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Pathfinder General /pfg/

When Starfinder's prerelease book comes out soon, should /pfg/ split into /pfg/ and /sfg/ or stick together as one general? What do you guys think?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53067654

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It was already discussed on a few threads. While some would prefer seperate threads, the majority would prefer them to stand under the pathfinder general. Mostly because otherwise the community would be too spread out, and end up with two dead generals. Along with them being related enough that they are essentially the same game anyways.

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Hello darkness, my old friend.

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So what happened in PLD today? Did we meet the new victim?

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They roleplayed a scene where an alcoholic father stops by the bar after picking his kids up from school

When his son complained about the smell of the smoke he struck him across the face until his lip split open

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Was the dad or the son the new character?

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...That sounds worryingly like the voice of experience, anon.

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I have been trying to run a Spheres of Might playtest game.

It has been fraught with many delays from scheduling concerns and the playtest documents rapidly changing on us. We hosted our first session last Friday, even though there was no combat, and we are slated to continue on the 12th and every Friday thereafter weekly.

The idea was to gather as much playtest data as possible so as to assist the Spheres of Might developers.

However, we are faced with a major impasse. The Spheres of Might developers in the forums have announced that the martial focus mechanic will be discarded entirely, which is a titanic change that upheaves the entirety of Spheres of Might, since the current metagame of spheremighters revolves around rapidly expending and regaining martial focus.

A less ground-shaking, though still significant, change they have announced is a rewrite of the sphere-specific drawbacks mechanic. Since many optimized builds are grounded in the use and abuse of such drawbacks, this will force a rewrite of most characters who were employing drawbacks.

We do not know how long it will take for the Spheres of Might writers to make public the total overhaul of the martial focus mechanic and the sphere-specific drawbacks.

This is problematic for my playtest, because it means that all of my group's playtest data will be completely irrelevant if it still uses martial focus and sphere-specific drawbacks in their current state.

What should we do? Should we simply carry on and play regardless, even if it means our playtest data is worthless? Should we place the game on hold until the Spheres of Might developers undertake the arduous task of rewriting both martial focus and sphere-specific drawbacks?

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fuck off shill

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PFG, tell me about the game that got away.

The campaign you were so pumped for, but which died because the GM flaked or the players were assholes, or the party just didn't come together.

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A eldritch horror/conspiracy game taking place in a low-fantasy city comparable to 1600s London. Everyone liked their characters, and meshed together pretty well; but the GM called off the session at the last second for three weeks, then just disappeared for another three with no excuse.

Made me super sad.

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They didn't share, but I hope they still had fun.

Hush you

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Sorry to hear that my man

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Oh my.

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The GM was a super cool guy too, he scattered codes and puzzles throughout the sessions for us to decrypt during downtime, which linked us to videos he'd made that hid pieces of lore trivia, and spoilers for the next sessions. It was basically perfect, then... nothing, it all went up in smoke.

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Summary of PLD today:
>"Vult has no time for comfy: turns out while Cashmere was RPing getting out of the bath, getting dressed, and making sure Lysander and Bonbon don't peek, the Tome Awakening happened off screen and now the whole mansion is swallowed in darkness and they have to fight their way out without knowing what's going on"

Cashmere figured out Sigmund got murdered though so that's a plus.
Gloriana still wrapped in bondage with a dog somewhere. (IKiD couldn't make the session)

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But where's the new kid?

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A "comfy" game where we were courtiers for a minor noble house.

That's in quotes because the first session, and about half of the second session was comfy, but the rest was body horror, despair, and eldritch madness. My vigilante had to hold down another PC while she watched her twin brother (yet another PC) ripped apart by wild dogs. If I had let her go, she would have revealed our position and gotten everyone else killed.

It was brutal and creepy in the best possible way. Buuuut the rest of the players threw a bitch fit, and the GM bailed.

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like the rest of PLD

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That only happened by you and the other players fault and yours alone.
Hope you are happy being a fucking asshole that is going to die alone since is uncapable of love and being loved.

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Being introduced in PbP at the moment.

Everyone already knew beforehand that they wouldn't be jumping in this session, but they're on their own solo mission, tracking the myth of a lone traveler hauling giant monster corpses around.

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What was best about it; the comfy, the horror, or the mix?

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Ah, so not a lot happened then?
I hope you still enjoyed your time

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Thanks for your input.

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My tables been complaining that I smell like grease, poop and dick cheese. Any hygiene tips for the obese and porn addicted role player?

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Tell us about them! Are they rugged and handsome? Soft and cute? Have they been battered and beaten?

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Rugged, cute, and battered

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Come on, introduce us to them!

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The mix.

I built a character for a comfy game, so suddenly needing to deal with eldritch rituals, Cronenburgesque abominations, and infectious glass really pulled me out of my comfort zone and forced me to adapt. The GM said he was a huge Dark Heresy and CoC fan and it fucking showed. The horror was pitch perfect.

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Shower every day, wear clean clothes, wear deodorant, and shave.

If people are still complain, do all that right before game time. It's pretty simple.

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I've cross-referenced the players with the application thread, and Temeria is not only new, but in fact, never applied at all. It is quite rude of them to not post their application where we can see it!

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It was fun! It started late and ended at the usual time which is why it wasn't as busy as usual, and there was a chunk of battle which was tough because most of the party didn't get enough sleep to recover their resources.

>dragons, maybe

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I'm glad to hear you had fun!
Hopefully you'll be able to start at the normal time next meet, eh?

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How's necrooccultist?

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Considering the shitstorm the game causes every single day, I'm legit surprised the account isn't a brand new totally anonymous alt. Maybe Vult chose to avoid backlash by instead recruiting someone who doesn't even know what /pfg/ is.

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a side grade
Makes for a good Bad Toucher

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Probably someone who's friends with him and/or the other players outside of /pfg/ (possibly from F-list?)

Though it is funny to think they roped in some Roll20 rando who doesn't fully understand what he's in for.

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S-Should I PM them?

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Are you warning them, or hitting on them?
Either way, yes.

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No Bully the Rando!
If you do PM them be Nice!

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Not if I PM them first!

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Any of you guys know which book was various Pact with Devils were in?

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I believe it was Hell's Rebels 5.

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Playing a necromancer all about efficiency that eventually wants to become undead, for reasons both obvious and otherwise.

In the mean time, what's the best way for a human sorcerer to ignore or reduce sleep so they have more time to study? How early can I totally ignore it? All I can think of is Ring of Sustenance or become undead, the first doesn't do it completely and I'm not sure how to do the latter yet.

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The 1st level spell Keep Watch lets one creature/2 levels stay up all night and benefit as if they'd rested.

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What do you do when a member of your party dies at low levels, and you want to resurrect them to save them from damnation?

Are they free to return, even if they are damned?

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You get ONE pass. Once you hit level 7, or die a second time, and no one can resurrect you? Your char is gone. It's seemed fair thus far with my GM and the plethora of people he's played with.

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Well I guess that fixes the problem immediately from level one. I didn't expect it to be that easy.

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Does anyone even play the Pathfinder Society scenarios?

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They're usually just a few combat encounters along a super-strict railroad. So no.

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I can't really give 'em a pass, being a player, and I don't think they even want one. They've rolled a new character that they seem to like better.

The problem is, my character feels like they were damned on a technicality, and ultimately wanted to be a good person but didn't get a chance to redeem themselves. And I don't think my character can move past that.

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>Gloriana still wrapped in bondage with a dog somewhere

I want to know more.

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That's fine too anon. Not saying our way works for everyone, it's just worked thus far. If it's more fitting for your play style, or the story at large, or the personal story of the character then by all means you do you.

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Temple of the Empyreal Enlightenment is apparently decent.

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Logs of this got posted a while back.

tldr Gloriana pulled into /u/, asks for dick because she's straight, noble lady answers her request with Dog

>> No.53075929

How do you treat ungrateful quest givers?

What about those who are irresponsible, even from the personal point of view. You help them and then they condemn you as irresponsible?

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That's my favorite scenario.
Curse of Ravenmoor is also good.

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>Summoner uses CHA for primary stat
>Diplomacy, Intimidate and Bluff aren't on their skill list


>> No.53076175

Who fucking cares, the DCs on those skills are trivial and the mechanics are so hopelessly broken it just comes down to the GM making something up.

>> No.53076297

You missed the part where Vult has been trying to end this mission for like three sessions now, and now has a fifth player to introduce on top of that.

How's the speed of combat nowadays?

>> No.53076393


>trying to end the mission for three sessions

if by end the mission you mean "string it along by separating the party so he can rape everyone".

He even bragged about it and his "Art of separating the party" in the discord.

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>also trying to give players the lewds they signed up for
I see nothing wrong with this senpai

>> No.53076464

Lysander didn't get lewds. Lysander got drunk while all his prospective partners were either cooking off their rape-debuffs or getting fucked by dogs.

>> No.53076517

The session didnt advance as much as expected then. Calm down.

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>martial focus mechanic will be discarded entirely,
But why though? I actually liked that mechanic, and it reminded me of Psionic focus.

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Is Lysander gonna get knifed next?

>> No.53077013

Lysander hasn't left the game, so no.

>> No.53077041

No, but something else will pierce him from behind

>> No.53077045

He's gonna get shafted that's for sure.

>> No.53077047

A manticore tail?

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How are these girls shrugging off rape so easily anyway
And did Cashmere even get the eggs out of her ass?

>> No.53077083

>How are these girls shrugging off rape so easily anyway

They've got a template that works off the physical effects of having horse-sized dicks jammed in you.

The mental is a bit harder to work out, but every time one of these girls has gotten boned, the corruption mindbreaks them before the dick does.

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Gloriana was consenting, bonbon is crazy, cashmere hasnt gotten over it

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Starfinder update, not checking old threads to see if it was mentioned yet or not.


Lashunta are now two subspecies, no longer divided between male and female but by whether they choose tp grow into leaders or warriors.

Elves are now even more insular, aloof and dickish than before.

Everything on Castrovel wants to eat you.

>> No.53077112

How does that even work

Why is Bonbon crazy? And did Cashmere spend the entire session moping or something

Are Elves Eldar now or something

>no longer divided between male and female but by whether they choose tp grow into leaders or warriors
Intredasting, so all the leaders are one gender and all the warriors are another?

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>eggs in her ass
Wait what? Thought she got CORED, not bugged?

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>Consented to a dog

>> No.53077130

Manticore apparently laid eggs up her ass
>Gloriana was consenting
No, Gloriana has gotten to stage II of 'holy shit the scent of dick is so strong'.
There's logs floating around somewhere

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>First look at the Elves
>Oh look it's another woman

>Lashunta are now two subspecies, no longer divided between male and female but by whether they choose tp grow into leaders or warriors.

Fuck you, Paizo. Fuck you in your hairy, stinking asses. The sexual dimorphism wasn't "problematic," it was fun.

>> No.53077143

No, now they choose to grow up into being more like dwarves or more like elves, either kind can be male or female, so there are thicc-strong psychic girls with antennae now. Also tall prettyboys.

>> No.53077150


Hm. Turning lashunta from gender dimorphism to seperate subspecies seems okay, but making it a "choice"? Seems odd.

>> No.53077155

>There's logs floating around somewhere

I've seen the logs, I'm expressing my disgust and surprise at someone like Gloriana *wanting* something like that.

>> No.53077158

>oh look it's another woman
Male elves are fucking irrelevant in any setting and you know it, they're basically just flat girls with dicks anyway

>> No.53077165

Nightwalkers have DR against all nonmagical damage because they just heal it.

Bonbon describes herself as crazy

Was only based on a manticore


>> No.53077170

She's mindbroken or something
Or rather she's "his", although unless the doggo is like some sort of super doggo that got hit with a promethean's ascension ray it probably doesn't even understand what's happening

>> No.53077171


Anon, Paizo literally put Tumblr: Divine Edition into the game. Every Iconic we've met so far features choice and personal discovery as their major themes. Every planet or system or government discussed is built around personal freedom and equality.

Choice and Inclusion are the major themes of Starfinder.

>> No.53077178

If by "consent" you mean "agreed to wanting to be tied up and everything that comes with it".

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>> No.53077183

where are my space nazis anyway
Also who's the Tau expy

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>agreed to wanting to be tied up and everything that comes with it

>Oh hey, when's Lysander coming back? I really, really want him to bone me
>Noblewoman brings in a fucking dog
>I guess this works too

>> No.53077187

So basically PF/SF is now the anti-40k, when all we want is something in the middle.

>> No.53077208


Mark my words, Hellknights and the White Chelish Empire are going to be a mixture of bumbling bureaucracy, rigid dogmatism and vaguely racist ideals.

They'll be presented as effective, efficient, lawful and utterly boring. The death of freedom for a little comfort. They won't be the heroes, they won't even be the good guys. They'll just be like, Mom and Dad to your stereotypical California teen from the 90s; annoying, obnoxious and you hate them, but they still pay the bills and keep the creepy men away.

>> No.53077238

To be fair, Dina did it explicitely so she could mindbreak and capture Gloriana, and then deal with Lysander.

The betrayal was a surprise

>> No.53077241

>Every Iconic we've met so far features choice and personal discovery as their major themes

Don't forget the bug race are LITERALLY built around getting off on choice and personal discovery.

>> No.53077266

How many threads back? Don't need a link, just an idea of where to look.

>> No.53077278

At least a week ago
Maybe someone will repost it

>> No.53077281

Like 9 days ago?

>> No.53077291

Well damn. Guessing the CORED logs are about as far back too?

>> No.53077294

We never got the CORED logs

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>No longer divided between male and female but by whether they choose to grow into leaders or warriors
I'm late, and this is paizo, but that's literally tumblr.

>> No.53077317

Still? Huh, the "eggs in her ass" threw me then, thought they got posted.

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>Elves are now even more insular, aloof and dickish than before.

We Imperial Elves now?

>> No.53077332

We're told what happened but not how

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Of course, they're still using art for tall women and buff guys for lashunta. Literally just a text patch to cover their asses.

>> No.53077350


Oh hey, look! The first sighting of a humanoid man!

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File: 355 KB, 712x1516, Lashunta Female.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53077360

>Literally just a text patch to cover their asses.

>To cover their asses

Anon... This isn't to keep the heat from their increasingly radical fans off their butts, this is deep from the heart honesty that they probably regret making Lashunta sexually dimorphic in the first place.

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File: 33 KB, 289x183, [Astral Trumpets Intensify].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.53077386

looks more like a prettyboy desu
Where are her tits

>> No.53077400


Tits are problematic.

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So who's the equivalent of this qt

>> No.53077422

The more I look at the art from Starfinder the more I think that Paizo told the artists to channel Saga into their inspiration.

>> No.53077432

Which season is that?

>> No.53077438


Ambiguously evil girl who's extremely annoying but everybody seems to put up with it for whatever reason?

Young Chelaxian girl who pays lip service to Urgathoa.

>> No.53077452

>for whatever reason
It's because she's very powerful and gives a mean blowjob

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Who uses Strange Magic here, and how is it?

>> No.53077477

>It's because she's very powerful

I'd say she's a Chosen One of Calistria, but Calistria doesn't have Paladins.

>and gives a mean blowjob

Aaaaand I'm back to saying she worships Urgathoa - but not really, she's just into the idea of party hard.

>> No.53077516

Feast of Ravenmoor?

>> No.53077626

t. Person who's only had shit players and shit GMs

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I for one protest that assertion, though it seems Paizo feels the same way.

Seriously, the argument we've used to defend their decisions that "players are going to make white male characters anyway" doesn't hold much water in a science-fiction setting.

>> No.53077671

male elves are prettyboys and can never be manly
otherwise they're just humans

>> No.53077692

Vult got pissed off with the slander and white knighting and has embargoed logs and greentexts

Hell, Broodie had to step in to tell people to stop defending him. People were falseflagging as Sigh (who he himself slandered the shit out of Vult because his game got called childish). He cant even discuss game mechanics without people REEEEing at him.

This general changes like the tides

>> No.53077783

Anon all the core races are just humans with funny hats, you complaining that people only use one funny hat a certain way doesn't stop it from being useable many ways.

>> No.53077886

Bondage stories! When was your character tied up, made helpless, or put in a situation where they couldn't move?

I'll start!

>Wis 8 INT 10 Merfolk Barbarian, likes to grapple and beat the shit out of things
>lewdHell's Vengeance, just cleared out the sheriff's station.
>Stocks are out the front
>One of the tieflings convinces to go into stockings, says it'd be 'fun'
>Why not
>get locked in... Tiefling walks away
>People start gathering around
>Small child goes to throw rotten apple
>Escape Artist check
>Natural 20
>Break out of bonds. That is, literally tear it in half accidentally
>Tiefling chastises for breaking out of stocks.
>Had been telling party how silly was for breaking stocks after locking self in

For the rest of the game I was bullied relentlessly
it was good. God, I miss it so much. We got up to the part where (Mild book 1 HV spoiler:) the Duke appoints us as sheriffs/whatever they were called but then the GM just quit on us and flaked out every session onwards.

>> No.53077892

>but then the GM just quit on us and flaked out every session onwards

>> No.53077915

>male elves are prettyboys and can never be manly

Delete this.

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>Wis 8 INT 10 Merfolk Barbarian, likes to grapple and beat the shit out of things

This... This character seems familiar. Was this a game that recruited from here? We had a Merfolk girl that sounds an awful lot like yours apply and got in.

>> No.53077973

I remember her!

>> No.53077976

Would you say she's... spunky?

Really, though, yeah. I joined HV from a /pfg/ thread. Small world, hi!

>> No.53078078

Does rogue deny bonus to AC from Dex if he's attacked from stealth? (Not invisibility)

>> No.53078196

>acid attack SLA
>reduces Natural Armor by 1 per 2 levels for 1 turn
How powerful is this? Assume its modifying an Aether Pulse

>> No.53078204

Not normally.
A concealed individual simply is untargetable until they make an attack roll or break stealth.

Rank 15 skill unlock for stealth will allow for no Dex to AC.

However, a rogue attacking an unaware target in the surprise round and before his first turn in initiative will deny Dex bonus to AC. If a rogue approaches an enemy in stealth and attacks, if this is the start of combat, he will deny dex to AC.

>> No.53078271


Hello! Sorry it couldn't work out, but it sounds like the character was lots of fun!

>> No.53078281

Sounds painful but >natural armor

>> No.53078309

Oh, that's not what I mean, sorry, my bad.
I wanted to ask - does rogue with uncanny dodge lost his bonus from Dex to AC if he's attacked from Stealth? And if he blinded?

>> No.53078311

You know I meant the targets natural armor, right?

>> No.53078334

Have we got an updated chart of /pfg/ games and which ones were bamboozles/fizzles?

>> No.53078350

Actual AC <<< Touch AC

>> No.53078360

Is there a PF equivalent of an Alraune?

>> No.53078384
File: 5.48 MB, 2700x1590, CASTROVEL Landscape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And yet they clearly only had art done forthesexually dimorphic types, then changed the fluff without having art to match.

Also according to the article, lashunta live in independent, matriarchal city-states that never fight each other but will unite to war against formian ant people

>> No.53078395

Well it wasn't meant to be game breaking

>> No.53078402

As >>53078204 points out, being attacked from stealth doesn't deny anybody Dex to AC. A blinded character is normally denied Dex to AC, but wouldn't if he has uncanny dodge.

>> No.53078408

There is, but it's a CR 16, NE plant that just wants to eat you.

>> No.53078416

Do you perhaps mean... An Alruane?

>> No.53078424
File: 578 KB, 893x1200, 1485460751051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends what you mean
It's not this type.

>> No.53078479

That's fine. What's it called?


But it could be fluffed to be a cute girl plant that wants to eat you, correct?

>> No.53078496

"Uncanny dodge":
>Starting at 4th level, a rogue can react to danger before her senses would normally allow her to do so. She cannot be caught flat-footed, nor does she lose her Dex bonus to AC if the attacker is invisible. She still loses her Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. A rogue with this ability can still lose her Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent successfully uses the feint action (see Combat) against her.

>Does a rogue lose dex if caught unaware (flat footed) in the surprise round?
No. A rogue cannot be caught flat footed, therefore does not lose dex to AC.

>Does a rogue lose dex if blinded?
RAW: Yes. Uncanny dodge only applies when the attacker is invisible, not when the defender is blind. However your GM may choose to houserule this that uncanny dodge applies and you do not lose dex to dodge if blinded.

>> No.53078537


The Alraune is an actual monster in Pathfinder, her smell is far sweeter than her attitude.

If you wanted to play a cute plant girl or even flower girl, check out the Ghoran. If you want a cute plant girl that won't eat you like the Alraune, refluff a Dryad.

>> No.53078558


>Martiarchal city-states that only fight generic bug monsters

>> No.53078561

I actually wanted it as a mid boss in a dungeon crawl.

>> No.53078573


>But it could be fluffed to be a cute girl plant that wants to eat you, correct

That's the standard Alraune. As in the bestiary monster.

>> No.53078578

>stealth doesn't deny anybody Dex to AC
So, if I snipe an attack in midcombat from Stealth I don't deny foe's Dex bonus? What's makes no sence.
Thanks for blindness explanation.
>No. A rogue cannot be caught flat footed, therefore does not lose dex to AC.
But if rogue not flat-footed? As I said - if I attack from Stealth in the mid of combat?

>> No.53078647

To be fair Lilyalraunes are definitely Neutral Evil by Pathfinder, since their whole shtick is brainwashing you with their nectar and keeping you there until you die.

>> No.53078670

>So, if I snipe an attack in midcombat from Stealth I don't deny foe's Dex bonus? What's makes no sence.
Welcome to the stupidity that is Stealth in Pathfinder. Unless you have 15 ranks in Stealth and are using the skill unlock system, you cannot deny an opponent their Dex to AC with an attack from Stealth.

>> No.53078676


That's so progressive! Oh gosh you guys, I can't wait to play in this setting. Does it have Gems, too?

>> No.53078719

Quick question:

Is a tiefling samurai a viable race/class combination?

Points buy, quite generous allocation at 35 points.

I don't need to be the best, just not useless.

>> No.53078739

Samurai is pretty bad, TBQH fampai.

>> No.53078753

Oh, OK.

So what is preferable alternative, but similar class?
Fighter or Cavalier?

>> No.53078773

Bushi Warder

>> No.53078782

What sourcebook is that from?

>> No.53078791

Path of War.

It's by Dream Scarred Press, A Third Party Publisher

>> No.53078792


Why not a Paladin?

>> No.53078793

Samurai is basically Cavalier that trades away most of the mount-related abilities. It's not very good, but it is certainly viable unless you're playing a high-op game.

>> No.53078796

overlewd revisions have closed today

roster announced tomorrow

who do you think is getting in?

>> No.53078800

Warder is from Path of War and the Bushi template is from Path of War - Expanded

>> No.53078817


>> No.53078826

What level? How many traits? 1pp only or is 3pp allowed?

What are the other players using? What sort of campaign is it?

How many traits are allowed? How familiar are you with the system? Are you wedded to the idea of playing an honourable warrior or is it just that idea of being weeb that you wanted to be a samurai?

>> No.53078827


And I was wrong, only CR 13

>> No.53078828

Fuck overlewd, the Ruse Cruise closes in 7 hours! I'm excited to see who is going to be picked.

>> No.53078831

They just filed off the name of Catachan and all you can think of is Steven Universe?

>> No.53078842

The Ruse Cruise GM has zero (0) hours.

>> No.53078853

You have to have faith, anon.

>> No.53078875

Imagine the bootyblast when Vult gets in

>> No.53078876

What content is available to you? All paizo? Anything in the d20pfsrd? Any 3pp?

Of the cuff for 1pp, Slayer is superior if you just want to hit dudes and be a decent martial. Fighter is pretty good but requires you to knock what you're doing to get the most out of AWT/AAT feats. If you want to make use of the crazy PB to be a nutty day moving martial, then Unchained Monk can actually cover you very well, since Ascetic Style can let you be a weapon user for the 1.5x Str and Power Attack.

>> No.53078900

Ideal party:
Amalthea, Dessa, Derek, Bluryou, Young Casimir, Doug.

>> No.53078901

I don't even know who applied

>> No.53078912

After all the shit he's talked about Sleep on the discord? Unlikely.

>> No.53078915

Have you seen the rest of the setting? It's quite catered to a very certain crowd, one that's more interested in Steven Universe and being high-flying defenders of the weak and persecuted than whatever setting is "Catachan."

>> No.53078945

What the actual fuck are you talking about?

>> No.53078952

Take a gander, there are some of the best /pfg/ apps in there I've ever seen:

>> No.53078974

Me and my group are all rerolling characters after a TPK against a bearded devil

DM said we start at level 5, and get 10,000 gold to buy goodies with - I'm rolling a wizard (conjuration, teleport)

what kinda magical goodies should i buy with 10k gold? i figured headband of intelligence, handy haversack, and a couple wands?

>> No.53078984

Fuck that noise, I want Space British Empire.

>> No.53078991

muh tau

>> No.53078996

Last week (shortly before Overlewd applications closed) Vult was in the discord crowing about how Overlewd was a riding his coattails and was a "pale imitation of the original". He even went so far as to admit that his application was submitted to be a Diamond Dog and that he had convinced three or four other applicants to join him in his quest to disrupt the game.

>> No.53079003

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule space time.

>> No.53079015

First, ask your GM if he's OK with you buying wands with less than 50 charges. You very rarely need 50 castings of the same spell yet don't want to be just preparing it.

I'd also suggest bracers of armor unless you'll be spending your spell slots on that, a cloak of resistance, some sort of +speed item.
Oh, and ask your GM if you can get a -2 adamantine sword for cheap. That's always hilarious.

>> No.53079021

Third party might not be so popular with my GM.
I'll have to ask him.

I'm considering playing Lawful Neutral.
You know, trained to be very lawful, but in conflict with a chaoctically inclined tiefling nature.

Yeah, I know, cheap drama points but hey.

Starting level 3.
1PP preferable.

I'm somewhat familiar with the system but far from knowledgeable enough to do any Min/Max-stuff.

It's fairly sandbox, knowing my friends, we'll be looking at a lot of high-charisma diplomacy-heavy characters, such as bard, rogue and sorcerors.

Not bound hard to the idea, but I recently re- watched 7 Samurai and I love the the palanquin-scene from Sword of Doom.

>> No.53079024

All he actually said was that PLD primed the pump, referring to how many apps he got. Then there was a discussion on methids of picking people.

Tuv got btfo, not Sleep

>> No.53079041 [DELETED] 
File: 105 KB, 600x150, yuno gasai peek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that there is NOTHING wrong with being crazy and even LESS wrong with sticking your dick in crazy unless you're a meanie who wants to break a girl's heart just like that because you're sadistic and ruthless and cruel and deserve to be burned to death in a temple bell because honestly who would even dream of just abandoning their wife who's definitely their wife even if they haven't gotten married yet because it's JUST a MATTER OF TIME and there's literally no reason to wait for formalities anyway nobody needs to know you can just finish up the paperwork AFTER the first night this way you can have TWO first nights for the price of one without cheating because I mean se~riously who would CHEAT when they're already in a relationship they must be the worst type of scum who should be punished by being burned to death in a temple bell but oh of course this has like nothing at all to do with you forgive me dear I'm just rambling about irrelevant and COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE things and events and ideas anyway ahaha it's just a bad habit of mine when I get excited ahahaha so anyway this is just a reminder that there's no reason you should hold back on giving a girl the dick just because they're crazy it's not like they'll HURT you just by being crazy if they obviously love you omnia vincit amor or so it's said right anyway so now about that dick I've been talking about...

>> No.53079069

Don't forget the time Vult went on a rant, seemingly out of nowhere, about how Rubio was a pre-cuck character that couldn't even drum up the courage to get with the easiest woman in Sandpoint. He wasn't talking about Shayliss.

>> No.53079082

Was he talking about Saboten?

>> No.53079083

Yeah, isn't that the whole point of RPGs and Starfinder?

What were you expecting?

Espionage? Because there are two or three classes who should be able to do that well.

40K SPESS Marines? There's a big Lizard race to put in Power Armor and Hellknights are around.

>> No.53079086

Sorry, I stuck my dick in the other type of crazy. The world-destroying necromantic cult type crazy, not the 18 in love, 3 in common sense and morals type.

>> No.53079109

Ameiko. His pet theory is that she wanted the gnoll.

>> No.53079125

Post screen shots or fuck off

>> No.53079137

It's all publicly visible in the discord. I'm not doing your homework for you, just scroll up.

>> No.53079147

I don't want Lizards, I want genetically enhanced Shoanti.

>> No.53079151
File: 1.73 MB, 1000x1400, 1469728833338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

m8 I hope you realize that pasta only works if you post Kiyohime

>> No.53079161

Despite the fact that SU shits on tumblr ideologies. I still remember the Salt after Breaking Point aired

>> No.53079173

Oh, so he's one of the delusional fucks who fap to the latest RotJR conspiracy theory nonsense. Good to know.

>> No.53079185

Sounds about par for the course for Vult.

>> No.53079216

3.5 question but w/e

Do 3rd books work with 3.5 or do they need to be converted? Books like Deities and Demigods didn't get a 3.5 version, I presume that's because there was no need, is that correct?

>> No.53079251

Overlewd picks when?

>> No.53079256

There's some minor tweaks, like skills and mechanics being changed, but nothing big. There's already update errata for most 3.0 books anyways.

>> No.53079272

Thats not how burden of proof works you liar

>> No.53079288


Reminder that the prosecution technically has to do all the work in a legal proceeding, the Defense doesn't really have to do anything but deny.

>> No.53079296


>> No.53079305

Is Perception absolutely necessary for a character that isn't being optimized?

What if the rest of the group has Perception?

>> No.53079313

I was a juror in a trial that was like that, where the defense didn't really present any evidence or do anything, scumbag lawyer didn't even cross examine anyone.

Easiest Guilty verdict ever.

>> No.53079325


>> No.53079348

The prosecution is the anon claiming Vult is shittalking people. The defense is demanding evidence

>> No.53079354

Don't bother with Perception unless you've got it as a class skill.

The Defense only needs to present evidence and attack the Prosecution when the Prosecution actually has ammunition to fire at the defendant. Hearsay is a huge no-no in a court of law and what that anon was doing is essentially that, "I heard X say Y, I don't have a record of it, but that happened."

>> No.53079381

There are plenty of traits that make perception a class skill, anon.

>> No.53079382

Depends on the kind of campaign you're playing in. If the GM likes dropping ambushes on you, I would say it's pretty vital. If the only thing you need to worry about is finding things like traps and secret doors, then it should be enough for one person in the party to max it.

>> No.53079383

Perception is easily the most rolled skill in the game, so having max ranks and traiting it into a class skill is never a BAD idea. That said, if you have more than 3 people with good perception and you don't think you'll ever be alone you could probably get away with not caring too much about it.

>> No.53079390

I'm pretty sure that 100% of the Vult haters are from the discord or at least lurk it.

>> No.53079394

Can someone explain to me what exactly is wrong with Spheres of Might as it is now?
Seems the general consensus is that the playtest went from "promising" to "trash" and I'm wondering what exactly happened. Skimming the docs, it looks alright, if unpolished. I assume the system is full of easy-to-abuse mechanics?

>> No.53079396
File: 47 KB, 306x469, 1456980924832.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you don't think you'll ever be alone

Nobody does, until it happens.

>> No.53079411

Is it the same guy always starting the Pathfinder threads?

>> No.53079412

Still, you're presenting to people. If you just sit there and go "My client dindunuffin!" and nothing else, of course we're gonna believe the guy who shows all this shit that says "Yes he did."

I really hope that guy didn't pay much for that lawyer.

>> No.53079420

No, there was also hitler.

>> No.53079445

isn't he the OP of this one?

>> No.53079468

No. There was a thread started at page 3 that had an OP of Hitler.

>> No.53079488

Better than a thread that starts at page 5 with a picture of an anime girl.

>> No.53079490

Was the lawyer a public defender? They do it for free.

I knew a public defender in high school, actually. He was one of several attorneys that helped us in Mock Trial, and the only one that was a public defender.

He was childish, played video games and drank like a fish - as he would say it, being a public defender is one of the least respected and most depressing legal professions you can get into.

>> No.53079493

I'd prefer that to this, to be honest.

>> No.53079520

One of the other jurors said that no, he wasn't a public defender. I know that if I ever need a lawyer, I'm never calling him.

>> No.53079530

Is there a list of ways to learn spells from other class spell lists?

>> No.53079570

Said Hitler has also gone on record that a thread of over 26 IPs were the same kitsunefag. He's just as bad as this OP desu

>> No.53079579

If I can cast disguise self at will is there any reason for me to buy an item like Sleeves of Many Garments?

>> No.53079607

No he hasn't.

>> No.53079610

No, but I'd recommend getting real clothes because you're running the constant risk of a dispel leaving you naked in the middle of the street.

>> No.53079622

Don't forget the time he made a thread before bump limit

>> No.53079632

I love you.

Antimagic field

>> No.53079638
File: 154 KB, 300x295, CPusIyH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was the plan all along, anon.

>> No.53079650

Wasn't he pre-bump OP?

>> No.53079666
File: 24 KB, 420x600, quick search .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>do your homework
ok, you're full of shit

>> No.53079720

Nope. Page 3, but after bump limit.

>> No.53079853

Why would you want your dude to end up naked in front of hundreds of people?

>> No.53079897

Okay, so we have shitty OPs then. Kitsune, Hitler, and Prebump

>> No.53079917
File: 22 KB, 400x400, 503dadea-416a-4283-a331-4f6ae5b42e5f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53080003

So do the Starfinder Lashuntas also choose their...sex? Or is that not how it works?

>> No.53080004

Who knows what sort of crazy things will end up in places they don't belong!

>> No.53080094
File: 10 KB, 278x82, SE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pre-bump OP was SwimmingEagle for three threads in a row.

Threads at page 3, page 3, and even page 1.

>> No.53080151

DrowningHawk confirmed shitposter only good for fat titties

>> No.53080218

>only good for fat titties
Seems alright in my book.

>> No.53080226

Nope, Paizo has just retconned the sexual dimorphism of the Lashunta to say men can be leaders and women can be warriors... But the species is somehow still female-dominated and organized into matriarchies.

>> No.53080254

Also the bug people ended up having three genders to produce more young while also having giant queens that produce eggs

>> No.53080278

this is a new level of witch-hunt

>> No.53080290
File: 845 KB, 500x370, de286fcfa956a9e89cfbdd5e7464c57d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a cleric, which 0-level spell should I take with the Two-World Magic trait?

>Select one 0-level spell from a class spell list other than your own. This spell is a 0-level spell on your class spell list (or a 1st-level spell if your class doesn’t have 0-level spells). For example, if you are a druid, you could select mage hand and thereafter prepare it as a 0-level druid spell; if you are a sorcerer, you could select know direction as a 0-level sorcerer spell known.

>> No.53080360


>> No.53080365


>> No.53080373
File: 182 KB, 384x408, 1430365558218.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Elves are isolationist, violent assholes in Starfinder
>mfw they still keep their bonuses to Dexterity/Intelligence

>mfw Elves are now expert marksmen and ideally suited as the party sharpshooter

>> No.53080400
File: 22 KB, 333x333, 1488598336950.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw even in space the longbow is the best ranged weapon choice

>> No.53080409

I feel like I'm nowhere near creative enough to fully utilize it.

Then again, it's either that or Ghost Sound.

>> No.53080415

just use it to be permanently clean and it's already more than most people do with it

>> No.53080436

>discord's in full /pol/ mode
>thread's deader then Tu-Pac
I'm bored.

>> No.53080444

If they bring back the elven giant bug robots and the elven guyver suits, I'm down.

>> No.53080450
File: 1.07 MB, 727x1028, Mage01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if I'm a spherecasting Investigator, I'm probably better off gobbling drawbacks that almost entirely remove the base divining feature
>and then using an investigator talent to get Detect Magic as an At-Will SLA, since every sane GM I know uses the Unchained version of the Minor Magic Rogue Talent

Damn son

>> No.53080454

>discord's in full /pol/ mode

>> No.53080457

What are some creative things you can do with it?

>> No.53080464


More like filthy chinks bragging about LOL WE CONTROL THE WORLD

>> No.53080467

Just say something positive about Vult or PLD. It'll bring the discord cabal's attention to full REEEEE in the thread again.

>> No.53080474

I'm making a Master/Blaster Magic Crafter with a construct companion for my next character.
3PP race and class, Vanguard and Boggle respectively. Boggles get a racial feat that lets you ignore the Item Creation feat for magic items at the cost of +5 DC, and Vanguards are just pretty cool.
Assuming standard level 5 at creation, how would you kit him out?

>> No.53080482


I tried: It did not work.

>> No.53080489

I won't say anything positive about Vult or PLD, but I will say I hate how all their longs posted here have "stupidly enormous" shoe horned in somewhere. It's a stale joke and needs to die.

>> No.53080496

Discussion has stabilized.

It wasn't too bad in the first place. It was really civilized until it became about Turkey

>> No.53080498
File: 133 KB, 968x394, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt G.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>elven giant bug robots
>elven guyver suits

The what now? I'm just hyped at the prospect of actually playing an Elf enhanced with power armor and some sick weaponry.

>> No.53080505

The attempts at character assassination on Vult that go on in this thread are laughable at best.

>> No.53080507

How good are you in combat though?

>> No.53080530

PLD is stale and needs to die

>> No.53080538

Well, it's his fault for having a name.

>> No.53080545
File: 451 KB, 1000x724, Tomb_Stalker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>elven giant bug robots

I don't know what robots will be statted up for Starfinder, but I want one of these.

>> No.53080573

You need a name to DM though.

>> No.53080584

Presumably "shit until 4th-5th, then just mediocre". But truth be told I'm actually a (Vigilante) Stalker with the +talent FCB, but looking at investigator talents made me realize how retarded the Divination sphere is.

>> No.53080590

Intercept Charge is a pretty alright defensive feat for your construct.

>> No.53080592
File: 78 KB, 300x360, bionoid.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spelljammer stuff. The elves were basically your standard haughty officious space empire, your space-Spain or space-Britain.

They had developed a bunch of spooky biotech like giant Dunbine-style mechs based on different species of insect. And they had symbiotic Guyver units. Both of which I've been eager to port over to Pathfinder.


>> No.53080602


Blame the players who keep wanting to leak logs.

>> No.53080621

It seems like it works, though. I mean I don't go to the discord or play in meme games, so I don't think I've ever really interacted with Vult directly, but the dude just sounds like a total douche.

>> No.53080626

It's shameful that LOGS became such a meme. Was it really that long ago that we were blowing up over somebody leaking logs? Have we become this desperate?

>> No.53080643

Honestly Im surprised no one's making bets on overlewd picks yet.

>> No.53080645

Nobody wants that, that's just Vult samefagging. It's sad how obvious he is about it.

>> No.53080647

Is there actually a screencap of this? Or anything he's said? Because I actually have checked the Discord, and didn't turn up anything.

>> No.53080657

its mostly Vult samefagging and trying to drum up hype for his garbage ERP

>> No.53080664

That was only because Voip didnt consent

>> No.53080667

>but looking at investigator talents made me realize how retarded the Divination sphere is.
Retarded as in good or bad?

>> No.53080691


You feel it too, do you? The hype for a haughty expansionist race of pointy-eared space racists. I've got a feeling that Paizo will fuck them up, but then again what haven't they fucked up?

>> No.53080694

You realize samefagging means he's replying to himself, right?

>> No.53080705

Mixed bag. Senses are all super cool for the most part, but the Detect Magic stand-in is stupid bullshit.

>> No.53080709


>> No.53080724

The overuse of "stupidly enormous" isn't about memes, it's about feeling smug and superior. It's used as a watchword to stand in place of "we're really great ERPers, not like that amateur Rory". It's part of this weird inflated sense of self-importance Vult has and has been trying to cultivate in his players. Probably stems from a massive inferiority complex about the fact that people cared so much about RotJR that the players had to basically abandon thread.

>> No.53080734

His ERP is bad though.

>> No.53080740

Okay, was wondering if you were BOTH a retarded witchhunter and a newfag

>> No.53080757

nah just a retarded witchunter

>> No.53080758

What's really shameful is the fact that we still haven't seen better than this:

>> No.53080765

So what would be better?
Brutally thick?
Awesomely girthy?
Bestial? That one's been growing on me lately.

>> No.53080775

You are a Jackass, but the Rorylogs are much better than Vult's lazy ERP rape.

>> No.53080780

Fuck off!

>> No.53080806

In all honesty, the saddest part of all of this is that the RotJR crew did a better job with a joke than anything we've seen out of Rory or Vult.

>> No.53080808

They're equivalent at best

>> No.53080840

Really? You think "Onyo is raep" is better than this?

>> No.53080931
File: 337 KB, 550x550, 1487319382668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Skull & Shackles any good?

>> No.53080943

I think he means the Valimir one.


>> No.53080970

Yes. Some people don't like the opening, but I think it gives a huge feeling of achievement when you finish it. Its pretty great.

>> No.53081022

It's okay. The opening relies on your ability to roleplay NPCs and your players' desire to roleplay with NPCs, because its mechanical aspects are fucked.

I prefer replacing part 2 with Plunder & Peril, because it's more of an adventure and less "grind ship battles and slave-raids for XP until I let you progress the plot."

>> No.53081034

Eh I'd prefer Kingmaker.

>> No.53081070

The biggest issue with Spheres of Might is the lack of NON-COMBAT utility talents. As it is right now, if you want out of combat utility, you are kind of forced into playing a scholar or a technician (and even then, you are almost always better off playing a spherecaster).

I personally dont have an issue with the combat aspects of the SoM system, but without utility, you aren't really raising the tier of martials.

>> No.53081169

How loud does a verbal spell component need to be?

Can you whisper it?

>> No.53081179

What are you talking about? Spheres of Might has tons of noncombat talents.

Go look at, like, Athletics and Scout.

>> No.53081191

clearly audible volume
like if you were talking to someone outdoors

>> No.53081192

Rule clarification, so that part about +2 damage while using Broken Blade and while using discipline weapons, is there a ruling on whether the +2 damage applies to every attack you make or is it only when you are using Broken Blade manuevers

>> No.53081212

Wait, so, what's the problem, then?

>> No.53081219

Only with BB maneuvers.
Maybe with BB stances if your GM is a sucker.
Certainly not otherwise.

>> No.53081220

Doesn't this make spells like ghost sound (and other illusion spells) pretty much useless?

>> No.53081268
File: 29 KB, 290x387, DavidBowie_Sukita25-290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like David Bowie inspire elves. Fite me

>> No.53081271
File: 934 KB, 2000x2400, 37335e50dabaedf7e0b5e18750b19b83.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Consider virtually every half-caster in the game, whose noncombat spells are high-impact enough (e.g. detect magic, disguise self, invisibility, suggestion) that people are actually enticed to select such spells alongside more combat-oriented spells.

In contrast, Spheres of Might makes the noncombat talents low-impact, so you wind up with this scenario:

>Master of Misdirection: You gain ranks in Bluff equal to your Hit Dice. Whenever you gain a Hit Die (such as when gaining a level), you gain a rank in this skill. If you possess ranks in Bluff already, you may immediately retrain them at no cost.
>Read Foe: You have learned to read the subtle cues of your enemy. You gain ranks in the Sense Motive skill equal to your Hit Dice. Whenever you gain a Hit Die (such as when gaining a level), you gain a rank in this skill. If you possess ranks in Sense Motive already, you may immediately retrain them at no cost.
"More skill ranks? Meh."

>While outside of combat, whenever a creature makes a Bluff check against you while speaking, you can make a Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive check opposed by their Bluff check; upon making a successful opposed check, you can force them to either tell the truth (as far as they know) about the subject or take a -5 on Charisma-based skill and ability checks (this includes Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate, even if the target uses an alternate ability score to determine their bonuses with these skills) against everyone who listened to them speak for 1 day.
"Very cool! But my class is [armiger/blacksmith/conscript/striker], and my mental ability scores are not that high..."

Equipment, legendary:
>Oversized Weapons: You may wield weapons sized for creatures 1 size larger than yourself with no penalty, may treat two handed weapons of your normal size as one-handed weapons, and may treat one-handed weapons of your normal size as light weapons.
"Now this is what I will take for 3d6 damage two-handers!"

>> No.53081465

Well it looks like starfinder elves are more isolationist than expansionist, but as far as being racist goes they refer to those who consort with other races as the Forsaken.

>> No.53081505

What are some fun things I can do with 600 starting gold at 1st level?

>> No.53081521

masterwork armor, a tough-ass horse or some cheap magic items like potions and scrolls, or personal crafting.

>> No.53081545

What class?

>> No.53081563


Adventurer's any tool

>> No.53081576


>> No.53081591


>> No.53081598

While utility talents do exist, a number of them require investment in spheres that conflicts with their build choice.

For Example: Why would I invest in the Boxing or Fencing spheres if I am an Archer?

Compare this to say the Divination sphere in SoP, and it is more obvious why someone might dip into the sphere, even while focused in something else.

>> No.53081603
File: 265 KB, 524x718, DissidiaGabranthArt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking to make a LE Hell Knight as one of the main villains for some new players, how would you recommend building him? The players are a gunslinger aiming at sniping, a paladin acting as the muscle/tank, and a bard focused on fencing.

My ideal level for him is 12th, would it be better to take caster levels and go Enforcer or keep him martial as a Commander?

>> No.53081618

New Thread

>> No.53081638

No. I'm making a thread at page 8.

>> No.53081640

apply yourself

>> No.53081657

I support this.

>> No.53081666

If you want to completely dunk them or have a truly imposing big bad, go Enforcer. If you want an even fight go Commander.

>> No.53081692

Tyrant Antipaladin 2/Weapon Master Fighter 4/Hellknight Commander 6.
Get Cut/Smash from the Air
+STR/+CHA Aasimar
Assuming 20 PB, 14 STR 14 DEX 14 CON 10 INT 10 WIS 14 CHA, levelup points into STR

>> No.53081704

Banded mail (splint if your dex is +0), a MW weapon, and the rest of the misc cleric kit.

Or ditch the MW part of the weapon for 20 charges worth of L1 cleric wands.

>> No.53081709


>> No.53081712


>> No.53081728

Honestly, I did like the question there, so reposting: What's the one thing that can make your character happier than ever before, really, REALLY happy?

>> No.53081729

Hey, newfag here, I'm planning on setting up a gaming group this summer and I wanted to ask for tips on gming.

>> No.53081740

that thread getting deleted made my character happier than ever before

this guy here has the right idea, starting with a wand with a good chunk of charges will likely save lives

>> No.53081744

Bad time to ask since we're about to jump ship, but have you run any games in the past? And how familiar are you with PF's rules?

>> No.53081759

I've been playing pfs for a couple months, I probably ask again on the next thread.

>> No.53081769


Keep notes, don't let the players push you into anything you're not keen on, and the trove has a whole bunch of modules you can use or study to help get a sense of how your own adventure will work.

>> No.53081780

>Being lavished with praise for heroic actions, told by his crush that she likes him

>Killing strong demons

>Having someone tell him that they've got feelings for him, and not just because of his horns & tail.

>> No.53081816

Well, learn how to use the SRD to quickly search up weird fringe rules, or at least be confident enough in your knowledge of the system to make shit up on the fly. Because if there's one thing that's a goddamn constant, it's that players ALWAYS find the weird gap where the rules don't cover exactly what's going on.

>> No.53081819
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>TFW the Dwarf calls your character the town anvil and you pretend not to know what that means

>> No.53081828


>> No.53081867

New thread:

>> No.53081947

The more I think about it the more I realize that she just wants to die.

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