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D&D 5th Edition General Discussion
Dark-Side of the Weave Edition

>Unearthed Arcana: Starter Spells

>Official survey on Unearthed Arcana: A Trio of Subclasses

>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v8

>Pastebin with resources and so on:


>Previously, on /5eg/

What separates dark magic-users from traditional mages in your setting?

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>What separates dark magic-users from traditional mages in your setting?

They're all black.

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Woah buddy it's African American magic users in current year

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An abundance of melanin.

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How they use their magic, magic doesnt kill people, people kill people. With magic

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They're not allowed to buy wands.

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Threadly reminder that Giants are cucks

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>blowguns require air pressure
>constitution gives you better lung capacity
source: pulmonary function technologist

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If a giant is a cuck what does that make you?

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A smallfolk cuck

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It wasn't funny the first time guys. I hope none of you think yourselves clever.

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It doesn't have to be funny it's shitposting

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How effectively can a Wu Jen use Animate Dead?

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druids ain't shit but hoes and tricks

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And longbows require immense strength. Yet still, in D&D, they are Dex weapons. The system isn't one to account for complexities like that.

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>hey guys does this elementalist do necromancy

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Giants are ghey

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If giants are gay, and druids are gay... firbolgs are?

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>being triggered by "racist" jokes
Anti-/pol/ cucks are worse than /pol/ cucks

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To correcty your statement and make it legible:

Druids are nothing important but make for excellent prostitutes and parlour magicians.

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Extra gay

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Quan Chi is a shadow sorcerer.

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Damn right they do, alter form at will to pleasure anyone

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Not triggered, and not Anti-/pol/, but I can still be tired of people thinking that an "edgy" statement is the same as a joke. Also, your opinion means very little to me, so this is the only (you), you're getting.

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Not him but when is making the same joke three times in a row ever acceptable, regardless of content?

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The dragons are too big. There's no chance that a dragon is actually that size.

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So far into the closet they missed the turn to Narnia.

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relax faggot

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Oh no a homosexual flag you sure beat the nazis

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But the nazis are dead and the homos are everywhere.

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Shadow Sorcerers don't get Animate Dead.

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>be sitting at the bar with your qt3.14 halfling gf
>suddenly this big mf walks by and slaps her on the ass
What do?

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One question: if I crit with my 3d8 chromatic orb, will I deal 6d8 damage?

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Force cube

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This is a fucking weird place to do that. You could be a barbarian that's already bigger and tougher than him, you could be a paladin that's just as tough but thrice as righteous, or you could be a fucking wizard and he might as well have just stayed home.

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t. wizard

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Any time you crit on an attack roll (whether weapon or spell) you double your damage dice (though not any damage bonus you add). At least, that's how I understand it.

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Orcs are originally a kind of goblin...So he's fucked.

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I like to treat warlocks like the siths to wizards jedi. They studied under wizard masters but became impatient and frustrated, so they turned to dark masters that taught them a magic based on passion and emotion instead of discipline and study.

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Jesus christ. So it is obscene like that? I thought I was doing it wrong. Thanks anons.

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there's no fucking way wizards are jedi.

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>Orcs are originally a kind of goblin

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Not according to the left, Nazis are everywhere

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Am I being baited

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Are you fucking retarded? Goblinoids are completely separate from Orckind.

Goblinoids are comprised of the Goblin-Hobgob-Bugbear tree, while Orckind is LITERALLY FROM ANOTHER FUCKING DIMENSION in forgotten realms but still completely different from goblins in just about every other setting

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According to the left they were going to be president.

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>wah someone called me a nazi for wanting to exteriminate entire ethnic groups waaaaaaah

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>Relentless Endurance
>Second Wind
>Action Surge

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Come on pigfucker.
You know i'm right.

Okay i admit that D&D orcs aren't goblinoids.
Tolkein Orcs are tho.

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>Tolkein Orcs are tho.
Is this the Tolkien general?

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Now now anon, let's not make assumptions about people you don't know anything about.

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>Require study and discipline
>Meet in orders and councils
>Most nobles and royalty seek their wisdom
Sure... Wizards and Jedi have nothing in common.

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>Implying I support any of that

I mean I guess if you want to be nothing but low tier bait all your life good job.

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>implying I'm not an Awakened Mystic with an orb of scrying

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You could say the same about clerics though. And even... druids.

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>left calls people nazis
>oh you must want to kill all Jews

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they are a religious group not an ethnic one dumbass it's completely OK

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Yes... But I'm saying... In MY PERSONAL SETTING... That I like to run wizards like jedi and warlocks like sith.

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>2 attacks
>killing a wizard that can cast disintegrate

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They can still summon minions and teleport around.
If you don't like that, make a necromancy wizard.

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Nah but i want to move away from equating orcs with blacks.
This will serve enough to remove /pol/posters from the board.

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Fuck you're right. I kind of just forgot that.

was subscribing to the usual 'no sense of right or wrong' for wizards.

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Who said that in the first place?

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No worries, dude. We're on /5eg/, it's easy to loose one's self

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This thread is off to a good start.

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Anti-autist cucks are even worse than autist cucks.

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What if you're both like Chris Chan

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>tfw I actually have autism

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Then you should be drawing character art for everyone in the thread

>> No.52572597

Don't worry anon, I do too, we all do, because we're on 4chan

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I got a flash of the drawings he made.

>> No.52572609

That's what drawthreads are for

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I drew a kenku since the thread was talking about them

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Very good anon

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All of you are so worried about the fighter slapping your gfs ass while all the rogues and rangers in the multiverse keep slapping her ass from stealth, get your shit together.

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What were the end results of that poll for favorite class archetypes?

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[Laughter in catholic monarch]

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they were retarded

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Where's your folder of panicked looking anime girls with neutral expressions on their face

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Thank you for not being a shitfuck.

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Battlemaster number one
GOOlock number two

Don't remember the rest.

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This shit is why its better to just have an elf tied up in your basement.

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RAW-wise, does using psionic disciplines break the Invisibility spell?

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If she is my gf, I would have her sit on my shoulder.
>dex 8
He would miss
>wis 15
He is clearly not showing it.

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No, but that definitely doesn't work RAI.

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So my best friend has decided to DM.

He has this world of warcraft inspired campaign that he was really excited about running, but it seems like he just doesn't give a shit once it got to the nitty gritty.

He always says "who cares" when i ask questions about the world. He did some random add lib "april fools" session where our characters were forced out of our current quest(destroy magic baloons that are in this town- his home brew to level us up) and basically derailed any narrative momentum. Our "april fools" prank was all our characters were forced into a pocket dimension where they had to solve riddles. and if we didn't solve them then we had to draw from the deck of illusions and fight what was picked. it took 3 hours and our players felt so disconnected and frustrated, with our novice friends we are introducing to dnd pelting me with pms like "is this standard?"

now this weekend he "doesn't feel like playing" and next weekend is easter where he "cant" play there either. But he has this big boner about being DM and really wants to tell this story, so he won't let others step in.

what do

>> No.52572786

take the players and run your own campaign

>> No.52572798

Best martial 3pp and homebrews.


>> No.52572811

Well I guess "best" doesn't necessarily mean "good".

>> No.52572844

Talk to him about it, tell him how frustrating it all is, and if he doesn't step up his game you should leave the group.

Alternatively, maybe pitch the idea of co-GMing, where he cooperates to pull together a plot and encounters together with someone who won't bungle things.
Maybe you, if you like GMing, as you already know the guy and seem to have a handle on what he was doing wrong.

>> No.52572862

Tell him his game of pretend isn't very fun. Maybe suggest a prewritten campaign.

>> No.52573054

>he wont let others step in
make him step out then
the only reason for a group with a bad GM is that they're the only one willing to run a game

>> No.52573222

Why would a noble be an adventurer?

>> No.52573224

I wouldn't suggest anything prewritten for "fun". WotC is pretty shit about their campaign writing.

>> No.52573247

Why did aragorn adventure?

>> No.52573267

Are there any people from Returned Abeir stuck on Toril (or vice-versa)?

>> No.52573274

Has anyone run Maze of The Blue Medusa for 5th edition?

If you have, how did it go? How much effort did you put into statting the monsters? Anyone have any resources for stuff people have already done for a 5e conversion of it?

>> No.52573280

To claim their birth right?
To restore their family name?

>> No.52573303

What are you guy's thoughts on making constructs like Animated Armor, Helmed Horrors, and Shield Guardians? Golems have got manuals but to the best of my knowledge there's jack all for making the others besides "A wizard did it.".

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>when you realize the Fellowship was a country club

>> No.52573347

>Zak Sabbath
Isn't he the one dating that cripple pornstar? I watched a few episodes of their podcast and they seem like complete cocks.

>> No.52573349

>when you realize the fellowship were the one percenters and their manservants banding together to keep the impoverished orcs from invading they're neighborhood and lowering property values.

>> No.52573361

They want to understand the plight of the common people and alleviate their suffering.
They have nothing better to do because they're like 8th in line for inheritance and the family doesn't give a shit about them.
Plenty of reasons.

>> No.52573367

Because father told me so, that prick. I do all the pillaging, he get all the loot. And I have to deal with these simpleton "adventurers". Fucking. Dumb. Motherfuckers. With. No. Class. The whole lot of them!

>> No.52573387

Because the family is losing cash and/or credibility and the only thing left to do is send out all the able bodies and hope one of them comes back with enough fame and/or fortune to bring them back from the brink.

>> No.52573405

Man, adventurers that don't even have a class.

>> No.52573481

The filters over that game of Bomberman bother me greatly.

>> No.52573492

I just learned Wish so I will use that shit to wish he suffers for eternity.

>> No.52573510

fuk of u dum nigger

>> No.52573512

this is a real reason why historical nobles went to far away lands and/or became military officers.

if you are not the close to the succession order, your only bet is to make a fortune elsewhere. if you conquer some savages, you can be king there.

>> No.52573518

Use Wish to cast Demiplane, then cast Feeblemind and shove him in.

>> No.52573530

What types of flying mounts would hobgoblins have?
are there like, Dire Bats?

>> No.52573563

Hippogriffs. CR1 and easiest flying mount to train.

>> No.52573572

But I only play straight females

>> No.52573693

They are a very minor noble but love someone of higher birth and will adventure to gain money/fame/or prove themselves worthy.

>> No.52573710

They're like 53rd in the line of succession, so rather than hope that the other 52 just die, they decide to make a name, and get some land themselves.

>> No.52573729


I dunno, I haven't seen more than a couple minutes of their game, but I heard really good things about the module.

>> No.52573742

Has anyone played The Forge of Fury from Yawning Portal? It seems interesting and I'm planning on running it.

>> No.52573864

>Relentless Endurance
That doesn't trigger when you get Disintegrated.

>> No.52573878

Relying on a Con based save or take damage spell vs a martial dude strikes me as retarded.

>> No.52573893

what's the best healer?

>> No.52573899

The trove is down again.

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>> No.52573931

Fine for me

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go shill your book somewhere else Zak. also go fuck your gf for me.

>> No.52574209

Clr1 lore bard 5+. Aura of Vitality lets them heal 2d6+wis mod per round as a bonus action for 10 rounds!

I like Arcana clerics too. They only heal the regular amount -- but at level 6, they can terminate a negative magical spell effect each time they heal.

>> No.52574338

How do I DM better?

I have a tough time coming up with detailed descriptions of scenery or creatures. my players didn't complain about it - they had a blast, a 5 hour session with no combat.
Aso minor details like..... what's happening during travel, random things that immerse the players.
I'm also unfamiliar with some of the terminology/slang of dnd.

anyone have any resources?

>> No.52574343

So M.T. Black's stuff seems good. Are there any other modules you'd recommend on DM's Guild?

>> No.52574352


Why can't I shill it here?

>go fuck your gf for me.

Will do. Go fuck your dakimakura for me.

>> No.52574362

Oh hey there! Let me save Warlocks real quick.

Level 1: You no longer get to pick your Patron.
Level 1 Options: Pact of the Tome
Pact of the Blade - You gain proficiency in medium armor and martial weapons, your hit die become 1d10

NEW Invocation: Pact of the Chain - You can use find familiar at will.

Level 2 you get Invocations like usual.

Level 3: Your study into the occult has put you in contact with a powerful patron: Choose your patron. Normal rules.

BONUS LEVEL 3: Arcanum - Your patron bestows upon you a powerful boon, once per long rest you get to use Arcanum to cast one additional spell. (normal Arcanum rules apply at level 10+)
Additionally you may use your Arcanum to converse with your patron and after 1 minute of concentration your Pact Spellslots are refilled.

Basically: You get arcanum earlier as a once-per-day spellslot and you can either use it in battle to cast a 3rd spell, or use it after battle to refill your 2 spellslots (3-4 spellslots later) if your team cannot take a rest.

Level 20: You get 1 more charge of Arcanum.

INVOCATIONS: No patron restrictions apply to invocations. The only restrictions that Invocations have are Pact of the Blade and Pact of the Tome restrictions.


Warlocks get to choose early: Do i want to be a caster or do i want to be a bladelock.

Youre welcome. Now go bother your GMs abotu letting you play a warlock like this.

>> No.52574394


>I have a tough time coming up with detailed descriptions of scenery or creatures

Close your eyes and imagine what you want to describe, then just describe it as if you're seeing it.

>> No.52574422

If the party is having fun then it is all right. Also if you want to be better at describing you can read more and practice what to say before each session. Like an oral exam.

>> No.52574427

nobody with a gf knows the proper term for body pillow

>> No.52574435

He has a point.

>> No.52574446


>what is google?

>> No.52574447

This makes no narrative sense whatsoever.
>I made a deal with something powerful to get magic
>What was it?
>I dunno I'll pick later

>> No.52574467

are you suggesting he googled "body pillow" and then went and found the japanese word for it? why would anyone do this

>> No.52574493

>Pact of the Blade - You gain proficiency in medium armor
>and martial weapons
Utterly redundant since you're always proficient with your pact weapon.
>your hit die become 1d10
That's stupid. At this point you may as well just play an EK.
>Level 3: Your study into the occult has put you in contact with a powerful patron: Choose your patron. Normal rules.
How the fuck do you get your pact magic before making your pact? This is retarded on mechanical and flavour grounds.
>Warlocks get to choose early: Do i want to be a caster or do i want to be a bladelock.
You fixed nothing. The only real issue with warlocks is them being EB spammers (and, more specifically, EB spam being better than fighting with a pact weapon), and this changes nothing about that.

>> No.52574495


I mean, it takes what? 3 seconds to google "japanese body pillow"?

Why NOT do it? then You know more things for little effort.

>> No.52574496

My class feature is stronger than his everything. I wildshape into a brown bear.

>> No.52574500

>Have no gf
>Learn word
>Get gf
>No longer know the word

>> No.52574522

I picked up the collection last week. Have ran one of the adventures but next week were playing another. We played Tower of the Mad mage to start off with (lvl 1-2) I really enjoyed it. There were a few places where you could really make use of social skills and roleplaying, places to use skills like lockpicking and plenty of combat. I've read 2 of them (don't want to spoil incase someone else DMs) and they seemed really well made and good.

>> No.52574525

I've seen people adamant they want Warlock get hung up on what their Warlock is supposed to have made the pact with.

Archfey? More like that's gay.
Fiend? No, that's edgy and cliche.
Great Old One? I can't even pronounce R'lyeh.

>> No.52574526


Makes as much sense as a paladin being like "im this beacon of virtue and live up to grand and lofty ideals! My conviction is so powerful that the gods themselves bless me!"
>what ideals are they?
"Dunno man, ill figure that out at level 3.. oh fuck i guess im an Oathbreaker"

Or a the Ranger only at level 3 realizing "oh wait.. i have this powerful connection to animals and can literally own their souls after like a day."

The idea is that the Warlock studies magic, but from a different angle than the wizard or sorcerer, they study the occult, they gather books on different entities and demons and only after prolonged research does the entity even take notice of them and bestow more power on them. (level 3 you start getting level 2 spellslots)

>> No.52574537

the step that's the problem is "get gf"
you know more irrelevant virginal weebshit, which is not a gain

>> No.52574542

I've been working on a BBEG where he's essentially trying to amass as much power-sources as possible, regardless of consequences. I'm hoping to eventually get him as just a weird blob of evil ala Aldrich in the Dark Souls.

On the mechanical side, he's essentially going to be as many creature-type modifiers as I can tack on. Currently he's a Humanoid-Fiend-Fey-Shapeshifter (Human turned Tiefling via contract, Fey via ingesting a Hag's heart, Shapeshifter via Lycanthropy)...

All that aside, are there creature types that simply can't be mixed? The only I could think of is Celestial/Fiend, and maybe Construct.

>> No.52574548

Rogue (If you're not prepared to read up a lot)
Shadow monk (If you want to be tricky more through roleplay than anything, and are fine with being somewhat limited in your path beyond being a monk because monks are kinda limited in builds)
Wizard (If you're prepared to play one of the hardest classes)

>> No.52574575

This. You can also write down things for each area before you run your adventure. Add in more description of the area to what you usually tell the PCs.

>> No.52574631

Punch him in the face.
Watch as he gets angry, attempts to attack and then freezes to death.

>t. armor of agathys warlock2/abjurationwizardX

>> No.52574641


Not redundant because it also lets you use 2 handed weapons and ranged weapons.

EK dont get invocations or patron boons. And Warlocks dont get heavy armor or action surge.

They studied the occult or it was gifted to them by an otherworldy patron, that was guiding their life without their knowledge and when you become sufficiently powerful they will reveal themselves.
I dunno man use your imagination, paladins can choose to be lawful good or Chaotic evil at level 3 and utterly change their alignment.

The reason warlocks spam EB because you literally only have 2 fucking spellslots until level fucking 11. Oh wow i COULD use my BLIGHT and possibly destroy that creature, or maybe i shoudl save it to misty step to safety later? I better just EB. Oh if i use 1 spell now i wont be able to use another one until we take a rest or get out of this dungeon.

This atleast lets you decide "do i use my once-per-day spell now, I still have it to reset my spellslots after this so i can use something other than EB now etc." It fixes alot.

>> No.52574840

>"Dunno man, ill figure that out at level 3.. oh fuck i guess im an Oathbreaker"
Paladins are still divine warriors at levels 1&2 they just haven't sworn a particular oath yet. Fluff wise a devotion paladin should always uphold those ideals because that's what they believe in, they just haven't sworn to uphold them yet.
>Or a the Ranger only at level 3 realizing "oh wait.. i have this powerful connection to animals and can literally own their souls after like a day."
Except until level 3 their connection isn't powerful enough to do that (or, alternately, their martial prowess isn't good enough to do all the Hunter stuff etc).
>they gather books on different entities and demons and only after prolonged research does the entity even take notice of them and bestow more power on them.
Warlock magic ALWAYS comes from the pact they make. Warlocks getting pact magic BEFORE making their pact is retarded.

>> No.52574862

How to fix warlocks:

>short rests take 5 minutes, so groups actually take short rests.
>Invocations rebalanced. Tax invocations folded into base features and replaced with something interesting.
>bladelock now grants medium armor proficiency, and can summon pact tools.

>> No.52574864

How do I make combat more exciting? It seems to just become A attacks, it deals X damage over and over until one side wins. I tried adding a bit more description to the attacks but it seems to just be kind of superficial.

>> No.52574902


Welcome to D&Derivatives.

>> No.52574929

Have you tried not playing D&D?

>> No.52574935

I'm playing a fighter and going to multiclass into warlock. What spells should I pick? I'm playing with a shield and strength based.
For cantrips I was thinking Blade Ward/Chill Touch and Eldritch Blast probably for range.
Then for 1st level spells Comprehend Languages could be cool, or Hellish Rebuke and Charm Person.

What patron should I pick? Fiend is obviously edgy but command seems good and Fiendish Resilience and Dark ones luck look good. Probably going for 6 levels to get the 2nd tier patron ability. Detect Thoughts from Old ones seems cool too but I think I prefer fiend.

Should I also try push trough a houserule to increase warlock spell slots by one in all levels? Having two slots when I have 7 spells at least that need slots seems stupid.

>> No.52574959

Bladeward is shit, you are giving up your entire turn just to take less damage.

>> No.52574962

You've got to take a two pronged approach:

>Mechanical tweaks
5e is designed to encourage boring combat that follows the course you described. You've got to change it a bit to fix this. For instance, I had a warlock who would veg out in combat no matter what. One session, I made short rests take ten minutes instead of an hour. After he got used to having spells available every fight, he got a lot more into it. Find out what's causing your players to do boring things every turn, and then remove the dumb 5e rule that causes it.

>encounter design.
Arguably the most important part. Read the angry dms guide to fun combat. He lays out the most effective path to good combat that I've tried.

>> No.52574983

What's your favorite cantrip or spell from the new UA?


>> No.52575019

Steal shit from 4e.

>> No.52575079


Holy warriors that can choose at level 3 "oh actually you know what, im really an oathbreaker!" and just up and change their alignment.

Use the same logic with Warlocks:
Warlocks are occult magic users at levels 1&2 they jsut haven't sworn a particular pact yet.

You excuse it as "fluff" when it comes to paladins but wont make the same allowance to Warlocks :D

Heres another one: Monks
Trained all their lives to perfect their martial arts and hone their skills to form their bodies into weapons:
>oh cool! What sort of martial arts did you learn?
"I havent decided yet, ill figure it out at level 3!"

Its suspension of disbelief.

Bards dont realize what kind of college they belong to until level 3. "Oh im this nice and lovable singer until level 3 AND THEN I BECOME A SKALD WHO WILL WAGE INTO BATTLE AND DON ARMOR!"

Use some imagination, its not difficult to figure out fluff reasons warlocks can use that magic before level 3. Heck some warlocks (especially Ancient One followers) arent even aware if their Patron even notices them, they are just siphoning magic from them, is it that farfetched to think "oh this warlock was studying the occult and found a way to tap into this odd power and magic" and until they started trying to cast level 2 spells the patron didnt notice, once they did a pact has to be made for you to advance as a warlock in your studies of the occult.

>> No.52575105

>and just up and change their alignment.

>> No.52575124

I have two questions:

1. Is there a mechanical way, player-side, to throw a creature into another plane against their will, below, say, 15th level? I don't care if I need to be holding onto them, fail a save, or whatever.

2. A player of mine has armored their Corgi familiar. What do I as a DM do with that for jokes/fun/adventure?

>> No.52575148

How does passive perception works?

>> No.52575166

Heat Metal

>> No.52575182

>"I haven't decided yet, I'll figure it out at level 3!"

Sounds like you're a shit role player. If you want to go shadow, have you character play sneakily/stealthily from the beginning. Monks have good dex and don't wear armor. Emergent powers that come into fruition when you've actually done life changing shit like adventuring are fine.

>> No.52575202

Yeah I guess. Especially when taking some damage shouldn't be a problem when I'm going to have a bunch of fighter levels and good armor. What should I take then? Blast and Chill Touch? Poison Spray?

>> No.52575205

>Paladins now all take a level of warlock for shillelagh

>Pact of the blade is 'LOL YOU GAIN ARMOUR PROFICIENCY' which honestly dosen't justify using melee at all, all it does is buff your survivability whether you eldritch blast or not

>> No.52575225

Banishment is a 4th level spell. Plane Shift is 7th, so barely below your requirement. But I think the easiest way would be with a bag of holding:

>Placing a bag of holding inside an extradimensional space created by a Heward's handy haversack, portable hole, or similar item instantly destroys both items and opens a gate to the Astral Plane. The gate originates where the one item was placed inside the other. Any creature within 10 feet of the gate is sucked through it to a random location on the Astral Plane. The gate then closes. The gate is one-way only and can't be reopened.

>> No.52575231

No, actually, let me correct that-
Medium armour and shield proficiencies are better on eldritch blasters, because you only need one hand to blast and only a bladelock would consider upping their dexterity beyond 14.

Giving armour proficiencies tied to pact of the blade has been suggested for centuries and no matter what it has always been a shit suggestion. It doesn't fix what's wrong with bladelock (The fact it's completely non-utility amongst a bunch of utility options and doesn't actually make melee any better than blasting), though I guess warlock survivability was another reason.

>> No.52575244

>Holy warriors that can choose at level 3 "oh actually you know what, im really an oathbreaker!"
Only if you allow the player to take an NPC archtype that.
>and just up and change their alignment.
Evil alignment is a requirement to take the Oathbreaker oath.
>You excuse it as "fluff" when it comes to paladins but wont make the same allowance to Warlocks :D
Because fluff-wise, the classes work differently. Shocker. Warlock Pact Magic comes from their pact. If they don't have a pact, they shouldn't have Pact Magic.
>"I havent decided yet, ill figure it out at level 3!"
Again, this is the same as rangers. They studied that style, they just don't have the prowess to use those features.

>> No.52575253

>larger than the tarasque
who allowed this?

>> No.52575288

Sell me 5e. I play mostly OSR and I like few, simple rules.

>> No.52575296


>> No.52575334


It depends how deep you want to go as warlock.
1 level wonders:
- Ancient One gives you telepathy to talk to anything as long as they have a language.
- Raven Queen gives you darkvision and a familiar that comes back after every rest + charisma modifier to perception checks and passive perception.
- Hexblade: Hexblade Curse lets you add your proficiency to your damage to 1 target per short rest, makes you crit from 19 and 20 and restores your health when the target dies.
- Archfey: free aoe charm or frighten against your spell DC.

Depends on your playstyle and campaign setting those 3 are best for just 1 level.

At level 2 Archfey becomes incredibly strong for a fighter:
Green Lord's Gift - Whenever you regain hit points, you treat any dice rolled to determine the hit points you regain as having rolled their maximum value.

Level 2 you get invocations:
Devil Sight 120 ft darkvision that sees through magical darkness.
Repelling Blast: Each time your Eldritch blast hits something you can push them 10ft away from you with no save. (EB scales with your overall level, so at level 5 if you hit both EB, you get to freely push something 20 ft away from you.)

There are some others that are good like at-will detect magic or at-will speak to animals but they become redundant if you choose to put a 3rd level into Warlock.

At level 3:
Pact of the Tome: Absolute best fucking choice. 3 bonus cantrips from any class. (Thornwhip for "get over here", Guidance for bonus to any roll)
Use the invocation slot to make Tome into a ritual book and you get 2 free rituals so you can choose to take Detect Magic, Comprehend Languages or Find Familiar as rituals. Also any other ritual tag spells you know, you can now cast as rituals. Want a magic weapon? Druid Cantrip Shillelagh. Want a familair? Ritual Find Familiar.

Pact of the Blade: You get a magical weapon, and thats about it. You spend a whole action to summon it though and it can only be a 1 handed melee weapon.

>> No.52575338

5e is mostly a sequel to 2e?

>> No.52575361

>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v9

>> No.52575363

Well, 5e aims more towards fewer than, say, pathfinder or 3.5.

You can completely feasibly to gold=exp and really if your DM does shit like 'Roll to find traps' 'roll to disarm traps' they're doing even 5e wrong, rolls are just there for uncertainty.
And skills are mostly 'Your attribute modifier + your proficiency modifier if you're proficient', so they're not exactly complex.
Also numbers tend to be low rather than 4e's +30, +40, etc.

Though there are some OSR fags that seem to swear so much by OSR that they should stay there.
You still have to teach the players the rules somewhat, but they can play fine even if you don't teach it to them too much, and the rules generally make sense anyway (Cover is good against ranged attacks, duh. You can use your action to dodge and make yourself a harder target, duh).
Not a lot of trap options.

>> No.52575372

5e is much simpler than OSR stuff. I was baffled coming to OSR threads to learn that "rules lightness" was imagined as a feature of yester-editions.

>> No.52575375


Goblins are literally just the orcs of gnomes.

>> No.52575385

of course fully grown dragons are bigger than the tarrasque, the tarrasque is the ultimate menace for fuckin farmers etc. but not the ultimate monster

>> No.52575390

Who cares. It doesn't matter. Nothing matters.

>> No.52575393

It's a familiar. That shit isn't permanent. I like it.

That's handy and everything, but I was thinking a specific plane for the purposes of killing a creature on its home turf, getting rid of it permanently.

>> No.52575394

You have a patron from first level. At third you pick a pact boon.

>> No.52575439

the dude was putting forth a rationale for why pact boon could be level 1 and patron be level 3

>> No.52575441

Where is Green Lord's Gift? I can't see it in the PHB.
And yeah Pact of the Tome seems the best by a long shot when dipping in warlock. Not sure about invocations yet as I'm playing half-orc so I already have 60ft darkvision. Is fiends temp hit points + at will false life from invocations any good? Also tempted by things like Eyes of the Rune keeper and Eldritch Sight.

>> No.52575454

How does GOO Telepathy work? I heard that it isn't actually two way communication and I actually need Message for that but if that's true then what's the point of having it? I feel cheated!

>> No.52575459

Oh, that's what I get for not reading the whole chain.

>> No.52575466


And why does Warlock magic have to be any different?
The warlock tapped into a source of power lets say the ancient one, they dont realize what the power is or where it comes from. And just using tiny amounts 1 or 2 spells per short rest was not noticable for these pseudo-gods at level 3 they take an interest and notice you. You either make a deal or you cannot level further.

Fluff wise its the same as paladins, rangers and monks.
The monk dedicated themselves to 1 style from training and plays appropriately, at level 3 its just a declaration "this is my style"

The same way a warlocks power source doesnt change, they just make an official pact.
Hell Warlock makes even more sense than a Monk or paladin does.
Before making a deal with the big bad boss patron the warlock could have just been doing rituals or summoning whatever creatures and siphoning them dry. They were just making smaller pacts for small amounts of power, at level 3 the warlock becomes powerful enough to gain the interest of a greater patron that offers them even more power for their service.

Its honestly just your imagination that is shit here.

>> No.52575488

Fighter is already taking care of your damage, so you're going to multiclass into warlock for utility and misc. synergies. I'm assuming you're a weapon user first and warlock is just dabbling in the arcane, so your DCs are going to be shit.

Cantrips you want Minor Illusion, Friends, Mage Hand - the sort of thing you *can't* already do.

Spells are of course the 1st level wonders Hex, Armor of Agathys, and after that Darkness, Invisibility, Misty Step, Mirror Image, Counterspell, Fly. Patrons might have useful stuff.

The most important spells for a Fighter are Hex and Darkness - the latter because it combos with Devil's Sight for advantage on your shit while giving the enemy disadvantage on theirs.

Eldritch Blast cantrip + Agonizing Blast is possible if you don't already have a ranged option from your fightingman ways, but you're supposed to be fighting not throwing force lightning.

>> No.52575489

He's talking about how other classes make similarly character defining choices at level 3, genius.

>> No.52575491


Green lords is UA under Archfey

GOO telepathy: Starting at 1st level, your alien knowledge gives you the ability to touch the minds of other creatures. You can communicate telepathically with any creature you can see within 30 feet of you. You don't need to share a language with the creature for it to understand your telepathic utterances, but the creature must be able to understand at least one language.

It says it pretty clearly: COMMUNICATE

>> No.52575494

>his character hates the gods
>his character finds a way to introduce science to the realm
>his character tries to bring in firearms to muh fantasy
>his character is almost always some needlessly homebrewed mary sue
why do I even let this kid in my house.

>> No.52575496

>Starting at 1st level you can telepathically communicate with any creature you can see within 30ft of you. You don't need to share a language, but creature must be able to understand at least one to understand your messages.
I would rule that it works both ways but I can definitely see why you would argue that only the warlock can send messages.

>What's the point?
You can communicate with creatures that don't understand any of your languages or you don't understand any of it's languages.

>> No.52575497

>That's handy and everything, but I was thinking a specific plane for the purposes of killing a creature on its home turf, getting rid of it permanently.
Banishment will send them to their home plane, and then you could maybe plane shift to its plane and try and find it via divination?

>> No.52575511

Bladeward isn't BAD, its SITUATIONAL. If you're the "breacher," going first into a room of unknown stuff, Bladeward may be shrewd as hell to use. When you're the point man, may as well cast it every round, unless you're trying to be stealthy and the DM considers spellcasting to be unusually loud.

>> No.52575520

>the dude was putting forth a rationale for why pact boon could be level 1 and patron be level 3
It doesn't really make sense, though. To use that guy's own logic:
"i can summon this sweet magic sword thanks to my pact"
>who's the pact with
"i dunno, haven't decided yet"

>> No.52575531

Planeshift him to Carceri

>> No.52575550

>I would rule that it works both ways but I can definitely see why you would argue that only the warlock can send messages.

Almost all instances of telepathy/remote communication in the book are one-way.

>> No.52575557

Wish you let Talisen into your house, what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.52575571

gnomes are the elves of halflings.

>> No.52575579

Spitroast halfling gf

>> No.52575581

Armour of agathys sucks if you're not going far into Warlock, you won't get enough temp hp to trigger the damage more than once or twice

I like your other advice though

>> No.52575597

>just using tiny amounts 1 or 2 spells per short rest was not noticable for these pseudo-gods at level 3 they take an interest and notice you. You either make a deal or you cannot level further.
The book explicitly states that your patron (specifically GOOs) may never notice you. You still get the Patron features.
>at level 3 its just a declaration "this is my style"
But for warlocks, that makes more sense for pact boons. "My style is spells", "My style is melee fighting" etc.

>> No.52575607

Currently prepping a new setting for my regular group, and I wanted to change a few class/race names to get more flavor for the setting into my PCs' heads.

What is the Persian equivalent for a Bard? Or the Sub-Saharan equivalent? Anything not European, but still identifiable.

>> No.52575658

Blade Ward is so situation, it should only be taken on characters whose Concentration and Bonus Actions could be more valuable than whatever action they can take in a given combat scenario.

A Bard maintaining Aura of Vitality, or a Tempest Cleric with Spiritual Weapon can make use of Blade Ward.

A Fighter/Warlock has no need of it.

>> No.52575665

Is there a deity similar to Fharlanghn in FR?

>> No.52575666

1. A bard's college or paladin's oath strikes me as MORE integral than the warlock knowing who their patron is.
2. While its implausible that a bard's college or paladin's oath would be ambiguous before level 3, It strikes me as fully plausible that the choice of warlock patron be ambiguous as hell prior to level 3. That's discounting a character similar to Elric who has all sorts of candidates for who his actual patron might be, and that is discounting the fact that it may be hard to figure out whether your patron is Azazel (probably Fiend), Pan (probably Archfey), or The Great God Pan (probably GOO).

>> No.52575671

Call them Buscars

>> No.52575681

Sounds interesting. Where're they from?

>> No.52575687

Never played Advanced.

Ok, this sounds interesting. Can you elaborate a bit on "rolls are just there for uncertainty"?

Also, how would you handle traps, doors and the like in 5e? I'm interested in how it plays/feels, more than the actual math or rules.

How difficult is to understand the action economy? I play with lots of newbies, and usually young if that matters.
Can I just wing it and say "you can move and do one thing in your turn" or will that break the game? I feel like it will...

Also, how fast is combat? Say, a party of 4 focused players vs d6 mooks.

>Though there are some OSR fags that seem to swear so much by OSR that they should stay there.
Idk what you mean with that or what it has to do with the previous and next sentences.

I played "OSR games" for a while: shit was confusing, broke, off. Then I played 5e, once -- a really bad experience probably the DM's fault.
Then I decided to simplify and try B/X. Shit's SIMPLE. It's not light, but it has the right amount of crunch. It plays like a wargame with rooms and enchanted doors and quasi-magical thieves, nothing like you'd expect from D&D.

I feel most OSR games (specially the famous ones) are just crappy houserules of BX, sans BX, mostly missing the point while still requiring the DM to do lots of work.

>> No.52575728

>Also, how would you handle traps, doors and the like in 5e?
That's a good fucking question...

>Also, how fast is combat? Say, a party of 4 focused players vs d6 mooks.
Honestly pretty quick. It's only when players don't know the rules that combat moves slowly, but the fact is that with the action economy being as important as it is, battles will usually be a couple of rounds of deciding who has the upper hand, then a subsequently trampling of one side over the other. It moves quick and fluidly, all told. It's also fairly lethal, especially early on, then it peters out a bit.

>> No.52575731

I totally agree with you on that point. Hell, I'm playing a fiendlock right now who has no idea who her patron is. But, the ambiguity doesn't change the fact that the pact's existence is integral to her ability to do any warlock-y stuff. Meanwhile, as evidenced by the Oathbreaker, paladins do not actually need to follow a specific oath to use their powers.

>> No.52575775

DM here, party is currently on limbo and I'm wondering what enemies other than gith and slaad could they encounter, I heard something about chaos dragons but those are apparently from pathfinder.

>> No.52575776


If youre going War caster you get to use cantrips instead of attacks for your attack of opportunities:
So if youre the tank > something wants to run past you > Lightning Lure them right back next to you.
Or Booming Blade > normal attack but if it keeps moving it suffers an additional 1d8 (+2d8 at level 5)

And it lets you use verbal/somatic components while you have your hands full with weapons

Best overall combat cantrips:
Booming Blade - as previously stated.

Create Bonfire - creates a wall of fire, you get to burn things, can use it to create light, overall very useful.

Chill Touch - makes the target not be able to regain healthpoints until your next turn.

Lightning Lure - small "Get over here" type spell.

Blade Ward - Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. If youre surrounded by several creatures who are about to attack you, cutting the damage they deal in half is going to be more useful than an extra attack + you can action surge this.

Other good cantrips:
Prestigitation: mage-umbrella, instantly clean any surface, warm something up, snuff out a torch or candle or bonfire.

Minor Illusion - create decoys. rewards creative use.

Mage Hand - reach high places.

>> No.52575794

How should I go about building my character? Is War Caster a MUST have if I take spells on my fighter or can I take so many utility spells I could potentially skip taking it? If I can skip war caster should I look for a feat like Shield Master or just go for ASI's?

>> No.52575814

Convert the dragons to 5e, use a stat blocked or one fo the other reasons and change the rest to fit. Watch the party panic if they have no clue what the fuck it is.

>> No.52575822

You can just houserule in the magical thieves meme into literally any edition or iteration of D&D that ever existed. Its not a feature of B/x, just an interpretation of thieves you can use... anywhere.

5e's got simpler attack and skill rules than B/x, period. So if elegant simplicity is the goal, there you go. There's nothing wrong with paring down the options to what exist in older editions if desired.

>> No.52575824


You need to specify what variant of OSR you tend to play with.

5e is arguably less complicated than AD&D because it's got a more coherent underlying rule structure instead of lots of exceptions based rules.

Being 100% and not memeing I'd go with the following list in order from highest complexity to lowest complexity (obviously ignoring 3.PF and 4e)

2e AD&D
1e AD&D
5e (at least with the current level of crunch)
BECMI (possibly excluding the wonky ass Immortal rules)

So yeah if you are used to rolling in a OD&D OSR environment then 5e will be incredibly crunchy but if you are used to AD&D especially with shit like kits then 5e is arguably less crunchy

>> No.52575845

>But, the ambiguity doesn't change the fact that the pact's existence is integral to her ability to do any warlock-y stuff.

As with Bardic College and the Paladin's Oath. I see no difference whatsoever, except that a warlock with an undefined patron makes significantly more sense than either.

>Meanwhile, as evidenced by the Oathbreaker, paladins do not actually need to follow a specific oath to use their powers.

Of course they do. By the text given, you can't be an Oathbreaker without having broken an oath.

>> No.52575858

Have you seen HunterXHunter? I wanna homebrew something LIKE the Nen system. Tone the superpowers part way down, but make it so that you can in a way "read" the aura of another person to see their general intent, nature, alignment, etc. And in the same way, make it so you can hide your own aura and so.
Have you seen anything similar to get me started? I'm running the game on 5th but any system would work, I just wanna get a general direction.

>> No.52575868


Tymora covers some aspects but Shaundakul is probably the closest FR fit

>> No.52575874

Good, I do morale so it'll be even faster.
>subsequently trampling of one side over the other
Consider using morale. I just decide a 'troop quality' (a number 1-5; wild animals 2, casuals 3, organized group 4, elite groups 5, undead 6) then roll a d6. If above said number, they flee/negotiate/surrender. PCs still get the XP.

>>Also, how would you handle traps, doors and the like in 5e?
>That's a good fucking question...
I seriously hope you are kidding... There are no traps or traplike fx in 5e?

I get the impression that you don't really understand B/X. At all.

I play black box with a dash of BX, so I guess I'm between OD&D and BECMI in your scale.
I'll houserule 5e (at least lower HD sizes) and ignore lots of rules, and I play to stick to the basic rules for now.

>> No.52575906


Yeah 5e is probably a bit more crunch than you are used to but 5e Basic Rules might fit your needs and might be easier to get willing players.

I think a lot of people sometimes forget that OSR includes some rules light variations and some rules heavy variations. Nothing in the 3.PF/ GURPS category though

>> No.52575912

>Can you elaborate a bit on "rolls are just there for uncertainty"?
The core of it is you should only roll when there's a consequence of failure (eg the room is filling with water and you need to pick the lock soon or you'll drown) or their passive score (10+Modifier) isn't enough to beat the DC, otherwise you can assume the character succeeds.
>How difficult is to understand the action economy?
It's a fairly simple concept. You can do X stuff per round, the other guys can do Y. The people who can do more stuff per round have an easier time in combat.
>Can I just wing it and say "you can move and do one thing in your turn" or will that break the game?
That's basically how it works anyway, except certain characters can, conditionally, do one other thing (ie a bonus action).
>Also, how fast is combat? Say, a party of 4 focused players vs d6 mooks.
If they're paying attention and decide what they're going to do on their turn before the turn actually starts, pretty fast.
>Of course they do. By the text given, you can't be an Oathbreaker without having broken an oath.
But Oathbreakers don't follow an oath, but can still do paladin stuff. So clearly the oath isn't integral to their paladin powers, otherwise breaking the oath would force them to completely reclass.

>> No.52575915

>I get the impression that you don't really understand B/X. At all.

I started with it, I just don't fetishize it like the OSR thread does.

In particular, since the "magical thieves" meme is printed all of nowhere, it doesn't belong to any edition and you can literally use it in any other edition.

And you can't get simpler than one scaling system for attack, saves, and skills, rather than different scaling for every class and monster, for every save on every class, and for every thief skill.

>> No.52575922


If you want to use war caster is up to your playstyle and your GM. Most GMs will allow you to use spells with a weapon in hand even if they have somatic components, but some are sticklers.

As are your feats. Honestly just figure out the type of character you want to play and go with it. Im playing a Kobold thief in one of my games with almost 0 combat potential, but because i throw a lot of items around, drag people out of harms way, and make myself an overall nuisance to the NPCs i get by and contribute.

Dont worry so much. There will always be something you overlook or dont take into account and later youll think "oh man, if i had taken this, i could do this! why didnt i think of it before!" But thats just part of the game. Dont think about that. Just make your character the way you WANT to play and go for it.

If i was going to be a complete shit to my GM, id probably end up doing something like level 2 Fighter/warlock, pick up Heavy Armor mastery, Tunnel Fighter Fighting Style, Heavy Armor Mastery and keep blade-warding myself every turn whlie i stand infront of mobs. BUT thats no fun.

>> No.52575928


Also where do you find these weird spells you named

>> No.52575936

>But Oathbreakers don't follow an oath, but can still do paladin stuff.

They did follow an Oath, is the thing.

>> No.52575938

I'm not saying that one side always butchers the other, it's just that a clear victor is usually visible well before it happens. Morale is usually how I go about handling it, yeah.

And the issue with traps is that with passive perception in play (basically you take your Wisdom modifier plus your perception skill modifier and add 10, then you have sort of a background ability to notice stuff), it's hard to tell exactly how traps are supposed to operate within relation to that rule.

I might be missing something myself, but it's not clear from core.

Ultimately, 5e is a good system, and the one I'd recommend someone coming out of OSR to use if you wanted to. It certainly can be tailored to be really ruleslight if you so wish.

>> No.52575942

This isn't the /pfg/

>> No.52575956


Sword Coast Adventure Guide has some of the spells that /5eg/ likes to suggest focusing on.

>> No.52575967

Just asking for generic homebrewing advice with a somewhat recognizable reference. Don't really wanna go full weeabo-

>> No.52575974


>> No.52575978

MEGA Trove broke for anyone else?

>> No.52575989

yeah me too, buddy.

>> No.52575990


>> No.52575992

seems so.

>> No.52575995

They did. And then they broke it. But they're still paladins. Therefore actively following an oath is not an inherent part of paladining.

>> No.52576000

What is the best way to introduce a villain? But most important (since I don't see this question a lot) how do you do to make a villain that encounters the players frequently (at least once every two or three sessions) without the party killing him or vice versa? What kind of villain must he be so it doesn't spawn a battle every time he appears?

>> No.52576009


Booming Blade - Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Create Bonfire - Elemental Evil Player's Companion

Chill Touch - PHB

Lightning Lure - Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide

Blade Ward - PHB

Prestigitation - PHB

Minor Illusion - PHB

Magehand - PHB

>> No.52576011


>> No.52576013


/5eg/ is only moderately anal about weeb stuff as long as you don't go full ecchi harem mode in here a decent number of people will recognize some animu references.

I think there is just a desire to keep /5eg/ free from the cancer that is /pfg/

>> No.52576026

>Therefore actively following an oath is not an inherent part of paladining.

Having made an oath, however, is.

>> No.52576029

If they are at the same level its probably more like 4-6 attacks.

>> No.52576037

Thanks. Getting the hang of this.

Make a mega account and save the stuff on 5eg mega there to keep it safe in case the link fails.

>> No.52576040


Not sure if you are trolling or just retarded

>> No.52576042

>What kind of villain must he be so it doesn't spawn a battle every time he appears?
One with enough power that the party is too scared to challenge him. Alternately, one that the party THINKS is the villain but they can't be sure, and there would be significant consequences if they start a fight and turn out to be wrong.

>> No.52576065

>Having made an oath, however, is.
Since paladins get spells and other features at before they make their oath, clearly not.

>> No.52576076

My Blade bard kindly Suggests he apologizes, buys drinks for everyone involved and then goes back home to sober up.

I guess if the orc makes that DC 15 save, he might have to... I dunno, cast again or some shit. Shit man, he's got third level spells and all sorts of wacky stuff. He's probably ok.

>> No.52576082

Look at a villain like Strahd, he's designed to meet the PCs throughout CoS, and fuck with them. Unless you play him like an idiot, he's going to almost always have a way to get out of any sort of combat situation free of harm. He has a flying horse that he can flee on, he has several high level spells he can cast, he can shapeshift into several different forms, all of which give him easy ways to escape, and he will almost always arrive at a location accompanied by a small army of undead and/or wolves.

Basically, make a powerful villain, give him an army he can command, but don't make him be super aggressive. Unless a super aggressive BBEG is what you and your player's want.

>> No.52576099

Thanks. I already have the archive backed up, my brother just wanted the download link in case he needed anything from it.

>> No.52576109

I like the idea of an evil, conniving merchant who isn't so great at fighting but bankrolls a huge amount of enemies. Anything from bandits to yugoloths! He usually has a big fuckin blob of henchmen around and even sells shit as well as buys loot from the PCs, so in addition to it triggering a tedious fight he can easily flee from, fighting will result in voiding the opportunity to buy nice shit.

>> No.52576121


>> No.52576125

Ok, how about I rephrase my request.

Hey! I'm looking for homebrewing rules advice. I'm running a game with some heavy shamanism themes and I wanna introduce a subsystem for reading peoples auras/spirits/true essences. A successful read would give insight on a person's natures, intents, history, etc. In the same vein one could wish to "hide" his own true spirit for diplomacy and combat reasons.
I really wish to make ability checks for this subsystem different from "just check for wisdom" to highlight the supernatural/otherwordly nature of this readings.
Do you happen to have any references or have you seen any similar ideas done anywhere else?

>> No.52576135

>Since paladins get spells and other features at before they make their oath, clearly not.

If you're relying on purely mechanical notions, then you can say the same for pushing warlock patron selection up to 3.

>> No.52576202

The first patron feature is for level 1 and the patron expanded spell list starts at level 1 too. A lot of these are things only useful at really low levels.

>> No.52576216

Alright interesting thing. Player is a warforged. I've allowed him to be made of metal (after buying plate, and smithing into himself etc no magic armor)

He's going through the heat metal / conduction hallway in white plume mountain. 50-60 ft hallway that gradually increases the temperature of all metals

I'm thinking of making it fuck him up and he's gonna crawl through ala solid snake?

How would you guys handle it?

Also... would it effect things in a bag of holding?

>> No.52576280

Is another UA coming out this month? Or did they decide that this was the "final" one for awhile?

>> No.52576282

Blade ward can sometimes be better than dodging. To put it into perspective, think about how often you dodge.

>> No.52576292

Question: would it be reasonable to rule that, since Heat Metal make you (pretty fucking understandably) try to drop the metal object that's now horribly searing your flesh, unless you succeed at the save, casting it on armor potentially makes soeone stop fighting to (mostly ineffectively) try to tear off their red-hot armor?

I mean, I can see it being a thing. You lose your shit, you don't really care that you're not actually going to get it off in any all that relevant amount of time. On the other hand, that means that casting it on armor basically incapacitates an enemy. Then again, having disadvantage already cripples them pretty badly.

>> No.52576295

they need to release a PHB2 before any more UA garbage

>> No.52576319

So mind flayers can sometimes easily craft psychic items for their thralls, and Flaily Snailys are a source of spellguard shields and robes of scintillating colors.

Any other sources of relatively easy craftables come to mind? I say relatively easy because becoming a mind flayer's thrall may not be convenient, but its easy.

>> No.52576335

No, it would be extremely unreasonable and bullshit. You already suffer disadvantage, which amounts to a -3 to -5 to your actions.

>> No.52576351

>Rolls are there for uncertainty
If you could definitely do it, why roll?
If you could definitely fail, why roll?
So, yes, rolling really should be for cases where something might happen or might not.

The way traps work varies wildly by DM, but really any good DM works less on having you succeed on perception (You have passive perception anyway) and more on foreshadowing, giving hints or just outright telling the party there's something that seems like a trap and they can solve that.
5e's more open to improvisation, I'd say. Maybe less than OSR and more than 3rd edition, though.
>How fast is combat
It's pretty streamlined if your party isn't a load of idiots.

>Action economy
It's.. I suppose easy?
Actions are most things.
Object interactions are very simple things like 'draw sword', 'open door', 'pull lever'. Things that obviously just take one quick movement.
Bonus actions are 'bonuses', really.
Reactions you take when something happens.
Lots of enemies are stronger than one enemy.
I don't see why it should be too hard, but obviously things are harder in practice.

>or what it has to do with the previous and next sentences
Just a random comment.
Some guy came in and asked 'Can you do gold=exp?' and that wasn't the problem, but they had a problem with something and that's relevant. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the problem was.

>> No.52576374

the only problems with the baseline warlock are a) agonizing blast at 2nd level and b) short rest reliance in 70% of campaigns.

a simple bladelock is not supposed to match pure martials at survivability, it trades damage sometimes and survivability for extra utility pure martials don't have. and that said, blade is not supposed to compete for a subclass spot, as say, college of valor or bladesinger, pact is just one feature.

if anything, hexblade is the one that should carry the burden for a true gish class, and it addresses some of the issues, failing horribly at others.

claw of acamar is a terrible invocation not because pact of the blade is bad, but because GOO doesn't offer anything to that kind of playstyle.

if they want every single patron to have a meaningful build for every single pact, then they need to ease the invocation tax and make better invocations to fill the gaps baseline features can't.

mechanically a hexblade could get pact of the tome, which makes no sense thematically and makes less sense for it to support it mechanically, but the opposite could be said for GOO and blade. so for all the 'options' the warlock has, the grand majority of them are not options at all.

if fiend can thematically work with either invocation and be supported relatively well, every other patron/pact deserves to be properly supported as well.

the easiest fix they could come with is making better patron/pact invocations, and easing the taxing by letting you get those for 'free' on specific levels.

say at first level you get one patron exclusive invocation, at second level you get two of your choice, patron or generic; at third level you get one pact exclusive invocation and then maybe another for each at some higher level. this way you can actually take the utility invocations, to fill the gap of your spells/slots, and still let your build evolve thematically to your patron/pact.

>> No.52576389

Oh, right, I 'think' I remember what he was complaining about. It might've been the high levels. In the later levels (that usually don't get played) you get more high-power abilities and things get a bit wackier, especially for casters, and I suppose that might not sit well with OSR. But you can always stick to playing lower levels.

>> No.52576390

the caling is completely fucked on this.

>> No.52576405

They have padding which means the armour is unlikely to touch their bare flesh in the first place.

They're better off trying to whack the guy clearly channeling the spell than trying to tear off their armour.

If anything, I'd say it lets the enemy go berserk.

>> No.52576410

>t. tarrasquelet

>> No.52576411

the dragons are a white wyrmling, black young, green adult and red ancient, if that's what you mean, but yeah it looks fishy.

i no one double checked the guy that posted it originally.

>> No.52576424

I'm not suggesting that PCs are forced to become completely incapable of doing anything. They're crazy fuckers anyhow, they'll keep burning if it helps them. I'm just thinking about PCs casting it on enemies.

I guess it's less about it being reasonable and more about me wondering if it makes... sense, I guess? I mean, I like having the PCs actions be fairly impactful, instead of simply shaving HP off of enemies. When you suddenly turn the knight's breastplate into a red hot oven, unless he's a total badass, he'd probably much rather get it off, rather than think about the tactical situation.

Sure, if he's attacked or at immediate risk of death, he'll probably prioritize. But otherwise... I dunno, it just feels to me like Heat Metal could very well just basically incapacitate a regular mook for multiple rounds (or more) until they forcefully remove their burning metal prison.

>> No.52576468

Oh, also, no matter the size of the object, it deals 2d8 damage.

I assume that means that the heat is spread throughout the material.

Larger creatures also have too much health to immediately care.

However, as a general thing, I'd say you absolutely should say that the enemy starts reeling and trying to take off their armour if they have no idea what's going on. It adds more of a dynamic to the combat. But then, similarly, a trained enemy who's resilient knows what's happening will snipe straight for the spellcaster and get their companions to do the same.

It depends on the enemy. Some will just get REALLY FUCKING ANGRY and maybe you'll have advantage to hit them, but they'll have advantage to hit as well as they throw aside all self-preservation in order to get this spell to end.

>> No.52576472

>the only inherent features of paladins are divine sense and lay on hands

>> No.52576475

You can use the same logic for everything. Stab an enemy, and they should be forced to convulse on the ground, screaming in helpless agony as the PCs butcher him.

> he'd probably much rather get it off,

But he can't get it off, remember? The only way to stop it is to break concentration.

>until they forcefully remove their burning metal prison.

Why do people think this is possible?

>> No.52576504


You'd seem to be implying it's literally impossible to remove your armor.

>> No.52576518

>It adds more of a dynamic to the combat.

Do people seriously not get why a spell that automatically renders a foe helpless, no save, no nothing allowed, is bad?

If you need a flavor justification as to why it doesn't make them helpless, other than that other sources of damage don't make people helpless, describe it as them sweating and overheating for the first few rounds.

>> No.52576532

If I were any of those things I wouldnt be on /tg/

>> No.52576539

>You'd seem to be implying it's literally impossible to remove your armor.

Heat Metal duration: 10 rounds
Time to doff metallic armor: 10 rounds or more

>> No.52576543


Warlock also has the issue that it tends to be a solid dip class for multiclass stupidity but there are few reasons to stay with the class forever because EB scaling should be more of a reflection of Warlock level growth.

It's not a perfect class by any means and even now bladelocks are in a bit of a strange spot in terms of how warlocks are constructed around a framework (ranged blaster) that is counter to the hexblades role (melee fighter).

Ultimately it probably would've bene better for the Warlock to be designed around a modular framework like the Mystic class where you can slot in modules for melee or ranged, etc. However that wouldn't fit well within the pagecount allocated for the class in core.

>> No.52576555

cutting words and/or lucky to make him miss, suggest him to walk out of the bar and start dancing in his underwear by the market place.

>> No.52576572 [SPOILER] 

syaro chan is cute, cute!

>> No.52576576

Seems 100% flavor appropriate that you can get most benefit from a little bit of warlock honestly. You're selling your soul (or whatever) for quick and easy power. 5e's dip friendly warlock has the best feel around.

>> No.52576578


>not buying quickchange armor so you can instantly go from combat to fun times in the bedroom

You deserve everything bad that happens to you

>> No.52576604

Has anybody thrown any money into the touch of class kickstarter?

>> No.52576609

Can it be bad if every player and the DM are having fun and enjoying the show?

I mean, shit, at our table enemies (and PCs) get thrown around, thrown down, disarmed or generally affected in ways other than HP loss just from how the combat seems to be going. Without any special abilities (which mostly just ascertain such things and generally accomplish them better) at all.

And honestly we all love it. It makes the combat come alive wonderfully.

>> No.52576617


But the decision to sell your soul to a fiend/fae/GoO shouldn't just be for some short term mechanical powerups.

It should be a major decision that encourages further investment as the warlock gets addicted to the power that their patron keeps investing in them.

Shouldn't just be OKAY I Have EB and Agonizing I'm done with you Mr. Devil!

>> No.52576629

>Capitalism works told me the little black and yellow ball
>Capitalism is great, the free market will fix it all
>Last time I listen to a CE cunt.

>> No.52576634

exactly, i realized how easy it'd be to fix their problems with a modularity approach as the mystic does, and just delaying agonizing blast would deter most from multiclassing with it just for power.

eldritch blast would still be good, because multiple attack rolls and it being able to crit, but it wouldn't be automatically better than any other option ever for any class that could use it.

>> No.52576639


Caveat Emptor Bitch

>> No.52576642

Well, if it's a fucking goblin with 15 health, they're going to die within the next two rounds anyway. What does it matter if you have the goblin sitting there trying to rip it off instead of making disadvantage attacks and inevitably dying anyway?

Same way with martials. Critted with a greatsword but the enemy is 1 HP off? Why not just ignore that 1 HP and just say you've taken the goblin's damn head off?

>> No.52576654

What if you just made a houserule that if you multiclass into Warlock, you can't gain further levels in anything but Warlock? That stops multiclassing cheese and it's thematically appropriate.

>> No.52576658

>Can it be bad if every player and the DM are having fun and enjoying the show?

Yes. "Sure, we made the game far less interesting and more simplistic, but hey... its fun!" isn't a counterpoint to anything.

> It makes the combat come alive wonderfully.

Some people like a more boring, simplistic version of the game, but why parade it in public or even ask for feedback if you're not interested in it?

>> No.52576668


>> No.52576675

How to fix eldritch blast.
Agonizing blast keys off your warlock level/2
Deal more damage as pure lock, stop the "dip 2, I now have best cantrip"
Pure lock at max level deals +4 damage more than it did before(20cha+5->20/2 damage), lock at level 8 deals -1 less damage(20 cha (2 ASI)->8/2 damage).

>> No.52576687

>shouldn't just be for some short term mechanical powerups.

That's pretty much the best reason to do it.

>It should be a major decision

It is a major decision.

>Shouldn't just be OKAY I Have EB and Agonizing I'm done with you Mr. Devil!

6 levels are the optimal investment, which costs you level 8 and 9 spells.

Meanwhile, a good majority of people familiar with AD&D begin to violently shit their pants and flop around in a pile of their vomit simply at the thought that their demihuman might not be able to use level 8 and 9 spells (regardless of whether they get to that point).

Is that not enough? Sell your soul and put a big fuckin down payment that delays your class features for six levels in exchange for Eldritch Blasting.

>> No.52576693


In general I don't like Rule 0 unless I absolutely have to but for the most part I haven't had the issues related to Multiclass bullshit especially UA multiclass bullshit.

Does that show up alot in the organized play events where you show up and 4 out of 5 people at your table are rolling a bullshit power combo?

>> No.52576694

How do you get the wonky material requirements for some spells? Like mistletoe or a branch of a tree that was hit by lightning? Do you wait for your DM to tell you it's a thunderstorm and go out running looking for trees, do you ask around shops or what?

>> No.52576697

>Caveat Emptor
I knew it!

>> No.52576705


Games actually going until level 8 and 9 spells showing up.

Hahaha tell me another one anon

>> No.52576710

>a good majority of people familiar with AD&D begin to violently shit their pants and flop around in a pile of their vomit simply at the thought that multiclass doesn't buttrape you beyond all recognition and that classes do get the same XP

>> No.52576712

>Well, if it's a fucking goblin with 15 health,

Okay, do you see any problem with using a rule that would make uber powerful foes (you know, the ones that using a concentration spell on would be justified against) helpless by justifying it with "yeah just cast it on a CR 1/8 foe bro! why are you anti fun???"

>> No.52576718


I'm not sure how it isn't a counterpoint. Our enjoyment of the game is far larger than it was (demonstrably) before we started playing like this. I'd consider that our group's game was very much improved by adopting a looser, more fiction-oriented style.

>> No.52576731

>Sell your soul and put a big fuckin down payment that delays your class features for six levels in exchange for Eldritch Blasting.

>> No.52576743

I already said before that the stronger enemies will either end up going berserk or be smart enough to know how to counter it.

>> No.52576745

I don't understand this post, since multiclassing is almost always an objectively superior choice and different XP tables almost never matter (other than UA classes, plus druids and thieves).

>> No.52576764

Pretty sure AD&D was extremely rough on dual/multi class anon.

>> No.52576770

>6 levels is optimal investment
Warlock is almost always 2/3 levels, maybe 4/5 sometimes

>> No.52576776

I legitimately don't care that your players have fun in a more easy mode, less interesting, and less tactically rich ruleset than default. Making the game worse "cuz fun lol" is a retarded idea whether the players enjoy it or not. And I especially don't know why you come to tg to say "hey guys, Heat Metal should be a no brainer, automatic win spell, because 22d8 damage + disadvantage, no save isn't already powerful enough for my munchkin ass."

You remind me of the kind of person who thinks "oh yeah, called shot to the head? Double damage/insta kill!"

>> No.52576817

AD&D is crazy generous about multiclassing, and the point was that people spaz the fuck out at the mere idea of demihuman level caps (regardless of whether they will interact with that).

>> No.52576838

>6 levels are the optimal investment
the whole point is that you only need two lock levels to be the best no-resource blaster in the game.

i'd just make agonizing blast a 5~6th level invocation, so it 'evens' up with extra attack.

>> No.52576851

You can't make a game worse by making it so that the players like it better. Your priorities are completely backwards.

>> No.52576852


>> No.52576884

So then, who is the game for, if not for the people playing it?

If the game is better for the people partaking in it, in every way they consider relevant, without affecting other people outside that group, and the changes done are still wrong, then who exactly is this game for, and why is it being played?

>> No.52576885

Hey guys was looking for some advice on what sounds more interesting to play/play with:

1)Former guard(Fighter EK) who fell in love with someone above his station and they had a kid. Goes adventuring to make a name for himself so his wife isn't looked down on and to be the hero his kid thinks he is.

2)Barbarian who was hired to guard someone (diplomate, noble, whatever the DM thinks appropriate) they got really close and roughly the same situation as above.

I like both but can't decide what which to run, any input would be nice.

>> No.52576889

Just hit or attempt to grapple the caster. Why aren't you whining about moonbeam and all the other sustained spells as well?

>> No.52576891

That'd be fine.

>> No.52576927

What's the recommended level quest for a 6-7 player party of lvl 2 characters?

I usually multiply mob size by 1.5x-2x but I'd much rather them fight something proportionately stronger rather than keep adding to already lengthy turn rotations.

I've heard a 6 player party = a 4 player party of the next level. What of a potential 7th player?

>> No.52576939

i like the idea of it heatng him up, i dont know how it applies since it is him directly. and the crawling would mean he's going a lot slower and getting worse no?

also bag of holding is a magic item that accesses a separate pocket dimension, the contents of which are unaffected by the outside. the bag itself should also be fine since its enchanted

>> No.52576964


>Just hit or attempt to grapple the caster.
But you can't. Because you are automatically rendered helpless, hence the discussion.

> Why aren't you whining about moonbeam and all the other sustained spells as well?

Because an anon didn't come in and start advocating that Moonbeam etc. make people totally helpless and that if you disagree you're just MR BAD WRONG FUN?

>> No.52576987


Of course you can. The DM can give players good feelings by just fudging the dice whenever he pleases, so that they curb stomp enemies easily or boss fights are more impressive, but the game is still made worse.

>> No.52576998

Try a single monster with a CR = PC level +2/3 along with a few low CR mooks.

>> No.52577014


Hey now. I never said you're doing it wrong if you don't think Heat Metal would render someone unable to act in a meaningful way. In fact, if you think it shouldn't and play like that, then good for you, you're obviously playing in a way that's working out for you!

>> No.52577025

The only measure of how good a game is is how much the players/DM are enjoying it.

I can understand not wanting to play that kind of game, I wouldn't play it myself, but the opinions of bystanders are immaterial.

>> No.52577033

He should be immune to exhaustion.

Let this override that and let him suffer horrible exhaustion trying to make it through.

Or make him not really give a flaff and be all glowing hot and cool. And if he gets suddenly cooled off the rapid constriction of his molecules should make him shatter and explode like putting ice on a lightbulb.

>> No.52577106

Enchanted items are not always invulnerable

The bag of holding is one of such items who is explicitly fragile

>> No.52577130

> but the opinions of bystanders are immaterial.

As are the opinions of the people playing it. Free form, for example, may be super fun ebin win bros XDDDD but its still fucking terrible as a game, and can barely be considered one at all.

>> No.52577132

I could swear it buttfucked you hard for multiclassing.

>> No.52577155

You get a component pouch or focus ya dingus. or alternatively work with the DM and improvise, maybe the branch got hit with electricity from another spell? try and cast it and see what happens

>> No.52577169

AD&D2e at least made Multiclassing more or less objectively superior.

Due to the exponentially increasing experience requirements (generally, you needed twice or more your current experience for the next level), For the low low price of basically being one level behind, you would basically have the capabilities of two classes. At the same time.

Being one level behind was basically nothing in comparison to being a fucking Fighter who gets all the awesome Cleric buffs or Mage spells to play with.

>> No.52577172

Similar motivation, EK is probably a bit fit and an interesting class to boot imo

>> No.52577190

Interesting, last time I played AD&D was a one-shot so I really don't remember much char building.

But tell me more, how did it actually work?

>> No.52577203

Nope. My idea of "buttfucking you hard" for multiclassing is that a ftr 6/wiz 6/rogue 8 is as hard and lengthly to obtain for XP purposes as a fighter or wizard 20, whereas in AD&D 2e, a ftr 6/wiz 6/rogue 8 can have been in the same party for the same length of time as a ftr 8.

We ran an AD&D game for years and years in which multiclassing was almost nonexistent due to how much of a no brainer it was and perceived to be OP.

>> No.52577268


You simply split XP between the classes for multiclassing, but there are caps.

For dual classing, you advance to a given level, then start over in another. Once you exceed your old level, you can use both class abilities. The FF5 job system is similar but less draconian.

Contrast this with 3e and 5e, in which a level 3 fighter/1 wizard is same XP rating as an anything 4.

In 1e, demihuman limits (the only multiclasses... usually) are very low usually, but fighter/mages can wear armor and fighter/clerics can use edged weapons. In 2e, demihuman level limits are very high and permissive usually, but fighter/mages can't wear armor and fighter/clerics usually can't use edged weapons.

Expect a 2 classed dude to level up 1 level behind and a 3 classed dude to level up 2 levels behind. Usually.

You use the best of each class in raw numbers (rather than gear), generally, and hit points are averaged. A fighter/mage/thief has lower average HP than a fighter of the same level, but because he is averaging 3 classes, he is more insulated from terrible rolls.

>> No.52577305

SO, I'm a d10 class
My 'average' is 5hp
I roll d10 and I keep that
And a fighter/mage/thief (Which I'll say it's d10/d6/d8 for simplicity) is 5+3+4/3 as "average"
I roll d6+d8+d10 split by 3 and that is my new level HP?

>> No.52577331

So to summarize:

1. A 1e elven fighter magic user is an armored caster that can't get very far, but is good while it lasts.
A. 2e elven fighter magic user is a magic user with a sword and leather armor who is very sneaky. Kind of like the exact opposite of a cleric. If he can get elven plate or other protective items or good defensive spells he aint bad at all as a fighter, otherwise he's best only fighting in extreme emergencies. After he uses his spells for the day, he can switch to full plate.

>> No.52577358

There wasn't "taking average HP" at the time.

So if you took 100 fighters and 100 f/m/thfs, the former would have a higher average hp, but there would be fewer f/m/thfs that can be one shotted easily.

>> No.52577409

We're planning to make new characters for a new campaign and one of the guys said he wanted to roll a Lore Wizard. I know he's not the kind of person who will try to abuse the system but I just feel like the power to change a spells savings throw is too good. Do you think it's fair to make it so he can only change the savings throw like once per long rest? Changing the damage type if fine by me but just limit the other part of that ability or something.

Hopefully this campaign ends up more fun than the other ones I've tried. I've noticed how terrible I am at roleplaying npc's and making a story so I'm just doing what I'm good at and making dungeons, dungeons and more dungeons for the players to kill stuff in and feel good when they return to town with tons of money and magic items. So far from what my players said they are going to roll we would have a Lore Wizard, Shadow Monk, Paladin of undecided Oath, a Bard of some kind and a Sorcerer who is most likely going to play one of the UA variants like storm sorc.

>> No.52577457

One may ask why you'd go single class. Well 2e introduced the idea of weapon specialization for single classed fighters (jk it was already in the game), school specialization for single classed magic users (requiring gigantic, meatily high stats, though you could be a lucky multiclass gnome illusionist still), and... its not clear whether you can multiclass as a specialty priest. It doesn't say what specialty priests, if any, can be multiclassed or not. Some specialty priesthoods are okay, and some are BONKERS ("paladins but better!")

>> No.52577493

Is there any way for me to get extra bonus actions as a paladin?

>> No.52577506

>("paladins but better!")
What was that?
Priest of Mounco the 3rd?

>> No.52577513

Two level dip into fighter for action surge.

>> No.52577522

Hey guys about counterspell. A 1st-level spell on a 4th-level spell slot, counts as a 4th-level spell, right?

>> No.52577559


>> No.52577595

/tg/ theory craft with me.

I'm thinking of tweaking the Bonegrinder event by spreading the hags across barovia. I'll leave Morganfa where she is, do the Baber of Silverymoon in Vallakis, and I'm thinking Baba Lysage could somehow be the third.

But that last one doesn't mesh well with the idea that I had of getting the Durst from Death House as the ones responsible for bringing them in.

So what's a good way of adding on a third one in Curse of Strahd?

>> No.52577614

>but I just feel like the power to change a spells savings throw is too good

Make STR/DEX/CON and INT/WIS/CHA interchangeable with each other but not with the other set.

It's a very good ability, but the actually OP broken thing about it is the STR-save based Hold Person and shit shenanigans. With that change, and if the player isn't going through the MM to 100% always hit the weakest saves, it's not really abusable - Wizards already have access to a variety of spells to target all saves, so the real net effect is allowing him to memorize more utility spells while still keeping his bases covered.

>> No.52577631

When my Dancing Longsword attacks, is its damage die a d8 or d10?

>> No.52577707

Wow, this is really poorly done.

>> No.52577722

Am I crazy, or is the new Paladin spell in that UA ABSURDLY overpowered?

>> No.52577725

Depends mostly on the DM but I'd say d8 since you aren't physically welding it with both hands.

>> No.52577744

There is no way to get extra bonus actions ever. One per turn for everyone

There's nothing wrong with saying no.

Everything but cantrips prof bonus and spell slots (not even spells themselves) scale by class level and not character level. There are big jumps in power built into each class that are inaccessible from multiclassing until later on. For example, any martial gets Extra Attack at 5th level, effectively doubling their damage output. Until one martial class reaches 5, a martial MC is far behind the curve. And there's a similar deal with 3rd level spells being significantly stronger than previous ones.

>> No.52577752


Multiclass was nice at chargen but being 1-3 levels behind really fucked over your HPs.

Keep in mind that unlike most modern versions of D&D shit like fireball was fucking deadly.

So yeah being a f/mu 4/4 when the fighter is 6 HD is massive.

>> No.52577772

Actually I should say it's aesthetically well done but very inaccurate.

>> No.52577775

Sunhawks, paladins of Horus-Re. They can be LG or CG.

Being a Sunhawk is not only mechanically awesome but eminently crazy to roleplay. They are like Dark Sun templar on steroids, they are precepts/governors in charge of huge areas of land and thousands of slaves, and are known for being insufferably arrogant, not to mention that normal people bow their head and act deferentially to them. Best of all despite being slaveowning pricks, they are Lawful or Chaotic Good and on the side of Objective, Cosmic Goodness (TM)

>> No.52577798

Just don't acknowledge it, people stopped caring about the druids are ghay so I have no doubt he's using other memes to get attention.

>> No.52577799

It was a joke on 3.5 priest being basically better paladin and outclassing martials as soon as they get divine power

>> No.52577820

Martial MCs are not behind the curve, there are plenty of ways to get cantrips as a martial, and a bit of multiclassing is typically a no brainer for a martial.

>> No.52577836

It really doesn't.

Being multiclassed, if anything, helps you survive, even in terms of hit points.

>> No.52577981

>Best Design
Cleric, Paladin, Wizard

>Worst Design
Ranger, Sorcerer, Warlock

debate me

>> No.52578012

Add a hut north of lake zarovich in the forest a ways. Have some jack'o'lanterns as guards similar to the scarecrows, but with fire attacks. Good way to lead into encountering the wizard, too.

Have it tie into something in Vallaki, as their 3 huts will be surrounding it, it would be cool to have a ritual circle style effect

>> No.52578056

Where is barb?

>> No.52578156

Paladin's strong, not well designed. I personally think their Saving Throw aura is the most powerful feature any class gets before level 10 and Smite is easily in the top 5.

The Saving Throw boost should've been once per short rest.

Also I'm happy someone didn't put Monk in the worst design for once. It's not a bad design, so much as plain old weak.

>> No.52578179


My friends and I did this a while back. We used Mutants and Masterminds to run it. Considering HxH is all about creating your own abilities, M&M made that a lot easier. Obviously there is some limiting factors, but we managed to get far with the options.

>> No.52578208

So can a Rod of Absorption absorb cantrips for free?

>> No.52578215

Check out the Mystic UA, also the new Spell UA had a spell that could do something similar.

Otherwise, insight/deception skills you could take to another level.

>> No.52578220

Woah, it's been seven years already.

>> No.52578245

>so much as plain old weak.

When will this meme die?

>two handed guys hit things with power attack
>dex guys make it easy to hit things with power attack and are better defended

Its not a bad duality at all.

>> No.52578277

The Monks main issue as far as I can see is people don't take enough Short Rests, same as Warlock.

If you have something stopping people from taking Long Rests all the time or a party that gets a lot of use from Short Rests, they're really good.

>> No.52578296

Is this base ranger or revised ranger?

>> No.52578301

So what's so broken about a Strength save Hold Person?

>> No.52578311

He's kinda like a better battlemaster, imo.

>> No.52578329

Because str saves are normally used primarily for A) entangle and B) spells that push people back.

>> No.52578368

Hold Person paralyses the target. Paralyzed creatures autofail Strength and Dex saves.

>> No.52578405

Pretty much. An Open Hand Monk can do a lot more control stuff per rest and per round. He has a bunch more defensive features and the only complaint people give is "Ma GWM". Which isn't as great in practice as people make out unless you using precision strike every round.

Elemental Monks really are shit, Shadow are weird but multiclass Rogue well, Long Death is hard to kill, Sun Soul isn't the best but it's alright and Kensai is so good it's nearly broken.

>> No.52578407

This means that a creature who fails the initial save is paralyzed for the whole minute.

>> No.52578545

Wizards can't copy down cantrips can they?

>> No.52578552

Not him, but the sizes presented are pretty accurate. The 3.5 Draconomicon gave sizes for every dragon, and a Huge dragon is like 60 feet long. A Medium dragon is like 16 feet long.

The sizes are accurate, even though it looks shitty and dumb.

>> No.52578564

Shit that is broken

>> No.52578587

Yeah, but dragons are too big.

>> No.52578612

My table, they can. they just have to prepare that spell and cast it at a +1/ to hit and save dc per slot level expended to cast it.
Can't cast it as a cantrip

>> No.52578648

I am amazed that in my 8 man campaign, literally not one person was remotely interested in GWM or two handedness. After floating the idea to like 4 people one finally accepted.

>> No.52578674

So how does the 2nd level spell Invisibility help me in combat?

>> No.52578692

I'm okay with this chart actually. Ancient dragons should be extremely rare, and adult dragons look about right.

>> No.52578709

By being able to pass as a ghost and therefore spooking enemies into submission.

>> No.52578748

Running away, ambushing people and letting the Assassin open combat by shanking the biggest fucker to death.

>> No.52578772

Leave without provoking attacks of opportunity.
Use class features like Bardic Inspiration while using your action to manipulate the maguffin well enough to keep the tides of battle in check
Sabotage your enemy's bows and ammo caches
Dissapear the cleric or the mage concentrating on some major game changing spell

>> No.52578914

With only 12 Dex and no prof. I'm not so good at Stealth. Would it be worth considering the better armor that gives me a Disadvantage on Stealth checks?

>> No.52578950

Depends on how often it comes up

>> No.52578973

Fucking yes. Are you joking?

>> No.52579030

What are all the warlock pacts that are "Adventurers league" allowed

aka published "balanced" stuff

>> No.52579043

How frequently do you guys modify monster stat blocks? What do you usually change?

>> No.52579059

Fiend, Fey and GOO from the PHB and Undying from SCAG.
If you mean the other pacts then just Blade, Chain and Tome from the PHB.

>> No.52579066


stuff not marked UA

But between spells, class options, etc you can only pick from PHB+1 supplement

>> No.52579098

what would be a good symbol for nito, if he instead would be a neutral god of "protecting the sacred slumber of the dead" i would say an overgrown skull, but i think that might also make the complete opposite message, since the skull in question should have been put in the ground

>> No.52579118

A gravestone, maybe an inverse skull?

>> No.52579126

I guess a tombstone?

Or maybe a skull under a line representing the ground, or a skull in a box or something.

>> No.52579129

coffin, duh

>> No.52579132

A locked door? A grave stone? A coffin?

>> No.52579144

Fighter is not spooked, shoot you with his bow four times and one shots you.
You aren't really invisible in 5e invisibile, he just has disadvantage. It's not enough and you get one shot by four arrows.
You still provoke an AoO because same reason as above. Even though you've sabotaged arrow cache by making it invisible, fighter is now firing four invisible arrows at you with action surge, you are dead.

>> No.52579146


>> No.52579151

>Material Casting
>A spellcaster must have a hand free to access these components, but it can be the same hand that he or she uses to perform somatic components.
Does this mean I can use a shield in one hand and a rod in the other and cast spells that require both somatic and material components? Is the War Caster feat more directed to shield and weapon/dual wielding characters?

>> No.52579204

I'm pretty sure an Assassin, with expertise in Stealth, who "For the purpose of hiding is heavily obscured" can beat any skill check to hide from a fighter. If the Assassin beats that skill check which he can do twice per round then the fighter can't really do much on his turn.

Even with all your examples the fighter has Disadvantage to hit the target and unless he's using Sharpshooter he isn't going to kill someone in one round. Go troll somewhere else.

>> No.52579217

would not a gravestone, in most cases, depict a symbol of a deity that the person worshiped in life, like with crosses and such? that was always what i thought was going on, and thus having the most generic semi-circle gravestone would mean that not only is the symbol really boring, but worshipers would get generic gravestone engravings on their gravestones, which also seem a bit silly, a coffin might work, even if that also is a bit lacking in detail since most symbols are made out of either two components, or one component posed in a very particular manner, to more clearly mark it out.

maybe a coffin with two chains in an X shape on it?

>> No.52579251

maybe a coffin with a skull like >>52579146

>> No.52579275

I'm looking to run a game that where the gods play a major role in the world. I'm trying to come up with names to differentiate the cleric domains further when people talk about them, like knowledge = archivist, war = zealot, death = cultist.

Could anyone suggest something for trickery? Or any other domain is welcome too

>> No.52579282


>> No.52579284


>> No.52579300

Gypsy might work.

>> No.52579301

>Ultimately it probably would've bene better for the Warlock to be designed around a modular framework
It is modular though. You pick your patron, you pick your spells, you pick your boon, you pick your invocation. The only thing decided is D8 HD, light armor, and pact magic's spell slots.

>> No.52579329

Warlocks don't sell their soul anyway. Not by default.

>> No.52579332

Depending on where you are it might be best to not use "gypsy".
Maybe Charlatan? Trickster? Mountebank?

>> No.52579346


>> No.52579365

New thread bros.

>> No.52579370

I'm a 3.5e veteran that's just super bitter about the fact I legit cannot find any method a 5e wizard beats a 5e fighter. And this is after playing 5e since release now.

Everything just seems like 'delay, then the fighter kills you' or 'you do damage, but the fighter outdamages and kills you'

Wall of force? Wait a minute, then they kill you. Hold person? You can't do enough to kill them while also holding concentration. Fireball? They take the 8d6 and laugh. Even with initiative going to the wizard, is there any way at all an optimized 5e wizard can beat an optimized 5e fighter?

>> No.52579380

Gypsy works really well for what I was looking for. Thanks

>> No.52579394

classes aren't built to fight eachother you fucking idiot
the wizard is built around controlling enemies to make their allies more effective
anyway the answer is any concentration spell that stops them from reaching you followed by damage spells

>> No.52579407

>just super bitter about the fact I legit cannot find any method a 5e wizard beats a 5e fighter.
Why the actual fuck are you bitter about that, you piece of shit. Were you bullied by jocks or popular kids or something.
Go play pf if you want to play stupid shit.

>> No.52579442

Play a diviner, use portent to win initiative, then use it again to force them to fail a crucial save.

>> No.52579444

Control spell then getting his allies to sic the paralyzed Fighter. Wizards aren't the kings of damage but have the best control and utility.

The Fighter will likely kick your ass at most levels 1v1 but Fight is in his name and if you notice every single ability he gets is fighting. You get to teleport and mind control people so don't be bitter you little man.

>> No.52579491

Any comments welcome

Most of my players always ask me
>can I munchkin this
>can I powergame that

My answers are always: Look at this errata/sage advice clarifying what those words intended to mean or read as written, yes that is legitimate.

I'm always confident that they really won't get anywhere with it over the 11th level monk of the party. Why, you ask?

Because I'm the DM, and I actually burn your limited spell slots and long rest abilities, 2-3 short rests in an adventuring day of multiple unique encounters of all kinds, martial, intellectual, social, exploration, and sneakery.

This is why the classic spell-slot style casting and long-rest limitations of 5e are so much better than the 4e per-encounter ability cards as a DM.

>> No.52579523

At low levels, Sleep then take off his armour and weapon and hide them somewhere.

When he wakes up there's not much he can do other then walk off covering his shame.

>> No.52579574

>This is why the classic spell-slot style casting and long-rest limitations of 5e are so much better than the 4e per-encounter ability cards as a DM.

Yeah its so much better to have stuff divided between at will, short rest, and long rest, rather than at will, short rest, and long rest. One is hax, OP, 4rry shit, the other is balanced game mastery.

>> No.52579605

Did you just come in here hoping we'd applaud you for jerking yourself off?

>> No.52579619

I almost replied like this but the two systems are pretty different beyond the fact that all 3 types exist.
It's all split pretty evenly in 4e, but the vast majority of 5e stuff is long rest with the main exceptions being either single class features or specific classes being short rest stuff.

>> No.52579650

So if the first 'hold' spell fails, you die?
What does PF have to do with 5e? You didn't answer the question. Kill a 5e fighter as a 5e wizard.
So if the first hold spell fails, you die?
So the answer is just teleport away from the fighter?
And then they proceed to punch you twice for 1+3 damage with action surge. If we're talking low levels, that's enough to drop most wizards.

I just like balance, and thinking that at any time a magic user can be insta-gibbed by the first martial sent at your character makes things seem really pointless and that you must rely entirely on luck to succeed.

>> No.52579658

new thread >>52579646

>> No.52579703

Go play PF if you want to salivate being a caster shitting over everything, you fucking autist.

>> No.52579713


look at the distribution of per-encounter and per-rest in 4e vs. how it works in 5e. Martials like monks have majorly per-encounter design, wizards are virtually 100% per-rest.

In addition, 5e single concentration mechanics (and how a good wallop is likely to end concentration) really makes things manageable no matter what munchkin a player comes up with.

I'm dealing with a mystic(gasp) in my campaign right now in this way.

>> No.52579725

>And then they proceed to punch you twice for 1+3 damage with action surge.
Wait, we level 5? Fly and firebolt. If you're versing an Archer then use Blindness or Slow and keep in mind you have 4 rounds where you can cast Shield for +5 AC.

>> No.52579735

But mystics can concentrate on multiple things at once.

>> No.52579737

>immune to exhaustion
Full retard.

>> No.52579757

Loremaster STR save hold person, 1 whole minute to kill fightin-man

>> No.52579770

A fighter is very likely to make that str save.

>> No.52579805

Loremaster can also up the DC or cast it from a mile away just to make sure

>> No.52579831



Barbarian, but same logic.

Classes aren't meant to 1v1 each other tho.

>> No.52579880

You are wrong. We've had this discussing before in these boards
The PHB specificies that you need to be able to see an enemy to give it an oops

>> No.52579917


See Vistani

>> No.52579944

I want to play a warlock slaver. My GM is uptight about fun, he calls it power creep, how should I build him with just the PHB?

>> No.52580010

define slaver

>> No.52580029


Right, but I don't see how it makes a difference at all between 4e or 5e. Was there ever a 4e game broken by encounter powers? (I don't consider late epic stuff an issue)

>really makes things manageable no matter what munchkin a player comes up with.

What exactly is there that is remotely munchkinny in 5e that is ALSO something highly pertinent to uses/day? The only "munchkin shit" I can think of in 5e is stuff that also largely shits on the long rest schedule (planar binding pokemon hunting, faggy shit that only the most moronic DMs allow like wish-simulacra nonsense and nucklear druids, etc).

>> No.52580296

I'm super bitter about the fact that I legit cannot find any method a 5e fighter is more versatile and useful than a 5e wizard. And this is after playing 5e since release now.

Everything just seems like 'delay, then the wizard helps you'

Buy a horse? Wait a minute, the wizard has already cast teleport. Roll intimidate on a guy? The wizard casts fear and frightens everyone. Three attacks? They cast 11d6 fireball and laugh. Even with ability scores going to the fighter, is there any way at all an optimized 5e fighter can outskill an optimized 5e wizard?

>> No.52580376

>Three attacks? They cast 11d6 fireball and laugh.

Sounds like a pretty pathetic level 11 fighter, dude.

>> No.52580380

lel the fighter can have all the pussy he wants without using any enchantments. But I gotta admit that a Charisma spellcaster, specially a Bard or a Paladin, can have way more pussy than any other class

>> No.52580400



>> No.52580405

What did he mean by this?

>> No.52580421

We all know. We are just playing pretend and having some fun you goblin head

>> No.52580428

I still get to pick apart your joke, anon.

>> No.52580447


>> No.52580467

I think I'm missing something.

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