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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What's the best way to send off/kill off a PC whose player had to leave the game/had been kicked out?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

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>AND Ears
What the fuck is this?

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>PLD baiting in the OP
You should be banned

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Fuck you, OP. You don't have a fitting picture, you posted on page 7, and you're baiting with a bullshit lie that you KNOW is bullshit.

Report and ignore, everyone.

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Pic related

The horns allow her to tap into radio signals and listen to her favorite sports radio stations, anon.

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I liked where the discussion was going in the last thread so I might as well ask it here too:

What's your favorite class archetype?


Alternatively, what's your favorite weird/non-optimized character build?


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How do you write a backstory for a character?

Not, like. "How do you think of a backstory."

How do you actually get the ideas from your BRAIN to your COMPUTER SCREEN?

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>Sigmund, you look like you have something to say, do you?
>Yes, I certainly do!
>[i have to go now, my planet needs me]

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For anybody that wants to see them, I've got links to the original Starfinder livestream (involving a lot of playtesting with a mechanic, technomancer, and solarion) that goes between a playtest and proceeds into a Q&A session later on.

the second link is to a stream video where they tested out the starship combat system. No Q&A session here, but still very informative.


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Man, I wish I knew.

My head is full of ideas but every time I try to put anything down it ends up looking like inarticulate word vomit.

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Presumably, via the same means you typed your question.

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Get drunk and type.

Proof read it in the morning.

If you end up deleting the entire thing, then drink the next time you proof read it too.

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Who is your favorite Overlewd app, and why?

What do you not like about their app?

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Gotcha covered. this is only for the playtest and Q&A session though, not the starship combat playtest.

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Captain Slow is stepping out of PLD

I bumped it up to Weekly, plus the lewds and random crap between sessions, and that was too much commitment for him. Rather than rain on the parade for everyone else, he backed out.

There was discussion, negotiation, and lamentation, and then his narrative exit was planned and executed.

There are no hard feelings going on.

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Hi Vult!

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So did Vult kick captain slow is that what's going on.

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Write them out in some way that leaves them disappeared, almost certainly dead. Million to one chance they survived. But there's no body.

Just in case the player can come back one day.

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>tfw Sigmund x Gloriana never

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Slow had to leave due to scheduling conflicts, he and Vult worked out a way to kill off his character. /pfg/ is doing its thing and being shitty about it. I'm laughing.

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So much of this. I know exactly what my character's backstory is. I could write it out cleanly in bullet points, but that makes for a shitty presentation. I've spent several hours trying to make progress on actually writing something properly, and all the headway I've been able to make has been two small paragraphs that don't even actually broach the subject of where my character came from. "Inarticulate word vomit" is exactly right.

I guess I'll have to stop at the booze store on the way home from work tomorrow.

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For additional reference.

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I'll restate it here:

>Fahd, for being an asshole familiar cat and a hilariously fun concept
>Allanz, for being one of the first wave of knightboys
>Jaune, because that art is /hot/ holy shit
>the gnoll because seriously, no one has applied with any of the other monster races mentioned by Sleep, what the hell, only this chucklefuck?

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That seems highly unfair, considering his story involved looking for his daughter. He couldn't have left the narrative in a way that kept him alive?

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Suuuure, and that's why you named and shamed him publicly in-thread, right?

We all know you only accepted him because he was clearly the best applicant second to only Gloriana, and the backlash would have been immense.

You've been itching to remove him.


Yes, apparently Slow can't take the 24/7 PbP rape minisessions while he gets ignored with 6 hour long combats taking place on thursday where Vult fails at PF's rules and then rages because CERTAIN CHARACTERS won't just throw fights and get raped quietly or ditch so that he can rape characters.

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Ignoring the bait, in my opinion the death of a PC should always have some kind of meaning or flair to it, that's why in the games that I run I always give each of my players one opportunity to have not died if it is at all feasible that they could not die from whatever is killing them.

In my opinion a Tabletop game is not just a game, it is a collaborative storytelling experience, and unless you're looking for a grisly Game of Thrones-esque tone where nobody is safe, having one of your players die to some mook while you're still in the Rusty Dagger Shanktown levels is a bit much to swallow, and should be avoided if at all possible.

Just write about anything, I find that the biggest roadblock to writing is the physical act of writing itself, but once you get going it's like a motor in your mind starts running and it allows you to begin going at a much more active pace. Also, do your edits after you're finished writing the backstory from start to finish, that way you can look back at it with a fresh pair of eyes to notice any mistakes.

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>Stamina system
>Reduced reliance on magic in basically everything

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Shocking that Vult is a piece of shit and continues to be a piece of shit.

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Yyyep. Looking forward to hearing more, myself.

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>There are no hard feelings going on.

No one will ever feel his hard now

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I start with bullet point / greentext versions of the major beats of the story. After that, I choose the order to present it all. Then just start expanding on each point in sequence. I also try to avoid passive voice when the app character is the subject of the sentence, and usually try to put a comma in each sentence from having modifiers and things. Then kinda just iron it all out, until it's ready to post. Though this method usually needs one or two major rewrite/revisions after posting, so gotta have time for that.

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This brings up a point I've wanted to ask for a while--what makes male art hot?

I've been kind of hit or miss with it, and most of what I like is still pretty anime. Pic related was what went over the best for me.

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I've had this happen to me after needing to leave a campaign. The DM just wrote my character out, but they didn't have them die- I think the words they used were "[my character] decided that maybe delving into dark dungeons and fighting spooky bugs and stuff wasn't her sort of business, and so she said her goodbyes and sought out better business" just in case I could return I couldn't, but I did appreciate the sentiment, and it leaves open an avenue for further exploits/solo sessions with that character when the GM finally has time for it.

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Muscles and confidence dude

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I like this

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Big muscles, shirtless, actual sex appeal.
Not a 40 something year old looking human with a huge mustache in full plate.

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>the best applicant second to only Gloriana

Gloriana was shit
Lesbian Cavalier was Strictly Superior

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>Asshole cat

maybe the player is trying to figure out something, but right now it doesn't really read like an app for an evil campaign

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>Not a 40 something year old looking human with a huge mustache in full plate.
Seriously, the amount of art that I've seen that is some variation of this is retarded. Do you know how hard it is to find young, non-edgy, non-anime art of arcane casters?

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>once you get going it's like a motor in your mind starts running and it allows you to begin going at a much more active pace

That's exactly how things normally go for me but this time I can't seem to start things flowing. It's like, damn, I had an easier time starting my papers in college than this.

What I'm really struggling with is an introduction or start to my backstory that doesn't feel clunky or unnatural. Hm, how can I explain it... It's like if writing a backstory started with a camera slowly zooming in on or panning over to the character, I can't find a camera angle that doesn't look amateurish.

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>Gloriana was shit
>Lesbian Cavalier was Strictly Superior
Exhack was impossible to schedule

>> No.52941042 [SPOILER] 

Why do you say that about your own app?

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Pretty hard for arcane casters yeah, much easier for the martial types for sure.

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Okay, so what makes this hot?
Might I assume it's the smile and stance?

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Dear DSP

Why does Zealot not have Acrobatics as a class skill when it has Piercing Thunder

Yours with Confusion,

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Can't disprove my first point, bitch.

She was a rotten slut and nothing more

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Tieflings just make me feel so horny man

>> No.52941069

Don't Disciplines give you a thing as a class skill?

So presumably it's so if they ditch that, they don't get it.

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>TFW no errata ever

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There were 5 slots to fill! Not just the one

Has also been a wonderful player so far

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Then what you need to do is intentionally write the backstory in a way that IS garbage, even though you know it is as you're writing it, and then after you're done do what I said about coming back to it later but with the mindset of "how can I rephrase this to sound better?"

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They become NPCs, and help the PCs from behind the scenes.

When I have an idea, I type a few sentences. Then, write more events that had to take place before those few sentences. Finally, add some more sentences that describe how they met the party.

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Mede was blatantly a Diamond Dog and Exhack's schedule is in shambles.

>> No.52941114

Hmm, so disregarding the aformentioned mustache knights, what's a good counter-example, like an unconfident looking character who turns you off?

>> No.52941123

Literally every shota meme ever posted.

>> No.52941129


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Not him, but I really wanna [email protected] the [email protected] and drag him to the bedroom to get him to be less of a pussy

It's a hard tie between bottom left and bottom right...

>> No.52941152

1st one, without question! I love me a swimmer's build.

>> No.52941161

Bedroom eyes

>> No.52941167

The bottom middle.

>> No.52941169

Top left, bottom center, or bottom right in equal measure.
If I couldn't get those, bottom left, or top right, in that order of priority.

>> No.52941188

Since drawing is the only marketable talent I have I figured I might as well take a crack at selling character art. That being said, I don't really have a clue as to how to go about it. I thought /pfg/ might have some insight so... here I am.

Have you ever commissioned character art before? How did it go?

How do you go about finding an artist to commission art from? Is there a specific website you typically go through?

What do you look for in an artist? What sort of style most appeals to you? Realistic? Stylized? Anime?

Do you usually look to commission full body artwork, or do portraits appeal to you as well?

What's the most you've paid for a commission? Was it worth it? What do you consider to be a fair price for commissioned artwork?

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer me. I really appreciate it.

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What are the translations of these?
I think I can get some of them...
>Top center = Pretty-boy
>Bottom center = Handsome
>Bottom right = Good man

>> No.52941204

Shucks, thanks! I really appreciate getting to play with ya'll.

>> No.52941220

>All of this mustache hate
A crime most foul if I ever saw one.

>> No.52941225

>Mede was blatantly a Diamond Dog

Who were the Dogs, in the end? Do we have a roster?

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>> No.52941238

Well at least you aren't a LN OD/ZS military type

>> No.52941243

pfg's resident commission artist is BC/Dorian, they advertise through their tumblr

And gained publicity by talking about their campaign often in here while occasionally posting relevant doodles.

>> No.52941251

Truly, it is most unbecoming.

>> No.52941254

>He's 27
>Looks like he's two weeks from retirement
Rommy had a hard life

>> No.52941256

>>52940742 (You)
>>That's the one where you obliterate yourself from existence in exchange for a party rez, right?

Yes. The whole scene was completely dramatic. The party was facing down against an avatar of a demonic goddess. Though the goddess was not the actual enemy. It was a very strange adventure where there was much travel and questing (since the whole thing did end up lasting from levels 1 to 20)

The monk, funnily enough, was the only character left from the original level 1 party. Every other party member was replaced once or twice because of them dying or leaving the party.

So the GM decided to make the transition to epic levels a hard section. The monk's quest was to become truly perfect and find enlightenment, as his whole character idea was a stoic martial artist of a faith few follow. To truly become a master of his faith he needed to defeat the avatar of his faith (The party was planecrossing at the time on the knight's quest for the shield of the sun, and the wizard's quest to slay his brother who was a powerful epic level lich, etcetc) and the dragon goddess of his faith was captured by the lich who was seeking to ascend and become the new god of death and time. Through powerful deific artifacts the lich was able to control the goddess in her imprisonment to an extent, summoning forth her avatar for the party to fight.

After two sessions of several difficult encounters through a plane of time and death that the lich had created, it culminated in a fight right below his tower with the dragon goddess's avatar.

>> No.52941258

Good and Caring Daddymode

>> No.52941259 [DELETED] 


Vier, Mede, uhh....shit. I need to go look at the names again to refresh myself.

>> No.52941263

Depends on the campaign theme
Full body
Have not paid, so I'm not sure what to ask

>> No.52941281

>Lesbian Cavalier

That immediately sounded cool as fuck to me and then I realized it was just a cavalier + lesbian.

I wonder if this says something about me.

>> No.52941285

Mede didn't even apply to PLD.

Vier was the only confirmed dog.

>> No.52941287

Having your brother (as well as the only family you've ever known) go MIA really doesn't help.

>> No.52941289



>> No.52941294

>that spear design blatantly ripped from Guild Wars Nightfall

>> No.52941295

This is helpful, thanks. I'm actually surprised I've never heard of this person before.

>> No.52941302

Succ, calm down. Someone somewhere wants the Succ. You just have to find them!

>> No.52941303

All can be hot but top middle is likely a fuccboi

>> No.52941319

Keep on

>> No.52941337

I wish we had more. Old men are the best lovers.

>> No.52941338

Looks like some kind of circlet.

>> No.52941339


What the fuck was Exhack's character named?

Oh, right. Maice. I meant Maice.

Maice, Pene, and Vier are the ones I'm aware of.

There was a rumored fourth dog, but I never managed to figure out who it was and nobody I spoke to knew, either.

>> No.52941340

What is a fuccboi

>> No.52941350

A fuccboi is a fuccboi dude, you know em when you see em.

>> No.52941358

Hi Slow. How does it feel to not be quite as popular as you were? Surprisingly bad, I take it?

>> No.52941366

Skinny, weak-looking, generally pretty boys.
Basically they're bitch-boiz.

>> No.52941374

Competition for the attention of women.
All other men besides you are fuccbois, and as such are less deserving of pussy. I mean, clearly, they don't UNDERSTAND what women want like you, they aren't MANLY or SENSITIVE like you. Even if you are neither of those things.

>> No.52941376

What would you call a skinny weak-looking, ugly boy?

>> No.52941378


t. Vult

Slow is a treasure.

>> No.52941384

I can't speak for anyone else but I can tell you what I look for when on the hunt for artists:
1.) I've commissioned several pieces of art from a few different artists, a wide number of them for use in PF sessions. Most of them have gone fairly well, though I've tried to get a piece done by Dorian and I've had a bit of an issue getting him past the sketching phase, I haven't even paid the man yet and he seems to have pulled a bit of a disappearing act on me, a shame really.
2.) I typically am already well aware of the artist before I commission them, I never look to ask for one from someone I don't know.
3.) Art style depends on the subject matter, for PC portraits I prefer a realistic style, for non-PF or NPCs I'll usually go with stylized.
4.) Full body is normally reserved for showing off the whole character if I feel they deserve it, otherwise portraits all the way.
5.) The full body header for my session was $80 from one Mr. Siden, you can find him on Tumblr, but I've also received similar work from other artists for almost half as much, so it all really depends on what you think your art is worth.

>> No.52941386


>> No.52941398


>> No.52941404

Oh that's easy, silly! Goblins of course.

>> No.52941417

Top left is "ikemen", top mid is "bishounen", Not sure on top right, but starts with "bi" or beautiful.
Bottom left is "otokomae", bottom center is handsome, bottom right is "good man"

>> No.52941418

Somebody spoonfeed me on this one--who is this Slow, and why is he a /pfg/ celebrity? In the time I spend skimming threads, I just get the impression that he keeps making the same meme character to indulge daddy fetishists.

>> No.52941432

He makes Husbandos

Much like Broodie is cursed to forever make Waifus, Slow is cursed to make Husbandos

Also his apps are high quality.

>> No.52941433

What does that mean?

>> No.52941434


>somehow makes apps which people consider 'perfect'

All characters are daddy memes

>100% success rate in game applications

>> No.52941438

He basically makes variations of middle aged knights/Game of Throne rip offs and keeps getting into games. He's also a massive ERP fag.

>> No.52941442

Slow is really nice and fun to play with!

>> No.52941453


Is that confirmed?

Wasn't he really publicly apprehensive about joining PLD?

>> No.52941472

Apparently from a quick google

>On the other hand, “otokomae” (男前 - basically “acts/looks like a man (should)” or as Cho said, “a man who represents what a man is”) describes masculine characteristics that are traditionally Japanese male, such as having a lot of muscles and/or big boned and looking tough in a fight.

So basically what the super idealized version of most musou heroes look like.

>> No.52941483

>There was a rumored fourth dog, but I never managed to figure out who it was and nobody I spoke to knew, either.

It's Gloriana's Player. They're in deep, deep cover, but they'll strike when the moment is right and subvert everything

>> No.52941486

I've been given the impression that he's basically Rory with subtlety. Desperately thirsty for ERP, lurks threads to shill and boost his own popularity, but hasn't offended anybody enough to get people shitting on him like Rory--at least nobody he can shut up by samefagging.

>> No.52941491

Oh, neat. Thanks.

>> No.52941499

He's a good and caring daddy

>> No.52941502

Do we have full bestiary 6 yet?

>> No.52941503


This is actually what I and others deeply suspected, but I'm not so sure at this point.

>> No.52941523

It's on the chan 3 doors down

>> No.52941528

I would have disagreed with you, but then >>52941499 was just two posts down.

>> No.52941532


If Slow self-shills, he is INCREDIBLY SUBTLE about it.

I think that he's just a pretty good writer, and that influences reviewanons quite a bit. Because it's usually various reviewanons singing praises about him.

...Is he lewding the reviewanons?

>> No.52941536

So according to /pfg/, handsome, ikemen, and "good man" are all about tied, with handsome seemingly a little bit more in the lead.

What stat arrays do each of these have?

>> No.52941541

Awesome, thank you.

So it seems like tumblr is usually the way to go with this sort of thing? I was hoping to avoid it if I could, but if that's what people use then I'll have to set one up.

>The full body header for my session was $80

Would you mind posting it so I can get an idea of what an $80 piece would look like? It's fine if you're not comfortable with it, I'm just trying to get my bearings before I go expecting anyone to pay me. I can't imagine ever expecting someone to pay anywhere near that much for a single piece though, so it might not be that big of a deal.

>> No.52941543

Diamond Dogs are great just because they turn Vult into a gibbering retard that thinks everyone is out to get him.

>> No.52941545

I'm pretty sure he just has his own little fan club.

This general disgusts me.

>> No.52941548

>Forehead runes on each of them
Are those all Eidolons or Guardian spirits?

>> No.52941554


I'm surprised he's not on discord RIGHT NOW shrieking about them, but he's probably too busy jacking off to Cashmere logs again.

>> No.52941560

Being a male in a /pfg/ game is like getting a head start in the race, because /pfg/ suffers from this belief that there "must" be male characters in a game.

>> No.52941562


Andrik is 19! 19!

>> No.52941566

I don't think he's a self-shill. I mean definitely possible, but he's identified himself on /pfg/ before and his posting style is pretty distinct when he does. I think there's just a separate poster that obsesses over Slow's preferred choice of character archetype and does all the shilling for him.

>> No.52941579

No, he's just a solid writer

>> No.52941586


See filename.

>> No.52941589

t. Slow/His fanclub

>> No.52941599

He probably is one of the reviewanons. Reviewanon 2 seems to be friends with him, at least.

And more to the point, /pfg/ has terrible standards for what constitutes good writing. Slow has decent characters, but they're usually either the same archetype, a Game of Thrones ripoff, or both. To his credit, down-to-earth sorts of characters can be a welcome change, but he's basically trading on celebrity by now. People think "It's Captain Slow so it must be well written", not "this is well written."

He's just not offensive enough (Rory, Vult) to be notorious, so people assume he's God's gift to roleplaying.

>> No.52941606

>100% success rate in game applications

Nope, he didn't get into Dragons 2.

>> No.52941611

>/pfg/ has terrible standards for what constitutes good writing
What is good writing? Genuinely curious on how to improve.

>> No.52941624

Was Exhack's character really a Diamond Dog when they're now running SUCCUBUS CONQUEST campaign?

>> No.52941628

It makes sense. Some stranger comes out of nowhere and just coincidentally joins this controversial game?

>> No.52941634

It could be a regular binding, or all of those beings work for the same higher level demon.

>> No.52941637

Ya'll are silly.

>> No.52941639


....That wasn't a JOKE?

>> No.52941650

>X-anon is shit!
>He really isn't, guys
I know /pfg/ loves a good witchhunt but fucking come on.

>> No.52941656

Why would Slow need to shill? He's irresistible all on his own!

>> No.52941667

Well, I know what I like, but my gripe is that /pfg/ tends to go THIS IS SHIT or THIS SHIT IS AWESOME for arbitrary reasons. Usually related to build.

I'd say that *most* of the /pfg/ apps are actually good writing, or at least a good start on a character. There's a lot of good ideas, and a lot of deserving writers who don't get accepted either just on account of GM taste or a matter of scheduling. Hell, I've passed over good apps because they were only available at inconvenient times.

Slow isn't a bad writer, neither is he a great one. He's fine. He just is benefiting from a double standard (see here >>52941656 ) of people who want to typefuck him just to say they did.

He belongs on F-list.

>> No.52941674



>> No.52941675

To be fair, he was also Mister Bubbles back before that account was banned by Paizo.

>> No.52941676

>Have you ever commissioned character art before?
Several times
>How did it go?
Rather well, considering I research artists first and do a few little commissions with them to make sure they're not bad about communication and delivery.
>How do you go about finding an artist to commission art from?
Browsing the internet and sites, tracking down art styles that I like
>Is there a specific website you typically go through?
Used to be Deviant Art, but now it's Fur Affinity for the literally starving artists that give really good deals. Only issue is finding ones that do humans, but most won't balk at it.
>What do you look for in an artist?
Style and consistency with good work relations.
>What sort of style most appeals to you? Realistic? Stylized? Anime?
Depends on the scene and character in question that I've got in mind. I do like to get a spread of different styles for the same character as a sort of 'this lets you better get the gist and idea' sort of thing.
>Do you usually look to commission full body artwork, or do portraits appeal to you as well?
Bit of both, but I find I get full body more often than portrait or similar.
>What's the most you've paid for a commission? Was it worth it?
$300 and worth every penny, considering the piece should have been well over 1k for the time and quality of it. I caught the artist in person, waving cash in their face to tempt them and got them locked in.
>What do you consider to be a fair price for commissioned artwork?
Depends very heavily on speed and quality. Some artists I'm fine with dropping $20-30 on a two hour stream of getting something done then and there, but nothing more. Others it's 100 for something I might not see for four months, but know that it'll be worth the wait.

Good Luck with your attempts! I would heavily suggest keeping detailed communication and billing records, full transparency on everything, sign things, and get your name out there. A lot of artists do that with raffles.

>> No.52941677

>That spear design that's actually super basic and not at all surprising that someone has used something similar.

>> No.52941689

Asking again, What kind of abilities should a caster class specializing in Heavy Armor have?

>> No.52941693

Oh, this goes that far back?
What's the story?

>> No.52941696

Here ya go bud: http://sidenart.tumblr.com/image/156811847751

>> No.52941700


Oh god, that's HIM?

Is Vult absolved of his crimes?

>> No.52941706

It looks like an in-game render from something.

>> No.52941712

In fairness, almost every witchhunted namefag that /pfg/ shits on is basically a pretty okay dude in my experience.

Roryanon just goofed hard, and Vult has a temper.

>> No.52941714

The fights before this were going great, but suddenly it was a shitshow. First the knight was magically disarmed by the dragon goddess's power, and the shield of the sun fell into a time pool. (Thankfully that fuck always put equipment cords on her shit) but for a round she was defenseless. One failed save and she was petrified into a statue of pure jade.

The wizard took his turn to cast wish and wish that the knight had not failed the disarm save, but was attack of opportunitied by an invisible enemy.

The cleric sprung into action while the barbarian and monk was keeping the avatar of the dragon back. Trying to revive the wizard and unpetrify the knight, but was pushed into a timepool by the same enemy, and turned to dust after two failed saves. (The second one a critical failure.)

The monk and barbarian fought on. The barbarian being a frenzied berserker was still chopping away while at -200 or so health, fighting until his frenzy ran out. The monk backed off because of a promise he made with the barbarian at around level 5 or so.

Soon, the frenzy wore and the barbarian fell to pieces. The avatar came upon the monk tears in her eyes, sitting peacefully, the monk then stood up. It was then we looked at eachother on the game table and everyone looked at the monk's player. The goddess was weak and the monk had regained a lot of strength as the barbarian kept her busy. He had the chance to defeat her like was his quest, but instead, as the monk stood he drew in all his Ki, illuminated by the power, and then used the newest move he had learned. True Sacrifice. The monk was obliterated, and the party was restored. The goddess was brought to tears of jade as she saw this act of sacrifice. It was enough, not for her to break free of control of the lich, but to halt her attacks and allow the party to walk through into the tower.

Each time party members thought of the monk, nothing came. Just feelings of peace, love, sacrifice, and tranquility.

>> No.52941716

Just a general feel of "yeah, I agree with him, oh shit he said something he shouldn't have on the Paizo forums, aaaaand he's band by triggered-happy mods."

>> No.52941727

Who was Mister Bubbles?

>> No.52941732

You don't say?

>> No.52941733

Vult also lashes out at people for no reason, he doesn't just have a temper, dudes got anger issues.

>> No.52941753


Armor check penalty as a bonus to concentration or something?

>> No.52941756


>a temper

If you get aggressive for no reason that isn't called a temper, that's called being an asshole.

Maybe if he quit putting himself out there all the time criticism wouldn't come his way.

But he craves the attention and controversy, which is why he's always online bragging about how he's /fit/ and swimming in online and real pussy when he's not crying about being bullied by mean anons in this thread.

>> No.52941757

This was super helpful, thank you anon.

That's pretty impressive. Thanks again for being so helpful.

>> No.52941760

My experience with Rory hasn't been pleasant. pfg may only know his biggest goof but he's shot his relationships with people in the foot more times than that.

>> No.52941764

It's got a different back end on it.

>> No.52941769



>> No.52941771



>> No.52941777

I want to ERP with cute Reviewanons!

>> No.52941781

Why don't you show us some examples of your own skills?

>> No.52941784

>super helpful

Glad to help! A bit of art can go a long, long way to making a game feel more immersive and getting the group together in a way that is otherwise hard to reach.

Seconding this.

>> No.52941792

Everyone seems okay on their good day.

>> No.52941793

It's back end is literally the same thing just recolored, resized, and put on a different layer. Don't act like I don't recognize an iconic Guild Wars weapon when I see it.

>> No.52941801

And let Rory figure out who I am based on who could have seen them do certain things?

I don't want him hounding me.

>> No.52941803


Christ the amount of spam I've done to get in touch with you. Anyway that pdf is a good starting point, arcane failure is 0 with medium armour, could be 0 with heavy but I couldn't find any that allowed full dex bonus and I couldn't be arsed rebuilding with new stats.

If you manage to pull it off report back!

>> No.52941817


nice pun.

>> No.52941838

Okay so you're just completely full of shit, got it

>> No.52941839


That was a nice little story. There must be more to it right? But I am sure no one can REALLY top that kind of sacrifice in an rpg game.

>> No.52941841

Armor Training
Advanced Armor Training
Armor Mastery
Reduced ASF in heavy armor
Arcane Bond: Armor

>> No.52941846

Dude, he probably is on F-list already. Half the /pfg/ e-celebs certainly are, or else we wouldn't have ended up with a general shaped by ERPers and their sycophants.

Used to be we'd tell namefags who didn't contribute anything to GTFO, but now we're all supposed to shut up and talk about how incredible they are just because of name recognition.

>> No.52941850

It's not a circlet. She's a tiefling kitsune.

>> No.52941851

I know for a fact he doesn't shill because I'm his shill.

>> No.52941859


>> No.52941860


I want the celebrity ERP cabal to leave.

Fucking furries.


Hi slow.

>> No.52941861

He doesn't namefag, dude just is known on roll20

Calm your autism, nobody expects you to like anybody.

>> No.52941871

In fairness, them logs, son

>> No.52941875

I don't think he shills.
I don't even really think he self-shills.
I think people here just shill him to make it look like he's got a fan club, because they want to keep the meme alive and be contrary to anyone who points out that /pfg/ doesn't need and shouldn't have celebrities.

>> No.52941879

Hi Disk.

>> No.52941887

Hi Broodie

>> No.52941888

>Uses command seal
Kill yourself.

>> No.52941892


They weren't good.

Cashmere's player was putting everything they had into the play and Vult was barely shitting ANYTHING out by comparison.

>> No.52941903

>a Game of Thrones ripoff

Name three Slow characters that were GoT ripoffs.

Fuck, name one. You dipshits keep saying this like it means something, but where are these ripoffs?

>> No.52941910



The witch-hunting and shitposting of Rory has gotten to the point that you can say anything about him and people will either...

>call you a faggot for continuing to bring him up
>say that it's probably true but say it's not that bad
>say that it's false but not far from the truth
>agree with you somewhat
>offer a refutation

>> No.52941914


>> No.52941915

But I'm Broodie.

>> No.52941923


>> No.52941932

>Fuck, name one.

>> No.52941934


>> No.52941940


Andrik is a very blatant rip-off of Sir Duncan the Tall, though I have to agree the rest of them aren't actually GoT rip-offs - they're archetypes sure, but archetypes have been used in literature since forever.

>> No.52941941

I'll name two.
His character sheet for Casimir was actually titled "Totally Not Syrio Forel".
His guy for Blingmaker was Duncan the Tall with a side of Berserk reference.
Sigmund wasn't a ripoff of anything that I know of, but then, I gave up on PLD after the first few days.

>> No.52941943

Got that already.
Can you think of anything good for 7th and 13th level abilities?

Am still debating on whether Armor Training should be added, as just stapling it on would feel lazy, and honestly would be pointless on a caster

This is unhelpful, sorry

>> No.52941949


>> No.52941957

Well, to be honest I don't have much of anything saved. Drawing has only really been a hobby for me until recently so my portfolio isn't very big and most of what I've got to show is months or years old.

I've been doing pixel art commissions through Fiverr for a couple of months now, but I'm not entirely sure that sort of thing would fit very well for Pathfinder.

I don't really want to spam the thread with images, so here's an album:

>> No.52941959

I mean, that kind of runs the gamut of possible responses anyway.

>> No.52941969

All of those responses are true

You are a faggot for bringing him up, its probably somewhat true

>> No.52941973

Wist needs a hug!

Is succubed their cry for help?

>> No.52941978

Just take the Hellknight Signifer PrC and be done with it, anon.

>> No.52941982

His half-giant from Hell's Vengeance, which was LITERALLY meant to evoke Gregor Clegane.

>> No.52941983

I think I recognize that art.

>> No.52941984

>Cashmere's player was putting everything they had into the play

I want to put everything I've got into Cashmere's player!

>> No.52941985

I want to sleep with the succubed!

>> No.52941990


Hard to type with one hand

>> No.52941991

I like both the smiling demon thing, and the pixel art could easily fit into a tabletop session.

Set up a site, start taking commissions, be careful with Paypal and at the very least always get at least half the pay up front.
Happy Arting!

>> No.52941992

...Diiiiid anybody but me notice that Overlewd suddenly increased its number of desired players?

Is Sleep up to something? Was there a recent app that wowed him?

>> No.52941999

You forgot two
>Hi Rory
>Hi Witchhunter

>> No.52942000

I want to sleep on the succubed!

>> No.52942002

Fuck, you're right anons, I AM a faggot for bringing him up!

t. Rory

>> No.52942003

>First pic
Oh boy, this will be fun.
>Third Pic
Holy crap that is really good
>Pixel art
Cute! Looks like they belong in a kiddified FE.

>> No.52942013

You are, he craves attention.

>> No.52942014

>tfw too tired to look for a suitable "delet this"
Have a bun to counterbalance it instead.

>> No.52942015

He's probably already decided on the party which is why apps are now closing early.

>> No.52942024

Eh, at least he's giving some warning.

>> No.52942026



>> No.52942028

What a nice rabbit.

>> No.52942044

>Gms look at apps before the date of closing and see ones they like

Monsters, absolute monsters

How can this be allowed.

>> No.52942045

Better if you read it right to left, like a real weeb.

>> No.52942048

You remind me of an image.
Does anyone have the one that is an anime girl with bunny ears on, crying on a desk or table and complaining that as a cute little bunny, she's only good for sex?

>> No.52942054


Blame it on lewdgame GMs dickpicking.

>> No.52942061

>Tfw still working on final revision
>Can't think of anything
T-there's still time, right?

>> No.52942069

He probably always intended 6 players and realized he had forgotten that roll20 includes the GM as a player.

>> No.52942077

To be fair he is reviewing them.

>> No.52942078

>!! Big Announcement !!
>Due to reasons of scheduling, Overlewd will stop accepting new applications after this weekend, starting Monday morning. Anyone who submitted their character already by that point will have the next few days to finish editing their application.

>> No.52942082

Yeh, this. People do this all the time.

>> No.52942093

Post a shitty placeholder anyway, then take all the time you need to edit and revise.

>> No.52942094

I think my app is now wrapped up. Like the beard?

>> No.52942096


No, but I have this video of a needy rabbit that you might like.


>> No.52942099

Mines submitted, but just in what's going to be the final revision. I hope that things weren't picked already.

>> No.52942111

Thats the joke dude.

>> No.52942120

He looks good and caring.

>> No.52942122


>> No.52942123

>the pixel art could easily fit into a tabletop session
You think so? I hadn't really considered that. I guess I could see it.

>be careful with Paypal and at the very least always get at least half the pay up front
This is good advice. I don't have a lot of experience with Paypal outside of withdrawing Fiverr payments so I'll have to read up on that.

>First pic
Yeah, I wish I had more like that one, honestly. I went through a pretty long goblin phase.

>Third Pic
Thanks, pal. I don't know if I'd want to do anything so detailed for commissions, if only because it was pretty time consuming and I'd hate charging so much for a single piece.

>Pixel art
You're actually not far off.

>> No.52942140

Seeing these images just makes me want to Smite even harder
I mean the people responsible just to be clear

>> No.52942150

>I guess I could see it.
Pixel art is one of those things that works really fucking well, but only if everything is in the same style. Consider group deals or some sort of 'the whole party' type things.

>> No.52942168

Well only 3 days now to Rhusae close, anyone want to make guesses on who'll make it? Odds are good for calling it with 3 slots and 9 apps.

>> No.52942182

I was actually planning on doing something like that for my new group after our first session, assuming everything goes well. I wouldn't mind doing it for other groups too, as long as there was a demand for it

>> No.52942192

With apps closing for Overlewd, what party of 5 do you want to see?

>> No.52942193


But the only person responsible was HER!

>> No.52942199

Reposting looking for more comments on this for an entothrope skinwalker variant:

>Ancestry: Entothrope
>Typical Alignment: TN
>Ability Modifiers: +2 Wis, -2 Int (+2 Con while shapechanged)
>Alternate Skill Modifiers: Climb, Fly
>Alternate Spell-Like Ability: vomit swarm (1/day)
>Bestial Features:
>Bite attack that deals 1d4 points of damage plus poison (1/round for 4 rounds, 1d2 Str damage, save is Con based)
>Sting attack that deals 1d6 points of damage plus poison (1/round for 4 rounds, 1d2 Str damage, save is Con based)
>2 claw attacks that each deal 1d4 points of damage
>Fly speed of 30 feet (average)

>> No.52942204


I want to fuck the dragon

>> No.52942209


>> No.52942210

It's 6 now.
Hence the suspicion.
My hypothesis: Was going to be too many girls, and sleep didn't want to be accused of making a harem, so he made room for another guy.

>> No.52942226


On a more serious note? Probably one of the knight guys should be the core of the party, but other than that I

>> No.52942229


Yeah, that story does not make for a happy camper.

>> No.52942230

Ooh, of course you would.
And what strapping young lad should she expect to entertain~?

>> No.52942237

I'm hoping for all monsters and none of these human/aasimar/tiefling/whatever fags

>> No.52942247


Well, I know which one of these you applied with.

>> No.52942264

>party of 5 succubus and a dragon


>> No.52942277

What about variants for specific forms of Entothropy.

Otherwise, it looks solid, though Vomit Swarm could be replaced by a more utility based spell, like Spider Climb or something

>> No.52942279

Say anon what's your AC like, asking for a friend here.

>> No.52942288


I want my app and yours

>> No.52942298

>fly speed of 30 ft

note that the werebat skinwalkers have to Pay a feat for a fly speed of 30 ft (poor)

>> No.52942326


Pretty good, though my Touch is trash.


>> No.52942352

>What about variants for specific forms of Entothropy.

All three share the same stat modifiers (+2 Wis, -2 Int as well as +2 Dex, +2 Con when in hybrid form), so it felt a little silly to make three separate variants.

>Otherwise, it looks solid, though Vomit Swarm could be replaced by a more utility based spell, like Spider Climb or something

Vomit swarm was intended to fit the more general aesthetic of the variant.

>> No.52942384

Nah ya'll are dumb as hell


>> No.52942395

Who do you think I am?

>> No.52942409

Fucck off Rory

>> No.52942411

My waifu.

>> No.52942459


Last I looked almost all the apps were monsters except the males.

>> No.52942489

Not seeing a problem

>> No.52942492

Hell, we got female apps that aren't monster girls?

>> No.52942493

So Overlewd is Monster Musume with bearded knights? Could be worse.

>> No.52942531

>except for those one or two chucklefucks playing a dhampir or a gnoll

>> No.52942690


Last time, our heroes were setting out to take down Rosewater's dirty sheriff

>They get to the Office
>A bit of snooping around, they figure out that the Sheriff is a complete puppet
>A little planning, Rich knocks down the door...
>But sadly, before their ambush can be put into Action, Magwau gets spotted with some bad luck trying to sneak in.
>A gunfight ensues, with Magwau going down to a rough critical, and a few wounds dealt to Jenny
>Rich knocks out the Sheriff, and Jenny is every bit the terror you'd expect the survor of the Coinsville Massacre to be
>They take all the 'deputies' aka, Abraham's Thugs down
>The last one kills himself, rather than be captured
>They managed to capture one, and the Sheriff
>Rich goes out, and gives a speech to the attracted Townsfolk, then rips the Sheriff's badge off and tosses it to Marcie, the town's Bartender, she accepts and gives a rousing little speech
>Marcie talks to them a bit, and the party decides to celebrate their first success on a night of drinking, Marcie's treat of course
>They begin thinking about how to defend the town too, they have three days to prepare, Marcie says she might know some people willing to help too.

No game next week because >life, but after that we're back on

First combats are always a bit slow


>> No.52942714

this pic is cute

>> No.52942744

Okay but realistically how many archdevils could one get away with killing before asmodeus steps in?

>> No.52942750

Like 1.

>> No.52942777



>> No.52942818

How bullshit of me would it be to allow a mythic gate spell that other deties couldn't forcefully shut down so someone could in theory pop into hell to kill a levels devil and then run away?

>> No.52942838

meant for >>52942750 but anyone really.

>> No.52942852

Do elves need to go to the bathroom?

>> No.52942861

Depends. How do the elves in question work?

>> No.52942878


Constantly. Why do you think they live in forests?

>> No.52942913


>> No.52942970


People who eat vegetables do.

>> No.52942973

You don't even need that. Just transport in with a Wish.
If you're at the point where you'd go serial-killing archdevils, 25k GP is chump change.

>> No.52943017

Huh. Didn't even think to check that. Guess that would be the way to go. Problem is it doesn't specify if you need to know about the location, and archdevils all have mind blank up all the time I think. Still, not impossible to work around, just need to get a little creative and then take hell apart one brick at a time.

>> No.52943071

>rough calculation says that ~60% of all the apps are either "monster female" or "Human/half-elf/aasimar/tiefling male".

Didn't know if kasatha count as "human-like", so I said they weren't for this number.

>> No.52943159

Interest check on Dragons 3?

The new game will be set in Hell.

>> No.52943177

You should run RotJR 3 instead.

>> No.52943200


>> No.52943206

Hell yeah, boi.

>> No.52943245

>not Sw


>> No.52943257

What would a CG werewasp society look like?

>> No.52943262


New Jersey or Golarion Hell?

>> No.52943274

A bunch of Calistra worshiping whores.

>> No.52943278

>The new game will be set in Hell.
Rory's playing in that game too?

>> No.52943292

You didn't hear? He's the one adjudicating the fetishes

>> No.52943301

but he's vanilla as fuck

>> No.52943302

You can kill all the arch devils in approximately 96 seconds with three level 18 mythic characters. One a sorcerer, one a oracle, and one a ranger. It requires 400k gold for 8 wishes.

>Oracle casts Discern Location
>Sorcerer casts Wish to go to location
>Ranger performs Named Bullet Mythic Vital Strike for 1600 damage
>repeat with ranger casting Named Bullet while the oracle casts discern location

Asmodeus has to react and come to counter you in a little over a minute and a half or all the Archdevils are now dead.

If done correctly as mythic characters the Archdevils also can not come back.

Level 18 mythic characters are absurdly powerful and the archdevils are not optimized. Unless you literally give them x/per day "doesn't die" they're gonna die round 1.

>> No.52943330

I'm not sure I should ask this, but... why are you asking?

>> No.52943335

for a friend, obvioulsy

>> No.52943353

What's the best way to secure your male concubines that maximizes the appearance of subservience and humiliation while minimizing the impact on their ability to pleasure you at your command?

Are simple collars popular for a reason, or is there a better way?

>> No.52943365

>Vanilla as fuck

What is this meme

>> No.52943373

We've seen his f-list dude

Its vanilla.

>> No.52943377

Somebody posted Rory's F-List profile a whole ago. It's vanilla af.

>> No.52943386

That's ham stringed from the word go with mind blank but beyond that
>Ranger performs Named Bullet Mythic Vital Strike for 1600 damage
How the fuck does this work? I'm actually curious, what sort of build does stuff like that?

>> No.52943396

Who does your friend want to know?

>> No.52943409

This is an unexpected development. What degree of vanilla is this. I was expecting more degeneracy out of /pfg/'s favorite whipping boy

>> No.52943425

Posting logs without permission is pretty degenerate

Not in a sexual sort of way, but in a "you're a legitimately terrible person" kind of way

>> No.52943435

If you've got such enormously stupid logs, the least you can do is put them to good use.

>> No.52943451


First rule: brevity is the soul of wit. Fantasy hack writing has a tendency towards Purple Prose. What you want is to leave bits to imagination of whoever is reading while condensing as much information as possible. Not all information is equal, some parts deserve more lines than others and some words convey more information than others.

Pacing is important, learn to control the flow of information. It is good idea to use themes, moods and motifs to pack more information and build a narrative for the character.

You can also add a lot of information.

"Through the door came two Sardukar herding a girl-child who appeared to be about four years old. She wore a black aba, the hood thrown back to reveal the attachments of a stillsuit hanging free at her throat. Her eyes were Fremen blue, staring out of a soft, round face. She appeared completely unafraid and there was a look to her stare that made the Baron feel uneasy for no reason he could explain."

Your immediate impression of Alia is one of power and disturbing intensity. But there's a lot of implied violence in the description too — the hood that's "thrown back" and the emphasis on her bare throat. It's immediately intense and gripping.

>> No.52943460

Whoever linked that bunny video, fuck you, it led me to another video of a baby bunny rabbit dying and that shit made me react more than any gore or execution videos I've seen on these boards

>> No.52943461

>It's immediately intense and gripping.
No it fucking isn't.

>> No.52943478


Not even the most degenerate member of dragons2

>> No.52943493

Yeah, I don't even know who Alia is in that statement. I assume the girl? None of that really conveys intensity or power. Especially since she was "herded" in.
Also this.

>> No.52943508


Holy fuck

>> No.52943509

>Not recognizing "Fremen" and "Alia"
Unironically Plebians.

>> No.52943513


As Vanilla as they come

As far as we can tell the degenerate in that party is actually the rat.

>> No.52943527

Or "still suit" for that matter. Fucking plebs indeed.

>> No.52943534

I know it's from Dune, since I recognize Fremen and Sadukar because I saw a friend play a video-game based on it once. Think it was an RTS.

I don't recognize Alia though.

>> No.52943539

I fully recognize that it's Dune. That doesn't make it "immediately intense and gripping".

>> No.52943544

>That's ham stringed from the word go with mind blank but beyond that
There is a mythic power that lets you beat mind blank.

A ranger with favored enemy, named bullet, and the mythic vital strike line threatens a crit automatically and multiplies everything, even things that are not normally multiplied on crits. So he does a 12x damage shot with +36 from greater named bullet which is multiplied by 12, and his favored enemy bonus which is multiples by 12, and his deadly aim, and his composite bow bonus.

It's retardedly deadly.

>> No.52943555


>> No.52943557

Who actually writes good backstories out of /pfg/ players?

>> No.52943561


God you're making me want to reread Dune in preparation for Starfinder.

Don't make me do it you fags, I might host it on roll20 and invite you all to submit characters.

...Well then, that's an interesting fact to know

>> No.52943565


Alia of the Knife.

The murderous, many-minds, child, psychic abomination.

>> No.52943567

Fuck off with your fanclub bullshit.

>> No.52943570

>reread dune
>host it on roll20

>> No.52943571

Huh. Well nice to know. A few other things getting in the way, like having something that belongs to each arch devil for the named bullet, and the fact that archdevils probably plan of this sort of occasion, but very nice.

>> No.52943582

Does Spheres have any support for mythic stuff. I know Psionics does.

>> No.52943585

A Starfinder campaign based around Dune. I'll host it on Roll20, have a whole memegame application process for it, the works. You're really tempting me anons

>> No.52943588


>> No.52943605 [SPOILER] 

Going by the Overlewd apps...


Seriously stop. This cycle of shill-witchhunt-shill is getting retarded.

Well I'm going to take Perform (Baliset) and Familiar (Pug).


>> No.52943609

What books will we cover up to?

>> No.52943610

It's mediocre late-90s video game music. What of it?

>> No.52943630

>Huh. Well nice to know. A few other things getting in the way, like having something that belongs to each arch devil for the named bullet, and the fact that archdevils probably plan of this sort of occasion, but very nice.
You don't need something of his, you need to know their name. The names of the archdevils are known.

>> No.52943631

Sorry, I was linking to the anon above.

And the music was great, shut your mouth. Frank Klapecki is a legend. Also did the good parts of the Command and Conquer franchise.

>> No.52943638

Its just a fact.


>> No.52943656

It sounds like something that didn't quite make the cut for the Unreal soundtrack.

>> No.52943705


>Let's get back to equal justice
>Increase fear and suspicion

>> No.52943711

Honestly it's been so long since I've read the books that I'm not sure.

We could do an intrigue campaign based around the politics of the empire, Or an adventure campaign based around exploring uncharted planets. I'd have to refamiliarize myself with the entire series and figure out some place to actually SET the game.

>> No.52943907

Be straight with me.

What /vg/ generals do you fucks frequent? I want to know who I share a thread with.

>> No.52943916

/lolg/ (But only for Sona pics)

>> No.52943922


>> No.52943924

>Once kidnapped a heavily guarded Elven Princess by convincing her to drink more and more cups of tea at a banquet until she had to excuse herself to the bathroom in private where the rogue and sorcerer were waiting with an ambush

>> No.52943930

Ain't this pretty off topic?
/gerg/ reporting in

>> No.52943938


Got any you want to share, senpai?

>> No.52944029

I've visited /fhg/ approximately once, but beyond that not a one.

>> No.52944039


>> No.52944048


>> No.52944069


>> No.52944104

/feg/, because I'm trash.

>> No.52944115

Not many I can share on a blue board

>> No.52944127

Make an imgur gallery, then?

>> No.52944158

/ss13g/ admin reporting in

>> No.52944207

Thread is dying make confessions.

All my characters are at least secretly smug.

>> No.52944210

Howdy, fellow shitmin

>> No.52944252

I'm really worried that a game I'm in is going to turn skeevy and shitty really quickly because another player is pushing some political agenda.

I feel like another game I'm in is going to end because the GM keeps mentioning how he wants to wrap up the "side quests" that we're on and rattling them off a list like it's fucking Skyrim.

I'm worried that all my attempts to be friendly only annoy people and drive them away.

>> No.52944276

I'm running a game that I only started out of peer pressure and now I'm afraid I'll burn out and be unable to contribute to better games.

>> No.52944304

I'm starting to think that someone who's friends with some of my players is going to drive a wedge between them and the rest of my group through OOC drama, and my whole gaming group is going to fall apart because of one asshole turning things into a social battlefield.

Just like the last time. And the time before that.

>> No.52944328

I'm constantly terrified that drama is going to erupt in one of the groups I've joined due to celebrity bullshit, and I'll be the one who suffers because I'm the new guy.

I just wanted to have friends and go on adventures.

>> No.52944335

aaaaaa i wanna be in an unrequited love

>> No.52944344

I'm starting to think applying to Overlewd was a mistake, and that I'm going to be caught up in a shitstorm of drama over a game that sounded fun.

>> No.52944374

I've realized I'm incapable of trusting other players, and I always assume that they're all going to turn on me. I'm also shit at optimizing, so I can only assume that they're going to gank me with no way for me to fight back.

>> No.52944387

I'm really starting to enjoy a game I secretly never wanted to be accepted to.

I think /pfg/ is a good community.

>> No.52944396

Which one is it?

>> No.52944404


>> No.52944417

New Thread: >>52944414

>> No.52944420

Cheer up anon, there are so many Overlewd apps it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

>> No.52944421

It's WWW I bet

>> No.52944424

I'm deliberately playing mind games with my GM by making a series of characters that are progressively more and more optimized but play off the misconceptions I know he has so he evaluates each one as weaker than the last.
He's wondering why he can't threaten the party, and is currently trying to nerf everyone but me.

>> No.52944430

You, I like you.

>> No.52944437

I'm suspicious that one of the people in a game I've been enjoying might be an actual nazi and not just joking.

For fuck's sake I want to play a hero, not some scumbag's stooge

>> No.52944446


oh darn... and mine already has a post to it.


>> No.52944453

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to fight my whole group because one guy at my table is more charismatic and a second guy everybody else looks up to is already friends with him.

And all they want to do is turn every game into Game of Thrones.

>> No.52944469

I mean, my current character just completely prevents all hostile movement in a 35ft radius. That's not OP at all, since he's not dealing damage with those AOOs! Right? The problem is clearly with the Magus who keeps abusing Spell Combat with spells that don't require attack rolls. Like Magic Missile. Fucking bullshit Magic Missile, being irresistible automatically hitting damage. He's clearly the source of all woe.

>> No.52944480

I would have duo applied to this game if I'd realized the group dynamic I'd end up with otherwise would feel this bad.

>> No.52944489

It's actually RotJR 3, run by Doug.

>> No.52944494

I have lost faith in /pfg/ games purely on the basis of knowing that certain celebrity players have a certain spot in a game.

>> No.52944498

Not really related to your issue but this post reminded me.

This is an old thing that's already resolved itself, but I'm curious on /pfg/'s take on this issue.

What do you do when a character has dumped a mental score but the player themselves obviously rolled high. I once had a player who dumped CHA and didn't play face, but the player themself had great speech and reasoning and I always had trouble finding reasons on why NPCs shouldn't have agreed with him on a lot of topics even though there was no way in hell he was going to roll well socially.

In my case the group stopped playing for unrelated reasons before it ever became a serious problem, but I want to know how you'd handle it.

>> No.52944515

Like Captain Slow?

>> No.52944525

Ask them if they're okay making it another PC's idea, or occasionally let them have this flash of insight if it's not happening too often.

Justify it through some other mental score, like Wisdom allowing them the perception to notice details, or Intelligence making them smart enough to propose something that makes sense, even if they're babbling or stumbling over their words in-character (see also: Jeff Goldblum playing a smart character in movies).

>> No.52944569

Let's not start that again, we already wasted half the thread.
I blame Discord, anyway, not him.

>> No.52944594

I don't know how to approach another player and suggest lewd RP, even though I'm comfortable talking about lewd stuff with them.

I feel like I'm going to come off as going HAY BB WAN SUM FUK

>> No.52944611

Just PM them.

PM them right now, with the codeword: Rogues are viable.

>> No.52944638


All of my characters are secretly Smaug.

>> No.52944646

>Blaming "celebrity" status for success
>Not considering that maybe their apps are just good.
>Not trying to improve your own writing to do better next time

Come on Anon, you're better than this.

>> No.52944651

I'm sick and tired of people reposting that Game of Thrones clip about weapon names. It's a fun trope, and a neat little way to flesh out a character or setting. And all some joyless chucklefucks want to do is prove they're the smartest people in the room by posting gifs from an edgelord meme show.

>> No.52944675

/dsg/, /wfg/, /bbg/ here.

>> No.52944677

Game of Thrones is pretty toxic when it comes to fantasy tropes.

Remember that fight between Brienne and the Hound?

They couldn't stop tripping over eachother and shedding anti-chivalry spaghetti.

>muh fuck chivalry
>muh learned to fight real battles
>muh was never a knight bruh
>muh dirty tricks because real fightan

>> No.52944681

I had a reserved spot in a game due to GM friendship and so didn't flesh out my character idea as much as I should have and got in

I'm putting in extra effort to make the game go well so I can feel I've earned my spot properly, but I still feel my PC isn't as good as it could or should have been

>> No.52944690

>Game of Thrones is pretty toxic
I think that's a little more accurate, don't you?

>> No.52944702

I don't know how to decline ERP. I dislike it but I'm worried that someone put themselves on the spot and I'd be hurting their feelings over something inconsequential, or that I'd be wasting intimate character development, or that it might affect our performance in game.

>> No.52944703

It sucks and is one of the biggest reasons I can't stick around for that series. Heroes exist, fuck you.

>> No.52944733

>Heroes exist
But they don't live very long when nobody else wants to play by the rules.

>> No.52944741

I wish I had tried a little harder to ask people to stick with apps I liked.
But hey, I admire conviction, and I don't want people to pander to me.

>> No.52944779

But there's the rub--writers like Martin bends plausibility just to railroad characters into situations where they'll be punished, and then just use blanket statements about realism to justify it.

ASoIaF is just as arbitrary as any other series, and I really wish its fans would stop pretending it's special just because it's darker and more tragic.

>> No.52944958

I secretly enjoy the feeling of playing with someone who isn't used to high op and surprising them with optimized builds

Like I never go full minmax but I do decent, and the smugness is there

>> No.52945001

I think these threads have gone to absolute shit since since games started being advertised. Especially after RotJR. The general turned into a nonstop popularity and erp circlejerk with fuck all actual discussion going on.

>> No.52945029

Overlewd's probably going to be the last one of those. I hope.

>> No.52945900

Or is it? I'd hate to disappoint you, anon.

>> No.52946597

But I already love you and you have no idea!

>> No.52948089

But if I love you back, then it won't be unrequited!

Well have to start all over again!

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