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How do I break my GM hymen? Any tips on how to GM? I really want to start GMing

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Do you already know the rules to an RPG?

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If you knew anything about biology, you should know that if sexed right, hymens don't break.

You gotta do it gently. Don't dive straight into the deep end, and if it starts hurting, backpedal a bit and try again.

Let your players know you're inexperienced if you believe they won't try to break you.

Oh, and don't forget lube and foreplay. They exist for a reason.

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Start simple, maybe with a prewritten module or something, where you have a framework to help you before diving into your own setting.

Only allow people who you know won't actively try to break the game to play.

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I've been playing D&D 5e, but I haven't really dived into the rules as much as I think I need to GM, I should probably go do that then

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If you're playing with veterans, they will help you if you blunder with rules, and if you play with newbies, they won't notice.

So all I can say is: Just go for it. The most important aspect of being a GM is simply just DOING IT.

Hear the words of the meme grandmaster Shia

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>Any tips on how to GM?

Expect your players to do something highly disruptive, and be ready to cope with that without getting salty.

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Start small. Use the tables in the back of the dungeon masters guide to roll up a small dungeon, maybe 10-15 rooms, populate them with some monsters like goblins, wolves, giant spiders, and maybe a bugbear boss. Dont forget some traps as well like poison darts, swinging blades, pits.

Really the best best advice I can give is to not worry about making some great epic story or "writing" your campaign like it was a book. Its not. Its an adventure. All you need is a dungeon to explore. The other elements of DMing will come naturally.

You could also buy the starter set "Lost Mines of Phandelver". Thats also a pretty cool way to get started in the game. Either way just be prepared to make stuff up as you go, dont sweat the rules too much and dont worry about a story or your characters special snowflake characters. Dungeon, traps, goblins, treasure. Those are only things you need for your very first time, its tried and true.

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Go and get a premade adventure and run the shit out of it. Go now anon, run that module. They are perfect for first timers, however some are gentler then others.

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I read this as "How do I get my GM to break my hymen?" If only.
Two big starting points:
Run something you're familiar with from playing.
If it's available, start with official, premade material for the system, so you don't have to worry about balancing for the right challenge level, worldbuilding, etc. until you feel ready.

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>How do I break my GM hymen?

I recommend reading her campaign notes carefully and taking her out to dinner first

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The same way you break any other hymen - just do it.

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You have to push your preferred roleplaying book way up your coochie.

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Start with a pregen, using pregenerated characters. Creating adventures is advanced DMing, and knowing when to say no requires a level of system mastery you might not have yet. Try to develop the basic DMing skills first.

Oh, and read that fucker cover to cover.

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-expect your players to do stuff you did not anticipate
-you might need to add something to bring players {clueless morons in GM speak} back onto the track. npcs like beggars who saw somehting work, or other adventurers who failed in what the players are tryin to do
-remember, never engage in rule discussions with your players. your word is more important than rules.
-have a few accurate encounters with monsters/bandits ready, incase u might need something.
-if a battle goes bad, you might alter your own rolls to not wipe the party out.(always roll a way they dont see. DM screens exist for a reason)
-often players anticipate shit is starting to happen when you roll for their skills (spot checks etc) .to counter this just roll some dice for no reason at all sometimes.
-try to give all players some spotlight time, its boring when only one player does all the action (especially during social interactions)
-some players are content with doing litte, showing little initiave, others would like to get opportunities but cant get the spotlight. talk to less active players to find out what they want. on the other hand, there might be people who often steal the spotlight for themselves. talk to them too
-be aware of playerknowledge/character knowledge to avoid metagaming
-some groups prefer lighthearted, others prefer funny stories, others grimdark etc. adapt accordingly
-especially with alignments/beliefs in gods/ vows its good to clarify some things before hand to avoid confusions.(views on slavery/killing of a prisoner, torture etc.) there is no inherent right or wrong answer, but it needs to be specified beforehand to avoid arguements during sessions. I hate arguements during sessions

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