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How do people still defend gw,pp etc pricing when pic related costs 100gbp?

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Is this a marketing thread? Because it worked. They ship to the US?

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Yes they do
perry minis have some really great detail on them too,all the while being 20 quid for 36-46 gys

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beats me, the historicals redpill is the best thing that ever happened to me

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pretty solid.
(I want more of their desert rat infantry)
but i think you're giving GW a bum wrap.
with fantasy and AoS the starter cit would give you about 70-80 minis for about 100.

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Honestly, I wish they would do things besides just Historicals. I like their miniatures, but seeing as how I mainly play fantasy undead, they don't really offer me much.

I can't justify GW and PP prices(Especially PP's), but I can say I like their ranges.

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>How do people still defend [non-historical miniatures] pricing

Because that's how economics works, dipshit. There's a reason they are ALL priced that way, even the non-GW/PP companies like Wyrd, CB, FFG, Hawk, every single third party garage studio like RH, WE, Kromlech, SC, AoW, Mierce, etc.

You might as well ask why sports cars are more expensive than econoboxes that have the same amount of materials and engineering costs put into them.

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the free market will fix it

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hmm I might pick this up and play at my wargame club when it arrives, I saw a few people playing Civil war recently- might of been from this.

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actually it could, wargaming is a global niche hobby with most of its audience in the western countries
other miniature makers could shake shit up by launching fantasy/sci-fi games at greater or equal quality than gw and pp and lower prices
the fact they don't do it means they are either ignorant of the business opportunidy or unable to deliver

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Very easily. I'm into fantasy but not into history.

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>but seeing as how I mainly play fantasy undead, they don't really offer me much
Get a bunch of generic zombies and skeletons, use to convert, suddenly
>undead vikings
>undead samurai
>undead landsknechts

Just imagine if some historical battlefield with hundreds of hastily (if at all) buried dead, no last rites or anything, was randomly visited by a necromancer because the universes happened to cross for a short while. That's prime recruitment ground.

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do brits prefer to play as union or confederacy?

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Biggest issue is that it's a high risk low reward scenario, to try and launch a competing game on the same scale.

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Most people get both sides and play as required.

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I have their DAK inf. Fucking legit.

Want to get Perry FFL next

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>mfw grognards will say perry isnt a suitable alternative to gw
>mfw perry is literally exgw sculptors and the best.

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I hope that Perry puts out a WotR or Napoleonic box later. I know that a World War 2 one would be too much to hope for as all their vehicles are resin, but a man can dream.

To answer your question OP, historicals are generally cheaper than non-historicals. Sure some other companies do non-historical bulk troops for less than GW, but not really by the margin that you are trying to illustrate. It's generally not a fair comparison.

That said, if you want to convert a bunch of ACW soldiers into Imperial Guardsmen or foot knights into AoS Freeguild, then go for it. As long as you don't make the mistake of playing in a GW store you should be fine.

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>grognards would say that
nigga please return to your general
also you have no face

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Out of curiosity, what's wrong with Perry?

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ain't nothing.
love it, they do good shit.
I just don't follow the logic that anyone would.
more likely they will won't even leave their genreals

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This. I already have a bigger Seleukid army than my Orcs and Gobbos, all multipart plastic and it cost less than half what my O&G did — 10+ years ago when I bought it, before prices doubled, tripled, etc.

you can get it from Caliver Books for 90gbp/$115 and free worldwide shipping

> There's a reason they are ALL priced that way

The reason is that as long as GW charges 10x a reasonable price, they can charge 5x-9x a reasonable price and seem like a bargain by comparison. As long as enough retards are willing to pay it, they'll happily keep charging it.

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Macedonian faggot

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That's a retro pepe you have there. Wanna trade?

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Perrys do better multi part plastic than modern gw

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Why would anyone play that?

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AoW rank and file infantry is at about 1€ per dude and they are a bit larger. They are well within historical price tags (Warlord especially)

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Damn their knights are sexy.

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What scale is that?
Civil war inspired IG regiment suitable?

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Warhammer historicals were some of the best games GW ever made.

A shame they were deemed to be too much fun and killed.

Fuck me Legends of the old west, Legends of the high sea, The great war, gladiator and richthofen's flying circus are all a fucking blast to play.

I want to give kampfgruppe normandy a try but bolt action seemed to step into the void left by that game and absorb all its players.

I mean you would think having people playing and talking about your games would never be a bad thing. but GW did not make minis for it and small scale games means you only need a handfull of guys. And if they cant sell you a new army every few months then the game clearly sucks. not like having some simple fucking retention games is bad or anything right.

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I always wanted to stop the War of Northern aggression.

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The only historicals I'm interested in are WWI, and there seems to be a massive lack of games and models for it. Perry only sells like 2 small units for it.

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I think that's because the majority of modern historicals people like WWII, and to be honest so do I. Get access to a lot of tanks / transports to go alongside your infantry.

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Dont mind me, just the best WW1 game ever made commin through.

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Does anyone know what model this is? I like it but can't find it in their store.

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The reviews online disagree.

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>play the game 1 or 2 times
>dont care for it
>give it a bad review

Take it with a grain of salt anon.

The rulebook will run you $70 to $100 on eaby. same with the "Over the top" expansion book. People tend to not pay stupid prices for a game the sucks.

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>People tend to not pay stupid prices for a game the sucks.
40K and AoS players say hello

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I've got the feeling it is made with one one the plastic kits, but certanly NOT with the one in my pic, since I own it and those pieces are not inside

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Holy shit sticks, the Perry Miniatures knights (and other related minis) are dirt cheap and look great. You guys think they'd do well for KoE in the 9th Age?

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It's probably made with the english agincourt foot knights.

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try fireforge games
perry plastics are late middle ages,koe is supposed to be early to mid

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Well historical minis aren't really an alternative for scifi fantasy games anyway. Theres limited use with some human factions. So only a minority of players could even use them.

When perry start doing lizard people, aliens or undead and such. Then they'll start to be an alternative to the l likes of GW.

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Same reason anyone plays any game, its fun.

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Do you think anyone is seriously going to care that the miniature knights being used to portray a fantasy faction with no defined miniatures isn't 100% era accurate?

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>Age of Smegmar

Choose one.

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Just because its not to your tastes doesn't mean its bad for everyone.

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Just because you got duped into GW's scam doesn't mean everyone else has to.

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You can use their French English etc as Bretonnians or Empire they practically are the same.
I think historical rifle armies make good Imperial guard regiments.
For example Perry are releasing Zulu war Brits they would make perfect Praetorians.

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Thats my point, its only of use to a minority of players for 1 or 2 factions.

You can't say they're a real alternative if most people can't use them.

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>How do people still defend gw,pp etc pricing
Never did, never will.
Remind me to buy that deliciously cheap mutant chronicle starter set, someday.

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Its one of many alternatives. Its an alternative.

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I hate these threads. Perry does make nice miniatures, and yes they are inexpensive, but the quality comparison to modern GW models is not even remotely there. No matter what though people always pull out some bullshit 20 year old model that looks like ass.

Both are good, in their own way. Getting triggered by people who buy GW (or who don't buy GW) is very poor form. Buy both duh

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>but the quality comparison to modern GW models is not even remotely there
True that, Perry's are technically so much better.

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Here is your (You)

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I disagree. While I like the Perry minis something about their scale is off. I think the arms are a bit too long for normal scale.

Also the plastic is rather shit.

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It's easy to cherrypick, Honestly I think a ton of Perry Minis have utterly no soul to the sculpt at all, like the British Hussars.

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>I think a ton of Perry Minis have utterly no soul to the sculpt at all
Age of Gaymar called, anon.

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Sci-fi and fantasy wargames is actually a bigger niche than historical wargames.

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You also got the Frostgrave plastic kits that kitbashes well with historical bits. I make some fairly varied looking Mordheim warbands with them.

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Do mind I have a 1450/1500 army from Perry not civil war but I expect the scale to be the same.

They are true 28mm not heroic like GW, so the minis feel quite small next to IG minis but it´s probably do-able.

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The real major difference is that GW does cartoonish proportions on their minis. So putting an historical mini next to a GW mini will make the GW mini look very goofy and the historical mini will look uncanny.

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No the helmet and the main body are from the 1450-foot knights box set. There are no left-arms with swords in any of the 1450-1500 sets so I think this is a heavily modded figure.

>> No.52801020

Sir Godfrey Chinchilla, Defender of the Realm and Protector of the Holy Tambourine

>> No.52801087

They didn't had Ultramarines in them so they had to be axed.

See how well AoS/Fantasy is doing now that Ultramarines are there

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To be fair till maybe 5th 40k was fun and WHF lasted till 6th even if that edition was if it was a double edge sword.

You can't make proper business if you only try to milk the consumers like 5th and 6th respectively are and did.

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6th Edition WHFB was godsend. It delivered us from the Herohammer Bullshit that reigned supreme until then and starting and expanding armies was cheap as fuck, with a box containing a complete unit for less than 20 bucks.

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Yeah, it was the golden age of WHFB. It's just been downhill from there.

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Tell me more about this cheap heap of plastic.

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You take that back!

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Guy on the left has a really naughty look in his eyes.

>> No.52801295

Games Workshop is accepting Good Boy Points now?

>> No.52801339

He spears men on the battlefield and at home, of course he's naughty.

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So tempted to buy this despite not being in Europe... how is the plastic quality? Do they easily break?

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I have that one somewhere. he's from one of the command groups from the war of the roses series. I think it's king Henry

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Perry miniatures are among the best on the market.

>> No.52804765

The plastic is top tier, however the hammer on the foot knights sprue is so fine it may break.

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>Honestly I think a ton of Perry Minis have utterly no soul to the sculpt at all
It's really ironic coming from a gw shill

>> No.52804804


>Perry bros did some good sculpts
>This must mean ALL of their sculpts are good

I don't understand this logic at all.

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>You must hate GW minis to like Perry minis and vice versa.

I mean, GW have made it quite clear they prefer modeling fantasy things than Historicals. Perry Minis have made it clear they like modeling Historicals.

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Start pointing out bad miniatures from them, so we can debate your opinion or laugh at you

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>tfw LotR was the best Fantasy Line that GW had
>tfw those two glorious fucks gave us all this amazing stuff
>tfw we'll probably never get anything Fantasy relatef from them again

Truly, the worst timeline

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The English hussars were pretty shit. and alot of their 100 years war stuff falls a little flat, the Longbowmen are in like two poses at the most.

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>plebeian burger war

Gee, I'm so excited.

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I've always liked Scibor's minis but their range on some stuff basically doesn't exist. They make good squat proxies though.

>> No.52805200

If I want to play lizard-folk or elves, or even I don't know, ANY sort of sci-fi, they're not exactly alternative are they?

>> No.52805241

You got Mantics (very good stuff on their lizards).

>> No.52805338

>war of the rose
>zulu-anglo war
>ww2 (including desert)
>pike and shotte
>even weebs

Scribor is fucking cash my dude.
bought their golden guard on sale, even after shipping cost less than those fucking Nu-hammerers

>> No.52805346

6th ed was bullshit precisely for those reasons. Instead of fun game with heroic deed, we got watered down game that wanted to be historical but couldn't quite manage it.

>> No.52805366

Really? Mantic has one good line, the undead skellies, the rest of their fantasy shit is well, shit. And I'm no GW fanboy, I've not bought a thing from them in a decade. Mantic is just bargain basement GW.

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some of their dorfs are fine.
same with some of the orks
pic related is one of my favourites from their line.
generally speaking i agree, they shit GW.
but just like old gw they can occasionally pull of a model with a lot of spirit in it.

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War of the Roses and pike and shotte is cool.

All the rest you listed is total utter fucking boring garbage.

>> No.52805483

>the rest of their fantasy shit is well, shit
Their demons and lizzies are fine. The gobbos and orcs are good but don't mix well with GWs. The undead are nice. Their fucked up lines are the Basileans and their elves, most of their stuff is way more than ok.

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File: 40 KB, 413x593, antiochus_painted.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Doryktete Ge aint free. It gotta be littered with the blood of the Xenoi. Ptolemaios Euergetes aka "EuerGAYtes" is NOT my Basileus. He is Koile-Syria-stealing alcoholic and probbaly Aigyptios too :DD Antiocheia and Seleukeia not Alexandria and Ptolemais, OK? Praise Seleukos Nikator!

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Yeah well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

>> No.52805552

>Warhammer historicals were some of the best games GW ever made.
>A shame they were deemed to be too much fun and killed.

Not only that but they put off publishing the Macedonian Successors army book for WAB after it was written until they decided to axe all historicals, then threatened to sue Jeff Jonas when he uploaded a PDF of the army book, even though it was for a game they had just cancelled, and intended never to publish.


They're "true 28mm" (about the same as LotR minis) which is slightly smaller than "heroic 28mm" (most Warhammer and 40k post-2000)

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File: 24 KB, 485x485, goblin-wizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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forgot to list napoleonic
and i'm a faggot for not pointing out the agincourt range and the new model army.
>not liking colonial era British
>not loving red coats.
>not liking crusades, great helms and franks

more egregiously
>>fucking boring garbage.
>two of the biggest and most devastating wars on the European continent
>featuring some of the largest European engagements since the Punic wars was boring

>> No.52805670


There is a grade of autist who insists that a battle with green skin and magic missiles is inherently more interesting than one without, due to the fact that his shitty school didn't teach history properly so he slept through it and never developed an interest, which is why he is so wilfully ignorant of the fact that 90% of all sci-fi and fantasy is shamelessly stolen right out of history.

>> No.52805954

I suppose there are.
And some places it cheapens the intrigue of the battle/war in question.
I personally am not one of the folks who thinks canni would be much improved by adding giant robots or magic faff.

But I'm not going to say a massive campaign which wasted human life at unprecedented rate is boring.
perhaps played out but with the amount of stories, interesting personalities desperate battles, break throughs and devastating defeats, i could never call the two modern wars to rule them all boring.

>> No.52806067

Copplestone has some pretty nice not colonial marines and prodos official avp models are good.

>> No.52806130

huh, this actually looks pretty neat.
Might get it

>> No.52806689


I like that a lot, except...

Dear miniatures sculptors: Please, PLEASE, stop covering everyone in belts. It looks stupid. Thank you.

>> No.52808915

I dunno, I rather liked the Mordheim Witchhunters.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1587x1600, 1471787877841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Want to get into some Warlord stuff, like Pike and Shotte or Blackpowder or something.
>Dont know anyone in Calgary who plays any of the Warlord games.

In fact, I think the only historical wargame I know people play is Flames of War, and that's because there's a regional tourney in Edmonton or something coming up.

Oh well, maybe it'll be fun to make dioramas with these models.

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I don't play games that require an official mini line any more. I use whatever I want and it's a great time.

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