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Sooner or later these two will face off one on one. The question is, who is currently stronger in the fluff ? Without speculating how GW will handle the fight who do *you* think would win ?

>a Primarch wielding the sword of the Emperor and clad in one of the most sophisticated armor crafted by the Imperium which is now awaiting his command
>an Astartes blessed by all four gods of Chaos, possessing ancient weapons and armor with the armories of the the traitor Legions and all of their the Great Crusade era wargear at his disposal

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Bobby G

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considering they are both at ultra-snowflake status, it could go either way.
i would give the edge to abaddon if plot points could be overlooked (at this point has literally thousands of years combat and leading experience over guilliman) but bringing guilliman back (not to mention the whole eldar fiasco) was a blatantly obvious move towards the nobledark and i think it will end up with guilliman on top.

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40k is dull, cringey nobledark now. Gulliman will win in the most tryhard, fanfic way you can imagine.

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>the primarch is revived only to be defeated by the champion of chaos
>a new hero rises to the occasion and saves the day
God tier plot
>it's celestine
Girl power tier plot
>it's a xeno
Elder god tier plot
>they're eldar
Shit tier plot
>it's a girl eldar
Mega shit tier plot


>Gulliman defeats chaos and ushers in a new golden era for the imperium
Matt ward tier plot
>humans make peace with eldar, who played a decisive role in the battle
Phil Kelly tier plot
>eldar human half breeds become cannon
4chan tier plot


>Gulliman faces abbadon in a final battle
>they both get interrupted by several tyranid hive fleets entering imperial space
Xeno fap fags tier plot
>the nids turn out to be the good guy who are only showing up to defeat the massive incoming necron invasion
Starcraft tier plot
>trazyn was actually c'tan this whole time
M night shamalan tier plot

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>Raw-Bootay Gullyman and Armless the Harmless face off.
>It's a long and brutal fight, that forces both combatants to pull out all the stops.
>Eventually, Abbygail gets the upper hand due to endurance.
>about to land the finishing blow on a Tired and worn out Bobby G.
>both pause as a strange sound fills the air
>It almost sounds like musi-
>suddenly An ancient Jetbike, adorned in human-looking skulls and blaring music at an obnoxious volume, Crashes into Ol' Topknot, sending him flying accross the battlefield.
>Roboute stares in amazement as the rider circles around to him, and offers him a hand up.
>Could it be?
>That's right it's the Mother-fucking Khan!


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>khan gets rekt by passing by dark eldar
>meanwhile the salamanders collect all the relics of vulkan
>vulkan desends from the heavens with a giant flammer twice the size of an imperial knight

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Khan does need to return.
But so do the others.
Including the demons.

And 30k appearances should arrive first.

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>the literally who of the primarchs

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I laughed but also agree

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t. butthurt 40kiddy who's been into 40k for 18 months and still thinks the lore is badass

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Abadabba. Gman has him beat in pure physical prowess, but Magnus effectively beat Guilliman, but is forced to bow before Abaddon.
Additionaly Abby has a daemon sowrd that contains a daemon more powerful than the Emperor.

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the lore is badass tho

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But he's not Corvus, Mortarion, or Lion'el.

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That's because people actually care about those guys and play their chapters/legions. Unlike, you know, White Scars.

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Hate Abaddon. Get him out of the way and bring back some motivated fallen Primarchs who haven't been sucking/mary sueing/retcon waiting to happening for past 10k years.

Go Bobby G.

Then go fight some Nids+Necrons cause Primarchs haven't fought them before.

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I wouldn't say more powerful. Just uses a different meta.

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I might be wrong here,but isn't abaddon as strong as powered up horus in canon?(or maybe he was stronger?). If this is correct abaddon is as strong as the emperor and far stronger then guilly.

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Squats > All

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I'm an Ultrafag but Celestine turning out to be the real hero would be pretty cool with me.

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>Speeding in out of nowhere, jumping into the fray and getting in everyone's face in a gloriously awesome panning shot of him atop his jetbike.

This is how the Khan would want to come back.

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>lion a literally who
Are you retarded?

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If you take The Master of Mankind at face value then the fact abby has Drach'nyen makes him stronger by default.

If you want to ignore MoM then abby is already practically as strong as Horus due to the mark of choas ascendant.

By all standards abby should win after a very hard fight... but we all know GW will never let him win. They may be dumb but they're not stupid. Abby defeating Gulliboy would result in an end times event and the need to reset the 40k universe and they aren't stupid enough to risk that.

Gulliman will win, perhaps with the help of Celestine simply because GW can't let him lose.

This may all change with the release of more primarchs though.

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I bet the fight will end up in a draw for whatever reason

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Rowboat could have his shit kicked in, then the missing primarchs return from the warp, saving the imperium, and killing Abby because chaos undivided is dull as all cuckery.

Smurfs get squatted. Yellow man carries codex. And strategically/tactically interesting marines carry the imperium alongside flavoured guard. Instead of boring cadia which got fucked.

Then you have juicy room for the xenos to make a worthwhile appearance.

Pretty simple. Cadia results in necrons. Which results in knife ears. Which results in slaanesh. Then tau. Orcs want to fight the weebs. Then nids come to feast on the orc hordes.

Imperium under siege the entire time.

Khorne happy because war.
Tzeentch "just as planned" across the board
Nurgle would need a little something though. Maybe nids related.

But it's gw. So Mary Sue and her friends will shit it up. Along with powercreeping shitrules. And stupid models.

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If it is a xeno, I think being a Tau would be the best one. Both the Eldar and Necrons have had their times in the sun, whilst Orks and Tyranids are against everyone.

At the moment, Tau are just this wacky small Empire that accept a variety of xenos. Right now they're barely worth a footnote, but one of their things is that they're resistant to Chaos and possibly genetically engineered to be so by some older race. Having Chaos' ultimate bane come from the blueberries would give them a reason for existing and be a neat plot twist.

Also the salt from anti-Taufags would be beautiful.

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He'll win by teaming up with Y-whatever her name is (the Eldar that revived him). Fuck Age of Guilliman 40k. 3rd edition here I come.

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When's the last Time Lion'el triggered any sort of reaction on /tg/ besides that of "a less shitty Leman Russ"

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Games workshop wins

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in my Opinion Roboute should simply outsmart Abbadon. not playing by abbadons rules would be the guilliman thing to do, and would actually be a nice twist.

my favourite idea: Roboute Seals Abbadon in his own Stasis Chamber.

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The loyal primarchs will finally return, come together uniting their powers of truth, love, and compassion to take out the big bad.
And remember Imperium,
The Power Is Yours

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Guilliman has a plastic model

Abaddon does now


Also a brand new leader of Chaos would do well, it will be a nice contrast to Guilliman.

The Imps needed to bring back an old leader form the great crusade era while Chaos has an young upstart

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fuck me


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Gulliman with the help of the Culexus Clade to nullify abaddon's stupid fucking sword, and then maybe Celestine in a climactic reversal once the assassin's break the sword and then promptly die.

Rowboat Girlyman is a Primarch, and as strong as Abaddon is I think it'd be a little bullshit for him to now suddenly win after failing over a dozen previous Black Crusades when the imperium DIDN'T have a primarch in their corner.

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>Culexus Clade to nullify abaddon's stupid fucking sword

Not even an army of Sisters of Silence or the Pylons activating were enough to fully nullify its power or banish it back to the Warp.

It literally killed Sisters of Silence by the boatload.

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Reminder that Celestine (s3) and her 2 unaugumented assistants were a match for abbadon, in a straight up fight Guilliman SHOULD handle him easily.

I actually want to see Abbadon get absolutely BTFO by guilliman, with the fight ending with his arms getting cut off and Fulgrim showing up and stabbing him from behind because only he gets the honor of killing guilliman. After that, chaos undivided goes to shit and the daemon primarchs are left in charge with their own agendas.

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>Reminder that Celestine (s3) and her 2 unaugumented assistants were a match for abbadon,

Abaddon did not call upon the power of Drach'nyen though. So he wasn't fighting at full strength.

And Celestine was going around killing daemon princes and Greater Daemons with her holiness. Girlyman has no holy power to counteract Abaddon's unholy power. Girlyman is at a massive disadvantage especially if Abaddon taps into his sword.

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*unsheathes bolt pistols
*teleports behind abbadon
"Nothing personal, zeke"

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These. It'd be bullshit to have a primarch lose to Abaddon. And more interesting to see the Imperium try to reform and get shit together while the various daemon primarchs start coming up to pursue their own agendas and stir shit up and have chaos undivided in the background trying to reunite. Would give something for Lorgar to do too. He has a big grudge against Roboute more than anybody and probably won't be too happy seeing him back. Fulgrim too, but I feel like Fulgrim gave less shits about Roboute than he did about Ferrus Manus.

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>It'd be bullshit to have a primarch lose to Abaddon.

Nope, Archaon uses a sword that works the same as Abaddon's sword. Once Archaon drew upon his sword's power, he was fighting literal gods and winning.

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>. Girlyman has no holy power to counteract Abaddon's unholy power.
He has Ynnead's blessing.

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>Once Archaon drew upon his sword's power, he was fighting literal gods and winning
Not until he got a massive power boost in AoS where he's practically a god himself and is capable of impossible feats like literally breaking worlds. In fantasy he lost the fight to a wounded sigmar and had the sword blown up with sigmars bare hands. For their respective settings, Abbadon is currently closer to where fantasy Archaon was, not quite AoS levels yet. Yet.

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After a long battle with stunning sword play and thrilling combat, the champions of light and dark are separated by an explosion, a stray she'll.
Picking himself up, Abbadon notices Gulliman was separated from his father's blade. Moving quicker than should be possible, he seizes it in The Talon of Horus. Both weapons scream furiously in the warp, their emnity driving the dull spirits of the tools of war mad.
Holding it aloft, nearby traitor marines roar their approval.
Rowboat staggers to his feet.

Abbadon sneers and levels the blade at Gulliman, seeing the defeated but defiant look in his green eyes...

The primarchs eyes. They were not previously green. Thin lines in his face also reveal cracks of green glow.

Abbadon steps back confused as more green lines trace across the Primarchs form. All at once, Gulliman twists and unfolds impossibly to become a metal ring, lined with green circuitry.

Beyond the gate is a realm of pure silence and shadow. The warp does not resonate there. Ezekyle can feel the powers of chaos leeching from his soul towards this black abyss.

He is blinded by stabbing lights and the growling of a beast, no many beasts, No!
Engines. His eyes adjusting he sees a hundred Baneblades beyond the gate their weapons trained on him. In the commanders cupola stands a man with a massive cigar chomped between teeth that form a rictus grin.

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I am talking about Archaon in WHFB End Times. The Incarnates were godly beings having an entire wind of magic powering them.

Archaon fought Heavens Incarnate Karl and defeated him.
Archaon fought Fire Incarnate Slayer Dwarf King. and survived the suicide explosion.
Archaon fought Beasts Incarnate Grimgor and beheaded him.

Archaon used two artifacts in order to boost himself to the level of these Incarnates. The Eye of Sheerin and his sword the Slayer of Kings. And fucking Archaon was wounded as well and lost one of his artifacts before fighting Sigmar. It's said that if the Eye of Sheerin wasn't broken, then Sigmar would have lost the battle. Archaon would have simply removed the Wind of Heavens from Sigmar the same way he did with Karl.

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does anyone actually like abbadon ?
the only people that didn't mind him before did so because he was the "strongest" character fluffwise for chaos, now that the primarchs are back that's no longer the case.

>> No.53055964

I like some of his fluff in the black legion book. It goes a long way to make him more interesting

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>would have lost to Bruner the bounty hunter if his pistol didn't jam at the worst moment
top kek

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So which books do I need to read to catch up to the newest lore changes? The Gathering Storm ones or is there anything else?

A Daemon Primarch bowing before the "chosen" champion of Chaos is not applicable to this situation I think.

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Kinda his main shtick. He kep to himself and avoided contact with all but the his two bros he deemed worth the trouble (Horus and Magnus), so in the end noone knew shit about him. Much like Alpharius, except with less bullshit.

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>It'd be bullshit to have a primarch lose to Abaddon.
He alaready fought against half of the Chaos Primarchsin the legion wars. And won!
Granted he cheated and abused their daemonic weakneses, but he could find a way to cheat against the big G too, especially considering his weak points all but glow in the dark.

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Failbaddon is weak as piss

>> No.53056602

He defeated Fulgrim during the Legion wars though.
AKA tha guy who beat the shit out of the big G.

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Guilliman is currently (fluff wise anyway) far above abaddon.

Abaddon might be able to hold him off for a bit but he shouldn't be able to win solo

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Jesus Christ the size of those hips. Gets me hard every time.

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Khan will then get hacked to pieces by you know who

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>The Khan
>After spending Millenia fighting DEldar in bike fights in the webway
>getting offed by some Drug-addled Pleasure Seeker who hasn't shown his face in years
Somehow that seems less than likely

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>people care about or play Raven Guard

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Wrath of Magnus and Death Masque, then Gathering Storm.

>> No.53058921


Also, Doomrider got his cocaine filled head ripped off by Kor'sarro Khan. So yeah.

>> No.53059150

Him and Sang were pretty tight if I remember right. They started the whole Librerius thing.

>> No.53059159

>Not the typical White scar laughter and glorious mongolian throat ringing


>> No.53059408

>Thinking White Scars wouldn't ride into battle lightning fast to the sound of Eurobeat.
Who's calling who a pleb again?

>> No.53059483

>Abby unleashes a terrible evil
>Foolish girlyman, wielding the emperors blade, steps forward to oppose
>before papa smurf can land the final blow, tzeench tears open a hole in time and slings the blueberry into the far future, where chaos rules unopposed
>Now the blue baller seeks to return to the past, to stop chaos, once and for all.

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Rowboat and armless square off. Manly man meat smacking occurs. Rowboat runs out of rows cuz he's in a pimped out suit of armor that functions as a dreadnaught. Abby gets upper hand.

Celestine shows up and armless hisses cuz "muh holy light".

Knife ear emotits shows up and bounces around a lot in interpretive dance.

If on Terra, or in Sol. Dorn shows up and smarms it up with reinforcements from terra.

Armless, outnumbered by named characters and cannon fodder decides he needs to fuck back off to eye shaking fist and yelling " I'll get you next time joes!"

Elephas doesn't open portal. Armless gets tag teamed.

Pillows under a dress get your pee pee hard does it?

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Given that Fantasy ended in the ultimate CHAOSWINSLOL bullshit, Abby getting BTFO would be glorious.

>> No.53060195

Abbadon of course, since GW cannot stop sucking chaos cock.

>> No.53060346

Guilliman, back to the past, Roboute Guilliman!

Would Yvraine be the high priestess in this universe, and Guilliman is saved from Nurgle's despair by her aeldari daughter?

>> No.53060384

I do. Mostly because it triggers 1d4chan memelords.

>> No.53060446

Guilliman. He's the Major Imperium Special Character so he automatically has a 90% chance of winning.

>> No.53060492

What if, in the ultimate battle of destiny on Terra, a powered up Abaddon fights Guilliman, who has both holy powers through emperor's intervention and the Ynnead's blessing very weeaboo-ish, I know, but what isn't nowadays? ? What if he actuallly cuts Abaddon's arms in the fight, making the meme canon?

>> No.53060581

>Ynnead's blessing
Tragic thing is with state of lore these days the Primarchs getting the blessings of the Eldar Gods instead of Eldar seems pretty believeable.

>> No.53061062

Eldar gods want Chaos dead and defeated, right? Why not give their blessings to the strongest adversary Chaos has?

Also, I'm sure the power of Yvraine's love for Guilliman will allow him to defeat any foe.

>> No.53061074

Dayyyuuum gurl!

>> No.53061129

I'd give her a blessing, if you know what I mean.

>> No.53061504

>makes it look nobledark
>leads up to a bullshit ending where Girlyman cuts through hordes of chaos to get to Abbadon
>in his attempt to solo Chaos he forgets he isn't a psyker
>the chaos gods actually have a brief moment of working together upon realising their pet champion is actually in physical danger
>a KoS, GUO, and a LoC all unleash a storm of hexes upon Girlyman
>Girlyman for all his might can only bullshit his way through so much warp fuckery
>infected with Nurgle's Rot, his body and soul on fire, and his mind alight with pleasure on pain
>the champion of light falls to overconfidence and Armless commands a Bloodthirster to take his skull as a final insult to the blue smurf primarch
>Celestine and the rest of the power of friendship gang catch up, barely rescue Girlyman and get him out of there
>some epic fights between some powerful greater demons and the power rangers of anti-chaos ensues
>Armless still fails to win a crusade but shoots a mocking "Crusades aren't so easy, Primarch" or something equally cheesy and badly written
>the ending satisfies no one, Girlyman is not dead, but needs his life support armor repaired/replaced
>some characters GW is sick of probably die

>> No.53061604

I love him he's my favorite 40k character.
He represents so many interesting concepts without chaos but is rarely used to show them to it's fullest extent.

>> No.53061781

Chaos winning and Abaddon winning are 2 different things though.
Chaos wins if the Emperor is killed before humanity evolves into a pure psyker race, as only he is protecting reality from being overtaken by Chaos. If he fails, reality itself is destroyed and replaced by Chaos.
Abaddon believes himself to not be a pawn of Chaos and he desires to overthrow the Emperor, without causing reality to be destroyed. So he can proclaim himself the New Emperor, at the head of the Dark Imperium.

>> No.53061854

Halfway through reading that I was thinking doom rider.

I'm disappointed.

>> No.53061961

Guilliman wins... but not before Abbadon convinces him the Imperium is doomed. Rallying his newborn sons, the expansion of the Ultramar empire finally begins.

>> No.53062225

Abaddon is no Horus

Guilliman wins in a fair fight a fair fight never happens

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File: 141 KB, 1111x1920, 1493920409376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone is defeated only for The Emperor to return and END Abaddon and finish what he started, having had plenty of time to ponder on his mistakes

God-Emperor tier plot

>> No.53062288

Didn't girlyman spend an entire day with the emperor in the throne room alone and unsupervised and then came out having his doubts cast aside but also with newfound power?

Pretty sure the body is a shell and gurlyman let the emps into his head.

>> No.53062466

Then who the hell is powering the Golden Throne?

>> No.53062572

You saying the emperor is some sort of mook who can't power the golden throne from where ever he wants?

>> No.53062638

Unless ADB is writing it, in which cause Guilliman will apologise for causing him trouble, shine his shoes and promptly commit suicide out of sheer shame of thinking he could stand in the same room as Abaddon.

>> No.53062643

No, but i imagine it'd reduce the power he can use if he had to constantly focus a part of it there.

>> No.53062671
File: 64 KB, 768x820, 40k adb bingo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GW literally has no excuse for letting him NEAR The Emperor.

>> No.53062694


>> No.53062729

Kinda hard, considering he's a Magos

>> No.53062876

To be fair, Brunner was one tough cookie.
Don't think he ever got to sic that dragon on that Bretonnian though.

>> No.53063001

>Would Yvraine be the high priestess in this universe, and Guilliman is saved from Nurgle's despair by her aeldari daughter?
More importantly, who's the Scotsman in the scenario? Ghazghkull?
Normally I'd say Leman Russ, but he's Rowboat's brother and Thraka probably matches the Samurai to Scotsman height ratio after playing bug exterminator over in Octarius for so long, so yeah...

Plus I find the idea of Ghazghkull insulting Guilliman in High Gothic with a Scottish accent funny as hell.

>> No.53064372

>She gets herself killed as Olanius did to buy time for Robbie
>The Sanguinor comes down and they fuse Joguresu Shinka style
>She is killed again but now as Sanguinus

>> No.53064451

Looking back, I can see how one would think that. I probably should have said something like DEldar armor pieces instead of skulls. I am sorry for the deception.

>> No.53064527

>I'm an ultrafag
You can just put OP in the name field next time, we'll know.

>> No.53064560

>has literally thousands of years combat and leading experience over guilliman

I feel like there's a limit where further experience in combat provides little educational benefit, I mean, what are you really going to pick up in the next 900 years of warfare that you didn't pick up in the first 100? Seen one hellscape battlefield, seen em all.

Another thing is that intelligence plays a role in learning, and even when he wasn't a glove puppet for insane gods, Abaddon wasn't ever a particularly cerebral chap, even by the pretty low standards of Spehs Muhreens. By comparison, Girlyman was always one of the more intelligent and observant Primarchs.

>> No.53064675

>Sanguinius fusing with anyone
>with a woman
You can fuck right off.

>> No.53064677

Actually, Abaddon is super intelligent and his Crimson Path and Black Crusades have caught the Imperium by surprise. Furthermore, he isn't a puppet of the Chaos Gods. The Chaos Gods do not control him as they did Horus. He retains his freewill.

I mean look at the Fall of Cadia. Abaddo reacted abd adapted to all the bullshit asspulls thrown against him and emerged victorious. His only mistake was landing on Cadia when he didn't need to. However, Abaddon realised his mistake that his pride got him into.

also-also. Abaddon spent 10K warring against Xenos (Dark City siege), campaign against the Imperium, and fighting the other daemons and heretics (which included the traitor Primarchs).

What does Girlyman has? A few centuries of war? He does not match the exp and accomplishments of Abaddon Long War. Even in the trailers Girlyman admits that Abaddon's long war has all but brought Imperium and the galaxy to ts knees.

>> No.53064769


I love the idea of him but due to bad pr and nor good enough wrotong that was supposed to redeem him as the Arch Traitor and THE GREATES THREAT, I have to rely on headcanon.

Then again, I am a chaosfag who's been whining about muh Legions, muh wargear chart etc since 3.5 was no more, so yeah.

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File: 2.48 MB, 751x558, JcTgEDR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Actually, Abaddon is super intelligent
>his Crimson Path and Black Crusades have caught the Imperium by surprise.

Stopped reading right there. Doing the exact same thing you've done 12 times before is not the mark of a martial genius, and a child could catch the Imperium by surprise because of how disfunctional it is. They lose contact with planets due to rounding errors.

As with anything 40k, told =/= shown, we might be told Abbaddy is a super-genius but in terms of what we're shown, he's roughly equivilent with a particularly intelligent Ork with half the creativity.

>> No.53064956

The Sanguinor ain't Sanguinus

>> No.53064971

>Stopped reading right there.

Like your reading on the fluff. The 12 Black Crusades were about building forces, getting favor of the gods, collecting artefacts, and most importantly destroying the Pylons. Abaddon is directly responsible for Chaos being the great that threat it now. He is the one who cracked the galaxy in half doing damage to the galaxy unseen since the War in Heaven. And HE IS WINNING. Unless something comes up to halt the great Rift from devouring the galaxy whole, then he has already won.

>and a child could catch the Imperium by surprise because of how disfunctional it is. They lose contact with planets due to rounding errors.

Dumbass, the Inquisition, Admech, and Grey Knights with all their resources could not divine and deuce Abaddon's grand plan until it was too late and the galaxy was being cracked. Even the Eldar only realised this when it was also too late though they knew the truth sooner than the Imperium.

>As with anything 40k, told =/= shown,

As with you being a moron, you refuse to be shown so your opinion is worthless. And once again I have to say don't dare compare Girlyman to Abaddon. Girlyman is a novice compared to Abaddon's warmaking.

I mean for fuck sake, Puretide's war teachings (a mere mortal) are more complex and vastly superior to his codex.

>> No.53064991

Explain the aura of holiness that burns the taint of Chaos away then.

>> No.53065157

>>eldar human half breeds become canon
>Implying they aren't already

>> No.53065225

>More importantly, who's the Scotsman in the scenario? Ghazghkull?

>> No.53065301

>Be Bobby G.
>Wake up from plunging >>53055808 all night long while that creep of Celestine watched and mumbled
>Armless the harmless throws and autistic fit after blowing cadia and now wants to take over the universe or something
>Put on mah supah walker wheelchair and grab daddy's sword
>Kill armless so I can get back to fucking and building empires to soothe my nerves
>Throw armless sword to the pile of loot in some saferoom in the palace along other equally or worse toys
>Someday gotta do inventory of all that shit
>And visit my pet under mars too
>And send trollzyn my regards
>Convince the Ecclesiarchy to chill so I can get my waifu and others in
>They will have to as I'm the captain now anyway
>Work a way to create new supah mureens with haemonunculus and chilled admec shenanigans
>Help dad to get of his chair
>Age of emperor (i.e. 9th edition) begins!

Those neutered """"""fluff"""""" writers at geedubs will never make anything of value anyway so this would be the best course t b q h

>> No.53065368

They should do a short video of Guilliman doing everything in this, as comedic as possible, and then have him wake up to some servant telling him he has more forms and legislature to sign.
>aww yeah yvraine... just put that sword in the pile while I put my sword in your pile baby,,,
>"l-lord Guilliman, sir?"

>> No.53065472

>Drach'nyen aka the End of Empires aka Echo of the First Murder
>It's a daemon that was born when the first sentient human murdered his fellow man in cold blood
>This act, Its birth, is THE defining moment of mankind. It's when humanity's destiny was sealed
>As it was born, it reached out into the minds of all mankind. Every man, woman, and child that live, lived, and will live felt its touch as it tainted mankind across time and space
>Truly, a daemon of Chaos Undivided. It's kindred with all the daemons of Four and yet it stands apart. Wherever it goes, it will find a home each and everyone of the Four Powers
>It can sense anyone who shed blood no matter who or what it is. Machine or flesh. They are its prey. It hunts those who committed murder and feasts on their souls and flesh
>It can shapeshift into anything. From the tornado of claws and jaws to microscope bacteria
>It can mass possess machines and humans. However, it cannot possess the Custodes or the Sisters of Silences, these hated enemies it just slaughtered.
>It hunts the Emperor seeing his destruction and the fall of his empire as its singular purpose
>So strong its connection to mankind that Emperor was vulnerable to its lethal violence. Where it wounded him it sucked out his soul. Its destruction or banishment was something beyond the Emperor
>The Emperor fooled into imprisoning itself inside a Custodes who then fled as far as he can from the Emperor to protect he Emperor from the daemon meant to kill him.

As much as I think it's stupid you guys think that a godling can defeat a fallen angel wielding humanity first and greatest sin, lets say Abaddon indeed gets killed somehow. This means that Drach'nyen no longer shackled to Abaddon's will will be free to go after the Emperor.

Is there being in the galaxy that can stop it? I think not. You dun goofed.

>> No.53065639

>being this fucking shook over someone not sharing his love for Abaddon's cock
>attacking people over ''I was only pretending to be retarded'' last second retcon like it was core lore from the first edition
Carnac go kill yourself.

>> No.53065668

> last second retcon like it was core lore from the first edition

6th ED was how long ago? You need to assess your life. You can not like Abaddon but being an ignorant prick about it triggers me. I would do the same for any character regardless of franchise even. Twats need to be called out. Now you and him are the biggest twats.

>> No.53065775
File: 663 KB, 1495x623, 40k Guilliman awesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, Guilliman's not even in top 5 of my favorite Primarchs, but GOD DAMN if he isn't the pimp to end all pimps.
>literally Spehs Caesar
>has the objectively greatest legion and homeworld
>first Primarch to come back
>has an oc Eldar goddes waifu lusting after his cock
>Is the de-facto Emperor of Mankind
>got an audience and a chat with daddy
I hope all you Ultramarines are savoring every moment of this. God damn, Big E must be proud of his boy right now.

>muh Abaddon
>muh experience
>muh plan
Kek, watch Bobby G CREEED him and cut both of his arms off while fucking Yvraine and bringing about the golden age of mankind while ressurecting The Emperor and still finding the time for disdain for plebs.


>> No.53065814
File: 237 KB, 1300x1016, angry-crying-man-BGYAB5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is you right now LMAO

>m-muh failbaddon
>m-muh calling out
>m-muh serious online discussion


>> No.53065838

>Believing anything written by those fags
>Implying it will not be just ass pulled into disappearing or never mentioned again if they feel it was too edgy and cringey
(it is, but its also quite cool in its own way if there wasn't so much chaos dick sucking from their part)
>Arguing over one of the most inconsistent and retconned settings known to mankind

But if I had to say who can kill it:
>Implying some c'tan won't eat the demon, shit a shard of himself and use it as a toothpick
>Implying the new eldar god of death cant fight it and fuck it beyond mon'keigh comprehension without creating a new main chaos god in the process
>Implying the tiranids will not just nom it and keep doing what they are the best at, eating.
>Implying the orks wont put a shackle on it and fight it till bored, kill it and move on to the next toy

>> No.53065900

Abaddon won his wars against the traitor Primarchs. What even is Girlyman to him? Dude is so weak willed that he allowed Kairos Fateweaver to entrap him with his own doubts and fears. Abaddon fucking contends with the Chaos Gods for his body, mind, and very soul. Each day is a struggle as the Chaos Gods threaten, bait, and torment him, desiring to see him submit fully to them but he never does. Abaddon remains Abaddon. True to himself. No fear or doubt will tie down Abaddon.

Only Abaddon deserves the title of the greatest of them all because none of the Primarchs can walk a mile in his shoes. They are all weak!

>> No.53065967
File: 451 KB, 600x528, 40k kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>none of the Primarchs can walk a mile in his shoes
Naturally, his lack of arms has made him fully focus on developing his legs.

>> No.53065987

Your mockery doesn't mean I am wrong though. I defended Logan, Russ, Calgar, Shadowsun, etc with the same zeal. So you just strawmanning. If it seems that I am defending Abaddon way too much then it's because he is attacked a lot unfairly.

>Emperor cannot kill or banish it
>these guys can

-C'tan Shards are not very impressive, generally.
-Ynnead hasn't been born yet so you have to go with Yncarne and she isn't that tough. She was BTFO by Ahriman, IIRC.
-The entity in Yriel's spear wounded the Hivemind. Drach would do worst.
-Orks murderous desires and bloodshed would only feed it

>> No.53066156

>with the same zeal

Also, i'll spare a moment to be sincere.
I was defending Abaddon WAAAAAAAAAAY before the whole I WAS ONLY PRETENDING and MY OC DONUT STEAL EMPRAH KILLING SWORD (ugh) because i understood that it wasn't his power that made him dangerous, but his will and his focus. Like you said, he's constantly temped by and contested for by the gods yet resists them on sheer willpower and clarity of purpose. He's also somebody who is able to command the respect of all the Chaos Legions, an unprecedented feat since Horus (and he was playing godmode by being the best Primarch). What made Abaddon fascinating and what a lot of memes missed is that just in the fact that he still hasn't fallen to Chaos, let alone that he's able to even MOUNT these crusades showed what a unique individual and incredible threat he was. The idea i always got was not that he was deliberately failing these Crusades, but that he needed them for 2 things
>swing his dick around every once in a while to remind everyone who's boss while also forging new alliances and maintaining old ones
>deceive The Imperium about his actual capabilities while at the same time learning the extent of their

What i thought was gonna happen was Abby just going ''Hey guys, guess what? I spent the last 10k years building a MASSIVE army of which you've only seen a fraction, and i've deliberately not given my all to commanding the previous attacks'' and then bursting out of the Eye with a retardedly huge and well equipped army, the likes of which haven't been seen since the Heresy, and just steamrolling everything on the path to Terra.
Instead, they went with the ''all part of the plan'' retcon which is cheap and just serves to make people dislike him even more.
ADB particularly fucked the character because, in his infinite autism, he thought it was Abaddon's personal powerlevel that was the issue. So he just wanked him to oblivion


>> No.53066161

what the fuck does "nobledark" even mean?

>> No.53066175
File: 753 KB, 1936x1885, Hulk_Hogan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's a Carnac reminds everyone why we all hate ADB thread
Good job, lad.
The hatred needs to be stoked until that faggot is thrown out on his ear and his faboy garbage retconned.
Pretending to like it in order to fan the flames more is a selfless masterstroke that won't be forgotten when the dust finally settles.

>> No.53066199
File: 471 KB, 681x902, 1486612766633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you forgot the most important facts, and the actual reasons he's better

>has a full head of hair
>has the good sense to actually wear a helmet

>> No.53066229

>>literally Spehs Caesar
Add in Spess King Arthur and Wellington, too.
Maybe with a dash of Spess Cromwell.

>> No.53066270

He invented Drach'nyen, one of the worst and most disliked pieces of the lore, fucked with a lot of core ideas and messages of the setting, and genuinely did a very bad job with him. There's nothing wrong with Abaddon being powerful, but it was never his power that made him who he is. The whole idea was that the Primarchs, for all their unmatched power, are nothing more then slaves and puppets, while little Abaddon, barely beneath their notice, is the only one with the will and clarity of purpose to retain control of his fate. Once you start to wank him to being teh stronkest ever, you detract a lot from his greatest strengths, and you also make him seem like a gary stu. That's what really soured him for me, and it's a shame too, cause i always admired his character for staying true to himself despite not being the designated mc that are the Primarchs.

Drach'nyen is absolute shit, though. Pure wank to lower The Emperor from a retarded chaos fanboy with daddy issues. It also detracts from Abbadon because Drach is using him for it's own purpose. Just give him some fucking daemon sword, hell, if they made a shard of Horus' soul into a weapon it would be retardedly powerful and poetic.

So, in short, you think ADB is your friend and that he saved Abaddon, when in fact he's a retard and he damaged him.

>> No.53066286

Celestine would be fine.

That said, it being an eldar would in fact be better, simply because of the eternal buttrage it would cause. Could you just imagine how livid people would be if, I dunno, Asurmen or someone killed Abaddon?

>> No.53066297
File: 47 KB, 480x323, 40k conspiracy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I legitimately considered this option.
Then i went further and considered that ADB himself is the biggest Imperiumfag out there and wants everyone to hate Chaos so much GW lets him straight-up bring Big E back, kill the gods and steamroll the setting into noblebright. How deep does this rabbit hole go?

>> No.53066311
File: 2.54 MB, 1918x810, The Galaxy now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What i thought was gonna happen was Abby just going ''Hey guys, guess what? I spent the last 10k years building a MASSIVE army of which you've only seen a fraction, and i've deliberately not given my all to commanding the previous attacks'' and then bursting out of the Eye with a retardedly huge and well equipped army, the likes of which haven't been seen since the Heresy, and just steamrolling everything on the path to Terra.

That's still a thing. Abaddon commands a force that dwarfs anything Horus ever commanded and he is using it to shepard the Eye towards Terra.

>Instead, they went with the ''all part of the plan'' retcon which is cheap and just serves to make people dislike him even more.
ADB particularly fucked the character because, in his infinite autism, he thought it was Abaddon's personal powerlevel that was the issue. So he just wanked him to oblivion

The Crimson Path makes sense and is brilliant piece of strategy which beats bumrushing Terra and repeating Horus's mistake. It's the thing that sets Abaddon apart from Horus and the thing that gave us THIS which is cool.

ADB did nothing about Abaddon's power level. His Black Legion is mostly from Khayon's perspective and the last one we only saw Abaddon finish off Horus reborn. The second book in July should feature Abaddon vs Sigismund which should be very interesting.

Anyways, ADB gave us Drach'nyen's power level. As you know, Drach is not Aby. Abaddon never drew upon the full power of Drach'nyen yet. We don't know how will he can do it. Given his TT rules, drawing upon the power of the sword is as dangerous to him as his foes. So we don't know Abaddon's exact power level only that he wields an exceptionally deadly daemon as a weapon.

>> No.53066325

I wouldn't be surprised if Chaos gets a triumvirate set with plastic, buffed-up Abaddon as its centerpiece.

>> No.53066396
File: 78 KB, 639x595, 1348921818311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There's nothing wrong with Abaddon being powerful, but it was never his power that made him who he is
It's good to know there's someone out there who gets it

>> No.53066407

>ADB did nothing about Abaddon's power level
Him having an Emperor killing sword factors into his powerlevel.
>The Crimson Path makes sense and is brilliant piece of strategy
Sure, but they could have at least hinted at it. It came completely from the left field. It's decent as far as retcons go, but still a retcon.

Drach'nyen, however, is cancer and i hope somebody retcons it into something bearable.

>> No.53066465

>fucked with a lot of core ideas and messages of the setting

Can I ask what you think these are?

>> No.53066495

>He invented Drach'nyen

Drach'nyen wasn't invented by him. He just gave it a backstory that explains why it was so legendary that daemons feared it and it had to be hidden away from all. Explaining why Abaddon started a whole crusade just to get it. I mean you fucks (yes, you!) complained and mocked the guy for starting the First Crusade just for a bloody sword. Now you got your answer. It's the only sword that can with utmost certainty murderrape the Emperor's soul, not to mention Abaddon having a sword that's humanity extinction made manifest. Ever heard the saying "He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing". That's what Abaddon gained. Control over the destiny of mankind.

>while little Abaddon, barely beneath their notice, is the only one with the will and clarity of purpose to retain control of his fate. Once you start to wank him to being teh stronkest ever,

Except that Abaddon is flawed and stumbled from time to time letting his pride and anger get the better of him. Fall of Cadia being a recent example. I see the problem him. It's Primarch worship. You cannot have anyone better than the Primarchs in ANYTHING.

> also detracts from Abbadon because Drach is using him for it's own purpose

Drach is tamed to Abaddon, not the other way around. It is his prisoner. If it was in control, then it would fly to Terra to complete its destiny. If you cannot see the beauty of a fallen dark angel using the original sin of mankind as to damn mankind, then you have incredibly bad taste. Sorreh!

>> No.53066548

>Sure, but they could have at least hinted at it. It came completely from the left field. It's decent as far as retcons go, but still a retcon.

They spent the whole 6th ED edition explaining it. 7th Ed continued to build it up. Gathering Storm and 8th ED are the pay off.

Were living under a rock for two whole editions?

>> No.53066695


>> No.53066720

AHHHHH SAVE ME LEMAN vs the armless failure...

>> No.53066749

Chaos Gods were originally just parasitic entities borne from and feeding on the subconscious of sentient beings. It was a huge metaphor about man giving his nightmares form from the darkness of his own heart. The gods weren't THAT powerful, they just operated under different rules and attacked man where he was weakest, where he couldn't defend himself.
Then comes The Emperor. THE man. The gods fear Him. They cannot touch Him, His power is supreme. He cannot destroy them directly anymore then He can destroy humanity's emotions. So, He plans to starve them.
The gods, sensing a threat to their very existence, forgo all of their rivalries and work together to undermine him extremely subtly. It works because The Emperor spreads Himself to thin, trusts His sons too much and doesn't see the gods as a direct threat.
During the Heresy, i always had the impression that The Emperor was a bit in denial and extremely relaxed (as one can be in such a situation). ''I'll just kill Horus and that'll be the end of it, my power is supreme''. The Emperor's fall came from Him being a man who viewed Himself as a god: perfect and infallible. He thought he could manage His sons perfectly, that He could multitask everything and that the gods wouldn't be a threat. He felt this way right up until the moment that He stepped on that command bridge (or wherever), and saw His favored son standing above the lifeless body of His other, almost as favored son. And that's when it hit Him, subtly at first
>this is my son
>my pride
And The Emperor tries to reason with him, to get an explanation, anything. Horus attacks Him with all his unholy might, backed by all four gods, and The Emperor, subconsciously, holds back. Greatly. He tries to restrain him with lessened blows, with attacks that do not work on beings on that level. Horus rips Him to pieces, and just as he's about to finish him, a lone guardsman steps in between him and The Emperor and defiantly holds his ground.

>> No.53066764


>> No.53066790

Nothing in the fluff suggests that the emperor loved Sangunius almost as much as Horus. He was top 10 but not top 5. You sangyfags are cancer

>> No.53066835

Horus obliterates him with the contemptuous ease of a cruel god. The sheer cruelty of the act (akin to seeing an adult cruelly kill a child) finally opens The Emperor's eyes. His son is gone. If He fails now, all of Manking shall suffer as that lone, defiant guardsman. The soldiers courage and sacrifice give the Master of Mankind the clarity and the resolve He needs, and even though He is dying, even though His body is a ruin, He finally summons His full power (to the extent He is able in such a state), and Horus and the gods scream in terror and agony as it is unleashed upon them. The gods narrowly escape, while Horus' soul is obliterated. The Emperor fell because of his humanity, his hubris, his conceit, his love.

Now, however, the gods are omnipotent eternal beings that treat all of this as a game, The Emperor is a cruel, evil and incompetent dick that can't even kill a single daemon and may or may not have gotten his powers from chaos, traitors dindu nuffin and chaos already won and everything is pointless.
Fuck black library.

>> No.53066863

The Emperor clearly didnt love birdboy since he tasked Russ with watching over him and authorised him to kill him if he appeared to be a traitor

>> No.53066920

>You cannot have anyone better than the Primarchs in ANYTHING.
Except i literally said he's better then them, and where it counts the most.
>muh original sin
Please stop. The extent of 40k's biblical references were
>Emperor: God
>Horus: Lucifer
>Sanguinius: Jesus (at least in the memes)
The very implication that there exists a God in 40k goes against everything the setting stands for.

>> No.53066946

My mistake. I'm sure he's his favorite now, though.

>> No.53066993

Someone post the ahhh save me leman!

>> No.53067017

>that lone, defiant guardsman
Got to stop you there. The terminator story was the original one, by a few months. Also the bit with Pius didn't actually take place in the final duel, nor did it spur the Emperor on to eventually kill Horus. It was just kind of a sacrifice for the sake of it.

I do agree that the current crop of chaos writers are a load of shit, but you can't call them out on being inaccurate while also fudging details around.

>> No.53067032

What is Robute going to do when Corax and Russ return from the Eye with Lorgar and Fulgrims heads and flip shit when they see the current state of the Imperium? How about the Lion when he comes back from his coma and sees his sons fighting on the wrong side?

>> No.53067065

I don't get it, Gulliman ripped his heart out and sent him running.

>> No.53067095

Erebus had him but had to give a Bond villain speech

>> No.53067113

Didn't Guilliman once slap the shit out of Lorgar, then very nearly beat Angron to death until he trod on a skull, leading the latter to sperg out?

>> No.53067126

I know man, but originally Horus was Emperor's friend, and Dorn wasn't even a Primarch, or something like that. And they fought in Horus' bunker.
Pius (and without any of that perpetual bullshit) is the best way to do it. A lone human sees his mesiah fall, and rather then lose hope he makes his stand, giving said mesiah the strength to do what must be done. It's beautiful.

>> No.53067129

>Now, however, the gods are omnipotent eternal beings that treat all of this as a game

Nah, they're still psychic parasites, they're just beyond conventional time. They always were. The metaphor for mankind's evil deeds being their greatest foe is intact, especially since mankind's stupidity and evil is timeless.

>The Emperor is a cruel, evil and incompetent dick

The Emperor was always cruel and evil, for the exact reasons that you stated for his fall - he thought he was perfect and infallible, and as such he was callous in enacting his plans and entirely foolish in giving in to the human stupidities of xenophobia and hubris.


More like poorly focused. He was too blinded by his own perception of himself to see things turning out wrong, much like you yourself have said.

>can't even kill a single daemon

I'm on the fence in regards to Drach'nyen's new fluff, but still, this is just one daemon that specifically is there to kill him, he's never shown any difficulty with others. If you're implying that the Emperor has been nerfed, I'd say you're wrong. Originally whether he was half as godlike as he's portrayed was a mystery.

>may or may not have gotten his powers from chaos

I know a lot of people hate this, but I like it a lot more than the 'shaman soul fusion' shit. It makes the Emperor more like a canny mythological hero. He's supposed to be a representation of all mankind's strengths and flaws; him rising from relative obscurity and tricking the Chaos Gods into giving him vast cosmic powers is a much better way of portraying this, showing off our ambition, our cunning, our inventiveness, our intelligence, etc, but also our arrogance and greed.

>traitors dindu nuffin

That's quite some hyperbole. Making some traitors sympathetic is not the same as making them blameless or innocent.

>> No.53067135

Beating Lorgar is nothing special and Angron pretty much kicked the shit out of him. In fact Gulliman has never beaten anyone of note, he always jobs in big fights

>> No.53067159

Erebus doing anything to a Primarch is the problem there, anon.
Yes. People like to forget that, just as they like to pretend Angron verbally wrecked his shit and not the other way around
>Fucking loser
-Angron and Guilliman, respectively

>> No.53067180

I know Angron ended up winning the fight, but unless my memory is more shit than usual, I remember Rowboat having the upper hand until Angron lost his shit.

He certainly gave him a brutal verbal beat down, to which Angron tried and failed to make a meaningful response.

>> No.53067181

The emperor was never cruel, hes ruthless and single minded in his goals but he never, in any version enjoys causing suffering.

Stop being stupid yo

>> No.53067205

Angron always comes across as a whinny hypocrite. Both Leman and Robute BTFO him verbally and physically

>> No.53067216

>Actually, Abaddon is super intelligent

Abaddon literally gets stabbed in the back because he stops fighting mid-battle to deliver an evil monologue to a defeated old man.

>> No.53067236
File: 238 KB, 559x225, Crux.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, fair enough

Personally, the Crux being a badge of honour for the act of intervening in the final duel is a bit of fluff they added that I find neat as heck. Mainly because I really love little fictional medals and titles.

>> No.53067264

What is Abbadons end game? Say he actually kills the emperor, can someone actually explain his tax policy?

>> No.53067267

>wilfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it.

You don't have to enjoy pain to be cruel.

The Emperor ordered billions genocided and billions more worked to death, and thought nothing of it. He was one cruel motherfucker.

>> No.53067287

>What is Abbadons end game?

Cheat the Chaos Gods and then reign as the Dark Emperor of the Dark Imperium of Mankind.

>> No.53067335

>this is just one daemon that specifically is there to kill him, he's never shown any difficulty with others. If you're implying that the Emperor has been nerfed, I'd say you're wrong
The problem is, as i've said, He's supposed to be more powerful then the gods themselves. ADB made a daemon that can kill him so he can later fellate the gods as being far more powerful then him. Fuck that faggot. The tragedy of 40k was, to me at least, that the bad guys were the underdogs and managed to bring down the big good with masterful scheming and capitalizing on his hubris. It made it all the more painful. The way they went about it also doesn't make sense unless they were weaker. They were extremely careful about not catching his notice before it was too late, subtly corrupting his sons and then taking him out of the fight using Magnus. Meanwhile, he had no fear of them or anything, they couldn't kill the Primarchs because of the wards he placed on them, and even with Horus they still got wrecked. The only other excuse is ''muh game'' and fuck whoever uses that.

>him rising from relative obscurity and tricking the Chaos Gods into giving him vast cosmic powers is a much better way of portraying this
It wanks the gods too much and also misses the point of the best vs the worst of mankind. The Emperor is mankind's hopes and dreams, the gods are the fears and nightmares. Both were created by Man. Since this is 40k, The Emperor is also hubris and conceit, while the gods each represent positive qualities in their own right.

>Making some traitors sympathetic is not the same as making them blameless or innocent.
I have no problem with fleshing them out, but trying to excuse all of their flaws while giving shit to Emps for everything he does and blaming everything on him is retarded. Somebody said it best ''ADB wants us to have sympathy for the devil but good can never make a mistake''

>> No.53067352
File: 202 KB, 1920x1080, abaddon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.53067374


>> No.53067408

What she did was the equivalent of stepping on his toe and running away. She went for a wound that never killed or crippled a marine since they have Black Carapace, when she could have gone for his hearts or head. I mean she has no excuse. Abaddon was half blind from Greyfax and was distracted with torturing Creed. He was wide open. All she needed to do was behead him.

Celestine is a total retard.

>> No.53067416

>behead a guy in terminator armor
>calls someone else retarded

>> No.53067451


I Prefer https://youtu.be/75zmIj_4LFQ

>> No.53067452
File: 513 KB, 1080x1920, abaddon-warhammer-40-000-game-mobile-wallpaper-1080x1920-14260-3048629018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

His head is exposed and I vaguely recall Eldar and Necrons doing it.

>> No.53067469

Does that top knot act as a lightning rod?

>> No.53067497

>customize your fucking archaotech terminator armor to lose the head protection because of your retarded top knot
Jesus fuck Abaddon's retarded.

>> No.53067563
File: 994 KB, 964x440, Abaddon's Mark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How else can he show the Mark of the Chaos Ascendant on his forehead, dingus?

>> No.53067581
File: 354 KB, 1800x1066, 40k xenocucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking love this post for some reason, it's just perfect. The wording, the image, everything.

>> No.53067585
File: 1.37 MB, 200x254, IMG_2392.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good taste friend.

>> No.53067879

>He's supposed to be more powerful then the gods themselves.

No fluff has ever stated this.

He hit Horus with such a big mind bullet that the gods recoiled from him. This does not mean he's more powerful than the Chaos Gods.

It doesn't even make sense for him to be more powerful than them. They're made up of the psychic power of every single living an dead species' darker aspects. He's a few hundred psykers mashed together.

>> No.53067935


It is obviously a retcon but it isn't a terrible one - the past black crusades were pretty obviously throw away fluff made up just so there could be a 13th.

GW probably only realized later they had turned Abaddon into Rita Repulsa.

>> No.53067940

>Blood Angel shilling

I wish. I love the Baalite bastards, but they seem to be ignored when cool shit happens. Its been the Wolves, Dark Angels, and now Smurfs since things started getting hot again.

That being said, Baal is on the wrong side of the 'fuck fuck fuck' warp storm rift on the new map. Maybe they'll take a central role in the battles there

>> No.53068006

>It doesn't even make sense for him to be more powerful than them
It actually does, when you think about it. Gods are byproducts of life's subconscious, and the warp is a plane that manifests it. The Emperor is a combination of some of the most powerful and skilled psykers that ever lived. In the warp, it's all about how well you manipulate it, how in tune you are with it. The Emperor is the manifestation of it's possible creators and greatest influencers. The gods are cancers spreading through it. Sentient life, humanity, and The Emperor are the TRUE masters of the warp, but the former two could not exibit the level of conscious control over it necessary to resist and combat them. The Emperor, with all his raw power and the pedigree of those elite psykers could.

>> No.53068044

Oh and GK. I actually forgot about them since they were supporting characters in the Fenris thing.

>> No.53068219


Some people miss the Third Edition a lot.

>> No.53068239


>I'm the OP

Literally what.

>> No.53068339
File: 16 KB, 300x424, 17553577_1482495511794723_8287627653808261402_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>trazyn was actually c'tan this whole time

>> No.53068827

>a blatantly obvious move towards the nobledark

I'd love if it was a red herring, and he gets his shit kicked in, gets even more grim derp.

It wont happen, but it would be amazing.

>> No.53068852

>The Emperor is a combination of some of the most powerful and skilled psykers that ever lived.

And Slaanesh alone is made up of EVERY SINGLE ELDAR FROM BEFORE THE FALL. You know, the most powerful and adept psychic race around, who were even more powerful prior to Slaanesh's birth than now because they didn't have to constantly restrain themselves?

>> No.53069162

But Slaanesh is a part of the warp. What i'm getting at is that if sentient beings could master their subconsciousness, the warp would be theirs to do as they see fit. The Emperor is the only being to do so. The gods are products of and exist only in the immaterium, which is directly dictated by the materium. Basically it boils down to The Emperor being in a position the gods can never achieve, a being of the materium that has mastered itself and thus the immaterium. That's why they want to spill warp over. Because they can only influence the immaterium, and thus they needed it to seep into reality.

>> No.53070268


> trailers

Wait what?

>> No.53070355


> No Cypher stabbing Big-E with the Lionsword sword to free him from the chair tier plot

>> No.53070454

Hate to break it anon, but thay aren't. Baiting in hope that meme magic will make it so won't make it so.

>> No.53070624

2 editions ago? Basically for 6 editions chaos was simply failing and abaddon had been defeated. For 2 editions, for some reason, now chaos has been winning secretly since day one and Abaddon is now creed times the emperor apparently. Honestly it's like George Lucas is running this shit.

>> No.53071075

>walking around as THE champion of Chaos without some kind of helmet/head protection

Sweet Gork, Abby's practically begging for Ghazghkull to come up from behind and give him the "Storm of Chaos" treatment.

>> No.53071486


>> No.53073772

>Honestly it's like George Lucas is running this shit.
Come to think of it, has anyone seen ADB and George Lucas in the same room together?

>> No.53073778


>> No.53074094

Guilliman was beating Angron pretty handily, but one of his punches shattered a skull Angron Kept on his armor. The skull belonged to one of the fallen gladiators from his home world so Robby breaking it caused him to REEEEEEEon apocalyptic levels. Until that point, Robute pretty much kicked 2 primarchs asses back to back

>> No.53074292
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>> No.53074314
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>> No.53074394

All primarchs are psychic to some extent. But not everyone is Magnus "I fling fireballs as big as spaceships" the Red.

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