" world, then I don't see the point on focusing on differences between genders, when there are much more interesting and important differences to focus on (the differences of ancestry and upbringing, for one).

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>game has pointless modifiers for gender because "muh realism"
>Penhouse Pet of the Month on the cover wearing stripper tunic and what appear to be chainmail thigh-highs
Lol ok

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I've spent a lot of time researching and thinking about his due to wanting gender differences in my game, because what's the point of rules in a story telling game if the rules don't help craft the story?

I came to this:
>Men: +1 Physique, +1 Instinct.
>Women: +1 Coherence, +1 Charisma.

So instinct and coherence probably need some explanation. Coherence is a kind of "focus" or "sanity" stat that determines how long your character can stay focused on a task, or how many different things you can focus on at once. As you push the limits of your coherence, or fail coherence checks, you start taking mounting penalties to lots of things due to your character losing clarity and becoming mentally exhausted. In game, this mostly determines: Long-range marksmanship, many kinds of magic casting, most kinds of "will save", and any drawn out effort.

Instinct is a more reactionary, physical kind of intelligence. Used for dodging, short range or high pressure marksmanship, "will saves" against fear, etc. . .

Physique needs no explanation of course. But I guess Charisma could use a note. The stat itself is used for "sense-motive" type checks, to effect others the stat gets broken down into a few substats: charm, dignity, and severity. Men actually end up with higher severity, women end up with higher charm and higher "utility" or "defensive" social abilities due to the higher general charisma stat.

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The easiest thing you can get away with, without being decried as sexist, is those sociological differences. If you create a society where very different things are expected of men and women, where men are raised to fight and women raised to intrigue, you can maybe get away with stat differences so long as you portray it as an unfortunate(?) creation of their society.

Otherwise, >>53095012 is your best bet.

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It should be charisma, not dexterity.

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It's mostly because women would prefer the men to do the fighting for them.

You could do it really simply by giving men higher physical stats and giving women higher mental stats. (Final Fantasy Tactics, for instance, gives male characters higher Brave and gives female characters higher Faith.)

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About half of these are false anyway. Most of what you're gonna hear are myths.

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The only one that is a myth is the pain tolerence one and maybe sense of smell.

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Continuing on from this, if you want to provide equal opportunity for players while recognizing gender differences, consider the following.

Give players different backgrounds to pick from, each offering different stat boosts. They bring suggestions about the character's physical build, and note 'This background is predominantly claimed by males' or some shit like that.

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That's almost par for par how I run character creation.

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sexual dimorphism is the root of human unhappiness. In an idealized fantasy world humans would not have any sexual dimorphism at all, though such a world would be very alien to most of us who grew up in this imperfect one.

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Yup, this is the only way to do it. If you give women bonuses outright over males in any area, it implies women have the advantage there, which is false. Women are equal to men in all areas except strength, but you still need to reflect that people are different and not every male is going to be better than your player character females, who are representing freaks and or people with tons of training over your common man. So just let your players pick two free stats at character creation and call it a background. It's way less hassle than arguing with people over gender anyway.

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>Women are equal to men in all areas except strength
hahahaahahah holy shit

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>Competent women
I'd be perfectly fine with growing up in an alien world I do not understand.

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Women don't have actually better eyesight, but a woman sight is not a tunnel vision as a man's. Their field of view is broader and allows them to see more things with a single glance, while men have a more tunneled vision and are better at spatial reasoning and estimating lenghts

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It's true. In real life, anyone can "max" their stats and be relativly on equal footing between the two sexes. Except strength, where no best woman can match the best man.

Social and mental stats don't differ among the top levels. You're still going to have your charasmatic men and women, and although men have more people, high IQs are achievable by women.

Then dex and con are so vastly different between people you can't really claim any significant difference between genders.

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Also women are far more durable. Beside the higher tolerance to pain, they can stay active even while ill and can recuperate much faster given the proper rest.

man's pain tolerance instead is purposely lower and tend to make a big fuss about even small couts or a light illness, because they, being the hunters of the hunter/gatherer duo, need to always be in top condiction to work, and the body adapted so that they would not take unnecessary risks

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>Wim Hof sets world record for climbing Everest in just his shorts ...

>Women ever maxing con.

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I remember a thread a while back where the OP suggested that magic was governed by how many nerve receptors a person had, basically determining their skill at drawing in and expelling mana.

Then someone pointed out how that would make women better mages, since they have twice as many nerve receptors.

Of course, no valuable discussion came from that, because then people started tripping over themselves to try to justify why male wizards would still be common and equal. For example, someone suggested that any men attending a mage school would have secret discoveries they would keep to themselves to amplify their magic. Just like how in real life women in STEM field never have their work used by their male peers.

So in the end there's no point. People will insist one -4 strength, but as soon as you suggest women being better at magic to compensate they lose their minds

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Deviant and extremes can be found in both sexes. Only because ONE dude did it, it doesn't mean everyone can
A lot of women climbed the everest, and I am ready to bet none of the strong indipendent guys here could do it in their current physical condition

To have even a remotely relatable set of differences, one must look at the average, not the highest or lowest point

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>Then dex and con are so vastly different between people you can't really claim any significant difference between genders.
Yeah, no. In the physical realm, men would out pace women in every single category.

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Wombs have inherit value, sperm is cheap.

Pussy costs money/time/energy/effort, dick is free.

Women can decipher the thoughts and emotional states of people just by observing them better than men.

Women excel in psychological and/or emotional torture.

Women have musculature more adjusted for long-term straining, such as can be encountered during cliff-climbing and other physical exercise that's demanding on core muscles than man. In theory this also means women can endure longer/have more stamina on extended physical activities, like marching.

Women can produce milk, which is nutritious, men cannot.

That's literally all I can come up at the moment.

>of course, women are prettier than men

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Except long run. Women are always more resilient, even if slower, and have a generally better cardio on average

Talking about comparing two average yet physically trained runners

>> No.53095928

>Except long run.
You're going to have to provide some type of proof there friendo.

>> No.53095954

>In theory this also means women can endure longer/have more stamina on extended physical activities, like marching.
I've seen women on route marches. This has to be bullshit.

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In humans, there is not a big enough difference between your typical man and your typical woman to matter much. There are just as many insipid men as there are insipid women, and physically, your average peasant girl could do about the same as your average peasant boy.

Now, if you want to chalk up sexual differences in fictional races, go right ahead. They're not real and it won't matter.

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I've seen women too irl, wasn't impressed

>> No.53096088

I got these two things here


I don't know exactly how much of true they are, but most points are similar, explaining both how men are generaly faster, and women generally more resilient

>> No.53096096


Women also tend to be higher-educated, be graded better for the same quality of work, have access to educational resources men don't recieve, and have lower instances of mental issues than men. Women make up the majority of college graduates and students. However, there are also fewer female geniuses.

Women have easier access to safe shelters and support than men. They are less likely to see jail time or go to prison, and when they do tend to have a massively reduced sentance as compared to men.

There are areas women can access than men cannot. The opposite is also true, but those instances are less common. For instance, most gyms have times only women can access them.

Women 1/4th as likely to be the victim of violent crime

Woman live longer than men

They tend to be physically slighter and shorter, which is good if you ever have to break into a house or something.

Women have fewer eye issues and can spot things better

They can also crossdress without fear of being assaulted (or at least looked at weird,) which is actually sort of a big deal in any setting with magic equipment

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The deviant/extreme women lifters are equal to like bantam weight men and have no endurance.

>> No.53096193

>tldr : male soldiers bitching that they want their army to stay a boy's club forever

Indeed, I'm not impressed.

>> No.53096222

>>male soldiers bitching

Shit, I thought that one was about a female marine bitching about females in the military

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They can't throw
They can't run
They can't lift.
They can't deal with the stress
They can shoot, but that's a small part of what a soldier does.
1/10 made me respond

>> No.53096274

And you are full of shit.
2/10, made me respond as well.

>> No.53096324

Yeah, no. Not that guy, but I was in the Marine Corps and female Marines are largely worthless.

>> No.53096334

lowering standards in any physical, high-stress job is never good from a safety point of view

But politics don't really care about that.

>> No.53096338

Humans don't have strong enough sexual dimorphism to try and come up with different statistics or rules for males or females.

>> No.53096351

I remember reading somewhere that women have more potential (or something) as swimmers; I think it was that they float better due to something with their body fat?
So something like a small bonus to Swim skill checks wouldn't be out of the question.

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Dear mods ?

>> No.53096385

>But politics don't really care about that.

Reminds me of that story about a fire department that had to fill a minority quota and thus recruited a black guy, who in a time of need refused to go anywhere a burning building. When asked why he said he's afraid of fire.

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>your average peasant girl could do about the same as your average peasant boy.

Not really, if we look at the modern world we can see that average man is about as strong as an elite athlete woman.



>women have better immune systems

I've also heard this but apparently they're not


>women have better eyesight/ability to differentiate colors (though men can see better in the dark)

That sounds cool but how are you going to implement that in a game? Maybe have plants who are poisinous look very much like the edible ones and women are better at spotting that?

>women have better tolerance for physical pain

Apparently they tolerate pain less than men and use more painkillers in their day-to-day lives


>women have a better sense of smell

I really couldn't find much about it, most articles I found was about how men and women smell differently, not about their sense or smell. So I'll take your word for it.

Guys can you stop fighting? It's kinda cringy, instead of going "women are shit!" and "You're sexist!" can you please use articles and sources to back-up your claims?

But we do.

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>mfw this an obvious "-4 strenght" thread, and badly disguised at that
>mfw no face

>> No.53096433


Don't bother. Since you're only concerned with physical differences, there are none that matter to a degree that they merit a mechanical bonus, except that men are much stronger. If women were notably superior at visual tasks you would see them dominating professions that value that trait, but you don't. The whole thing is just going to annoy your players and add nothing to your game.

>> No.53096462

>can you please use articles and sources to back-up your claims?

Any male Marine who has served with females could have told you what the results of this ended up being.

>> No.53096508

Thanks for providing a source

>Overall, according to a summary of the study, all-male squads performed better than mixed groups in 69 percent of the tasks evaluated.

Wow, this is a pretty big drop.

Do you think that the presence of the women make the men perform worse or is the women's lower capabilities the sole reason for the group performing worse?

>> No.53096564

>Do you think that the presence of the women make the men perform worse or is the women's lower capabilities the sole reason for the group performing worse?
Based on my own experience (5 years in a mixed gender unit in the Marine Corps) I'd bet the latter, but it would depend on the specific exercise.

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>86 posts
>40 posters

Just stop samefagging and go back to /pol/ already. Jesus.

>> No.53096625

This are so minor that it isn't even worth it.
The differences between women and men are mostly cultural and/or behavior.
For example, women tend to be more social and less competitive. They are mostly protective (motherly instincts) while men can be more aggressive.
But this rules are really often broken, and women that "act like men" and men that "act like women" are really common too.

>> No.53096645

>people having a discussion is sameposting

>> No.53096684

I never understood these kinds of posts

You claim that it's sexist to discuss male and female behavior yet you make a sexist claim that all those that talk about it are men.

Have you ever talked to a girl? We complain about other women all the time.

>> No.53096699

Better at mimicking sounds?

The way I see it, men and women are "unbalanced" in real life, meaning that depending on the values you impose and the situation requirements, one gender is going to be overall "worse" than the other.
If reproduction in your RPG system had some sort of tangible advantage to the players in the long run, women might be more balanced.
RPGs have to be fun, and if women are worse in too many areas then men, and vice versa, it can become unfun. Depends on the group, though.

Women tend to avoid behavior perceived as reckless. It could be cultural, but it is likely biological for men to be more optimistic, or at least more willing, to take risks compared to women.

Magic is op in some games, so maybe that is why they were complaining. Then again many of those people would view women as strictly worse than men, so it may not be justified anyways.

>> No.53096758

>Better at mimicking sounds?
Watched it on a documentary, and I've seen enough anecdotal evidence to think there might be something to it. Ask some males you know to mimic a handgun going off and ask some females. I'd be willing to bet the former make a close approximation of a firearm going off and the latter say pow or bang.

>> No.53096799

An RPG that deals with and focuses on this sort of thing that might be interesting to look at is Saga of the Icelanders. A lot of the push and pull conflict comes from the fact that the PCs are playing out the roles of viking settlers on Iceland and how they deal with the roles and expectations society places on them, based on their gender, age, and sex. I had fun last time I played with it.

>> No.53096813

But is that because men are exposed to and expected to be at least semi-interested in guns and war and women generally aren't?

Basically nurture v. nature again.

>> No.53096819

>Women tend to avoid behavior perceived as reckless. It could be cultural, but it is likely biological for men to be more optimistic, or at least more willing, to take risks compared to women.
There's been some research to support that, that testoerone increasing risk/benefit behavior.

>> No.53096839

Give it any sound, I'd be willing to be the results would be the same. Women describe sounds, men try to recreate them.

>> No.53096908

Are most voice actors female too?

A woman voices Bart Simpson, for instance. Timmy Turner's VA was a chick too.

>> No.53096923

>/pol/cucks getting triggered
>tumblrites getting triggered
This is the best kind of thread.

>> No.53096934

I thought it had more to do with most voice acting being for cartoons, which usually have higher voiced characters.

>> No.53096960

>better tolerance for physical pain


>> No.53096973

>I've also heard this but apparently they're not


I'd figure that women take health problems more seriously than men, and sometimes overreact to said health problems. Conversely, men are more likely to tough it out, because men tend to pay less attention to their health and will usually push themselves more because mama didn't raise no pussyboy.
Immune system development also depends on environment. If girls are discouraged from getting dirty, or alternatively, encouraged to do cleaner activities, this may create less instances for the immune system to strengthen.
Just a hypothesis, though.

Probably both. Even if women were physically equal to men, having some individuals of the opposite sex in your squad does reduce brotherhood.

>> No.53096975

Because a woman's voice is more like a young boy's voice than a man obviously

>> No.53097072

What you seem to not realize is that it's not only attracting Them but also other autists like yourself which is no better

>> No.53097080

I know this is anecdotal, but I know two girls who are quite good at imitating animal noises

>> No.53097094

Testosterone suppresses immune system.
Given that most of testosterone is produced by testes (duh), women are quite likely to have better functioning immune system.

But yeah, they don't get anything useful in adventuring, so unless you want to piss people off, you'd better be off with the fantasy full-equal women.

>> No.53097199

The most obvious is that women would have naturally higher charisma (not just that they're more attractive, but that they have better social intelligence than men in general- a better grasp of how to influence people).

For anything combat-oriented women are worse than men on average in all the ways that matter- Contrary to what you read women actually have a lower tolerance to regular pain, their bodies just numb during childbirth, plus they cannot put on and retain muscle as easily and are not geared toward making split-second decisions (nor do they have as much aggressive drive) because they do not have as much testosterone as men. They don't grow as tall on average, and a feminine body shape, while not absolutely prohibitive, is nonetheless less convenient for athletic activities. Spatial reasoning is also an issue.

You say there isn't a huge emphasis on combat, so I guess you know what you're doing there though. Even then, I'd still say gender has little enough effect on an individual's proficiencies (especially exceptional individuals like murderhobos and other "heroes," as when you get to the upper crust of both men and women they're close to equal in any given field and that's generally what PCs are going to end up being) that it should come down to a roleplay factor rather than a statistical one.

Basically if you are going to differentiate I would give men higher physical stats like strength and agility and women higher sensory stats like charisma and perception/wisdom.

>> No.53097287

Also to justify this statement
>Contrary to what you read women actually have a lower tolerance to regular pain
since I realised after submitting the post that contradicting something you said without providing a source was kind of dickish, here's some shit
>Females showed lower [pressure] pain threshold and tolerance compared with men with the exception of one study
>Pain threshold and tolerance for electrical stimuli were significantly lower in healthy women compared with men.
>Overall, a majority of the studies reported no sex differences in threshold (6 studies), tolerance (5 studies), or pain ratings (2 studies) to ischemic pain.
>The vast majority of studies reported that females were more sensitive to heat pain than males.
(the cold pain section rambles a lot, amounting to "more studies show that there is negligible sex difference but some showed men are more tolerant to cold pain")

>> No.53097324

i know this is a late reply, and i'm asking this on 4 chan of all places, but i'm doing it anyway. You've obviously never seen a documentary on a woman giving birth?

>> No.53097392

not him but see >>53097287
Admittedly the "women become numb during childbirth" thing is "something a midwife told me once" so possibly not credible, but regardless, it is clear that women have a lower pain threshold than men overall. Best case scenario male and female pain threshold has no significant difference when it comes to ischemic pain (pain resulting from a lack of blood circulation).

>> No.53097402

Might want to add greater flexibility in there.

>> No.53097403

This is an interesting thread, since we're on /tg/ I'd like to drop a hypothetical.

Fantasy setting containing fantasy races, there is a race of 'giants' who are on average 2ft taller than humans and significantly more muscular and physically robust. Their culture is harsh, survivalist, feudalistic and specifically adapted to numb the population to comforts and boons. It is a highly patriarchal society where despite the women being leather-skinned and grim, in the eyes of the public they have little worth if they're unable to marry.

How well do you feel a mercenary group comprised of the disfigured, ugly and unmarried old women of this society would be able to operate logistically in human territory where the majority of opposing forces will be slightly physically inferior?

>> No.53097416

I dont know about you guys but my immersion gets ruined when there are females with little to no armor who run up to fight. That shit aint armor and it is highly likely youre going to get your shit slapped.

>> No.53097421

Give men a small strength boost and give women a small dexterity boost, then call it a day.

>> No.53097424

I think you should read some actual journals on sex differences. All the research we have indicates men have double the pain tolerance of women, with pregnant women having ~5% more pain tolerance than men during the third trimester. You might as well pretend multitasking is is both something useful (it's not, it just makes you ahit) and something women are better at (in reality there's no noticeable sex difference).

But foe the sake if being helpful here's a list of things women are better at than men:
Babbaling (as in making word-like noises to encourage children to start making word-like noises)
Getting Pregnant
Avoiding responsibility

Things men do better than women:
Literally everything else

>> No.53097433

>a group of 7 foot tall bent old crones just walloping the shit out of armourclad knights
god yes

>> No.53097452

Same but isn't that kind of more a videogame thing?

Women in armour are CUTE and bikini armour plebs should be exterminated for bad taste more than anything

>> No.53097463

yeah I'm a moron, I meant 'unmarried old' as a single group, not that they're all old

>> No.53097471

Oh, I'm less on-board in that case.

>> No.53097480

Probably not well considering the majority of them are disfigured, old, or both and that humans would probably be reluctant to hire such foreign wretches.

>> No.53097499


Yes but a friend of mine who was playing in my campaign asked if the woman who was up against an army of goblins was dressed in such a manner, i then called him a retard. I assume people take videogame assumptions into DnD and that ruins it too.

>> No.53097506

Fairy armor is the cutest though.

>> No.53097513

>on average
That's my problem with these kinds of thread. Talking about averages just isn't useful when dealing with individuals. The average man may be bigger and stronger than the average woman but that still leaves you with a bunch of short skinny guys and tall butch women.
Or to put it another way, knowing the average rate of cancer in a given area is super useful when it comes to planning how many hospitals you need to build but utterly worthless if you want to know if you have cancer.

>> No.53097531

women have shit concentration though and are notorious for being terrible communicators

>> No.53097549

To be fair in RPG systems these usually influence base stats and then things like class and rolling for/apportioning stats adds to those values such that you can get a shrimpy male orc or a big butch female halfling. It just isn't optimal.

>> No.53097589

Women get better healthcare. We have lower standards for women in the military because they don't have stamina or durability to perform at the same level as men for the same length if time as men.

>> No.53097595

You mean "men bitch about women having no attentionspan and being shit at communication while women bitch about men for the same reason, but I'm a man so that's what I'm gonna go with"

The fact is that autism is a modern epidemic and everyone has trouble communicating, and is quick to blame it on 1: anyone but themselves and 2: circumstances rather than individuals (to avoid direct conflict)

>> No.53097626

Nigger a woman has 53 tell that she's into you.
If you can't pick up on them, that's on you.

A man only has 10 tells that he likes a woman. Who the fuck is meant to figure that out?

>> No.53097659

Women have the same number of nerves in their peripheral nervous system and fewer in their central nervous system. Not only that but women have fewer axons with fewer dendrites and have less efficient blood resulting in the need for larger ventricles. The only advantage women get brain-wise is having two verbal centers.

You might as well say women have super strong muscles and bones since they can be just as strong as men even though they have smaller bodies.

>> No.53097681

I'm not him but wouldn't 10 different "I like you" signs be easier to notice than if there are 53 different "I like you signs"?

>> No.53097718


Literally the only biological advantage (and none of those you listed is actually real) women have is the ability to get pregnant. It's a big one, and is the entire basis of their social value, more for humans than many other species.

>> No.53097749

Actually, women feel pain more than men, but when exposed to a severe level of pain, men would pass out before the women would.

>> No.53097760

It seems as if you're basing this on your own personal experience, rather than any vast, sweeping survey meant for study.

>> No.53097769

Might have used the wrong word. To be clear, it was whatever nerve connections are on the skin and tie into touch.

>> No.53097777

Why are women better at embroidery? That shit needs some precise hands, good eyesight and ability to measure distance. I'd like to see an article on that!

>> No.53097817

That actually comes from the fact most women are 'immature' because most 'feminine' traits are just the eccentricities of toddlers. Crying at the drop of a hat when everything is fine? Childish bullshit for a boy, womanly for a girl. Et cetera.

Just go down the list of everything you think is a feminine attitude from the point of view "Is this tolerated in male toddlers? Is this celebrated and encouraged in female toddlers?"

Are men and women different? Yes. But this doesn't change the fact one gender has been encouraged to be perpetually infantile.

>> No.53097824

>everyone bites the bait that is OP's post
>the people who make an actual point (like >>53094799 or >>53095378) are ignored

>> No.53097833

But it fills out numbers for back of the line jobs and puts more men on the front line, so there is that.

>> No.53097861

You'd think, especially since one of them is a flat "I like you", but generally male signs are hilariously subtle or so obvious that people tend to think they aren't being serious.

>> No.53097872

Testosterone is not the be all and end all of the immunity system.

With the same reasoning I could say that since estradiol increases aggression and men have lower levels of estradiol therefore men are less aggressive than women. See how that doesn't work?

>> No.53097877

Well, if you go too deep on the biological differences the game might get boring.

The stuff you listed there is quite good already, but if I may add a few things.

Women have a more efficient cardio vascular system but men have higher lung capacity.

Women have better eyesight/ability to differentiate colors and better peripheral vision while men have better depth perception, perceive less colors but see better in the dark and have a better focal vision.

Men have higher muscle mass overall and tend to have greater upper body strenght while women have less muscle mass, tend to have more strenght on the lower limbs and have higher amount of fat under the skin that makes it easier to keep their temperature high.

Women tend to have better eye to finger coordination and are better with precision in small movements while men tend to have a better body coordination and spacial awareness of their own body regarding larger motions.

>> No.53097879

>a woman has 53 types of subtle facial tweaks that cannot even be seen from a distance of ten feet by somebody with 20/20 vision
>a man can say kiss a girl, hold her hand or say "I love you" in one of eight ways

People do the same in either situation. It's egalitarians, realists and bigots arguing, and of course the middle ground is always going to be playing devil's advocate to whoever seems to be winning, keeping the debate going.

good filename

>> No.53097883

To keep that gender out of trouble and harm's way. Wombs are too precious, I suppose.

Then again, all those things have little to no tolerance in lower classes of society and in poorer, agrarian countries: ain't nobody got time for your bullshit when you gotta reap that harvest quick.

>> No.53097889

Do you have a link to those signs? Sounds good for a laugh.

>> No.53097938

As long as they can get enough food for their giant bodies and aren't so old they have joint problems then they should thrash all non-giants and non-wizards.

>> No.53097939

No links, sorry.
Did you mean the male or female ones.
I have committed the male ones almost entirely to memory.

>> No.53097961

Oh, samefag here, forgot to say this.

These differences are generalised and considered common, but in the real world you will see variations, a lady with a larger ribcage will most likely have higher lung capacity than most women, a guy with soft feminine skin will most likely have a higher amount of fat tissue and therefore, better temperature insulation.

But working these individual exceptions into the game would make it even more complicated ...

>> No.53097986

how big of a swing in the numbers are you looking for?

>> No.53098080

Women do have a lot of low-key aggression.
But since our glorious murderhobos must have a lot of testosterone to maintain those mad gainz, I'd say they would definitely be more susceptible to
>bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infection. Seriosly, that's most diseases.

>> No.53098108

It's almost as if you're a gigantic faggot.

>> No.53098146

>a woman has 53 degrees of telling exactly how much she likes you
>a man can say "ME LIKEY", perform various ultrafaint signals that have no real meaning other those his autism attributes to them, or rape her

>> No.53098154

>this entire thread

>> No.53098171

fuck off weeb....

>> No.53098188

>this thread
I want the MGTOWfags and Tumblrfags to be banished to an island where they all murder each other.

>> No.53098197

Your british trump bailed and hid behind the back of Theresa. Shamefur indeed.

>> No.53098207

Do you think you are in a worthwhile thread?

Also that post is pretty far from weeb.

Are you confused? This whole website is pretty weeb.

>> No.53098235

He's definitely a douche but it's a funny picture. His nightmarish teeth do it for me.

>> No.53098246

I don't think there would be any real inherent value in making strict RPG rules dictating the stats/skills/whatever of different genders, at least for humans. Make a species that is vastly more sexually dimorphic or something.

>> No.53098270

This, this and only this.
Everything else would be either meaningless nitpicking or outright lying.
Do this or nothing at all.

>> No.53098303


I think there's a CYOA for that.

>> No.53098401

I wish avoiding responsibility was a trainable stat in rpgs

>> No.53098447

found your yearbook photo

>> No.53098458

You can usually avoid responsibility for almost anything if you have high enouch charisma.

>> No.53098529

>anon posts bantz
>other anon answers in kind
>you post a russian rooster
What the fuck, nigga?

>> No.53098551

Swap DEX bonuses with CHA and that idea would be fucking solid

>> No.53098576

It's too late anon. Once /b/ drove that girl on Tumblr to suicide during a raid we decided to retaliate. We turned 4chan against itself. We're the ones shitposting. We're the ones that ruined /pfg/. We got rid of Quests, drove off your artists and writers, homebrewers and such. We ruined the community of every board, and best of all you went along with it and made it even worse. You convinced yourselves that Quests were bad, that homebrew was bad.

>> No.53098578

I think you're the one whose confused here, fried.

>> No.53098614

>Once /b/ drove that girl on Tumblr to suicide during a raid we decided to retaliate.

>> No.53098615

First, don't.
If you have ignored this: Men have better reaction times than women. Men have slightly greater musclemass, except in the pectorals where there is a more noticeable increase. The flexibility of men tends to deteriorate faster with age. Women have better pain/temperature tolerance. Women handle Zero-G environments better. Women who have experienced pregnancy have lower bone density due to the way such material is removed for a fetus.

Men handle starvation better in the short term, Women survive starvation longer than men. Possibly related, Men tend to have a slightly higher resting metabolic rate than women, even when comparing individuals of the same mass.
Women are more susceptible to feelings of anxiety when presented with sounds of a certain pitch (The so-called "Crying Baby" effect, but the sound does not need to be an infant, as an example, many horror movies utilize this pitch extensively. Both males and females experience this, but the effect is more pronounced in women.)
Women are less likely to suffer from certain genetic disorders that follow an X-Linked recessive pattern (Like colorblindness)
Generally speaking, the penis/testicles are more of a vulnerability than the vagina.
Men tend to be more aero/aquadynamic, though a flat-chested woman is (very slightly) moreso than a man.

Almost everything else you can think of has not been conclusively separated from differences in cultural upbringing. It is worth noting that the topic has more room for research, and there is no doubt more to study.
A broad trend that emerges is that men are slightly better suited for a "sprint", while women are slightly better suited for a "marathon" in terms of survival, though there is also plenty of unrelated tweaks, and this trend may well only be noticeable given the current understanding and collected data on this topic.

>> No.53098748

Removing quests was the best thing that has ever happened to /tg/. Not like they're off the site, they're just on another board where they aren't clogging the catalog and pushing out any form of actual discussion EXCEPT bait threads like this one.

>Women have better pain/temperature tolerance
Incorrect. see >>53097287

>Women handle Zero-G environments better
That's a neat one, got a source? Don't trust you at face value after the previous.

>Generally speaking, the penis/testicles are more of a vulnerability than the vagina.
A woman's solar plexus is much more sensitive than a man's on the other hand. It's a different point of weakness but it's still a large and extreme vulnerability.

>> No.53098830

As the person below has said, the pain one is a common...well honestly at this stage I'm not sure whether it's a misconception or a lie on the part of the journalistic sources that repeat it.

I have noticed that most of the amateur sources which talk about women being better at dealing with pain are basically gloating articles which talk about using electrodes to simulate childbirth pain on men and say they wimp out lololol go girls.

What those sources tend to ignore is that
1. plenty of women end up begging for childbirth to stop
2. women in childbirth is a slow-onset pain whereas the men are getting cold-cocked with it
3. women's bodies release huge amounts of endorphines in childbirth

>> No.53098936

>Also women are far more durable.
I posted here to laugh at you.

>> No.53098958

It's absolute gold that we got you to believe that. The difference between lie and truth is simple repetition until human minds twist meanings in their heads until they can justify a statement as true, then wholeheartedly believe it. Why do you think the SJW agenda is a multi-million dollar industry. Very few gays actually push for it... we just do it for tax benefits and profiting from non-profit donations.

>> No.53098964

got nothing else to do on a saturday night huh?

>> No.53098970

Did u get me to think that by making a lot of quest threads??

>> No.53098990

>This entire thread

>> No.53099003

>not enjoying it

>> No.53099048

Bro this is getting sad, you "killed" quest threads on /tg/ and thus removed the one thread here but you spawned /qst/ thus creating a place that holds 100 quest threads.

You lost by a factor of 100.

>> No.53099102

>They can also crossdress without fear of being assaulted (or at least looked at weird,) which is actually sort of a big deal in any setting with magic equipment
In any setting with magical equipment, a man with access to said equipment would not care what a dirtfarmer or another lowly peasant thinks of him sporting a frilly dress with matching shoes. Any person powerful enough to make him think twice whether it's a good idea to wear whatever gives the most bonuses is likely someone who also has access to magical items and likely understands the difficulties related to such equipment. In fact, men wearing magical womens clothing to show off wealth and power might even be a fashion of some sort among the somewhat wealthy.

>> No.53099232

Actually, yes. Towards the end of quests on /tg/ did you see the number of Naruto and Bleach related quests? That was by design.

We got Quests excised from a place where they supplemented discussion. They can't stand on their own, and neither can this board.

>> No.53099247

>the one thread here
Nigger what, the catalog was like 70% quest threads. It was a fucking cancer.

Delusions of grandeur are an early symptom of schizophrenia, seek help.

>> No.53099271

Multitasking women vs one track men I know is one. Has to do with needs while hunting vs needs while gathering.

Also one I remember from martial arts training is weight distribution. Women's center of balance is lower due to the hips, and as such men telegraph with their chest and shoulders more than women do.

>> No.53099298

Two sexes. Many genders, because they're based on culture and implicit societal roles, but only ever two non-mutant, non-artificial sexes.

>> No.53099359

But quests is still there.

>> No.53099374

There was a study of workforce made in Germany if I remember correctly, and it found that pretty much all measured quantities of desirable worker traits (i.e. productivity) dropped as the percentage of women in the workplace increased. Shockingly, the productivity of men decreased as the number women increased aswell, so in that case not only did women perform worse than men, but their presence also made the men work less hard.

>> No.53099447

Women have -4 strength.

>> No.53099450

glad that Reddit's finest are finally on /tg/

>> No.53099488

>> No.53099581

>That's a neat one, got a source? Don't trust you at face value after the previous.
Why would the soviets have used female cosmonauts at the rate they did if not for an advantage? Wouldn't they have tried to put men into space if it was equally viable?

>> No.53099642


>> No.53099744


>> No.53099881

But women aren't more dexterous. Why not give them a higher cha cap or higher starting wis. If it's only humans they can benefit more easily from group preference.

>> No.53100082

>53 signs she's into you
>10 tells of guys going Gaga
lol, shit sounds like the title of a click piece

>> No.53100083

Not that anon but I would like to see whatever you got.

>> No.53101245

Don't do it.

Also one of the few sports where women can regularly compete with and even surpass men is long-distance swimming, and since women aren't as straightforwardly fast as men, as indicated by performance at short-distance swimming (hips are kind of a bummer like that sometimes) that suggests the strong possibility that female swimmers make up the difference with superior endurance.

But I'm only pointing that out as a fun fact. I'mma say it again: don't do it. It won't come off right.

>> No.53101357

that's like a step and a half away from race realism, and ain't nobody wanna play /pol/ the adventure

maybe a little bit i do

>> No.53101376

That's the great thing about the human mind. It decides upon an opinion and then finds reasons to justify the choice, not the other way around. You've already decided this is far too ridiculous to be true, and thus I'm able to tell you the truth and have it be disregarded rather than you do anything about it.

Oh, here's another ridiculous truth: the Catan story is completely false. I made up the third anon invited to our game, and simply wrote what a "normal" person would have thought about the interaction between me and my slave.

>> No.53101378

>slightly better at reading facial expressions.
I thought on average they were substantially better. Also what did you mean by "re: men"? If I had to guess it means most of the false positives are from trying to read men

>> No.53101444

Well, women are better at reading facial expressions, tone, and body language, so even if individually (as would likely be measured in a laboratory setting) the differences in ability are small, they compound on each other.

>> No.53101468

>benefit more easily from group preference
Oh you sweet summer child.

>> No.53101552

Reproductively, men are more fortunate than women. Women have to deal with periods, and if they want to have direct biological offspring without going through some test-tube baby type of stuff, pregnancy. Healthy men just occasionally have to deal with a boner being awkwardly oriented in their clothing, which can be manually corrected (although doing so in the company of others might be socially awkward, personally I think it's easier to just not care about other people watching).

My understanding is how miserable periods are varies can very to from just dealing with the blood, to powerful cramps, hormonal induced mood swings, ect...

I am also under the impression that for the most part, how much any particular women's periods sucks is quite consistent.

Particularly disruptive cases are so bad it's classified as a medical condition.

Not so sure you would want to include any of that in your game though.

>> No.53101594

Oh yeah, also large boobs can be (or maybe are always inherently) cumbersome.

>> No.53101602

When I was like 19 I had a female friend who was 16 and awkwardly asked me if she should be worried that she didn't get cramps during her period because she didn't want to ask her parents lmao.

>> No.53101655

If you're going to make a difference, the best choice has been stated.

+1 CHA, +1 WIS, -2 STR

While males get a

+1 STR, +1 CON, -2 DEX

If you're not playing by 5E's shitty DEX rules that make strength completely irrelevent.

If magic isn't something that requires you to be fucking Zyzz in your setting, it'd make sense why more females would gravitate towards learning magic and alchemy, especially when

>> No.53101687

women don't tolerate pain better

You missed women have super tasters, they taste food sharper or wose but men are all average.

Women have better memories but they use land marks to remember things, where as man don't use land marks as a primary way to locate things.

>> No.53101707

not that it's any of my business (so feel free to tell me to fuck off), but why did she think you would know? Are you a women yourself or do you have sisters or what?

>> No.53101733

Giving birth isn't just your asshole stretching a mile wide. The body releases a shit ton of chemicals to counter act that 1 painful event. It isn't like being shot, it's like being shot and your body doses you with a mild opiate.

>> No.53101750

Women aren't more dexterous than men. It was found that men are better until it gets to the point where their larger fingers can't pick something up. When you get to that size object it's basically irrelevant.

>> No.53101810

Dysmenorrhea is the term for exceptionally painful menstruation, and it affects about one in five women.

>how much any particular women's periods sucks is quite consistent
You are under a mistaken impression. It can depend on a lot of variable factors, like how active you are, your recent sexual history (in that period sex can make it last longer), and whether or not you've angered some obscure fertility goddess who has thus decided to seemingly randomly make you her bitch for a week.

I kinda like that concept in theory, but I think it's way easier to bungle than "treated as essential equals".

>> No.53101832

Check the army data, women are MUCH less durable. Women have better immune systems but actual durability men are much much better equipped to take damage.

>> No.53101850

Men can produce milk, if you stimulate the nipple often enough both men and women will state lactating. They just don't have the fat sacks around the milk production equipment

>> No.53101913

That's... not right. It's true men can produce some quantities of milk with the help of hormone injections, nipple stimulation isn't enough to get anyone to produce milk under normal circumstances, regardless of how frequently you do it.

>> No.53102021


It's true, if you send the body the right signals it will lactate. You don't need hormone injections.

>> No.53102037

>Also what did you mean by "re: men"? If I had to guess it means most of the false positives are from trying to read men
Men have fewer facial expressions to read. How often do women insist that a man is angry or emotionally distant when he's just thinking about something mildly annoying that happened to him earlier that day.

>> No.53102099

What if you're born intersex in some way? Like a hermaphrodite?

>> No.53102213

Also, probably 99% of the world's population is cis.

>> No.53102264

Women are can go longer without food before organ failure than a man of similar bodyfat percentage. Women require fewer resources than men when, especially when sedentary. Women lose their physical conditioning slower when they aren't keeping up with their training. Women are more perceptive of stationary differences, but less perceptive of small movement. Women are less susceptible to tunnel vision. Women live longer and are less likely to develop cancers. Women are more overcast physically stable and have a lower moment of inertia. Women are less likely to knowingly take unnecessary risks.

Men have better reaction times, are more capable in every sort of physical endeavor, are possessed of greater pain tolerance, heal faster (likely directly tied to the cancer thing), have harder to break bones, harder to tear ligaments and tendons, harder to pull muscles, and harder to damage joints. Men have superior spacial awareness.

>> No.53102624

This post actually reminds me of my general-purpose starter advice on how to write/roleplay women that aren't men-with-tits, in case anyone in this thread is interested.

Blah blah blah tendencies are not rules blah blah blah "in general" and such.
>Women tend be more descriptive when they talk.
"I went to the store on Main street to get eggs, since the ones we had were expired." versus "I got eggs at the store."
>More likely to take a step back before approaching a problem.
"I need to loosen this nut. I'll go get a wrench."
"I need to loosen this nut. Lemme see if I can get it with my fingers."
>More likely to ask for help.
"Gimme a boost up to that ledge and I'll find somewhere to tie off a rope."
"Can I jump that high?"
>I won't get into the "more emotional" bugaboo 'cause I got a whole rant about that but more likely to gauge the other person's emotional state in a conversation.
E.g. when trying to tell if someone is lying, watching for signs of nervousness
waiting for the person to contradict themselves

Also, I was actually just looking up some stuff related to this and I was interested to learn
>harder to tear ligaments and tendons
Not quite! Women are more likely to suffer ligament/tendon damage in their legs, while men are more likely to suffer that kind of damage in their hands and wrists. Just another random fun fact.

>> No.53102682

>>women have better tolerance for physical pain
the fuck are you on about
from what i remember pound for pound men have better cold and pain Resistance. woman just go turbo when the pregnancy gets started.
doesn't even make sense for woman to be more tolerant then a man to pain.

also this is stupid
are you going to apply this to fucking animals?
if not just then why? if yes than that's stupid.
point being the stats being the same between men and women is fine for a quick estimation human capacity and for ease of play,
same reason you don't delve into how the players bags are packed because realistically it matters
truthfully it's a bitch

>> No.53104274

You are mistaking likelihood of tissue injury for tensile properties, the tensile strength of connective tissue is improved by testosterone and reduced by estrogen. It's one of the adaptations intended to help with stretch in otherwise non-stretchy tissues during pregnancy and childbirth. Natural selection decided it would be easier to let them squish, tear, and heal later than it would be to re-engineer the tissues themselves.

The male tendency towards connecting tissue injury in the hand and wrist is a usage pattern.

>> No.53104353

The advantages are so slight you'd have a hard time implementing them in game, plus it's a shit idea.

>> No.53104582

>Women have fewer eye issues and can spot things better
Human females are less likely to be color blind and it is believed that all human tetrachromats are females.

>> No.53104604




>> No.53105899


>> No.53106214

>going to melee to show themselves as good as the men are.
I'm mind-rottingly exhausted of this shit. Can't we have a woman picking up a sword be because she likes violence for once?

>> No.53106224

Magic cunny powers make it so a high-WIS, high-CHA woman can easily turn normal men into mindless mercenaries even if she doesn't have a dime.

>> No.53106254

She picks up a sword because she likes violence against herself.

>> No.53106269

Yes and no. Women are fucking masochists and will wash the fucking dishes even if they're boiling with fever. Men would rather not suffer when it's not necessary since nobody pampers a drama king.
But, in actually dangerous situations men have much higher performance due to a better rate of adrenaline production and the power of testosterone.

>> No.53107872

I wanted to post a link to a video by the Facebook page The Hambone Group, but spam filter is annoying, and captcha is compounding it. So look it up yourselves if you want.

>> No.53109192


>> No.53109323

More like +4STR

>> No.53109424

Needs that clip of a one-armed, one-legged man getting over a wall on his own while a woman needs help.

>> No.53109713

Those things are such tiny bonuses, just say they're the same and let people make their characters without choosing gender to min max.

>> No.53109793

To clarify why it doesn't matter-

These differences are over the entire race of people. Just like how guys are usually bigger and stronger than girls... But the guys here on /tg/ aren't about to win a tennis match against a Williams sister just because man is stronger than woman. A player character can and should break stereotypes. Just like why racial bonuses to stats are usually pointless. Yea, elves are more light and quick than humans in general but maybe your human rogue breaks that mold and is a little quick guy- as quick as an elf. That's why you assign skills. Race and gender should be Roleplaying decisions, not mechanical ones. Because any given human female *could* be stronger than any given male orc, even if it's unlikely. Player characters are meant to be unlikely.

There are plenty of men who are better at colours than certain women. If a player wanted to make a man who is good at that, it's lame he's locked out of the mechanical bonus. The only time mechanics should be tied to backstory are 'background' bonuses which make sense and are fair and balanced or merits and flaws.

>> No.53110091

>But the guys here on /tg/ aren't about to win a tennis match against a Williams sister just because man is stronger than woman.

>implying the Williams "sisters" are female

>> No.53110375

>implying your memes aren't extremely dank

>> No.53110533

All of that is stuff people only figure out through intense study in a scientific setting, no one would ever notice those differences in a natural setting. The physical differences between 2 random people are more obvious and more compelling.

>> No.53111185

You could make most women have a genetic defect that causes their wombs to spawn alien hybrids that they can control through the umbilical cord whenever they get angry or feel threatened.

If they have enough HP to endure the pain of childbirth they have a very powerful summon on their hands. Once it exits the womb it can either rapidly grow to become huge and bulky or it can develop caster/psionic powers. Its weakness is the cord though because once it is severed the baby is no longer under the woman's control and it goes on a rampage killing everything. If its mom was too bossy it might turn on her and kill her but if she was nice it might choose to slay her enemies first and ignore her.

>> No.53112673

So Con/Wis?

>> No.53114401


The Williams sisters lost a match to some asshole ranked 203rd, and he drank a bunch of beer before the game

>> No.53114466

>The more I learn about women, the more I start to hate them
Seriously, what are they even good for? They're weaker, they're less intelligent if you don't base your data on teenagers, they actively support male genital mutilation, they demonize everyone who tries to claim men have problems too as sexists and they don't even pay net taxes over their lifetimes.

>> No.53114587

Mate, that kind of grouping is like saying that just for being in 4chan you are a communist-national-socialist-anarcho-capitalist-alt-right-leftist-liberal-furry-pokemorpher-pacifist-operator-hunter-vegan-nihilist-hedonist-quarterback-cripple-neet-investor-musician-philosopher-suicidal-homosexual.

And some other buzzwords too.

>> No.53115138

>this entire post

Dude... you legitimately need to get off the internet and go into the real world and meet some actual 3D people.

>> No.53115165

Don't you mean this entire thread ?
The cringe is overflowing. I still wonder how it wasn't deleted by now, btw.

>> No.53115208

If she's blind, why is she wearing glasses?

>> No.53115280

The most important question of the thread!

>> No.53115288

>>women have better tolerance for physical pain
That is a lie.

>> No.53115328

Maybe she inteded to get those black glasses blind people sometimes wear, but being blind how could she tell them apart from regular glasses?

>> No.53115354

>women who have had their nerves numbed to the point of barely feeling anything short of their flesh being torn open are stronger than regular men
Who woulda thunk it.

>> No.53115381

It's unconfirmed.
Perception of pain is very individual and testing the hard limits is kind of unethical. So we don't really have conclusive data either way.

>> No.53118217

Short answer is that it's invariably a lot more trouble than it's worth, any differences you would make would be minor at best and when playing a social game in the year 2017 you're probably going to run into somebody who takes issue with how you portray sexes, that's just the world we live in.

Long answer is that pic related is the closest I've seen to "different but balanced" genders

Huh, I guess the long answer was shorter than the short answer.

>> No.53118256

Females: +2 CHA, +1 CON
Males: +2 STR, +1 DEX


>> No.53118643


>> No.53120847

I call bullshit, women always telling me they're cold

>> No.53120882

Charisma, constitution and dexterity are in my opinion inaccurate. Charisma is either how likable your character is, or how many people he/she can get to support him/her. Both sexes like/feel comfotarable around women more than men (though in a different way) but men tend to gather more popular support. It's hard to say whether this is biological or societal. ยจ

Constitution is rarely about disease resistance, but more about tolerating physical pain which men are better at. Your female character can't be constantly in labuor, which is when women gain a higher tolerance for pain due to hormones. Pain is very individual however, so I don't see why an rpg system would have to differentiate between the genders.

Again with dexterity we have a split. Men are better at stuff like dodging, acrobatics and running. Women are better with nimble fingerwork because their hands are smaller (men are just as good if their larger hands are taken in to account, but they still are worse)

If I were to purely with biology, with everything that had even a slight hint of being societal stripped out I'd say that men have +1 or +2 on strength, and -1 on wisdom. Women are neutral. The caveat is that you need to interpret wisdom in a very specific way. I don't see it as being philosophical, I see it more as being cautious, non-rash and considering variables. Almost being timid. Which men are naturally worse at because testosterone promotes aggressiveness and rash actions.

>> No.53120898

>tend to have more strenght on the lower limbs
Are you serious?

>> No.53120980

There are no documented cases of an intersex person having two sets of fully-functional, gamete producing organs
Hermaphroditism, by actual biology definition, is an organism with the above trait, like the average plant

>> No.53121022

I remember reading somewhere that women were less likely to get radiation poisoning by an order of magnitude, which is why NASA is considering making them crew for mars missions. Might not help for a fantasy but it could add something to scifi.

>> No.53121089


They have an extra cavity to hide stuff.

>> No.53121222

Women actually are demonstrably worse at dealing with temperature extremes. Like, studies dude. Educate yourself.

>> No.53121440

>>women have better tolerance for physical pain


>> No.53121515

Actually, you know what, this is stupid. The two sexes are designed to be complimentary, but not in the way you might think.

Before I start, keep in mind that this is a generalization made to illustrate an underlying concept: Let's use automobiles as an analogue to the sexes. Women are the baseline model: A fuel efficient and cost effective passenger vehicle that accomplishes its job of taking people from point A to point B. Men are an aftermarket modification that drops an oversized motor under the hood and strips out every part unrelated to going fast.

The default human form is female, putting aside the various nuances of fetal development. Women establish a baseline of a calorie-efficient, tool using, bipedal predator. Their energy consumption is low, so they have excess calories to share with any offspring. Men are the high performance model of the human line. Stronger, faster, tougher, and more aggressive; all of a man's resources are spent on improving his output or ensuring his own survival.

While there are many other small differences between the sexes, this is the most meaningful one: Women are economy. Men are performance.

>> No.53121677

The way I see it, female humans are mostly fucked up biologically because evolution doesn't think things through (since natural selection is a phenomenon of nature and thus can't think).

Pic related is about how human females got their reproductive systems fucked over by "mother" nature.

As a side note, I wonder why nature is compared to a mother. Nature is uncaring and merciless. Nature doesn't take care of you. Your naturally selected genes, your adaptation to the environment, and the balance of the ecosystem give the illusion of nature being nurturing.
Then again I'm a Blue/Whitefag Vorthos-wise in Creatures the Tappening.

>> No.53121848

Well, there's no real intent, yeah. Think of the current iteration of humanity as resulting from converging and interacting mutations. As women who were more successful child-bearers passed on their traits, so too did the men who were more well equipped to deal with the world while those women were pregnant.

Could be at some point before history was a thing, that there were women who were the physical equal of men or men who stayed smaller and leaner for harsh times. They just didn't have enough babies.

>> No.53124229

Fucking Hell /tg/ has been infested with tumblrinas and seemingly reddit fags. I actually start to believe all these trap/gay threads and thinly veiled gay magical realm threads are meant serious.

Fuck this board and fuck all of you fags. I'd rather welcome /pol/ than the /lgbt/ nutjobs.

>> No.53125729

>muh 4chan culture
>being unable to detect troll posts inside an otherwise decent thread

pretty sure you're the fag, anon

>> No.53125795

Fuck off to whatever social media or blog you came from.

>> No.53125823


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