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why can't centaurs be cute like this all the time?
big strong manly overly muscled mindless monsters should be minotaurs or soemthing, centaurs are cute and pure!

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65 million years ago a mighty tyrannosaurus, long in tooth and claw, quilted with scars from innumerable battles, skin a pallid grey after decades of a long and proud life spent ruling all he surveyed, fin all laid down his head for the last time. He twisted his eye up towards the ancient sky above him and passed quietly away as he stared at its banner of twinkling stars.

The earth swallowed up his mighty corpse and it was drawn deep into the fiery bowels of stone. Unfathomable pressure and unimaginable heat pressed in from all around, and over the mellinia the mighty beast was twisted and transformed, the great bulk of his muscled form transmuted by the crushing fire beneath us into a refined and distilled solid concentration of the power hidden within.

In the modern era there are new lords of the earth. Creatures that rule all they survey not by right of their fearsome strength, but by dint of their wondrous machines and vast organizations. These creatures tore open the ribs of the very planet that gave them life to extract that congealed essence of the titan who teed these lands long before. It would be cast into the fires of their industry, used to call forth the power of lightning, once the domain of the gods, but now merely the blood of their vast army of machines.

And you used that electricity to make this fucking post.

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nice meme

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I miss Monmusu.

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>horse pussy

Go back to /d/

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But, aren't the male centaurs of that setting big strong manly overly muscled mindless monsters?

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>why can't centaurs be cute like this all the time?
Because prudishness is an evolutionarily disadvantageous trait outside of stable civilizations. Early on during centaur evolution, the pure ones died out and only sluts and speardicks remained. If we want cute centaurs like Centorea, we need to breed these desirable traits back into their genepool.

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why can't we talk about it on /a/ anymore? faggot /a/ mods dont answer anything.

>not /mlp/
/d/ likes horsecock, but idk about horse pussy.

so all centaurs are sluts?

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I don't know about /a/, I have been away for like a year now.
I need my dose of cute horsepussy

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OP, I'm pretty sure you actually want to fuck a horse.

I am not being cruel. I am only concerned for you. It is not normal to want to fuck a horse.

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>has weird submissive notions regarding her ideal relationship instead of being vanilla or at the very least a switch
>constant kinky lewd thoughts that interfere with her ability to reason
>a literal breeding mare


Pick one, mate. Just because you say "I shouldn't be having these lewd thoughts!" doesn't excuse you from being lewd, just like saying "I shouldn't be killing these people!" doesn't suddenly make you stop being a murderer.

Besides, vanilla human is better, and Centaurea is even the most interesting girl in that cliched mess of a harem.

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>Centaurea is even the most interesting girl
Isn't, I mean.

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/mlpol/ was a horse pussy haven, you can always go to /trash/, though. there is a clop, marecock/horsecock, and horse pussy general up at like all times.

>cute horsepussy
you mean pony horsepussy? becuase normal horsepussy isn't ever cute, but ponies are pretty cute...

>I'm pretty sure you actually want to fuck a horse.
yes, and?

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Just the thought of holding her Sworn Master's hand makes her giddy and excited. If that's not pure, I have no idea what kind of nuns you've been hanging out with.

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Centorea is a cute horsepussy.

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>Just the thought of holding her Sworn Master's hand makes her giddy and excited.
That's not pure, that's just a virgin slut.

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It was still pretty amazing how the two most hated boards on the website were combined in hopes of triggering them both, yet it became something beautiful.

We should fuse /d/ and /tg/ next time. /tg/ is already /d/light, we might as well go full Magical Realm

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Is this an old pasta that's been uncovered from a lost temple, or is this new? Or are you that mad at OP's faggotry that you made an articulate post about your angry at OP

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>why can't we talk about it on /a/ anymore? faggot /a/ mods dont answer anything.

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i keep trying to make lewd threads on /tg/ but they are all prude no fun allowed faggots.
but /mlp/ and /tg/ are already kind of friends, and /mlp/ and /d/ share the love for horsecock/pussy for that matter.

so... do you want MLP pussy or not?

monster girl threads get deleted, and a ban, maybe.

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This is dull waifufagging. Who cares, don't try and tell other people how to run centaurs.

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Nah, I haven't watched MLP in ages.
Besides, they aren't centaurs

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>This is dull waifufagging
Would a setting where waifufagging is taken to the extreme and all monsters and demons are waifable really be that bad? Be honest with me.

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>i keep trying to make lewd threads on /tg/ but they are all prude no fun allowed faggots.
Maybe because there are porn boards on this site and some people don't want to hear about other people's fetish fantasies when discussing tabletop.

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That seems to badly lack variety, anon.

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Maybe there could be attractive dude monsters too?

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>Your wife preps the literal bull
>Your wife's son is a minotaur

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Why would that necessarily follow? Are you into that kind of thing, anon?

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I'm not into cuckoldry but a cow is fine too.

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almost no oil comes from land animals though, it's mostly made of decomposed plankton and such
t. Geologist

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Unfortunately cowgirls still get the worst hentais

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That's up to interpretation.

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Umm...didn't that lead to Twilight?

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Never really looked into that series, for reasons that are probably obvious. Are there lady vampires and werewolves in it? I would have assumed they all happened to be sexy guys for the same reason these monstergirl media have all the monsters be sexy girls.

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I like bolt cutters too, anon.

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>tfw not a fan of horse pussy but that rack

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>due to some kind of powerful curse, all monsters now depend on humans for reproduction
>monster/human pairings always produce full monsters, while monster/monster pairings no longer produce anything
>can your bloodline survive the monster waifu apocalypse?

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lies and slander

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That's not how you freerange.
This is how you freerange.

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Centorea is best girl, a shame she has those cow tits that don't belong on a centaur.

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It was hilarious. It also proved that /pol/ is the worst of the two beyond all doubt since while /mlp/ suffered from the merge, /pol/ was improved by it.

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>stable conditions

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I am that mad

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>tfw anime with z-ton centaurs

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>prudishness is an evolutionary disadvantageous trait outside of stable civilizations

No it isn't. Depending on your species degree of sociability putting out for one guy who has a track record as a reliable provider with high survivability is just as good as putting it on display for everyone. If every guy fucks you and all the other bitches then no one gives a damn about you or your kids cause who knows who that little shit belongs to.

Besides Greeks already established Centaurs as top tier wives in spite of their husbands incredibly violent and lustful nature during periods of war.

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Sauce on that? Google, SauceNAO, Tineye, nothing can find a match.

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And someday it'll be OP's turn. All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

Mark my words, anon. Someday aliens will post something even worse, using the oil that formed from OP's bones.

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This Guardsman just looks vaguely uncomfortable.

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>then no one gives a damn about you or your kids cause who knows who that little shit belongs to.
Not true, it means children are raised by the group and are equally cared for

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It's not like the manga ended or anything

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>What if we had a setting where there were attractive members of all sexes and sentient nonhuman species?
It would just be a regular fantasy setting?

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Why is only one tit heretical?

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Again sociability of the species and how physically able a female is during and after a pregnancy will play a big role on whether or not it'd work out. If everyone is always in a group and the female is quick to recover then sure, that might role that way. If groups frequently disperse and merge then any kid born when the mom is alone is very vulnerable and the bitches from one group might chase em off so their kids get more attention or if its a chick none of the guys have ever seen before, then they definitely don't care about the kid and they're just counting on it dying or fucking off so they can fuck her next season.

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>why can't centaurs be cute like this all the time?
Because, as this thread demonstrates, autists get triggered by anything cute or sexy, especially when those qualities are applied to something that, according to their preconceived notions, should be strong and macho, vicious and horrifying, or otherwise compliant with their visceral and violent power fantasies.

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How can entropy hope to compete with shitposting as the one true eternal force of the universe?

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>people try to oversexualize an already established role since the BC era
>somehow those who remind them that the role is already established are autistic
Spotted the autist

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Yeah but it succumbed to the fate all harem stories will inevitably succumb to.

Oversaturation, the point where there are too many female characters crowing around the main male now and throwing in even more of them into the mix will no longer make the plot interesting anymore. Plus it pushes the beginning characters into the background, which is bad because they were the first ones that the viewers got to know early on and generally bounded with the most.

At this point the viewers have to accept that for arbitrary reasons their previous waifus are no longer relevant and they either start treating them firecrackers that they have their moment of glory for a bit and then they will be thrown away to see new ones. Or if that is too hard then people just have to settled that the rest of the story will no longer be of interest for them. This is usually the point here most mangas like this get cancelled.

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Let's not kid ourselves, Miia is gonna win.

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Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus

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As cute as they might look, this is anime bullshit, anything can be made cute if it's anime bullshit.

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You probably don't want to know anon. He's a doujinshi artist.




Come on now. I like her, one of nicest characters, but she's the most perverted after Mero.

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Would a female centaur have tits?

If they were created, than fine, the pervy gods/wizards/scientists that created them made them that way, but if they evolved somehow, why would they have tits on the upper body?
In order to breastfeed their young while standing, maybe.
That would mean that they do not have mammary glands on the lower half, I guess.

Anyway, besides all the faggotry, post centaurs, centaurs are cool.

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>Would a female centaur have tits?

It's a mammal, is it not?

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But would they be human tits, on the human like torso or would the tits be on the lower half, like on a mare? Or maybe even both???

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I spot two.

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Well, logic would imply horsetits, so that foals (which should stand on legs since birth like horses) could suckle with greater ease. Pretty good for usual fantasy centaurs, being nomads and shit.

I wouldn't venture say that by logic all centauresses should be DFC but yeah, I guess (large) human tits would be kinda weird. Then again, tits apparently are like this in humans for aesthetics reason. If evolution is a factor I guess centaurs don't mate face-to-face but who knows...

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I recognize that doujin
the Killua cows get fucked by a bull after that page.

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People have a huge variation in muscle mass and cuteness as a species, it should be easy to excuse any reasonable variation on a centaur character also, and then you can add different kinds of centaurs, such as Oxen ones.

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Somewhere in between.

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We'll said friend.

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Well said friend.

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Welp ... I hope that's not the case, they are horrible mutants enough without adding crotch tits ... or legpits tits.

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Why can't you stop constantly sucking dick all the time?

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I would have killed to see the shills' faces that day

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Reminder that the T-rex both has feathers and it's huge head was used for nuzzling and being a gentle lover.

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Nah, agent smith is gonna win. In reality the entire show is her just grooming the MC so that he'll put up with all the kinky shit she's into.

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>mfw your post reminded me that I live less than 25 miles away from a town that became infamous because one pervert had a farm where you could fuck/get fucked by horses at one point

And now I remember why I dislike my homeland so much. It's full of goddamn perverts and idiots.

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>normies don't know that crotch tits are hot
> these weebs don't know about milky way
I want to titfuck a centaurs crotch tits

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I wonder how Barneyfag felt.

>> No.52798379

>I hate science cause it proved that the reality wasn't as cool as we thought it was!
I expect such autism from the manchild himself: simpsons "diaperdur footie pajamas godzilla, red panda fursona, commissioned edgy self insert oc steven universe art, left gym cause someone smirked at him" mcfartgas.

But come on, woolie...

>> No.52798412

You realize that they admit in the actual podcast episode that the whole
>we hate science for ruining dinosaurs
is a part of the Kayfabe and the joke, right?

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Because centaurs in Greek myth were slovenly raiders who used to raid villages, drink all the booze, and rape all the women.

Chivalrous knight centaurs are overdone nowadays.

>> No.52798759

They've actually stopped crowding most of the new monstergirls around the protagonist.

>> No.52798793

Chesttits and crotchtits at the same time is the only acceptable answer.

>> No.52798846

>and it's huge head was used for nuzzling and being a gentle lover.
How does science know this

>> No.52798883

There are lady ones. Dakota Fanning (iirc, might be someone similar) and Anna Kendrick are vampires, and some others.

>> No.52798954

>How beautiful the Centaurides are, even where they are horses; for some grow out of white mares, others are attached to chestnut mares, and the coats of others are dappled, but they glisten like those of horses that are well cared for. There is also a white female Centaur that grows out of a black mare, and the very opposition of the colours helps to produce the united beauty of the whole
- Philostratus the Elder

>> No.52798963

The same way science knows anything about dinosaurs. Huge leaps based on non-evidence. Reminder that they discovered problems with radiocarbon dating 20+ years ago, but never bothered to correct the errors, meaning the numbers you see in museums and read in books are off by millions of years.

>> No.52799010

>radiocarbon dating
>for dinosaurs

Not even getting into how radiocarbon dating has been re-calibrated using tree-rings for years now, and that millions of years of error are within the context of the billions of years the earth has been around.

>> No.52799171

>slovenly raiders who used to raid villages, drink all the booze, and rape all the women.
Pretty sure the reason centaurs are chivalrous knights now is because orcs took their old job and cranked it up to eleven...

>> No.52799543

I don't remember orcs being known for their crippling love of wine.

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Whoever wins we loose.
It is too late for that.

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I fully agree with you. But I like how they treated the girls that were introduced after Rachnera (well, after Lala actually but even in-canon she's treated as a joke because of how often she's forgotten). The MON girls, farm girls, Yukio and the like are, from the moment they're introduced, confirmed to be secondary girls. They will recur, they may even play a big part in certain chapters/"arcs", but we all know and expect that they will never become part of the harem. Some don't even have any interest in Darling (even MON kind of likes him, but they know it's all about the homestays).

This model is good and eliminates most of the problems you mentioned, but still: 7 girls is too much. 4 girls are still managable, you can still juggle them around and give all of them good treatment. Personally I would say that these four should be Snek, Hoers, Cuckfish and Spoder. I know that doing this retroactively is impossible because Birb and Slime have already built up such large fanbases that reducing them to secondary characters or writing them out of the story would lead to enormous backlash.

The "original" trio of Snek, Birb and Hoers would also be acceptable, except for the fact that Birb is so... painfully retarded. It was kind of cute when she was just a little ditzy and "birdbrained", but her three step memory (which has been confirmed as canon and not just a gag multiple times) is... tragic. She isn't just silly, she's legitimately a special needs case.

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Why can't all waifu fags look like this all the time? Why?!

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and this is why cerea is best girl

>Monster musume is top kek

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>Darling isn't your average dense harem protagonist, he knows that the girls all like him and he's attracted to them as well
>Miia's love for Darling is both pure and mutual, and has been from the very start
>The only thing that prevented Darling and Miia from boning day and night was the legislation that forbade interspecies sex
>When Smith stated that Darling had been picked for an interspecies marriage 'trial run', he wasn't so much shocked or scared off by the marriage itself as by the prospect of having to choose between three women who are all over him
>Had Smith informed Darling of this a few weeks earlier, Miia and Darling would've been happily married
>We would have had cozy human husband/snek wife slice of life shenanigans

>> No.52800790

Centaurs in mythology are rape maniacs. So you'd be getting horse pussy all the time.

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But Anon what are you even saying? This is a HARAEM anime, having to protagonist marry or just having sex with any of the girls is the pinnacle of heresy and is ABSOLUTELY NEVER ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Harems are about blue balling the audience with the loose relationship between the main male and the girls, using "cat string" psychology. You keep waving a possible outcome of the interactions between the main male and each girl but it will end inconclusive and ambiguous every time. It must never be a clear yes-no result to keep the audience in the grey zone needing a resolution.

While such an attention retaining tactic has proven to be quite effective and used everywhere, the bad side is that it leads to overexposure and emotional fatigue for the viewer and eventually leads to a cynical and distrusting audience that you cannot engage with anymore.

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Because originally Centaurs were the Myhological equivalent of nomadic horseriding focused cultures from the east of Europe. Usually depicted to be archers, which is in line with general culture of nomadic people.

Greeks were primarily a seafaring culture and horse riding was pretty foreign to them. Thus Centaurs was the superstitious and mythical reaction to the appearance of nomadic horse riding cultures that sometimes threatened their borders. They were hostile, savage and uncivilized people by Greek standards, usually men raiding settlements, burning villages, stealing stuff and raping women. Without the accepted conventional warfare that the general Greek popuation was used to. This is why their depiction in myth is such.

The same way Minotaurs are at the root come from the disdain towards the opressive Minioan Empire which was famous for worshiping a bull shaped gods (mind you worshiping made up unnamed animal deities wasn't at all unusual back then). The minotaur was a savage bloodthirsty man eating beast that demanded human meat every day, it was born from a union of the Minoan queen being cursed by the gods (after Minos betrayed Poseidon by not sacrificing the divine sent bull to his name) to lust after the bull and eventually having sex with it because greek gods are assholes.

All this made up by the mainland greek states to give a bade rep to the Minoan Empire to portray them to be, arrogant, greedy, hedonistic, bloodthirsty that commit bestiality and cannibalism.

All of these demi-human monsters came from the Greeks generally hating on someon but being unable to do much about it.

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being a weeb should be considered a mental illness

>> No.52801404


seems unfair

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>Gentle lovers.
Only NSFW if you have a problem with animal on animal mating.

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Paleontologist-anon here


>radiocarbon dating
>for fucking Mesozoic fauna

Also give any competent comparative anatomist half a leg and a poorly preserved jaw of almost any animal and they can probably reconstruct it with a high degree of confidence. Phylogeny isn't magic nigger.

As to the main question:
>How does science know it's huge head was used for nuzzling and being a gentle lover

Recent paper on facial reconstruction based on analysis of the cranial bones. traces of innervation on the snout were near identical to nerve groupings found in extant crocodylamorphs. Who have absurdly sensitive snouts that they use for prey and obstacle sensing as well as socialization with conspesifics (mostly mates and offspring) Since Tyranosaurs were not aquatic, it makes sense that their snouts with similar sensitivity were used for the latter reason rather than the former, although there probably was some functional use in feeding or prey taking behavior based on exact sensitivity

>> No.52802401

Depends on the distance.

Humans can outpace horses in short sprints, because horses have to get *started*, while humans can just *go*.

>> No.52802420

>Standing applause.
Goddamn, I have never seen a more professional post on 4chan.

>> No.52802436

>rather than the former,
Could the thicker atmosphere of the past still render that a possibility though?

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