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On what side are you, son of man?

A Lawfag, Humanityfag, Asshole or Chaosfag?

But we can all agree that True Neutral are disgusting cowards.

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Law fags make the most compelling characters because they have reason to not go full murder hobo to solve all problems

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I'm unaligned, cuz I'm not a faggot.

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>Neutral Evil pretending to be unaligned

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None, because alignment systems are dumb.

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>not being an alignmentfag equals bad

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anything but chaotic because that combination at the bottom will end up killing themselves in less than a day.

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people say that lawful neutrual is the most boring but I think they have the most grounded realistic characters.

i never play good or evil characters so with the lawful neutrual in mind I usually play folk hero or courtier. best backgrounds and give you a really good basis for an instresting character that doesn't use a 30 page back story to add flavour that only makes people question why you character went though so much and is only level 1-3

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>Ninja Joe
That's obviously Musashi Miyamoto, you philistine.

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I tend to let the GM determine my alignment for me, because it seems to depend on the GM.

Typically the highlights include:
>typically resentful of being forced to do anything, even if it's something he wants to do
>doesn't go out of his way to break rules, though, his day-to-day behaviors coincide with normal laws just because he's not a rampaging cunt
>would put himself in mortal peril to help most innocent people, but doesn't really see anything wrong with killing a combatant even if they're not a bad person. soldiers and the like knew the risks of their job and took it, joe peasant did not and shouldn't be held to that standard
>low-level torture of the captive bandit in order to find out where his mates are hiding isn't bad, a few broken bones between fighters isn't something to have moral outrage over

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Neutral Good as fuck

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See, I'm inclined to agree. But I've had GMs tell me that because I'll snap a finger each time my captive tells me something I know is false or keeps his trap shut I'm automatically Evil.

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While it's not nice, if it's for a good cause I'd let it slide as a DM.

I mean in some situations, you just gotta.
If a Paladin Order captures a necromancer, they're not going to shy away from giving them the Hannibal treatment, forcing their hands into solid iron gloves, strapping them to a board and gagging them, just because it's mean to do so.
If that's what it takes to save a town full of innocents and there is no alternative, unless it directly goes against their personal code, they'll do it.

Now if it was something clearly overkill, like slowly roasting them on a fire or peeling the skin off their face and dripping lemon juice onto them, that would be evil. But a beating here, a snapped finger there is acceptable.

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That's pretty much my argument. Besides, they give us good intel and we confirm it's good and the cleric can blow a cure wounds.

But no I've been called every alignment in the book when playing by the default moral code I work with, and half the time I try to play towards a specific alignment I get told I'm playing one of the ones next to it. So I stopped really assigning the labels to my own characters.

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Yeah, generally speaking I leave the Alignment system out of the mortal level of games I run. It might not be RAW, but I treat alignment based effects as something that only affects outsiders/other magic imbued creatures and divine spell casters who are empowered by the cosmic powers.

Gods, devils demons, archons and so on have alignments as they are the very embodiment of a concept, but when it comes to the Material Plane and the life of mortals, it's a lot more muddled and you need to be an extremely obsessive character or be a divine caster like I mentioned for your alignment to matter on a cosmic level.

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Path of Metamorphosis

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>The only alignment willing to point out the true problems with the world: The gods, demons, and outsiders.
>Not fighting to remove the material plane from the reach of all outside beings so that the mortal races can know true freedom.

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That's Neutral Good, silly anon.

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Unaligned for I am to retarded for morality.

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>son of man
You know that this is legitimately a worse form of blasphemy than calling me son of God, right?

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How is that blasphemy?

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Because "son of God" could, in Christian terms, technically refer to any male as the idea is that everyone is a child of God. On the other hand, "son of Man" refers to a passage from the Book of Daniel predicting the Messiah, which is also mirrored in the Book of Revelations. Pretty ironic, because Jesus being called the Son of God in the New Testament is close to meaningless, while being called Son of Man is a really big deal. Modern readers who don't know about these nuances tend to think the opposite.

Polite sage for a post not relating to anything.

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But anon


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Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies.

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>"doesn't go out to break the rules"
Nah, he isn't Chaotic enough.

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i enjoy the idea of a serial killer lifestyle massacring civillians but i despise when someone breaks even the most minor laws, however i also have great distaste for people who don't break those minors laws - people that stand by the road crossing, waiting for the green light even though there are no visible vehicles

what am i?

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A fucking autist

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Well, either Chaotic, or True Neutral.
True Neutral if you mean this in a genuine insanity sense, because then you could argue it doesn't have to do with morality but with primal feeling, which would make you akin to animals.

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become the salvation you want to see in the world

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>what the coward believes

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I'm inclined to think you're a faggot who likes to think of themself as a good person but can't handle the fact that they are okay with doing evil things such as torture.

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>evil things
>torture a guy to save millions
Anon, the torturer could be a lawful good person. And he even heals his victim afterwards when he gives him the information.

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Morality isn't just about maximizing other peoples happiness, it is also deeply intwined with personal nobility. Nobody should do such a thing that demeans their own morality. Ultimately when you torture people the greatest harm you do is to your own soul.

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>picking sides
>implying True Neutrals are just sitting on the fence, twiddling their thumbs
>implying they will let you just topple them off the fence
I'll take the fucking fence and bash everyone's fucking face in with it until they fuck off with their "picking sides" bullshit, and then I'll shove the fence up their collective asses until they are staked on it.
Let this be the fucking lesson for anyone who tries to get me off the fucking fence, because this is my fence and I will sit on it whenever I want and fucking do what I want with it!

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thanks for the shitpost, you useless npc

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The White were right.

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>2-axis alignment

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IRL true neutral like every other real person but leaning more chaotic good than average I guess, I prefer to play lawful characters because they're more interesting.

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What's with this new neutral-erasure meme?

True Neutral is the best alignment. Do not concern yourself with politics or the ways of others, but seek harmony and naturalness.

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Where are the GMs who have Johnny Average in the first village who gives you directions eventually go on a crusade against polarising murderhobos and prematurely kill the big bad before going after the party?

>average intellect of a TN

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>a rational action that benefits those I wish to protect is soul-destroying

Objectivists pls go

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Just as in real life, "chaos is actually good" tier-one contrarians are half-clever dupes and scrubs who are not smart enough to realize they have stumbled upon the simplest contrarian position to ever exist and can't see all the meta-contrarian tiers above them. "Chaos is good" players only start getting good at tier three (contrarians to contrarians to contrarians), but they are rare as gold and law is still better.

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All things considered? Neutral Good.

Freedom is important to humanity, but a complete lack of order brings suffering. And while order is necessary to prevent suffering, too much order stifles potential and brings upon it's own sufferings.

Basically, my idea; is enough order so that people can live in minimal suffering, but enough freedom so that everyone can do as they please, as long as they don't bring suffering upon others.

I always end up Law in SMT.

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True neutral is the "kill all these assholes so I can go about my day in peace" alignment.

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A Chaotic Evil demon.

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It's nice to see a utilitarianism vs. virtue ethics conflict play out in such a pure form.

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i am a "D&D alignments are for retards" fag

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>But we can all agree that True Neutral are disgusting cowards.
He stared down death for our sins, anon. He was the only one that was ever really on our side. Why would you call him a coward?

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I wonder who could be behind this post.

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Go back to your Godslayer.

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Neutralfags need to fucking die!

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You're non-sapient?

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Prove me that anyone is sapient and not just a philosophical zombie created specifically to fool you.

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Fuck off Descartes

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Prove to me that zombies aren't sapient people just fucking with you.

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