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Well? Whats your excuse?

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I'm too busy grunting in immeasurable pleasure as my Commissar pegs my ass with her standard issue disciplinary strap-on.

Why would I ever put my Dick in a xenos when I have that to enjoy?

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They are xeno subhuman filth
Need I say more?

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And I thought the people who waifued Slannesh and DEldar had shit taste.

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If you like humans so much, why isn't your country called the Human and Tau Empire? Or even better, the Human, Kroot and Tau Empire.

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Your incessant preaching of the "Greater Good" makes you almost as annoying as Word Bearers with your shilling.

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HKTV empire?

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Anon, there's no Shit Taste here. The Commissar takes off the condom before making me suck the dildo.

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I'm the only imperial player at my GW, the rest are Eldar, Necrons and Tau.
The Necon dudes are bros and just play for fun.
The Eldars are tourney loving jackasses who only play with their tourney lists even for casual games.
The Tau has that Riptide Formation and bitches whenever I take one down.

I play IG with a artillery and fortifications. I have won 1 battle after 3 years playing, and that was against one of the Necron bros that was testing a list.

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Stands to reason that ,despite yourself, you'd be in awe of the supremely perfect human form, Xenos.
However, to us, you're but an abomination soiling mankind's rightfull bounty of worlds, a menace to our life and plenty and an insult to our self evident perfection we can't suffer to stand.
You'll have to either leave, or face our rightfull fury.
Tell your leaders this: abandon this world now, and we will not pursue.
This is as much mercy and good will as we can grant creatures such as You.

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I thought Tau only had like one long braid of hair.

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>laser goes through her head and right into his dick
stupid mon'keigh

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wow, are 40k humans really that retareded?

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No excuse needed, I think Tau are Cute.

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You keep turning my Guardsmen into filthy weebs.

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It's not our fault if they have good taste

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Is your forehead nostril deep enough to fit my dick?

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fill her womb with my superior human genes of course.

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I would gladly lay down my genitals for The Emperor.

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They keep interfering with our plans.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to raise so many generations when they keep becoming worthless NEETs who just watch your shitty animation vids and stay home all day?

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The Alien fails because it cannot embrace the Emperor.

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Who needs xenos when there's abhumans?

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>Slannesh notices this act of Extra Heresy
>Is tickled pink by the idea of an Interspecies couple
>Does Warp shit to make the sperm take inside of her
>Half breed weirdos are brought into the Galaxy
>The Imperium and Ethereals Fight over who gets to kill you, your xenos waifu, and your children for such an egregious act.
>even if you escape, none of you will ever live a normal happy life, and will be treated as freaks forever
All because you had to think with your dick anon

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You can't satisfy your sexual desires with an Felinid, citizen!

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>"going through"

Now who's being stupid?

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Xenos are filthy scum that infests humanity's galaxy, much like cockroaches infest OP's kitchen.

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Didn't we have this thread already?

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>Well? Whats your excuse?

I am proud to obey the Emperor's every command.

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Throughout the millennia humans have tried to trust and cooperate with xenos, and each time we have been betrayed, used or killed for their amusement. We have found that the elimination or extreme containment of xenos species is the best way for the continued survival of the human race.

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Faces filled with joy and cheer
What a magical time of year
Howdy Ho! It's Xenos Stomping Day

Put your Marine helmet on
Spread that mayonaisse on the lawn
Don't you know it's Xenos Stomping Day?

All the little girls and boys
Love that wonderful crunching noise
You'll know what this day's about
When you stomp a Xenos' guts right out

So, come along and have a laugh
Snap their alien spines in half
Grab your boots and stomp your cares away
Hip hip hooray, it's Xenos Stomping Day

[Sounds of xenos getting stomped on, with bone-crunching and Tau-screeching effects]

People love them down the street
Crushing xenos beneath their feet
Why we do it, who can say?
But it's such a festive holiday

So let the stomping fun begin
Bash their Alien skulls right in
It's tradition, that makes it okay

Hey everyone, it's Xenos Stomping
We'll have some fun on Xenos Stomping
Put down your Lasgun, it's Xenos Stomping Day
Hip Hip Hooray, it's Xenos Stomping Day

Xenos Stomping Day

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added to 1d4chan

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I-I love xenos.

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we love you too, anon :3

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Kitten & Shadowsun is best couple!

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To be fair most of the galaxy wants to kill me in a staggering variety of increasingly sadistic ways, so there's that.

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Remove life.

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Kitten and Shadowsun a cute!

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>le sexy Tau
>le sexy Daemonettes

I bet you guys are the sweaty fucks I see in the modelling shop with naked anime children on their card protectors.

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Necrons are such fucking edgelords

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Die Heretics.

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>Look at how NORMAL I am, fellow redditors!
>Le Neckbeard Gentlesirs, amirite? XD

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Tau is for bully

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I love how /tg/ loses their minds over the idea of a humanoid species without sexual dimorphism.

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>They're not killing the xeno, they're giving her laser eye surgery

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anyone that wouldn't fuck a xeno and COLONIZE her savage alien pussy isn't a white man.

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>tfw pure blooded native americans are almost nonexistant now

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How about no?

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Yes, I remember at least those exact posts >>52855180
>>52855227 being there last time too.

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>Weird Alpharius Yankovic
Underrated post.

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Emprah said I should. So I do. Also, I'm reporting you to the Arbites, the PDF, and the Inquisition. Not necessarily in that order.

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Underrated post.

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Lasbolts aren't bullets. They have no penetration. What they do is cause surface reactions, blowing chunks out of shit. Sarge definitely would have to worry skull fragmentation and/or losing some fingers, though.

Hotshots and up get around that with their huge energy reserves, but regular lasguns don't have to worry about overpenetration.

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If Tau really wanted to integrate with humenkind, they need to develop larger fat deposits.

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The only respectable xenos are Eldar, mostly because they're the same kind of crazy as us. Outside of them, you other xenos can fuck off.

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One head for another, filthy knife-hear.

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That an Absolver?

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>drunk Macha

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It took me a moment.

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>same kind of crazy as us

How? Eldar are vengeful old dickbags who keep everything a secret and have a prideboner shoving for room next to the stick up their ass.

The Tau are pretty much a ripoff of humanity with hooves in terms of culture and mindset. They're closer to modern-day people than the Eldar are by far, and that also makes them closer to Imperials.

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>Eldar are vengeful old dickbags who keep everything a secret and have a prideboner shoving for room next to the stick up their ass.

Take the old out of that and it might as well be the Imperium.

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Only a heretic would need a reason tohate that which is other.

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>The Tau are pretty much a ripoff of humanity with hooves in terms of culture and mindset.

I guess if you're a communist this statement is true.

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Because you're quite literally taking up space that humans could be using.

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>Needing an excuse to hate that which is other

Only a heretic would say this.

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pic related

where did this may may come from.
it's liekthe black jesus shit.
>kitten's full of turk dna
>he's somehow black
Nigga please

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Xenos are an affront to the majesty and manifest destiny of Man.

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Probably the episode where the Emperor took off his armor and Kitten was a black dude. Just not as black as the Salamanders

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I don't hate xenos, I abhor mutants.

Astartes were a mistake.

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The salamanders episode dude

Kitten is some form of bronze idol, definitely not Caucasian.


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>The only respectable xenos are none of them

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Somebody please cap this I'm on mobile

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>You can't satisfy your sexual desires with a Felinid, citizen!

Really? Because it seems to be working well for me!

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>communists aren't human

>> No.52864469

>self-evident statement

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A-Cav IG guy here. I feel you bro it took me 7 years to win a game. I haven't stopped since.

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Hate? To the contrary I love xenos. The noise they maks, the auroma when you douse them head to toe in promethian is nothing short of divine

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I guess?

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the reality

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I use Shadowsun as a basis of the tau female. She was the only female tau depicted for a while. Her head shape and face are significantly different from other tau: rounder head, bigger eyes, big lips, more ayy-like, to be honest. And that difference is shown in her battlesuit, too, so it's logical to conclude that her body is also less angular.
Honestly, I'd be down for non-dimorphic sexes, but it really feels to me like GW has backpedaled hard on this. First you make something like Shadowsun, then you are like "wait no she's just special all the other females are less feminine"?

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That shouldn't have taken me as long as it did

>> No.52865681

I'm actually quite fine with it, if both sexes are attractive looking in the bargain, I am shamelessly biased.

>> No.52865912

I don't!

I just really fucking love Humanity. So either move your commie asses out of way of Mankind's glorious golden future or get ready to eat jackboot.

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Just because you have a degradation and belittlement fetish doesn't mean that the Eldar's arrogant, secret-keeping modus operandi is any more tolerable. Eldar a shit, no matter what Guilliman or anyone else says.

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The funniest part of this is that Slannesh would totally do this too. He adores cuteness and heartbreaking tragedy as much as ecstasy and pleasure.

At least he'd make the abominations not look quite so abominable.

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>puritan-cucks are still mad

Enlighten yourself, my dude.

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No, Tau are for hugs and head pats.

>> No.52866935

what's up with the tau having sexually dimorphic facial slits?

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Have fun, ya bastards.

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Gee, just like humans. Except that humans are numerous at the same time.

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do you think she'll be so talkative when she's drowning in her own filthy xeno blood?

>> No.52868072

Well, dont worry, we view aliens as subhumans too, so its a toll.
Eldar must be wiped out tho, and best method is to rapidly interbreed with them, untill theres nothing left out of them.

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I like xeno ladies though anon.

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Read the whole thing in tune to his voice you fucker!

>> No.52868540

>you will never have a filthy xeno subhuman elvish wife who will call you mon-keigh
this world is boring...

>> No.52868562

Because your foul xenos technosorcery is an affront to the Omnissiah.

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put me in the screencap

>> No.52868802

>tfw no xeno gf

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im not gay is my excuse taufag

>> No.52868991

Repeat after me: It's not gay if it's the Commissar's Strap-on.

>> No.52869170

It's gay if it's a male Commisar, not gay if there's no schlong.

>> No.52869300

>This is what pegging fags actually believe.
Being a bottom male is always gay. Being a bottom male to a female with a strap-on makes you an Ultra-faggot.

>> No.52869326

Does that mean the lesbians who have sex with a strap on is straight, or gay?

What about traps?

What if you're a guy using a strap-on on a girl?

What if it's FMF and one girl has a strap on up your ass while you fuck another one?

Teach me your ways o'master of human sexuality!

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>has castes
I mean, I know it's a well used meme and all but I still think it makes no sense.

>> No.52869389

>lesbians who have sex with a strap on is straight, or gay?
Ultra mega gay. It's actually less gay, by a fair margin to get fucked by a dude.

>What if you're a guy using a strap-on on a girl?
That's pretty retarded because the way you worded that makes it sound like you're not using your actual dick instead.

>What if it's FMF and one girl has a strap on up your ass while you fuck another one?
You're taking it in the ass still, makes you a huge faggot. But slightly worse than a huge faggot because you are deluded into thinking you're not a huge faggot.

>> No.52869420

>strap-on guy
you can double dick anon i did that few times for lulz, it's awkward

>> No.52869422

It's only gay if it's a monogamous relationship with financial dependencies and at least five cases of late library fees. Anything else is completely straight.

>> No.52869432

also, almost forgot.
What if couple is into chastity+sissy and the guy uses a strap-on, because he's caged?

>> No.52869447


North Korea has castes based on their level of revolutionary heritage. The idea of castes is and always will be integral to the class-driven socialist/communist state.

>> No.52869460

Follow up questions.
Trap on female?

Straight girls, who are having sex with a strap on because it turns their boyfriends on?

Fucking a girl?

And the question that might invalidate all of your previous responses:
Is it gay, if it's fae?

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what's the fucking point of having two sexes if they will not have differentiating traits then

>> No.52869514

>North Korea
>Communist in any meaningful way

>> No.52869518

there are species like that tho, they usually identify by pheromones

>> No.52869541

Not that anon, but...

>> No.52869566

That looks a lot more close to fantasy realm that just plain say a species is asexual.

>> No.52869568

>Trap on female?
Male on female, still straight
>Straight girls, who are having sex with a strap on because it turns their boyfriends on?
Their Boy friends are incredible faggots, but like a straight man forced to do gay things, it is not gay
>Fucking a girl?
I believe we have covered that this is the archetype of straight
>Is it gay, if it's fae?
Only if it is a male or a female with a strapon

>> No.52869597

i didn't mean hermaphrodites

>> No.52869612

>Emperor's grandsons were a mistake

>> No.52869616

Well, I did, and you understand me anyway.

>> No.52869620

>not real communism goys

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>> No.52869680

Eldrad pls.

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>> No.52869806

Fidel survived like a thousand attempts by the CIA to assassinate him, he clearly was a very special individual ordained by fate. Also makes for good looking propaganda images unlike the North Koreans, they don't even have iconic cigars!

>> No.52870439

>you will never have halfbred child

>> No.52870511


This isn't v

>> No.52870678

>tfw when your mother is dead and her soulstone is powering a wraithknight

>> No.52870754

>all these xenofucker posts

>> No.52870804

>not proving your superiority by defiling the weak

>> No.52870863

Only time CIA manages to actually assassinate someone, is when they get the entire US military to go after them and wreck a whole country in the process.

>> No.52870880

This is kinda a silly analogy, since the Imperium brings a great deal of this shit on itself.

>find xenos who have actually rescued humans during the Age of Strife
>kill them and send all the rescued humans to die in slave camps
>"why do the allies of those xenos we killed keep attacking us? what have we done to deserve this?"

>short spess lizardmen that trade peacefully with other races are found
>they offer such a deal
>virus bomb their homeworld
>"why do all the surviving spess lizardman hate us and keep attacking our ships and killing us? why are xenos so hateful?"

>eldar kill their own dark kin to rescue a bunch of humans
>set them up on a beautiful paradise planet alongside exodites
>they live in peace for hundreds of years
>kill the eldar, then kill the humans for the gall to be saved by eldar
>"why do eldar constantly trick and bait us and treat us like we're stupid barbarians? xenos are so intolerant!"

>> No.52870962

>risking Space Gonorrhea

>> No.52871008

Artist needs serious work on their anatomy.

>> No.52871013

>Kitten is a nigger
Into the trash

>> No.52871176

>Respectable xenos
>Posts the Ultra-thirsty, Christmas Cake, Turbo-virgin of Eldar drunk off her ass
Really showing us the pinnacle of respectability there

>> No.52871338

>I-I-It's not Heretical if I do it as a sign of superiority o-or If I redpill her on the glory of Mankind

Literally /pol/-tier arguments.

I'm not baiting here by the way, these are actually the arguments that are used every time /pol/ has a thread about Black and Asian women.

>> No.52871499

Nice job ignoring the facts that these xenos are manipulative fuckers who will backstab you the second you look away. Especially the Eldar who was obviously using the humans as pawns in some vile scheme they were cooking up.

No matter what you think of the Imperium, they're perfectly justified in wanting xenos dead.

>> No.52871619

>this much mental gymnastics to justify his xeno cuckoldry
Race traitors deserve only death.

>> No.52871690

I would absolutely love for this to be a Twilight Zone Eye of the Beholder thing where Shadowsun is actually a particularly frumpy looking Tau but by human standards she's half-decent.

>> No.52872252

At my local hobby store we have a fagget who plays tau bull shit and the starseer council. I play csm and necrons. I'm very alone when it comes to ally choices seeking as majority of people play with lsm

>> No.52872398

/pol/tard here. Never saw anything about nigger women. Asians were always considered to be supreme race alongside whites.

>> No.52872425

So eldar wuz europe and we wuz rapefugees n shiet?

>> No.52872484

Tau have no hair, you cant fool me xeno scum.
Not only your pussy but your whole body smells like dead fish

>> No.52872496

/pol/ is okay with asians though

>> No.52872498

We must exterminate aliens by interbreeding with them and making them genetically extinct by our superior human genes
>inb4 eldar chromosomes
Fuck off

>> No.52872634

I play Eldar but i prefer more fluffy lists. We're not all gay tourney cunts mate. I just like the dire avengers and shit.

>> No.52873554

Why is it when /tg/ roleplays as /pol/acks do they play as anti-elf humans? I figured it would make more sense to roleplay a /pol/ack as an elven supremacist:
>noble fair-skinned elves with advanced technology are the whites
>ungrateful, conquering, and underdeveloped orcs and humans are the evil "niggers" and "mudslimes" who think they are so goddamn special or entitled (WE WUZ KANGS meme and religion of peace stuff)
>scheming and greedy (((dwarves))) that are the enemies of the elves are large-nosed "kikes"
>half-elves are abominations created or enabled by "race-traitors"
>(((dwarves))) are tricking the elves into being cucked willingly by the poor, oppressed people-of-rounded-ears. elven women are "ear-clippers" (coalburner equivalent)
>most of the elven supremacists are either partially human themselves, lower than even the average below-average human, or secretly have a brown elf fetish but are worried for being judged for liking something "degenerative"

>> No.52874262

I would never betray Aniki!

>> No.52874291

>implying the Emperor didn't bang a xeno pussy in his younger days

>> No.52874330

He was into eldars though

>> No.52874385

>getting pussy
He's literally /ourguy/

>> No.52874594

No, see, Emprah's hatred of xenos stems from the fact that he can't get any from them, and him having to get salty and settle for humans, which, to him, isn't like settling for Velma after getting spurned by Daphne, it's like Velma and Daphne laughing at the thought of ever getting with you, so you have to settle for a background character. Emprah's whole motivation for uplifting humanity is literally him going full /r9k/ and trying to turn humanity into his Original Character, Do Not Steal Waifu.

>> No.52874685


>> No.52874748

Still makes more sense and is less contradictory than current lore.

>> No.52874753


>indoctrinated imperium shills

>expecting any sort of logic

>> No.52874792

>placing your species first is indoctrination

nice try ethereal caste

>> No.52874883


>muh ethereal caste

Out of all Tau, Ethereals are the most like humans. Hence why we got rid of them in the Farsight Enclave.

>> No.52874932

>Oy gue'la don't be racist! You must accept those poor Kroot refugees into your neighborhoods.

>> No.52874941

Actually, certain /pol/acks are more """primitive""" inclined. WE WUZ VIKINGZ and similar.
Look for vargtards, youll understand

>> No.52874948

Aren't the Kroot better units than the Tau?

>> No.52875049

>noble fair-skinned elves with advanced technology are the whites
Advanced tech are Tau. Eldar are stagnant
>ungrateful, conquering, and underdeveloped orcs and humans are the evil "niggers" and "mudslimes" who think they are so goddamn special or entitled (WE WUZ KANGS meme and religion of peace stuff)
orks, yes, but humans are more like XV cc Christians. And it actually makes sense, since there are actual demons in the universe. +xenophobia is not directly related to religion of IoM, but rather past experiences.
>scheming and greedy (((dwarves))) that are the enemies of the elves are large-nosed "kikes"
cant beat this
>half-elves are abominations created or enabled by "race-traitors"
they are halfasian-halfwhite analogue. neither side considers it to be bad combo irl. of course in grimdark 40k, its different, but still...

>> No.52875145

I am /pol/ack and I like to play as humans. But I don't understand why should anyone hate elves. If humans represent Whites, elves represent Asians. They should go very well with each other by any logic.

>> No.52875200

Humans represent humans you dumbass.

Elves don't represent anything.

>> No.52875255

>Especially the Eldar who was obviously using the humans as pawns in some vile scheme they were cooking up.

I'm afraid it's canon that there was no scheme in that instance.

And Eldar as a species only started defaulting to manipulation of humans after the Great Crusade, when humanity adopted a "just kill everything for no reason" stance. They literally attempted to warn the Imperium of the greatest threat to its existence.

>No matter what you think of the Imperium, they're perfectly justified in wanting xenos dead.

The entire point of the Imperium is that they've created almost all their problems, or, if they haven't, they're doing their best to make things worse.

>> No.52875273

Ask me in a week. My contract with the governor hasn't expired yet.

>> No.52875307

I like heretics

>> No.52875410

>Why is it when /tg/ roleplays as /pol/acks do they play as anti-elf humans? I figured it would make more sense to roleplay a /pol/ack as an elven supremacist

Generally because in the vast majority of actual campaign settings, elves are good, and good people aren't racists.

Also, elves tend to represent things that people with racist tendencies also dislike. Conservation of nature, education, philosophy, etc. So they make elves their untermensch of choice as a way of deriving some small measure of imaginary vindication through these fantasies.

>> No.52875474

>Posts the Ultra-thirsty, Christmas Cake, Turbo-virgin of Eldar drunk off her ass

I'd call her the pinnacle of anything she wanted me to call her for a piece of that Christmas Cake

>> No.52875518

You know when I come to think of it, there really isn't an initial reason for the Imperium to hate the T'au that isn't dogmatic. In fact a lot of Xenos hate is merited primarily because of how bad the old races fucked up before Humanity hit the scene. Tyranids are understandably hated since they're just murder space-locusts that throw out spooky DNA-rape monsters ahead of their fleets. The T'au though, they're actually diplomatic at first. There is actually a good reason that the Administratum will want to hear them out for a bit.

Afterwards we throw all dignitaries into the Warp and leave them there without the Gellar Shields.

>> No.52875623

Not really.

>Fire Warrior: 9 points
WS2 BS3 S3 T3 I2 A1 1W Ld7 4+
30" S5 AP5 Rapid Fire
OR 18" S5 AP5 Assault 2 Pinning
Defensive Grenades
Overwatch for friendly units within 6"

>Kroot Warrior (with sniper rounds): 7 points
WS4 BS3 S3 T3 I3 A1 1W Ld7 6+
24" S4 AP6 Rapid Fire
24" SX AP6 Heavy 1 Sniper
-- SU AP5 Melee Two-Handed
Infiltrate, Move Through Cover, Stealth-Forests (lol)

They can be fun and fluffy to take but they're definitely not great. They even suck in close combat, which is supposed to be what they're good at. Their marginally better WS and I for the same number and strength of attacks doesn't make up for their 6+ saves.

>> No.52875663

>Water caste Tau float around the warp forever, never noticed by the demons

>> No.52875681

But in some settings elves are pretty racist. 40k Eldar see everyone else as mere beasts and in Elder Scrolls there is a faction of high elf supremacists.

>> No.52875711

Aren't the Tau resistant to the warp?

Their souls are even weaker than humans.

Eldar souls > Human souls > Tau souls

>> No.52875744

The Eldar respect the Tau through.

>> No.52875765


>> No.52875814

SOME settings being the operative word.

Eldar don't even see every other race as animals. There are species they explicitly respect, and their views are pretty varied between and even within craftworlds. They often see humans as ignorant backwards barbarians because that's what humans actually are in 40K.

And you said yourself that only one faction of elves in TES are nazimode. Which isn't all that special, since most of the humans in that setting are supremacists too.

>> No.52875841

Did the Eldar respect the Dark Age of Technology humans?

To get a better answer, specifically the eldar who weren't indulging in endless depravity at the time?

>> No.52875848

I miss when screencaps were 4chan culture and not assumed to be reddit

>> No.52875870

But I like black women, don't lump me in with them.

>> No.52875903

We know there was, at the very least, friendly trade with DAoT humans and the Eldar Empire.

Craftworlds were originally huge merchant/leisure barges that visited other places and hung out with other species. That's one of the reasons why they came to be populated with Eldar that found the inner-Empire's depravities alien and repulsive.

>> No.52875923

That would explain a fair bit of their disdain for 40k era humanity then, they knew them as far superior beings to what the have become.

>> No.52875931

Underrated post.

>> No.52875940


>> No.52875958

Kroot are generally nice people though

>> No.52875995


But whenever you ask a dude Kroot to give you a backrub, you get jizz all over your shoulders.

>> No.52876025

>I'm afraid it's canon that there was no scheme in that instance.
That's what they want you to think.

>> No.52876215


This. Hell the Blood Axes show that even Orks can work alongside humans for a time.

>> No.52876511

I'm talking about /pol/ settings, retard

>> No.52876598

Ahh, TES
A setting where Elves are assholes and Human imperials are mary sues.
Lore is pretty much HFY, but still, its nice to have a setting where Humans are not just aggressive warmongers with awful bloodlust.

>> No.52876670

>There are species they explicitly respect

>> No.52876869

It's probably because Asian countries have been long overlooked by (or are at least resistant to) the agenda of globalism and cultural Marxism, as displayed by their generally conservative cultures, with women happy to play the traditional wife roles of cooking, cleaning, and rearing children while still having adequate sex drive.

Either that, or it's all the anime we watch.

>> No.52876902


>> No.52876918

And other species that they acknowledge to be created by the same gods as them.

>> No.52876951

That doesn't make any sense, the Tau are jumped up children.

>> No.52877061

>Not shoving your robo dick in a toaster then throwing it at enemies

>> No.52877091

>not making your dick into a robo toaster and firing yourself at your enemies

>> No.52877272

Japan is a sponge for other cultures, anon. They love taking on elements of other cultures.

Their conservatism is completely separate from American conservatism, too. American conservatives want to destroy science and education, Japanese conservatives consider it their most valuable asset. American conservatives want to marginalize gays, Japanese conservatives generally don't give a shit about them. American conservatives want to allow the destruction of our environment, Japanese conservatives fucking love nature and put its conservation high up on their agenda. American conservatives want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on their military, Japanese conservatives want to retain the status quo in regards to their relatively small defense force.

>> No.52877283

Eldar respect them because they don't act like irrational barbarians. They can be reasoned with.

>> No.52877368

No they don't. Fucc outta here with your headcanon.

>> No.52877457

>literally cause the birth of a chaos god
>ruin an entire galaxy forever
>calling anyone else everafter "irrational barbarians"

>> No.52877618

They are decadant and degenerate hedonites, but not aggressive barbarians. Its sort of romans and germanics setting in space.
*sigh* i wish Eldar and Humans would live in peace.

>> No.52877647

>Dumb fanfic on 1d4chan gave me fetishes for the pointy eared women
>Not even a good fetish, the weird kind that that's both realistic and unrealistic
>Will probably never get to live out either

I hate the xenos because they don't exist.

>> No.52877693

>I hate the xenos because they don't exist.
who knows...

>> No.52877720

You have to kill ALL the xenos.

>> No.52877726

>tfw no desperate/neurotic/clingy macha waifu
feels awful man

>> No.52877805

It's more that aside from China, Asia already has its own collectivism in control that isn't compatible with Marxism.

>> No.52877828

>wahh headcanon

It's explicitly stated, dude.

Also note that Eldar and Tau almost never fight.

>> No.52877840


>> No.52877855

Which sucks as they'd probably have the most interesting "even" fights in all of 40k

>> No.52877882

fukken saved

>> No.52877892

I don't know
I don't know

It's because Eldar and Taus both are such ridiculously small factions that it's a miracle if they even MEET yet alone find themselves in a situation where conflict has a chance to arise

>> No.52878087

>American conservatives want to destroy science and education
No, that's the GOP. While slightly less faggy than Democrats, Republicans are still fags. Wanting MASSIVE reform in our education system does not mean we want it smashed to bits. Science is a bit of a grey area since it's fucking hard to tell these days who actually supports science or is just claiming to support it for the purpose of virtue-signaling. There's also the fact that modern science is not as unbiased and objective as we think it is.
>American conservatives want to marginalize gays
Again no. While many of them don't personally like them, they don't want them to become second class citizens. I personally support gay rights, but I also realize that gays already have the same rights as straights on a federal level, so it's a moot point. Supporting the rights of individuals to associate with whom they please is not marginalizing gays.
>American conservatives want to allow the destruction of our environment
Debatable. Some do, some don't. I haven't paid much attention to it to be honest. But assuming that ALL of them, or even the majority of them want the destruction of the environment is a bit illogical. Conservatives are not monolithic.
>American conservatives want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on their military
It's not ridiculous considering the fact that the only war ever fought on American soil was the Civil War. I'm not saying it shouldn't be reformed. As a fucking E3 squid, there's A LOT of change that needs to happen and a lot of money that's being wasted on stupid shit. Hopefully good 'ol Mad Dog Mattis will hammer that particular nail.

>> No.52878116

Asian countries are also quite xenophobic compared to the west's "Refugees Welcome" shit. Everyone likes to shit on how "racist" and "xenophobic" America is, but I would imagine that Europe would not be as high on their horse if there were big numbers of distant ethnic and cultural groups migrating and living in your country.
Also, many Japanese women are moving away from having families and are pursuing careers instead, though that is a product of corporate culture rather than feminist meming.
>cultural marxism
Is this a right-wing meme, an exaggeration of some excessive left-winged process, or is it a real thing?
I'm not from /pol/, so if you're gonna redpill me, you better sound fair and informed.

>> No.52878173

If the political parties were to somehow dissolve or break up into a bunch of them, would that remove the "zero-sum game" mentality that I believe is fucking up American politics? Or is there more to that?

What I mean by "zero-sum game" is that the parties care more about making their party look better than the other by comparison rather than actually following their agenda or doing the right thing.

>> No.52878245

>Is this a right-wing meme, an exaggeration of some excessive left-winged process, or is it a real thing?
All of them at once. It's just a fancy way of saying "SJW Fuckery". The application of Karl Marx's philosophy to social structure rather than economics.

>> No.52878281

>If the political parties were to somehow dissolve or break up into a bunch of them, would that remove the "zero-sum game" mentality that I believe is fucking up American politics?
I don't have a crystal ball that can see into the future, but I'd like to hope it would. I've always advocated against political parties. Fuck the Democrats, fuck the Republicans, fuck all this stupid political tribalism.

>> No.52878345

Post less politics and more pointy eared sluts.

>> No.52878479

z.when you realize that because of eldar longevity only way to live with your eldar wife is to become cyborg

>> No.52878516

Well ain't that dandy

>> No.52878536

>Not using space magic and genetic conditioning to live forever with your loving Eldar wife.

>> No.52878617

Sadly I don't think it would. The zero-sum game comes about due to the need of politicians to be able to show their donors and supporters that they are "doing something". Easiest way to do that is to oppose the actions of the other guy, or put forth legislation that will stir up a lot of controversy so that you get your name on the news, or get interviewed.

None of this is going to change when a campaign is so so very expensive to fund and the "news" is geared to promote hyper-partisanship among the populace. Having more parties probably would make it worse, since that would just break large factions in to smaller ones and then force people that used to pretend to get along in to fighting openly.

>> No.52878958

This politics stuff bores me and nothing will change it, let's talk about making 40k sexy

>> No.52879141

>i mostly-died for this

>> No.52879203

Yeah, and guess who one of your best sons is longing for.

>> No.52879273


>> No.52879305

Lizard get out

>> No.52879342

Okay, I applaud your set up.

>> No.52879364

>they don't want them to become second class citizens

Many of them really do.

The idea that gays should have less rights, or should be removed, is not rare among republicans.

>> No.52879782

>lelXD you're so indoctrinated
>don't mind me being a mindless slave to the most evil entities in existence who think less then nothing off me

>> No.52879876

>No, that's the GOP.

Unfortunately, that's who pretty much all conservatives end up voting for.

It's who the 'alt right' tend to vote for too. Trump pretty much epitomizes all those points, save the one about homosexuals.

The idea that the GOP doesn't represent American conservatism seems like a serious No True Scotsman fallacy.

>> No.52880359

I just vote on a candidate basis, fuck parties

>> No.52880459

>Trump pretty much epitomizes all those points
>Trump is racist

>> No.52880516

Except that post didn't mention racism. At all.

There was absolutely no mention of race whatsoever.

>> No.52880756

Shut the fuck up you fucking faggots and post more xenos cuties.

>> No.52880807

We know.

>> No.52880911


>> No.52880912

As you wish.

>> No.52881821


>> No.52881864

we don't need any of that here

>> No.52882433

Someone cap this please, for the love of the emperor! (can't because mobile fag)

>> No.52882675


One on the right is dapper as fuck, but I have to give respect to left's manly almost-muttonchop.

>> No.52882750

Do people actually kiss like that? It seems much less passionate than proper kissing, and more just to be overly lewd.

>> No.52882803

More like it's a relic pose of a makeout session. This would be a transitional pose that you'd never notice unless someone hit pause at just the right moment.

>> No.52882936

It's probably just done to get a shot of the tongues for the viewer to get off to. You can't really see any action if the mouths are closed.

>> No.52883001

Why's porn got to be so weird? Do people really pay that much for it? Would the Imperium make a hefty profit shooting pornos with exotic looking abhumans and xenos?

>> No.52883071

There wasn't a character in a IG centred novel who had lots of legal porn and got killed after he accidentaly found slaaneshi porn?

>> No.52883106


they're going at it in the least sexy way possible, which is to approach with open mouths and the intent to tongue wrestle. Proper form is to begin with closed lips and then request entry by running your tongue across your partners lower lip. No one gets a view of a gaping maw that way.

>> No.52883137

I know Jurgen had some porno slates or something of the sort, but I'd imagine that'd be the sort of porn considered extremely tame by todays standards.

>> No.52883161

>Also, many Japanese women are moving away from having families and are pursuing careers instead

That's more of an old standard in Japan where they believe a woman can be a wife and homemaker, or can have a career, but can't be both. That and people aren't having kids because they don't see it as economically viable.

>> No.52883176


I unironically considered painting my army like that actually.

>> No.52883202


You know if you find the right kind of freak there are actually surgeries that give people pointed ears these days. I bet there is a bitch somewhere out there whose done it you could get with.

>> No.52883240

I don't understand how the porn industry makes so much money when free porn is so readily available.

I'm guessing it's all the middle aged guys who aren't as tech savvy and don't know about pirating or streaming sites.

>> No.52883261


It's hardly the dumbest gimmick scheme, crusaderboo.

>> No.52883311

Sorry, my distant sci-fi future setting is Traveller, so, yeah, i'm cool with xenos pussy.

>> No.52883455 [SPOILER] 

Probably by putting more 'Premium' videos behind the paywall.
Wanna see some chick sucking a guy off? Here, have literally thousands upon thousands of videos.
Wanna see the same chick suck off the same guy, but dressed up like a twi'lek? $15 a month, at least. Maybe more, I don't know how that shit works.

But then you get the 'legality' portion of it. Some people see streams and torrents and think "Hey, is that legal?", and they'd rather not take the risk. Now the question of actual legality's a bit rough, and that's a discussion for another thread.

Anyway, xenos, gotta love'em.

>> No.52883568

That pic, man I wish that guy would draw more.

>> No.52883597

So were the half-eldar in the imperium completely retconned out or just pushed to the side

>> No.52883621

>zero mentions of them outside of Rogue Trader

What do you think.

>> No.52883631

Begone lizard

>> No.52883672

They live quiet lives in society and don't stand out?

>> No.52883688


>> No.52883716

Miscegenation used to be punished by death, some people still did it in quiet

>> No.52883743

The difference is blacks weren't killed on sight at a 100% rate.

>> No.52883775

I don't need an excuse. What do you mean "excuse," I get that in the West it's perfectly normal to hate your own race and want to go extinct, but where I'm from, that is seen as a bad thing. You'd think that when you scale this up and start dealing with foreign SPECIES you would grow a survival instinct and recognize that you have racial interests which are incompatable with those of ayys--but that, again, is expecting too much from you.

You are part of a collective. Do not deny it, it is true. That collective is your species. Acting in its interests is good. Acting against its interests is bad. You agree with this. Do not lie and tell me that you do not. Aliens are not part of the collective. They are not the same animal. You are different. Attempting to include them is nonsense. If you are some sort of retarded AnCap you might argue this but otherwise you must submit that I am correct.

Hating Xenos, or at least placing human interests above theirs, makes perfect sense. If you do not do this you are mentally ill. You are a broken human being. A mistake of evolution not yet expunged. You should be weeded from the gene pool with a rope.

>> No.52883797


hey who let the nazi out of /pol/

>> No.52883887

Nobody. We took your board without permission, and without a fight, a year ago. You are lebensraum. Like Poland if it somehow put up less of a fight..

>> No.52883947

>W-we took over your board!
>"Shut up, /pol/."

You're not even as bad as the 40k heavy-lore spergs.

>> No.52883989

>saying you should stick up for your fucking race is nazism
Way to prove his point captain cuck.

>> No.52884032

But he's not saying you should stick up for your race, he's saying that you should completely cut yourself off from other races and that you should kill yourself if you disagree with him.

Buncha gitz.

>> No.52884068

"I don't go to pol. I imagine them to be evil and contentious, so rather than understand them, I'll dismiss them with a pejorative, regardless of what their positions are"
This would make calling you a cuck accurate and justified, by this definition of 'you'

>> No.52884092

I understand your sentiments, but this is 40k. The aliens are all a bunch of assholes, and humanity got bit in the ass too many times dealing with them in the past.

>> No.52884093

Damn it, but I love the grots from DoW III

>> No.52884149

"species" is just another arbitrary category to put things in. you could just as easily say "only my family" or "only me" or "only my left arm" or "only people with the same color skin as me".

They're all equally meaningless, and "all intelligent life" is as valid a meaningless category as any other.

>> No.52884166

Alright now yer just samefaggin'.

Oi, I can be very muli-kultoral. See, I got all kindsa heads on me point sticks. Humies, da sparkly ponces, dem grey skins, da spooky boys. Even got some of me favorite boyz' skulls up dere too.

>> No.52884217

I'm just the second one, sorry.


>> No.52884222

I'm posting this image so lesser /pol/acks will fuck off. Hopefully less triggerable ones will be reasonable and make me see the way they do, even if I ultimately disagree with them.

>sticking up for your race means not helping others out for the sake of forming alliances or trying to get along with those different from you
>occasionally giving special help and attention to others is always a bad thing
>to hell with being a bro to thy neighbor that isn't fucking with you

Am I strawmanning you? Do you really think that making reasonable sacrifices to help out others is a bad thing? Isn't there such thing as mutualist symbiosis in nature, where two different species benefit from living with one-another? Because I believe that not everything is a zero-sum game.

>> No.52884285

Ah, dat cuck word trips me up. The zog does it mean, anyway? Been seein' it used for lotsa crap, none 'uv it makes sense.

>> No.52884306

Your immediate tryhard reaction is evidence that I am correct.

And I'm correct. Xenophilia is a mental disorder that destroys civilizations, and will destroy our species if it is not quashed immediately upon first contact.

Sure, everyone who believes in nothing, go stand over with him. Everyone who believes that human life is valuable, come stand with me. That's a fine hill to die on.

>> No.52884410

We are talking about 40k here, buddy. Humanity has run out of patience for xenos long ago, and for VERY good reason.

>> No.52884415

No no, you got it all wrong.

The proper way of going about it is to take other groups, purge their negative features, absorb their beneficial ones, and grow your group both outwards and upwards.

Take note of 40k. The Eldar and the Imperium, while typically at odds, are often on fairly even ground against each other and their enemies. However, when the reformed Eldar and the more moderate members of the Imperium came together to resurrect Guilliman, they succeeded in something that hadn't been done for thousands of years, and fucked up Chaos royally along the way.

The issue is that people are too quick to absorb, rather than taking note of what should change first.

>> No.52884419

By using the word "trigger" pejoratively, you de-facto submit to /pol/'s will. Your admission that "triggers" are nonsense worthy of contempt is a more valuable concession than anything else you could say or believe. The same is true of cuck, snowflake, etc. When you begin to use your enemy's vocabulary, you legitimize his premises.

This is what Leon Trotsky did with "racist," and that was his largest victory. He who controls language, controls dialogue.

>> No.52884435

A git that allows grots to lead his WAAAAGH! while he watches all sissy-like.

>> No.52884449

Healthy xenophobia can be eroded by necessity, it is true--but there is no such thing as healthy xenophilia. Other races should be viewed with suspicion until necessity or familiarity demands otherwise.

>> No.52884470

It's a simple word signifier to indicate that the user is of subhuman intelligence, and arguing with them is a futile, and quite frankly, demeaning activity.

Oh, it also means they got off from the shame of seeing their GF get fucked by a superior man, but that only applies when /d/ uses it.

>> No.52884487

Wait, so using the word the tumblr started using negatively in a negative fashion is something that shows /pol/'s power?

M80 I think you got it all wrong.

Fuck you Dad I'm gonna sleep with Yvraine and you can't stop me.

>> No.52884503

Must be awfully nice to just paint whoever disagrees with you as ''subhumans'' and go on your merry way.
Btw, you were saying something about /pol/?

>> No.52884510

>You are part of a collective. Do not deny it, it is true. That collective is your species. Acting in its interests is good. Acting against its interests is bad.

Fuck off genecuck, quit trying to drag civilization down to the level of beasts. Ideas and thought are what matter, not letting the instincts obsessed with reproduction and heredity rule your actions.

>> No.52884527


>> No.52884560

I'm objectively right about this. Using Cuck as an insult is an indicator of stupidity.

By Objectively I mean entirely subjectively, but I'll argue autistically about it and "win" the argument by replying until I have the last word.

>> No.52884591

Good man anon.

>> No.52884598

So all dem non-orky are deze 'cuck' thingies? Since 'dat seems ta be what yer sayin', ya ponce. None a 'demz is smart enough to krump good ol' Gorgutz, 'specially 'dem 'umies. An the zog is a 'GF'? Why's it gettin' fucked?

>> No.52884665

Except tumblr uses the word "triggered" unironically. "Triggered" is not typically used by normies whether pejoratively or seriously.
"Triggered" was first used ironically when people who weren't snowflake teenagers or radical feminists started mocking people who appropriated PTSD in an attempt to inflate their victimhood and hide behind their flaws.
/pol/ exists to dilute words that once had some sort of meaning to the point where the definition is pretty much "someone who doesn't align with 90% of my worldviews", like they did with "virtue signaling", "triggered", "cuck", and "SJW".

PS "Snowflake" was used by TVTropes, and probably someone else, before it was used to insult transtrenders and neurology appropriators.

>> No.52884666

I have come to fortify this thread.

Lets us talk more of how my brother is attempting to sleep with an Eldar. That is interesting, apparently.

>> No.52884738

Well, if there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that this is a daemon in the form of Rogal.

>> No.52884746

>those digits
>Guilliman is with the Grey Knights
This is too much for me to deal with right now.

Incidentally, wouldn't Guilliman literally destroy her during intercourse?

>> No.52884797

That pic is absolutely adorable.

>> No.52884812

It's supposed to be awkward and off-putting. The eldar isn't really into it and doesn't quite want too do it and the SoB is supposed to be staring in both confusion and, of course, horror.

>> No.52884838

I am only 7.3% daemon. I have checked.

They would need a specially crafted bed. Coincidentally, I have recently been given an anonymous request for one such bed.

>> No.52884846

>girl is filled to the brim with Ynnead-stuff
Nah, she would survive.

>> No.52884858

...yeah who am I, kidding I would too.

>> No.52884861

No, i meant, wouldn't his gigantic member and godly strength literally tear her asunder?

>> No.52884883

Holy shit this image is amazing.

>> No.52884886

I can craft very special beds.

>> No.52884965

As expected from the most underrated, yet one of the greatest Primarchs.

I miss you Uncle Dorn

>> No.52885022

Do not worry, I miss you too, no matter what Chapter you are from.

>> No.52885044 [SPOILER] 


>> No.52885123

Sanguinis was a good friend.

>> No.52885184

Just imagining Rogal say that, and understanding the emotions his character would be showing through it, broke me.

>> No.52885210

>Whats your excuse?
Simply removing the competition.

>> No.52885280

Rogal Dorn is the greatest Primarch to ever serve the Emperor, not because of his personality, but because he knew when to have his personality. And when do his duty. He deserves an apology from a good portion of his brothers, but he would never accept them, because he wouldn't want them to worry about his feelings as much as he did theirs.

>> No.52885361

>You are part of a collective. Do not deny it, it is true. That collective is your species. Acting in its interests is good. Acting against its interests is bad. You agree with this. Do not lie and tell me that you do not.
No, because I'm not a collectivist, I care only about individuals.

>> No.52885472

I went to pol. The threads are either hitler worship, communist trolling, t_d faggots, or arguing if Mediterraneans are white.

>> No.52885792

Because they're also advanced societies rather than living in the mud.

>> No.52885836

That's because there are only two viable parties in America, anon. Everyone is forced into those two camps no matter what.

>> No.52886157

so much love for best primarch Dorn in here right now. he should have been warmaster.

>> No.52886396

>"species" is just another arbitrary category
Species has a scientific definition so no, it's not arbitrary at all you cretin.

>> No.52886409

But he expressed an idea. Surely that idea matters as much as your ideas to the contrary.

>> No.52886796



>> No.52887574

More like brownish.

>> No.52889543


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