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This is a thread for funny, cute and whimsical /tg/ related content. Let's lift some spirits today. Necromancers need not apply.

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I'm on a mission from god to makes your guys day better

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Medusa and friend

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/k/ humor for crossboard appreciation

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oi m8 this ain't no giggle this is sum sad shit get the fuk out

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we must experience the depths of sadness, for it is only through misery that we know happiness's joyful touch when it finds us

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>tfw you'll never be a European mercenary stabbing Catholics and accepting drinks from village cutes

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that's it for now, if this thread survives the harsh winter I'll be back in a bit to post more

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Good fucking job anon, I physically hurt myself laughing at that. I hope you're happy.

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I remeber that birthday.
Never seen my cousin smile like that.

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Humanities was a mistake.

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Ok, seriously, wtf.

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I cry evrytim

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I fucking loved that scene.

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Gaming was so much more fun in the '90's

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This is funny, this is exactly How I ran my Rogue Trader sessions, with the players having to go into the different sections of the ship and solve weird stuff that was happening due to the sheer size of the vessel, crew size and entire generations living and dying inside the ship hull

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Not really /tg/ related but that picture reminds me of this one

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Gonna need a sauce on that please

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*Not actually gay fic.

Corvus Corax comforting his brother Konrad Curze after a partifcularly horrific nightmare.

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>And then Shimmel-Kun realized he was in Auschwitz
>They all died to experiments by Mengele-Dono
The end.

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See this would be so much funnier if they replaced zeon with environmentalism.

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Anyone has the source image for that?
Reverse image search gives me nothing.

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>Austrian circa WWI
>Not using a straight-pull rifle

Immersion broken

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Monks were the original shitposters

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This guy makes a lot of cute shit.

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Indeed he does my friend.

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I've always loved these. Thanks for putting them in one image.

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>Thai cuisine
My sides.

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I got you anon

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I want to hear a story about this picture.

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I kek'd so hard at this one.

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Thank you for the kek my dude.

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oh dear, this is a good one

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this will never not be a funny picture for reasons I can't put my finger on

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Huh. I have an N.P.C. who this picture would fit perfectly.

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That whole image is made of "fico" gestures, isn't it?

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if only...

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I'm not sure about all of them, but two of them definitely are
>You'll never be a cheeky cunt with a crossbow

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Drifters is a good example of a setting with amazing potential that suffers from "anime ADHD plot"

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I've always enjoyed the idea of a Space Marine Chapter that has the same mannerisms as Imperial Guard grunts due to them having a few Regiments permanently attached to their companies. They frequently engage in shenanigans and are extremely laid back compared to other Imperial forces but fight beyond measure side by side their Guard compatriots.

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Thank ya' kindly, stranger.

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Play the first Dark Souls 3 DLC

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I actually have this implemented in my campaign setting.

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I fuckin' lost it, thanks anon

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Is that by the author of Dungeon Meshi ?

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Dragon Commander, amazing game, shitty rts

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Either that child is extra tiny, or everyone else in that picture is HUGE and has HUGE GUTS.

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>Let's lift some spirits today.
>Necromancers need not apply.
You're a funny guy.

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Oh wow so gay and funny!

Said no one ever.

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Orks playing tag.

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I see we got us a champion of morality and humor. Show us the way oh enlightened one

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Its funny because that's pretty much what happen.

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I like how he thought that telling the Lion he couldn't do something was a good idea.

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This makes me want to see a dungeon where an almighty and terrifyingly powerful Lich lures adventurers in just to fuck with them using stupid pranks
>The rogue is completely useless since everything is pranks, not traps
>Fighter yanks on a doorknob to pull it open, the door knob comes off, it's attached to a string which makes a hole open on the door and blasts the fighter with flour
>The ranger steps on a dial on the ground and it makes a loud farting noise and then locks so it can't be pressed down again, ensuring no one believes the rangers excuses
>The mage calls out a spell and slime drops from the ceiling
>It turns out he said the magic word which cause the slime to drop
>The truth is every spell the spellcaster has is the magic word
>And every square inch of the dungeon has a slime chute on the roof

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I honestly believe that most super powerful Liches go through a phase like that just out of boredom.

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>He who controls the spice

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This was sad
Then it was cute
Then it was cute and perfect.

Good shit. Ave Impeator.

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I'm almost positive this is /tg/ oc, some sort of new cutting-edge rpg class

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I like to think of a Lich who, after ages of being evil as fuck, decides to become a prankster, and stays like that, cause it's far more entertaining to see all the countless heroes and adventurers fall for his immense prank dungeon.
>"I dunno, maybe I should step out and destroy a kingdom or two, this might be getting stale...OH WAIT! Here comes the great heroic knight Siegroid, oh...oh..OH! He fell for the oil slide again! Come on Siegroid thats the fifth time this week! Ahahaha! Screw it, I'll keep doing this another hundred years!"

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Bumping with funny for more prankster lich shenanigans.

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>Lich has a huge room with perfectly smooth tiled floor.
>Party goes through it carefully to the key at one end, always on the look out for the traps
>There are several traps, but they're designed to be so slow or obvious that the party will be able to avoid them easy
>Once the party gets the key and get to the door on the farthest end they breath a sigh of relief and only too late realize the floor in front of the door has been covered in butter
>Several feet of buttered tile

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>Political Excitement
So like 85% of the US right now?

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>Do not worry tiny child, we will find your tiny parents

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>tiny parents

Pictured: Alpharius Omegon's hometown.

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What the fuck is this.

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Mad science

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Bittersweet endings always get me. I remember this one character I made named Grub that was raised by a hag since he was a boy. He had a super warped sense of reality, seeing cleanliness as disgusting, beauty as hideous, etc. But over time, Grub began to see things from a more human perspective. This was mainly through the help of a female druid who he started falling in love with (I was dating the player irl at the time). Sadly, her character was killed off because she couldn't play with us anymore, and Grub took it pretty hard.

Much later, the entire party is put under a spell where they are in the reality they desire the most. Grubs dream? To live with the druid as his wife in a small woodland cottage, along with two kids and a kindly human version of the hag that raised him.

Ultimately, Grub opens an orphanage and keeps the druid's staff above the fireplace. Whenever the kids ask him about it, he cries.

Jesus, now I'm in the mood for feels. Anybody have any similar stories?

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you can't know how much I like knight-like futuristic armor

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>inception music

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>was about to laugh, but then realized that with S riding ability she could pull it off

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isnt that stretching the definition of mount a bit too far?

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spaking of, i want to actually read the VN. anyone know where i can find it - i also heard there were some recommended patches

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Look for it on nyaa.

But trust me, it's not worth the time investment, even less so if you can't read japanese and need to read the shitty translation. It's incredibly fucking long and doesn't manage to say much of anything in that time. If you're reading it because your waifu is in there or something, be mindful that there's not an awful lot of that either relative to how long it is, and all the romance is very juvenile and cringey. HF in particular is extremely rushed and sums up to "I WANT TO PROTECT HER SMILE (fuck the continued existence of the human race btw)" while it was clearly intended to be the most "mature" and reasonable of them.

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so the english patch is a nogo?

>doing it for your waifu
no caster route so no, i just have severe chuunibyou

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I mean, most of the western fanbase read it on English, just don't expect good prose. In fact, just assume it's going to be the worst you've read and then you won't be dissapointed

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eh, i found the stories on 1d4chan entertaining - as long as its on a topic i enjoy ill read most tripe

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Then the last choice is whether or not you're going to play with the H scenes and gawk at the amazing trainwreck or take the blue pill and wake up in your bed to believe whatever you want to believe

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probably without - the art isnt that good and the dialogue is the most amazing trainwreck

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I had a tiefling wizard similar to Grub. His was raised by a hag who taught him magic. He had a cow skull head, ink colored skin, and wings of quills and parchment. The hag told him he was beautiful, which she meant because she was a hag and hags are messed up. He also had a raven familiar which he believed was the reincarnation of his dead sister, but she was just a regular raven since he never had a sister. Unfortunately I don't have any good stories with him since the campaign he was in fizzled out shortly after he began. He'll forever be lost hundreds of miles below the surface, sad and alone.

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that poor cat in the bottom right

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The concept for this game was so much better than it's execution. What could have been a pretty fucking solid point n click style mystery ended up as a walking simulator with 2 terrible minigames making up all the gameplay and zero actual puzzles.

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You know, I laughed when I saw
but it makes sense in the "I'm blind now" kind. On the other hand:
What the fuck is wrong with people?

>> No.52743978

I still hold it would have been a better movie then game.

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May his passing cleanse the world

>> No.52744244

What game?

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>tfw no one will play this card against me
I want to go home too.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect

>> No.52744324

Ah, thanks

I could never get past the guy's outfit

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>not based stihl

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>You know what we really don't have a good crop of heroes for this one I'm just gonna take care of this myself

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you don't even have to hear her to know what she's saying

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as it should be

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>This is a thread for funny, cute and whimsical
So, Gabby?

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Must... have... sauce!

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looks like either Wakfu or Dofos

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It's a trailer for the Wakfu MMO. It's been out for a couple years.

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These are getting more and more convoluted.

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You were in the HP argument thread, weren't you.

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This picture always triggers me.

>> No.52745980

Why? Seems reasonable enough.

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Luth will save 40K.

>> No.52746173

too much flesh

>> No.52746212

Who draws that chick?

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>> No.52746243

>only interested in fate/whatever because of one character
>vegetables have more art than her
Being a fan of Luvia is suffering.

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>The War

Something's never change.

>> No.52746524

Hell, I'd elect a dragon president.
Luth will save 40K.

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>> No.52746898

It seemed like he would have been satisfied with the napkin crown in the afterlife but the skeleton queen insisted on taking it. For some reason that legit upset me.

>> No.52746911

None of the other kings/queens had crowns. She was queen of the dead and all were lesser before her. You can't just have one fag with a crown when you're queen.

Also do you really think he'd have been satisfied with that napkin crown for long?

>> No.52746949

Maybe you're right.

I'm taking that gif btw. Thank you.

>> No.52746959

Have some more

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>> No.52746985

I never noticed he has his finger back.

>> No.52746994

>He gets his finger back
>Other's besides pumpkin king are still brutalized

shit's rough

>> No.52747087

>Imaginaery Female Trouble

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>> No.52747097

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>> No.52747105

>> No.52747106

This only leaves me with more questions.

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>> No.52747125

damn it

>> No.52747174

I've seen this dozens of times.and i only just noticed the penguin shoes.

>> No.52747479

Also, his chair is a giant dead spider.

>> No.52747513

wtf, i love this image

>> No.52747592

What's funny is that those eels are like dogs of the sea and will remember your scent if you are nice to them, there is a video of one that came of it's pit and swam full speed towards them after 3-5 years but unfortunately the guy trying to feed the eel fucked up and opened the bag of hotdogs with his hand and the eel being blind got hold of his thumb. if you don't know eels can't suck like other fish to get food, instead they have two jaws (think alien) and you can hear the second jaw "pop" the thumb off. Dude now has toe where his thumb used to be...

>> No.52747613

Wouldn't it be ideal to have the human soldier facing backward?

Hmmm...I guess it depends on the circumstances.

>> No.52747687

wait wait wait...

did you just induct jesus as a greek patron diety? Of the river delta?

>> No.52747881

always wanted to see this comic with last two panels, where father looks at his picture, then on his real mental and physical retarded daughter and cry.

>> No.52748006

In my setting the doomsday liches tend to be recently raised and full of magical adrenaline and get a huge ego boner. Majority of liches wean out of this after their first century

>> No.52752351

>implying anything of that whole "Jesus"-myth is even remotely new

>> No.52752649

Why is Ariel perfect as a follower of Khorne?

>> No.52752709

Let's be honest. Who doesn't want a Sister of Battle to be with them always?

>> No.52754519

Is this a Pepsi commercial

>> No.52754667

Impulsive "fuck you dad" attitude.

>> No.52754739

I miss /tg/ history threads

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>> No.52755167

>Masturbation for 30 years

>> No.52755209

That's awesome.

>> No.52758038

Pepsi wishes it could do this.

>> No.52758086

Nope, after first decade you start getting into some really weird stuff, up to and including homolust.

>> No.52759065

This was a thing? Well hell yeah then.

>> No.52759173

yo, sauce?

>> No.52759218

>Salvation Army
Amen, you have to be mad to deal with those damn tuba playing bastards

>> No.52759940

Ok now this is fucking funny.

>> No.52760873

first time ive seen the spider fanny pack

>> No.52761149

We did once have a thread where we passed around ideas for a bored lich to do.
Here are some.

A chest containing a happy, healthy child that cheerfully explains to the party that the greatest treasure of all is friendship. Then he explodes.

>A table of delicious looking food. There is a harmless skeleton nearby with a chalkboard and chalk and will make a mark on the board for every person that eats from the table. It's not a trap, the Lich is just curious to see the average of people that will eat strange food found in a dungeon.

>A magical pillar with a lever. Pulling the lever turns anyone into a lich as long as they are in that room. This only works once per person. Leaving the room in any way reverts them to boring normaldom and gives them the crushing depression that comes with the knowledge that they will never again be a lich

>A pack of elven adventurers that are also exploring the dungeon. The party keeps stumbling onto them in the middle of embarrassing/homoerotic shenannigans

A secluded library filled with dusty leather-bound tomes of possibly magical origin. Upon investigation they are not in fact spellbooks and occult tomes, but a collection of sappy romance novels.

A room where they party encounter a group of skeletons who proceed to lightly clap, applaud and congratulate the party while patting them on the back. They do not stop and attempt to follow the party.

A flustered spectre watching in dismay as his own animated corpse shuffles around the room chewing on door knobs and generally being embarrassing. The spectre asks you to help settle the zombie down and return it to his coffin but naturally doesn't want you to harm his old body. The zombie is naturally uncooperative much to the spectres dismay, shame and embarrassment.

>> No.52761231

a negro?
using a computer?

>> No.52761521

If it hasn't been Guilliman for the last 5 years then you are retarded.

>> No.52761602

What is that white line circling in the top pic? Did the kid affix a sticker to that shield?

>> No.52761978

Since we're well past image cap, I guess I'll just cross-link this:

>> No.52762204

It's not a circle, it's an actual heartshaped thing that one of the "protesters" gave to a police officer.
I was staring into the circle too.

>> No.52762875

fuck u nigga

>> No.52763567

currently writing a campaign based on this. I'm trying to think of a good system for no-magic hard sci-fi and I'm having trouble finding anything good. ideas?

>> No.52764148

Google fxx and major lazer... Just a guess but a pretty good one.

>> No.52764215

Heart shaped balloon. >>52763567

>> No.52764659

Enough time has passed that people now exist that don't know what Seinfeld is.
I have never been happier to feel old.

>> No.52765587

Does that monk practice jew-jitsu?

>> No.52765724

>i just have severe chuunibyou
A chuuni admitting that they have chuuni? WTF kind of bizarro world did I step into? Is it like, some sort of layered, ironic chuuni, where being chuuni is part of the chuuni delusion?


>> No.52765779

Dammit, did not see that coming lol

>> No.52766182

This is getting to be Loss levels of detail

>> No.52766267

>No dogs allowed

Took me a second.

>> No.52766496


>> No.52766693

He was a blue dragon, anon

>> No.52767355

I fucking love animoo characters with comfy streetwear, especially when they got this ridiculously long hair.

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