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Dr. Dag edition

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs
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It IS a relatively informal document, but you say that as if the Thalmor drop their superiority act when no one is watching. They don't.

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I've got a question

After the Empire occupied Morrowind, the leaders of Indoril committed ritual suicide rather than live under foreign rule. How did Indoril become the biggest Temple worshipers? Wouldn't they be salty at the tribunal for selling them out to the Empire?

>> No.52621091

like what?
like what?

Meanwhile, YOU haven't given any solid reasoning that hasn't already been refuted as to how Ulfric could possibly still be under Thalmor control.

>> No.52621126

This still?

"Asset" does not mean he is working for them. Asset means he is inadvertantly playing into the Thalmor's plans by weakening the Empire. In reality he's just a self-serving megalomaniac, but not a thalmor agent.

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Do Dunmer have open relationships when they marry? Or is the promiscuity pre marriage and they are expected to be faithful when married?

>> No.52621184

Correct. Asset is not the same thing as sleeper agent like some of these morons are saying he is, which he is most definitely not.

>> No.52621200

Dunno, is Vekh's deal with Tiber Septim common knowledge? I always assumed that the ones that committed suicide were a fringe faction and that the rest of House Indoril is more mellow

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Can people try to be less autistic than the entire second half of the last thread?

>> No.52621281

>like what?
"Ulfric is not a Thalmor asset" "Ulfric does not answer to the Thalmor" "Ulfric is not cooperative with his Thalmor handlers" "the Thalmor only call Ulfric an asset because the civil war benefits them" "the dossier is a legal document so they refuse to admit that they lost control of Ulfric in it" and most recently after being called on the last one by someone else "the Thalmor would still lie even in what amounts to a glorified 'note to self' to preserve their 'superiority act'" (which, apart from being your headcanon, is also shifting the goalposts; unsurprising coming from someone who has been spewing shit nonstop as-is)

>that hasn't already been refuted
Protip: Saying someone has poor reading comprehension/has misinterpreted a text without demonstrating how is not refutation.

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Shut up dumb n'wah.

>> No.52621322

>should be considered dormant

it's like you retards don't even read the entire thing

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>"Asset" does not mean he is working for them.
Not necessarily, but in this case it does. It is stated in plain terms that the Thalmor established contact with him in Skyrim, and it is only noted that he later became uncooperative to direct contact.

I'm pretty much convinced at this point that the people convincing themselves otherwise (or at least this person in particular) in the face of all evidence are all edgy /pol/-tier retards that conflate this fictional character with a symbol of their juvenile ideology. It's the only explanation I can imagine to idolise an obviously fictional character so much that you craft a delusion around protecting his reputation.

Is Ulfric brainwashed or hypnotised somehow? Possibly, but probably not. Does he WANT to bend over for the Thalmor? Judging by the Stormcloak ending, no. Does he bend over for the Thalmor anyway? EMPHATICALLY YES.

>> No.52621440

Considering how racist Brunwulf says Ulfric is and how the guards don't stop people harassing the Dunmer in the Grey Quarter I think poltards just love Ulfric. White, ruler of a city, has super unique magic only a few can use, is lul freedom fighter standing up to the big gubbment.

>> No.52621476

Sounds like Thalmor BS to me. What they can do and what they think they can do are two very different realities.

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>this person in particular
>edgy /pol/-tier retards
Ohhhhh, honey. You struck out again. And look, you STILL haven't given any solid evidence that shows Ulfric is controllable in any way. Listen to what the other anon said, you get hung up on the word "asset" and misinterpret what it means to the Thalmor.

>> No.52621525

Supposedly what's-her-face, Balgruuf's housecarl, was originally going to be Ulfric's but was moved to Whiterun because they didn't want to re-record voice lines with a different VA or something (since the game was originally going to start in Windhelm). Might have details of that wrong and it's just something I heard, but the salient point is that Ulfric was supposed to have a dunmer housecarl to show that he didn't hate dunmer, it's just that THOSE dunmer are shitters (as the dunmer that live outside the city walls will also tell you).

>> No.52621543

Oh man, I can't wait to see what twisted logic you use to back up this humdinger.

>> No.52621556

>Stormcucks this triggered

lol dumb nords

>> No.52621586

>Ohhhhh, honey.
nice meme

>You struck out again.
"You're wrong" is still not an argument.

>And look, you STILL haven't given any solid evidence that shows Ulfric is controllable in any way.
>He was made to believe information obtained during his interrogation was crucial in the capture of the Imperial City
>After the war, contact was established and he has proven his worth
Sounds pretty controllable to me!

>you get hung up on the word "asset"
Yeah you're probably right, I get hung up on the word "asset" and also the words "contact" and the words "becoming" and "uncooperative" being used together.

>misinterpret what it means to the Thalmor.
With all due respect (none), what you think it means to the Thalmor is nothing but headcanon and is not corroborated by the text.

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Is there a province orcs haven't settled? They seem everywhere from Skyrim to High Rock to Cyrodiil.

>> No.52621630

Are these spergs who think Thalmor assets assigned to specific Thalmor officers are not under Thalmor influence also the spergs that think the Thalmor are after the Towers? Just curious, seems like a similar line of reasoning.

>> No.52621644

What exactly do you think "contact was established" means? From what I gather, you seem to think Ulfric was fucking bowing to them. That's neither here nor there anyway, as you and I keep mentioning, they lost said "contact," but apparently you don't think that means anything and he's still their mindless puppet. No reasoning, no logic, all I'm getting from you is blatant ignorance of the words on the page.
There's that word again. It doesn't mean what you think it means. Hint: it's not "things I disagree with"

>> No.52621646

Tell me about the Thalmor.

What's the next step in their master plan?

>> No.52621666

I'm curious about mummies, Daggerfall seems to be the only game that has them right? What makes them rise up and be nasty

>> No.52621700

Probably, people who consign themselves to one edgy crackpot r/teslore theory tend to do so for most other edgy crackpot r/teslore theories. Same goes for the /v/-tier theories. I bet they believe House Redoran invented gravity too.

>> No.52621724

Mother. Clucking. Sunbirds.

>> No.52621734

Dagoth Ur

>> No.52621776

A Lotta ambition for a slow reproducing race.

>> No.52621783

Summerset for sure.

And I don't remember, was there an Orc stronghold on Vvardenfell?

>> No.52621809

Of course. What else is a male Orc slave good for besides fucking your sex starved wife?

>> No.52621834

>"So Medora wants the Dust of Restful Death. Only because I respect the memory of King Lysandus will I do this. The Dust can be found in (dungeon) on her own island. Tell Medora that the price is her support of my claim to the heart. She'll know what it means."

Orcs are everywhere the Empire is, though I doubt more traditional Orcish settlements are common in remote places like Black Marsh and Alinor.
I don't have the PDF with me, but I also seem to remember some Orcish mercenary working for the An-Xileel in The Infernal City.

>> No.52621845

>implying male orcs are good for anything besides fucking
Literally the training, smithing, hunting, and healing are all done by female stronghold orcs. The papa orc does fucking diddly besides bone them.

>> No.52621859

They aren't even good for that, orcs have micropeni.

>> No.52621867

meant for >>52621845

>> No.52621916

Nordfag from last thread pls go, we don't need another retarded poster. Go wanker Eorlund elsewhere.

>> No.52622152

Mummies aren't actually mummies. They're Dremora that have been drunk off Sujamma for a couple hundred years who passed out thinking they were going to bang some Golden Saints at their house in the Shivering Isles, only to wake up in some dank shithole dungeon in Highrock, covered in toilet paper and locked in a coffin to the delight of a couple snickering Scamps.

t. M'aiq

>> No.52622160

>What exactly do you think "contact was established" means?
That he received orders, rather than acting independently in a way that only coincidentally benefited the Thalmor as you seem to suggest. They also didn't lose contact, it merely became more difficult to maintain direct contact, and it is also stated in plain terms that direct contact is still a possibility in case of emergency.

>No reasoning, no logic, all I'm getting from you is blatant ignorance of the words on the page.
Funny, that's what I'm getting from you. Let's break it down, one thing at a time. The whole document. You have made it abundantly clear that you need to be spoonfed, so we're going back to grade school for this one, lads.

>> No.52622344

One day the Orcjiit will be canon.

>> No.52622358

M'aiq, do Khajiit like to sneak, maneuvers silken and sleek?

>> No.52622611

It is common knowledge afaik, but it makes sense that Indoril leaders suiciding would lead to more "pro-imperial" side to take their positions.

>> No.52622738

Honestly, I wouldn't hold it against either party if that was the case, considering most Dunmer marriages are political in nature and they'd have to live with each other for multiple centuries.

>> No.52622989

Do you want me to go into detail in every key point that flew ten feet over your head? Just say so, and I will, but I hesitate to waste my time on you since you haven't made yourself seem like your very keen on listening to anything that doesn't fit your headcanon. Nearly every statement you made is taken out of context.

>> No.52623106

Dunmer promiscuity is a meme.

>> No.52623119

>said the Dunmer wench muffled by the three Nord cocks in her mouth

>> No.52623138

Vivec and Almalexia's existence disproves this.

>> No.52623191

The Dunmer don't view Vivec as a sex god.
>The Dunmer do not envision Lord Vivec as a creature of murder, sex, and secrets. Rather, they conceive of Lord Vivec as benevolent king, guardian warrior, poet-artist. But, at the same time, unconsciously, they accept the notion of darker, hidden currents beneath Vivec's benevolent aspects
And Almalexia is viewed as a mother figure.

>> No.52623207

The Dunmer's internal views and the manner in which they carry out their lives couldn't be more different.

>> No.52623218

>The Dunmer don't view Vivec as a sex god.
Doesn't mean he isn't into some kinky ass shit.

>And Almalexia is viewed as a mother figure.
Exactly, a MILF figure.

>> No.52623305

Well, Dunmer are those kind of conservatives that keep very prudish image (Tribunal religion forbids homosexuality for example which is kinda rare in Tamriel), but practice orgies behind closed doors.

>> No.52623337

So basically Dunmer are massive fucking hypocrites on this subject, nothing new for them.

>> No.52623371

Also, it would seem that Chimer were really decadent and sex crazed (they worshipped bad daedra like King of Rape), so I suppose Tribunal wanted to tone that down because it was feeding bad daedra.

>> No.52623397

Just stop.
Even the Real Barenziah makes it clear that Dunmer promiscuity is just a meme .

(I feel like it should also be mentioned that the Real Barenizah always refers to Elves in general, never just Dunmer.)

>> No.52623418

>Tribunal religion forbids homosexuality
It does?

>> No.52623441

Molag Bal is said to regularly distrupt Dunmer bloodlines. That's pretty clear reference to promiscuity in form of adultery and rape.

>> No.52623476

>The practice of piercing the Second Aperture is now forbidden.
>They took their spears out and compared them. Vivec bit new words onto the King of Rape's so that it might give more than ruin to the uninitiated. This has since become a forbidden ritual, though people still practice it in secret.
Kind of. Anal is forbidden, and so is "spear biting". But the Sermons also note that people still do it in secret, so there you go.

>> No.52623484

>being raped is now being promiscuous
Wow really?

>> No.52623505

Haven't you read the Sermons? Sermon 33 clearly forbids "piercing of second aperture" aka anal sex and "biting of pears" is forbidden in another Sermon. Of course they seem to be apply to heterosexual relations too, but homosexuality is pretty much made impossible by them. Pretty much same what old times sodomy laws were IRL with exception that animal sex apparently (probably because of beast race slaves) isn't forbidden.

>> No.52623516

>"Dunmer promiscuity is just a meme" claims young Dunmeri woman, still hobbling from last night's Khajiit dicking.

>> No.52623541

Molag Bal is said to 'try' and distrupt dunmeri bloodlines, as in "hey having sex with other races is the work of the devil so don't do it it."
The implication has nothing to do with, and if anything disassociates from the idea of all Dunmer being sluts.

The truth of the matter of elven promiscuity, in fact promiscuity for all races, is exactly as Symmachus puts it.
"Some are, some aren't."

>> No.52623547

Not, but raping things is promiscuous. I know this would make Dunmer males promiscuous too, but I'd say that makes sense considering Vehk.

>> No.52623550

>homosexuality is pretty much made impossible by them
Oh, my sweet summer child. You clearly lack experience or imagination.

Also the Sermons say that people still suck dick even if Vivec tells them not to.

>> No.52623570

>implying khajiit aren't the most degenerate as they take their housecat sized breeds and have them split open by a gigantic barbed battlecat dick.

>> No.52623583

Yeah, I know. My original point was that Dunmer are most sexually conservative race in theory, but most perverted in practice.

>> No.52623592

But surely nobody within a race has individualism! Obviously everyone is exactly the same, and are defined by their race!

>> No.52623624

The Real Barenziah was written by Plitinius Mero, an Imperial who hasn't seen jack shit outside court politics of Mournhold where a sex scandal getting out would mean the end of you.

>> No.52623633

>this entire post
It always amused me that there was a group of people so dedicated to protecting the sexual reputation of a fictitious race of people whose main gimmick is being huge fucking sluts. I mean you completely disregard all established lore to do so, it's unreal.

>> No.52623655

>whose main gimmick is being huge fucking sluts
Not him, but what do you mean it's their main gimmick?

>> No.52623665

In social culture, I mean. Should have been clearer.

>> No.52623681

Don't know much about the Dunmer, how so?

>> No.52623683

Isn't the biggest slut in Skyrim Haelga, a Nord?

We don't even see a Dunmer sleeping around, IIRC. In fact the Mara priestess is a Dunmer with a Redguard husband and they are both all, "loyalty and clean living" and that.

>> No.52623696

>"Hey guys, I sucked some dick and accidentally created this whole dicksucking chain reaction. Turns out marrying the King of Rape results in some weird shit. Anyway, could you all just stop sucking any more dick?"
>"Sure thing, Lord Vivec"
>Vivec poofs out of existence to go put his dick into something weird.
>Dunmer immediately resume sucking dick the moment he disappears.
Such is life in Morrowind.

>> No.52623704

>Plitinius Mero, an Imperial who hasn't seen jack shit outside court politics of Mournhold
Uh, wasn't he with Barenziah in Daggerfall?

I'd argue just for its own sake that the idea that a Daedric Prince needing to scheme to corrupt Dunmer bloodlines would sorta imply they are HARD to corrupt.

>> No.52623715

Don't you have another argument to get BTFO elsewhere?

>> No.52623742

Basically, orgies everywhere. Morrowind is one of the few places where it's common to have a strip club. Young Dunmer women engage in the practice of taking khajiit barbs as a rite of passage.
Well duh, that's in Skyrim, not Morrowind. Dunmer culture just barely survives as far as Windhelm.

>> No.52623755

M8, please don't have another enraged autistic hulk-out

>> No.52623758

It always amuses me that there is a group dedicated to the idea that this fictitious group of people are somehow entirely defined by a monolithic sexuality.

Were all discussing lore here anon, don't act like your somehow taking a high road.

>> No.52623764

Sorry, I like to shitpost when other people shitpost.

>> No.52623777

>Basically, orgies everywhere.
Expand on this?

>Young Dunmer women engage in the practice of taking khajiit barbs as a rite of passage.
Wasn't that just Barenziah?

>> No.52623780


>A TES game will never be anywhere near this METAL ever again.

>> No.52623802

The Real Barenziah was written while she lived in Wayrest.

It's not hard to get sick, but Pery still tries to make people ill.

>> No.52623815

Biters are best race. Wished there was a mod to add them into ruins of Molag Amur. They would try to remove your pants and then bite your spear complete with new animations.

Then I could roleplay pious Ordinator crusader that would fall and become a Biter himself after being bitten by those degenerates.

>> No.52623823

Ah true. Still, the point stands that Mero probably isn't an expert authority on ALL Dunmeri culture.

>> No.52623834

Does Tamriel have a 4chan filled with autists and neckbeards too?

Where do THEIR autists and neckbeards go when they got nothing to do?

>> No.52623854

My favorite part about tgesg is when people come out of nowhere to bitch about topics that have already been communally decided as if they have anything productive or new to add to the conversation.

>> No.52623855

>Where do THEIR autists and neckbeards go when they got nothing to do?

They become Mage's Guild members

>> No.52623865

Dreamsleeve can be used like internet afaik. Also, I suppose if Dwemer had a radio (not confirmed, but there's lots of evidence), they (ab)used that when they got bored and lonely.

>> No.52623868

Was common among the Tribunal, it can be expected that it was common elsewhere.
>just Barenziah
I highly doubt the practice was just isolated to Barenziah. I mean she had to pick up on it from somewhere.

In short, stereotypes don't come from nowhere.

>> No.52623885

>Was common among the Tribunal
As in those three people?

>> No.52623891

Almalexia makes Barenziah look like catholic nun really.

>> No.52623896

I'd say he's an authority on the subject. Go read his dialogue from Morrowind, he's very well informed.

>"Hmmm...yes, well. I suppose I have written one thing you might have read. You see, there was a time I worked as a scribe for a beautiful young queen. I was young and ambitious, perhaps a bit too much of either for my own good. After great deal of research, I was able to publish a biography."
>"Why, "The Real Barenziah," of course! I felt it my duty to give to history a true and honest account of this remarkable woman. The story I presented, while true, was perceived as scandalous. My exuberance for the tale was left unchecked by wisdom, and I fear I caused some damage to the woman, not to mention the Imperial family."
>"If you've read the work, you'll know that Queen Barenziah is many things--but she is not shy, and she is not ashamed of how her life was led. She knew my work to be true, and I believe she felt a sense of amusement, if not satisfaction, at the tale's telling. She protected me from the Imperial family, and spread the word of my demise at her guards' hands. Since then, I have traveled with her under this name, acting as her scribe, her advisor, and dare I say...her friend. I could ask for no greater honor."

>> No.52623900

Wouldn't be surprised if they did desu. They aren't the tallest fellows, and all that muscle's gotta be compensating for something. Not saying it affects their sex drive though, they still do plenty of raping.

>> No.52623911

>Meanwhile in Tamriel

Dude SHUT THE FUCK UP Japanese smiths were way better than German ones!

Slavic women are the most promiscuous race, they have mudslime and chink fucking as their rite of passage.

Hurr "The Real Catherine the Great" was false dude!

Trump is a sleeper agent of the Chinese guys

>> No.52623913

>You see, there was a time I worked as a scribe for a beautiful young queen
He definitely worked more than his quill when around Barenziah.

>> No.52623923

The Temple Zero Society

>> No.52623927

>As in those three people?
Yes, those three people.

>> No.52623934

It's kinda weird when people paint races with broad strokes and say all members of a particular one are (blank).

>> No.52623942

He's an expert on Barenziah and her life, not necessarily the habits of other Dunmer.

>> No.52623960

>They aren't the tallest fellows

In Skyrim and Oblivion Orcs are the 2nd tallest race after Altmer, tying with Nords in Oblivion and being slightly shorter in Morrowind.

>muscle's gotta be compensating for something
Actually Redguards and Nords have the higher strength in game, not Orsimer.

Also the Orc chieftains don't actually use their strength like 99% of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually skinny under their armour or clothing, or quite chubby.

>> No.52623961

Russians, not chinese.
I mean I guess he could be a chinese agent in a roundabout way, but for your comparison to work with irl memes it needs to be russain

>> No.52623983

>the Mages Guild is just one big clusterfuck of autistic debates and inane internal politics
I'm an Isolationist, the Utility Mages can go fuck themselves.

>> No.52623990

I get the impression that there were more than 3 invited

>> No.52624003

Ah, I was just thinking of Morrowind, it seems to be the most "right" in terms of racial disparity.

>> No.52624007

>After great deal of research, I was able to publish a biography
>great deal of research
Plus he gets his basic info from Barenziah, who would certainly be an expert on the subject. I don't see why you'd think Mero isn't reliable.

>> No.52624028

Clearly she's paying him (in Dunmer pussy) well enough to write how Dunmer are totally normal sexuality wise. ;^)

>> No.52624061

I mean the Orc Chieftains don't appear in anywhere but Skyrim (may be wrong on this, but I don't recall seeing any in Morrowind when I played it for a bit), so it makes sense to use the Skyrim logic for the Skyrim chiefs.

>Meanwhile in Tamriel
I mean the German battlemasters don't appear in anywhere but The Holy Scripts V: Prussia, so it makes sense to use German logic for German people.

>> No.52624101

Do Skyrim Nords have at least a basic grasp of spoken Dragonstongue in order to sort of understand it conceptually (though not enough to perform Thu'um)?

Like, do they know Dovahkiin means 'Dragonborn' from actual understanding of the words "Dovah" and "Kiin", or are they just repeating what the Greybeards/their ancestors told them it meant?

>> No.52624155

>Tiber Septim
>Jagar Tharn
>King Edwyre
>Therris the Khajiit
>Straw the stable boy
>Her biographer
>Unknown amount of others
Who hasn't Barenziah fucked at this point?

>> No.52624205

Still way less than 99+ which is Almalexia.

>> No.52624227

No mortal can compare to the divine slut herself.

>> No.52624231

>Peter 3
>Sergei Saltykov
>Grigory Potemkin
>Ivan Rimsky-Kortakov
>Jacob Frank
>a horse
Who hasn't Catherine fucked at this point?

>> No.52624274

>Uh, wasn't he with Barenziah in Daggerfall?
He didn't exist in Daggerfall. Barenziah told the Agent that the author of "The Real Barenziah" was executed years before the events of the game for the insulting portrayal of the Empire and Septims written therein. The Tribunal expansion of Morrowind introduced the character of Plitinius Mero and revealed that he was saved from execution by Barenziah herself somehow.

>> No.52624363

>he was saved from execution by Barenziah herself somehow
Barenziah basically told everyone that he had been executed and just used her influence to shield him.
He changed his name, and she announced that he had been executed. As far as the public was aware, he was dead and the imperial family's name had been cleaned. In reality she kept him around and used her influence to make it clear that he was under her personal protection.
The imperial family probably knew that he wasn't actually dead, but decided to just accept his fake execution. They probably didn't think it would be worth it to cross Barenziah just to kill someone who's already dead to the public.

>> No.52624398

They're probably just repeating what they heard from everyone else.
That isn't to say the information is kept from everyone upon the mountain, but they have more important things to do with their lives than know words from a dead language of a beast that doesn't even exist (anymore).
Like Kodlak probably knows his shit, and Vilkas could probably figure it out, but Farkas could care less what each word means and just knows that word means dragonborn and that's all he needs to know.

Of course I don't think they really get into the education levels of the common people past the stereotype common folk are less educated, but some one else can feel free to talk otherwise.

>> No.52624480

When did the Elvish hatred by men start dying down? I remember at one point one of the Harbingers was an elf, and he got named by the previous Harbinger, which was considered unusual at the time, but not unheard of.

>> No.52624843

>Stormcuck gets BTFO
They just cannot catch a break.

>> No.52625277

Nords then
>hardy barbarians respected by all
>fought mythic battles against Dunmer demigods
>masters of thu'um, shout apart walls, can teleport, etc.

Nords now
>smelly drunkards and bandits
>call Dunmer mean names
>omg dragun werdz!

Explain this Stormcucks

>> No.52625329

>Morrowind is one of the few places where it's common to have a strip club
If by common you mean there's a single one in Suran owned by a Breton that likewise doesn't have a single Dunmer stripper in it, than yeah.

>> No.52625386

You can say that about every single race. They are all shadows of their former glory because they need to be dumbed down for their portrayal in the games. Redguards, Dunmer, Altmer, you name it, the case with every race is "used to be cool, now they suck."

>> No.52625591

They don't need to be dumbed down for their portrayal in games, they need to be dumbed down for their portrayal to a wider consumer base.

>> No.52625592

I'm curious, is the Daedric Siege Crawler that we see in Oblivion something that can actually be summoned and exist on Nirn? What the fuck is it exactly? Is it not elaborated on?

>> No.52625596

Altmer then
>one battlemage disintegrates army of daedra and blasts open a castle door with 1 bolt of lightning
>Not usually hateful or racist to other races
>Took a literal magical god golem for Tiber to defeat

Altmer now
>multiple battlemages can't restrain a few backwater nords
>led by extremely racist fucks
>literally could not defeat a divided and weakened Empire that lost Black Marsh, Morrowind, and Orsinium

Orcs then
>made armour and weapons better than other races using same materials (steel)
>members of the Imperial Legion, best frontliners with Nords and Redguards
>led by Gortwog who was politically astute

Orcs now
>have to use special snowflake material instead because it sounds orcish
>joining the Legion is now considered abandoning the family and is bad
>led by monkey chieftains who kill themselves at age 40 or something

>> No.52625597

Bretons? It's hard to say, since the game that focused on them was a bit old, but they don't seem to have changed all that much from their earliest portrayals. At best they've been made more generic, with perhaps some background stuff being left out.

Maybe the Khajiit, you can say that not much has changed - they've always been a little crazy, and no one seems interested in messing with a race that's fairly beloved for their tricky nature.

>> No.52625648

Goddamn Orichalcum is upsetting. I mean I sorta like how orcish armor looks, but having a raw skill based difference from normal armors is awesome.

(I do sorta dislike the look of Morrowind Orcish vs Bonemold so I sorta hated that it was an upgrade, but I lived with it.)

>> No.52625670

Khajiit then
>Controlled all of Southern Tamriel as part of a massive culture
>United under the wise rule of the Mane
>Beat elite Bosmeri archers with a couple of wooden planks and rusty swords.

Khajiit now
>Client state to their Altmer-Bosmer masters
>Are retarded enough to believe said Altmer brought back the moon
>Crazed Skooma addict gypsy's that are banned from entering every city they come across.

>> No.52625679

Fashion > Stats

>> No.52625695

It's not a creature. It's a machine. Basically a fuckhueg magical fire shooting cannon that doubles as battering ram.

>> No.52625723

What's it powered by? Snowflakium? Daedric energy? Magicka?

Also does this mean the Daedra have access to sci-fi tier weaponry, or is this just some one time fluke and they don't actually have the capacity to build giant laser cannons at will?

>> No.52625778

Even more upsetting because Orichalcum already existed in lore (Orichalc Tower) and had nothing to do with orcs. Not to mention that origin of Orichalcum is from Atlantis myth which makes sense with Yokuda, but not with orcs.

>> No.52625836

Remember Bethesda is the company that in FO4 put a ghoul kid in a locked fridge for 200 years with no food, water, or supply of air and somehow had radiation able to substitute all of those needs (I can understand food as radiation would also give him energy, but not water and air). And when he comes out of the fridge he isn't fucking blinded by the light, his joints are fine, and his clothes haven't rotted off.

>> No.52625881

I have no idea how Siege Crawler works, but I'd figure such advanced weapons aren't uncommon to Daedric lords because they're usually old enough to have seen other kalpas and many Dawns (where technology peaks, think of fantasy style spaceships and lasers really), so they have more technological knowöedge than mortals.

>> No.52626017

Could the origin for Siege Crawler be another kalpa? Dagon used to be Leaper Demon King who hid things from resetted kalpas inside his realm.

>> No.52626170

Maybe? It could also be Dwemer technology that was re-purposed somehow

>> No.52626173

It's possible the seals on the fridge were not 100% intact so he got water an air. But overall I take it about as canon as Aylmaos or the fucking Tardis in the old games. It's just an issue of persistent world vs Random encounters making it hard to tell what's canon vs just a joke,

>> No.52626203

it was for this exact reason that wild wasteland is a thing.

>> No.52626238

I hated how you were limited to 2 traits, when each one gave a downside to balance out the upside anyway so it couldn't really have been for balance.

>> No.52626258

True, though I think Obsidian went a little too far, even the Life of Brian graffiti was Wild Wasteland only.

And Bethesda knows that may-mays sell games, so throwing jokes out where EVERYONE sees them whether they want to or not would increase their social media buzz.

>> No.52626336

What if Obsidian of old made a TES spinoff?

The Elder Scrolls: Nova Orsinium.
The Elder Scrolls: New Daggerfall

Or something like that.

>> No.52626404

Nah, if there's a multicompany TES I want a Musou or RTS genociding High Elves to get rid of the Thalmor plot before they start TES6.

>> No.52626420

I thought we established last thread that Leaper Demon King is a mortal fabrication?

In any case, how does it make sense that Dagon, whose supposed job is to destroy things from the previous Kaplas, use a machine from said Kapla?

>> No.52626621

Maybe I'm just a sucker for things set in/around one huge city, but having something take place in a fuckhuge Orsinium sounds fun to me.
Not as fun as huge and detailed Imperial City, but still fun. Senchal is also a good option.

>> No.52626869

do you mean like Fast Shot vs Trigger Discipline? Because those are really the only two contradictory traits

>> No.52626944

I thought we established thinking ulfric is actually a thalmor spy was retarded, but this and old thread prove people don't care what's established they just want to argue shit.

>> No.52626985

t. Stormcuck

>> No.52627036

You could only pick 2 traits maximum IIRC. JE Sawyer might change it, I haven't played NV modded yet.

>> No.52627048

Yup, been established for years. Anyone who posts that is either baiting or a genuine retard. Do not reply to "sleeper agent" posters, don't acknowledge them, don't even tell them to fuck off. Just ignore them, then they'll get bored and go away.

>> No.52627082

>only two traits maxinum
well, no shit, been like that since Fo1

>> No.52627109

As far as I know, Orsinium was never really a large town, partially because how short a time it lasted. Daggerfall or Wayrest, however...

>> No.52627162

Yeah, doesn't mean I like it.

>> No.52627207

character balance

>> No.52627478

It's already balanced by the downsides of the traits.

>> No.52627565

Hey uh, if hypothetically a God would make Reality like the TES setting, would it be ok or not ?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.52627627

What do ya mean by okay?

>> No.52627635

That entirely depends on said God and the control it has over said Reality.

>> No.52627728

Complete control but it's just a thought experiment and not real don't worry haha just give your thoughts please.

>> No.52627758

I'm not really sure what you're asking.

>> No.52627858

I think he's asking if we'd like to live in the TES universe.

>> No.52627870

Oh. Might be neat. Magic is cool and stuff.

>> No.52627891

Considering how autistic last thread was I wouldn't trust any 4chan user with magic.

>> No.52627911


>> No.52627950

I just want to be a Breton born under the sign of the Mage. Be able to use some spells, live in the idyllic countryside having a simple life.

>> No.52628048

>be a literal nobody in a world where basically everything everywhere is trying to kill you just for existing
>/might/ learn to do some magic if you don't have any real responsibilities like a farm or a business or literally anything else
>even then would just end up as some pencil pusher or outlaw
>don't even have videogames

>> No.52628122

Do they circumcise people in Tamriel?

>> No.52628179

I'd assume they dude since it was made by americans but they have no reason to do so since there is no abrahamic tradition. I feel like this is something even bethesda wouldn't think of to answer in lore.

>> No.52628206


>> No.52628253

Ashlanders and Orcs probably do as a rite of passage sort of thing. That and living in Ash wastes is going to dry up your foreskin and leave it prone to infection.

>> No.52628255

I'm pretty sure magical equivalent of video games (and maybe even mundane electronical) exist in certain places like Sotha Sil's city and may have been made by great enchanters to amuse nobles. These would be completely outside of reach for normal mortals though.

Of course since magic and alchemy is truly limitless one could get drunk on intelligence potions and start making crazy magical devices, but then you'd probably want to make something more useful than videogames.

>> No.52628300

Dunmer have heavy jewish influence (no, I don't mean Skyrim ghetto, but their actual culture), so I wouldn't be surprised if they all practiced circumsion.

>> No.52628335

What could Lorkhan have looked like? I know Et'Ada can vary in aspects and can also be interpreted by mortals differently, but what characteristics could he have had in a "pure" Dawn Era emanation?

>> No.52628349

So which Morrowind grill definitely got some good thick Nerevarine dicking, and why is it Ahnassi ?

>> No.52628391

Ranis probably.

>> No.52628406

I always pictured Lorkhan as looking like an Anti-Spiral myself

>> No.52628501

All of Divayth Fyr's daughter-clones

>> No.52628914

Orcs then

Orcs now

>> No.52628973

its pretty big in eso :^)

>> No.52629056

>its pretty big in eso :^)
What's with all the bashing on orcs? Is it just a meme?

Also who is the closest equivalent of Bane in TES?

>> No.52629253

Pretty obvious, Lord Dagoth

>> No.52629310

If I struck the Heart of Lorkhan, would he die?

>> No.52629311

It's a city, but it isn't that big in ESO. I can never see it as town sized though, every lore piece about every iteration of it states that it is big enough to hold off armies and be sieged.

Sotha Sil's got games he hands out to random plebs, but they're less electronic more weird magic clockwork shit. He'd be more like pinball machines or weird virtual reality stuff.

>> No.52629425

Orcs would probably do it with no painkillers too, and then eat the skin afterwards to absorb it's strength or something.

>> No.52629542

Draugr are mummified too, some are even wrapped up.

That's not uncommon in real life either. Sexual repression makes people animals in the sack.

The Dunmer people are also, by and large, not actually shown to be sluts, it's just that there's exceptions like Barenziah or anyone that is enthusiastic about Boethiah's Pillow Book; Their reputation comes almost entirely from Barenziah, and the stereotype that they care only about sex is seen predominantly in the Illiac Bay region where she was the ruler of Wayrest for some time.

I wonder if Dunmer even still have that reputation in the time of Skyrim, the closest we get to a reference to them being promiscuous is a man in raven rock who thinks his wife is cheating on him since the Real Barenziah is the templer-censored version still. IMO the fact that he is worried about this in the first place shows that it's not a normal thing in Dunmer culture, and I think it's a pretty ordinary thing for someone to worry about regardless of race; Citing it as evidence that Dunmer are either promiscuous or have a reputation for promiscuity would be like citing the burnt out shack outside of town where you find the correspondences of two gay lovers as evidence that most Nords are homosexual.

My point being that to what extent Dunmer WERE freaky in the past, they might not be now that Vivec's laws on how you could have sex are presumably no longer in effect.

>> No.52629565

>Sotha Sil just pops out of the ground and gives out random gameboys to people

>> No.52629576

Not even going into videogames, magic would certainly be incorporated into various kinds of games (I think there was a brief discussion last thread about what sort of games people play in-context but I missed most of it, so I don't know if anyone talked about this). Most legal mages learn at a college full of students who are mostly in their young adulthood so there is no doubt whatsoever that they get drunk and play games, and they all know at least some degree of magic so there's no doubt that magic plays a role.

What would magical fusball be like? Do you think they have a ball game played with telekinesis?

sidenote that I'm pretty sure videogames would be so rare and unrefined as a medium that they would mostly be shit like pong, basic archaic games

>> No.52629695

Don't orcs and Reachmen Bretons have hedge mages instead of college trained ones?

How exactly would that translate into magical sports? Something like the difference between a professional association football team vs a football team that plays in a forested clearing with two marked trees as the goals?

>> No.52629798

Hedge mages are mostly outlaws though. There's certainly mages who aren't college- or even guild-trained but are legal, even necromancers provided they aren't caught murdering, but it seems most mages that aren't with some kind of organisation are bandits. Probably because there's no reason not to at least become a novice in a guild or fall in with some necromancers for access to their libraries+protection if you have any magical talent, so the only people that don't are people who want to do things that would get them kicked out of those organisations.

>How exactly would that translate into magical sports? Something like the difference between a professional association football team vs a football team that plays in a forested clearing with two marked trees as the goals?
I mean in real life dudes getting drunk and finding shit to do don't usually play formal sports, they're either lightweights that do shit like playing catch or they go hard and do shit like log throwing, firebreathing and vehicular stunts, either basic shit you do with your hands or showing off. The latter especially translates easily into magic.

>> No.52629817

Wait so are Birthsigns actually a thing in the lore or are they just a game thing? Because the Atronach birthsign is so OP compared to all the others in game it seems like people whose parents fucked in February (Tamrielic Valentine's Day perhaps?) get a huge advantage.

>> No.52630091

I think most people don't actually receive the blessing or at least the full blessing of their sign. In Daggerfall the birthsign abilities were class bonuses, sorcerers were by far the strongest non-custom class (imo) and had the atronach effect. In Skyrim likewise you don't have a birthsign ability, though doomstones still exist- Doomstones were in Oblivion and IIRC Morrowind as well, and conferred a lesser version of a star sign's ability.

I believe the theory I've heard that seems most plausible is that certain figures are blessed (whether by the Aedra or the Ge themselves) and receive the full benefits of their signs and others don't.

The Nectarine was the reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar, born under moon and star, and the prophecy states they would be born "on a certain day to uncertain parents"- meaning they could be any race but they had a certain birthday. Interestingly, since you can choose your birthsign in Morrowind, and no prophecy mentions what day that is, this literally only means that (as far as the Elder Scrolls themselves are concerned) the Nectarine would be someone who reaped the effects of their birthsign. That said, it seems most likely that the sign in question would be the Serpent for various reasons.

The CoCk, meanwhile, was entangled in the history of the Chim-el Adabal, the central stone of the Amulet of Kings, which is synonymous with Pelin-El, or Pelinal Whitestrake- Eventually, they would even take up Pelin-El's mantle to defeat Umaril. This legend is a legend of the Magna Ge, the Star Children, and Pelin-El was an artificial being created by them.

>> No.52630224

I hope that was intentional.

>> No.52630245

of course it was

>> No.52630270

Funny way of spelling FILTHY N'WAH

>> No.52630288

say that to my face and not in the dreamsleeve and see what happens

>> No.52632212


>> No.52632680

Why would they? Mutilating children is a Jewish thing

>> No.52633227

>blend of feudal Japanese, Hebrew, Assyrian, Aztec and Khemite influences
dunmer are the coolest

>> No.52633784

why? Anti-spirals are the embodiment of order and and entropy.

>> No.52634219

A Dust Adept is to dust what a Green Lantern is to Light, yes?

>> No.52634409


>> No.52634533

In dusty day, in musty night
No dust bunny shall escape my sight
Let those who worship grit and grime
Beware my power - Dust Adept's ????

>> No.52634625

see >>52634409

>> No.52634705

Probably because it's how he's commonly drawn. That in turn might be because he is drawn to look "like sithis," ie a hole in reality.

>> No.52634733

Meowth! That's right!

>> No.52635776

Where's the Aztec in Dunmer? Others I can easily see, but Aztec feels odd.

>> No.52636256

Nords now can't even beat a bunch of Bretons that are wearing fur and using bone/stone weapons when the Nords have metal armour and swords.

>> No.52637242

More like you walk past a mud geyser and it erupts, spewing out pokemon red and blue cartridges

>> No.52637271

No yellow?

>> No.52637285

What, do you think Sotha Sil is just MADE of money, is that it?

>> No.52637364

The Cantons look like Aztec temples, that's it though.

>> No.52637404

What is each races preferred sexual position?

>> No.52637482

okaaay, I'l take red then, I guess

>> No.52637510

>he's never heard of Assyrian ziggurats
>he doesn't know half the names on Vvardenfell are bastardized Assyrian words

>> No.52637695

Anything in front of a mirror
I think they lay eggs or some shit.
Anything but oral. They can't be trusted.
You pull your dumb hat over the girl's eyes then punch her in the face.
No anal or oral
You deny the girl's existence then moon walk away.
Doggie :^)
You take her out for a nice dinner with wine, then hold hands in the missionary position
They wrestle and whoever wins gets to be on top.
Whatever keeps the sand out.

>> No.52637871


>> No.52637926

t. Dunmer lass getting eaten out for 2 hours

>> No.52638204

You mixed up Colovian and Nibenese, citizen.

>> No.52638851

No he didn't. Colovians are the Scot/Slav mix with a big dumb fur hat in the north and the Nibenese are the reserved, civilised Romanesque in the south.

>> No.52638865

Don't give me that, Nibenese are savages that enjoy body mutilation.

>> No.52638879

So there's circumcision in Tamriel after all?

>> No.52638899

Not sure if they circumcise, but they totally would do cockhole piercings.

>> No.52639376

>It's a city, but it isn't that big in ESO. I can never see it as town sized though, every lore piece about every iteration of it states that it is big enough to hold off armies and be sieged.
So how do you think Bethesda would fuck it up if they made it?

>> No.52642183

How important to economics would teleportation and levitation be in Tamriel?

>> No.52643335

Levitation is a fairly difficult spell to cast and a fairly pricey potion. I doubt it is economical to use levitate for anything. However, teleportation would be a cool thing to incorporate into the economy.
>set up a whole ship/caravan to transport goods across continents, having to pay many people and risking losing the shipments to theft, bad weather, or other hazards
>or, pay a couple hundred drakes for the mages guild to teleport some crates for you

Speaking of, is there a limit to how far teleportation can go? Could you hypothetically teleport from Sadrith Mora to the Imperial City?

>> No.52643553

It seems like it may need repeaters and it's PROBABLY not economically feasible in bulk, and may have strange effects on raw cargo.

>> No.52645283

How much stuff can one teleport at once, is there any mention on that? We know that you can teleport someone else at least.

>> No.52645597

Reminder that Daggerfall was the most metal Elder Scrolls game


>> No.52645714

I'm replaying Morrowind right now and questioning why I'm not replaying Daggerfall instead. the answer is that my attention span has gotten shorter as I've gotten older, of course

>> No.52645915

Made me lol heartily at a godawful hour of night. My neighbors were already perplexed; now they are afraid.

>> No.52645973

Since it was mentioned in Racial Phylogeny that an Orc impregnating or being impregnated by another race is a great shame, why did Lovidicus (father of the Gray Prince) write so lovingly in his journal? And Agronak himself had absolutely no qualms about saying he was the father of a human (since Lovidicus is most definitely not an orcish name).

>> No.52646204

Horny alpha vamp isn't ashamed of his BVC's sperm.
That, and/or possibly other than love and horniness, his son is an experiment of sorts.

>> No.52646255

Wish I had the patience to play it. I really like the game on paper but I can never manage to sit down with it for long due its old archaic controls and fuckawful dos resolution and draw distance that make me want to spew vomit out of every orifice.

Daggerfall Unity looks super promising though. Pretty excited for that.

>> No.52646280

The whole point of the "grey prince" title is that he is a halfbreed of an orc and a human, something that is normally shameful, but which he made positive by wearing it with pride while retaining his status as Grand Champion. As for Lovidicus, taboo does not necessarily negate love. That quest bothered me because Agronak was okay with being a result of taboo racemixing but became suicidal upon learning his father was a vampire despite the fact that he loved his mother regardless (and his mother loved Lovidicus right up until she learned he was a vampire), like what the fuck. And you'd think an orc (either he or his mother) would have the perspective not to judge a vampire if they were ultimately a good person, given that all orcs are subject to a similar curse and made to be outcasts.

>> No.52646296

>old archaic controls
Do you set mouse look on? If you do that and configure the keyboard layout properly I find it to control pretty much like a modern game, apart from its eclectic combat attack system which is neither modern nor particularly like anything of its time, the only comparable things I can think of are the original Monster Hunter and the various Wii games with swords that used waggle.

My issue is tutorial length and the fact that a single dungeon can take multiple days to fully explore, which I thought was the coolest shit when I was a kid but now it gets tedious because I just want to get back to town to sell my shit, get new clothes, etc. Plus I've been spoiled by more modern CRPGs that have more superficial flavour and variety to them, even if they're shallow and lack any kind of replayability in most cases.

>> No.52646463

But he's an Imperial, not a Nord.

>> No.52646766


>> No.52647285

Daggerfall's controls are surprisingly modern for its time, and it can all be rebound.
Arena is the one that feels like you're controlling a submarine.

>> No.52648382

That has me thinking. Since Lovidicus fathered Agronak we know vampires are not sterile. And since Agronak had super strength he inherited vampirism might. But he wasn't a vampire. So is vampirism inheritable through a mother?

>> No.52648534

Come to think of it about the armor argument and apples and oranges, isn't comparing Nordic Carved and Orcish in Skyrim apples to oranges because one is ebony and the other orichalcum, whereas Nordic and Orcish in Morrowind apples to apples as both are steel?

>> No.52648688

Anyone ever feel that If they ever make an Elder Scrolls: Highrock game, that they should remaster the original Daggerfall theme and mix it Nerevar Rising somehow?

>> No.52648759

High Rock might be a bit too similar to Cyrodiil as they're both generic medieval European. It might have been usable if Cyrodiil was a jungle, but nope.

>> No.52648830

I will pray every day at the Temple of Kynareth for another game set in High Rock.

>> No.52648880

I always felt that was a copout desu.

There's plenty of ways to make otherwise 'generic medieval settings' have a unique feel without it being plain and drab. Game of Thrones does this, and I would certainly not fault Bethesda for riding Game of Thrones coatails I that regard (without wholesale copying it of course).

>> No.52648989

Personally, I think there's a very good chance that Black Marsh is going to be next. Argonians are the second most popular race after the Dunmer and a lot of shit has gone on in the region itself that could warrant either mperial/Thalmor involvement.

I mean shit, the Hist under the An Xileel could basically kill all the non-Argonians on Tamriel if they choose to do so (Umbreil was the result of ONE Hist tree going rogue).

It also doesn't help that many Argonians are hardcore Sithus worshippers and that have become strong as shit following the Oblivion Crisis.

>> No.52649029

>scaliefags actually think this


>> No.52649073


>> No.52649595

>Argonians are the second most popular race after the Dunmer

>> No.52649745

This is why the dunmer enslave you fags

>> No.52650024

Gotta love DOS Midis, reminds me of Dark Forces.

>> No.52650063

>It also doesn't help that many Argonians are hardcore Sithus worshippers and that have become strong as shit following the Oblivion Crisis.
Eh I'm not sure about that, they worked with the Dark Brotherhood and the Hist seem smart enough to realize that it's a scam by Mephala.

>> No.52650098

Was Hermaeus Mora the Aka of the dreugh kalpa?

He's still got ties to time even in this Kalpa, and it would sorta fit the whole ocean theme.

>> No.52650874

The Nibenay is basically the land where Hellenistic and Roman worlds meets modern day Californian New Age liberalism.

Let's just say that does not imply missionary.

>> No.52651145

I think an Elder Scrolls: High Rock would make a great darker game, with all the witch covens, haunted swamps, assassinations, and the like

also screaming skeletons

>> No.52651245

It would be generic european medieval fantasy, you know, because that's what High Rock is.

>> No.52651261

I have a hard time believing Argonians would be more popular than Dunmer, Bretons or Nords who seem to most played races. Sure, they're probably popular with lizard lovers, but I can't really see anything that would make them appealing to mainstream audiences.

>> No.52651264

There's also Orsinium, a fuckton of Knight Orders, Wereboars, Dirreni ruins, Adamantia, etc.

Honestly wouldn't be too difficult to make High Rock have a unique feel, you just need to amp up the poverty and feudalism vibes, along with the sense that there's something not quite right with the land itself.

>> No.52651343

This the next game should be set in Hammerfell or atleast in both.

>> No.52651388

Would be fucking awesome if one could explore space ship core of Adamantine Tower. That alone would make High Rock worth to play.

>> No.52651398

Also politics, where everyone is a backstabbing murdering cunt trying to trap each other in increasingly convoluted plots.

Do you want to join the Mages Guild? That's fine, membership is common, but to get anywhere you need to join the right interest groups and help the right people.

Also woolly centipedes in the mountains.

>> No.52651502

Not anymore, Orsinium is between Hammerfell and Skyrim now.

Orcish clans and strongholds though would be a thing. Some city orcs. Wereboars would be cool.

>> No.52651552

A new Cursed Legion would be cool as shit.

>> No.52651607

Hammerfell is it.

>> No.52651703

I do love me some boar folk, wereboars seem interesting since they're something between predator and prey, not an animal known to hunt food, though they do chase down intruders and will certainly gorge on eat they find.

I wonder what role Hircine has for them.

>> No.52651730

>Generic Arabian fantasy

How's this better?

>> No.52651806

It would just be generic arabian fantasy, you know, because that's what Hammerfell is.

>> No.52652168

There has to be a genre for it to be generic

>> No.52652259

Yes but what weapon types would be cut, or merged for simplicity?

>> No.52652359

There's only two skills now, so either they merge sword and board in with one handed, or merge one and two handed together.

Or make shields not have an armor type.

Honestly I hope they take it as an opportunity to bring back medium armor..

>> No.52652773

What if Destruction was merged with Alteration as you're simply altering the enemy into death?

>> No.52652802

Manmer are shit and should stay in the shithole they should live in because they're shitty shit shits.

>> No.52652838

I hope they actually fucking learn something from the criticism Fallout 4 received.
I know they won't, but I still hope for the impossible.

Go fuck yourself, Berevar.
Sincerely, Malviser.

>> No.52652871

Total War: Arena

>> No.52652913

Wait, did Reman really conquer Sumerset?

I thought he had everything BUT Sumerset and Morrowind.

>> No.52653033

Why does Hammerfall get such a generous sized providence?

>> No.52653059

It's mostly desert. If you cut out the entirely useless parts, it's not that big.

>> No.52653066

Not much of it is useful for much beyond the storage of desiccated corpses and monuments, so people don't care.

>> No.52653083

Druadach Mountains should be Breton or Nord

>> No.52653111

>That said, it seems most likely that the sign in question would be the Serpent for various reasons.


Maybe High Rock is now a jungle?

There was a game set in High Rock?

>> No.52653127

No, he didn't conquer Summerset or Morrowind.

>> No.52653131

Please, Anon. Don't do this.

>> No.52653147

I'm sorry for being an know-nothing piece of shit

>> No.52653202

>That said, it seems most likely that the sign in question would be the Serpent for various reasons.
Ties to Lorkhan/Sithis/Padomay, as most heroes.

>There was a game set in High Rock?
Uhhh... Daggerfall? A two-province game over Hammerfell and High Rock.

>> No.52653222

>Uhhh... Daggerfall? A two-province game over Hammerfell and High Rock.
I'm a fucking moron

>> No.52653366

Oh my god, that's a legit mosaic, not a filter faker!

>> No.52653464

Not really

>> No.52653477

Lurk more.
Way more.

>> No.52653601

>not knowing who the Colovians and Nibenese are

>> No.52653605

It uses duplicates, which is sorta half cheating, but not a filter.

>> No.52653617

>>not knowing who the Colovians and Nibenese are
Should I?

>> No.52653658

There the two types of Imperials, we never got to see them in Oblivion because fuck lore right???, but anyway,
Nibenese: lean to more the magic and "mer" side, mer as in good at magic and perfectionist sorrta

Colovian: lean more to combat and a nordic way of life, as in conquest

>> No.52653716

The more you know.
Where can I read more about them?

>> No.52653745

There's the same image with different shades, it's cheating

>> No.52653773

Which ones?

>> No.52653808

https://www.imperial-library.info/ would be the best

>> No.52653812


Picard's typical one, on the hair, the neck...

>> No.52653850

Ah shit you're right.

>> No.52653930

Sorry, I'm also always looking for a legit one

>> No.52654672

Sumurset was made a vassal of the Empire at some unknown point prior to 1E 2820. Likely during Reman II's reign.
It's implied that there was never an actual war between the two, and that the Altmer merely submitted to the Empire to prevent conflict (and humans) from coming to Sumurset.

That said, the gif map that person posted isn't very accurate.

>> No.52654771

Many people used to think other humans not of their ethnicity were non-human, it's not like our classifications are always correct.

>> No.52655237

They're probably somewhat weaker for most.

Also I've never actually used Atronach, not sure why but it just never appealed to me.

>I think most people don't actually receive the blessing or at least the full blessing of their sign. In Daggerfall the birthsign abilities were class bonuses, sorcerers were by far the strongest non-custom class (imo) and had the atronach effect. In Skyrim likewise you don't have a birthsign ability, though doomstones still exist- Doomstones were in Oblivion and IIRC Morrowind as well, and conferred a lesser version of a star sign's ability.
>I believe the theory I've heard that seems most plausible is that certain figures are blessed (whether by the Aedra or the Ge themselves) and receive the full benefits of their signs and others don't.
Doomstones started in oblivion, but the standing stones in Skyrim were generally more powerful.

(Morrowind had the shrines and such which I really really liked.)

>> No.52656229

Really? I admit, I'm not used to older controls, but I found Daggerfall's controls pretty awkward - especially in that left and right were related to rotating, not strafing, since I was used to looking around with my mouse AND using to to click on things rather than using it just as something to click on things, if that makes sense.

>> No.52657093

>especially in that left and right were related to rotating, not strafing
Not to be rude, but it sounds like you've barely tried. Daggerfall has strafing. And the mouse thing is something I don't get, you barely ever have any need reason to activate the cursor.

I'm not saying it's perfect, but it really is pretty good for 96.

>> No.52657270

>rather than using it just as something to click on things
Sounds like you're not playing with the camera bound to the mouse, for whatever reason.

Take a look at this:

>> No.52657904

It becomes a buggy first-person For Honor
You get a flail? Watch as its bugs out, passes harmlessly through your enemy, and gets stuck to the tree that's 12 meters away

>> No.52658217

Don't think it can really get any worst at least. At this point the only possible way the skill system and RPG elements could get more watered down is if they just reduced it to three Warrior/Mage/Thief skills summed up with "Do more damage with sord", "Do more damage with majick" and "Do more damage with stealth archery".

>> No.52658329

He was presumably meant to be a dhampir, a fairly contemporary creature in vampire lore. Vampirism fucks with your spiritual DNA or some shit so certain traits of it are heritable without actually passing on the disease itself, dhampirs possessing vampiric strength and sorcery without relying on blood to sustain themselves or burning in sunlight or holy places. They're basically mary sue vampires. In most settings it is only passed father to son, so given its rarity and the fact that the only example we have here is passed that way I think it is reasonable to assume that is the case in TES until proven otherwise. Presumably if the mother were a vampire the child would be a full vampire as well, as they actually share blood.

Probably the reason you don't see many dhampirs is that male vampires usually turn their mates, Lovidicus was a special case because he clearly truly loved Agronak's mother.

Order of likelihood for the next game from most to least likely is
>Valenwood + Elsweyr
>The entire Dominion

>Summerset alone
>High Rock
>Elsweyr alone
>Mainland Morrowind
>Any region that has already appeared in its entirety (Daggerfall was only the Illiac Bay and Morrowind was only Vvardenfell, which is now a wasteland anyway)
The first three are FAR ahead of anything else, too. Valenwood has been teased for the last two games the same way Skyrim was and the same way that Morrowind teased Oblivion by repeatedly having characters go "BOY, WOULDN'T IT BE CRAZY IF THE SEPTIM SUCCESSION WAS FUCKED UP SOMEHOW? HAHA WOULDN'T THAT STIR THINGS UP? CYRODIIL WOULD BE CRAZY THEN!!"

>> No.52658419

The serpent is not associated with a set range of dates because the serpent is an asterism of dark stars that travels through the zodiac and changes places constantly (which interestingly shows that Tamriel uses proper astronomically correct sidereal astrology rather than seasonal astrology as most westerners do irl, since for anyone to be born under the serpent astrologers would have to be actively checking the sky to see what sign a baby was born under). As such, saying "on a certain day" but not saying what day that is suggests the unpredictable nature of the Serpent.

The constellation also represents both Lorkhan and Akatosh (the Redguard deity Satakal, who is both before they were split in the Shattering of Lorkhan). All heroes in TES are at the bare minimum mythic echos of Akatosh, which is why they start as prisoners- Akatosh was a prisoner in Lorkhan's Heart, and that Heart being liberated from Lorkhan's chest is what caused time itself to begin.

The "Imperials" are actually two races. The Nibenese are traditionally moneylenders, scholars and mages and hail from the southeast of Cyrodiil, in the region of Nibenay, which is a humid region around a large valley. They have strong Italian/Roman and Egyptian influences. The Nibenese are probably what you think of when you think "Imperial," the Colovians being closer to Nords. They ruled the first empire.

The Colovians hail from the region of Colovia to the northwest, which is mostly forests and highlands. They are traditionally warriors and leaders and have a markedly more Nordic culture, albeit more civilised- They aren't living in straw huts and longhouses, they're living in real stone cities and value scholasticism. They have strong Slavic and Scottish influences. They ruled the second, third and I believe fifth empires.

The fourth empire's dynasty is an absolute mess and even had two Dunmer Emperors, but it began with Hjalti Early-Beard, who was a Breton with a Nord father.

>> No.52658460

Who was right

>> No.52658471

the Nibenese also have Akaviri influences iirc

the Alik'r, Saadia's story is inconsistent as fuck

>> No.52658522

Brown Grill

Alik'r literally don't even have any kind of proof of authority and got one of their own in jail. Also they attack every red guard woman (Also you if applicable) also her urn ends up in Whiterun that makes no sense

>> No.52658566

t. white knight

>> No.52658580

My bad, for some reason I thought there was a third empire between the Reman and Septim dynasties and looked up who started it only to see that there was none. So the Colovians ruled the second and I'm pretty sure fourth Empires (though Titus Mede is a more Nibenean name now that I think about it), the Nibeneans ruled the first Empire.

It's worth noting that when he took and Imperial name to integrate into the culture when he assumed leadership Hjalti chose a strongly Nibenean name, Tiber Septim, perhaps to evoke images of the early Alessian emperors.

The warriors, almost definitely. Her story doesn't add up, she seems to just hope you don't know the political situation in Hammerfell and play on Skyrim's suspicion of the Thalmor. If she's actually innocent and lying to get you to help that's unfortunate because it's still obvious she's lying.

They both have Akaviri influences because Akavir ruled Cyrodiil during the Interregnum, between the second and third empires, and were an ally of the Reman dynasty Empire.

>> No.52658613

t. Curved sword enthusiast

>> No.52658637

He's not white, he's a redguard woman. How else would he know that they attack any redguard woman, INCLUDING the player character? :^)

>> No.52659212

Who was right?

>> No.52659250

Breton witch was right. But I always sided with the Nord because I couldn't kill him. Fucking unarmed attacks.

>> No.52659389

What makes you say she's right?

>> No.52659398

Might is right. That mere witch has nothing to offer a Breton Sorcerer.

>> No.52659498

Besides that everything she did was totally cool in the context of Nord culture? Besides that a Nord needed to stoop so low as to find a stranger to help him retake his family's honor?

Even in the worst case - in that the Breton is just a bandit who hired a string of Nord bodyguards only to rob them in their sleep - welcome to fucking Morrowind. They should be thankful they're not dead.

>> No.52659560

Her story versus "Profesional" Mercs who have no proof of her crimes beyond their words or proof that they've been hired by some higher authority. You'd think high treason would actually warrant some kind of papers especially if you send "domestic" agents onto another country's soil.

As far as you know you're just helping them murder a woman

What was the purpose of hiding out with bandits? If anything they could have killed them and brought the leader's head as a sign of goodwill and get back in the city

>> No.52659637

>As far as you know you're just helping them murder a woman
And as far as you know you're just helping a traitor murder several good men. Her story is literally impossible, theirs is just slightly fishy at worst and that's assuming that it would even be normal during TESV's time to worry about things like official documents in a place with a reputation like Skyrim's. That would be like sending FBI agents into the fucking congo with credentials to prove they were there looking for a refugee.

>> No.52659643

>Her story versus "Profesional" Mercs who have no proof of her crimes beyond their words or proof that they've been hired by some higher authority

Considering that Hammerfell isn't even part of the Empire at this point in history, I doubt anyone would even be able to verify any paperwork - so this point is moot.

>What was the purpose of hiding out with bandits?

Another moot point. Even if they were lying, it would be a good idea for them to build up a rapport with Whiterun. The reason they're in the bandit cave is because most quests require you to cut your way through a cave full of badguys. That's it.

>> No.52659727

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door

>> No.52660009


>> No.52660035

The leather club's two blocks down.

>> No.52660233

Fuck you.

>> No.52660250

I'm not getting it

>> No.52660296

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPJvGMYxDPs here you go, N'wah.

>> No.52660382

*Crassius Curio's chamber is two floors up.

>> No.52660443

My character was, by killing her than betraying him for that sweet Axe only to sell it to Creeper

>> No.52660970

>also her urn ends up in Whiterun that makes no sense
This right here.
People ignore this all the time, and I hate it. It's straight proof, no logic or inferred reasons, that the mercs are bullshitting you.

>> No.52661016

I'll show you who's the hortator of this house.

>> No.52661043

But it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You watch them drag her away on their horses (or, it's inferred, as I'm sure it's not intended for you to simply watch them stand around until you leave). Under what circumstance could her ashes possibly make it back to Whiterun? Did some guy in the wilderness just find her corpse and then drag it all the fucking way back to Whiterun for a proper burning? How soon after her death would she had to have been found for that to even be feasible?

>> No.52661136

>using logic on a bethesda game
see, that's why this argument, and the "ulfric is a sleeper agent" still persists.
You act like they meticulously planned everything out in their games and stories.
They didn't.
Also according to
it's her body not ashes specifically. it's been a while since i played it so Im assuming there's a difference.

>> No.52661201

These last two points seem to be contradictory. Unless the Alak'r just wanted to torture her before they left her body near Whiterun?

Most likely her body being in the Hall of the Dead is simply just a quirk of the game. The character is marked dead so it doesn't keep showing up in town, which coincidentally makes them appear in the halls of the dead.

>> No.52661242

So either bethesda is incompetent at making a proper 2sided story, or bethesda is incompetent at making a quest different than just murder.
Even still, I'd imagine someone would eventually have said her turning up in the hall is a bug/quest mistake. It's a vanilla quest, if it wasn't supposed to happen that way some official one would have said something by now.

>> No.52661286

Whiterun is the "first town"/"demo town" of the game. It's likely programmed a bit differently than the rest.

>> No.52661314

So now we wait for someone to confirm if she was not supposed to end up there during the quest.
Until then, she's correct.

>> No.52661353

Can't prove a negative.

>> No.52661367

Well if she wasn't supposed to turn up in the hall after that quest, then it would be a "bug", and if an official person said this was a bug then so be it. Nothing about proving anything there.
Fact is, right now, she turns up in the hall. No logic there, no unreliable narrative or whatever you want to use. She turns up there, plain and simple.

>> No.52661381

>and if an official person said this was a bug then so be it.

I can't believe this thread is going to die with your idiotic rantings as the final discussion.

>> No.52661391

I'm not really sure what else I would call them. Feel free to provide a proper term for me to use.

>> No.52661472

>bethesda is incompetent
Let's see here:
>Farkas has the Blacksmith class when he's supposed to be a better warrior than Vilkas
>Urag has a the Scout class when he's supposed to be a conjurer of Atronachs that fuck you up if you mess up his books
>Extra Effect supposedly drains life force from the enchanter, but you do it no problem and it doesn't even drain your health when you use it
>Daedric is supposed to only to be able to be forged at night. You can forge it in the middle of the day no issue

yep, bethesda is incompetent

>> No.52661548

Literally did the same thing

That damn nord killed me maybe 6 times in a row though

>> No.52661690

Do the Khajiit have any legendary heroes or artifacts/weapons that we know of? Are there any good khajiit stories?

>> No.52662214

Only Skyrim has many of inconsistencies and bullshit that doesn't make sense. Apart from that there's only inconsistencies between games (ie retcons).

Ulfric being a knowing asset of the Thalmor and acting under Thalmor orders is also something that is stated, not inferred.

Her ashes ending up in Whiterun is probably due to some silly bullshit in how the quest is actually handled (ie killing the actor to get rid of her), like how that FO3 DLC train was actually an underground guy wearing a hat that looked like a fullsize train car and running really fast. Or just more intern work like the entire smithing system, where they had someone incompetent do a job because it basically amounted to data entry.

Anyway, she says the Alik'r have been sent after her because she spoke out against the Thalmor, when the Thalmor were driven away from Hammerfell, which remains sovereign, and are hated enemies of the Alik'r. She is blatantly lying. Even if she weren't, there's literally nothing wrong with the Thalmor. Kematu's story, meanwhile, is that she is a traitor who sold Hammerfell out to the Dominion, which is entirely plausible and would make her decidedly not guilty since there's nothing wrong with the Thalmor. It's certainly a hairy pickle, since you want to kill her if she's telling the truth and keep her alive if Kematu is, but she is DEFINITELY lying and Kematu is PROBABLY telling the truth.


>> No.52662269

>there's literally nothing wrong with the screeching autists that want to unmake reality because their feelings got hurt


>> No.52662323

Better than the screeching autists that want to preserve it, ironically due to the fact that they never live long enough to gain perspective on the whole matter and thus don't have to or get to experience it for very long anyway.

The Psiijics want to preserve reality for their own selfish reasons, they know how mortals can ascend to godhood and that this is the reason Lorkhan made this vast machine whose sole purpose seems to most to make people suffer, and they know that they are the most eligible candidates. The Thalmor want to destroy it not only for themselves but for basically everyone that isn't a card-carrying member of the PSJJJJ or named Vivec.

>> No.52662359

>wah wah I stubbed my toe, reality is bad, let's go back to being a giant circlejerk of meaningless nothingness

they've almost surpassed the Dwemer at missing the point

>> No.52662377

to be fair, at least the nigger dwemer made fucking robots, with one of them basically a pokeball. That's pretty cool

>> No.52662393

>Ulfric being a knowing asset of the Thalmor and acting under Thalmor orders is also something that is stated, not inferred.
I think they may have used him as an asset via middleman spies.

>> No.52662429

>via middleman spies.
mostly the case during the Civil War but by their own admission they were directly contacting him up until the aftermath of the Markarth Incident

>> No.52662436

As in he KOs your stamina too fast to win?

I didn't encounter them till I was very high level and decked out in incredible armor so he was never a threat.

>> No.52662439

Probably now they do. Dossier mentions that he's become resistant to "direct contact" only since the Markarth incident. That could mean direct meetings with Elenwen, offering an alternate explanation of why he loses it when she shows up at High Hrothgar beyond the obvious PTSD because she was also his interrogator.

>> No.52662452

Eh, it seems like they would have probably had someone pretend to be a private blackmailer, an ex-Thalmor who knew that he broke or something. Rather than saying "The Thalmor want you to do this thing."

>> No.52662507

I feel like "Direct" may not have meant "Undisguised."

>> No.52662555

They aren't disguised when they bust him out of Helgen, so...

>> No.52662578

Well they were trying to delay Helgen in Bureaucratic red tape, Alduin did the busting.

>> No.52662595

That doesn't have to be a bad thing though, if they put a good story or at least made such a generic world interesting. The real world can be interesting, so why not a generic one?

>> No.52662609

They were the ones that actually smuggled him out. The Dossier says they intervened and none of the Stormcloak soldiers have seen him since his little speech if you escape with Ralof.

>> No.52662617

reminder that Skyrim has literally mixing Corundum, a crystal, with iron, a metal, to make steel. Fuck, couldn't they have you burn firewood to create charcoal and use the carbon in that? Or is that too fucking hard?

>> No.52662639

again, Helgen is an example of their kind of direct contact, no attempts to hide the fact that they're Thalmor agents
interestingly, Markarth is the only city that has a permanent station of Thalmor agents, I wonder if Ondolemar was brought in to resolve the Stormcloaks being granted free worship in defiance of the Concordat, and has been staying there for the past 20 years

>autists will bitch about corundum but not ebony

>> No.52662646

glass and ebony occur in ore veins on the far side of the province from red mountain; orichalcum is an ore rather than an ally (literally "steel ore" tier), is green instead of gold because it's used for orcish armour and orcs are green (even though their gear has never been green before), is used by orcs instead of redguards (as if any redguards would remember how to make it anyway, it was a yokudan thing) simply because it has "or" in the name; anybody can learn to smith ebony with perseverance, daedric is just ebony cooled in daedra blood from a heart with no special ritual needed; or my favourite, you mine both quicksilver and moonstone from ore, smelt both quicksilver (a liquid at room temperature) and moonstone (a stone rather than a metal) into ingots, then hammer those ingots to make altmer armour

>> No.52662680

>I wonder if Ondolemar was brought in to resolve the Stormcloaks being granted free worship in defiance of the Concordat, and has been staying there for the past 20 years
Probably. Being able to station Thalmor there permanently was the whole reason they had Ulfric recapture the place on the terms that Talos worship would be openly allowed. Ulfric almost certainly knew that everyone was secretly worshiping Talos in Skyrim anyway (as they continue to), the Thalmor needed it to be open so they would have an excuse to occupy a Skyrim city.

>> No.52662682

And in Dragonborn the Redoran guard use Altmer weapons isntead of bonemold bows or even dwarven or similar swords.

Also this was my Captcha wtf google.

>> No.52662692

>not using legacy captcha

>> No.52662714

Ebony can mean deep, dark black- just like the metal in game.

Corundum is nothing like that. Corundum can only mean the specific crystal.

Daedric is said (in a smithing skill book) to need to be made at night, preferably under a full moon. But there's only even rumours on how it's made, so there's no way you'd know except by trial and error but you don't have to diddle around.

2 effects on enchanting caused a pyromancer powerful enough to defeat a dragon to outright die as his life was drained so heavily, according to an enchanting skill book. That's just ONE item he enchanted.

Bethesda broke so many of the rules they outright laid out in the books pretty much just for people to feel godlike after a certain point, and in turn, they completely broke the balance of skills since crafting skills are OP as balls.

>> No.52662783

>2 effects on enchanting caused a pyromancer powerful enough to defeat a dragon to outright die as his life was drained so heavily, according to an enchanting skill book. That's just ONE item he enchanted.
That was a book specifically made for Skyrim, and meant to make it clear how skilled you had become to be able to dual enchant in the first place. The really bizarre thing is that it has always been possible in the past to put multiple enchantments on one item.

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