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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Wilderness Edition! Are you excited for the Ultimate Wilderness book coming later this year? Are you excited for the Shifter class coming with it? How about the rulesets, the rules in Ultimate Intrigue and Horror Adventures are pretty decent, if niche, do you think we'll see rules that can be used a lot more often given that a lot of games go innawoods at one point!

Tell me anything about times you've had in the wilderness! The Wilds!

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/quSzkadj

Old Thread: >>52674877

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Whats wrong with going innawoods!?

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Dragons 2 greentext when?

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Soon. We just finished up

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Lets say you are in a duel against a lancefucker as a martial character.

He has stuff like spirited charge, ride-by attack and all.

What is the best way to deal with him?

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Get to higher ground, block charge lanes, etc., etc.

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Don't try to dodge roll. Unless you're dexfag, in which case definitely try to dodge roll.

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bestiary 6 when

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PDFs aren't even out yet, so... Probably like a month before they're scrubbed

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Level 4, human only, 20 point buy.

How do I make a semi decent bloodrager?

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Go full dexfag as an Exciter/Fractured Mind Spiritualist, faggot

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Something like 16 str, 12 dex, 14 con, 8 int, 10 wis, 14 cha? Depends on your bloodline a bit, but put your racial bonus in strength

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Probably destined for bloodline.

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then your charisma score is a bit less important, as long as you have it at 12 you'll be fine

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because unnaground superior.

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>Its another 'i want to marry a drow episode'

fucking snore.

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What is shard walkers?

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The next few days are going to be wild. I'm not going to join in on the shitposting at all, I have to see where it goes.

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>this reminds me about the bloodrager I played once
>tfw I will never play him again because he died like a bitch in a TPK and the DM didn't reboot

I just wanted to smash

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Please let the shifter be good or fun
Please let the shifter be good or fun
Please let the shifter be good or fun


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We fantasy vietcong now.

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It's okay, if I'm rejected I'm going to wait for Overlewd anon to deliver

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Argentum! What languages are available in shardwalkers?

There are empty lines on our character sheets as we await this information!

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Pffffhahaha. Urban is da bes.

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Please no

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Oh heck, it’s Dragons 2 green text time!

>Lightning strikes the top of the ziggurat, which emits a spooky red glow as the sky darks
>The party agrees that this is not a Good Thing
>They press onward, finding bound Brock atop the ziggurat, along with the two arena champions involved in this kidnapped plot
>Barbatos the Bellicose wields a staff and declares a ROYAL RUMBLE, IN FRONT OF A LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE
>Janunga the Jade Blade wields, in fact, a blade made from jade and mostly looks embarrassed
>Aurora exchanges insults with the two champions and combat begins
>Rinka lines up a shot of devastating power, calling forth the SEARING FLAMES OF THE SUN
>Barbatos gets roasted, but he’s still standing, and now he looks serious!
>The party goes on the offensive, but Barbatos is a tough nut to crack, deflecting all attacks
>He reveals his staff conceals a fucking canon! He aims for Rinka but misses
>Lio and Calsi buff the party, allowing everyone to land some hits! Another shot from Rinka and attacks from Rory down the champion
>Aurora climbs the Zig, grabbing Janunga and hurling his ass into the fray
>He’s on his feet in no time, glowing green and slashing the party with incredible speed
>Calsi attempts to charge him, but he teleports away leaving an after-image that hardens into jade, trapping her!
>The others give pursuit


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>Aurora stuns him, Rory leaps off the Zig to attack, Mei casually walks up and stabs him, finally Rinka obliterates him with a blast of magic so powerful it leaves her totally exhausted!
>Meanwhile, Lio climbs the Zig to rescue Brock, and Calsi rips herself out of the jade and follows
>The portal is getting huge and out of control, and a massive white-scaled claw reaches out of it and tries to grab Brock!
>Lio and Calsi pull Brock to safety while the others beat the claw back, but an enormous blast of freezing white fog spews out of the portal!
>Everybody takes some damage but manages to survive, and the portal closes
>Brock is safe and opens up a portal directly to the Queen’s bedchambers, where the Queen herself lounging about in her true form
>She’s happy to see Brock but annoyed to learn that the entire scheme was orchestrated by the mysterious Lady Tiu… who is in fact the Queen’s older sister!
>The queen briefly implies that there’s bad blood between the two, regarding the issue of the Queen’s methods of obtaining power
>But nevermind that, the Queen has rewards! Everybody gets tons of gems! And tons of cake!
>Everyone snacks on delicious cake, except Rory who can’t have chocolate

Tune in next time, where everyone gets insulin shots!

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>except for Rory who can't have chocolate


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>Rinka is totally exhausted

Truly she is a megumeme

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It's too late! We fighting guerilla war against the Elves and their innawoods now!

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Some of the files in the other pp folder from the pastabin are corrupted.

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Decided to just go full Sorceror with the feats, as much as Nami is labelled as the Thief of the group she doesn't actually do that much Rogue-ey stuff that I'd think to spend a feat on, though if any of you think I'm wrong feel free to look the sheet over and tell me what's up.

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I'd make her a Sphere Caster since I don't remember One Piece people needing verbal or somatic components.

Elementalist or Stormborn Sorcerer with focus casting would be good a start.

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>tfw playing high con barbarian with toughness
>tfw have FCB for more HP with human feat so I get it with the alternate for better superstitious
>tfw massive defenses all around
Gonna be honest I've never felt more secure. This is a fuck ton of HP.

At level 6 I'm looking at 108HP.

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Barbarians are fantastic.

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I know next to nothing about Spheres, honestly, but if you take a look at the sheet you'll see I actually did do the Stormborn Sorceror, gestalted into an archetyped UC Rogue and the Silent Spell Metamagic feat, since you're right in that OP characters tend to not need verbal or somatic components unless it's a special, named attack.

I'll link it again here so people don't have to go to a different page to get the link to the sheet: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1173648

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The human FCB is almost too strong.

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Spheres allows a lot more customization for magical powers. Things like Spell Components are considred drawbacks, so you could just make Nami a Stormborn Sorcerer or Primal Air Sorcerer or just an Elementalist.

Then you could just give her the focus casting drawwback which means she needs to be holding her rod to cast(unless she doesn't need to do that) then you can focus on weather and destruction as you see fit.

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I think RAW on the feat is actually HP+Skill points or alternate racial, not your choice of two of three.

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I'll look into it, but for now I'm pretty happy, all things considered, with the build I've got now.

Now if only there was a way to easily get people flat-footed in a fog, sneak attack electricity shocks for days boooiiii!

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I mean, HP + FCB is the same thing as toughness. Doesn't really seem worth a feat.

>> No.52680137

It also saves you feats since you can just say she only needs her rod to cast. I suggest you look into learning spheres as it makes porting anime characters A LOT easier as there's less "fat" you need to include from the regular casting classes. It's designed to be customizable.
General Drawbacks(Focus Casting:Rod)-She needs her rod to use her magical abilities
Sphere Specific Drawbacks
Energy Focus(Electricity)-You can only use electrical destruction attacks

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I get you. I assume this is supposed to be an NPC build. 21 charisma at 9 seems a little low for a sorcerer.

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We have lewd spells and feats, and we run lewd games, but why don't we have lewd psionics, akasha, or initiators?

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Because you can find all those things in hell, so kill yourself.

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Don't forget it's also gestalted so I had to divert some resources elsewhere in order to make it a bit more faithful to how somewhat rounded the character is (somewhat at the expense of real combat efficiency), so we're left with a lot of Dex investment as well as some Int for skill points (100 skill points!). I'm also using Automatic Bonus Progression since anime characters usually are strong by themselves instead of relying on items, and then just halve the money our heroes get to spend on various items. Funnily enough it ends up making them slightly stronger than they would be otherwise since I'm using the "chart+2 levels" system rather than spending like, 25% of their gold on a +4 headband.

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red head is cutest

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Time is counting down on Shardwalkers.

What caused the meme collapse?

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A literal plant that people wanted to fuck so much that a copycat got made

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This man gets it

>> No.52680304

Because DSP isn't filled with fucking faggots like this general is.

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Is it a copy? I haven't read.

>> No.52680317

its not really a copy in anything but that it is also a plantgirl.

>> No.52680332

who what huh???

I don't understand any of that sentence

>> No.52680349

Look at the shardwalkers apps

People want to fuck the plant

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I'm sorry, which company printed Tailful Polymorph, again?

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In a joke book.

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On a scale of 1 to weapons grade autism, how bad would it be to model a character after an idealized version of a long gone school crush? I'm gonna say pretty damn autistic is my guess. I still might do it though.

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11, with a side of creepy stalker to boot

>> No.52680376

Same one that printed None Of That Weeaboo Crap. idfk what that says about them, though.

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t. woman

I say do it, not like they're gonna find out, right?

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Let her go anon. Don't let her occupy your heart like this.

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Quite possibly the most autistic thing I've ever heard.

Also pretty goddamn creepy.

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Any of the characters in Wild Weird West look interesting? It doesn't seem to get brought up as much as the other games.

>> No.52680399

Dude, creepy.

Instead, make a character based on the hypothetical child you'd have with her, with the two of you as the parents, and do ERP with her. Don't forget to have a lesbian Oedipus complex.

>> No.52680403

now we're talking lads.

>> No.52680405

There's a lot of interesting there, its just not Golarion so it doesn't get talked about

>> No.52680422

I actually don't see the problem with it. Seems like you might get some decent characters out of referencing a real person, if loosely.

>> No.52680435


I like Magua a lot, classic western character

>> No.52680440

Already did that route.

>> No.52680452

It's not like I still talk to, live near, or even like them anymore. We've grown way apart, and she went off the political deep end.I just liked how life was back then.

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This sounds anime as shit and I don't like it.

>> No.52680481

Sounds anime as shit and I like it.

>> No.52680482

well its a good thing you're not in the game

>> No.52680495

Is ancap chaotic evil?

>> No.52680498

probably, given the way most ancap philosophies work out in practice.

>> No.52680507

Why I would waste my time for such vapid, shallow and inane story?

>> No.52680511

i dunno man, fun things are fun

>> No.52680521

Those grapes are really sour, aren't they?

>> No.52680556


You mean Magwau? The whole 'Trickster' looks a bit worrying but that's just bad experience with players using that archetype to be an asshole.

Kachina looks pretty cool, they look to be engaging a lot with the main plot.

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Entertainment varies accordingly ones cultural level and personal experience.
Back in the day people like Arneson or Kuntz (the guy who played Robilar) were well read educated man beyond their own fields of expertise because it was demanded to have a better than pre-university knowledge on humanities if you were into wargames like they were. To this one must also add a great interest into literature which helped to shape D&D.
In our time millenials doesn't even fucking read LotR and just watch the movies, if it helps to get the idea of how poorly trained they are respect to cultural criticism. Their criteria is weak because they can't tell the bullshit from the well crafted thanks to a rampant utilitarian vision on culture and too much time spending in media like video games or Netflix. Narrative in pen and paper RPGs has been contaminated by the shallow power fantasy of shonen and has leave behind the ethos of its sources which are the works of Anderson, Howard, Leiber and Leiber.

>> No.52680641


i dunno about you, but The Lord of The Rings books were boring as fuck.

>> No.52680655

Well la-dee fucking da

Why do you care, as long as the players are having fun it doesn't fucking matter

Arguably shonen anime fightan shows are better for the week to week narrative a game is presented in, rather than a long epic where details may be lost

More importantly, the existence of one does not preclude the existence of the others.

So fuck off back to /lit/ if you're going to be snob, fuck off back to /v/ if you're going to whine about people liking shit you don't like, and go ahead and fuck off to /reddit/ in general because you're a pretentious cunt.

>> No.52680668

t. millennial

Please educate yourself before attempting to argue about culture.

>> No.52680676


Fuck off /pol/

>> No.52680678

>please educate yourself

What are you, some kind of SJW? I thought the alt-right argues based on feelings only.

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Shrodinger's Cuck.

Speaking of cats, have there been any good big fat cat tats in /pfg/ games lately? I wanna know if we have the catgirl demographic covered.

>> No.52680698

If they were boring then why you are into a narrative hobby? The Lord of the Rings trilogy are like Howrad's short tales, the Mother's Milk of whoever haves a minimum of interest into sword and sorcery.
Are you telling me that you get into this hobby from visual media influences then? Or you are into it because you are a ludopath?

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Literally nobody likes you, kill yourself

>> No.52680701

You see.
I find fancy restaurant food delicious, its complex flavors and unique combinations of taste brought into existence by masterful creativity and skilled hands.

But a hamburger is fine too. Its flavor is strong and yummy and it sates my hunger quite well.

I like both, each in its own way.
So its fine for a game to be shounen-style, high heroic fantasy where the heroes swoop in, smack their way into victory and get to live happily ever after without much thought into the global picture. Capisci?

>> No.52680704

Oh sick 10 dollar words dude, making you look really smart

What are you, 14?

>> No.52680707

I'm not sure there's a single cat in any game. Dogs are hot right now.

>> No.52680727

Catgirls are old hat, the new meta is Plant Waifus

>> No.52680736

Who are the fuckable plants?

Tell me about them and why they're cute.

>> No.52680746

If the narrative hooks then you will track of it unless you have the attention spand of a goldfish.

>> No.52680753

You're drunk anon go home

>> No.52680772

Aoife is basically a forest spirit plant girl thats a sweet cinnamon bun by day and a murderous beast that punishes those who harm nature by night. And by night I mean 'whenever she changes shape' She speaks for the trees, the trees say 'fuck you'

Ebonspring is basically a psychotic yandere that will manipulate your memories and fuck with you so thats kinda hot too. But its mostly by accident that she does it

>> No.52680773

The only boring parts for me were the parts with only bilbo and sam. They were well written but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO goddamn slow, even compared to the rest of the books.

>> No.52680784

> Shardwalkers closes today
> BitF closes Friday
> WWW closes Monday
> Blingmaker closes Wednesday
> Not much after that

Hype's been pretty low overall. No sweeping rounds of reviews, not much memery going on. Maybe there are finally enough games.

>> No.52680789

Your analogy is flawed.
If you are into fine cuisine you ever will go back to burgers unless you are in a hurry and there is nothing else to sate your hunger, and even then you will have your reticence since fast food does wreck your health.
If you go back to juvenile anime from a narrative point of view then you may have emotional problems since you are aware of how shallow it is.

>> No.52680807

Any new news on DSP?

How did the Highlander turn out?
When is PoW Errata?
Are we getting Pharaoh since Sslaran quit DSP?

>> No.52680815

>if you have fine cuisine once you can never enjoy a good burger again

Not all burgers are fast food, you dumbass, and that implication is fucking retarded

Consider suicide.

>> No.52680845

They way in which you constructed the analogy pretty much implied burgers=fast food since there are fine cuisine burger recipes which are certainly healthy like salmon burger.
Unless you think the elaboration of burgers makes them a lower form of cooking regardless of recipe.

>> No.52680855

You fucking retard not everything is 'fast food' or 'fine cuisine'

Holy shit are you actually autistic? Stop using these fucking 10 dollar words they don't make you look smart, just like a cunt.

>> No.52680871

Fug-a-bug claims this thread in the name of Starfinder. We /sfg/ now.

Would *you* fug a bug, /sfg/?

>> No.52680889

>It's impossible to enjoy high-quality things only from time to time, since tasting the fruits of fucking Eden will cause you to lapse into irrevocable despondency should you eat a goddamn burger.

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>> No.52680908

Stop feeding that autistic millennial troll and answer my question

>> No.52680914

Fedoras are classy too, right guys?

Suspenders too? Hell yeah.

>> No.52680938

Oh so there are restaurants that charge you around the 120$ just because and chefs commit suicide when they have a Michelin star taken from them because they are just autistic faggots.

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>> No.52680949

>fine cuisine
Doesn't hold a candle to Mexican or Southeast Asian food trucks

>> No.52680965

Been waiting like four threads to answer this. I'm on the PoW errata team now too. For what it's worth, Keledrath has done a damn lot of work - Primal Fury and Broken Blade are looking great - but this is a huge project.that's claimed the souls of some of the previous writers. We're doing our best and still actively working on it, though we don't have a timeframe on release.

Sorry for not being able to be more concrete answers - that's the thing about this project. We never know if we've caught all the stuff in need of errata - we just get as much as we can. But then we find more...

Hgh, sorry. We're doing our best, and we hope you'll bear with us.

>> No.52681003

Is there any reason you haven't just released what you have done, then continue to work on it in the open? Right now it's just primal fury, broken blade, and the Zenith strikes that are the biggest issues. Just having fixes for those out in the open would be nice, so we can at least play them without every GM banning them.

What about the other two questions?

>> No.52681048

The thing is the reworks of Fury and Blade are actually a secondary goal of the errata. The primary one is fixing the mess of typos, inaccurate descriptions, incorrect durations, non-functional abilities and so on. Like an errata normally would. Fury and Blade just happen to be being reworked from scratch after their core concept (that is, full attacks with bonus damage at no cost...) turned out to actually be a really damn terrible idea.

>> No.52681061

Also, not ignoring you, but I don't have answers to your other two questions. If you meant 'highlord' rather than 'highlander'... well, it's in the playtest pastebin in the OP. Otherwise my answer is a resounding '???'.

>> No.52681113

What about the avowed? Isn't it going through some reworks? Could I submit it to a game or is it going to change in the future?

>No answer about pharaoh

>> No.52681132


Avowed isn't DSP. That's ForrestFire.

>> No.52681154

whoops, my bad

>> No.52681191

I also work for FFS, but it's fairly stable right now. They're getting 6+int skills and Pact skills are being buffed to include a scaling +1/2 level bonus to a USEFUL skill (a la Inquisitor and Bard's class features), the bonus shape at 2 will no longer be tied to pact, Otyugh pact is recieving buffs (though not a rework, just improvements to existing abilities), On My Command is going to become a shape (for lazylocks), Aether Circus can now have multiple missiles fired at the same target (and is being retuned so that this isn't batshit OP), Aether Beast may be getting a buff, and Area Shapes 2 is getting replaced.

Nation Pact might be getting a larger rework in the future, so if you're worried about things changing too much then it's not ideal. As always, though, we'll try to include options for people who liked the old version if we do rework it.

TL;DR: largest changes are that area shape damage increase now comes online at level 10 rather than being based on shape rank, skills are getting buffed, and Otyugh pact is getting buffed.

>> No.52681380


Isn't there going to be an errata playtest?
I'd gotten a 'yes' on that before and have a handful of problems I've noticed saved for when it goes open.

>> No.52681396

I've seen lots of talk (or at least desire for) more utility clauses - is that going to be Avowed 1 or 2, along with the new items meant to boost the shapes?

>> No.52681399

>pushes way into the thread

I have to ask myself why anyone would bother to play this ancient, convoluted mess when such an elegant system as 5e Dungeons & Dragons exists?

And don't try and play nice w/ me and say "Oh, it's okay if you don't like PF, play what you like! :3" Don't bother to do that, because I know for a fact you are all deviant pedophiles.

>> No.52681407

>> No.52681413

You know, I've been meaning to fill up my bait folder. Can I get some images?
This is a nice one.

>> No.52681434

This is a reply, though
And this >>52681413

>> No.52681446

Because bounded accuracy is shit, and I like being able to play on multiple levels of power and have a game go from level one to whatever level I deem appropriate to stop it at.

Because I can run a fucking 25th level game with mythic rules and have my players fight Godzilla, Cthulhu, and Rodan if I want to.

Good luck with trying that in 4e or 5e, or any other game outside of RIFTS and Rolemaster.

>> No.52681454


>> No.52681460

Go look up Ardavia on 1d4chan. they have plenty of uses for psionic lewd powers, and they're all ones in the core DSP book (ectoplasmic coccoon, for instance....)

>> No.52681501

Nonsense. Autism would be 2hu or bounded accuracy. Kitchen sink by the seat of your pants gamemastery is the exact opposite of everything autistic. Fuck your rule adhesion and your unimaginative "rules are everything" nonsense. Give me insane pulp fantasy with dragons that rule worlds and ships that sail through space in a non-vacuum universe.

And if you have a problem with that, you are the problem with /tg/.

>> No.52681511

Is Life Oracle the best way to heal slut?

>> No.52681513


Damn it anon, you got my hopes up.

>> No.52681523

5es character creation rules are shallow and designed with lobotomized GoT watching casuals in mind. Once you realize George R. R. Martin is a hack compared to the likes of Kinoko Nasu and Neal Stephenson, and once you realize that Titties and Dragons is a toxic waste encroaching on the culture which built its genre from the ground up, you will understand.

Until then, have fun being a meme.

>> No.52681528

Vitalist. Especially if bonding with an ally involves physical cuddlesome intimacy bonus points for shamefully reluctant lesbianism.

>> No.52681533

When have you all dealt with your irrational lizard brains in a game?

>> No.52681545

I honestly have no idea. Sorry 'bout that. Playtesting errata seems like a weird move though - it's mostly just typo fixes and the like... Maybe for PF and BB? I don't know.

The biggest problem we're encountering is mostly that the Avowed doesn't really have many out of combat situations it can't contribute to. Designing modulations is fairly easy - "What would be fun to throw at someone?" - but a utility ability is harder. We need to find an option that's both WORTH one twentieth of all your class resources (so none of the weird super-situational wizard spells) and not balanced by its uses per day.

As usual, we're very much open to suggestions.

>> No.52681550


He spelled it wrong. Also, Helotry of Xiombarg.

>> No.52681552


I've never looked at DSP Psionics stuff before, what's the run down?

>> No.52681555

What is a lizard brain?

>> No.52681582

Vitalist bonds with allies, can use their massive, massive healing powers at range and to bolster their saves and protect them, or redirect damage and healing to those best able to take it.

>> No.52681589


Do they get any offensive capabilities?

>> No.52681594

Minor question: Why does Nightfall only scale to Deeper Darkness at level 10, when Deeper Darkness is only one spell level higher than Darkness?

I'm glad that scaling happens, but it feels like it comes on a bit late, and at levels 6-9 will be more useful as radar than actual darkness.

>> No.52681599

Almost none. they gain a fewpsionic powers that can inflict dmage and redirect damage to enemies, but they really are HEALER, THE MEDIC and little else.

>> No.52681612

Playtesting sounded to me more like a "this is what we have so far, what have we missed, what needs more looking at" phase.

Are you planning on generally tuning down a number of high damaging and destructive options from the non-PF/BB disciplines as well?

>> No.52681614

I honestly don't know (that was one of Forrest's), but my best guess is because at-will deeper darkness might make DMs reee at earlier levels. Or we just spitballed it and that concern hadn't been raised before. I'll bring it up.

>> No.52681621

>Not knowing about the Sadist/Life Leech archetype combo


(Also, expanded knowledge can give you just about anything)

>> No.52681631


Looking at this class is pretty overwhelming not knowing how psionics works.

>> No.52681650

Tavs, I just want to say that in practice, the Awoooed is pretty fun to play.

Just had my first chance at playing a Body Pact character last night. Level one, only thing she has right now is Personal Gravity.

>"I know, guys! To get around these dangers, let's walk on the ceiling instead of the ground." t. Awoooed
>"Yeah, because people can just put their feet on the wall, and ignore gravity..." t. Scimitar Guy
>"Can... can you not?" t. Perplexed Awoooed

Also have a question.

If I'm using Personal Gravity such that my relative "Down" is sideways, would that allow me to use Aether Wrath as if it were a big line attack? If not, how does one determine the objective "down"? Also, if I were on the ceiling with Personal Gravity and cooking some flapjacks up for the party, would I need to hold the pan oriented for normal gravity, or the gravity affecting me?

>> No.52681663

Vitalist is very simple in concept.

>You get a collective thought network that's at will telepathy between your party
>You can spread around any healing from one member of the network to another, for free, so healing is never wasted
>Being in the network also ignores any range limit (apart from the range of the collective itself), so you can heal from afar at no penalty
>Also you can do buffs
>The biggest deal is that you get Spirit of Many, which says 'for 1 power point you can copypaste your buff/healing power onto another target'
>Everything else is just supporting abilities

Sadist/Life Leech is a twist on the idea, where you also forcibly trap enemies in your collective, and force debuffs on them and drain their life force.

>> No.52681693

Kind of out of the scope of the current project, unfortunately. Our goal is getting it functional as soon as possible.

Personal Gravity's line about changing the direction of gravity is effectively just alternate fluff for the Spider Climb spell, so... it's still the same direction as normal. As for the flapjacks, that's basically a fluff concern. Ask your DM.

>> No.52681726

> Mah superior Western fantasy, plz no ruin with shitty asians.

>> No.52681728


It's too bad there isn't a masochist archetype.

>> No.52681739

That's... odd. Errata is good, but I think number balancing across the board was what a lot of people were hoping for, in addition to general corrections.

>> No.52681746

What kind of benefits would you give to a char that can move at 1000 kmph?

>> No.52681750

>Kind of out of the scope of the current project, unfortunately. Our goal is getting it functional as soon as possible.
Wait, BB/PF is not getting toned down damage wise?

>> No.52681801

I let a player get a tiger mount for 1k. I think this might've 'been a mistake, unless I'm missing something.

A DC10 ride check, which they succeed on a nat 3, lets them do a charge with an average of 46 damage.

What is the downside to one of these fuckers?

>> No.52681818

Its Thursday again, which means LOGS are coming.

Will Bonbon get saved?
Will Lysander redeem himself?
Will Gloriana give more hugs?
Will Sigmund hatefuck Cashmere in a dark mine?
Will the workers rebellion of trolls get them all killed?

>> No.52681835

Won't fit into dungeons, terrible will saves, HP and other statistics won't scale.

>> No.52681961

You know those wizard or sorcerer players that buy a cl1 wand of magic missile to help them out at low level?

Notice how its useless before they barely even begin to use it?

Thats pretty much animals for you. An expensive non scaling piece of equipment that will be good for a couple of encounters before falling off hard. Except this one has a chance of dying early, essentially squandering the investment even further.

>> No.52681967

BB and PF are, yes, but they're the only ones for now. Keledrath and I would both like to do larger reworks, but the bossm'n want errata done as soon as possible - and honestly, so do we.

>> No.52681973

Nightwalkers don't get killed, they're too useful as corruption cumdumps.

>> No.52682013

They'll just wish they were dead!

>> No.52682029

Corruption might get thermodynamic rules, can only flow from more corrupt to less.

>> No.52682053


>> No.52682057

Trolls worker's rebellion gets all the nobles killed, the PCs join Bonbon in formal troll cocksleeve attire.

>> No.52682097

Alright, fair enough.

Now say that through purely hypothetical means I've found myself hanging at one of the Lagrange points of the Golarion-Golarion's Moon system by way of teleportation and trickery. Constructing the effects of gravity in a Newtonian system, the net force of gravity on the character is 0, while constructing it in a Relativistic system, the curvature of spacetime would be flat relative to the two main bodies of the system. What direction would be the objective down?

Also, as there is an objective down, does this mean that you could use Aether Wrath to orient yourself in situations where "up" and "down" would be ambiguous?

>> No.52682134

>Will Gloriana give more hugs?

You've gotta hug cute girls, especially if they're unhappy or in need!

>> No.52682150


Didn't Gloriana try to hook Cashmere up with a bunch of sailors? I can totally see her try to do that again with Lysander.

>> No.52682155

So, DSP printed this in the April book. It only references alcohol; but how much for a bottle of endless cum___?

>> No.52682172

What is more common in creatures past CR 8. Flight ability or spell resistance?

>> No.52682200

And monsters are particularly full of corruption!

The nightwalkers lose corruption after a full day of rest, so they can be used by a whole settlement to help from the least to the most corrupted selflessly!

>> No.52682232

>Are you excited for the Ultimate Wilderness book coming later this year?
No, because knowing Paizo most of them have probably never spent a week innawoods, or even studied ecology, especially since most modern professional ecological studies and practitioners would trigger those fags hard.

So, no. In fact I expect it to fill me with rage and contempt
>t. Ecology undergrad

>> No.52682246


I prefer it being endless alcohol, I want that item!

>> No.52682259


What sort of mutation would trolls give you?

>> No.52682289

hymen regeneration

>> No.52682316


Stupidly enormous bits.

>> No.52682359

Hello /tg/, i will start my first campaign of pathfinder, starting level 1.
My party is all good aligned characters, i decided to make a healer/buffer.
What class should i make and telent/spells to maximize this?

>> No.52682383


Oracle! Take your pick of the Mysteries, but you're totally sounding like you want to go for an Oracle (plus, the Sorcerer-style casting makes it easier to learn than the Cleric.)

>> No.52682476

You don't think she wants his fae-infused cock all to herself?

>> No.52682502

Rougher, mossy skin and better regeneration

>> No.52682526


Pretty autistic.

But when we did it in Bliss Stage, said character ended up as one of my favorites because she quickly diverged from reality.

>> No.52682543

I can't reasonably stop it from fitting in the dungeons as they have large things in them already, and I don't see the tiger falling off for a while as the party just hit 3 with slow progression. With CR 4 it's basically a 2nd party for the next 2 levels, which I imagine taking 2 to 8 sessions.

The will save is something I did totally miss though, and since I have a shaman encounter planned I will probably use dominate animal on that shit in the hopes that it puts the fear of god in them.

That said, a CL1 magic missile wand is a trash comparison. This is something that can wreck up to CR6 targets with one attack, alone, at the same price. Even if you squander it, it's cheaper than a necklace of fireballs bead...

>> No.52682579

I saw Oracle with life mystery, but i dont know wich class can heal more, Oracle/cleric (i saw vitalist class in this thread).
The ma in problemi for me, is that i never played pathfinder, and i font know witch talent/spell should i take to male a good healer

>> No.52682598

>and i font know witch talent/spell should i take to male a good healer

Making a good healer is brain-dead simple. Life Oracles and Clerics can convert their spells *into* healing spells, so you don't have to pick any to prepare.

What you want to look out for are spells that give bonuses to your friends or penalties to your foes.

As for Mysteries, the easiest to use for Life is Enhanced Cures.

>> No.52682603


>> No.52682606

Bestiary 5 was weak as shit, muh lovecraft!

>> No.52682625

Caltrops. Readied Actions with a Brace Weapon, etc.

>> No.52682638

Thanks a lot!

>> No.52682640

So, how many of you nerds have actually played a game that went 1-20 and tasted those sweet, sweet capstone abilities and level 9 spells?

I have

>> No.52682641


>muh lovecraft!

I still can't believe how much of a wet stinky fart that whole obsession was.


And then... Nothing. It didn't impact the lore in any way, it didn't change the way we see the setting in any way, it didn't change nothing. It was like it was built to satisfy JJ's huge boner for all things Lovecraft, and only for this boner.

>> No.52682653


Delete this, you elitist asshole!

The closest I've ever reached was 3 to 16, and it's still ongoing.

>> No.52682670

April 26

>> No.52682673

Don't forget JJ has gone on record saying that Rovagug is stronger than Azathoth

>> No.52682687

Cool, what class are you playing?

>> No.52682709



>> No.52682744

The closest i've ever gotten was 3 to 14. It unfortunately died because of excessive power gaming.

everyone power gamed, even me just to keep up

>> No.52682747

They have a knack for dropping the ball when they actually try to introduce that shit, especially in Carrion Crown. A refluffed Hangman's Noose is a much better approach, and Strange Aeons should've been a collective of modules rather than an adventure path.

>> No.52682760

Nice, I love fighters. I played a witch myself, but we had a Fighter and Paladin in our party who were goddamn monsters when the gloves were off. Good luck with the rest of your campaign, dude!

>> No.52682771


Thanks! I'll do my best!

>> No.52682798

Same here, campaign went for over a year and a half

>> No.52682968

Talking of Carrion Crown I do intend to do a Halloween marathon this year using Haunting of Harrowstone, The Skinsaw Murders and Dreams of the Yellow King.
My only question is how to refluf them so it makes sense.

>> No.52683009

Don't hide it from me, /pfg/.

What would your character do if she were sold into slavery?

>> No.52683017

Escape, go back to my group split the proceeds then do it again?

>> No.52683028

>playing females

>> No.52683032

Shapeshift into a bird and fuck off

>> No.52683097

MacGyver her way out.

>> No.52683105

Really? Is this what you're going for this early in the morning?

A vial of spunk (.25cc) is 14-140 euros. We can average this to be about 77 per .25cc or 80 euros for ease of math. However, .25cc is very little compared to the cups or liters that paizo stats it's alcohol in. If I'm assuming correctly, So let's upscale this.

Assuming that a bottle of wine is 1 liter, or 1,000ml and that a 1 cc = 1 ml, then we know that 1 liter worth of spunk should be worth (80 x 4 x 1,000) or 320,000 euros. For ease of math, assume that 1 euro = 1 USD, and that 1 gp = 20$ (From d20 modern). Thus, 1 liter of high bull spunk would cost you 16,000gp. Since you'll need 50x that amount, you'll have to drop 800,000gp + 500 for your bottle of endless spunk; half if you're crafting.

Of course, that's the hard way of doing that. If you want to make it cheaper, you'll have to put in some work.

An average human male produces 2 to 5ml. We'll average this for 3.5ml. You'll need 50 liters using the above example, or 14286 loads. Untrained labor is only 1 silver, which means that you're looking to spend around 1,427 gold pieces for the spunk, for a total of 1,927gp.

But we can go cheaper.

>> No.52683109

Probably murder the slavers, I doubt they'd be able to stop him since a L10/M2 full initiator.

>> No.52683124 [SPOILER] 

As with anything in this system, if you want something done, you should be a caster. Observe pic related from the Nymphology book. A 0th level spell is 12.5 GP in scroll format. This doesn't quite say how much it produces, but it's enough to 'make a titan proud.' We'll assume it's on the upper end of things, and for humans, that'd be 5ml. An average male weighs 84kg in the UK; or 84,000ml (We're assuming we're 100% water, which is only 20% wrong); meaning that the spunk generation of a human is about 1/16800 of their weight.

An Elysian titan weighs 20 tons or 18,143kg. Thus, the maximum load for a titan should be roughly around 1.07kg, or 1 liter (assuming spunk is about the same consistency as water).

Thus, taking our unskilled servants from above and a number of scrolls, it'd cost you 12.6gp per liter or 630gp for all of the material components, for a grand total of 1130gp for your endless spunk bottle.


I've probably messed up the math somewhere, so if you find out where, let me know.

>> No.52683211

Which /pfg/ meme character's dead body would be the funniest to target with a reincarnation spell? What would be the funniest result?

>> No.52683243

> Rory is now a goblin.

>> No.52683297


>Valeriya is now a Tengu

>> No.52683409


She's been there once, and she's not gonna let herself be captured. Either they're all dead, or she is.

And if that doesn't work and she ends up a slave anyways, she'll probably snap in an irreparable way.

>> No.52683432

> Onryou is now a human

>> No.52683471


>[email protected] is now a [email protected]

>> No.52683478

I would say just rewrite the Skinsaw Murders and Dreams of the Yellow King. I think Adventure Background and Adventure Summary rewrites would cover you for the most part, should include any vital location/npc changes.

Me personally? I would run a low-level one or two shot type of game. Like they wouldn't have to investigate a haunted prison, they would have a night to try to get the hell out before they die.

>> No.52683484

...but my chartacter IS a slave. If you want to free her talk to the Malik of the Obsidian domes in the Quarter of Violent flames in the city of Brass.

But really, you should look into being a slave. It takes care of so many things that you no longer have to worry about. A master is a good thing to have.

>> No.52683496



>> No.52683524


>> No.52683525

>1PP only

Fuck off Paizuri.

>> No.52683527

Where exactly do you think you are right now?

>> No.52683532


But now....I'm running a vigilante game. they're at 10th level, about to get to 11th.

The fun stuff is just now starting....

>> No.52683546

Some of us prefer to play our own sex, thanks.

>> No.52683555

Oh boy, ANOTHER tranny on /pfg/.

>> No.52683579


Regarding this, are any of the PLD players female, or is it a huge sausagefest?

>> No.52683603

>omg no girls on 4chan
Yeah yeah yeah. Just because you like guys doesn't mean girls can't play games.

>> No.52683613


Pay attention to me, boys!: the post

>> No.52683623

You never ask that.

>> No.52683628

Didn't we have a list of RotJR characters that we suspected were secretly piloted by girls? We should do something similar with the other meme games.

>> No.52683647


Hey, some of the best subs I ever ERPed with were guys nervous about letting that fact slip.

God. Memories.

>> No.52683648

I don't know how many GMs here use it, but I allow the players to take slaves. Even if you make it a bit harder, lots are willing to go the distance to capture bandits and their ilk.

>> No.52683712

My players started tabletop RPGs via DnD 5e and they express interest in Pathfinder. Thing is, they are the kind who I feel they might get too overwhelmed with crunch esp after playing 5e's rules light design for years. I was wondering if PF's crunch is more DM-facing than for players? I don't mind doing the lion's share for them until they get more ease into the system.

>> No.52683723


It is mostly player-centered.

>> No.52683725

Anyone here played Skybourne? Is it fun?

>> No.52683726


Same proportions?

>> No.52683727


Trust me, there's plenty of work for them, too. Your concern is entirely justified.

>> No.52683750

>DnD 5e
>rules light

Yeah okay

>> No.52683753

Quinn, Val, Sweettooth, and Seht if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.52683755

>Liberate some slaves

>Inspire a halfling girl to fight, want to take her under my wing as my protege.

>GM bans leadership right then and there while giving the Druid who has yet to make a single handle animal check, an insanely powerful animal companion.

>> No.52683768


I think when PF v 5e is concerned 5e is pretty damn light on rules especially with how modular it is enough you can make it light as fuck.

>> No.52683783

Did you turn them into the sissy fuccbois they are at heart or did you let them keep living their lie

>> No.52683787

Yeah yeah yeah. Just because you want to be girl doesn't mean you'll ever be one. Take it to LGBT, SIR.


>> No.52683796

I think it would be funnier if she turned out to be a waifish princess-type that could be blown away by a stiff breeze. She'd probably eat herself back to her old figure after a few months, though.

>> No.52683807


>> No.52683829

>Memedog gets hit, becomes... A gnoll
>Etan gets hit. Nothing changes. He was ALWAYS a human bean
>Aurora get hit. Is still flat.

>> No.52683845


>Implying Aurora doesn't get stupidly enormous butt

>> No.52683872

So, you're gay?

>> No.52683901

>ur gei bcuz u won't beleaf im a grill

>> No.52683929


Anon, let's consider how this argument started up and why it makes you sound like an insecure jerk.

>Someone asks about your female character being sold into slavery
>Someone jokes about "playing a woman? Pfft, what a joke."
>Anon then says they play women because they are a woman
>Instant accusation of being transsexual
>Anon states they aren't transsexual

And here we are, with someone going "Oh why won't you shut up about being something I accused you not of being!"

>> No.52683958


It wasn't really that filthy.

There was lots of comfiness and mild drama in our roleplays, too.

They vanished one day and like nearly two months later some other guy messaged me telling me they were a slut and were their toy now.

I found another partner and moved on. That was a very long term, rewarding ERP relationship.

We sort of drifted apart slowly. And then I guess I got too old and lame because I'd gone from the IRC era to yahoo rp to the era where only flist was a thing and I gave up on ERP because flist is too much of a meat market.

>> No.52683965

It's probably the same idiot who reposted "white male terrorism in RPG " again fishing for his (you)s.

>> No.52683981


Anon, we both know that Aurora is cursed to always remain flat. Even in the butt. It's so that she can be bullied more easily.

>> No.52683989

Probably some tranny ashamed of the fact they're not a guy.

>> No.52683994

lol ur retarded too.

>Never provided proof that you're not a tranny
>Never even said you weren't, just tried 2 call me gay because I hurt ur feelings and thats how ur trying to get back at me, but u failed. U failed tho and now ur trying to take the high road with an "alternative fax" review of the discussion which is visible to all parties present and pointless anyways

>> No.52683995

Her breasts are D2's equivalent to D1's ever-small dragon.

>> No.52684000


Anon... Aurora actually has a very nice butt, it's a natural consequence of being a punch-girl.

Butts and thighs can be sculpted by workout, it's hips and tits that must be genetic.

>> No.52684003

Hi Virt.

>> No.52684020

Prove you're real first.

>> No.52684038

This isn't /b/, anon, we don't need tits and a timestamp here.

>> No.52684055


What a poor, poor girl. Always doing push-ups, and never needing a push-up. Has she even upgraded from training? Sure there's putting a bun in the oven for a little bit of that natural plump from the baby fat, but given how vigorously she trains I don't think the girls are firing like they should, if at all.

>> No.52684061


>> No.52684075

>don't need tits and timestamp

>but we have pay attention to me boys or you're a faggot the posts.

I disagree anon, just because it isn't /b/ dosen't mean we have to stand for faggotry.

>> No.52684077

...What's the butt status of the rest of the party, then?

>> No.52684090

While it can lower the odds, if she keeps actually healthy and athletic rather than "6 hours intensive every day, plus actual working out, and let's inject ourselves some steroids for good measure" she might not have any trouble in that department.

In fact, she might be 20-24 weeks along before she even starts to show a bit.

>> No.52684092

i dont really get why you guys are replying this dude whos obviously just trying to get a rise out of you.

>> No.52684094

There's two men in the party. Figure it out, you STUPIDLY ENORMOUS anon

>> No.52684106

No, we just have to put up with your shitposting instead.

>> No.52684110

fit pregnant brown girls are all of my fetishes.

>> No.52684122

You have to put up with ur butthurt too, sir.

>> No.52684123

>pay attention to me everyone while I shit up a thread the posts

>> No.52684131


>Rinka has an ugly rat-butt, it's both flat yet droopy at the same time.
>Liozis has a slightly perky rump, but the high charisma makes it look extra nice and delicate
>Rorymei has a boy-butt, a boy-butt you want to rut
>Calsi has the best butt of the group, it's large and round with plenty of perk. Fills the hands as well as a dress.

>> No.52684139

lol let me have my fun man, can you honestly say a pathfinder thread should have shit like >>52684110? It's all same cancer.

>> No.52684140



>> No.52684149

>/pfg/ has finally denigrated to /b/tier shitposting
I wish I could be surprised

>> No.52684151

>implying this thread wasn't already shit

>> No.52684152

.....don't you have your adjective and adverb reversed, anon?

>> No.52684159

How is Ironfang Invasion?

>> No.52684187

Forgot one

>Memedog has a butt that is pure muscle. Very rough but some people might like it

>> No.52684204

Can I play Occultist in a 25pb PoW/SoP campaign or will I gimp myself?

>> No.52684211


>> No.52684229


>tfw I really want to give you a good answer, but I haven't read up on the Occult classes at all

>> No.52684230

You won't be gimped, Occultist is a strong pick for any game

>> No.52684233

I know we're always talking about /pfg/ meme games but DID SOMEONE JUST SERIOUSLY PRICE OUT A BOTTLE OF INFINITE JIZZ?!

What the fuck /pfg/?

>> No.52684242

Yes, shouldn't it be "enormously stupid"?

Unless the poster is an ogre or something.

>> No.52684253


... And? It's infinitely more interesting and almond activating then whatever tripe we can talk about the meme games.

What about the butts of the FotJR crew?

>> No.52684258

You're fucked.

Anon, we have calculated the volume of spiders that can fit inside a drow's vagina. A bottle of infinite jizz is nothing surprising or even unique.

>> No.52684277

I'm surprised it's worth that much.

>> No.52684278


>> No.52684281

>"If you're going to have such a stupidly enormous cock, you might as well put it to good use!"

>> No.52684312

That makes much more sense in context, thank you.

>> No.52684397

How do I get my Intimidate up as a STR/WIS character?
I can't take either of those two inquisitions. Do I just go for that STR-to-Intimidate feat and that +5 Intimidate helmet?

>> No.52684404

Wanna talk about Starfinder?

>> No.52684412

>Do I just go for that STR-to-Intimidate feat and that +5 Intimidate helmet?

Yuuuup, it really is that simple!

>> No.52684419

Pathfinder /pfg/ is Corruption of Champions.
Starfinder /pfg/ is Trials in Tainted Space.

Take your pick, anon.

>> No.52684423

I want a setting in which I can play a positive energy undead being.

>> No.52684429


Sure! What sort of things are you excited to see in Starfinder? What kind of character would you like to make? Is there something they haven't announced that you'd like to see?

>> No.52684441

Is there a Path of War Vigilante yet?

>> No.52684442

i bet it's going to be a shit version of starjammer

>> No.52684461

yes there has been for a long time
it's in the fool's errand doc
it's not!batman

>> No.52684466

Why not? It'd be a step up from shit like >>52684281.

Why doesn't /tg/ have any moderation what so ever?

Skill Focus? Seems like you've answered your own question.

>> No.52684471

Awesome, thank you!

>> No.52684481


I wanna talk about megacorporations, Fallen Empires and alien birbs gosh darn it!


I'm excited to play a sci-fi setting in a system I'm both knowledgeable of and able to find many people to play with! I really want to make a Rent-a-Merc who's still paying off his monthly installments for that bitchin' new body, and beyond that I want to make an Engineer who *may* be a blatant expy of Isaac Clarke!

As for unannounced things, see above! I want to see if there are mechanics associated with huge private companies or ways to port existing Pathfinder races into Starfinder so we can use them for custom races.

I want to play the Syrinx as an unscrupulous Fallen Empire obsessed with genetic modification, who hide above worlds within cloaked habitats meddling with the evolution of races they deem useful for their esoteric purposes!

>> No.52684537


Not going to lie, that all sounds pretty cool.

>> No.52684550

pretty sure ability scores dictate that Rubio must have the finest ass, as he has the best mix of physical stats

>> No.52684582


>mfw we get a campaign about two ancient empires awakening
>mfw we get the War in Heaven

>> No.52684621


I'd rather have a campaign where the party is sent to investigate the disappearance of a ship using an experimental jump drive, leading to a first encounter with The Unbidden.

>> No.52684669

I want to run an Event Horizon game

>> No.52684689

>taking the size change talent in SoP
>Always being at least an inch taller than the next tallest party member

Feels good man

>> No.52684785

Closest I've had is 2-18.

>> No.52684879

>no games recruiting after next week
b-but i'm still not in one

>> No.52684913

Sucks to suck.

>> No.52684925

You're not wrong, just mean.

>> No.52684935

DHB got in TWO games. What's your excuse?

>> No.52684948

I'm shit

>> No.52684964

/pfg/ has this weird fear of optimization but is really bad at recognizing it. Namely people mostly look for a few buzz work abilities.

A broken character isn't one ability it's the overall construction. Often people begin shitting themselves over someone taking an initiative feat while not considering the rest of the character.

>> No.52684969

shift-based work schedules + college are a nightmare to plan around.

>> No.52684990


>> No.52685024

Punch her way out.

>> No.52685028

This really bothers me too. They shit on zenith strikes for being op, when their expected dpr is often quite lower than, say, rapid strike from riven hourglass. The only benefit the zeniths have over those others is the high accuracy, which does bring it to a more stable DPR, and is effective against higher ACs, in case your GM gets into an arms race with you.

Also there's the whole nodachi thing, which as we've proved with math, it's really not worth it over a greatsword unless it's keen or hitting with a +28 static damage modifier.

/pfg/ just likes to parrot certain elements of major optimizations, without knowing why said optimzations were taken.

>> No.52685057

DHB makes good characters well above most of the /pfg/ crowd, and even then only got into games after a ton of rejections.

>> No.52685080


Stop repeating shit you hear from 2hu without understand the context, he was specifically talking about level 3, its a known factor that the further you get into the game, the more the Falchion overtakes the Greatsword due to crit range, and this is only AMPLIFIED by having iterative attacks.

2hu was specifically speaking of that at level 3 thats how much damage it takes


>> No.52685082

My character is level 3. I think I may have gone too far.

>Orc Fighter
>Stat Line 22/10/14/10/10/7
>Mutation Warrior VMC Barbarian
>Hulk up to 30 Str
>Hitting at a +14 with my masterwork weapon for 2d6+18

I should probably drop the str down by 2 and bring other things up.

>> No.52685140

That's exactly what I was saying though; I'm not sure if you're disagreeing with me or not. Things like falchions/nodachi aren't worth it lower levels is what I was saying too.

>> No.52685148

>That statline

Switch to half orc. Get an 18 in Str after adding your racial bonus. Add points to wisdom, maybe a few to Dex but don't tell anyone you leveled that shit so you don't get dominated. Feel free to dunno Cha. Take Sacred tattoo+fate's favored. Take VMC barbarian.

>> No.52685149

The +28 breaking point applies regardless of level, anon. If you only have +25 static damage, a greatsword is better than a falchion even if you are level 20.

>> No.52685223

Okay aurora

>> No.52685226

Overtime I have grown to hate players and GMing. Outside of a small group of friends I've just grown to hate essentially every other person seeking to play. The reason being this massive sense of entitlement people seem to have and the autistic screeching of 'muh agency' any time something doesn't immediately go their way.

>> No.52685243

So 2 hours to Shardwalkers. Another plantwoman appeared.

>> No.52685259

Sheesh, they're springing up like weeds

>> No.52685279

>the party face is literally a flower

>> No.52685332

The first one was so popular she spawned a copy cat.



>> No.52685349

i'd fuck a plant

>> No.52685352


>> No.52685377


Right in their flower?

>> No.52685391

gotta smash them pistils

>> No.52685392


>> No.52685401

What's a bliss mote?

>> No.52685403

What if I made a nodachi-wielding Warder in heavy armor for Blingmaker... But he was actually an honest-to-goodness Tien man?

He'd be like Sir Alonne!

>> No.52685419


>mfw flower petals *are* awfully soft and silken

>> No.52685453

>Sir Alonne

Muh knigga

>> No.52685459


A-And this one's got big fat fruit and large, round succulents!

>> No.52685471


>> No.52685481

I want to pluck her goodberries!

>> No.52685515

>16 Con
>18 Cha

This is going to have an effect on the calculations.

>> No.52685548


Sounds perfect for feeding bats.


>> No.52685554


This Alraune needs LOTS of pollination!

>> No.52685572


You know, she's also a Ghoran. they're canonically Delicious.

>> No.52685590

The other plant is only d8, but 18 str, and 16 con and cha. Why are plants so sexy?

>> No.52685615

Remember when waifu talk was just cuteposting about harvest festivals?

>> No.52685618

>Why are plants so sexy?

People have known the sexiness of plants since Greek times, with the Dryad and various nymphs that were turned into herbs and trees.

Not only do they have large, soft bulbs and delicious nectar-leaking pistils, they're also delicious and radiate fresh oxygen!

>> No.52685639


Hell, I remember when waifu talk was just talking about how adorable Greta was and you want to pet her!

>> No.52685651

I want bara meta back

>> No.52685669


What's a Tian man doing in Brevoy?

>> No.52685685

You can't take plants to harvest festivals anon

>> No.52685737


Of course you can, that's what harvest festivals are for.

You grow your waifu and make sure she's the prettiest plant to become queen of the Harvest Ball!

>> No.52685751

Because they all left after the shitfest screaming in /qa/ over the absolute need for /qst/. to be made. All that's left are the /pol/ junkie janitors who don't give a shit about anything /tg/ related.

>> No.52685763 [SPOILER] 

With strength like that I bet Aoife fucks like a BEAST

>> No.52685805


Having extreme difficulty reading maps, I imagine.

>> No.52685807


You really had to go out on a limb for that one, anon.

>> No.52685812 [SPOILER] 

I can't wait to take her knot

>> No.52685916

There's a Tien monastary in fucking Taldor. People really don't understand that Golarion isn't like Earth and people pretty much go wherever the fuck they want to.

>> No.52685921

New Thread:


>> No.52685932


And a Samurai visited Rome in the 17th century, does this mean Japanese people were walking around Krakow?

>> No.52685950

I unironically want to play a half-orc bowfighter who uses Empty Quiver Style. Assuming for a moment that my GM lets me base the melee attack rolls off of Dex, how bad of an idea will this be?

>> No.52685952

No, but that very well may be the case on Golarion. It's not fucking Earth.

>> No.52686033

What the FUCK dude?

>> No.52686038

Fuck, nevermind.

>> No.52686091

>Anon makes duplicate new thread
>Realizes that it's redundant
>Deletes redundant thread instead of starting meaningless thread war
Good on you, anon.

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