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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What's the most embarrassing situation you've ever had your character in? Embarrassing for your character? Embarrassing for YOU?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>52836240

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Quality OP.

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One time, the party walked in on me twelve inches deep on a gnoll dick.

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can we boycott these threads
this cannot continue

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I'd like to but faggots don't know how to sage anymore.

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Doesn't saging not work anymore?

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no, people just don't know that it's even a thing or how to do it

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Look at it this way: now that sage is invisible, how many new users do you expect will read the site FAQ and learn about it?

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Happy, you brat.

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Hence the problem, too many newfags

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so the pictures are 'cute' enough for you?

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I hope this thread gets nuked, this is the worst

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Mods don't fucking care

The only mod that cares is only here at like 3am.

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I won't mind >>52841318 either.

Though the fact that each image has different type of feet (and feet might play key part in whatever will go down momentarily), it comes out somewhat confused.

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Is Path of War or Spheres of Might better right now?

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the green image is bodytype, red image is clothes.

thought i put description things on them but apparently not

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SoM is still in playtest

why would you ask this question if not trying to stir shit

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He got a boner in front of an angel once.

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Descriptions are displayed in hover-over text, not by default.

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Path of War will still be better even when SoM is out, but will still need ample fixing at your own table when in use.

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Where we're going we don't need clothes.

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ech, fuck it then. I'll just delete the redone. Not like anyone on f-list cares.


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pretty much every moment in kinkmaker desu

i am the stupidest player

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I want to give that cat a hug!

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oh really now.

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Let's see how degenerate /pfg/ REALLY is.

Would you request an ERP log from someone, just to edit out the other person's name and put your character's name there?

Use the poll, please.


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Neither. Both are incredibly busted and easily abused, and provide nothing to the game except more pointless loopholes for players to break the game with.

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It would never work because I play only animal-eared/tailed characters and I need to emote with fluffy ears/tails!

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You can't just ask that and then not post the bon-bon/gnoll logs side by side

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>t. wizardfag who wants martials to be useless

>> No.52842445

I'm sure she would very much love that,
but are your arms wide enough?

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

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Don't start your gay threads with cropped images from heterosexual neitzchean music video series.

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>thinking PoW and SoM are busted makes you a paizdrone/wizardfag
Shit, we have this argument all the time. PoW and SoM are both poorly designed just like vancian casting is.

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god we know

just kill us

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Of course not, I would play out my own damn session right and proper! With headpats! And hand holding!

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Not him but I have a semi related question. Which is better for shrinking the massive gap that shows up when mythic tiers get allowed?

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Why the fuck is this a PDF.

>> No.52842534

but why?

>> No.52842542

So it can be easily edited.

>> No.52842549

fucked if i know i didn't make it

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It's black text on white spaces, make it a jpeg and let people scribble on it.

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>So it can be easily edited.
I don't have reaction image condescending enough for this, and I do have a whole damn lot of reaction images.

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I can't tell if this is supposed to be bait or not. Guess thats just because I haven't been around long enough.

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How's this?

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Redpill me on broken blade, whats so bad about it?

>> No.52842639

Mainly the fact it can be used with weapons that aren't unarmed strikes. If it was like scarlet throne and said "if you don't use unarmed strikes it doesn't work" it'd be fine.

>> No.52842642

A lot of extra damage at the earliest levels, but doesn't really offer anything other than damage later on either.

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>but are your arms wide enough?

Of course they are!

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that's a penis on a blue board man pls delete

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See the damage the average PoW discipline does?

Broken blade does like twice as much, its INSANE, and thats all the discipline does, shits out absolutely massive numbers

even with just unarmed strikes, broken blade does more damage than any other discipline.

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That's my fetish.

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But are you a grill?

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What kind of bards can you play? What kind of characters work for a bard?

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Bards who get tons of free shit with an SoM Martial Tradition!

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Who in /pfg/ has an f-list? Who is surprisingly vanilla? Who would you (E)RP with 1-on-1?

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Most of Dragons2 is vanilla as fuck.
I would still ERP with any of them except the dog.

>> No.52843168

Except for the rat, shockingly.

>> No.52843205

The dog has a waifu, he probably wouldn't ERP anyway.

>> No.52843226

So long as it isn't canon he's pretty amenable. He seems pretty vanilla. Especially with SWEATERS being in his faves section

>> No.52843241

>Implying he's not such an attention whore that he'd ERP with anyone

>> No.52843255

Someone take one for the team and test the theory out.

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Can you transform yourself into a Chuul with a potion?

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Lads what's your take on the unchained poison rules?

I am trying to convince my GM to let me take them so my poisoner isn't useless by level 6


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Rory has an f-list?

>> No.52843297

Aurora already did, look what happened

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tfw a Fighter/Rogue player is a Wizardfag.

I found I enjoyed Path of War classes much, much more when we removed maneuvers and stances. Made them much more balanced and enjoyable to have in a party, both as a GM and a player.

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He does, and it's surprisingly tame.

>> No.52843326

>the GM had to invent an NPC for him to fuck since he's radioactive to the rest of the party


>> No.52843327

Well yeah, most dogs are tame. That's why they're not wolves.

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All the /pfg/ DMs and namefags at the same time.

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Wasn't that Bailey?

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poison-based characters will always be total shit simply because they could instead be hitting the enemy with a greatsword and killing them quickly instead of lowering their stats and maybe killing them 10 turns later possibly but probably not

let me put it this way: you don't get to negate a barbarian's sword attack with a save, and it's way more deadly, so what's wrong with letting poison be a bit better than normal?

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>> No.52843375

THe classes are non fucntional without manuvers in stances.

You have Stockholm syndrome from shitty classes.

>> No.52843381

>you don't get to negate a barbarian's sword attack with a save, and it's way more deadly, so what's wrong with letting poison be a bit better than normal?

I guess he doesn't like the idea of me sitting in a tree and gunning down his bestie fav characters with a goddamn blowgun

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Oh, you're just a handicap. Thanks for clearing things up.

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Virgin Killer?
Two sizes too small?

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you could be a gay elf with a longbow up in that tree and you'd probably be the deadliest character in the party

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All sweaters are good sweaters

>> No.52843416

I found I enjoyed caster classes much, much more when we removed spells and cantrips. Made them much more balanced and enjoyable to have in a party, both as a GM and a player.

>> No.52843429

>tfw PF can't even HP-bloat properly so there's no reason to use DOTs like you would against a raid boss

>> No.52843462

But that would be gay

>> No.52843463

Have we got any freshly unearthed f-lists?
These reposts are getting stale.

>> No.52843498

>DOTs like bleed and fire are total shit that barely scales
>Poison is always saved against before it manages to do anything
>Diseases have pathetic DCs, are hard to apply, and even if they somehow succumb, the disease takes weeks to even do something

At first I wanted to be an affliction warlock.
Then I lowered my expectations and wanted to be an archer that covers his arrows in shit to make sure his enemies don't survive him.
Then I tried desperately to make a poison build work.
Then I searched 3pp stuff for a DOT class.
Then I gave up.

>> No.52843513

We have word from RoryAnon himself

"Sweaters that are too large so a girl's hands are covered up by the sleeves, and the hem or whatever goes down to mid-thigh. Turtlenecks are also good."

>> No.52843532

Define freshly unearthed

>> No.52843571 [SPOILER] 

Someday, anon. Someday it will be done.

Even if it costs us everything.

>> No.52843573

I think spheres has a Destruction/Nature combo that will give you scaling burning damage on your blasts but
>fire damage

>> No.52843576

Yet again, are we surprised? Here's another one for an Overlewd submission


>> No.52843588

Dammit, didn't think about that - simple yet genius.

>> No.52843607

it's also really bad

>> No.52843612

New, not yet posted or discussed. The finds that require you to dig the deepest.

>> No.52843620

Exactly. Which is a shame.

>> No.52843623

>Cashmere is getting knotted by a manticore RIGHT NOW

>> No.52843638

How would you know this?

>> No.52843653

No way, fag!

>> No.52843659

My character married a horse once.

>> No.52843665

Confirmed ;__;

>> No.52843670

Manticores don't have knots you shitweed, their dicks are obviously cat dicks

>> No.52843674


He's lying, Manticores don't have knots, they have ridges.

>> No.52843678

Is Ponyfinder allowed here?

>> No.52843685

lies and slander, manticores don't have knot, they have tail-pussy

>> No.52843701

Don't you mean "knitted"? Cashmere sweaters are really comfy, so I can see why even monsters would want them.

>> No.52843711

Hell no, just wholesale bestiality.

>> No.52843715

Someone's holding onto the books, waiting to spring them on us in our darkest moment, holding them from the grasp of the trove.

>> No.52843717

It wasn't ponyfinder.

>> No.52843744

They have spiked tails, you twatbag.

>> No.52843762

How do you think? The discord isn't the only place people discuss these things

It's not quite a manticore.

The beast was a strange thing. It's face seemed to be like a cats, but shaped like a dogs and as large as a bears. Golden, slitted eyes stared down at Cashmere, and the tongue kept lapping against her body as the skin knitted together. When it saw her stir, it started panting, as though it were smiling. Then it rubbed its nose against her belly, like a pig digging int he dirt, until it had popped her bra off and could get her torn up belly a soft, slimy lick from navel to cheek. The beast sucked all the blood back into its mouth and swallowed it, drool escaping the corners of its jowels.

>> No.52843763

Sure do.

>> No.52843767


>> No.52843790

It's more than just that though.

>> No.52843796


>> No.52843802

>What's the most embarrassing situation you've ever had
>/pfg/ having any shame whatsoever

>> No.52843804

Except that's ENTIRELY divorced from what Manticores are. At all.

Those shits have more in common with motherfucking Dragonball Z's Cell than manticores.

>> No.52843843

No, they're not. Most of them have their own abilities and resources on top of maneuvers and stances, whereas classes like Sorcerer and Wizard literally need spells to function.
Totally. Except for the fact that a Fighter can dominate most encounters with relative ease.
Yeah, because getting rid of maneuvers and stances is the same thing as removing spells when Stalker still has stalker talents and a ki pool, as well as a solid BAB and other useful abilities.

Basically, what you're saying is you're a DSP Shill and don't know how to enjoy the game without breaking it and ruining it for other players?

Wizards are only broken if the GM lets them do retardedly obscene shit. IE: I timestop and planeshift to a plane with rapidly moving time, create an army of golems and planeshift back lol haha xd wizards are broken.

PoW breaks the action economy over it's knee, gives every one of their martials their own unique spin, then adds the equivalent of 9th level spells on top of that. But sure, PoW isn't broken when they get up to 9th level spells, as well as all the shit martials get.

>> No.52843853

do male manticores have tail penises?

>> No.52843870

Is there any kind of doppelganger creature that looks like starving humans and transform in response to danger or aggression?

>> No.52843899

Welcome to MGE, it's not even the biggest departure from mythology there.

>tfw torn between wanting it all to burn and wanting to hug a Wyvern-girl

>> No.52843938

>"solid BAB"
>no attack bonus booster, relies on having the best maneuver progression and a great discipline list
>has slow as fuck progression for its talents

what did he mean by this
If it had a few more talents overall and an attack bonus feature (or full BAB), I would still probably unironically play a Bushi/Vigilante or Bushi/Brutal Slayer Stalker.

>> No.52843957

>Except for the fact that a Fighter can dominate most encounters with relative ease.

>> No.52843962

Yup, the spikes are still there though.

>> No.52843971

Does anyone have the content list for Heroes of the Darkland? I'm curious to see if it's got any promise as a pickup.

>> No.52843980

Well, thanks for proving my point for me. You're the exact same kind of handicap who bitched about ToB.

>> No.52844003

this is why we need to boycott anime generals
this kind of retard wouldn't show up to a general that had a picture of a dragon and a topic about treasure hoards

>> No.52844012

MGE is the same kind of shit as Monster Musume. Absolute schlock comprised of nothing but accessories on human people.

>> No.52844019

Can anybody gimme pointers on this build and if the formatting is decent?


There's a radiation kineticist and a fungal druid archetype, that's what I remember

>stupidly enormous sweaters

>> No.52844022

See >>52842964

>> No.52844025

>implying /5eg/ isn't infested with the kind of people who bitch about rollplayers nonstop

>> No.52844042

i told them not to bother with dueling generals and they still did it

>> No.52844051

Oh look, even on /tg/ there are retards who say that tiers do not exist and do not matter in D&D 3.75.

>Uniklinik Lane
Yes, captcha, when GitP forumgoer are smarter than fa/tg/uys, only medicine can save us.

>> No.52844070

How the fuck did you get that out of anything?

>> No.52844076

That, and the severe departures from actual mythology, and the grimdark, are where the "want it all to burn" part comes from.

>> No.52844085

Wait, is it really that bad now?

>> No.52844105

It's been that bad since before 5E even had a general.

>> No.52844114

When somebody tells you that Fighter easily dominates most encounters, you know you're dealing with a proud follower of Monte Cook.

>> No.52844121

Is it possibly because the system is unrepentant garbage?

>> No.52844132

pretty much

>> No.52844135

>an anon greentext quotes something retarded someone says
>"lmao look at this dumb fag"

anon, you're hilarious

>> No.52844149

I can build a fighter that decimates essentially every encounter.

>> No.52844155

>States that Fighter dominates
>Advocates that Wizard is fine
I wonder who's behind this post

>> No.52844175

>Fighter can dominate most encounters with relative ease.

>> No.52844196


>> No.52844200



>> No.52844207

/co/ literally kill yourself

>> No.52844242

Literal 10/10 bait, good work on the assmad you cultivated.

>> No.52844253

Stalker (vigilante) is really really good.

>> No.52844266

Vigilante (Stalker) is, too. Wanna pair-app?

>> No.52844282


>> No.52844305

Bet you can build a wizzard that can do that quicker, cheaper, and a whole wagon of other stuff on the side.

>> No.52844336



>> No.52844342

>Bet you can build a wizzard that can do that quicker, cheaper, and a whole wagon of other stuff on the side.
Actually the wizard version is much more expensive unless you use blood money.

>> No.52844361

how is color spray expensive

>> No.52844388

Has anyone ever actually run a combat against a cr 26+ monster and if so how did it go?

>> No.52844452

Wait, you actually thought that I was calling the greentext anon a retard? Holy fuck.

>> No.52844485

>can't even quote the right post

>> No.52844488

well generally speaking if you do what i just did one line above it's taken as a reply or a direct message to that particular poster
i dunno if you're backpedalling now or just stupid

>> No.52844733

>Anon suggest me to look at Ebrian 3pp race
>seems like cool race of bugs
>tfw no option to play as a mantid or vespid
>tfw no spooder or scorpion option

>> No.52844762

I have multiple times both as a player and as I GM. My meatspace group has a long tradition of short level 20 campaigns, normally lasting between 2 and 4 sessions.

One of the last ones was where we were assaulting a powerful sorcerer's planar cube fortress. The sorcerer himself was a Sorcerer 20/Archmage 10 with some number of templates on him. I believe he ended around CR 30. He was accompanied by a number of simulacrum of himself as well as golems and other constructs. That was the main fight.

I played a fighter.

We were stealing an Orb of Dragonkind from him. Out of the lot of us I was apparently the most oppressive when in combat with him mostly because I used sovereign glue to glue the orb of dragonkind to my chest the second we found it and taking it from me became almost impossible without killing me, and killing me was essentially impossible. Then it came down to the fact I face pressed the sorcerer continuously.

>> No.52844774

It takes a bit of Feat-age, but there is the Transformation 3pp feats, which'd let you be basically whatever.

>> No.52844777

And that, kids

is how you fuck over a 9-level caster

>> No.52844790

Who for some reason couldn't just fly even though an Archmage path ability is to have a fly speed

>> No.52844809

I could fly as a Mutation Warrior fighter with the Flight discovery.

>> No.52844818

Does falling provoke an attack of opportunity?

>> No.52844844

I hope not, that would really suck for ex-paladins

>> No.52844858

No, but getting up does

>> No.52844860

I was more thinking along the lines of things like demon lords and the like, but that sounds like it could be relatively the same
Does it require and sort of special rules to run or does it mostly play out like any other encounter would assuming the PC's are built competently? I haven't run anything past level 19 yet and just looking at the stats of say baphomot is making me wonder how the fight even works.

>> No.52844871

Only if you get tripped by someone with Greater Trip.

>> No.52844876

Demonlords and the like can't survive against high level PCs if they're build competently.

The fighter I mentioned could solo a CR40 creature (or what ever CR Cthulhu is). Bestiary monsters can't compete as is.

>> No.52844888

I mean, like, falling through the air.

>> No.52845023

are you sure you aren't talking about a wizard?

>> No.52845034

Autism Fighter is an anomaly, DHB.

>> No.52845066

Perhaps it was a mistake mentioning the cthulhu benchmark.

No I generally benchmark all my level 20 and 16 builds against cthulhu. Fighter is one of the better ones, especially the final fighter build which is only really killable by giving him more than 20 negative levels in a single round from a target that he isn't aware of (which requires it to be more than 120ft away and invisible or not show up on blindsight).

>> No.52845209

Hmmm. Guy who asked the original question here, how specific do builds have to be to stand up to that sort of enemy? I mean I'm sure there are all kinds of busted builds to whip out, but how do more 'generic' characters fair?

>> No.52845268

How does casting spells /feel/, /pfg/?

Does healing people make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Is Evocating your way through hordes of enemies addictive? Does overuse of Necromancy induce depression?

>> No.52845350

To this day this is the funniest picture I have seen in any rpg book

>> No.52845394

Thean Tagonist is the greatest honestly.

>> No.52845410

The trick to beating enemies like Cthulhu by yourself is rerolls, specifically rerolls that you can choose to use after failing a roll. I am a very big proponent of defense becoming extremely important at level 17+. The ability to endure stuff like someone wishing you into the center of the sun becomes vital.

>> No.52845440

>we will never have more art of Seelah being ANTAGONIZED by Thean Tagonist

>> No.52845491

I'm still not a fan of him being called Thean Tagonist. It just feels clunky to me.

I prefer him just being

The Antipaladin.

>> No.52845501

But wordplay.

>> No.52845503

Maybe the helmet has hinges at the top or something?

>> No.52845537

Canonically? There's not actual feeling for magic, though supposedly casting a Psychic spell supposedly amplifies your current emotions or something.

>> No.52845556

Yeah but it's still not a good name.

And The Antipaladin has a kind of simplistic purity to it. Just like him.

>> No.52845597

It's silly wordplay. It makes him into a joke. Like all antipaladins are.

>> No.52845618

>Psychic spell powered by happiness
>cast it constantly somehow
>becomes addictive
>eventually can't feel anything else
>even at a funeral

>> No.52845682

And that's exactly why Aes Sedai shouldn't be trusted.
Especially Egwene, who is essentially just a magic crack addict with an inflated ego, even after her training with the Aiel

>> No.52845683

Except I played with ToB and it wasn't half as broken as PoW
That's hilarious because every DSP Shill I've ever run into is one of the typical /pfg/ "im lewd and cute hehe x3" types. Anime is a plague, you cuck.

>> No.52845710

>all antipaladins are jokes

fuck off you faggot

>> No.52845713

this is some level 2 bait
or did you roll low?

>> No.52845723

thanks pal

expect it in the next thread too, I live for DSP tears

>> No.52845730


>> No.52845739

Insinuators are great nigga. Personal glory above all else, the true adventurer philosophy.

>> No.52845754

>being a fiend's bitch boy

>> No.52845766

you gotta try harder than that to b8 properly

>> No.52845767


>> No.52845776

No you didn't.

>> No.52845786


>> No.52845792

>fiend's bitch boy
I'm a NE Insinuator, I contract with a Psychopomp User.

Besides, unlike all other anti-paladins you actually get to negotiate with the outsiders powering you rather than them just taking it away. If an outsider says you "fall" you say "fuck off, I'll just ask a devil to power me tomorrow instead".

>> No.52845797


>> No.52845833

Hey random question here, is there any good porn of the iconic paladin? Delicious brown and likely muscled from paladin training is right up my ally.

>> No.52845836

>being some outsider's bitch boy
At the end of the day that powers out on rent. It ain't yours. Fuck, it's even worse now that you get passed around what I 2 copper whore.

>> No.52845837

>Psychopomp User
Meant Usher

>> No.52845862

I thought we traded fox posting for something better.

>> No.52845869

Ok now I'm confused, because if that's your problem then it would also apply to: paladins, clerics, inquisitors, warpriests, witches, summoners, shamans, rangers, druids, oracles, and hunters.

Are you that faggot who posted before about "power doesn't mean anything if it comes from any external source" and back peddled for 2 fucking hours?

>> No.52845872

Not really. There's a really bad deficit of good PF porn honestly.

Also I'm beginning to think that anon that said he got Owler to commision a pic of Shayliss is a fucking liar.

>> No.52845891


>> No.52845897

I mean I personally agree with your first point (even if PFG as a whole doesn't), but then you go and throw it all away with the second.

>> No.52845964

Weird question, but is there a resource I can use to find any/all luck related feats, traits, etc?

I'm looking at playing a dual-cursed oracle and I really want to push the theme as hard as I can, even if it's not entirely optimal.

>> No.52846017


>> No.52846020

What the hell is that gif from?

>> No.52846032


galo sengen

>> No.52846038

Have your character ever had a true hero's death?

>> No.52846041

>we've gotten to the point were people don't know galo sengan

>> No.52846042


>> No.52846043


Experience the memes

>> No.52846052

True heroes don't die.
They grow cynical enough to become villains.

>> No.52846064

Thanks buddy.

>> No.52846086

Bitten to death by CR 1/4 fireballs while he insisted on fixing the frayed overcoat they were stacked in before drawing his sword.

>> No.52846095

What's the concensus on the SoP books in playtest? Anything good?

>> No.52846127

There are some probably too good items in the Gears of Power playtest. They nerfed entropic gloves to be less insane.

There's a talent in the Life Handbook that will let you heal with blood, spit, and piss. I guess you could use water too if you're boring.

>> No.52846145


What the fuck did I just watch?

>> No.52846153

Which ones even are in play test. Life, Mind, Gears of Power, Creation and Darkness? I heard time got pulled for being shit?

>> No.52846155

galo sengen

>> No.52846205

Life seems cool, since we can finally use Cancer-Magic. Mind is not my cup of tea. Creation playtest is a bit of a mess, but will hopefully come out nicely. Darkness is bretty sweet.

>> No.52846216

>Mind is not my cup of tea.
>Creation playtest
Care to elaborate.

>> No.52846222


>Troll girl, if you're reading this thread,
are you SURE you don't want to just play Ordained Defender? You're looking at a pretty gimped Warder as-is.

I thought about it, but ultimately it's not a big difference. Sworn protector has fun bodyguard flavor and since I'm FUCKING INVINCIBLE, taking hit is nice.

Initiation mod of +0 vs. +2 doesn't really matter since 2 is the minimum maneuvers recovered anyway.

>> No.52846230

But was it really a knot? Or was it pseudopenis?

>> No.52846244


I want to be protected by the troll

>> No.52846254

I haven't seen them in a long time, so I can't remember much of the details myself other than the feelings I got from them, though I do remember there being an archetype for the Armorist in the Creation playtest that really should've been held on to for the Protection sphere instead

>> No.52846265

>Which ones even are in play test. Life, Mind, Gears of Power, Creation and Darkness? I heard time got pulled for being shit?

Gear is just the dumping ground for the writers, none of it gets reviewed or anything. Time was pulled because it was a mess, and the writer stopped working on it. Some good ideas there, though. I think someone will be assigned to rewrite it, the same way Life was rewritten after it was pulled from playtest ages ago.

>> No.52846278

Hyenas don't have knots, as they are not canines. Hell, they aren't even in the same Suborder as canines.

>> No.52846289

Some of Gears got removed, because Greater Entropic Gloves got nerfed super fucking hard.

That shit was pants creamingly retard good.

>> No.52846307


>> No.52846309

Probably for the best, then.

>> No.52846321

This post took me on a journey across many threads

>> No.52846327

It really was

Fucking +3 damage per die on Destructive blasts in item for.

Now it's +1 per die once a round.

>> No.52846338

Still pretty good

>> No.52846358

>There's a talent in the Life Handbook that will let you heal with blood, spit, and piss. I guess you could use water too if you're boring.

Don't you have to eat the thing for it to heal you?

>> No.52846372

I just want to make sure I have my facts straight for the next session when the party gets to praise Lamashtu

>> No.52846380

Yes and?

>> No.52846404 [DELETED] 

She gives the followers various gifts, so knot, barbs, or even hemipenes are a possibility, regardless of "original" species.

>> No.52846412


Deleb dis.

>> No.52846418 [SPOILER] 

>The cute mage girl has been cursed!
>She now has kitty ears and a tail that's super sensitive!
>Whatever will she do now?

>> No.52846428

Knots are my fetish

>> No.52846434


>> No.52846445


[Touch Fluffy Tail]

>> No.52846452

The pragmatic answer is amputation.
But I imagine that's not what you wanted to hear.

>> No.52846468


>> No.52846469

Go PM RoryAnon then

>> No.52846478

Sadly his personality and shitty things he done make that a no go

>> No.52846483

Hey anon what's your perception modifier?

>> No.52846492


Don't worry I'll protect everyone anon, especially (you)

>> No.52846496

cut them off

>> No.52846498


I wonder if the group will do this to Cashmere regularly now.

>> No.52846512

Her human ears became cat ears

>> No.52846520

If I'm playing a necromancer type character, is there a way I can reasonably disguise the undead I'm controlling as things that... aren't zombies? Specifically in a way that would make it so that my party doesn't know I've raised the dead?

I know my DM pretty well and I'm sure they'd be willing to work with me on it, if that matters at all.

>> No.52846532

Remind me, do dragons live forever or just a very long time?

>> No.52846535

Well, it's not like he's going to do it /again/. I hear he's having a shitty day. Go cheer him up at the very least

>> No.52846581

I don't RP with logleakers. Bad precedent.

>> No.52846586


kys Rory

>> No.52846600

Kinda wonder what they're going to do for protection. How many different ways are there to give someone AC?

>> No.52846602

Wanna make it proper curse? Yeah, you can cut them off. They grow back the next day.

>> No.52846641

I wasn't suggesting you to do that. I wouldn't RP with him either. He isn't /all/ bad. At least a few anons have said nice things about him

Not him, try again

>> No.52846651

Can you protect me with your thighs specifically

And my face between them

>> No.52846692


How can someone protect you with your head between their thighs?

>> No.52846706

Trust me I will be -very- protected by those meaty thighs.

>> No.52846715

Protection is more than AC bonuses, its all about aegis-auras and shields, and basically keeping things out. You can probably do stuff with it, like reactive spike barriers, dual-sphere stuff to incorporate other spheres into your barriers, Isolation Bubbles, Zero-Point auras, Grav-Lock auras, barriers that push out from you to move enemies aside, breaking up barrier into several smaller ones at once, hard-edge force-fields, selectively permiable barriers, anchoring auras, and possibly other things.

Out of all the spheres, I can easily see ths one have the most dual-sphere options, since you can easily have effects that could be applied within barriers or on top of auras

Basically, sky could be the limit when it comes to new ideas for aegis, barriers, and fields

>> No.52846885

Where is this "Rory is misguided but nice" meme coming from?
Just a backlash to all the haters for the logs?

Believe me, I'm seen him do a selection of other awful things that have nothing to do with leaking logs.

>> No.52846898


I think you'd be crushed anon!

>> No.52846912


Where do you think it's coming from? Rory. He shilled himself non stop before, he has been shilling his gnoll nonstop, do you think he ever has, or ever will stop samefagging himself, shilling or otherwise being a total fuck up?

>> No.52846913

I'm not saying he's /nice/, just that he's not 100% shit. What other "awful" things have you seen him do?

>> No.52846916


>> No.52846929

I ran a necromancer who pretended to make golems. He'd put clay over the bones of skeletons and graft armor to them. For zombies he'd stitch cloth over the skin and pretend they were scarecrows. Eventually he found a crafter who was willing to give his intelligent monsters like ghouls and mohrgs porcelain masks to use as faces and dressed them up as living dolls. At that point the DM said they were far more horrifying than if they had remained undead, as our enemies found out after cutting them open.

>> No.52846960

I think they just live an extremely long time, thousands of years potentially, and they never stop getting stronger

>> No.52847005

well technically they stop at great wyrm right?

>> No.52847018

>Shilled himself nonstop
Not gonna deny he did that, Roryposting cluttered up the general far too much and it was cancer.

>shilling the gnoll nonstop
Gonna say that's not the case. The gnoll has barely come up and it's always as an afterthought- hell, the Overlewd chart anon forgot the gnoll the first few times 'round, and it took a few reposts to get the thing added on. Rory's gnoll is /boring as fuck/.

>ever stop samefagging himself, shilling or otherwise being a total fuck up
Samefagging, maybe, but this is an anonymous board. Shilling is something I'm sure some of us are here are guilty of. And if he'll ever NOT be a fuckup, nobody knows, but optimism is always a good thing to have- maybe he'll just fade quietly.

>> No.52847026

Did your DM have you pass bluff or disguise checks or anything to make sure people didn't find out, or was what you were doing enough to make sure no one knew you were a necromancer?

>> No.52847028

Great Wyrm is as high as Paizo provides stats for, yes

>> No.52847060

Even if he is trying to just fade quietly, is possible that faggots stir up shit anyway to get people to think he's doing shit. It's literally a lose-lose no matter what he does, because the result is always more shitposting.

>> No.52847074

Untrue, dragons can actually die of old age. White dragons start dying at 2100. Red dragons at like 3000 or something I think?

>> No.52847080

Everybody knows that villains have the best songs in anything with musical numbers.

So what are yours, Overlewd applicants?

>> No.52847113

He absolutely shills his gnoll (which I agree is boring) and continues to shill Rory.

>> No.52847124


>> No.52847126

Does DHB shill his characters?

>> No.52847129 [SPOILER] 



>> No.52847145


>> No.52847149

Wait, if the villains have the best songs, then does that mean that the hero has the best song this time?

Oh well, might as well repost a teaser.

>> No.52847153


>> No.52847157

he doesn't need to. the cult of personality built up around him does that for him.

>> No.52847190

No, I shill DHB's characters for him.

>> No.52847206

Of course, that one's more how the Empire sees itself.

This is probably how the PCs see it.

>> No.52847235

I don't get it, why? Why did it even form in the first place? Normally don't tripfags get run out?

>> No.52847236

who the fuck is dhb?

>> No.52847251


I imagine this is the Empire


>> No.52847261

You warned me, /pfg/. You warned me and I didn't listen.

There's no talking sense into the girl, is there?

>> No.52847265

as usual, this problem can be traced back to ROTJR

he made some character with a massive diplomacy bonus and people took off with cuck memes.

>> No.52847312

Do you have any PROOF of him shilling the gnoll, or once again are we shitting on RoryAnon like >>52847060 suggests? I can't remember a single instance of RoryGnoll taking over a thread and derailing it utterly.

>> No.52847337

Self-shilling doesn't necessitate taking over the thread and derailing it

>> No.52847339


>> No.52847427

Is this Hell's Rebels?

>> No.52847430

Logs when

>> No.52847437


>> No.52847442


>> No.52847462

Okay, then what does it constitute? Tell me, anon, and then tell me if Rory is meeting those marks for the gnoll.

>> No.52847464

Two phases, part two will be later.

part one will be soon

>> No.52847506

Lazy throne?

>> No.52847520

Ah yes, Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame is a damn good song. Personally I love In the Dark of the Night from Anastasia.

But by far I think my most favorite is this one, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmt45BF5SOM

I've actually sang Be Prepared as part of an audition for a musical. (I got the part)

>> No.52847526

Good dammit, just tell her you're not marrying her, and that you have done nothing wrong

>> No.52847529

Samefagging about how great your character is, how they should make it into X game, etc.

Yes he is

>> No.52847547

I have seen literally none of that about the gnoll specifically. The only time they're mentioned is when someone shitposts about pseudopenis or Ms-shilling occurs.

>> No.52847566

No marriage here. In fact I think we've got to kill her and possibly a horrible demon too.

None of these things.

>> No.52847594

Mass-shilling, even. Like when someone says "these PCs should get in", and most of the time the gnoll is not on the list.

>> No.52847595

Have you ever had a god make a direct appearance in a game?

>> No.52847631


>> No.52847632

Cayden Cailean appearing before the Taldor high court to tell them off.

>> No.52847647


Part 1!

>> No.52847659

Not an applicant, but if I had to choose.


>> No.52847675

The gnoll has only been on like two or three meme teams that would NEVER get in.

>> No.52847689

What are the possible teams so far? I'm a bit curious.

>> No.52847692

Reminder that we already have a new thread for when this one is below page 8


>> No.52847738

There's a lot of buzz around Overlewd female apps, but what about the male ones? Who are your favorites?

>> No.52847763

I wish I could make her squirm like that!

>> No.52847791


>> No.52847792

That sounds pretty cool actually. He's probably like my second or third favorite god out there.

>> No.52847818


>> No.52847849

On in private RP with one of his worshipers. It's a trait of the Southern gods to walk among mortals. Although because of his tendency to appear unannounced in the dead of night from unexpected places like from under the bed, a closet or a knot in a tree, he's been coined the God of Jump Scares by my players. It doesn't help that he usually has a grisly task or vision for his worshiper, the party druid.

>> No.52847916


>> No.52848050

can't wait for part 2!

>> No.52848070


ctrl+f "piss" 6 results

>> No.52848195

To be fair, it's three results repeated twice since Pastebin has a raw text log or something at the bottom.

>> No.52848213

>none of the results are Cashmere wetting herself

One day...

>> No.52848215

can somebody link me to some good pathfinder builds for high level characters? (Level ~10-20)

I always thought that multiclassing didn't really work in practice because it stunts your spell progression and base attack bonus/skill progression. It always seems like multi-class/prestige class characters would have never survived if they had to level up from level 1.

Also, how are characters able to choose which magic items they have at character creation? It seems like they would have burnt up a ton of XP making those items themselves and it would be hard finding a wizard who is willing to go down a level just to make magic items in exchange for cash.

>> No.52848268

Well that's certainly taking the piss.

>> No.52848278

>A ton of exp


Dude. This is Pathfinder. Magic items don't take exp anymore.

Also, BAB and skills are only stunted if you take a PrC with less BAB or skills.

>> No.52848295

Wait, what?

Then how do they make them? Do they cost money?

>> No.52848306

You haven't taken a very close look at magic item rules, have you?

>> No.52848308

Holy shit have you been frozen this entire time?

>> No.52848319

... Yes.

Are you from the past?

>> No.52848323


ctrl+f "stupidly enormous" 2 results

Good to see there's a sense of humor in a rape scene that involves displacing all off the organs in a girls body.

>> No.52848364

I just never got a chance to really play 3.5/pathfinder. I skipped from 2nd Ed to 4th Ed.

>> No.52848401

Well then yeah.

Magic items don't cost exp, just money.

>> No.52848436

okay, but do you have any good builds that are easy to use and understand?

>> No.52848477

Well I don't. I'm not a build guy.

>> No.52848490

I know its you Mike, you fat fuck

>> No.52848512


>> No.52848561

I'd still prefer to think of you as Mike, the passive-aggressive autistic shitlord who farted around UCI's gaming club making everybody annoyed and uncomfortable with his creepy ass anime.

Did I mention he was a fat chink?

>> No.52848571

If that helps you sleep at night, anon.

>> No.52848575

>> No.52848584

Let who rot?

I don't follow.

>> No.52848594

He was a nice guy. Sort of. But then he'd turn all slimy on you at the drop of a hat. His alignment was lawful-turd.

>> No.52848600

We're on page 8 and people have moved over to the new-old thread. This is shitpost country now, anon.

>> No.52848607

Is the Intrigue mystery for oracles new? I noticed it was missing from most of the guides I'm looking at.

>> No.52848784

What's kinkmaker?

>> No.52849665

I'm poor as fuck so my plan right now is robes and cologne/perfume. That's a start.

Also flying zombie birds. Just make them follow you from a distance.

>> No.52849708

You're a hero.

>> No.52850276

Romulus anon what did you take weapon group adaptation for?

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