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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Scars Edition: Does your character have a lot of scars? Any cool stories to go with those scars?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>53051028

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Do you mean this shit?

Fuck that thread, it should have died by now.

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more warframes with faces, cause you all are worth it. And starfinder needs a good aesthetic.

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Reminder since it came up last thread: If you want some typefuck, PM THEM. If you make it part of your session's events, it isn't on the other players to just sit around while you force the game to stop.

Lewdgames are seriously the cancer killing this general. Don't make me repost this again.

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And to star us off in a good mood, i give you Space Samuel L. Jackson.

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Has anyone ERP's with DHB? How was it?

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He spent the entire session going over spreadsheets and meticulously catalogued notes.

I came lots.

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He forced me to help him do loot value calculations and optimize high level builds. I came buckets.

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why does the op picture matter at all?

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End yourself you dumbass thread police

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The bastard is /covered/ with the things. Brutal Slayer Armor of Scars lmao

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So who uses Auto Bonus Progression? I feel like that's a really neat way of making sure players are properly all powered up without having to buy boring generic items like ring of protection/cloak of resistance/etc.

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I like it in concept, hate it in execution. Use Worlds of Power's Paragon progression instead

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Words of Power seems like such a cool concept but it feels like it should be exclusive to a prestige class for level 16 and up or something, where Sorcerer and Wizard merge or something

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>Use Worlds of Power's Paragon progression instead
Where's that?

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>like such a cool concept (which it is)
>exclusive to a prestige class (which suck)
>for level 16 and up (which few players ever play at)
>with Sorcerer and Wizard merging (that's called the Arcanist)


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It's somewhere in here

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>>exclusive to a prestige class (which suck)
Not all of them do; there's a few good ones and others that work for specific builds.

Most do blow though.

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Alright so my friends roped me into trying out pf with them and i wanted to try something simple
I'm going with a gnome paladin (core only so no weird stuff) but i'm having trouble coming up with a proper order for them to join
I was thinking something along the lines of a congregation dedicated to guarding/honoring the fey they descend from, from the sites of fey domain to their artifacts of heritage, but i know next to nothing about PF lore so i'm asking you if this is a dumb idea or not
Also what would the best god for such a paladin be?

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Except the concept is lame as shit if it's not ridiculously powerful. Oh look I said "fire" and a spark appeared, no I want to say "fire" and a Heightened Wall of Fire appears.

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>but i'm having trouble coming up with a proper order for them to join
What does this mean
Are you the DM or something?

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>exclusive to a prestige class (which suck)
Maybe we should make them not suck then

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It matters because we should at least TRY to make the OP image pathfinder/psuedo-medieval fantasy RPG related and not just Random Anime Girl Image #3401028.

That and the thread topic is some fucking circlejerk blog shit about whatever flavour of the day game happens to be going on. Not everybody cares about that shit, and it discourages new posters and other forms of discussion.

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Not OP of that thread and it's shit but what does the OP of this thread have to do with pathfinder

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No i mean
The backstory of the character

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>metagaming faggot.png

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Well I mean
Normal Paladins in PF are always Lawful Good, but your thing sounds like some sort of natural guardian, which would be Neutral Good or something? Unless I'm misinterpreting?
Paladins don't need gods per-se, those are clerics. Paladins are paragons of all that is good and lawful (in other words, of virtue in general) but they're not actually bound to serve the whims of a god for the most part.

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I said Pathfinder OR pseudo-medieval fantasy, which the op image could be construed for. Either that or a Starfinder character, which is also on topic.

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What feats are good for thrown melee weapons? Like, say, on a psy-armory.

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Just a general question, I read here or on 1d4chan something about a campaign where the GM and his group tried to make their characters become immortal/gods, and then have a second campaign set 1000 years later where the new group tries to kill them somehow.
Can anyone maybe give me some pointers where I could find that story again (if it exists and I'm not simply just senile)?

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I know about the alignment requirement, but aren't paladins basically very important members of a given church? And i read that they do have connections with their god, otherwise how would they do even half the things they can?
Also is the 1-step alignment difference applicable only to clerics or do paladins share this benefit? So a NG god would work for a LG paladin

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I mean, i'm a relatively new poster here and while I don't find the pfg games that interesting it certainly belongs here. You have to realize generals aren't just topic threads and are more semi-communities inside the larger one. Games based off /pfg/ belong in /pfg/ and there's no doubt about that, even if they are terrible power-wank gestalt fests littered with every 3p producer imaginable.

And really a thread's OP can be just about anything, all it needs to even resemble is some sort of character assuming it doesn't violate global rules. As far as I can tell people just get mad over the typical "anime ugh!!" ideas

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>I know about the alignment requirement, but aren't paladins basically very important members of a given church?
Ehhhh no, not really. They often ARE, because being a LG paragon of power and virtue in an LG church is great, but they don't have to be aligned with a god at all.

>otherwise how would they even do half the things they can
The power of virtue.

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We're also neglecting the fact that the thread was made early, and given the thread topic along the trend of the OP pic, was an asshole trying to get a rise out of people.

So the best way avoid a shitstorm is to ignore the guy and start our own thread with something more interesting and more "General".

Also the guy always gets their headline image from the treading Pixiv images and that annoys me oddly.

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That's much more understandable. I figured it was just another stupid rant about "ugh muh anime girls are NOT for roleplay.."

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>As far as I can tell people just get mad over the typical "anime ugh!!" ideas

Anime OPs are proven to make worse threads than normal OPs.

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I just realized what the Syrinx for Starfinder should be; they should be like the Seekers from Advent Rising, an outwardly authoritarian yet kindly race who uplifts primitive species in exchange for a thousand years of servitude, who are in truth fanatical purifiers trying to exterminate a species or three that threatens their legitimacy.

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It's actually the other way around

My biggest problem is that there's some faggot in the other thread bumping it off page 11, it's on page 3 again.

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Then shouldn't it be changed from pathfinder general to Paizo general if we're allowing starfinder garbage?

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Starfinder is in the same universe, so yeah.

>> No.53058325

Hey, I saged that thread good and proper!

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>It's actually the other way around
Prove it. Anime OPs are bad for /pfg/.

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So what games has /pfg/ been playing? Got any stories?

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Proof: a non-anime OP does nothing to stop witchhunting and lewdposting both, and tends to be made at page 1 or 4 by aforementioned witchhunters. This one wasn't though, so that's good.

Not really a story, but I've been playing a spheres caster recently
Power Word Truth + Power Word Pain is the best torture device ever short of maybe a judgement geas.

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Anyone got a discord invite?

>> No.53058488

Anyone looking forward to Starfinder?

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My Sorcerer has burn scars along the right side of his body from when he was incinerated by a Phoenix

>> No.53058514

has anyone actually used tarot cards for pathfinder? I stopped after people wouldn't stop flipping shit about Death XIII.

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people at my table always get mad that I drool all over my dingus and wiggle my butthole when i play

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Please stick to text-games only here then please, anon.

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Thanks lad x

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You got it bruh.

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/pfg/ totally loves gestalt, right?


Would you run a one on one game for this person?

>I would like to do a solo campaign of the World's Largest Dungeon with a multi-gestalt character concept with PrCs thrown in along the way. I can play over skype and / or with something like roll20. It is silly conceptually, yes, but I would enjoy it and I am sure a DM out there would too. I just like the concept of the World's Largest Dungeon as a Mega Dungeon so I think it will work nicely.

>The character has 14 base classes and 11 prestige classes. The idea isn't optimization or crazy brokenness. I just chose a bunch of things I like and things I've never used in order to be prepared for any situation. I have a good mental build of the character and would be able to stay in character without metaknowledge of monsters, what have you. Initially it would be a Artificier//Beguiler//Cleric//Dragon Shaman//Fighter//Healer//Monk//Paladin//Ranger//Rogue//Scout//Sorcerer//Swordsage//Wizard. The PrCs are (at lvl 6) Incantatrix, Dragon Disciple, Skullclan Hunter, Ultimate Magus, (at level 7) Abjurant Champion, Jade Phoenix Mage, (at level 9) Knight of the Chalice, (at level 10) Argent Savant, Loremaster, (at level 13) Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil, (at level 14) Heirophant

>> No.53058802

What the fuck, that's overboard as fuck

>> No.53058829

Just to clarify, this is a 14-stalt character.

>> No.53058900

>/pfg/ totally loves gestalt, right?
Gestalt is a meme.

>> No.53058917

Aren't games in general a meme?

>> No.53058919

Blingmaker greentext when?

>> No.53059037

Blingmaker was a bamboozle.

>> No.53059072


I want to believe.

>> No.53059101

Me too.

But I been hurt before. Hold me?

>> No.53059135

There are no arms here.

>> No.53059201 [SPOILER] 

P-pic related?

>> No.53059332

Does this even make sense

>> No.53059371

So when a Monk of the Healing Hand uses True Sacrifice, are they removed from everyone's memory as well?
Or is it just their name?

>> No.53059522

It looks like he's remembered, but his name is forgotten.

>> No.53059689

True Sacrifice (Su): At 20th level, in a final self less act, a monk of the healing hand can draw in his entire ki, which then explodes outward in a 50-foot-radius emanation. All dead allies within the emanation are brought back to life, as if they were the subject of a true resurrection spell with a caster level equal to the monk’s level. When the monk does this, he is truly and utterly destroyed. A monk destroyed in this way can never come back to life, not even by way of a wish or miracle spell or by the power of a deity. Furthermore, the monk’s name can never be spoken or written down again. All written mentions of his name become nothing more than a blank space. This ability replaces perfect self.

Remembered but unknown, raw.

>> No.53059694

The picture isn't what is wrong with the OP (although it is annoying and unrelated to the topic it gives). No, the wrong part of it is the blatantly-baiting "topic" that exists only to shitpost. It's the same as the topics that are "why haven't you banned Avowed at your table yet?" or even worse, "what's the best way to justify <insert bullshit that nobody actually uses but the shitposter wants to push for no reason>?"

>> No.53059716

That's pretty brutal. But you'd really only use it in the event of an almost TPK...

>> No.53059747

I'd refuse on general principles. If I'm the GM, I get to choose what I run, not the players.

>> No.53059804

>all written mentions of his name
Funny thing here is how it never tells you what exactly comprises a name
"Emperor Wangxi, Zhao Lin Wenjun" might be a name, but what about just "Zhao Wenjun"? William Smith, son of Robert Smith from York might be a name but what about just William Smith the monk or Mr. Smith the monk? What about just "the monk that followed us around"? It doesn't mention portraits or anything either.

>> No.53059823

Does he reach Nirvana or something

>> No.53059835

Is there any reason to ever get Crusader's Flurry with a UMonk gestalt, given that Ascetic Form appears to grant you the same (better, even) benefits?

>> No.53059845

It never does mention exactly what counts as a name, which is why there's the joke of the monk named Fireball Teleport Emergency Force Sphere Wish Simulacrum Blood Money McTavish.

>> No.53059855

I like to think it as complete annihilation from existence, including memories, portraits, mentions, and possibly implications of sufficiently close ("the monk threw a guy through the door again" or "the six of us were barely alive" Vs "there were sixty goblins - ten for each of us, hardly a fair fight for them"

>> No.53059870

It always struck me as odd how it's neither a Cleric nor a Wizard who accomplishes the ultimate magic but a fucking monk
The monk literally retcons the entire plot.

>> No.53059921

Even better if they stack Sensei. They can literally retcon their entire party from existence, with no save.

>> No.53059925

Sounds about right, honestly. I really like the Syrinx in general. Intelligent cultured scholars that reached that height because of their massive amount of slave races and creatures they modify to their own ends, but they seem to do it in a kindly manner. Its odd but very nicely seen to. In general though don't they seem to not care about other races as long as they don't threaten them directly.

Yeah it seems so. There are a couple worldhopping pathfinder games running now, and one that is going to convert when starfinder opens up.

>> No.53059947

*enlightens you*
True wisdom is knowing that power comes not from the god or the world but from within yourself.
All men are creators of their own world, their own god and their own master. To become at peace with yourself is to become one with your world and thusly become God.

>> No.53059960

That pic is going to be 120% canon when Starfinder comes out.

>> No.53059961

I actually had a monk of the healing hand use this ability in-game. It was a long campaign, 1-20 and he was the last of the original party. Everyone else had changed characters at least once or twice.

It was a quest to reach mythic levels, and it was very, very dramatic. I could tell the story if you want, but the way we played it, he was completely destroyed, and the only thing left was a feeling that no one could quite place, of a companion they knew but could not see.All written mentions, even as a passing mention were erased.

>> No.53059984

Don't hide it from me /pfg/

Tell me which /pfg/ game character's art you'd like to replace? What would you replace it with?

>> No.53059992

Indian mythology is batfuck insane
>chariots that weight as much as the rest of the universe combined
>people firing arrows hard enough to actually knock that back
>stars being rearranged at will
>armies of "million million million" men

>> No.53060001

I barely follow /pfg/ games once I don't get in so I dunno
I guess it'd be cool if we had a drawfag who did each game's art in a consistent style.

>> No.53060022

Reminder that overlewd apps close tomorrow, so if you still haven't finished your app you should probably do so.

>> No.53060024


It's a bloody shame there isn't a female knight in Blingmaker, because pic related is a Brevic dame, complete with heraldry.

>> No.53060054

Corwin Brin has a disappointingly generic portrait for what sounds like a proper drunkard, perhaps pic related?

>> No.53060060

It all has a shred of truth to it though. Considering it was all based on aliens.

>> No.53060065


>> No.53060090

>Considering it was all based on aliens.

Oh my god, I could spend an hour ranting about that ridiculous show on the supposed "History" Channel.

The fall from grace that channel had was incredible, what made it go from History to Redneck Reality TV?

>> No.53060108

People butthurt about it being the Hitler channel presumably

>> No.53060110

If you really look into it, ignoring the history channel, it all comes back to aliens anyways.

>> No.53060117

See >>53060065

>> No.53060120

Regardless of the art Disk chose, Corwin will always be Vane in my mind's eye.

>> No.53060124

Anon, it was never not trash. At best it was the WWII history channel and nothing else.

>> No.53060137 [DELETED] 

Fuck off

>> No.53060173

inb4 "X character should have been a Y!" with Y typically being "cute girl".

>> No.53060180

It used to be okay for senior or junior high schoolers dabbling desu
I still remember that one documentary about Manzikert, I think? Either that or Lepanto, I can't remember what it was really about, but either way it was the one that got me into history.

No, anon, you need to fuck off.

>> No.53060184

That can just be Valeriya on the nights she and Casimir decide to roleplay.

>> No.53060191

This applies to every character that isn't a cute girl.

>> No.53060200


Oh hush, the Hitler Channel it might have been, but we still got shows like Modern Marvels and the occasional 2-hour special on some apocalyptic disease or magnificent period of some half-remembered empire's history. Hitler and World War 2 was simply the background buzz punctuated by the exclamation points we all knew and loved.

But now what do we get? How is Pawn Stars history, or American Pickers? How is Ancient Aliens history? These are all low-budget, low-quality shows only tangentially related to History by mere virtue of them giving some hackneyed excuse they're "discussing the products," like a two sentence explanation of some shitty bike in a redneck's backyard is somehow more profound than a 50 minute special on engineering marvels.

Come to think of it, Discovery Channel's the exact same way with that - holy shit, I can't even type it without a straight face - Naked and Afraid, Living in Alaska, The Last Alaskans, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Alaska Police and Mountain Men: Alaska. What the fuck caused this? Was the Mermaid special really the tipping point that made Discovery go from hit to shit?

>> No.53060214

>No, anon, you need to fuck off.
No you need to fuck off with this fucking circle jerk bullshit.

>> No.53060236

TV in general is trash now anon. It is only going to get worse from here with the occasional good hit as it's death throws. Same thing happened with radio

>> No.53060237

I didn't mind it being the Hitler Channel, although every fucking other show being about Normandy pissed me off a little
Modern Marvels felt like it belonged on like
The Science Channel or the Economics / Sociology Channel or something, desu. I don't see how the Three Gorges Dam has anything to do with history beyond making it, I guess.

I haven't watched that in forever, what's even going onthere?

What are you even talking about
They're just dumping art

>> No.53060239

Valeriya. The player's choice always looked kind of awkward and after seeing the whole picture the other day I can see why (can't unsee that contorted, flat ass). Something like pic related is much more pleasing to me.

>> No.53060244

While sucking off E-Celebs.

>> No.53060249

They're still dumping character art, which is more than you're doing
Fuck off

>> No.53060253


But... Anon, I just like sharing character art, and being proffered with the chance to peruse my folders and at least gently squeeze my brain for thinking what would fit the best is fun.

>> No.53060265

I'm sure the celebs love having randos telling them what art they should have used.

>> No.53060274

>the mermaid special

>> No.53060287

So make up original concepts instead of jerking off some fucking E-Celeb or take it to the fucking discord already.
Both of you fuck off too.

>> No.53060296

Not nearly stacked enough, anon.

>> No.53060328

>How is Pawn Stars history

That show ruffles my feathers.

But not as much as Ancient Aliens holy shit their Moon Special enraged me as they discussed how the Moon is *probably* a hollow alien installation put around Earth while Humanity was civilized.

>> No.53060344

>So make up original concepts instead of jerking off some fucking E-Celeb or take it to the fucking discord already.
Here I made you an IRC channel so you can spam that instead of this thread where people are actually talking about things related to pathfinder:

>> No.53060353

Have you ever wondered why the moon rings like a gong each time they bomb it?

>> No.53060369

>talking about Pathfinder
>people talking about the fucking hsitroy channel
>niggers jerking off E-celbes while bemoaning they should have made the art THICCER
>one super pissed off fanboy that made an entire fucking IRC channel because he's so mad

>> No.53060374

>I haven't watched that in forever, what's even going onthere?

It's a 50/50 split between Alaska and survivalist shows, anon.

More specifically, they take camera crews and simply follow weirdo rednecks and homesteaders that live out in the deep parts of Alaska or Montana, cataloguing their lives and making something as simple as cutting down a tree seem like an epic, nail-biting affair.

The other half are "survival" shows in the same vein as Survivor, only without the reality TV voting aspect - instead, the "contestants" merely hold out until they're picked up. Half of these shows are "true survival" where the channel saves money by telling the contestants to video-tape themselves, and the other half have a dumbass gimmick like "Naked and Afraid," which is a show where the contestants are told to survive on an island or in the desert... Completely naked.

>> No.53060380

Wait, when have we bombed it? Besides that one time we basically drove a space bus into it to figure out if there was water.

>> No.53060383

>Alaska: The Last Frontier
I'm imagining some guy a thousand years in the future
>we've conquered the New World
>we've explored the depths of the ocean
>we've Journeyed to the Centre of the Earth, for real this time
>we have outposts on Mars and are terraforming Venus, the Moon and Europa colonies are seeking to expand to artifical orbiters, satillites of satillites
>the Sino-European colony ship to the first planned exoplanet colony has sent back their first report, they've begun setting up but that was 22 years ago, they've probably finished already
>subluminal craft X-12 has just reached RX J1856.5-3754 and will be the first to explore a neutron star from within its own gravity well
>Angel-12000, a planned virtual demiplane to be housed entirely in cyberspace using the Sirius system as a computational device, enters its final testing phase
>but nobody has finished exploring Alaska yet

Fuck off retard

>> No.53060400


Really activates my almonds, friend.

Did you know that ancient civilizations wrote about a period of time where the Moon wasn't in the sky, and then "the gods" put it in the sky? That confirms without a shadow of a doubt that the Moon was placed in orbit and this is literally an argument they presented on that episode, holy shit I'm seething.

>> No.53060407

I remember once watching a show, I can't remember now what it was called, but it was about moonshine. And the guys are driving in a car and they drive past a cop car and they all like, fake freak out going "Oh that's a cop! That was close! We were almost caught! What we're doing is so illegal we'd go to prison forever! Oh man, that was so close! We almost got busted just now!" ON NATIONAL FUCKING TELEVISION!

I just got so pissed off I turned the TV off.

Why is modern TV so shit?

>> No.53060423

I have two words for you, anon

>> No.53060425

Y'all should use this Conspiracy theory talk for Starfinder. It would make neat background stuff and a few could even be used for quests and campaigns.

>> No.53060427

Aurora and Rory

>> No.53060448


>> No.53060454

Actually, no lie, Ancient Aliens might make a hilarious setting for Starfinder, or for a Pathfinder > Starfinder conversion game

>> No.53060456

I want to play as a Space Communist in starfinders

>> No.53060460


The claim the Ancient Alien theorists make (they use that term with the same reverence and wait you would "engineer" or "physicist") is that, since almost every crater on the Moon is the same depth, the asteroids were colliding with solid metal just beneath the surface.

The other claim they make is that seismic readers we left on the Moon can pick up even the tiniest vibrations caused by micro-impacts - which isn't a sign the Moon is geologically dead, oh no - it's a sign the Moon is both hollow and made out of metal.

This is the same show that used RECENTLY DECLASSIFIED Moon Landing footage to show a blurry rock that was, in their words, the skull of an ancient robot.

>> No.53060470

>since almost every crater on the Moon is the same depth, the asteroids were colliding with solid metal just beneath the surface.
Yeah except that's like
Not how impact craters work

>> No.53060476


>mfw the commercials for Naked and Afraid
>mfw one of their zingers before the cut-away was a woman on the show saying, "I'm so afraid... And I'm so naked."


>> No.53060482

Is this the plot to Nier: Automata? Because I don't want any spoilers, I'm still working through it.

>> No.53060488

Once in 2009 they kinetically bombed it, measured the reverberation, it reverberated the way something of it's size would only if it was partially hollow or full of tunnels. not to mention the spot that was targeted had visible structures, and you can even see it on nasa's photgraphs, and its still there if you look at the spot with your own telescope. Look up 'nasa bombing of moon base 2009' as well as several tests for seismic activity and reverberation on the previous moonlandings before as well. Its also rumored that russians dropped a bomb on the dark side of the moon, and india is planning to ram a huge spaceship into the moon as well, 6 tons instead of 2 tons like nasa did. But who knows what the indians actually do anyways.

>> No.53060502

I think something like you've posted would be great for Val and then something like this for her in the Vilderavn costume.

>> No.53060504

Alright what the fuck is this

>> No.53060512

Okay, so which part of that is the Ancient Aliens nonsense? Because I do remember the kinetic bombardment, that's the space bus I mentioned where they were examining the spray for water or something.

>> No.53060515

>I just got so pissed off I turned the TV off.

Oh my god, have we forgotten to bring up the other show that's bled into Discovery and History?

Gas Monkeys and Street Racers, a show that roughly consists of cheap 80s sci-fi noises, a bunch of burnt-out white guys standing around cars, and "illegal racing" them on TV for massive pots of 5,000 dollars.

>> No.53060522

The part where 'something of its size' and the 'visibile structures', just like 'canals' on Mars.

>> No.53060524

it already is. Have you seen the promeatheans from the old beastiaries? How their description literally set them as extraplanar godmen who have high technology to evolve or devolve creatures they contact.

Also you know, how the starship crashed in numeria WITH aliens on board. All that stuff. Aliens and pathfinder are side by side.

>> No.53060535 [DELETED] 

Fuck off and fucking kill yourself.

>> No.53060544

Seeing as how the only two alignments allowed for Humans is Communist or Anarch-Capitalist, that isn't going to be hard.

I need to find the PDFs so I can throw them at people complaining about stuff not being medieval.

>> No.53060545


But the actual canon is shit


>> No.53060546


>> No.53060547

>Okay, so which part of that is the Ancient Aliens nonsense?

The episode goes on to discuss how the religious texts of ancient civilizations talk of a time before there was a moon in the sky, and all of them claim "the gods" put the moon there.

>> No.53060549

But that's retarded. You can't improve everything by adding tits.

>> No.53060564


I really, really want there to be an aloof, almost fallen empire of hyper-advanced assholes like the Anunnaki in Starfinder.

>> No.53060565


>all of them
I'm pretty sure Greek myths don't, because Helios the Sun Titan is literally the Sun.

>> No.53060580

>I'm pretty sure Greek myths don't, because Helios the Sun Titan is literally the Sun.

The show doesn't really riff on Greek, Roman or even Christian myth, all they do is talk about non-Western mythologies and regions like the Ancient Aliens did all the work for them.

>> No.53060591

Amaterasu o-mikami is basically the sun itself too though, did they say that the legend of her flipping out means that the Sun is actually a huge space whale?

>> No.53060620

technically the Anunnaki could be in starfinder, in one way or another, likely half-locked in their own spacial dimensions. Its all still the same setting, and there are already lots of alien civilizations you can read about in distant worlds.

>> No.53060627

>Replacing the art of the character who only got in because of her art
Sure that seems like a great idea.

>> No.53060650

>tfw talked to a feminist saying that religion was sexist because of the bias towards male gods
>point out that historical and prehistorical record suggests goddesses used to be head gods more, and that goddesses were in a pretty assertive role a lot of the time
>point out Amaterasu as an example of a remaining female head god
>feminist flipped out saying that her story was oppressive or something
The funny thing is how Izanami and Amaterasu are probably the strongest deities around in Japanese mythology. Is this evidence that nips had a thing for big sisters since ancient history?

>> No.53060661


I don't know, man. I just don't fucking know! They haven't gone feral enough to suggest the Sun is something special, though they did talk about Japan in relation to those sunken pyramids they found off the coast some years back.

Which is, personally, the greatest tragedy of the show and a sign the History Channel is well and truly dead. You've got these immensely old, mysterious ruins built in a style that suggests relation to the other great places of the world... And you use them to say "Aliens did it." It's a waste.

>> No.53060704


Nonsense, everyone knows the sun is a big fluffy pupper.

>> No.53060710

are you trying to say aliens did not do it

>> No.53060714

To be fair pyramids are basically a global phenomenon, which isn't surprising considering the ease (engineering wise, not labor wise) with which they can be built as long as you have material nearby, their imposing stature, and their general utility as a rudimentary monument, defensive structure (you can build a pyramidal base for a tower), or even living space.

Fuck off.

>> No.53060732


I'm saying it would be a far more fascinating avenue of conversation if we sidelined the possibility of extraterrestrial help, and instead focused on how ancient civilizations grew or even interacted with one another.

I mean, we did sort of have a global economy in 1500 BC, a period the common person associates with cave men and Egypt.

>> No.53060737

>Why has Alaska never been completely explored?
>Because of endless disappoint
>Don't you mean disappointment?
>Nothing that moving
>It's worthless. It's less than worthless. We eventually just gave up. Every century or so some grad-student gets it up into his head that he can pull off Alaska as his thesis and dives back in.
>That seems reaso~
>... not much?
>DISAPPOINT. NOTHING BUT DISAPPOINT. Every. Single. Time. They come back up with those lifeless eyes, hand out their report and everybody's soul dies just a little more just reading it. Every single time we discover a new reason or method by which it truly was the worst of places; the highest example of how the opposite of love is apathy. All these worlds are ours except Alaska. Attempt no bother there.

>> No.53060756

That seems a pretty disingenuous characterization of Valeria. Her character art is probably a big part of the reason that she became popular to talk about here, but there was definitely more merit to her application than that. At the very least the interesting potential to character relationships (especially with Casimir, Corwin and Onryou) made her an excellent fit for the party.

>> No.53060757

>global economy
More like a whole bunch of regional economies, Yin dynasty China did not trade with Gauls.

>> No.53060769

Ah, the mermaid special.
I remember that.

>> No.53060772

plus you can make them bigger easily

>> No.53060801

More importantly they employed a fuckton of people for a fuckton of seasons where they'd have been bored out of their skulls and making no money.

Heresy grows from idle hands.

They were incredible make-work projects for their time

>> No.53060832

>people keep saying "mermaid special."
D-do I... Want to know? Ignorance is bliss, right?

>> No.53060840

I wonder how that ancient city in india got nuked though. Its still radioactive and the ruins and skeletons were scorched by nuclear fire

>> No.53060852

>only two alignments allowed for Humans is Communist or Anarch-Capitalist
Space Hellknights are confirmed too.

>> No.53060860

Just look it up for fun

Karna is a demigod, not an alien.

>> No.53060928

That wasn't a real quotation. It was put together from multiple other parts of the Mahabharata by some german guy.

>> No.53060935


I thought the Pyramids were used to hold grain.

>> No.53060948


Hey now, we both know random white guys know more about regional cultures and mythology than the people living there.

>> No.53060968


>> No.53060976

If you do watch it, watch it knowing that the rage stems from the fact that it was billed as a real documentary about a real thing. On the Discovery channel.

At least the Dragon one was kind of interesting and didn't pretend to be a real thing.

>> No.53060980

the chambers have residue of chemicals used in nuclear fusion, and models of the pyramid hold that it could be used as a nuclear generator

>> No.53060996


The wreckage of the World Trade Centers contained residue of nanothermite too, yet we both know that's produced when aluminum (like a plane) and steel (like a building) are exposed to extreme heat together.

>> No.53061020

They're used to do a lot of things, that's why they're basically universal
I mean the first thing kids learn to build are pyramids and towers.

>> No.53061038


I could talk at length about what the Mermaid Special was, but let me say it in a very simple, concise way.

The Discovery Channel made a 2-hour documentary about Mermaids - not as a mythological creature, but as though they were real. They used experts, eyewitnesses, even "skeletal remains" and fossils to construct a narrative that Mermaids were not only real, but they still existed.

This was made when people still trusted Discovery, and it was regarded as a source of science and information.

>> No.53061044

There was a time when a larger plane hit the empire state building and it was caught on film. No dramatic explosions, no collapse or anything. The world trade center was supposed to be built a lot stronger than the empire state as well.

>> No.53061045

Are you perhaps claiming that ancient alien technology-boosted jet fuel can melt steel beams?

>> No.53061055

By the power of my Sacred Geometry (Banned)
I tell you fags to >>>/x/

>> No.53061065

That's a fun manga, I wish it updated more frequently.

>> No.53061095


Then I guess it was the Jews who secretly planted bombs inside the WTC and used holograms to fake the cruise missiles they launched into it, all so the United States would start programs that didn't do anything, invade a country that didn't give us anything, and start geopolitical events that really aren't much better for Israel than when they started out.

>> No.53061106

>half of d20pfsrd pages are still a broken mess forcing me to use the old site

For fucks sake, is this site ever going to be functional again?

>> No.53061118


>> No.53061121

Works for me.

>> No.53061126

I remember this. It was filled with bombs too.

Are you trying to say that 9/11 was not an inside job?

>> No.53061136

Yeah, please share.

>> No.53061149


I'm saying that if it was, it was the most convoluted and hyper-coordinated operation in history for results that benefited literally nobody.

It's like stealing a million dollars by shooting someone important in the next state over and framing someone else, so when the tellers are watching the news you can sneak in and grab the dough.

>> No.53061165

Sounds a lot like what players in campaigns do though

>> No.53061166


Nah, it was aquatoids.

>> No.53061170

So is Vult actually embargoing the LOGS? The discord is being cunts to him.

>> No.53061180

Maybe Wist will leak them though

>> No.53061200

>benefited literally nobody

Yeah, it sure benefited (((nobody))) alright. Lucky Larry "Nobody" Silverstein just caught a convenient lucky break as did defense contractors, arms manufacturers, intelligence agencies, big oil and worldwide drug cartels.

>> No.53061231

Take it to /pol/, fuckasses.

>> No.53061261

You mean /x/

>> No.53061263

Wist is cute and pure!

>> No.53061269


Naw man you got it all backwards, Valeriya's the one with a large chest, while the Vilderavn's almost flat as a board.

>> No.53061271

I go read Dread Rising for a few hours and shit goes fucking conspiracy nuts
The fuck
Do you people wear rainbow knee highs too?

>> No.53061281


>> No.53061285

>stein posting
This has pretty much crossed into /pol/ territory now.
And you, my little retard, can fuck off back to the Discord.

>> No.53061290

The discord isn't saying shit you bag of fag

>> No.53061291

Wist is being bathed against her will!

>> No.53061298


Is she protesting?

>> No.53061299

>the crusader is also a /pol/fag
Are you the guy who said evil characters can never work in a good party last thread

>> No.53061311

The discord is either straight memes, or assholes

>> No.53061323



>> No.53061328

There were angry cat noises

>> No.53061330

What about that post indicates that I'm a /pol/fag? The whle (((Jew))) echo thing that the other guy did indicates that he's a /pol/ack or at least aligned politically with them.
>Are you the guy who said evil characters can never work in a good party last thread
No, but you're probably going to say I am anyway.

>> No.53061340

Whoa slow down there buddy. I just mentioned the guy who owned the WTC buildings: Larry Silverstein (lucky sonofabitch!). I didn't even mention he was a Jew, leave the racial /pol/ stuff out of this you fucking anti-semite.

Now back to the 3rd party published discussion of the "9/11 Was An Inside Job Campaign Setting".

One of my players is dead set on playing a dancing Israeli, what class should I refluff for him?

>> No.53061348

Fuck off already

>> No.53061355

Did the claws come out?

>> No.53061372

You know what I hate desu
Using player aliases instead of character names when talking about IC stuff

>> No.53061401

It was daytime and she doesnt have claws, just forced high heels viera style

>> No.53061410

Because that's all they give a shit about? The moment they so much as think they've got a wiff of (((female))), they obsess and go ballistic.

This is why I crusade against the fanboyism, so this general doesn't degenerate into a bunch of faggots slavering over a bunch of 3DPD.

>> No.53061419

Oh god, that's absurdly broken.

Have your monk name himself, say, Tiamat. Hit level 20. Go pop. Nobody can ever say Tiamat or write Tiamat ever again. Church of implodes.

Or to be a real jackass, have a monk named And or Or or The.

>> No.53061422

I don't like it but your crusading is still obnoxious as shit.

>> No.53061439

I imagine the way it works is that you can't name him in reference to him. You can't name yourself, say, Pazuzu, and suddenly nobody can ever summon him again.

>> No.53061448

>mfw Paizo hypes up Absalom Station
>mfw we get our first campaigns around the sleepy habitat of Starpoint

>> No.53061459

Could you please delete your mention of T**mat?

This is a Golarion™ friendly safespace, thanks!

>> No.53061462

is this legit

is this a meme

what did he mean by this

>> No.53061484

RAI, sure. But RAW, you've just annihilated a word and nobody can ever use it ever again.

Actually, fuck, use a vowel sound for a name and instantly cripple language.
Suddenly, the letter 'a' doesn't exist and nobody can say anything that has an 'a' sound in it.

>> No.53061492

A RAI interpretation would be that the word had to refer to the monk, not just any version of the name. You wouldn't be able to have a monk named "a e i o u" and hv vrythng lk lk ths. It'd only blank things like "and then the cowardly wizard threw a fireball at , who laughed and ignored it. Evasion, bitch."

>> No.53061500

what releases do we have this month?

>> No.53061507

There is nothing wrong with Tiamat.

>> No.53061515

tfw we'll never get Tiamat playable

>> No.53061517


Paizo has been hyping up Absalom Station as the absolute shit in Starfinder, but the last time they hyped up Absalom in Pathfinder they forgot it even existed maybe two campaign books in.

>> No.53061537


I want Dispater as my pater!

>> No.53061587

So what is the /pfg/ space station going to be like?

>> No.53061607


>> No.53061616

Why is lvl 5's mouth and eye bloody?

>> No.53061621

Full of modrons and death.

>> No.53061626

Tiamat dies

>> No.53061629

Imagine Space Station 13.

Now add a dedicated yiffing corner.

>> No.53061653


So, Space Station 13?

>> No.53061665

A-and she's in the arms of her lover there?

>> No.53061671

But weebs hate furries though. Unless you mean the small handful of Koboldfags and Gnollfags
In which case that's just part of being a /tg/ board to begin with

>> No.53061679

No, her murderer
She doesn't actually have a lover, she's a Beast of the Apocalypse in Nasuverse and while not mindless is basically their version of a king daemon

>> No.53061697

You're weird man

>> No.53061706


I'm envisioning Kowloon.

>> No.53061725

You're lying. A murderer wouldn't hold their victim so delicately. That's a lover would hold someone and you can't convince me otherwise!

>> No.53061738

She's not even in the game, everyone forgot about her existence because King Solomon basically made her a chump and she has no dialogue beyond aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.53061751

Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up! You're lying! Stop lying! I'm not listening to you!

>> No.53061764

The place already looks like a space station

Packing so many races and people into a tight space, while smelling terrible, at least has tons of room for campaigns

>> No.53061767


>> No.53061823

Hi /pfg/ I have a problem.
We're currently running through a written campaign and we have some serious loot issues going on.
As in, we have too much. After the last dungeon, when we tallied all things up, we scored roughly 200 000gp, each.
We have two crafters We noticed early how generous the GM is with money and have capitalised heavily. But not everyone can invest the feats or have a caster level.

So we can't possibly spend 250 days crafting we need to buy things. But we have already gotten the things we CAN buy, we are heavily stocked on wands, reagents and the like. Our weapons, armors, amulets and rings are crafted so we are basically waiting for them to be improved. We already have the estates our characters wants and unless we're starting to invest in things likekingdom building, nothing I am interested in, I got nothing that's under the purchase limit in the cities we can get to with greater teleport.

But even after stocking up, I'm sitting here with over 150 000gp. What are good things to spend them on?

>> No.53061846

Hire some NPC nobodies with the Cooperative Crafting feat.
Each nobody helping you craft doubles your crafting speed.

>> No.53061848

And 1PP only, though It can be argued in some cases.

>> No.53061851

what level are you after the end of all that? Its important.

>> No.53061873

Fuck off. Nobody here wants to discuss actual pathfinder games. This thread is only for pure, autistic theorycrafting because that's the only thing I like.

>> No.53061891


What level you at, and maybe start investing in a Kingdom or something? Or properties.

>> No.53061922

I got you bro

Alternatively, buy a couple of these.

>> No.53061931

level 15.
We have the properties we are interestd in. Got a small feudal country building up. But at this point we're really waiting for the ones we hired LAST time to finish. Currently we're establishing farmsteads, roads and training troops and the wizard is working on building a magical academy.

My inquisitor has a family, wife and kid. But the money he's earning is considered "operational funds".

>> No.53061953

While hilarious the Gm runs with purchase limits. If it's over 16 000 I can't buy it unless he rolls it up on the random chart.
And he would probably disregard the crabarratus anyway.

>> No.53061959

>level 15
>200 000
>a lot
But like
that's literally below your WBL
What's your equipment like?

>> No.53061963

>Do you people wear rainbow knee highs too?
I mean, yes I do because they're comfy, but what does that have to do with conspiracies Chaika-anon?

>> No.53061970

consider ships and magical ships as well.

>> No.53061977

>that's literally below your WBL
He said it was 200k SPENDING money, I assume he's probably got a decent amount already invested in his gear.

>> No.53061979


>> No.53061989

Buy an airship. Everybody needs an airship.

>> No.53062002

It's a lot for just this once.
+3 shocking, frost, corrosive adaptive bow.
adamantine called warhammer +1 (Used it once, hardly worth upgrading)
Mithral breastplate +5
Belt of dexterity +4 (maxxed out my dex mod)
Amulet of natural armor +3
imp ring of svimming,
Ring of feather fall
Bane Baldric
Lens of detection
boots of striding and sprinting
gloves of arrow snaring
headband of inspired wisdom
Comforts cloak (protection domain makes protection cloak unneccesary)

>> No.53062007


Why not take it a step further and make the crowded habitat built into the corpse of a gigantic stillbirth god?

>> No.53062016

Get the Belt of Dex/Con +6
Get the Headband of * +6

>> No.53062023

Something something Sky Pirates

>> No.53062027

My empty slots are head and wrists. My bracers of archery got ruined in a mage's dysjunction last dungeon and working on fixing something new.

>> No.53062033

>My empty slot is head

You need a brain to live, Senpai!

>> No.53062038

Because they already have enormous starcreatures with starships built on their backs. They don't need a 'Nowhere' like from guardians of the galaxy of the corpse of starbeing from 3.5

>> No.53062052

Start commissioning your phylactery.

>> No.53062059

Can't, I'm at work and they have a uniform code.

>> No.53062070

He seems like an archer. Likely will have to become a different undead.

Do it later. Ill be here. alternatively whats your discord

>> No.53062077


>> No.53062080

Purchase limit on 16 000. Would love to. My crafters are currently working on the wizards headband and the barbarians belt. I might ask to get the belt upgraded to a +6 con /dex belt.
But it's kinda low priority as I've taken to shotting high CL potions to bleed of the money for a few levels.

>> No.53062102


But those were so cool!

>> No.53062118

What happened to Lower Planes anon? Did the banter about his faux-high power premise scare him off?

>> No.53062128

Yeah, inquisitor archer.

>> No.53062162

consider funding searches for holy relics and artifacts.

>> No.53062174

You mean Succubus Ark Abyssia?

>> No.53062189

How about a Space Station for Giants but has habitats for normal sized folk?

>> No.53062216

Oh! I like it. That's really good. Thanks.

>> No.53062222

I want to duo app as a burly Kyton draped with vicious chains who's fiercely devoted to his cute waifu!

>> No.53062250

What's your favorite spell for each level? Why?

>> No.53062309

Serious question, who is the most successful of /pfg/s e-celeb players?

>> No.53062332

Captain Slow, he gets into every game and he's basically always an autopick.

It's because he writes really good characters, isn't it?

>> No.53062334


>> No.53062343

how do I play a monk without being a pile of MAD shit?
3pp archetypes are fine, but it's still gotta be the actual monk class
(that one PoW archetype isn't fine, though)

>> No.53062344


Nope, it was supposed to be a higher powered campaign.

That said, I really want to make a duo app for this campaign even though I won't be able to play - the concept sings to me.

>> No.53062360

This art looks familiar, doesn't this guy do loli tentacle monster rape?

>> No.53062362

Have you tried being an Unchained Monk with Deadly Agility?

>> No.53062367

is that really enough to fix monk?

>> No.53062387 [SPOILER] 

That ain't the only reason


>> No.53062391


Why do you care? Are you going to PM them or something?

>> No.53062405

He phones in most of them.
Mostly it's just his fan club slobbering over them that makes them sound good.

>> No.53062412

Not that anon, but give me an updated list of meme figures. I've already claimed a few, and I need to assess who should be next.

>> No.53062415

here is what you do. Build high wisdom instead of high strength. This allows your to use a lot more Ki, and a lot higher DCs on your stunning fist and related monk abilities. Secondarily, you can eschew strength all together and replace it with dexterity while using deadly agility.

yes it is. Monk is actually a very useful class. If you roll good stats you end up fine. Otherwise you should use dexterity and wisdom instead of strength.

>> No.53062427

Either Captain Slow or Disk probably. Anyone have numbers on these two? Has Val or Aranha's player applied to any other games?

>> No.53062440


>> No.53062447

If they're phoned in, then why do they get into every game?

>> No.53062454

Because x-tan wears them. Well, she wears rainbow thigh highs and I misremembered

>> No.53062462

This. Or there was one ability which allows you to even use wisdom for your damage. I forgot what it was, but you can have high dex, higher wisdom, and become a powerful monk because of it. Monk abilities are actually pretty useful, and medusa strike with a successful stunning fist destroys most enemies. You won't have too much trouble landing stunning fist with high enough wisdom, and the one feat which lets you strike either fort or will saves with stunning fist. >>53062343

>> No.53062472



>> No.53062482

Judging from Michael Sayre/Ssalarn's posts in the official Spheres of Might forum, it seems that the developers of Spheres of Might will be shifting away from martial focus as a mechanic entirely, which also means removing the mechanics regarding dedicating, expending, and regaining focus.

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

>> No.53062486

I want to platonically snuggle Wist!

>> No.53062490

Disk, Immortal, Adam, Argentum, and Slow have suspiciously-high success rates among applicants.

>> No.53062494

There's a few good reasons why meh characters get picked. Open schedule on the GM's preferred days, solid build, they're ripping off a decent enough character (in Slow's case usually somebody from ASoIaF) that they aren't technically too terribly flawed.

But mostly it's just shilling and memes. GMs are always weak to memes, and if a character is constantly being discussed it makes them stick in the GM's mind. Some shitheads will even pick their whole party based on memes and shipping.

>> No.53062500

Interesting, but I'm not really sure how much it will actually change. Was it a particularly-used mechanic before?

>> No.53062505

Who the hell is Immortal?

>> No.53062506

Isn't that just because they write good characters?

>> No.53062512

Still couldn't care less about SoM.

>> No.53062515

A lot of people try to build monks using every single one of their stats, when monks get so many extra feats and abilities that it allows you to do different things, like using their wisdom for damage, or dex for damage. Because of the misconception that you need strength, monks end up getting a lot of hate, when actually they are very good attackers when you have high dex and high wisdom. Very solid fighters with too many attacks.

>> No.53062522

So do Broodie and Felyndiira

>> No.53062523

Slow actually writes consistently really good characters

>> No.53062525

>Some shitheads will even pick their whole party based on memes and shipping.

Don't you dare say such cruel things about Sleep!

>> No.53062531

Mostly because if a GM knows someone already, then they'll ask them before anybody else. It's the same reason you'd ask your friend if they want to sit in on a meatspace game, because you know them well enough that you can predict their wants and needs.

Of course if you're going to do that anyway, you shouldn't have /pfg/-style applications.

>> No.53062533

Tell us a story from your favourite game?
Perhaps a summary of the game as well?

>> No.53062550

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about Shamans?

Are they bad or something?

>> No.53062561

Really good and really uninteresting.

>> No.53062566


>> No.53062573

>enough to fix monks

Core monk is hot shit and you should stick to Unchained unless you want the zen archer archetype, but "Fix monks" is a very open ended question. 25 PB (or good rolls) can "fix monks", and a Dragon Style Strength Monk can be an effective martial in a 1pp environment. Deadly Agility, meanwhile, on a UMonk means you can focus purely on Dex/Wis and function just fine. You end up with less potential for fat damage (benefit less from enbiggening spells, no 1.5x multipliers), but it's a net gain in terms of ease-of-use.

>like using their wisdom for damage, or dex for damage
In 3pp maybe, in 1pp this requires magic items, which detract from other necessary bonuses you would otherwise get.

>> No.53062583

I need to get something off my chest. I'm fucking sick of seeing the same names over and over when games make their picks. There's consistently dozens of people applying and all those empty spots are going to the same six people. Why do you need to be so greedy? Why can't you just get your game and leave the rest to others who have none?
t. saltlord

>> No.53062586

Immortal King In Darkness, AKA Gloriana and Tit Witch.
I'd hardly call Shizuka or Noel "good characters".

>> No.53062591


Martial focus was one of the major balancing points of Spheres of Might, to the point wherein entire builds revolved around rapidly expending and gaining martial focus, such as Alchemy bombing builds, Berserking Brutal Strike builds, and Sniping deadly shot builds.

>> No.53062596

What makes them so boring?

I'm not arguing with you, I don't even know anything about them. I was just thinking about making one but then I realized I'd never seen anyone talking about them.


>> No.53062597

No, mostly it's because they got into a few key hyped games. There's at least two each off >>53062490 's list in RotJR, PLD, Blingmaker.

One success generates hype, which leads to more success, which leads to more hype. Of course, there's also tons of shilling--Slow is pretty well known to post around here to drive up his own hype, even if it's usually just cuteposting.

>> No.53062606

Why do aligned Outsiders have DR/opposing when most of the time they specifically fight or war with their opposing alignment? Wouldn't demons think of a way to immunize themselves to holy magic and vice versa if they're engaged in an eternal war?

>> No.53062613

they're just fullcasters with not particularly good flavor

>> No.53062614

They're really boring, and just another 9th-level caster that nobody cares about. What's worse is that the mix Spontaneous Charisma Divine Caster (Oracle) with Prepared-With-Familiar Intelligence Arcane Caster (Witch) to create... semi-Prepared Wisdom Divine Caster?

>> No.53062619

Isn't all the railing against popular players just saltiness and sour grapes?

If they didn't write good characters, they wouldn't get into so many games.

>> No.53062625

I think it's more that they fight each other *because* they're weak to each other, and so they see the other side as a threat.

>> No.53062626

I have my games already. Do you want to talk about your apps? I'd be glad to give a fresh look at them for you!

>> No.53062628

>Hybrid classes

>> No.53062631

People are going to pick their buddies over randoms every single time. It sucks, but it is what it is. You can't force someone to let you play in their games.

Mostly I just try to ignore /pfg/ games and avoid looking at/thinking about/interacting with /pfg/ "celebrities". It's just a waste of time and energy.

Find a group you enjoy playing with and stick to that.

>> No.53062651

That's a nasty looking wart on her shoulder.

Do you think she's a Shaman?

>> No.53062662


Claimed a few... How? Are you the anon trying to ERP with every meme figure?

>> No.53062664

Instead of buying Sleeves of many Garments (Which uses disguise self and is an illusion) should I figure up what the effect/price of an item that uses Fabricate Disguise instead just for the idea that it's a superman phone booth?

>> No.53062666

>People are going to pick their buddies over randoms every single time.

Then why do the whole song and dance with an app process?

>> No.53062667

>Isn't all the railing against popular players just saltiness and sour grapes?
It is.

>If they didn't write good characters, they wouldn't get into so many games.
But don't you understand? All these DMs are brainless sheep who are more interesting in blindly following memes than actually running a fun game that won't fall apart!

>> No.53062672

>Tit witch

Those two were the same motherfucker? Who is this clown? Is it a false flag for an established memelord?

>> No.53062681

What would you change in order to make them more interesting?

Do archetypes help at all? I thought this one looked sort of fun.

>> No.53062690

Because nepotism memes are a myth.

>> No.53062691


I want to cutepost with Slow!

>> No.53062693

Not really. There's a lot of that, yes, but the truth is that most characters get in because they're more convenient for the GM.

GMs choose characters based on availability and their own personal preferences more than writing quality. Celeb players really need to stop getting swelled heads about writing.

>> No.53062714

I once hid inside the corpse of a dragon and ambushed some rebel knights by sundering it from the inside.

>> No.53062727

>people pick their buddies, we can see that from the games
>but nepotism is a myth

>> No.53062728

Because DR is about inherent resistances, demons, devils and daemons aren't afraid of evil because they're made of evil, they're afraid of Good because it's opposed

>> No.53062732

I'm thinking someone easy next, since it's a busy weekend. Maybe maximumsleep

>> No.53062741

I'm pretty sure Immortal's just ERP-buddies with Slow and a few other celeb players. After all, 50% of the Blingmaker hype was just generated by them and Slow flirting (the other 50% being that faggot Kyras), so it's pretty clear they're only in it to keep typefucking.

>> No.53062747

Yeah, I agree. It's pretty dumb.

I'm assuming it's just because they like the attention. People don't usually become 4chan popular without having something wrong with them. That something is usually a desperate need for attention/validation/etc., and these types always seem to flock to each other more than anything else. Then they get the added attention of people crying that they're not picking different people for their games, they're not being fair, things like that.

It's an endless cycle of attention whore dick sucking and complaining and it's probably going to be this way forever.

>> No.53062751

People don't pick their buddies, its a myth.

>> No.53062753

Because they're literally made of their alignment. It's not about immunization or resistances, it's about what happens when you mix elemental good with elemental evil.

>> No.53062755


What he's saying makes sense; people tend to be easier on their friends, but that's still just one of many aspects you pick a character from.

Using a meme example, Slow in fact does not have a perfect record. He applied to Dragons 2 with Aurelian Mopatis and not only failed to get in, but failed to earn an honorable mention.

>> No.53062763

>the Oracle-based hybrid class is boring shit
>the Warpriest is a souped up battle Cleric instead of a halfcasting, 3/4th BAB Paladin
>a full half of the "hybrid classes" should literally have just been archetypes for one of the parent classes (Swashbuckler to Fighter, Skald to Bard, Slayer to Ranger)
>Investigator reads like someone chopped off half of what was supposed to go into the Unchained Rogue design doc and stuck it on alchemist for giggles

>> No.53062769

He's saying that apps wouldn't happen if there was actual nepotism involved. Instead it's just a comfy blanket that salty anons wrap themselves in.
>I didn't get into that game because of Captain Slow's cult of personality
is much easier to tell yourself than
>I didn't get in because this character I'm personally invested in isn't really that interesting

>> No.53062770

Consider that it's not just that they pick their buddies, but that they're buddies because they get picked.

>> No.53062771


This makes no god damn sense to me.

Help me understand. What could possibly be appealing about ERPing with other men? What's the appeal in ERPing in general?

I don't get it.

>> No.53062778

>Aurelian Mopatis
I forget, was that the actual character name, or was he ripping off ASoIaF again? Or both?

>> No.53062779

Wist and Wubu among others are female so there you go

>> No.53062781

Did we ever get the greentext of their first session? It was yesterday.

>> No.53062782

They're probably fat.

>> No.53062797

ca/tg/irls in real life tend to be extremely sexy for some reason

>> No.53062798

Well. The story goes it was a campaign, 1-20 and we were at level 20 about to breech into mythic levels with a mythic tier quest. The monk was part of this order called The Order of The Jade Dragon's Fist, and his goal to become a master of his style was to defeat an avatar of the jade dragon goddess in combat.

The rest of the party at the time was made up by a paladin, wizard, cleric, and barbarian. The wizard's brother had become a powerful lich who was trying to take the place of a recently dead god of death and time. Using his vast magic and divine artifacts of the gods, he was able to entrap the dragon goddess to use her to fuel his ascent. With these divine tools he could command her avatar while she was locked away.

So the party battled through a few different planes of reality to make it to the lich's domain of time and death. Through the while, the paladin's quest to locate the shield of the sun was successful, and she found it, and was planning on using the power to destroy the would-be god. They now stood before the lich's tower, and were faced with the controlled avatar of the jade dragon. The party sprung into action, and it was going fine, until the dragon used an ability to disarm the paladin from the shield which fell into a time pool. Luckily, the fucker always put weapon cords on all of her things, but for the one round it would take to reel it back in, she was at a loss for defense, and was instantly turned to stone.

>> No.53062799

Seemed to be a completely original character

>> No.53062803

Isn't this what happened with 2hu and why he made that game fall apart and crash?

>> No.53062807

I hope we never do.
I'm sick of threads getting derailed to feed celeb players' egos.

>> No.53062812

I've heard Hells Rebels is going fine except for Vult dropping out

>> No.53062813


The cleric wizard used his turn to cast wish, and wish that the paladin did not fail her save against that, but the wizard got AOEd by an invisible enemy in the stones. The barbarian and monk were holding back the avatar while the cleric went to revive the wizard, but he was pushed into a time pool by an invisible enemy.

Now the fight was tougher. The monk and barbarian were fighting, but the barbarian was knocked into negative HP. But because of Frenzied berserker, he still kept fighting. The monk backed away because of a promise he made with the barbarian around level 5. The barbarian battled with -200 or so HP, and chunked the avatar each time. Eventually though, his frenzy ran out, and the monk was the last to fight.

The avatar of the dragon stepped over to the monk, who stood up to return to the fight. The avatar was weakened now, and while he might be able to destroy her, it would be a battle hard fought. So he centered himself, and drew in all of his ki. The dragon goddess witnessed what was happening through her avatar that was being controlled, and wept tears of jade. It was a pure sacrifice. No one at the table knew he had this ability until he used it. (besides the GM of course) so we looked at him stunned. The monk sacrificed all that he worked for, he was so close completing his goal, in an effort for the rest of the party to live and complete the quest.

The monk was destroyed. The party restored, but they all knew how. The only thing left of the monk, was when people thought about him, a feeling of pure serenity and peace. The action of pure selflessness was saw by the goddess, and moved her enough to break the control over her avatar long enough to allow the rest of the party to pass into the tower to defeat the lich.

>> No.53062820

If 2hu and Vult are in the same game then how hasn't it fallen apart yet?

>> No.53062822

>2 females
>an endless sea of men

What are the odds you're going to end up getting one of the females? Let's be real here.

Yeah, no.

>> No.53062823

I don't think picks are solely based on being friends with the applicant, but I also don't think that the app quality is the sole factor either.

>I didn't get in because this character I'm personally invested in isn't really that interesting
may not be the case as much as
>I didn't get in because of my schedule
>My meme game wasn't as strong

We shouldn't assume that those who got in were the absolute best written apps, simply based on the fact that they got in. there's a lot of factors that decide this.

>> No.53062825

>Yeah, no.
Speaking from experience m8

>> No.53062826

Now that's a sour-grapes statement if I've ever heard one.

>> No.53062828

they were in two separate games of HR ran by the same person

>> No.53062833

Technically different games; Group A and Group B.

>> No.53062840

I'm pretty sure Wist is just cute

>> No.53062846

Didn't both of them already crash and burn?

>> No.53062853


>> No.53062854

It is, but it doesn't change the fact that /pfg/ gets super thirsty when any player is revealed to be female. It's a fucking disgrace.

>> No.53062857

Wist is a girl

>> No.53062861

Because you're not looking at the man, you're looking at the characters involved. ERP is rarely done over voice, so it's easier to disassociate the player from the character. I still think ERP is a pointless waste of time, but you could ask literally the same things about "what would be appealing about playing a TTRPG with a skinnyfat nerd playing a barbarian and a lardass playing a bard".

>> No.53062863

Speaking as GM for a little-known game: I had to reject a lot of good characters with great writing because they just weren't going to work for my schedule, or I couldn't think of a way to work them into the campaign's plot.

Good writing matters a lot less than y'all pretend it does.

>> No.53062870

Is the rest of /tg/ right about /pfg/ here? >>53046628

>> No.53062871

Rumor was that both Seht and Valeria were female piloted too.

>> No.53062874

It's irrelevant . You'll never, ever meet them. You could both be statuesque sexy motherfuckers and it still wouldn't matter because you're in wildly different regions and shit.

What are the best magic items to get first on a caster druid?

>> No.53062885

No? B-Group is going a bit slow because we're all still kind of flailing to find our rhythm, but otherwise it's going fine. Vult left due to scheduling, ironically enough.

>> No.53062887

The feedback that I've seen for rejected characters suggests that schedule, and matching the setting/tone of the campaign are much more important than """writing quality""" and it makes me think the whole reviewanon thing is a bit misleading.

>> No.53062891

Are you 2hu's GM?

>> No.53062893

I know for a fact there are more females of pfg than that because I live with one. But it isnt something that is going to come up or be revealed naturally very often, and bringing it up unprompted "ima girl btw" is generally considered unthinkable.

They are undoubtably a major minority, and you are probably erping with men, but just saying.

>> No.53062900

>I still think ERP is a pointless waste of time

This, holy shit. I've done my fair share of ERP up and down the internet, and looking back on it I was basically wasting 2-3 hours out of my night on something I could've done in 10 minutes on Hentai Foundry.

>> No.53062903

No, B Group is going slow because 2hu is there shitting it up.

>> No.53062904

Tone is the most important

Reviewanons are lies.

>> No.53062909

Yeah me too dude I was ERPing with this girl and she was super hot and she had huge tits also but you wouldn't know her she goes to another school

Not really. I don't have a problem with them or anything, don't get me wrong. It's just the type of girl that would ERP with randoms they found on /pfg/ is not the type of girl you should want anything to do with.

Unless, of course, you don't have standards. Which I suppose is why /pfg/ celebs exist in the first place.

What do you expect?

Playing a TTRPG and ERPing are two very different things. You can pretend all you want but you're still jerking off to another dude.

>> No.53062911

That's super cute.

>> No.53062927

2hu is in A Group.

>> No.53062929

If you're in a text-based medium and have no intention of progressing that relationship past that point, the biology of the person on the other end ceases to really matter. Nobody is under the illusion that the person they're chatting with is actually some anime girl or whatever they're choosing to portray themselves as, and to that extent the ERP is focused on the characters, not the players. When you realize that you're not going to meet up and try to fuck the other player, it stops mattering who you're ERPing with since it's nothing more than a collaborative writing effort.

ERP can be fun if, like me for example, you tend to be fairly well-written and you enjoy smut, but you just lack any interest in pursuing a real-life sexual relationship. ERP lets me basically get custom erotica tuned to my fetishes.

>> No.53062939

>You can pretend all you want but you're still jerking off to another dude.

>He doesn't like brojobs.

>> No.53062947

Seht's not, but Valeriya is.

>> No.53062951

[citation needed]

>> No.53062952

Men draw porn too, but you're not jerking off to the artist. Now, if the artist is a stereotypical /pfg/ fag? Yes. You're jerking off to a man, because that "cute fox-eared lass" your character is about to stick his dick into is a dude in a dress.

>> No.53062956

I expect /pfg/ to not go after thots.

>> No.53062957

>you just lack any interest in pursuing a real-life sexual relationship.

That's strange. Have you spoken with a psychologist ?

>> No.53062968

I'm in Group B and have yet to see 2hu show up for a session.

>> No.53062970

Pretty much, yes. The players applying to games on here are such thirsty assholes that all you need to do is whisper "lewd" and they'll eat each other alive to get into your game.

Even if it's not a lewd game, they'll treat it as such, and then get super fucking butthurt at anybody who either interrupts them or tries to rein them in. We've degenerated to the point where we'll even have people applying to games *just* to fuck specific characters, to the exclusion of all other goals.

Generally speaking, those games tend to end up crashing and burning. Speaking from experience, once the initial thrill of ERP wears off, you generally just want a break from the character and their player, and that's going to make it damned impossible to actually continue a game when the GM has to herd your asses into the same dungeon.

>> No.53062973

>He fell for the 3D meme

>> No.53062985

Are you fucking retarded, m8? I'm going to assume you are, give you your "citation", and then tell you to fuck off.
See the labels? "Group A" and "Group B"?

Now admit you're wrong, and fuck off.

>> No.53062989

>ERP can be fun if, like me for example, you tend to be fairly well-written and you enjoy smut, but you just lack any interest in pursuing a real-life sexual relationship.

So you're autistic?

The artist isn't tailoring his image to your preferences live while you jerk off to it. The artist is not an active participant while you're jerking off to one of his pictures. It's not comparable.

>> No.53062994

I am in 2hu's group. You can just look at the roll20 page. All the players listed there are Group B, save for Vult who I believe dropped.

>> No.53062997

Thank you for sharing, that sounds awesome.

>> No.53063011

You're just salty you didn't make it into a /pfg/ lewdgame full of cute anime girls, aren't you?

>> No.53063037

Don't honestly feel like I really need to. I know who I am and I'm comfortable with my choices. I'm delighted to have close friends and I have many, but frankly sex seems like more drama and trouble than it's worth.

No, just not interested in the entire fucking circus that surrounds physical relationships.

>> No.53063038

No, not really. My salt is more going to the fact that adventure and action are falling by the wayside in the one or two games I've gotten into. I was okay with lewds when I didn't have to suffer the fallout from them.

>> No.53063057

>Generally speaking, those games tend to end up crashing and burning. Speaking from experience, once the initial thrill of ERP wears off, you generally just want a break from the character and their player, and that's going to make it damned impossible to actually continue a game when the GM has to herd your asses into the same dungeon.

Wisdom. If normal RP is a campfire than ERP is throwing gasoline on the flames, perhaps the only way I've seen campaigns or even character relationships survive in a post-ERP campaign is when the players conscientiously hold back on ERPing future encounters, or at the very least keeping the sex-stuff to a minimum in their encounters.

>> No.53063060

It wouldn't be so bad if ERP discussion and lewdposting didn't dominate every fucking thread. Sometimes I just want to talk about Pathfinder in a Pathfinder general thread. Why is that so hard to do?

Is there anywhere else I can talk about the actual game once in a while?

I'm ready to jump ship.

>> No.53063069

>The artist isn't tailoring his image to your preferences live while you jerk off to it. The artist is not an active participant while you're jerking off to one of his pictures. It's not comparable.
>He's never been on an art stream before

You still aren't jerking it to the other player, because your focus is not on the player. Your focus is on the character, as well as the things they are typing. This does not stop it from being a sad and degenerate thing to do. If your statement were to be correct, it would have to be voiced ERP, because it's next to impossible to disassociate the player from the character then.

>> No.53063075

Is that an actual photo? That fox looks so out-of-place.

>> No.53063079

Interesting. Well, they can help if you change your mind. It sounds like you're doing alright though! Just be mindful of yourself and how you are.

>> No.53063112

>No, just not interested in the entire fucking circus that surrounds physical relationships.

So... autism then.

>You still aren't jerking it to the other player, because your focus is not on the player.

You're right, your focus is on the jerkoff fantasy they concocted for you, and you're jerking off to their words. Words that are coming from them, directed specifically at you, to help you jerk off.

Like I said, pretend all you want, but another dude is still the one getting you off.

>> No.53063115

>You're jerking off to a man, because that "cute fox-eared lass" your character is about to stick his dick into is a dude in a dress.

What if I want to be with a cute foxboy in a dress?

>> No.53063118

2hu would have murdered rather than danced

>> No.53063127

I'm not salty that I didn't get into a lewdgame.
I'm salty that the game I wanted to get into turned into a lewdgame while I wasn't looking.

Specifically, Blingmaker. I don't know what Wubu's rationale was, but she ended up picking four characters who were in it to ERP, two of whom were only in it to ERP with each other, and one recycled RotJR app.

Now this sounds like sour grapes, and it kind of is, but I honestly feel I dodged a bullet, in hindsight. Now I can just go looking for another game that's actually about adventure and exploration rather than which two characters are fucking and how big their tits are/dick is.

>> No.53063129

good thing i love cock

>> No.53063155

>I don't know what Wubu's rationale was

Girl on the internet syndrome.

>> No.53063161


Then I'm gonna fuck your ass, and call you a good girl

>> No.53063163

I mean I guess if you want to call it autism you can go ahead. I kinda wonder what's wrong with the heads of people who continually put themselves out there only to get their hearts torn apart. Everyone is weird to someone though, and I imagine that you're as comfortable with your choices as I am with mine.

>> No.53063181


>> No.53063187

This is true, 2hu is the ultimate murderhobo and I've never seen him NOT murderhobo.

t. someone who's played with 2hu

>> No.53063188

I never said it wasn't sad and pathetic

>> No.53063189

And the same thing happened to Wist once that info came out
Even if people already were waifuing Cashmere

>> No.53063190

Just hold out for Starfinder.

For some reason, I don't get the feeling that a lot of the lewd posters will make the jump.

>> No.53063200

>My salt is more going to the fact that adventure and action are falling by the wayside in the one or two games I've gotten into

Which campaigns?

>> No.53063209

Who was the recycled RotJR app? Also, >>53063155 is right.

>> No.53063212

>space alien tentacle monsters
>he thinks lewdposters won't play starfinder

>> No.53063218

You are kidding right. Everyone posts spacesuit butts and stuff. Tons of stuff.

>> No.53063237

She just changed the region she's from and where she ended up. I'm pretty sure it was that she was from Korvosa and rescued by Shalelu.

>> No.53063247

What happened with Wist?

>> No.53063261

Yeah, but I've always seen Warframe posters get corraled towards lore or possible build talk.

Now I'm wondering if anyone has applied to a game here with a tentacle monster.

>> No.53063263

New personal objective: Familiarize myself with Roll20 enough to run a game on there, then run a Pathfinder game and reject every lewd application.

>> No.53063276

Please do this.

>> No.53063279

probably the same thing that happens any time we find out someone is a girl. people lose their minds trying to get their dick wet.

>> No.53063285

>Now I'm wondering if anyone has applied to a game here with a tentacle monster.

I remember we had someone that wanted to make a tentacle girl in RotJR, though the tentacles were more function than "function," if you catch me.

>> No.53063307

Only question would be what kind of game to run. Fuck Golarion, I'm about that good homebrew shit when it comes to worlds and settings.

>> No.53063317

Um... I can with certainty say I didn't join Blingmaker to ERP.

>> No.53063321

But any app can be sleeper cell lewd once they get in

>> No.53063325

I might just be describing what this >>53063155 is supposed to be, but Wubu's rationale was hype. Hype and memes.

She felt good about her game getting hyped in the thread, and wanted to build on that, so she chose the characters that had been getting hyped the most (for all the wrong reasons). I'll admit, it feels good when a character I write gets some positive feedback. But hype's a hollow, fickle thing.

I think that if anybody in that game is smart enough to want actual adventure and not just F-list on Roll20, they'll jump ship and leave for greener pastures.

>> No.53063349

what said >>53063279
Minor "It's a girl" explosion that got bigger when they realized "It's a girl, IN A RAPE GAME?!?!"

>> No.53063351

New thread


>> No.53063355

Are you Kyras, Branwen, Andrik, or Antoinette?
If so, you're lying. If not, I believe you.

>> No.53063358

at least you didn't make a bait topic this time

>> No.53063359

Then remove them from the game and replace them with someone else. It's not hard. Normal people do this all the time.

>Wubu's rationale was hype. Hype and memes.
If this is the driving force behind your campaign then you're a shit DM and your campaign is destined to be shit.

>> No.53063363

But how does one tell? Do you just go to every applicant and ask if they're just here to fuck people online? Do you just reject the people who get hyped the hardest?

>> No.53063364

You're really stretching there my dude

>> No.53063374

Rip off Overlewds

>> No.53063385

>t. SaltAnon

>> No.53063426

And, considering that such an app would violate the spirit of what I'm going for and would represent someone joining the game with subversive goals from the outset, I wouldn't have any compunctions about dealing with that player OOCly and telling them to cut that shit out, and if they don't listen proceeding to mangle their character and give them the boot.

Well, probably start by not accepting apps from the usual suspects of this stuff, not hard to look at other high-profile lewd games and get some names.
I'd probably be going for a campaign theme of "unlovable things" or something, where monstrous and ugly characters are encouraged. Cute animal people? Fucking gone, try something closer to Warhammer Fantasy's beastmen. Tieflings? Doesn't matter if they're part succubus or not, they're monstrous looking and not sexy. You get the idea.

>> No.53063438

I'd be immediately suspicious of someone who's getting hyped really hard, because more than likely they're self-shilling to drive their popularity up.

And as for that other thing, I probably wouldn't accept someone who's app focuses too much on their tit size or cock size, implied or not.

That said, I don't begrudge people doing ERP shit, but I will give them one warning to take it to off-session PMs if I see them trying to insert it into game.

>> No.53063458




>> No.53063465

so what?

>> No.53063466

Was never a fan of it, made them feel too much like PoW. Hopefully they allow stuff to just work, no need for focus. Also hoping they find some sort of balance with less "9999 damage" combos and maybe some better utility. And moving away from being anime as fuck, but that ain't gonna happen

>> No.53063476

Why does that first one not link to anything?

>> No.53063504


Wubu seemed to be into some of the "meme" applications even before the supposed ERP tripe started.

>> No.53063515

Which is why her campaign was never going to be any good.

>> No.53063568

it was called 'blingmaker' and you expected it not to be a meme?

>> No.53063596

imo, the kingmaker backbone is why it will never be good and also why I didn't apply. That AP is trash.

>> No.53063599


Says what? She's an extremely competent DM from what I've seen.

>> No.53063617


>> No.53063623

>t. Sour Grapes Anon

>> No.53063639

Joke's on you, I have a group that I play with regularly and I've never applied to a /pfg/ game in my life.

>> No.53063856

So you're bitching about games you aren't in, didn't apply to, and in no way effect your life?

Damn Anon, you sure showed me.

>> No.53065810

Question: If I'm playing a Sorcerer/Unchained Monk with the Scaled Fist archetype and we're starting at level 1, is it more important to have 18 STR or 18 Charisma? If it matters, I'm using the Draconic Bloodline and plan to use primarily spells that don't worry as much about enemy DCs (buffs, summons, occasionally touch-damage and touch-debuffs spells like Scorching Ray and Ray of Enfeeblement). Plus a few utility spells like Invisibility, Glitterdust, etc. Also, whichever of the twin abilities I don't have at 18 will be at 16, so it's not a question of no charisma versus no strength.

>> No.53065882

If you're not planing to use spells that force saves, then the difference between +3 cha and +4 cha is jack and shit until you either hit 7th level or get another +1 cha.
The difference between +3 str and +4 str will be every single attack.

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