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Pathfinder General /pfg/

How awooooo do your characters get? How do you properly play a doggo or a woofy wolf?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Current Playtests: https://pastebin.com/WMhRUURm

Old thread: >>52579673

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What the actual fuck is wrong with you.

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Aw come on bitch this has literally NOTHING to do with Pathfinder.

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I prefer my wolfgirls to be adorable

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In my last game we came up against man-eating smurfs, when they turned to run at the end I couldn't resist, snatched one up and ate it, as any good catboy ninja would.

Turns out smurfs are poisonous.

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You aren't even trying anymore anon. At least make your question relevant to pathfinder.

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>its the middle of the fucking night
>I better make a new /pfg/ with a fucking anime op
>I better ask a completely irrelevant question too

Can you at least fucking try. I hate you.

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Good news is I just obtained a bunch of poison for my ninja, at DC19, 1d3 STR damage, its pretty good poison too.

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They don't have to try since you bite anyway.

On Str and Dex: the 4e save choices would bring the two closer in line. High Dex is oversold as AC defense compared to having heavier armor, which disincentivizes using Dex by not granting an AC bonus from Dex. There's also potentially implementing strength minimums for wearing certain armors.

With that, you have Str as:
Melee to hit
Melee damage
Ranged damage (bows mandatory composite)
Fort save
Armor Class (armor enabler)

And Dex has:
Ranged to hit
Finesse to hit
Finesse damage
Reflex saves
Armor Class (enabled by armor)

Even split. You let maneuvers go Str or Dex and either kill Con completely or keep it around so Wizards can feel right dumping Str.

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I hate everything

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I'm not the OP, but it happens to be 4:48 here, in Australia.

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Fuck you aussies are all shitposters the day of the fucking emu WHEN

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Can this class concievably be anything but Evil?

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Actually when /a/ merged with /sp/ and got flags, it turned out that leafs shitposted more than literally every other flag combined, excluding burgers.

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Well yes, day of the rake fucking when, but even though there's less aussies, they are all shitposters and do deserve to die.

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Would you allow double swords to be refluffed as sword chucks?

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No, because "swordchucks" would simply do twice as much damage to yourself as the enemy. Bladed chains don't actually work that well for the specific reason that they are chains - even though flexible weapons move faster, they also apply less force because they bounce. In other words, Red Mage is right, that's the dumbest fucking idea anyone's ever had.

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You have to impale seven people though.

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you wound me good sir, just because we all have dynamic IPs and give no fuck about bans, doesn't mean we would ever use that power.

That incredibly convenient, exploitable POWER... excuse me for a moment.

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That's evidently why they work SO WELL. Have you not been paying attention?

Poor plans are the best plans because something going wrong can't affect their course!

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>7 Sentient Creatures
They can just be animals, it didn't specify sapient. Just sentient, meaning anything not mindless. Impaling 7 chickens under the full moon would allow you to qualify. Then you can just fry em up afterword.

Also they can just be evil people.

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Fuck you ya wanker!

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... as I was saying, you wound me good sir.

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>Poor plans are the best plans because something going wrong can't affect their course!
Well yeah going tits up 100% of the time as opposed to 20% of the time is not really better.

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You'll never get to your plan B without failing plan A first anon.

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You could just have your plan A NOT cause the death of half the party?

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Just like how you can't get to your B-hole without going through your A-hole!

... I don't follow.

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This thread started terribly, but between the one genuine catboy post, and all the semi-sarcastic shitposting.

I am feeling quite amused

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They're the same weight!

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Its not sarcastic, the day of the emu is coming

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>How awooooo do your characters get? How do you properly play a doggo or a woofy wolf?
/pfg/ was a mistake.

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I am intrigued by the idea voiced by >>52583318 aside from the stupid alliteration. Thoughts?

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Don't worry we agree

we're just waiting for death

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/pfg/ is for containment.

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Haha I knew it, all you homos are Trump loving weeabo faggots. This was all the proof we needed.

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Lets review some apps /pfg/ who wants a review?

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Are you retarded?

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So how do YOU use Reptilefolk in your setting?

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WWW could use some review-love

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Finally a pf thread and you do this

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Pick one anon

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I second this

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Some Shardwalkers apps still need reviewing, roll for one?

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Do me!

I keep asking my friends for reviews but they aren't saying much in depth. I'd appreciate build tips mostly, but I mostly wanted to keep it simple (and I don't really like PoW/Psi) Bio is kind of long but I can't really figure out anything else to change/add. Only problem is that I feel like i shoehorned the familiar in.

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Nah, just choose one.

Don't choose the [email protected] he isn't able to play.

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How shitty would a bloodrager/brawler gestalt be?

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Do DHB's Nugget Man

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for future reference dear shitposter, the emu is not that Iconic over here (despite being on our money), you just don't see them very much in populated areas.

try Koala or Roo. The koala is lazy and sleeps 14 hours a day, the Roo can be quite ornery and likes to punch people.

Both are much better comparisons for ridicule.

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Fairly honestly. You're better off as a Bloodrager/Scaled Fist UC Monk

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I wouldn't mind a review. Thanks in advance if you end up doing it.

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Still sore about your defeat in the emu war I see

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I see, I wanna try making a bloodrager gestalt for a friends game, but im not sure what to pair it with, he's allowing core paizo stuff only.

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your fun

but we happen to have won all our wars.

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Bloodrager is in no way core. What books is he actually allowing?

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Core to him just means official paizo shit only

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Then yeah the Scaled Fist monk is fine, it's from Legacy of Dragons, one of the paizo published setting companions.

Use it with UC monk version. Have a good time.

Don't pick a bloodrager bloodline that gives you claws because you can't flurry with them.

Destined is probably the best for you.

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>We won all our wars

Except for the one agains the emus

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Arcane Bloodline is best, faggot

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Oh, look at me, I don't like having the best saving throws.

Be a Primalist Bloodrager with destined and exchange your 8th level bloodline power for Superstitious. Trade out for first level one for a bloodline familiar.

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I think i'll just go with this, it sounds like a lot of fun and something different. Never built one before, so this'll be fun.

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>tfw shardwalkers still has a week left
>it would've been in session by now

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why is that wolf in a pumpkin

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Thank you. someone sane

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there's no hope for us

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no. we must believe, we must remain strong!

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You know what
I'm not even going to give a proper response, so have a hot chinese girl.

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Where do you actually go to get UC Monk archetypes though? Didn't they change so much with the UC that none of the archetypes actually worked?

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Read the archetype, it tells you what it replaces for both monk and UC monk, depending on which you are.

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I just don't get it anon, why would that wolf be inside a pumpkin

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I'll make my biases clear first and say on principal I like shorter apps.

>Vigilante Identity Bit

Seems okay, a PC so young might be at odds with the rest of the party, hard to know how fetishy the DM wants the game.

The descriptions of hair and clothes strike me as a bit odd since they're specific but not really telling of anything. "He wears a thick, yet very light set of Mithral chains" describing mithral chain as thick seems odd to me, just call it mithral chain, unless you added vital guard to it or something.

I'd consider just letting your pictures do the talking unless you can sum up some very descriptive passages, when I read this it feels like you were just trying to come up with as much as you could without really having great ideas.

"She tends to have a very timid look on her face that fails to show the otherwise overly-ambitious nature of hers" This is MMO RP tier, what does a timid look, look like? Why are you explaining her personality behind half a sentence about looks? If you're being brief I'll accept "timid" as a description but you've written a paragraph and half of it is her personality.


wew this is long! I would try to cut it in half and it'd still be long. When you're talking about other people not caring about her, it makes me not care.

I get the basic ideas here but the age really bothers me personally, fifteen year olds are basically garbage at everything, Magical Child I understand is meant to ape sailor moon or whatever, but I'd consider hiding the age, and aging up the vigilante identity. It's sort of hard to think that a padded up 15 year old girl cuts anymore an imposing figure than one in a dress, especially when she'll be standing next to bara husbandos.

All in all there is a lot going on here, but assuming the DM doesn't hate long apps like I do, I don't think the extra detail hurts you, a concept this extravagant does need lots of explaining.


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When you're done senpai I wouldn't mind a quick look on mine if you can, I cranked it out a few hours ago and wouldn't mind some feedback

>> No.52583960


Wis and Cha are both VERY loaded down with skills. Merging them would make that a god stat out of combat.

>> No.52583972


"though she is hardly wise and would likely make for an ill-ruler at first, until she properly accustoms herself to the world of politics"

You need to go through your app and find every single sentence like this and remove it, don't speculate on her behalf, this kind of stuff adds nothing other than telling us your personal feelings about how she should arc. Personally there's nothing more that bothers me than people who decide their characters arcs ahead of time and then try to force it into whatever they're doing.

For the rulership roles I would look at the ones her stats fit, pick the one she'd most like to do, and pick that one. Why half these apps list off every single role the character guide matches their stats for I have no idea, the DM can look at your stats and match it to a chart.

"(*cough*herself*cough)" Please remove this!

I skipped personality so I'm doubling back,

with Vigilante it's tough since you're going to have so much shit going on. I'd remove parts that talk about what she's like in private, and instead focus on the traits that will be apparent to others right away. How she opens up to people should probably depend on the person in question as much as anything else, and I have bad experiences with itching powder in PF so I don't talk about being a prankster.

My overall feelings would be to avoid trying to be a bit of everything, and to keep your details to what would be more strictly relevant to the campaign. Overall I think you have a lot of detail which is better than too little, and of course it shows enthusiasm.

Really I think your app probably just hinges entirely on how much the DM likes reverse traps, because if he loves them you're basically in no matter what.

>> No.52584015

And thank you for this as well!

I'll be honest I did sort of rush through appearance and detailing the self (since i usually just tend to let people fill in blanks rather than being too specific) though I think i'm going to go ahead and rewrite both of those. Everything else you says truly rings and i'll probably be making a lot of adjustments to fix things around.

although to be honest i'm quite anti-lewd and i don't fetishize a single thing about this character, i'm pretty story-focused. I'll likely be aging her up to 18 under suggestion of the DM for now too.

I may have bought itching powder.

Again, though, thanks.

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I'm not sure what you're saying here:

"Her clothing is suited to the cold northern city from which she hails adorns her and it's obvious that the only extravagance it bears is in her formal uniform as of now"

You have two pictures so I think you should probably just drop the appearance section unless you're going to describe distinguishing scars or how she shaves her pubic hair.

"Her sharp features make for an attractive face"

Same as last app, this is MMO RP, don't tell me she's attractive, describe her features and I'll decide what to think.

"despite her being just over thirty. Franze is a woman of tired eyes and usually bleak expression"

You then go on to describe her as being unattractive in the next sentence. Guys, if your paragraph isn't great, just leave it out. Especially stuff like appearance if you have a picture, at least for me I look at the picture and think okay, got it, bit older looking, dresses formal, still attractive. Then I have to read your contradictory descriptions.

NEVER DO TOUGH BUT CUTE. It is seriously the hallmark of ALL bad RP. Stop it! She can be tough but cute, but don't say it!

Okay, Backstory, lets look at your first three sentences, because you have like six paragraphs.

>Franze never knew her parents,


>being raised instead by the man she knew as Aleksandr.


>He was her Uncle, and he was a good man, who provided for her with all he could as a dock worker.

>A charitable man, Aleksandr gave his all to the young girl, even taking more shifts than his body could handle just to put food on the table.

You could've said all of this in one sentence, again I don't like long apps but try to cut down details that don't matter.

>For a time she was happy, and when she turned sixteen, and met Rocque Valance, she was still happy

Like what is this, you've just said the same thing twice?

Anon go back and re-read this out loud to yourself, and if you're repeating yourself, cut it down

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I just visit rarely, and at bad times

>> No.52584061

Well let me enlighten you good friend

1. We always have a /pfg/ up

2. Its always garbage.

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>Having been betrayed once in her youth, Franze is naturally suspicious of others. It's come to the point of neurosis in some instances, but she would never open the inner workings of her mind to anyone other than her closest companions.

Again, same as last app you're telling me stuff about her that should be private. Tell us what she's like interacting with people, the DM doesn't give a shit if your character is secretly a sociopath, if deep down she's a huge piece of shit it doesn't matter because she has to adventure and do stuff.

So tell us how we can expect her to get along in a party,

"She's invested most of her life to the law, and she's proud of this, and what she does"

An entire sentence to say she's proud.

"Diplomacy, and intimidation, are both tools to be used by her to achieve results, as the situation dictates, as long as it draws closer to her desired outcome."

Whole sentence to say she uses her brain at a functional level.

"Along the same line of thinking, Franze is, of course, willing to step on whoever gets in her way, so long as they can't benefit her. Whether she's whispering into a man's ear about a woman she finds particularly suitable for him, or having a watch member kept at their current, lowly rank because their ideals aren't in line with her own."

Now I don't know if the DM loves all this useless fluff, but here's what I got,

"She's slow to trust, if at all, proud, pragmatic and manipulative."

So again my personal length biases are showing, but consider how much you're actually saying here and how much it's taking you to say it.

Overall I think this is an okay app, lots of details is better than too few even if they're fluffed up, and I like older PC's.

My main concern is the ability for a PC to work with a group, especially if they're anti-social so I might consider how the lawful aspect would be useful to tier her into a party, that is something I'd like expanded on.

>> No.52584105


>"(Stats wise Spymaster and Royal Assassin work. Thematically Warden or Marshall is more fitting, though.)"

Again, the DM can read the fucking chart, tell us what role you want, look at what the DM posted:

> Please also include a which leadership role in a kingdom the PC would desire.

Desire, not "please match your PC's stats to the chart because I am too fucking stupid to look at a chart"

If I'm picking apps and I see like, basic reading comprehension stuff like this it makes me very sad! The good news it's an easy fix.

I wanted to add some more to my overall impressions which would be that I like older PC's and I like LE.

But again, if you had read some of the other blingmaker DM posts you'd see he says "Don't worry about how you're chosen"

>The Charter she received came under the influence of Rocque and his compatriots. They'd been using their connections to the less that savory individuals of the nobility to have it sent to her, and much to their surprise, she accepted. With Franze out of the city, no matter how long she was truly gone for, they had secured their continued survival as an organization.

But you added that in yourself, so I don't know if this scores you points or removes them, I'd probably get a hold of the DM to see how well that jives with what he's got.

So, cut down the repetition, and make sure you're formatting correctly will be the biggest parts to make this app better for me.

>> No.52584112


Ravioli ravioli give me the reviewioli

>> No.52584118

i have never gotten the awoo but i want it

>> No.52584122

Jesus, surely there was a better way you could have formatted this.

>> No.52584127

not sure if this reviewanon is the best but i'm sure they're just doing it from boredom. It's pretty clear they have their own biases and pretty narrow views of characterization.

I mean, it's something.

>> No.52584133

Ah, a much sought review review anon anon

>> No.52584145

This review anon gets a 4/10. They're too subjective and nitpicky on otherwise irrelevant things. Some of their criticism is good although they seem to entirely focus on the negative. Formatting is horrible and they are filled with biases they acknowledge, but acknowledgement doesn't make it any better. Who's next?

>> No.52584148

We need to go DEEPER.

>> No.52584200


I don't give a shit about formatting, I type from the heart.


I personally really dislike first person story apps, in fact I dislike backstory in general because in play it hardly ever matters.

All I know from reading this is that accents can be cringy to read, and that he refers to himself as "only being a kid" at 13 or 14 but then his listed age is 16. Is being that young very important to the concept? This is better for a level one concept, I would consider adding some things to level him up as it were.

And something to explain his alignment a bit, I would never have guessed LG from reading this as ultimately all that happens is he murders some people and "takes jobs", which could be anything. IIRC the DM for WWW wants the memento to have some value to you? May be worth checking in to make sure the courier angle works well.


Stuff I don't mention is generally fine/good, the thing is that so much of this stuff just does not fucking matter. You're going to get so much characterization in the first few sessions just based on the party and how you co-operate to tackle challenges that it can totally throw out the ideas you had. The number one thing these apps do is kill themselves, and that stuff is easy to fix.

>> No.52584207


Is this going to result in someone getting sued? That happened last time I saw a reviewer getting reviewed.

>> No.52584219

>in fact I dislike backstory in general because in play it hardly ever matters.
That's how you know you're in a shit campaign honestly.

>> No.52584224

Hey /pfg/. If your character had a theme song, what would it be?

Bonus points: link your app.

>> No.52584229

As a DM I make it a very important goal of mine to not only play out the campaign, but integrate each character bio in some meaningful way. Craft their stories into the general story. It's much more exciting for everyone this way, and it feels lame if your bio is unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.52584257

Someone told me to review "Varico Dyras" from Ironfang,

>Appearance: The flames of the burning orphanage licked his skin, the smell of burnt flesh is on his body.

I'm out! If you're gonna do this, hide it so that by the time I get to the over the top edge I've already committed to the app.

I thought maybe I was being too harsh so I read a bit more:

>Backstory: Escaping a life on the streets wasn't easy, he lived a life as a drug addict, he murdered for drugs, but after betraying his wife to kill another Varico was tired of this life and sought an escape.

Don't do drug addiction stuff, if you don't know what you're talking about it just makes you seem dumb. You didn't mention what he was addicted to, or how killing his wife got him drugs? For once I actually am left wondering stuff instead of thinking there's too much.


Unimportant is maybe the wrong word, what I'm getting at is the important parts of your story are easy to suss out, you don't need to pad it out with tons and tons of details, there will be some key things that inform your characters personality coming to the table. So if you bury that is needless stuff the parts that are interesting and/or important just get lost.

So this Varico Dyras is like the complete opposite, there's so much stuff going on but it's barely explained at all, and even if it was it wouldn't make sense.

For this one I would just try to make him less horrible sounding, you can be an anti hero without totally over doing it. If this app takes a 180 turn in quality halfway through someone else let me know because I couldn't even finish

>> No.52584295

You're not going to be able to fix future creative writing through direct editing of apps, and it's spurious to the GM if they choose a character based on the player's well thought out writings, and then the player in game turns out to meander and produce poor results because you went through their apps line by line to fix all the errors.

They asked for reviews, not for an editor. For the sake of other players and the GMs, I'd suggest you not go for full on line by line dissection and just say "your writing skills need to be improved because I noticed inconsistencies in the plot/poor characterisation/descriptions not matching pictures/meandering uninteresting backstory/no actual information of what the character is like/basic spelling and grammar errors. Go back through the app and review what you've written with this in mind."

>> No.52584305

>implying she only has one theme song

pleb tier


fuck my backstory is still so bad


>> No.52584322

Can someone review Rio's app from Shardwalkers?

>> No.52584323

>They asked for reviews, not for an editor

Yeah I think this perfectly sums up how I think about these reviews.

>> No.52584328


That's like telling a guy wearing sneakers with a suit jacket to dress better, he has no idea what the fuck he's doing to begin with.

>> No.52584336

The first couple of lines fit him perfectly. Like the only way it would fit him better if he were an actual swordsman.

>> No.52584344

There's a crucifix hanging out her eye. I know you kids like piercings nowadays but that's just fucking dumb.

Bad enough we need to teach the little shits not to try and put everything in their mouths, but apparently their instincts no longer do fuck-all for their eyeholes either.

>> No.52584359

First off I'm pretty sure that's a tattoo
Second she a robutt

>> No.52584368

A movie reviewer isn't going to say "how to do this better", he says "these parts of the movie are shit, and the movie as a whole is shit". He might suggest a few broader strokes if there were some really simple ways to make the movie better, but he's not going to walk the movie guy through cinematography 101.

I don't even disagree with most of your creative writing assessments and changes. But a guy wearing sneakers and a suit jacket should really be just told "yeah, you need to brush up on clothes ettiquete because if I tell you what clothes to wear to land the job, you're just going to come into work on the first day with jeans and a tank top."

>> No.52584390

Somebody should do Harriet.

>> No.52584402


I get where you're coming from, but I'd rather these anons who cares enough to ask for a review just make some small changes get in and get to flex their DnD muscles than me write cute reviews that are entertaining for the thread with sections that say stuff like "waifu-ability"

So much of this stuff is subjective, DM's are often not even forthright with what they want in tone.

A novelist first goes through their editor before it goes to review, so I doubt the anons asking for reviews care if it sucks currently they want to know if they could make it better. Then the DM gives final review, the only one that matters and maybe they get in. Of course there's maybe the idea that meticulous reviews with waifu-ability and the like draw meme attention and that ultimately decides apps more than anything else.

Which would probably be a legit argument.

>> No.52584425

Is there any way to get a +INT or +WIS racial on a Small-size race without being a Dwarf?

I am aware Ratfolk get +INT and Grippli get +WIS but I'm looking to essentially be as close to a halfling as possible while getting a big INT or WIS. While also not being a Dwarf.

>> No.52584455


>> No.52584466

How about Wayangs?

>> No.52584472

For these SoP classes that get to pick their casting stat, should you just take wisdom every time? I mean, it's perception and will saves, right?
Not sure which one to choose for straight-up best choice.
Specifically Incanter, if it matters.

And yes I do need the best choice, my GM is a ruthless death-dealer and expects us to have every edge available or die.

He also makes us play t2-4 classes.

>> No.52584478

You're still getting bogged down in minutiae, which is important, but it means you aren't covering important areas like story effectiveness, tone, how compelling a character is. A fantastically written murder mystery won't be effective in a slice of life game and a brawler/fighter gestalt specced into Aoos and reach is not going to fare well in a courtly politics game.

Your scope is limited, and that fares the players trying to get in poorly if you say "the things I don't mention are fine."

>> No.52584484

Yes. In terms of pure murder hobo effectiveness Wisdom is the best casting stat.

Unless you can grab Con. Then that's the best casting stat.

>> No.52584487


That's interesting. I'll think about it, thanks.

>> No.52584491

Well, you can, but you become a Not!Kineticist.
Or is there some way to avoid Not!Burn with SoP?

>> No.52584493

Svirfneblin is a 24 RP race that is basically always banned. Wayang has some neat tricks and is overall good. Not really sure what they look like though.

>> No.52584503

It's bullshit, anon. Svirfneblin are just bullshit. It's not even a word, the author just spilled soda on his keyboard and decided to give it the best racial stats he could think of.

>> No.52584511

You know those "le happy merchant" pics.

Kinda like that.

>> No.52584514

And here I just played them as dark-skinned halflings.

I'll just stick to my image of them.

>> No.52584528

Hell's Rebels should've had a session yesterday! Anyone got logs?

>> No.52584540

Aasimar or Tiefling work?

>> No.52584576

Puerto Latina Destroyers also should have run yesterday! Where are the logs?

>> No.52584588

Oh. I forgot you can do that.
Yeah, that'll work just fine, actually. Thanks.

>> No.52584589

If I make a gunslinger that takes vital strike at level 7 and uses a double hackbut for that base 2d12 and hit touch AC within 50 feet with double ammo capacity in RotRL, will my DM strangle me?

>> No.52584593

Lantern Archon casts continual flame as a 3rd level cleric spell or as a 2nd level wizard spell? And if so, where does it say it?

>> No.52584600

What makes CON the best casting stat? The extra health?
Don't you lose CON for casting spells with it in SoP, also?

>> No.52584607

no because you're playing a fucking gunslinger
good luck being relevant if theres a fighter or barbarian in the party

>> No.52584611

No. Have fun being useless before that level and severely outpaced after that level.

>> No.52584640

How much damage do I have to do to be taken seriously then? 10d6+12 firing every second turn with a light bombard? That's one or two levels later, depending on my choices.

>> No.52584647

a gunslinger will never be taken seriously

>> No.52584655

>10d6+12 every second turn
>Averages to 23.5 damage a round
>At level 7

>> No.52584659

You could be a fighter with a bow and put out like 4d8+36 every turn at that point. Probably more, considering buffs and actual optimization.

Gunslinger is not a good class in 1pp games. It needs 3pp support.

>> No.52584664

here's a good benchmark for "respectable damage-dealing"
if you get mind-controlled and ordered to attack your friends, can you kill more than one person per turn?
if so, you are a good damage-dealer

>> No.52584670

What are fat titty'd elf archer stocks at these days PFG?

>> No.52584673

If Fox's Cunning or something like that increases your intelligence enough to qualify for additional bonus spells and you have quick study, can you prepare another spell?

>> No.52584676

The party Wizard can Teleport away and there's literally nothing the fighter can do.

>> No.52584683

how's he gonna teleport when his head's already been chopped clean off?

>> No.52584688

>implying being close to the fighter
Every Wizard readies an action every turn to cast Dimension Door and the Fireball on the Fighter because fuck the dumb muscle, they can't be trusted.

>> No.52584695

A good DM will have nothing to worry about since you're a fucking gunslinger.

The really bad GMs will feel like you've built an unbelievable combat monster, and think you're cheating, because their idea of making a tough fight is giving those orcs some banded mail instead of leather.

>> No.52584699


>> No.52584703

FLT is at an all-time high so BBS is crashing hard as everyone jumps ship desperately.
ELF is still in the trashcan where it belongs.
RCHR stock has been trying to climb but it's a slow ascent..

If you're with ELF, RCHR and BBS then you're in the dumps, basically.

>> No.52584704

Why would he cast teleport when he just killed the fighter after being dominated?

He's probably going to toad the ranger next round.

>> No.52584719

How can he kill the fighter if he's already dead because the fighter cut his head off with his sword?

>> No.52584721

Tell me about the ladyknight stocks.

>> No.52584726

LDKNT is stable right now. Nothing of note to report, business as usual.

>> No.52584729


What's it going to take to turn it around?!

>> No.52584740

In a regular, low optimization game, you should average half the average HP of equal CR every round.

GMs around here though are of course more used to decently optimized characters and if they're running gestalt on top of that, a good damage dealer should be able to handle = CR, even CR+1 when using "limited" resources (like expending grit or blowing spellpoints).

Meanwhile at this optimization level if you CAN'T do half an = CR's in a round, you're wasting your action, as unless you seriously suck or stormwinded the character, there's obviously going to be something else you could and should be doing that's far far more effective.

>> No.52584743

Jump ship, my man.

>> No.52584746

the fighter wasn't controlled.
everyone assumed he would be, but then the mage one-shot him.

>> No.52584752

What abooout a double hackbut firing an average of 3 shots every 2 rounds for 2d12+12 hitting touch, for an average of 37.5 damage a round? Being able to on average almost kill yourself in two rounds has to be worth something right?

This is a 20 point buy with 20 dex after leveling, level 8, assuming no special equipment or enchantments. +6 damage from deadly aim, +1 from PBS, +5 from dex.

And if you don't mind me asking what would a bow fighter do to do 4d8+36 a turn at that point? I've only played with crossbows and guns.

>> No.52584757

But how can the mage one-shot him if the fighter already cut his head off?

>> No.52584765

Because he didn't. That was an illusion. Even the fighter fell for it, not understanding why he could see himself going over there and cutting the mage's head off.

>> No.52584770

But how did the wizard cast that illusion spell if the fighter already cut his head off?

>> No.52584778

Median HP for CR7 (not even 8) is 84.5

>> No.52584788

Hasted Manyshot Rapidshot.

>> No.52584797

As for the bow fighter:
By level 8 you have a second attack, and you'll certainly have a reliable source of haste. But even if you don't:
The bow gets to do rapidshot and manyshot. So: Their first attack at full BAB is actually 2 arrows (two full shots EXCEPT that crit/precision only apply once not twice), then one arrow (rapidshot), and then a fourth; your BAB-5 from having reached 6+.

Every one of those arrows gets to do (except for manyshot and the crit multipliers) full damage; that's all his strength to damage, the enhancement bonus, deadly aim, everything.

This is the big difference: the game's combat engine is built around multiple attacks, and the options to reinforce single attacks are... lacking to say the least.

>> No.52584800

Level 7 Fighter does manyshot+rapid shot, so effective 4 arrows a turn. +2 from STR, +4 from Deadly Aim, +1 from weapon training, +2 from weapon specialization, +1 from PBS, plus another +2 if fighter grabbed Chelish Noble Scion: +2 to damage with composite longbows. 4d8+48 at level 7 ez.

>> No.52584834

I'm no review anon, but I think your char is good.

>> No.52584838

Is an alteration spherecaster actually a good natural-attacker? Seems you can get a shitload of primary attacks, pounce, trample, etc. really easily.

>> No.52584861

That it is, and that you can.

>> No.52584873

Half length session because of real life stuff, to be continued over the weekend. Greentexts after that.

Cashmere and Gloriana have also now met Sigmund in the slower moving IC side channel

>> No.52584901


It's got the right amount of action for a level 1 character, but the backstory could certainly be phrased better.

>> No.52584942

>How awooooo do your characters get? How do you properly play a doggo or a woofy wolf?

Pretty awooo, but it helped that I didn't play Pathfinder to do it.

>> No.52584961

You're a hc svnt dracones-fag aren't you...

>> No.52584967

Gonna be honest with you; to me that sentence just looked like you strung together a bunch of completely random letters out of the alphabet and pretended like you were speaking actual words.

>> No.52584981

>a brawler/fighter gestalt specced into Aoos

>> No.52584985

The thing about themes is the themes the person writing up the character thinks the character should have....

... and the theme that would actually fit the character more appropriately once they're actually in play.'

>> No.52584988

I'd have said google it, but frankly it's not even worth googling. Let's just say it's the name of a furry RPG and leave it at that.

>> No.52585005

I wish it was Nonnles, I wish it was...

>> No.52585011

... that's not post-human that's just some furry.

>> No.52585018


>> No.52585026

... I take it the system's not much good itself either?

>> No.52585038


Honestly, it's not terrible. It's economy system is hilariously stupid from an in-universe perspective but the mechanics seem solid enough from my brief look over it.

>> No.52585051

Though it somewhat pains me to say, behind the furry shit it's not too bad - Could post pdf if you want.

>> No.52585063


Guess my app, you delicious Anons

>> No.52585072

Here's the best I got then.

Musket Master + Cartridges + Rapid Reload (Double Hackbut) (Must be paid for, MM gives it for muskets only) to get free reloads, for 2d12+12 twice a turn with no need to stop to reload, average of 50 damage per round hitting touch AC out to 50 feet, level 8. Could Dead Shot to make it count as one attack for overcoming DR or something. An enhancement bonus of +2 adds 4 dpr for a total gp cost of 10,000. Two feat slots unaccounted for if human after Deadly Aim and PBS, but I don't know of any others to increase damage on a firearm's full action outside of being a fighter. Get another +1 damage per shot with two handed firearms from MM at 9, but this is 8.

If you had haste you could get 75 per round I guess, 81 with +2 magic weapon. If you add a +dex belt it is 2k for 84 dpr or 8k for 87 dpr. 2k to craft hackbut (no roll or skill required), 8k to enhance, 10k for 10 rounds of haste a day, 8k for +4 dex belt. If we add the haste and stat boosts to an archer they would probably benefit just as much if not more though.

So what I am getting out of this is that an archer has access to more multiple attacks and a fighter has access to more flat bonuses that boost each of those attacks, the hackbut just has a high base damage and could only catch up if it could make enough attacks to catch up or the hitting touch ac made more shots land, or if DR was a factor (which is probably isn't, since clustered shots is a thing).

I guess you could do a Trench Fighter instead of Gunslinger and get specialization/training for +3 damage per shot, for 96 dpr with the above equipment and no reliance on strength, but then you can't get MM's shorter reloads (though could just deadshot two rounds and reload+shot 3rd round with rapid+cartridge) on two handed firearms without a 1 level dip.

>> No.52585075


>> No.52585086

I lied, 3 levels for MM's reload boost.

>> No.52585098

.... nah. thanks but I've plenty to read already.

>> No.52585104

>dat spoiler

Fugg when??

>> No.52585125

>>52584988, >>52585005
The shit?
No, I my character in M&M yesterday. Wasn't even a furry either. Sheesh.

>> No.52585128

https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/4790646/applications-go-here/?pageforid=4804917#post-4804917 Doubt I'll get in but I really want to play this one.

>> No.52585147

Blinklings from Bloodforge are Wis/Dex with good traits and they are also halfling hybrids.

>> No.52585167

Also actually four feats left because I forgot gunslinger gets bonus ones. Been looking at Siege Gunner too much recently.

>> No.52585244

just refluff a longbow as a gun

>> No.52585280

If I'm going that route, I'd rather refluff a longbow as my dick

>> No.52585296

I'm not actually going to do this, I feel like taking out challenge ratings equal to your level every turn is a bit much. It's just good to know if I need to do my job correctly that I can step it up and do quadruple the damage I thought I would do at first glance.

Also I ALSO forgot Rapid Shot works with firearms and so I didn't include it.

>> No.52585297

your dick is about as good as your gunslinger for killing things

>> No.52585304

Quick, /pfg/! I need a humanoid race with antlers! Any 3pp, go go!

>> No.52585312


>> No.52585317

You can do that?
Great! That'll work!

>> No.52585350

Hrm, looks like I missed the app reviews. Is OP still doing them?

>> No.52585368

The logs are boring unless you want nothing but setting building and bonbon getting pinned and her skirt flipped

>> No.52585371

>> No.52585375

Probably? Tiefling can have horns. I imagine you would get to pick how they look, within reason. One of the results on the (presumably optional) random table is Ram horns, and another is "Other".

Not sure about Aasimar. Antlers are more good-y to me but I don't know any outsiders with them. The description for them lists typical traits, but doesn't exclude the possibility of bones sticking out of your skull and you can have a halo so why not?

>> No.52585378

oh nice thanks loganon

>> No.52585383


>> No.52585403

>implying Bon-Bon doing a poledance around Lysander's pole wasn't a thing
>implying he didn't go hunting after shota nobles to teach them how to handle meaty polearms instead of flimsy rapiers but got shot down by old grannies
>implying he also didn't fail at getting the baron's permission to show Bon-Bon the powerful engine going in and out of his deep loose mineshaft

>> No.52585408


>> No.52585422

>RPG maker.
I assume every RPG maker game is a lewds.

>> No.52585423


Link your app!

>> No.52585430

>GM desperately trying to keep things in line and run a fucking pathfinder game
>one dude just won't stop talking about dicks out of character
>deviantart tier ERP breaks out as soon as the GM stops narrating
>GM literally leaves for half an hour and no one notices because they're too busy circlejerking
>someone actually typed OwO

what a terrible game, glad i decided not to apply

>> No.52585476

Wait, I thought the blatant lying was to disparage Vult, and not paint him as a reasonable dm?

>> No.52585483

what kind of reasonable dm would keep that game going
or start it in the first place

>> No.52585487

Got any proof to go with that salt?

>> No.52585493

are you dumb?
i replied to the logs, just go read them yourself

>> No.52585507

A broken man



>> No.52585510

>keep getting the alarune girl pregnant
>can't advance in story
>never advanced in story

>> No.52585520

i feel like someone who's hungry

not so much on the hero side of things

>> No.52585536

i intentionally don't keep up with this bullshit but fuck 'im for starting this cancer up

>> No.52585541

Newbie to unarmed here, help /pfg/, I cant decide between Broken Blade Stance, Riven Hourglass Stance and Formless Dance Stance for an unarmed striker

It feels so hard weighing all the benefits of the different stances

Wait a second...is this actually charisma to AC?

>> No.52585542

I know you have a bias on shorter apps as a principle, so I apologize that it's long. I just had a lot of material to work with and I like writing.


>> No.52585601

Riven Hourglass Stance is the most overall solid choice.
Broken Blade Stance will push you even farther along in the ridiculous damage department, but is not necessary if you're using Broken Blade maneuvers already.
Formless Dance is okay. Extremely useful if you know invisibility is a thing that's gonna come up somewhat frequently. Outclassed by Riven Hourglass Stance most of the time.

>> No.52585712

Victim Blaming is wrong desu!

Would you say it's a magazine's fault for the muslim riot after they publish a picture of Mohamad?

>> No.52585715

If Golarion had internet, who would be the Australian-tier shitposters?

>> No.52585725


>> No.52585740


>> No.52585744

Varisians, as in people living in Varisia, not the ethnicity.

>> No.52585746


>> No.52585749

I mean if you know what your actions are going to cause and do them anyway it can't not be at least partially your fault.

>> No.52585755

Thanks anon! L3 stances always really makes me wonder what to pick because of all the powerful power spike stances out there

>> No.52585779

>not Canadian

>> No.52585780

Only in very limited fashion.
One's rights end where another person's begin. When someone's going to start taking offense for, say, not doing as they say, it's not your fault any more than it's the battered husband's fault.

>you made me do this
doesn't mean he made you do this.

Everyone has emotions and antagonizing isn't a great idea due to that, but the fact that you exploded is your fault; the others actions are at best a mitigating or aggravating circumstance.

>> No.52585784


Alrighty, so I'm going to break this down bit by bit so the format is less chaotic.

Starting with class and appearance.

Wizard is good in any party, so that's a good choice, and I didn't notice many full casters applying to blingmaker. Undead Master isn't bad as an archetype, but from a compatibility standpoint, wizard can go anywhere.

Here's where we run into the first problem though, necromancers are ever popular, but kingmaker seems like it might be a questionable AP, and depending on other PC choices. It does depend how you play it though so I'll call it a slight negative, it would be easy to re-tool away from necromancy and then you can basically go into any party no problem, everyone loves having a wizard, especially when you don't have to carry them out of level 1 spells. Elf is great for wizard, and personally I am a fan of elves, and elf tits.

So that brings us to your appearance block, basically what you tell me here is that she's hot and wears clothes that are appropriate for the weather, but likes to show off. So I think you have some contradictions here, and a fair bit of fluff you can just cut out. You've got a nice looking picture, no real need to give a big spiel about how she wears a coat when it's cold. I'd think about trimming it down to the things that really make her stand out. Personal preference again I'd remove the (authors notes). But over all I think this is good for a PFG game, maybe fat elf tit stocks are low but I have faith, just go back and clean up stuff that isn't saying anything, which frankly is most of it.

On to the big part next.

>> No.52585852

Is Myrmidon/Unarmed Fighter decent for an unarmed PoW Build? I'm still a little new to this.

>> No.52585873


The Ulfen.

>> No.52585896

I don't know, if I knocked on someone's door while covered in cattle blood and said "I killed your children" and they attack me I don't think I could get away with "But I didn't MAKE them attack me" in court.

Or, if I put a sign above my house that says "Please come inside and do things" I think if people came in and did those things it would be difficult to say I was blameless that those things were done.

>> No.52585919

It's okay. Myrmidon will get you where you need to go.

Do you HAVE to be a Myrmidon, though?
If PoW is on the table you should consider a full-initiator class instead.
Aurora Soul is a great unarmed archetype for Mystic.
Steelfist Commando is also a pretty good unarmed archetype for Warlord.

Hell, if you don't want to be a full-initiator, there's a Monk archetype IIRC.

>> No.52585930


Canadians are North Andoran.

>> No.52585937

I don't play pathfinder because of reasons.

But my characters do get pretty awoo, one or two are even doggowolfs.

>> No.52585939

This is the correct answer.

>> No.52585944


Poor Antoinette seems to have some daddy issues, bad for her and her emotional health, but great news for /pfg/ because she's probably easy.

I have to get this out of the way right as I get into this and give you an example in your very first sentences:

>Antoinette's past has always been rather... uniquely complicated. She was never originally from Brevoy, in actuality the fair skinned elf had traveled up the Sellen River by boat from Kyonin.

You can remove the entire part about having a uniquely complicated past, if that's the case, the reader will know by reading it. Telling them feels like you're high on your own stuff. You can cut down the rest majorly, "never originally" is a bit confusing, you don't need to describe her skin, and you don't need to tell us her method of transportation, unless it's relevant to the current part of the story. Which it is not, you immediately skip into her family life.

Having given this example, your entire app is like this, so I think you should go back and read it outloud to yourself and make some changes for the sake of readability.

So Antoinette gets shipped off to wizard school so as not to disappoint mum and dad, she takes a shine to necromancy and starts doing forbidden research. A good enough start for any wizards path to lichdom. She finds some poor sap professor, seduces him and when they're eventually caught takes on her current name and makes for Brevoy.

Without launching into a tirade about the quality of the writing this is solid. I like the angle of being into necromancy but not quite being HAHAHAHAHA SKELETONS!!! So there's some room for subtlety, I would make sure to do lots of research on skeleton puns.

The ultimate downfall is if you noticed, the DM posted somewhere that he probably is only going to be taking one "outlander", so you've painted yourself into a bit of a corner in that regard with no real connection to Brevoy. I think your background could equally take place in Brevoy

>> No.52585948

Yeah I can see why it might be an issue to play a necromancer for the AP, hell even a necromancer in general at all. Thing is I don't enjoy playing full casters as much, and I've been trying to fix that by playing certain builds that I might find more enjoyable. I think you're right that every party likes to have a wizard around, and I honestly would still like to try my hand at with necromancy, which is the main deal of what I'm trying to go here. Either way it doesn't gimp me as much since I'll still have access to the same wizard list as any other, for the exception of a universalist.

On to your tid bit on all the fluff that I added in there, I can see your point in cutting the fat to sot speak with the cloak description, things like that I suppose are thoughts that anyone would just assume to be the case without needing to be said. In fact considering I purchased Sleeves of Many Garments, I don't even need to go into detail about what she wears, she can have the best of both worlds with that thing.

>> No.52585952

That first one is deception. You tricked them into attacking you by making them believe you'd committed a criminal and heinous attack against their family; that's not the same at all as them jumping you because you drew a picture of their favorite prophet.

Your second one's not even an example, hell it's barely a statement. It's too vague to be anything. "come inside and do things" is not a license to, say, murder the neighbors.

If you put up a sign that says "please come inside and do things", what would happen is that if you call the cops on them you'll find out that they're not in fact trespassing.

>> No.52585973

Big difference between "I just murdered your children and you're next" and "I don't agree with your demands that my entire vocabulary be upended just so you can use a closed-class pronoun of your own invention when if you wanted a unique identifier that's what your fucking name is for"

>> No.52585976


>> No.52585977

The law and deception don't actually matter here. I thought we were just talking about blame.

>> No.52585992

blame is not an unchanging law of physics, lawfulness and deception do matter

>> No.52586024

Full Initiators are "on probation" at our table. The GM likes PoW, but one guy had to go and skullfuck our last game with a minmaxed Warlord, so we're "taking a break" from full initiators.

I'm also not a fan of monks in general, really.

>> No.52586033

Honestly? That seems fine.

>> No.52586038

Deception and Law have plenty to do with blame. When someone stays within the confines of the law, and does not intentionally misrepresent facts so as to induce an erroneous response in the other party, then it's on them that they get "Triggered" so easily.

But if you make them act on an illusion and they fail their save, then congratulations, NOW you do get some of the blame.

The point in the case of that magazine thing (I take it anon meant france a year or two ago) is that the attackers had no right (or reason really, because being a psychotic zealot is no good reason for anything) to respond the way they did, when what was "done" was legal, caused no harm or inconvenience to anyone, and, technically speaking, if they so believe in their deity and its prophets, was in no way THEIR personal thing to deal with: The beardy lolicon can try his own lawsuit for libel if he hated it (he'd lose though).

>> No.52586044


I'll say that I like the diary entry a lot, although I'm not going to read it, but my inner DM gets excited at the idea of a player who puts in extra, and journals to me anyway are sort of an adventurer staple, so I think you win some points there.

As for personality the rest is basically you saying she's really hot and knows how to use it, but has a soft side for the people she cares about. Good news for elegan/tg/entlemen.

This is pretty standard for a personality, and I think the seductress is okay to have in a party, but I would be worried about running over other female party members with sexyness, too much and it becomes a sexy arms race.

Again, go over what you've written here and remove stuff where you're repeating yourself.

It's good to know she's, despite her manipulative nature and endless charm, able to co-operate. But this does leave her feeling a bit schizo. I'd suggest that you decide what her relationship with her parents is, and use that as a basis for how she interacts with others. So if she gets on well with her mom, maybe she gets along easily with women, but has a hard time with men, since she just sees her father. This is the kind of stuff you can explicitly spell out in your app because it lets the GM think about it when he's potentially slotting you into a party.

Starting a wizard school is a classic and great goal, necromancy again makes it a bit tough, maybe ask the DM is that's going to work with the setting and get a chance to re-tool if it doesn't.

Overall, once I look past the writing itself you've got a solid idea here, very classic in a lot of ways and I think that's a good thing. Sort of a standard book worm wizard, but the sex appeal angle works well for shmoozing politically.

Maybe add some details about if her parents would go looking for her? If they were willing to drop fat stacks of cash putting her through school, scrolls of scrying are pretty cheap, maybe come up with something there.

>> No.52586056

Forget the blood, just go Brawlbarian.

>> No.52586061

You strike up a good point on that, I can just immediately skip to the family life, and easily explain it at the end, otherwise it would seem like I'm repeating myself. Thanks for liking the angle that I took the story in, it's definitely not "Hahaha I'm a lich bitch!", I'll also see about removing the editors notes from it.

I will say though you did mention the quality of my writing, and maybe it has to do that English is not my first language.

>> No.52586064

Then find a better way to explain that inciting people into doing something or providing a place for them to do it and not stopping them when you have the power to do so and you know they will do it isn't your fault than "One's rights end where another person's begins".

>> No.52586082

Now relate that to Vult and PLD

>> No.52586096

It's quite literally intent

>> No.52586103


That comes through, although I think it's rude to ask "Are you ESL?", native speakers are awful at english so I don't know how to offer you advice on easy places to look, other than just make sure you're at least not repeating yourself, or the same things over.

>ntoinette is also a bit of the adventurous type, seeking to do the next big thing hoping to advance her skills that she has been carefully nurturing over her lifetime. She likes the thrilling sense of adventure, which may explain why she was so eager to suddenly flee from her homeland to the foreign lands of Brevoy.

All of this basically tells us she's adventurous, so I'm not going to say turn the app into bullet points, but think of your app like a movie, every single scene has to have a purpose. So if you've already said she likes an adventure, don't say it again because that costs you money on film and paying your elf slut actors top dollar for nudie scenes.

>> No.52586129 [DELETED] 

For your benefit I have gone to the CONSIDERABLE effort of copying and pasting this.

Hell's Rebels Greentext. Group A: Session Two. This is going to be kept in spoilers so that Group B members don't get unduly spoiled.

>The party save Rexus from Thrune Loyalist thugs, some party members are aware that he's trans, nobody cares.
>He attempts to inspire them to start a glorious revolution, due to all the other civic leaders having mysteriously vanished through the means of being on fire
>Estelle wants to save her brother from the Dottari and stop Barzillai because he's evil so she's in
>Serigala is concerned for the future of the economic stability of the land with Barzillai in charge and wants to stop him because he's evil
>Sophia thinks Barzillai is an asshole and wants to kick him in the face for fucking with her people
>Hana is horribly out of her depth and says yes out of awkwardness and peer pressure
>Rexus reveals his parents knew about the Silver Ravens, an old revolutionary group who operated throughout Kintargo's history and has found one of their old hideouts
>Party go to investigate, sneak in, find that it's populated by a small ratfolk gang called the Rat Kings
>The Rat Kings are a bunch of tough as nails punks who tear up the streets with their slick moves and their hot beats
>Serigala convinces them that they come in peace and are interested in maybe teaming up to help find the old silver ravens stuff
>Rat Kings Boss says they've got to prove that they can step up, or else they better step off.
>When the party are confused by what this would entail, they bust out a killer synchronised dance routine complete with beatboxing illusionist backup and tell them to top that
>Rap battle/dance contest ensues with Hana on vocals, Sophia doing the dancing and Serigala on VFX
>Rat Kings Boss is suitably impressed and they join forces

Some more details to come.

>> No.52586145

And, thanks for the advice, I'll definitely take a look at any parts that repeat and trim the fat. I definitely like having an in character journal and it's something I would keep up with if I get accepted into the game.

I'm not trying to have a Cold War with other female apps if it felt that way, I thought thought the sex appeal worked for the political intrigue in the campaign.

I'll have to think about what you said with her personality feeling a bit schizo. See if there's an angle I can worth with that.

>> No.52586151


Last note, I'd add a reason why she doesn't get on with her dad. I didn't pick up on what made him bad enough to mention not liking him.

>> No.52586161

Hell's Rebels Greentext. Group A: Session Two. This is going to be kept in spoilers so that Group B members don't get unduly spoiled.

>The party save Rexus from Thrune Loyalist thugs, some party members are aware that he's trans, nobody cares.
>He attempts to inspire them to start a glorious revolution, due to all the other civic leaders having mysteriously vanished through the means of being on fire
>Estelle wants to save her brother from the Dottari and stop Barzillai because he's evil so she's in
>Serigala is concerned for the future of the economic stability of the land with Barzillai in charge and wants the old mayor and Shensen back, since they were positive influences on his father who is starting to backslide into being kind of a dick again
>Sophia thinks Barzillai is an asshole and wants to kick him in the face for fucking with her people
>Hana is horribly out of her depth and says yes out of awkwardness and peer pressure
>Rexus reveals his parents knew about the Silver Ravens, an old revolutionary group who operated throughout Kintargo's history and has found one of their old hideouts
>Party go to investigate, sneak in, find that it's populated by a small ratfolk gang called the Rat Kings
>The Rat Kings are a bunch of tough as nails punks who tear up the streets with their slick moves and their hot beats
>Serigala convinces them that they come in peace and are interested in maybe teaming up to help find the old silver ravens stuff
>Rat Kings Boss says they've got to prove that they can step up, or else they better step off.
>When the party are confused by what this would entail, they bust out a killer synchronised dance routine complete with beatboxing illusionist backup and tell them to top that
>Rap battle/dance contest ensues with Hana on vocals, Sophia doing the dancing and Serigala on VFX
>Rat Kings Boss is suitably impressed and they join forces

Some more details to come.

>> No.52586171


>They go to check out the basement and discover an invisible imp, due to Serigala's Avowed shenanigans however he can just see straight through that shit.
>Imp is pissed that the first people she's had down here in over half a century can just see her, completely killing her opportunities for shenanigans, practical jokes and watching them get murdered by Lemures
>Sophia takes the piss, Imp threatens violence, Sophia makes it clear that she will reduce the cheeky bitch to a red smear on the wall
>Serigala placates the Imp and using some serious insight on how binding devils works to figure out that she's bound either to this floor/building by a contract or is bound to be within the proximity of an item
>Imp realises that these guys are some pretty hot shit and might be worth teaming up with
>The psychopomp in Serigala's head points out that the Imp's soul smells wrong, like it's got too much mortal and not enough devil in it
>Sophia insists that Devils An Shit.
>Serigala discovers that the Imp remembers a disproportionately large amount of her mortal life, to the extend of remembering her race, profession and that she's actually from Kintargo
>Imp tells party about the contract that keeps her bound to the plane and agrees to help them out with their info gathering and their rebellion thing if they get her out of the shitty basement and let her have some fun occasionally
>Serigala agrees and will be handling that next session while the player is absent.

Over all, it went pretty well, the party is starting to come together a little more and the awkward "Nobody knows anyone" period is starting to fade.

>> No.52586174

>Think of you app like a movie.

This is actually making a lot more sense to me now. Holy shit.

>> No.52586175

What's the lewdest thing that's happened to Group A so far? Did the catgirl get feisty with the rats?

>> No.52586217

There was a brief moment where Sophia looked like her feline instincts were going to get the better of her, which could have resulted in all sorts of chaos, but she was completely thrown off by the ratfolk being a gang of tough talking, street stalking gangstas.

Group A is even less lewd than Group B, and the only thing lewd about that game is that they visited a strip club/cabaret bar thing.

>> No.52586270

I am new to Medic, which expertises are the most essential? I dont think theres a guide yet

I took First Responder since it allows me to get more mileage out of triage since I am an unarmed build. I have one more choice but was torn between alot of choices

>> No.52586349

Oh my god I can't wait for Bling selections aaaaaaa!

>> No.52586420

>tfw applied to shardwalkers and results would've been out and we'd probably have had our first sessions already if the GM didn't push it back by like 10 days

>> No.52586430 [SPOILER] 

Agile Runner, Bolstering Treatment if you have something to make Aid Another better (like Doctor's Advice), Combat Training, First Responder, Wrathful Healing, Things to remove poison/disease/curses depending on what you DM likes using.

The lewdest thing was the imp's picture. Pic related.

Things not included in this recap!
>Estelle trying to heal Sophia's shoulder after the Aria Park rumble. Poor doggo had to stand on her toes and she still couldn't reach it (Sophia is over 180 cm tall, Estelle is under 100 cm).
>Estelle getting all fired up and Hana losing her mind internally.
>Hana finding support and elder sister-like figure in Sophia (I ship them)

The game was a little slow at times and the meeting had a typical problem of PCs forming a team even though they don't even know each other but the chemistry is there and I enjoyed it. Hope Group B will too!

>> No.52586452

>that imp
Wow, that's... Wow.

>> No.52586527

Reminder: If you're looking to get into a pfg lewdgame, this is the quality of ERP you need to live up to

>"If you're going to have such a stupidly enormous dick like that then the least you can do it put it to good use!"

>> No.52586544

i'm looking to get into A game but my standards haven't dropped low enough to sit through sweaty lardasses pretending to be anime girls

>> No.52586547

Thanks for the advice! Just finished cutting out a lot of the fat that you mentioned.

>> No.52586563


You're welcome anon

>> No.52586569

>Estelle trying to heal Sophia's shoulder after the Aria Park rumble. Poor doggo had to stand on her toes and she still couldn't reach it (Sophia is over 180 cm tall, Estelle is under 100 cm).
>Estelle getting all fired up and Hana losing her mind internally.
>Hana finding support and elder sister-like figure in Sophia (I ship them)
The hell does 2hu actually do in these games then?

>> No.52586589

2hu did pretty much everything last session.

>> No.52586606

Serigala summoned a troupe of phantasmal psychopomp rats to assist Sophia in her dance, he was also responsible for single-handedly dismantling the imp ruse (which you would know if you'd read the GM's greentext just above). Besides that some general interacting with rest of us. Oh, he also used Silver Tongue reroll twice: first time it was 1->20 and second was 2->19. Turns out Avowed can do skills!

>> No.52586610

Sweet jebus that's the cringiest thing I've ever read.

>> No.52586656

Why do you keep posting this when literally everyone wants you to stop

>> No.52586661

Report repostings of Rorylogs and move on, guys.

>> No.52586679

Was there ever a ruling on the damage used if you are using a cestus and other similar kinds of fist weapon as a monk?

>> No.52586682

I can't decide whether the fight or the sex is more childish.

>> No.52586687


Aurora's dialogue is gold in this, she's a great player.

>> No.52586692

Yes, "they're not unarmed strikes for damage", despite being punches. Better rev up that ascetic style, goyim!

>> No.52586703

Any manufactured weapon uses its own damage dice, not your unarmed damage dice.

>> No.52586706

So 2hu breaks the game, everyone else does the real roleplaying.

Anything new under the sun?

>> No.52586716

Not in any official stuff but Sean K Reynold stated on paizo forum that you don't get scaling damage on fist weapons (which is retarded). The existence of Brawler's Close Weapon Mastery also support this.

>> No.52586722

Ascetic Style it is

At least by RAW it seems perfect considering that it allows me to add Wis to damage as a Sanguinist Medic, and I know I need that to build up my blood pool

>> No.52586740

Sean K Reynolds is a cuck.

But in all seriousness some of his rulings are wack.

>> No.52586753

He is one of the guys to thank for the bias toward casters because "martial is OP"

>> No.52586760

Hi there Witchhuntanon!

>> No.52586763

See if you can get the pre-errata Brass Knuckles allowed. It has a clause allowing monk damage

>> No.52586765

Fuck him and fuck James "LG and Paladins are stupid" Jacob

>> No.52586768

Yeah, he breaks the game because he got an ability that literally every avowed can take from level 1 and he had a bit of luck. You also apparently were there instead of me because you clearly know better how it went.

Yes, 2hu did most of the work but that was mostly because his build is optimized to be a good face and skillmonkey and the session centered on challenges suited for such approach.he also roleplayed as everyone else, there was no "real" and "fake" roleplaying involved.

inb4 twisting my words so 2hu still looks bad

>> No.52586776


The fight was necessary to establish the sex scene, but I'd agree it would have best been glossed over rather than a hit-by-hit.

>> No.52586831

Wait a second, I hope I am not getting it wrong

Lets say I am using Ascetic Style with a cestus

>Blood Transfusion (Su): Whenever the sanguinist deals lethal damage with an unarmed strike or natural attack, she deals additional damage equal to her initiation modifier. "
>Barefisted Syringe: In addition, the
sanguinist may choose to deal bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage with her unarmed strikes.

Does this all apply?

>> No.52586834

It's not just the blow by blow, but the cowboys and indians style "bang! I shot you." "nuh-uh you missed!" style of it all.

>> No.52586846

Ascetic Style says "effects that augment unarmed strike" so technically yes.

>> No.52586872


Reminds me how I always look like the jobber because I'm willing to throw a match, though it's something you should just ask the other player if they want to win, or you.

Point is, the fight was cringy bullshit but the sex scene was a great blend of lewd and porn talk - Aurora at least was self-aware of how absurd or cheesy they could or even should be.

>> No.52586890

That bothered me a little, but I also learned from freeform RPing that you should really try to only put in what you're ATTEMPTING to do when it comes to another PC. "Take a swing aimed at their face" rather than "punch their face". "Attempt to do" rather than just "do".

>> No.52586899

That was a (leaked) ERP log, not high literature.

>> No.52586908

>that imp
>Imp tells party about the contract that keeps her bound to the plane and agrees to help them out with their info gathering and their rebellion thing if they get her out of the shitty basement and let her have some fun occasionally
>Serigala agrees and will be handling that next session while the player is absent.

No, THIS is the lewdest thing that's happened.

>> No.52586941 [SPOILER] 



>> No.52586948

help posts like this make me tempted to read it after all this time

>> No.52586955

Yeah I always thought it was stupid how he thought that gunslingers shouldn't be allowed to talk and reload at the same time cause it "Takes too much concentration.", but it was completely acceptable for a wizard to cast two empowered fireballs, drop prone as a move action, and then talk all in the same turn.

>> No.52586974

A fucking dance-off? I can't decide if this is retarded or brilliant.

>> No.52586989

That seemed to come entirely from Rory. Aurora typed her attempts and then Rory responded with NOPE.

It is a good indication of the quality of overall RP to expect from those players though. Contrast this with the Valimir fake log that was very well written up until the author wanted you to know it was a gag.

>> No.52586990


Asking how someone wants the fight to go is basic courtesy, nobody wants to play out a 20 post fight that ends with someone angrily submitting to a "narrow loss."

Some people can't stand people being better than them - and not even in general, but in that specific fight.

>> No.52587030

>Valimir fake log
Did we ever get confirmation or denial of authorship by either character's player?

>> No.52587048


these were better

>> No.52587062


>> No.52587095

>Valimir fake log

>> No.52587126

/pfg/ I pray you find salvation from the road your on, as someone who stopped playing pathfinder 5 years ago I can tell you, you have changed much.

>> No.52587127

Man the Rory /u/ encounter is way better

>> No.52587154


>> No.52587165


>> No.52587179

Can you pray for the guy making the shit OPs most of all? Fucker needs it.

>> No.52587183

>That entire thing
>Unironically using the term cunny

>> No.52587191

PAGE 3, go and stay go.

>> No.52587193


>> No.52587198

P-post it?

>> No.52587226

What does that have to do with calling the OP of this thread shit, famalam

>> No.52587237

Damn, that's pretty good.

>> No.52587245

you know, for all the shit we give each other, at least we aren't r/pathfinder_rpg

>> No.52587252

He's accusing you of being that anon who posts new threads on page 3 and new threads with Hitler as the image.

>> No.52587287

Can someone post a new thread please?

Preferably one that isn't anime/ERP garbage?

>> No.52587292

A hollow victory, anon.

>> No.52587307

A shit OP is a shit OP, whether it's offtopic Hitler or offtopic catgirl bullshit

>> No.52587313

Man that place has gone downhill since it was first made.

>> No.52587334

Nope. Reasonable people will wait for page 8, but somebody's going to post some animuERP bullshit thread on page 6.

>> No.52587346

these days, I take what I can get.

>> No.52587383



>> No.52587397


I want to read the real deal.

>> No.52587423


>> No.52587511

Sorry if I keep asking, I am the anon that asked about cestuses earlier

Does Monk Unarmed Damage progression actually count as an "effect that augment an unarmed strike", technically?

>> No.52587656


The most obvious I have in my games are the various tribes of Lizardfolk dwelling in the swamps and marshlands. They're an insular people, but some tribes are willing to trade with the warm-bloods, especially for things like steel weapons.
The Lizardfolk themselves favor using brass weapons, as the alloy is much more resistant to corrosion than common iron.

A few tribes in particular have adopted Kobolds into their society, as long ago they killed a Black Dragon that was trying to claim dominion over the marshlands, and were left with his warren of servants to deal with, who latched on to the tribe after its warriors slew their Dragon.

>> No.52587716


>> No.52587776

>Page 6
>Kitsune edition
>Picture of actual pathfinder kitsune instead of youkai anime bullshit

I'm genuinely confused about how I feel about this one, boys.

>> No.52587778

Ha ha oh wow.
Fuck right off.

>> No.52587792


>> No.52587950

Oh Jonny. How I've missed you so.

>> No.52588141


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