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Magic item thread
Post pictures of items
Give descriptions of items
Talk about neet stuff

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I really, really like this gun.

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Key of Unbounded Multiverse

Can be used once per day to open a small hole into a random point in timespace of a random dimension. This hole collapses at the end of the turn it is created.

Basically, this is a deck of many things with a bit more flexibility for the GM. I used it in a comedy campaign as a way of giving the players exactly what they didn't think they needed. Typically I'd pull things from other settings. Toss something from 40k or Shadowrun into the game for a quick mess around moment. It actually led to a great moment where the PCs banished an enemy to Victorian England by making a concerted effort to shove him into the hole.

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We all know how this ends...

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Animals can be given as loot too

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I actually saw that when it was on display at the tate!

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>Siren's ring

When grasping the head of another person and looking into their eyes in such a way that the ring is next to the ear will emit a barely audible hypnotic hum that takes their mind to a magical dimension in the form of a tropical shore where they are welcomed by beautiful women that beckon them suggestively to stay. Their aches and pains are gone and every worry seems to melt away.

Some can resist it's charms or break the illusion, but most are enamored by it and will not fight it or be incredibly angry when it is broken. If you maintain the illusion for an extended period of time, they will begin showing signs of madness, doing anything to return to the dimension whether that means obedience to the enchantress for "another taste of paradise" or murdering her and taking the ring for themselves.

This insidious ring should be used with caution. If used properly, it can defuse a dangerous situation. If not, it can escalate it beyond hopes of negotiation.

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Gonna need some grant morrison-tier shit for that one

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**Curious Carafe of Corrosion**
*Wondrous item, uncommon*

>This tiny device behaves similarly to a Decanter of Endless Water, producing an ounce of clear, odorless acid each turn while opened.

>The acid can dissolve 500 grams of iron, wood, or similar mundane materials per ounce, after which it becomes inert.

>If ingested, the acid deals 1d4 acid damage to the imbiber per ounce.

>If introduced to at least half its volume in water, the acid reverts to normal water and becomes harmless.

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Nautical Nautilus Nick-Nack of Neverending Natural Nosediving

Grants the wearer the ability to breathe underwater. For each hour spent under the water one chamber of the shell will fill up. Once all are filled the item becomes inert.

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*Cursed Sending Stones*

A curious take on the familiar "Sending Stones" magical items, these stones have a % chance that, when used, will replace the user's words with a number of different responses, from dirty jokes to childish insults to manic giggling.

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Dunno about a name but I imagine you can use any of them on any keyhole and summon a room or whole universes.

Can't help but think about an ifrit from the arabian nights, specifically the one from the ifrit and the fisherman tale.

Forest crown gives raign over the forest it was made in

Boostes all stats but makes your PC a pariah

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Do you guys give gems properties or abilities or are they just GP junk in your settings?

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Magu-Magu, Shard of the earthen Vampire
Crystals form around wounds caused by this weapon, crippling the affected body part and draining blood from the victim.
These crystals are brittle and start out clear, but will rapidly exsanguinate the victim and turn red if not broken off in time.
Fully saturated crystals are a deep crimson and can be used to fuel and accalerate certain rituals.

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Most of the time the are GP junk
but sometimes ill have them be prisons of entitys like souls trapped inside

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>Earth Mother's Ring
Grants its wearer innate knowledge of plants and farming. Everything they plant will grow 5 times faster than normal.

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When you burn the rope off. It summons a earth elemental.

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A quartet of seemingly identical compass-like devices. Rather than pointing north, their needles always point in the exact direction of the other compasses.

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>Third Ward Walking Stick

>An apparently "ordinary" baseball bat wrapped in barbed chains, the Walking Stick hits with surprising punch and is apparently unbreakable. In addition to damaging the target, it also has a knack for knocking valuables and other items from the target and sending them scattering from their persons, up to and including money, gems, gold or silver jewelry, weapons, and anything else that might be considered valuable to the player.

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The Life Sentence

A magical lock of pure silver, which can be used to bind any incapacitated enemy. It renders them completely powerless and also mute.

When used to lock a door or an object, it cannot be opened by anyone except the person who originally turned the key.

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Does this gun fire potassium?

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Powder of sabotage
Gets into everything, disrupts devices with fine moving parts and interferes with the the functionality of magical artifacts until completely cleaned out.

The difficulty of removing every last spec of this fine powder especially when you purchase the sort that cannon be magically cleaned means that it can effectively ruin magical devices.

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Cool. How do you re-set it ?

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nice gonna steal this for my game

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Weighs nothing. % chance everyday of attracting a "mate" of the species the feather originally came from to the bearer of the weapon.

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Yeah, potassium nitrate.

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This Diminutive neutral good dragon is a close cousin of the pseudodragon, though it is smaller, has a rounded body and lacks a sting. Instead of poison, this tiny reptile has a fiery breath weapon that covers a 5ft line and deals 1d4+2 fire damage.

They are capable of speaking Common and Draconic, and are most often very amicable creatures. Almost as fond of riches as their distant true dragon relatives, pursedragons often enter into a traditional arrangement with humanoid creatures. The humanoid allows the purse dragon to dwell in its purse, sack of gold, or small chest of valuables and wallow in the precious metals or stones. In return, the pursedragon protects the valuables from pickpockets and thieves with its bite and breath as if the coins were its very own hoard. However, they are sometimes prone to turning on the beneficiary of the arrangement and preventing them from spending their own gold.

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Can someone come up with an RPG style description for deseasert Raman?

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Please tell me what makes this idea interesting to you or makes you want to include it in a game you're going to run.

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the joke
Your head

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>Bang bang bang bang bang'
>Banana gun!

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The Nobleman's Chalice of Lower Defense.
It protects against dishonorable tactics.

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Ancestral Soap
>Ancient oriental soap on a rope.
>no matter how much you use it, never runs out
>when you use it, your catty judgemental ancestors watch you desecrate a holy object
>come on dude, your grandma can see you
>get that out of your pits
>who told you this was soap?

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>The Banhammer
Creatures hit with this +5 warhammer must make a DC 30 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is transported to a random plane of existence other than the one the creature is currently on for a number of rounds equal to the damage done by the attack.

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What would be a good name for a opulent noble item of that protects against honorable tactics?

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The Hella Pimp Mithril-lined Dueling Vest.

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Is that OC? Because its fucking adorable.

>Be level 3 Thief
>Open Lock
>Haha easy pickings
>When suddenly, a squeaky voice

"Who dares intrude upon my mighty horde of shineys? Trespasser!"

>Barely make it away with my life, fucking pursedragons

Its like the wizard familiar version of those stupid yelping dogs.

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Well, it's OC in the sense that I just wrote up that flavor text myself off the top of my head and came up with the name pursedragon, but I doubt I'm the first person to have the idea of a 6-inch dragon that considers your wallet its horde.

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Either way!

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The mask of Talsorath, this mask was made using the skull of a mad wizard who attempted to attain Immortality without the use of a phylactery, his journals stated that he wished to use many runes etched into his vary bones to maintain his life essence and shield him from the grip of death itself. little did he know death isn't so foolish as to allow him to survive the procedure.

when worn the wearing is allowed to see through the eyes of death itself knowing the ways in which death has sentenced people to their fates, or how death's strings pull people along even as they make their "choices.

however this power comes at a price, no mortal mind should have the sight of death, and should they too weak death may change their fates as he did the wizard who thought he could cheat him.

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Thank you, Bob. :-)

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Or grows into a mountain

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That ain't no magic, that's my scotch

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Its magic scotch

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Idol of duality
Upon placing this item in the possession of a creature, the creature will begin to experience heavily conflicting emotions within themselves, increasing to a level of insanity after failing to resist it in a wisdom contest repeatedly.

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The night stick
The darker it is the hotter and brighter the end of the stick becomes, because it makes light it's max temperature has yet to be found
If you where to somehow remove the light it creates you could reach plasma temperatures
It is said the pen is mightier than the sword, but no one expected them to breed
When summoned you call forth a sword that carves insults in your enemies skin or a pen with a very sharp wit
The flask of fountains
One drop from this flask into any sorce of water and that sorce is safe to drink from for exactly 1 day
The black forge ring
This ring alows the user to forge without the need of heat, but everything made using it is said to be unlucky, but unlucky for who?
Who is the master
When used you gain mastery of any subject, but loose all sence of self

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To add to this
>once their conflicting emotions peak, the creature will split into two, with each representing one half of the original creature

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>Decanter of Endless Whiskey
I actually had that in a campaign while playing a dwarf barbarian. Commissioned it from his best friend, the party wizard.

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>The Peace Blade
Grants the user immense strength and wisdom, though the user becomes weaker the more the weapon is used.
>One sword keeps another in the sheath.

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Save it, my friend, it's all yours. ;)

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Traveller's Key Set

A set of keys with very little similarities. Each key is in fact the master key of the kingdom it was crafted in, except for the eye in the middle which is a keystone used to open a portal to the realm of the gods.


Broken Gate Pendant.

Usually, Gate Pendants open a door to wherever the image on them shows, with some models allowing for the user to set his own destination. This one, however, was probably used to enter somewhere which either doesn't exist, is impossible to enter via magic, or contains beings which can destroy gates. As it is, it's unpredictable and will throw the user into a random location. Bear in mind, "hazardous" does not equal inaccessible.


Visual Ring

Used mostly by spies, Visual Rings are simply miniature cameras which record what they see onto a nearby storage device.


Starlight Egg

An egg laid by a Starlight Dragon, an unusual new species which seems to migrate every thousand years. While Starlight Dragons are still wild animals, they boast an incredible sense of loyalty and often imprint on the nearest living being, protecting them at all costs.


Dryadic Wand Set

A set of wands, each of which was used by a specific variant of dryad to expand their home forests for a variety of reasons. The owners of these wands can be presumed dead, since usually a dryad's wand is physically attached to their body. From left to right: Ironwood, Silverleaf, Centurial Oak. Reaper's Gnarl, Yggdra Oak


Jewelled Skull of Lord Genis

A skull encrusted in an assortment of jewels. It is thought that Lord Genis, post-lichdom, had his skull encrusted with magically charged diamonds to protect his phylactery, which he stored in his skull. In truth, he just thought it looked fancy. However, the skull is still capable of redirecting and refracting any ray-type spells, and powering them up in the process.

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Potion Set

An old set of potions. Generally, older potions like these were made during the early years of alchemical research and boast increased, longer-lasting effects in comparison to modern equivalents, but also yield unintended side effects. One of the bottles is missing it's cap, and can be presumed to contain spoiled potion.

Bastion Reserve

A set of various liquors brewed with receipes found from an abandoned floating fortress.
Due to the vaguely alchemical process used in brewing, these liquors provide slight effects, the most bombastic being the Starheart Brew, capable of instantly mending even bifurcation and rtesuscitating any fresh corpse willing to be resurrected. However, most liquors in the set are undocumented. and as such, may or may not boast any sort of effect.

Rongai Potion Set

A set of potions sold in the far east. Their effects are undocumented, and it is suspected that not believing it has an effect will diminish the effect the potion would have.

Evening Brooch

An ornate brooch depicting the last few moments of evening. Not only does it bolster one's abilities during these few moments, but holding it to any magical clock will advance time to the next moment the brooch would have an effect.

Ryu-Kishin Tanto

An enchanted short sword from the far east. IF the groove on the blade is soaked in blood, it prevents the user from feeling pain, regenerates the wielders wounds when sheathed and provides expert-level skill in handling the blade.

Elephant Tombstone Hammer

A gargantuan hammer carved from a petrified elephant. While it's too large to be wielded effectively by any normal human, whomever can wield it is graced with perfect memory, unending determination and a swing so powerful they can break mountains. For some reason, nearby elephants either grow amorous or wrathful when in the presence of this item.

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Seahag Dagger

Originally thought to be a ritual blade for any of the assorted seaside cults, in truth this dagger is simply used by sea hags to gather materials for their concoctions. It does cut better if it's victim can be harvested materials from, and seems to pull loose materials to it when held above one's own head.

Knuckle Jawbone

A rather grotesque set of fisticuffs, the teeth grow back when broken off. If it's other pair is found, and the two are used at the same time, any part where the punches connect will have a large-ish piece torn off as if it was bitten by something with a large mouth.

Jormundgard Axe

A simple axe engraved with an image of Jormundgard. The simple effect of this axe prevents the wounds inflicted with it from ever closing. It seems to effect is not magical, making this weapon rather hazardous.

Mushroom Graveyard

An inert pile of Matango-controlled skeletons held in stasis. It could be used as an ally if the stasis spell used to trap the skeletons was broken, but the spell was cast for a reason...

Lunarlight Lantern

A lantern carved from a layered jade geode. It lights itself on it's own at night, and the brighter the moon, the less bright the flame and the greater the boost the lanter gives it's bearer.

Light Eater

A small mechanical spider which consumes light and radiates it from the lightbulb comprising it's lower abdomen. Often used to explore small crevasses and old ventilation shafts.

Phoenix Tiara

An old tiara usually worn to war by princesses of great kingdoms, itäs power can forcibly resurrect anyone who died recently, simply by virtue of tearing the soul from it's intended afterlife. This one has lost it's fiery glow, and with it, it's powers. It could be repowered with a phoenix feather and some phoenix eggshell, however.

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nice dude these are great

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Thou hast slain me, my friend.

>> No.53019904

It either shoots babana bullets or is a slippery gun or shots slippery bullets.

Or the target smells like banana when shot

What if I peel the gun?

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>Knuckle Jawbone
>not brass dentures

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How about anyone who's shot with it is hilariously clumsy and unlucky until they can remove the bullet?

>> No.53022801

I should make a statblock for the pursedragon.

>> No.53024193

>Icarus Eyelashes
A pair of unusually long false eyelashes. By fluttering them at a fast enough rate, their wearer can lift off the ground and fly, although rather slowly.

>Irresistible Lipstick
Bright pink lipstick with a case made from a human bone. Anything its owner kisses with this lipstick on immediately melts if it can melt at all, from metal to skin.

>Vamp Nails
Long and sharp nail extensions with bats drawn on them. These nails allow to drain blood by stabbing a person with them. Drinking blood with them grants a boost of energy and temporary rejuvenation, but it grows addicting after prolonged usage.

>Shoewax of Nazareth
Shoe wax made from the earwax of a whale. It makes any footwear waterproof and allows its wearer to walk on liquid surfaces if applied to the soles.

>Ball of Wrecking
A large and heavy bowling ball. When launched forward with sufficient speed, it starts accelerating and violently explodes when it crashes into an immovable obstacle.

>> No.53024353

this decorative knife like object vibrates based on its proximity to potable water. Doesn't cut very well but can make a nice accessory, however its recommended to keep it somewhere where its less likely to be stolen for wilderness survival tool is unfortunately shiny, metallic, and yellow and so something many a thief would take.

om nom nom

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I think that one went way over my head.

It's supposed to be a two-bit pun on knucklebones and jawbones.

I'm finnish, sue me.

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When stone is pressed against this magical rope bends like clay

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Gepet's Grimoire

An old book written by Gepet the Joyful, a necromancer and conjurer who retired from magic to work as a toymaker, to confer his knowledge to the next in his lineage.
It's unknown what happened to Gepet on his deathbed, but no body was ever recovered, and only to book was found next to a small, ever-extending list of potential inheritors.
As it's magic proved too strong to simply leave be, the grimoire was bound by thick rope woven from yggdra oak fibers and sheltering talismans were nailed to it's cover.
At the time, these bindings seemed enough, but today the tome leaks little bits of magic, and may convert second-rate books into little pieces of itself, dubbed Gepet Fragments.
At times, muffled muttering and the occasional old curse can be heard and seen spoken by the face on the grimoire, thought to depict Gepet himself.

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All of my fucking hate for the idiot who designed that piece of shit.

>> No.53026397

i completely agree
from the retarded blade to the double crossguard its horribly
not to mention it has a double crossguard FOR THE HILT

>> No.53026417
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>> No.53027511
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>> No.53027513

All of my keks for your autism

>> No.53027538
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>> No.53027560
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>> No.53027612

Vial of Trolling.

When you identify this item, it says that whoever drinks from this vial shall obtain immeasurable wisdom. However, in reality the vial is filled with dog piss. The piss is magically enchanted so that its smell can never be removed from anything it touches.

>> No.53027724
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Anyone looking for inspiration for magic items should also consider browsing art and antiques on pinterest.
Several of the posts in this thread are reposts of stuff I've posted from there like >>53010516 and >>53008734

>> No.53028158
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>> No.53028381
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>> No.53028393
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>> No.53028681

Scorpio Seat

A chair crafted from the exoskeleton of a Greater Arid Scorpion. Despite appearances, it's just an antiquated curio. A quick resurrection spell could earn the chair's owner a somewhat potent ally.

Dreihander of Abalanon

A large, unwieldy sword forged for Abalanon, the three-armed scourge of the eastern deserts. While the enchantments do function as intended, they only work in the hands of Abalanon resurrected, or one of her descendants, providing enhanced reflexes, searing heat waves from every strike and a spectral third hand for those with only two hands.

One Hundred Swords of Aveltide

Each and every sword in this set was once wielded by a member of the Aveltide Royal Guard. While most can be recognized and boast effects closely related to their previous wielder's abilities, some are simply regular, run-off-the-mill swords without enchantment. Most noteworthy are number 49, Kris Fortuna's Charm Carver, stealing the luck and good fortune of it's victims with every swing, number 68, Lord Genis' Molecule, able to bend, stretch and contract to suit a variety of attack shapes, and 38, named Groundbreaker by an unnamed member, boasting swings heavy enough to rend hard cliff faces asunder.

Sigil Potion Set

A sset of preserved potion concentrates dug up from tombs in the northeastern Ring Desert. As their effects are undocumented, these are very hazardous to cosume, and should not be imbibed without diluting them to clear water first.


A short-ish sword usually used when riding small animals, the dragonfly theme and grandiose jewelling connect this particular piece with the crown prince of Aerwell, known for his pursuit in domesticating Pursedragons as personal mounts. The sword itself is light and easy to use. If the wielder is falling to his or her death, the dragonfly-shaped grip and crossguard comes to life and attempts to slow the descent by flapping its wings.

>> No.53028945

Ancestral Bonespine

A simple handpick carved of bone. It is not known to hold any enchantments, but the carvings, depicting the history and prophecies of the tribe that made it, provide it added capacity for some should the need arise. One prophecy in particular seems noteworthy, however, dais paragraph is damaged, and the only thing legible warns of a terrible threat when the history of the Akai Tribe is washed away in blood.

Mayfly Shield

A shield in the image of a mayfly wing. They do not seem to have any society connectable to them, despite them being decently common finds in most old battlefields.
Some say they were carried by warriors who were close to death already, to ask the people to not mourn their passing.

Royal Reserve

An enchanted glass bottle commissioned by King Keith Helsepp of Banon. It was part of a simplistic contraption: low-grade drinks were poured into a funnel at the top, from which they moved into the bottle, and were poured out into containers as high-grade drinks. King Helsepp built it after repeated complaints about his men taking away all the best alcohol for themselves.

Pearlshell Powderbox

A powderbox made out of the discarded shell of a Pearlsnail, with separate sections for both ammo and gunpowder. Leaving the filled powderbox in an area lit by sunlight sanctifies and blesses the contents.

Critical Mace

A curious armament created by a prankster wizard and a gambling-addicted cleric. The large, numbered dice on the top pops loose if the swing connects, providing effects in a large area depending on the number the mace head lands on. As such, it is a tad difficult to use as a weapon, as the effects are indiscriminate to anything within the alloted area.

>> No.53030586
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I'm really enjoying your descriptions anon. Keep it up.

>> No.53030613
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>> No.53030895
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>> No.53031707

"Radiation sponge" crowbar.

Created when a company failed to make a radiation isolant/protective material, then tried to illegally sell said material to various industries to cover the losses. Its extremely durable, making it suitable for this kind of tool, the issue is the material's other proprieties.

Living up to its name, it can absorb radiation, emitting a green glow, but with more radiation, the brighter the glow gets, and once it reaches its limit, it starts to emit radiation until its down to safe levels.

On the upside, the higher the radiation levels, the hotter it gets, allowing you to bash through locks, helmets and heads with ease. It also makes for a pretty sweet night light.

>> No.53032154

Holding this knife fills the user with a sense of immeasurable calm. This feeling of peace persists even in the face of certain death, though holding it too long causes a deep sense of lethargy, and the inability to anything but sit in a contemplative trance.

This knife, on the other hand, fills the user with boundless fury and aggression. One's stamina may seem endless while holding this knife, but hold it too long and you may find yourself unable to distinguish friend from foe.

Holding both knives at the same time is said to propel the owner into Enlightenment, though one's revelations may drive them mad. The truth of our world is not for all to know.

>> No.53032305

>the Steady Blade
This sword has an unnatural balance to it, and at times, even seems to correct itself midswing to better strike an opponent. An ideal weapon for slipping into the guard of an enemy, for its tip always seems to find the gap in their defense.

>> No.53032751


Darn, I'm trying to find the context of this picture, but google is failing me.

>> No.53032784
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>> No.53033006
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>> No.53033021

These items are profane and base. They possess no magical properties.

>> No.53033026
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>> No.53033040


>> No.53033041
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>> No.53033096
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>> No.53033108

>bananna phone gun
shoots L1 1 magic missile at will and allows telepathic contact with other banannaphone weilders

>> No.53033120
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>> No.53033175
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>> No.53033260
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>> No.53033368 [DELETED] 


>> No.53033430

>The Buttfucker
It fucks shit up.

>> No.53033513

Stealing. This is awesome.

>> No.53033606
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>> No.53033645

For the geriatric monk or the local hooligan who's been in too many barfights

Why chew your food when you can punch the shit out of it?

>> No.53033768


>Punk's Steamed Gauntlet of Gaudiness

This crude contraption of brass, leather, and a compass is minorly enchanted to convert sunlight that touches it into energy to power the small lightbulbs on its ends. Though made to impress, these lights serve little practical function, and the compass isn't exactly the easiest to read, either. The gauntlet itself isn't the most protective, but it's better than leaving your arm bare.


>+1 Wooden Maul

A wooden maul, offered to a powerful enchanter by one of his biggest fans and enchanted as an afterthought, it was its original owner's most prized possession. Unfortunately, it did little to offset the fact he was unskilled in the way of battle, and the goblins looting his remains afterward found it an excellent tool for cracking open bones for marrow.


>The Jade Knife of the Long Sitting Dragon

This oddly-named implement appears to be a simple tool fashioned from semi-precious jade. Any living being who directly touches the blade, through its bite or otherwise must make a will check at a -1 penalty in order to resist suffering from one level of exhaustion, up to level 3 in severity.


>Gauntlets of the Striking Monarch

These specially made gauntlets are part of a larger set of armour, and as such their full potential will only be unlocked when this set is reunited. Nevertheless, on their own, they function as both a set of +2 plate gauntlets as well as a +2 set of brass knuckles if the wearer is fighting unarmed. When functioning as a component as a completed set of Striking Monarch's Armour, they have in addition a 1d10 chance to ignore the target's AC when fighting unarmed (see "Armour of the Striking Monarch for complete details as to the properties of the set.)

>> No.53033798
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>> No.53034297

The decapitated head of some kind of golem or homunculus. It talks, but always tries to steer the conversation towards requesting the listener to repair its body and instructions for how to do so.

>> No.53034389

learn your shit. Those are Korobov's creations not Kalashnikov's


>> No.53036151

The Tea Kettle
Makes pretty high quality tea out of plain water. Keep an eye on it though. If you leave it boiling for too long it over steeps something fierce.

>> No.53036336

>flask of fountains
>entire source
One drop in the ocean. lol, potability

>> No.53036455
File: 58 KB, 974x1086, bone_spear_by_10shadow10-d7flzac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In a web novel I am reading atm, Wu Dong Quian Kun, the MC has some kind of magic spear made out of bone. When he applies enough of the blood of a powerful creature, he can summon a copy of that creature to fight for him for a short amount of time. It takes a little while to summon the creature.

>> No.53037293
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>> No.53038475

This picture illustrates my problem with such threads. You post it as an example of a supposed magical item, but I know what that really is and eat them all the time. If my GM introduced a magical item with this picture, the immersion would immediately be ruined.

Imagine yourself playing in some country that doesn't have KFC. Then the GM shows you a picture of a KFC wing and says "this is a dragon egg". Could you keep on playing with a straight face?

>> No.53038489


Sometimes NOT seeing makes it way more fun.

Like for example if he had to describe the KFC wing like how crispy and golden brown it is without giving it away, could make the imagination wander and have more fun

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