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Half-elves are the offspring of human and elven parents.
Half-elves strongly resemble their elven parent, but unlike the elven races, males have facial hair. They are slightly taller and somewhat stockier than most elves.
Since most are raised in an atmosphere of shame, half-elves are insecure and unsure of themselves. In extreme instances, this insecurity manifests itself in rebellious or anti-social behavior. Others are trusting of strangers, yet lack the openness necessary to establish true and lasting friendship. Many are natural leaders, but few feel worthy of a leader’s responsibility Regardless of their disposition, all half-elves are loners – brooding, quiet, and struggling with self-doubt.

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Is there some point you're trying to make here?

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Half-Elves are useless.

They are a mechanically inferior elf and a less muscled human.

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Not in 5e, no.

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>Playing 5e

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There are plenty of fine, mechanically viable builds you can make with a Half-Elf.

Storywise, I really hate how often people play "so tragic caught between two worlds where do I belong????" Half-Elves, so I prefer to play mine fully ingrained into one particular culture and trying REALLY hard to be the best human/elf they can be.

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