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First for the Dark Eldar! Long live Commorragh!

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you fucker I've been refreshing and waiting to get 1st

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Post cutehammer.

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third for the omnissiah

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>Tfw no cool looking Black Legion stuff
>Tfw Black Legion could be awesome but you remember that Abbadon is their leader
>Tfw Abbadon will never get a new model along with a Black Legion focused Chaos Space Marine box
>Tfw Black Legion, literal Sons of Horus, forever relegated to being forgotten lame faggots.

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You believe that you are in youtube's comment section, or what ?! Damn Heretics.

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This is Kyre. Great Autarch of Biel-Tan.

Say something nice about him.

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Why the long face?

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he's old which means pretty soon there's gonna be one less elf in the universe

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>mfw Tyranids will raise again in 8th
>mfw they will still fail at cqc because of trigger happy, overwatching units
>mfw nothing will change

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3rd edition is best edition.
Anyone that says otherwise has shit tastes

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>constantly talking about how their race is dying out and their domain is being taken over by more populous inferior species

Are Eldar confirmed alt right?

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According to the news, GW in the coming days will explore the Hadex anomaly and what's up with the Sautekh Necrons.

What are they going to reveal and how does this reflect on the T'au?

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I'll actually be playing third edition guard against my friends third edition orks next week, any tips?

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Gas the humans, race war no--oh wait.

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Rulebook version or codex version?

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r8 my edit.

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gonna steal and post on ifunny/10

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Besides tau, what faction has the best dakka?

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>machinefags can't even count past 1

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Do you reckon that Cadia was 40k's Reach?
I think it's funny drawing the similarities between the two universes.

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Assembling a Razorback, thoughts on the turret?

I'm not sure what'll still be good in 8th, though ideally I want something for advancing up with a melta or possibly assault squad inside, if assaulting from transports works out.

Would Heavy Bolters be alright? I hear they're supposed to be a lot better now

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Armageddon is more like 40ks Reach.

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Hey, are we still fighting over if 8th edition is good or not?

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all I know is he said he has a 3rd edition rulebook and 3rd edition ork codex and he told be to get the codex that looks like pic related,

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You might want to wait for 8th before making your decision. Who knows what will happen to those gun profiles.

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>Best Dakka
Who do you think

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That's nice 1d4ddit.

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Magnets are the real way to go

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Cadia was the imperium's Harvest, the first loss of many

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Remember when the Imperium had a world classification just for worlds dedicated to science?
I remember in best edition

On a side note I didn't remember my rulebook to being in Spanish.

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Fair point. I suppose I could just leave it be. Maybe work on magnetizing it?

Yeah, that thought just occurred to me.

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I had forgotten about 4chan not understanding phones and the random autocorrect sneaking by.

Nice to see 4chan is still behind the times.

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There was a 4+ and 6++ invulnerable Troops you could do in that book if I recall correctly.

Back then massive blobs of guardamens with random heavy weapons and leman russ support was rather common.

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>tfw cloud of 15 hellions will be viable
>flanked by raiders filled wyches
>Dark Lance Scourges fluttering around the back field

The time has come!

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I think a lot of the people stoking the flames got banned/board
don't worry, this sint the last youll hear of butthurt

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What do you mean with 40K's Reach?

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Didn't Armageddon hold, though the conflict goes on?

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Oh be careful back then Ork didn't had retarded looted vehicles so expect him to bring Basilisk

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was that the edition with rending conscripts or am I gay?

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I can't fucking wait.

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Yes, but in terms of its strategic relevance and position to Earth it fits better than Cadia.

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don't worry, that's why I'm bringing three, I heard the ordinance table wasn't forgiving, will have to speed read the codex since it arrives the night before we play

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Rending as concept of today (wounding or doing extra damage on 6) was in 4th if memory serves me.

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For some reason I suddenly want to taste ork dick.

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>futurama ass girlsman face
>Zap Gulliman

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Reminder that only Tau and Eldar, superior xenos lifeforms that they are, have both male and female infantry fighting alongside

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The entire planet was forfeited by humanity in order to achieve an important goal.

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Tyranids do it even better.

Every single Hormagaunt is a pregnant female.

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You forgot Necrons

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Why wait?

2nd nd is the correct edition IG codex.

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Go back to your shitty planet, you lying xeno apologist scum.

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>UNSC-fags still trying to justify reach wasn't a total and complete failure
>Imperium-fags still trying to justify cadia wasn't a total and complete failure
I guess you are right anon, quite similar

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MFW robin is still one of the lead designers

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seriously? And then they eat you?


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>ever since that Slaaneshi daemon crawled down sister Valaria's throat she's been much more friendly to her sisters

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Just so I don't screw up base sizes or anything I'd like to reconfirm: the GW store says that Ahriman comes on a 50mm base, though someone has claimed (at least his disc) can fit on a 40mm base. I'd like to use his disc for an exalted I have, would it fit the 40mm base? Is it too large? Even though my friend and I don't worry about base sizes or anything too much, I don't really want to use too large a base or anything and would like to be more accurate in terms of sizes and such.

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Shhhh. Forget it, only dreams, now.

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They don't have time to eat you, they just eviscerate you, suck out some of your your body fluids to stay hydrated, and lay eggs in your dessicated corpse, then run off in an adrenalized frenzy to repeat the process until they are killed or die of exhaustion twitching and frothing while their own young eat their way out of their body.

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I miss the days when Tyranid Warriors had beaks for dicks.

>> No.53031252

She was one of the best female characters I've seen in video games in decades.

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how would you react if we find out he's the one leading the changes on 8th? What if it's fun?

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>tfw you realize she probably died defending Cadia
>tfw you'll now never get a chance to bed down with no nonsense violet eyed qt

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Anon, Reach was legitemately overwhelmed and lost, not sacrificed.
It's loss, however, predicated the beginning of the end of the Covenant War with the discovery of the Halo Arrays.
In that, yes, they are similar, but Halo humanity was going to lose, period, and damn near did any fucking way

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Is this supposed to be a cute version of Sabathiel ?

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>Dark Lance Scourges

I hadn't even thought of that being a thing. Really curious about what they do with mandrakes, their models are too cool to not use.

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How do Tyranids even work? Do they literally just eat everything till they are so bloated they explode?

>> No.53031294

Shhh... No more tears

>> No.53031307

And everything is as it should be.

>> No.53031318

He's not, Pete Foley is.

It might be fun, but that will be thanks to the playtesters keeping the dev team in check.

If Tyranids suck again for a third time GW is going to have their heads spin when the collective wrath hits their social media. People constantly underestimate how huge the Tyranid portion of the 40k fanbase is, almost everyone who wants to play gribbly xenomorph aliens plays this game because no other games offer a similar themed Faction.

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the mainline nids just murder you and leave your body strung across the battlefield, then rippers swarm over an eat everything until they are bloated and can barely move, then they drag themselves into digestion pools and throw themselves in

>> No.53031354

Just went out to the LGS and picked up a Razorwing and Wych squad for 50% off. Starting a DE collection over here. Besides the obvious (a Start Collecting, a Skysplinter box, and Scourges, the most beautiful unit in the army), what else should I be looking at picking up to get started? Aiming for the fastest-movers I can get, barring an eventual Talos or five for virtue of second most beautiful model, so jetbikes and Scourges are high on my priority list.

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It will literally be like the hivemind was unleashed upon this world.Thousands of chattering voices

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No. The combat organisms barely eat at all. They're just born with nutrients and then expected to die in a fight before starving matters.

Then big feeder organisms come along and hoover the resulting slurry, carrying it back towards capillary towers which takes all of the biomass back up to the hive ships in order to make even more tyranids.

>> No.53031370

Picture Nids as communism, they will eat up everything they had before it was installed in the country, then proceed to die in awesome and predicable way.

But don't worry it was not a true Nid so we will try again.

>> No.53031371

Ad mech, but the trick is getting that dakka in range and not being charged.

>> No.53031375

No, the whole "eating" thing is a misnomer. They only have certain specific organisms that are used for the actual feeding. Most of them literally don't eat at all, they're just killing machines that murderfuck anything that moves with horrible barbed venomous appendages until they collapse of exhaustion or starve to death. The more important ones, like synapse creatures, are fed on preprocessed nutrient gruel chewed up and digested for them by the dedicated feeder-organisms.

>> No.53031402

That would be some poetic justice.

>> No.53031411

10/10 edit, anonbro.


>> No.53031428

>tfw you're a bio major and the fact they are called "synapse creatures" messes with your autism a little because that makes no sense

>> No.53031430

Tyranids don't count

Difficult to say.

Ignoring that they're all soulless robots, off the top of my head I can't think of any that are described as women in the codex.

If there are any, then yes, the Xenos Empires Triumvirate are truly a best races, but I do think it's limited to Tau and Eldar insofar as officially co-ed forces.

You can't let a video game bail you out, nowhere are there lady soldiers in your codex.

>> No.53031467

Another month pass and we still haven't got a decent Sailor Moon Celestine and Sailor Jupiter Greyfax.

Not even a half assed fapfic

>> No.53031480

Trust me I know exactly what you mean.

It's derived from brain synapses but the confusion with Synapsids can be odd.

>> No.53031492

Which ones are the Rippers? Also how does the Swarmlord work if it all ends out digested? Does he throw himself into the pool too and get reborn?

>> No.53031502

>Tyranids don't count
Says you, faggot

>> No.53031522

True, but there are female soldiers miniatures.
Checkmate, contrarian.

>> No.53031525

In the IG? There mixed regiments, beside the only male and only female ones. It is basic IG lore since second

They just lack the models because human girls are gross acording to GW. Also they are not marines so they care even less.

>> No.53031557

Rippers are the very tiny ones that look like little snake worms.

Also, yes, that's what the Swarmlord does, and yes, it's as stupid as it sounds.

Tyranid players do our best to ignore the Swarmlord because it's a stupid concept that doesn't make any sense if you know how Tyranids work.

>> No.53031563

Rippers are the tiny worm-looking ones that cluster a bunch of models on one base, like necron scarabs.

The Swarmlord is complete and total fluffrape that shouldn't exist and every mention of him by GW is like a slap in the face, but yeah presumably that's how it would work if anything about him made sense.

>> No.53031567

I'm kind of fine with not having female models. GW is straight up incompetent when it comes to making a female face.

>> No.53031579

the more accurate thing would be to call the space between nids a synapse, synapse creatures should be named after something like those things in the heart that repropagate the signal which name escapes me because I'm two hard ciders deep into post finals misery

>> No.53031581

Man i wish ripper swarms were good for something

>> No.53031607

they've gotten better, greyfax and Celestine look good

>> No.53031616

They make pretty good paperweights.

>> No.53031632

With ID going away swarms should be picking up some more value. It'd be nice to use scarabs as more than just tax again.

>> No.53031634

I'll give them that, even Yvraine. But just about everything before those 2 suck donkey dick. Look at the Succubus model for DE. Good god.

>> No.53031635

do we know approximately when 8th edition is going to come out

>> No.53031640

I know but they look so cute i wanna send them to devour something.

>> No.53031645

I'm wondering if 8th gives swarms the buff they need

>my scarabs with 6+ saves weep tears of sadness, and theyre the best swarms in the game

>> No.53031666


Fuck yea. Small, mobile dark lances that are still fairly accurate is going to be awesome.

As for Mandrakes, hell yes. I'm curious to see how they evolve. Sadly, I think the cover changes might actually hurt them, but we'll see.

>> No.53031673


"This year."

>> No.53031678

its because they've gotten better at sculpting , also humans are naturally extra critical of girl faces so its a lot harder to please people

>> No.53031680

8th edition will probably make them viable.

Early to mid June.

Roughly 6 weeks.

>> No.53031696

Rumors say June 17, I'm saying either 1 or 2 weeks before that. So June 3 or 10.

>> No.53031700

Well if you manage to get a huge unit into combat you could potentially rope 2 other units into one assault, tying up 3 units or at least neutering their shooting for a turn. Thats a huge buff but its unlikely you'll get that perfect scenario.

>> No.53031709

General question:

What's the deal with Matt Ward?

I'm pretty new to the hobby and I've come across this guy's name multiple times, all of them bad.

>> No.53031716

Just leave a corn nut or two on their base. Then they can eat that.

>> No.53031723

I think the original idea wasn't so much that synapse creatures were metaphorically the synapses in the larger "body" of the swarm but that something to do with their brain synapses involved the psychic telepathy they use to connect the swarms together.

>> No.53031726

He was a boogeyman for a while, that's all really.

>> No.53031744

The story of Matt Ward is a perfect storm of fanboyism, mediocre rules writing, internet rage, and autism.

>> No.53031747

off 1d4chan hes pretty damn irrelevant in the modern age of 40k

>> No.53031749

What are you talking about, i love chewing up rhinos with scarabs.

>> No.53031756

people are butt blasted because they think he made Ultramarine fluff too mary sue-ish when it has been that way since 2nd ed.

His crunch was good and fluff was nothing too bad, he just gets a bunch of hate from memefags and retards.

>> No.53031771

hell yes right when my exams are done i get to fucking play some eigth

>> No.53031776

What does the original say?

>> No.53031778

They're 20 points a base and get chewed up by str 6.

>> No.53031793

He wrote really fun (but usually OP) rules but really fanboyish annoying fluff.

He hadn't worked for GW for years until semi-recently he was rehired again, although presumably as a fluff-writer only not as a rules-writer, which is, what the fuck.

He's actually a nice guy and has passion for the game and setting, feelsbadman that he gets so much hate even though some criticism is definitely deserved at times.

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>> No.53031825

thanks, mate.

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>> No.53031840

What is it exactly that makes the Swarmlord so bad?

>> No.53031852

Jesus christ man you've reposted this every thread for like 4 straight threads, just buy the fucking model and measure it before gluing it to something how is that so fucking hard.

>> No.53031859

Once upon a time, Matt Ward shitted all over the cool concept of Grey Knights, making stupid, broken, and yet somehow incompetent gary stues in baby-walkers, out of what was originally a secretive order of SM demon hunters.

But then, jokaeros.

And all was fine in the best of worlds.

>> No.53031861

>Greyfax flinched as the incredibly hot false Saint with the ass of a champion took off her hat
>"But I need my hat for purging heretics!" Greyfax whined
>Saint Celestine gave her a smoldering look and traced fingers on Greyfax's mechanical eye
>"Tonight you're purging me"

Here you go anon, just for you. Have a cropped porn image as well.

>> No.53031885

>He wrote really fun (but usually OP) rules but really fanboyish annoying fluff.

All the books that were updated in 5th edition were fairly even in power, at least for casual play, the problem in 5th edition was that there was literally half the armies that didnt get a codex were stuck with an outdated army that just couldnt hold too much vs the ones that were getting updated. That included armies that were made for 5th edition but released at the end of 4th (Demons, CSM, Orks).

It really wasnt because of Ward but rather the slow pace of releases, now that being said you could still win games with a crappy army.

>> No.53031892

Being a unique Tyranid that wasn't the one-time result of spontaneous mutation makes no sense. A recurring unique character just doesn't fit in with what we know about Tyranid biology and the way a gestalt Hive Mind works. Every argument anyone has ever tried to make for the Swarmlord falls apart when you look carefully at it.

>> No.53031902

Individuality and personality.
Tyranids are supposed to have none of those.
As such, Swarmlord reeks of the Mary Sue syndrome, and strikes as uninspired.

>> No.53031921

tl;dr there aren't supposed to be autonomous individuals like Swarmlord in the Hive.

>> No.53031937

For those of you who play in tournaments, will I be disqualified for using HH models as proxies for my Chaos marines, havocs, and terminators? It's specifically ITC if that matters.

>> No.53031939

>no lady soldiers

>> No.53031949

I'm not defending it, but I know relatively little about Tyranids, and always just saw it as a super evolved smart bug essentially, kinda like the Brainbug. I never saw it as a individual thinking thing with personality, but rather a thing that was evolved to make quick decisions on the fly and adapt on the fly without having to die and the Hivemind having to spit a new Tyranid out that counters what killed the previous thing.

>> No.53031955

It's really annoying as they could still have it without breaking fluff by just having it as a super hive tyrant.

>> No.53031970

Are Skitarii not too good in melee then? How are they in pitched battle against Tau?

>> No.53031976

So guilliman is making new successor chapters, lets get real we all know the only reason he went into the emperor's throne room was too play with crayons, and make more greatest astartes chapters of them all.

>> No.53031979

>fully drawn CelestineXgreyfax yuri in traditional Japanese style fully translated
>3 chapters of romantic build up as you watch these two well written character fall in love and start to give into their forbidden desires for the other
>finally they are about to have sex, made even better from how much investment you have in them
>an ugly, fat, hairy, middle aged version of Abaddon bursts through the wall and kills greyfax before graphically raping Celestine for 20 pages

>> No.53032003

Wait why the fuck is he making more successor chapters? Didnt he do enough to fracture the fucking Space marines and leave the universe in turmoil?

>> No.53032008

nigga where the fuck is that model from?
ive been looking for citadel made guardsmen, especially catachans for ages

>> No.53032015

>brain bug
We have those. They're called hive tyrants.

>> No.53032017

IG has its few, but then again GW can't into human girls.

>> No.53032026

>only posted it in 2 threads so far, second time only for reconfirmation
Still, sorry about posting it so much anon. I just don't want to accidentally mess up my plans for purchasing and potentially waste any money or anything. I guess I'll stop.

>> No.53032028

that sounds like bullshit to me. Tyranids are evolution perfected, and when evolution doesn't need to change it stops running its course. Sharks haven't evolved in millions of years because they're already perfect at what they do, and Tyranids would follow the same rules I would think.

>> No.53032029

Essentially, it boils down to the fact that the Swarmlord is supposedly a tactical genius with thousands of years of knowledge and strategy to make use of.

Which doesn't work, because Tyranids are a Hive Mind. Anything the Swarmlord knows, they all know and can filter out through synapse links. There's no reason to deploy it as this big godzilla monster with melee weapons when circumstances are dire. Just make a new organism that's the Swarmlord's mind in a Zoanthrope body and have it sit on the hive ship as a think tank constantly directing battles if it's somehow that key.

>> No.53032035

>just like in my frustrated chinese mango

>> No.53032037

It's literally the catachan grenade launcher mini.

>> No.53032046

Okay, see, that's what I assumed the Swarmlord was.

>> No.53032055

Its guilliman. He is the greatest primarch of them all, if i was a filthy heretic like Matt Ward i would say he is even better then the emperor himself.

>> No.53032064

God why does every fucking doujin have to have this shit.

>> No.53032079

along as its still WYSIWYG, you should be fine. If it is a GW model and looks like what it is supposed to be, they can't complain

>> No.53032082

Limited run. I don't think many went outside of the U.K.

>> No.53032096

The absolute best way to look at it is Humans not understanding that what they call a Swarmlord is just a specialized Hive Tyrant strain. They try to put a face and a motive on the terror bearing down on them, because the alternative is too horrifying for them to grasp.

>> No.53032106

And it wasn't, it was because of the sacrifices of Noble Team on Reach that John-117 and Cortana were able to get off reach and ensure humanity's ultimate survival

>> No.53032111

If the Hive Mind needs more thinking power, it can grow brains that sit in the Hive Ships in orbit. Although really, it shouldn't even need to do that, because when you consider that intellect is just a matter of raw brain material and the Hive Fleet already consists of literally trillions of organisms with their brains psychically linked together in an unimaginably massive neural network, then adding one SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE COMMANDER is really just adding another tiny drop in the fucking ocean. At the level of bio-engineering nids do there isn't a difference in individuals like there is with humans where some of us are born geniuses and others are idiots, if Tyranids want 8million geniuses they clone 8million geniuses with an exactitude in the genetic code that makes exceptional individuals an irrelevant and outdated concept.

I'm just scratching the surface here. Let's not even get into the fact that if the Swarmlords memories are retained for it to be reincarnated than it's already integrated into the Hive Mind in the first place and has no need to be placed into a specific meat body, let alone limited to one meat body instead of making a few dozen or a few hundred of them to scatter across the prey world, let alone that all those meat bodies need always be the exact same pattern of hurrrrrr 4 sords lol instead of, you know, adapting each one to the specific situation you need like Tyranids are literally known for.

>> No.53032125

Probably been answered a billion times before, but will mineral spirits melt my plastic (not resin, not finecast) figures?

>> No.53032134

He is a hive tyrant. He's just a super special snow flake one. Which goes against pretty much all reasonable nid lore.

>> No.53032159

I still wonder why GW didn't just make the Swarmlord like an avatar of the Hivemind, but instead wanted to make it a individual for some odd reason.

>> No.53032174

That's not how evolution works. Perfection is not a static state you can reach, it varies based on the environment and conditions. Sharks haven't needed to change because their environment has hardly changed. Tyranids are constantly attacking new worlds and encountering new enemies with new weapons, strategies, and abilities, so perfection for them is constantly changing to meet the new challenges.

And all that aside, none of that has anything to do with why the Swarmlord concept is retarded, it's not even related.

>> No.53032183

4th edition onwards GW forgot that the nids was an outer space eldritch abomination of constant perfect evolution that didn't care people lived in the Galaxy.

Think of it as Cthulhu if you will. Just an alien but trying to understand that ancient alien mind is not really possible for simple humans.

>> No.53032201

What if the hivemind has two aspects? The aspect that controls the masses, and then the aspect of the Swarmlord? Both of them the same brain, but one is like the left hemisphere while the other is the right?

Just trying to come up with any possible better writing than GW's explanation...

>> No.53032205

She really was.

>> No.53032209

There are a lot of better ways to look at the Swarmlord concept and fix it, but unfortunately none of them can actually be applied because the Codex is very boringly, retardedly direct and explicit and word-of-god omniscient in telling us how it works instead of leaving anything to the imagination. It leaves no creative room to excuse its complete idiocy.

>> No.53032220

The Swarmlord being some sort of Warp entity that the Tyranids summon that embodies their collective ideas of devouring things would actually make some sense, so I'll call it an improvement.

Plus then it's effectively a weird Daemon kinda thing and can do all sorts of weird nonsense

>> No.53032221

>Tyranid Triumvirate makes the Swarmlord capable of being a "Hivemind Avatar", >information learned from Genestealer infiltrations make only him capable of speech due to the complexity of the evolution

>> No.53032238

>when you fuck up the meme-arrows

>> No.53032251

Man, I love the old metal catachan's

>> No.53032257


>> No.53032270

That's also bad, to be honest.

Anything that destroys the scale of the Hive Mind being unimaginable to a human by contracting it down into a single body, in a faction that's known for being literally googleplexes of metric tons of biomass as a single mindrapingly vast lovecraftian inscrutable organism from beyond the stars.

>> No.53032271

If that was true, then there would really be no reason to ever spawn the swarmlord. That would be like taking one half of your brain and putting it in your hand before getting into a boxing match.

>> No.53032290

Purkinje creatures? Not immediately obvious what they do, I don't think. What about Dominion Creatures?

>> No.53032292

Anything like that*

>> No.53032295

howd u get 50 percent off?

>> No.53032308

Don't know about mineral spirits but methylated spirits are great for removing paint and don't attack plastic at all

>> No.53032322

Three LGSes in my area. The worst of them has one advantage: he has a discount rack, and any Dark Eldar he gets IMMEDIATELY go on that rack.

>> No.53032334

How often, now that the rules are free and online, do you think GW will patch the rules?

>> No.53032346

>Bell of Lost Clickbait

I don't care, I called it. 3rd, 10th, or 17th.

>> No.53032356

Probably not that often, unless somethings particularly glaring.

>> No.53032364

They said once a year. Annual updates to adjust points costs and fix broken things to maintain balance has been confirmed.

The rules will not be entirely free, however. You'll need to pay for Faction rules.

>> No.53032366

Once, maybe twice a year. Depends on how loudly people complain to them, but with everything being digital it should be really easy for them to alter stuff if it isn't working out.

>> No.53032396

Twice a year at the absolute most, once a year most likely unless they fuck something up so bad that it makes one army either unbeatable or unplayable.

>> No.53032402

as often as age of sigmar, which i don't think they've been doing besides putting out battletomes

>> No.53032407

Ripper swarms are excellent in Maelstrom. I often have to consider between them and my Mucolids.

>> No.53032412

ive seen basically this same article over and over since January, they basically just sit and speculate on the same information that's been out for months and act like they have some confirmed info
this is what one would call "fake news"

>> No.53032420

>once a year most likely unless they fuck something up so bad that it makes one army either unbeatable or unplayable.
Considering they've promised that this is the most playtested edition ever, I don't think we'll end up in a situation that bad.

I'm sure there will still be meta tiers but they will never be as grossly far apart as right now.

>> No.53032431

This is new info with photographic evidence from the actual June White Dwarf.

>> No.53032446

Despite all of the harrumphing about the phases they've released so far I still think the biggest deal is the 14 unified FOCs. The removal of strong formations from already strong armies will do so much to even the playing field even if no other rules change.

>> No.53032448

Is there anyway to purchase them outside of the Tyranid Swarm bundle?

>> No.53032452

If they can land everyone in the range between say, SoB and Necrons, I think it'll be fine. Just aim to get everyone in upper mid/low high tier.

As long as we don't have a god tier with Eldar and the rest and a rock-bottom tier with Orks and Tyranids.

>> No.53032463


What news

>> No.53032476


>> No.53032494

what armies do you play and what are you hoping GW does for you and what are you afraid GW will do to you?

>> No.53032501

They come on the sprues for other models.

A box of Warriors gives you a few Rippers (I think it's enough for a base?), a box of Termagants gives you a base, Genestealers have a few, Carnifexes have a few.

>> No.53032504 [DELETED] 

Thread is moving kind of slow. Post what music you are listening to and let anons guess what army you play.


>> No.53032529

Hoping they bring back actual useful Biomorphs, afraid they'll force me to run Gaunts for fluffy benefits. I want Nidzilla damnit.

>> No.53032532

Formations are apparently being kept but they will now
A) Cost points
B) Never give free shit that costs no points, because that would completely contradict point A

>> No.53032535

it doesn't matter how much they playtest, just like any vidya they will try and balance the game, but like a million autistic monkeys on typewritters someone will break the balance over their knee day one and require patches

>> No.53032536

Forge World had some awesome ones

>> No.53032566


>> No.53032571

Nerfed, make the Wraithknight not cancer
>pls no more buffs

>Dark Eldar
Make Wyches usable and I will be happy.
>they get nothing to make up for the disappearance of I which is all they had going for them, also poison becomes even shittier than it already is

I only have a small force but I swear to fuck if Leman Russes become unusable I will fucking riot.

>> No.53032575

Probably. I feel like it'll take a few months for it to become widespread and well-known though. We might see a FAQ in short order

>> No.53032577

necrons, hoping i can play an actually casual list against my friends for once. I'm terrified they're getting rid of any of the uniqueness we had though.

>> No.53032582

But there's a difference between accidentally releasing something OP and accidentally releasing something OP on the level of Eldar Craftworlds compared to Orks. We won't see the latter anymore.

On top of that, annual balance releases that change points costs and minor rules will fix the first case. They straight up confirmed they are doing this.

>> No.53032593

i'm actually all for this.

>> No.53032604

I've got a sizable Chaos marine army, and the only thing that concerns me is losing Relics.

I have a dozen different Chaos HQs because I love customizing them and kitting them out so damn much.

>> No.53032610

starting orks. haven't played since 3rd so I don't really know much about rules changes.

I hope they get bonuses on the charge other than attacking first, because otherwise slugga boyz seem strictly worse.

>> No.53032628


I play 3.

>> No.53032633

Black Templars

Vows for the Emperor's Champion, I dont care if they are stratagems or command points or FOC manipulation but I want the EC to be the way he was before, more than just a beat stick and something that you WANT to put in every list.

Thats the only thing I want though getting the old Righteous Zeal back would be nice too.

>> No.53032634

Make Orks S4.

>> No.53032640

Orks will probably retain something like Furious Charge that makes them hit harder on the charge. On top of that pistols got better, pile in rules are better, they're probably going to hit everything on a 3+, and they'll get to keep their tshirt armour saves against more weapons.

>> No.53032650

Someone convince me. Not to buy 20 hellions for 8th edition. Please.

>> No.53032665

The fact that there not killing off my army is good enough for me

>> No.53032668

If you like how they look, get them. Supposedly every unit will be viable.

>> No.53032670

Don't buy 20 Hellions Anon. Buy Gangs of Commorragh twice

>> No.53032671

>what armies do you play
>what are you hoping GW does for you
I just want plastic berzerkers and more named characters. Maybe re-tool some of the blood tithe rewards for the new edition since the stats are changing now. Oh, and bake the fucking Mark of Khorne into KDK units for free. God dammit.
>what are you afraid GW will do
I'm a bit nervous about the new summoning rules requiring you to put aside some points specifically for summoning, but I understand why they did it.

>> No.53032676

I'm just glad it sounds like they are making shooting relevant again.

>> No.53032700


>> No.53032706


>> No.53032709

I'm just glad Walkers aren't vehicles anymore.

>> No.53032718


That $120 vs $50 and I already have Reavers from my 2 SC boxes.


Who doesn't love a bunch of green goblins?

>> No.53032720

Buy 21

>> No.53032722

Are you from 4th edition? Please tell past me not to start playing Sisters in the hope of getting an army on the go before their new codex hit.

>> No.53032728

Marines, and hoping these new guillimarines arent some attempt at rescaling. I don't want to suddenly have an army of fucking manlets.

>> No.53032745


As a Sisters player who's been saying since 4th, I am so glad I started back then because of how rare they are now. I'd tell past me to buy more shit when the buying was good.

>> No.53032769

Buy that Gangs of Commorogh box so you get them AND Reavers

>> No.53032775

we don't even know the rules yet...?

>> No.53032779

For the love of god I hope so. With furious charge gone I hope they considered this.

>> No.53032791

I just hope that Walkers aren't MC anymore

>> No.53032792

>army of manlets
is their primarch that manlet who punched the antifa protestor?

>> No.53032800

Great job anon. Tasteful weathering.

>> No.53032811

>"You're Afraid"

>> No.53032830

Do you not live in the UK? Besides meme models like the jump Canoness and certain Sister poses (which I have shittons of anyway) the models themselves are as easy to get a hold of as ever.

The evaporation of updates however has made Sisters into a meme army with a stereotypically hipster playerbase, and I say that as one diehard Sisters player to another though I'm mostly just incredibly bitter I didn't get any Repressors before they killed the mould, like seriously I put in a mail order for one at GW fucking HQ and got refunded weeks later when the realised they didn't make that shit anymore

>> No.53032837

only acceptable if the swarmlord has Bane's voice

>> No.53032842

Amen brother, I want that and our chapter tactics to not be insulting.

>> No.53032881

Keep Platoons (I believe this was confirmed)
Keep orders that let us make are troops truly effective
Keep Leman Russ Tank Commanders and give them similer orders to the CCS (bring it down vanquishers whoooo!) and let them issue it to all tanks in your army.
Keep assault shotgun veterans
If orders still exist, let the Vox give orders unlimited range instead of a reroll
WE NEED MORE HEROES! Creed is all but dead, his bodyguard's dead, and Pask is in a Baneblade (WHYYYY!?). We need a new Leman Russ hero commander but preferably 2, a new CCS commander to replace creed but preferably 2, some new bodyguards because Nork is overcosted, and maybe some new heroes. How about a hero platoon commander, a hero chimera crew that gives the transport extra movement and BS. Maybe a hero artillery that can fire overwatch with a canister shot, or can voluntarily detonate it's own ammo to kill enemies assaulting it? We are the heroes without number, so let's see more heroes!

What I fear:

Leman Russes nerfed to shit with stupidly low toughness or wounds (low save i'm fine with thanks to hull-downing and the idea of the save representing weaknesses in the armor, of which the Russ has many.)
Chimera/Veteran/ChimeraVets nerfed (somehow. Not sure how they'd do it but I put nothing past GW)
Price increases of any kind. We are a horde army after all!
Forgetting to give us heroes.
Fucking up the Deathstrike. PLEASE do not fuck up the nuclear bomb!

>> No.53032912

fess up who of you is responsible for this?

>> No.53032920


I live in burger world, but I mean when I started playing, I could go to most stores and pick up SoB models off the shelf, including GW. That, and I could buy them on eBay for cheap. Now, they're just expensive, and no one plays them.

>> No.53032931

>Pask in a baneblade
hol up, I'm gonna need some source on this, pasks ride is the hand of steel which we all know is always a leman russ

>> No.53032944

Not this shit again!

>> No.53032947

He made some fanboy shit about Grey Knights and Ultramarines, I think he might've had the GK's butcher the Sisters so they could use their blood as wards against a daemon so they could get a daemon hammer, but 1d4eddit decided he's the worst thing ever. Honestly, his crunch was typically quality and outside of favoritism, he did nothing to really earn so much ire. All in all 7/10 might hire again.

>> No.53032951

an ethnic kekistani jihadist participating in the great French meme war

>> No.53032956


Again, Gangs is $60 MSRP ($70 cheapest on ebay) and only has 10 Reavers. I can pay $50 right now for 20. Plus, I have 6 Reavers from my SC boxes already.



>> No.53032968

10 Hellions* not Reavers

>> No.53032972

if 40k existed as a game in universe, would it be considered heretical? Like, I imagine toys of space marines might be allowed, but would images of orks or tyranids be censored? And obviously no chaos factions of any kind.

>> No.53032995

Purterabo played 40k, so id imagine it would be a good way for commanders to practice battle stratagies and formations, it would also give generals the ability to match themselves against eachother without going to war, kinda like chess

>> No.53033005

No, all Imperial armies would be stupid good and xenos would be hard mode or set up to fail, the game is run by an Inquisitorial conclave to make sure it remains as a vehicle for Imperial propaganda.

>> No.53033012

>having time to play games when there's weapons to be made at the Manufactorum

That's how you get a bolter round to the skull, mate.

>> No.53033015

I just realize that the kids would get to watch some bomb ass cartoons.
>tfw you'll never get to watch G.I. Joe vs The Swarm

>> No.53033016

I wish I was joking. The Hand of Steel got shot out from under him by Longstrike (which is Ironic given Pask kicks Longstrike's ass on the tabletop) and he decided to upgrade to a Baneblade in response.

>> No.53033030

40k as we know it would be purged with extreme prejudice for even implying the Imperium cannot conquer its enemies or that the Guard and especially Marines can ever be defeated, as well as 30k's portrayal of the Emperor as a massive fucking incompetent dickwad.

But if that was all allowed for some reason then just have a read of the Primer to get an idea of how balanced the game would be.
>Guardsmen soloing Carnifex and Green Tides with bayonets alone
>you don't play a Marine army, you play half a Tactical Squad and you are STILL absolutely unbeatable

>> No.53033058

>le Mary sue fish tank commander defeats the greatest tank ace in the galaxy
>he doesn't just get a new hand of steel like usual
>no plastic pask unique russ variant HQ next edition
are you trying to b8 me? because youre doing a really good job at rustling up my jimmies

>> No.53033070

The Xenos would be controlled by simple game rules like "Attack nearest vehicle" or "Charge nearest Imperial Commander". The points cost would be fair since the propagandists know the players would just keep stacking the odds of their Comp-Stomp until it was actually fair anyways.

...Then the store owners would monitor the players for heresy and/or tactical genius and let the inquisition know when they'd found a good potential commander or heretic.

>> No.53033091

I mean, animation is probably still a thing in the imperium, right? A show with the moral "Slay the mutant" would be the best Saturday morning show ever.

>> No.53033094

speaking of pask could any history fags tell me what country was accepted as having the best tank commanders in WW2
I was gonna paint pask as a Nazi tank commander but I figured that would be the meme selection unless the krauts really were the best at tank warfare

>> No.53033102

>he hasn't read Warzone Damocles yet
Kek, have fun with that steaming pile of shit m89. At least Guard got some neat relics and a meme formation.

>> No.53033157

trust me ive been jacking off to emperor's wrath and volkovs cane for months now, I just knew any story involving tau would be a steaming pile of pot armour and bad writting

>> No.53033163

Everyone had famous tank commanders, but the most famous were indeed those of the panzer divisions, iirc.

Also, most soldiers weren't Nazis per say, as very few people in Nazi Germany were actually politically National Socialists. You had the SS for the militant Nazis. The SS were the ones who got special treatment and unique camouflage patterns as well.

>> No.53033165

Well they all had good tank commanders but if you want a Nazi tank commander here's your guy:

>> No.53033181


Combine the Admech and Skitarii into one fucking book.


AdMech get splintered into even more sub-factions so I have to buy more fucking books.

>> No.53033203

So I burned out on trying to keep up due to no local gaming groups... discovered in my absentia there sprang up a healthy-ish-WFB/40k group at the game store that's like 3-5 blocks away.

8th sounds kinda interesting. The Primarchs are back, and there's a chance the Emperor is back, too? Any hint as to the fluff reasons why the galaxy is split in half / why half the Imperium is dead?

The novels... should probably get caught up with them, I hear they're not shit?

Wondering how the Tyranids will fare -- they were always my favorite faction, although Eldar was kinda nice too. IIRC Tau arrived during my absence but I was never a fan of Gundam so...

And of course, like any dork, I do want to make a Malal CSM army someday. Wonder if the new fluff will allow for that style of CSM list (few units but geared up to the ears).

NeoMarines might be interesting. Do we know anything about them yet?

>> No.53033228

>everything after Rogue Trader is basically fan fiction edition
This is basically how I feel about everything post 3rd edition.

>> No.53033254

>NeoMarines might be interesting. Do we know anything about them yet?

Rowboat is using them to rebuild dead chapters, reinforce weak ones, and lead the charge of his Indomitus Crusade.

>> No.53033255

things on that site are not always labeled correctly.

>> No.53033257


You think Slannesh will survive into 8th? Word is they want to make it family friendly like AoS, which means no lust god/dess.

>> No.53033269


>> No.53033276

Isn't AoS having an event about the return of Slaanesh tho?

>> No.53033281

yeah I know, it really wasn't that many until they started making party membership basically mandatory if I remember correctly, surprisingly not every german was walking around busting caps in any jews or darkies they saw, but I digress

thinking about doing it based off pic related from other anons advice, ill see how the metal sculpt looks after I paint it but hopefully the facial features and scars show up well so I can do a lot of detailing and highlights

>> No.53033315

Germans pretty much invented armoured warfare and their tanks were second to none. They just weren't able to build enough of them and they often broke down. So while a tiger was a terrible foe, it could often be bested by several rugged if tactically inferior shermans

>> No.53033330

Heck, there were Jewish and Black Nazis, iirc.

Yep. German tanks were retardedly overengineered as well.

>> No.53033332


So... wait. I thought the rumor was that they were gonna be some sorta hybrid of Primarch and SM DNA, which is why they're 8 feet tall or somesuch tripe?

But they do have DNA backups of all the dead chapters and the like... So they could do both I suppose? Or they could replace old dead chapters (like the ones eaten by the Hive Fleets) with 8 foot tall Ubermenschs?

Is it bad that I love the fluff more than I like the hobby itself?

>> No.53033353


Slaanesh is in AoS. She's just being held prisoner by the elves at the moment.

>> No.53033356

>ahead of its time
>beaten by more rugged cheaper tanks
so germans were basically tau?

>> No.53033361


Yeah, a year later. No reason they wouldn't do the same for 40k?

>> No.53033373

Hey /40k/, this is probably the newbiest question ever but:
Is there any way to get into Warhammer without spending shit tons of money?
Me and my friends are college students and we've been getting into Tabletop games lately, we already started a DnD group which only one of us spent any money on (he bought like 100 dollars worth of books and stuff, plus his dad had a backlog of books and to spare).
We started to get an interest to 40k due to are love of war strategies and stuff, but every where we looked it seemed way too expensive to get into.
Is there any way to actually build an army, learn the game, and get prepared for 4 people for 200 or less? Cause if not were not going to bother, as none of us are willing to spend much more than that.

>> No.53033384

>slaanesh held prisoner by aelves
how much more cucked can you get?

>> No.53033386

That is part regressive rethorics try to forget. The Nazis where humans. Men, women and children, not worst than any other men, women and child.

>> No.53033393

No, because Tau tanks actually use sloped armor. German tanks would likely have been nearly unbeatable if they stopped using the retarded flat armor schematics with frontal transmissions for their panzers.

Yeah, just play smaller games, m8. 8th edition's about to start in a month or two, so the rules will be free as well, making it cheaper.

>> No.53033400

Tabletop Simulator. People have added models for most of the armies and you can get the rules from the links at the top of every /40kg/ thread.

>> No.53033416

So I figured if I buy a gauntlet box and some bits I can build this, I just wish we knew if we can assault out of rhinos/razorbacks

>> No.53033418


Here's the updated version.

>> No.53033434

They started to learn with the panther but it was too little too late

>> No.53033436

>find a local game shop
>buy a start collecting box of the coolest looking faction
>buy the starter painting set and some brushes
>try to "hobby" like painting models and building there, asking questions with people and checking out games
>most people who play 40k love newbies because it means a new face and new army
>once you start feeling confident ask to play a practice game with someone
>spend a less than 2 new vidya games, if the the magic is there for you youll know by then
you don't have to start out buying an entire army, work slow and troll ebay constantly, find a game store so you have people to ask questions with

>> No.53033437

Well the new edition will have all the rules for basically everything free to download, so that helps.
Then you can either fish for good 2nd hand model deals (I once took over a complete battle company of marines for 150 bucks, most of it unpainted and unassembled) or use paper cut-out or other tokens to represent models and terrain.
And the starter sets are usuallly reasonably priced, have 2 small armies and everything you need to play the game. But again, wait for the new starter set for the new edition (unless you really like the models of the current ones)

>> No.53033439


>> No.53033445

goddamn it I forgot the picture

>> No.53033449

Tau are not ahead of anyone. They are just small enough to make the logistic of bringing high tech shit not a real issue.

There was this old lore about Leman Russ variants have holographic controls and some even are linked to the pilot.

I recall it was at the end of the 3rd edition rulebook. Might be confusing with something else though.

>> No.53033457

Shadow War just came out and is pretty good, only requires an infantry box and maybe some individual models off ebay if you get really into it

>> No.53033483

For 200 dollar you could get the Dark Vengeance or the Betrayal at Calth/Burning of Prospero box, and some basic paints and brushes. If you all want an army of your own, you will probably need more money. A Start Collecting box costs 85, and gives you a starting force. Add to that brushes, paint and maybe soem clippers and knifes, and each of you has to spend at least 100$.

>> No.53033484

Eh, I wouldn't call the Sherman "Tactically Inferior". After all, it's sloped armor gave it some pretty hefty survivability, especially the Jumbo variant, and the wet ammo racks took care of the explosion issue pretty well. When it engaged the Panzer IV, it was an equal fight, and even on the Sherman's favor in early Africa.

Remember, tank losses in WWII were heavily skewed in favor of whoever got the first shot off, and the defending Germans tended to get the first shot off all the time. Even then, Shermans could duel a Panzer and come out on top, as they did in the battle of Arracourt proved quite decisively.

>> No.53033487

Enemy tank ace with superior tech wins
>mary sue asdfg

IG tank man
>truly the greatest in the galaxy, so sue here, so well written, such masterful blend of gripping heroism and believable humanity


>> No.53033498

It's also unbelievable the amount of German citizens who were simply unaware of what their government was up to. I remember seeing a photo of german people reacting to footage of concentration camps shown to them by the allies shortly after their defeat.
Expressions of utter horror on every one of their faces.

>> No.53033516

We have multiple different types of those functioning at different operational levels even. You have hive tyrants functioning as regiment to corps level commanders, with dominatrixes above them doing everything up to theater level (and also giving birth to ground forces en masse) and in space Norn Queens command the hive fleet and are responsible for genetic tinkering and they're all in continuous thought-to-thought communication witch each other.

>> No.53033519

Play 500-750pt games, or play using any of the start collecting kits. You can cut down on hobby costs if your group paints together too

>> No.53033520

Thank god, New GW™ is going to save us from Formation spam. Hopefully next they save us from super friends armies.

>> No.53033524

Holding objectives while being too low for units to draw LOS?

>> No.53033529

My memory was wrong.

Someone else grab their 3rd edition rulebook in English.

>> No.53033566

I've heard that the Soviets actually killed more jewish people than the germans, oddly enough.

>> No.53033568

>alpha as fuck human
>made a name for himself because of a desperate gambit that saw him kill a stompa with a lascannon because he got insanely lucky
>tons of experience against every enemy of man
>scared all over from countless battles
>refuses the superior baneblade to fight with the rugged workhorse of the imperium along with the everyday men of tank companies
>basically everything the imperial guard is supposed to be
>a fish face who saw all his men get killed so he got really really mad and now he can kill all the bad guy tanks because he hates them so much
seriously why is every tau character from a fucking shonen?

>> No.53033581

Anyone got a copy of Carrion Throne yet?

>> No.53033583

>what armies do you play
None, but bought Start Collecting Skitarii

>what are you hoping GW does

>what are you afraid GW will do
Shit, I don't even know what I CAN do, so I probably wouldn't miss anything as of yet.

>> No.53033591


They need to have him pull another Imperium Secundus with the empire going to shit to help tar him with being the johnny come late to the empire fight like before.

Plus it plays up a fall of the Roman-Imperium empire.

>> No.53033615

Any suggestions on a trim color? I'm thinking about a bleached bone and a blood red for the weapon panels.

>> No.53033620

Instead of having man vs chaos as the story shouldn't each race have its own conflicts for 8th? Why just move the plot forward for one faction when everyone can have a big new event. Orcs show up at the tau homeworld, necron fleets chase a craftworld on a race to a mcguffin, and Dark eldar and nids can get into an edge off to see who will face chaos in the galactic edge off finals at hot topic. The story could move forward by codex release fluff and overlap. Maybe the eldar try to juke the necrons by flying by a forge world or whatever. I'm just saying this thing needs to have story beets the keep it fresh. Now tell me how I am wrong.

>> No.53033623

Leman Russes have never had anything but analogue computers for controls, they are so basic they dont even have a machine spirit to do the computing. I guess you could have a machine spirit installed but I have yet to see a mention of it in a Leman Russ.

>> No.53033625

gee, it's almost like someone who has had more spotlight has more of a story

>> No.53033626

Depends on the world :)

>> No.53033657

>super badass man
>veteran of a 1000 wars
>so humble
Such cutting edge character development

>> No.53033690

>Dark eldar and nids can get into an edge off to see who will face chaos in the galactic edge off finals at hot topic.


Nigga wat. Literally how are intergalactic locust edgy.

>> No.53033694

It will happen.
Those developments tend to appear in individual codexes though.

>> No.53033713

I want to run Nidzilla as well, but if melee is great again, I would also like to run a million Hormas

>> No.53033726

Nazi commanders got the most kills because they couldn't stop fighting. Same reason their air aces got lots of kills. Lots of German tank crews were shit (they were fighting non stop for 6 years attrition rates were horrible). But those fellas that were left standing from start to finish were pretty hardcore.

>> No.53033729

I just dread the idea of assembling and painting that many Gaunts. It would be a bit better now, since I wouldn't also have to space them out for blasts, but out of all the options Tyranids have I just really don't want to use them.

>> No.53033739

>possible samefagging
>doesn't even try to defend longstrike anymore
free Valkyrie rides for tau when?

>> No.53033740


>Never done tabletop just vidya 40k
>Orks are not Strength 4 but strength 3
>Tactical marines have more strength
>Marine Scouts have more strength
>An ork has the same Strength rating as an eldar guardian or Imperial guardsmen

>> No.53033743

14 Different FOCs means that there'll (hopefully) be at least some way to run Nidzilla atleast semi-competitively.

>> No.53033749

>max speed - 25kph


>> No.53033755

I'm sick of transporting fucking gaunts. I hate them, they occupy a shitload of space, take up the entire board, take forever to move, they play like shit, building and painting them sucks and they're not even good.

>> No.53033767

>Crew of 5
>Commander also has to function as the gunner.
>Driver also has to man the radio
>Three people in the crew do sweet fuck all
C'mon Imperium, get with it

>> No.53033772


>> No.53033778

I mean, that actually kind of makes sense, seeing as Leman Russes are Infantry Tanks, meant to keep up with the infantry and support them.

>> No.53033784


>> No.53033809

You called a hivemind of bug monsters that eat everything they see edgy. Do you know what edgy means? Like, it doesn't even fit as the meme version or the actual definition.

>> No.53033812

being able to be compared to the noble Eldar is an honor your don't deserve Ork

>> No.53033819

>2 people disagree with me
I'd say you jump at your own shadow but I dont think your fat ass could leave the ground

>> No.53033847

Yeah in 7th they suck, but in 8th they'll be good

>> No.53033852


>> No.53033856

Yeah obviously dark eldar make it to the finals. Nids just need to fit in the story too.

>> No.53033869

That's old lore. The slightly newer IA lore give them a commander, gunner, driver, and a loader who manned the hull gun. Plus the sponson guys if they had sponsons.

The old lore is closer to the Leman Russ's Char 1 Bis roots but the new lore is what you'd expect from a modern vehicle. That said, where the loader finds time to operate the hull gun while heaving shells the size of his own torso around is beyond me.

Radios are strictly the commander's job these days. Not that hard: Old radios were finnicky things, but modern radios are pretty idiot proof.

>> No.53033878

>abandoning the argument completely
its okay anon, we can just live and let live, ill even concede I was wrong about the samefagging, its clear you're not interesting in seeing this argument continue

>> No.53033905

they were to fix things that broke or take over when someone died

why do real tanks to this day have human loaders when automatic loading systems have existed for decades? having an extra person around is useful

>> No.53033908

>Doesnt defend longstrike

The point wasn't to defend Tau Sues but to point out that imperial wankery over their sues is somehow cool and then losing ever to anything ever is bad
You're too far gone taking 40k serious to have a clue

>> No.53033921

>they occupy a shitload of space, take up the entire board
that's half the fun

>take forever to move
eh, not really, when you figure out where one is going, you know where the rest are going. Termagants on the other hand...

>they play like shit and they're not even good
all melee is shit in 6-7E

>building and painting them sucks
pay someone to do it for you :^)

>> No.53033923

Yeah. For me it's more of a matter of what they count as a 'fluffy' list for benefits though, since I'm not sure 3 warrior broods, a Trygon, a Hive Tyrant, a Carnifex, some Hive Guard, and a few Raveners would fall into that.

I guess it'll be fine so long as they fix the durability and point costs and everything.

>> No.53033927

thats all baseless rumours.
slaanesh got a page on the new website same as the other 3 gods.
slaanesh isn't going anywhere

>> No.53033943

Redundancy is a nice thing to have in combat situations, since things and people are somehow more likely to suffer defects in such situations.

>> No.53033948

What argument? You're comparing a character who is written about in several books to a character who got like a single page of lore in a codex that one time. I get it your ass hurts from the rapetide but it is not healthy to hate something this much

>> No.53033971

This is why banblades use servitors for the sponsons.

>> No.53033992

Second dumb newbie question:
Is painting necessary? Would it be easier and more cost effective to just not paint the soldiers and identify them by shape and size, then later down the line paint them?

>> No.53033995


She is the god of excess not fucking lust. It just happens that lust is the most common excess expressed by authors or fluffers. They wanna make her safe then just play up the pride cometh before the fall, obese epicureans without any rot, androgynous pretty boys like Sigvald, excessive wealth-seeking avarice, excessive death-seeking (not bloody death or biological death but just plain death). Slap bras on Daemonettes - that might piss of fans but axing Slaanesh would piss them off even more. But that's a nonissue because slaanesh getting axed is a stale meme.

You don't even have a god to try and replace her like the Horned Rat. Malal does not count

>> No.53034008

That baneblade has less crew than what is described in the Macharius trilogy.

Man I really liked those books, I should read them again. BL should do more from human perspective stuff.

>> No.53034022

>inb4 hivemind replaces slaanesh
As a tyranid player I'd be right confused.

>> No.53034033

That's because he's called Malice now ya dingus

>> No.53034047

> Is painting necessary?

No, but it makes your army looks good.

>> No.53034063

Although the Baneblade books have a single soldier operating all four sponson weapons. It also has (IIRC) one commander, one "First Gunner" for the turret, one "Second Gunner" for the Hull guns, one-tech-alcolite, one techpriest, and two loaders.

Doesn't mean the sponsons don't have servitor-aid of course. But it does lead to the unique situation where the first, second, and third gunners all have one anti-tank cannon and one anti-infantry weapon.

First Gunner: Baneblade Cannon, Autocannon
Second Gunner: Demolisher Cannon, Twin-linked Bolters
Third Gunner: Lascannons, TL-Blolter sponsons.

I just thought that was a neat detail.

>> No.53034065

Obviously the Emperor becomes the new fourth chaos god.

>> No.53034074

>Girlyman crusades
>No matter how much he conquers it never is enough
>Slaanesh steps in
>Girlyman is seduced betrays the imperium

>> No.53034086

I play Death Korps because I enjoy incinerating money. I get that it's less efficient, but I like to think of the Baneblade as a massive WWI landship style tank where it's all one cavernous inner hull (or a couple decks) crammed with oil-streaked, sooty Korpsmen manning turrets and stations.

>> No.53034104

Those aren't catachans

>> No.53034109

Honestly I always felt Daemonetts would have best been dressed in elaborate Belly Dancer costumes. It would have fit the Slaaneshi themes, looked good, and been that sort of approachable sensuality that would have sold models and mothers wouldn't have minded.

>> No.53034115

Trust us, once you start buying without painting, you will never get around to painting. Soon you'll have 2000 points of Eldar, be $700 bucks in the hole, and it'll all be a flat, ugly grey. Yuck!

Never buy more than 500 points ahead of your painting. If you add to your army as slowely as you paint, you'll find yourself A) Having a lot more money, B) Caring a lot more about your troops, leading to C) You trying out new poses, kitbashing, and other neat ideas for troops leading to D) A more unique army that other players will love to see on the tabletop.

>> No.53034127

>Girlyman becomes the betrayer god of pain

>> No.53034131

Well let's talk prices. I might be able to help you how much do you need painted, and on a scale of 1-10 how well do you want it painted. I do mostly 4-7's personally. Particularly if clients just want to get it on the table fast.

>> No.53034157

>market daemonettes on the box with their costumes on
>costumes optional on the sprue

And bring back Diaz daemonettes you bastards, the new ones look like Warpstop lot lizards.

>> No.53034165


Yer a dingus you doofus. But you're right mea culpa

You'd get people sperging out over censorship (and to be fair I do agree that for as vicious and nasty a setting as 40k there is no harm in having nipples), but if you could overlook the censorship boondoggle that'd be a pretty great idea.

The entire worry of little timmy's mother getting butthurt and it having an impact on sales seems rather unlikely to me. Timmy is almost certain to be begging mum for a loyalist or chaos marine starter pack. If he does wants daemons it'll probably be khorne. Timmy might be horny but he's got the internet or video games for that.

>> No.53034184


I forgot about LGS games where someone has a daemonette army but even then is timmy's mom really going to be paying close attention to some miniatures?

>> No.53034192

Or little timmy will be a good little boy and save up money from chores (if he gets money for chores) and ride over to the Games workshop or what ever and buy his own damn daemons

>> No.53034218

The thing I want most are Diaz Seekers. They're super sleek and fast looking, and I'm really glad I finally managed to get my hands on some.

>> No.53034232

>Implying little timmy wouldn't get Yvraine, Lelith, or the Ynnead for dat fine ass.

>> No.53034233

Thanks for the offer, but i don't even plan to discuss with my friends about this again for a few weeks, they're still new to tabletop and probably need a little bit more exprirence before i drop another game idea. i'll probs start buying figures later on when 8th edition comes out.
Thank you guys so much for the advice, I never expected this much out of 4chan. I'll take all this advice into consideration, it kinda made me even more excited about trying the game out and even starting to build my own littler personal army, thanks again!.

>> No.53034235

There was once a hiver from Hive Klicks
Who had joined the guard just for the kicks
And have fun he did
'til he fought a 'nid
Now his heads in an alien dick

>> No.53034242

kill yourself

>> No.53034255

I'll agree to this. Apparently I'm the only bastard around who models familiars on his stuff.

>> No.53034285

Oh...shit Seekers were the best back in Third. I hope they come back to that glory. Man I'd kill to get my hands on them again.

>> No.53034318

Freaky ugly daemonettes are fine

the problem is that their poses suck

they're very inelegant, they need better poses

>> No.53034322

>bleached bone with the purple
i like it. love the high contrast. for trim i might suggest a dirty gold. Privateer Press' Blighted Gold comes to mind.

here's my own WIP for a Celestial Lions intercepter. just need to highlight the edges and add a bit of weathering now

>> No.53034329

NO. it's not necessary and elitists scare newbies away from the hobby by saying it is. if you just want to play the game, all you have to do is assemble the guys. you MAY want to paint, most people do.

>> No.53034359

Has anyone tried to make a brush-on mold with a "mother" when recasting multiple pieces / a sprue at a time? I'm considering doing it since it seems like it would work pretty well but wanted to know thoughts on it first.

>> No.53034370

IT's not necessary but it does help you feel more pride in your guys. help to make them Your Dudes, and those sort of things. Other than that as long as they are at least assembled no one cares.

>> No.53034406

>‘We failed, father,’ said Guilliman, his words tired and leaden with sorrow. ‘You failed your sons, and we, in our turn, failed you.

>And now, to compound our arrogance and vainglory, we have failed all of them, too. Did Horus not say that you sought godhood? He built a rebellion upon that claim. How he would gloat, to see the Imperium now.’

>Anger surged through the Lord of Ultramar, and he clenched his fists with the effortof self-restraint.

>He imagined destroying this chamber, tearing it apart and hurling its wreckage around like a wild beast. He dared not, lest these strangers in his Chapter’s liverysee through his facade. Though he wrestled with despair, the Primarch knew that he could not let his weakness show.

>Calgar, Tigurius, Agemman, all the others – they looked at him as though he were the Emperor himself. Guilliman was painfully aware of his symbolic quality, and of how desperate and dark the hour had become. He must show nothing but strength to his gene-sons, lest his despair taint their hearts, too.

>Guilliman’s anger spilled over, and he span on his heel, staring up at the woven Emperor with accusing eyes. ‘Why do I still live,’ he snarled. ‘What more do you want from me? I gave everythingI had to you, to them. Look what they’ve made of our dream.

>This bloated, rotting carcass of an empire is driven not by reason and hope but by fear, hate and ignorance. Better that we had all burned in the fires of Horus’ ambition than live to see this.’

By the Emperor, I didn't expect these feels.

>> No.53034420

You should at least try to paint. Even if it's not your thing, it's part of the reason you buy actual models instead of playing starcraft or something, so you might as well make an effort.

>> No.53034445

Yeah, even something as simple as hitting it with two rattle cans makes it look better than just unpainted plastic.

>> No.53034460

Holy hell i wasnt expecting that either.

>> No.53034473

>will I be disqualified for using heresy era armor with marines from the heresy era
I dunno but it would be dumb if you did

>> No.53034474

painter pro here, let me give you some painting made easy tips for a beginner for great looking results to break you into it.

1: apply Krylon Fusion matte black to a test model (if you can't find the Fusion brand, basic Krylon is still great imo. read directions on can)

(Alt: use GW colored primer of your choice and skip step 2)

2: "thin" a chosen primary color to the consistency of milk. (advise not red/white/yellow as they tend to be more difficult) and paint whole of model, dont worry about mess.

3: use Boltgun metal for any metallic bits (assuming appropriate color for model). this should cover 90% of the non-primary details.

4: apply Nuln Oil wash over whole of model

5: enjoy a quickly and passable looking model that most newbies will fail to make look half as decent.

the nice part about this is later on if you wish to you can go back and add in more colors and details, highlighting, drybrushing etc as you desire

>> No.53034479

I love that the HH started because the Emperor claimed he wasn't a god, and now Lorgar's teachings are commonplace, a fact that both of them hate.

>> No.53034502

Looks like Lorgar got the last laugh after all

>> No.53034519

Traitor primarchs still having left their mark on the imperium is one of the cooler parts of the setting.

>> No.53034524

I take back all the papa smurf jokes.

>> No.53034535


GW didn't, lol

>> No.53034551

Hosting a 40k risk game here:
Please come and help me alpha test

>> No.53034571

Same I never really realize how awesome he actually was until they brought him back and made him full on Julius Caesar

>> No.53034646 [SPOILER] 

>"Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... and my arm... even my fingers.

>The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there.

>You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past."

>> No.53034660


>> No.53034672

Off topic~
If you push your thumbs together like this, I bet you can make a smiley face.
Try it, smile-thumb bro

>> No.53034678

Is Cypher Ocelot and that Gay Knights faggot Miller then?

Triumvirate of the Big Boss

>> No.53034690

Does the 8th edition rule changes mean I can finally field an all Knight Army without being That Guy?

>> No.53034701

No because an all Knight army is still fuckin gay

>> No.53034716

Seeing as there will be vehicle degradation with wounds, very likely

>> No.53034734

what did the Grey Knight guy even do?

>> No.53034746


>> No.53034753

Possibly, but it'll still be less fun for your opponent than a real army just because interacting with 5 huge things is not as fun as interacting with a variety of different unit types with different sizes and movement capabilities and so on.

It's just boring and one-note to have 5 huge guys that all function pretty much the same apart from their guns compared to fighting a smattering of various infantry types, with some artillery in the back, some transports, maybe a big walker or two, a jump infantry squad, etc.

TL;DR You'll be less of a That Guy but still less fun to play against than a real army.

>> No.53034765

all knights isn't fun to play against even if it's bad

it's boring to face a lack of unit variety, best thing GW could ever so is force everyone to take one unit from each type or something

>> No.53034767

His best...

Let GW sell Guilliman and Cypher as a trio...

>> No.53034770

I dunno, get advertised as the "most powerful psyker the Grey Knights have seen" despite only being ML3?

>> No.53034819

Is literally a level 3 Grand Master who's only merit is swinging a Daemon Hammer at initiative for 5 points less than Draigo with no Eternal Warrior.

>> No.53034824

On the bright side GK will probably be buffed to hell in 8th.

>> No.53034839

You're playing the wrong game, anon

>> No.53034869

So when we get new admech stuff, do you guys think it'll look like cult mechanicus or like skitarii? Because one of those things is amazing, the other is... not.

Dark Mechanicus when?

>> No.53034873

Alright, lads.

How bad do you expect Chimeras and Russes to end up being in 8e?

>> No.53034878

He's gonna drown his sorrow in Elf pussy

>> No.53034891

Elf boipussy?

>> No.53034914

He is Spess Roman, after all.

But only if the elf is bottom, otherwise it's feminine and therefore unsuitable for a Roman Man.

>> No.53034919

>yvraine = eva?

>> No.53034927


Why do all the faces in DoWIII have huge fucking jowls?

>> No.53034946

That could do some damage in my colon.

>> No.53034959

more like how good, vehicles don't auto explode anymore m8, that means my cannons can probably get MORE shots off than before

and if they are bad, I always have guardblob

>> No.53035004

It depends on how many wounds and the toughness they have.

>> No.53035041

>no longer get rekt by explodes results
>can move full speed and fire all of their weapons, heavy weapons only suffer a -1 to hit for this
>get armour saves now, and in this edition a decent armour save practically has a built in invuln too
>grav almost certainly getting nerfed and auto-immobilized won't be a thing anyways
How are you expecting them to be bad?

>> No.53035061

>tfw no heretical foursome

>> No.53035082

>can move full speed and fire all of their weapons, heavy weapons only suffer a -1 to hit for this

Russ' could already fire all weapons at full BS barring Ordinance, which for all we know will still have a penalty to firing other weapons. Hopefully lumbering behemoth or something like it is coming back because a single shot BS2 battle cannon sounds like complete dogshit.

>> No.53035134

Honestly kill me

>> No.53035143

If we only get BS2 battle cannon shit that will be fucking gay and I will immediately pull off all my battle cannons and load up on exterminators with heavy bolters errywhere.

>> No.53035153

>probably have shitty T/W/save because le weak rear armor maymay
>probably have 4" move
>hitting on a fucking 5+ if you have the audacity to move
>ordnance weapons will probably return to being 'you can shoot period if you moved' or something equally shit like -2 to hit

>total shit T/W/save because them being actually decent now means they'll get nerfed to fuck
>again, hitting on 5+ is fucking abysmal
>probably lose lasgun arrays just as the final nail in the coffin because GW

>> No.53035173

Try BS1 battlecannons because LOL ORDNANCE MUH RECOIL GUISE. Enjoy your 6+ to hit that also makes everything else a 6+ when you fire it.

>> No.53035189

Dreadnoughts have 7 toughness, and they have a rear armor of 10. I can't imagine Russes would be any lower than 8, and are probably gonna have 9 or 10

If their movement ends up shitty, they're almost guaranteed to have a special rule to ignore the BS penalty on heavy weapons.

>> No.53035196

At least with the chimeras they're hitting the same number of total shots on 5+ as they would be firing one weapon at 4+ and the hullmount at 6+, though I'd rather hit more multi-laser shots than be able to hit more HB shots.

>> No.53035231

If russes get shitlisted I'll just fucking sell and replace them with a nigtrillion infantry squads loaded with heavy weapons since we can now move and fire.

>> No.53035245

Feels good when my trukks don't evaporate when my opponent even considers the thought of shooting at it.

Wez in there, boyz!

>> No.53035283

Running armored and mechanized regiments are far more interesting to me than just running infantry blobs.

>> No.53035296

Too bad they'll die to a strong breeze in 8e. Muh everything can hurt everything. They're gonna be useless as transports because they won't survive long enough to get across the board, even fucking orks will probably be able to shoot them to death turn one.

>> No.53035299

>forgets heavy rule

Russes are likely gonna be T9 with like 12 wounds, ball-parking here based off Dreadnaught. Heavy rule will allow them to move(which will be the slowest of all vehicles) and shoot all guns at full BS(4+).

>> No.53035332

>heavy rule
>existing in 8e
Remember, in 8e all units have their own unique rules! Trukks will have one so they still explode half the time :^)

>> No.53035355

we don't know shit yet, goddamn you people with your whiny bitcy awful pessimistic retarded asses

>> No.53035369

I'm hoping that with the extensive playtesting that they've done with competitive players, there was at least 1 IG and 1 Ork player involved. Thats all you need to help make them viable :^(

>> No.53035370

It's going to take orks a good 50 shots to even do one wound. Assuming it has a 3+ save at least, a 4+ save still not making it much easier.

I personally think "everything can wound everything" is stupid but you're overreacting a bit.

>> No.53035385

I expect everything to die at about the same rate but I think they'll be a bit better at killing depending on how many attacks each 3"/5" blast becomes and what happens to ordnance.

12 wounds is quite a bit, I'd expect something like that on a Land Raider or anything with 4HP from 7th.

>> No.53035389

At the point where basic infantry guns can shoot them, you're already across the board dumbass.

>> No.53035450

Because a <300pt GMC with T8 was totally ok to deal with in the current environment amirite?

GW is actually trying to balance the game for once. I don't want to have to concede because I lost all weapons that can hurt their army in turn 2 or 3. Would rather have a chance, no matter how small, to actually deal with something.

>> No.53035474

Its because if they actually think something good will happen and then it doesn't they get crushed and they dont know how to deal with being wrong

>> No.53035478

Dedicated melee units better get a massive movement/damage/durability buff if they're expected to even half compete against the new heavy weapon meta.

>> No.53035487

If Dreads are toughness 7 then Trukks will probably be toughness 5.

As a fellow Ork player, don't fall for the false hope that Orks will be anything but garbage tier. GW won't let anything threaten their precious Space Marines.

>> No.53035490

You'll find that 12 wounds is small potatoes when Lascannons are confirmed to dish out D6 damage with a -3 AP. Dread had a 3+, that means it has a 6+ vs a lascannon that could kill it after two shots. I think a russ deserves at LEAST 12 for it being inherently more durable than a regular dread

>> No.53035492

Realistically you're going to probably have to concede anyways. Unless you like ineffectually rolling dice for 3 turns while trying to remove the last 12 wounds from the enemy Land Raider.

>> No.53035509

You know only space marine players mattered, right? As long as SM was able to steamroll everyone else and the neckbeards were satisfied they called it a day on the playtesting.

I'm waiting for Russes to have a 4+ and Chimeras to have a 5+. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was a 6+.

Ordnance is gonna get reamed, too many marine players bitching about battlecannons killing their precious supermen.

12 wounds is MAYBE enough depending on how badly they gimp the T/saves (which they will). A Baneblade better have like 24 fucking wounds, I'm so tired of having overcosted, underperforming LoW choices barring the Shadowsword.

>> No.53035517

They already confirmed that Land Raiders will have "dozens" of wounds.

>> No.53035529

>AV 12 Dread has a 3+ save
>AV 14 Russ has a 4+ save

I too often wait for things that are the opposite of what will happen

>> No.53035532

s-shut it you git. I have to believe.

>> No.53035540

>what are multi-wound weapons
Literally just spam lascannons and melta lmao

>> No.53035550

Nah, Russes are tough but have major weak points. Higher T and W but worse Save actually makes sense in this case.

>> No.53035556

>intelligent choices
Anon, I...

>> No.53035558

Literally just read the reply chain lmao

>> No.53035566

They did day that super-heavies would likely have "dozens of wounds", but then again GW also said at adepticon that they didn't want to invalidate all books at once and we can all see how that turned out.

>> No.53035572

Don't worry, she'll be gentle

>> No.53035589

No. The side and rear armor of the Russ is similar to the side and rear armor of a Dread.

If anything I would expect the Russ to simply get a special rule that lets it re-roll failed armor saves from anyone standing from the front half of the model.

>> No.53035595

>I want to have a chance to kill vehicles after all of my at is dead
>You probably won't have that much of a chance
>just spam lascannons and melta!

Reading is hard.

>> No.53035601

Sure, that only deals multi-wounds to individual models. You aren't going to clean up that genestealer blob anytime soon.

>> No.53035617

>muh saves
literally a 6+ vs lascannons lmao

>> No.53035654


Reading is hard, so let's do it together

>I want a chance to win if I lost all my anti-tank

>It's a low chance if you've lost all your anti-tank anyway

>Just use your anti-tank!

>> No.53035659

Motherfucker, have you fought ynnari yet? Or just eldar? They are pretty damn good for an "NPC" race.

Also, ordnance is likely going to help your ability to hit if anything. They've taken a ton of notes from AoS designs(obviously), you should check out the artillery pieces or things that USED to use templates back in the whfb days.

>> No.53035683

He's been called out for being retarded so he's probably just going to shitpost now if >>53035617
is any indication.

>> No.53035700 [DELETED] 

>i want to win even after i fuck up and let all my anti-vehicle get killed

>subject is dealing with super-heavies
>b-but it w-wont work against genestealers!
simply ebin

>> No.53035710

Well yeah, that's why they have to rebalance 8e in favor of marines being able to smush any other army easily.

Then they can just stop producing models for the xenos/non-SM imperium to save money because nobody will want them.

>> No.53035712

Ah, you were right. Didn't realize who it was because he forgot his avatar

>> No.53035741

>so astronomically butt-blasted he thinks reaction pics = avatarfagging
>knows he got btfo so wont even refute my argumenent
Victory is a dish best served with salt.

>> No.53035765

reaction pics are avatarfagging if you use the same reaction pics

>> No.53035797

would this one trigger you less then?

>> No.53035800

You're a faggot

You're also a faggot

>> No.53035828

>triggered so hard he starts projecting

>> No.53035859

GW produces the best memes.

>> No.53035864

Your craftworld was nice while it lasted.

>> No.53035880

Are you ready for the new Aedeptus™ Aestartes™?

>> No.53035943

>cuckdari player actually butthurt enough to think they get even close in sheer faggotry

>> No.53035945

> Guillimarines are really just the result of Roboat fucking some elves again

>> No.53035958

Is assaulting out of any transport confirmed yet? It will fucking suck if they do.

>Mfw rhino rush all fucking over again

All it will do is make most games how quickly you can blow up the approaching transports.

>> No.53035966

I know this is 4chan but jesus fucking christ man have these threads been absolutely drowned in shitposting and memes significantly even more than normal the past few months or what?

Can we get some actual discussion going?

>> No.53035977

>people still replying to cheetah-faggot

You dipshits ever gonna learn?

>> No.53035978

I don't even play Eldar you retard, I was poking fun at the shitty new naming conventions...

>> No.53035983

Nice going. Now Cheetahfag is just going to shitpost with things other than cheetahs

>> No.53035985

It hasn't been confirmed as NOT a thing, and all signs point to it being a thing.

>> No.53035995

Wait for 8th to hit and things should calm down in a few months. It's the gathering storm shit plus waiting on 8e that is causing all this.

>> No.53035998

See >>53035977

>> No.53036008

>taucuck this afraid of manly combat
>autistically screeching this hard over having to move his models for once

>> No.53036019


>> No.53036021

It's kind of sad really, he doesn't even have to try and he's still guaranteed (you)s.

>> No.53036023

Yeah I guess you're right.

Actually as soon as 8th hits we'll probably get tons of legit discussion as people go through all the new rules for every faction at once and start figuring out what works and tactics and things. That's pretty exciting. Leaks can't come soon enough.

>> No.53036042

>i was only pretending to be an elfcuck!
>i was only pretending to be retarded!
God DAMN I feel smug right now.

>> No.53036043

you fags are going to get free overwatch now and I'm sure you'll get some pants on head retarded bonuses along with it

Or just bring the current meta which is suit lists and out maneuver the fuggin transports

>> No.53036046

I don't expect it to die down until a few weeks after launch. People will either be excitedly screeching over how viable their unit is now or how much worse their unit is now with arguing in between.

>> No.53036073

OR....use the new fall back mechanic?

>> No.53036119

>i am butt-blasted the spooky anon with the spooky cheetahs molested my queer ass so everything I don't like is shitposting
Kek how about growing some thicker skin you elfcuck faggot? If you didn't get a mental breakdown the moment a laughing cheetah appeared on your screen we would've gotten some discussion.

Top kek.

>> No.53036130


Not the faggot you're replying to, but the fact that I will never be a 300 lb frogposting NEET virgin makes me pretty smug. You are cancer.

>> No.53036173

And yet, you still gave him a (you)

>> No.53036175

>tfw I actually triggered an Eldaqueer player into projecting his insecurities
Is there something wrong with me if I ejaculate and laugh hysterically at the same time?

Holy shit KEK

>> No.53036203


He's some /pol/ tier retard who gets his kicks from "triggering cucks" and probably has a decent posting history on r/The_Donald

>> No.53036208

It's almost cute the way he tries to hide is butt-frustration.

>> No.53036229

>muh /pol/ boogeyman! everyone i don't like is /pol/!

>> No.53036283

>Wake up
>Want to talk about 40k on /tg/
>Start of thread looks okay
>Go to bottom
>relentless shitposting every time

>> No.53036330

It's a slow time of night I guess. Americans are going to bed and Euros are waking up. All that remains are shitposters.

>> No.53036332

blame your fellow Euros/Aussies during american daytime hours these threads are fine, at night they turn to shit

>> No.53036387

>where do you think you are.jpeg

but yeah, looking over some AoS rules for clues about 8th 40k

>> No.53036389

>finding an anon cute
>especially finding him cute when he's mad because attracted to tsunderes or something
What are you, gay?

>> No.53036425

So are people not aware that phrases they connect to /pol/ have kinda spread far beyond that a long time ago and no longer have much relevance?

>> No.53036440

To be fair they are disproportionately cancerous compared to your average channer

>> No.53036447

which book is this from?

>> No.53036491

Rise of the Primarch

>> No.53036495


since 90% of the cadian forces were NOT on cadia during the fall, its more likely she is alive, or at least did not die on cadia.

then again, the space marine you are playing is the captain of the 2nd company, which is impossible since cato sicarius is their captain, which makes this game not canon.

>> No.53036504

None of the Dawn of War games are canon. Their lore is total shit.

>> No.53036545

I... what.

>> No.53036553

The 2nd company seems to have a lot of captains

>> No.53036580

>mfw my LGS closed just in time for me to miss out on 8E

This fucking sucks. I just got into the game and was excited for the new edition.

>> No.53036589

Obviously mr. Captain-Man got blammed at the end of the game for impersonating Cato Sicarius

>> No.53036590

>seeing someone use your crop that you posted a few threads ago

>> No.53036617

Sorry was it Space Marine? Still kind of shit. I can't be assed to tell apart all the terrible vidya adaptations of 40k.

>> No.53036630

Zog of
I keep screaming and Mork won't answer!!!
I swear to Mork

>> No.53036841

No, no, we've covered this! He was being accused of heresy, but his actual superiors backed him up, and just gave him the cover identity of Cato Sicarius.
It explains why Cato feels the need to make sure everyone knows his name, and why he sometimes acts like a dick to his subordinates.

>> No.53037227

I like the idea of chaos but I think the models just look stupid. Is anyone in a similar situation with a faction they want to like but can't?

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