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Is she /tg/'s mascot?

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she ain't sucking my cock while chained to my radiator, so she's feminazi garbage made up by tumblr waifufags who need to go back to the kitchen.

tl;dr, /tg/ can't even form a consensus on if they enjoy games, let alone picking a system, mascot, or enjoyed themes. Don't expect anything other than a vocal minority trying to shout down another vocal minority.

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"... and he that went before now came last, and that which was white and black and all direction was thrown against itself. Grown mightily indignant at the words of the Gods, Malal did turn his heart against them and flee into the chambers of space... And no man looked to Malal then, save those that serve that which they hate, who smile upon their misfortune, and who bear no love save for the damned. At such times as a warrior's heart turns to Malal, all Gods of Chaos grow fearful, and the laughter of the Outcast God fills the tomb of space..."

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Your "tl;dr" is longer than your actual text, retard.

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/tg/ doesn't have a mascot. Never will. Same with a "queen". Same with any other board. No consensus, different tastes, most people don't care.

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Probably. But she doesn't seem very mascot-like does she?

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Can't argue with that.

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I like her.

Can't speak for the rest of /tg/, though.

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Well, Boxxxy will always been the queen of /b/, and Yotsub& for /a/.

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Cultist is exclusively 40k though.

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/tg/ used to be exclusively 40k. With occasional D&D 3.5.

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One of many.

>Same with any other board

I can see you haven't been to many boards then, anon.

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Who pissed in your cornflakes?

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No, even though the artist really, really wants her to be.

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that ribbon-elf-thingy is exclusive for fantasy settings

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Having a chick as a mascot just isn't fitting for /tg/
Atleast, not an upbeat blonde.
/tg/ should be represented by a grognard/neckbeardy weirdo.
Maybe something in the style of Tomoko.
Like a sort of offbeat loner who opens up when playing games, but is world weary because of countless that guys/that DMs.

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Top kek /b/rother, you sure told them!

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Literally who?

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We've had that for years. See >>52630419

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>constantly happy
>is open to everyone
>exclusive to one goddamn setting/system
No, she might work for chaos/WH40k, but for the whole of /tg/? nope.

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Nope, kitten is.

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She's an iconic enough figure for people on 4chan to recognize her and associate her with /tg/. Whether or not that makes her /tg/'s "mascot" is another matter entirely, and is really up to personal opinion.

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>ribbon is fantasy only
How wrong you are

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>Atleast, not an upbeat blonde.
Ribbon is an occasionally violent narcissist who just wants people to think that she's upbeat and cute.
Honestly ribbon is a goddamn demon disguised as a cute elf. Way more than Cestree.

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>Atleast, not an upbeat blonde.
Ribbon is an occasionally violent narcissist who just wants people to think that she's upbeat and cute.
Honestly ribbon is a goddamn demon disguised as a cute elf. Way more than Cestree.

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>Atleast, not an upbeat blonde.
Ribbon is a shut-in, occasionally violent narcissist who wants to be viewed as upbeat and cute.
Honestly ribbon is a goddamn demon disguised as a cute elf. Way more than Cestree.

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That's an old lie told by 40kids without a shred of proof. Don't take it to heart, and don't bother repeating it until you find something to substantiate that claim beyond wishful thinking from the fans of a single game.

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It's called hyperbole, you autistic fuck.
If there's one thing newfags can learn from old /tg/ it's how to handle a joke and not take everything said so literally.

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>Ribbon is a shut-in, occasionally violent narcissist who wants to be viewed as upbeat and cute.

The heart and soul of /tg/.

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Why choose? /tg/ is far too diverse in its opinions and tastes to come to a single decision. Instead, we have a team of mascots that we can pick from as the situation calls for. Call it an adventuring party, have a Drawfag do a couple of short 4-panel comics of them interacting, and forget about it until we need it.

Also included are Marcille, the best girl from KonoSuba, a Shitsune, and Boone.

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Almost like fantasy wasn't sword and sorcery exclusive.

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Shadowrun is a bizarre cyberpunk setting with fantasy elements unnecessarily shoehorned in.

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The issue is that some 40kids use that myth like some kind of rationale for acting like dickweeds or for demanding special attention or honors.

40k isn't even the most popular game on /tg/, with both Magic and D&D far outstripping it both in terms of threads/posts and number of players. That's been the case from the start, at least as far as D&D is concerned.

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>the best girl from KonoSuba
1) KonoSuba is just flavor of the last few years.
2) Which girl? Every girl in Konosuba is worst girl (and thus also best girl).

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Whichever girl is likely to spark the most anger in /tg/ and thus derail the thread with a pointless konosuba argument.

In other words, probably Aqua.

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She's kinda multi-genre. I mean, even 40k has eldar.

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Yeah and 40k is basically science-fantasy...

Show me an elf in a non-fantasy setting

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Artemis Fowl is a fantasy setting.

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Does this count?

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You now will post this in every thread, won't you?

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How do you get a non-fantasy setting out of Artemis Fowl? That's Fantasy 101 - 'normal' boy stumbles upon a secret fantasy world hidden from human eyes. Is Alice in Wonderland a crime thriller for you?

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It's at least close enough to change my opinion from 'Ribbon is fantasy specific' to 'Ribbon is fantasy and sci-fi on budget specific'

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Well, I was only going to do it when explicitly pointing out that Ribbon is multi-genre because she looks kinda shadowrunny in that pic, but I think I'm going to post it in every thread now because you've requested it.

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Also I can't not post this whenever I hear something about Artemis Fowl.

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Is this a double falseflag?

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Unofficially, I guess? Unofficially in the sense that it's largely on a person-to-person basis. I'm fine with Ribbon being the mascot and she's a relatively good representative, but I doubt any consensus would ever occur, and I don't believe that pushing her on the people who dislike her would be an acceptable thing to do.

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> Mediocre drawn mascot
> Representing the most over spammed shit on this board
> with an annoying XD RANDOM speech pattern
> Nicely drawn mascot
> Represents a lots of different tg
> has pretty fun comics
Cultist chan is kinda cute but she's cancer, Ribbon is far superior.

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A $150 Million dollar budget?

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Vulkans exist because of a small budget.

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That's like saying Han Solo wasn't a green alien because of budget.

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This is the true mascot of /tg/. Search your heart, you know it is true.

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The Chakats better not come now

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>This thread amuses me.

/tg/ has a shit ton of mascots. Enough so that you could do a group photo that'd have 35 things in it, because /tg/ makes interesting characters on purpose. Like some kind of weird character producing factory in which everyone competitively tries to make interesting shit.

Ribbon is one of the few characters to actually cover all spheres of games, as she's basically the embodiment of /tg/ instead of being from a specific setting.

This douche is low grade /b/ait

more of the 40k sphere. But 40k also has a shit ton of little cutesy mascots used already. Plus its kinda hard to read some of her text in the little doodles people make.

boxxy is just spammed as being the queen of /b/ but always lost out to bailey jay in the early days. Yotsuba goes hand in hand with Watamote, and that is funny too.

that's kinda what the little lizard Rage is suppose to be. Just technical/neckbeard shit while ribbon is the "feeling". Cestree is basically intent to do good while being obvious fap bait.

This. The comics where she just transcends into a being of evil/hate are the better ones.

>bizarre cyberpunk setting
Its basically a mix between ghost in the shell, big trouble in little chinatown, Lord of the Rings, bladerunner, and 20 other things.
>don't lie, you know what I mean when I bring up Big Trouble in Little Chinatown

I actually like this art because it can be used for damn near anything. Plus the outfit is cute and reflects Ribbon's tendency to be applicable to all kinds of shit. Especially with the lack of smug anime shit.

remember, Spock can and always will be Kirk's friend

you need to die in a fire

yes, more fire please.

This thread really amuses me. /tg/ is a fun board that's basically schizophrenic, autistic, and intellectually seizing and I hope it never changes.

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I'll be honest. I miss Flare/Cynderfag. They come from a time when the trolling was quite a bit more innocent. Hell sometimes I miss our old low-grade trolls like Spanish Flee and idiots like Edward/Drawde/Lace for the same reason.

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I never bothered to learn the names of trolls. Mostly because I didn't think they were funny. I always lean towards the honest gallows humor.

I'm honestly surprised at times when I find out certain trolls are still alive and active. Like that guy chris-chan. When I came to 4chan in 2007 that guy was active and I couldn't tell if he was seriously as fucked up as he obvious was. Now its 10 years later...

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/tg/'s big and diverse enough that we'd never agree on a mascot.

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one of them

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whilst we're reminiscing about old trolls...

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Im an American. I noticed that pic is really fucking true and that makes me consciously think about time zones.

>Personality A likes guns and cool shit I can dig.
>Personality B likes way too much anime and not even good ones.

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The only time I see this stupid character it's attached to a criminally retarded post.

So yes, she is.

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you make a valued point

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Alternately, personality A is far too obsessed with being ANGRY and EDGY and COOL to the point of drowning out everything else, while personality B is less self-conscious and more open to silly or weird things.

But hey, to each their own.

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I'm a nocturnal american. I prefer awesome cool and funny silly.

I always hate that, because I'll do or say a thing that isn't edgy, yet that one fag in the group says it is. Such as when I approach things in my usual "fuck it" manner in character.

Personality B is most likely to falsely accuse of EDGY and its almost always Europeans that do so...but not Russians oddly enough. And that makes me wish they sit on their balls every time it happens.

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>tfw 27 and excited about Boruto
Fuck the police

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>rubyquest started 263,056,805 seconds ago
what year is it

who even am i

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I wonder if Basuke is going to get with Bakura and if Boruto is going to get with Binata.

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If it helps, I only used "edgy" because "grimderp" would have been a bit much. It's also quite subjective, especially since no one ever self-describes as being edgy anymore.

Really, there's nothing inherently wrong with liking edgy stuff. It's only when people demand that EVERYTHING should be edgy that it starts being a problem. Like how you can't really have threads about fantasy races without a handful of people going all PURGE THE UNCLEAN, DEUS VULT every single time.

>> No.52635247

those are just idiots who abuse the rule of 3 for jokes.
>once is funny
>twice is funny
>third is played out

but yeah, the whole "purge the unclean" thing, I understand the logic behind it. Hell, one anon said a thing so stupid that it made me wish I could project the mental horrors from Event Horizon into his head.

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Doth thy perversions not know any bound,
O named-knave on our beloved board?
Upon this Earth there seems to be naught to be found
O'er which thy lecher's gaze hath never pour'd.

With brazen, unashamed self-desecration,
Thou readily embracest sordid fame,
And spillest out thy shameful fascinations,
Immortalized beneath a noted name.

Though normal-knaves revile tentacles,
To folk like us such foul things are fair,
Yet even we start at thy pentacles,
And those detested horrors conjured there.

Whilst wading through the seed that he hath let,
These lines I pledge unto NiceDaemonette.

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>All that money and they could only afford a shit director.

>> No.52636308

It's shit like this that makes me wish I came to /tg/ sooner.

>> No.52636413

Arguably, being interested in edgy things is quite childish. So, by the argument put forth by C.S. Lewis in your image, I should embrace my edginess and be unashamed of it.

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Depends on what way you approach it, I guess. I mean, I'd describe Requiem: Vampire Knight as something that's edgy in a gleefully childish way. On the other hand, stuff like The Punisher (or if you wanna go all the way, Jack) can often come off as trying too hard to be mature.

40k is interesting in how it started as the former and then transformed into the latter.

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Malal knows what's up.

>> No.52637384


Cracky-chan is our queen. Who owns the skies? Who was our first -chan? Poor ignorant newfag, pretending at the glory of old.

>> No.52637439

How does it feel to be so wrong? /tg/ came from the overload of 40k threads on /b/. The random board got tired of the consistency, and we were separated.

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>tired of consistency
>has ever been the home of endless waves of reposted shit

You are a funny fucker.

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Does anyone remember Jim Profit?

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Pepperidge farms remembers.

How about old Scared of Shadows? Though he actually redeemed himself when he realized what a twat he was and became a decent contributor.

Or the old Xom meme. We had a big handful of tripfags that were some variant of Xom, like Xom's Right Hand and so on.

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>> No.52637648

You're going to need a shred of proof of that. A single, solitary shred. Anything. Anything to substantiate your claim.

Overload of 40k threads? 40k had a few threads once a week in the random spam board, which were not only ignorable, but largely irrelevant. A far bigger issue was the number of D&D threads in /v/ (as well as in /b/), because not only were there more of them, they actually had more content than just people saying "HERESY! HERESY! KILL FURRIES!" in them.

/tg/ isn't called /40k/, not even /war games/, it's /traditional games/. /tg/'s genesis is pretty simple, in that it was intended to be the place for ALL games that weren't video games to be discussed, and you trying to pretend that it's solely the result of a a couple of threads once a week in /b/ is a bad joke.

It may have played a small part in the genesis of /tg/, but 40k isn't anything special and reallly had no special role in the creation of /tg/. But, if you want to argue otherwise, I'd recommend you bring forth a single shred of proof before you run your mouth, and no, the opinion of some 40k fan who exaggerates how important he thinks 40k is doesn't count as anything even resembling proof.

>> No.52637652

Thank you for existing. I thought I was the last one to have participated/seen/KNEW OF RubyQuest. The last Great Quest, before which none of the new tripe can stand unbowed.

>> No.52637737

Oh shit that cat talkin bout a walk through the vale of memory

>> No.52637851

Man, on one hand I can't say that you would have been happy to see him. It was kinda awful to see him go into every thread and start a shitstorm. To the point where he wouldn't even start it, just be talking all normal like until someone called him a fag(rightfully so) and then it would devolve until he was talking about his Slaanesh Sisters of Battle and their tentacle vaginas or some shit.

But looking back...it was pretty funny.

>> No.52637897


I give him credit for persistence, at least. I don't give him credit for being a fag who needs to fuck off with his shitty comics though.

>> No.52637930

>The last Great Quest, before which none of the new tripe can stand unbowed.

Well if you say so, but wasn't it like the FIRST self-identified /tg/ quest?

>> No.52637965


The original artist wishes.

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It's almost cute how upset you get about Ribbon.

But not as cute as the comics are.

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>> No.52638045

I remember Ruby Quest. I wasn't there when it happened, but I read the archives.

God, I remember it being so good when I first read it, I literally felt hopeless that I could ever create anything as gripping, compelling, horrifying and heartwarming.

Guess it was just the spirit of the time, I suppose.

>> No.52638070

>[email protected]@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.52638119

That time when anon had a lucid nightmare about him was the best

>> No.52638278

I kinda wish she would come back and visit us once in a while.

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It doesn't have to be edgy in a gleeful way to be childish, I don't think. I like spooky horned knights who use "muh power of darkness" like pic related, and I'm fully aware of how infantile my interest is, but I can't help it. I just love edgy things.

>> No.52638516

It wasn't even that long ago that >she was around quite a bit.
Incidentally, it seems that Curzefag disappeared at around the same time. Coincidence?

>> No.52638554

frig off ya hoser

>> No.52638585

I think she just spends her time on /d/ nowadays.

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File: 46 KB, 480x722, 1491437375530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got you senpai.

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File: 57 KB, 960x824, I am no bro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JD's gonna get Éowyn'd

>> No.52638852

>that guy that responds to as many posts as he can fit
Dude. No. You've been here for how long?

>> No.52638880

Do you know who used to post like that?


>> No.52638887

felt like giving them the joy of a (You)

>that was all the replies I could fit
you've been here how long?

>> No.52639272

I miss Kimmo Alm.

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Anontalk, proving that spamming 4chan is possible and effective. Fuck him for inflicting reCaptcha on us all.

Though I do miss the old "So hot I cum on cat she hiss at penis" spambot. It was on the edge of becoming an AI, I remember towards the end it was spitting /tg/ memes back at us.

>> No.52639437


That last part, yes, I miss that.

>> No.52640431

It would be nice though. To have a cute mascot.

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Obligatory /tg/-tan mention.

>> No.52641175

I'm genuinely glad this is dead and gone, and see no reason or worth in trying to bring it up again.
Let us bury it and not speak of this travesty again.

>> No.52641179

The Board-tans are faggotry that is only rivaled by shit like Harem Knights and Towergirls.

>> No.52641241

The Towergirls at least have cute art and a few decent designs, even if the concept itself has become a mess.

>> No.52641436

>Though I do miss the old "So hot I cum on cat she hiss at penis" spambot.

I have some nostalgia towards it, but that's quickly dissolved simply by remembering that it was largely what made captcha a necessity, but even worse that it was one of the many things that made the demand for moderation stronger, and what gave rise to the overbearing nazimod.

Still, that particular line is somehow still amusing.

>> No.52642173


I second this.

>> No.52642965

tower girls is really adorable and its lewds are cute
harem knights...i haven't heard of that in a long time but i remember it being shit

420chan.org has an AI called Netjester that will post in threads and reply to posts. It's pretty lulzy, but 4chan has clearly surpassed 420chan on user interface.

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Out of the two, Cestree definitely seems more of a mascot. Ribbon only has two charm points (hair things and her ears), while Cestree is a whole collection of them.

>> No.52643827 [SPOILER] 
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>Rage is intellectual appeal
>Ribbon is the emotional appeal
>Cestree is the physical appeal

the trifuckta of /tg/

but really pic related is best mascot for /tg/

>> No.52644094

Oh that one's good, and also new to me.

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File: 137 KB, 499x750, 1309130656597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure these guys are /tg/'s mascots.

>> No.52645966

i like you.

>> No.52646041

So uh, would fapping to this be worship to the emperor or heresy?

>> No.52646220

This is the answer.

>> No.52646616

I guess you're not wrong.

>> No.52646822

>appreciation of the glories of the human form
Fap away, citizen.

>> No.52646868


Yotsuba always seemed more close to representing 4chan as a whole rather than just /a/.


I'm tempted to view it less as special attention and more just a boon that people don't flip out if someone creates a 40k thread despite a general technically existing. Granted it rarely only happens and the people who do so are more likely than not intentionally trying to start something.

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She lives in our banner.

>> No.52647821

Marcille is.

>> No.52648035

She's cute and her comic is good, but the guy(s?) who spam her are annoying as fuck.

>> No.52648924

She's not even from any traditional game.
Deedlit is closer to /tg/, as far as "pretty blonde elves with mild tsundere characteristics" go.

>> No.52649690
File: 199 KB, 815x673, wisdom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As the person who wrote that sonnet, I have to say that I felt the same way as you when I first came to /tg/. And let me tell you, if you want /tg/ to be a place worth going to, it's your prerogative to make it one. If you feel like the eternal flame is fading, YOU stoke the fires.

>> No.52651368


I always thought she was a boy.

>> No.52653034

Give me Linetrap or give me death.

>> No.52653271

YOU'RE edgy for describing displeasure with anohter human being as a desire for you to have the magical power to sadistically torture them to death.

If you don't have the balls to punch a dude in the face, don't bother talkin' shit on the net.



>> No.52653292

dude I post liike that sometimes when I'm feeling engaged by the thread discussion, and I've been browsing 4chan since before they invented the color green

>> No.52653305

This is an amazing post and I love it's mix of ironic /b/ /pol/ and grognard tier shitposting.

Have 1 more (You)

>> No.52653367


Nobody cares about your opinions. I am specifically avoiding looking at the part of the screen that has your text on it just so that I don't give you the satisfaction of thinking that anyone cares.

You replied to a bunch of posts. Who the fuck are you to think that your opinion matters you fucking autist. Kill yourself and don't come back.

>> No.52653372

That fucker inflicted two weeks of not being able to use the board every single moment he was awake. Moot permabanning his ass at midnight was the best birthday gift I've ever gotten.

>> No.52653390

lol! What a downer!

>> No.52653408


(guess who wrote it)

>> No.52653422


>decent design

Yeah, if you're into disgusting chibi shit you fucking degenerate.

Also, they don't have a unicorn princess, so they're fucking shit.

>> No.52653457

the purpose of tower girls is for people to peacefully shitpost about their OC donut waifus.

I think it does a fine job, and I stay the fuck out of those threads because I'd rather boink reel wimmin

>> No.52653527
File: 401 KB, 653x1438, FlhaarreFeexed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52653597
File: 70 KB, 350x197, rsz_1545246-gendo_ikari_9531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just how many layers of irony is this guy on right now?

>> No.52653615

Like, 5 or 6
my dude

>> No.52653627

I don't care about him because he's not sucking my cock while chained to my radiator

>> No.52653639

I still haven't figured out what loophole let the "Towergirls" and "Jumpchain CYOA" threads stick around after all the other quests had to leave but I wish there was a way to make them go too

>> No.52653727

>Also, they don't have a unicorn princess, so they're fucking shit.
Gen V princess you ignorant fuckwit

>> No.52653730

lol! They're allowed because they don't say quest!

Let it go ;)

There's very few quests, and no organized one-no quest which gives rise to imitation quests...

lol! YOu have fun.

>> No.52653749

Towergirls has a homebrew ttrpg system in the works, though people don't talk about it much

>> No.52653873



I just said that I don't care about them because they are stupid and bad and they had one chance to make it funny! And you tell me that there's multiple generations of fucking autism? Christ on a pogo stick you're fucking dense, boy.

>> No.52653890

Rule #6 paragraph b) - anything the acting moderator likes or participates in is automatically board related.

Just remember the /wst/ and /erpg/ schism - one stayed nearly a year longer than the other though both were principally the same.

>> No.52653927

>screeches artistically about how much he hates the thing
>turns out to not know a anything about the thing
>gets angrier and artistically screeches even more
It's like I'm really on /v/ now!

>> No.52653953

>/tg, you don't even need the other boards anymore!

>> No.52653961


>> No.52653974

>I hate quests but I don't actually know the definition of quests.

>> No.52654086


The "loophole" is that neither one is in any way a quest? "Quest" isn't just a word for "any thread I don't like."

>principally the same.

>dirty write/draw thread is the same thing as a dirty text chat hookup thread (that was supposed to be ERPG discussion)

I don't even know how your twisted thought process is supposed to work here.

The /erpg/ got banned because mods decided it had stopped being board related -- not because it was dirty, but because the actual ERPG discussion had given way to endless f-chat ads, which is a /soc/ thing.
/wst/ wasn't banned for a year because it was still board related, no matter what some folks like to think. It eventually got kicked out only because it had become a shitposting magnet and the mods were tired of pruning dozens of fake /wst/ threads every day for weeks on end.

>> No.52654155

I fail to see how writing smut stories is related to /tg/. If it fit on any sfw board, it would be /lit/.

>> No.52654206


It fits as well as any drawthread or other creative thread. And you know damn well a bunch of dirty 40k fanfic wouldn't be tolerated on /lit/.
Hell half the greentext stories posted every day are little more than fiction.

>> No.52654286

No it doesn't. Drawthreads are also tenuously connected and shouldn't be allowed, but they at least can, theoretically produce board-appropriate images of /tg/ subject matter.

Not so for your threads that were little more than furry smut unconnected to anything written under the excuse of 'it's just text bro it's not nsfw'.

>> No.52654370
File: 267 KB, 800x820, b93.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Drawthreads are also tenuously connected and shouldn't be allowed
>>>/nazimod's sex dungeon/

>> No.52654885

>/wst/ wasn't banned for a year because it was still board related, no matter what some folks like to think. It eventually got kicked out only because it had become a shitposting magnet and the mods were tired of pruning dozens of fake /wst/ threads every day for weeks on end.

It got banned for several reasons.

1. It was mostly off-topic discussion. Even if you want to say the smut was /tg/-related, most of the discussion wasn't even about discussing smut, but just fetishes in general.
2. Constant rule-breaking. Just about every thread had people not following the blue board rules when it came to posting pictures, and even the people who did follow the rules only did so by skirting them.
3. Smut isn't /tg/ related. That makes it a double off-topic thread.
4. The shitstorms. The fake /wsts/. The rest of the drama.

It was a general that outlived its purpose, and it's much better off having been moved to /d/, where people can post any picture they want, discuss fetishes with people who are essentially professionals in that field (minus the fact that no one actually pays them for obsessing about fetishes), and no one has to justify how writing a story about a giant woman swallowing her normal-sized son for sexual gratification is somehow related to a traditional game.

>> No.52655396
File: 29 KB, 500x275, 1473279700839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats some old copypasta you got there friendo.

>> No.52655855

every so often newfriends discover 1d4chan and come back to amaze us with their knowledge of memes which became irrelevant years ago and their ability to scream "HERESY FUKLAW WE CAPTOORED EET" so we can validate them for not being newfriends anymore

im tired /tg/. i'm tired of people reposting the same shit and then jerking off the board with "oh boy /tg/ sure is the greatest board isnt it"

>> No.52655909

Alright, make new shit then.

>> No.52656036

As old as those memes are I do still like them.

>> No.52656145
File: 218 KB, 600x971, Tge78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's still new Ribbon comics every so often though. The latest one is only from a few months ago.

>> No.52656321

Well unfortunately for you, you're in an era where both new creativity and traditional board culture is badwrongfun
Welcome to nu/tg/

>> No.52656794

I am sorry the mods banned "Mahou Shonen Butler Oni-chan Waifu Quest" and transformed you into a Salt Elemental.

>> No.52656894


>> No.52657036

Dear drawfags, can you even read?

>> No.52658352


Reason 1 is partly true, it happened now and then, though it was discouraged in thread.
#2 is bullshit, though, it was rare that anybody broke the blue board rules, and anyone who did got told to delete it and censor it.
#3 is bullshit. /tg/ related smut is still /tg/ related, it's not off-topic just because it's naughty.
#4 is totally true though. By the end the threads were a mess of spam and trolling and shitposting.

>> No.52659284
File: 64 KB, 1200x900, cashewnuts[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of nuts?

>> No.52659406

I sort of wish /tg/ did have something that could help unify it. Maybe not a mascot, but something that we can call ours that we don't have to be ashamed of.

>> No.52659423

/tg/ was originally a 40k containment board. So yes, back in the day it was exclusively 40k

>> No.52659446



>> No.52661380


Yeah, basically.

>> No.52661416

>nocturnal american

My brother of shit accent.

>> No.52661524
File: 19 KB, 420x294, 1360631863880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.52661557
File: 50 KB, 334x450, 1208707664941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You could've at least spoilered it like any proper human being.

>> No.52661615


>discover 1D4Chan
>discover Sup/tg/, at about the same time
>browse the two of them for about a year
>finally get to /tg/, after gaining the courage
>"JESUS, it's better than I imagined!"

Not all of us are faggots, just most of us.

>> No.52662430

Cultist-chan represent old /tg/ and Ribbon represents the current one

>> No.52662647

40k just does what's edge for its time

in 80s it was hair-metal, 90s it was something akin to the dark age comics, 00s it's all about the brooding anti-heroes, don't even know what 10s are all about.

>> No.52662672

/tg/ was made back in a time where moot didn't just blatantly made containment boards

40k was to /tg/ what 2hu is to /jp/

>> No.52662746

too bad

the damage the nazi mod did to the OC is already done. Anyone that had a creative thought those days were either banned or left the board and all that's left are the people responsible for /qst/ and wants to remove 40k off the board.

>> No.52662780
File: 21 KB, 415x329, dean4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ribbon you sister fucking faggot, no you're not /tg/'s mascot.

>> No.52664543

But /jp/ was used as a containment board, /tg/ was never. In fact, you could and can still post 40k all over the rest of the site without consequence, it's just that 40k is really not popular enough to have enduring threads elsewhere. Some people even kept trying to have Warhammer Wednesdays in /b/ after /tg/ was made, they just petered out naturally, partly because the crew was small to begin with, partly because they were too busy in /tg/, and partly because their self-professed eternal enemy, the furries, had grown to the point where a few people sage bombing them was largely useless. (And, as a side note, if moot was looking to make containment boards for people that posted in /b/, you'd think the furries would get one first [though they did get one later as a single day April Fool's joke]).

But, with /jp/, 2hu had to be forcibly moved there. Same with every other topic destined for a containment board. Calling them analogous is simply being dishonest, especially because D&D has always had a far larger community on 4chan than 40k. By raw numbers, it would be more appropriate to call /tg/ the D&D containment board and that it was the one analogous to Touhou, except that's such a ridiculous statement that only people with the arrogance of 40k fans would even attempt such a claim, especially when 40k fans are faced with so much contradicting evidence and nothing to support them except the repetition of an old unsubstantiated myth.

The bottom line is that there is zero supporting evidence to substantiate the claim that moot was even aware of 40k or of WW. He likely had seen those threads, but to pretend that he made the entire /tg/ board as a reaction to them is sheer arrogance. /tg/ has and always will be the Traditional Games board, and trying to give one game undue credit or a special place in /tg/ through no merit but pure myth is ridiculous.

But, if you have something to prove the claim, please present it. The Burden of Proof is on you.

>> No.52664786

>The Burden of Proof is on you.
Not really. Most posters from around that time say that it was created because of Warhammer. The only proof you have is that it is called "traditional games" which doesn't really prove anything.

>> No.52664855

>Most posters from around that time say that it was created because of Warhammer.

Not at all. In fact, only 40k players ever said that, despite everyone else telling them to they were full of shit.

> The only proof you have is that it is called "traditional games" which doesn't really prove anything.

Aside from there being more evidence beyond that (40k by far not ever being the most popular or talked about game here or elsewhere, WW not being even remotely as important as the posters in it believed, and 40k never being actually "contained" on /tg/, for starters), that's still more evidence than what you have, which is absolutely nothing. What? You honestly thought that a few delusional 40k fans believed without any evidence to support them counted as evidence? Try again to find something to support your claim, or otherwise stop trying to perpetuate an arrogant myth.

>> No.52666506

>despite everyone else telling them to they were full of shit.
Not him, but do you have any proof of that?
There are many sources that one can point to from around the orgin that say it was made as a 40k containment board.
Do you actually have any evidence those guys were all full of shit, and that "EVERYONE ELSE" was saying that was a lie?
Because you have offered not one bit of evidence, just a whole lot of butthurt

>> No.52666541

Nice opinion faggot

>> No.52666685

>There are many sources that one can point to from around the orgin that say it was made as a 40k containment board.

No, there aren't. The only "sources" are the arrogant 40k fans, who created that myth without any supporting evidence whatsoever.

Seriously. Quit being an idiot and provide some proof of the claim you are making that isn't some other idiot's wishful thinking. Burden of Proof is on you, and until you provide anything that says otherwise, you're just going to have to accept that 40k wasn't that important, and far from being the primary reason why /tg/ exists.

Really. Go ahead. Show me something.

Didn't think so.

>> No.52666765 [SPOILER] 
File: 595 KB, 3008x2196, 1492008260910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Who owns the skies?

>> No.52666864


>> No.52666945
File: 134 KB, 595x241, rage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Drawthreads are also tenuously connected and shouldn't be allowed
>removing drawfriends

>> No.52666996

It happened before and it was the best period the board has had.

>> No.52667051

Are you actually trying to say the reign of nazimod was a good thing?

Are you nazimod?

If you are, I'm actually really glad, because I've always wanted to be able to say "Fuck you" to you.

Fuck you.

>> No.52667106

It was a good thing, yes. It drove off NARPs and "creatives".

>> No.52667191

Aw shit, I remember reading that stuff in middle school. Is it actually good, or is that just nostalgia?

>> No.52667515

You're referring to Cornelia-tan, I assume? The one that set up a botnet through people downloading those brightly-colored images with instructions to resave them as a .bat or open them up in Notepad or whatever it was?

>> No.52667685
File: 197 KB, 324x484, Major Spam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Both, Cornelia-tan and the porn bot were doing the same shit. I just posted a shot of the chick, because like any sane person I didn't ever .bat a dot. Have another edit of the spambot's image.

>> No.52667954

Go to 1d4chan and fix it, bruva. That's the point of wikias - anyone can change stuff.

>> No.52667980

1d4chan is a den of some really awful people though. Not everyone's bad, but there's so many just waiting to start edit wars that it makes even the prospect of making small changes daunting.

>> No.52667991

>filename threads
>greentext threads

That is the new culture...don't make new shit, just post Sir Bearington ten billion times.

>> No.52668045

I'm fucking around 1d4 and doing some small contributions, and I didn't see that yet. Which articles are you talking about?
(I can guess AoS page is one of the battlegrounds)

>> No.52668371

Not exclusively. Moot decided to use it as a containment board for the D&D threads clogging up the other boards as well, which is why we got /tg/ and not /40k/. It was still mostly 40k, but rpg stuff was allowed, even if it was rare.

>> No.52668433

10s are about blatantly stealing better ideas from older things and 'deconstructing tropes', because any idea you can think of has already been used by now.

>> No.52668446

>It was still mostly 40k, but rpg stuff was allowed, even if it was rare.

40k has never been the most popular or talked about game on /tg/ though. Not from the start and not today.

>> No.52668493

This is the board you wanted when you decided any fun you didn't like was badwrongfun and banned, kicked, and drove off anyone with the slightest inkling of creativity.

>> No.52668517

Go back to /b/, we don't appreciate those manners around here

>> No.52668614

True, but I wouldn't have got away with saying that, would I? It was definitely more dominant in the board culture back then, at least. Now it's not very important.

>> No.52668911
File: 46 KB, 523x571, hero acadebait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52669057

2008 was /tg/'s Golden Age

Nazimod was the beginning of the dark times

we are now in the age of reddit. You all know it to be true

>> No.52670574

Yeah, endless waves of "Why is /tg/ so Atheist?" and Bitches for Thulsa Doom were such quality threads.

>> No.52670657

Just what the fuck was Jim Profit doing?

>> No.52670704


>> No.52670759

not actually role player
people who use word NARP smell of Virt

>> No.52670796

Non-Athletic Regular Person, aka Normies.

Non-stop edgelord avatar faggotry and samefagging. He was a total faggot, about the same tier as virt. I wouldn't be surprised if virt read up on older trolls to apply their techniques, as virt used the edgelord angle quite a bit as well.

>> No.52671126


Nah, Virt wasn't half the troll Profit was. He liked to think he was The Epic Ruseman, but he was really just a sad, autistic loser.
Have some embarrassing hilarity:

>> No.52671138

God, I had forgot how much Scared of Shadows used to shit up WoD threads

>> No.52671254

Does the artist have a website or Twitter I can follow?

>> No.52671434

Most people on /tg/ probably don't even recognize her.

>> No.52671451

I wish I'd been on /tg/ from the start...

>> No.52671531

>Just what the fuck was Jim Profit doing?
Roleplaying as both "a guy who has a girlfriend" and "his girlfriend", mostly.

>> No.52671535

Those were nice times.

>> No.52671581
File: 557 KB, 1014x3387, 1472442404497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What're you up to these days anyway?

>> No.52671867
File: 119 KB, 578x808, underwear_by_redlife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ribbon a cute

>> No.52672535
File: 60 KB, 750x600, 1248068297033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here is the correct answer.

>> No.52672639

can't forget the baby "will he fall" things

But see in the mire of shit was still so much content being created for the board. So many deuine and awesome discussions.

The elf slave wat do threads turned into Geo-political discussions on the merits of subsidized grain harvesting for christ sake.

Warhammer threads were about warhammer, not HH and list builds.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was /tg/ and we got shit done

>> No.52673299

There should be a word for this: a great feeling of nostalgia for a time that you weren't around for.

>> No.52674372

>despite a general technically existing
>a general
There's at least /aosg/, /hhg/, /swag/, and /40krpg/ in addition to a general 40k general. Only MtG has that level of multiple-generals besides 40k.

>> No.52674677

Still, the largest and fastest generals are the two D&D generals (/pfg/ and /5eg/), which typically move at 2-4 times the rate of the main 40k general, with the other 40k generals going much slower. When you look at total post volume and players, 40k still ends up third after both MtG and some flavor of D&D.

>> No.52674847
File: 1.85 MB, 1280x882, guardsdragon on duty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread needs a dragon in it.

It's not all that bad. Makes it hard to keep track of who's talking to whom, but that's what >quoting is for.
Besides, it saves post counts, so threads can last longer.

I wonder if there will ever be another furry race that pisses people off to quite the extent that Sergals and Chakats did/do. It seems unlikely.

Eh, there's still creative people around. Problem is, they're more creative towards fetish things than towards games. Though for some people, I guess that's not a problem.

People don't know of Weaver? And those who do, don't know about RubyQuest? Fuck... that sucks.

Did that start in /cyoa/, or was that from before /cyoa/ was really a thing?

That picture holds true for threads, too, I think. When a thread drops from discussion to image dumping, it's generally as good as dead.

>we don't have to be ashamed of
That's a personal decision, I think. Very, very few things are inherently shameful, especially if the viewer doesn't instantly know all the history behind it.
Lilium, though, was shamefur dispray and should never see the light of day again after everything went to shit.

Which kind of makes it weirder still that they're still all allowed to coexist, rather than merging back into one general.

>> No.52675100

>I wonder if there will ever be another furry race that pisses people off to quite the extent that Sergals and Chakats did/do. It seems unlikely.


>> No.52675422
File: 68 KB, 623x581, Yinglet Valsalia Smekfight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I meant more an OC race. Yinglets seemed like they might become a "I don't like this race" meme, but they seem somewhat okay, in part because of their relative scarcity here.

>> No.52675653

He has. A deviant art page

>> No.52676234

Yinglets aren't going to generate that level of contempt, because despite all the implied fetish stuff they're intentionally written to be pretty pathetic. No one's going to create enormous, gory wish-fulfillment (hate-fulfillment?) against something that's already at the bottom of the food chain.

>> No.52676310

Any rare Cultist-Chans?

Funny story, I once got banned on /cgl/ for posting a picture of Cultist-Chan in a 40k cosplay thread asking if anyone has attempted it yet. At the time there had been a couple so it was nice to see.

Unfortunately, evidently the cultist-chan image I had used, was not the standard one that I had seen dozens of times, but was No-Pan NFSW edit, and seeing the image before never paid close enough attention to notice before saving and reposting it.

>> No.52677208

The fun part of nostalgia is that it's almost always for a time that never really existed and is always better than it actually was.

>> No.52677223

Counterpoint: fluffy ponies

>> No.52677658

Did anyone ever name the cats?

>> No.52677673
File: 356 KB, 1200x960, record_of_known_yinglet_inventions_by_valsalia-d90vru3[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ponies might not be on the same power level as many popular franchises, but they have divine royalty, a caste of sorcerers, and a prosperous and united kingdom. They're definitely not pushovers within their own setting.

Meanwhile, yinglets are frail, mostly dimwitted, and dogmatically against progress, despite barely being out of the stone age. In any place where races mix they are considered the lowest of the low, and not in a hamfisted "this is an allegory for racism" kind of way. They're just straight up a race of wimpy losers.

>> No.52677695


If not, I suggest Boris and Natasha. They kinda look like a Boris and Natasha to me.

>> No.52678093

Spam those retarded fuckers like the furfags of old spammed sergals and they'll be just as hated. It is just a matter of will and forced memery.

>> No.52678274

The funny thing is, I've been here for a fair while (though not since the start), and I don't think I've ever seen sergals posted for their own sake. They've only ever been mentioned in complaints about sergal spam.

Hell, I barely even knew chakats were a thing until this year, when someone talked about them in hushed, horrified tones.

>> No.52678354
File: 1002 KB, 2000x1000, Furries and Faggots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sergal posting was a thing back in the old days. The whole "Rain likes to Rape" meme was the source of it. We had a series of posters that would avatarfag with sergals. The Sergalfags were effectively killed when the avatarfagging ban went into effect. The biggest thing that the sergalfags pushed was the old Unified Setting for /tg/, which degenerated into the furriest setting this side of Ironclaw.

Chakats I never really saw posted outside of cringe type threads. They stayed pretty much to fringes and were only trotted out to laugh at on occasion.

>> No.52678527

They faded into obscurity there is no reason to fear.

>> No.52678558

Man, I remember reading about the Unified Setting. Call me a faggot if you wish, but I thought the lizardfolk librarian types were a neat concept. Shame it went the way it did, but I guess you could say that about a lot of /tg/.

>> No.52679259

Well faggot, the idea of the Unified Setting wasn't terrible it just got taken over by furries who started coming for RubyQuest and stayed thinking /tg/ was a furfag friendly zone.

>> No.52679777

I don't think you were on back then

>> No.52679797
File: 20 KB, 545x331, dean30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working and drinking myself into an early grave.

Haven't DM'd or played an RPG in two years. I'm losing my powers.

>> No.52679832
File: 15 KB, 480x712, 3e2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52679891
File: 290 KB, 973x1515, 1480782924376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52680391
File: 135 KB, 510x546, THIS COFFEE IS MAKING ME ANGRY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I see that elf in more thread OPs than Cultist-Chan, so I'm guessing she wins.

>> No.52680413

Good thing only /co/ cares about them anymore.

>> No.52680602

They're actually pretty good. Unfortunately the author forgot how to write good books for the last three. The final book is fanfiction tier.

>> No.52681659
File: 1.98 MB, 307x197, 1488649142531.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.52682732

She wins for plebs and newfriends sure.

>> No.52682812

Ribbon is ancient at this point.

>> No.52683132
File: 91 KB, 525x422, 1442579530176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Deploying coin dragon, one of my favorite things to come out of Ribbon comics.

/v/ used to for a while, but now that's been thoroughly replaced by console-tan.

Maybe not chakats specifically, but I feel like furry taurs would make for an interesting worldbuilding idea. A town with a high or large majority chakat-like population would probably have to have furniture and building designs at least a bit different from human/short human/pointy-eared human/short bearded human stuff - rooms would have more empty space around their main fixture, for instance, to account for the length of the "chakats" ' bodies, and I'd imagine that winding staircases or even normal switchback-looking staircases would be less common due to the discomfort of tight turns with a long body (buildings might be more frequently single-story, or a long, tall, straight stairway would run from one side to the other of a house, with more than just a cupboard built under it, or there's instead more of a climbing wall that they can rear up and simply climb onto to save horizontal space - though, getting down could be tricky).
It's a shame it's tainted with both furry and chakat history.

>> No.52683696 [SPOILER] 
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In fairness, /tg/ has always had a bit more tolerance for furries than most other boards. Not stuff like neon-coloured deviantart mutants or Sonic-style "OC", of course, but a lot of /tg/ settings feature animalistic creatures of some flavour or another (not to mention people who straight up want to bang dragons or tyranids). It's something this board has always been in denial over.

>> No.52683894

God fucking damnit I miss RubyQuest. I miss quest threads being on /tg/. I'm sad now.

>> No.52685085
File: 1.83 MB, 1280x943, 1489982347.kodardragon_neil-fuzzball-fa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's something this board has always been in denial over.
Have we been on the same /tg/? The only people who insist we aren't a board of dragonfuckers are those who literally never leave one or two generals.

Personally, I like the idea of quests (and would run a short one if I could draw), but they seem to get more and more daunting to join the longer they go on. This is in part because there's just so much history to get through if you join after, say, thread 10, but also because people tend to get into hero-worship and clique-y stuff, and it's like wandering into a group of friends constantly making in-jokes.
Also, the moment you see a Discord link is when you know it's too late to want to join. It's like how /vp/ every so often goes on a "ITT: We live in the Pokemon world" spree that quickly becomes "/soc/ but with pokemon and somehow also worse"

Dragon unrelated

>> No.52685242

Just go into a furfag thread and say "Monstergirls are just furries in denial." It is the easiest bait this side of quest baiting.

The specific furries that came over during RubyQuest and took over the Unified Setting were the hardcore despised kind. Some fucktard started advertising RubyQuest over on FChan and the dregs came.

>> No.52685422

>Monstergirls are just furries in denial.
As a furry who doesn't like monstergirls, I legitimately don't see why that should be controversial. It's clear that the main reason to pick monstergirls over generic human animu is for the animal parts, after all. And hell, they also seem to like talking about animal cocks when deciding how their futa waifus are hung, and that itself is further than I've known some furries to go.
Also, when you said "furfag thread," did you mean monstergirl thread or gnoll/kobold thread?

>Ribbon's 1d4chan page was made seven (7) years ago
>people who were just starting middle school when it went up are now old enough to post here
holy shit

>> No.52685924

> this entire thread

>> No.52686007

These fucks still haven't taken their hat off. >>15396072

>> No.52686025
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>> No.52686076

>I miss quest threads being on /tg/.

We all do, anon. Someday they'll be back, as soon as Hiro dumps the site and we get a new crop of mods.

>> No.52687431
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The Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti should make a comeback.

>> No.52689516

Well they are sleeping

>> No.52693597
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Wasn't that a /mu/ meme?


We'd basically recovered from the banning times until a year ago - we now have a sort of nazimod mk2 who even bans people for being off topic, plus more posters than ever before which has caused the quality of the board to be a bit shitter, lot more n00bs who need housetraining.

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