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Why are you here talking about playing roleplaying games, when you could be out there playing them for real, Anon?

Don't you have any friends?

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No amount of friends is every going to make me a wizard with real magic in real life.

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Game night isn't till Saturday

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Because my games are on Mondays, Saturdayso, and Wednesdays. Though real life has caused this week's Wednesday to be cancelled, and this week's Monday moved to Thursday

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>Why are you here talking about playing roleplaying games, when you could be out there playing them for real, Anon?
Because it's nearly midnight on a weekday.
>Don't you have any friends?
I've been playing with the same group once a week since high school.

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>Don't you have any friends?

my only friend is regret

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Moving. Gotta procrastinate a lot of things so I can't go out and I wont do work.

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> literally like saying "why are you talking about how much you drank last night instead of drinking this morning"

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> Why are you talking about overthrowing the monarchy instead of overthrowing it on your own?
t. Robespierre

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Because we just finished the game for the night.

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Because magic decks cost money, even if they are cheap, poorfag casual trash. Throwing down 20 bucks for a fun gimmick deck is cool and all, but sometimes that ain't enough. So instead save that 20 bucks, aggressively trade up (without ripping little Timmy off), select all the special art and printings, get cards signed and buy a couple of sleek, tricked out decks you can pull out 10 or 15 years from now, and still want to play

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Anon, I started out with a several metric fucktons of friends. They start doing OT at work, they move on, they get married to control-freaks, they have kids with diseases, they get into petty misunderstandings with me and with each other. And yeah, they occasionally die.

That's why.

And so now I'm naturally hesitant to start making more.

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>Be Robespierre
>Get guillotined by your followers
lmao-ing at his "work".

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Because I'm a brainless dumbass who needs to be spoonfed instructions or I won't get anything done.

I've been dragging my feet on building a proper campaign for my first go of DMing for... way too long.

Anyone got any handy references for building campaigns and encounters for starting-level players in D&D 5E? Pic loosely related.

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I have never rollplayed in my life. I just live vicariously through you guys to get my fantasy and sci fi fix.

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Because I'm at work.

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Ask in 5e general. There is a decent book or two that will get you started if you ask.

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Santa-san isn't real.

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If I had any freinds I would not be here, shitposting my favorite RPG and my favorite Wargame.

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What this guy said.
There is no way I could write enough to competently DM more that once a week.

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We play online, and sometimes I feel miserable doing so. I'm in no rush.

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I'm at work. I play games when i'm not at work. With my friends.

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None that share my schedule and my interests.

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I'm studying my next system. Got to know shit if you want to run shit.

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>I've been playing with the same group once a week since high school.
Now that's friendship

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I do, but I don't wanna

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Because I thought that being unemployed would leave me loads of time for planning campaigns, and it does, but I can't bring myself to run those campaigns on the off chance I actually do get a job in another town and have to cancel them halfway through

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Shoot yourself in the face already

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We play on Sundays, my group isn't in a constant roleplaying state. Well, aside from in-character chats players have during the week to do more mundane things like training, chatting up in a tavern, and shopping

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I have spent last 12 hours herding idiots as my contracted job assignment. Can't be arsed to do any more of that today for free.

Besides, I'm busy building my own dungeon. Small and comfy.

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It's not game night you doofus

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I don't enjoy role-playing

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I'm at work. I'd love to be playing games right now

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I have heaps of excellent friends but all of them think role playing games are embarrassing nerdshit

I don't want to play online so as a result I play nothing

I want to post a frowny face here but I suppose I made this bed

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Why are you here talking about people talking about playing roleplaying games, when you could be out there playing them for real, Anon?

Don't you have any friends?

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Because no one I work with plays pretend, there are no FLGS within 50 miles, and I detest the online game community who reuse to be consistent in attendance.

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Speak for yourself. In three years I'll be frying whores with my arcane magicks!

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They're all Computer Science majors, so we can't meet face-to-face until summer.

Also, >>52549319 has a point. I can't cast Flesh to Stone, can I?

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>4chan user
>Having friends
Why you asking a rhetorical question, anon?

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I'm sick and can't go to my session tonight.

Also it gives me some time to work on finishing up some vidya so I don't mind it, sore throat aside.

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Similar to many posters, I have a group that meets about once a week.

Dissimilar to them, I graduated early, and started working while most of my friends are still in school. We're trying to find a date in which to set up a roll20 so that we can set up some games, but I'm worried adulthood will only drive us further apart.

I hope not, but I just have a strong feeling that that's going to happen.

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Your first problem is assuming that DMing is about writing. Its not about building a big campaign or writing a story. Literally just buy the starter set, Lost Mines of Phandelver or watch this guy's first 3 videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTD2RZz6mlo&ab_channel=MatthewColville

Or just go to the back of the dungeon masters guide and roll on the random tables to make a small 15 room dungeon or so. Start the players right at the entrance of the damn thing and start running.

So many would-be DMs get intimidated because they think they have to be a writer to DM, or that they have to make some story or build a whole campaign. You dont need ANY OF THAT SHIT AT ALL.

ALL you need is a town, and a small dungeon infested with goblins and you have a game. And you learn it little by little, naturally, rather than having a million expectations on you to perform some great Homeric epic when all anyone really wants in their first D&D game is to roll dice and kill stuff.

Dont doubt yourselves anons, make that dungeon, buy the starter set, do something but start small and you'll be playing this game.

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Because we have things called schedule for a reason.

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I much prefer this guy's advice

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>Don't you have any friends?

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Sorry but I only enjoying doing something that breaks the conventions and mold of what people would expect out of a tabletop session. That's why I only DM like twice a month. If I don't have a good thing to impress the players I'm not going to DM.

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No, I don't.

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Ok good luck with your special snowflake story bud. For someone who has never DMed before it seems kind of dumb to try and break the mold but who am I to tell you otherwise. Wallow on this board and never DM because you dont want to fall back on tried and true traditions.

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Having to make maps slows my ability to run games down to such a tremendous crawl that It's just become a fucking chore.

I fucking hate roll20, I miss the days of IRC rooms for rpg games, so I could just describe shit, allowed me to run constantly.

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It's hard to have a good discussion about the hypothetical climate and related effects on the economy of the setting I've built from the ground up with the players who are going to experience that setting. Both because normal people aren't interested in or knowledgable about such subjects, and because I want my players to experience the world naturally in-game.

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Dont make maps then, or just do a quick little thing on the fly. I know exactly what you mean, real, exploration dungeon crawls are SO bad on roll20, the cure is it cut out the cancer not treat it.

Do what I did and stop making maps, just describe stuff and maybe make a few vague drawings but keep it off the grid. Grid play is fun in person but totally terrible online and the BANE of DMs wanting to run anything other than a pure railroad

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Because the campaign I'm playing in is on Sunday and the campaign I'm running is on Friday. Tonight I'm writing some material, though.

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>wallow on this board and never DM

I have over 10 finished campaigns in 10 years of GMing. I am everyone I GM for's favorite GM. I have ran more games than I can count. Tried and true traditions become boring once you've run over 500 sessions. Blame your own birth for making you a shitty writer. I used to GM every fucking day you shitlord.

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But then what the hell do I do with the map area in roll20? the text chat is so small in comparison

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Are you retarded? Why the fuck did you respond to me then I was specifically addressing the guy who said he would never DM because he felt like he couldnt write a good enough campaign.

Also nobody gives a shit about your DM credentials.

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Jesus christ dude get a life lol

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Fuck it. Roll20 isnt the boss you are. You run the game you want to run, doesnt matter what its designed for. Put on the 3D dice and pretend like its a real table, the 3D help a lot at keeping it feeling like D&D

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It seems like every game I've played has fallen through - either the game falls apart, or the game just stops after a vacation or something else. I've been through a series of college games that barely last a semester, and it's discouraging, and online hasn't been much more help. Everyone that I want to actually play with is online and can't play with me for various reasons.

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Look me in the eyes and say that.

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How does it usually fall apart anon? I have some advice if your group is break-prone, try making a game with little to no story and more about one big dungeon or environment so players can drop in and drop out to explore it when they like and they dont really have to remember whats happening

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Holding a regular game tomorrow and playing in one on Sunday.

Am I thinking about roleplaying games? Totally. It's a good time to jot down notes for stuff to do in-character, and stuff to have fun with as a DM. But I'm not going to call everyone up when two have university tomorrow and two have night shifts.

Besides, playing too much can make any game boring. Gotta have a break between sessions or everyone is going to get tired of it.

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If the caster were a male in that gif the chest wouldn't have been the last thing to turn to stone.

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I have friend, singular.

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Game night were yesterday and the day before. I have a KoW game tomorrow as well.

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Hey, I know that guy. I am also one of his friends.

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Why are you making this post intended to bait people into defending spending their free time on a board where you are also spending you free time?

Don't you have any friends?

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because I can't be doing fun shit all the time. Sometimes I gotta pretend to do work

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every story you've done and every element you did has been done somewhere else, and better. Have a nice day anon.

>> No.52568427

i like spitballin here to keep the brain juices flowing

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I came here AFTER I formed a DnD group with friends.

It's not my fault they didn't live up to my expectations and thus shatter my faith in ever finding a group where I'll fit in.

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This is my work lunch break
(Head of IT so I can browse anything with no chance of promotion)

In 5 hours and 50 mins I will be DM'ing.
Just browsing here looking for good ideas while I eat muh lunch.

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>don't you have any friends?

>> No.52572349

I'll tell you how our Degenesis dm handles it if you want.

>> No.52572466

>mfw I can't be a warrior monk with cool-ass supernatural powers in real life

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Because I do not know where to begin
I can't meet real people because of geographical isolation and no-car so I usually have to rely on the internet for everything, but all I can ever find are free-form roleplay forums
I dislike this system though because it's very awkward, and I would like to find real games to run through the internet with real gamemasters, real campaigns, dicerolls, stats, etc, but I have no idea where to find this.
Is there some kind of "hub" website to find people to play with when you don't already have a group of players?

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Because it's not Saturday, anon. I play my games on Saturday.

>> No.52573945

I'm on exchange on the other side of the world from my RPG group, and the one I've found here meets kinda irregularly.

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Doesn't matter as long as the audience is new to it. Your statement does nothing but try to hurt my feelings. I guess thats another thing you can add to the roster of things you've failed miserably at in your life. Have a nice day anon.

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I am playing 4 campaigns rn every monday and teusday staggered so idk what you are talking about

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I used to have a D&D group but that died long ago when they all had to go back to high school after summer

Lel I am such a loser

>> No.52574507

I keep trying, but every group I join just ends up making me want to kill them.

Except my standard weekly group. Those guys are great.

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My "friends" talk over me when its my turn, ignore me during character interaction, and don't respect me as a fucking person. I feel like a ghost trying to interact with the living. At least here on a Chinese narative math forum people might actually hear me or understand what I have to say.

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Shut up. Don't shit on the work of someone who actually puts effort into his game with your worthless advice.

That particular bearded fat guy isn't a complete jackass, but I disagree vehemently with many things he says.

Uh, wait, I think I had that guy mixed up with this bearded fat guy. Eh... actually, I have no idea. I can't tell them apart. Or the other six fatasses with beards dispensing GM advice on Youtube.

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Even at an IRL table?

>> No.52574664

Try the gamefinder threads here on /tg/

>> No.52574688


IRL is the only way we play. Even outside the game they disregard my opinions and feelings. I hate it.

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Have you tried speaking up and asserting yourself? Muttering something then sulking when it isn't heard gets you nowhere, as I have told someone in my group many a time.

>> No.52574761


If I begin to raise my voice the others start making jokes about how it "must be that time of the month" or tell me to calm down.

>> No.52574860

Damn, sounds like it's time to abandon them then. How do you feel about online games? I don't usually try to recruit on 4chan, but that's because all of us here are brash assholes.

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The bearded fat guy isn't even a big part of what I was trying to say, didn't you read it? I'm just trying to help anons understand that for the our VERY FIRST TIME you shouldn't try to reinvent the wheel of DMing, because there's a lot lot of classic traditions that are still fun, especially for someone who is new.

You don't need to "write" a campaign like it was a book, you just need a dungeon and a town for your very first game.

>> No.52575030

If it doesn't matter because the audience is new to it, then why is using traditionally fantasy for your first D&D game bad?

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I've thought about playing online, I've even been making a homebrew system inspired by Monster Hunter that I've needed to playtest. I invited my group to play in it but they wouldn't even fill out a single page character background sheet. Pic related. I didn't think it was too much when I made it, but not a single person even attempted to make the effort.

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when you have to put quotation marks around the word friends, hang out with different people.

>> No.52575255

In their defence, no one wants to play anyone else's homebrew. I've GMed for my group for about eight years now, and even they only hesitantly agreed to try my fantasy system - when I get around to finishing it.

Still, disrespecting someone who offers to GM after you agree to their game is douchey as hell.

I've got a spot in an upcoming game if you want to give it a shot. Assuming you can deal with all of us being GMT people.

And it's 5thI wanted to know what it runs like.DON'T JUDGE ME

>> No.52575257

No gaming is better than gaming like that

>> No.52575320

I didn't say it was. I said my audience isn't new to it.

>> No.52575351


Thanks for the offer, truly. What days do you gather and is it over voice or text?

>> No.52575512

Saturdays (starting the 22nd), 4pm GMT +2 currently. It's voice.

>> No.52575624


I don't think I could make it Saturdays. Don't have a mic either. Thanks for inviting me though, I really do appreciate the kindness.

>> No.52575691

I figured it was an outside chance. Still sounds like you should drop your old friends, though.

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